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12:48 AM - Mar 25, 2018 #42

Raycchan wrote:
While at first glance these different media work to piece together a lighthearted comedic romp through alola with a band of disorganised children (who should really not be allowed to run around unsupervised), if you read between the lines the characters have depth and a nuance that belies the run’s inaccurate advertising as being “totally unplanned” and “with minimal effort put in”.

This is a good run for people who don’t usually read but are looking to get into written runs!
It’s fun for a casual read if you’re looking to unwind, but if you’re the kind to enjoy reading into characters and scrutinising/hypothesising backstories, there are all kinds of delicious hints and developments that are subtly dropped that will keep your interest piqued!
The experimental writing style in the way information is presented to us is a very interesting read and well formatted.
The doodles are real cute!
SeaMaid wrote:Time to feature The Outliers! Raycchan's comic of their Sun run features absolutely stunning background art in every update and creative gijinka designs in what the author calls a "Modern Fantasy" setting. The relationships between gijinka characters are already a joy to follow with delightful banter everywhere, especially between the protag Tibbs and his mentor Martin due to their hot-and-cold dynamic... But there are also actual Pokémon in this setting, and the author has done a great job describing the relation between them and full-time gijinka. There's also little details like Lillie trying to explain Nebby away as a gastly hybrid, which isn't something you get every day! The comic has only gotten to the Ilima fight, so get to it while it's hot. (And no, the mentions of hotness is not a pun on the protag being an Incineroar~)
Heather wrote:I'm going to spotlight out Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf's Fantastic Story by QuietGuardian. Or, maybe I got the lake trio order in the title wrong, but you get the idea. This is a pretty standard Platinum nuzlocke in terms of rules, but the way the story is conveyed is incredibly unique, as it is shown through the Lake Trio scrolling through the protagonist's memories. It's incredibly well written, and the Trio react very organically to just about every scenario put in front of them, including seeing themselves in captivity and more, and with the Trio's natural abilities, the author still manages to adequately portray the feelings and reactions of their protagonist despite the lack of direct input from them in the narrative. It's a fantastic read, and therefore you should read it! (Mountain Dew it seriously)
Jimcloud wrote:Veteran forum users might know the name Degree as that funny lady who did that comedy masterwork The Long and Winding Road, an old school comic. And you’d be right, and The Long and Winding Road is a great comic, and definitely worth a look, but I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about Degree’s latest work, Demon Days. And I bring up The Long and Winding Road because it’s so clear that this isn’t Degree’s first rodeo from her masterful command of so many elements of comic design, elements that show themselves throughout Demon Days.

Demon Days is a story about a feral child named Curr, who leaves her home in order to save her people - by which I mean Pokemon - from the business expansion of Team Rocket. This premise is so central to the story, and everything that happens adds to this core premise. Everything Degree adds - from the beautiful backgrounds to altered bits of story and increased Rocket elements, right down to the designs of her Pokemon - adds to the unity of her theme. And most importantly, when something wouldn’t add to her story, she doesn’t hesitate to remove it - Cherrygrove, for example, is unceremoniously dumped with little more than a meta gag to send it on its way.

On the subject of gags, another element of Demon Days that’s essential to the story is its humor. Those of you who know TLaWR will likely expect comedy from Degree, and you’d be right, but most important is that Demon Days holds steady to humor entrenched in its story and its characters. It’s easy in a comedy run to sacrifice your tone for the sake of a punchline, but the comedy of Degree’s latest run doesn’t divorce you from its world, it brings you closer to it. So give Demon Days a look! And did I mention that we’re talking about a comic with weekly updates? WEEKLY updates, guys.

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Part 9 - Rolling in the Deep
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"When I walk down the street, I need everyone to like me so much, it's exhausting. My wife said that walking around with me was like walking around with someone who's running for mayor of nothing."
~ John Mulaney
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10:17 PM - Jul 27, 2018 #47

Reader Spotlights coming in this week! Every now and then we like to reach out and let you guys tell us which runs you like and why people should read them, and we have an excellent pair of spotlights today. Be sure to click the title images and check these runs out!

Whozawhatcha wrote:Are you reading Erberor’s Gijinka Blaze Black run All That We Are? No? Well, that’s a shame because you should hop on the (tm)FeelStabber Train and read a nuzlocke that is more than worth it! So strap in, and prepare to be stabbed, because Erberor lives up to their moniker with this run.

This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Pokemon Black run, no, Erberor jumps headfirst into the deep with a Blaze Black run, a hack well known for putting its players through the grinder. Erberor’s star, a cute little Wurmple named Valna, is one of the most endearing characters I’ve had the pleasure to read to date, and—oh? Oh yes, Erberor doesn’t go the classic route of making the focal point on the starter, (or making a snarky, angsty protagonist) no, they choose precious little Valna who deserves every drop of love and goodness she can get.

Not only is this a gijinka-locke with some uber cute art peppered in here and there, it’s a journal-locke! We see everything through the musings of little Valna, and her precious, inquisitive, and hopeful nature really carries this run through a dark and unforgiving world. Erberor takes full advantage of the journal style of this nuzlocke by playing with Valna abruptly leaving passages hanging when she’s called, inserting images that Valna draws, letters she finds, and even will let entire posts be carried by nothing but an image.

No I’m not still crying about it.

That being said, Erberor has a wonderful, whimsical and poetic style of writing that adds to the air of the fairytale they weave. The world building is deep and mysterious, near post-apocalyptic, and it shows in the way the gijinkas are affected in the way they live. The villains are scary in the Harry Potter “purebloods only” sort of way, and in our brief glimpse of Ghetsis, Erberor really sets the stage for one terrifying villain.

My favorite part, however, is how Erberor writes. Because they can do so much with so little:
wrote:We sat at her grave for hours, fading in and out of silence, until Cantor stood up and said this.

“I wanted it. I still do, more than anything, but she turned that want to action in ways I could never have done alone. She’s the one who started this, where I couldn’t. Now… I’m going to finish it. For her.”

That was when I started this entry. I felt passionate. No… driven. Whatever it is that makes Cantor keep going, a bit of that has taken root in me, and… it hurts. Because I wanted to abandon him.
Valna has such an honest earnestness to her that when we get little snippets like this, they hit like a major punch in the gut. Or, a stab of a knife, so to speak.

I’ve been waxing too long on this, but I’m telling you: READ Erberor’s All That We Are because you will fall in love with Valna, be insatiably curious about the secrets of the world they build, but also, please pack band aids and stitches. There is no disclaimer that warns you about all the Feel Stabbing so please be careful and have a doctor on standby, because Erberor is straight up ruthless.
RubyClaw wrote:This whole run started as a proof of concept. After introducing her Castlocke rules, which ever since have been reused by quite a few people around the forums, Spectacles just wanted to make a fun run that would demonstrate these rules and show how to play with them. She achieved that, and so much more than she probably has expected on the way.

The Castlocke rules can be quite complex and detailed but can also easily be explained in one sentence: instead of you connecting to your individual pokemon, your team of pokemon are split based on their natures into reincarnations of your favorite characters from your favorite show/book/movie. Or as Spectacles puts it in her rules thread: "Ever wanted to turn your favorite show, book, or movie into a Nuzlocke?"

For Spectacles, that movie was Star Wars.; an easy choice, but a brilliant one. Star Wars is a movie franchise most viewers know to some degree, it is currently at a time of revival and success with all the new movies coming up, and it is really the last thing you think about when someone says pokemon. "And why is that a good thing" you ask? As it creates really comical moments as you can judge for yourself.
Spectacles wrote:C3PO: I am an etiquette droid! I do not kick.
Luke- Just a little kick; you can do this! Just apologize afterward if it'll make you feel better!
C3PO: Well... I suppose I can try, just this once... *gently sticks out toe*

C3PO: I do sincerely apologize.
...I'm afraid that didn't help very much, Master Luke. I still feel like quite a brute.

Luke- Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
So basically our hero is a young girl whose pokemon have become vessels carrying the souls of famous Star Wars characters! And their goal? To return to the galaxy from which they came, far far away from here. Sound ridiculous? It sure is! Which makes it even more hilarious to read.
Spectacles wrote:Obi Wan: R2, old friend. I'm very glad to see a familiar face...Well, more or less.
Han: You're here too?! Maybe you can tell me just what the heck is going on here. This girl here seems to think we're in some kind of trouble.
Obi Wan: I'm afraid I haven't the slightest idea of where we are or how we ended up here. But I am afraid that the girl might be right.
Specs: This is the Sinnoh region, and I'm pretty sure that's a far way away from where you guys are from. And I don't now how this happened, but I think you guys got turned into Pokemon.
Han: PokeWHAT?!
Specs: P-Pokemon! They're the creatures that inhabit this world. Humans catch Pokemon in Poke Balls, and they work together with trainers to battle other Pokemon and become stronger.
Han: That sounds waaaay too much like slavery to me. I'm getting outta here.
Obi Wan: Wait, Han. We need to listen to what the child has to say.
Han: Listen here, old man. Just because I'm a pink puffball doesn't mean I have to start taking orders from a blue puffball.
Obi Wan: If we're all here, then that must mean that Luke and Leia are here somewhere. And Chewbacca too. They could be in danger, and this child could be our only hope to help them.
Han: ...Fine.
Specs: I'll do everything I can to help, but I'm just as confused as you guys. Well, almost as confused. I haven't figured out how to get you guys back to your world yet, but I can help you look for your other friends. But in order to make it through this world, you guys are gonna have to get stronger. Wild Pokemon and trainers are gonna be trying to fight us the whole time. I can teach you to control your powers...i-if you'll let me, that is.
Obi Wan: How strange life is... I have not been a student in a long, long time. I look forward to... my training.
Han: I can't wait until I can figure out how to hold this blaster so I can shoot myself...
This run is full of humor and meta-humor. Characters such as rival George Lucas and Bellsprout Yoda who by using the force can see through the 4th wall will stay with you long after you read the latest update. Still comedy is only one aspect of this run. Specatcles shifts from "in-character" and "out-of-character " remarks constantly, explaining the very interesting mechanistic dilemmas she is facing, sharing with the viewer the tactics behind her calls and the mistakes she made, and explains really well how this unique ruleset is played based on the different conditions she comes across. For someone like me, who loves bizarre rulesets, reading such a detailed explanation for one is really fascinating. These rules also activate specific character events after every gym battle, which can be really interesting to see unfold. I won't spoil them for you (although you can just read them in the first page of the thread), but here's a fun example of one:
Spectacles wrote:Leia-Nice job, boys! Now let’s get on the Millennium Falcon and find Luke and Spectacles.
The team exits the gym and piles on board, but Obi Wan lingers…
Obi Wan- Darth Vader is coming. I sense his presence in the Force.
C3PO- Darth Vader?! Oh, we have to run! Do hurry, Master Obi Wan!
Obi Wan- No. The fight that was started so long ago will finally come to an end. I must face him alone.
Han- What are you talking about, old man?! Get on the Falcon, now!
Obi Wan- Go, find Luke and the girl.
Han- No way am I letting him do this after he just fought those sea monsters with me and won the battle for all of us. If he’s not gonna board himself, I’ll drag him on.
Suddenly, the entrance to the Falcon starts to close.
Han- Chewie, what’s going on?!
Han- Malfunctioning?! The whole ship?!
Overall if you are looking for something sort of casual, very funny, and mainly like nothing you saw before, this run is for you. Although knowing the basic concept of Star Wars is important to following the plot, you really don't have to be a hardcore fan of it to enjoy this gem of a run.
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and things he could be destroying.
The world stops moving, but the nausea settles like a rock in the pit of his stomach.
That seems like a lot of responsibility.

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