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Confidence (Some Assembly Required)

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Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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April 7th, 2017, 6:09 am #1

So, since NQNH went the way of the dodo (rip in save loss), I still haven't completed a FRA Nuzlocke. With this, I'm going to change that, and do it the right way. Starting off, we have...
1. CLASSIC MODE, NO RESETS: If a Pokémon faints, that's it. They must be permanently stored in the "Deceased" box.
2. LIMITED PERSONNEL: You may only capture the first Pokémon you encounter in a given area, except if they are Shiny, or if you encounter a dupe, the dupe rule covering the dead and entire evolutionary lines, the usual applies for these. Gifts are acceptable for use.
3. NAMES HAVE POWER: Nickname everything.
4. THIS ISN'T THE NFL: No use of ingame trades is allowed, period.
5. WE CANNOT GO ON WITHOUT YOU: Starter Death Clause is in effect.
6. MANDATORY DEPLOYMENT: The starter may not leave the party at any time.
7. MIX NOT HUMANS AND GODS: Legendary Pokémon may not be used.
8. RISE TO THE TOP: The run is completed upon Pokemon League clearance.
[+] Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Come On, Start The Adventure! (this post)
Chapter 2: The First Campaign
Chapter 3: Rise To The Challenge (vs Brock)
Chapter 4: As All Stars Fall
Chapter 5: Storm
Chapter 6: Lingering Clouds
Without any further ado...
[+] Come On, Start The Adventure!
U-Um, hello. My name Is Camryn. Not Cam, Camryn. N-Not to sound mean,'s important to me, and people don't seem to get it unless I tell them...anyway! The first thing to say is, um, I'm male-to-female trans. That's really why I'm so particular on my name, actually...because Cam was my name before. But, um...

I've been out to my parents for about six months now. They took it very well, but I'm still getting used to the freedom to dress how I feel and everything. It's just that now that I can do this, I don't want to mess it up. People tell me that I'm overly harsh on myself about it, but this is important! I don't want a sloppy job to give me away. It'll be easier once I have hormones, but my therapist is actually waiting on my mom to give the OK for that, since...I'm actually still seventeen and all...

The issue is my mom wants me to be more confident in myself, but right now, I just...can't. Every time I look in the mirror, I see some giveaway. Everyone here at home reassures me, doesn’t help. Besides, they all know about me already, they may well just be flattering me.

I'm not sure why I'm telling you all this, anyway. No matter what confidence boosters I try, they never work. I'll just end up-


Ugh, every time, I swear! Yes, mom?

There's some college mail here for you!

Alright, I'll be right down! Just let me save that as a draft, X out, log off...


Okay, letters! Who're they from, let's see, Vermillion U, Cerulean College, SIT...wait, Malie University!? Alola's far, excuse you...

Is he, now? Another research internship wouldn't hurt, I suppose.

It would be wonderful for your applications. Go find him, he's probably at the Lab.

Yes, yes, I'm going.

Oak's Laboratory, quite possibly the most prestigious research institution in the world...small as it is, really. Professor? You wanted to see me?


Oh, hello, Derek. That's surprising...would he actually be at the house?

Beats me where he is. He wasn't there this morning. It was just Daisy and I when I left.

Is that so? I might just pop on over, haha!

Yes, yes, you're dating my sister, I get it. Just don't do anything raunchy while you're over there.

And why would I in...this state? Later.


Hi, honey! I'm guessing your grandpa isn't here?

Nope. Surprised you'd come here for him instead of me, though...I'm a little hurt, darling.

Oh, stop it, you. Besides, the old man's the one who was looking for me anyway. It's not like him to flake out like this, though. I guess I better go looking for him...

You're not going anywhere yet, dear. Arceus knows what the man has up his sleeve for you and how long it'll keep you. *hug*

Haha, that's true. *kiss* But really, I should be going.

Oh, alright. If you do end up traveling, swing by me for a map...and send pictures!

I will, honey! See you!


Arceus and Trio, where is the man! Please tell me he didn't take a page out of Birch's book. Let me just look out at Route 1...

...Oh, wait, it's Camryn! Sorry to keep you waiting!

Finally! I've been looking for you. You wanted to see me?

I was just called away to Cinnabar for a bit, actually. It seems like they discovered some minerals in the old mansion linked to Dragonspiral Tower in Unova, so some people are looking to see if the stones said to hold either of the region's two legendary dragons might be there.

No kidding!

None at all. Anyway-

I'm aware, Derek. You know these things take time. Anyway, let's get to why I called you both here. I'd like you each to raise one of the three Pokémon here.

I'll let you choose first.

Wait, hold on a minute. Professor...

I understand you might have some misgivings about being a Trainer, Camryn, but it's important that these Pokémon be raised properly for my research on the recent changes in their biology. Given all I have to do otherwise, I'm simply not up to it, and I know you two at least bond quickly with any Pokémon put before you. I can think of no one better suited for the task.

If you say so...

Yeah, lighten up a little, Derek~!

Ugh, fiiiiiine.

Anyway, let's see...

Pass. That look in its eyes isn't my cup of tea...

Gramps, don't quit your day job for those jokes.

Rule number one of fire safety, don't play with fire.


Ah, here we are! You look dependable! I'll take this one!

Hey there, little guy. What's your name?

The name's Frank. If your name's not Deadweight, we'll do just fine.

Excuse me?

You heard me. Pull your weight, and we'll be fine.

I don't like the insinuation that I'd do otherwise.

Let me spell this out for you: Oak's been planning this for a while, and he knows you. More accurately, he knows how hesitant you can be about trying something that you think you might mess up. So just don't go Deerling-in-headlights on me, and we'll be fine. Understood?

...Fair enough.

Treecko for you, Derek?

Of course! In fact...

Oh, for crying out loud...

He really is just as obnoxious as the old man said...

Frank, you're up!

With pleasure.

Um, okay, what should we do first...

Arceus above, you're worse than the old man said. It's either Tackle or Tail Whip. Nothing special going on here!

Ugh, fine! Tail Whip!


Having a nice chat over there? Leer it!

Alright, what now?

...Try the offense, I guess?

...Trio, this is gonna be a time, isn't it?

Hah! Now I can really get an advantage! Another Leer!

Crud! We fell for his trap! I'm sorry, Frank! Tackle it, fast!

Heh! Pound it!

Arceus, give me strength...Listen, with that nice chunk of damage done, Treecko's got no advantage here at all. Observe.

Oh, I see! Nice one!

WHAT!? Treecko, hit it hard, and fast! Pound again!

HORK! Owowowow...


Heh...can't even finish me with a crit, eh? You're done here.

Phew, thank goodness...

Indeed you did. Without types in play, a fast but soft hitting thing like Treecko hasn't got a thing on me.

You do that, Derek.

Don't think your victory here is an excuse to coast. Especially since I'd hesitate to call it yours. Do you hesitate and panic like that about everything!?

That'll be enough out of you for now! *pchoo* Oak, you've really done it this time, haven't you?

Ah, yes, I ought to have warned you...Frank is very...particular about the type of person raising him. Most Oshawott are. Their behavior is often likened to that of paladins, in fact. They respect courage and pureheartedness, and despise weakness and evil.

Well then, I'm not cut out to raise him, clearly. He thinks I'm just a weakling now, and first impressions are hard to-

That's exactly why I'd hoped you'd choose him.

I beg your pardon!?

Camryn, your mom is always talking about how you sell yourself short. So is Daisy, for that matter. I think raising Frank will be good for you. It's okay to be hesitant about some things, but eventually you have to step outside your comfort zone. And if it makes you feel any better, I ordered him to not give up on you.

So I'm stuck with him, is what you're saying?

More or less.

*sigh* You never really change, do you?

I've lived my entire life following my gut, Camryn. It hasn't lead me wrong yet.

No pressure there...

Of course not. Anyway...

Try making it to Viridian City together. I have a package ready for pickup there. Just bring it back over, alright?

Sure thing, Professor. Let me just tell my mom, alright?

Of course. In fact, rest up there a while, give Frank a chance to heal from that battle, yes?



Alright Mom, I think Frank should be good to go. I'll be back soon!

Take care out there, Camryn!

You know I will.

Okay. Route 1. No pressure, just a little walk through the tall grass. Nothing special. *pchoo*

Finally! Where are we...Route 1? Oh, so you've grown a little backbone! Good show, lass.

Alright, enough of that, unless you want to go back in the Ball.

What, can't handle a little truth?

Allow me to spell it out for you: If you're supposed to be a part of Oak's little "build my confidence" scheme, you're doing a real bad job at it telling me I'm spineless and weak, mkay? What do you think that does?

...You're right. I apologize.

...It's alright. You were only trying to help. Anyway, let's get a move on. We're going to Viridian to pick up a package for the prof.

Fair shout-oh, hello there!

Alright, let's see...

It doesn't look too tough. I can handle it.

Okay then! Tackle it!

Understood! Hah!


Ngh! Here's another for you!


You okay there, Frank?

'S fine. Just a scratch-




I'm alright...didn't want to have to use this already, but...

Whew! Come on, let's get moving to the city before we get divebombed again.

Agreed! ...And for what it's worth, you're getting better. Just have a little more faith in the both of us, alright?

I'll try.

Well, actually, I think it might be a little easier now.

How so?

Like this.

Nice! Alright, we're coming up on the Center. We'll pop on in, stop by the mart for Oak's package, and head on back. Sound good?

Fine by me.

Okay, just gotta be brave...

Arceus above, not again...

Hello, miss!

Y-Yes please! Uh, Frank, if you don't mind...

I get it.

Good. *pchoo* Here you are.

Alright, just put it here, and...there you are! Your Pokémon is ready to go!


Oh! If you're bringing them here to get healed, it means nothing too bad has happened, that's all!

Oh, I get it. *pchoo* C'mon, Frank, let's grab that package.

That's exactly what I'm here for! C'mon Frank, let's head back! I wonder what's in here...



Yes. I just needed to give him a slight...attitude adjustment.

I figured that would need to happen. If only any of us here could understand Pokemon as well as you do, we could have made him a bit less...abrasive at first.


Try to make it quick, Ysengrin and I were just training!

Right. The truth is, I want you to be doing a little more than just going around with those Pokémon and whaling on the local wildlife. The fact is, Pokémon have been changing a lot lately, meaning my Pokédex has gotten to be outdated. I want you two to take these...

...and go out and record data on some of the species you'll find around here. I'm not asking you to refill the entire thing. The truth is I've some colleagues out in the field, so they'll cover a lot of what you might miss. Either way, consider this your spring and summer job. I recommend going around the region and earning the eight Gym badges as a way to cover the region.

You know she won't listen to you, right?

Of course, I just wanted to mess with you and see if you'd fall for it.

You are a special kind of annoying, you know that?

Whatever! I'm out!

So Gramps is having you travel...basically the entire region? I'm gonna miss youuuu...

I'll miss you too, honey. I'll be sure to send pictures, though!

You better! Or I'll come after you! But really...stay safe out there, okay sweetie?

I will, I will! Arceus knows if I do something dumb, Frank will give me a hard time to last a month...

Haha! That's good! *kiss* I love you, take care!

Love ya too, Daisy! See you soon!


Alright, Frank. Let's look around in the grass for a teammate to add...

I see one.

Good show. Alright, little guy. What's your name?

Um...I'm Roc...

Alright, nice! Welcome to the team! And don't let Frank bother you too much.


Tall grass here? Perhaps we can find a Pokémon...

Found one for ya.

Good job, Frank! Now, what's your name?

I am called Dee. I will follow you wherever you may go.

Where to next?

Let's check out Route 2, but first...

'Twould be remiss of us to not be prepared for a breakout or two.

Hm...found our next target!

Oh thank goodness! A Trainer! I can finally get stronger! Please, take me with you!

Odd. What's your name?

They call me Cassidy. Anyway, if you haven't been to Route 22 yet, I recommend it...there's some good Pokemon there, even if it can be a bit...

...hit or miss...

Okay, none of the new captures are ready to take this thing on. Frank, it might be risky, but you think you can weaken this thing?

...I will try, but it is ill-advised.

Tackle it!

Not much doing...and it's using Growth to boost itself. Camryn, we ought to run...

No, we can do this! Another one!



If you're gonna keep this up, get Dee in here NOW!

R-Right! Dee, give it a Peck or two!

It shall be is sufficiently weak to capture.

Thank Arceus that's over. What's your name?

The name's Dean. I hope yer serious about trainin' me.

Of course I am. After the tough spot you put us in, why wouldn't I be?

Because any respect'ble Grass 'mon would have put your Oshawott right 'ta bed with that boosted Absorb. I barely e'en did half.

Well, we all gotta start somewhere. Shall we all begin training?
[+] Team Camryn
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[+] Spoiler

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April 7th, 2017, 6:50 am #2

Cute! A little bit of the dialogue was kind of ham-fisted though. Maybe that's just my reaction to the condensed nature of screenshot runs but given I haven't felt that about the original it might be new. Anyway, look forward to more!

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April 7th, 2017, 7:04 am #3

I swear to god Daisy and Cam are so cute

Camryn's sprite is looking good, too! I see the face of an Aroma Lady?

Just one problem: I'm using the Black Water theme, and Derek's text is nigh-unreadable with that background. The others' are fine though.

So many catches... Well, I suppose Brock won't be a problem with both Frank and Dean.
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April 7th, 2017, 12:17 pm #4

i remember yr other run. shame it went under. save file losses r the worst. ://

this is looking good so far! usual stuff that happens at the start aside, the team is interesting. especially the sunkern o: brock shouldn't be a problem with dean and frank
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Johto League Champion
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April 7th, 2017, 12:30 pm #5

This is very cute so far! I'm definitely enjoying it.

I don't think I've ever seen a MC who's already in a relationship at the start of a run. Definitely refreshing to see something new.

I look forward to more!

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April 8th, 2017, 10:49 pm #6

[+] Replies
Mane: I'm glad you think it's cute! I certainly love writing little tidbits for the little ship I've sailed, so expect more of that (not this chapter, but definitely next!) The dialogue...I think I made Frank a little harsher than I intended at first, but at the same time, it's best that it turned out that way, in my opinion, because it gives me room to make him grow.

Sea Maid: They are my adorable QTs and I ship them to the ends of the earth and beyond. I'm not sure what exactly Camryn's card sprite is-you'll have to ask whoever submitted it to PokeCharms, really. You already know I went back and fixed Derek's text (and ill be aware of anyone else having similar issues in the future, I promise!). And yeah, FRA earlygame is really hard to pace in getting catches because you have enough to fill your party in such a condensed timeframe.

lesbian xion: first off, 100000000/10 name :v: But yeah, I was really upset when I derped up NQNH's save file. Have discovered the art of keyboard shortcuts to make keeping dual saves not a pain, though, so it shouldn't happen this time! Anyway, the team as last we left them is...identical monwise to NQNH's except we picked Oshawott and didn’t murderize Sunkern. It won't be forever, I promise!

Mewtwo: I'm glad you're enjoying it! Honestly, the idea to have Camryn and Daisy be together, I decided to get the complete runaround at the start of the game, and that screencap of the "Hi, Camryn!" just...let's just say the most random stuff sets off my shipping obsession ^^;
[+] The First Campaign

How are you three doing so far?

I-I'm getting better! Training in the Garden is a lot faster...

I can fight for myself now! Maybe soon I'll actually be able to evolve!

Well, ya stuck wit' me for this long, I s'pose ya ain't half bad after all.

Think nothing of it. It's not what you are now, but what you will become that matters...At least, I tell myself that a lot...

What was that at the end there?

Nothing important. Anyway, it looks like we're finished training, so-oh, a text! It's from...Derek, ugh. He wants to meet me at Route 22.

I don't like that kid.

Yeah, he grates on me too. He's only 15, though, so he'll grow up...maybe...

That doesn't sound too promising.

At least this pessimism is for good re-

Arceus give me strength.

I don't like the look in his eyes...

They're the kinda kid who'd catch ya fer the novelty then throw ya out 'cause ya can't beat their friend's Pidgey without any trainin'. I can tell from 'ere.

Took you long enough! I've been waiting!

Sheesh, Derek. You need patience, though Arceus knows you try mine...


Oh, so you called me out here to battle? I suppose I can forgive you a new teammates are still in need of training, after all!

Bring it on! I'll grind your team to nothing!

We'll see 'bout that.


Cassidy, handle this.

Alright, but...what should I do? I learned some new moves...

Um...Pound, I guess? Maybe?

If you say so...

Come on, Camryn. Focus!

Still second-guessing your every move? Hah! Poison Sting!

O-Ow! That hurt!

Okay, no more messing around! Give it a Snarl!

Heh. Poison-


Now that's more like it.

...Drat, you've got some strong ones. Ysengrin, back me up!

Too bad I have an answer for that, too. Roc!

R-Right! W-What should I do?

With types in play, it's a no brainer. Go for Gust!

Hm...that tidbit might be useful...

I-I did it!

Good work, Roc.

Good shot, buddy!


A-And I'm even stronger! Maybe I can get big after all...

Hmph! Have you been neglecting Frank so much that you won't have him battle? Ringtail, turn this around!

Hardly. I simply don't need to rely on him as much. In fact...Dean, why don't you take this?

I s'pose I could try...

Y-You got this! I-If I can win, s-so can you!

Heh, you know how ta pick a body up, fella. I'll do it!

A Sunkern? Please. Ringtail, clean up. Quick Attack.


Awright...guess 'm locked in...

Stalling the inevitable? Another round, Ringtail!


This still ain't doin' much!

Heh! Even the Sunkern knows it's losing!

Are we, now? Dean, let's try out that new move of yours.

'Ere goes! *fweeeeeeeeee~*

You've gotta be kidding! Ringtail! Get up!


I see where this's goin'...

The roots're doin' me a solid too.

Now continue Absorbing.

Ringtail, come on!!!

It's getting' weaker! How 'bout that!

Good. Now finish it. Absorb!

With pleasure!


Well. It looks like Dean won.

I mean, come on! Without that Grasswhistle lasting so long, Ringtail totally would have cleaned house!

You mean, had I not strategized past Dean's low outright power? How many close calls do you think I had not doing that while training him?

Whatever! Either way, I'm headed to Pewter for the Gym.

Arceus above, I do so hate him sometimes...But he's right. Let's get moving, folks! Next stop...

Blugh. I don't like this place. We should get through here as fast as possible.

We do need to catch at least try to catch something, Frank. What's got you in a funk?

The piercing gazes of all the grass types in this forest.

What, afraid the Shroomish'll eat ya? And here ya are lecturin' Camryn about hesitatin'...

Excuse you! Like you wouldn't run at the sight of a Combee! Not to mention how often you doubt your own ability!

Luckily for you boys, this one's neither!


Right, you're scared of those, too!

That will be enough, Frank! Cassidy, you want to take this one? Try a Snarl!


Alright, it looks good for a Ball! Here goes!

Hello, there! What's your name?

My name is Sasha. Glad to be of service.

Hey, um...sorry if I hurt you too badly, are you alri-

Don't touch me!

Yeek! Hey, watch where you're swinging!

Alright, alright, that's enough. Sasha, as the new member, let's get you training.

...This is acceptable.

Tough, no hesitation, all business...Finally, someone I can count on.

Keep away, otter. Far away.

Sheesh, lighten up a little!

Only trouble awaits those who "lighten up" in this forest. I decline.

Sasha, I know you don't like being touched, but you are going to have to trust your new teammates. We can't work together without it.

Arceus, you are naïve...You must always keep your guard up in this forest. Have you not even noticed our approaching adversary?


Roc, give me a hand!

R-Right! Gust attack!

Crud! My other Combee will have to do!

Y-You can't stop me now!

Whew. Good job, Roc.

Hmph. You were lucky this time. Watch your back, child.

Can it, bug! Perhaps someone as weak as you needs caution, but we're trained to be strong enough to handle anything, so-.

*pchoo x2* Enough. Let's just get through this forest already.

Hey, hold on!

Urgh, fine. Sasha, if you would.

Right. Take this, you inferior!

Woah, when did your Venipede grow that? Poison Sting!

A trifle. Now-

Stalling the inevitable? Pitiable fool.

I am victorious.


What? Are you talking to me, bird?

Hiding something...

What do you mean!? Stay out of my head, you-

Dee, stop it. Everyone hides something. It's none of your business.

...If you command.

I see another Trainer up ahead. Shall we be the initiators this time?

I heard that! You're challenging me? Go, Karrablast!

Perfect. Roc, Gust it away.

O-On it!

I-I got stronger again!

Someone's eager, aren't they...

Of course I do. I wager that's what Roc here is all excited about! But anyway, I'm headed to Pewter. Are we close to the exit?

Yeah, it's just around the bend. You can't miss it!


Stay alert. Especially here.

I'll keep it in mind...Aha! There's the exit!

Well, I'm going to Pewter for the Gym, and-

Then battle me! It'll be good training!

Fair point. Roc, another round to see this place off?

R-Right! Gust attack!

Surskit, no!

A-And again! So close...

Skorupi! Poison Sting!

Another Gust, Roc!

I-It's strong!


Crap! Gotta work fast...Another Gust!

I-I don't...feel so good...

Alright, kid, gotta dash!

Slow down! Something might ambush us!

Then keep 'em away! We have to get to the Center, fast!

Urgh, fine!

Thank goodness! It's a clear road from here!


Oh, thank goodness... *pchoo*

Wh-Whew! Thank you, Camryn!

That was still dangerous back there...we're lucky nothing jumped us. Besides...the bird was in no real danger. Poison rarely affects anyone outside of combat anymore.

Really? Oak mentioned that Pokémon were undergoing odd changes as of late, but that's pretty big! I should take note of this...

Yes. It is a very recent phenomenon, however, so older Pokémon may not be so lucky.

Hm. I'll keep that in mind. Anyway, we're in Pewter City. Let's ask around for any tips to defeat Brock. We'll need them.

Um, hello, sir, I'm a Trainer, and-

Looking for tips to defeat Brock, huh? Everyone is these days! Well, I can tell ya this: The signs out front will tell ya about how strong ya oughta be to win. Just inside the doors, Jim, our handy guide, will have something to make your battle easier, and that goes for every Gym! And lastly, Brock is packing an Omanyte. The Electric types in the garden over there should help with that! And that's all!

Oh! Thanks for the help, mister! Let's check out the garden right away!

Aha! Dean, soften her up a bit!

I've got ya! An Ingrain 'ere, an Absorb or two there... She's ready!

Woohoo! Alright, what's your name?

My name is Marigold, commoner. And with that, goodbye!

Um...what was that?

She went to the box. You can only have six of us with you at a time.

O-Oh. Oak never had me with this many Pokémon before...

That so? Well anyway, she'll be in the Pokémon Center at the PC there if you want to train her. But that's worse than Derek's.

Alright, I'll take a look at her.

Oh, it's you again. Here to release me?

What!? No! I'm here to train you! Why would I catch you otherwise!?

Ugh, do all commoners have wax in their ears? I am a princess, if you couldn't tell, so you will release me this instant!

I'm inclined to agree, Camryn. An attitude like that has no place here.

You, otter. Why are you wasting your potential on that human? You're a paladin in training, are you not? And yet you make yourself subservient?

I fight for Camryn to become stronger. In return, I help her overcome her own shortcomings. Royals like yourself are too shortsighted beyond titles. Perhaps that's why you can't even fight? A princess should certainly be able to overcome a Sunkern, should she not?

Why, you-!

Arceus above, ENOUGH! Marigold, you're part of a team now. That means you will work together with your teammates. Frank, you will stop antagonizing her. Clear?

...Fair enough. Though you forget something.

What, pray tell? Does the princess not have any siblings to which she may pass her responsibility?

That is precisely the issue. Furthermore, my parents are growing old. They may not last long. As soon as you deem it fit for us to part, I must return, and I will not be able to come back. Are you sure about this?

Of course. I'm doing research work on my way as well, so it'll be a while, though...will your parents be alright?

...They will hold as long as they must, Arceus willing. For now, I will fight for you.

Glad to hear it. Anyway, though, we're going to need to store someone in return, but-

I shall go.

Hold on, Dee. Are you sure about this?

The other bird has much invested in his continued training, and you need not a second pair of wings. I will be here should you have need of me again, but for now, I shall depart.

Okay, then. Until later, Dee. Now, with that settled, Marigold, I know just the way to start your training.


This is tedious work, but...I do feel stronger than before.

That's the feeling of proper training. It's hard work, but it gets results.

Indeed! I suspect the lack of suitable opponents is why my parents did not have me partake.

...Now that I think about it, a garden full of other electric types isn’t very conducive to it for you after all.


Why are you giggling? What it something I said?

...Nothing. Let's check out the Gym to see if we need to do any more training.

Level fifteen!? We've got our work cut out for us...But hey, while we're here, let's see what that Jim person has for us!

So I heard! I'm in need of a little more training before I fight Brock, but I heard you might have something useful, I am!

Woah, a Tyrogue? What's his name?

My name is Tony. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Er, this is a change of pace...Let's get you and the others prepared for the Gym, shall we?

[+] Team Camryn

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April 10th, 2017, 9:06 am #8

[+] Replies
Deku: wow deku Yeah, I was really kinda annoyed about that, but looking back, it had a lot of stuff that I got myself into without really thinking, so again, it's probably for the better that it's gone. And I will do my best to protect the Sasha. As said by Lord Hoovie...WHO TOUCH SASHA!?
[+] Rise To The Challenge (vs Brock)

You sure about this, Cassidy?

Of course. They gave you Tony for this Gym, didn't they? And I'm not going to be selfish enough to demand to be put back after you're done. And besides, I have Dee for company at least.

That's not saying much.

Suit yourself. Good luck training, though!

Thank you, Cassidy. We'll be off now.


So, Dee.

...You seek knowledge.

Yes, of course. It's about Sasha, as you probably also knew. Her extreme caution is of a specific flavor. It just so happens that I can recognize it.

...One close to you...the same root...

So that is what her deal is? You're sure?

Her mind was as open book. My sound.

Alright then. Thanks, Dee. Now I feel like I can help her...if I am ever given the chance.



Er, Camryn, I know our objective was level fifteen, but...may I be allowed one more?

If you feel you need it, go ahead.

Yes, finally!

Hey, some grass coverage! At least you learned Clamp before forgetting Water Gun for it...

That's not all. It's time.

Frank? Frank, you're-!

Yes, finally! Now I can take whatever that Gym Leader is gonna throw at me!

Hey, congrats! You evolved! Look at you, you're a lot bigger now! And how about that fighting move, that'll come in handy!

Er, yes. Speaking of evolution, it seems Roc is a bit eager for it...he appears to have gone a bit far training Tony...


Roc!? Settle down, you've done enough for no-

Come on, come onnnnnn!

Roc? Oh, you're-

I-It's starting!


...Well, congratulations, buddy...even if you're now overleveled compared to everyone else!

O-Oh! Camryn, you were, uh, there...Um, yeah, I decided to help Tony after I was done myself, and, um, this sort of happened...

Well, it's all fine and good for you to take the initiative, but you do have to share some of the responsibility. If one of us gets too strong, they drown out everyone else, and that's not good.

R-Right, I'm's mumble...

What was that, Roc? Speak up.


If I may...Roc was always told he was the runt of the litter. His parents hardly even raised him, it's a wonder he got by on his own as much as he did. To justify his neglect, his parents told him he couldn't evolve. Ever. Have I got the gist of things, Roc?

Y-Yeah...*sniff* Mom and Dad were mean. They rarely brought food for me, and when they did, i-it was hardly e-enough...they never trained me to battle, e-either. I-I had to learn to fight and find food on my own, a-and I-I wasn't very good at it...They always told me I would never evolve...but when I ran into you and Frank, I knew it was my chance! I-I could get stronger, and evolve and show them they were wrong!

Roc...cmere, buddy. *hug*

...I-I know you're trying to make me feel better, but this is honestly cramping my wings...

Oh! Um, sorry! My fault!

I-It's alright, I appreciate it all the same.

Oh, and, for the record, Roc did share some of the responsibility in training me...Marigold just about forced him to do so, really. Speaking of...Marigold, come back, we're finishing up!

Are we, now? Very well. Er, Camryn, I admit I went a little beyond specification in training Tony...

That's fine. Probably better that you did. As much as I congratulate Roc on his evolution, we can’t have him getting too far ahead!

Right! And speaking of, look at you, Roc! You're looking stronger, and more confident to boot! How wonderful!

Th-Thanks, Marigold...

Think nothing of it. You make a fine fighter.

Alright, everyone. Let's head back to the Gym. Frank, pack it in!


You can't face Brock just yet! You have to go through me first! Come on, Roggenrola!

Frank, you up for this?

Of course I am. Watch me work.

Yeah, that new Evolution is doing a lot, isn't it?

You bet it is.

Come on! Phanphy, turn this around!

Hate to rain on your parade, kiddo, but I was just getting started!

Yeesh, I never expected to see something like Clamp oneshot anything...

Awww...You beat me. Even if it was pretty easy for you, I suggest you go heal before facing Brock, though. It's a good habit to get into!

That was the plan, anyway.


We ready, everyone?

Most certainly. Let the enemy come! I shall break them down!

Ah'm ready enough, I s'pose.

I-I don't like Rock Types...

A princess is always ready for battle!

Remain focused and alert at all times. One slip up could be the end...

Calm down, Sasha. We've got this.

Alright then, let's go!

So I've heard. I'm here to challenge you, as you probably know.

Indeed. I trust you are prepared as much as you deem fit?

Yes. I am ready.

Very well then.

And yet you still come to me. Very few Trainers win their first Gym Battle. You are still going to challenge me, knowing well that you are most likely going to lose?

Statistics are all very well and good, the end of the day, even the best of data still has outliers. And I will do my best to rise to the challenge!

Go, Lileep!

Tony, you're up first! Give it a Low Sweep!


Hm. Not a bad show. Lileep, Acid!

GYAH! Not good...Not meant to take special attacks...

Y-You're alright, Tony! It's just about down, so go for a Reversal-

Not so fast.

A-Alright...Go for the Reversal still, Tony!

And one, two, THREE!

I-It's still not down!?

U-um...another Low Sweep!

Hm. Cracking already?


O-Oh. Phew! Nice one, Tony!

But of course.

Hm. Perhaps I need to bring out my other special attacker to make the message stick. Omanyte!

Tony, get back! Marigold, your turn!


A Blitzle, hm? Do people in town have to sell out all my secrets to anyone who asks?

Marigold, Charge Beam!

Take this, you common brute!

Okay, it's still going. Not too surprising.

Oh, for crying out loud, I can't get the boost now, when it matters!?



Marigold! Are you okay!?

I-I'm fine! Just gotta take that thing out fast-

You Blitzle doesn't have a lot of time. I do hope she can hit harder than that.

I-Impudent brat!

Take this...


Oh thank goodness!

A-As expected!

That was close, Marigold...

But I still won!

Very well. You've brought me down to my last...Dwebble, let's show them what we've got!

Frank, you ready to finish this?

Like you had to ask! Bring it ON!

Hm. Your Dewott is spirited. But can it survive the onslaught to come?

Sure he can! Frank, start with a Clamp!

Rubble Rush.


Ngh! Owww...a priority Rock attack!? This guy isn't playing around...take THIS!

Gah, does he EVER stop healing!?

It wouldn't do if sufficient leveling made Pokémon capable of handily decimating my team, would it? Another Rubble Rush!

GRAH! I'm done with you! Clamp attack!

I-It's still going!

As if. Observe.

The aftereffect?

Yep. Not the most satisfying way to finish a guy, but it works out.

That means...did we win?

We sure did. How about that?

Well done, challenger. Your Pokémon are far more talented than most.

You are a fine Trainer, and a wonderful young lady who cares for her Pokémon deeply. You are quite deserving of this.

You...really think so?

Of course. You said it yourself before we battled: you did your best, and rose to the challenge, all while showing the utmost attention and care for your Pokémon. Congratulations on your victory.

Alright! We did it! We got a Badge! Yahoooooo! Alright, team, shall we go heal up?

That TM Contains Rubble Rush, the move my Dwebble had. It should give any slower Rock types a fighting chance!

Oh, cool! Thanks a bunch!

Hey, hey!

You think so?

Of course! You won your first Gym Battle without anyone going down on your side! That's good stuff right there!

Alright, well, thanks! I better go heal up, though!

Yeah, I get it. See ya!


That's the biggest smile I've seen on your face since we started out, Camryn. You must be pretty happy.

Of course I'm happy! We beat our first Gym, and the Leader even said I was a wonderful young lady! I'm practically over the moon!

Not sure why that last one is important, but hey, you're doing better, so I'll not look a gift horse in the mouth.

What!? Team Rocket!?

Huh? What's he on about?

Camryn, he's on the phone! Leave him- ugh.

Ah, you overheard that? Do be careful if you're heading to Cerulean...Team Rocket is merciless.

Of course. Thanks for the heads up, sir.

No problem, miss.


I seriously do not see why we need this much. Mount Moon isn't going to be anywhere near as tough as the Gym.

You can never be too careful. And with Team Rocket possibly in the area...

Okay, fine, but 20 Potions is a bit much.

Frank, I'm agreeing with Sasha here. There is no such thing as overpreparing for Team Rocket, especially if you're a lone traveling Trainer. The only reason I'm not empting my pockets for more Potions is so that I have some money to distract them with if anything bad happens.

...Fair enough. Let's be off, then.

Oh, wait, I forgot!

Pray tell, what is it now? Sending Oak a progress report?

More like showing Daisy my new Badge! She's got to hear about this, she thought your evolution was awesome!

Oh, great...
daisy omg omg omg omg

we actually did it!! we beat brock!!
Nice job! Was he hard at all for you?
not really. it was a little nerve-wracking at times, but frank and the others handled him like pros out there! :v:
Oooooh, I'm gonna tell Derek! :3: Brock's ace totally crushed like half his team, he was pretty upset! :rofl:
oooh, i know the idea that im better than him will...rock his world. :rimshot:
Camryn no, stop, don't do this.
fiiiiiiine. frank is getting impatient anyway, ttyl bby! :glomp:
Bye bye, darling~
Alright, let's get goi-

...I was just texting for the past 5 minutes...

Ugh, I'm no good at this battle small talk!

Go, Blitzle!

Camryn, if I may?

Go ahead.

Use Thundershock!

Hmph! I am a princess, not some Sap Sipping commoner!

Considerin' th' nightmares them "Sap Sippin' commoners" put me through, I resent that statement!

See? Proof of my noble blood! Now, let's set you right...

That will do.

Skitty, come on!

This one's mine!

Sasha, wait!

Poison Tail! HYAH!

Holy crap, that looked like it hurt!

That would be due to the Skitty species' recent shift towards the Fairy-Type. This Skitty is young enough to have been affected.

How much more do you know about these changes?

Not much, I'm afraid.

Darn. Well, thanks for the tip. Go for another!

It is finished.

Nice work there!

Smoochum, take it out!

That would be my cue to leave...

I'll handle it, then!

Fury Cutter, Frank!

With pleasure.

That was...underwhelming.

Yeah, it kinda was.

Oh, sorry! It's just...we just battled Brock, so...yeah, that.

Oh, yeah I get that. You'll feel that after every Gym, really.

Anyway, let's keep on going. The grass here isn't too far ahead now...

You had the really hyper Pidgey and all, right?

Well, um, Roc's a Pidgeotto now, but yeah, he still is pretty eager.

Oh, he evolved? Never mind, I don't think I can take you, then...

Oh...well, if you ever change your mind, I might be here a while!

Nothing at all, thank you very much! Sasha?

With pleasure. Take this! And THIS!

Let that be a lesson to you.



Alright. Let's continue, shall we?
[+] Team Camryn
A very big thank you to Shiny Dustox for the Trainer Card featured in the text conversation-I couldn't have edited that in myself!
[edit_reason]one small typo escaped my notice, it has been fixed,[/edit_reason]

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April 10th, 2017, 9:30 am #9

Whoop, might've missed the last update. Good thing it didn't take long to catch up.

Brock doesn't let up on healing does he? Good thing you grinded that much. And aww at the lady part, it made me smile.

That pun though. Camryn no indeed.

"Ugh, I'm no good at this battle small talk!" I like this interpretation of this random trainer that's never going to show up again. (Also I was so worried that someone would be KO'd due to all the detail, you have no idea...)
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April 15th, 2017, 11:32 pm #10

[+] Replies
SeaMaid: Glad to have you back!

Yeah, I was getting really pissed with Brock's healing all over the joint. If that Dwebble had gotten a Potion, Camryn might have screamed.

She can't resist. And as you'll soon see...pranking some gansters isn't beyond her either.

Um, about that...
[+] As All Stars Fall

A battle, huh? Well, I suppose I can go for my catch after this. Let's go!

Okay, Mareep, let's go!

Dean, you want this one?

It looks stronger th'n me, but...I can't get stronger 'less I fight the strong!

That's the spirit! Start with an Ingrain!

Locked 'n loaded!

Thunder Wave!

Agh! I c'n...barely move...

Dean! Oh no, I can't switch him out... Use Grasswhistle! We need time!

*fwah* C-Can't...can't...m-move...

We got 'em on the ropes! Thundershock!

AGH! O-Ow...

Use Absorb! We have to stay in this!

Urgh...barely did anythin'...

Hold on! Take a Potion!


Charge Beam!

Wait, what!?

AGHHHHH! Camryn..I c-can't...keep up...jus' let the o-others...f-finish up...

Nice, we got the boost, too!

I'm not giving up on you! Take another Potion!



Dean! Oh Arceus, that looked bad...

Monster! I'll end you!!

Marigold, stop! We have to get Dean to the Center, he looks really banged up...

Hmph. I'll be back for you!


Dean, just hold on! Help is coming!

Th-Thank you...fer me...

Dean! Keep your eyes open!!

I'm sorry...I let ya...down...


Miss...I'm sorry, but, your Sunkern..., Dean can' can't-!

The damage was just too much. There was nothing we could do...

*sob* Dean...why did it have to be him...!? *sob*

We're very sorry, miss...

...I just...need some time alone...with my team.

Of course...We'll handle the rest from here.

Dean...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have...! *sob* *pchoo*


Frank...I can I go on? How can I face the others after this? I have to tell them that I let someone die...'s my fault. I'll tell them.

No, it's not, Frank, I put him out there...

And he accepted because I nag him all the time, Camryn. You heard what he he'd never get stronger without fighting the strong. I thought it was good that he was taking initiative, but then...'s not your fault. I had Marigold, she wouldn’t have been affected by anything that sheep could have had, but I still insisted on Dean. I was reckless, and then Dean paid for it. This is why I can't be a Trainer. This...

Stop that.

Frank, you don't-

Stop it. Sure, maybe I don't get what you're feeling. But if you're going to just cry and give up like this after what we've already done just because someone died, I'm going to have to tell you no.


Marigold is just starting to really settle into this team. Quite frankly, this is going to undo all that and then some. Sasha will probably stop thinking you're worth her time. Roc's just gotten all excited that he could evolve, and you're going to leave him in the lurch!? These decisions affect more than just you, Camryn. Right now, you might feel you were weak and undeserving. I get that much. But if you were weak then, now is the time to be strong. So buck up, partner, 'cause you're not done yet.

Frank...I get that but...I just can't.

...Alright, you're making me do this. *pchoo x4*

Hey, wait-

C-Camryn...wh-where's D-Dean?


Camryn...are you alright?

If that monster really did Dean in...

I'm afraid the worst has happened, folks. Dean didn't make it. Now, before any of you say anything, this has hit Camryn really hard. And as her team, it's our job to support her at a time like this, 'cause this is hitting her really hard. So if any of you were thinking of getting on her case, take it and shove it, got it?'s not your fault. Battle is not supposed to be lethal like that! That monster needed self-restraint.

Agreed. One's power is not meant to be abused in such a fashion. We will stand with you.

N-No fair! Th-They took Dean away...

We must train more. No matter what caused this...we must be stronger so that it may not happen again. Let's resume where we left off, Camryn. But let's stay back from the mountain until we're stronger.

Everyone...thank you. You're all right. And Frank, too. I can't give up now. Dean wouldn't want that. We just have to keep going...but thank you for picking me up like this. Now let's get back into it!

That's the spirit, Camryn. Let's go check out that grass now.

...A thousand times no. Marigold, if you would.

Why aren't we trying to catch it?

It's Frank but worse, and Frank isn't leaving the team for any reason. I'm not bothering with it.

If you say so...She still sounds upset...

I thought we were staying away from here...

We're just going to grab a catch and go. Nothing flashy.

Understandable. Ah, there is something...

Hm, we don't want to risk knocking this out. Do a Reversal.

HYAH! There, it should be good to go.

Oh, good. What's your name?

Harriet...don't like to battle...

That's...alright. Just hang around for a while, okay? Tony's itching to go train...


...I don't see us getting much use out of this. Let's get going.


Uh, Tony, you almost done? You've been whaling at these Shelmet and Venipede for a while now, there are better places to train...

In theory, true. But I am aiming for a certain path of evolution.


We can evolve one of three ways, depending on the path of our training. Those who focus on power and defeating their enemy with all out attacks become Hitmonlee. Those who focus on defense and outlasting their opponent become Hitmonchan. But those who balance their efforts...Hrk! It's starting!

We become Hitmontop, fighters who can strike hard and take hard blows in return!

Good work, Tony! Were you always going for this?

In I had originally thought to go down the road of Hitmonlee. But after Dean's passing, I realized that power isn't everything. Once that power fails me, it falls on my ability to defend to keep me alive. And thus, I realized I must give it its due.

...Oh. I see.

Don't forget about us!

I think I will ignore a technique that traps me...

Alright, we all ready to go back to Mount Moon?

Quite so. I've caught up to the rest.


My new Ability should serve us well.

I like it! Let's poke around and see if we can't find our way through.

Hm...This doesn't seem natural...

Perhaps we should leave it alone.

Or it might be a faster way through. Let's just see what's up.


Camryn, is that-

Team Rocket, yes. Let's-

Hey! What are you doing!?

Aw, crap.

Hell no. I was just about to leave, but you bothered me. It's on now!

Um, weren't you just-

Shh! So, you coming?

As if you had to ask! Duskull!

Marigold, Pursuit!


Hmph. Duskull, Disable.

Agh! I-I can't use Pursuit!?

Good thing we don't need to! Charge Beam!

Not quite enough, lassie. Night Shade!


Enough from you! Let the flames of perdition consume you!


Roc, handle this.



And that's it for you.

Now, let's see what you were hiding here, shall we~?

I'm at least glad she has a spring in her step again...

Tony, have this TM. You could use the Ghost coverage.

I feel dirty...

Well, let's get on with it.

Not so much explore as get through to Cerulean...I suppose you want to battle?

Of course! Go, Sunkern!

Oh, hell.

...No, it's not Dean. Sasha.

...Are you alright, Camryn.

I am fine. Poison Tail.

Keep your wits about you...I can sense your shaking.

Bullet Seed!

*sniff* No, I can't... Finish it! Poison Tail!

Of course. It is finished.

That's all well and good, but go get him treated! Before anything bad can happen!

Okay! No need to get angry!

You're right...sorry. I'll...go now.

At least it wasn't a Sun Stone...say, you think that Hiker knows the way through?

It would be worth a try.

Um, hey-

...So it shouldn't be too hard to take you out!


I'm a Rocket, dumbass! Now hand over your Pokémon!

Like hell she will!

What the hell!? Baltoy!

He's not alone!

Shit! Zubat, take 'em out!

Common thug! Face me!

That's all from him. *ZAP!* And that'll make it stick.

Okay, let's move on.


Son of a-!

Hey, you!

I'm not just a little kid! I'll show you how!

Thanks for finishing him off, Marigold...that bite hurt!

No problem, Tony. Glad to protect my fellow teammates.

...Um, you do know that the League had been reviving Fossil Pokémon and releasing them into the wild, right?


You heard me. People can just go to Rock Tunnel if they want one...

Sh-Shut up! Pawniard!

This Pawniard?

Damnit! Duskull!

Nope, sorry.

Blast it all! We're down to our last man!

You really think Team Rocket's gonna let you keep them? They're clearly deluded enough to think they can make money off of them. You're not keeping anything!

Go, Dunsparce!

...We'll see who's a brat! Tony!






Enough outta you!

I think we know who the brat is...unless you want to give up the fossils already?

Hah! This one hasn't been publicly revived! Enjoy that worthless Plume Fossil, Rocket scum!


*Camryn used an Escape Rope!*

SonuvaBITCH! She's gone...


...So, an Amaura? That's cool!

Yes. I am grateful that you saved this specimen from Team Rocket's hands...

A lot of strength and a little smarts go a long way.

Now, what's your name?

Well met, milady! I am Boreas! Ice, wind, and all that is cold bow to my might! I shall serve you gladly!

Um...can I...go now?

Oh, sure, dear. I'll send you to the Box.

Th-Thank you...
[+] Team Camryn

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Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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April 16th, 2017, 1:32 am #11

Your team looks pretty strong, and I like all their personalities. Good luck!
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April 16th, 2017, 2:28 am #12

Team Rocket's recruiting slogan: "at least we're not as dumb as the Galactic morons."

Now I do like Amaura, but it has the defenses of wet tissue paper, so... careful with her. x_x

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April 16th, 2017, 6:11 pm #13

Dean no ;_; I didn't even click the music link when I read this earlier (family in the room) but I still felt a bit sad. Was hoping to see how well Sunflora hold up in FRA...

"I'm a Rocket, dumbass!" OK, that made me laugh a bit.

Aand FRA made Rocket even less menacing. Good going.

Boreas is gonna be interesting, huh...
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April 19th, 2017, 2:13 am #14

I'm so glad you haven't given up on FRA, despite your save file loss.
I really liked the story of a trans girl trainer, and I knew that you were really good at writing those types of stories from last time. And this definitely doesn't fail to deliver!

I've noticed your style takes on a more text approach for screenshot runs, which makes the character development and interactions much more worth it rather than speedrunning though the screenshots. I really like that!

Each of the Pokemon have been a joy to see, I didn't like Frank or Marigold at first due to their personalities, but they have been growing on me so far.
I'm totally happy for Camryn that she is seen as who she really is, but I fear that her Pokemon or later characters will become prejudiced to her. Just like what happened last run, but I am still intrigued how you will handle that. I want to see her grow more into who she wants to be!
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April 20th, 2017, 6:25 pm #15

Oh, nice! You got the Hitmontop. I always liked that over the other Hitmon evos, so I'm definitely not complaining.

Anyhow, hi! So far, everything looks off to a good start. I do have some comments, if you don't mind.

I felt that your dialogue could be tighter. What I mean by that is that sometimes, your dialogue can feel rushed and sometimes, I feel there's a bit of a disconnect between the scenes. Since a lot of our content is dialogue-driven, it's really important to have the flow feel natural and that means sometimes, you can put more content in there as needed to make the conversation feel like a conversation. I'll try to give you some examples when it's not 2:18 AM over here, hehe, if you're interested.

I also feel that some of your plot points could have been stretched out further. What comes to my mind is the relationship between Frank and Camryn. It was great that Camryn called Frank out for his attitude, but I think if you allowed it to breathe a bit more, it would have gotten a bigger payoff. Same goes for Roc's reason for wanting to evolve.

It's still your story at the end of the day, though, but I think this could help it be better!

art by AgentNein
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Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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July 10th, 2017, 9:42 pm #16

[+] Replies
Alba Corbina: They are my strong kickass babies, thank you! ^_^ I really hope I find more opportunity to develop some of them!

GoGoGo JosephGogoat: I think the only lower bar than that is not being Team Flare, and, well, that doesn't exactly take effort.

We'll see how you feel about Boreas soon enough, hee hee~

SeaMaid: RIP Dean. Sadly, this isn't Supernatural, so no Castiel dragging him from Hell to the living world. Not that that’s what his name was supposed to mean, SPN isn't my show.

Sassy Hikers: Rockets in disguise!

That implies they ever were. Honestly, Team Plasma's the only main series group to ever really be that threatening. Maybe Aqua and Magma, but they lose points for being a bit cartoony at times.

*evil cackling about Boreas*


Thank you for all the well wishes! I intend to see this through, hopefully to the Hall of Fame!

I'm not always the best at getting all the shots I need or really picking the right ones, but once the game is played, there's no redos. Text is the way to write myself out of ALL THE CORNERS, so perhaps that's why my style is the way it is.

Don't expect everyone to grow on you. That is all.

Dusty: oMG a dUSTY COMMENT ON MY RUN!?!?! *dies* ... *un-dies*

But no really, I appreciate your feedback, and I hope this chapter shows that I've taken it into account.

Also I need to catch up on AIE orz
Sorry for the wait, all! 202 wasn't the only thing kicking my ass, but I managed to pull through and get the grades I needed to keep on my major and my scholarship, so that's great! Would have gotten this out sooner but another summer of McDonald's work is draining and uuuuurgh save me plz ;w;

Without further ado!
[+] Storm

Well, if nothing else, you seem to be getting along nicely, Boreas. I think you're just about caught up, or at least as much as you really need to be for now. Walk with me, we're going back through the mountain.

Milady, if I may have a word as we travel.

Please, stop that...but what is it?

I have noticed the way you've been acting. You think and act, well, safely. If anything poses a risk of my being knocked out, you run, or heal me, rather than face that possibility. It is a hindrance to our strength. What is the matter?

...No one told you, did they? Ugh, Frank probably put me up to this...listen, Boreas. We just...lost someone recently. Before you ask, I mean they died. The rest of the team will disagree on whose fault it was, but I know they'll blame anyone but me to keep me in high spirits. The blame is mine alone.


His name was Dean. He was a Sunkern, and he was set to be great and strong. But I made a foolish risk for the sake of expediting his training, and it backfired. The Mareep got a Charge Beam boost, and then it was over. Just like that. Not even a Potion saved him.


He was a Grass type. Even if your ability is Solid Rock, you are still an Ice-Rock type. You have more weaknesses, and your defenses aren't stellar. I went through the trouble to give you back the life you deserved, and I'm not going to let it be taken from you again, and with you, there's no room for error!



I understand your feelings. They are noble and good, and I appreciate the sentiment. But all the same...I am like a mighty ship, meant to take on the world for you. A ship in its harbor is safe, but it is also useless. Know that I would rather die fulfilling my purpose than to live being sheltered from exercising it.


Now, are we at an understanding?

No! You can't say that...You can't MEAN that! It's my job to protect you, to protect ALL of you!

No. It is not. It is your job to raise us. A Trainer accepts the risks to themselves and their partners that implies. I will serve you, Camryn, with all I have. But first, you must accept this. You must not become so overly attached. Like you said, one of us can be gone in the blink of an eye. You must be ready for that, and not let it slow you down.


You know I am right, but still your sentimentality persists. Child's steps, then. I will leave you for now, but remember this talk. *pchoo*

...I can't let my partners get senselessly hurt...but Boreas...

*sigh* If only this could clear MY confusion...

Here we, what are those two doing? They're just glaring at each other... Um, excuse me?



I will teach it to your Pokemon, and let you see it for yourself!

I know that move, it's rather useful, let's dear. It would one can learn it...Not even Tony!? Wow...

A Hitmontop!? Over here, lass!

Um, hi? What about To-

I will teach it to your Hitmontop, and the two of you will be able to slay any weighty foe with ease!

Please don't say it like that...

*pchoo* Teach me.

*pchoo* Me as well, if you would!

Hi-YAH! This ought to teach the next miscreant who dares endanger any of us!

...Iiiiiii'm gonna go before this gets any more awkward.

...Perhaps for Boreas, I imagine...though...

Camryn? Is something wrong? You seem tense.

...It's nothing, Marigold. Just...dealing with some hard questions.

Let me know if I can help, okay? We're here for you.

I'll...keep it in mind...Ah, grass, finally! Let's see what we find.

...Marigold, have you been feeling any déjà vu lately?

Hm? Speaking up already?

What-no, this isn't about-never mind, let's just...catch this. Tony, mind throwing out a Reversal?

As you wish. HYAH!

Good shot, Tony. Now, what's your-

My name is Tiffany, and I'll be there once you outgrow that Hitmontop. Toodles~! *ping!*

Outgrow-!? Why, you-!

...I'm beginning to notice a trend...

What sort of "trend?"

! Nothing serious. We just seem to attract a lot of the...saucier types. Perhaps she'll warm up in time.

...If you say so.

Ah, the City of Waves! It feels odd, coming here without Daisy...this is usually the sort of place we'd go for a date.

Speaking of her...I heard you got your Boulder Badge. Nice going. But come on.

Some of us have been training. And getting their hands on Fossil Pokemon.

Hm. Impressive.

So let me take you on! I'll crush you this time!

As if! I won't let you!


A-At your command!

Use Swoop!

Y-Yes! T-Take this!

Son of a-!

Now follow with Quick Attack!


Well, that was a shoddy start, but we can still turn this around! Ringtail, send 'em packing!


Already on it. Watch closely.

I don't think you're getting off that easy. Ringtail, Charm!

...Never mind. Better throw this one out for later...literally.

This would be my cue to leave...

I-I got it!

Now, Pollux! Get in a Confusion!

Ngh! My head...

Your turn! Soften it up with Swoop!


Great! Finish it with Gust!


I-It's still-!

Heh, Pollux ain't going down that easy! Confusion!



Trio, that looked okay, buddy?

My head feels funny, but...I'm okay...

Okay then! Finish it for real with Quick Attack!

I-I did it!

Heh, with that annoying bird a little worse for wear, this should help! Ysengrin!

Hah. Sasha, take care of it.

Aww, you got a little runty Rider! How cute! Mega Drain.

Runty!? I think someone ought to teach this impudent child some manners!

Don't bother trying, Oak couldn't manage it in fifteen years.


Ooooh, a tough one, huh? Let's see how you hold up from here!

Final verdict...Not well enough.

Darn, we almost had it, too! Ringtail, clean up!

I don't think you're getting off that easy.

Charm it, quickly!

You see, I already got what I came for last time. Your "advantage" is meaningless. Observe.

That's how it's done. Fur Coat is no object.

I think I see how you got that Badge so easily... Anyway!

Perhaps I might stop over, if only to get basic data on them. You should go get ready for Misty, unless you want to be caught up to?

You're right, I don't.

Trio, I hate him sometimes...


...Rock Smash. How...wonderful...

We'll see who's talking when you get stuck at a cracked boulder. Besides, given what we just went through I think we have a use for-he's already gone. But anyway, Tony?

For all your Charm-neutralizing needs.

Very nice. Shall we venture across the bridge?

Certainly, let's get going.

Hey, wait!

Sounds interesting enough. Let's do it!

N-Nice try!

Y-You too!


Getting tired, Roc? I'll let someone else have a turn...

L-Let Marigold take one...

Sure thing, buddy.

Ah, finally, some more action! I guess Roc's back in shape for the last one, though?


Whoo! I did it!

Nice job, buddy! I guess I get my prize from this guy. Sir?

For that, you get this fabulously valuable Nugget!

Oh, wow, thanks!

By the way, would you like to join Team Rocket? Trick question, you don't get a choice!

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July 17th, 2017, 12:29 pm #17

Let Boreas Fight.

Man, Derek is a jerk in that scene. I honestly don't think Rock Smash has much use still, especially since Z-No removed the Sevii Isles.

Marigold is becoming the kickass Princess we all wanted her to be, literally!

I noticed you put Misty on hold for now, with your current levels you can easily storm in if you wanted. Though I guess a little bit more training wouldn't hurt.

Furret is annoying in this game because it has Fur Coat, and the fact that the Rival's variant will do whatever to stay alive like using Charm.

Geez Roo, how many fights are you planning to steal?

I'm glad this is back, take your time with the updates still.
I've been planning to start an FRA run myself, but that's for later...
Ongoing Projects

OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

Come on in, we're open!

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Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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October 20th, 2017, 2:14 am #18

Hey all! Sorry to keep you waiting on this, but I had a rough start to the year: I took a class that has me in way over my head, and between that and emerging considerations of changing my major, I had to let this step aside for a bit. I'm not sure when the next part will be-let's hope it's before Christmas?

Mint: When I was starting to write this update, Boreas getting to fight wasn’t gonna be a problem. Then...well, I’ll let you read all about it. Marigold is indeed very much a kickass, and I love her for it. As for Misty...Believe it or not, we're not at the levels I took her on in my old run juuust yet, and I believe I only went 3 levels above the recommended level there. With some of the tricks FRA GLs pack, and not having Dry Skin Helioptile to cheese with in this run, we're going to need to be careful. FRA Furret is honestly what I wish canon Furret was. Furret's design is too cool for its stats to just shaft it like they do now.

Without further ado!
[+] Lingering Clouds
You heard me! Skorupi, get her!

*pchoo* N-Not so fast, Rocket jerk!


The hell!?

Roc, wait, you're gonna exhaust yourse-!

Get that bird first, Skorupi!

I-In your dreams, evil guy! YAAAAAAAH!

I...I got him...but my wings...hurt…Ow…

Hmph. Pesky bird...Blitzle, destroy it!

Let me step in, Roc. After all...

This miscreant needs a royal scolding!

Please, Roc, rest up! We've got this covered! *pchoo*

This ought to-


Marigold! Are you alright!?

I'm fine...we need to focus-

Heh, keep it up! Don't give 'em a moment!


Owwwww...okay, I'm really not doing well...this hurts really badly...

Just keep going!


Blast, that didn't even finish him...

Heh, not quite enough. Blitzle, clean this-

...I, uh, NO! Marigold-

Get back, Marigold! I'll finish him!

The hell!? A Hitmontop!?

Damn nuisance...

Get you gone!

Thank goodness, that was getting dicey...Are you okay, Tony?

I'm fine. Glad I went the Hitmontop route, a Hitmonlee would have taken more of a licking...

Enough of this! Pancham, destroy them all!

I-I won't let you!

Roc, no! Get back in your-

Gust attack!

Damn that bird! Work Up, be quick about it!

Th-The only quick one here is ME! YAAAAAAAAH!

I-I did it! G-Go me! O-Owwwww, my wings...

How in the hell...

Roc, return! *pchoo* And as for you, Rocket boy, you better hightail it out of here before I let Tony thrash you!



With pleasure.

I'm leaving! I'm leaving!

...That's what I thought. Glad that's over with. Let's check the grass here before we head back, see what we find.

Can we talk? It's important.

*sigh* ...In a minute, Tony. Once we've caught whatever it is we find here, alright?

...I'm holding you to it.

...Of all the things, this!?...Oh, sod it. Boreas...

Arceus, grant that I may never need to work with that thing. Thank you, Boreas.

Have you given any thought to our talk?

! Can it, buster. I'm not in the mood for this right now.

...You haven't, have you?

Shut up! The fact that I have is the reason I'm upset-

Hold on. Stop. What "talk" are we referring to?

*sigh* When I finished catching Boreas up, we talked as we went back through Mount Moon, because as it turns out, Mr. Land Before Time here isn't a fan of my playing it safe in battle! So if you were wondering about why I hesitated to take Marigold out of that certain-death scenario, you can thank this damn runt's monologuing, because I know that's what's got you upset! Just-ugh! We'll talk later! *pchoo*

Runt!? "Mr. Land Before Time!?"

QUIET. You just had to run your damn mouth, didn't you!?

You mean you told none of them about our conversation!? Are you mad!?

After Dean, no, no I didn't, because I wanted you to feel welcome on this team! You think your damn "philosophy" is welcome around five Pokemon that just had a teammate suddenly ripped away from them because of a stupidly brash decision I made!? News flash, it's really not! Even I didn't like it, but I felt you deserved a chance. But you had to pick the most inopportune time to ruin it, didn't you!? Trio, I've half a mind to just set you in the Box and be done with this. In fact, I'd even take the Exeggcute, we could use a Grass type for the Water Gym coming up as opposed to a damn Rock type to back up Marigold!


Don't. I know what you were going to say, and don't think you're going to win my favor back by saying this was some kind of test or something, and now you respect me fully. Let me make myself clear: I'm not going to box you yet. Against my better judgment, maybe, but as much as you upset me, it was a bad decision to not tell the other teammates, and I crossed a line losing my cool back there, so I honestly owe you a second chance whether or not you deserve it. But if your continued presence is going to cause a bunch of issues? Don't count on keeping your spot. I'm going to need a Ground Type soon anyway. Clear?

...I understand.

Good. Now let's head...Oh, great, there's everyone else. Can none of you stay in your Balls when asked!? Especially you Marigold, you’re hurt-

I will be fine...for now, at least…

Back to the subject matter, Camryn, can you at least tell us when something like this is on your mind!? Arceus above, for someone working for a smart man like Oak, you show some poor decision-making skills sometimes!

...Sorry, you're right, I'm just...really stressed out right now. I'd hoped we wouldn’t have to deal with this.

And if "this" had gotten one of us killed for real!? You can't just push all your problems away, Camryn. That's not how this world works! Are you just going to shy away from any and all conflict you ever encounter!?

No, Frank, I-

Prove it, then. Before we go anywhere else, settle this. Why are we on a team with someone who expects us to needlessly risk our lives when the outcome is almost certainly death if things go wrong? With someone whose effects on you nearly got Marigold killed just now!?

If I may interrupt! Why are you all acting as if a knockout in battle will be the death of you!? Surely, losing one fight is not the end!

Camryn told you about Dean, right?

Yes, she did, but it sounded as if his situation was rather extreme. Surely, you cannot all expect the same outcome?

Do pardon us for wanting to be careful when that's the sole precedent we have for the experience.

You mean the fallen one was the only one to have been knocked out at all yet!? Camryn! How could you omit such vital information!?

...Trio, he's right! I didn’t even's just like...last time... Why...

Camryn, is there something wrong!?

...Yes. There is, but that means that first and foremost, we need to get back to the Center right away. We've kept Marigold waiting on treatment way too long if this is how things are going! *pchoo x6*


Your Blitzle is just fine, her injuries weren't too serious. Your Pidgeotto, however...

Roc? Is something wrong with Roc!?

Nothing major, thankfully, but he'll need to take it easy for a while. His wings were incredibly strained when he came in, and while he can battle in theory, it'll be a while before his wings are fully healed. To make sure nothing gets worse and that his recovery goes quicker, I must insist that he partake in no more than three battles per day of any kind for at least the next two days, and please allow us to check up on him after that time has passed so we can ensure nothing is wrong.

Oh thank goodness...though he won't like to hear that, he battles as much as he can because he wants to be a Pidgeot as soon as possible...

I see. Anyway, here are your Poke Balls. We hope to see you again!

Thanks. Alright, it's time to have a chat... *pchoo x6* Okay everyone, before we continue our big discussion, Roc.


You're not gonna like this, but the nurse said you need to take it easy for the next couple of days. That means not battling a lot. The official word is no more than three per day. It's only two days, but they want to see you back at the Center before they clear you for regular battling again.


Roc? Are you okay? I know it's upsetting, but-

...I thought I'd be past this because I evolved...


Th-This is why my parents thought I'd never evolve...I couldn't battle actively without getting myself hurt like this after just a day or so. W-We'd gone through three days, and I evolved, I thought I’d be over it...

Hey, it's okay, hun. You're still a part of this team, and hey, if you could finally go for three days, maybe you will get over this in time. I can't promise anything, but it sounds like it could go away eventually!

Y-You're right...

Don’t worry, Roc.None of us think any less of you for this. Please don’t overdo anything, okay? I don’t want you getting hurt!


Alright, then. All that being said, we need to address the Donphan in the room, so let me say this: I am not boxing Boreas yet. I know you all at the very least don't like him or don't trust him right now, but allow me to be clear: I will not tolerate any antagonism or infighting on that account while he does remain with us. I believe he made it clear that his views on how we perform were based on flawed information, and it’s my fault that that wasn’t cleared up sooner, but if you have any problems with his continued presence, please, let me know now so we can resolve it here.

...O-Okay...I don’t like him, but if you say to not fight, it’s okay...

...The terms are acceptable, though I would stipulate that I would not like to see him return to the team in any capacity once he departs.

...I don't like the way he made you second guess yourself. I'm keeping my eyes open.

...I must agree with Frank. You are our leader, and you must not let your resolve be shaken.

Well I, for one, would rather be boxed than on a team with him. That attitude...he's a schemer. Anyone he doesn’t like, he'll urge to keep fighting in a losing battle in hopes that they'll die, that way he's in control. It's only a matter of time before he decides I need to go, and I am not going out that way.

...I guess you don't trust him at all, then.

Not an ounce. It's him or me, and I figure you made a promise, so I know which way that's going.

It’s not just him, is it? You really don’t trust anyone, do you?

Correct. I didn’t survive as long as I did in the forest by letting my guard down, otter.

So, you did not trust any of us at all? Not for a moment?

Exactly. Just because someone’s my backup in a fight doesn’t mean I won’t keep my eye on them. That goes for everyone here.

Is that all we were to you!? Backup!?

Exactly. It’s nothing personal, otter.

...Fine. Go to the Box, then, and don’t expect us to come back for you. If we were never your teammates, then you were never ours!

Frank, stop. Look, can we at least wait until we find a suitable replacement? Nothing in the Box is looking too appealing. And please, stay civil with each other.

Make it quick.

For once, we agree.

I will, but with Roc needing to rest, we should try to refrain from anything major for a while. How about we just spend the rest of today on the town? If you change your mind at any time, Sasha...just let me know.

...Fine. Don't count on it, though.

...I understand.

With that all being said, Camryn. You mentioned something else was wrong earlier. What was that?

...You know I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of this journey at first, right?

Yes. I take it I’m about to find out why?

Yeah. This isn’t my first time going out to do fieldwork for Oak, actually. That would have been when the Fairy Type was first classified. I think you can probably guess that...things went sour eventually. I lost an entire team of Pokemon on that job, in a single battle gone sour. Everyone was trying to comfort me about it, but...I still feel responsible. And now, now it’s just starting to happen again. I’ve never had a Pokemon of mine just be safely knocked out...I don’t know why, and it scares me, Frank. Because you’re the reason I can keep doing this, but if things keep up like this, I might lose you too, and what then?

That’s...Camryn. I need you to promise me something. Even if I don’t make it to the end, you can’t just fold the moment I’m not there. Please.

...I’m sorry, Frank. I can’t promise that. If I lose you, it won’t be safe for anyone. Without you, i’ll be just like it was in the Lab with Derek, and then everyone could get hurt or worse. I just can’t do that. Please understand, Frank. I just...can’t.

...I hadn’t thought of it like, you’re right. I hope I can help you to the point where you could continue without me, but...I suppose until then, I’d better hold onto life, for your sake and everyone else’s.

Heh. Thanks, Frank. You do a body good.

Glad to be of service.

daisy, i messed up.
What’s wrong, honey?
i...after dean died, i revived an amaura fossil, and, well, i knew the way it thought of battle wouldn’t sit well with the team, so i didn’t tell anyone about it. and then today, i hesitated in battle thinking about it, and marigold got hurt really badly, so now no one trusts him and sasha got really upset and asked to be boxed and then frank got upset at them...its all a mess, daisy, and its my fault.
Yeah, not keeping open communication with your team was a bad idea, but, the rest of it? Pokemon aren’t so different from us, Camryn. They each have their own feelings about things. Sometimes, you just have to let them hash out their differences themselves rather than forcing them to get along. In the long run? This will be good for them, more so than forcing incompatible personalities to stay together. I know you have trouble seeing the bright side of things sometimes, but try to remember sometimes, okay?
youre right...its just really hard sometimes, is all. At least the other conversation Frank and I had went well...
That’s my girl! However, you still haven’t sent me any pictures today! Where are you now?
cerulean, actually. haven’t gone out to the cape just yet, rocs on a couple of rest days for the moment. doctors orders, he pushed himself a little much these past few days it seems.
Oh dear! I’m glad he’s alright...And Marigold’s okay too, right? She wasn’t hurt too badly?
shes fine, thankfully. anyway, you said you wanted pictures? give me a minute on that… :3:

"Aurora Beam taught here! All you can learn, free of charge!" I suppose we can see about teaching you that later, Boreas.

Why even bother? I won't be around long anyway.

And heck if I'm going to take a chance on you dying in that time. The rest of the team may not like you, but that doesn’t change my obligations to you. Anyway, there's a sign on this door here too-

"Seeking Trainer to take care of energetic Pokemon. Inquire within." Well then, Sasha, you might get your wish sooner than expected. Let's see what's inside...

Oh! Hello! Are you here about the sign outside?

Yes, actually! I'm looking to make some, ah, roster changes. What's the Pokemon in question, if I may ask?

Well, here he is...I'd recommend putting that Ice Type away, though.

Sure. Boreas, return. *pchoo*

*pchoo* Here he is. His name is-

Carter! Hi Hi are you here to take me I'd love that I could go running outside and play and get big and not need to worry about this lady not being able to keep up and-

Awww, he’s hugging my leg! Isn’t he a cutie?

Carter, wait- Ah, as you can see, this Cyndaquil is...very lively. As much as I'd love to raise the little tyke, what with my health, I'm just not cut out for it, and I'm afraid keeping him cooped up has had some...negative consequences.

Are those...scorch marks...around the house?

I'm sorry I can't help it when I get really hyper and stuff!

Yes, so...

Well, that settles it. I'll take him.

Yes, I've been needing a Fire Type, actually.

I've also heard some rumors that the species' biology has been shifting as of late, which...might account for the energy, honestly.

Even better then, as I'm supposed to be looking into that on behalf of Professor Oak, actually.

Is that so? Well, Carter, that's it! *pchoo*

No problem, ma'am. You can count on me. I must be going, though.

Alright! Safe travels!


...Whew...Thank Arceus, Carter won't have to see me slipping...I couldn't do that to him. If only I had a calmer Pokemon to spend these last three years with...


Alright, Sasha. You're sure about this?

Quite certain. Carter, was it? Keep yourself safe from that Amaura.

Wait what do you mean by that exactly-?

It's...a long story, bud. Anyway, in spite of original plans, you desperately need catching up, so we're going to train. You ready, Carter?

Oh yeah totally let's do it I can't wait to get stronger!


Sasha? What brings you to the Box? Isn’t Camryn going to replace you with anyone?

Ah, you, Whismur. The new Cyndaquil’s taking my spot. More like I gave it to him, really, I’m not dealing with that Amaura. Not out in the field, at least.

...That’s just it. Sasha, tell me something. First that Amaura I heard about from the Roggenrola, and now a Cyndaquil? If only you’re coming to the Box as a result, that means either Camryn has seven Pokemon on her, or something happened. No one in here knows, so I need to ask you. What’s happening out there?

Camryn didn’t tell any of you? Arceus above...the Sunkern died. Boosted Charge Beam dealt a critical, and he didn’t make it.

...You’re joking, right? She just traded someone, right!?

I’m certainly one for jokes, aren’t I?

...You’re serious. Oh Arceus, you’re serious. How is Camryn doing!? Are the others okay!?

The others are fine for now. As for Camryn, other than the usual lapses in judgment, she is fine for now.

What do you mean, for now!? Sasha, what is happening!?

That new Amaura I mentioned. Everyone else may believe his actions and “belief system” were all in good faith, but I’m not a fool. His brand of encouragement is saved for those he wants dead. Camryn’s too blind to see it, and their naiveté is going to get another one of them killed. I cut my losses before it ended up being me. I warned her, but she apparently made a promise to that thing, and Camryn’s not the type to go breaking a promise of her own accord.

...Well, then. I got off topic, though. I wanted to speak with you about-

I decline. Unless you have a dire emergency, do not attempt to engage me.

But this is impo-

And don’t have a dire emergency. Farewell.

...I’m not giving up on you…


*The Next Day…*

Arceus above, your old owner wasn't kidding about how eager you are! I can barely keep up myself!

Yaaaay this is so much fun and ohhhh I feel weird suddenly-

Wooooow I'm a lot bigger now and I got a new move this is so exciting!

Mud Shot? That could indicate a shift towards the Ground Type...that would be groundbreaking! It was always thought the traditional Johto starters all remained pure typed! If the Cyndaquil line is type changing, then the other two lines might have as well!

Oh really what does that mean I don't really know what any of that meant sorry!

It's okay, Carter, I wouldn't expect you to. Anyways, let's move along the route, and you can keep training as we-ooooh, what's this?

Well, it's not Hone Claws, so I'll take it-Carter, come back here! Don't run off!

I learned another new move I keep getting stronger this is so much fun!

Oh thank goodness you're not hurt. Listen, there's a new route just over there where we can make a catch to add to maybe add to the team. You want to help soften them up?

Yes oh my gosh I'm really part of the team now I'm so excited!

Alright let's see what we find first...A Buneary! Give it a Quick Attack, Carter!

Hi do you want to join my team I'm Carter and this Trainer is super nice!

Nice! Alright, what's your na-

The name's Lucy, darling, but I need my sleep. Ask me later, and without that hyper Quilava, please.

Awwwww they didn't want to join us that's too bad back to training then I guess!

Yes, but Carter, about earlier. You can’t just run off like that. It’s dangerous, and you might get hurt very badly. I promised your old owner to take care of you, and I’d feel terrible if anything happened, so please, stay close, okay?

Oh okay I’ll stay with you then!

Wow, Carter, you caught up quickly, didn't you? Ah, it seems we have another challenger.

There were lots of strong Trainers there! I couldn't take any of them, but I bet I could take you! Go, Sandile!

Carter, stay back! Tony, you're on instead!

With pleasure. Low Kick?

Yeah, that'll do it.

Very well then. Watch this, young one.

Woah holy Miltank you knocked him out in one hit that's awesome can we be friends you seem like a cool friend!

Why not? You have energy to spare in battle, you need only learn to use it well. I will gladly teach you.

Wow thanks Oh by the way I'm Carter and I heard her say you're Tony that's a cool name let's get super strong together!

Looks like you two are getting along swimmingly! Bill's house isn't far now, let's keep it up!

Oh. Boyfriends. I tried having one once, it was awful. Anyway, I need to be going.

Oh, you're that girl's boyfriend? Let's see how cool you really are!

You're on! Gulpin!

Hey Carter, you want to try out that Mud Shot of yours?

Boy do I ever let's go I'm so strong maybe I can even take it down in one shot like Tony!

Alright, give it a go! Mud Shot!

I can do this I can do this I can do this!

Nice work! That was a good one!

Impressive how a simple goal allows him to focus so well. Good job, Carter.

Tynamo, we can turn this around!

That would be Marigold's cue to step in!

One of these? Hmph! Annoying gnats, these ones.

Oh goodness she's scary!

Use Spark!

Oh, honey...

...that was a sore mistake.

And that's that.

You have good taste in Pokemon, I'll give you that.

This will very likely come in handy later!

I know your face! You're usually here with that other girl, right? Did something happen?

Oh, no! I'm just out on business as opposed to on a date.

Ah, I see. It would have been a shame for a couple like you to split, you two seem made for each other.

Ehehe, thanks. Anyway, I'm going to see Bill. See you later, maybe?

Sure thing! Safe travels!

...Here we are. Deep breath, and...

Phew! Really? That's odd, Rotom aren't recorded to have started appearing in this region, at least to my knowledge. Let me check it out...

What the? Some of these keys seem to be pressing themselves! Maybe if I pressed a few others-


Woah! It's coming!

Trio, that's a-! Boreas, Thunder Wave!!!

At once!

And now for a Poke Ball, oh Trio please let this work!

YES! Thank Arceus, it worked! What's your name, then?

Scrooge McPorygon, the richest Pokemon on the planet! Now I will gladly hear an explanation for ruining my bitcoin mining operation!

...Trio, give me strength.
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