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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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January 26th, 2011, 5:21 am #21

Cypher DS wrote:Ah. I Googled a quick list of 1975 comedies, and while "Holy Grail" was included, your joke was buried just a little too well for me to pick out.

I thought William's constant "running away" might be the reference, but if that were the case I suppose he would have been chased by a French Miltank.
I guess I'll have to be more clear next time - ah well, my fault for picking such a small detail.

Oh, and I'm trying to have Chapter Eight out by tomorrow night. I updated twice yesterday and all, but once a day is my more realistic schedule. If fact, every now and then it may go down to once every two days... :ugh:

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January 26th, 2011, 6:15 pm #22

THIS IS PURE AWESOME. No kidding, like, I have no other words with which to describe your story, except maybe PURE GOLD. Or yellow. Or sicknasty.

Oddly enough, the beginning of the story reminded me of Star Wars. Epsiodes 4-6 are definitely reflected in the storyline, whether you meant it or not.

Right, so don't stop writing. You've got something magnificent going on here.
Hello. Let's play some music.

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Conqueror of the Blackthorn Gym
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January 26th, 2011, 6:37 pm #23

I really like this, so I hope you keep at it :3
Why don't YOU have a furret yet?
Crystal story run!
(COMPLETE)Yellow cartridge run!
Avatar Credits: One day I'll name all the Nuzlockers that contributed but today is not that day. Also /vp/ and dA.

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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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January 27th, 2011, 12:21 am #24

[+] Spoiler

wrote: THIS IS PURE AWESOME. No kidding, like, I have no other words with which to describe your story, except maybe PURE GOLD. Or yellow. Or sicknasty.

Oddly enough, the beginning of the story reminded me of Star Wars. Epsiodes 4-6 are definitely reflected in the storyline, whether you meant it or not.

Right, so don't stop writing. You've got something magnificent going on here.
Thank you so much! And nice pun - pure yellow, haha.
I actually didn't intend to reflect the Star Wars storyline, but I went back and reread the first few chapters and I see what you mean. I wouldn't be surprised if my subconscious was thinking this as I wrote it, and based off of the plot I have planned out, I see a few more similarities.

I'll try to get Chapter 8 out tonight! :)

wrote: I really like this, so I hope you keep at it :3
And thank you as well!

I went through and read through your Yellow Nuzlocke Run, and it was really interesting, and fun to see how it played out for you. I'm sorry Pie (Pikachu) died, especially to a Snorlax in such a bad luck kind of way. It makes me really scared for my own Pikachu.

Anyway, I noticed you did a Cartridge run. I'm didn't specify what kind it was in the beginning, but my is actually on a cartridge too. I didn't think of the possibility of a file corruption, and I really hope it does not happen! :eek:

It was useful reading your Nuzlocke run - now I kind of know what to look out for.

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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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January 27th, 2011, 3:08 am #25

Chapter Eight
[+] Spoiler

Chapter Eight: Preparations

William walked out of the Pokemon center, the doors automatically sliding a part for him.

Upon his first real look at Pewter City, William found that it was a place very similar to its gym. The ground was all paved a deep brown color; there wasn’t a tree or patch of grass in sight. The buildings had rock-roofs and brown bricks. Only the red Pokecenter was different.

People who walked by tended to be wearing at least one article of clothing that was brown. They were also throwing him glares. It seems even though a day had passed, the town wasn’t over the loss of Brock’s Sandshrew. Percy, who was perched on top of William’s head seemed a little nervous at all the attention the two of them were getting.

William sighed, and he started to walk away from the Pokecenter. But he wasn’t a few steps away when he head the doors opening back up and his name being called.

“William – wait up!” William paused and turned around. Valeria was emerging out of the Pokecenter, and she was waving at him. William got a better look of her than yesterday, when he wasn’t completely awake, and noticed a few more of her physical characteristics.

She had a pretty marble colored skin, but it looked smooth and soft to the touch. Her eyes were violet, and then seemed to sparkle in the sunshine. Her blond hair was frayed, like the branches of a tree. Small strands of red occasionally were in them, but it was a bright, vibrant red, not a natural hair color. Val’s body was small and petite, but she was just a little smaller than William. Even her nose was tiny.

Today she wasn’t wearing her scrubs. She was instead wearing a white t-shirt with a tight pair of fitting jeans. A black duffle bag was swung over her shoulders, and she had a pep in her walk.

“Hey – what are you doing?” William asked.

“I did it!” She said excitedly. “I finally quit my job!”

William was slightly taken back by her enthusiasm and intimacy, they had only spoken once yesterday and it had been when he was heavily medicated.

“Oh…why did you do something like that?” Val smiled kindly at him, like he wasn’t getting a joke she was telling.

“You met my boss, Nurse Joy. She’s kind of a hard-ass.” Val then laughed unexpectedly. “Besides,” she said when finished laughing, “I really want to see the world, you know? I’m going to go exploring.”

“Oh, well that’s cool,” William said. “Good luck – are you becoming a Pokemon trainer too?”

“Not in the sense you are,” Val said, shrugging. “I got a few Pokemon, but I’m not going to use them to battle trainers or gym leaders or anything else like that. Just got ‘em for the company and for the protection.”

William nodded, and cleared his throat awkwardly.

“So, are you going to challenge Brock today?” Val asked.

“Nah – kind of want to train up my Pokemon a little more first. I won’t be able to use Percy in the fight since he can’t do much damage. My Nidoran, Fleance, is ready, but he’s just one. So, I’m going to train my Caterpie up a bit.”

“Oooh! You have a Caterpie? What’s his name?”

“Her – and she’s Desdemona.” William said simply.

Val nodded, but she didn’t go anywhere. She stayed put, and William felt like he owed her a question now.

“So…where are you going to travel to?” Val smiled, and William knew he had asked the right question.

“I kind of want to see all of Kanto,” she said. Before William could say ‘oh, that’s nice’, she elaborated.

“I’m going to Cerulean City first, but I’m not planning on staying there long. I really want to get to Vermillion City, I hear the harbor is beautiful this time of year.”

“Oh yeah, I hear it is too,” William responded, even though he had no idea if it really was. “Um, listen…Val…it’s kind of dangerous out right now. I mean, I overheard two guys talking about some Team Rocket members spotted near Mount Moon inside the center. Do you want to wait for me to challenge Brock, and then…I don’t know…travel with me?”

William was half afraid she would laugh at him, but she only smiled.

“Thank you for the kind offer William, but I really must be going. I am expected somewhere actually.”

“Oh…are you sure?”

Val nodded once, and said simply,

“Quite.” She turned to go, but she paused.

“Were are you going to train? Viridian Forest?”

“No way!” William said. “You couldn’t give me 6 Dragonites to train there!”

Oh my Arceus he thought, what a lame joke…

But she laughed at it anyway, and then she started to walk away.

“Well, good luck with your battle against Brock, William! I know you’ll do great!”

Several people walking by threw him especially nasty looks, but William didn’t notice. He turned away, and started heading for Route 2.

“Piiikaaa,” Percy said to William, in what sounded like a teasing voice.

“Oh, be quiet,” William grumbled. But, he was blushing slightly.


Brock was scratching his Onix’s spiked horn on its head. He was amazed at how few people in the world knew that Onix’s horn was its favorite spot to be scratched. Most people didn’t even know Onix’s liked being scratched – they assumed because Onixi were rock Pokemon they didn’t feel being scratched.

Today though, Onix was not being made any happier from the gentle, yet firm hand that itched it’ favorite spot. It was still sad – it was still in mourning. It had lost a friend.

Brock too was shaken up. He had lost Pokemon before to accidents, but never in battle. Never like that.

He shuttered at the memory.

Brock Flint Toughen was sitting on the rocky ground of his gym. He wore a green tunic with brown khaki pants. His hair was jet black, and spiked at the front. His skin was olive tone, and he had piercing green eyes.

Onix, his favorite Pokemon, was curled around him, his head gently resting in Brock’s lap. Brock sat there, unconsciously scratching the Pokemon’s horn, contemplating his so far short life.

At the age of 16, Brock learned how his father had really died. Brock’s grandmother had watched the gym challenge that had killed Flint. She did not describe it as a “horrible accident” as everyone else did. She saw, in a short instant, the horrible look in the man’s eyes that had order the attack that sent Flint’s Onix flying backwards and on top of him. She saw the smirk on his face when the giant snake-Pokemon landed on top of Flint Toughen. But it was gone in an instant, replaced with a look of confusion and fear. But Brock’d grandmother knew it was an act.

At the time, Brock was two years old. For fourteen years, he lived thinking his father had died from a heart attack. People were always careful what they said about Flint in front of Brock. Even his mother had lied to him. But his Grandmother – she couldn’t stand. She had been Flint’s mother. Someone had to know and talk about the truth. So finally, shortly after turning 16, she told Brock the truth.

She did so with great fear – worrying it would ruin Brock’s dreams of becoming a gym leader. It didn’t. Instead, it made him want to even more. It was in honor, he said, of his father’s memory.

Brock went through the next years of his life studying rock Pokemon. His grandmother died when Brock was 19. She was the last person supporting him to move forward with his career dream. His mother didn’t want him too.

But Brock did not give up. A year later, when Brock had just turned 20, he managed to pass the Gym Leader’s Certification Test, and get his Degree in Rock Pokemon. He was allowed to reopen Pewter City gym.

Eleven months had passed since that opening day ceremony. Brock was able to move out of his house and into his own home with the salary he got. He became a man – just like his father. He felt that his father would had been proud of him.

“Why are you doing this?” Brock’s mother asked him finally on opening day in tears. “You say its for your father, but he’s dead! What’s the point Brock – what is the point?!?”

“Its gone beyond wanting to preserve father’s memory mother,” Brock said respectfully. “I’m doing this because I want to.”

Since the gym had opened, the two of them hadn’t spoken. Brock’s mother had told him she couldn’t bare the thought of losing a son like the way she loss her husband. So, she chose to block him from her mind. She got a job at the Pewter City Museum, and had since made no effort to reach or contact him. She said the whole thing would blow up in his face, and he would come crawling back.

But within weeks of becoming gym leader, the spirit of the town picked up. People who had previously argued against his future career plans came to respect him. A few even worshipped him. Brock brought proud back to the once dying town.

And then yesterday had happened.

The town was in mourning like a citizen had passed. But for Brock, Sandshrew was much more than a citizen. Much more than a Pokemon. Much more than a friend.

Sandshrew was family.

Onix groaned softly as Brock drew his hand away.

“We got another challenge soon buddy. Don’t worry…I won’t screw up again this time.”

Onix bumped his head against Brock lovingly, and Brock managed to smile.

But his smile quickly vanished as he thought of his mother again.

Even after the death of his beloved Sandshrew, she hadn’t come to see him. She hadn’t called him.

She had not come to comfort him.

Now a few thoughts on Chapter 8...
WARNING, read chapter 8 first!
[+] Spoiler
There isn't really a spoiler here. I just want to apologize for the fact that I haven't written about the battle with Brock yet.

I really planned it on being Chapter 8. I had a few reasons for moving it back a chapter.
1). I really did have to go back and train some before the battle with Brock. I wanted to show the passing of time by pushing it back one more chapter.
2). I wanted to go into Brock's character a bit, and I kind of half of a chapter to do that.
3). I was outlining future chapters last night and I realized I was going to need Val again. I thought she was going to be a one-time character, but then I got a really good side-story for her. So, I wanted a half of a chapter to develop her character some more too.

That was it. Sorry. Promise to have Brock battle in Chapter 9, which may or may not be tomorrow night. More likely Friday night. :sweatdrop:
Hope you guys enjoyed 8! Looking forward to writing 9!!

Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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January 27th, 2011, 6:49 pm #26

Chapter Nine
[+] Spoiler

Chapter Nine: Brock, the Gym Leader

William stood tall and proud in front of the rocky battlefield in the Pewter City gym. The lights were dimmed down, and he could barely see his opponent across from him. The gym contained nothing else besides the field and the two Pokemon trainers.

William’s hands were clenched into fists, and his eyes were serious and clam.

Across the battlefield covered in rocks that pointed up in odd placed at strange angels, Brock stood with his arms crossed over his chest, frowning as he studied his new challenger.

“I didn’t get a chance to thank you for saving my life two days ago,” William said. “Thank you.”

The corners of Brock’s mouth twitched and hinted at a smile.

“I was impressed. Few trainers survive Scthyer attacks – let alone beat and kill them.” William shrugged at the compliment, knowing his accomplishments of the past would mean nothing in this battle.

“Do you understand the rules of this battle?” Brock asked William. Before he could respond, Brock stated them: “You may use up to six pokemon – I will be restricted to two. You may switch out your Pokemon at any time you wish. I may not. If I call back a Pokemon, then I will not be able to use it again in the battle, and the round will be considered yours.”

“I understand.”

“This is a gym battle. Your Pokemon could die if you are not smart enough. Do you understand the possible consequences of challenging me?”

“I do.”

Brock plucked off a ball from his belt, and twirled it in the air.

“Then let’s begin.” The lights suddenly increased in intensity, making spots dance in front of William’s eyes for a second. He felt his stomach twist upside down, and small seeds of doubt in his head. No one was in the stands, but he knew this battle was being broadcasted to the entire town. William was beginning to feel a bit of stage fright.

Did he really understand what it would be like to lose a Pokemon? Who was he to send them out in battle like this? Were they ready? Was he?

“Pika-pika!” Percy snapped fiercely. He was on William’s shoulder, and he seemed to sense William’s doubt. William shook his head, and bit down on his lip. He had to have faith in his Pokemon – and he had to have faith in himself.

“Go – Geodude!” Brock yelled as he threw the Pokeball through the air. It bounced on the ground and let loose the rock-Pokemon, Geodude. It looked like a simple rock with a mouth and a pair of eyes, and two arms that grew out of its side.

“Geo-geodude!” The pokemon said, pumping it’s arms in the air.

“Then I choose…Desdemona!”

William unclipped a ball from his belt and held it high in the air, unleashing a Butterfree. The Pokemon flew into the sky, showing off her beautiful white wings. Her red eyes scanned the area, and found her opponent, a Geodude who was jumping off o the ground trying to reach the flying bug-Pokemon. Her two antennas twitched slightly, and she fluttered this way and that.

“Geodude – be patient, wait for it to come down!” Brock said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Desdemona, stay in the air out of Geodude’s reach!” William ordered. Desdemona rose slightly in the air, humming softly as she did so. “Now – use Confusion attack!”

Humming softly, Desdemona’s eyes glowed a soft purple, and she unleashed a confusion attack on the Geodude below her.

“Geo!” Geodude gasped out in pain as a purple glow surrounded him. He hit himself on the head, trying to rid himself of the headache Desdemona’s confusion was doing to him.

“Geodude! Calm down!” Brock ordered. “Pick up a rock and fling it!” But the Geodude wasn’t listening to Brock, it was still banging its fists on its head.

“Another Confusion attack Desdemona!” William called out. Once more, Desdemona unleashed her psychic attack on the rock Pokemon bellow her.

Geodude was now being driven into a frenzy, banging his head against rocks, breaking them and splitting them into pieces.

“Geodude – enough, return!” Brock said, holding up his Pokeball. The red beam called back the Geodude to its ball. Brock held up the ball to his face, and said gently,

“Nice first try Geodude – you’ll do better next time, I promise.”

Brock clipped the ball back on his belt and unclipped another one.

“Great job Desdemona!” William said, smiling at his Butterfree. She hummed happily back, twirling in the air.

“Pika!” Percy said, cheering happily.

“Don’t get too excited William,” Brock said. “My Geodude was fairly untrained.He’s new to the team. The real battle begins…now! GO ONIX!”

The Pokeball from Brock’s hand let loose a giant snake-shaped Pokemon. Gray boulders made up its body, and it had a large, menacing-looking horn was on top of its head.

The Onix roared upon being unleashed from its ball. The Pokemon was huge, it had to bend its head down to keep it from breaking through the ceiling.

“Pika…pika…” Percy whispered in an awed voice.

“Your Butterfree’s wings can’t let it escape from me this time, William.” Brock warned. William grinded his teeth together, and he held up Desdemona’s Pokeball.

“Desdemona – return!”

Desdemona returned to the ball, and William clipped it back onto his belt. He looked to Percy, and smiled.

“You ready for a show buddy?”


“Alright then,” William said, unclipping another ball off of his belt. “Go – Fleance!”

William’s Nidoran jumped out of his ball and landed on the ground.

“Ni-ni!” The Pokemon screeched. Brock smiled.

“Let’s hope your Pokemon is fast enough William, I’m not sure if it could take many attacks.”

“Don’t worry about Fleance, he’s pretty fast enough! Now – go Fleance, use Double-kick!”

Fleance charged through the rocky terrain, bravely straight at the Pokemon that was several times its size.

“Screech.” Brock ordered.

Huh? Willian thought, What is he up to?

Onix raised itself up and let out a horrid screeching noise that made William’s ears ache.

Percy flinched slightly.

But for Fleance, it was much worse.

The Pokemon stopped dead in its tracks and squealed as it rolled around on the ground, clawing at its ears.

Brock stood perfectly calmed, with a look on his face that said he knew this was going to happen.

“Now Onix – tackle attack.”

Onix stopped his horrid screeching and lunged across the field at Fleance. When the giant Pokemon made contact with the tiny Nidoran, Fleance was sent flying backwards, and landed many feet away on the edge of the battlefield.

“Fleance – get up and use another double-kick attack!”

Fleance sprung back up to its feet and sprinted across the battlefield.

“Screech attack.” Brock ordered. Onix bellowed out another horrid sound.

William bit his lips at the noise. Percy winced.

And once again, Fleance fell to the ground in a fit of pain.

“Now Onix, tackle attack!”

The Onix stopped screeching, and it dove for the ground once more.

“Fleance – roll out of its way!”

Fleance rolled away just in time, barely dodging the attack from the Onix.

“I don’t get it,” William muttered to himself. “What is happening?”

And then it hit him. The memory of when he first caught the Fleance. The Pokedex entry.

Its large ears are kept upright. If it sense danger it will attack with a poisonous sting.

Its large ears are kept upright.

Its large ears…

Nidoran had abnormally larger, and more sensitive ears than most Pokemon. While the screech attacks coming from Onix would normally merely make a Pokemon flinch, like it had been doing to Percy, it truly did a number on Fleance, who was more sensitive to sounds.

Fleance was backing up from the Onix who was opening its mouth once more.

“Screech,” Brock ordered.

Fleance fell to the ground again, squealing in pain while he clawed at his ears. This time, he drew blood.

Crap, oh crap, oh crap. Why didn’t I think something like this could happen?

“Tackle attack!”

“Roll out of the way Fleance!” William screamed desperately.

This time though, Fleance was not quick enough, and he was sent flying backwards once more. He landed just a few feet in front of William

Fleance struggled to get up, moaning while he did so.

“Do you really think you are the first trainer to try to use the double-kicks of a Nidoran against me?” Brock asked. “I developed this strategy a long time ago William.”

Fleance was back on his feet, but his breathing was harsh.

“Withdraw your Pokemon William, it can’t fight for much longer,” Brock said. “I don’t want to kill it.”

“Pika…” Percy groaned, watching Fleance struggle.

“Ni! Ni!” Fleance squeaked angrily. William knew all three of them were thinking the same thing. Fleance was his only hope at winning this battle. Percy couldn’t do any real damage to the Onix, Desdemona was too fragile to take many hits from a Pokemon as large and as powerful as Onix, and Henry, his Rattata, was untrained, and currently sitting in the storage box.

Come on William…think…think…think…

And then, William got an idea.

“Fleance – do you understand that the only attack you have that can beat Onix is double-kick right?”

“Ni, ni!” Fleance confirmed.

“Alright then Fleance, use horn attack on the ground! Break the rocks into dust!”

Fleance, ever so loyal to his trainer, followed William’s seemingly crazy orders. He pounded the rocks to dust, and the air around him simmered with the sand.

“Are you insane? Onix – use screech attack!”

“Quick Fleance – clog your ears with the dust and sand!” William ordered.

“What?!?” Brock exclaimed. Onix opened his mouth and sucked in the air necessarily to let out a sharp screech attack.

Fleance ran through the dust in the air and rolled on the ground, trying to get as much sand and dust in his ears as quickly as possible…

And then Onix unleashed his screech attack.

William bit his lower lip. Percy flinched.

But Fleance was unaffected. Onix stopped screeching, and stared at the Nidoran in confusion.

“Well, well. Impressive William. But now your Pokemon can’t even hear your orders. How is he going to fight? Onix – use tackle attack!”

William didn’t say anything. He could only hope that Fleance knew what to do.

Fleance sprinted towards the Onix, who was raising his tail in the air and then smashing it on the ground. Fleance ran side-to-side, dodging the slams of the tail.

And then finally, Fleance reached the Onix, and he jumped in the air…

And landed two solid kicks on one of the boulder’s of Onix’s body.

Onix screamed in pain, letting out a horrid screech. Fleance bounced back off of Onix’s body, and dodged another attack of Onix’s tail.

“Onix use bind attack!”

Oh no… William thought. That attack could end Fleance if he doesn’t end this battle quickly…

Onix began to glow a horrid red color as he stored power from Fleance’s attacks.

Fleance doubled kicked Onix again, and the Pokemon let out a horrid screech. But, it stayed standing…

But then Fleance did something brilliant. Panting heavily, the Pokemon jumped on top of Onix’s tail, and then climbed up the body of the Onix until he reached Onix’s head.

“Fleance…” William said in wonder.

Fleance jumped in the air and then kicked down on Onix’s head, causing it to scream in pain again. Fleance landed back on Onix’s head, who was now shaking it’s entire body trying to shake off Nidoran on top of his head.

William watched terrified, knowing Onix was seconds away from unleashing his bind attack.

Fleance jumped in the air and kicked down once more.

This time though, Onix did not remain standing when the kick made impact. The entire rock Pokemon groaned and went crashing to the ground, it’s body still glowing red.

Fleance jumped off of Onix and backed away slowly.

“Look out Fleance, he’s about to unleash bind!” William cried out, even though he knew Fleance could not hear him.

Onix raised itself slowly from the ground, its entire body shaking in pain.

It roared once, and drew back its head, readying to unleash all the stored power.


“Return Onix!” Brock said, holding up the Pokeball. A red beam hit Onix, and the Pokemon was transported back inside to the safety of the ball.

William stood there, his entire body tense and shaking, not believing what he had just saw. He held up his own ball, and said in a tense whisper,

“Fleance…return!” The Nidoran retuned back to his ball when the red beam hit him. William held the ball close to his face, and whispered in an awe voice,

“We did it…”

Brock walked across the rocky terrain, his face solemn and serious. He reached William, who was still in shock, and held out his hand.

“Congratulations William – you’ve won the Boulder badge.” William, his mouth gaping open, shook Brock’s hand. “You and your Pokemon have battled bravely and strongly. You deserve it.” They broke apart from each others hands, and Brock reached into his pocket and pulled out a gray badge.

“You’ve earned this.” William accepted it with shaky hands and held it in his palm. He admired it, liking the way the light hit the badge.

William wasn’t sure what to say, so he blurted out the first thing that came to him.

“Why did you recall Onix?”

Brock smiled kindly.

“You had won the battle William. Onix was in no shape to unleash a bind attack, I was in fact almost sure he was going to miss.” William merely stared at Brock, shocked. “What happened to you William? You had a persona of such a confident young man, and now, after victory, you seem so unsure of yourself.”

William shook his head sadly, and said:

“I think…I think I’m just now realizing what I’m getting myself into.”
YES! That's right! Chapter 9 is out early!!!

And now, a few thoughts:
Warning! Read Chapter 8 first
[+] Spoiler
First, on the character change in William. Throughout this chapter, I realized he was becoming more nervous and not as confident in previous chapters. At first I was annoyed, and I thought I would have to go back and rewrite parts of it.

Then though, I realized the change in character was representing my own view of the Nuzlocke challenge.

I knew, before taking this challenge, that it was going to be hard. But after spending some time on the forums and reading of other's challenges, I realized it is going to be so much harder than I expected. So, the last line of the chapter is something that is coming from both William and me.

Secondly, I am really enjoying this challenge and style of gameplay. What I am enjoying even more is getting to write about it. I have lots of fun and exciting plot twists planned, so stay posted :)

And thirdly, I may actually update AGAIN tonight. The next thing is another entry from Oak's diary, and those don't take me too long to write, since I have them all planned out in my head.

That's all. Thanks for following :)
Stay posted! :D

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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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January 27th, 2011, 10:59 pm #27

Part Three


[+] Spoiler


Rain of Cerulean City was the next gym leader. She was a water-type master, and possibly one of the best ones to have ever trained in Kanto.

Rain was wary of Jimmy – she had of course heard what happened to Flint, all of Kanto had. Jimmy beat her fairly easily, and she was careful not to let him kill any of her Pokemon.

Many years later, after Jimmy had been stopped and defeated, she came to visit me.

“Did they find his body?” She asked me, her clear, piercing blue eyes looking into mine.


“Then I don’t believe he’s dead. Where is he?”

“I don’t know Rain-”

“Come on Oak, I know he’s still alive! Now where, is he?!?”

I lied to her.

“He’s dead Rain. If he isn’t, then I don’t know what has happened to him.”

She cursed me, and left. She never visited again.

She formed a little detective group with a few others. They believed firmly that Jimmy was still alive, and have since done everything they could to find out his whereabouts.

Many years passed since then. Most of the young trainers in today’s world have no idea that I was the father of Jimmy. Most trainers didn’t even know who Jimmy was, just some trainer who went crazy with power and tried to rule the world.

Five years ago, Rain mysteriously disappeared. There is no doubt in my mind that she is dead, nor is there any doubt in my mind on who killed her.

Rain’s daughter, Misty, reopened the Cerulean City gym just two months after Brock reopened the Pewter city gym. She’s a novice, but without a doubt a prodigy with Water-type Pokemon.

Almost immediately after opening the gym, she requested to have lunch with me. I readily accepted, assuming she was going to have questions to me about running a gym. I was eager to help out a new gym leader, that is after all part of my job. Also, I was excited to have the opportunity to establish a good friendship with the gym leader of Cerulean City. By her asking for a lunch, I assumed she knew nothing of me being Jimmy’s father, or her mother seeking the whereabouts of him.

But when we met for lunch, she didn’t ask for advice. Instead we made small talk about anything and everything, until we got on the topic of her mother.

“I am so sorry for you Misty,” I offered my condolences. Assuming a very grave manner, she responded,

“Yes…thank you. I am desperately trying to solve this mystery.”

“Really?” I asked. “That’s a dangerous undertaking Misty. And a likely disappointing one too.You may never know took her.”

“Oh I know who took her Professor Oak, I just have no idea how to find him.” I felt my stomach twist upside down, and I said a little too quickly.

“Oh! Who do you think it was? And how could you possible know something like that!”

She didn’t answer my question.

“I also know someone who could help me find that one that took my mother. But he won’t help me.”

“Misty, don’t be ridiculous!” I said, praying to Arceus she wasn’t talking about me. “I’m sure if you just asked they would be more than glad to help.”

I found myself staring into a very familiar pair of clear, piercing blue eyes.

“I’m sorry Professor Oak,” she whispered softly. “But you’re wrong.”

–From the diary of Professor Samuel Oak

Yes - told ya it wouldn't take too long. Hope you enjoyed it, these diaries entries of Professor Oak are getting to be my favorites to write.

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January 28th, 2011, 12:05 am #28

I'm getting a feeling Jimmy did something to all of the gym leaders ;_; Oak's diary pieces are interesting, I wonder how Jimmy will tie in with the main plot though. Your more anime-style battle is nice too, always more interesting to read than something regular.
[+] Spoiler
And yeah I hope Percy doesn't die :(
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January 28th, 2011, 2:48 am #29

Psyche wrote:Oak's diary pieces are interesting, I wonder how Jimmy will tie in with the main plot though. Your more anime-style battle is nice too, always more interesting to read than something regular.
[+] Spoiler
And yeah I hope Percy doesn't die :(
Thank you, they really are my favorite parts to write. I think part of the reason is because I generally enjoy writing in first person more than third person, but I knew with the plot I had in mind I couldn't do it in first person.

And the anime-style catch is right - I used to watch the TV show all the time when I was a kid and still do sometimes. I think the influenced me, and I have trouble writing it another way.

[+] Spoiler
Yes. I hope so too. My writing is right where my game is (my last saved spot is next to Brock after beating him), so it isn't a spoiler to say he's still alive. For now.

I'm not really sure how I would write the death of Percy. I would figure out a way if I had to, but it would be tough.

So I'm just going to REALLY hope it doesn't happen.

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January 28th, 2011, 11:46 pm #30

Chapter 10 is up!

There is a song-reference in this chapter. If you can figure it out, then I will award you 500 awesome points!*
[+] Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten: Tracking the Three

Brock was sitting at his desk in the back of his gym. Papers covered his desks, and he ran his hands through them, desperately searching for something.

An old news clipping was one piece of paper was one he kept going back to. It had a headline that screamed across the top “Siblings Dead After Fight for Kanto”. But it did not have the information he needed.

Brock flipped through birth records for the hundredth time. He reread old news clips over and over again.

Nothing. He couldn’t find anything to suggest it – either way. But he had a hunch. A small hunch.

Sighing, Brock finally gave up. He was going to have to call her with nothing but this hunch.

He picked up his phone and dialed the Cerulean City area code, and then the number of Misty, the water-type gym leader.

“8…6…7…5…3…0…9…” Brock muttered under his breath as he dialed the phone number.

It ranged four times before someone picked up.

“What’s up Brock?” Misty said over the phone. Brock could hear the splashing of water in the background, and Brock knew Misty had just gotten out of the pool.

“I have some news for you,” Brock said, keeping his voice serious. He always tried to call her and let her know when a tough trainer was on the way. The other gym leaders had scorned them when they had joined the group, so the two of them stuck together.

“How good is this one?” Misty asked.

“Not one – but two. And they are both very, very good.” Brock said, slowly. “One of them is named Chris. Be careful with him – he won’t hesitate to kill your Pokemon.”

“Got it.” Misty said. She did not inquire on how Brock knew Chris would kill a Pokemon if given the chance, she knew by instinct that Brock did not want to talk about it.

“And the other is William. He’s more honorable – but just as strong.”

“Kay, thanks for the heads up Brock,” Misty sounded eager to get back in the pool; Brock could tell she was trying to wrap the conversation up.

“This isn’t the only reason I called Misty,” Brock said, his voice become softer, but more deeper.

Misty didn’t respond right away. She recognized the tone of voice.

“You found something.” It wasn’t a question; it was a statement.

“Chris is the grandson of Professor Oak,” Brock said simply, not knowing how else to say it.

“I see,” Misty said. She sounded like she was forcing herself to be calm. “So…he’s a son of one of the three.”

“Yes,” Brock confirmed. And then, with great care, he made his next statement. “And I think William is too.”

“Why?” Misty asked.

“He battles with the same fiery passion that Chris did. Their methods may be different, but they are similar in more ways then either one of them would like to be.”

“So…you have a hunch that William is Oak’s grandson as well?”

“Yes,” Brock said, wincing as he said it. He heard Misty sigh over the phone line.

“Alright Brock – what do I do now?” She asked, sounding tired and scared. Brock bit his lip, knowing she wasn’t going to like his next suggestion.

“Send them to Bill. Maybe he can get something out of them.”

“Bill? Bill?” Misty asked. “You want me to send them to Bill – the socially inept computer-geek?”

“Bill is the main reason we are so far along in our research.” Brock said, defending the computer-techie.

“So far along? What do we know Brock!?! We didn’t even know Professor Oak had a grandson, I think Bill kind of screwed up there!”

“It’s not Bill’s fault we didn’t find out! Oak’s done everything to hide this kid – he’s not in the public records or anything like that.”

Misty sighed once again over the phone.

“Look. Sorry Brock, but I just don’t trust Bill to do this right.” Brock smiled slightly.

“Only because he asked you to the S.S. Anne Ball.”

“No!” Misty snapped back. “It’s because he’s nerdy!”

“His IQ is off the charts.”

“He’s socially awkward!” Misty exclaimed.

“He managed to get two tickets to the S.S. Anne Ball,” Brock pointed out.

“He sweats profusely from his pits when he’s around me!”

Brock sighed, and said in a gentle voice.

“He’s helping us out in our quest to find Jimmy, charging us nothing. We should be grateful. Besides, do you want to confront these two boys about their fathers?”

Misty didn’t answer for a long time. Finally,


“Then send them to Bill’s when they get to your gym.”

Misty was silent for a moment, and then she asked him,

“Can you like…call Bill and let him know so…you know…I don’t have too?”

Brock sighed.

“Sure Misty,” he said, sounding tired and weary. “I’ll call Bill.”

*Awesome points have no real currency value and are worthless.

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January 29th, 2011, 6:43 pm #31

Misty's no Jenny. Now where are my awesome points?

They should have some value :(
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January 29th, 2011, 8:36 pm #32

Psyche wrote: Misty's no Jenny. Now where are my awesome points?
You win! If anyone still doesn't get it, the reference is the song "867-5309/Jenny" - which was Misty's phone number. It's catchy, though it might get stuck in your head.

And they SHOULD have some value. Hm...I'll think of something...

Anyway, I spent the morning playing up to Misty so I would have stuff to write about. Now I'm ready to write all of Part 3!

Here's Chapter Eleven :)

Chapter Eleven
[+] Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven: The Sun

“Pika-chu!” Percy exclaimed.

William, on Route 3, spun around at the noise. Percy was on the ground, his cheeks sparkling with electricity. Several feet away was a wild Spearow, a bird-like Pokemon with brown feathers, red wings, and a black back. Her stout beak was picking away at the ground in front of her, but she was eyeing William and Percy carefully.

William unclipped a ball off of his belt, and pressed the center button, enlarging it. It spun it in his hands and through it in the air…

“Go – Desdemona!”

William’s Butterfree burst out of the ball, humming her usual song. Spearow squawked angrily, and took flight as well. She cut across Desdemona with a sharp peck attack. Desdemona cried out in pain, and stumbled back a few feet in the air.

“You okay Desdemona?” The butterfree hummed softly in response.

“Okay then, when it comes back around use sleep powder on it!”

The Spearow was circling back around, her sharp beak gleaming in the sunlight. Desdemona turned to face the wild Pokemon – waiting, waiting, waiting…

At the last second, Desdemona spun out of the Spearow’s way and she fluttered her two, large white wings, letting loose her sleep powder attack. Spearow breathed it in, and instantly feel into unconsciousness. The Pokemon plummeted to the ground, but William threw a Pokeball at it. The Pokemon disappeared inside, which then in turn landed on the ground with a sharp thud.

It shook once…




William was sitting in front of a computer inside the Pokemon center on Route 3 outside of Mt. Moon. He was having a video chat with his mom, who he hadn’t talked to since he had left from Pallet Town.

“And this is my newest Pokemon,” William said as he held up his left arm where the newly caught Spearow perched. “She’s a Spearow, and I call her Juliet.”

“That’s so great honey, I’m so proud of you!” Jade said, smiling. “I can’t believe everything in your journey is going so smoothly. I’m glad you made it out of Viridian Forest okay – I heard a rumor that there was a Scyther attack there recently!”

“Yeah, I guess I was lucky,” William said. He had, of course, not told his mother anything about the Scyther attack.

“So where are you heading too next dear?”

“Mt. Moon,” Willaim said seriously.

“Do you have everything you need? Potions? Antidotes?”

“Yep, I bought them at the Pokemark in Pewter City.”

“Then I know you’ll do great! Good luck, call me when you get to Cerulean City!”

“Kay, thanks mom – love ya.”

“Love you too William.”

And with that, the conversation ended. William returned Juliet to her Pokeball, and turned to Percy who was perched on his shoulder.

“Ready for Mt. Moon buddy?”


They started heading out of the Pokemon center, but they were stopped by a voice.

“Excuse me, trainer?”

William turned around to see Nurse Joy a few feet from him. Her expression was much more calm and gentle then the Nurse Joy from Pewter City. She looked kind, and more loving.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I heard you are going into Mount Moon?”

“Yes – that’s right,” William said.

“Oh – but you can’t do that!” She exclaimed, looking worried and fearful. “Team Rocket’s been spotted inside! Three Officer Jenny’s have gone missing! It’s too dangerous!”

“Thank you for your concern,” William said, holding her hand. “But I think I’ll be fine.”

She shook her head furiously.

“It’s dangerous! You can’t go!”

“I need to – I can’t wait around until Team Rocket just disappears!”

Nurse Joy sighed.

“You’re the second trainer to say that.”

“The second?” William asked. “Who was the first?”

“Oh, some arrogant boy with an Eevee. He said he wasn’t afraid of Team Rocket. Said they were weak, and that he would take care of them-”

“He had an Eevee!” William exclaimed, cutting her off. “When did you see him?”

“Why…it was…three days ago, on Wednesday.”

Four days! William thought. He knew Chris was ahead of him – but not that far ahead. If he left three days ago then that meant Chris most of left immediantly after his battle with Brock. He didn’t even stay in town to let his Pokemon rest.

“Sorry Nurse Joy, but I got to go.”

Without another word, William turned and sprinted out of the Pokemon center.

“Oh,” Nurse Joy said softly. “Please, be careful.”

But then, she turned around, and pulled out a small, mobile fun. She dialed a number, and waited for it to answer.

“This is Team Rocket Grunt #456 reporting. Team Rocket Grunt #456 reporting.”

“This is Commander Jessie,” the commander responded. “Go ahead #456.”

“Another trainer is entering Mt. Moon.”

“Good.” Commander Jessie responded. “We’ll need his Pokemon to replace the one’s we’ve lost looking for these damned fossils.”

“Did you manage to get the last one with the Eevee?”

“No,” Commander Jessie said, frustrated. “He managed to slip by us. Oh, and by the way, did you manage to get rid of Nurse Joy’s body?”

Team Rocket member #456 smiled.

“Taken care of, and my Rattata’s been fed too.”


William stood at the entrance to Mt. Moon, and he took one deep breath. Then he entered into the darkness of the rocky cave, leaving the sun behind.

Keeping following - things get more exciting! There are lots of new friends coming up in Part 3, as well as some enemies. Plenty of Plot twists, and more information on "the three" as well. Also, some dying does happen, though I won't say how much. A few close-deaths too.

Predictions? Guesses?

Keep watching :)

Also, the title of this chapter has some significance. Can you figure it out? And no, it's not the actual sun, HAKHAKHAK.


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January 30th, 2011, 12:05 am #33

And...Chapter Twelve is up!

Chapter Twelve
[+] Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve: Swarm

Mt. Moon wasn’t as dark as William thought it would be. Luminous rocks glowed from some strange, inner source. Whenever their path got dark, and they couldn’t see ahead, Percy let out a thundershock, and they could see what was ahead.

William and Percy were just now at such a spot, and William ordered to Percy in a soft whisper,

“Use thundershock attack.”

Percy’s red cheeks sparkled and the Pokemon let loose a thundershock attack.

The path was illuminated a yellow, and it was revealed to be clear.

“All right Percy, let’s keep moving.” William said. But Percy was now longer looking ahead. His head was tilting up, his ear’s twitching.

“What’s up Percy?” William asked, squinting up, but not being able to see because of the dark.

And then, they heard something shriek. The thundershock has woken something up.

Something blue and dark came wooshing down, and William jerked his head our of the way as to avoid it. All the same, he felt something sharp dig into his neck.

“Get it off Percy – use quick attack!”

Whatever was on William’s neck was gone before he even finished giving the order. Percy had reacted quickly with his quick attack, and the wild Pokemon was now on the ground a few feet away.

William spun around, and found him starring at a small, wild Zubat. The blue winged-pokemon had no eyes, but instead two sharp fangs in its mouth that dripped with blood. William slapped his hand to the back of his neck, applying pressure to the small wound there.

Using his free hand to unclip an empty ball from his belt, William threw the Pokeball across the rocky ground to the wild Zubat. The ball zapped the Pokemon inside, and then shook twice before the red dot turned white, confirming his catch.

William walked over slowly to the Pokeball containing the newly caught Pokemon and he scooped it up with his hands.

“Mercutio,” he stated, and then clipped the ball back onto his belt.

Percy and William continued to walk down through the cave, descending deeper and deeper. There were a few signs posted here and there pointing arrows in the right direction.

But then, William noticed something about the signs.

He bent down and looked at the way it was stuck in the ground.

The dirt was fresh.

“We’re going into a trap Percy,” William whispered, standing up quickly.

“Pika,” Percy replied in a soft whisper. His tail ears suddenly jerked up, and he spun around in surprise.

William turned around too, not sure what he was to expect.

“Well, well.” A man in all black clothes and a red ‘R’ on his chest was standing about ten feet from them with a smug smile on his face. “Look what I’ve caught me.”

William felt a small pit of fear form in his stomach. Team Rocket. The men and women who became Pokemon criminals. The men and women who stole other Pokemon. The men and women who killed those who got in their way.

And here was one standing not but a few feet away from him.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble…”

“Yeah – I bet,” the Team Rocket member said. “Just give me your Pokemon, and there won’t be any trouble.”

“That isn’t happening.” William said angrily.

“Then I guess I’m taking your Pokemon by force,” the man said, unclipping one of two balls from his belt. “Go – Sandshrew!” A brown, mole-like Pokemon was unleashed from its containment. It looked fierce and angry.

William unclipped a ball from his belt, and threw it up in the air.

“Go – Desdemona!”

Desdemona fluttered in the air of the caverns, humming her soft song.

“Sandshrew, use sand-attack!”

Sandshrew used his tail to scatter Sand in the air.

“No so fast – Desdemona, use confusion attack!”

Desdemona’s eyes grew a soft purple, and the Sandshrew below her stopped attacking and started rolling on the ground, its arms scratching at its head.

“Again Desdemona, use confusion!”

Sandshrew screamed in pain, and then dug it’s claws straight through its head.

The Rocket’s Sandshrew stopped moving. William’s mouth opened in shock. He had never killed another trainer’s Pokemon before. Just when he was going to apologize though, the Rocket kicked the mole-Pokemon aside.

“Pathetic waste. Now – go – Zubat!”

“That’s horrible!” William exclaimed. “Your Pokemon is dead – don’t you feel any remorse or sadness!” The Rocket laughed cruelly.

“What am I? Some sissy prick? The only one whose going to be feeling remorse is you when you realized you should of given your Pokemon to me from the get-go!”

The Rocket’s Zubat flew through the air, aiming it’s sharp fangs at the Butterfree. Desdemona was fast though and flew out of its way multiple times.

Zubat is part poison William thought to himself, a confusion attack should have no problem taking it out.

“Desdemona use confusion!”

Zubat went spiraling down to the ground as Desdemona’s eyes turned the soft purple. The blue Pokemon bit its head against the ground, while Desdemona fluttered in the air around it.

“GET UP!” The Rocket yelled. But the Pokemon stayed down, beating its head on the ground again, and again, and again, and…

“PIKA!” Percy suddenly exclaimed. William turned his electric Pokemon, wondering what was wrong. Percy was looking down the black path, his ears erect and alert.

William followed his gaze, and so did Desdemona, the Rocket, and the Zubat that was on the ground. The battle had temporarily stopped – they were all too curious at what Percy had heard.

And then, they heard a sound. Chirpings. Lots of them.

“What is it?” The Rocket asked, sounding afraid. William stayed calm, and said in a soft whisper,

“Percy, use thundershock.”

“Piii-kaa!” Percy let loose a wicked thundershock that flew down the path ahead. For one, brief second, it illuminated what was making that sound.

William gasped. Percy took a step back. Desdemona started humming fretfully. The Rocket’s eyes widened, and he let out a scream.

However, the Rocket’s Zubat rose slowly in the air, and let out a chirping that sounded like a victory scream.

Flying through the cave at them, was a giant swarm of wild Zubats.
There MIGHT be another update tonight...I tend to have LOTS of more time on the weekends - sometimes. Sometimes, I have a lot less.
[+] READ CHAPTER 12 First!
I felt it fitting to include a huge swarm of Zubats, since I always felt like there was way too many of them. Hope you all feel it is fitting as well :)
Also, I won't be revealing what the meaning of the title of Chapter 11 was for a few chapters. The name will be used again in a similar way that is symbolic, and I don't want to give away any surprises. Feel free to guess what it means still though :)

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January 30th, 2011, 12:14 am #34

Swarms of Zubat in that cave indeed :(

Thinking of what the sun means, hrm.
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January 30th, 2011, 12:43 am #35

I'll give you a hint, if you want it :)

Although, I won't say if your right or wrong until I write chapter 17 (I got everything outlined).
[+] Hint
The sun is some kind of William Sha'kespeare reference.

Oh, and the 'k is in there because otherwise it will come out like this:

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January 30th, 2011, 2:12 am #36

Chapter Thirteen is up! WHOOP! Three chapters in ONE day.

Of course, I got like, no homework done today. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? :x_x:

Totally worth it.

Chapter Thirteen
[+] Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen: Prepare for Trouble


William was screaming out attacks every second while he beat away Zubats with his hands. The orders were unnecessary though, Desdemona and Percy were firing their attacks quicker then William could tell them too.

“HELP ME!” The Rocket was screaming, rolling on the ground with dozens of Zubats covering him. He had no Pokemon to defend him. His own Zubat had joined in with the wild pack. William felt pity for him, but he had no time to worry about the life of a evil Rocket when his own life was in danger.

William felt pricks and pokes cover all over his body. He swatted as fast as he could with his hands, but every time he beat one away another one was biting. The only reason he wasn’t on the ground like the Rocket was because he had Percy and Desdemona.

Desdemona was getting overcome by Zubats every few seconds. Each time she managed to blast the ten or so that surrounded her away with a confusion attack, but it wasn’t long before she was surrounded again.

Percy was no longer standing on the ground but instead on a thin layer of dead Zubats. He pricked his feet every now and then by accidently stepping on a pointy fang, but Percy didn’t pay any attention to it.

“PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME!” The Rocket was still screaming, when suddenly a Golbat, the evolved form of Zubat, came swooping down. The Pokemon had four fangs instead of the Zubat’s two, and it plunged all four of them into the Rocket’s neck. The Rocket screamed one last time as his neck let loose horrifying stream of blood. A few of the Zubats stopped drinking directly from his body, and instead started using their tongues to drink from the pool of blood that was growing around the Rocket.

More and more Zubats were coming in, all of them attracted to the loud noise. And though William was suffering from only a few deep cuts, he knew his two Pokemon could not hold out much longer. He needed to think of something – and fast.


Desdemona and Percy followed their trainer’s orders, ignoring the Zubats that were closer and actually doing damage. They both unleashed their attacks on the wild Golbat, and it fell down to the ground, off the Rocket’s neck, dead.

The other Zubats started panicking – William’s theory had worked. The Golbat was the swarm’s leader, without it the pack was hopeless. The Zubats started fighting each other, and they lost all sense of control and coordination. What had been a crisp attack turned into HAKHAKHAKoS.

Percy and Desdemona continued using their thundershock and confusion attacks, adding to the Zubat’s HAKHAKHAKoS. The pile of dead Zubats was piling up.

Finally, the swarm’s size considerably depleated, the swarm flew off into the cave, still fighting among each other.

William stood there panting. Blood dripped from many spots, but nothing nearly as serious as the Scyther wound.

Percy was laying on the ground, panting as well. Desdemona was drifting to the ground, humming softly.

Willaim reached into his back and pulled out several very much needed Potions. He used them on both Percy and Desdemona, healing wounds and recovering their strength.

“Pika, pika?” Percy said, pointing to William.

“Sorry buddy, they don’t make potions for people.”

Both Percy and Desdemona were considerably healthier, but Desdemona’s antennas were still drooping.

“What’s wrong Desdemona?” William asked. “Are you poisoned?”

The Butterfree shook her head sadly, and hummed in response.

William frowned, trying to figure out the problem. Percy figured it out first, and he started jumping up and down while pointing to his head.

“That’s it! Desdemona – are your mind powers depleted from all the confusion attacks you used?”

Desdemona nodded up and down. Just like Percy’s electric power in Viridan forest, William thought.

“Okay then sweetie, stay in your ball for now. I won’t call you back out unless I really need you.”

Desdemona hummed in protest – she wanted to stay out and protect her trainer. But William vetoed this.

“We might need you for something more important later on Des’,” William said. “A couple of Zubats aren’t worth it.”

Sad, Desdemona returned to her ball. William stood up from the ground, and he looked over to the dead Rocket.

He was almost unrecognizable. Cuts and bites covered his body. His face and neck were a mess. He laid in a pool of his own blood.

A lone Zubat remained behind, drinking up the blood. It looked up to William, and studied him for a long moment, before going back to its snack.

“Pika…” Percy growled threatening, it’s cheeks sparkling.

“Wait,” Willaim said.


William didn’t know what made him think it, but he somehow knew that Zubat was the Rocket’s Zubat. William bent down, and picked up Percy, placing him on his shoulders. Then, he turned, and walked the opposite direction, away from both the path that led to a trap and the Rocket’s body.

“Enjoy your snack.” He said over his shoulder.


William kept fighting his way through the cave. He often ran into a lone Zubat, and occasionally a group of them, but neither was difficult for Percy to handle. They didn’t run into an organized swarm again.

Occasionally, William tripped over a Geodude. But every time, he merely backed away slowly, and the Geodude did not pursue.

William was knew he was descending deeper and deeper, and he knew this was a good thing. Cerulean city was on a lower sea level than Pewter City, so William knew he was nearing the exit.

“We’re going to make it Percy…” William said softly as they past a few luminous rocks. These were common around the entrance, so William assumed they would be common around the exit as well.

“Pika…” Percy said, guarded.

And then, his ears perked up.

“What is it now?” William asked, but then he head it too.

“Help…help…help me…” Percy and William remained tense, knowing it very well could be a trap.

“Let’s check it out Percy,” William said. “But slowly.”

Walking carefully, they moved forward, looking side to side with every step they took. Finally, the turned a corner, and found a young man laying on a rock. He was bleeding heavily from a wound in his chest. Nearby laid a Grimer, whose purple slime had turned black. It was dead.

“Oh my Arceus, what happened?” William asked, as he stepped down to help the guy. The man looked in his early twenties, and he had long shiny black hair with a pair of glasses. He was cradling something, in his arms.

“It…” he panted, “it…it was a wild Sandslash. Took me by surprise…sliced me right open…” the rock he laid on was covered in blood, and he was losing strength. But he held on all the tighter to the stone in his hands.

“My…my Grimer fought it off…but he paid the ultimate price…” William looked over to the black sludge on the ground.

“It’s going to be okay,” William said. “We’re going to get you out of here!”

“No…no…no…it’s too late. I’m dying…I can feel it,” the man said. He held out the stone from his chest, offering it to William.

“This…you must protect this…”

“What is it?” William asked, taking the heavy stone.

“It is a fossil…Team Rocket…they want it…they’re going to perform some kind of horrid experiment on it...but I'm not sure what...but…that…that….must not happen. Whatever evil they have plan…they can’t do it!”

William placed the stone in his bag, where he could feel the weight.

“Look, I can carry you, to get you out of here or something,”

“NO!” The man said, in a surprising tone of strength. “I’ll only hamper you – just go!”


But then the man let out one last gasping breath, and he was dead.

William reached down with hands that were not steady, and he closed the man’s eyes.

Percy watched with large eyes, looking like he was about to cry. William bent down and picked Percy up, and said softly,

“Let’s get out of here buddy. We’ll report what happened to the Police Station when we get out of here.”

“Don’t you mean – “if” you get out of here,” Someone said.

William jumped – surprise, and spun around. Standing just a few feet away, were two team Rocket Members. Instead of wearing the black though, they both wore white with the red ‘R’ stamped on their white t-shirts.

One of the Rockets was female. Her hair was dyed a blood-red, and she wore lipstick of a similar color. Her hair was also gelled into one spike that struck out long behind her. She had a tiny nose, and she stood as tall as William, thanks to her black-heeled boots.

The other was a man, with hair dyed a color that was a mix of purple and blue. His hair was straight, and went down to his neck on all sides. He was slightly shorter than the woman, and he stood a foot behind her. It was clear she was the leader.

“I’m Jessie,” the woman with the red-hair said.

“And I’m James,” the man said.

The woman looked about William's age, and the man two or three years younger.

They were eying the stone in his hand greedily.

“And we,” Jessie said. “Are going to take that stone away from you, along with your Pokemon.”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” William said, gearing up for a fight.

“Well then,” James said. “Then you better prepare for trouble.”

“And,” Jessie added, with a cruel smile. “Make that double.”

[+] Some thoughts. Read Chapter 13 first

I know. I know. It's a cheesy ending right? Oh well. ::P: I thought it was cute...

And normally, I would omit something like them for plot purposes - but I do have something planned about them, so don't worry! Things will stay interesting.

Also, sometime in the near future I'm going to be removing all the old stuff from the first post and editing old posts to post it inside. The main thread is somehow getting too big O.o

My readers may not even realize it. Just kind of giving everyone a heads up :)

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January 30th, 2011, 4:08 am #37

Blood and death and Rockets oh my :) I'm liking this run more and more. Also very nice update speed.
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[+] Pssst, here's a secret.

Shakespeare Shakespeare Shakespeare Shakespeare Shakespeare

But yeah, the word filters can get in the way of writers sometimes. There's a way around word filters, though.

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Doesn't have to be a bold code, can be anything. Just break up the word that the filter's targeting (in this case, hak) with any code and it'll show up just fine :)

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January 30th, 2011, 4:33 am #39

[+] Replies
Psyche wrote: Blood and death and Rockets oh my :) I'm liking this run more and more. Also very nice update speed.
Why thank you, there is plenty more of blood, death, and Rockets to come I assure you! :D

QKNC wrote:


I am awesome now.

Lol, thanks! :)

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January 30th, 2011, 5:53 am #40

Chapter 14 is up!

A team change happens in this chapter, so I posted a spoiler showing what my team's status was at the end of this chapter. But read the chapter first!

Chapter Fourteen
[+] Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen: Made it Double

“Ekans,” Jessie said, tossing the Pokeball in the air. “Let’s go!”

A purple pokemon that had a yellow, rattler sprung out of it’s Pokeball. It slithered on the ground, hissing at William.

“Desdemona – I know you’re tired but I need you now!” William said, enlarging a Pokeball and letting loose his Butterfree.

Desdemona fluttered into the air, humming as she did so. She did her best to look brave, and strong for her trainer, but William could tell she was trying to deceive him. Until he got her to a Pokecenter, her mind wasn’t going to be able to let loose many more confusion attacks.

“Pika, pika!” Percy cried out, cheering Desdemona on.

Just one or two confusion attacks, William thought to himself.

“Ekans, go!” Jessie yelled. “Posion Sting attack.” Ekans coiled its body down low and sprung up from the ground, its mouth wide open and its fangs gleaming pink with poison.

William gasped as he watched the Ekans fly through the air – he did not know it was capable of leaping like that.

“Desdemona, fly out of the way!”

But Desdemona was not quick enough. Ekans bit on to Desdemona’s left wing, causing the Pokemon to shriek in pain.

“Desdemona – use confusion attack!”

Desdemona’s eyes glowed a soft purple color, and the Ekans was sent flying backwards to the ground, where it thrashed for several seconds.

“Ekans – return!” Jessie said, calling the Pokemon back to her.

Ekans was eloped in a red glow, and then it returned to the Pokeball.

“Calling your Pokemon back huh?” William taunted. “I thought Rockets didn’t care for their Pokemon.”

“Idiot – we’re commanders,” Jessie said. “Our Pokemon come from the Boss himself. How would it look if we lost them?”

“Besides, are you one to talk? Look at your Desdemona!” James said, pointing at the flying-bug Pokemon.

“Des?” William said, looking up.

The pokemon was sagging in the air. The wound were the Ekans had bit was glowing a horrid purple color – Desdemona had been poisoned.

“Desdemona – return!” William said hurriedly. He knew the Pokemon would still suffer damage from inside the ball, but at a much slower rate.

“Well, well. Now look who’s calling back their Pokemon.” Jessie sneered. “Now go – Meowth!”

The white cat-like Pokemon was sent forth from the Pokeball in Jessie’s palm. The gold, gleaming coin on its forehead shinned in the light from the rocks.

“Fleance, let’s go!”

The Nidoran came charging out of his Pokeball, ready for battle.

“Now Nidoran – use double-kick!” Nidoran sprinted towards the Meowth, chanting as he did so.


“Meowth,” Jessie commanded, “Use Scratch attack!”

Meowth let loose his claws and readied for the approaching Nidoran. But Fleance struck to quick, and before Meowth could get a scratch in, he was on the ground, suffering heavily from the double-kick attack.

Meowth began to struggle to get back up, but before he could Jessie raised the Pokeball and recalled Meowth back.

“All-right James, go!” Jessie said. “Use your Pokemon.”

James unclipped the single ball from his belt, and he held it high in the sky.

“Go – Koffing! I choose you!”

Koffing came soaring out of the ball, letting loose a smelly gas as it did so. Koffing, a purple Pokemon covered in craters, laughed as William covered his nose. William called back Fleance, and sent out his Butterfree.

“Desdemona – one last time!”

William let loose Desdemona, who soared through the air, putting on a brave act despite her weakening condition.

“Ha! You’re not going to have this Pokemon much longer!” James said smugly. “Now Koffing – take it out of its misery! Use tackle attack!”

“Confusion Desdemona!”

Koffing was sent reeling backwards to the ground, where it did not get back up. It lay there, letting lose a horrid fit of coughs.

“GET BACK UP!” James yelled.

“Call him back James.” Jessie ordered. William returned Desdemona to her ball, and watched the exchange.

“NO! Now get back up Koffing. Did you hear me? GET BACK UP!”

Koffing struggled to rise back up, but then he fell down again.

“Call him back!” Jessie ordered harsher.

“No! Now-”

But then Jessie grabbed James’s shoulder and reeled him to face her.

“I said call him back – now do it!”

James looked Jessie with disgust, and then spun around and used his Pokeball to call the Koffing back. They both turned to face William, who was eyeing them. Percy was on the ground, his cheeks sparkling.

“Well, we’ll be leaving now,” Jessie said, backing up slowly.

“You two aren’t going anywhere, except with me to the police.” William said tensely.

“PIka, pika!” Percy said, backing his trainer up.

“Well, we’re going to be running away, so you’ll have to catch us,” Jessie said.

“I got no problem with that!” William said, taking a threatening step forward.

“Oh, but you should,” James said, smiling grimly. “Every second you waste walking, your Butterfree gets closer and closer to death. So, you can waste time pursuing us into a cave that has already probably almost killed you at least once. Or, you can heal your Butterfree. Your choice.”

With that, Jessie and James took off sprinting, not bothering to look behind to see Willaim’s stunned face.

He knew they were right.

“PIKA!” Percy said, racing off into the cave to pursue the fleeing team Rocket members. Meanwhile, William quickly got to work to save Desdemona.

He unclipped the ball from his belt and let loose the Butterfree.

She fell into his arms. Desdemona was breathing harsh with sharp gasps.

“Hold on Desdemona, hold on!” William fumbled in his backpack, looking desperately for the antidote he had bought at the Pewter City Pokemark.

Desdemona continued to wheeze. She was beginning to have trouble to breath – the poison was chocking her.

“Hold on Desdemona…I got it!” William pulled the red bottle out of his backpack and then sprayed it on Desdemona.

He waited for a second…watching…and…

Desdemona let out a deep breath, free of the poison’s grip. William sighed with relief, and sat down on the ground cross-legged.

Desdemona hummed softly, and William rocked her back and forth, like she was a baby.

“Everything is going to be alright Des’.” William said, holding her close to him. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

William felt tears come to his eyes, and he couldn’t understand why he was crying. Desdemona was going to be okay – he had cured her.

Desdemona continued to hum, and William felt like she was humming to comfort him.

He reached into a bag, and pulled out a potion.

“Here gi-girl, this will h-he-help to.” He sprayed it softly on Desdemona, who sneezed as he did so. William laughed weakly through his tears, and he continued to rock her back and forth.

As William studied his Butterfree, he realized he knew why he was crying. He was thinking what if. What if. What if. What if something had gone wrong? What if he hadn’t bought the antidote? What if…

What if something happened in the future?

William couldn’t bare the thought of losing Desdemona, or any of his other Pokemon. Especially Percy.


“Percy!” William suddenly screamed out to the darkness. He stood up, still cradling the Butterfree in his hands. “PERCY!”

The electric-mouse Pokemon came scrambling back down the cave, shrieking himself.

Behind him, with dried blood on its claws, was a wild Sandslash.

“Crap!” William screamed.

Suddenly, without warning, Fleance jumped out of his own ball. The Pokemon was roaring, screaming, rather in pain or rage William couldn’t tell.

And then, Fleance started glowing.

Percy ran besides Fleance to face on with him the charging Sandslash.

“PIKA!” Percy yelled at Fleance.

“Fleance,” William cried out, “What is happening?” But it didn’t take William another second longer to figure out what had happened. Fleance was evolving.

His body twisted and changed shape. His horn grew longer, spikes grew up along his back, his claws became sharper and more fine, and his teeth came poking out of his mouth.

Fleance had evolved into Nidorino.

Fleance let loose a roar at the wild Sandslash, who stopped dead in its tracks.

“RINO! RINO! RINO!” No longer did the Pokemon make quiet squeaks. He now roared, strong and proud.


Sandslash started backing up, slowly but surely, its beady eyes examining its opponents.


Finally, Sandslash turn and ran, leaving William, Percy, and Desdemona speechless.

Only Fleance continued to roar, letting anyone in the cave that could hear him now of his accomplishments.

Of course, then they started to hear the chirpings.

“Ah shit!” William exclaimed. “Not again! Everyone, lets go! Lets get out of here!”

And then, together, as a team, they ran for the exit.
[+] Read Chapter 14 first!
[+] My Team at this Point in the story
Pikachu (Percy)
Butterfree (Desdemona)
Nidorino (Fleance)
Spearow (Juliet)
Zubat (Mercutio)

Rattata (Henry) - yeah, this guy is probably never going to see the light of day.

None (yet)

That's right, the upcoming death is still to come. This chapter had an evolution.
Sorry for the boring battle. That's pretty much how it happened in the game. Normally, I try to spice things up, (like I did with Brock). But, I figured there would be plenty of time for making these two spicy later.
I will try to make a team update at the end of every chapter. Since I'm ahead right now in playing, I can't do levels because I can't remember where everyone is at. But I'll start adding levels to the notes I take while I play.

That's all, stay tuned for me! :D

(Oh, and over 500 views? :keke: )