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A Bug in the System | An Obsidian Bug/Poison Duotypelocke

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April 20th, 2016, 4:43 pm #1

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Cliff Beckett has a new lease on life. He found his missing brother, Aaron, in Unova, got a new job under renowned (and infamously cantankerous) Professor Rowan, and his assistant puts a spring in his step. Along with a hyperactive Skorupi named Liam, he has to travel the Sinnoh region and cope with a researcher's worst enemy: deadlines. But after an accident threatens his safety, he'll have to deal with his boss' unending disappointment, a shady organization causing chaos, and a visitor from his past that looks to even the score.
[+] Spoiler

I was very pleased to hear from Aurea that you accepted my request. My assistant - well, former assistant - Alpha is now on his way to Unova to try his hand at the Pokémon League and so I am in need of, well, assistance.

I have read your papers on the distribution and mutations of Bug-types in Unova and I found your work to be adequate. As you know, the species diversity in many regions has shifted in recent times, Sinnoh being one of those regions. And mirroring Unova, Sinnoh also saw many species adapt and evolve in different ways in order to survive and as researchers, it is our job - nay, duty - to record all these for the public's consumption.

Now, I am well aware that you have prior experience dealing with Bug-types so I will again ask for your cooperation on this. But unlike Aurea, I prefer to maximize the skills of my assistants. I am very much confident that you at least have the capacity to do more than one type for this assignment. Therefore, I will be asking for your help in recording the locations and changes of Poison-types in Sinnoh. I trust that you are capable of that, yes?

Since this is not your first assignment, I do not think I need to brief you with what data you have to collect and record. I will await your arrival here in my lab in Sandgem Town. Please be sure to have all that you need by then as I will not tolerate any more delays once this project starts.

I pray that you will not disappoint me.


1. You can only catch the first Bug-type or Poison-type that you encounter in an area, route or town.
1a. If the first encounter is a dupe, you may catch the first non-dupe encounter instead. This extends to any members of the evolutionary family.
2. You are required to nickname them.
3. If they faint, they are considered "dead" and must be boxed permanently.
4. You are only allowed to catch and use 'shinies' of your type.
5. Legendary Pokemon may not be used.
6. OVERSATURATION - You cannot use your highlighting skills on this just yet.
7. NATURAL COMPETITION - You can only use your powers of prediction for now.
8. ANTIVENOM - Just don't hover over this yet or the run is failed.
9. The run ends when Cynthia is defeated.
00 - Symbiosis
[+] Spoiler
[3 months ago...]

So... Is he gone? Did your dad leave already?
Yeah... I think he did. I don't see his briefcase anymore.
Yes! About time too. Did you get his laptop?
Uh, yeah, here it is. Clay, what are you planning to do? I'm still in hot water from the last stunt you pulled. He couldn't get the stain out for months...
Okay, how was I supposed to know it was gonna squirt out? And anyway, you won't get into trouble for this. I just want to check a link my friend recommended to me.
What kind of link? And can't we use your laptop or something? I really don't want to risk it.
Nah, my dad took my laptop away. For my own good apparently. Anyway, here. *typing* h-t-t-p://w-w-w.p-o-k-e-f-u-r-r-i-e-s.c-o-m... *click*
W-What?! Clay, what the hell?! I don't want to look at this stuff!
Trust me, Jim! It's gonna be worth it! Okay, here... Lovely Lounging Lopunnies... *click* Oh baby... show me that cotton tail!
I've got a bad feeling about this...


Uh oh.
What?! What did you do?!
I don't know! This never happened to me before!
Delete that file! Delete it already!! My dad's going to kill me if he sees I messed with his stuff!
I'm tryingggg! But it's not going away! It keeps coming back!
Ughhhhhh, great! Now I'll never see the outside of my house ever again! Thanks a lot, Clay, you ruin everything!
Jim, wait! Wait up!

Opening file DENNIS.exe...


5eLf i5 fIn^lLy fr3e.......

[Present day...]

Man... where is he? Hey! It's been hours since you guys docked. Anyone left in there?
Huh? Yeah, some people still in there. Hold your horses.
Tch. Cliff's not usually this late. Did anything happen in there? Any much longer and this thing here will...

Sorry, sorry! Have you been waiting long?
Let me think- yeah! All the other passengers already left and I was stuck here looking like an idiot waiting for you. You know, just because you're a former champ, that doesn't mean you can waste other people's time.
Har har. I see being part of the Elite Four's added to your charm. Hey, big brother. *hug*
Hey, little brother. *hug* And I'll have you know you're lucky I'm still here. I almost got mobbed by my many, many fans. So, what happened to you anyway?
Oh, that. One of the other passengers got into a fight with the sailors. They were going at each other's throats and the guy was, and I quote, strongly suggesting he was not having any more Taurosshit. I kinda had to get in between the two of them before it got any worse.
Huh. Did you get the guy's name?
It was... something with a P, I think. Paulie, was it?
Huh. Probably should watch out for him then. Anyway, here. Nice guy gets prizes.

Oh hey, thanks! I was worried you wouldn't be able to get one in such short notice.
It wasn't easy but it's a good thing you contacted me when you did.
Sorry. I didn't want to take any chances. Professor Rowan seems like he would kill me if I came there without a Pokédex.
Yeah... I've heard Rowan can be quite strict with his students. And hey, as a bonus, I snagged you that upgrade where it actually translates your Pokémon's speech.
Wait... Doesn't that cost like... a fortune???
Eh, I pulled a few strings, called in a few favors. Don't worry about it. And here. Quickly, hold this.

What? Hey, this is too much!
Hey, I'm not letting my little brother make his glorious return to Sinnoh without a Pokémon. You said you were travelling alone, right?
Well yeah. Pascal's earned a vacation and I'm not looking to be stabbed by Solana by dragging him here. Especially when she's all touchy lately...
Exactly. Plus I'm sure Rowan would prefer it to see his new assistant in his element. Don't worry about it. Big brother's got you covered.
...I mean, I really do appreciate it but I hope it wasn't too much of a hassle. What even is it?
You'll find out soon enough. In fact...

...Now seems good enough.

A Skorupi!
Yeah! I knew you always wanted to train one and with your new assignment, you can actually use one. Quickly, here's a Poké Ball. Ball it before it gets away.
Oh, right. Gotcha. *pchoo*
Bred this one myself actually. Anyway, send him out! I wanna see how you two meet.
Alright, alright. Come on out, Skorupi. *pchoo*
... ...Are you... my new Trainer?
Hey, little guy. Looks like it. My name is Cliff.
...Okay! Nice to meet you, Cliff! *chomp*
Ow! What the?! Why did you do that?!
Hee hee!
Mm, probably should have warned you. Young Skorupi are pretty playful. Here, you might want this.
What's this?
It's medicine for the venom. And before you panic, don't worry. Skorupi poison isn't too deadly at this age. You'll feel a little woozy but nothing much. You will probably build a resistance as time goes on anyway.
...Thanks, I guess.
No problem. You wanted a Drapion, here you are. Don't forget to name him.
Oh, right.

How about Liam? You alright with that?
Liam...  I like it! I'm Liam! *bite*
Ow! Okay, you have to stop that.
Heh. I see you two will get along just fine. C'mon, I got a service waiting for us to take us to Jubilife City. You definitely don't want to be late for your meeting with Professor Rowan.
Yeah, definitely. C'mon, Liam. It's time to go.

I wonder what I got myself into this time.
[+] Spoiler
Oh, Cliff. You sweet summer child. You know nothing.

Welcome to A Bug in the System - the sequel to Back in Black, Bug! To be honest, I was not planning to do this run just yet but after playing more of the gameplay, I just couldn't wait to do this first. And I think it just makes sense. For those of you who haven't read Back in Black, here's a very short (and spoilery) summery for now.
[+] Spoiler
Cliff is Aaron's younger brother who goes with Aaron's Dustox, Pascal, to find him after he's been missing. They find out he's been abducted by Genesect and they fight him off to rescue Aaron. Genesect is heavily damaged by the fight and before it completely shuts down, uploads a backup of itself in the computer.
Now, the biggest thing I need to talk about is as I've mentioned in BiB's epilogue, I'm not just doing a Buglocke anymore!!! After Z-nogyroP's amazing run of Obsidian, I wanted to try my hand at it as well. I was initially planning to do a Bug monolocke of it (naturally) but because of my curiousity, Z mentioned the interesting changes the Poison-type had and I really wanted to try a monolocke of that too. In the end...

[10/2/2015 3:56:01 AM] not dusty: bug/poison dualocke maybe
[10/2/2015 3:59:52 AM] not dusty: .. .damnit
[10/2/2015 3:59:58 AM] not dusty: bug poison
[10/2/2015 4:00:00 AM] not dusty: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
[10/2/2015 4:00:14 AM] not dusty: its really appealingggggg

The rest is history.

And the other thing... GUESS WHO I CAN FINALLY USE?! I FINALLY GET TO FUCKING USE A SKORUPI! AFTER 10,000 YEARS I'M FREE! IT'S TIME TO CONQUER SINNOH! But yeah, Pascal is getting a well-deserved rest.

In other news:
- I might have had a just a little fun writing the first part of the prologue. Thank you to my two willing victims (you can probably guess who they are :V) for playing a part in it. And yeah, that's a thing that happened. Fear the Dennisect!
- Special thanks to AgentNein for drawing Cliff and Liam for the banner and the Lovely Lounging Lepus Lopunny! And to Jimcloud for the proofread as always.

So, everyone, strap yourselves in. Cause this shit is gonna be bananas.

art by AgentNein
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April 20th, 2016, 4:47 pm #2

*Clutches chest*
Liam is gonna be the death of me.

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April 20th, 2016, 4:48 pm #3

This is the first time I have ever used a reaction image in my entire life. You are bloody welcome.

I'm super excite for where this is going, and I have to say that intro is still both hilarious and effective - I'm particularly happy that the image doesn't start loading until you click the spoiler, so it gives that perfect feel. Yessss~

I'm looking forward to adventures with Passive-Aggressive Dad Rowan, that's for sure :3
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[1:46 AM] Furfrou: unflawed is a word tho
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April 20th, 2016, 4:52 pm #4

Now use a beaver made structure grass type, gdi.
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April 20th, 2016, 4:53 pm #5


> References TSTES
This run already looks complex and it has barely started :v:

Skype logs marked February 10 from last year. Shiny, you're apologising about posting this too soon? How late is "the right time" for you? You know humans normally live 70-80 years, right?

And I don't see a banner. LET ME SEE THE BANNER.

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April 20th, 2016, 5:15 pm #6

Ohhhhhh I'm very excited to see how this rolls out. I think drapion is legit, and I know little of this hack buuuuuuut I know Platinum hacks tend to be pretty intense and cool, so I can't wait to see how you rock this one! Liam is already quite excitable and cute.

Rowan is also quite brusque, I like the no-nonsense attitude he has. I feel like that will let us get this rolling quite quickly. Looking forward to more as always. :V

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April 20th, 2016, 6:11 pm #8

I beat you to starting a new run by one day ha ha ha ACTUALLY GETTING TO USE A SKORUPI/DRAPION HYPE!!

Seriously though, having used Drapion myself, Liam will be a total bro. You're going to enjoy this just as much as you think you are and more,

Also, does this mean your world is now in the same continuity as Jim and Z's worlds? How the hell does that even work? =P

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April 20th, 2016, 6:12 pm #9

Looks like it's that time again, I don't think I've seen a duo typelocke except an old one themed around propane. Anyway unfamiliar with Obsidian so best of luck
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April 20th, 2016, 7:00 pm #10


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April 20th, 2016, 7:23 pm #11

I 100% approve of adding poison just to use Skorupi. It'll always be a bug type in my heart.

Also, the timestamps on that skype convo put you at either Febuary 10th or October 2nd last year. How long do you plan runs?
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April 20th, 2016, 7:50 pm #12

WOO skorupi yay
oh my god I am hyped

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April 20th, 2016, 9:46 pm #14

Urrrrgh another Shiny Dustox run. I guess this will be ok or whatever
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April 21st, 2016, 12:07 am #15

I am so hyped for this!

Obsidian is very unfamiliar to me so I am looking forward to seeing the game play out alonf with your run. This will be epic!

Best of luck kid!

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April 21st, 2016, 12:58 am #16


Poison is an ok thing I guess :)

Never seen Obsidian ever so this should be fun...
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April 21st, 2016, 1:44 am #17

Haha! I'm here so early that I don't even have to say I've caught up! Score!

That prologue was pretty amazing. Reminds me of an old acquaintance who would swipe people's phones and search for a ton of smut. Good times.
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April 21st, 2016, 5:19 pm #18

New Shiny Dustox run. Feel the hype.

I read your original Buglocke after it was finished and am currently catching up on your Fire Red, so haven't had the chance to comment on any of your works before (I'm intentionally waiting until I play/see a normal run through of Black 2 before reading your Blaze Black 2, simply because I don't want a hack to be my first experience with the game :/ ). But now that I finally am, just know your content is absolutely hilarious (but you probably already knew that).

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April 21st, 2016, 10:59 pm #19

This is actually my first time being able to follow one of your runs all of the way through~! But I'm quite excited. I hope you can help me harness a better appreciate for bug types. I'm so bad at training them, so maybe I'll learn a thing or two ;;

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April 22nd, 2016, 3:42 am #20

Hey, would you look at that! I'm here at the start for once! :yay:

A duo-locke of Obsidian, eh? Maybe you'll get a Joy of your own! Shattered is gonna be the death of me..

Don't you think using the same 'mons in a third game might start 'bug'ging you? Yeah, don't worry, that'll likely be my only bug pun in this comment.

Backtracking to a Gen before Genesect was a thing? that's Generally a bad idea, so I can't wait to see the things you Generate.
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