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[7]When the Hoenn gets Tough...

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Indigo League Champion
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October 27th, 2016, 10:42 am #1

So, uh... Hi again, everyone.

It's been a while since I posted something - mainly due to the nature of my work - and with both of my other runs sadly becoming Inactive (more on that below), I thought I'd try my hand at documenting a project I've been hankering to do for a while - Omega Ruby Contestlocke.
This run will be a reboot of the Cutelocke I started in regular 3rd Gen Sapphire, with added tweaks to bring it in line with 6th Gen.
[+] Rules of the Run
Standard Nuzlocke rules:

1. Can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area.
1a. Nickname all caught Pokemon. This run's theme is colours.
2. Once a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must either be released or permanently boxed.

Now, the Toughlocke rules:

3. Only TOUGH Pokemon may be used in battle. A TOUGH Pokemon is any Pokemon with a +Def nature. (Bold, Impish, Lax or Relaxed)
3a. Any non-TOUGH Pokemon caught may not be trained or used in battle, but they may be used as HM caddies etc. To this end, the Exp. Share may not be on while non-TOUGH Pokemon are in the party.
3b. Any Pokemon with a neutral nature (Docile, Basful, Quirky, Hardy or Serious) must be Wonder Traded for a non-neutral Pokemon.
4. TOUGH Pokemon MUST learn any TOUGH moves they can learn by level-up. A TOUGH move may not be forgotten unless it is replaced by another TOUGH move, and no other kinds of moves (CUTE etc.) are present.
4b. TOUGH Pokemon can only learn TOUGH TM and HM moves.
5. Only Master-Rank TOUGH Contest winners may challenge the Elite Four.

And finally, the additional rules:

6. Gifts, Eggs and revived Fossils do not count towards the "First encounter" rule.
7. Dupes Clause and Species Clause are in effect.
8. Safari Zone Clause is in effect.
9. Pokemon may not be Super Trained, nor may they be doted on in Pokemon-Amie. (The only exception to the latter is Eevee, provided it is evolved into Sylveon)
10. Legendary Pokemon may be caught, but may not be used in battle, even if they are TOUGH.
11. The run starts once I receive Pokeballs. It is considered COMPLETED if I become Champion. A wipeout will reult in a FAILURE.
So basically, using a Contest team to become Champion. Sounds easy, right? Welll... let's find out!
[+] Log Entries
1)...The TOUGH Get Going! (below)
2)...The TOUGH Get Recruiting!
3)...The TOUGH Get Badges!
4)...The TOUGH Get Trending!
5)...The TOUGH Get Evolving!
6)...The TOUGH Get HMs!
7)...The TOUGH Get Off Their Ass and Post An Update For The First Time In Nine Months!
When the Hoenn Gets TOUGH...!
[+] ...The TOUGH Get Going!
We begin our adventure the way most adventures do - jostling around in the back of a van, our only companion the dim light of a world weary Nintendo SD. (Or Pokenav. I dunno, one or the other.)
Outside, Tropius and Aron frolic. I, for one, want to know what route you can catch both Tropius and Aron on - beats having to slog your way through with a Wingull... But I digress.

I arrive, battered and bruised, in Littleroot Town, just in time to see a jet fly across the sky.
Or is it a Dragon?
[+] Or is it...
Mum interrupts our reverie, and ushers me in to our new home, while unceremoniously ejecting the mover's Machoke buddies ("Don't want any of them around" she mutters)

On request, I check out the room. I go to set the clock, but it sets itself!
Well, back in my day, we set our game clocks to 11.34pm on purpose, and we liked it that way...!

Mum interrupts our rant to drag us down for Dad's (Norman's) big TV interview, but we missed it. Shame.

So I decide to get out and explore the town - meet some local celebrities such as Power-of-Science guy, Birch's assistant and a Serious-Looking Machine in the lab.
[+] Well, nothing a pair of stick-on googly eyes won't fix!
I head to our neighbour's house, and get promptly frogmarched up to their daughter May's room. I'm guessing Mrs Birch is some sort of desperate matchmaker or something...

[Insert gratuitous shipping jokes here!]

After several uncomfortable seconds, May leaves to do Trainer stuff and I shortly follow.
A small child (with incredible vulpine hearing) hears someone screaming. Normally, this would be a case for the local authorities, but since the closest thing to that is a teenage girl with a low-level Pokemon, who is preoccupied in another route, I guess it's time for someone else to step up... Go for it, Power-of-Science guy!

I enter Route 101 to discover Professor Birch in a compromising position with a Poochyena. Ignoring his predicament, I grab a Pokeball from his discarded bag and...!
[+] I choose you, Blue!

Blue the Mudkip - Lv 5(m)
  • Moves: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun.
  • Relaxed nature. Quick tempered.
  • Has Torrent ability.
Our fist Tough Pokémon! Picked "Blue" as a nickname because, well, he's blue. Plus, you're going to be seeing a lot of him (I hope) so I didn't want anything too complex.
A few Water Guns later and the Poochyena runs for the hills... Straight into Tropius/Aron territory. Aww.

As thanks, Professor Birch lets us keep Blue as our starter Pokemon - which means we can now walk in tall grass! What a time to be alive!

We skim through Route 101 to Oldale Town with no hassle (Blue gains a level off a passing Wurmple) when a wild Pokemart Employee appears! Mistaking us for novices (bless him), he hands us a bundle of free Potions (currently have 11).
The mart, however, is fresh out of Pokeballs, so I give Blue a check-up at the Centre and move on to Route 103.

Blue gains one more level off a wild Poochyena and Wingull, before we run into May going through her Pokedex. And, to mark the occasion, we battle!
[+] Vs. Pokemon Trainer May

Treecko lv 5(f)
Since Blue is Relaxed (-Speed), I bet I'll be slower, even with the levels. I just hope she doesn't Absorb the whole way.
  • She Pounds while I Growl. Physical combat suits me just fine.
  • She Pounds again, I Tackle for a good chunk of damage.
  • Another Pound takes Blue to almost half health. My Tackle takes her straight into the red.
  • Instead of Absorbing, she Pounds. A Tackle finishes it. Blue still has 12/25 HP left, but sadly no level up from this battle.
May graciously heals everyone up, then splits. We follow suit, cutting through Oldale Town, running down Route 101 and ending up back at Birch's lab in Littleroot Town.
Here, the good Professor gives us the latest shiny Pokedex ("latest"? Where's my Rotom, goddammit!), while May hands us 10 spare Pokeballs.
Now that we can catch Pokemon, the 'locke has officially begun!

After a brief, fond farewell from Mum, we head back onto Route 101. May catches up and updates our Pokenav/Nintendo SD with the Dexnav app.
With it, we track our first encounter...
[+] Ash the Poochyena

Ash the Poochyena, lv 5(m)
  • Moves: Fire Fang, Howl.
  • Gentle nature. Good endurance.
  • Has Quick Feet ability.
This is where things get tricky. Gentle is a Clever nature.
Due to the rules, there's a 75% chance I won't be able to use any Pokemon I catch. Pity too - Mightyena's got access to quite a few Tough moves. So Ash will be Boxed at the first opportunity.
Cutting through Oldale Town again, we jump onto Route 103, see if we have better luck there.
[+] Spoiler alert - we don't.
Blue straight up kills the first Wingull we spot with a Tackle. Not even a crit, at that. So we can safely assume this was not a Tough Wingull.
So, with all that done, we return to Oldale Town to heal at the Pokemon Centre, then set up two Boxes in the PC.
One for "Caddies" (which you'll be seeing a lot of) - Ash is deposited in there.
Another for "Valhalla" - hopefully I won't be using this Box...

But that's enough yammering for now. See you next time!

Reader question - What's your favourite starter Pokemon, out of all games released thus far (including Sun and Moon)?
[+] Apologies
So, what happened to my other runs, Burying the Hatchet and the Sapphire Cutelocke?

Well, there is a simple explanation - I'm an eejit.

I played both of these games on an emulator on my phone, taking screenshots as I went.
After my last post, I was offered a temporary job which involved travelling around the UK a lot.
This meant, while I could still play the games, I couldn't always have wi-fi access.
Often, when I was done in the evenings, I just wanted to wind down. Writing was really the last thing on my mind.
So I thought, "I'll get as much screenshots of these done during the job, and when I finish, I can just churn the whole thing out in one go. Simple."

Or it would have been, if I hadn't decided to take my phone for a quick dunk in a swimming pool after work. Like I said, "eejit".

So, the phone was gone. I did get a new one, and some of the screenshots transferred over, but alas, the emulator and game data did not.
Hence why these runs had to be called off.

I am sorry for those of you who kept following those runs. Hopefully you'll enjoy this one, even though the style is completely different from what I've done before.

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November 2nd, 2016, 6:40 am #2

This is a really interesting idea and very fun to read! My favourite starter has to be torterra, or feraligatr, or chespin or litten or..

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November 3rd, 2016, 12:08 pm #3

[+] Reply@RedYam
Glad you like it! Mine would definitely be Bulbasaur - first ever starter. Tend to go for the Grass-Types usually. Except Tepig. There's something insanely appealing about a fire-bearded human boar belly-flopping your enemies to oblivion...
So, looking back at the last update - it's a massive wall of text. I'll go back and add some things to spruce it up a bit, but for now, let's move on!

When the Hoenn gets TOUGH...!
[+] ...The TOUGH Get Recruiting!
Blue and I leave Oldale Town and proceed west onto Route 102, which looks a lot Tougher than Routes 101 and 103... :fingerscrossed:

A Tough-looking Zigzagoon tail pops up and...!
[+] Mocha the Zigzagoon

Mocha the Zigzagoon - Lv 5(f) - Holding a Potion
  • Moves: Charm, Growl, Tail Whip.
  • Timid, a little quick-tempered.
  • Has Gluttony ability.
A complete Cute Pokemon, through and through. Doesn't even have Pickup. :cybercrime:
Ah well, free Potion! :yay: Plus Zigzagoon's a good caddy in any case.
After dumping Mocha, my Tough team of 1 (Bah! Teammates, who needs 'em?) take on the trainers...!

Or, some of them anyway. I skip past one Youngster and the Lass :wooper: Blue's getting close to lv10 and I don't want to OHKO any more potential Tough Pokemon :ohdear: (Bah! Teammates, I needs 'em!)

Which means we meet May again. Just in time for a poorly-orchestrated shipping attempt :f5: and a Beautifly parade! :goodnezz: :yay: :goodnezz: :yay: :goodnezz:

Arrive in Petalburg City, just in time to see Dark Father Norman finish consoling his latest victim.
He invites into the Gym, and we have... The Talk. :f5:

A Sudden Wally appears (Oh thank God!)
Now we have to babysit him (Oh dear God no!) while he tries catching a Pokemon.
Well,there's no way he's going to catch a Tough Pokemon on his first try, right?
[+] Spoiler

...son of a bi-
As thanks, Wally gives us the PSS for our SDnav - now we can WonderTrade our neutral encounters! :yay:

With all our business done here, we continue onto Route 104, and I've got a good feeling about this route...
[+] Cardinal the Wurmple

Cardinal the Wurmple - Lv 5(m) - Holding a Pecha Berry
  • Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting.
  • Jolly, nods off a lot.
  • Has Shield Dust ability.
...sigh. Thanks for the Berry, now get in the Box.
Quickly stop back at Petalburg to get more Pokeballs and some Antidotes, then off we go again!

Mr Briney must be out on a walk (flight?) with Peeko. Let's go rob his house!

Again, we only battle one or two of the Trainers on this Route, to avoid overlevelling Blue.
One of the NPCs asks us for a Potion, so I give him one, hoping for some item or monetary reward in return...

Nope. Just the feeling of goodwill. :argh: Cheapskate.

Grabbing the Berries on the roadside, we head into Petalburg Woods, and are greeted by...
[+] Penny the Slakoth

Penny the Slakoth - Lv 5(f) :kowtow:
  • Moves: Scratch, Yawn.
  • Calm, often lost in thought (I'll say...)
  • Has Truant ability.
Clever nature. DAMMIT. :crying:
Avoiding the Bug Catcher, we grab a Paralyz Heal and run into the Devon Researcher looking for shrooms Shroomish.

The Magma Grunt ambushes us! Seriously, how does his bright red uniform help him blend into the dark green trees?
[+] Spoiler
Blue 2HKOs his Pooch, taking 0 damage in return thanks to Howl.

As thanks, we get an Exp Share. So we can... share the Exp... with our team... :crying:
Turn it OFF for, as Penny's still in the party.

Exiting the woods, we get a cryptic cutscene! Feat. Zinnia..!

On Route 104 again, we get the Wailmer Pail and a Persim Berry from the Flower Shop - now we can start growing Berries to make the Toughest Sunflower Yellow Pokeblocks the world has ever seen! But FIRST...!
We go back to Petalburg City.
Why? Twins.
They can't fight me if I don't have 2 Pokemon in my team. Penny is not a Tough mon :crying: so I can't fight with her, so she needs Boxed before I can proceed.
On the way, pick up a few Pokeballs, Super Potion and TM Echoed Voice.

The Twins "feel sorry for my lonely Pokemon".

Entering Rustboro City, it's May. Again. Ever heard of "Personal Space", woman?

After roaming Rustboro, picking up HM Cut and some other items, a small child offers to trade his Makuhita for a Slakoth.
Sorry, Penny...!
[+] Dijon the Makuhita

Dijon, aka "Makit", the Makuhita - lv 9(m) - Holding X Attack
  • Moves: Tackle, Focus Energy, Sand Attack, Arm Thrust.
  • Brave, likes to thrash about.
  • Has Guts ability.
So, I've only got 2 more chances to get a Tough teammate before the next Gym - Route 116 and the Rusturf Tunnel.
Of course, Blue could handle Roxanne no problem - I just want another teammate, is all.

So, Route 116...
[+] Wisteria the Whismur

Wisteria the Whismur - Lv 5(f)
  • Moves: Pound, Echoed Voice.
  • Lax, good endurance.
  • Has Soundproof ability.
This does rule out Rusturf Tunnel thanks to Dupes clause (until we get Rock Smash, anyway) but it doesn't matter - I'VE GOT A TOUGH TEAM!
With this, the Exp Share goes ON, and we can get training!
Next time - Roxanne!

Reader question - Let's keep it simple. What's your favourite Pokemon type(s)?
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Alba Corbina
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Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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November 13th, 2016, 12:36 am #4

This looks like an interesting idea! Good luck with Roxanne and hopefully you'll start getting better Natures.

QotU: I'm rather fond of Steel types because they resist all the things.
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November 13th, 2016, 7:25 am #5

This is quite a nice way to document this type of run - and my favorite type seems to be Fairy. (Before Fairy, it was Ice.) I like Fairy for how angry they get people, and the idea of fae-like Pokemon tricksters being canon.

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Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
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November 14th, 2016, 3:52 am #6

This is a interesting ruleset. Following, even if i'm the opposite of tough.
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November 15th, 2016, 1:15 pm #7

[+] Replies
@Alba Corbina - Thanks, and I hope so too!
Ah, Steel-Types. Can't beat a good bit of resistance.

@SHSL Ivalice - Thanks! Still going to be tweaking the layout in futureupdates, but as long as people can read and enjoy it, that's fine with me.
Personally I'd like to see more Fairies that actually look like tricksters than assorted balls of cutesy fluff - more Mawiles, basically.

@Hydragon51 - Mate, I'm about as tough as cotton wool. Welcome to the club :xd:
My favourite type would have to be Poison. Pretty tough defensively, they can play a war of attrition with ease, or get stuck right in with some powerhouse moves and a variety of hybrids.

Anyway, on with the show! When the Hoenn gets TOUGH...!
[+] ...The TOUGH Get Badges!
With two Tough Pokemon now on the team :yay: I can go back and fight the Twins, and any other Trainers I missed out earlier. Things go pretty smoothly, with the exception of Lass Haley and her Shroomish :argh: Stun Spore and Leech Seed don't agree with me.

With training done, let's go take on the Gym! :strongth:
[+] Pre-Gym Team Update

Blue, the Mudkip - lv 13 - Holding Oran Berry
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Mud-Slap
Wisteria, the Whismur - lv 12 - Holding Oran Berry
Moves: Pound, Howl, Astonish, Echoed Voice

Blue should be fine on his own, but Wisteria's Echoed Voice may come in handy against Geodude's low Sp. Def.
In any case, I'm leaving the Exp. Share on for this so she'll get experience.
Roxanne's Gym design *drools*
Moving Fossils... Ancient ceramic plates... A "Cease-and-desist" order from Lenora...

Blue handles the minions easily enough - I anticipate all the Geodudes have Sturdy (one or two of them don't) so use Mud-Slap/Tackle to conserve Water Gun PP.
He also grows to lv 14
[+] The Main Event - vs Roxanne

Geodude, lv 12(f) - Nosepass, lv 14(f)
Blue leads off against Geodude.
  • I go for Mud-Slap, getting accuracy drop. Rock Tomb hits back, taking a chunk of HP and Speed.
  • Still outspeeding, I use Water Gun and the Geodude goes down. Wisteria and Blue both grow a level. :xd:
  • Enter Nosepass.
  • Nosepass moves first, getting a Tackle in - just enough to get Blue into yellow and trigger Oran Berry. I respond with Mud-Slap, which does about 20% damage.
  • She Tackles again, and I Mud-Slap. Hoping these accuracy drops come in handy.
  • They do! Her Tackle misses, and my Water Gun takes her into red.
  • Naturally, she heals with a Potion. Two Water Guns will finish it...!
  • Or they should, but I accidentally hit Mud-Slap with my stylus, taking an unnecessary Tackle for my sins.
  • Regardless, Nosepass faints and Blue stands victorious.
Stone Badge GET! Also get TM Rock Tomb!
Leaving the Gym, we spot the Magma Grunt running...erm, I mean, "rigourously marching"... away from the Incompetent Devon Researcher.
Seriously, that kind of movement can't be good for his genitals.

Healing up, we turn off the Exp Share, and grab Mocha from the PC - we got a Cut caddy now! :V:

At the behest of the aforementioned Researcher, we pursue the nefarious Grunt through Route 116.

Along the way, Blue evolves :kowtow: and gains a powerful new move - Mud Shot!

Meet Briney Wrrooooooaaaaaaring about his captured Peeko, and bolt into Rusturf Tunnel.
A standoff with the Grunt inside ends when the game development team realise they can't include this kind of violence in a kid's game.
Round 2 against the Grunt - Wisteria proves her power with a Howl-assisted STAB Pound.

Cutting back through Route 116 (literally) nets us some moar Berries - soon, my dear Pokeblocks...

Upon getting back to Rustboro and healing up, I decide to see how far the game will let me go before I have to visit President Plot-Device... :V:
[+] The answer?
Not very far :wooper: Briney still hasn't returned to his cottage yet.

Also, FYI, Norman will still be waiting in his Gym, and he'll tell you to fight Brawly next. No hug, no "Well done, kiddo". Just work, work, work. Classic Norman.
Back to Rustboro we go, getting out Two Tough Tamatos up to Lv 17 each. :strongth:
Once there, we enter the Plot-Device Corporation building, gettting another Great Ball for Incompetent Dunderhead.
We also get a letter for Steven "Clearly-not-the-Champion" Stone and a Buzzfeed app.
Because who doesn't want to receive hourly updates about "23 Things Every Kindler Actually Does In Everyday Life"!

A Sudden May appears! Jeez, woman! Personal. Space. We talked about this already!
She confirms Briney is in his cottage.
Which means we can go move on!
First I stop by the Mart, to pick up some more Great Balls Also pick up the totally useless TM False Swipe.

Powering through Petalburg Woods again, we hijack hop aboard Mr Briney's boat, and sail on to Dewford Town!

Next time - Potential catches! Potential Gym battles! Potion festivals! And more!

Reader question - Who's your favourite Gym Leader?
Next update might take a while, but it's coming!

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An Omega Ruby Toughlocke Challenge
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[♥]Damn it, Ultra Moon-Moon!
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A Ghost Monolocke through Alola
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Alba Corbina
Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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November 15th, 2016, 8:43 pm #8

Congrats on beating the gym. Hopefully you manage to get a good catch in Granite Cave.

QotU: I think my favorite gym leader is probably Whitney. I love how she's both really cute and utterly terrifying, even if you aren't playing a nuzlocke.
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Indigo League Champion
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December 31st, 2016, 2:16 pm #9

[+] Replies
@Alba Corbina -Thanks! You and me both.
That murdercow still gives me nightmares.

My favourite leader is probably Wulfric. He's so chilled and laidback, despite his "8th Gym" status. And the belly slap is excellent.
Happy Hogmanay, everybody! Hope you all are having a great festive holiday, and all the best for the New Year.

But enough jibber-jabber! When the Hoenn gets TOUGH...!
[+] ...The TOUGH Get Trending!
Fun fact: If you talk to Norman after you beat Roxanne...
[+] Drum roll...
...he tells you to fight Brawly!

Landed in Dewford Town, and immediately start raiding houses.
One fabulous gentleman bequeaths unto me his fabulous Silk Scarf, which I in turn bequeath unto Wisteria!
[+] Spoiler
I also pick up an Old Rod - let's test it out, shall we?
[+] Ruby the Tentacool

Ruby the Tentacool - Level 5(f)
  • Moves: Poison Sting, Supersonic
  • Jolly, thoroughly cunning
  • Has Clear Body ability
Cute nature. This was so worth wasting 3 Great Balls on Least it's not a Magikarp.
Turns out the big thing trending right now in Dewford is... "Potion Festivals"?
Not on MY watch!
Now it is... "Miracle Seed Qualities"!
[+] Have you heard about the Qualities of my Miracle Seed?
Head onto Route 106, see if I have any better luck here. Unfortunately I keep hooking up Tentacools until...
[+] Denim the Magikarp

Denim the Magikarp - Level 10 (m)
  • Moves: Splash
  • Relaxed, likes to fight
  • Has Swift Swim ability.
I TAKE IT ALL BACK. I don't care if it's another Water-Type, Gyarados is a BEAST.
Feeling really lucky now, let's see what catch Granite Cave can give us...!
[+] Granite Cave catch

Plum the Zubat - Level 12 (f)

Plum is Docile, therefore neutral natured. WONDER TRADE! :V:

And we get...

Han the Machop - Level 13 (m)

Han is Quirky - ANOTHER neutral! MOAR WUNDA TRADZZZ :V:

This time it's...

Shamrock the Pansage - Level 4 (m)
  • Moves: Scratch, Play Nice, Leer
  • Calm, a little quick tempered
  • Has Gluttony ability
Aw, Clever nature. I wouldn't have minded a Simisage - gives me some decent Water coverage.
I return to Dewford Town, ditching Shamrock with the other "Caddies" and head straight to the Gym - let's show them who the real Tough guys are! :doyouevenlift:
[+] Pre-Gym Team Update

Denim the Magikarp - Level 10
Moves: Splash
Wisteria the Whismur - Level 17 - Holding Silk Scarf
Moves: Pound, Howl, Astonish, Echoed Voice
Blue the Marshtomp - Level 18 - Holding Oran Berry
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Mud Shot.

I'll be switch-grinding Denim for this Gym, even with Exp Share on - I want my Leviathan, goddammit!
Again, Blue will be doing the brunt of the fighting, since Wisteria has a pretty severe allergy to Karate Chops and the like.
Handily, this Gym has a Fresh Water vending machine - beats not having a Dewford Pokemart.
How will I advertise my Miracle Seed Qualities
Buy 3, just in case.

The Minions are taken care of with little hassle - only one of them actually bothered to use an offensive move, Confusion.
Seriously, for a Fighting-Type GYm, these guys are pretty non-violent.

Also, Blue learned Bide, forgetting Growl.
[+] Eye of the Tiger - vs. Brawly

Machop, lv 14(m) - Makuhita, lv 16(m)
Denim leads off against Machop.
  • Switch into Blue, he Bulks Up.
  • I Mud Shot (Special Attack ), get a Speed drop. He Leers back.
  • I Mud Shot for the KO, then switch out to Denim as Makuhita comes in.
  • Blue comes in as he Bulks Up.
  • My Mud Shot MISSES :ohdear: He responds by Knocking Off my Oran Berry :argh:
  • I risk Mud Shot again - this time it hits, and does half damge plus a Speed drop :yay: He responds with another Bulk Up.
  • Another Mud Shot lands, getting the KO.
Knuckle Badge GET! Also get TM Bulk Up!
(Shame, I thought it would be considered Tough rather than Cool)
Brawly invites us to check out the local tourist hotspot Granite Cave (which we have never been to before, clearly)
Conveniently, his ol' buddy Steven "Clearly-not-the-Champion" Stone is there as well.

Heading back up Route 106, Wisteria gets some much needed training against the Fishermen and Backpacker present.
She does not learn Supersonic though - not Tough enough.

Entering Granite Cave (again), a Hiker Flashes us.
[+] Spoiler
Dat Groudon mural tho... *drool*

Meet Steven, give him his letter. In return we get TM Steel Wing.
...why does he keep dropping hints that he's the Champion?
He's clearly not the Champion. he?

Next time - Slateport! Soda Pops! Stern! Skullduggery! And more!*

* - probably won't be any more than that.

Reader question - So with all the Sun/Moon hype starting to die down (I got Moon btw, if you're interested), I thought I'd ask - what's the thing you've been most hyped up for, in general?

[+] Spoiler
Current Runs

An Omega Ruby Toughlocke Challenge
[UCL] Sages and Mages

[♥]Damn it, Ultra Moon-Moon!
[+] Spoiler
Ghost in the Seashell

A Ghost Monolocke through Alola
[+] Spoiler

Name: Ulfric
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Conqueror of the Viridian Gym
Conqueror of the Viridian Gym
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December 31st, 2016, 3:15 pm #10

My most hyped thing? Final Fantasy stuff. In the new expansion for Final Fantasy 14, there's going to be an Ivalice-based raid series. I Love Ivalice.

Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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January 10th, 2017, 12:35 pm #11

[+] New Year, New Reply
@kururu-chan - Cool!

Most hyped thing for me was probably the Hobbit films, being a massive LOTR fan. It's a shame they didn't quite measure up, in my humble opinion, but still got pretty hyped for it.
When the Hoenn gets TOUGH...!
[+] ...The TOUGH Get Evolving!
With 2 Badges now under our belt, we sail over to the beach at Route 109.
Plenty of trainers around, so the Exp. Share goes back on and the grinding commences!

And then this happened!

Wisteria finally evolves! Plus she forgets Astonish, for the much more powerful Bite!

Clear out the beach, and the Soda Pop house - those'll come in handy!
Also find a Soft Sand on the beach - that'll do for Blue!

Enter Slateport City! :yay: WE CAN START ENTERING CONTESTS! :V:
Or, we can once we get the plot out of the way.

Grab a Soothe Bell, then head to the Market to check out the TMs on sale...
Hone Claws, Confide, Struggle Bug, Thunder Wave.
What the hell, Hone Claws is considered CUTE?!

...okay, fair enough

Before beginning the Search for Stern, we jump onto Route 110 to make a catch.
[+] Route 110 Catch

First catch is "Cobalt", the Bashful Wingull!
Since Bashful is neutral... Wonder Trade, AWAY!

Sapphire the Poliwag - Level 17 (f)
  • Moves: Surf, Hypnosis, Bubble, Double Slap
  • Timid, capable of taking hits
  • Has Water Absorb ability
Great, another unusable Water-Type. Least I got a ready-made Surfer! Promptly boxed.
Off to the Shipyard, where we find Dock but no Stern ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- It's amazing how they've got all this attention to detail with the ship layout and forklift trucks and steel beams and everything
Ahem. Moving on...

Whoa! A horde of faceless men Team Magma appeared!
Pay our 50 bucks for a Museum ticket.
Wait... That's the S.S. Anne theme! Nice touch, GF.

Incompetent Magma Grunt used Fling! TM Thief get!

Meet Stern and hand over parts, just as two more ruffians come to crash the party...
Blue drowns their Numels and Crit-Tackles the Zubat. Simple.

Enter Maxie (who, in my headcanon, will always be voiced by Alan Rickman :crying: )
LAND blah blah blah POKEMON blah blah blah.
[+] Exeunt
After getting "scouted" by Lisia and Ali (definitely not rigged), we get a Contest Pass and Pokeblock Kit, and enter our first ever TOUGH Contest!
[+] Normal Rank Tough Contest

Blue is the obvious choice for entry, having the most Tough moves.

Didn't take many notes on these to begin with, but we came 3rd this time. :cybercrime:

As a consolation, Lisia gives us a Lum Berry - HELLO RENEWABLE FULL HEALS.
Not the best start, but I don't really have to worry about Contests until the Elite Four are in sight, plenty of time.
[+] Contest Pikachu...!
Pineapple the Pikachu - Level 20 (f)
  • Moves: Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Thunder Wave, Meteor Mash/Electric Terrain
  • Sassy, mischievous
  • Has Lightning Rod ability
Named after the famous Pineapple Studios in London. Sadly she can't be used, but I'm not in dire need of an Electric -Type anyway.
*Changed her to PhD-chu just to fit her nature
So, back onto Route 110 - put Denim up front to abuse switch-grinding. I really want a Gyarados on my team before any major battles happen...
Against the various Trainers here and on Route 103:
- Denim FINALLY learns Tackle
- Blue passes on learning Mud Bomb
- Wisteria forgets Echoed Voice and learns Stomp
[+] The Real MVP

Pokefan Isobel. A rematchable Trainer with a Plusle and a Minun.
That's a LOT of free experience for everyone.
Just for the hell of it, we take on the Trick House, using Mocha the Zigzagoon as a Cut-er (Exp Share is turned OFF)
Doing so nets us the Expert Belt (handy) and TM Taunt (not so handy)

And finally...!

Denim hath becoming the Destroyer of Worlds he was born to be!
Also he learned Bite.

I'll round things off here with a quick Team Recap:

Denim the Gyarados - Level 20
Moves: Tackle, Splash, Bite
Wisteria the Loudred - Level 24 - Holding Silk Scarf
Moves: Pound, Howl, Bite, Stomp
Blue the Marshtomp - Level 25 - Holding Soft Sand
Moves; Tackle, Bide, Water Gun, Mud Shot

Next time - May! Mauville! Mayhem! Magma? Maybe!

Reader question - If your Nuzlocke run had a Contest in it, who would you enter and in what category?
[+] Spoiler
Current Runs

An Omega Ruby Toughlocke Challenge
[UCL] Sages and Mages

[♥]Damn it, Ultra Moon-Moon!
[+] Spoiler
Ghost in the Seashell

A Ghost Monolocke through Alola
[+] Spoiler

Name: Ulfric
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Conqueror of the Saffron Gym
Conqueror of the Saffron Gym
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January 10th, 2017, 6:14 pm #12

This seems pretty cool! I'm gonna follow this.
Also, I would enter Wiggy the Beautifly for a Cute contest.

Edit: I would actually put Smithy the Taillow in a cool contest.
[+] Spoiler
Also, check out my run of Volt White 2.

Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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February 21st, 2017, 2:31 pm #13

[+] Replies, Motherfucker
@Woffleshark - Taillow/Swellow get a ton of Cool mvoes, fair enough.
Beautifly would be an interesting choice for a Cute contest - never underestimate a well-timed jamming move that doesn't deduct Hearts!
Oh, this run. No, of course I didn't forget about it. No. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not me.

Anyway. When the Hoenn gets TOUGH...!
[+] ...The TOUGH Get HMs!
With Denim's evolution into the mighty Gyarados, we're in a prime position to take on our greatest rival...

...wait, May? I was talking about Wally! Oh well...
Nothing major to report. Even though Denim doesn't have any STAB yet, Intimidate + Bite + his natural Atk stat proved his power. :kowtow:
Wisteria took a crit Whirlpool from the Wailmer but still dealt with it fine.

Dowsing Machine GET!
Harvest Leppa Berries outside Mauville City, replant Lum and Cheri Berries.

While Wally makes a beeline for the Gym, I take some time to do some sight-seeing!
[+] Mauville City - book your vacation today!
- Buy TM Bulldoze and TM Power-Up Punch at the Mart :yay: also manage to get the much-broken TM Sky Drop too! :V:
- Wisteria forgets Howl for Power-Up Punch, while Blue and Denim both learn Bulldoze - Denim also gets an Expert Belt! :yay:
- Find TM Round, Metronome, Nugget - Acro Bike GET! :yay:
- Enter the Food Court for a Village Sub Combo and win another Nugget! :yay:
- Back to the Mart - buy TM Dragon Tail, which Denim promptly learns. :yay:

SO much for the family to do...!
Denim squashes Wally's dreams (and his Ralts) into a fine paste. Which earns us HM Rock Smash!

Pop over to Route 117 to harvest those all-important Pinap Berries :kowtow: and make a catch...
[+] Route 117 catch

Sable the Volbeat - Level 14 (M)
  • Moves: Tackle, Quick Attack, Double Team, Confuse Ray
  • Mild nature, loves to eat.
  • Has Illuminate ability.
Another entry in the "Caddies" Box.
Arrive in Verdanturf Town - Wally's uncle had invited us over, it would have been rude not to go.
Find a little girl's lost Shroomish - she gives us an Intriguing Rock...
[+] Intriguing Rock

...wait a minute. That's an Intriguing Spock, not an Intriguing Rock!
Buy some Nest Balls at the Mart - given my current Team levels, these will be much more useful than Great or even Ultra Balls.

Turns out Wally's already gone off somewhere.
[+] Where's Wally?
Because we call him WAlly in the UK, instead of Waldo. Answer in spoilers if you spot him!
We can't open up Rusturf Tunnel yet, so back to Mauville we go!
Denim does not learn Dragon Rage :crying: but where we're going, we don't need Dragon Rage! :xd:
[+] Pre-Gym Team Update

Denim the Gyarados - Level 23 - Holding Expert Belt
Moves: Tackle, Dragon Tail, Bite, Bulldoze.
Wisteria the Loudred - Level 24 - Holding Silk Scarf
Moves: Pound, Power-Up Punch, Stomp, Bite.
Blue the Marshtomp - Level 25 - Holding Soft Sand
Moves: Tackle, Bide, Bulldoze, Mud Shot.

An all-TOUGH team, for the first time!
With two team members with Bulldoze, the Gym Trainers fall pretty easily.
[+] Danger, Danger! High Voltage! - Vs. Wattson

Magnemite Lv 19 - Voltorb Lv 19 - Magneton Lv 21
Denim leads.
- I suspect a Thunder Wave or Volt Switch, so I switch in Blue. His Volt Switch fails.
- I Mud Shot - he survives on Sturdy, but with a Speed drop. He Tackles.
- He heals (Super Potion), I Mud Shot again - he survives on Sturday once again.
- Expecting another heal, I Tackle and he goes down. Magneton is up next!
- He outspeeds me and uses... Magnet Bomb. Which does 3HP damage altogether.

Mud Shot oneshots. No Sturdy, either.
- Send in Denim to Intimidate the Voltorb, then promptly Bulldoze him into the dirt. Win!

Dynamo Badge GET! Also get TM Volt Switch
Blue forgets Bide and learns HM Rock Smash!
We can now go back and clear Rusturf Tunnel, and in return we get... Aggronite?!

*Beings fervently praying for a Tough Aron...*

While we're here, let's SMASH some more rocks and get an encounter!
[+] Rusturf Tunnel encounter

Umber the Geodude - Level 15 (M)
  • Moves: Mud Sport, Rollout, Rock Polish, Magnitude
  • Modest nature, likes to relax
  • Has Sturdy ability
Grah! Beautiful nature! Shame, too - the Geodude line is so reliable.
CONTEST TIME! in Verdanturf Town!
Using those Pinap Berries we create some more Blocks and spread them round the team.
Also get TM Attract -_-
[+] Normal Rank Tough Contest

- Denim gets 1st Place in Intro Round.
- Fires off 2 Spectacular Talent - Soaking Blessed Rain to cement his victory!

Super Rank UNLOCKED!

Now, I thought you had to unlock each Contest Rank for every Pokemon you entered, like in vanilla R/S/E.
However, in ORAS it seems once you unlock a new Rank, you can enter any Pokemon in that Rank.
So, let's see if we can get another Rank...

- 4th place in Intro Round (need moar Pinap Berries)
- Gets a Spectacular Talent - Strong Shining Road in Appeal Round, ends up in 2nd Place to a Kecleon. Not bad, considering.

Walked away with some Berries and Lisia's praises! Aw, shucks. :wooper:
Pick up the Team Magma hunt again, and sneak onto Route 111.
Smashing the boulders reveals a Geodude (dupes), so we head on up past the Winstrates (save them for grinding) and onto Route 112
Oh. Hey, May.
HM Strength, neat! Thanks, May!
Wisteria learns Strength - because Pound just isn't good enough STAB.
[+] Route 112 Encounter

Butter the Numel - Level 15 (F)
  • Moves: Ember, Focus Energy, Magnitude, Flame Burst
  • Relaxed nature, often lost in thought
  • Has Oblivious ability
A non-Water Tough Pokemon! :yay: Welcome to the team, Butter!
Give her the Quick Claw and heal her up.
Sneak past the Trainers into the Fiery Path - I'm hoping to find a nice Poison-Type in here...
[+] Fiery Path Encounter

Puce the Koffing - Level 16 (M)
  • Moves: Smog, Clear Smog, Assurance, Smokescreen
  • Careful nature, often lost in thought
  • Has Levitate ability
...sigh. Why can't I have nice things...
Head back onto Route 111 to train up Butter.
Might as well work with what we ha-
The enemy Sandshrew used Magnitude!
Magnitude 8!

RIP Butter Level 15 - 16 :cybercrime:

Well, I guess that'll do for now.
Next update promises to be much sooner than this one was!

Reader question:
So, it's been about 7 weeks of 2017 - how're your New Year's Resolutions coming on?
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Current Runs

An Omega Ruby Toughlocke Challenge
[UCL] Sages and Mages

[♥]Damn it, Ultra Moon-Moon!
[+] Spoiler
Ghost in the Seashell

A Ghost Monolocke through Alola
[+] Spoiler

Name: Ulfric
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Cow Thief
Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
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April 1st, 2017, 11:01 pm #14

If Butter had Levitate, how did magnitude kill him...?
I made no resolutions. I would have broken them anyways.
Good work so far!
Current runs: none as of now

Abandoned runs:
Cow Thief's Skull-Busting Saga!: I'm glad this is abandoned. Please never read this.
Duplicitous: A Platinum Randomlocke: Darn it Desmume
If a snake starts swallowing its own tail, will it eventually turn inside out after swallowing its own head?

Name: Koios
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Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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November 2nd, 2017, 12:41 pm #15

Hey guys! It's been a while... Oh God, nine months?!
Nothing good ever gets produced in nine months... Was that sexist? Maybe a little. Sorry.

Despite what I said last time about "getting the update out sooner", I was offered a contract on an overseas job. Pretty much had to drop everything to do it.
It was an incredible job, and I'd do it all again (hopefully will), but next time I'd like to go with somewhere with a half-decent wifi connection.
[+] Here Be Replies
@Cow Thief - Butter was a Numel. The Koffing I caught was named Puce.
Although a Levitating NUmel/Camerupt would be all kinds of awesome. Get working on that Regional Variant!
And here we go, with a long-anticipated new entry. When the Hoenn gets TOUGH...!
[+] ...The TOUGH Get Off Their Ass and Post An Update For The First Time In Nine Months!
The first thing we do (after depositing Butter the Numel in Valhalla) is... Berry Farming! #agriculture
Planting Pinap and Aguav Berries for Contest purposes #riveting

Moving past the Fiery Path and back onto Route 111 (non-desert) brings us to Aarune - a 25-year-old drifter who has spent the last 11 years "finding himself"...
He gives us TM Secret Power and a Secret Base tutorial. Neat.

New Route, new encounter! In the ash-ridden wastes of Route 113, we attempt to find the Toughest badass creature yet...!
[+] Route 113 Encounter

Beige the Spinda - Lv 15 (F)
  • Moves: Tackle, Copycat, Feint Attack, Psybeam
  • Relaxed nature, often lost in thought
  • Tangled Feet ability
Well, it's a TOUGH nature. But not quite the tour de force I was hoping for.
We battle our way through the ash and soot and Trainers. Here are some of the highlights of Route 113, in case you're thinking of going there on a spring break getaway:
- Collect Soot, TM Double Team and a Max Ether! There's no start to the fun!
- Meet Famous Celebrities! Such as "The Power of Glass-blowing" Guy and the Ironically-named Ninja Boy Lung!

Also, Denim refused to learn Leer.
Good for you, Denim.
Be like Denim.

Arrive in Fallarbor Town to heal, grab Honey, meet Lanette and advance the plot.

There is a Contest Hall here, but I want Beige to have a better moveset before I take it on. Plus, I'm leaning towards replacing her if something better comes along... :fingerscrossed:
Off to Mt Chimney we must hasten!

On Route 114 we get TM Dig and TM Roar. Teach Beige Dig over Copycat, give her some actual power to work with!

[+] Route 114 Encounter

Moss the Nuzleaf is our first catch... But he has a Docile (Neutral) nature.
Wonder Trade to the rescue...!

Lime the Pinsir - Lv 1 (F)
  • Moves: Vice Grip, Focus Energy
  • Naive, takes plenty of siestas
  • Hyper Cutter ability
I got so hyped up when a Pinsir showed up, only for it to be a Cute nature. :crying: DAMN IT.

To get over our disappointment, we harvest some Aspear Berries and stop Beige from learning Hypnosis.


Also Blue forgets Tackle for Rock Slide. YEAH.

Enter Meteor Falls - bound to be something good in here...!
[+] Meteor Falls Encounter

Amber the Solrock
While I would not have minded using it, it's a Quirky (Neutral) nature.
Another Wonder Trade...!

Mustard the Scatterbug - Lv 3 (F)
  • Moves: Tackle, String Shot
  • Adamant, good endurance
  • Shield Dust ability
The second least Tough Pokemon in existence. After Spinda, that is.
Head back to Fallarbor to ditch Mustard, sell the loot to buy Dusk and Dive Balls, then re-enter Meteor Falls for some plot-based shenanigans.

[+] Vs. Tabitha & Magma Grunt
Tabitha's Mightyena Lv 23 (M), Grunt's Koffing & Numel Lv 23 (F)
This was one of Beige's biggest fights, and she was completely underwhelming..
She did tank both a Snarl and a Selfdestructing Koffing (May's Slugma was not so fortunate), but I then spent the next turn healing while May's Grovyle swept both sides with Swagger-boosted Leaf Blade and Fury Cutter.

"We did it!" exclaims May. :wooper: No, May. You did it. *grumblegrumblegrumble*

Enter the man who will become the Pirate King Archie! Tabitha takes Cozmo's meteorite and flees!

As thanks for rescuing Cozmo, he gives us TM Smack Down! I opt to stay and grind rather than teleport ahead for the time being.
This gets the whole team up to Lv 30, plus all the ash nets us a Red Flute - could be very useful for Flannery's flirtatious Torkoal!
- Denim did not learn Twister, nor did Beige learn Sucker Punch, nor did Blue learn Protect.

Teleport with May to Mauville, where we make our way up to the Mt Chimney cablecar!
Here's a quick look at the team so far:

Beige the Spinda - Lv 31
Moves: Tackle, Dizzy Punch, Dig, Psybeam
Denim the Gyarados - Lv 31 - Holding Expert Belt
Moves: Tackle, Bite, Dragon Tail, Bulldoze
Wisteria the Loudred - Lv 31 - Holding Silk Scarf
Moves: Strength, Stomp, Bite, Power-Up Punch
Blue the Marshtomp - Lv 32 - Holding Soft Sand
Moves: Rock Slide, Rock Smash, Bulldoze, Mud Shot
Maxie, we're comin' for ya!

We arrive at the Mt Chimney summit to find... a massive all-Poochyena brawl.
Seriously, is Poochyena the best 'mon you guys all have?

One Grunt says "Douse them in fire!" Ergo, all these Magma Poochyena have Fire Fang. Threatening.

Oh, not you too, Zinnia.

Archie's outnumbered and outmatched. Looks like he really... *puts on shades*... screwed the Pooch on this one.

Tabitha's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, reeeaaally unhappy to see us again.
We beat him no problem - even Beige contributes this time!

Find TM Incinerate

[+] Vs Maxie

Mightyena Lv 25 (M) - Camerupt Lv 27 (M) - Golbat Lv 25 (M)

Wisteria takes the lead on this.
- 2 Swaggers + 2 Persim Berries + 2 Power-Up Punches = A Loudred with max Attack and a Mightyena turned into paste. :xd:
- Camerupt is no problem at all for max Attack Silk Scarf-boosted STAB Strength. :xd:
- Golbat's Confuse Ray, however, is a bit of a problem. :ohdear:
- Blue switches in, to Rock Slide OHKO the 'bat. :V:
Wisteria does not learn Roar.

Team Magma's blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaaain...! *twinkle*
Time to head onto the Jagged Pass for our next encounter.
First encounter is a Numel :crying: WHYYYYYYY BUTTEEEEEEER
While facing off Trainers, Denim does not learn Ice Fang, nor does Beige learn Teeter Dance. Why are none of the best moves Tough?!
[+] Jagged Pass Encounter

Amethyst the Spoink - Lv 20 (M)
  • Moves: Odor Sleuth, Psybeam, Psych Up, Confuse Ray
  • Rash, likes to thrash about
  • Own Tempo ability.
Meh catch is meh. Boxed.
Arrive in Lavaridge Town - get TM Suh-words Dance from Mr Miyagi and the Wynaut Egg (if this hatches into a Tough Wynaut I swear to God...)
Cycle round Lavaridge for an eternity until the Egg hatches...!
[+] Lavaridge Town Encounter (Egg)

Teal the Wynaut is hatched... and she's Docile!
Third Wonder Trade of the update...!

Flaxen the Girafarig - Lv 30 (F)
  • Moves: Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Double Hit, Psybeam
  • Timid, highly persistent
  • Inner Focus ability
Holy crap dat coverage. Shame I can't use her at all. Boxed.
We stock up on Moomoo Milks and Lava Cookies, let's go beat Flannery!

The gym minions predictably fall quickly - the only real damage came from a Kecleon's Slashes. But when you've got two powerhouse Water-Types, it's kind of to be expected.

[+] Vs. Flannery

Slugma Lv 26 (F) - Torkoal Lv 28 (F) - Numel Lv 26 (F)

Denim leads.
- Bulldoze goes straight through the lead Slugma. I switch into Blue for the Torkoal.
- Mud Shot does 75-80% damage. She sets up Sunny Day instead of going straight for the Overheat or Attract. :wooper:
- Another Mud Shot as she heals, followed by a Bulldoze to finish it.
- Numel is next, I send in Beige for the experience. Of course I forgot the sun was up... :ohdear:
- I Dig, missing the Lava Plume (phew!) and getting an OHKO. A stupid error on my part that could've turned out a lot worse!

Heat Badge GET! :yay: Also get TM Overheat!
With that, we're halfway to getting all the Badges. Seems like a good place to wrap up for now!

Next time...!
Don't miss it!

Reader question - what's the best country you've been to? Could be somewhere you went on holiday, or on business, somewhere you passed through, maybe somewhere you live - Let me know!
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Current Runs

An Omega Ruby Toughlocke Challenge
[UCL] Sages and Mages

[♥]Damn it, Ultra Moon-Moon!
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Ghost in the Seashell

A Ghost Monolocke through Alola
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Name: Ulfric
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Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
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December 28th, 2017, 11:46 am #16

That's a very cool idea for a nuzlocke, though it seems pretty frustrating going by your experience so far, haha.
Keep updating this, it was an interesting read.
Sadly i've never been outside my country, Brazil. It's... an okay place.
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geez i'm not that edgy