[1][COMPLETED][♣]Ghost in the Seashell

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January 19th, 2017, 4:51 pm #1

Hi guys! Hazard here, on my most ambitious project thus far - a Ghost monolocke of Pokemon Moon, to be completed and documented on these hallowed forums by the time the Sun and Moon Communitylocke ends.

No pressure, right?
[+] Rules
1. You may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in any given area.
--1a. Dupes clause is ON. If you encounter a Pokémon you already own as your first encounter, you may skip the catch. This applies to the entire evolutionary line. You may keep trying until you find a Pokémon you don't have.
--1b. In the event of a SOS Pokémon being summoned, the player can choose which Pokémon to catch: either the "main" wild or the first "SOS" wild. Chain-defeating SOS Pokémon just to choose the catch is forbidden.
--1c. Pidgey clause variant applies: any scripted encounter that blocks the player from getting other catches may be optionally skipped. So far, the only known encounters of this kind are: Pikipek on Route 1, Makuhita on Route 2 (rustling grass), Exeggutor on Route 16.
--1d. For areas with multiple floors or similar, you are only allowed one catch for the whole area, NOT one catch per floor. If you're unsure how many catches you have in a certain area, feel free to ask.
--1e. Shiny clause is ON. All shinies can be caught and used at will.
--1f. Pokémon encountered before obtaining Poké Balls don't count as encounters.
--1g. Gift Pokémon can stack with catches; each area can yield up to one catch AND up to one gift, but not two catches or two gifts.
Special area clauses:
--1h. Since Trials prevent players from catching Pokémon momentarily, you may disregard all encounters before Trial completion and simply catch your first encounter in the area after the Trial is completed.
--1i. Route 1 counts as three areas; you can get one catch in the Main area, one in the School, and one in the Outskirts.
--1j. The Poké Pelago can be counted as an area. One catch is allowed, the first non-duplicate Pokémon that requests to join (regardless of which species was encountered first).

2. If a Pokemon faints, it's dead and you must permanently box or release it.

3. Give everything a nickname. Your teammates are people, too!

4. Trade evolutions may be performed no earlier than level 30.
--4a. This also applies to item-based trades. Your Pokémon needs to be at level 30 before it can trade-evolve, even if you obtain the item sooner.

5. Super Training (or other EV training equivalents that are different from beating Pokémon to get the EVs) and O-Powers are forbidden. Exp. Share is permitted.

6. Pokémon Refresh is allowed, but if a Pokémon is kept from fainting by the affection boost, it still counts as dead.

7. The Poké Pelago may be used to obtain evolutionary items. You may make additional catches for this purpose, but any illegal nuzlocke catch that has been stored in the Pelago must never be used, and be released upon obtaining the desired item.

8. Ash-Greninja from the demo cannot be imported and used. The items may be imported instead.

9. The event Munchlax can be used.

10. No Wonder Trading. The only allowed trades are in-game trades and trade-evolutions.
And without further ado, let the haunting commence!
[+] Update 1 - Melemele Island
Okay, so by now most of you will be aware of how Sun/Moon starts, so I won't bore you with that.
Meet Prof Kukui - CHECK!
Save Nebby from Spearows - CHECK!
Grab Sparkling Stone and meet Kahuna Hala - CHECK!
Time to get our first Pokemon!

Hoodwink the Rowlet - Lv 5 (m)
Moves: Pound, Leafage, Growl
Lax nature, strong willed. Overgrow ability.

+1 Obtaining a Pokemon (spoiler: there isn't going to be a lot for these)

Introducing Hau, his Popplio, and IMO one of the best rival themes ever (second to Blue's, of course)
Leafage 2HKOs the sealion, and we're good to continue (though Hala does take our Stone away first)

Next evening, Kukui gives us the catching tutorial on Route 1 (Main), along with our first 10 Pokeballs and 5 Potions.
There aren't any Ghost-types along here, and I'm not catching anything unnecessarily (I only need to fill up Pelago if I get a Misdreavus or female Snorunt for their items) so for now I'll just be looting and grinding Hoodwink.

Iki Town Festival - Hau battle number 2!
Hoodwink is level 9 by this point, so no big fuss.
Leafage puts down his team, and we get a shiny new Z-Ring!

The following evening (still not unpacked, mom), Lillie leads us to the Prof's lab, to offically begin our Island Challenge.
Rotom Dex GET! (Shame it's not an actual Rotom, I really need dem Ghosts :cybercrime:
There are Trainers down here, but I avoid them for now - don't want Hoodwink soloing everything and hogging the exp.

Trainers School - we get the Exp. Share! Which would be so much more useful if we had more than one teammate.
Peck is the real MVP at this stage in the game, seriously.
Hoodwink is given the much-needed Quick Claw!
Beat the four Trainers, but used a lot of healing items in the process (that Grimer's Poison Touch :argh: )
Things did not improve with the teacher's Magnemite getting a lucky paralysis off a Thundershock, followed by a flinch-spamming Meowth.
Still, Hoodwink pulled through.
Left with TM Work Up and some Great Balls.

Cut along the Beachfront to Hau'Oli City's Shopping District - grind Hoodwink a little here against some of the wilds, in preparation for the upcoming Trial Captain battle. I already know he has a Smeargle, which in all likelihood will probably be packing Ember.
To be safe, I buy 3 of each X-Stat booster from the PC.
Hoodwink also learns Razor Leaf, forgetting Leafage. He also gains a Heart in Refresh!

Team Skull appears, and they are "hard as bone". lewd
The Grunt I battle only has a Zubat, which unfortunately will not be nearly as manageable later on.
Ilima heals us afterwards, and the Captain battle commences!
[+] vs Ilima

Yungoos lv 9 - Smeargle lv 10
I strike first with Razor Leaf - and it misses. He Leers.
The next two R-Leafs hit and KO him, with Hoodwink taking a Tackle in between.
With Smeargle out next, I anticipate Ember and use an X-SpDef. Instead he Tackles - would've done more in any case, I guess.
He gets one more Tackle in before R-Leaf OHKOs him.

+2 Defeating a Trial Captain, no deaths!
Once night falls, I head onto Route 2 into the Cemetery - better variety of Ghosts at night.

Impa the Gastly - Lv 9 (f)
Moves: Hypnosis, Lick, Spite, Mean Look
Careful, alert to sounds. Levitate ability.

+1 Catching a Pokemon (was hoping for either Drifloon or Misdreavus but hey, a Gengar is a Gengar)

Clear the Graveyard of Trainers and loot
Hoodwink evolved in the process!

Both Impa and Hoodwink gain Hearts as we continue along Route 2, chucking the Team Skull Grunts out of the Berry fields in the process.
It was all going well...

...until Impa took a Confusion from a lv 10 Butterfree and vanished.
Level 9 - Level 14
-1 Losing a Pokemon
I honestly thought Butterfree didn't learn Confusion until at least level 11...

Welp, looks like Hoodwink's going to have to solo the first Trial.
Which, at level 18, kind of sucks due to the lack of challenge.
[+] Verdant Cavern
Get some loot, including an X-Defense.
The Skull Grunts show up again, and are defeated in short order.
The "stooge" Rattata and Raticate are all taken out by oneshot Razor Leafs (the Raticate was a crit)

And now, the Totem Pokemon...!

Totem Raticate lv 12 - Ally Rattata lv 10
I X-Defend. He uses Scary Face, then calls for an ally Rattata.
Totem Bites, Ally Tackles. I flinch.
The Quick Claw activates - Razor scores crits on both, killing the Ally. Totem gets a crit Bite in return, but doesn't call for help.
Totem Bites, I Razor Leaf for the win.

+2 Defeating a Totem Pokemon, no deaths

Get Normalium-Z and some Great Balls from Ilima
Moving onto Route 3, trying in vain to avoid the Trainers there. Kukui sends us after Lillie, and we find her and Nebby in Melemele Meadow

Cha-Cha the Oricorio - Lv 12 (m)
Moves: Pound, Growl, Peck, Helping Hand
Bashful, alert to sounds. Dancer ability

...Is this a legal catch? Oricorio has a Ghost-type form, but I don't think I can get that until the last Island - possibly post-game.
Holding onto him for now, but not training him.

Hau battle on Route 3 takes Hoodwink up to Level 20 - so much for avoiding Trainers.
Fortunately, I manage to avoid the others, run down to the PC on Route 1 (outskirts) to heal and box Cha-Cha.
Time for the Grand Trial in Iki Town!
[+] vs. Kahuna Hala

Mankey Lv 14 - Makuhita Lv 14 - Crabrawler Lv 15
Despite the overleveling I X-Defend. Mankey uses Pursuit (the bane of all Ghost-Types)
I X-Attack, he goes for Focus Energy.
Quick Claw activates - Peck takes him down. Makuhita up next.
QUick Claw activates again but Fake Out cancels it.
Peck destroys him next turn anyway. Crabrawler up next.
I Peck, that gets him to red. He goes for the Z-Move - All-Out Pummeling, which does very little (6 points of damage, total)
A final Peck finishes it. Win!

+2 Defeating a Kahuna, no deaths

Hala gives us Fightinium-Z, and a stamp for our passport
Hala kindly gives us a Ride Pager - which means we can now ride Tauros and visit any blocked-off areas - like Ten Carat Hill!

After eventually finding a Carbink and whittling it down...

Caliban the Sableye - Lv 13 (m)
Moves: Foresight, Night Shade, Astonish, Fury Swipes
Relaxed, very finicky. Keen Eye ability

+1 Catching a Pokemon

Time to catch up on some training - teach Caliban TM Brick Break, and go take on all the Trainers we've previously missed.
Also stop back at Verdant Cavern on the way to pick up TM Thief - some lovely Dark STAB for Caliban!
These two moves prove invaluable against Ace Trainer Makana on Route 3, gaining us a Red Card.

Finally, just to wrap things up on Melemele Island...
[+] Ilima Rematch

Gumshoos Lv 15 - Smeargle Lv 14
Caliban leads.
I X-Defend, he Pursuits - I honestly thought he'd have Bite by now.
I Brick Break, he Leers.
I Brick Break, and then he gives me a heart attack by using a Z-Move...!
Oh, it's just Leer. Z-Leer. No biggie.
Ilima heals up (Super Potion) as I Brick Break again.
I Brick Break, he Pursuits - gets Caliban down to yellow.
Brick Break finishes. Smeargle up next.
I Detect, he Embers - if that's the best he's got, Caliban will be fine staying in.
I heal up (Potion), he Embers again.
He Water Guns, I Brick Break for the win.

Ilima gives us an Everstone for that win.
Whew, that was a massive update. But that is Melemele Island down, three to go!
See you next time!
[+] Team update and Current Points

Caliban the Sableye - Lv 17
Shadow Sneak, Detect, Thief, Brick Break
Hoodwink the Dartrix - Lv 22 - Holding Quick Claw
Peck, Growl, Astonish, Razor Leaf

Points: 8
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Current Runs

An Omega Ruby Toughlocke Challenge
[UCL] Sages and Mages

[♥]Damn it, Ultra Moon-Moon!
[+] Spoiler
Ghost in the Seashell

A Ghost Monolocke through Alola
[+] Spoiler

Name: Ulfric
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January 19th, 2017, 6:11 pm #2

Er... why are you keeping Hearts points, if you're going for Clubs? You don't need points to win Clubs, just so you know :P

Unfortunately, Oricorio is not legal; the area where you get the nectar that converts it to Sensu (Ghost) Style is a postgame exclusive. I'd have loved to get access to that, too, but no luck :(

Sorry you had a loss so early on, but at least there's a good few more opportunities to get a Gastly - or other equivalents! And I mean, someone finished a GRASS monolocke of this game. I'm sure you can do Ghost!

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January 24th, 2017, 8:06 pm #4

[+] Replies From Beyond the Graaaaave...!
@SilverStrangequark - Ah, woops. Must have misread that bit of the rules. At least I don't have to worry too much about getting a full team now, though!

Bah, figures. Just wanted to clarify.

Uh, yeah, about those Gastlys...

@Emperor ServingSpoon - Cheers! Personally looking forward to getting a Palossand on the final team but we'll have to see what's in store!
[+] Update 2 - Akala Island
Akala Island, where we have at least 2 chances to get some more Ghosts...

We make port in Heahea City, meeting Mallow and DAYUM Olivia.
Oh look! Sina and Dexio!
And we're fighting... Sina's Ice-Types. Guess Dexio would have been the easy choice.
Caliban gains a Heart (3) and we get a useless Zygarde Cube.

Skip some of the trainers on Route 4 on the way to Paniola Town, where Hau challenges us with his new Z-Ring!
He doesn't use it, however - Caliban and Hoodwink tear his team to shreds almost instantly.

At this point I decide to test Fightinium-Z on Caliban's Brick Break - not exactly an OHKO move but gives him some much needed extra power.

Onto Route 5 - heeeeeeeeeere's Gladdy!
Caliban handles the fight solo, but I really need to pick up some more X-Defends.

After healing up, it's time for the next trial!
[+] Brooklet Hill
Lapras GET!
Caliban takes care of the "stooge" Wishiwashi with one-shot Shadow Sneaks.

We also accidentally get spotted by a Fisherman - I was hoping to avoid them for future grinding.
But Caliban gained a Heart (4) and a level, so it's all good.

Totem Wishiwashi Lv 20 - Ally Wishiwashi Lv 18 - Ally Alomomola Lv 18
Plan is to use Dire Hit to maximise Hoodwink's Razor Leaf crits, and deal the allies simultaneously.
- I Dire Hit. Totem Growls and calls for Ally Wishiwashi.
- Ally uses Helping Hand, I Razor Leaf - get crits on both - Ally faints. Totem eats his Sitrus Berry, uses Soak and calls for Ally Alomomola.
- I Razor Leaf, get another crit on the Totem and killing it. Ally Alomomola's Double Slap misses.
- Yet another critical hit from Razor Leaf ends the trial. Win!

Get a Rod, Dive Balls and Waterium-Z from Lana!
With that now clear, we head onto Route 6 into Royale Avenue - only to find Skull Grunts with a stolen Drifloon :argh: and a very angry Hapu.
Unfortunately, beating the Grunts does not mean we get to keep the Drifloon :argh: WHERE'S THE JUSTICE.

Instead of doing the Battle Royale, I skip ahead to Wela Volcano Park

Zulu the Cubone - Lv 18 (m)
Moves: Bone Club, Headbutt, Leer, Focus Energy
Bashful, somewhat of a clown. Rock Head ability.

Anti-Salazzle weapon acquired! Plus Alolan Marowak's design is amazing - just needs a Thick Club and he's all good to go!

But first...!
[+] Battle Royale
Caliban's at Lv 25, while the others are all at Lv 19. This should be enough...
The plan? Destroy the Rockruff.
- Rockruff Protects. Caliban still hits with All-Out Pummeling - does 3/4 damage.
- Brionne Aqua Jets Null, who in return tries Tackling Rockruff but fails due to Protect.
- Brionne Aqua Jets Rockruff for the kill. We survived!
Going back to the Volcano Park to search for Thick Clubs, and to get Zulu trained up.
Wait - Salandit can learn Dragon Rage?!

RIP Zulu Level 18 - Level 19 :cybercrime:

NOW I'm in trouble. Nothing on my team can Super Effectively damage a Fire-Type. Using Hoodwink is suicide due to his Typing, even more so with a -SpDef nature.
I thought about using Island Scan to go pick up a Litwick from Melemele Island - would be useful for the Grass trial too - but they only appear in the Cemetery, where I've already made a catch.
Best chance is therefore to overlevel Caliban, and hope that his Attack stat is strong enough to get through Salazzle's meagre Defence.

Let's start the Fire trial.
[+] Wela Volcano Park
Ended up training Caliban to Lv 30 - he's learned Shadow Claw (handy crits), plus he's now got 73HP and a Sitrus Berry, in case he gets targeted by multiple Dragon Rages.

The first Marowak is OHKOed, and he beats the Hiker's Magmar unscathed.
Now comes the hard part - the Suspicious Black Totem Salazzle!

Totem Salazzle Lv 22 - Ally Salandit Lv 20
- Totem uses Torment - a good start! I Shadow Claw - over 1/2 damage. She calls Ally Salandit.
- She Flame Bursts, I Knock Off her Petaya Berry and KO her. The Ally Salandit uses Taunt.
- I Shadow Claw for the win.

...well, that was pretty anticlimatic. I was expecting a lot worse.
Charizard GET! Also get Quick Balls and a Firium-Z.

On th way down, I find the Rock Tomb TM. FFFFFFFF-
The Pokemon Centre on Route 8 stocks X-items. Ya beauty.
Also start using Poke Pelago - maybe I can lure in a Drifloon or Misdreavus...
Question - for monolockes using Pelago, is it just the first non-dupe of our chosen type, or first non-dupe overall?

Since we're here, and pretty well-leveled anyway, let's just get the Grass Trial done.
[+] Lush Jungle
Hoodwink should be in a good place to deal with the Totem quickly. If the Castform comes out, I'll just have to one-shot it before it can set up Sunny Day and Weather Ball me to death.

Find Big Root, X-Attack, X-SpAtk, Super Potion, TM Grass Knot, Hyper Potion, Max Revive, X-Defense, Heal Powder - it really should be a Water trial, with all these red herrings. *ba-dum-tisch*

Not going to make a comment on the whole "Press 'A' to pound" thing. Nope. Nopenopenope.

Here comes one of the "toughest" Totem battles...!

Totem Lurantis Lv 24 - Ally Trumbeak Lv 22
- I X-Attack, Totem X-Scissors (does practically nothing) and calls for... a Trumbeak?
Genuinely came as a surprise - I was expecting a Castform.
- The Quick Claw activates! Hoodwink gets a critical hit Pluck on the Totem, KOing it. Ally Trumbeak Plucks in return.
- I switch in Caliban. Trumbeak crit Plucks - it only does 20HP of damage, I should be fine.
- I Knock Off, he Plucks.
- Knock Off clinches the win!

Grassium-Z GET! Also get 10 Nest Balls.
With all the Island Trials cleared, Kukui gives us TM Smart Strike, and introduces us to his wife - Professor Plot-Device Burnet!

Once we finally get out of the Dimensional Research Lab, we're free to enter Diglett's Tunnel.
Hau and I beat the Skull Grunts no problem, allowing us to cut through Route 9 to Konikoni City!
Find Eviolite and buy TM Shadow Claw!

Enter Memorial Hill - can I get a second chance...?

Caesar the Gastly - Lv 20 (m)
Moves: Mean Look, Curse, Night Shade, Confuse Ray.
Docile, somewhat vain. Levitate ability.

YES! This time, things will be different!

Oh cool, I forgot Phantump could be caught here as wel-
The wild Phantump used Astonish!
Caesar fainted!

RIP Caesar Level 20 - Level 22

After several minutes of anger-driven grinding...
...this happened.
Hoodwink also learns his signature Spirit Shackle.
After giving him the Grassium-Z, and training up Caliban to Lv 34 as well for backup, we're ready to take on DAYUM Olivia.

First though, we need to help the Aether Foundation beat a few Skull Grunts, since Faba can't be bothered battling.
Once Caliban obliterates their Raticate, he invites us up to the Hano Hotel once we beat Olivia - which means I can catch a Sandygast soon! :xd:

Skull Admin Plumeria is a bit of a concern - especially since my current team is 1) susceptible to many of Golbat/Crobat's attacks, 2) doesn't really have the SpDef to take on a serious Salazzle assault, and 3) is SLOW AF.
Beat her for now, but I really need some good coverage before I fight her again.

Enter the Ruins of Life - thanks for the heal, Lillie!
[+] vs. Kahuna Olivia

Nosepass Lv 26 - Lycanroc Lv 27 - Boldore Lv 26
Hoodwink leads.
- I X-Defend (don't want to take a full-force Continental Crush from Lycanroc), she Thunder Waves.
- I Pluck, hopefully breaking Sturdy. She Rock Slides.
- I use a Paralyze Heal, she Rock Slides again.
- I Razor Leaf - it misses -_- She Thunder Waves, but Hoodwink dodges!
- I Razor Leaf, taking her into red. She Thunder Waves.
- We both heal (Paralyse Heal for me, Super Potion for her)
- I Razor Leaf, taking her into low yellow. She Thunder Waves -_-
- I heal, she Rock Slides but Hoodwink dodges again!
- Razor Leaf finally brings it down. Lycanroc next.
- She Bites, taking Hoodwink to half health and causing a flinch.
- I heal, she Bites again.
- She Bites - Hoodwink at half health. I retaliate with Z-Move Bloom Doom, one-shotting the beast!
- Boldore comes out. I Razor Leaf, she Rock Blasts but misses.
- I misclick and use Synthesis. She Rock Blasts... but misses again.
- Razor Leaf for the win.

FINALLY. That damn Nosepass just would not go down.
Rockium-Z GET! Also get a Passport Stamp!

(Swiggity-swooty, even Lillie and Nebby are coming for dat booty)
Fly back to Heahea City, then off to the Hano Grand Resort...

Priscilla the Sandygast - Lv 22 (f)
Moves: Astonish, Mega Drain, Sand Tomb, Sand Attack
Relaxed, highly curious. Water Compaction ability

Found this beauty while chucking Pyukumuku.
JUST TO BE SAFE, I gave her Eviolite.

After this, I go around the Island challenging any trainers I missed out on, including Route Captains and Lana the Trial Captain.
Eventually get Priscilla to a decent level for the next Island, so we head back to Faba.

Off to...Aether Paradise!

Crap. I genuinely forgot about this thing.
I give Priscilla an X-SpDef which, combined with Eviolite and Bulldoze, wears it down quickly.

Next stop is Ula'Ula Island, but that's another story for another update.
Thanks for reading!
[+] Current Team

Priscilla the Sandygast - Lv 34 - Holding Eviolite
Astonish, Bulldoze, Mega Drain, Hidden Power (Fighting)
Caliban the Sableye - Lv 38 - Holding Quick Claw
Shadow Claw, Knock Off, Shadow Sneak, Brick Break
Hoodwink the Decidueye - Lv 38 - Holding Grassium-Z
Spirit Shackle, Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Pluck
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Current Runs

An Omega Ruby Toughlocke Challenge
[UCL] Sages and Mages

[♥]Damn it, Ultra Moon-Moon!
[+] Spoiler
Ghost in the Seashell

A Ghost Monolocke through Alola
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Name: Ulfric
Adopt one yourself! @Pok?mon Orphanage
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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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January 24th, 2017, 8:21 pm #5

Wow gotta go fast
you've done in less than a week what I've done in a month and a half :v

Good luck with Totem Mimikyu and Nanu!
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Fairy Well, Moon Moon

Lily's Moemon Forever v3 Purplelocke
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Emperor ServingSpoon
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Conqueror of the Rustboro Gym
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January 25th, 2017, 7:26 am #6

Well, you'll get one last shot at the Gastly line, at least... Thankfully, that one will come in the form of a Haunter, so hopefully it'll last a little longer than the others! (Though if you're super lucky, you'll get a Mimikyu instead!) Actually, two chances, if you get one through Poke Pelago, I guess.

Regarding Poke Pelago, it's the first one that matches your type. And regarding Island Scan, you're actually still able to get a Honedge from Akala Outskirts (the area after the graveyard and before the ruins) on Wednesdays. Which in my time zone, is today! Eviolite Doublade could be your safest bet for Totem Mimikyu!

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Indigo League Champion
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January 29th, 2017, 7:08 pm #7

[+] Messages from the Ouija board...
@lilygarnet - Here he comes! Here comes Speed Racer!
Not gonna lie, both of those things terrify me :ohdear:

@Emperor ServingSpoon - A Mimikyu would be amazing, especially for Nanu.
I had already made a mental note of when and where Honedge could be caught when Litwick was unavailable, but Eviolite Doublade had not even crossed my mind! Thank you, sir!
[+] Update 3 - Ula'ula Island & Aether Paradise
I've not been on this island two minutes, and Hau's already challenging me to a battle.
Well, at least he's a consistent rival.
Not even his new Flareon can hold a candle to my Ghosts though.

Head into Malie Garden to search for Kukui. Priscilla gains her third Heart while battling the Trainers there!

Holy crap, Alolan Professor Oak!
Which reminds me - Regular Prof Oak would have a field day with Ilima. "Are you a boy, or a girl...?"

Pick up the Weather Rocks. Wait, this kid has a Dusk Stone?! GIMME!

Hapu! Not going to lie, I was convinced Hapu was going to be the Champion, considering how frequently she popped up.

Before I go and do Sophocles' Electric Trial, I train everyone up on Outer Cape and Route 10. In the process, we round up some Stufful, authorise the promotion of an Ace Trainer to a Janitor, and single-handedly prevent Team Skull's nefarious plans to disrupt an otherwise uncluttered bus schedule.
All in a day's work!

Hop aboard the bus to the peak of Mount Hokulani, where we do some final training.

...there's a Z-Trainer on this Route.
I sent out Caliban, hoping a good Brick Break would do the trick.
It didn't.
Black Hole Eclipse!

RIP Caliban Level 13 - Level 41.
I'm devastated. Despite Sableye's meagre stats, he pulled us through some tough spots - not least Kiawe's trial.
Thank you for everything, my friend.

After several minutes of Minior-grinding (ie, baiting them into using Self-Destruct), we challenge Molayne.
Priscilla soloes his team, tanking Sucker Punches and Pursuits from his Dugtrio and Metang.
Once she evolves, she's going to be a BEAST.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait that long!
Priscilla has become the Queen of the Desert!
She also learns Shadow Ball - BOOM.
Swap her Eviolite for Big Root, to make the most of her Giga Drain.

Shortly afterward, it became Wednesday. Which, thanks to Emperor ServingSpoon's insight, means we can fly back to Akala Outskirts and pick up...!

Strider the Honedge - Lv 23 (m)
Moves: Destiny Bond, Aerial Ace, Shadow Sneak, Autotomize
Lax, alert to sounds. No Guard ability.

I've never used an Aegislash as part of a run before - I've used a Doublade as part of a Wonderlocke once, but for some reason didn't take it through to the end.
Teach Strider Brick Break and Shadow Claw, and thanks to Emperor ServingSpoon's suggestion, have him hold Eviolite.

MORE GRINDING! I take on Captain Mallow during this as well, since I'm back on Akala.
During this, Strider evolves into Doublade, learning Night Slash.
Hoodwink also learns Leaf Blade - there are going to be soooo many crits coming from him...

And finally, we head to the Observatory on Mount Hokulani to take on Sophocles' trial.
[+] Hokulani Observatory
Priscilla will be the main player of this trial, given her immunity to Electric. To give her more Bug-squashing power, I taught her Rock Tomb and gave her the Quick Claw.

She handles the Grubbin and Charjabugs unscathed. So far, so good.

Enter the Totem Pokemon!

Totem Vikavolt Lv 29 - Ally Charjabug Lv 27
Given Vikavolt's giant mandibles, I was suspecting he had Crunch, or Bite. Problematic, even for Priscilla.
- I X-Defend. He Bug Bites - ah, the wrong kind of Bite - and calls for Ally Charjabug.
- I Rock Tomb the Totem, who Charges. Ally Charjabug String Shots.
- Ally Charjabug Mud-Slaps - great... - Totem uses Charge. I Rock Tomb - Vikavolt drops into the red!
- Ally Charjabug Mud-Slaps again, but my Shadow Ball hits its mark. Totem Vikavolt is down!
- Charjabug Mud-Slaps, and this time I miss. Time for a switcheroo.
- Hoodwink comes in, takes a Mud-Slap.
- I Spirit Shackle - it misses. He T-Waves - Hoodwink breaks it instantly!
- Spirit Shackle hits the bullseye. Win!

Strider gains his first Heart from the battle.
Electrium-Z GET!
Steelium-Z GET!
Professor's sweaty wrestling mask GE- OH no, no thank you.
Head back down the mountain to Malie Garden and - who is that?
It's a bird!
It's a plane!

Strider handles Guzma's team with ease, thanks to Aerial Ace. For a reward I get Decidium-Z!
And we can get rid of that unwashed headgear. Phew.

The excitement dies down a bit over the next few Routes. I meet Hapu again on Route 12, adding Mudsdale to my Ride Pager.
Apart from that, I pick up some tasty loot, do some grinding against the wilds, and ignore a few Trainers for future grinding purposes.

Once we get to Route 13 (if you can even call it a 'Route' - it's just a puddle with a couple of caravans dotted around), Hau reappears.
Heeeeeeeeeere's Gladdy! to fill in some plot.
Exeunt Gladion and entourage.

With that done, I enter Tapu Village - where we make an unexpected catch!

Aurora the Snorunt - Lv 30 (f)
Moves: Icy Wind, Bite, Ice Fang, Protect
Impish, likes to thrash about. Inner Focus ability.

I thought these could only be caught on Mount Lanakila - proved me wrong!
Hm, -SpAtk nature is off-putting. But she could be really useful against Kahili if she's trained up.

So, I grab some more Pokeballs and fly back to Route 1 - I need at least 45 Pokemon in Boxes before I can start hunting for Evolutionary Stones in Pelago. So I need some recruits.

Behold my new diamond mine employees! (yes, I did catch a Shiny Yungoos)
Since I caught them for Pelago purposes, they are all otherwise illegal catches and will be released once I acquire a Dusk Stone (for Strider) and/or a Dawn Stone (for Aurora).
The Munchlax was carrying Leftovers, which was too good to pass up. In my defence, I would have probably gone Munchlax-hunting with Thief to get them anway.

Back to Tapu Village - head off to Aether House on Route 15.
Priscilla gains max affection on the way! :yay:

There's Acerola - my arch-rival! This archipelago ain't big enough for two Ghost Masters! :argh:

Save Lillie from a Skull Grunt, get some Luxury Balls, and off to Route 14 we go!
TM Shadow Ball GET!

♪ If there's something strange ♫ in the Megamart - who you gonna call? ♪
[+] Thrifty Megamart
Strider will be instrumental in this trial, due to his typing, high Atk/Def stats and Eviolite.
Plan is to spam Shadow Sneak - this will break Disguise early, and since Mimikyu's quite frail defensively, it should be 2HKOed no problem.
If it doesn't, I also have Shadow Claw and Gyro Ball. Let's do this!

Strider oneshots each stooge no problem - Shadow Sneak is fast becoming my favourite move.

Now, the main event! "Seeeeeee meeeeeeeee?!"

Totem Mimikyu Lv 33 - Ally Haunter Lv 27
Strider leads.
- I Shadow Sneak - pop Disguise. She Shadow Claws (78/108), calls Ally Haunter.
- Ally Sucker Punches (does very little), I Shadow Sneak the Totem - not quite enough for a 2HKO. She Shadow Claws (42/108)
- I heal up - not going to outspeed Mimikyu without priority. Haunter Sucker Punches (fail), Totem Shadow Claws (70/108)
- Totem Shadow Claws again (38/108), Haunter uses Hypnosis! Damn! I fall asleep.
- I use another Super Potion - they Shadow Claw and Lick (68/108)
- At this rate, I'm not going to survive long. I use an X-Defend to take the edge off of Shadow Claw. They repeat Shadow Claw and Lick. (42/108)
- One more Super Potion (102/108) - Haunter Sucker Punches (fail) and Mimikyu Shadow Claws (84/108). That'll do for now.
- I use an Awakening - they respond with Sucker Punch (fail) and Shadow Claw (66/108). At this rate, unless they get a crit or put me to sleep, I should be able to weather their attacks and take out Mimikyu with my own Shadow Claw.
- Haunter Sucker Punches, Mimikyu uses... Mimic? Well, works for me! My Shadow Claw takes out the Totem!
- Shadow Sneak KOs Ally Haunter. Win!

In hindsight, I should've switched out to Priscilla once Strider fell asleep - her defense is much higher, plus she's got Leftovers.
I also got really lucky that not one of Mimikyu's Shadow Claws got a crit, since they have a higher crit ratio.
But I won, and nobody died. That's what counts

Ghostium-Z GET! Also get 10 Dusk Balls from Acerola!
With the trial now clear, I can make a catch!

Peeves the Haunter - Lv 29 (m)
Moves: Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Payback, Sucker Punch
Serious, loves to eat. Levitate ability.

Third time's the charm... or is it?
Teach Peeves Shadow Ball, Psychic and Hidden Power. Also give him a Scope Lens.

Time to grind up our two newest members!
Part of our training takes back through Route 12 and Malie Garden - is that the Nugget Bridge gauntlet from R/B/Y?
EVEN THE DIALOGUE IS THE SAME :xd: so much nostalgia.


Since the Ghost trial has been cleared, we're now free to explore the Haina Desert.
Both Peeves and Aurora gain a lot of affection here (sandstorm's great for accumulating Hearts), plus we find TM Dream Eater and Psychinium-Z!
Peeves gets both of these.

I decide to Box Aurora for the time being - in her current state, she's just not keeping up with the rest of the team. Once I find that Dawn Stone, though, I'll get her up to speed.

So, the team as it stands (before we go to Po Town and sort out Team Skull):
[+] Team

Peeves the Haunter - Lv 40 - Holding Psychinium-Z
Moves: Shadow BAll, Confuse Ray, Psychic, Dream Eater
Strider the Doublade - Lv 45 - Holding Eviolite
Moves: Shadow Claw, Iron Head, Shadow Sneak, Night Slash
Priscilla the Palossand - Lv 50 - Holding Leftovers
Moves: Earth Power, Rock Tomb, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain
Hoodwink the Decidueye - Lv 50 - Holding Decidium-Z
Moves: Spirit Shackle, Leaf Blade, Roost, Pluck.
Charge onto Route 15 - Sharpedo GET! Thanks, Grimsley! - then power through Route 16 to Po Town
I'm so glad I can deal with Poison-Types effectively now, thanks to Peeves' bonkers-high SpATk and Speed stats.
And Dream Eater is essentially a free Z-move that doesn't use up Psychic's PP.

Po Town... to make a long story short, Peeves swept everything. EVERYTHING.
Except for ma boy Guzma, of course - Strider took care of him.
Buginium-Z GET!

That was the easy bit. Now comes the hard part...

I arrive back at Aether House to learn that Lillie's been kidnapped while I was running Grunts into the ground.
Heeeeeeeeeeere's Gladdy! To help us get her back.
After getting the whole team up to Lv 50, I meet him at the docks.
But there's one problem in my way. The scariest guy I've fought yet - Officer Nanu, the Kahuna :ohdear:
[+] vs Kahuna Nanu
After losing Caliban to a Dark Z-Move, I am super scared for this fight. The big issue is his Persian - I'm assuming it's got a great SpAtk, and most of my team lacks SpDef. That, plus Technician, is pretty scary. But with a Z-Move? Forget it.
I plan to use Priscilla as a buffer - she's got the best bulk, so I'll load her up with X-SpDef to help take the Z-move, then heal/Drain the Persian away.
Should be fine, right?

Sableye Lv 38 - Krokorok Lv 38 - Persian Lv 39
Strider leads.
- Iron Head oneshots the Sableye. Krokorok out next - I switch to Hoodwink.
- Despite the Intimidation, I still get an OHKO with Leaf Blade. So far, so good.
- Persian's next - I switch in Priscilla. Here goes... :ohdear:
- I use an X-SpDef. He Dark Pulses - doesn't do as much as I thought, plus I heal some back with Leftovers. This might actually work! :fingerscrossed:
- He uses the Z-Move - Black Hole Eclipse - IT'S A CRIT...!
Priscilla had no chance. :cybercrime:
- Hoodwink comes in. He Dark Pulses - does over half. I use Leaf Blade - oneshots the Persian. Win...but at a price.

RIP Priscilla Level 22 - Level 53
...I honestly don't know what to say. I'd never used a Sandygast/Palossand before, but you blew all my expectations out of the water. I'm sorry I couldn't take you all the way to the top. You will be sorely missed.

In hindsight, given how frail Persian is, I should've kept Hoodwink in, and used an X-Speed on him during the Krokorok fight. Even with an attack drop from Intimidate, Leaf Blade could still probably one-shot it...right?
Nanu heals the survivors, and then we're straight off to Aether Paradise - no time to mourn our losses. :cybercrime:
At least Hau came along as well - good ol' meatshields!

Feels good to be fighting a different kind of Grunt - I love the variety of Pokemon used by the Aether Foundation. Breaks the monotony of fighting certain Poison- and Dark-Types all the time.
Peeves is already starting to slow down - I need to hurry and evolve him soonish.
Strider learns Sacred Sword!

Finally defeat Faba and the remaining Aether Grunts - :V: at all the reaction faces! - then get a free heal from Wicke.

Breeze through some Skull Grunts, to take on their boss.

Golisopod Lv 41 - Pinsir Lv 40 - Maquerain Lv 40 - Ariados Lv 40
Strider leads.
- I Iron Head - a crit! He Razor Shells - gets a Def drop.
- I Shadow Sneak, force an Emergency Exit. Ariados comes in.
- Switch to Hoodwink, he Sucker Punches (fail)
- I bait out the remaining Sucker Punches with X-Attack, X-Defend and 2 Roosts.
- He Shadow Sneaks - Hoodwink dodges! Pluck takes him out. Masquerain next.
- Unleash the Z-Move - Sinister Arrow Raid! It's a crit OHKO. Hoodwink levels up and learns Brave Bird!
- Golisopod in next. Switch back to Strider.
- I Night Slash, he Razor Shells. Next Night Slash drops him. Pinsir in next.
- I heal up, he X-Scissors.
- He X-Scissors again, I Iron Head.
- I Shadow Sneak - he survives on 1HP! He X-Scissors.
- Shadow Sneak claims the victory!
Lusamine is all kinds of FUBAR. Seriously.
These UB cutscenes are nothing short of spectacular.
I take back what I said about Hau's theme - Gladion's is pretty impressive.
[+] vs President Lusamine

Clefable Lv 41 - Mismagius Lv 41 - Milotic Lv 41 - Lilligant Lv 41 - Bewear Lv 41

...Okay, I didn't record any proper notes for this fight.
All I wrote down was:
"OHKOs. OHKOs everywhere."
Despite her defeat, Lusamine and Guzma flee into the Wormhole and escape.
Nebby evolves... into the heaviest Pokemon in the Alolan Pokedex.
Seriously, Cosmoem weighs more than 2 Snorlaxes. If it wasn't floating all the time, Lillie would been crushed under its neutron-star-like mass.
Master Ball GET!

Well, that was another massive update.
But we're getting close to the end! The final hurdles are in sight!
Thanks for reading!
[+] Spoiler
Current Runs

An Omega Ruby Toughlocke Challenge
[UCL] Sages and Mages

[♥]Damn it, Ultra Moon-Moon!
[+] Spoiler
Ghost in the Seashell

A Ghost Monolocke through Alola
[+] Spoiler

Name: Ulfric
Adopt one yourself! @Pok?mon Orphanage
Friend code of friendliness!

Emperor ServingSpoon
Conqueror of the Rustboro Gym
Conqueror of the Rustboro Gym
Joined: April 1st, 2015, 10:54 am

January 30th, 2017, 12:24 am #8

Shame to see two of the team fall, but the ones that are left are doing a good job! If you want to evolve Haunter, I can help out with that (just send me a PM). Gengar with Dazzling Gleam would be good for the next trial! Though Haunter's Levitate would make it a better backup option for the next kahuna...

Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
Joined: July 17th, 2015, 11:21 am

January 30th, 2017, 5:15 pm #9

[+] Ghostly Whisperings...
@Emperor ServingSpoon - I'm surprised I've gotten a Haunter this far, given my past experiences with the Gastly line. Speaking of - thanks for the offer, but it's since been sorted!
Okay, here we go - the final hurdles!
[+] Update 4 - Poni Island, and beyond...?
After the bloodshed in the last update, I think we should start things off on a happy note.
So when we dock in Seafolk Village, I make a beeline for the Steelix boat, with the bubbling fishing spot...

Davy Jones the Dhelmise - Lv 29
Moves: Gyro Ball, Metal Sound, Giga Drain, Whirlpool
Lonely, takes plenty of siestas. Steelworker ability.

After reading Hydragon51's Moon Grasslocke I know how much of a powerhouse this guy can be. True, I already have a Grass-Type, and a natural Steel-Type, but there's no arguing with that Attack stat!
Make him hold Leftovers to boost longevity.

Speaking of Steel-Types - there's a Dusk Stone in the Poni Wilds! *insert high-pitched squeal here*
"Now come the days of the King! May they be blessed."
Looks like I'll have to teach him King's Shield to use Stance Change effectively.
Until then, I'll resort to just switching him and Davy Jones about.
Give him Ghostium-Z for some extra Shadow Sneak Shenanigans.


Thanks to Link Trading with "Cass", Peeves has achieved his final form!
Let's face it - a Haunter, even with Levitate, is way too vulnerable at the stage in the game. The extra Speed and SpAtk will go a long way.
"Cass", if you're reading this - thank you again! :kowtow:

With all these new additions to the team, all the Poni Wilds trainers - including a Z-Trainer and a Focus Sash-abusing Oricorio Dancer - are all soundly defeated.

Enter the Ancient Poni Path - there's Hapu's House!
Machamp GET! Courtesy of Hapu's ninja granny.
Peeves gains Max Affection! (About time too, after everything I did for him)

Head along Poni Breaker Coast to the Ruins of Life, where Hau is officially made Champion Island Kahuna.
So, if the Sun Flute was found by the Sun Altar, that must mean the Moon Flute is at...
Exeggutor Island. Wut.

Sail to Exeggutor Island - wait, hang on. If everyone knows where this flute is, how come Lusamine didn't swoop by and nick it too?
I mean, she has a Clefable, and a Milotic could learn Ice Beam - surely Exeggutors aren't a threat to her team?
In any case, Moon Flute GET! Easiest fetch-quest since Oak's Custom Pokeball Package.

Back on the mainland, heading up to the Ancient Poni Path to challenge Hapu.
All of Team Skull shows up - en masse attack!
It's a good thing they didn't do the Grunt Horde battle format from ORAS, don't think I could've swept them all otherwise.
Poisonium-Z GET!
Lillie heals us up yet again. Lilliecare > Obamacare.

Enter the Vast Poni Canyon for the final Kahuna battle - should be a lot easier than Nanu, right?
[+] vs Kahuna Hapu
For this battle, I had Hoodwink forget Roost and learn Grass Knot.
Mudsdale is very slow, will likely know Payback or something. Even a crit Leaf Blade might not take it down. So, Grass Knot instead.

Dugtrio Lv 47 - Flygon Lv 47 - Mudsdale Lv 48 - Gastrodon Lv 47
Hoodwink leads.
- She sets up Sandstorm, I Leaf Blade - it misses. Stupid Sand Veil...
- She Sucker Punches, I Leaf Blade - KO! Flygon next.
- I heal up as she Dragon Breaths.
- Another Dragon Breath. I Leaf Blade - just about half.
- I heal again, she gets a crit Dragon Breath - nothing too major. Sandstorm ends.
- She Dragon Breaths, I Leaf Blade and KO. Mudsdale next.
- Grass Knot is a clean oneshot KO! Gastrodon next.
- Leaf Blade crit KO! Win!

Groundium-Z GET! Also find a Max Potion lying around.
Decide to reteach Roost over Grass Knot.
All the Kahunas have been defeated, but there's still a trial to complete.
But we're in a pretty strong position - here's the current team!
[+] Team

Davy Jones the Dhelmise - Lv 40 - Holding Leftovers
Gyro Ball, Anchor Shot, Giga Drain, Shadow Claw
Strider the Aegislash - Lv 57 - Holding Ghostium-Z
Sacred Sword, Iron Head, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw
Peeves the Gengar - Lv 57 - Holding Psychinium-Z
Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Hidden Power Grass
Hoodwink the Decidueye - Lv 59 - Holding Decidium-Z
Leaf Blade, Spirit Shackle, Roost, Brave Bird
Into the Canyon we go!
- The first Trainer has a Torkoal and an Arcanine, and I realise just how vulnerable to Fire my whole team is. Incineroar is going to be fun...
- Davy Jones gains some affection!
- Find TM Dazzling Gleam for Peeves. Also get Fairium-Z from Mina - best trial captain ever.
- Lillie used ExtremeSpeed! It's super effective!
- Strider gains max affection!

After the final Veteran gauntlet, more Lilliecare, then it's time for the final trial.
[+] Vast Poni Canyon Trial Site
Peeves has Dazzling Gleam and a Fairinium-Z. This should be no problem.

Find TM Dragon Claw, beat the stooges easily.

Totem Kommo-o Lv 45 - Ally Scizor Lv 32
Peeves, do your thing!
- Totem Protects, I use Z-Move Twinkle Tackle - get him into low yellow. He calls for Ally...Scizor?! Colour me surprised.
- I Dazzling Gleam, bring down the Totem. Ally Scizor uses Pursuit, the cheeky devil! Cursed Body kicks in and disables it.
- Instead of switching out, I just go for a Shadow Ball. It KOs. Win!

Dragonium-Z GET!
We've reached the Altar of the Moone with Lillie and Hapu.
More Lilliecare!
*plays Ocarina of Time medley on Moon Flute*
Lunala appears!

It's our boy, Guzma!
Dude, try catching them with a Pokeball instead of your bare hands. Jeez.
Damn, Lillie's got spunk. And balls.
At least it's not the chest-bursting kind of alien...
[+] vs NihiLusamine

Totem Clefable Lv 50 - Totem Mismagius Lv 50 - Totem Milotic Lv 50 - Totem Lilligant Lv 50 - Totem Bewear Lv 50
Davy Jones leads.
- She Cosmic Powers, I Anchor Shot - into low yellow!
- She Moonlights, I Anchor Shot. I do more damage than she heals up.
- This repeats 3 more times until she eventually faints. Mismagius next. I send in Peeves.
- She Pain Splits - not much. I Shadow Ball - KO! Milotic next, I send in Hoodwink.
- She Safeguards. I Leaf Blade - crit KO! Lilligant next, Peeves goes back in.
- Sludge Bomb is a clean(?) KO. Bewear next, I send in Strider.
- I Sacred Sword, she Pain Splits. Hmm... I switch in Hoodwink.
- Another Pain Split - not too much damage.
- I Brave Bird - get a crit! She Pain Splits - another Brave Bird should do it...
- She Baby-Doll Eyes - Hoodwink dodges! Goes for the Brave Bird - she survives on 1HP. Aaarrgh! :argh:
- She Baby-Doll Eyes, I Leaf Blade - DIE ALREADY! Win!
After exiting the Wormhole safely, there's one more bit of business to attend to...
Master Ball, GO!

Tsukuyomi the Lunala - Lv 55
Moves: Moongeist Beam, Cosmic Power, Night Daze, Shadow Ball
Hardy, takes plenty of siestas. Shadow Shield ability.

Currently in two minds whether or not to use him. I guess we'll see.

Lillie's whole goodbye... :crying:
A wild Nanu appears!
If the guy who killed your best 'mon asks if you want a lift, do you turn it down? NOPE.
Arrive back in Tapu Village on Ula'Ula Island.
Decide to box Tsukuyomi for now, and get everyone to at least Lv 60, before heading up Mount Lanakila.

*insert training montage here*

Here we go, with our first challenge on Mount Lanakila...
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Z-Powered Gladdy!
[+] vs Gladion

Crobat Lv 52 - Weavile Lv 52 - Lucario Lv 52 - Silvally Lv 53
Davy Jones leads.
- I switch into Peeves as he Acrobatics. Ouch.
- He Acrobatics again - only 20HP left! I Psychic - Crobat down! Silvally next, I send in Strider.
- I heal up Peeves as he Crunches.
- He Crunches again, I Sacred Sword... strange, why is that not Super Effective?
- I Switch in Hoodwink as he X-Scissors.
- He Crunches - gets Def drop - I Leaf Blade. Not very effective... He's a fricking Fire-Type, isn't he...
- Send in Strider again as he X-Scissors. If he's not used a Fire-attack yet, then Crunch has to be his best attack, and I can take a non-STAB Crunch or two.
- I heal up Strider, he Crunches. If he's a Fire-Type instead of Normal...
- I Shadow Sneak - it's a crit! Silvally down - that was pretty close! Weavile next. Send in Peeves.
- I Dazzling Gleam, OHKO! Lucario next, send Strider back in.
- He Metal Claws, I Sacred Sword - this time it's a oneshot! Win!

Max Elixir GET! I'm gonna need a lot more Potions...
So we're free to proceed up the Mountain - ie, the easiest Victory Road since Johto.
- I. Hate. Absols.
- Reach the Pokemon Centre at the summit and heal up.

After much debating, I'm going to add Tsukuyomi to the team after all.
It's a legit catch, and there's no rules regarding Legendaries, so that should be cool.
Plus, at the time of writing, I still haven't found a Dawn Stone in Pelago, and I really need an Ice Beam for Kahili...
However, I'll be using the following handicaps:
- no held item
- no affection OF ANY KIND. E.g., if it gets poisoned, I'll use an Antidote rather than Refresh.

So, do one last bit of grinding, gather some Heart Scales, and take a final trip to Route 1 to pick up some X-items and rob some Grimers for a Black Sludge...
[+] The Pre-E4 Team

Davy Jones the Dhelmise - Lv 64 - Holding Leftovers
Shadow Claw, Anchor Shot, Giga Drain, Phantom Force
Our counter against Olivia. That attack stat is simply monstrous, and STAB Giga Drain is nothing to sniff at either.

Tsukuyomi the Lunala - Lv 65
Moongeist Beam, Cosmic Power, Ice Beam, Moonblast
Cosmic Power should give us the bulk needed for any Supersonic Skystrikes. Ice Beam is pretty self-explanatory.

Strider the Aegislash - Lv 65 - Holding Ghostium-Z
Sacred Sword, Iron Head, Shadow Sneak, King's Shield
Main counter for Acerola, thanks to Shadow Sneak. King's Shield and Stance Change is amazing, it's no wonder Aegislash is so popular. I've been converted!

Peeves the Gengar - Lv 65 - Holding Back Sludge
Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam
Peeves is our main answer to Hala, with his blistering Speed and SpAtk making the most of Psychic and Dazzling Gleam. I'm a little concerned about Hariyama and Knock Off, but since it's not STAB it shouldn't be too serious.

Hoodwink the Decidueye - Lv 65 - Holding Scope Lens
Shadow Claw, Leaf Blade, Roost, Brave Bird
Our emergency back-up. Max Affection + Scope Lens + STAB attacks with high crit ratios = "Critical Hit" Drinking Game
Time for a test run.
[+] vs Hau

Raichu Lv 53 - Flareon Lv 53 - Komala Lv 53 - Primarina Lv 54
Davy Jones leads.
- He Psychics, I Shadow Claw - KO! Flareon next, I switch in Hoodwink.
- I Shadow Claw - it's a crit, but he survives on 1HP! :ohdear: He Charms.
- I Leaf Blade - it's also a crit, but it makes no difference at 1HP. Komala next, I send in Davy Jones.
- He Sucker Punches, I Giga Drain. Hm, that's not doing a lot...
- Switch to Peeves, anticipating another Sucker Punch. Instead, he Shadow Claws - puts me waaay into yellow. OUCH!
- I Sludge Bomb, finish him off. Primarina in next, and just to be true to the "rival" background, I send in Hoodwink.
- Leaf Blade crit oneshots. Win!

Davy Jones gains his 4th Heart in affection.
True to form, Hau gives us a Max Revive. I've said it before - at least he's consistent.
Kukui greets us at the League Building - he even notices we have Tsukuyomi the Lunala on our side!
Reminisces about his Kanto League days - did he beat Lance after all or...?

Anyway, enough idle chit-chat!
Who's going to be our first E4 challenge?
[+] vs Elite Four ???
...it's DAYUM Olivia!

Relicanth Lv 54 - Carbink Lv 54 - Golem Lv 54 - Probopass Lv 54 - Lycanroc Lv 55
Davy Jones leads.
- She Yawns, I crit Anchor Shot - not enough to kill, but enough to heal.
- She Full Restores, I Giga Drain - KO! Was anticipating Sturdy Relicanth... Davy Jones falls asleep. Lycanroc is next, I switch to Hoodwink.
- Leaf Blade crit KO! Carbink next, I switch back to the sleeping Davy Jones.
- I sleep through her setting up Reflect, but he wakes up through affection at the end of the turn
- I Anchor Shot, get her into red. She Moonblasts.
- She Full Restores, I Anchor Shot again.
- Anchor Shot kills. Probopass next.
- I use Phantom Force and vanish. Her Thunder Wave misses. End of Reflect.
- Phantom Force hits. She Thunder Waves, Davy Jones breaks paralysis.
- Anchor Shot gets her into red, she Thunder Waves again.
- She sets up Sandstorm as I Shadow Claw, KO. Golem next, I send in Strider.
- I Iron Head, get a flinch.
- I Sacred Sword, get her into red! She Thunder Punches.
- Shadow Sneak for the win!

One down, three to go!
[+] vs Elite Four ???
Number 2... is Hala!

Hariyama Lv 54 - Primeape Lv 54 - Bewear Lv 54 - Poliwrath Lv 54 - Crabominable Lv 55
Peeves leads.
- I Psychic, he Knocks Off - WOW THAT DID WAY TOO MUCH :ohdear: Peeves has 6HP and no BlackSludge...
- I switch in Strider, he Knocks Off. Much more manageable.
- I use King's Shield, block Knock Off and get Attack drop!
- I heal up Peeves as he Knocks Off again.
- I go for a Shadow Sneak - finish off Hariyama! Primeape next, Peeves goes back in.
- I Psychic - oneshot! That's the way to do it! Bewear up next, back to Strider.
- I King's Shield, block Brutal Swing and get Attack drop. Surely Shadow Claw would've been moe useful than Brutal Swing...?
- I Heal Strider as he Swings again.
- I go for Sacred Sword - doesn't do half, damn Fluffy. He Swings again.
- I King's Shield, block another Swing and get another Attack drop.
- Switch in Tsukuyomi. He Brutal Swings, but at -4 it's not threatening.
- I Moonblast, finally bring him down! Crabominable next, send Strider back in.
- Iron Head is a clean KO. Poliwrath next, I send in Davy Jones.
- He Waterfalls, does very little. I get a crit with Giga Drain, earn it all back.
- He Waterfalls again, my Shadow Claw defeats him. Win!

♫ We're halfway there...! ♪
[+] vs Elite Four ???
Number 3... Kahili!

Skarmory Lv 54 - Crobat Lv 54 - Oricorio Lv 54 - Mandibuzz Lv 54 - Toucannon Lv 55
Tsukuyomi leads.
- I set up Cosmic Power, she Steel Wings.
- Another Cosmic Power, she goes for Spikes.
- Third Cosmic Power, she Steel Wings again.
- I Moongeist Beam - Skarmory is down! Ah, I love bypassing Sturdy... Mandibuzz next.
- I Moonblast, get her into yellow. She uses Punishment - doesn't quite get me down to half!
- Moonblast finishes her. Toucannon next.
- I Heal up, anticipating the Z-Move. Sure enough, she uses Supersonic Skystrike... it does peanuts.
- My Ice Beam interrupts her Blast Beak and KOs Toucannon. Crobat next.
- She Air Slashes, I Ice Beam and KO. Oricorio up next.
- She Air Slashes, gets the flinch.
- She Air Slashes again, this time I go for Moongeist Beam. KO! Win!

Only one E4 member left...
[+] vs Elite Four ???
Of course Acerola was last - as a rival Ghost Master, she's our biggest threat!

Sableye Lv 54 - Drifblim Lv 54 - Dhelmise Lv 54 - Froslass Lv 54 - Palossand Lv 55
Peeves leads.
- I Dazzling Gleam - OHKO! Palossand next, switch to Davy Jones.
- I Giga Drain, it does over half... CRAP I FORGOT THE ELITE FOUR HAVE Z-MOVES :ohdear: She uses Never-Ending Nightmare...!
RIP Davy Jones... :crying: I send in Hoodwink
- Leaf Blade gets a crit revenge kill. Froslass next, switch in Strider.
- My Shadow Sneak oneshots her! Dhelmise next WHY. IT'S TOO SOON. Send in Peeves.
- I Shadow Ball - it's an instant crit kill. Drifblim next, send in Hoodwink.
- I Shadow Claw, get another crit and kill it, taking some Aftermath damage.
Win... at a price.

RIP Davy Jones Level 29 - 65
I admit it - I dropped the ball and made a stupid mistake. I knew Palossand's SpDef wasn't as good as its physical bulk, but there were other SpAtkers on my team who could've done the job better.
I'm sorry, Davy. Thank you for getting us this far.
Finally, the hour is upon us. I heal the team up, and make our way to the Champion's throne...

We've earned our title.

Now we have to defend it.
[+] The Final Showdown

Lycanroc Lv 57 - Ninetales Lv 56 - Braviary Lv 56 - Magnezone Lv 56 - Snorlax Lv 56 - Incineroar Lv 58
Hoodwink leads.
- He sets up Stealth Rock, I Leaf Blade - crit KO. Braviary next, switch in Tsukuyomi. (S-Rock damage)
- I Cosmic Power, he sets up a Tailwind...
- I Cosmic Power again - he Whirlwinds, damn! Hoodwink is dragged out. (S-Rock damage)
- Send Tsukuyomi back in (S-Rock damage), he Whirlwinds again! This time it's Peeves (S-Rock damage)
- Right, I need to take the bull by the horns. I Sludge Bomb - it does over half. He Whirlwinds into Tsukuyomi (S-Rock damage)
- I Ice Beam, take him out. Next up is Incineroar... Oh dear... :ohdear:
- I Moonblast - doesn't even do half. He uses Darkest Lariat - Tsukuyomi is down.
RIP Tsukuyomi :cybercrime: Send in Strider (S-Rock damage)
- I King's Shield - HE GOES FOR Z-MOVE: INFERNO OVERDRIVE...! But it doesn't do over half. Hang on - where's the Attack drop...?
- I heal up Strider, I should be okay for now. He uses Flare Blitz - Strider's down to 36 HP! WHAT.
- I heal up Strider - maybe it was a crit, or he just got lucky. He Flare Blitz's again - NOPE THAT IS THE ACTUAL DAMAGE.

I think... then I check how fast Incineroar is. Base 60 Speed? That's quite slow.
How about Aegislash... The same, Base 60?
Then if I'm a higher level... and considering all the recoil he's taken from 2 Flare Blitz...

- I risk it, go for Sacred Sword... I OUTSPEED! Incineroar is down! :kowtow: ALL HAIL STRIDER. Snorlax is next.
- I King's Shield, blocks High Horsepower and gets Attack drop.
- I switch in Hoodwink as he High Horsepowers again.
- I Leaf Blade, getting a crit but no KO. He Crunches, gets the Defence drop.
- I Crit Leaf Blade again, finshing him off. Ninetales up next, send in Peeves. (S-Rock damage)
- I crit Sludge Bomb KO! I've been really lucky with crits this battle... Last up is Magnezone, I send in Strider. (S-Rock damage)
- I heal up as he Thunderbolts - that did a good amount.
- I Sacred Sword - it gets him into yellow! He Thunder Waves - Strider dodges it!
- Might as well end things in style - I go for Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare...!
- Magnezone is down! WE'VE DONE IT! :yay:

RIP Tsukuyomi Level 55 - Level 66
Well, as the most recent team member, you did very well. I'm sorry I got you killed.
[+] Hall of Fame

Strider the Aegislash - Level 67
Peeves the Gengar - Level 67
Hoodwink the Decidueye - Level 68
[+] The Hall of the Fallen

Davy Jones the Dhelmise
Tsukuyomi the Lunala
Caliban the Sableye
Priscilla the Palossand
Zulu the Cubone
Impa the Gastly
Caesar the Gastly
[+] Honourable Mention

Aurora the Snorunt
A few more words:
- Thanks to SilverStrangequark and Geo for organising this Communitylocke!
- Thanks to Emperor ServingSpoon for his advice and help!
- Thanks to "Cass" for helping me evolve Peeves!
- Thanks to Nuzlocke for creating the challenge we all know and love...
- And, not least of all, thank you for reading!
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Unova League Champion
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January 30th, 2017, 6:25 pm #10

Dude, if you wanted to evolve your Gengar you could've just asked anyone of us to link trade! :P

That aside, wow, despite every single death you pulled through pretty well. It's a shame you lost your Froslass chance and then Palossand, but somehow you made it through and you don't seem to have suffered much from your losses, team-wise. Well done, really!

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Conqueror of the Lavaridge Gym
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February 1st, 2017, 8:15 pm #12

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