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Diplomatic Application for European Union

Joined: 6:33 PM - Jul 26, 2016

6:41 PM - Jul 26, 2016 #1

Name: Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Lord Eric Hitchens (The Empire of Inimicus)
Region Representing: European Union
Number of Nations Within Region: 127
Is an Embassy Wanted?: Yes
Link to your region's forums: Forums
Link to your nation within the region you're representing: The Empire of Inimicus (Embassy would be maintained by the European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs)

Have you ever been convicted of crime(s) in another region? (Please specify what crime and in what region): None
Have you been involved in military actions from another region or organisation? (i.e. FRA missions, Another region's military, etc.): None

Joined: 6:18 PM - May 29, 2014

6:46 PM - Jul 26, 2016 #2

Approved by the Foreign Office, awaiting an administrator to grant you masking. Welcome! :)