Europeia Commended

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3:24 AM - Oct 23, 2017 #1

To my fellow Europeians, and NationStates denizens,

The Republic is humbled. The Security Council of the World Assembly has decided to honour us with a Commendation, and it can only be described as a gift that we accept with great humility.

We have always worked to ensure that Europeia, and NationStates as a whole, is an enjoyable place. We didn’t set out on our journey with a Commendation as a prize, we set out to ensure that our citizenry had a home they could call welcoming, active, independent, and community-driven; a place of excellence, and a benchmark for others to follow.

It is a journey that has not always been easy. We have been through devastating trials and tribulations. But you can’t get a rainbow without the rain, and the journey wouldn’t have been quite as important without the obstacles.

Europeia’s Commendation, we hope, will encourage other regions to fight through the difficult times they may face, but always only with the best interests of your region-mates at heart. Your region can still become a haven of excellence with fantastic community spirit if you live by the idea that hard work will always pay off, and that taking care of your community will ensure its growth.

As the Minister responsible for World Assembly matters in Europeia, I honestly cannot thank the author, Ever-Wandering Souls, and the nations of the Security Council enough for bestowing this real honour on us. But more importantly, I want to thank the people of Europeia for making this region the powerhouse it is today. Europeia can only thrive as long as you work to make it happen, and you honestly have been fantastic. I am so proud to be counted as a citizen of Europeia, and to be counted as a member among some of the finest nations to grace the NationStates sphere.

Minister of World Assembly Affairs