Europeia Celebrates Treaty with Kantrias

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Europeia celebrates treaty with Kantrias
Written by JayDee

(September 3, 2017) Minister of Culture Monkey officially announced the opening of the Festival of Marigold. The festival is a special event to commemorate the recent passage of the Treaty of Marigold between Europeia and Kantrias. The treaty was passed following years of hiatus from a region that once stood strong as a pillar of NationStates. We as Europeians are proud to once again call this great region our ally and our friend.

In his speech opening up festivities, Monkey highlighted the strong friendship that once stood between Kantrias and Europeia. A friendship that we hope may be restored once more after years of being apart. “[T]his region that many of us considered a friend, and some even called home, fell into the unforgiving arms of inactivity. It was with great pain that we repealed the treaty with such a reliable friend, and with great elation that we restore the treaty to its former glory.” Monkey also pointed out the similiarities between our two great regions, praising the treaty and the fruitful rewards it will reap. “Kantrias is a region that shares many characteristics with our people. I hope that through this joint cultural venture, we can show the strength of our collaboration and friendship.”

Kantrias is a region heavily based in roleplay. In respect of Kantrian culture and their society, Europeia will be holding its own little twists of games and roleplays centered around Kantrian themes and culture. Culture Minister Monkey announced that the festival will includes loads of games, including a Murder Mystery, avatar contest, caption contest, story building contest, and more. There are no shortage of games and activities for people to take part in. Following the main events, the EBC Radio will also be hosting a show alongside members from Kantrias to reflect on the strong bond between our two regions and the history that we share.

On behalf of the EBC, I hope everyone has a wonderful time during this amazing celebration. Kantrias always has been and always will be a reliable partner and friend to Europeia. I personally look forward to the restoring of this once prosperous relationship between our two great regions.