M-77A Flame Tank

M-77A Flame Tank

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A standard M-77A patrolling the perimeter of a Volzgradien Imperial Army base.

Classification: Assault and Infantry Support Flamethrower Tank
Users: Volzgradian Imperial Army, Volzgradian Imperial Militia, Volzgradian Hussar Guards
Wars: Rynibar Conflict, Aziast Revolt, East Pacific Campaign
Designer: Vasili Ravenkov
Designed: 1976
Modernized: 1995

Manufacturer: Ravenkov Military Industries
First Combat Use: 1979
First Prototype: 1976
Produced: 1977-Present
Numbers Produced: 9,500
Weight: 54.2 tons
Length: 9.09 meters
Width: 4.01 meters
Height: 2.67 meters
Crew: 4 (Commander, Gunner, Driver, Engineer)
Countermeasures: "Talyevnoy" Active Protection System (utilizes a multi-function Doppler Radar and advanced computer to locate and track incoming projectiles. Once the threat is located and approved, a counter-munition missile is launched to intercept the oncoming missile .)
Targeting Electronics: Stankov Mk.I Fire Control Computer (utilizes and computes Crosswind Sensors, Lead Angle, Range to Target, Barrel Temperature, Ammunition Temperature, and Air Temperature)

Armor: Chobham Composite Armour, Explosive Reactive Armour (modernized)
Primary Armament: "Fafnir" Heavy Flamethrower
Secondary Armament: (2x) 30mm ASG-17 Grenade Launchers (co-axial), (1x) Kord 12.7mm Heavy Machine Guns (Pintle Mounted), (1x) 9M123 Khrizantema ATGM Launcher (Pintle Mounted)
Ammunition Storage Systems: Internal Fuel Tank (mounted in an enclosed, fire proof compartment below the turret ring).
Fuel (Ammunition): 1450 Liters
Ammunition (Secondary): 800 12.7mm rounds, 800 30mm Grenades, 5 Missiles (HEAT or Thermobaric Warheads)
Engine: SHTE-4000 Multi-fuel engine
Transmission: Vladimir DDA X-1000-3b
Horsepower: 1200 hp
Power/Weight: 24.9 hp/tonne
Fuel: Diesel
Suspension: Torsion bar
Ground clearance: 0.55 m
Operational Range: 480 km
Speed: 59km/h (road), 38km/h (off-road)
Cost: $3.9 Million USD

Fafnir Heavy Flamethrower:

Barrel Length: 4.82 meters
Fuel: Napalm
Effective Range: 70 meters
Maximum Range: 120 meters
Fuel Feed System: Pressurized fuel is pumped from the fuel reservoirs into the barrel. A small pilot flame located in the inside of the barrel ignites the pressurized napalm as it exits the gun barrel.
Primary Usage: The Fafnir is particularly effective against infantry in both entrenched or open positions. The flamethrower can be effective against armoured vehicles if the napalm can flow into open hatches, vision ports, or penetrated sections of armour.

Optional Equipment:

- Type 2 Dozer Blade
- Upgraded Command and Control Electronics System