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Kaida Class SSV

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I realized I haven't posted here in forever, so I'm throwing this up for fun. All the stats are derived directly from the wargame it was statted in, mostly. Also the pic is slighly inaccurate, but I am very sick of drawing for now.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v127/ ... /Kaida.png

Kaida Class Space Superiority Vessel
Length: 225m
Width: 105m (habitats)
Mass: 36,000 metric tons
Crew: 35 Officers, 315 enlisted, 20 marines, 1,000 construct (AI, expert systems, ect)
Consumables: 160 days (x24 hours)
Small Craft: 2 SSTO shuttles
Power: 2 gigawatt class fusion plants
Costruction Cost: 166 billion

Engines: 4x AM boosted fusion torch
Thrust: 440MN each
Total Delta-V: 87,000 km/s
Maximum Accel: 49m/s^2 (5g)
FTL System: Triple tandem military flash drive
FTL Velocity(G2 type star): 180c

2x 3 meter fixed ultraviolet free electron lasers
Range: 20,000km
Output: 700MW
Firing Mode: Pulsed beam

6x 1 meter ultraviolet free electron lasers
Range: 7,500km
Output: 400MW
Firing Mode: rapid cyclic pulse

6x 4 tube rapid firing missile launchers
Maximum Range: 20,000km
Standard Warhead: Kinetic
Ammunition: 120 rounds

60cm Fullerene hull armor
Internal fullerene armor covering all major systems, including main lasers, engines, and flight deck (bridge)
2nd generation Electronic Warfare system; radar blinders, missile decoys, ECCM, ect

The Kaida type of heavy space combatant was designed to counter the large heavily armored "cruisers" of the Larrin space fleet. The Matan Space Army had long since realised that it's standard SSVs were woahfully inadequate for fighting against the large combatants being built by othe nations. The vessels are build around two large, powerful laser cannons, designed to drill through heavy armor and destroy internal systems. Backing up the main lasers are twenty four large missile launchers, each with five reloads, and a full sperical point defence system. Some thought was given to equip these vessels with the then in development Zone Defence Laser system, but the mass requiments of the mains proved to be incermountable. The ZDS was however incorperated into the later Escort LSSV type.

One major flaw in the design however, other then the heavy and vulnerable spin habits which Matan Spacers have long since made thier peace with, is the narrow firing arc of the mains and poor turn mode. It can take as long as twelve minutes for the Kaida to pivot a hunder and eightly degrees. This combined with a fourty five degree off axis firing arc and the long cooldown cycle of the mains make it impossible for the Kaida to fire on a manuvering target, and PDS is far too short ranged to be used as an offensive weapon. This has led to the Kaida being something of a black sheep in the Spacey's design linage. Matan logistics favors long ranged independantly deployable spacecraft that don't require expensive escort during "peacetime". However, Kaidas are vitually incapable of fighting the Larrin's frigate (the equivelent of a Matan Fighter, ~8000 tonnes) flotillas. If deployed singley or in pairs as Matan docterine calls for, a Kaida might be able to severly damage or cripple a Larrin cruiser type before being overwhelmed and destoryed by Larrin frigates. This is the primary reason for the construction of the Kirin Type of LSSVs.

The Kaida is if nothing else extreamly survivable. The external/internal armor arrangment are remarkably resistant to sub relavistic kinetic strikes, where the skin plating will cause a penetrator to shatter, robbing it of it penetrating power. The tough nature of Buckyplate combined with the high thermal and electrical conductivity of the material are also quite resilant against explosions and to a lesser extent nuclear blasts, making the vessel virtually impervious to chemical energy attacks (of course the nature of space helps in that regard too). Although it's never been tested, a Kaida's spaceframe should be capable of withstanding a 1Mt nuclear event at a distance of one kilometer, anything closer however will result in critical damage, especially to the habitat joints. Pulsed lasers however have been found to be quite penetrating, though lasers tend to lack the ability to cause widespread damage needed to kill a large spacecraft. To date only a single Kaida has been lost to enemy fire. The SSV74/435 Kusanagi was struck by a shell fired from the massdriver of a human spacecraft. The round massed several hundred kilograms, and was traveling at nearly 0.09c (~20Mt I believe...).

Kaida's electronic systems are Matan standard, and have been upgraded several times since first assembly, including ECM, ECCM, large amounts of software, expert systems, and the standar Central Construct, from which a vessel draws it's name. Main drives use heavy water brought to fusion density using small mounts of antimatter, magnetic fields and lasers. (Even though water is non magnetic... don't feel like figuring out how it's supposed to work).

Notes: I am very tired as I write this, so spelling bad. Also, the FTL engine works by "pushing off" a star's mass, bigger star, faster travel. The event releases a large amount of visable light due to blueshift and other bullshit, hence Flashdrive. The can be fired in system for a few seconds before buring out, Matan warships mount 3 of them in tandem, lighting off each in short sucession to skip across a starsystem, also provides damage redundency. I don't remember exactly, but it can cross a few lightminutes in a few seconds. This was built for Squadron Strike from Ad Astra Games, but all the fluff is my own doing. Oh, and yes the delta V is accurate given the total propellant tank volume and water as reaction mass. Or I switched to hygrogen and forgot...
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