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Use this forum if you are from another region and wish to discuss diplomatic relations with the Asia Region.

Shared forum

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Hi! We are the Socialist States of Oceania Founder ( We used to be the puppet country of the Startling Empire of Riemstagrad (; now, we are the puppet nation of the Republic of Vitalia, as Iberian Macaronesia ( and Spanish Micronesia (

I've been talking with Sebytania about the possibilty of sharing this forum with Oceania, a region with a long history of diplomatic relations with Asia, not like Australia or other continental regions, and I would like to know your opinion. I'm going to start a RP as Spanish Micronesia in "International Incidents" where Oceania will, finally, meet Asia, but my idea was asking for the creation of 2 new subforums named "Explorers Paradise" and "Orwellian World".