Ultimate Zoo Tycoon 2 Pack

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November 23rd, 2015, 11:11 pm #1

Hi, I am new here, though I have been playing Zoo Tycoon 2 for years. I love every minute of it, and recently I got into designing stuff for it. I started with editing the animal's code, and eventually got into skinning. Now that I have discovered how to make a completely new animal, I have begun plans for a new User Made Expansion Pack. It will contain a vast amount of animals from all expansions, and edited versions of user made content. I take no credit for any models or original animals, which all belong to their original creators.

The mod will include new skins, and notably, miniature versions of the animals already in game. For example, in the image, there are two T-rexes from Biohazard's JPOG pack, alongside two miniature Tyrannosaurs. They will behave much like their normal sized counterparts. No, they are not just babies of the regular animals. At the moment, I only have the T-rex from JPOG coded. You can find updates on the project in the updates section. Feedback is welcome.