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- *No Mic-spam, no chat spam (will result in a silence)
- Slander or hostile text or speech to other players is unacceptable and will result in mute/gag and/or bans
- If another player has offended you (non game-based) ask if an admin/mod is on to explain your complaint.
- General hate speech is not permitted. (mute/gag, possible ban)
- Reconnecting to continue behaviour that prompted a mute/gag will result in banning from the server
- NO griefing of any kind
- **Admins will use their judgement to maintain a fun server for people to play on and their word is final
- ENGINEERS: No tele-traps on the courtyard stairs.

* If the server is empty, then by all means, chat however you want. But if there are other players, and
they are trying to play, be civilized on the voice comms, one person speak at a time (where possible of
course) and don't spam key-binds.

** Admins are there for you, so that things don't get out of hand and you can play and enjoy TF2 with
your fellow players. If you disagree with an admin decision, then contact either Shooting or idpromnut
and we will sort it out. If you argue with an admin over a call, then you are most likely adding to the
problem and don't be surprised if they silence/kick/ban you as well.

Also note that we have in place class limits: 4 per class per team except for snipers; we allow 3 snipers per team.