B& with no explanation

Been banned? Want to talk about it? Group therapy is this way....
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14 Feb 2016, 03:31 #31

Kyru wrote:
Okay, so please make this crystal clear for me. I can ban Vandal due to my belief of him hacking (with no proof) for 6 days and you will not over turn it, because you choose to side with the admin?
No, not normally. Although, if you cried to him about it enough he would probably get sick of hearing it and let you have your way. He's human. That's what im getting from this anyway.

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14 Feb 2016, 16:58 #32

So after more thought, I realized that what was bothering me about this whole thing is not the 6 day ban, not the siding with admins and not the trollish personal attacks. What bothers me most was the inability for the people that have the opportunity to admin not working together to figure out what was best for the players on the server and instead turning on each other. I guess that's my fault more than any one else's.

Ban lifted, and any further bans with regards to hacking/cheating specifically will require a demo or will be lifted if no demo can be produced.

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16 Feb 2016, 00:10 #33

I want to add my two cents here as well. I am certainly not the voice, and certainly not the presence that I used to be, but I at least feel some room to speak only because of my history here.

Honestly, banning without a demo will always bite us in the ass when someone comes on the forums with a logical, level-headed approach and inquires about the ban. That is why there is a page on bans. In that sense, I understand Queef's argument, and why he is justified to ask for a unban.

However, there cannot be the sort of vitriolic and guttural personal attacks that are only there for shock value and to make the attack more effective (used in its alternative definition). Admins who do their job are not to be mocked, ridiculed and attacked. That shit is pure Scam.

I know that many of you don't like to see injustices, or feel like ppl. are abusing their power, but that's not whats happening here, and I don't want to see shit like this again. Prom said it best, and I would, as always, hope you can set the best example, here and on the server.

my two cents.