Wednesday 6 th June 2018

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The dry and warm conditions continue. ?
There was chaos at Spring Wood this morning ! Nothing to do with NLRC I am pleased to report.
New traffic lights are being installed at the busy entrance/ crossroads. There must be an upgrade happening given the amount of workmen/ lorries working away. In addition to this The Ramblers had turned out in force ( meeting place ) - filling the small car park. They all suddenly climbed back in their cars and disappeared.
13 cyclists turned out .
Lots of chat about destinations.
Clapham was decided with Harry saying he would turn back at Settle.
A steady pace - into a soft headwind . We used the usual outward route to Sawley then the Flass Road. We stayed together and just past Wigglesworth were caught by Graham Sheard back from his travels .
He cycled with us for a time before heading for Feizor. We took the Lawkland road , then headed to Eldroth .
Onward to Clapham and the Reading Room cafe. We all sat outside. It was pleasant and sheltered but Keiron was chilly.
Served quickly by a jolly lady I would say that the tea comes in a medium sized mug ( with tea bag ). The coffee is instant - nothing really to recommend it.
Dave Hep and Peter decided to return via the most direct route whilst the remaining 10 headed for Austwick, Helwith Quarries and Stackhouse Lane.
We enjoyed a speedy descent to Settle before returning on our outward route to Sawley.
Along the A59 back to the traffic jam at Spring Wood. ( we sailed through )
No mechanicals at all
A lively ride and good fun.

54 m, 13.4 ave.