Sunday February 7th 2016

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February 7th, 2016, 5:09 pm #1

I met the Club Run at the Dog this morning. They were planning to go to Blind Beck but I pointed out that rain was forecast for Settle whereas the Fylde was predicted to stay fine. Assos suggested Rufford for lunch to which I initially agreed. But then Mark Haydock suggested we go for a ride implying a bit faster pace than the Club Run. I agreed to this and the two of us set off through Mitton and Bashall Eaves to Cow Ark. Then Doeford Bridge, Chipping and the glider airfield. Mark let me set the pace but I went somewhat harder than I'd intended so as not to slow Mark down too much. I had done a hard turbo session yesterday and was looking for a zone 2 (endurance pace) ride. but by the summit above the airfield my average power had risen from 130W at Whalley to 172W. We continued via Toffee Jack's to Oakenclough Fell then on to Harrisend Fell before descending to the Fleece Inn. Here I parted company with Mark who turned left for home. I continued in zone 2 to Galgate then over the small climb to the Café d'Lune at Conder Green where I enjoyed a bacon and egg bap.

I returned via Cockerham, Scorton, Barnacre, Inglewhite, Longridge and Ribchester mainly in zone 2. At Oaks Bar I turned right into the strong headwind along Longsight Road riding at a good tempo pace to Mellor Brook and the Windmill then back to Lammack and home. It had remained fine all day with abundant sunshine after lunch. I had completed 67 miles at 16.6mph, AP 152W, NP 170W, TSS 238.