Sunday 19 th November 2017

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Another fabulous Sunday ride in the Southern Lake District.
Billed as 60 miles it is in fact a good 57 miles.
It is well organised, well way routed and it is splendidly scenic for the whole route.
It was a very busy week end with Phill and I up in Scotland before returning to Grasmere for an early start on Sunday morning. Phill has been side lined due to a sacroiliac issue ( now much better ). He had decided not to ride.. My friend Graham from Rossendale Road Club became my cycling buddy . He did a great job of accompanying me round this hilly route.
The weather was perfect - zero wind - clear and dry.
There were a couple of patches of ice at the top of Red Bank. ( a paramedic had positioned himself at the top of this nasty little climb. He was obviously thinking he might get some business. ??)
Care was taken to avoid becoming casualties and both Graham and I enjoyed dry roads, autumn colours and wondrous views.
The sun shone but it was cold - the temperature fell to minus 4 degrees on the run down Coniston Water.
Cartmel was our refreshment stop. A log fire burning in the hearth of the local Scout Hut had several cyclists sitting toasting their toes.
We didn’t linger too long and were soon heading for Grizedale.
There were hundreds of cyclists taking part. I noticed Big Phill Chadwicks name in the results but didn’t see him on the day. A good ride Phill ?
I had a great day out - the only negative was that Phill wasn’t riding too.

57 miles , 5,300 feet climbed