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Hello everyone,

I just thought I'd drop by for my twice a year visit :-8 ^_^ Firstly, just a quick reminder regarding the Trade/Buy/Sell forum, which is open to all members having more than 50 posts (our beloved "Newbies" may not create topics in the Sale and Trade sections).

Please remember that Trade/Buy/Sell is always at your own risk. As the trading guidelines state: Nintendo 64 Forever is NOT responsible for trades gone bad, and will NOT moderate disputes. ... /419646/1/

The risks should always be considered by both the buyer and seller. If you have any doubts, the best advice we can give is to trust your instincts and look for another sale/buyer instead. Sales websites such as EBay, PayPal, Amazon, etc, can offer additional protection for both buyers and sellers, so be sure to read their rules so that you know what will apply to your purchase or sale. If you have organized a trade through the forum please leave feedback, but note that when leaving feedback, the normal rules apply: ... /419647/1/ ... 7049100/1/

Happy collecting everyone.