N64 Dev CD's - A Gift forthe N64 Dev. Community!

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Hey folks,

Once again I haven't been around here too much...
It's just that I've been so busy with the Day Job and spending all my free time working on various N64 related Development projects.
The Girlfriend hates it!! LOL ^_^

I didn't see a Category in this forum for any "Nintendo Development"..... so I am posting it here.
Hopefully that is acceptable?

I've actually been very busy performing some electronics repair work on a few different N64 Dev. systems for different collectors.
They all recently shipped their Dev. hardware to my Lab, in order for me to run some specialized diagnostic tests on the Dev. hardware.

Having a Protocol Analyzer, a TLA715 Tektronix Logic Analyzers mainframe... with multiple TLA7PG2 pulse generators on hand....
I have the ability to run some pretty intricate hardware tests. Currently working on three different N64 Development systems.
Pretty Cool Stuff!!

Also, I've been able to archive alot of the rare Firmware that is stored in various memory chips on these machines.
Now this is really cool....and I think it is really important for preservation specifically.
To have this Firmware on file for the N64 Dev. community is critical for future repairs and preservation of the hardware.
So I'm actually really excited to archive as much as I can.

Fun Stuff!

Anyhow.... Blah Blah Blah!! ^_^

So...the reason for this post is to notify you all of my recent donation to the N64 Development community!
I have provided a HUGE N64 Development CD collection for anyone that is interested in learning N64 game Development, or those that are active in the N64 Development scene.
So feel free to check it out.

You can Check out all the details surrounding this at the link below from my initial post on AssemblerGames!
Assembler actually made it a "Sticky Thread" in the Nintendo Development category.
That's pretty Cool too.

N64 Development CD's - My Gift for the N64 Development Community!

I've also recently acquired and provided the PARTNER-N64PC User's Guide in PDF for everyone to check out.

PDF scans of the "PARTNER-N64 PC" User Guides

All for the N64 Homebrew Development community!!

Cheers! Folks,

I Build things...

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How awesome! Wow. Excited to watch this homebrew community grow.