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Welcome to the N64 Forever Mario Kart Hotlap Thread!  This is just a friendly competition.  Please click the spoiler below for complete rules:
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Official Rules wrote: Welcome to the Nintendo 64 Forever Mario Kart 64 Hotlap Thread!  This is a friendly competition to see who among us can lay down the most blistering times in Time Trials mode (and possibly wear out the most N64 controllers)!  

How It Works:  Pretty straight forward.  You post your times as a reply in this thread.  I will update those times on the leaderboard.  The top three times on each track will receive points towards the overall competition leader.  (3pts for every first place, 2pts for every second, and 1pt for every third place)

PHOTO REQUIRED FOR PROOF:  In order for your time to be accepted, you must first submit an off-screen photo of your time with your N64 Forever screen name in the photo (not edited in).  Simply post your photo as a reply in this thread and I'll update.  

What if I don't know how to post photos?  No sweat.  E-mail your photos to  I'll post them here as soon as I get an opportunity for all to see.  This method will just be a bit slower than posting them yourself.

:pottymouth: vs Non-:pottymouth::  There are two separate lists.  Mario Kart 64 has some well known glitches that will allow you to finish certain tracks much faster than intended.  Non-:pottymouth: times are any times that are completed within the spirit of the game.  In this mode, for example, boosts across grassy areas are allowed.  :pottymouth: times are any times that break the intentions of the course design.  The giant course skip at the beginning of Rainbow Road, or the wall jump in Mario Raceway are examples of :pottymouth: Times.  There are many exploitable shortcuts, and some courses don't have any beneficial glitches at all.  At least until you discover them.  For the purposes of this contest, the ramp at Koopa Troopa Beach will be considered a :pottymouth:.

NTSC Times will be used for this contest.  PAL times can be converted with the following formula: (NTSC time = PAL time / 1.2024)

Approved Platforms  The following platforms are approved for this contest.
  • Original N64 Hardware (recommended)
  • Wii Virtual Console
Emulators are not allowed in this contest.
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:yoshi: HAPPY RACING! :yoshi:

Points Leaderboard

1st.... 47 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 39 ----- No64DD
3rd.... 31 ----- Pimpin Mainer
4th..... 25 ----- kartmaster
5th..... 19 ----- rdools
6th..... 04 ----- Cabanon
7th..... 01 ----- Meader

1st Place: 3 pts | 2nd Place: 2 pts | 3rd Place: 1 pt
Non-:pottymouth: Times

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Raceway

1st.... 1'41"67 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 1'42"14 ----- Pimpin Mainer
3rd.... 1'42"20 ----- rdools
4th..... 1'42"75 ----- No64DD
5th..... 1'43"31 ----- kartmaster

Moo Moo Farm

1st.... 1'17"18 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 1'17"28 ----- Pimpin Mainer
3rd.... 1'17"76 ----- rdools
4th..... 1'19"23 ----- Meader
5th..... 1'20"07 ----- kartmaster

Koopa Troopa Beach

1st.... 1'38"22 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 1'38"43 ----- Pimpin Mainer
3rd.... 1'38"83 ----- rdools
4th..... 1'39"62 ----- kartmster
5th..... 1'40"31 ----- No64DD

Kalamari Desert

1st.... 1'50"37 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 1'50"92 ----- rdools
3rd.... 1'51"13 ----- Pimpin Mainer
4th..... 1'51"42 ----- kartmaster
5th..... 1'52"23 ----- Meader

Flower Cup

Toad's Turnpike

1st.... 2'35"29 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 2'36"58 ----- Pimpin Mainer
3rd.... 2'37"25 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 2'37"53 ----- rdools
5th..... 2'39"49 ----- No64DD

Frappe Snowland

1st.... 1'46"00 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 1'46"13 ----- rdools
3rd.... 1'47"05 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 1'47"26 ----- Pimpin Mainer
5th..... 1'47"49 ----- No64DD

Choco Mountian

1st.... 1'42"07 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 1'42"20 ----- rdools
3rd.... 1'42"58 ----- No64DD
4th..... 1'43"10 ----- kartmaster
5th..... 1'43"74 ----- Pimpin Mainer

Mario Raceway

1st.... 1'16"44 ----- No64DD
2nd... 1'16"74 ----- LinusHofmann
3rd.... 1'17"49 ----- Pimpin Mainer
4th..... 1'17"83 ----- rdools
5th..... 1'19"35 ----- Meader

Star Cup

Wario Stadium

1st.... 3'52"98 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 3'53"78 ----- rdools
3rd.... 3'53"83 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 3'54"39 ----- No64DD
4th..... 3'56"29 ----- Pimpin Mainer

S h e r b e t Land

1st.... 1'43"79 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 1'44"97 ----- rdools
3rd.... 1'45"37 ----- Pimpin Mainer
4th..... 1'46"06 ----- kartmaster
5th..... 1'46"43 ----- Meader

Royal Raceway

1st.... 2'30"57 ----- No64DD
2nd... 2'30"73 ----- LinusHofmann
3rd.... 2'30"87 ----- rdools
4th..... 2'32"75 ----- kartmaster
5th..... 2'33"25 ----- Pimpin Mainer

Bowser's Castle

1st.... 1'56"54 ----- No64DD
2nd... 1'56"76 ----- LinusHofmann
3rd.... 1'58"88 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 1'59"47 ----- Pimpin Mainer
5th..... 2'01"30 ----- Meader

Special Cup

DK's Jungle Parkway

1st.... 2'04"03 ----- No64DD
2nd... 2'04"63 ----- Pimpin Mainer
3rd.... 2'05"53 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 2'08"62 ----- Meader
5th..... 2'11"04 ----- MD64

Yoshi Valley

1st.... 1'48"29 ----- No64DD
2nd... 1'50"06 ----- LinusHofmann
3rd.... 1'55"99 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 1'56"15 ----- Pimpin Mainer
5th..... 1'58"58 ----- rdools

Banshee Boardwalk

1st.... 1'49"78 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 1'50"81 ----- Pimpin Mainer
3rd.... 1'51"14 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 1'51"28 ----- rdools
5th..... 1'52"59 ----- No64DD

Rainbow Road

1st.... 5'11"01 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 5'12"58 ----- Pimpin Mainer
3rd.... 5'13"73 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 5'14"17 ----- rdools
5th..... 5'20"52 ----- Meader
:pottymouth: Times

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Raceway (SC)

1st.... 1'31"44 ----- No64DD
2nd... 1'37"80 ----- Cabanon
3rd.... 1'49"43 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 0'00"00 ----- user D
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Moo Moo Farm (SC)

1st.... 0'00"00 ----- user A
2nd... 0'00"00 ----- user B
3rd.... 0'00"00 ----- user C
4th..... 0'00"00 ----- user D
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Koopa Troopa Beach (SC)

1st.... 1'25"23 ----- Pimpin Mainer
2nd... 1'25"34 ----- rdools
3rd.... 1'25"35 ----- LinusHofmann
4th..... ]1'25"58 ----- No64DD
5th..... 1'26"62 ----- kartmaster

Kalamari Desert (SC)

1st.... 1'51"85 ----- No64DD
2nd... 1'54"06 ----- Pimpin Mainer
3rd.... 0'00"00 ----- user C
4th..... 0'00"00 ----- user D
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Flower Cup

Toad's Turnpike (SC)

1st.... 2'08"86 ----- kartmaster
2nd... 2'24"42 ----- No64DD
3rd.... 0'00"00 ----- user C
4th..... 0'00"00 ----- user D
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Frappe Snowland (SC)

1st.... 0'29"55 ----- No64DD
2nd... 0'29"76 ----- Cabanon
3rd.... 0'35"20 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 0'44"48 ----- Meader
5th..... 0'52"20 ----- Pimpin Mainer

Choco Mountian (SC)

1st.... 1'26"77 ----- No64DD
2nd... 1'30"55 ----- kartmaster
3rd.... 1'42"98 ----- rdools
4th..... 2'06"03 ----- Pimpin Mainer
5th..... 5'05"32 ----- Meader

Mario Raceway (SC)

1st.... 1'08"23 ----- Pimpin Mainer
2nd... 1'10"52 ----- kartmaster
3rd.... 1'11"06 ----- LinusHofmann
4th..... 1'14"62 ----- No64DD
5th..... 1'30"27 ----- Meader

Star Cup

Wario Stadium (SC)

1st.... 0'22"78 ----- LinusHofmann
2nd... 0'33"31 ----- No64DD
3rd.... 1'10"29 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 2'14"96 ----- Cabanon
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

S h e r b e t Land (SC)

1st.... 0'00"00 ----- user A
2nd... 0'00"00 ----- user B
3rd.... 0'00"00 ----- user C
4th..... 0'00"00 ----- user D
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Royal Raceway (SC)

1st.... 1'51"69 ----- No64DD
2nd... 1'51"80 ----- kartmaster
3rd.... 1'54"05 ----- Meader
4th..... 2'16"47 ----- MD64
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Bowser's Castle (SC)

1st.... 0'00"00 ----- user A
2nd... 0'00"00 ----- user B
3rd.... 0'00"00 ----- user C
4th..... 0'00"00 ----- user D
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Special Cup

DK's Jungle Parkway (SC)

1st.... 0'37"80 ----- Pimpin Mainer
2nd... 0'38"16 ----- No64DD
3rd.... 0'50"49 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 0'55"43 ----- Meader
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Yoshi Valley (SC)

1st.... 1'10"02 ----- kartmaster
2nd... 1'27"47 ----- No64DD
3rd.... 1'42"84 ----- LinusHofmann
4th..... 1'44"95 ----- Pimpin Mainer
5th..... 1'46"65 ----- Cabanon

Banshee Boardwalk (SC)

1st.... 0'00"00 ----- user A
2nd... 0'00"00 ----- user B
3rd.... 0'00"00 ----- user C
4th..... 0'00"00 ----- user D
5th..... 0'00"00 ----- user E

Rainbow Road (SC)

1st.... 4'03"93 ----- Pimpin Mainer
2nd... 4'05"40 ----- rdools
3rd.... 4'07"64 ----- kartmaster
4th..... 4'13"51 ----- Meader
5th..... 4'19"49 ----- MD64

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Hey guys! We are rolling out a new competition here. I hope you find this enjoyable and a good way to pick up one of the best N64 games of all time again.

Time Trials was where it was at in this game for me. But since then, my skills have dulled considerably. If you want to use existing times already on your cart, I'm cool with that. Just post a photo from your records screen with your name on it.

Personally, I'm going to go back and re-race like it's all new and use those times. For me this is about getting back into playing the game. I'll start posting up some times tonight or tomorrow.


If you have any questions about this competition, just let me know! I look forward to the challenge you guys are sure to bring!Okay, here's some times to get the ball rolling! I'm quite rusty, but on some of these tracks got a lot closer than I thought I would. In one case, more than close.

These are all non-:pottymouth: times.
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Luigi Raceway - 1'45"36
Only real goal was to beat the staff ghost. Mission Accomplished.

Moo Moo Farm - 1'20"45
I couldn't believe this one. My first try out of the gate, I'm going... feel like I'm doing pretty good, but it's been so long I really have no point of reference. Cross the finish line and saw a sight I haven't seen in ages! A flashing time, a NEW BEST! HO-LEE-CRAP. I was grade A freakin' excited!

Koopa Troopa Beach - 1'42"60
Okay, here's one that should be easy to beat. I tried several times to hit the ramp all three times. No such luck. Was pretty happy with my lap times when I did though!

Kalamari Desert - 1'53"82
I've spent a lot of time on this track. You can tell since my Best time is only 34 hundredths of a second from my fifth place time. Still need to shave off over a second to get back on my own personal leaderboard.

Toad's Turnpike - 2'39"39
I don't remember spending a lot of time on this track. But I did remember the major traffic jam at the finish line on the 3rd lap. Just took one crack at this one.

Frappe Snowland - 1'51"99
I did spend a lot of time on this track back in the day. And I have a lot of work to do to dial this one back in...

Choco Mountain - 1'49"68
Man this course used to tick me off royally. You have to be spot on to nail all the boosts in the chicanes at the beginning of each lap. Again I'm way behind the old me.

Mario Raceway - 1'23"88
This was a good way for me to finish up the night. I played this track more than any other back in the day, hoping to get featured in Tips & Tricks magazine. I have no idea how I got my time down to 1'21"63. But I know it wasn't the over the wall :pottymouth:. I dunno if I'll ever be able to pull that off again. I was pretty happy with the time I laid down tonight considering how long it's been. Anything in the 1'24" range is pretty freakin' fast in my opinion.

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I think this is a fantastic idea!

its hard!@ koopa Troopa beach after trying 5 times, my fastest timing is 2.30.34 lol.. (you are the Kartmaster afterall)
I`ll try a few attempts at other laps.
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May 12th, 2015, 3:27 am #4

Knocked out a few more tracks tonight and tried a :pottymouth: Cut variety.
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:pottymouth: Land - 1'53"95
Darn those penguins! I had a good run going.

Royal Raceway - 2'36"80
This is one of my favorite Mario Kart tracks of any series. I'm way off my old times though.

Bowser's Castle - 2'11"05
I couldn't believe that my first two laps were exactly the same time. Of course I had to nail a thwomp on the third.

SC DK's Jungle Parkway - 53"39
I left satisfied after I was within 0.05" of my all time best lap ever.

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May 16th, 2015, 11:55 pm #5

Let's get this out of the way: I'm no Kartmaster; and I need a ton of work on my slides. But I'll put some times out there. Here are my non-:pottymouth: times for the Mushroom Cup:

Luigi Raceway (1:56:25)

I have never been good at this course.

Moo Moo Farm (1:29:78)

Like all the iterations of the Moo Moo

Koopa Troppa Beach (1:44:56)

Hit the ramp cut all three times (and didn't hit any trees . . . hooray!)

Kalamari Desert (2:07:23)

I guess beating the train makes me feel like a record breaker even if the time is otherwise unspectacular.
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May 20th, 2015, 1:13 pm #6

did 2 rounds, because this is a PAL game I wanna know how far I get!

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I`ll make more later this week
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May 20th, 2015, 1:56 pm #7

where's Yogurt ? :dance:

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May 20th, 2015, 6:19 pm #8

Thanks BDR and Vinyl! I got your times updated. The pack is forming!

You guys have some pretty consistent lap times, from there it's just dialing it in!

Vinyl and the PAL players keep me accountable on your converted times. If you are in doubt, call me out!

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May 21st, 2015, 2:13 am #9

Pictures dumping ahead. did this in the last an hour and half after not touching the game for over a year. actually the last time I played it was from the infamous Best Lap Times Contest here lol (EDIT - holy hell, that was over 2 years ago !!!)

Luigi Raceway - No :pottymouth:

Luigi Raceway - :pottymouth: (time from the contest)

Moo Moo Farm

Koopa Troopa Beach - No :pottymouth:

Koopa Troopa Beach - :pottymouth:

Kalimari Desert

Toad's Turnpike

Frappe Snowland - No :pottymouth:

Choco Mountain

Mario Raceway - No :pottymouth:

Wario Stadium - No :pottymouth:

:pottymouth: Land

Royal Raceway - No :pottymouth:

Bowser's Castle

DK's Jungle Raceway - No :pottymouth:

Yoshi Valley - that one I have to ask if it's considered a :pottymouth: or no, but is jumping over the canyon before the last turn where the big egg is considered a :pottymouth: ?

Banshee Boardwalk (this current time blows ALOT compared to the Best Scores lol)

Rainbow Road - No :pottymouth:

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May 21st, 2015, 4:16 am #10

A new leader ladies and gentlemen! Cabanon is on top of the board.

WOW, what a time on Mario Raceway! That is sweet! Well done, Cabanon.

For Yoshi Valley, I'm currently of the mind that hopping the valley before the hairpin turn is a :pottymouth:, as it breaks the "spirit" of the track. As opposed to Koopa Troopa Beach, where the ramp is overt and a designed track feature. I'm open for discussion on any and all "is that a :pottymouth:" talk, however.