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Forum Rules

Rules have been amended. Please see the rules below:

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Before creating a new topic, please use the "Search" function at the top of the page. Click on "Menu" and then "Search." We have several years of topics here, so it may be possible to find what you need without posting a new topic. If there are two topics that are the same, the newer will be merged in to the older one. Please make sure you are posting in the appropriate section of the forum. We have recently divided the forum further, so please take note. Do not post the same topic in more than one section. If you are unsure where to put a topic, ask a staff member. We are here to help. Also, out of courtesy of our international community, please attempt to use proper English (as opposed to Internet slang) when posting.

Posting solely to advertise products, other websites etc. is not allowed and will result in the offending posts and / or account being deleted. Advertising for or promoting sites that could be considered competition for our forum is not allowed. Do not "bump" a topic simply for the sake of it. If you are going to post in a topic, contribute to the discussion. Posts that add nothing to the discussion (including simple emoticon only replies) will be considered spam and will be deleted.

Swearing, rudeness, trolling and offensive material are not allowed. This is a 13+ forum, so keep the posts appropriate. Rudeness to other members WILL NOT be tolerated. Do not post links or pictures of offensive material including, but not limited to, pornographic material, vulgar, or obscene pictures or material. As this is an informational site, presenting rumors or speculation as fact is highly discouraged. Any violation of this Rule #3 so can lead to the removal of offending posts and/or severe disciplinary action.

Members are to avoid conflict with other members or staff on the forum. Any issues need to be handled properly in the most private way possible. Any disagreements should be handled in emails off of our forum system when possible, or through our PM system if need be. Please note that outright personal attacks and abuse through our PM system will not be tolerated. If your conflict is in regards to a Buy/Sale/Trade transaction you may leave factual information in our ":cussfit:" topic. This can allow you to state your case in an orderly way, without open conflict on the forum. Any other comments made that defame/deface another member here will not be tolerated under any circumstance. It should go without saying, but trolling/intentional agitation of other members will not be tolerated.

Do not choose a username that imitates another registered member username. We strongly discourage you from selecting a username that incorporates your personal information (such as your full name or birth year). We allow 1 account per person as well as per household. If we suspect anyone of using or creating an alternate account, they will be banned.

Do not ask for or post links to sites that contain ROMS, or offer to provide them. This rule applies to modified ROMS as well. This is not only our policy, but Zetaboards as well. While ROM discussion is not forbidden, we closely monitor the threads as we are aware that discussing ROMs often also includes illegal or prohibited topics. Our forum is strongly against plagiarism. Anything viewed as a copyright infringement is subject to removal to protect the best interests of our forum.

Out of respect for those who have might not played the game yet, please use spoiler tags for any plot points or potential spoilers for games, or any other form of entertainment. To do this use the bracketed tags as shown below:

Code: Select all

 [spoiler] Spoiler text [/spoiler] 
Which then looks like this:
[+] Spoiler
Look at me, a spoiler but cleverly hidden!
Please limit the total size of your signature to no more than 500 pixels x 200 pixels. Please note that the posting rules also apply to signatures so advertizing and offensive content are not allowed.

Nintendo 64 Forever assumes NO RISK OR LIABILITY for any transactions initiated here. IF you choose to do business here, you assume all risk. We reserve the right to :pottymouth: down any Buy/Sale/Trade thread, or to prevent anyone we feel is causing a problem in these or any other sections from using our forum. Members are to include the region of any game they are selling, trading, or seeking in the subject line (PAL, NTSC, NTSC-J). This makes it easier on everyone by saving members the time and trouble of having to ask. All Ebay (or other auction site) links belong exclusively in the "Want to Trade and Auction Listings" section.

New members are considered "Newbies" until their 50th post. "Newbies" may not create topics in the Sale and Trade sections. This is for the protection of our members, discouraging "join, sale, then bail" members who may be out to cheat someone from ever posting. We feel the Buy/Sale/Trade section should be a benefit of our "Regular" members most importantly, and not to cater to people who only join to sell something. Other various privileges are gained as a members post count goes up, including more abilities to edit your own posts.

Any use of our name (Nintendo 64 Forever or N64 Forever) or derivation thereof for off of our forum activities is not permitted without the prior approval of the staff. This is done to insure that our rules, standard of behavior, and quality of content remain the same on anything bearing our name. Anyone wishing to use our name for say Twitter, YouTube, or similar such endeavors should seek staff approval first. The staff will review any such request and decide if it is in the best interest of the forum. The staff further reserves the right to revoke such approval for good cause.

*PLEASE NOTE* Breaking any of these rules can result in anything from a warning to an outright ban. Behavioral history is taken in to account when deciding punishments, as well as the severity of the rule broken. Unless the situation dictates otherwise, all disciplinary action will be decided by at least the majority of the staff.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our active staff members.

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Section 5 of the above rules amended 10/31/16 to discourage the selection of a username that incorporates your personal information (such as your full name or birth year).
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