Beats Em All Surpasses 300 Titles!!!

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September 18th, 2017, 4:45 pm #1

After a LONG overdue update, the Beats 'Em All effort has resulted in a staggering 305 N64 titles beaten. Over the course of 2017, italia64 and Shellshocker18 have carried the effort, knocking off another 20 titles between them. Shellshocker has bravely taken on (and down) numerous Japanese releases that are not English-friendly to say the least. Meanwhile, italia is only 5 titles away from his stated goal of 64 games beaten.

There are 13 US/European releases remaining to be beaten . . . this may be a final call if you want to be a part of this group effort, or you want to add another W or 2 to you beaten total.

More here: N64 Forever Beats 'Em All
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