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The Party

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Nikki Wade walked down the long path that led to her house in the quiet cul-de-sac. It was summer… the breeze blew her hair lightly as she walked with her hands in the pockets of her jeans. Then she caught sight of her, her neighbour Helen Stewart. And as they got closer to each other along the path, they both smiled and both hearts were beating ten times faster than they were just seconds ago.
Helen had moved there just six months ago and was still trying to get to know people. She had never had the courage to knock on Nikki’s door and ask if she could borrow a cup of sugar, although nearly every evening she was tempted, after a hard day at work.
Nikki had lived there for years, she knew all her neighbours, apart from Helen. She found her deeply mysterious… and so the two had never spoke, just seen each other in passing and heard little bits of info on each other from their new neighbour Zandra.
A week later.
“Zan are you sure this is a good idea?”
Zandra Plackett looked at her new husband Dominic McAllister and smiled, “It’s a brilliant idea!” she said as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him.
“But a costume party, it might be hard for some people to come up with something.” Dominic was worried that their house warming party would be a complete disaster.
“Don’t worry babe, it will be fine.” She kissed him quickly and went back to the sofa, then she leaned forward and went over the guest list, leaning on the coffee table before her.
Dominic sat beside her and looked down the list…”So who we got so far?” He asked.
“Well, there are the two Julies from the pub darts team.”
“Oh God,” Dominic grinned, “I hope they don’t come as Batman and Robin.”
Zandra laughed and continued, “And we have Sylvia and bobby.”
“Oh do we have to invite them, they’re a bit old.” He said with a frown.
“Dom, there’s no age limit you know to have a good time. And Sylv would never forgive me if I didn’t invite her, I’d hear of nothing else for the next few months at work.”
“Yeah but, I just cant imagine it.” He laughed.
“Neither can I, that’s why I’m inviting them.” Zandra replied deviously.
“And… we have Helen from next door, and I’m glad she will be wearing fancy dress the way you drool all over her when you see her outside in her bikini.”
“I do not!” he protested.
“Yes you do!” she jabbed his chest with her pen.
“Ouch, do not.”
“Anyway, changing the subject… there’s Nikki our other neighbour.”
“Are you sure about inviting her?” Dominic said worried.
“Why wouldn’t we? We can’t invite Helen without inviting Nikki.”
“Well, isn’t Nikki a lesbian, it might not be her scene.” Dominic said gently.
“Dominic don’t be so daft. Right who else we got… aha… and Yvonne, your friend from the motorbike club.”
“Cool… I just hope she turns up on her Harley so I can take it for a spin.” He grinned.
“So…” Dominic said cautiously, “Are you inviting Shell and Jim?”
“I work alongside them every bleedin day why would I do that?” Zandra frowned.
“Well, because you work with them and you cant invite Sylvia and not them.” Dominic stated the obvious.
“Yeah but Jim’s a slim ball and Shells a…” Zandra paused as Dominic put his hand to her mouth. “Yeah we all know what Shell is.”
“Oh okay, I’ll invite them, it could be interesting I suppose.” Zandra leant back and looked down the list, there were more names… she read them out quickly, ‘Denny, Shell, Thomas, Di and Crystal…oh and Josh.” and then asked Dominic if she had forgotten anyone.
“Nope, cant think of anyone… but I do have a few work mates I’d like to invite too.” He said.
“Oh yeah, who?”
“Caroline, Maxi, Snowball… oh and Karen, Sean.”
“Karen, Sean yeah but forget the rest.” Zandra said distastefully.
“Why?” he asked.
“Because, your are only inviting them because you fancy them.”
“You seem to forget they will all be wearing costumes.” He grinned.
“Yeah and what difference does that make?” She quizzed.
“Please…” He begged.
Nikki Wade parked her Jeep in the driveway and took out her gardening equipment from the back, then she walked through to her backyard and placed them down on the grass. It was a warm day and all she wore was a white t-shirt and jeans. Then she went to the kitchen to get a glass of juice, before starting work on her garden. Nikki owned the local gardening centre and was a millionaire with a chain of stores around the UK. But she preferred to live in a simple 4-bedroom house in suburbia, among the kind of people she grew up with.
Helen Stewart looked from her bedroom window to catch a glimpse of her…

”The mysterious Nikki Wade…” she said softly in her sexy Scottish tones.
She licked her lips involuntary as she watched Nikki work in the garden two houses away from her. Her heart began to beat just that little bit faster as the sweat began to form on Nikki’s arms… “Nikki Wade, you are one sexy devil.” She smiled. Helen headed a charity that helped the homeless.
Nikki stopped digging and planted the new tree to the right of her garden. She stood afterwards and smiled at a job well done… “Okay my little beauty, grow…” She threw off her gardening gloves and then turned around facing the houses and wiped her brow. And as she did so, out of the corner of her eye she caught her gorgeous neighbour watching her again.
Helen looked away quickly as Nikki turned and looked up at her bedroom window. Helen’s heart was racing… she needed to sit down, “Damn it why does she always catch me looking at her, this is getting embarrassing.” Helen sat down on the edge of her double bed and tried to get her breathing back to normal.
Meanwhile Zandra was posting her invites to their house warming party that would be taking place on Saturday night. She popped one through Helen Stewart’s letterbox before walking to Nikki Wades house and doing the same.
Helen rushed down stairs to see what had just come through her door, “No doubt more junk mail,” she muttered to herself.
She picked it up, an envelope with, “To Helen.” On the front. She opened it and read the party invite within.
Dear Helen,
Please join us at our house warming party!
The party is a costume party – the theme – Hollywood masquerade! So please dress up as your favourite movie star… and don’t forget your mask.
Bring a friend and a bottle.
Saturday June 5th – start 7pm ends whenever!!
Dominic and Zandra.

Helen almost threw it straight in the bin until she thought about it a little more…”I wonder if they have invited Nikki too?” She smiled to herself and with just two days to find a costume she got her coat and her car keys and made her way into town, “Better find a costume then!”
Nikki had her invite waiting for her on the floor by the front door… as she worked hard in her garden. She felt disappointed that Helen wasn’t watching her anymore but she guessed that was a distracting she could do without anyway… she didn’t want to accidentally put a trowel through her hand because the gorgeous Scottish goddess was watching her intently. “Oh Helen the things you do to me and you don’t even know it.” She said to herself as she dug harder into the soil with her garden fork.

The night of the party arrived and the guests began to fill the room. The assorted costumes caused Zandra and Dominic much amusement.
“I told you didn’t I!” Dominic gasped in surprise.
“What?” Zandra smiled.
“The Julies… look!” he pointed to the door, Batman and Robin had just arrived.
Nikki adjusted her hat, tightened the scarf around her face so only her eyes could be seen and put the plastic pistols into their holsters. She looked at herself one last time in her bedroom mirror, “Lock away your women, Wades in town.” She grinned beneath the scarf.
Helen felt rather sexy in her chosen outfit, she wasn’t quite sure how she was going to get out of it though…The tight PVC clung to her skin like shrink wrap. “Meow!” were the only words she had uttered since she entered the house. She was currently sipping her first glass of wine and searching the room with her eyes for any sign of Nikki Wade.
Dominic and Zandra still hadn’t a clue who was under the costume but had he not been a married man, Dominic would have loved to have found out.
“Dom, do you think we should have tried harder?” Zandra asked looking at him. “We seem under dressed!”
“Nah, I think Bonnie and Clyde was a great idea.” He grinned and sipped his can of lager.
Zandra kissed him on the cheek and left him, she wanted to see if she could tell who her guests were, the only ones that had been obvious to her so far were Batman and Robin, otherwise known as the two Julies.
Just then they heard the roar of a motorcycle… Dominic rushed over to the window and looked out onto the street, “Yvonne…I should have known.” He walked to the front door and was greeted by a female version of The Terminator! He couldn’t help but laugh.
“Oi what you laughing at.” Yvonne glared at him.
“Nothing, you look great… nice leathers.” He grinned.
“Yeah well I got them cheap, ripped a few holes in em, make em look more effective. Do you like my gun?” she smiled lifting her plastic rifle in the air.
“Love it.” Dominic laughed, “Just don’t use it on me.”
He watched her walk in and boy did she look hot… he took his hat off and fanned himself before going back inside.
Nikki rang the doorbell a little nervously, would she be the only lesbian there? Oh well, here goes she told herself, six pack of Budweiser under her arm. Zandra opened the door with a smile on her face… Nikki recognised her wavy blonde hair coming from under her hat. “Hi Zan,” she smiled and handed over the beer. “Hi Nikki…” She looked her up and down, “You look gorgeous.”
“Thanks.” Nikki smiled, her voice a little muffled by the scarf.
“Nice chaps!” Zandra grinned as she watched Nikki walk across the room.
Helen was struck dumb when she saw the cowgirl walk in. Whoever she was, Helen was going to get to know her tonight… and just 5 minutes later she got her chance… she gulped when she saw her walking towards her with a bottle of Bud in one hand, gun in the other. It seemed like she was going to get to know her sooner than she thought.
She couldn’t take her eyes from her… the jeans beneath the cowboy chaps, the denim shirt and beige rough leather waistcoat, the black head scarf that was tied firmly around her face just leaving a pair of gorgeous brown eyes gazing back at her. The brown cowboy hat just accentuated them.
“Jim… this is boring cant we go home?” Shell said into Jim ear.
“Are you kidding after I spent all this money on the perfect Indiana Jones outfit.” He said whip in one hand.
“Besides, you look really hot Shell… I want to see you wearing that as long as possible.” Shell looked at him and frowned, “Jim… I’m a nun.”
Nikki had been drawn to her, she wasn’t sure why but it must have been something to do with her costume, she couldn’t believe someone had the guts to dress as cat woman, the suit was shiny PVC and she couldn’t imagine how the woman got it on, or how she was going to remove it, but she wouldn’t mind helping her… Nikki’s pulse was racing from the moment she first saw her.
Then the cowgirl spoke, her voice soft… “You look just about purrrfect.”
Helen laughed nervously and then was caught in the trap of Nikki’s deep brown eyes. They just stood there, hearts crashing like the tide. And Helen was sure she had seen those eyes somewhere before. They were searching her and setting her on fire as they stood there in silence. And Helen had a deep urge to run her hand up the cowgirls chaps… to her shoulders and then the even wilder urge to pushed the hat from her head, tear off the scarf and kiss her madly. Helen’s breathing was becoming ragged as she stood there.
Nikki was just wondering what was beneath the black PVC, she had the urge to run her hands all over it… and she was already in love with the strangers deep hazel green eyes.
“Hey cat woman, you fancy a dance?” The male voice intruded on them breaking them both from the spell.
Helen looked around to see a man peering over her shoulder, he was tall with blonde hair and a black suit, white shirt, “I don’t know…” she replied cautiously.
“Oh go on please… it is a party after all.” He persisted.
Nikki looked at him, her eyes narrowing… he was already irritating her and she had only just set eyes on him, “Who you supposed to be anyway?” she asked.
The man looked at her, “James Bond.” He said quickly and then looked back to Cat Woman.
“Oh of course.” Nikki sarcastically.
“Oh okay just one dance Mr Bond.” Helen smiled and followed him onto the dance floor.
Nikki aimed her gun at him as he walked away… “If only this was real.”

While Cat Woman danced with Sean “James Bond” Parr Nikki looked away, for some strange reason she was feeling jealous. And those eyes were still very familiar to her… where had she seen them before? Whoever Cat Woman was she had the most sexy Scottish voice… in fact Nikki was getting aroused just thinking about it. She had to take a moment out in the bathroom, where she took off her hat and wiped her brow…
“So what’s your name?” Sean asked as he held Cat Woman even tighter.
“That’s a secret.” Helen smiled under her mask.
“Oh come on you can tell me.” He persisted.
“No can do.” she replied.
They continued to dance and Helen started to feel rather uncomfortable as the man’s hands got lower.
Across the room a woman watched them with interest, she wore an American police uniform with handcuffs hanging from her belt. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a peeked police officers cap. And as she stood there Indiana Jones approached and stood beside her holding a can of lager in one hand. “I know that’s you Karen, you may as well take that mask off, I’d recognise your arse anywhere.” He grinned devilishly.
Karen Betts had been having an affair with Jim Fenner for some time. She was really hoping he wouldn’t be here tonight… especially because he was married and his wife was here too.
“Go back to your wife.” She said bitterly.
“Oh don’t be like that, how about we sneek off later?” He grinned and ran his hand across her bottom, the tight leather trousers were a real turn on.
Karen turned on him and glared, “Get your hands off, unless,” She looked down at the cuffs, “You want me to use these on you.”
Jim just continued to smile, “Don’t bother me love…”
Karen sighed with despair and walked away from him quickly as the nun appeared from nowhere.
“Jim what the hell are you doing with her?” Shell glared at him.
“Nothing gorgeous…we were just talking.” He feigned innocence.
“Yeah well she betta keep her hands off, or I’ll cut her tits off and put em in a curry.”
Jim was starting to wonder why he had married her when Batman and Robin walked up to them both with a tray of food, offering them light snacks on party sticks.
Then the whole room seemed to look in one direction…
There was the sound of a slap to someone’s face and a woman in very tight fitted PVC running off in the direction of the back garden.
Nikki looked over at James Bond and Zandra was beside her, “The twat! I don’t know what possessed us to invite him.”
Nikki was more concerned about Cat Woman, “Look Zan I know this is a masquerade party but who is Cat Woman?”
Zandra smiled, so Nikki was attracted to Helen… she had been watching those two for six months to see if anything would develop between them, but they were both too shy to even say hello to each other.
And now under completely different circumstances they had been inexplicably drawn together like magnets. “I can’t tell you… that would break the rules of the party… you have to find out…”
Nikki sighed, “Please Zan…”
“Why?” Zandra asked.
“Because for some odd reason I feel like I know her, its those eyes…” Nikki replied and her voice and her thoughts seem to drift away.
“So you fancy her then?” Zandra asked lightly.
Nikki laughed, “Of course I bloody do, with her wearing that!”
“Why don’t you go find her, she looked like she needed comforting after Parr touched her up.” Zandra told her.
“He did what?” Nikki said in surprise and she suddenly had the urge to throttle the man… she had definitely missed that part.
“I’ll be right back.” She told Zandra before walking off in search of a cat in distress. She thought a little stroking of her ego might do the trick.
Helen was standing at the bottom of the garden gazing up at the stars, she had taken off the cat mask, it was getting pretty hot under there, her dark blonde hair blew freely in the breeze of a hot summer night. She was feeling really annoyed at being touched up by the creep in the suit… she came here in the hope of seeing Nikki… and she thought she had worked out who she was… but she couldn’t be entirely sure… “Why couldn’t this be a normal, simple, little party.” She said to herself.
Then she turned to look towards the house as she heard footsteps on the grass coming towards her. Her eyes had adjusted well to the dark and as the figure got closer she realised it was the cowgirl with the sexy brown eyes.
“Hi Missy.” Nikki said in her best American accent.
“Hi…” Helen replied with a smile curling up on her lips.
“Are you okay? I heard what that loser did.” Nikki told her.
“I’m fine… I was just getting a little hot in there.” Helen said and it was part truth and part lie. She was sure this was Nikki… this could be her big chance. It was dark… they were both anonymous. No better time than now to go for what you wanted, what you desired. Her legs trembled a little when she remembered Nikki in the garden a few days earlier, God she was so gorgeous and so damn sexy, no woman had a right to be that incredible.
Nikki drew in closer to Cat Woman, “You want me to sort out Bond for you? I’d do it in a second for you…” Nikki asked quietly, stepping closer, and then she noticed her hair, she wasn’t wearing the head part of her outfit anymore, but she still couldn’t make out who it was, her eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to the darkness.
“And why would you do that?” Helen purred.
They were then inches apart and Nikki could feel Cat Woman’s breath on her face as they looked to one another. “Because something about you, tells me I should… I want to defend your honour, be your hero… I’m dressed for the part, am I not?”
Nikki waited for Cat Woman to say something, or do something… her pulse racing. Helen just smiled.
Then Helen moved her hands up and took the scarf from Nikki’s face, she smiled as she scrunched it up and pushed it into Nikki’s trouser pocket. She left her hand there and Nikki felt a rush of desire at the contact of Helen’s hand on her thigh.
Helen leaned in closer and placed her other hand to the cowgirls neck…
“Kiss me.” She whispered.
“Who are you?” Nikki whispered back.
“Does it matter?” Helen replied.
Their lips met and ten thousand angels started singing.
They parted and now Nikki’s eyes were adjusting to the darkness, she could see the woman’s dark blonde hair and make out her features, and her heart thudded in her chest… “Helen?” she whispered.
“Yes.” Helen smiled.
“Yes.” Nikki replied. “How did you know?”
“I’ve watched you for six months out in your garden.” She replied as her fingers touched the curls of Nikki’s hair at the base of her neck.
The party meanwhile was in full swing and all the guests were having a fantastic time, well apart from James Bond, who had been led into the front garden by Karen Betts and handcuffed to the garden gate. “That should teach you to keep your filthy hands off in future.” She smiled as she walked away.
“Come back here right now, this isn’t bloody funny!” he screamed out after her.
Karen just laughed and walked back inside, closing the front door behind her.
No one even noticed he was missing…
Nikki and Helen pulled each other back into the kiss. This time it was slow and gentle, lasting longer than the first kiss.
“I can’t believe were doing this…” Nikki breathed.
“Me niehter.” Helen replied. “I’ve wanted to talk to you for so long.” She said removing her hand from Nikki’s pocket and cupping her face.
“Is that all?” Nikki said raising her eyebrow.
“That is definitely not all.” Helen grinned.
Jim Fenner meanwhile was feeling the wrath of Shell Dockley, “If you so much as look at that police woman one more time…”
“Oh shut it Shell, it never hurt to look.”
She kicked him hard. “Think again Mr.”
Fenner glared back at her, “You stupid Bitch!”
Karen came over then and soon wished she hadn’t, Shells hand met her face in a mighty slap. Karen regained her composure and took a cake from one of the tables full of food… and with a grin on her face she walked over to shell and pushed it in her face.
“You bitch. Shell squealed as the cream dripped from her nose.
That was just the start of the riot… Before long they had started a whole big mess… cakes, cocktail sausages, sandwiches, were all flying around the room. Zandra and Dominic looked on horrified, their new home was a mess, and their Hollywood party quickly turned into a slapstick party.
Meanwhile outside beneath the stars…
They kissed again, this time their tongues explored deeper, the kiss was more passionate and they both parted breathless with burning desire rushing through them.
“Do you want to come back to my place?” Nikki dared to ask with a sexy whisper.
“I’d love to… but I need to ask…”
“What?” Nikki asked eager to please her every need.
“Do you mind helping me out of my catsuit?”
Nikki could just about see the devilish grin that had appeared on the Scots face. She pulled Helen close and kissed her again…
This time there was one very aroused cowgirl and one very aroused Cat Woman by the time they stopped to catch their breath, and they just knew they had to get a room quickly or the grass beneath their feet would have to do.
Nikki took Helen’s hand and quickly led her across the garden hedge, it was only a small one luckily and a leg up was all Helen needed. Nikki caught a very nice glimpse of the PVC covered butt before it disappeared over the fence. Nikki watched her licking her lips…
And like a cat in the night Helen slinked off in the direction of Nikki’s back door with the cowgirl hot on her heels.



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