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“Nikki” the blonde began apprehensively, “I've met someone else.”
“What?” the words hit her gently and didn't quite have the impact Trisha had expected. “I'm sorry Nik.”
“Is it anyone I know?” she asked calmly.
“No. Just someone from work.”
“Oh.” She looked down at her breakfast cereal and stirred it around the bowl lazily, not once looking up to meet her eyes.
The blonde finished off her coffee, put on her coat and headed for the door, “I'll move my things out tonight.” One last look back at Nikki and she was gone.

She knew this day was coming, she had felt for sometime that Trisha was being unfaithful but she pushed it back to the furthest recesses of her mind, where it couldn't hurt her. They hadn't been close for the past two years. Now it was so final. She really was leaving her. Nikki picked up her coffee cup and held it in her hands, then with an expression of pain and anger it flew against the far wall.

Nikki and Trisha had been together 9 years. Seemed like an eternity to Nikki Wade. They had met while at University where Nikki studied an Arts degree, performance Arts. Trisha had studied Business and it wasn't long before they were buying their first home together once Trisha had started her new business venture, a lesbian bar in the heart of Soho. Nikki's only dream was to be an actress. She studied hard and eventually went on to a rather good drama school in London, funded by her parents who at the time had no idea of her unconventional, as they referred to it, lifestyle. Halfway through her studies they found out that Trisha wasn't just her roommate and completely lost the plot and disowned Nikki. Cutting off all ties and all her family credit cards. Luckily for Nikki, Trisha had the club up and running and she had her own money coming in by then.

Nikki worked there when she was in between acting jobs. Which was now and she knew if she didn't get a job soon that working alongside Trisha in the bar was going to become unbearable.

Nikki made her way upstairs, she felt it was now time to wash Trisha out of her mind and off her skin. “The bitch, still sleeps with me while she's screwing someone else.” She mumbled to herself as she dropped her robe and stepped into the steaming water. She let the water cascade over her for sometime, no thoughts really entered her head. She was surprised she didn't feel more. Yes she was angry, but that was because she felt used. After 9 years all she was, was someone to shag. She began to wash herself clean of the woman who was running through her head. She'd be glad to see the back of her.

After sometime of sorry reflection, she stepped out of the shower, she grabbed a large towel and a smaller one to wrap around her hair and made her way to the bedroom. Then she looked at the time, “@#%$! I'm going to be late.” She quickly towelled her hair, put in some wax and made the unruly mess of hair neat, parted at the left side. It was short, dark and spiky when wet but now it was tidy and suitable for her appointment today. She dried herself and put on a black trouser suit and white shirt. She guessed the part would require a suit and hoped to impress. She needed the work and the auditions were getting tiresome. “Please God let this be the one,” she whispered to herself as she pulled on her black designer shoes. One last look in the mirror, she picked up her wallet and called a taxi.

Helen Stewart was running late. She had yet another late night with the bottle. Seemed that nothing was going right in her life at the moment. She was out of work, she dumped the man she was all set to marry and her best friend hadn't spoken to her in weeks. Ever since their little indiscretion. If she didn't get this job, she was sure she would completely lose it. She pulled on her long coat over her grey trouser suit and headed out to her red Peuguet which was parked in the driveway.

Larkhall Studios was a new big venture all of its own, they set up a year ago to produce small films and now they had the perfect idea for their first TV series. A drama series about a female detective who unwittingly falls in love with an ex-con, the series would run a long course they hoped, if the public liked it, and so this was only the background story. Nikki Wade entered the building, it was just outside London and more like a large warehouse then anything else. She followed the signs for auditions and walked up to the door, inside where people dressed like her, a room full of budding detectives. She nervously walked to the reception desk and gave them her name. “Take a seat Miss Wade.” She took a seat among the masses of black suits and folded one leg over the other and tried look comfortable.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” a soft Scottish accent swept over her. Nikki glanced up and smiled, “No.” Then she smiled again as the green eyed, dark blonde haired beauty, who was also wearing a very nice suit, sat beside her.
The woman turned to Nikki with a gentle smile curling on her lips, “Hi I'm Helen.” Nikki took her hand, they both smiled and their eyes locked. And in that one moment they both felt something. Neither could put their finger on it exactly, but it felt like electricity.


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Nikki couldn't detach her eyes from the stranger called Helen. After a slightly intense silence that seemed to last minutes not seconds Nikki spoke, “Hi Helen, I'm Nikki Wade.”
They loosened their grip on each other's hands and sat back in their seats. Nikki felt even more nervous than she did before and she was sure it was because of the beautiful actress that was now sitting beside her. Helen felt sick, she never did get over her hangover. The fact that her stomach was now doing flips was not helping matters, nope not one bit. They sat in silence both deep in thought. Until Nikki was called, “Well looks like its my turn, nice meeting you Helen.” She said as she stood and faced her. “Nice meeting you too Nikki. Oh and your probably after my job but good luck anyway.” She grinned. Nikki laughed, “Yeah you too, may the best woman win uh?” And as she walked off Helen couldn't help but notice how good Nikki Wade looked in that suit. She unconsciously licked her lips.
Nikki walked in the room to be faced by two people. A man and a woman, one introduced himself as the producer and the other was the casting director. A Thomas Waugh and a Karen Betts. Nikki was directed to take a seat while they looked over her resume. Nikki hadn't done that much and was looking for that one big break. She had experience in the theatre and some little bit parts in TV serials. But she wasn't exactly a well-known face or name. She was just what they wanted and they knew it the moment she walked in.

“Nikki do you mind leaving us for a moment? We will call you back in a moment.” The woman said. Nikki excused herself and waited outside. Now she was nervous, they were talking about her. What could they possibly have to discuss, they either liked her or they didn't. She almost began biting her nails and stopped herself just in time. She was stood waiting for what seemed an eternity.

The door opened and she was invited back in. Great round two in the interrogation room she thought. She took a seat.
“Nikki, what would you say to the part of the ex-con?” Nikki looked up surprised. She didn't know what to say, her agent hadn't even mentioned that part. She had no idea what it involved apart from the fact that the ex-con was the love interest for the detective and she had no idea it would be a woman.

“You look surprised Nikki.” Karen Betts said noticing her silence. “Could you tell me a little more about the part?” Nikki wasn't accepting any role until she knew what was expected of her. “Well the long and short of it is,” Betts began, “She is just out of prison, she helped put someone away and so got off easy with her appeal. Anyway, “ she took a breath, “through helping the police with further enquiries she meets the female detective and they slowly but surely strike up a relationship. At first quite a volatile one as you can imagine but it eventually turns into romance.” Nikki listened and tried to take it all in at once. She certainly had no problem playing a gay woman. She was one, but what about the woman she had to act with? That was her first concern. Then she told herself in her head, Nikki Wade you can't afford to turn down this part. You need the job and the money. Most of all you need a big break and this could be it.

“I'm interested.” She smiled.

“Great,” Thomas Waugh the producer smiled. And it was one of the few things he had said through the entire interview. She had a feeling he said a lot more when she was out of the room. “You're hired!” He added and held out his hand to congratulate her.

“What?” Nikki said shocked.

“You have the job,” he repeated, “Unless you need to think about it?” Nikki stood and shook his hand, “No. I don't know what to say, well thanks!” she grinned.

“We'll be in touch. You can go now.” Then he stopped and remembered to add, “We will need you back here to read with possible co-stars in a few days time. Is that alright?” Nikki smiled, she couldn't believe they were even asking her, “Yes that's fine.” She replied.

Nikki turned to leave with a permanent grin on her face. She couldn't believe how easy that was. She let out a sigh of relief when she stepped outside, into the cold winter air. “Wait until Trisha hears about this! She will be wishing she hadn't cheated on me, the cow.” She said under her breath as she walked. Nikki's day had gone from bad to good and it must have been a first. Maybe losing Trisha was good, now she was free to do what she wanted and with the money coming in soon she could buy herself that new car she always dreamed of and a new apartment, wash herself completely clean of her ex.

As Nikki made her way home she began to think about the part and who her co-star might be. “Jodie Foster, Sharon Stone or Demi Moore will do just fine.” She mused to herself. She just hoped to god that whoever she was, she wasn't the actress from hell who always demanded a pay rise. She caught a taxi on the high street and stopped off for a bottle of champagne on her way home. When she got there it was late afternoon and Trisha was home, she could hear her banging about upstairs. She took off her coat and walked upstairs to see what the noise was. She opened the bedroom door to find her in the throws of passion on their bed with her new lover and she was shocked to see it was a man. “What the f***!” left Nikki's lips. Trisha looked round to see Nikki standing there with a bottle of champagne in her hand. Nikki was far too tired for this, she stormed out of the bedroom and grabbed her coat and left for the nearest B&B. There was no way in hell she was sleeping in that bed tonight.


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Helen Stewart sat in her home with a glass of diet coke. After getting completely smashed the night before she couldn't face any more alcohol, not that she had much to celebrate. She had left the auditions that day with no firm offer of a job just a request to come back on Monday morning and read with the actress who would play the ex-con. She hoped that this would be her break, finally after years of trying and only getting offered the bottom of the barrel jobs and films where she was required to take her clothes off, this could be the one. Her only requirement of a slightly unusual nature in this was to kiss another woman, well she had already done that, much to her dismay, not because she didn't like it, on the contrary, she had found it a very pleasant experience, but sadly her best friend Claire didn't hold the same view. “Claire,” she said silently deep in thought. Her thoughts began to drift to that night a few weeks back when they had got completely wasted on tequila and ended up very cosy on Helen's sofa. They kissed and for some strange reason Helen had enjoyed it. Claire pulled away before it went too far and made her excuses, called a cab and was never to be seen again. It's not like it was Helen's fault, but Claire had phoned and said she was busy and she would call her soon. She was still waiting for that call. Helen had also ended her relationship with her fiancé Sean, he was beginning to suffocate her and then tried to force her to marry him by saying it was the right thing to do and they weren't getting any younger. “Bloody cheek” Helen said to herself as she recalled the memory. He just began to annoy the hell out of her with every word that left his mouth and she wondered what on earth she ever saw in him in the first place. She was starting to wonder what she ever saw in the male species. Helen curled up on her sofa and switched on the TV, she needed something to take her mind off her troubles. She began to flick the channels lazily, desperate for a distraction.
“Oh my God its her!” Helen laughed. “I'm sure of it,” she strained her eyes to see. “It is.” There before her eyes on the TV screen in a commercial for an absolutely gorgeous sports car was the woman she had met at rehearsals. She tried to remember her name, “Nikki.” She said to no one. She suddenly felt a bit odd. She remembered the stranger's eyes that were so piercing and she could just imagine them when she was aroused, the perfect eyes for seduction. Helen lost herself deep in an erotic thought, all brought on by an advert.

The woman of her fantasies was having a rotten night in a B&B with a bottle of now warm champagne and no one to celebrate with.

Nikki had got to the B&B and watched some TV while eating a take away. She was so pi**ed off with Trisha, how could the woman be so heartless, I mean its one thing having an affair but it's another thing doing it in your partner's bed. Nikki reeled at the thought. She dared not to think how many times it had happened before. Then she thought back to the audition and smiled. One thing had gone right today and that was one pretty huge thing. Then she remembered the charming Scottish woman who had sat beside her and made her heart skip a few beats while she waited. Yes things definitely went okay today and she could afford to smile. She drank champagne straight from the bottle and before long she was feeling very sleepy. Nikki didn't drink very often despite working in a club. So the effects got to pretty quickly. She turned her mobile off after Trisha's constant attempts to call her. Resting back on the bed she began to drift off to sleep, she hadn't even changed out of her clothes because she had rushed out so quickly, she didn't take any with her.

Helen eventually turned off the TV and retreated to bed. Her thoughts of the gorgeous dark haired stranger had dissipated by this point and her only thoughts were of sleep. She curled up in bed with her favourite book, Sophie's World until sleep set in.

Nikki was woken by the sound of heavy traffic on the main street. “Christ why didn't I pick somewhere quieter to spend the night.” She moaned under the covers. She wasn't sure when she had crawled under them with her clothes on but she guessed she must have got chilly and automatically moved there. Like being on autopilot.

She forced herself upwards and stretched and yawned. Then she remembered the events that led her to the B&B and dreaded going back home. But she had to, it was her home after all, the place she equally owned with Trisha. “What the hell are we going to do,” she said as she slumped out of bed and headed for the on suite shower. “F*** no clean underwear.” She decided against the shower, it could wait until she got back, that is if there weren't already two people in it. She frowned.

Nikki went down for breakfast and had the works, fry up, cereal, toast, she just wanted to avoid going back there for as long as possible. She sipped 3 cups of tea before they basically threw her out with their piercing glances towards her table. As she left the B&B she turned on her mobile. 5 text messages, 2 answer phone messages, 3 missed calls. “Bloody hell Trisha,” she said to herself as she walked, mobile in hand. She placed it to her ear has she listened to the messages. “Nikki where are you. Ring me babe. I'm sorry about earlier, really I am.” Nikki's only response to that was, “Bol*ocks”.

The next message filled her ear and irritated her even more, “Look Nik I'm really worried about you, you didn't even take any clean clothes. Please call.” Nikki shut off her phone again before her temper changed to boiling and hailed a taxi.

When Nikki arrived home she was pleased to find the house empty, in fact it was very empty, she began to look around and noticed lots of things were missing. “The bloody b*tch!” she muttered. She walked up to the phone and dialled the woman in question, “Trisha what the hell have you done?”
“Oh hi Nik, glad you made it home. What? I just took what was mine.” She said calmy and far too cheerfully.

“You took the bloody sofa and chairs!” Nikki said and her tone wasn't friendly.
“Sorry Nik but I need them, I mean we need them, Danny hasn't got anything that plush.” Christ thought Nikki why did she have to tell me his name.

“So,” Nikki began sarcastically, “What am I expected to sit on?”

“Get a new one.” Then the phone went dead.

Nikki slammed down the phone. The woman was taking the pi*s and she couldn't take much more of her. She looked around her living room, it was once cosy and now it looked cold. It was also rather empty but at least she hadn't taken her widescreen TV.

It was the weekend, “Right that's it, a new start from today. Time to go out and do some shopping Wade,” said Nikki to the empty lifeless room, “But first, a shower.”


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Monday morning came all too soon for Nikki Wade. She slumped out of her new bed, the old one had to go, to the nearest rubbish tip after finding out what had been going on, on its springs. And she was now suffering with the hangover from hell having spent Sunday night down the club sinking back too many beers with some friends.

Trisha had been there with her boyfriend, which just set Nikki off on a course of self-destruction. She vowed never to go to that stinking club again as she dragged herself to the shower.

Nikki then washed away some of the effects of the alcohol, then made some coffee before heading off to the auditions once more to hopefully find a suitable co-star. She took some asprin to ease her sore head. Then she put on her best suit and her clean white shirt, she was told the ex-con she was playing was a really well dressed woman but sometimes the old jeans and t-shirts would come into play too. She decided on the suit, she wanted to look her best and make an early impression on whoever her co-star was going to be.

When she arrived it was a busy Monday morning, people rushing about and as she walked towards the room where she had to meet the possible co-stars she was overcome by an attack of nerves. And the reason was sitting down in the corridor.

Nikki walked up to her and tried her hardest not to pull out a few chat up lines because what she really wanted to say wasn't at all appropriate at this time of the morning, “Hello again.” She smiled down at the blonde haired, green-eyed beauty. Helen looked up and was amazed to see Nikki Wade standing there. “Hi” she grinned widely. “So you got this far then.” Helen added and she noticed her stomach was doing flips that weren't there a few minutes ago. Nikki looked at her puzzled then explained, “No, actually they offered me the part of the ex-con.” Helen's mind went into overdrive. She tried to stay calm and not be at all affected by the amazing news.

“Oh well I guess congratulations are in order.” She stood to shake Nikki's hand. And there it was again, in that one single touch, like a bolt of lightening, both were caught off guard by how helpless they felt in such a short moment. Their eyes caught again but neither of them could explain what was happening as they stood silently smiling at each other.

“So I guess your going for the detective role?” Nikki said and her voice picked up after the sudden silence. “Yep. Wish me luck.” Helen smiled back at her then she sat back down. “Good luck,” Nikki flashed a gorgeous smile back at her, “I guess I will see you in there then.” She looked towards the room and walked off, leaving Helen feeling slightly dizzy.

She watched her go. No surprise she got the part, she's so gorgeous she thought to herself.

Helen sat there deep in thought, she was thinking how nice Nikki seemed and that she thought they would get on just fine, but she hadn't even got the part yet, so it was all wishful thinking. Then she saw a vision of her face, deep brown eyes that sparkled lighter when she smiled, her short dark hair and those perfectly formed lips. So kissable. <Bloody hell Stewart, get a grip on yourself>

Then she remembered her first rule of acting. Never get involved with your co-star, she sighed. Besides which who said she was interested! She's more than likely completely straight and not open to suggestion. Helen tried to pull herself together quickly before she was called in to audition. The last thing she needed on top of her nerves was raging hormones and red cheeks. She sat there and tried everything to think about men in a new light, but however hard she tried, she just didn't fancy them anymore, if she ever indeed did, if the truth be known, she fancied Nikki Wade. And if she got this job she just knew it was going to be harder than she anticipated.
Nikki stood before countless women that morning, saying their lines together. She was dying to yawn but had to suppress it, it was getting tedious and they were all losing hope. Not one spark all morning, that was until Helen Stewart walked in.

The Scottish woman had not only a heck of a lot of talent but she was also perfect alongside Nikki. They read their lines together like they had known each other all their lives. They just seemed to fit together like two peas in a pod. And they looked great together. It was like love at first sight. The electricity flowed in between words. Everyone noticed the chemistry between them was spot on. They didn't have to do a kiss and they were both quite relieved about that, but for reasons they hadn't anticipated. And when the producer said to them, “Don't worry ladies you wont have to do a kiss until its called for Nikki was sure Helen blushed. But it was probably just her imagination.

As soon as Helen completed her audition with Nikki she was offered the part. She couldn't believe her luck. At last it was finally changing, this was her biggest role ever, star of a TV drama. She couldn't wait to go home and phone Claire. Maybe this would get her speaking to her again.
Nikki went home that evening happy but slightly apprehensive. She wasn't sure why. They had found the perfect co-star and she seemed very nice. But something about the whole day had set her on edge. She took a beer from the fridge and relaxed in front of the TV for a few hours before turning it off and reading the first script.

Two weeks from today they began filming. So she had a little time to settle into her new life and get Trisha out of her system once and for all. Trisha had moved into her boyfriend's apartment and told Nikki to keep the house, as payment towards her half of the club. Seeing as Nikki no longer wanted anything to do with it.

Nikki now remembered hurling the words, “You can shove your stupid club up your Ars*e” late Sunday night.
Soon after her friends were helping her into a taxi and making sure she got home safely and didn't end up in the Thames.
“Hi Claire its me, your long lost friend.” Helen quipped.
“Helen. I'm so sorry I haven't called you.” Claire said and she was genuine. “You going to invite me in then? Or do I stand on the doorstep all night?” Helen smiled. “Come in Helen.” Claire smiled back at her. “So am I forgiven yet for kissing you?” Helen was never one to beat around the bush and Claire knew that. “You? I was hoping you would forgive me!” Claire answered as they took their seats in the living room. It would seem that Claire was feeling that it was all her fault and Helen was feeling she herself was to blame, they both laughed at how silly they had been. “Is that why you didn't call? Because you thought I would be mad at you?” Helen asked. “Yes.” Claire replied. They both laughed again. “Claire you wont believe the thoughts that have been going through my head, I thought you were never going to speak to me again.” Helen said. “Here have some of this.” Claire walked up to her and passed her a glass of vodka. “Thanks I think I need it.” She joked.
“So, did you get the part?” Claire asked. Helen had sent her a text message earlier to let her know she was at auditions. “Yes I did!” Helen announced with a grin. “Oh my God! Well done!” Claire said amazed. Her friend had been trying for years to get into something major and finally she had done it. “Well this is cause to celebrate.” Claire said and added, “So who is your co-star? Some dashing hunk?” Helen nearly choked on her vodka. “Actually Claire it's a dashing female.” Then it was Claire's turn to nearly choke on her drink. “And that's not a problem for you?” Claire asked innocently. She had absolutely no idea how much kissing a woman had changed her life. “Of course not.” Helen answered honestly, “Besides, it's just acting. And I am an actress.” Claire smiled back at her and poured her some more vodka, “And you're the best actress I know.” Helen laughed back at her, “I'm the only actress you know.”

Sounds of channel 5 Ice hockey filled the living room as Nikki lay sleeping on her new sofa and the script had now fallen to the floor. She had read it twice before giving up on it and being lured into the world of sport. And it wasn't too long before her eyes were closing.

She woke to the sounds of loud cheering emanating from the TV at about 3 am and dragged herself reluctantly upstairs to her nice new bed. The only problem was she had no one to share it with and it was awfully cold. The winter months were drawing in which didn't help her situation, she missed having someone to hold, even if that someone was a complete bit*ch.


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Nikki arrived early at Larkhall studios two weeks later. The thunder and lightening wasn't a good sign she thought to herself, especially as early parts of her script suggested outdoor scenes on location. Her long black coat swept around her in the wind as she got out of her new BMW roadster and her hair which had been neatly combed was now ruffled up and standing on end. She walked up to the building apprehensively then pushed open the entrance doors to be greeted by a young woman.

“Hi, can I have your name please?” The woman asked and she was holding a clipboard in one hand, pen in the other. “I'm Nikki Wade.” The young woman smiled, “Ah your one of the main cast members, can you follow me please Miss Wade and I will show you to your trailer.” Nikki followed her back outside into the wind and the rain, “I get a trailer?” The woman walked ahead and very quick she was too thought Nikki, “Yes, all the main cast do, as you're here more than most, I guess they feel you need your own bit of space between filming, it also means you can catch forty winks if you spent the previous night getting sloshed with the rest of them.” Nikki smiled to herself, well she certainly didn't mince her words and she was honest. “So what do I call you?” Nikki asked catching up with her. The woman stopped and turned to face her, “Oh I'm sorry I forgot to mention, I'm Zandra Plackett, I'm a runner, I get things, so if you need anything I am the one you call.” Nikki smiled, “Nice to meet you Zandra.” “Likewise” she said as she reached the trailer with the name Nikki Wade on it. “Well here it is, your home away from home.”

They went inside and Nikki had a quick look around. There was plenty of space and it was quite nicely decorated, very relaxing tones, something she guessed she would need with the hours she would be spending here. Her day started around 5 or 6 am depending on the script and ended around 7 to 8pm and she knew it was going to be a struggle at first but the money was fantastic and more than compensated for the long hours. Besides she needed the distraction, with her personal life having gone down the toilet at a rapid pace.

Next Zandra took Nikki into the building to meet some of the people who worked in the studio and she met some of her fellow actors. She began to wonder where the gorgeous Scot was, there had been no sign of her so far, she hoped she was all right and for some strange reason she found herself worrying about her.

“You might want to grab some breakfast before you go into make-up,” Zandra suggested. Nikki felt so nervous, it was like your first day at a new school, totally bewildering, she was kind of hoping Helen would be here so there was someone else she at least knew to speak too. She made her way to the canteen and grabbed a coffee then sat all alone and watched everyone else rushing around. She was deep in her own thoughts when someone tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hi Nikki.” She recognised the voice immediately. It was Helen. She looked up at her, “Hi, would you like to join me?” Nikki was feeling much better already. “Thanks.” Helen said sitting down on the chair opposite her. They both sat sipping their hot drinks quietly. Nikki gazed over at her with her sleepy looking eyes and Helen's heart fluttered. Helen's mind was racing with ideas but she couldn't find any words to say to her co-star, she just wanted to tell her how gorgeous she was. She smiled but words failed her.
Nikki was in much the same state, although not as nervous and so she was the first to break the ice.

“I guess we will be spending a lot of time together Helen.” It was weak but at least she said something. Helen was relieved that one of them had found the courage to say something. “Yes I guess we will.” Was all she could think to say in return. <For heavens sake think of something to say to her before she leaves> Helen was struck dumb, she cursed herself and she also wondered why she was feeling like she was, after all she didn't even know the woman.

In the moments of silence Nikki caught Helen gazing at her, she wondered what she was thinking.

“Did you read through the script?” Nikki asked, she knew that it was a silly question but it might get them talking.

“Yes it looks interesting and I see we have quite a few scenes together in the first episode.” Helen suddenly found some enthusiasm brought on by a subject close to her heart, the best role she had ever landed. “Maybe we could go over the lines together when there's breaks?” Nikki suggested. “That would be great,” Helen smiled and continued to finally loosen up. “To be honest I'm still a bit nervous, being the first day and all.” Helen was relieved to know she had found her voice. “Your not alone, I'm bricking it!” Nikki grinned and her words made Helen laugh.
And right at that moment a few other questions went through Helen's head…. <So Nikki are you gay? Are you single? Fancy coming back to my place tonight?>

Nikki's smile had her mesmerized and it was only the sound of Zandra's voice that broke the spell.

“Right ladies, make-up are now ready for you.”

They both stood and followed her. “Oh and after which you will be called when needed so in between you can do whatever takes your fancy.”
Nikki knew what took her fancy but she doubted Helen would be up for it. She suddenly forgot what she ever saw in Trisha, because Helen Stewart was the most beautiful woman she had ever set her eyes on, and to top it all she had a voice to melt an Ice burg.


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Nikki slumped down on her sofa after her first day in her new job. She stretched and yawned. She was starving but she was too exhausted to cook, so she picked up the phone and ordered a pizza. Then she sat back and reflected on her first day while sipping a bottle of beer.
It had been hectic but fun, and she thought she had definitely made some new mates. The costume and make-up ladies, Julie J and Julie S were unusual but charming, Zandra the runner was young, ambitious and easy to talk to, just a little tense under pressure. Nikki had met once more with the producer Thomas Waugh and thought he seemed like a nice guy, Karen Betts the casting director was also there to watch over the first day of filming and make sure she had indeed cast the right people! Nikki found her to be friendly enough, but a bit bossy. Then there were her co-stars, Helen of course, the gorgeous Scot, they had quite a difficult first scene together, a scene full of angst and aggression, mostly on Nikki's characters part. Then there was her male co-star Mark Waddle, he played the detectives sidekick. She thought he was a laugh and they had promised each other a few drinks after work sometime. And there was the one exception to the happy system, an actor called Jim Fenner, he was playing a right arse and he was one, in Nikki's opinion. He spent every spare moment complaining and when he wasn't starting trouble he was drooling all over the female extras. She even noticed him leering at Helen once or twice, which really made her blood boil.
Nikki thought back to Helen, their scenes had been intense and what she had experienced had been intense personally, in fact Helen Stewart had shook her world with just a few lines and it wasn't just her acting. Nikki relaxed back and went over it in her head.

“Take 1” The director Dominic McAllister was young and full of great ideas. He had spoken to both Nikki and Helen before the scene and explained to them what was expected of them.
They were filming in a disused warehouse, Nikki's character had been released from prison and was setting up another con, then the police and the detective played by Helen would come in and make the arrest. But Nikki's character kicks seven bells out of the con because she hates him so much and the detective is mad as hell with her. So much tension flowed between the two after the arrest. The scene they filmed was the scene after the arrest.
Helen's character walks up to Nikki and pulls her by the scruff of her coat, “What the hell do you think your doing?”
Nikki's character pushes her off, “Piss off!”
She grabs her again, “What did you say?”
“I said piss of you tart.”
“You didn't have to knock ten bells out of him.” She still had hold of her coat and was looking intensely into her eyes.
“You'll get some of the same if you don't get your hands off me!” Intense eyes met and sparks blasted across the set.
“Cut!” Dominic shouted. “That was fantastic!”

Helen and Nikki relaxed as Helen loosened her grip on her coat. Their eyes stayed fixed on each other for longer than intended. Damn what's happening here, Helen thought to herself. Her stomach was doing flips and her heart was racing. She felt a bit faint.
Nikki was lost in Helen's beautiful eyes; she wanted nothing more than to kiss her. <Bloody hell this is how the characters are supposed to feel, not me> Nikki tried to pull herself together and quick. She was just glad that there was no way anyone could suspect anything because she was supposed to be a character who was falling in love with her co-star, at least going by the script. She quickly diverted her eyes away from Helen's gaze and coughed to cover up her embarrassment. Helen couldn't help but smile; she didn't miss the slightly embarrassed cover up.
“That'll be all for now.” Dominic said. He was particularly impressed by the Scots acting and was thinking of asking her to go for a meal sometime, maybe get to know her better and go over a few things other than work. But for now he decided it was best to keep a professional distance.

Nikki began to walk away and Helen stopped her with her soft Scottish tones, “Nikki.”
She stopped and turned around, “Helen?”

Nikki walked forward to meet her gaze, “Erm, I was wondering,” Helen said and she had to divert her eyes, she looked away because the whole feeling was too intense, “would like to go for a coffee?”
She wasn't expecting a yes and was even more surprised when Nikki replied, “I would love to,” and then added with a smile and a suggestive voice, “Do you want to come back to my trailer?”
Helen felt weak, her whole body turned to mush. She had to hold back on shouting out YES! Instead she just calmly replied with an equally sexy smile, “That would be nice.”

They spent the next hour in Nikki's trailer. They found they had loads in common. They both liked the same books and music. They even watched the same movies and TV shows. And Nikki was pleasantly surprised to hear that Helen had K.d Lang in her CD collection. She was positive that this must mean something. But it was definitely too soon to jump to conclusions, although the way Helen was looking at her all afternoon had gave her hope. She had the sexiest look about her, the way she would gaze up when talking and flick her hair behind her ear, and it just left Nikki breathless.

Sadly they didn't have any further scenes together that day so they hadn't got to see each other again. Nikki now regretted not asking Helen for her phone number. She was desperate to talk to her. She could have made up some excuse about going over some lines together. She sighed. Then she decided to call it a night, getting up early was killing her but she smiled to herself every time she thought of Helen, that alone made it worth getting up at 5am. Her bed felt altogether warmer than usual tonight at the thought of Helen Stewart.
Helen herself was curled up in bed already with a good book. She wasn't however reading it, she was deep in thought and her mind was full of a certain tall dark haired actress. “Why can't I stop thinking about her?” she said to herself. “I've never felt this way before about anyone. I can't get her out of my head.” She began to get frustrated, “Damn she's even got me talking to myself.”


Nikki's alarm clock went off a minute after her inner clock had already woken her. She hadn't slept very well at all. Thoughts of her co-star wouldn't leave her head. She had spent most of the night gazing into her green eyes, at least in her dreams. And she didn't dare recollect the fantasies she had been having before she did finally drop off to sleep. She woke up highly aroused.
She yawned, got out of bed slowly and made her way to the bathroom. After brushing her teeth and having a quick shower, she got dressed in a smart grey trouser suit, black shirt and long black coat and left for work.
When she arrived she could see Helen getting out of a car. She squinted her eyes to see who was in the drivers seat and what she saw shocked her.

“Bloody hell, Dominic McAllister and Helen Stewart.”

Her heart sank.
She felt like she had been punched in the stomach. Never before had one single moment made her mood change from ecstatic to depressed so quickly.
Why the hell she was reeling from this information she wasn't quite sure. Hell she never even got this jealous when Trisha had her bits on the side. Nikki quickly looked away as Helen noticed her and began to approach with a smile. And before Helen could catch up with her Nikki had rushed away and into the building at great speed, her long black coat floating behind her.
Helen stopped by the door confused, hadn't she seen me? Why did she rush off like that? Maybe she had someone to meet? She made her way inside still in a state of confusion. She just hoped that Nikki was okay. And why do I care if she's okay? Stewart get a grip on reality.

As Helen walked inside and to make-up she passed Jim Fenner, he gave her a lusty look, “Hi Helen.” She tried to remain civilized but the man was obviously drooling all over her and she didn't like it, she didn't like it one bit! “Hi.” She said quickly and continued to walk. He followed her and his eyes were on her backside. “Fancy going for a drink at lunchtime?” Helen turned around to face him, “Oh I'm sorry Jim, I can't.” He looked disappointed, “Oh well, maybe some other time?” Helen wanted to see as little of him as possible, he was very odd to say the least. “Yeah sure.” She said with a slight smile, anything to get rid of the man.
He walked off in the opposite direction with a smirk on his face, like the cat that go the cream. Helen continued towards make-up where she could see the only person she was interested in spending time with, Nikki Wade sitting in a chair having her face done, God she doesn't need it Helen mused to herself. Then Helen smiled over at her, Nikki gave a quick smile back and looked away. Suddennly Helen felt like she had done something wrong.
“Hiya Miss Stewart,” Julie S said pulling out a chair, “All ready for your make-over?” Helen smiled at her and sat down, “I guess so, even if it is 6 o'clock in the morning.” She yawned.
Nikki was busy getting her eyebrows done and listening intently to every word that passed the Scots beautiful lips. But she was still reeling from the thought of her and Dominic, Christ how could she? He's only a smart arse kid. Well I guess that answers my question, Wade you simply don't stand a chance there. Just have to settle for her friendship. But friendship sucks when I feel like this. Why did I have to fancy her? And I was sure we had more…we connected. Her thoughts continued to whiz around her head as Julie J made her look even more presentable than she already was.

Helen was lost in thoughts too. She really liked Nikki. If she was honest with herself, she liked her a lot. And although she hadn't been with a woman before in that way, she was sure that it was what she wanted. Nikki had opened her eyes completely. The kiss with Claire was the start of it, the realization that she could be gay, but now she was absolutely sure. She often wondered why all the men she ever dated did absolutely nothing for her. Well apart from annoy her.
Now she knew the truth and it was like being set free. She felt like a bird about to take flight, she just hoped she would take that flight with a certain gorgeous actress sitting just across from her. Her heart fluttered at the thought and she smiled to herself.
“You look happy this morning Miss Stewart.” Julie S commented.
“Uh?” Helen replied distracted.
“So. Who is it?” Julie S added.
“No one!” Helen said quickly and startled.
“You could have fooled me.” I bloody hope so Helen thought to herself, the last thing she needed was the cat out of the bag.
“No one, a pretty young woman like yourself.” Helen didn't feel pretty at 6am so she just smiled politely.
Nikki occasionally glanced over at them, she's gorgeous, I'm totally in….no your not Wade, don't be so ridiculous! Her mind and her hormones were on a roll and she couldn't stop them.

Then it was time for their first scene of the day together. Nikki was apprehensive. Helen was nervous. Both had little idea why there hearts were racing but they could have competed in a marathon.
“Okay ladies, I want you to pretend like you absolutely loath each other.” Dominic directed them. Helen smiled to herself and caught Nikki doing the same.
“Take 1” Office scene.
“You stupid bitch!” The ex-con looked angry.
“I take it you don't agree?” The detective asked seriously ignoring the cons foul mouth.
“Of course I don't agree. You want me to help you set up my own brother?” She stepped forward and out her hands on the desk.
“Well its either that Croft or back behind bars for you, which would you prefer?” The woman (Helen) looked at her like she was the boss of all bosses, well she was.
“I guess I have no choice then.” The con looks down and then gazes up into detectives eyes. Helen felt excited at the look Nikki gave her. Nikki was sure Helen was doing more than acting with that lost expression in her eyes. She concentrated once more and let herself go back into her character.
“Good it's a deal then.” The detective smiled. The ex-con held out her hand reluctantly, her eyes still fixed intently on the woman before her.
Helen felt it again, that overwhelming feeling of….my god its passion.
“Cut!” The director shouted.

Nikki was relieved. She was starting to feel self-conscious, like everyone around them could see her feelings for Helen. Including Helen. Her heart was beating fast and she wasn't sure if it was the scene she just did or her feelings of attraction to Helen, she guessed it was both.
They took a break and Helen wondered what had just happened. Nikki was in the same state. She didn't think she could cope with this job any longer. Her feelings for Helen were overriding her enjoyment. She found a seat in the green room where the actors relaxed and began to think. I need this bloody role. It's the first decent job I have had. But I don't know how I am going to control myself around her. She's gorgeous, she's sweet, then she realised one major thing, she's bloody perfect.

Meanwhile Helen was getting prepared for the next scene, another one with Nikki and this was made her very anxious. It was there first kissing scene. She just hoped to God it only took one take or she would seriously loose her ability to think, act and talk all in one. She had no idea what the kiss would bring and although she had these feelings stirring within her for Nikki, she was half hoping she would hate it and not feel a thing. That way she could forget about her and get on with her work.


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Nikki made her way back to filming. She was dreading the next bit. This could make or break her. She walked with her hands in her trousers pockets, looking rather defeated and feeling rather nervous.
As Nikki walked in Dominic gave Helen a flirty smile and she grinned back at him, this just made Nikki feel worse than she already did, she was all set and ready to punch his lights out. She tried not to show it and she stood and waited for them to stop gazing at each other.
Helen took her place in front of Nikki. The scene was in an office this time. Nikki had been taken back to the station to help with enquiries. They were alone in the office and it would be the start of the budding relationship and romance. Nikki looked at her lines once more and then she shoved the paper away out of view. Helen watched her with a smile. She could look at her all day quite happily and never stop smiling.

“Take 1”

Detective – behind her desk looking through papers.
Ex-con – Other side of desk looking at detective with a frown.
“Look if your going to work with us, in future, you need to control your temper Miss Croft.”
Detectives eyes look up to meet Miss Crofts gaze, “Do you understand?”
“Sure.” She gave in arms folded.
“Good now that we have that out of the way we need to talk about the next job.”
Miss Croft walks around desk to face the detective, placing one hand on table. She is so close and the tension bells are once again ringing, “How about I take you for a coffee first” she said suggestively, “Or do detectives not take breaks.” The detective frowns back at the now smiling ex-con. “We don't have time for a break.” She turns her head away feeling the awkwardness of their closeness. “Then how about this then?” The ex-con puts her hand on the detectives face and pulls her to face her once more, then she kisses her gently.
The kiss is intense.
In the script and for real.
As their lips meet, Helen's head was a whirl of emotions and Nikki's heart was thudding in her chest. The characters basically are meant to feel the same.


Nikki was annoyed by the sound of Dominic's voice interrupting what seemed to her a very personal moment. She quickly turned to him and her head was spinning from the effects of the kiss. “Why did you say cut?” she complained. “I want you to do it again, it wasn't quite right.” Nikki frowned, she couldn't believe he said what he did, it felt bloody brilliant to her. All this time Helen's whole core had been rocked. She was slightly trembling from the kiss that had left her breathless and now she had to do it again!
They went straight into the kiss.
Lips met lips once more and Nikki slipped her tongue in, much to Helen's amazement, she pulled away in shock.
“Now what?” Nikki frowned. She was getting more annoyed by the minute. “Helen you pulled away too soon” Dominic said ignoring Nikki and talking to Helen. Helen nodded knowingly. Shit how the hell am I supposed to do this with her. Helen's mind and body was in a state of arousal and she was trying so very hard to think un-arousing thoughts.

“take 3”

Nikki's lips gently touched Helen's but this time Helen surrendered to the probing tongue, the kiss was gentle and sweet and both women were enjoying it more than intended. Sparks were flying in the room and inside them it was a virtual firework display!
Oh Nikki do you know how you're making me feel? Mm I could kiss you forever. Helen could not control her desires as her thoughts continued on their course of whatever it was. Nikki was in heaven literally, she had never felt so good kissing anyone in her life. Their lips were like soul mates. Nikki broke the kiss as the script instructed, very reluctantly.

They stood apart and dominic called “Cut! Excellent!”

He wandered off and left them both still standing there gazing at each other.
Is this love? My hearts beating so fast, I can hardly breath, what is this woman doing to me? Were Helen's only thoughts and brown eyes gazed into her own. Nikki was deep in her own daydreams, as she looked into Helen's hazel/green eyes she was having thoughts highly inappropriate about her fellow actress. She just wanted to take her back to her trailer and well, she didn't want to think any further, it was too much to take in.
She stepped away abruptly from their gaze and began to walk away silently, unable to control her feelings, she thought it best to hide from them. Nikki began to make her way out. She needed a coffee and to take herself away from Helen Stewart.
“Nikki don't go!” She couldn't believe it, that voice, like an angel was calling her, telling her not to leave her! Nikki turned back and just looked at her with eyes that were warm and loving. Helen's heart melted even more, “Would you like to go over our next scene, after a coffee?” she smiled hopefully.
“No thanks,” Nikki replied remembering she saw her with Dominic this morning. “I'm sure you have other things to do and a boyfriend waiting.” She said and she didn't mean it to come out but it had and she didn't regret it. She walked off as Helen stood there dumbfounded wondering what the hell she was talking about. “Nikki what are you talking about and why should you care if I have got a boyfriend?” Helen couldn't believe she had said it, but it was too late to take it back. Nikki stopped and faced Helen. Time to give Helen Stewart the facts, she couldn't take it any longer, it was doing her head in.
“Look, you know you felt something in that kiss.” Nikki said quietly hoping no one would hear.
Helen was surprised at Nikki's honesty. She decided to come clean, “Yes and from I could tell you were pretty much enjoying it too!”
Nikki laughed, she didn't mean to be so cruel but she didn't want to get her heart broken again, “Look Helen I'm not interested in straight women.” She was about to walk away when Helen's arm stopped her, “Nikki I don't know what you're talking about.” She looked up into her now deep brown eyes. “You and Dominic McAllister, I saw you get out of his car this morning, have a good time did you?” she accused with menacing eyes. “Nikki, not that its any of your business but we are just friends and he was giving me a lift.”
Nikki suddenly felt very embarrassed, damn one kiss had lead to this. What would ten kisses bring out of them both! She stood her ground. “So are you saying your not interested in me?” Nikki asked.
“Fine now we have that clear can I go?” she said looking down at Helen's hand that was still attached to her arm. What the hell thought Helen I have gone this far.
“No I don't mean no, I mean, yes I am, I'm very attracted to you.” Then she moved forward breaking the space between them, “Damn it!” She had a lot of force for a little one thought Nikki has her back was pushed against the corridor wall. She couldn't quite believe what was happening to her. Was she dreaming because if she were she didn't ever want to wake up. Then their lips met in one deeply passionate moment.
“Practising for the next scene ladies?” Came the slimy tone of Jim Fenners voice behind them. Nikki broke away from Helen quickly, “Piss off Fenner!” she said standing in front of him and leaving the Scot looking worried and bewildered. “Oh now, come on, that's no way to talk to your fellow actors is it Wade?” he smirked.
Nikki almost thumped him and she would have had Helen not stood between them. “Come on Nikki, he's not worth it.” She took her hand, much to Nikki's pleasant surprise and walked with her to the canteen.
Fenner looked on flushed and angry. “Bloody Divas!” he called after them.


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“Uh?” she opened her eyes slowly to see Helen Stewart standing above where she was sat, shaking her. “What?”
“You fell to sleep.” Helen explained to her because she looked totally out of it.

Shit so it was JUST a dream! Damn it.
Nikki realised she was still sitting in the green room and had dozed off. “Sorry,” she mumbled back then looked up at Helen's piercing green eyes, “I didn't get much sleep last night.” Then she attempted a small smile and stood to meet Helen. “Its okay, neither did I.” She replied then remembering the person in front of her was partly the reason, her heart did a flip.
“So,” Nikki began, “Is it time for our first kissing scene.” She smiled. Helen noticed it was a very sexy smile and almost lost her ability to talk. “Erm, yes that's right.” Helen smiled back suggestively, “Do you want to practise first?” Nikki almost choked. Maybe my dream is coming true after all. “I mean do you have any problems with kissing a woman?” Helen asked her innocently but really she was digging, hoping to find out more about this person Nikki Wade who she was definitely very fond of. Nikki's eyebrows rose at her questions and she grinned back at her, “Actually Helen, there's something I should tell you before we do this scene.” Nikki shuffled nervously on her feet and shoved her hands in her trouser pockets. Helen looked at her and waited,

“I'm a lesbian.”
If Helen was shocked she didn't show any signs of it. “Really. And?” Helen said. She thought the best way was to act like it didn't matter. It didn't matter, not in the way Nikki thought.
“Well, I just wanted to make sure you were okay with kissing me.” Nikki added. Helen smiled and led the way back to the office where the scene was due to be filmed, Nikki walked along side her. “We are both actresses Nikki, of course I don't have a problem with it.” Helen wasn't sure how much to give away about her own sexuality at that moment, it just didn't seem like the right time to tell her she was just on the verge of discovering her true self.

As they walked into the office scene Nikki felt a feeling of Déjà vu.
Then they began.

“Take 1”

Detective – behind her desk looking through papers.
Ex-con – Other side of desk looking at detective with a frown.
“Look if your going to work with us, in future, you need to control your temper Miss Croft.”
Detectives eyes look up to meet Miss Crofts gaze, “Do you understand?”
“Sure.” She gave in arms folded.
“Good now that we have that out of the way we need to talk about the next job.”
Miss Croft walks around desk to face the detective, placing one hand on table. She is so close and the tension bells are once again ringing, “How about I take you for a coffee first” she said suggestively, “Or do detectives not take breaks.” The detective frowns back at the now smiling ex-con. “We don't have time for a break.” She turns her head away feeling the awkwardness of their closeness. “Then how about this then?” The ex-con puts her hand on the detectives face and pulls her to face her once more, and then she kisses her gently.
The kiss is intense. The two feel overwhelmed by it. It's more than a screen kiss. Nikki's whole being is on fire from the touch of Helen's soft lips and Helen is trembling inside at her new found feelings, feelings for Nikki.

“Cut!” Dominic shouted. “That was perfect, thanks.”

They broke away from each other and Nikki looked away, Helen noticed it was almost a shy gesture. She smiled to herself at how sweet she was. “Okay, you can go for a break for a few hours, you wont be needed in the next batch of scenes.” Dominic added, as he turned his attention to Jim Fenner who had been watching the entire scene with great interest.

Helen began to walk away, she was desperate for some sleep in her trailer and a few hours would just about put her right.
“Helen,” the soft voice of Nikki Wade called to her and she turned around. “Nikki?”
“Do you have any plans? It's just I really enjoyed our chat yesterday.” Nikki caught up alongside her and they began to walk. “Well I was going to get some sleep while I have the chance.” Then Helen looked at Nikki and could see the disappointment in her eyes.
She didn't want to disappoint this woman, because she really cared about her. The fact that she cared so much and hardly knew her disturbed Helen, she never got involved with anyone so quickly, she had never experienced the feelings she was right now about anyone, it was all so strange to her but also very nice. Feelings of longing flooded her body. She wanted her and now she knew she was gay she knew she stood a chance. That was if she was single. She didn't want to push her luck.

“Well, you could join me in my trailer, as you so kindly invited me to yours yesterday.” Helen smiled. They walked out of the entrance doors into the gusty wind and pouring rain. “Its okay, I don't want to keep you from your sleep.” Nikki replied.
“Really I would like the company. Please come back with me?” She almost begged her; she didn't want to let her out of her sight. “Oh okay then.” Nikki gave in easily, gave her a flash of that amazing smile and followed Helen to her trailer.


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When they got their Helen put on the kettle and Nikki stood looking around at the inside. It was much the same as her own, but Helen had added a personal touch to it, with some pictures, flowers and a selection of spare clothing littered the sofa bed.
“Have a seat,” Helen said, “If you can find one.” She added with a cheeky grin. Nikki moved some of the clothing out of the way and sat down. She went a shade of red when she realised she had one of Helen's bras in her hands. She quickly put it down before she noticed.

“So,” Helen said handing Nikki a cup of tea. “I wonder how many things we can find in common today.” She sat down beside her and Nikki's heart began to pound at the nearness. She took a sip of her tea in the hopes it would calm her down. Helen looked gorgeous, her hair was down to her shoulders and one side was behind one ear, Nikki couldn't help but notice how adorable she looked. Her eyes began a trip over her face, her lips, her green eyes, her soft hair and slender neck. She wished she could just move in and kiss her. Helen noticed the intense look Nikki was giving her and it was driving her crazy. She put down her cup before she dropped it.

“Nikki, tell me if this is too personal, but” she began and she felt like she had to ask her this or she would go home tonight a very frustrated young woman, “Have you got a partner?” Nikki was surprised by the question but she certainly didn't mind it. “No, young free and single. That's me.” She smiled. Brilliant thought Helen. “And you Helen, are you seeing anyone?” Helen smiled back at her, “No, no one.” Nikki remembered Dominic this morning and after her crazy dream she wanted to know for sure, “I saw you with Dominic earlier, in his car, I kind of got the impression you were together?” Nikki said bravely.
“Me and Dom!” Helen couldn't help but laugh. “No I was on my way here and he offered me a lift when he saw me. My car had an accident.” At the word accident Nikki was suddenly alarmed. “Are you alright?” Nikki asked concerned. “Oh I wasn't in it in the time.” Helen explained, “It's my ex-fiancé he turned up last night and set fire to it!” Nikki couldn't believe her ears; it was more surreal than her dream. “Bloody hell!” was all she said.
“Well he's banged up now.” Helen explained, “I called the police soon as it happened of course and lucky for me they caught him.”
“Christ Helen that's terrible.” Nikki said placing a warm hand on Helen's thigh. The contact felt good, for both of them. “Are you sure your okay?”
Helen looked into Nikki's deep brown eyes. Oh Nikki if only you knew how okay I really am right now with you beside me.
“I'm fine. I'm better now I have you to talk to.” Nikki had to catch her breath at those words; they were so sincere and tender. Then Helen began to cry. “Hey,” Nikki said and she held her in her arms. “It's okay.” Helen felt Nikki's gentle hands stroking her hair and she felt an instant release of tension. “I'm sorry, I must be more tired than I thought.” Helen said embarrassed. “Why don't you get some sleep, I'll just sit here and read the script,” Nikki suggested. “Okay if you're sure?” Helen looked at her, Nikki gave her a reassuring look, “I'm sure, I need to go over this anyway.” Nikki moved over so that Helen could stretch out on the sofa. She curled herself up and was soon fast asleep.

Nikki couldn't concentrate on the script; all she could do was watch Helen sleeping. She looked so beautiful. Nikki could honestly say that no one had captivated her like Helen had. She sighed. Then she thought about what Helen had said about Dominic and was so relieved, but then remembered the bit about an ex-fiancé. Her stomach did an almighty flip and she felt a surge of uncontrollable jealousy. So she is straight, there's no hope for me.

And the pain of knowing there would never be a Helen and Nikki was too much for her to bear.

Helen woke up an hour later to see Nikki sitting at the end of the sofa reading the script. At least she seemed to be reading it. The truth was she was gazing at it, not taking it in, all she could think about was Helen. And how the hell she was going to cope with just being her friend. “Penny for them?” Came the sleepy Scottish voice from the other end of the sofa. “Uh?” Nikki said distracted. “Your thoughts,” Helen smiled. “Oh they are worth a penny.” Nikki smiled. Helen sat up and placed herself beside Nikki. “I hope you didn't get bored.” She said. Then Nikki felt a hand touch her back gently rubbing up and down. My god what does she think she's doing, I'm going to have a heart attack if she doesn't stop doing that. Helen noticed Nikki looked uncomfortable so she stopped, phew thought Nikki.
An awkward silence followed that seemed like years but was in fact seconds. Then Helen decided she should be honest with her co-star and she broke the silence, and the next conversation was the best thing that had ever happened to Nikki Wade. And this time it wasn't a dream.

“Nikki I need to tell you something.” Helen began. Nikki turned to face her, her eyes were full of curiosity. “The thing is…” she began.
Nikki placed a hand gently on her thigh. The contact was very much felt by Helen who's hormones were about to rage out of control. “I think I'm gay.”
Nikki's mouth fell open in amazement. Helen noticed her look of surprise and felt scared. But she wasn't entirely sure why.
“I..” Nikki began, “I don't know what to say.”
Their eyes met, they locked, they felt that overwhelming desire that always caught them when they looked at each other.

Helen moved forward to kiss Nikki on the lips.
“Wait!” Nikki moved back. Helen was reeling, the fear she felt was now realised, rejection.
Nikki saw the look on her face of total embarrassment. So she moved closer and wrapped one arm around her to comfort her, “I'm sorry Helen. Its not you. Its me.”
“Its okay Nikki I understand if you don't feel the same.” Helen said dejected.
Nikki couldn't help but smile. “No you don't understand.” Nikki desperately needed to explain, because she didn't want to lose her first real chance at happiness but she needed to be sure of some things first. “It's just that, I'm just out of a 9 year relationship, she left me for a bloke.” Now it was Nikki's turn to feel rejected.
Helen's hand automatically took hold of Nikki's hand and began to stroke it tenderly. “Nikki I'm so sorry that's terrible.” She could now imagine her pain at seeing her with Dominic and hearing about her fiancé. Nikki continued. “So, I have to be sure.” Nikki continued with apprehension. “Sure that you're not just doing this as some kind of test.” Helen felt hurt by the insinuation but didn't show it. “Nikki I can assure you now, I'm not that kind of girl.” Nikki smiled at her, “Oh really?” “Yes really,” Helen replied and she sounded so serious that Nikki let out a small laugh. Helen moved away from her and Nikki felt so guilty. “Hey, come back here and talk to me.” Helen did as she was told. She couldn't refuse her, she was like a magnet pulling her in.

Helen took both of Nikki's hands in her own and looked into her gorgeous eyes that were so full of love. “Nikki.” She was at a loss for the right words; she was never very good with them. “I feel a connection with you, something I have never felt before. Can you understand what I'm saying?” Nikki nodded, she could because she felt the same. “From the moment I first saw you, I was attracted to you.” And she smiled at the recollection. “At rehearsals.”
Nikki looked at her in amazement. “My God, I don't believe this, all this time I have been lusting after you and you mean to say…” Helen interrupted. “Yes Nikki I fancy you too.” She grinned. Nikki laughed, she couldn't believe how fate had brought them both together like this.

“So are you going to just sit there all day?” Helen smiled, “Or are you going to kiss me?” she added with suggestion in her sexy eyes.
Nikki didn't need any more encouragement, she moved closer wrapped her arms around her and kissed her firmly on the lips.


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“Nikki” Helen said between soft kisses to her face.
“Mmm.” Nikki mumbled while placing kisses.
Helen moved away suddenly and Nikki felt the loss. “What's wrong?”
“Nothing,” she replied thoughtfully, “Everything.”
“Uh?” Nikki frowned.
“I make it a rule never to get involved with people I work with.” Helen just remembered her reasons, what if it all went sour, they would have to work with each other and it would be sheer hell.
“Helen,” Nikki was puzzled, “What are you so afraid of?”
“Myself.” She said simply. “What if it all goes wrong?”
Nikki gently held her, “I know what your saying, but who says its all gonna go wrong?” she smiled and tried to make her feel more secure about their situation.
Then she sighed and continued, “If you hold back on your feelings all the time, where does that get you?” Helen looked up into her eyes as she spoke and felt so much warmth there that she felt her heart would explode with emotions that were overwhelming her.
“I have never felt like this before about anyone.” Nikki added and stroked her hair gently while running her other hand down the side of her face tenderly.
And they were both so lost in each other and their situation that they totally forgot about work and the scenes they were due to film in ten minutes. Helen felt so deeply in love with Nikki but she wasn't sure if she was ready to admit it, it was such a big thing for her to admit.
“Helen, say something.” Nikki said softly waiting.
“Your right,” she smiled. “I'm just a little scared after Sean.”
Nikki looked at her puzzled. “Oh, sorry he's the crazy ex who likes setting fire to things.” Helen explained in a mocking tone.
Helen gave her a sly grin to follow. Then she looked to Nikki lovingly, “Kiss me again.”
Nikki moved closer and swept her in with a soft gentle kiss on the lips, followed by a probing warm tongue. Helen couldn't believe how good Nikki was making her feel, with just a kiss. Helen bravely moved her hands inside of Nikki's shirt and moved them upwards, feeling the warmth of her soft skin under her fingers. Beams of pleasure were shooting through Nikki at Helen's soft touches and especially down below. Her kissing became more passionate as she gently encouraged Helen to lay down on the sofa. “Nikki,” she said softly. “Make love to me.” Nikki's eyes were full of passion and the words made her heart contract. The sight of the woman she loved saying those words to her was almost too much, she almost cried. Holding back the tears of joy she lay above her and held her before kissing her again and asking if she was sure. Helen said she had never been more sure about anything in her life. “I want you Nikki.” She breathed finally as Nikki made gentle but passionate love to her. For Helen it was a beautiful and fulfilling experience, for Nikki it was a release of so much sexual tension she had built up ever since she first set her eyes on Helen Stewart. For both of them it was very loving. Something both of them had seriously missed in their lives previously.
They lay together afterwards all wrapped up in each other, feeling the love that they had just shared. “Nikki,” Helen said as she held on tight to her warm wonderful body. “I've fallen in love with you.” Helen's eyes directed themselves upwards to see Nikki's reaction. She was pleased when she saw a huge smile on her face. Nikki felt wonderful, in fact she had never felt better in her life. Trisha was long in the past, in fact who the hell was Trisha she mused to herself as Helen lay in her arms. She loved Helen more than she ever thought she could love anyone. The feeling surprised her and delighted her. “I love you too Helen.” She said kissing her head.
Then she realised how late they were, “Bloody hell,” she said softy not wanting to ruin the most precious moment of her life, “We were supposed to be filming an hour ago!” Helen looked alarmed and shot up, “Come back here, “ Nikki said playfully pulling her back down. “Nikki were so in trouble.”
“So what's another hour then?” Nikki said kissing her back.
“Oh you are so…”
“Wonderful? Sexy? Cute?” Nikki interjected.
Helen couldn't help but let out a laugh, she fell back down into her arms and kissed her lips. The kiss turned into more. The next hour was spent showing Nikki what a great lover she in fact was.