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The skies above Nightwatch Island. Mating flights take here, as do wing drills, aerial skirmishes, and anything else that would take place mid-flight. Check the sidebar to get an idea of current weather conditions!
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V'las squinted at the sheet of paper in his hand. It squinted back. He narrowed his eyes and shook his head as the words bled together to form a skeletal silhouette that danced merrily around the page.

Good heavens.

He narrowed his eyes. One of the more unfortunate duties that came with being a wingsecond had to be dealing with the paperwork, but today it seemed especially hard to concentrate. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the wine he'd had for lunch. Or maybe it was the fact that Yintath just wouldn't shut up.

I say, V'las, I do believe that young Cielath has taken it into her head to Rise.

"Very nice," he rasped.

Without me.

"Seems a damn shame."

Doesn't it? From his spot on the ledge of their weyr came an indignant snort. The white shifted, then raised his scarred head and fixed the distant chasers with a calculating stare. After a moment's deliberation, he announced, Be back in a jiffy, old sport, and launched himself into the air.

This wasn't a Flight - it was a Hunt, and he wouldn't miss it for the world.

Yintath glided toward them, nodding genially at the other chasers as he twisted his battered wings to better catch the air. There was an almost manic twinkle in his eye that echoed in his voice as he bugled, Jolly good show, chaps, and may I say what a beautiful day it is for a Hunt flight? Brilliant idea, Cielath, simply brilliant. And Nalunath! How good to see you. Are you joining us as well, then?
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Incy, hi! Cielath trilled with delight. Oh, this was getting better and better! More dragons, more fun, more snuggles later!

Wilkith, well, that was a little less charming since speed and grace were what SHE was all about in the air. She might have gotten miffed about the backhanded complement, but the two browns soothed her slightly ruffled feathers nicely, and she crooned to them as she flew on.

More whites! Oh, but it's so fun, Luna! she called. We should all do this every now and then. You get to fly and play and the chasers say such lovely things!

She pulled a happy little loop-de-loop and brushed past Yintath to give him a trill of greeting before she zipped off toward the weyrbowl.

Zira rubbed his forehead with one hand as he leaned against the wall. Well. At least he wouldn't be the only whiterider with a dragon mixed up in this "Flight," though he was still the one whose white instigated it. He wasn't sure whether to feel relieved or insulted on Cielath's behalf that none of the dragons from their wing had joined. They'd all hear about it regardless, so he just settled for mildly put out.

Ciel, what are you going to do when you decide to let one of them catch you?

Cuddle in the weyrbowl, of course!

Right. Of course. And shard it all if he didn't feel a little jealous at that. Cielath could just get it in her head to Rise, get dragons to Chase, and she'd pick one (or possibly more since it wasn't a mating flight and cuddling in a pile was easy) to snuggle with. Dragons had it so easy in some respects.
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There were whites! Whites everywhere! Fusrodath gave a little squawk of surprise when two more joined the party. Another female white, even! And here he’d always been told females fought if they Rose together. Perhaps whites were just nicer than everyone else.

Perfectly content with that half-baked explanation, the dragon set his mind back to actually chasing the dragon who’d Risen initially. Cielath preformed a complete loop-de-loop, brushing by the lot of them before turning again, dipping back towards the ground. Fusrodath was quick to follow, his large wings dipping as he banked and followed down after her. To be quite honest, the brown still wasn’t sure what he was expecting the white to do once she go tired, but it must be good, right? Winning a Flight was always good.

Always good indeed, love, Volana agreed from wherever she was, never far from Fusrodath’s spot. She was still looking for the whiterider in question, but until the shenanigans stopped and her bonded settled again, it wasn’t even worth asking where the person might be found. Fusrodath was never known for his multitasking.
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The loop de loop made him give an almost-squawk of surprise. Was he supposed to try mimicing that? Isith could probably manage a wider loop de loop, but his wings were far too large for a loop de loop that tight.

But then again, to win a flight, you had to impress the females, right?

Shaking his head out of that thought- no need to make a fool of himself- Isith continued zooming after the white. He was a lot bigger than her, and thus couldn't keep up with her speed, but he did have one advantage over her that he knew of, and that was stamina. Even if he couldn't catch up with her now, he would be able to eventually, right?

The thought gave him renewed energy, and he continued flying, offering another buggle of challenge. A good flight to all, so far

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What's this? Two more whites joining the Flight? This was interesting indeed. Wilkith wasn't entirely sure why there were whites Chasing (or for that matter Rising), but he only cared as a matter of idle wondering. It was probably something in the water, or possibly just a new method of playing for them. It was hardly the most serious Flight.

Brother and sister, welcome! It is a beautiful day to fly, he greeted as he flew towards the Weyrbowl after Cielath. Yeah, he wasn't even going to try that loop de loop, not with his build. Another blue could manage it, but not him. Best to just continue on a direct path. It would be faster, anyway, and he needed all the speed he could get.

That didn't mean he couldn't acknowledge it, though. Very nice, lady Cielath! Your agility in the air is unmatched by any of us!

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Cielath zipped around the bowl, absolutely delighted with the turnout. They were going to have to have these Flights more often. Maybe Incy would like to Rise next time. Sure, males didn’t usually Rise, but whites didn’t usually participate in Flights, period, so she doubted that little detail mattered much. Now…how was she going to choose? She’d been going all-out with the speed and showy moves and she was getting a little tired now. But they were all so handsome and flattering and she hated to hurt anyone’s feelings and oh.

Oh! She didn’t HAVE to pick only one. She wasn’t going to have to climb up high and pick one to fall with her and do…whatever. She could just land! (Honestly, why didn’t the greens do it like that? So much easier. Maybe the reds would have more sense when they got old enough.)

You’re all such lovely Chasers! she trilled, making a turn to look back at all her suitors. So I choose you all! Come land with me and cuddle! With that, she dove to the floor of the bowl and landed, looking up expectantly.
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