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From the water, Edinnu looks unpleasant and foreboding. Twin volcanic peaks, tall cinder cones, stand stark against the horizon. The beaches are black sand strewn with chunks of volcanic rock and a few hardy plants; this is not the gentle paradise of Nightwatch, but a wasteland.

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Well, fine, that plan didn't seem to work, but at least the woman was actually...looking almost flustered now. That could be both good and bad: good, because her focus was solid on any particular person... and bad, because her focus was NOT SOLID. Desdelle had seen many people shoot off a gun by accident because they had become flummoxed and were shifting around a lot.

"Stop waving that thing around, would you?" she commented, voice rising to be heard. ...However suddenly all attentions seemed to turn to the appearance of Randaath. Great. Was that a bad sign too? It was probably a good thing she didn't hear what he yelled at all the dragons... because Des would be snarling right back.

Whatever. Topics seemed to be scattered to the four winds, along with attention spans. Another minute couldn't be spared towards Randaath's arrival, because Meera's confusion was indeed becoming very, very apparent. This made the Overseer almost chuckle -- something that didn't quite make it past her throat but indeed made her shoulders jiggle a bit, her eyes glinting in amusement.

"You have absolutely no idea what's going on in your own home, do you?"
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At least the woman seemed to relax now. Maybe if they gave her more answers, she would lower her bow. Inching forward and the the side every so slightly- attempting to put himself between the dragon and the crossbow, M'del began to talk, eyes not leaving the threatening woman, "Our whers and wherhandlers have been kidnapped and taken to the island. We don't know much more than that, but we're certain this is where they've been traken" better to not reveal too much. And anyway, if the others wanted to confirm or reject his claim, he would leave that open to them.

The arrival of the other brown brought on a wave of relief. Now they had some heavyweight on their side, Which reminded him. Isith was still hovering over the crater. Sensing his rider's thoughts, the brown looked curiously in his rider's direction, mentally preparing to go between

No M'del called to his brown Wait, we still have the advantage of surprise The dragon growled a moment, before nodding his agreement.

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Attemptin' to find some missing whers, Randaath. Same as you, I do expect, Ixioth answered, rather calmly and blithely, not bothering to move from the crouched, stock-still position he'd taken since the holder woman had trained her bow on Donnath. Haven't found 'em yet. Still working on that. Where's Yours at?

Damnit, Desdelle, stop trying to get shot! Ixioth had promised Valorinoth that he'd bring her back in one piece, grumble-rumble.

Rhea sighed, brought one hand to her forehead to rub at her temple wearily - and laid the other one on her hip, nice and close to where she'd stashed her pistol behind her flight jacket. She probably didn't need to shoot the lady, but it was a comforting thought nonetheless. "I think me we've a very large misunderstanding here, dearies," she said, reasonably. "We just want to find our missing friends. That's all. Is there not a chance that they could be here somewhere? Had any new wherhandlers turn up lately? A green, a blue, a young bronze..." She couldn't remember their names, of course, but she was pretty sure that was at least part of the list.

And, hey, maybe the wherhandlers had gone to the island of their own volition, after all, if you conveniently forgot about the attack that Ianthe had reported. It would have been nice of them to send a note if that was the case, though.
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Ok. Ok. She hadn't shot anyone yet. Doktorr tentatively chalked that one up for the Win column, on the basis that not being shot now was a good sign. Probably. And the woman seemed to be getting more confused than upset by the questions.

Who brings a crossbow against dragons anyway? a random thought wormed across his mind, related to exactly nothing in the current conversation. There was the ominous red marking on the end of the bolt, but a crossbow was hardly an effective weapon against a group of people.

Not if she only planned on killing one of us, Donnath said, eyes swirling back to orange as Randaath yelled at everyone. Go suck an egg, Randaath! An... are you injured? she focused on the ichor dripping down his flank. Well, not really dripping. That implied a serious flow. This was more of a... a something slow and dripping? Donnath wasn't so good with words that weren't insults.

Well, maybe the other group had been having its own problems.

"Look, we're here in peace. Like the others said, we're just here for our friends and then we'll leave. We just want our friends back," Doktorr said, only aware of half the conversation between the dragons.
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"I'm not waving it around! I'm just keeping it pointed. At the dragon," Meera said, stubbornly putting emphasis on that final point, just in case the woman forgot that it was her dragon at the end of the bolt. Apparently the speaker was forgetting because it almost looked like she was laughing.

At least one of the men was more useful, explaining that the whers and their handlers had been kidnapped. Meera's face froze to a completely impassive expression.

It couldn't have been more obvious if she had screamed out, "OH FARANTH IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW". Other visitors piped in, basically just confirming that they were just here for whers and handlers.

Slowly, the crossbow dipped back down to the ground, but with a distinct feeling that it would be pulled right back up again at the slightest sign of violence. "We don't have your missing whers, I promise you. We wouldn't abduct people. Especially not people who have very large attack beasts at their sides. We've actually had a similar problem: whers just disappearing. Not for a couple of turns though." Nope, now they had a whole new wher problem on their hands.

And missing caprine and ovine. It wasn't like the sheep and goats could just wander on out of the crater on their own. "Right. Here's the deal," she announced. "I'll tell you what I know if you help me figure out what's going on. We don't have a lot of weapons here."

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The woman's weapon slowly lowered, and M'del couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. It wasn't a sigh though, really, more like a small breath of air escaping from his lungs. Well, either way he was relieved. Coming home sans one dragon was not very high on his to-do list.

But at his words about the missing Whers, she seemed to freeze. So obviously she knew something about it. Her crossbow lowered, though, and that was a good sign. And then came the surprise, the woman seemed to know about it too. M'del frowned a moment, trying to get his brain around this sudden plot twist. So, someone had been stealing whers, but the entire island wasn't in on it.

Could she be lying? The question replayed itself in M'del's head, but he finally decided she probably wasn't. With the crossbow, she had all the advantages, so there was no real reason to lie. Besides, he reaction to his words seemed like proof enough. So the question remained, could they trust her?

Well, she had already done them one favor by not shooting Donnath. M'del hesitated once, looking at the others, before giving a nod to the lady. "We have a common enemy then, so it seems." he frowned, remembering the briefing he had been given before they had departed "What color were the whers that got taken? We've only been losing green and blues, I think" glancing back to the others for confirmation

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Whoo! Crossbow bolts pointed at the dirt was infinite-times better than crossbow bolts pointed at dragons. Rhea beamed at the holder woman, bobbing her head in a satisfied nod.

Even so, she wasn't quite going to move her hand away from easy distance of her pistol. Not just yet.

Meera's assurances about not being behind the kidnappers caused her a moment of thought, however. "Hum. It is a conundrum, isn't it? How does someone cart off a large man-eating monster and expect to get away with it without being eaten by said monster?" she wondered aloud, not really expecting an answer from anyone. M'del's questioning look was met with a momentary blank one from her, and a shrug of her shoulders. She'd not really been acquainted with any of those missing. "...I daresay if what you know will help us figure out what's going on, we can work together, no? And, hey, it means no one gets shot. That's always a positive mark for the day."
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