OOC Rule

Not as bad as it sounds.

OOC Rule

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OOC Rule

That's not a typo.

There is only one OOC rule.

Don't be a dick.

That's it. Really.

Now, there's a surprisingly broad array of potential dickeries that one could engage in. However, most of them should be self-evident. This is everyone's sandbox. Share the toys, be respectful to one another, listen when the admin tells you to do something. You can talk to us about anything you like in the Cbox, but if someone is getting uncomfortable, change the subject. Remember that your character isn't you and that RP is not a competition.

Above all else, let's try to keep drama to a minimum. If a conflict should come up, please, PLEASE let me know - privately, via PM. Honestly. I won't bite your head off. Worst case scenario, I might tell you "there isn't anything I can do about this, sorry." And if I'm not online to solve the problem right away? If you seriously feel riled up about it, there is a little X in the upper corner of your browser. Click it. Go for a walk until you feel better.

This RP is not SRS BSNSS.
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