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Name: Konani
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Orientation: Strictly heterosexual

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Craft: Cookingcraft/wherhandler
Rank: Journeywoman

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PB (if applicable): None
Appearance: Konani is, in essence, pretty average. Standing at 5'6" she isn't too short nor too tall; she isn't skinny nor is she chubby, instead having enough muscle to carry around the heavier supplies or ingredients for her craft, and also to keep her small wher in line (not that that's a hard thing to do). The only thing she isn't average in is her curves - her bust is slightly larger than women her size, but only slightly, but she has big hips (and anyone that insults said hips will immediately have an angry Kona and an equally angry wher to deal with).

Her coppery-red hair reaches about the middle of her back and falls in thick waves that reflect the sun rather nicely (in her opinion) and is very obviously well cared for. Her eyes are green and almond-shaped, her teeth are white and (mostly) straight, and she has the typical tanned skin tone that most of the rest of Pern has. She used to sunburn easily when she was younger and spent most of her time indoors, but after bonding to Konanisk she's spent more time outside and finds she burns less and tans more. She also has a smattering of freckles on her cheeks, her shoulders, and a few on her nose.

When she's working, she ties her hair back into a messy (but stylish!) bun at the nape of her neck, and wears a light apron over plain clothes that are usually neutral tones. She dislikes wearing plain things, however, and prefers to wear more lavish outfits (dresses or skirts and nice blouses are preferred) in rich colors and matching accessories. Who needs any formal sort of event to look nice, she would like to know? Kona will dress nice whenever she damn well pleases, and doesn't need any sort of fancy event to justify it. That said, she would never wear anything fancy while cooking or baking, just in case she spilled something or dropped a ribbon or some other embellishment into a pot. She also wouldn't wear such things while working with Konanisk, but she does wear brighter colors of more practical clothing when she's busy around the Weyr rather than the incredibly plain things she wears to cook.

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Personality: Nope, Konani is still pretty average here too. She doesn't have very many extremes, tending to stay in the middle of any particular range of emotions. When she gets upset, she might cry or she might rant or rave about it for a little while, but she certainly won't go into sobbing hysterics or on a bitchfit rampage or anything. When she's excited, she usually suppresses it a bit and limits it to maybe a huge grin and possibly a little excited bouncing. Possibly a little "eeee!"ing as well, depending on the situation. On the whole, Kona is an amicable person, and despite being brought to Nightwatch against her will she doesn't mind the Weyr. It's a lot more... interesting than Fort, although she doesn't understand why decorations are so sparse and everyone seems to live in such plain conditions. She loves colors and thinks everyone needs them too, why is your weyr so plain? Here, have some lovely purple curtains!

On a similar vein, Kona is also honest to a fault, sometimes brutally so. If your hair looks bad, she'll be sure to let you know. If the color of your clothing clashes, you're going to hear about it. She isn't trying to be mean, she's just trying to be helpful. If she hadn't told your you would've just gone all day with your hair looking like a wherry nest! Aren't you glad she told you? She tells it like it is, and thinks any beating around the bush is just a waste of time and nobody really likes it anyway. That said, once she points something like that out, she usually offers to help fix the problem, especially if it's with hair. Kona loves her hair and thinks it's beautiful - actually, she thinks the rest of her looks almost as good (and isnt shy about showing off) but that's besides the point - so hair is one of the more important things to her on other people as well.

While she's usually pretty nice to everyone in general, if someone really upsets her she can and will hold a grudge for the rest of her life. She may say she forgives you for it, but she won't ever forget it. In general though, she tries to be nice to everyone - you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as the saying goes, plus people would rather buy goods or desserts from a sweet girl than a downright bitch, which is better for her sales and her pockets and, in the end, her wardrobe.

She absolutely loves Konanisk, showering the small wher with frequent hugs and kisses on the snout, and sometimes even gives her a bit of whatever she's cooking at the time. This drives poor Truffle absolutely insane, and the little flit will usually squeal and shriek and fly in circles until she gets some food too. She used to try to steal it from Konanisk, but after the first time learned to never do that again. Both wher and handler find the flit to be a nuisance; Kona likes her regardless (sometimes) and if anyone calls Truffle a brainless thing, she wouldn't mind and would actually agree. But if anyone were to say anything remotely unpleasant or impolite about Konanisk, she will be sharding pissed. It's one of the only ways to truly make her angry, but thankfully it doesn't happen often.

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  • Born in Fort Weyr; her parents were both dragonriders, so why or how her mother carried her for nine months is beyond her, but Konani certainly isn't complaining. Because of this, she was raised more with other children in the Weyr than by her parents. She at least saw them every now and again, but their ties were never very strong.
  •  Kona began learning some things about cookingcraft at a young age, and became an apprentice at age 10. While her father still remained distant, her mother began to make more of an effort to bond with her daughter.
  •  At 16 turns she became a senior apprentice, and her mother bought her a small firelizard egg as a present. A very small one. It hatched into an adorable little green flit that Kona immediately named Truffle. Truffle almost immediately proves to be an incorrigible nuisance more often than not, and Kona begins to question if there were ulterior motives when her mother gave her the egg.
  •  At 17, Kona was flirting with a handsome bluerider over drinks one minute, wearing her favorite outfit with Truffle snuggled up and sleeping in one of the pockets, and the next minute she was on the back of a dragon several hours later, very groggy and confused as they flew over Nightwatch. Kona is very much Not Happy. Truffle doesn't seem to notice anything different.
  •  She realizes very quickly that she was kidnapped and brought here to hopefully Impress a dragon so she could fight Deep Ones - something she adamantly refused to do - and instead swiftly sought out the wherhandlers. While she was never too interested in whers or dragons, at least whers stayed on the ground and had no chance of her falling off to a very painful and pancake-like demise.
  •  Having found Bereck, Kona immediately laid her cards on the table in her typical, brutally honest fashion: She was brought here against her will (although she doesn't hold it against the Weyr itself, just the specific individual that kidnapped her), she has absolutely no desire to Impress a dragon so that she can go into the Dusk and battle Deep Ones, and wants a wher (a small one) to avoid Impressing to a dragon. Plus the smaller the wher, the more whers it would take to fight just one Deep One, so in her mind it decreased the chance they might try to pull her to fight. She'd take what she could get at this point. Bereck sympathizes, but before he considers giving her an egg he requests she help around a bit and do chores and the like, mostly so he can assess her character. She also brings him baked goods, as she's also picked up cooking again.
  •  After her 18th turn, she received a very small wher egg from Bereck. She was expecting a little green, but what hatched out of the egg surprised her greatly - a small white wher. She was also surprised at herself, or more specifically how excited she was. Originally she just wanted a wher to avoid a dragon, but when Konanisk tumbled out of her egg and stared up at Kona (upside-down) with those big swirling eyes, her heart melted.
  •  After a few turns Konanisk was fully grown and was following Kona around wherever she went, even going so far as to try and follow her into the kitchens.  It's not that she wants to eat anything, she just wants to be close to her Kona. It's around this time that Mona advances to journey woman in cookingcraft, and specializes mostly in desserts.
  •  Even after getting her egg, Kona kept in touch with Bereck and even brought Konanisk for visits (and cookies). She was very sad when Bersk died :C
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Wher Name: Konanisk (Nani or Nanisk sometimes, but only by Kona)
Wher Color: White (identifies as female)
Appearance: Konanisk is mostly a snowy white, although she has a splotchy line of light gray dapples down her neck, back, and tail. She has a few flecks of light gray on her face too, giving her the appearance of having freckles. Like some other whites, she has a small bit of opalescence that only shows up in the right lighting. Most of the time, however, she just looks white.

She's a small wher, even for a white, all the way down at the bottom of the range. She's barely over three feet at the shoulder, slim, slender and definitely not the strongest wher around, and this actually makes her look rather delicate for a wher. This doesn't bother her in the least, however; she's actually grateful for her size and build, as it allows her to have excellent speed and agility. She can zip around tight corners that larger, bulkier whers would stumble around.

Beyond that, Konanisk looks like a typical, albeit small, white wher. The only difference is her eyes are large and round. They don't protrude at all, nor do they take up half her face or anything, they're just larger than normal. She doesn't mind that either; the better to see you with, my dear!
Personality: To put it simply, Konanisk lives for Konani. She absolutely adores her handler and wants nothing more than to spend every second with her, waking or not. That's not too much to ask, right? People don't usually like having whers in kitchens though, so when Konanisk can't follow her Kona into a room or area, she will wait right outside the entrance - right outside of it - staring inside with large yellow eyes until Kona comes out again. She'll stand almost completely silent and motionless too, with maybe a bit of keening coupled with anxiously repositioning her forelegs or rustling her wings. When she's particularly nervous, or when Kona has been gone for an extended length of time, she'll start pacing.

To her, dragons, firelizards (minus Truffle) and other whers are interesting, although if she had the choice she would much rather spend time with her Konani. Other humans are interesting as well, although not nearly as much. She usually only speaks to Kona, but will to other whers if they engage her in conversation first. It isn't because she feels like they're more dominant, it's just that she doesn't like unnecessary conversation (and secretly because she's shy). When she does speak, it's in short sentences, but with a tone that suggests she picks her words very carefully before speaking. She's actually fairly intelligent with a sizable vocabulary, thanks to a lot of coaching from Kona since she hatched, and hopes it will only continue to grow as she ages.

Konanisk is a very clingy wher, and Kona is her whole life, her world - she gets very jealous very easily, although the most she'll do about it is whine and keen and pace in circles with big, swirling yellow eyes until the situation is fixed and everything is back to normal. This makes it rather... difficult for Kona to form any sort of intimate relations, but she doesn't mind as much as she used to. Usually. She is also extremely, fiercely protective of her handler, and if she was the only one standing between said handler and a Deep One, then shardit she will stand and fight that Deep One tooth and claw until either it's gone, Kona is safe, or she herself is dead. Her small size and minimal muscle mass doesn't matter one bit when she needs to protect her Konani.

Pet Name: Truffle (or 'that sharding dimglow' depending on the situation)
Pet Color: Green
Appearance: Typical green firelizard. Build-wise, she is vaguely scrawny and gangly, and definitely isn't (nor does she look like) the most graceful creature ever. Not even close. Her body is a uniform medium green, not too dark but not neon bright either, but it does have darker points: her snout, tail, wingtips, and a random splotch on the side of her head.
Personality: Truffle is best described as a fatally curious bottomless pit with wings. She is always hungry, always insatiably curious, and always horrendously dumb. Seriously. This is the type of flit who would wander snout-first into the mouth of a Deep One before ever considering that it might possibly end badly. Actually, if ever presented with a Deep One, she will probably attempt just that. Also, interestingly enough, she has absolutely no interest in shiny things, only food. That said, she'll eat anything, or at least she'll try to. She at least knows by now that fingers aren't food. She also wishes that Kona would let her eat as much as she wanted, but alas, Kona isn't that stupid. She does, however, want to know where Truffle puts all of it. Seriously. The thing eats more like a pig than a flit.

She also has a nasty habit of storing food for later and forgetting about it after about five minutes. Kona can't tell you how many times she's found bits of moldy cheese or crackers under her belongings, especially under furniture. Or in her bed.

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OOC Nickname: Bfk! :3
Other Notes: Blight level 0 please :3 The phrase "if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen" comes to mind. Kona will very gladly stay in her own kitchen than fight Deep Ones, kthnxbai.

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