Doop, doop, READ ME

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Doop, doop, READ ME

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05 Jul 2012, 13:42 #1

This is being done from my phone, please pardon my typos.

Some of you know Gift and Tua have left the Pern fandom and, by proxy, Nightwatch. There wasn't a formal announcement for several reasons but the dominant one was that I was not sure if it was my place to do this ting.

I apologize, especially to those who PM'd me. My internet went down due to a land hurricane in the Virginia area and before that, I was stupidly sick from a year old a/c filter I had not been told existed. Those aren't good excuses, but they are mine. That's all I have to offer.

You guya are badass. All of you, even those I've fought with. You're stupid wonderful, in the best way.

The sad fact is that I am not a leader, nor is my co-mod. My previous site closed due to my inability to lead and to be frank, I have no idea where Tua was going with NW. I don't know what happens at Ista or the consequences thereof. I don't know anything of importance, and neither does the co-mod.

Nightwatch is closed, effective immediately. Feel free to continue your storylines but know there will be no admin or mod initiation for site things, regardless of how much I. Wish I could say otherwise. This was all unexpected, from all sides.

My AIM is APaintersFury and all PMs will go to my email. I would love to keep roleplaying with you all.

Rock on, guys. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you.

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You can feel free to IM me as well.

I'm ChaosFerret119 on AIM.
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