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February 12th, 2012, 12:55 pm #1

Cbox Rule

Why are people yelling "marmalade" at me? I'm so confused.

A'ight, guys, time to make the unspoken rule into a spoken one.

The Cbox has a safeword now. It's marmalade.

If anyone is feeling uncomfortable with a topic of discussion - and I don't care what that topic is, whether it's Flightsex, or canon Pern, or spiders because you're an arachnophobe, or whether you're just worried that an argument is about to break out...

Just say "marmalade." This is the cue for the subject to change. No questions asked.

If someone does not respect the "marmalade" rule, please link them to this. And then continue saying "marmalade" at them. Yes, this means that I give you all the right to police the Cbox by spamming it with delicious toast toppings if I am not there. Because I love you.

From this point on, if someone asks you to change the subject in the Cbox, and you continue to pursue the uncomfortable subject, I may hand out temporary Cbox bans. This will not apply to new folks who genuinely don't know what "marmalade" means yet - if you shut up after someone links you, that's fine. That works.

Please remember that the Cbox is not the appropriate forum for everything. It is a chat for all members to enjoy. If you have a problem that you would like to bring up with me, specifically, my PMs and AIM are open. If you are a guest and thus cannot PM me, the guest-friendly Questions and Suggestions forum exists. Contrary to popular belief, I am not Skynet, and I am not watching the Cbox 24/7. This is a better way to make sure that stuff actually reaches me.
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