FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia thread

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January 3rd, 2018, 4:26 pm #1

Italy and Netherlands are out. That's big news. It's also surprising that Chile couldn't get in.

2010 was the only year in World Cup history when


weren't at least the OTHER participant in the World Cup final. So it's safe to predict all three again. Germany and Argentina have played three times against EACHOTHER in the final. :o So the WC history is very boring. There are almost no surprises at all (despite 1958 Sweden final placement). Can't predict Italy this year as they're OUT.

Brazil and Germany were super strong in the qualifying rounds but Argentina sucked ass. But they have Messi who can do pretty much anything. Belgium is very strong team too.

But I predict Brazil and Germany this year. Boring, yes, but realistic.

What about you?
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