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Plot Tag

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This is the plot tag to help when creating plots. Please do always post the tag on the first post of the plot you are creating. Without the plot tag, the Staff won't approve the plot.

Please copy the plot tag on the first plot post. Thank you.

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[b][SIZE=6][font=Harrington]People:[/SIZE][/font][/b] (Other players characters that are going to participate on it.)
[b][SIZE=6][font=Harrington]Special Characters:[/SIZE][/font][/b](Who are the Special Character or NPC's needed for this plot?)
[b][SIZE=6][font=Harrington]Outline:[/SIZE][/font][/b]  (Give a description on the plot)
[b][SIZE=6][font=Harrington]]Duration of the plot:[/SIZE][/font][/b]
1-2 weeks: short term
3-4 weeks: average term
5 & up: long term
[b][SIZE=6][font=Harrington]Preferred Starting Time:[/SIZE][/font][/b]( If for example you only want the plot to start in February you should say it here and so on.)