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Ocean's Apart

A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC-17.

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Chapters 1 - 5

A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC-17.

Chapters 1 - 5

Chapter One

July 1994

Isabella Black took a seat on her fathers private jet and sighed.

She should be excited, after all, how often did anyone take the summer off and travel to Italy?

But Belle couldnt seem to feel any excitement, especially since she knew the purpose of her trip.

Belle had taken the summer off from her part time job at Basic Black to travel to Italy and meet her fathers aunt, Vivian Alamain. Belle had never met Vivian before. She was also going to meet her fathers brother Lawrence, his wife Carly, and their son Nicholas.

But she wasnt nervous about meeting them. It was the fact that her father, John Black, had spoken with his Aunt Vivian, and had asked her to find a man suitable enough to marry Belle.

Belle sighed once again. Her father was born in Italy, and had come to the US when he was barely a teenager. He had met Marlena Evans when he was in his twentys, and they were married a year later. He had worked two jobs, until he had finally learned how to run a business, and started his company, Basic Black, from scratch.

Nearly twenty years later, Basic Black had made a name for itself and Belle knew it was all due to her fathers hard work and sacrifices.

Belle loved her parents, and her older brother Brady, but she hated the fact that her father was still old fashioned. He had been in the US for over twenty years, yet he still believed in arranged marriages. That angered Belle so much; and she had been even angrier when she had overheard John telling his aunt to keep her eyes open for a husband for Belle.

Belle was only 19 years old; she had just finished high school, and was starting her first year at Salem University in the fall. She didnt think she was ready to be married, especially to a total stranger.

Especially since she had been in love with Philip Kirakis for five years now. Well, she thought she had been in love with him. He had barely spoken two words to her, yet they had known each other for years. His father Victor Kirakis, and mother Kate Roberts, was very friendly with her parents; she had hoped he would ask her out.

After all, Belle was beautiful; she had long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a body that left most guys panting for her.

But Philip didnt seem to notice her, and even though her friends told her he was a lost cause, her crush on him had lasted for years. Earlier that year she had received a rude awakening.

Philip was not interested in her; he had announced plans to marry a young girl he had been introduced to through his parents.

Belle had been heartbroken, and knew it was time to move on.

But that didnt mean she was ready to get engaged with some stranger! Belle shook her head, and wished her father would realize arranged marriages were very scarce these days, especially since it was 1994!

One thing that made Belle less nervous was the fact that she knew her parents would never force her into anything. If she met someone through her aunt, and if he was interested, she knew she wouldnt have to agree to anything if she felt the least bit uncomfortable.

She would just have to hope that her Aunt Vivian didnt have too many guys lined up for her.

Belle glanced at her watch, and saw that it would still be quite a while before she landed. She leaned back in her seat, and decided to try and take a nap. She wanted to be all rested up when she arrived to Italy.

She closed her eyes, willing herself to fall asleep. Her last thought before drifting off to her peaceful slumber was of her current situation would she be able to risk opening her heart again, and fall in love, should she happened to meet someone special?

Only time would tell.

Chapter Two

Belle couldnt tear her eyes away from the window of the private jet as she landed in Milan.

She had seen pictures of Italy, and had heard it was beautiful, but nothing compared to the real thing. Mountains were all that Belle could see, an endless row of mountains; she had never known that they could be so beautiful!

When they finally landed in Malpenza, (the airport in Milan), and met up with Johns family, Belle noticed how emotional John was when he finally laid eyes on his aunt. Vivian had raised him up until the day he left for the Unites States, and loved him as if he was her own. He had also embraced his brother Lawrence and his sister in law Carly, whom he hadnt seen in years.

Their son Nicholas stood off to the side; at least, Belle assumed it was Nicholas, who was obviously feeling awkward; he had never met his Uncle John or his Aunt Marlena. He noticed Belle was standing to the side, probably feeling the same way he was.

He wondered if she should introduce himself. Before Nicholas knew what was happening, she was already walking over to him

Hi, you must be Nicholas. Belle said, extending her hand to him. Im your cousin Isabella, but everyone calls me Belle.

Nicholas immediately admired her friendliness, and her ability to break the ice with him within seconds of their first meeting.

He returned her handshake and smiled at her.

Its great to meet you Cousin Belle! But please, call me Nick. All my friends do. He said.

Belle grinned; maybe her trip to Italy wasnt going to be all that bad, she thought.

Belle and Nicholas immediately hit it off. She began asking him questions about Italy; thankfully, he had gone to school and had taken all his courses in English, so he spoke the language perfectly. Actually, everyone spoke English, which relieved Belle, since she didnt know a word of Italian!

They had landed in Malpenza, and when Belle asked where they would be staying, Vivian had responded that they would be staying with her.

The Alamains lived in the small city of Giaveno. Nicholas joked that it should be called a village, because of the size.

What do you mean by that? Belle asked.

Well, its nothing like the big cities in Italy, Ill tell you that much. The population is very small, so you know practically everyone. Also, the streets are very small, barely enough room for two cars to drive youll see for yourself Belle. Nicholas replied, smiling warmly at his cousin.

Almost two hours later, Belle found herself in front of the Alamain home. It was very secluded; Belle noticed they had entered a private street, which had a long road that led to the house. Belle gasped when she finally arrived to the Alamain house it was right next to a lake, and Belle didnt think she had ever seen anything so beautiful.

She stood outside the house she would be staying at for the next few weeks. It was spectacular; it obviously had been standing for hundreds of years. It seemed to be made out of stone, and Belle knew there had to be a lot of history in this house. She made a mental note to herself to ask her cousin Nick about it.

The Blacks made their way into the house, and immediately took notice of the large foyer, with tiles made out of the most beautiful white ceramic Belle had ever seen. She noticed the massive staircase ahead of her, and wondered where she would be staying.

Youll be staying in the East wing my dear, Vivian said, as if she had read Belles thoughts. My servant Ivan will be more than happy to help you to your room.

Ivan appeared instantly, an older gentleman, who greeted Belle by kissing her hand. She blushed, and said, Hello, nice to meet you.

The pleasure is all mine Mademoiselle Black, Ivan responded in a thick French accent. Please, let me take your bags, and Ill show you to your room. Ivan said.

Thank you. Belle said, not sure what to think of having a servant around.

The Blacks were very well off, but with the exemption of a nanny, Belle was not used to having anyone around to wait on her hand and foot. This would be interesting, she thought.

Soon, Belle had settled herself into the bedroom she would be sleeping in. She had a King Size bed, with beautiful white satin sheets; there was a large couch, with a coffee table in the middle of the room, and off to the side, Belle noticed a large mehacony desk with a computer.

This isnt a house, Belle thought, this is a mansion; something Ive seen only on television!

She noticed two French doors on the other side of the room, and walked over.

Her breath caught when she opened the French doors they led out to a balcony, which had a spectacular view of the lake. She could see the mountains in the distance, the sun was shining brightly, and the water was very calm. Belle knew she would never forget this view.

She walked back into her room, and started to unpack her clothes into the drawers provided for her.

After she finished unpacking, she made her way into her private bathroom, and noticed a Jacuzzi.

Wow, I feel like Im in a hotel, Belle thought.

Way to go Aunt Viv, Belle said.

Belle glanced at her watch; it would be time for dinner soon. Ivan had told her she would be expected in the dining room, with the rest of her family in one hour. Belle knew she had to shower and change within the hour, and she wasted no time.

Forty-five minutes later, Belle stood in front of the full-length mirror and wondered if what she was wearing would be appropriate for dinner.

She had a long sundress on, with thin straps, and it was light purple. It showed off her beautiful curves, but Belle hoped it wasnt too much. Before she could decide what to do with her hair, there was a knock on the door.

Come in. Belle said, turning around to see who it was.

It was her mother, who entered her room, and looked at Belle with a warm smile on her face.

Belle, you look beautiful! Marlena said, walking over to her and taking her hands.

Thanks Mom. Whats up? Am I late for dinner, is that why youre here? Belle asked, looking worried.

No no dear, we still have time. But I wanted to talk to you. Come on, lets go sit down. Marlena said, taking her daughter over to one of the couches, and sitting down with her.

Marlena took a deep breath and said, Belle, you know why youre here you know your father has spoken with your Aunt Vivian about finding a husband for you,

Belle rolled her eyes. Yes, Mom, I know, thanks for reminding me, Belle replied, obviously not too pleased.

Well, your Aunt Vivian has informed your father that she found someone, and hes going to be eating dinner with us tonight. As a matter of fact, hes downstairs, waiting to meet you. Marlena said, exhaling loudly, fearing her daughters reaction.

WHAT? Belle exclaimed, jumping up from the couch. Are you mad mother? I just got here, I didnt think I would be meeting someone so soon!

I know honey, but you have to listen to me

No mom, this is crazy! Dad has to realize we dont live in the Middle Ages any more arranged marriages are so out there! He cant honestly expect me to marry someone just like that! Belle said.

Honey, listen to me. He comes from a very good family, and hes a very hard worker. Your Aunt Vivian cant say enough about him. But I want you to remember something this is up to you. You are going to go downstairs, you will shake his hand, and youll do nothing unless you want to. Your father and I agree that the decision is yours. If you decide this isnt something thats going to happen, all you have to do is say the word, and youll never see him again. Can you do that honey? Marlena said, standing up and walking over to her daughter.

Belle had her back turned to her mother and let out a sigh. She would do this; she would do this so she could get her parents off her back.

She turned to her mother, and went over to the full-length mirror, and pulled her hair back into a French braid. When she finished, she said,

All right Mom, Ill do this. But dont expect anything. Belle said, walking out of her bedroom.

Thank you honey. Now, hes sitting in the living room with his parents, and hes very anxious to meet you. Marlena informed her, as they made their way down the massive staircase.

His parents! Belle said, stopping in midstep.

Belle, dont worry about it, everything will be fine. Marlena said.

Belle paused; she opened her mouth to say something, and then stopped herself.

Come on, you can do this. Marlena said, when she saw that Belle wasnt moving.

Belle frowned. She didnt know anything about this guy she didnt even know his name! How would she be able to get through this night? She wasnt sure that she could.

As she walked into the living room, she was curious to see who the mysterious man was, and what he looked like.

It was then her eyes locked with the warmest set of brown eyes she had ever seen.

Chapter Three

Belle felt her heartbeat quicken. She knew she shouldnt be staring, and immediately turned her head away. But his eyes had already left a place in her memory, as well as the way he was smiling at her.

Belle noticed her father speaking with an older gentleman, and she realized it must be the mysterious persons father. The two gentlemen looked like they were engaged in a deep conversation, and they couldnt seem to stop talking.

Finally, Marlena cleared her throat, and John looked up to see his daughter standing in the middle of the room with his wife.

Izzy B! John exclaimed, walking over to his daughter. He put his arm around her, and walked with her over to the older gentlemen.

Id like you to meet an old friend of your dads this is Bo Brady, John said.

Belle shook Bos hand, instantly feeling at ease with the warm smile Bo gave her.

This is his wife Hope Brady, John said, motioning towards the beautiful woman standing next to Bo.

Belle shook her hand as well, but immediately felt self-conscious when she knew whom she would be shaking hands with next.

And this John said, turning to face their son, is their son, Shawn Douglas Brady.

Belle gulped. She shook his hand, hoping it wasnt sweating by now.

She was so nervous, and she couldnt understand why.

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he was gorgeous. Shawn Douglas was tall, had a firm build, and short brown hair. She didnt know why she had an urge to run her fingers through his hair, but somehow she managed to stop herself.

But his eyes were what captivated Belle. She felt as though she were looking into the eyes of her soul mate, but that was crazy!

Nice to meet you Shawn Douglas, Belle said. Had she really said that? Had she been able to form a complete sentence?

Its just Shawn, he replied, still smiling at her. He couldnt seem to keep his eyes off of the beautiful young women in front of him. He had seen a picture of her a few weeks ago, but the picture hadnt done her justice. She was gorgeous; he couldnt think of any other word to describe her. He loved the way she had pulled her hair back into a French braid; it made her look so elegant. It bought out the blueness in her eyes; eyes that Shawn felt he would melt into if given the chance.

And her dress! It showed off her curves, and he wished he could stop staring at her.

Belle cleared her throat when she realized he hadnt let go of her hand.

Shawn blushed, and removed his hand.

Aunt Vivian walked in, and announced to everyone that dinner was ready, and asked that they follow her into her private dining room.

Belle walked over to her mother, and asked if she could speak to her in private before they went into the dining room. Shawn simply looked at her one more time, then followed Vivian and his parents out of the room.

When everyone had gone, Marlena turned to her daughter and asked, Well, what do you think?

What do I think? What do I think? Mom, hes gorgeous! You didnt tell me that you had found a Greek God has a potential husband for me! Belle exclaimed. She was shaking, but she couldnt help herself. She had felt a connection with him, but she knew she was crazy after all, the two had barely exchanged two words!

Marlena laughed. So, do you think hes got potential? Marlena asked, noticing how her daughter was staring off into space.

Huh? Oh yeah, sure, I mean, I dont know Mom! I still know nothing about this guy, except that hes a babe! Belle said.

Well, if it makes you feel better, his father Bo, and your father go back a long way. They apparently grew up together. Marlena said.

What do you mean? Shawns not Italian, his last name is Brady! Belle said, scrunching up her face in confusion.

Youre right, hes not Italian hes actually of Irish decent. His parents met and were married in Ireland, but they came over to Italy when Shawn was just a baby. Shawn and his younger brother Zach grew up here. And yes Belle, he speaks English perfectly, in case you hadnt noticed, Marlena added, knowing what questions her daughter would have.

Thanks Mom. Ok, so hes originally from Ireland, but what does he do? And how old is he? Belle asked, now wanting to know anything and everything about Shawn Douglas Brady.

Well, your Aunt Vivian said hes 25. Hes self-employed apparently he runs a very successful small business. He imports and exports numerous clothing and other necessities in and out of Italy. Marlena said.

Shawn was 25; that worried Belle. She had just turned 19 that year, but that was one of the last things she had to worry about.

Now Belle, lets head to dinner, theyre going to wonder what were still doing here. If you have more questions, youre going to have to save them for later. Marlena said. Now, lets go!

A few minutes later, everyone was seated at the dinner table. Belle was sitting across from Shawn, which Belle knew had been planned. She could feel her whole body shaking when she looked at him, and found him looking at her intently.

She was seated next to Nicholas, who engaged in pleasant conversation with Shawn. Nick had been serious when he said everyone in Giaveno knew each other, because Nick certainly knew Shawn, and vice versa.

So Isabella, what do you think of Italy so far? Do you think youll enjoy your stay? Shawn asked, catching Belle off guard.

Of course his voice had to be perfect too; it was warm, soothing, and rich, Belle could imagine herself in his arms, with him whispering sweet nothings into her ear

Damn, she had to stop this. She was acting like a teenager, not an adult. It had to be the jet lag, she rationalized. Yep, jet lag, it was making her nuts!

Well, Ive never been to Italy before, and Ive only been here for a few hours, but I have to say, it seems so peaceful. So serine. I dont know how to describe it, but when youre around a big city, with so much noise and congestion, its nice to be a different atmosphere. Did she just say that? Did she just respond like an intelligent, sensible adult? Lord only knew she wasnt thinking intelligently.

So I understand youve been accepted into University in Salem do you have any idea what youd like to major in? Shawn asked.

Belle smiled; it was obvious Shawn was trying to break the ice, and he was doing a damn good job. She answered Shawn as honestly as she could, and quickly found her nervousness disappearing as the two engaged in a pleasant conversation.

The night progressed slowly; once dinner was over, everyone retreated into the parlour, with Bo and John continuing to catch up on old times, along with Lawrence and Nicholas; Vivian was telling the women some anecdotes from her time as a teenager. But Shawn and Belle were in their own world.

They continued talking, and once they reached the parlour, and noticed that everyone was sitting down, Shawn leaned over to her ear, and whispered, What do you say we talk a walk?

Belle almost gasped. Should she? Could she trust him to be alone with her? Could she trust herself?

Belle knew that all of this seemed impossible she had met Shawn that very night, and here she was, contemplating on whether or not to take a walk with him.

The rational part of herself said no; but another part of her was dying to be alone with Shawn, and find out what was behind those deep brown eyes. She almost shocked herself when she said,

Lets go.

With that, she took his hand, and they quietly walked out of the parlour, making sure no one noticed their exit.

Chapter Four

Belle and Shawn walked together in silence. They were walking near the lake, and Belle wondered if it had been wise to do this. Shawn was a stranger, was she foolish to trust him so soon?

But something inside of her assured her that she could trust him. How was that possible?

Shawn looked over to Belle, then turned away. He knew she could feel the connection he had felt it instantly, from the moment she had walked into Vivians living room.

Vivian Alamain had approached Shawn and his parents nearly a month ago, telling them about her nephew John Black, who lived in the US with his wife and two children. She had told them John had a beautiful 19-year-old daughter whom he wanted to find a husband for.

Shawn had been shocked; yet when Vivian had shown Shawn a picture taken of Belle at her high school graduation, he had felt something. He wasnt sure what, but he knew in that instant that he had to meet her.

Vivian had told them they would be coming to Italy in the summer, and asked Shawn if he would be interested in marrying Belle, IF she agreed. He hadnt hesitated when he said yes.

He had thought about her ever since, wondering how their first meeting would go, wondering how she would react when she found out her father had picked out a husband for her, the old fashioned way.

Shawn knew she had probably reacted negatively, especially since she had been born and raised in the US. But he knew he had a chance with her, especially since he would take things slow with her.

Something inside of him told him that Isabella Black was special, and he was going to let her set the pace of their relationship. He just hoped she decided that Shawn was the right man for her. He was certainly going to convince her, he thought, smiling to himself.

What are you smiling at? Belle asked, when she noticed his smile. She had broken the comfortable silence between them, and Shawn was glad that she was feeling more at ease with him. He knew this couldnt be easy for her.

I was just thinking about some stuff. Nothing special. He replied.

Belle sighed.

It is really beautiful out here. I cannot believe my Aunt Viv lives here! Its so secluded; I can get used to this! Belle said.

They continued walking, when Shawn decided that now was the time to talk about their situation.

Isabella, do you want to talk about why Im here tonight? Shawn said. He stopped walking, and turned to face her. He was more serious, but Belle noticed his eyes remained warm, and she liked that.

Ok where should we start? Belle asked, looking down at her hands.

Shawn noticed a bench nearby, and took Belle by the hand and walked over so the both of them could sit down and talk with one another, face to face.

Isabella, I want you to know that Im not going to force you to decide anything that you dont feel comfortable with. I can sense your apprehension, your confusion in all of this. I hope you believe me when I say that I only want whats best for you. Shawn said, looking at her, wondering if she believed he was sincere.

She did believe him. She nodded, but couldnt seem to find the words to say anything.

I know youre attending University in the fall, and I just want you to know that I think thats great, and Im not going to stop you, if you decide that something is going to happen between the two of us. I also want you to know that well go as slow as you want to. Youre calling the shots Isabella, and if you become uncomfortable, I want you to let me know. I just hope you give us a chance. Shawn said. He took a deep breath, and wondered what her response would be.

Belle appreciated Shawns words, and she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She wanted to give him a chance, because she knew Shawn would be patient and understanding with her.

First of all, please call me Belle. No need for formalities. Belle said.

Shawn let out a sigh of relief. He could sense she was feeling less tense.

Second, Shawn, you have to realize something. This all seems so strange, so absurd! I mean, here I am, travelling halfway around the world to meet a guy who my father has arranged to be my husband! Belle said.

Shawn nodded.

Youre right, I am confused Shawn, Im very confused. I dont know what to think, and I dont want to rush into anything. Im relieved that you want to take things slow, and see how things will work out. But I just need some time to think about if Im willing to take that chance. Can you at least let me sleep on it tonight, and Ill let you know my decision tomorrow? Belle said. She knew no matter how gorgeous Shawn was, she couldnt just throw herself into this.

Belle, take as much time as you need. Ill be waiting for you. Shawn said. He believed he had a chance with her, and he was sure Belle was going to give him a chance. After all, they had hit it off beautifully, with no one interfering.

Thank you Shawn. Belle said.

They sat on the bench together, changing the subject to matters less tense; Shawns work he and his brother, Zach had a business where they basically imported clothes, furniture, and many other things, and sold them in their small shop in Giaveno.

They sold things such as clothing, television sets, carpets, radios, and telephones a wide variety of things. Shawn and his family lived in a modest two-bedroom apartment in Giaveno. Both he and Zach had attended school in Italy, speaking the language fluently. But since their background was Irish, Shawn also spoke English fluently.

Shawns father had taken an early retirement, and his mother worked at the local clinic as a nurse.

Shawn then asked Belle about herself; she told him she was attending Salem U in the fall, and enrolled in courses in English and Mass Communication. Her dream was to be a writer, or a newspaper reporter. She loved writing, and had been praised for it while she was in high school.

When Belle happened to look at her watch, she was shocked. They had been gone for almost three hours. They immediately went back into the house, and Belle hoped her father wouldnt have a heart attack.

Everyone was still in the parlour, having coffee. They seemed to be oblivious to the young couple standing there, until Belle said, Hey everyone.

They all stopped talking and looked at the young couple. Bo and Hope smiling knowingly; they knew their son had been counting the days to meet young Isabella, and judging by the look on their sons face, things had gotten off to the right start.

Marlena smiled at the couple, but John felt uneasy. He didnt like the fact that the two had snuck off together, without telling anyone. He didnt want to make a scene in front of his old friend Bo, so he decided not to say anything at all. He knew he would have to have a talk with his daughter.

Well, Id say its getting late, so wed better call it a night. Bo said, looking over to his wife, who said,

Yes dear, youre right. We should call it a night.

Very well then, I do hope you had a wonderful evening Bo, Vivian said.

I had a great time Vivian, thank you. It was so great seeing John again I hope we can meet again soon. Bo said, looking over to John.

Nothing would please me more Bo. Give me your number, and Ill call you, we can get together.

Shawn, are you ready to go sweetie? Hope asked her son, who was looking at Belle.

Yeah Mom, Im ready. Shawn responded. His stare remained on Belle; he lowered his voice and said, Please call me Belle.

Shawn then walked over to Vivian and gave her a hug. Dinner was wonderful Vivian, thanks for having us over.

The Bradys walked to the foyer, where the Blacks followed behind them.

After everyone said good night, the Bradys walked out of the front door, but not before Shawn turned around to look at Belle one more time. He winked at her, and then he was gone.

Belle felt as though the wind had been knocked out of her. That wink had just about done it for her how could anyone be so magnetizing, so appealing?

Belle knew she would not sleep a wink tonight, even though she was tired from the flight. She made a decision to speak with her mother, and asked if she could meet her later in her room.

Marlena agreed she would be there soon, and Belle made her way her bedroom, before John or Vivian could stop her and ask her questions.

She knew her mother could help her with her decision, but Belle wondered if she could open her heart to Shawn Douglas Brady.

She had opened her heart to Philip; he had known her feelings, he mustve known, and he hadnt paid the least bit attention to her.

Was she willing to risk getting hurt again?

She knew she would have to decide.

Chapter Five

Belle waited patiently for her mother in her bedroom. She had changed out of her dress, and was in her nightshirt.

She was sitting on the bed, hoping her mother could help Belle figure out where to go from here.

Just then Marlena walked in.

Belle honey, is everything alright? Marlena asked, immediately making her way over to the bed to sit with her daughter.

Mom, everythings fine. I just need to talk to someone. Belle said.

Oh yes, of course. Marlena took a deep breath. Her daughter needed to talk to her which is why she had sounded so anxious downstairs. So how did everything go with Shawn Douglas? You two seemed to hit it off, or am I wrong? Marlena asked, remembering the way they had stared into each others eyes. No one could miss the chemistry between the two.

Mom, everything went very well and thats what Im worried! I dont know if I should trust my feelings! I mean, Ive never felt this way about anyone, not even Philip made me feel this way Belle stopped, realizing she had never admitted her crush on Philip to her mother.

Philip? Victor and Kates son? Marlena asked.

Belle was silent.

Belle? Please, you know you can trust me. Marlena said.

Yes, Victor and Kates son. I was in love with him Mom - well, I thought I was. I never had a conversation with him, but he was all I could think about since I was 14! Belle admitted.

Marlena was silent for a moment. She had suspected that Belle had a crush on Philip, but never wanted to push her daughter.

Belle, everything happens for a reason. Now, if youre afraid of getting hurt by Shawn, because of Philip rejecting you, Im afraid theres nothing I can say to put your mind at ease. When loves involved, you have to take a risk, and nothing is ever guaranteed. Marlena said. You just have to believe that Shawn is not going to hurt you.

Marlena could understand her daughters hesitation; Belle was afraid to trust Shawn, and she was afraid to take such a huge step; after all, marriage wasnt anything to be taken lightly. It was a lifetime commitment, and Marlena wanted Belle to be sure about her decision.

Mom, I think hes wonderful, Belle admitted shyly. He is so warm, and sensitive to my feelings. Im not used to having someone so concerned about my well being Mom. Well, except for you and Dad and Brady, but that goes without saying. Belle said.

Marlena smiled; she was glad her daughter felt this way. But she also knew her daughter needed time. It was then that Marlena made a decision.

Belle, you dont have to decide if you want to marry Shawn at least, not yet. Marlena began. You are both clearly attracted to each other, but how about if we take this one step further?

What do you mean Mom? Belle asked, not sure where her mother was going with this.

I mean, I want you to date him. I want you to get to know him, REALLY know him. I want him to woo you, spoil you, and sweep you off your feet. Lord knows my little girl deserves it! Marlena said, becoming excited at the notion of her daughter being wooed.

Belle had to admit that she liked the idea of dating Shawn but then she thought about something else.

Mom, will Shawn agree to that? And what about Dad? You know how old-fashioned he is! I cant see him agreeing to this. Belle said.

Shawn will agree to it. After all, if he really wants you to marry him, hell wait for you to come to that decision on your own, not because everyone else is telling you that hes the right one for you! Marlena said. As for your father, you leave him to me. You just call Shawn tomorrow, and let him know you are interested in him interested in dating him, for now. Marlene took her daughters hands and squeezed them tightly. If you feel that Shawn is the right one for you, then you tell him you want to marry him. But only when you feel the time is right Belle.

Belle thought about what her mother said; she had to admit, it sounded like the best course of action in a situation such like this. Her and Shawn would get to know each other, and there would be no pressure from anyone. She had a feeling that Shawn would agree to this; he had promised her out by the lake that he would wait for her as long as he needed to. Yes, her mothers idea was brilliant.

Ok Mom! Ill do it! Ill start seeing Shawn, and then well just let nature take its course. Belle leaned over and hugged her mother tightly. Thanks Mom, I knew you would help me. I cant wait to call Shawn tomorrow!

Marlena hugged her daughter back, happy that she had been able to help her. She had a feeling that convincing John that this was the best decision would be difficult, but he would understand that this was better for everyone.

Marlena eventually left, promising Belle they would talk more in the morning. For now, the Blacks were exhausted, and they all needed their rest.

Belle settled into the cool satin sheets, and thought about Shawn. She hadnt been able to do much else; she couldnt wait to see him the next day.

Belle felt her eyes closing. Soon she fell asleep, dreaming of Shawn, and his beautiful brown eyes.
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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC-17.
Chapters 6 - 10

Chapter Six

The next day, Belle was pacing in her bedroom, wondering when she would find the nerve to go downstairs and greet Shawn.

After Belle had woken up that morning, she had taken a shower, and had gone downstairs to have breakfast. She had then called Shawn, and asked if he could come by Vivian’s house, so they could talk.

Shawn had agreed.

Now it was almost noon, and Ivan had come to her room to inform her that Shawn Douglas Brady was waiting in the living room for her.

That was ten minutes ago.

She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. There was no reason he wouldn’t want to date her, and she was acting crazy for worrying about this.

Belle finally got her act together, and made her way downstairs. She paused outside the living room when she heard voices. She could hear her mother and Shawn talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

She walked in, and found the two of them sitting together. As soon as she walked in, their conversation came to a halt. Shawn immediately stood up, and treated her to one of his warm smiles.

Belle’s pulse quickened; how could he do this to her? And how could he look so damn gorgeous in a simple white T-shirt and blue jeans? It shouldn’t be legal to be this good looking, she thought.

“Hi Belle,” He said, walking over to her.

He stopped in front of her, and took her hand. He then lifted it up to his lips, and kissed it gently.

Belle thought she was going to faint; she had never thought that anyone kissing her hand could be so romantic, so sensual - Shawn Douglas certainly was one of a kind.

“Hello Shawn. Thanks for coming by to meet with me.” Belle said, walking over to one of the couches to sit down.

Shawn watched her, and took note of how beautiful she looked; she had a simple long summer skirt on, and a white button down blouse. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, but she still looked beautiful.

Marlena still remained in the room; she had wanted to talk to Shawn about Belle, but had been interrupted by Belle. She knew she had to say a few things before the two started dating.

“Mom, weren’t you just leaving?” Belle asked.

Marlena smiled; she knew her daughter didn’t want her to be there, but she had to remain in the room, just for a few minutes.

“No, not yet sweetie. I wanted to talk to Shawn first, if that’s ok,” Marlena said.

Belle frowned; what was her mother up to?

“Umm, okay, sure.”

Shawn went over to the couch, and sat down next to Belle. He too wondered what Marlena had to say; the two had been making small talk before Belle arrived, and he had no idea what was on her mind.

“Shawn, we’re all aware of the situation we’re in. We all know you want to marry Belle. But you also know that this is a decision that has to be made by Belle, and she needs time.” Marlena said, making sure she was standing in front of both of them while she said this.

Shawn nodded; of course he understood.

“I’m glad you agree with me. I just wanted you to know that I suggested something to Belle, and she’ll tell you about that herself. But before she does, I want to make sure you’re clear on a couple of things.” Marlena said.

Belle gasped; what was her mother going to say? “Mom –“ she said, but Shawn interrupted her.

“No Belle, it’s ok. Go ahead Marlena, I’d like to hear what you have to say.” Shawn said.

“Well, I want you to know that if anything happens between you and Belle, and she decides that she does indeed want to marry you, the only person making a change in living arrangements is you. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but Belle’s life is in Salem, I hope you can understand she has no intention of coming to Italy to live with you, SHOULD she decide to marry you, and I’m not saying that she has, or she will.” Marlena said.

“I understand.” Shawn said. He had known that he would be the one moving to the US, not Belle moving to Italy; he could understand that.

“And also, you are aware of the fact that Belle will be attending Salem U in the fall. If you decide to get married, you have to know that Belle’s program will last four years; she will finish University, and she will do it with or without your support.” Marlena said.

Belle silently thanked her mother for saying what she knew had to be said. She wondered what Shawn would have to say.

“I totally agree with everything you just said Marlena. Belle going to University will not be an issue, and she will finish her program in four years- I promise not get in the way.” Shawn said. He quickly added,

“And as for me moving to the US, I’m ok with that too.”

Marlena nodded.

“Shawn, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I know that you and your brother are running a small business, and I just don’t want you thinking that Belle will move to Italy because of that….”

“Say no more. That’s not a problem. If anyone is going to move, it’ll be me.” He looked over to Belle. “It’s not a problem at all.”

Belle’s heart soared. Shawn understood where she was coming from; she wondered if he would feel the same way once he told her about her idea of the two of them dating.

“Is there anything else you’d like to say Marlena?” Shawn asked.

“No sweetie thanks for listening to me though.” Marlena said.

“Can I talk to Belle alone now, if that’s ok?” Shawn asked.

“Of course, I’ll leave now. Belle, you know where to find me if you need me. Bye you two.”

With that, Marlena left.

“Shawn I-“

“Belle I –“

The both laughed when they realized they were both speaking at the same time.

Finally Belle spoke. “Shawn, I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you being so understanding. I guess what my mother said is something I should’ve said myself, but I just thought it was too soon.”

“That’s alright Belle, I understand. And just so you know, I wasn’t lying when I told Marlena I would support you while you’re attending University, and I will move to the US, should the opportunity present itself.” He said, with a grin on his face.

Belle smiled; he was wonderful.

“Well, you’re probably wondering what I decided, so I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer.” Belle said.

Shawn’s heart was pounding; he hoped that Belle had decided to give him a chance; he wanted to prove to Belle that he would be so good for her.

“Yes, go on, tell me what you’ve decided Isabella.” Shawn said.

Belle felt a shiver run through her when he said her full name. She had no idea her name could be so beautiful!

“Shawn, marriage is a big step – I can’t decide to get married to someone I’ve known for less than 24 hours.” Belle said.

Shawn’s heart dropped; she didn’t want to be with him. He tired not to show how disappointed he was, but Belle picked up on it immediately.

“Shawn, listen to me. I don’t have a lot of offers out there and I don’t have any experience when it comes to men, but I do know one thing. I feel a strong connection with you, and I’d like to find out why, if you’d like to find out with me as well.” Belle said.

Shawn was confused.

“I’m not saying yes to you, but I’m not saying no either. I was hoping we could get to know each other – I’ll be in Italy for the whole summer, and I was hoping maybe you could show me the sights, or take me to a movie..I don’t know Shawn, I don’t mean to sound so forward, but…”

Shawn’s face lit up; she wanted to get to know him. Belle was going to give him a chance! He was elated, and told her so.

“Belle, no, you’re not being forward! This is great! This is the best news you could’ve given me!” Shawn said, unable to contain his happiness.

Belle smiled when she saw how happy he was. She was also relieved; he wanted to take this slow, and nothing could please her more.

“Shawn, thank you. Thank you for truly understanding why I can’t say yes to marry you – for now at least. I’m so relieved that you think us dating is a good idea.” Belle said.

“Are you kidding me? This is the best, for both of us. I’m going to prove to you that us getting married would be the best decision ever! Thank YOU Belle, for making me such a happy man.” Shawn said, standing up, and pacing around excitedly.

“Shawn, why are you pacing?” Belle asked, unable to contain herself from laughing.

“I have to go – I have to make plans for us tonight, and then tomorrow, then the next day, and then the next day. You are free tonight, right?” Shawn asked, finally turning around to look at her.

Belle smiled.

“Yes Shawn, I’d love to go out with you tonight. Just name the time and place, you know where to find me.” Belle said.

“That’s great. You’re not going to regret this Belle, you’ll see.” Shawn said. He walked up to her, and took her hand and kissed it. “I’m going to leave now, but I’ll be back tonight, so I can take you out to dinner. Nothing formal, just dress normally. I’ll be by around 7, is that ok?” Shawn asked.

Belle felt dizzy. Shawn wanted to take her out; he wanted to get to know her better.

She never felt so happy, and she couldn’t wait until he came by that night to pick her up.

“Don’t be late Shawn Douglas.” Belle said.

“Ok, I’ll leave – for now. I’ll be back though. See you tonight Isabella.” Shawn said, and then he left.

Belle could’ve sworn she heard him whistling in the hallway on his way out.

Chapter Seven

Shawn picked Belle up that night at precisely 7:00. Belle was so nervous; she didn’t have a lot of experience when it came to men. She had had dates with guys when she was much younger, but had never been in a serious relationship before.

She hoped things would be different with Shawn.

They drove through the streets of Givano, and Belle couldn’t keep her eyes away from the window of the passenger seat; she was enjoying the view of Giaveno. She noticed the streets were narrow. Small shops were found along the streets, an endless row of them.

She noticed the buildings – churches, houses – they had obviously been around for quite a while now. She loved the fact that Italy had so much history contained in their architecture.

Belle wondered where Shawn would be taking her, when finally, he parked the car in a parking lot, and she saw that they had arrived at a small pizzeria.

Belle smiled; she loved pizza – it was as though Shawn had read her mind.

They walked into the restaurant and ordered a large cheese pizza, with a bottle of red wine.

They ate dinner slowly, and talked – Shawn asked Belle to tell him about her part time job at her father’s company, Basic Black.

Belle had laughed, and told him that it was a great experience; she was making some extra money for University, and she was learning the value of a dollar.

Belle raised a glass of wine to her lips – her third glass, and she wondered if she should cut down. But she was having such a good time with Shawn – they were both talking as if they knew each other for years. She couldn’t believe how comfortable she felt with him. Especially since her heart skipped a beat every time she saw him staring at her.

She felt her body quiver whenever he smiled at her, and whenever they would accidentally touch, she thought her heart had jumped into her throat.

No one had ever made her feel this way, not even Philip.

But it didn’t worry Belle – she didn’t try to stop her feelings for Shawn – she welcomed these new sensations.

She asked Shawn if he had ever been back to Ireland, and he told her hadn’t, and he didn’t even remember it, since he was so young when he came to Italy. He often thought about going back, even for a visit.

“Why didn’t you ever go back before?” Belle asked.

“Well, I was always in school, then as soon as I finished, I started working. Eventually, Zach and I started our own business, and we just never had the time. I would love to go back though.” Shawn said, hoping he could make his wish a reality.

Belle nodded; she couldn’t imagine travelling to Ireland, but she had a feeling it was beautiful.

“Have you ever travelled outside of Italy?” Belle asked. She didn’t mean to be nosy; she just wanted to know everything about Shawn Douglas; she wanted to know what made him tick.

“Well, we live really close to the border of France, so other than this small city that’s not too far from us, no, I’ve never been outside of Italy.” Shawn replied.

“Really? That’s too bad. I guess we’ll have to change that.” Belle said. She couldn’t believe she was flirting with him, but she loved it.

“I guess we will.” Shawn replied, winking at her.

Belle nearly spit out her wine. How did he get to her this way? Did she do this to him? She hoped so.

They finished eating dinner, and then they were off in his car again. It was close to 9:30, but Belle had no wish to return home; she was having such a good time with Shawn.

He ended up taking her to a small café, where they sat down and had an expresso, Italian style.

Belle knew she was falling hard for Shawn Douglas Brady, but it seemed unreal. After all, two days ago, she didn’t even know that Shawn existed! But her instincts told her being with Shawn was right. And her instincts were never wrong.

Shawn smiled at Belle as she sipped the last drop of expresso.

“Did you like it?” he asked.

“It was amazing.” She replied.

“So are you.” Shawn said.

Belle blushed at the compliment. She didn’t know what to say, so she shifted in her seat.

Shawn noticed this, and reached across the table to take her hand in his.

“Isabella, have I made you uncomfortable?” Shawn asked, looking into her beautiful blue eyes.

“No Shawn, you haven’t. I’m sorry; I don’t mean to be like this. I’ve never felt these type of feelings before.” Belle said.

“What type of feelings Belle?” Shawn asked.

Belle couldn’t answer right away. Finally, she said, “I’m not sure how to describe them Shawn, but I will tell you this – they’re intense.”

Shawn’s breath caught in his throat, not just at her words, but the look in her eyes as she said them.

“It’s the same for me Belle,” Shawn whispered.

They remained at the café for another hour; finally, when Belle saw it was close to midnight, they decided to call it a night.

Shawn drove Belle back to Vivian’s, and made sure to walk her to the door when they arrived.

Belle turned to face Shawn, and felt her knees shake when she saw the look in his eyes. She saw longing - and something else – she saw desire.

She wondered if he would kiss her; a part of her knew it was too soon; the other part of her wanted him to kiss her so badly.

Shawn stood before Belle, and knew he wanted to kiss her. He knew Belle wanted him to kiss her; but he couldn’t. He had promised to take things slow, and he was going to. He wanted Belle to see that she could trust him.

He then leaned forward and kissed her forehead lightly.

“Can I call you tomorrow?” he asked.

Belle found herself dizzy; the kiss on her forehead was so light, so innocent, and yet so sweet. She didn’t think anyone could treat her so well.

“Yes Shawn, please do.” Belle replied. She then whispered, “Good night Shawn Douglas.”

“Good night Isabella – sweet dreams.”

He turned to leave, and Belle couldn’t help but watch him as he walked over to his car. She watched him until the car was out of sight, and then went inside the house.

She ran up to her room, and changed into her nightshirt, thinking about how much fun she had tonight.

And Shawn wanted to see her again.

It was while she was falling asleep that Belle realized that she was falling in love with Shawn Douglas; and she was enjoying every minute of it.

Chapter Eight

Two weeks later, Belle was up 7:00am, waiting for Shawn to pick her up; they would be travelling to Milano today. She had landed near Milano, but hadn’t had a chance to do any sightseeing that day.

Shawn arrived a few minutes later, and picked up Belle. Together, they drove to the train station where Shawn left his car. They had decided to take the train down to Milano.

As Belle and Shawn sat together on the train, Belle noticed he still hadn’t tried to hold her hand, or put his arm around her. He was being a complete gentleman, and while Belle appreciated it, she was dying for Shawn to touch her!

She thought about the last couple of weeks – they had been wonderful. Everyday, Shawn had come by Vivian’s to see Belle.

After their first date, Shawn had picked up Belle the next day, and had taken her out for lunch. They then had gone to an old church, called, “Sacra di San Michele”. It was at least 600 years old, and it stood high above the city of Torino, on the edge of a mountain. They had driven the car up a steep road, and had parked it halfway. They had then gotten out of the car and walked up the rest of the way.

Belle had taken her video camera, and had made sure to tape the beautiful Church. Once she was on top of the mountain, the view had been beautiful. When one looked down, they could see the city of Torino, which was about 40 km away from the city of Giveno.

They had walked into the Church, and had sat in one of the pillars quietly. The couple found they were comfortable with one another, even when they were both silent.

Shawn did not bring up the issue of getting married; he refused to put any pressure on Belle. He knew she would tell him what she decided when the time was right.

After they had a tour of the Church, Shawn drove to the city of Torino, where they had gone window-shopping. She enjoyed the shops in Italy, even if the prices were a bit drastic for her! Shortly after, Shawn had taken her to dinner.

They cherished every moment they spent together. They were able to open up about their thoughts and feelings about everything.

Each night Shawn drove Belle home, he would immediately call her as soon as he arrived home. They would then talk until the early hours of the morning.

When Shawn had suggested travelling to the city of Milano, Belle was thrilled. She loved the idea of travelling with him, especially when he had suggested taking the train down. Although she was enjoying herself with Shawn, she was worried about the fact that Shawn had not kissed her.

She wanted to reach over and take his hand in hers, but she didn’t want to be pushy. She knew he didn’t want to pressure her, and she admired him for it, but she wondered if he would ever make a move on her!

Two hours later, they arrived in Milano, and went downtown to see “Duomo” an old Cathedral that stood in the centre square of Milano. It was breathtaking.

Belle loved the fact that the centre square was filled with pigeons; there must’ve been dozens of them! She made sure that Shawn took a picture of her in the middle of the square with the pigeons.

Belle looked around, and saw dozens and dozens of buildings, all she were sure that were at least 100, or even 200 years old. Shawn explained to her that Italians thrived on history, and were very careful in the preservation of their buildings.

Shawn took her to a large Shopping Mall, where the floors had the brightest yellow tiles Belle had ever seen. They walked along silently, with Belle stopping at some of the stores to see if there was anything she wanted to buy.

Later that day, the two were sitting in a café, where Belle noticed some pigeons flocking around. She smiled, she wasn’t used to seeing so many of them.

“What is it Belle? The US doesn’t have any pigeons?” Shawn joked, noticing the smile on Belle’s face.

“That’s not it silly. It’s just so beautiful here, and I’m surprised that I’m enjoying myself so much,” Belle confessed.

Shawn grinned. “Really? And why is that Miss Black? Because of the fact that you are amongst pleasant company?” He teased.

“Yes, that’s exactly what it is.” Belle replied, winking at him.

Shawn felt his heart stop. He couldn’t believe Belle had just said that. He didn’t know what to say, or do; he just continued to look into her blue eyes, and for a moment, Shawn swore he saw himself in them.

Belle felt it too; she knew she was being bold with him, but she couldn’t help herself. She could do nothing but think about him the last couple of weeks, but she was still unsure about what to do. She knew she needed more time.

“Ready to go?” he asked, when he saw she had finished her espresso.

“Sure, let’s go.” Belle said.

They got up from their table, and slowly made their way back to the train station. It was getting late, and Shawn knew they had to get back to Giaveno.

They reluctantly went aboard the train, but Shawn knew he had more in store for Belle in the weeks to come.

The days passed, with Shawn and Belle continuing to see each other. Shawn would pick her up every morning, and take her out for lunch, dinner, and some sightseeing. He didn’t care where they went, and as long as he had Belle with him.

One morning he had picked her up, and drove her to a small town in France. The roads that let to France were very narrow, and twisted and turned around mountainous roads. The view had been breathtaking for Belle. She noticed it was quite chilly compared to weather in Italy, and she was glad that Shawn had told her to bring along a sweater.

Belle had let her long blonde hair down today, and Shawn couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She had always worn her hair up in a French braid, or a ponytail; he liked the change. Her hair fell in loose curls just below her shoulders, and he had the urge to just run his fingers through her beautiful tresses. If he concentrated hard enough, he was sure he could smell her shampoo. He shook his head; he had to stop this, especially since he was driving. He focused his attention on the roads in front on him.

France was only an hours drive, and Belle had loved the small shops the aligned the road. She had bought a few souvenirs, and then they had lunch in a restaurant, where they couldn’t contain their laughter when they couldn’t communicate with the waitress.

She spoke very little English, so Shawn had tried speaking Italian to her. Unfortunately, she didn’t speak Italian either. Finally, they had ended up pointing to the meal that the couple was having over at the next table, and they had ate in silence a short while later.

After lunch, Shawn began to drive back to Giaveno, but before they reached the border, Shawn stopped the car when the reached the top of the mountain. They stepped out of the car, and Shawn bought Belle over to the beautiful sight in front of them. Belle looked down and saw the small town they had just had lunch in. It was almost funny; they looked like little dollhouses from up here. She could see the mountains, dozens and dozens of them. The wind was blowing strongly, and Belle had to keep moving her hair away from her face.

Belle noticed that there was actually snow on top of the mountains, and commented on it to Shawn.

“Oh yeah, you should see it here in the winter. You think it’s cold now – the winter is a hundred times colder. Didn’t you notice all the ski resorts in town?” Shawn asked.

Belle nodded; she had noticed them.

“This is definitely one of the most popular cities when it comes time for skiing,” Shawn said.

They remained for a few more minutes, and then they slowly made their way back to Italy.

Shawn dropped off Belle at the Alamain house a short while later; he wouldn’t be able to take Belle out for dinner tonight, because he was needed at his shop. Zach had been takeing over for Shawn, while he was going out with Belle everyday; Belle had felt guilty, but Shawn had assured her that Zach could take care of everything.

When Shawn had told her he was needed at the shop that night, she had totally understood. Besides, she knew she needed time alone, to think about what she was going to do about her situation with him.

Later that night, Belle found herself on the balcony of her room. She was staring at the lake, thinking about Shawn. She knew she didn’t have a lot of time left to make her decision; it was already August, and in a couple of weeks, the Blacks would be headed back to the US.

A wave sadness spread throughout Belle when she thought about going home. She knew she would miss Shawn terribly when she left. He was the most wonderful, caring, sensitive man she had ever met. He made her feel so many things when they were together; warm, beautiful and special. But was Shawn someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with? She still wasn’t sure.

Realistically, she knew she couldn’t ask for a better husband than Shawn. Belle knew he would be supportive of her and that was an important aspect of any relationship.

But what worried Belle were these intense feelings she had for Shawn. She dared to hope that she was in love with Shawn, but was it really love? Perhaps she was caught up in the atmosphere of Italy; after all, it was all very scenic, very romantic, was she just getting carried away with her surroundings?

Belle was confused; she hoped she could find the strength to make a decision, and soon.

Belle remained on the balcony a few more minutes, and then decided to call it a night.

She lay awake, hoping Shawn would call her, but when she noticed it was past eleven, she knew he wouldn’t, for fear of waking her up.

Belle finally fell asleep, dreaming of Shawn, yet again.

August was slowly coming to an end, and Belle knew she would have to tell Shawn her decision.

She was in the Alamian living room, after asking if she could be excused from dinner. She hadn’t been able to eat anything; she felt nauseous when she thought about telling Shawn what her decision would be.

She bit her lip; she would be leaving Saturday, and that was two days away. Her parents were dying to ask her what she had decided, but thankfully, were giving Belle the space she needed.

Nicholas was a wonderful confidant; he encouraged Belle to follow her heart, but Belle knew what her heart was telling her. It was telling her to say yes to Shawn; but her mind was telling her no. Belle had to be realistic – would Shawn really give up everything he had going for him here in Italy, and come to the US? Would he leave his family, friends, and business, just to be with her?

Of course he would, because he had told her so, a voice inside her head said. But Belle didn’t know if she could believe him. She believed Shawn had strong feelings for her; she knew that without a doubt. Even though they had been out everyday for the last two months, and Shawn would not make a move on her, Belle knew he was only keeping his distance to earn her trust.

She had longed for Shawn to kiss her, to touch her, but he managed to control himself. A part of Belle admired him for his patience, and knew it had to be hard for him.

Belle sighed; she knew what she had to do, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

She knew Shawn would be by after dinner, and Belle decided it was time to tell him. She just hoped it was the right decision.

An hour later –

Shawn and Belle were out by the lake, taking a walk.

Shawn felt nervous, he could tell Belle had made a decision, and he wished he could read Belle’s mind as to what that was.

Belle approached one of the benches by the lake, and the two sat down. She cleared her throat; she knew she couldn’t make him wait any longer.

“Shawn, I just want to thank you for being so patient and so understanding before I tell you what my decision is. I know this hadn’t been easy for you,”

Shawn nodded. It hadn’t been easy, because Isabella Black had become very special to him. It had been easy to fall in love with her. She had an innocence that he admired; she thought the best of everyone, and she always managed to look at the bright side of everything.

She was also compassionate; about her friends and her family; he had seen the way her and Nicholas had bonded, and he also noticed the special bond between her and Marlena. He loved that she had so much love to give everyone. He just hoped she had love to give him as well.

Shawn wanted so badly to tell Belle that he loved her, but he hesitated; he wanted to hear what her decision was; then he would decide whether or not to admit to her just how strongly he felt about her.

“Shawn, deciding who to spend the rest of your life with is a big decision; we both know that. I didn’t come to this decision lightly.” She took a deep breath. She hoped she was doing the right thing.

Shawn’s heart was beating nervously.

“That’s why that I’ve decided that I can’t marry you Shawn.”

Shawn felt like the wind had been knocked out of him. Belle didn’t want to marry him. They weren’t going to be together forever as he had hoped.

He jumped up off the bench, and ran his hand through his hair. He didn’t know what to say; he was angry, but he didn’t have a right to be; after all, he had promised Belle he would be patient, and that he would accept whatever decision she would come to at the end of the summer.

But he was hurt; he had really hoped that Belle would decide to marry him and he thought he had had a great chance.

“Shawn, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hurt you –“ Belle said, standing up from the bench. She bit her lip; she had hurt him badly, she could see the disappointment on his face.

“No, Belle, it’s alright. I have to accept your decision; if you feel that we don’t belong together –“ he turned to face her. “Belle, are you absolutely sure about this? I mean, if you’re doubting the way I feel about you, or that I’ll do anything, ANYTHING to be with you, include moving to the US, I want to assure you, I’m willing to do it.” Shawn said. He walked up to her, so that their faces were just an inch apart.

Belle felt light-headed; Shawn was assuring her he would be willing to move halfway around the world for her; this is what she had feared, that he didn’t want to leave Italy, but here he was, assuring he that he would. On top of that, his lips were inches away from hers; she could see the light stubble on his cheek, and the intense look in his brown eyes.

“Shawn, I can’t take you away from your family, from your life here in Italy –“

“Belle, the decision is not yours to make. You have to know that I would do anything for you. Don’t you believe me?” he asked.

“Shawn, you would hate me, and I care too much about you to let that happen. No; it’s best that we both go our own separate ways.” She felt tears come to her eyes.

“But I’ll never forget you Shawn, I hope you know that.” She whispered.

Shawn turned away from her. Then he turned to face her once again.

“You’re damn right you’ll never forget about me.” He growled, putting an arm around her waist and pulling her up against him. Belle shivered as his lips came crashing down on hers, and before she could protest, he was urging her lips apart, insisting that his tongue make contact with hers.

And it did; their tongues met, and danced, twirling with each other, tasting each other out of desperation, desire and passion. Belle felt her knees weaken; her arms went around his neck, and pulled him closer to her. She wanted him to continue kissing her, and she wished that he had let her taste him weeks ago, because Belle felt as though she was on her way to heaven.

Shawn ran his hands up and down her back, loving the feel of her body against his; he loved that she was responding to him, and he knew without a doubt that Belle loved him; she was just too afraid to admit it.

The two were out of breath by the time Shawn finally pulled away from her.

He eyes met hers; she was shocked that he had kissed her; she hadn’t been expecting that at all.

“That’s something for you to remember me by. I want you to know that if you decide to reconsider Belle, you know where to find me. I’ll wait for you as long as I have to Belle.” Shawn said.

Then he turned around, and walked off to his car, and out of Belle’s life.

Belle fell back on the bench, still feeling the effects of Shawn’s kiss. It had been better than she could ever imagine, and she wondered if she should rethink her decision. But after a moment, she felt she had been right; she couldn’t ask Shawn to move to the US for her, just like she couldn’t imagine giving up her life in the US to come live with him in Italy. No, this was best, for everyone.

She only wished she could tell her heart that.

Chapter Nine

Two months later.

Belle glanced at the words in the textbook in front her and sighed. She was sitting in her bedroom, and attempting to read the chapter her Professor had assigned to them. She had been reading the same page for over an hour. She finally gave up, and tossed the textbook over to the other side of her bed.

Belle was in her second month at Salem U, and was enjoying her first year in university. She had made new friends, and got along very well with all of her professors. She also continued to work part time at Basic Black.

Things were going very well for Belle - at least they appeared to be.

Too bad she was miserable.

And she knew it was because of Shawn. Belle missed him, and thought about him constantly, wondering how he was doing. Did he still care about her? Did he think about her as much as she thought about him?

She doubted it; she had broken his heart, and he probably wanted nothing more to do with her. He had made no contact with Belle ever since their encounter at the lake, and Belle had not seen him since.

The Blacks had packed their bags, and departed for Salem two days later. It had been difficult leaving the Alamain house, for all of them. Belle had felt so comfortable in that house; she was very sad when she had to say goodbye.

Belle had told her family her decision about Shawn, and she had noticed by the look on their faces that no one was pleased, especially John.

John was an old-fashioned man; allowing Belle to date Shawn had taken a lot of persuasion from his wife, but he had agreed, so that he could make Belle happy. But when she dated him all summer, and decided not to marry Shawn Brady, he had been very disappointed. John knew that Belle could ask for no better man than Shawn, but he also knew that he couldn’t change Belle’s mind about him. She would have to come around herself.

Marlena had been supportive, and offered her shoulder to cry on, should her daughter need it. But Belle had refused to talk about Shawn, and now, two months later, no one even breathed Shawn’s name in the Black household.

Belle thought about her summer with Shawn constantly. She loved that they had immediately connected with one another. They would sit and talk for hours - in person, even on the telephone, into the early hours of the morning.

Shawn had not pushed Belle into making a decision about him, which was something she greatly admired him for. She knew he had strong feelings for her, and even though he had never said the words, she also knew that he was in love with her.

She sighed; she would be kidding herself if she denied that she didn’t feel the same way. It was hard not to – he was thoughtful, warm, sweet, and so generous. He had a heart of gold, and he wasn’t afraid to show that to her. He wanted so much for Belle to trust him that aside from occasionally holding her hand or a sweet kiss on her forehead or her hand, he had never made a move on her.

Except for that night out by the lake. She remembered Shawn kissing her, tasting her, making her feel as if she was going to faint at any minute. She had never experienced such an intense kiss. Belle had not lied when she said she would never forget him; he would remain in her heart forever.

Then why didn’t you agree to marry him? A voice inside her head asked.

She knew why; she couldn’t take him away from Italy, from his home and his family. In the long run, he would resent her for doing that to him, and Belle knew she could never live with Shawn hating her. Belle had to keep telling herself that she would get over Shawn.

Belle was helping her mother with the dinner dishes later that night when Marlena did the unthinkable – she mentioned Shawn’s name.

“Belle honey, we spoke with Aunt Vivian today.” Marlena said. She was behind the sink washing the dishes.

Belle was next to the kitchen table, gathering the rest of the dishes.

“Really? How is she doing? How’s Nicholas?” Belle asked, not aware of the direction her mother was going with this conversation.

“Fine, they’re all fine. Apparently they ran into the Brady’s yesterday.” Marlena said.

Belle’s heart skipped a beat.

“Really?” Belle asked, staring at her mother.

Marlena turned around to Belle and replied, “Really. And yes, Shawn was with them. Aunt Vivian said he’s still terribly hurt from your rejection Belle.” Marlena said.

Belle began to feel uncomfortable. “Mom, you know why I said no to Shawn – let’s not go over this again.” Belle said. She could feel her voice quavering; she knew Shawn was hurting, and it was all her fault. And she hated herself for that.

“Yes, you told us; you said you didn’t want to take Shawn away from his family. But Belle, you have to realize that Shawn is a big boy. He can make his own decisions. If he’s willing to leave Italy for you, why can’t you accept it?” Marlena asked, hoping to get through to her daughter.

“Mom, you don’t understand –“

“Yes Belle, I DO understand. I understand that the two of you are in love, whether you want to admit or not. I know what it’s like Belle; I know that if you really love someone, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them. And if Shawn says he’s ok with leaving Italy, he means it. He means it because he loves you sweetie.” Marlena said.

Belle bit her lip. “Mom, I don’t know; this is all so confusing.” Belle said. She thought she had made the right decision. Now she wasn’t so sure.

“Belle, you have to know that Shawn is being sincere when he says he loves you; I can see it, why can’t you? Why can’t you trust him?” Marlena asked, walking over to her daughter.

She stood in front of her, and wiped the tears coming down her face.

“Mom, I thought I had made the right choice. But the only reason I didn’t agree to marry Shawn is because I’m afraid – I’m so afraid of trusting him, even though he’s given me no reason to doubt him. I didn’t trust him when he said he would leave Italy for me and come to the US. He was so wonderful Mom - and I hurt him so bad!” Belle broke down into her mother’s arms.

Marlena embraced her daughter; she hated that her daughter was crying, but she was also relived that she had made a breakthrough with her.

“Shhhhh, it’s alright Belle. Don’t cry.” Marlena said, gently.

“Mom, I’ve made such a mess of things. Shawn will never forgive me!” Belle said. She felt helpless; the man of her dreams had been right in front of her, and she had let him go.

“Belle, believe me when I say this.” Marlena said, looking at Belle in the eye. “He has already forgiven you.”

“What?” she asked.

“He has sweetie. He’s still waiting for you to call him and change his mind. Bo told Aunt Vivian yesterday that Shawn waits by the phone, hoping you’re going to call!”

“But that’s crazy!” Belle exclaimed, although she couldn’t help but feel hopeful. If Shawn had forgiven her, that meant they could still be together.

“Wait – this is not going to work Mom! How can it? I just started Salem U!” Belle said.

“Yes we know that – so what does that have to do with anything honey? We’ve already established that he’s going to support you attending University.” Marlena said.

“Yes, but how is he going to come to Salem Mom? I mean, can he? If so, when?” Belle asked, now very excited at the prospect of being with Shawn.

“Well, it’s not going to be that easy honey. I’m afraid you’re going to have to be patient. You see, anyone who resides in a European country has to obtain a Viza in order to come and live in the US, and the only way Shawn can obtain that is if you sponsor him.” Marlena said.

“Really?” Belle asked. She had no idea it would be so complicated. But that didn’t matter; all that mattered was being with Shawn.

“Yes. So I was thinking – you call Shawn, and make him the happiest man alive by telling him that you’ve changed your mind. After you’ve done that, I’m going to call the US Embassy, and ask what the procedure is in order for a US Citizen to sponsor someone abroad, and how long it will take.” Marlena said.

“Okay. I’m going to call him right now Mom!” Belle said, running out of the kitchen. She couldn’t wait to call him and tell him her news; she had reached the stairs when she turned around, and walked back to the kitchen.

Belle walked over to Marlena and embraced her mother, who was also her mentor, and her best friend. Without her, Belle wouldn’t have been able to get through any of this.

“Thanks Mom – I don’t know what I’d do without your guidance; it means so much to me that you’re always willing to listen to me and offer me advice.” Belle whispered.

Marlena felt the tears spring to her eyes, and replied, “You’re so welcome my sweet girl. I will ALWAYS be there for you!”

Marlena pulled away and kissed her mother’s cheek quickly, before running up to her bedroom.

She quickly picked up the telephone, and dialled the number she knew by heart.

After two rings, Shawn picked up.

“Ci?” he said.

“Ci Signor,” Belle answered, resisting the urge to laugh. He always sounded so cute when he spoke Italian!

“Qui Es?” Shawn asked, obviously not recognizing Belle’s voice. She giggled; he knew he wasn’t expecting this.

“Shawn – it’s me, Belle.” She said.

“Belle! Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” Shawn exclaimed. He felt his cheeks turn red; he was so embarrassed that he hadn’t recognized her voice, especially since she was all he could think about for the last two months.

“No Shawn, it’s alright. I was just calling to tell you that –“ Belle stopped. What if he didn’t want her any more? What if her mother was wrong?

“Tell me what Belle? Have you changed your mind?” Shawn asked, hoping she had, knowing he would be the happiest man alive if she had.

“Well, if I did, would you still be willing to –“

“Yes! You know I would; you know how crazy I am about you! Gosh Belle, I can’t get your out of my mind, I’ve been praying every day that you would call me, and tell me you’ve changed your mind!” Shawn said. His heart was beating very fast now, he was becoming excited at the prospect of Belle telling him that she wanted to be his wife.

“Oh Shawn – it’s been the same for me! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you, and yes, yes, I’ve changed my mind, I want to marry you!” Belle said, tears now flowing from her eyes.

“Oh Belle, “ Shawn said. He wanted to jump for joy. He wished they weren’t on the phone, but face-to-face so he could show her how happy he was.

“Shawn, I know it took me long, and I’m sorry –“

“It doesn’t matter Belle. Nothing matters, except you and me.”

Belle nodded, he was right.

She had finally decided to listen to her heart, and for the first time, Belle was happy. She was happy that her and Shawn were going to be together.

Now all that was left was finding out how soon her and Shawn would be reunited.

January 1995

Belle stood in front of her closet, wondering what she would wear to school that day. It was early in the morning, just after 6:00. Belle had woken up early, so she could call and speak to Shawn before she left for school.

They had talked for almost twenty minutes, and Belle wondered how high her phone bill would be when it came this month. Ever since Belle had agreed to marry Shawn, she had been calling him more than she should. Whenever Belle wasn’t calling Shawn, he was calling her.

She giggled as she thought about the numerous times she had spoken to him. They missed each other terribly, but took comfort in the fact that they were now engaged, and would be together soon.

Belle wished she didn’t have to accept his proposal over the phone, but didn’t feel she had much choice. Especially since she hadn’t said yes to him last summer, when she had had the chance.

Marlena had called the US Embassy and had found out that Belle was able to sponsor Shawn, and it would take between 3-6 months. Belle had been surprised; she had thought it would take longer than that. Originally, she had thought about sponsoring Shawn at the beginning of her fourth year at Salem U, but then changed her mind. She knew she couldn’t wait that long for Shawn. She decided to sponsor Shawn in the summer of 1995, this way by the time Shawn arrived to the US, Belle would be mid way through her second year of University.

Shawn had agreed to that, he just hated the distance between them. He missed her so much. He thought about the times they had spent together, the conversations they had, the looks she had given him when she had flirted with him. But most of all, he thought about the kiss they had shared.

It was better than he could’ve imagined, and he could still feel her lips pressed against his when he closed his eyes and concentrated hard enough. He couldn’t wait to see her again so they could share more passionate kisses.

As the months passed by, Belle wondered when she should tell Shawn that her and John would be visiting Italy in May. Belle had decided that she wanted to have a proper engagement party with Shawn, and she knew he would be thrilled. When April rolled around, she finally told him. She was coming to Milano on May 1st!

Shawn had been thrilled, and Belle knew that this time, things would be different. They would spend more time together, without them worrying about their future.

John had decided he was going to throw the biggest engagement party of the year, and had already made plans with Vivian to have the party at her house.

Belle had bought a beautiful white dress, which showed over her curves perfectly. It was long, with short sleeves, and the bodice was made out of lace. The dress went down to her ankles, and had a slit in the side.

Belle had also picked out a ring for Shawn; she wanted him to have a symbol of her commitment to him. She had also bought a gold watch for him.

When May 1st arrived, Belle couldn’t help but feel nervous. Especially since it was just her and her father making the trip to Italy. Marlena hadn’t been able to get enough time off of work, and Belle’s brother Brady had been unable to make the trip as well.

Belle couldn’t help but wonder if her father would be okay seeing her and Shawn together. Belle had always been a daddy’s girl, and she hoped he wouldn’t make Shawn feel uncomfortable.

Finally, John and Black arrived at Malpenza, where they found Aunt Vivian, Nicholas, and Shawn waiting for them. Belle’s pulse quickened; he looked fabulous, even better than last summer. She noticed he was dressed in grey slacks, and a red dress shirt; he was also wearing a black bomber jacket, and he never looked more gorgeous.

He was waiting anxiously for Belle to approach him, and remained silent when Vivian and Nicholas hugged her first. Finally, she stood in front of Shawn. Aware of her father right next to her, Belle felt self-conscious about showing her true feelings.

Nevertheless, when Shawn reached for her and took her into a tight hug, Belle responded. She was happy to be in his arms, and happy to be reunited with him. Still, she knew she could be more emotional, but because of her father staring at them intently, Belle couldn’t help but be reserved. She was already regretting not having her mother come with her on this trip.

The ride to Givano was quiet; Shawn sat next to Belle, glancing her way every now and then. She was beautiful, just as beautiful as he remembered her. She was distant though, and he couldn’t figure out why. Was she regretting her decision to marry him, now that they had come face to face? He couldn’t be sure; all he knew was that he was so in love with her, and he would have to find out why she was behaving this way.

They arrived to Vivian’s house nearly two hours later, and Belle felt as though she had come home once she stepped inside the house. She was told she would be staying in the same room she had stayed in last summer, and nothing could’ve pleased Belle more.

She excused herself to her room to shower and change, with Ivan following behind her to carry her luggage.

Belle thanked him, then made her way into the washroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and cursed. Why was Shawn being so reserved? Ever since their embrace at Malpenza, he had been quiet, nothing like the sweet, flirty Shawn she had dated the summer before. What was going on? She was determined to find out.

In the mean time, she had to change; dinner would be ready soon.

She sighed as she thought about her vacation; she would be in Italy for a month; she had wondered if that would be enough time, but the way things were going so far, the month’s end couldn’t come soon enough.

At dinner, Belle had ended up sitting in the middle of her father and Shawn. He still seemed distant, but Belle decided she would have to find out why when they were alone.

She had no idea that Shawn was very aware of the looks he was getting from John, which clearly told him to keep his hands off of Belle. He gulped; he wanted to be with Belle, but he also wanted to earn the respect of his future father in law. He decided to keep a safe distance from Belle, for everybody’s sake. Shawn was also bothered at how distant Belle seemed; she didn’t seem to want to be close to Shawn either. He shook his head – things were not supposed to be like this, he thought.

After dinner, Belle wanted to take a walk by the lake with Shawn, but he refused. Belle opened her mouth to say something, but then decided not to make a scene in front of her family. She would have to deal with this later.

Vivian Alamain watched her nephew staring at Shawn intently, and shook her head. She was going to stop this.

“John?” She asked, walking over to her nephew. They were all seated in the living room, but she wanted to talk to John in private. “Would you please come to the study with me, I have to talk to you about some of the preparations for the engagement party.” Vivian said.

“Can it wait?” John asked, hesitant to be alone with his aunt. He had a feeling that whatever she was going to tell him wouldn’t be good, and he wanted to avoid it.

“No darling, it can’t. Please, come with me.” Vivian said.

John stood up from the couch, and followed his aunt into the study. Once they were finally alone, Vivian didn’t waste any time.

“You listen to me John Black! I love you as I would love my own child, but you are taking this too far!” Vivian said.

“What?” John said, arching an eyebrow at his aunt. He pretended not to know what she was talking about, but he knew very well why she was upset.

“Don’t play games with me nephew dear! You know damn well what I’m talking about!” Vivian said.
“When are you going to realize that it is 1995! You can’t be old-fashioned all of your life! My God, it’s been over twenty years since you left the old country, and you behave as if we were in the 1920’s!”

John remained silent.

“You know you have a wonderful daughter, with a heart of gold, and a good head on her shoulders. You also know that you can trust her John.” Vivian said.

“Aunt Vivian, I appreciate your concern, but this is between me and my daughter.” John said, hoping he wouldn’t offend his aunt.

“John, you have to stop treating Shawn like he’s going to do something wrong. You have a very beautiful daughter, and you have to realize that Shawn sees that too!” Vivian said. “For God’s sake, she’s engaged to him, you should be happy! After all, you had a hand in picking him out, you know what a wonderful boy he is!”

“I don’t doubt that Vivian. I know I couldn’t ask for a better son in law, but until they’re man and wife, I can’t take any chances with them.” John said.

“What are talking about darling?” Vivian asked, clearly confused.

“You just said it Aunt Vivian! Shawn knows what a beautiful girl Belle is! I see the way he looks at her, and I’m sure that he’s dying to get her alone, so they can……….” John stopped. He couldn’t finish the sentence, but Vivian understood what he was saying. “I can’t let it get that far. Belle’s too young; she’s only 20, and she’s got her whole life ahead of her, I can’t let her screw her life up with any unexpected changes.”

“Oh John! What do you plan on doing? Follow them? You know they want to be alone together, especially now that they’ve made a commitment.”

“NO! They cannot be alone together! I am going to forbid Belle to be alone with him. She’ll listen to me, she always does.” John said.

“John, you listen to me. Belle has made a commitment to a wonderful young man, who adores her, and would sell his soul to please her. Now there’s nothing wrong with the two of them wanting to express their feelings for one another.” She noticed the look of shock on John’s face and then stopped.

“Vivian, you’re not helping matters.” John said, convinced he was going to go into cardiac arrest at any moment.

“John, that doesn’t mean they’ll….. you know, but you can’t keep her under lock and key. You have to give Belle her freedom; you have to trust her. After all, she’s only young once; when are you going to allow her to be alone with Shawn? After she’s married? And what memories will she have then? You owe her this John, you know she deserves to be happy.” Vivian said.

John thought about what his aunt was saying, and knew she was right. He had to trust that Belle would not let things get out of control.

“Okay, I hear you, and I understand. I’ll let the two of them be alone – but if anything happens –“

“Darling, nothing will happen. Now have a glass of water, and calm down, before we have to call an ambulance.” Vivian said. She walked over to John and patted him on the shoulder. “You have a wonderful daughter John, you should be proud of her. But you should also be happy that she’s finally fallen in love.”

John nodded; he was happy for Belle. Now it was time to prove just how happy he was for her.

He took a deep breath, and went with Vivian back into the living room. He noticed Belle and Shawn were sitting together on the couch, not saying a word to one another, and he knew it was because he had managed to intimidate them both.

He sighed. He had his work cut out for him, but he knew this was something only he could fix.

John swallowed his pride and walked over to the young couple. This wasn’t going to easy – admitting you’re wrong about something never was.

Chapter Ten Rated R

Belle tried not to show her confusion – here she was, sitting next to the man that she loved, and they were both silent. It was almost as though a brick wall existed between the two of them, and she couldn’t figure out why.

Her father joined them, and asked if he could talk to the both of them. Belle wondered what he would have to say to her.

“Listen kids, I’m afraid I’ve made an error in judgement.” John said, taking a deep breath. He hated it when he was wrong. He hated it even more when he had to admit it.

“What do you mean Dad?” Belle asked, now more confused than before.

“Well, I assumed that something was going to happen, and I shouldn’t have. I jumped to conclusions, and made sure that Shawn would feel uncomfortable around you Izzy B – it’s not his fault he’s being so distant and cold with you – it’s mine.” John admitted, feeling ashamed.

Shawn gulped; he was shocked at what John was admitting, but was glad that Belle was present to hear this.

“Kids, there’s no excuses – I’ve made sure ever since we’ve gotten off that plane this afternoon that things would be tense for you, and that’s not something I should’ve done. I trust you, both of you,” He added, looking over to his son-in-law and smiling at him.

“Dad – I don’t know what to say.” Belle said.

“You don’t have to say anything sweetheart. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry, and I also wanted to tell you to get out of here.” John said.

“What?” Shawn asked, obviously confused.

Belle looked at her father; she realized he had intentionally been trying to intimidate her and Shawn. But he was apologizing for it. Which is why Shawn had seemed so distant – it had nothing to do with him not loving her!

She grinned; she now understood that there had been mixed signals conveyed, by the both of them. She was determined to fix that.

“Shawn,” Belle said, reaching over and touching his hand. “What Dad means is, he wants us to leave; he wants us to be – “ she paused, then lowered her voice, “ALONE.” She said.

Shawn felt his heartbeat quicken – had she really said that? The way she had emphasised that last word had his blood running furiously, and he hoped that she hadn’t misread what her father was telling them.

“Belle’s right.” John said, confirming what Shawn had been thinking. “You two are young, and you’re both responsible, so I want you to leave – go for a walk, go for a drive, just don’t stay out too late Izzy B, because I know you’re exhausted from jet lag.” John said, smiling at the two of them. They looked like two kids who had just been given the keys to a candy store.

Shawn and Belle stood up, and thanked John. They slowly walked out into the foyer together. Finally, Belle couldn’t stand it any more. She turned to Shawn and said,” Shawn, was my father right? Is the only reason you were so distant was because of him? It had nothing to do with me?”

“Oh Belle, that’s all it was, really. I’m sorry, I guess I shouldn’t have let your father bother me, but I noticed the looks he was giving me, like he was issuing a warning. I also noticed the looks he threw your way, and I saw your reaction. Then I thought it was because of me –“ Shawn stopped. “Wow, talk about miscommunication. We should have just been honest as soon as we got in the car.” He said, laughing when he thought about how much time they had wasted.

“It’s alright, we’ll just have to make up for lost time.” Belle said.

“I couldn’t agree with you more. Where would you like to go?” Shawn asked, taking her hand in his. As soon as he did, Belle felt a surge of electricity run through her. They were finally going to start acting like a couple, and nothing could please Belle more.

“Anywhere you’re going.” Belle answered, giving Shawn a sultry look.

Shawn gulped; there it was - that look in her eyes, the one that told him so much more than words ever could. They had yet to admit their love for one another, but that was going to change.

Starting tonight.

“Come on sweetheart, we’re going for a walk.” Shawn said.

Belle wasn’t surprised when he led her out the lake; she had a feeling that he would take her there.

They walked hand in hand for a few minutes before Shawn stopped and turned to Belle. He let go of her hand, and bought it up to her hair. She had left her hair down, and he finally gave into the urge to run one of his hands through her beautiful long tresses. Belle closed her eyes, savouring the sensation of Shawn touching her so delicately.

He then cupped her face with one hand, and looked into her eyes. The sun had already set, but he could still see her eyes in the moonlight. There was so much he wanted to tell her, but right now, he didn’t know where to start. He knew it didn’t matter; they had a whole lifetime together to tell each other everything that had to be said.

Shawn then leaned forward, and gently brushed her lips with his. When he saw Belle had her eyes closed, his lips joined with hers once again; this time he gently urged them apart. Their tongues joined, and danced erotically with one another. They tasted each other, over and over again, and Belle felt as thought her knees would give out on her at any minute. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tightly.

Shawn moved his arms around her waist, and continued to kiss her. They broke apart, breathing heavily. They still had their arms around another, and Shawn pulled her in for a tight hug.

Shawn pulled away from Belle, and made sure she was in front of him. He then whispered, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Belle smiled; “So am I Shawn,” she whispered back to him.

“I’ve missed you so much Isabella - I was counting the days until your arrival.” He admitted.

“So was I.” Belle said, thrilled that Shawn was telling her this.

Shawn couldn’t help but lean down to her and kiss her once more; it was though her lips were begging him to. His lips crashed down, and this time, the kiss was more intense. His tongue demanded entrance into her mouth, and Belle willingly obliged. Their tongues met, and swirled with each other, over and over again. Her arms went around his neck, and she tangled her fingers in the hairs at the back of his neck.

Shawn’s arms were around her waist, and he made sure she was pulled up against him tightly. His hands ran up and down her back, then down to her behind. He felt her flinch a bit, then decided not to let himself get carried away. He made sure his hands were on her waist once again.

Their mouths broke apart, and Shawn trailed kisses along her jaw, then down to her neck. He kissed her gently, smelling her sweet fragrance; it drove him mad, and he couldn’t stop caressing her with his lips.

“Oh Belle,” He murmured, not being able to get enough of her. “I love you,” he whispered.

Belle had her head thrown back, encouraging Shawn to keep kissing her neck. She heard him confess his love for her, and for a moment, she thought she had imagined it. But she hadn’t. She knew the words were coming from his heart.

Belle felt faint; his kisses, his words of love, it was too much for her, but she couldn’t pull away from him. She was overwhelmed with her own love for him, and she nearly gasped when Shawn pulled her up against him; she could feel the effect she was having on him.

Belle opened her eyes, and looked at Shawn. He had stopped kissing her, and had a wicked grin on his face.

“So,” he asked, arching an eyebrow at her. “Did you miss me too Isabella?” he asked.

“Of course I did Shawn.” She responded, feeling shy all of a sudden. How could he ask her that? Had he not felt her response to him? She never thought she could feel this way; Shawn was intoxicating, and she loved it.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead gently. “Want to head inside? We’ve been out her for awhile, and I really want you to get some rest.” He said.

Belle nodded. She knew it was time to call it a night, but didn’t want Shawn to leave. But she took comfort in the fact that he would be coming by the next day.

The Brady's had made arrangements to take Belle ring shopping the next day, and Belle couldn’t wait.

They slowly walked back to the Alamain house, where Shawn refused Belle’s invitation to come back inside for a coffee.

“I have to get going sweetheart – you’re exhausted, and you need some sleep.” He said, kissing her nose.

“What time will be here to pick me up tomorrow morning?” She asked.

“Be ready by 10:00 – this way you can sleep in a little. I’ll pick you up, and we’ll go ring shopping. Then we’ll head to my house after that. Oh, I forgot to tell you – Mom is insisting you stay for lunch tomorrow. She wants to spoil her daughter in law – I hope you don’t mind.” Shawn said.

“Mind? Are you kidding me? That’s great! I can’t wait to get to know your mother more!” Belle exclaimed. Belle had only met Shawn’s parents the night she had arrived to Giaveno last summer, and hadn’t seen them since. She still hadn’t met Shawn’s brother Zach either.

Shawn smiled; he was looking forward to tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that; he had a special surprise for Belle. He had no doubt she would love what he had in store her.

“That’s great. Ok, I’ll get going, so this is good night.” Shawn said. He leaned down and kissed her gently.

“Good night Shawn,” she whispered when they broke apart. “Sweet dreams.” She added.

“Same to you.” He said, and then walked over to his car. When he was gone, Belle went into the house, and made her way to her bedroom.

She sighed happily as she thought about Shawn, and the way he had kissed her. It had been so intense, so – erotic, she thought. She had responded willingly, but she also worried about the next time Shawn would kiss her.

She was fully aware of Shawn’s arousal- she had felt his erection against her tummy as he kissed her. Not that she could blame him, after all, he was a gorgeous 26-year-old male. But Belle had become nervous when he had touched her behind. Belle had never been intimate with a man before; Shawn was going to be her first.

Belle wondered if Shawn knew she was a virgin. Probably, she thought, especially the way she had flinched when he had touched her.

Belle knew she shouldn’t be worried. But she couldn’t help but wonder if Shawn wanted to take their relationship to the next level before they were married. And if he did, how did Belle feel about that?

She wasn’t sure; she knew she loved Shawn, and trusted him. But she had also heard the various stories from her girlfriends about how painful lovemaking could be the first couple of times, and that frightened her. She shook her head; she had to stop this. Shawn had made no indication that he wanted to make love to her – at least, not yet anyway.

She knew it was only a matter of time, and she wondered if she should tell him that she wanted to wait until the wedding night – would he understand?

Yes he would, because he loved her. Belle knew Shawn would never pressure her into making love to him, especially since he never laid a hand on her last summer.

Belle was being silly for worrying about this. She quickly changed out of her dress, and settled between the sheets of her bed. She was exhausted. She closed her eyes, and smiled when she thought about Shawn, and how much she loved him. She couldn’t wait to see him the next day.

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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC-17.
Chapters 11 - 15

Chapter 11

The next day, Shawn picked up Belle and took her to various jewellery shops in town. Belle was surprised – for a small town, Giaveno had plenty of jewellery shops.

Shawn had already been out to the same shops a few days before Belle’s arrival. He had a few things in mind for her, but Shawn knew he wouldn’t buy anything that Belle didn’t like.

They hadn’t been searching for very long, when Belle decided upon an 18K gold ring, with a medium sized diamond in the middle. It was beautiful, and when she had tried it on, she was thrilled that it fit perfectly. Shawn had instantly bought it for her; happy that she had picked out something he had been admiring for some time. He then went one step further and bought her a gold watch, imported from China. Belle gasped when she had seen the price, but Shawn had insisted on buying it for her.

He then bought her a gold necklace, with a small charm.

“Shawn, stop spending money on me!” Belle exclaimed, when they walked out of the jewellers.

“No way! Not when I see happy I’ve made you! Besides, we only get engaged once, and I want to spoil you – think you can let me do that?” he asked, stopping her in the middle of the street, and taking her hand in his.

“Shawn, I can’t believe how sweet you are! Thank you so much.” Belle said, leaving over to give Shawn a quick kiss on his lips.

Shawn smiled at her. “Don’t you worry, there’s more to come Signora Black,” he said, winking at her.

Belle’s breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t think straight whenever he winked at her. She felt as though she were the only woman alive when he did that to her.

They walked into another jewellery store, where Shawn bought a pair of gold hoop like earrings for her. Even though Belle had protested, Shawn had insisted.

Their engagement party was going to be held the next day, and he wanted Belle to look beautiful. Shawn insisted she wear all the new jewellery had had bought for her.

Belle smiled; she was looking forward to the party; and she was thrilled that she would be wearing all this beautiful jewellery he had bought for her.

Eventually, they finished their shopping, and it was close to 3:00 when Belle finally arrived at the Brady house. She walked in, only to find Bo and Hope waiting anxiously for her. Hope took one look at Belle, and held her arms out to her. Belle immediately walked over to the mother in law, and hugged her tightly.

“Welcome to the family Belle.” Hope whispered.

Tears filled Belle’s eyes when she heard the emotion in Hope’s voice.

She turned to Bo, who also embraced Belle, and welcomed her into the family.

They walked into the living room, where Belle found a young gentleman waiting for them. She assumed it was Shawn’s younger brother Zach, and she extended her hand to him.

He smiled, and then pushed her hand aside, and embraced Belle, just as his parents had.

Belle was overwhelmed with feelings of acceptance, and of love.

After Shawn informed his mother that he and his fiancée were starving, Hope immediately sprung into action, and had the table set for a late afternoon lunch within minutes.

They all sat down, and Belle couldn’t get over how comfortable she felt with Shawn’s family. They ate together – talking, joking and laughing at the same time.

After lunch, they all sat in the living room, sipping coffee. Hope had asked Belle if she could come by and stay with them, even if it was only for a couple of days.

Belle bit her lip; she wasn’t sure if John would agree to that. But then she remembered what John had said about trusting her, and decided to let Hope know she would be there for the weekend.

Shawn was grinning from ear to ear – he couldn’t wait to have Belle staying under the same roof as him. He couldn’t wait until Friday night.

They stayed a little more, and then Shawn stood up from the couch, and announced that it was time to bring Belle back to the Alamains. Belle thanked Hope for the wonderful lunch.

“I had such a wonderful time Hope – thank you!” Belle said.

“Oh sweetie, you’re so welcome. We’ll see you tomorrow night!” Hope exclaimed, giving her daughter in law one last hug before she left.

“Definitely. See everyone tomorrow.” Belle said.

Shawn ushered Belle out to the car, and drove her home in silence. When they arrived at the Alamains, Belle was shocked when no one answered the door.

Belle frowned; since when was nobody home at the Alamains? She shook her head, and pulled the key out from her pocket.

They walked in quietly. Once Belle closed the door behind her, she called out, “Anyone home?”

Her question was met by silence.

Belle shrugged; John must’ve taken everyone out for an early dinner, she thought.

“Well, it looks like we’re alone,” Shawn said.

Belle felt her knees turn to jelly; she saw the look in Shawn’s eye, and she knew what he wanted to do.

How did she feel about that?

Belle shook her head to shake off the thoughts running through her mind. She wanted Shawn to touch her, to kiss her, to take her to heaven and back. But it was too soon – they couldn’t go that far.

“So, what shall we do?” She asked nervously.

It was the wrong question to ask, because Shawn looked as though he was going to explode. The tension was thick between them, and Belle knew she had to distract him, if that was possible.

She suddenly had an idea. “Hey, you know what? I forgot to give you your gifts!” Belle exclaimed.

“Gifts? What do you mean?” Shawn asked, obviously confused.

“Mom and Brady sent you some gifts. Just a little something to let you know that they’re welcoming you into the family. Come on, I’ll show you.” She said, taking his hand and making her up the stairs.

“Where are they?” he asked, following behind her. He loved that he was behind her – he had a great view of her behind, and he wanted to touch her there, but he stopped himself. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, but he wanted Belle so much!

“They’re in my suitcase, in the bedroom –“ Belle stopped. She suddenly realized they were on their way to her room. Bad mistake, she thought - but it was too late, they were already in front of her door.

Belle took a deep breath. You can do this, she thought. You can control yourself.

She opened the door, and walked into her bedroom, with Shawn following closely behind her.

She was silent as she walked over to her suitcase, and took out two wrapped gifts – one from Brady, and one from Marlena. She handed them to him and he took them.

“Thanks, but this wasn’t necessary.” Shawn said.

“I know, but they just felt bad that they couldn’t be hear for our engagement party. It’s not a big deal, really.” Belle said.

Belle turned around and walked over to her desk. She knew her purse was there, and she wanted to show Shawn the watch she had bought for him. She could’ve sworn she had put the watch in there, but as she searched for it, she could not seem to find it. She sighed annoyingly; where had she put it?

She didn’t have a chance to figure it out, because before she knew it, Shawn had grabbed her, and turned her around so that he was facing her.

His lips came crashing down onto hers, and he kissed her with everything he had in him. Shawn couldn’t get over his feelings for her; he wanted her so much, and couldn’t control himself. He pulled her against him, and let her feel his erection. He wanted to laugh when he heard her gasp; she had to know how she made him feel.

He put his hands on her ribcage, and then brought them up slowly, waiting for a reaction. Higher and higher they went, finally coming upon her breasts, which he cupped gently, loving the way they filled his hands.

Belle wanted to pull away from his embrace, but couldn’t. He felt like heaven in her arms, and she was kissing him back just as desperately as he was kissing her.

She had never known that kissing could be so arousing; the way their tongues met and swirled and danced with one another, as if they couldn’t live without each other. Her arms were wrapped around him, and she could feel his arousal. It thrilled her to know she had aroused him, but she flinched involuntarily when she felt his hands on her breasts

Shawn noticed, and removed his hands. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, and he pulled away from her. They were both panting for air. She turned around, and grabbed the desk behind her, so sure she was going to fall to the floor at any minute.

Shawn took her breath away, and she loved it. But she couldn’t deal with these new sensations – he was arousing her, and that was frightening. What if they got carried away?

And what if someone walked in on them? She remembered that she hadn’t locked the door, and walked over to do just that. The last thing she needed was John walking in on them. Especially the way the two of them were still panting.

She turned around and found him grinning at her. He knew what he was doing to her, and he was enjoying every minute of it. Damn. She wanted him to kiss her again; she wanted his hands on her…. She was so confused! Her mind was telling her not to go there with Shawn, but her body was telling her otherwise.
Shawn had awakened something in her that she never knew existed – he had awakened a very sensual woman.

She just didn’t know it yet.

But Shawn did.

She needed to sit down. She walked over to the couch, and did just that. Shawn followed.

He grinned at the way she was still shaking, obviously still very affected from their kisses.

Belle leaned back against the couch, and Shawn took the opportunity to extend his arm behind her, and put his arm around her shoulder. She liked the feeling of Shawn’s arm on her shoulder; she began to feel all warm and tingly.

Belle was staring straight ahead, but she could feel Shawn’s hot stare on her. She gulped; she loved the feelings he had aroused in her, but they had to stop this.

Shawn grinned; he kept his arm around her, and pulled her closer to him. He saw that she still wouldn’t look at him, so he took his other hand and turned her chin so that she was now facing him.

“Belle,” he whispered. He wanted to kiss her again, and he did. He leaned forward and gently placed his lips on hers. He saw that she responded, hesitantly at first, but eventually, she knew she couldn’t resist him.

They broke apart a moment later, and Shawn smiled at her again.

They remained like that for a while, until finally, Belle stood up and looked at Shawn.

“Shawn, we should go downstairs – my family will be back soon I’m sure, and if Dad finds you up here –“

“Belle, say no more.” He said. Shawn wanted to avoid John finding him in Belle’s bedroom – he was sure he would think the worst, and he didn’t want anything to ruin his relationship with Belle.

They made their way downstairs, and Belle was surprised when Shawn told her he had to leave.

“I’m sorry sweetheart – I have to be at the shop tonight, we’ve run into some problems.” He said.

“Is everything ok?” Belle asked.

“Oh yeah, it will be once I get there,” he said, smiling down at her. He loved that she was so concerned about him. “Can I call you later tonight?” he asked.

“Yes, please do.” She said, leaning forward and kissing him gently. Shawn wrapped her up in his arms and hugged her tightly. She would never no how happy she had made him by coming here.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later baby. Bye.” Shawn said.

“Bye sweetie.” Belle said, walking him to the front door. She watched as he walked to his car, and drove off. She then went upstairs, and noticed that it was still early in the evening.

She then realized she missed him already. Belle sighed – she would have to get used to this – once she returned to Salem, she was going to start the process of sponsoring Shawn, and she knew it would take 3-6 months. She wondered if she could wait that long.

Belle knew it would be difficult, but as long as her and Shawn were in love, they could get through everything.

The next day, the Alamain house was filled with activity. It was the day of Shawn and Belle’s engagement party, and Belle couldn’t remember a time she was more nervous. It was still the morning, but Vivian had servants and cooks and others running around the house, in preparation for the party.

Dinner was going to held in the dining room; afterwards, everyone would retreat to the living room. Vivian had made sure to hire a DJ, at Belle’s request, with plenty of music, so that everyone could have a good time.

Belle had been up until midnight; she had been talking to Shawn on the phone, and both had been reluctant to hang up. Finally, they knew they had a long day ahead of them the next day, and had hung up at the same time.

Belle frowned; Shawn hadn’t mentioned if he would be coming by that morning, and she wanted to see him. She knew she couldn’t wait until the evening time, when Vivian had told the guests to start arriving.

Belle made her way outside, and decided to sit down at the patio set with Nicholas. The two were talking and joking about Shawn – Nicholas was teasing his cousin about how John had managed to intimidate the both of them.

“I mean, come on Belle – Uncle John didn’t even have to say a word, and the two of you were quivering!” Nicholas said, chuckling as the thought about how quiet the couple had been after Belle had landed in Milano.

“Nick, you don’t understand!” she said, giggling when she thought about how her and Shawn had been. “My father has an aura about him that demands respect, and he doesn’t even have to say it verbally!”

“Yeah, no kidding.” Nick said, standing up and doing an impression of John, and his famous eyebrow arch. He folded his arms across his chest and said in a deep voice, “Izzy B, you can forget the notion that you and Shawn will ever be alone; well, perhaps after you’re married…”

Belle burst out laughing at Nick’s imitation of her father. She was holding her sides, and begging him to stop. She was sure they could hear her from inside.

Nick finally stopped, and sat down. He too was laughing; he couldn’t help himself. He was glad that John had come around and was allowing Belle to enjoy her engagement to Shawn.

When they had finally calmed downed, Belle looked down at her watch, and noticed it was almost noon, and Shawn still hadn’t shown up at the house. She wanted to see him so badly, she hoped he would come by soon.

As if he had heard her thoughts, Shawn’s car pulled up in front of the house.

Belle’s pulse quickened; he had on tight black jeans, and a white T-shirt. He had his black bomber jacket on as well, and Belle wished she could be that bomber jacket. She shuddered – how did he do this to her?

He walked up to them, and Belle stood up, ready to give him a simple kiss on his cheek. But Shawn refused by turning her head so that their lips met gently. It was a quick kiss, but nevertheless Belle was thrilled that he had kissed her with Nick nearby.

“Morning babe,” Shawn said to her.

“Morning Shawn.” Belle answered, sitting down in her chair.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked, sitting down in the chair next to her.

“Like a baby.” She said.

Shawn reached over and took her hand in his. He began to rub the back of it slowly, and told Nicholas he would love a cup of coffee when he was asked.

Nicholas went into the house, leaving Belle alone with Shawn.

She turned to look at him and smiled. “So,” she asked, “Are you all ready for tonight?”

“Tonight? Why, what’s tonight?” Shawn asked, looking confused.

Belle was about to explode when she noticed the grin on his face. She punched his shoulder lightly and said, “Don’t you dare do that to me!” she exclaimed.

“Do what babe?” he asked, loving the way she was all riled up. Made him wonder what she was like when making love. He shook his head – he had to stop thinking about this.

Belle shivered; she loved it when he called her babe. It made her feel so sexy. And the looks he was giving her -–it was as though he was eating her alive with his eyes!

“Give me a heart attack!” she said. “You know what I’m talking about – the party tonight!”

“I know babe, and yes, we’re all ready.” Shawn replied.

“Vivian and Dad told the guests to start arriving after 7 – is that what time you’ll be coming by?” she asked.

“Probably,” he answered.

Nick then walked in and gave Shawn his coffee. He thanked him and the three started talking about the events planned for party.

Belle was excited – she had shown Shawn his ring, but she hadn’t given it to him yet. The two were planning on exchanging rings that night, after everyone arrived. They wanted everyone to witness the two of them making a commitment to each other. After that, they would have dinner, and then they would retreat to the living room, where the party would really start. Belle planned on dancing the night away with Shawn.

A half an hour later, Nick excused himself, saying he had some errands to run before the big event.

After Nick departed, Shawn asked Belle if she wanted to go for a drive. Belle immediately stood up from her chair, and exclaimed, “Of course!”

After Belle went into the house to let her father know she would be out, they walked to his car, where Shawn held the door open for her. She quickly went in the car, and Shawn went in as well.

Once they were in, Belle asked, “Where are we going?”

“Nowhere really – I just thought we could have some time alone before the party – is that ok?” he said.

“Sure, that’s fine.” Belle said.

Shawn turned the key in the ignition, and started the car. He didn’t know where he and Belle were going; he just knew he wanted to be alone with her.

As they drove off, Belle couldn’t help but wonder where Shawn was taking her. It was then she realized that it didn’t matter – all that mattered was that they were together.

She leaned back against her seat, and waited to see where Shawn would take her.

Chapter 12

Shawn ended up driving Belle to a movie theatre, which proved uneventful for Belle, since the movie was in Italian. She didn’t understand why Shawn had seemed so intent on taking a drive with her, when his only intention had been to see a movie with her.

Belle was further disappointed when they began to watch the movie, and she noticed there wasn’t any English subtitles. She soon found out that Shawn had no intention of translating for her either.

It was the early afternoon, and Belle could see only a few other patrons in the theatre. Shawn had purposely sat with her in the back row, and as soon as they had sat down, he had placed his arm around her shoulders.

Belle leaned back to him, and tried to concentrate on the movie. Belle felt nervous, and tried to distract herself by staring at the movie screen in front of her. She tried not to think about Shawn next to her; tried not to think about how wonderful he smelled, or how she could feel his eyes on her.

Shawn could sense Belle’s nervousness and smiled. He didn’t have any intention of bringing her to the movie theatre, but it was the only place he could think of that would have no distractions.

He needed to be alone with her before the party – he had been thinking about their kisses all night. He loved the way she tasted, the way she reacted to him. She was unsure of herself, he could tell by the way she would hesitate at first, but he would soon feel her response to him.

He wanted to kiss her at that very moment, and tried to hold himself back. Finally, Shawn didn’t know how much more he could take, so he gently placed his other hand on her chin, and turned her face to him. She looked at him, and even through the darkness of the theatre, Belle could see the desire in Shawn’s eyes.

He leaned forward and gently kissed her. Belle responded, and placed one of her hands around his waist. Shawn soon deepened the kiss, and was thrilled when Belle opened her mouth for him, and allowed his tongue to enter. They met eagerly, and shared an intense dance. He continued kissing her, over and over again.

Belle began to feel dizzy; she was responding to him eagerly, and she couldn’t get over how much she wanted him to keep kissing her. She pulled away from him and arched her neck to him, so he could continue kissing her there. Shawn didn’t disappoint her. He trailed his lips from her chin, down to her neck, then to her collarbone. When she could feel his lips going lower to the top of her breasts, Belle thought she was going to faint.

She opened her eyes, and for a moment, she remembered they were in a public place.

“Shawn,” she breathed, trying to pull away from him. “Shawn, someone will see us,” she said.

Shawn stopped for a moment, and looked at her with hungry eyes. “No one will see us babe; look around, no one even knows we’re here.” He said.

Belle looked around her; he was right, they were in the far back, and the few people that were in the theatre were scattered towards the front. Shawn had certainly been smart when he had taken the seats in the back row.

She turned to look at him, and he resumed kissing her sweet neck, trying to breath, but finding it virtually impossible when all he could smell was her sweet fragrance. He made a mental note to himself to ask her what perfume she wore, because it certainly stimulated his senses.

Belle closed her eyes, and leaned her head back. She loved that Shawn was kissing her with such intensity; it was almost as though he couldn’t get enough of her. But she wasn’t complaining; after all, when he hadn’t touched her last summer, Belle had nearly broken down crying, thinking that he didn’t want her. She had certainly been wrong about that.

He continued to trail kisses along her skin, then slowly made his way up to her ear, and sucked on it gently.

“Belle, I can’t get enough of you,” he said softly.

Belle knew she was going to faint at any moment; she couldn’t get enough of him either, but couldn’t find the words to tell him.

His lips met hers once more, and Belle responded to him, kissing him back with everything she had. She had no idea she could feel so much desire for someone – she had dated in the past, but nothing had ever happened, with the exception of a couple of innocent kisses. She had never even shared an open-mouthed kiss with a guy.

But she was learning with Shawn; she had a feeling she would learn a lot with him.

Shawn was still kissing her, and his lips were making a slow journey - travelling from her lips, to her cheeks, to her jaws, at one point, he even kissed her eyelids.

Belle sighed happily; she loved that Shawn was so affectionate. She never would’ve imagined herself sitting in a movie theatre, with her fiancée, the two of them caressing each other with their lips like there was no tomorrow.

But Belle couldn’t help but get caught up in Shawn’s caresses. He was touching her face so gently; and running his hand up and down one of her arms – Belle could feel goosebumps emerging as she felt his hands on her.

Belle pulled back from Shawn’s kisses for a moment, and cupped his face gently with one hand.

“Shawn – we have to stop this sweetie,” she whispered. “The movie will be over soon, and I have to get back to the house.” She leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss, as if telling him that she didn’t want to leave.

Shawn nodded, he knew it was time to go soon.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home,” he said, pulling her up with him from the chair.

Soon they were on their way back to the Alamain house, and Shawn walked her to the front door, as he always did.

They kissed one more time, before Shawn said he had to get going. “I’m sure you have a lot to do before the guests start arriving.”

Belle nodded; she had to take a shower, and wait for the hair stylist to come by. She also had someone coming by to fix her makeup.

“Ok, so I’ll see you tonight?” Belle asked.

“You’d better believe it!” he growled, leaning forward to kiss her one last time.

Belle giggled; he was insatiable, and nothing could thrill her more.

Finally Shawn left, and Belle made her way to her bedroom. She quickly showered, and 15 minutes later, the hair stylist arrived. They discussed how Belle’s hair would be done, and Belle was happy with the suggestions the older woman had for her.

After her hair was finished, she had her make up done. All this was happening, and Belle refused to look at herself in the mirror; she wanted to see what she would look like after the makeup artist was finished. Belle was curious as to how she would look; she had never been one to wear a lot of makeup; she knew she would look different.

A half an hour later, there was a knock at the door. It was Aunt Carly, asking if she could come in.

“Come on in Aunt Carly,” Belle said.

Carly walked over to Belle and gasped.

Belle frowned. “What is it Aunt Carly? Is something wrong?” Belle asked, wrinkling her eyebrow in worry.

“No Belle, nothing’s wrong. You just – you look so beautiful. Oh Belle, Shawn’s not going to know what hit him.” Carly said affectionately.

Belle smiled nervously; did she really look that different? She wasn’t so sure if she wanted to see her reflection.

She didn’t have a choice when the makeup artist told Belle to get up from her chair, and walked her over to mirror by her dresser.

Belle looked, and was shocked at the reflection that was staring back at her.

“Is it really me?” she whispered.

Her blonde hair was piled in a mass of curls on top of her head, done very elegantly. Her hair up brought out the feature of her eyes, and her high cheekbones.

Her makeup was done to perfection; just enough eyeliner had been put on, a beautiful shade of eye shadow behind her eyelids; mascara, blush; Belle couldn’t believe how wonderful she looked!

“Wow,” was all Belle could say.

It was going to be an interesting night.

Later that night, Belle was a basketcase. She was dressed in her white dress, all ready to make her entrance. The Alamains had decided that Belle would come downstairs, after everyone had arrived. She was waiting for the guests to arrive, and was hysterical when she learned that Shawn hadn’t arrived yet.

“Where is he?” she asked for the tenth time.

Nicholas was there, trying to calm his cousin down.

“Isabella, calm down, he’ll be here. It’s not even 7 yet!” he said.

“But Nick, you don’t understand, he should be here by now! Why isn’t he here, why –“

Suddenly, someone was knocking at the door.

“Come in!” She answered.

Aunt Vivian walked in, informing her everyone was there – including the Bradys.

Belle breathed a sigh of relief. He was here – her Shawn had finally arrived.

Belle put herself together, and made sure she had Shawn’s watch ready as well as his ring. She gave them to Nicholas, asking if he could hold them for her.

He agreed, and they all made their way downstairs.

All of the guests were gathered in the living room, waiting for Belle to make her entrance. When she finally did, everyone gasped. They hadn’t expected Belle to look so beautiful!

Belle could tell by the looks on everyone’s faces that they were very pleased, but the one person’s reaction that mattered was the only she wanted to see.

She turned her head, trying to find him. She finally saw him, standing next to John and Bo. His eyes lit up once he saw her, and he winked at her as she walked over to him. Bo was holding tiny boxes, which Belle knew contained all of the jewellery he had bought for her the day before.

They stood face to face, not saying a word. Belle took in what Shawn was wearing – a dark blue suit, a crisp white shirt, and a blue tie completed his look. He had his hair slicked back, with no bangs hanging on his forehead as he usually did. He was breathtaking.

Shawn stared at Belle lovingly – he didn’t think he would ever see her look so ravishing. Her hair piled up in curls showed off her beautiful features, and he was so happy that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

The room was silent as Hope walked over to the couple. She smiled at Belle, and hugged her, before taking one of the boxes from Bo’s hands. She opened up the box, and took out the necklace Shawn had bought the day before.

She unfastened it, and walked over to Belle. Belle bent forward, allowing Hope to place the necklace around her slender neck.

After she fastened the necklace around her neck securely, Hope kissed her daughter in laws cheeks affectionately, and said,

“Belle, this is from me – I asked Shawn to buy something on my behalf, and I’d like you to remember how very dear you are to us.” Hope stopped for a moment, becoming very emotional. “I’ve never had a daughter before – I hope that’s going to change now.” Hope whispered.

Belle’s eyes began to fill with unshed tears, and instead of responding, she wrapped her arms around Hope and embraced her, telling Hope without words what her response was.

Hope pulled away, wiping her tears. Bo then stepped forward, and took Belle’s left hand. He opened up another one of the boxes, and placed the expensive gold watch around her arm. He smiled at his daughter in law warmly, and said, “Well, as if you hadn’t figured it out, I asked Shawn to buy something on my behalf – this watch is from me. I want you to remember that you will always be part of our family, and we wish you and Shawn the very best.” Bo said, hugging his daughter in law tightly.

Belle felt the tears coming down, and wiped them away furiously. She didn’t want to cry, but she was doing so out of happiness. A wave of emotions had overcome her as she listened to their sweet words.

Belle was already wearing her gold hoop earrings, so all that was left was the engagement ring.

Shawn stepped forward, and opened the tiny black box. He took the ring out, and Belle extended her left hand out to him. He gently placed it on her ring finger, and Belle knew from this moment on, she would never remove that special ring from her finger.

He knew his hands were shaking, but he couldn’t help himself. He was always so in control of his emotions, but when it came to Belle, he couldn’t exercise any control at all.

John stood off to the side, crying silently as he watched Belle and Shawn exchange rings. He saw Shawn glance over towards him, and he nodded.

“Belle – I hope you know that this ring is a symbol of my commitment to you. I want you to know that you have made me the happiest man alive by agreeing to marry me, and I can’t wait until we exchange our vows in front of our family and friends.” He said. He then leaned forward, kissing her gently, and pulled her in for a tight hug. Everyone clapped, but then Belle realized it was her turn.

She turned to Nicholas, and took the watch out of the small box. She placed it on Shawn’s arm with shaky hands; she too was nervous. Belle sighed impatiently when she couldn’t place the clasp on; she wanted to die when Shawn took the watch off and put it on again – the right way. She had placed it on backwards!

But no one noticed, at least, she hoped not. Belle then took out Shawn’s ring, and placed it on his ring finger.

“Shawn, I know it’s not a custom to give a man an engagement ring, but I wanted you to have a symbol of my commitment to you. I want you to know that I am the luckiest woman alive, because I have such a wonderful man in my life. I can’t wait to start spending the rest of my life with you Shawn.”

They stood apart, wanting to embrace once again, but both were afraid it would inappropriate. All of a sudden, Belle heard John calling her.

She turned to look at her father, who said, ‘Go ahead Izzy B, I know you want to.”

Belle couldn’t believe her ears. She leaned closer to her father. “Sorry?” she asked.

“You heard me – hug him Isabella.”

Belle smiled and turned to her fiancée, hugging him tightly. Shawn hugged her back, so happy that they were finally together.

He knew the road ahead of them wouldn’t be easy, but whatever problems life would throw their way, they would get through them together.

When they pulled apart, Vivian announced to everyone that dinner was ready. Everyone made their way to the dining room, and Shawn took Belle’s hand as they walked together. She shivered; and Shawn noticed.

“Are you cold?” he asked, stopping to take his suit jacket off. He placed it around her shoulders, noticing she was wearing short sleeves. It was a cool night for May, and she had been feeling cold. Belle thanked him, and he took her hand in his once again, and they walked to the dining room.

They sat down together, and as they began eating dinner, Belle wondered what the rest of the night held in store for her.

She couldn’t remember ever being so happy, and she couldn’t wait to see how the night would progress.

Chapter 13

Belle sighed as she stood up from the table dinner once again. Ever since they had sat down, her father had been proposing toasts to her, Shawn, Bo, Hope, Vivian, Lawrence, Marlena….. the list went on and on.

Each time he made a toast, everyone would stop eating, and stand up to raise their glasses. She wondered how many times they would have to stand up before they could finally finish their dinner.

She sat back down again, and felt Shawn reach out and take one of her hands in his once again. She smiled; Shawn was sitting to her left; to her right, sat Shawn’s Uncle Roman along with his two aunts, Kimberly and Kayla. They hadn’t taken any notice, since Shawn had made sure their hands were underneath the tablecloth.

Each time they stood up from their chairs, they had to let go of each other’s hands. Finally, Shawn ensured that one of his hands held his glass, while the other held Belle’s hand tightly, without either of them letting go.

It seemed like the perfect solution, and Belle smiled at his thoughtfulness.

They ate dinner, not bothering to start a conversation, since the room was filled with so much noise. Everyone was engaging in conversations with each other, and Nicholas had also asked that the DJ play some music for them while they ate.

When they finally finished dinner, everyone made their way into the living room. Belle was shocked when she saw various couples already dancing. She knew she couldn’t wait to dance in Shawn’s arms. Shawn took her hand, and led her to the back of the room.

He noticed people looking their way as they walked by, but he couldn’t care less. As if someone had known that Shawn wanted a little privacy, the lights dimmed, giving the atmosphere a romantic quality.

Shawn’s arms went around Belle’s waist tightly, and Belle put her arms around his neck. The music was playing, a fast tune, but they were oblivious to that. They swayed back and forth slowly, not caring that there were dozens of people in the same room with them.

Belle placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She was so happy to be in Shawn’s arms, and loved being so close to him. She felt him kissing the side of her face gently, and she arched to him, allowing him to continue.

She was shocked that he was being so bold with his feelings, especially when he whispered, “Your lips, let me kiss your lips.”

Belle sighed and turned her head so that she was facing him. Their lips met and they shared a sweet kiss. She closed her eyes, and let herself get lost in him.

Belle wished she could stay this way forever; she didn’t want the next day to come, or the next week for that matter. She knew she would only be in Italy for one month, and dreaded the end of her vacation time.

She didn’t want to leave Shawn, but knew she would have to, eventually. She could only hope that the process of sponsoring him wouldn’t take too long. They had actually been planning on going to the US Embassy, located in Torino, to see if they could find out exactly how long the process would take.

They were planning on going next week.

Belle didn’t let herself think about that right now; all she cared about was Shawn. Shawn’s arms around her, Shawn’s lips on her skin, Shawn’s musky smell. She had to know what type of cologne he wore, because it drove her mad with desire.

Or perhaps it was the whole essence of Shawn that drove her mad. She shouldn’t be surprised – they were both adults, and they both knew what they wanted from each other.

At least, Belle thought she did.

The night went on, with Belle and Shawn continuing to dance with one another sensually. No one dared interrupt them. Everyone could see they were in their own little world.

Finally, when Belle noticed the guests starting to leave, one after the other, Belle glanced down at her new gold watch. She gasped when she saw it was past midnight.

“Shawn, look, it’s getting late.” She said, holding him at arm’s length.

Shawn frowned. He had loved having Belle in his arms, and was disappointed that the night had to come to an end.

They walked over to the foyer, where Bo and Hope were with Zach, getting their coats on.

Belle remembered she still had Shawn’s suit jacket on, and immediately removed it.

“Thanks sweetie,” she said.

“You’re welcome babe,” he replied, winking at her.

After telling his parents he would be home in a bit, they said their good nights, leaving Shawn and Belle alone in the foyer. John had excused himself back to the living room with Lawrence and Carly, and Vivian had already called it a night.

Nicholas was nowhere to be found, but Belle suspected he had picked up one of the waitresses in the kitchen. She sighed; she knew Nick would never change.

“Belle, I wanted to let you know that we’re going on a trip tomorrow,” Shawn said, looking at her intently.

“Trip?” Belle asked, obviously confused. They hadn’t discussed going anywhere, and was shocked that Shawn was telling her this.

“Yeah – you know my two aunts you met earlier tonight? Kim and Kayla? Well, they live outside of Giaveno, and we’re going to drive up to their places. And also, I want to take you to my Uncle Roman’s – it would mean a lot if they could get to know you a bit.” Shawn said.

Belle frowned; it would mean being alone from Shawn, away from home. Could she trust herself? She had already decided she didn’t want to take their relationship to the next level, even though she had yet to discuss that with Shawn. But she wondered if she could control herself – she knew that once her and Shawn began kissing, she didn’t want to stop.

But Belle was an adult - she knew she had to control herself.

“Of course I’ll go with you Shawn. I can’t wait!” she replied.

Shawn let out a sigh of relief. His plan was working perfectly – Belle wouldn’t know what hit her!

He had been afraid that Belle would ask too many questions, but thankfully she hadn’t.

Shawn had every intention of taking her to his aunts and uncle’s house, but he also had something else up his sleeve.

And he knew she would love it.

He couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she saw where he took her.

The next day, Shawn and Belle were driving to Verona, the city in which Bo’s sisters lived. Shawn’s Aunt Kayla wanted them over at her house for lunch, and then they would be having dinner with Aunt Kim. They planned on spending the night. The next day, they would leave for Triesta, where Shawn’s Uncle Roman lived.

Belle was thrilled that she was going to see yet more of Italy. They left Giaveno after 9; Shawn estimated that they should be in Verona around noontime. Knowing the three-hour drive would be long, they made a stop to get gas, and went to get a coffee at the restaurant.

Belle laughed when she arrived at the rest stop; there was a large restaurant, entitled “Autogrille”. It was large, and stood on top of the highway on a bridge. Once inside, it was like you were in a snack bar, as well as a grocery store. So many items available to buy – it was like your own mini market!

They had a cup of coffee, then made their way back into the car once more.

Finally, they arrived at Aunt Kayla’s house, where Belle was introduced to her teenage daughter Stephanie. Belle immediately found herself liking her; she seemed sweet and down to earth, much like the rest of Shawn’s family.

They ate lunch around 12:30. After they were finished, Kayla suggested to Shawn that he take Belle out for some sightseeing.

“Aren’t they coming?” Belle asked as they walked over to Shawn’s car.

“Uh, no, they’re not – they’re going to meet up with us at Aunt Kim’s house for dinner.” Shawn replied. He knew his aunt only wanted to give him time alone with Belle, and he appreciated it.

They drove into town, leaving the car parked in a nearby parking lot.

They walked together, hand in hand through the streets of Verona.

They stopped walking when they reached a huge building. Belle frowned; she couldn’t figure out what it was. It looked like an arena from the olden days, and when Belle asked, she found out that it had been an arena!

It was over 300 years old, and Belle couldn’t stop staring. Shawn sensed her curiosity, and walked over to the booth to ask if they could have a tour of the place.

They were disappointed when they didn’t have any tickets left for that night.

Shawn sighed; he had seen the look on Belle’s face, and wished she could’ve seen the inside of the arena.

He hoped that where they were going next would cheer her up.

They made their downtown, walking down a narrow street, which had dozens and dozens of shops. The road was made out of stones, and Belle held on to Shawn’s hand tightly, convinced she was going to trip and fall at any minute.

“Don’t worry, I’ll catch if you fall,” Shawn said huskily.

“I don’t doubt it,” Belle responded.

They smiled, and walked on. They stopped at a few of the shops, deciding to do some window-shopping while they were in Verona. Nothing seemed to appease Belle, especially since the prices were much more drastic then Giaveno and Torino put together!

They stopped at an ice cream vendor, where Shawn bought both of them an ice cream cone.

It was very warm in Verona, much warmer than Giaveno. Here, they noticed no one wore a jacket, while in Giaveno, it was much too cool to walk into town without one.

Shawn watched as Belle licked her ice cream, and closed his eyes at the visuals popping in his head. He had to stop thinking about Belle this way when they were in public.

Finally, they finished, and Shawn led her over to narrow street, leading into what seemed like a cave.

She was confused when she saw graffiti on the wall, and hundreds and hundreds of initials with hearts all around them.

They walked through the cave, and Belle was shocked when she saw loads of people in front of her, taking pictures and talking with each other.

Belle looked at the view in front of her; she noticed a house to her right side; it was made out of stone, with a balcony. In front of her, she noticed a statue of a woman.

When she turned to Shawn to ask where they were, he said,

“This is Juliet’s house.” He said.

“What? You mean, as in Romeo and Juliet?” Belle asked, obviously shocked.

“Yes, as in Romeo and Juliet,” he responded, smiling at her.

“But, I thought that was just a story that Shakespeare had written – are you telling me it’s based on fact?” she asked.

“Yes Belle, that’s exactly what I’m saying.” Shawn said huskily.

“Wow, this is amazing Shawn,” Belle said, letting go of his hand and walking ahead of him. She noticed the balcony was painted in a gold colour, and various tourists going in and out of the house.

She looked at the statue, and knew it had to be a statue of Juliet.

Shawn smiled at her; she had her eyes wide open, taking in everything with the innocence of a child. He didn’t think he could ever love her more.

“So is this the actual balcony that Romeo saw Juliet on? The one where he climbed up on?” Belle asked, turning to Shawn again.

“Yes it is. He climbed up the vines on the side of the house – do you see them?” he asked, pointing to the line of vines on the house.

“Yes, I see them.” She responded. “Shawn, why didn’t you tell me you were bringing me to Juliet’s house?” She asked, walking over to him and taking his hand in hers.

“Well, I wanted to surprise you. Did it work?” he asked, looking at her intently.

Belle didn’t respond with words - instead, she cupped his face with her hand, and leaned forward, kissing him, telling him how happy she was that he had surprised her.

Finally, she pulled away, and said, “Thank you Shawn. This means a lot to me.”

“You are welcome.” He said. “But we’re not done yet, let’s go inside and have a tour of the house of Juliet.”

He started walking to the house, with Belle following behind him.

They walked in, and paid the admission. They made their way up the wooden stairs located on the first floor and arrived to the second floor. The floors were all made out of wood, and Belle could hear loud footsteps as everyone walked across the floor.

In the middle of the room were glass cases, with various artifacts that had been used by Juliet herself. Things such as wooden spoons, dishes – at one point, she even saw an old wooden chair.

Belle shook her head – she couldn’t believe how well they had been preserved.

They went up the third floor, then to the fourth, where they went out onto the balcony. Belle sighed as she thought about what Juliet must’ve been thinking, all those years ago, when she had been on the very same balcony. She had no idea how her life would change that very night, meeting her soul-mate, falling in love with him as soon as saw him.

As she was lost in thought, Shawn snapped a picture of her. Belle looked at him, and pouted.

“Shawn, why did you do that without telling me?” She whined.

“Because, you looked so beautiful, lost in thought, probably thinking about that famous couple falling in love on this same balcony.” He said, lightly kissing her nose.

Belle’s pulse raced furiously. She loved it when he showed affection for her, even when it was a light kiss on her nose or her forehead.

“You’re right – I was thinking about them.” She said.

They stayed a little while longer, then went downstairs, and made sure to take a picture in front of the Juliet statue, as all the other tourists had.

When they started to leave, Belle again noticed the wall with graffiti.

“Shawn, what is all that writing?” Belle asked.

“Oh, couples who come here write their initials – it’s supposed to bring them good luck if they do.” Shawn responded.

Belle looked at the wall, but decided against it. She knew her and Shawn were meant to be together; she didn’t need any good luck, she decided.

Shawn seemed to agree with her, and nodded his head. He then took her hand again, and said,

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Yes I am. Let’s go.” She answered.

Later in the afternoon, they arrived at Kim’s house, where Belle was introduced to Kim’s son, Andrew, and her daughter Jeannie.

Kayla soon joined them with Stephanie, and Belle couldn’t believe how well she got along with Shawn’s family. It was hard not to admire them – they were all being so nice to her.

They had dinner later on in the evening, and finally, when it was close to 11:00, Belle realized she was exhausted from the day’s events. Shawn was also tired, but didn’t want to excuse himself just yet.

Kim saw the two yawning, and immediately got up to get their rooms ready.

At least, that’s what Belle thought.

Ten minutes later, Kim returned to the living room, and informed Belle she would sleeping in Jeannie’s bedroom, and asked Jeannie to show her where it was. Belle followed behind Jeannie, and wondered where Shawn had gone. She wanted to wish him a good night, and frowned when she realized she didn’t even remember him walking out of the room.

I must be really tired, she thought.

Jeannie took her upstairs, to the last bedroom at the end of the hall. She turned on the light for her, and wished Belle a good night.

“Belle, if you need anything, please make sure to let us know.” Jeannie said.

“I will, thank you Jeannie.” Belle said.

Jeannie left, closing the door behind her. Belle turned to the bed, and lay down, feeling very tired. She got up, remembering that she still hadn’t said good night to Shawn.

“Where are you Shawn?” she asked aloud.

Just when she thought she would kill him, she heard a knock at the door.

Belle jumped up, and answered the door.

She found Shawn on the other side of the door, with a grin on his face.

“Shawn,” she exclaimed. She pulled him inside the room, and closed the door behind him.

“What?” he said.

“I couldn’t find you! Where did you go?” she asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

Shawn grinned; he loved it when she was angry – it made her look so sexy, he thought.

“Nowhere.” He responded. “Why were you looking for me?” he asked.

“Well, I wanted to wish you a good-night, and I wanted to ask you where you’ll be sleeping,” she said, walking over to her night bag, and taking out his pyjamas. She handed them to him, and said, “Here, you’ll be needing these.”

“Oh, thanks. But why are you in such a hurry to get rid of me?” he asked.

“Well, not to be rude sweetie, but I’m really tired – we both are. So I think it’s time we called it a night.” She said.

“Couldn’t agree with you more.” He said.

“Great.” Belle said, walking over to the door. “So, which room are you sleeping in? Is it the one next to me?” She asked.

“No,” he said.

“Oh.” She said. She wondered which room he would be sleeping in – maybe he would be sleeping in the living room?

“So which one?” she asked.

“This one.” Shawn responded.

Chapter Fourteen, Rated R/NC-17

“Excuse me?” Belle said, walking over to her fiancé. “Did you just say that you’re sleeping in this room? As in the same room that I’m sleeping in?”

Shawn grinned wickedly. This is going to be fun, he thought.

When he didn’t answer, Belle said, “Because I could’ve sworn that you said you’re sleeping in this room – I must’ve been hearing things, right Shawn?” Belle said.

“No babe, you’re not hearing things. This is where I’ll be sleeping tonight.” Shawn said.

Look at him, she thought to herself. He’s enjoying every minute of this!

“Well Shawn, there must be some mistake, because no one told me that we had to sleep in the same bed.” Belle said. She could feel her body start to quiver; there was no way she could sleep in the same bed as Shawn Douglas – she wasn’t ready for that yet.

She was having a hard enough time keeping away from him when they were kissing – the two of them in bed together, in the dark…..Belle knew she couldn’t do this.

“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but we can’t share the same bed, so you have to leave,” Belle said, walking over to the door. She was just about to open it, when Shawn stopped her.

“Belle, don’t.” Shawn said.

“Shawn, we can’t do this.” Belle said, not being able to turn around and look at him.

“Belle, come here,” Shawn said, turning her around and leading her to the bed to sit down with him. He noticed she was looking down, and Shawn realized she was feeling uncomfortable. And he didn’t want her to feel that way – he just wanted to make her happy.

“Belle, listen to me sweetheart,” Shawn said, lifting her chin up so that her blue eyes locked with his. He noticed her eyes filled with unshed tears, and felt his chest tighten. “Would it make you feel better if I told you that nothing is going to happen unless you want it to?” Shawn asked.

Belle swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. She appreciated Shawn saying that, but wondered if now was the time to talk about her feelings about taking their relationship to the next level.

She took a deep breath, and said, “Shawn, I’m glad you said that. But now that the subject of our sleeping situation has come up, I wanted to talk to you about our – future – sleeping arrangements.” Belle said.

Shawn nodded; he knew this was something they should’ve talked about earlier, but the timing never seemed right.

Shawn knew how he felt about Belle – he loved her deeply, and wanted to show her much. He also suspected that Belle was in love with him, even though she had yet to say the words to him.

While Shawn knew he should be bothered that Belle hadn’t admitted her love for him, he wasn’t. He knew she was waiting for the right moment to tell him. Besides, every time she looked at him, he could see the love in her eyes.

Shawn also knew that Belle had reservations about sex. He suspected she was a virgin, just by the way she touched him and kissed him. He knew that having sex was a big issue for her, and even though he wanted nothing more than to make love to her, he knew he wouldn’t push her.

“Belle,” he said, taking her hands in his, “this is something we should’ve talked about before. I’m glad it’s come up though. I want you to know that I would never do anything that you’re not comfortable with.” He said.

Belle breathed a sigh of relief. She had suspected that Shawn would never pressure her, but hearing him say it made her feel so much better.

“Shawn, I’ve always believed that a couple should…make love on their wedding night. I know we agreed not to get married until you come to the US, and I realize that’s a long time from now, but I’m hoping you’ll agree with me on this.” Belle said.

Shawn nodded; he understood why Belle wanted to wait, and he would respect her wishes.

“If that’s what you want, then that’s fine baby,” he said, taking her hand and kissing it gently with his lips.

Belle sighed; Shawn was such a gentlemen.

“But Belle, if you decide to change your mind, not that I’m saying that you will,” he quickly added, “but if you do – I hope you know I’ll be ready.” He said.

“Oh you will be?” she said. “Is that a fact?” she asked, arching her eyebrow.

“Honey, I’ve been ready since last summer,” he growled.

Belle laughed, and it was music to Shawn’s ears, knowing he had reassured her of his position.

Shawn stood up from the bed, and said, “Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll be saying good-night.” He said, taking his pyjamas, and walking to the front door.

“But I thought –“ Belle said, confused as to why Shawn was leaving, not sure of why she didn’t want him to leave. After all, when he had announced that he would be sleeping in the same room as her, she had nearly had a heart attack.

“You thought what Belle? Have you changed your mind?” he asked, turning to her. He walked over to her, and lifted one of his hands to stroke her hair lightly.

Belle closed her eyes, savouring the feeling of Shawn’s touch.

“Do you want me to go, or do you want me to stay?” he asked huskily.

Belle didn’t know what she wanted – she was in a conflict as to what she should tell Shawn.

“Belle, nothing will happen, unless you want it to – you have my word.” Shawn said.

Belle knew she wanted nothing more than to spend the night with Shawn – just to sleep in his arms, and wake up next to him excited her more than she could imagine.

Her heart won over her mind, and she whispered, “Yes Shawn, please stay.”

Shawn groaned at the innocence of her words. He knew it would be a long night, but he also knew he wouldn’t do anything to make Belle unhappy.

“Okay,” he said, kissing her one of her cheeks. “I’ll stay.” He said.

A half an hour later, Belle was in the bathroom, brushing her teeth. She had changed into her pyjamas, and was wondering if she had made the right decision in allowing Shawn to spend the night with her.

Belle was no fool – she knew that Shawn wanted her. She had felt the urgency of his kisses, the way he caressed her with his loving hands…Belle was a virgin, but she knew when a man desired her.

Belle knew she wanted him too. She still felt reserved about showing her true feelings for him, and she knew she hadn’t admitted to him how much she loved him.

What amazed her was that Shawn showed no signs of impatience with her. He had admitted his love for her once, and Belle had been too surprised to tell him she felt the same way.

But she would tell him; she promised herself that she would tell him soon.

Belle finished up in the bathroom, and walked back to her room. She opened the door, and noticed that Shawn had already turned off the lights, and was waiting in bed.

You can do this, she told herself. Nothing has to happen.

Belle lifted the sheet up, and climbed into bed next to Shawn. Belle had noticed when she opened the bedroom door that he was lying on his side, so Belle made sure she was facing him.

Now what do I do? She asked herself.

The two remained quiet, not moving, until she felt Shawn move closer to her. It was dark, but Shawn managed to find her chin with his hand and cupped it gently.

Belle moaned as he stroked her chin, and Shawn knew this situation was going to be hard.

In more ways than one, he thought to himself. Already his senses were on overdrive, and hearing her little moan didn’t help matters.

He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers, gently urging her lips apart to allow his tongue to enter. Belle immediately opened her mouth for him, and his tongue met with hers, engaging in a heated dance that left both of them breathless.

Shawn knew he had to exert more control with her, but the moment she climbed into bed with him, in the dark, made him mad with desire.

The hand that was stroking her chin made it’s way down, over her neck, down to her collarbone, then finally, one of her breasts. He massaged it gently, and felt her nipple tighten instantly. He lowered his hand, and placed it under the top of her pyjamas, and touched her breasts gently, loving the way it felt in his hand.

Belle felt as though she was going to die at any moment, the way he was kissing her, touching her, caressing her with his big hands; she couldn’t take much more of this.

Yet, she knew she wouldn’t stop him. His hand was on her breast, and all she could think about was the electricity flowing through her, the pleasure she was feeling as he caressed her gently.

He continued to touch her breast, then placed a trail of kisses along her chin, down to her neck. Tasting her with his lips, soothing his nips with his tongue, Shawn didn’t think it could get much better than this.

Belle’s response was overwhelming – she had arched her neck to him, encouraging him to continue caressing her with his lips.

Shawn was on fire, and he wanted Belle to continue to ignite the flame for him. He took his hand away from her breast, and took her hand in his. He then lowered it into his pyjama bottoms, and with his hand still holding her, placed it on his erection. He made sure she was stroking his erection, loving the way she grasped him tightly.

He let go of her hand, allowing her to continue to stroke him on her own, and said, “touch me Belle, please, just stroke me,” he moaned. She was caressing him gently, but Belle felt very insecure. Was she doing this right?

“Shawn, is this ok?” she asked nervously.

“Yes, yes, oh God, it’s perfect Belle,” he moaned.

Belle smiled, but still felt nervous. She loved that she could arouse him so easily.

Shawn then took her hand, and told her to stop. He knew this couldn’t be just about him.

Shawn rolled Belle over to her back, and climbed on top of her. His lips came crashing down on hers, and Belle responded to him eagerly. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and moaned when she felt Shawn’s hands wonder down to her breasts once again.

He pulled back, and started to unbutton the top of her pyjamas slowly. He regretted that he was doing this in the dark, because he was dying to see her bare breasts. He settled for touching them in the dark.

Finally, he had unbuttoned the last button, and bent down to her breasts, kissing them eagerly, biting down gently, and soothing his bites with his slick tongue. He moaned as he came to one of her nipples, and suckled it - gently at first, then more urgently.

Belle moaned, and placed her hands on the back of his head, urging him to continue. She squealed when he began to suckle her, and she knew she was going to faint at any moment. She could feel his erection pressed between her thighs, felt Shawn gently pressing his hips down, trying to relieve the hardness of it.

Belle felt a wetness gather between her thighs, and knew she was aroused. It would be so easy to make love to him right now, she thought. He would be a gentle lover, she knew that.

But Belle knew she couldn’t take that step right now. It was too soon.

She removed her hands from the back of his head, and place them on his shoulders, gently urging him to pull away from her.

“Shawn, we have to stop sweetie,” she said, hoping he would be able to stop, even though she knew how aroused he was.

Shawn instantly sat up in bed, and turned around to the nightstand, somehow finding the lamp and flicking on the switch.

The two were breathing heavily, and when Shawn turned to look at Belle, his breath caught in his throat. She too was sitting up in bed, with her top still unbuttoned. He finally looked at her breasts, and he knew he had never seen anything so desirable in his life.

Her nipples were still hard, and when he looked closer, he could see that he had marked her, on each one of her breasts.

He smiled wickedly; he didn’t realize he had gotten so carried away with her, but he hadn’t been able to help himself.

Shawn extended his hand to her, and gently touched her face. She was still breathing heavily, and he smiled at her warmly.

“Come here baby,” he said, urging her towards him. She moved to his side of the bed, and sat in front on him, closing her eyes as soon as she felt Shawn’s lips touch hers once again. His hands came down to her breasts once again, and Belle felt herself floating, feeling as if nothing and no one could touch her, except for Shawn’s gentle hands.

“Shawn,” she moaned.

“Yes Belle, tell me what you want.” He said huskily, never releasing her breasts.

“Shawn, please, we have to stop.” She protested weakly, still not moving away from him, even as she spoke.

“Belle, do you really want me to stop?” he asked, bending down and kissing her breasts gently. He lay her down, and remained on his side, touching her stomach, then made sure his hand went under her pyjama bottoms. He looked up at her; her eyes were closed, and he knew she didn’t want him to stop.

His hand travelled down to the V between her legs, and stopped when he felt a patch of curls. He rubbed her core gently, then inserted one of his fingers inside of her.

Belle gasped; she had no idea that him touching her this way would be so imtimate. A part of her brain was telling herself that this had to stop, but as Shawn continued to insert his finger, in and out, in and out, Belle couldn’t tell him anything. She was enjoying this far too much to stop now.

Shawn bent down and kissed her stomach, then removed his hand from her core. Belle almost cried when he did, but said nothing.

Shawn knew he had to put the breaks on their touches; he was now almost sure that Belle was a virgin, and he didn’t want their first time to be in his cousin’s bedroom in Verona.

He could tell by the way she reacted to his intimate touches that no man had ever touched her.

Shawn was going to be her first, and he wanted to shout for joy when he realized he would be her first and only lover.

Shawn sat up, and encouraged Belle to do the same. He looked at her beautiful and flushed face and smiled. He could tell that she hadn’t expected Shawn to stop so soon.

But he knew this wasn’t the time to consummate their love – that would have to wait.

“Baby, it’s been a long day, and we have an even longer day tomorrow, so let’s get some rest.” He said, kissing her nose lightly.

Belle nodded. She still felt flustered from Shawn’s urgent kisses, his warm touches, but was glad when he had realized it was time to stop.

She fastened the buttons back on her top with shaky hands, and told Shawn to turn the light switch off.

He did, and they both settled down on the bed together.

Belle made sure she was lying on his chest, and sighed when she lay her head against his chest, and felt his heartbeat. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she would be asleep.

“Good night Shawn.” She said.

“Good night Belle baby – sweet dreams.” Shawn said, stroking her arm gently.

Soon, the two fell asleep still wrapped up in each other’s arms.

Chapter Fifteen, Rated PG-13

The next morning, Shawn found himself awake before Belle, and smiled when he remembered that he had spent the night in Belle’s room.

He instantly hardened when he thought about last night – the way they had kissed and touched each other had almost been unreal.

He noticed Belle’s head was lying in the crook of his arm, and he kissed the back of her head gently.

Belle felt Shawn’s gentle kiss and slowly awoke from her slumber. She couldn’t remember ever sleeping so well, and she knew it was because Shawn had held her all night long.

She raised her head and looked at him. She smiled when she saw his sleepy brown eyes, and the light stubble on his cheek; he looked gorgeous, she thought.

“Morning beautiful,” he said, giving her a light kiss on her lips.

“Morning,” she responded.

“I guess we should get dressed,” Shawn said, reluctantly getting up from the bed.

Belle sighed; she didn’t want to leave this bed, but knew they had another drive ahead of them; they would be driving to the city of Triesta, where Roman lived.

At least, that’s where Belle thought she was going.

The two were dressed quickly, and Shawn had laughed when Belle had insisted he turn around while she dressed.

“Come on Belle, it’s not as though I haven’t seen you before……..” he trailed off, thinking about her beautiful breasts, and how he had licked and nipped them with his tongue.

He shook his head.

Maybe it was a good idea that he turn around after all.

They were in the kitchen a short while later, and had a huge breakfast, courtesy of Aunt Kim.

Afterwards, they retreated to the living room, where they sipped coffee, and talked with Kim and Jeannie and Andrew.

Shortly after 10:00, Shawn and Belle said goodbye to Kim, and made their way onto the highway once again.

“So, we’re going to Triesta to see your Uncle Roman today?” Belle asked.

“Well, we are going to Triesta, but we won’t be arriving to Uncle Roman’s until a little later.” Shawn replied, smiling knowingly.

“What do you mean?” Belle asked.

“Well, we’re taking a slight detour,” he said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Detour? Where are we going Shawn?” she asked, becoming very excited.

She knew that wherever they were going, it had to be good – especially since Shawn was being so secretive about it.

“It’s a surprise baby, but you’ll know soon enough.” Shawn said.

When he noticed her lip in a beautiful pout, Shawn had to laugh.

“Look, we’re making our way into town right now, since we have to leave the car in the parking lot at the train station…”

“Train station?” she asked. “So we’re going to another city?”

“Maybe.” He said.

Shawn laughed when he saw how impatient she was, but refused to let her in on his surprise.

This was going to be even better than the surprise he had for in Verona, he thought.

They parked the car, and hopped on board the train to their destination, even though Shawn wouldn’t allow her to find out where their destination was.

They sat together on the train in silence.

Belle couldn’t stand the suspense – she wanted to know where they were going, but Shawn still refused to tell her.

She cursed herself for not knowing any Italian, because she couldn’t understand anything when the announcer stated each destination.

“Not too much longer now baby,” Shawn whispered to her ear.

She was sitting in the window seat, and Shawn added, “Just keep your eyes on the window.” He said.

Belle was confused – she couldn’t see anything, because they were inside a tunnel – what did Shawn want her to see?

Finally, the train emerged from the tunnel, and all Belle could see was water – they were by the waterside, but Belle still didn’t understand where they were.

They walked off the train, and Belle noticed there were hundreds of people in the train station, and it was quite busy. Even more busy than the usual rush at train stations. She then realized they were all tourists. She could hear the tail end of various conversations, and noticed they weren’t speaking Italian – they were speaking English.

They made their way outside, and Belle was greeted with the most beautiful sight – a few feet in front of her, she saw a boat making it’s way across water. She turned her head, and noticed a bridge to the left, and behind that, she noticed a canal. They were dozens and dozens of boats making their way under the bridge, and then she finally realized where they were.

“Oh Shawn,” she whispered, taking his hand. “We’re in Venice.”Shawn nodded, loving the look on her face.

They stepped away from the train station and Belle went close to the water’s edge. Across the water sat a large Church, with a ceiling that was in the shape of a dome. She looked to the right of the Church, and noticed another small bridge.

She remembered reading somewhere that Venice was a city that resided on water, with only bridges connecting it.

“Shawn,” she said, turning to face him. “I don’t know what to say – this is so thoughtful of you! You remembered me talking about how much I’ve always wanted to see Venice, and you bought me here!”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately.Shawn responded to her, loving the fact that he had pleased her so much.

She finally pulled away and whispered, “Thank you Shawn – this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

“You’re welcome baby.” He said.He kissed her forehead and said, “Now come on, we got some sightseeing to do!”

“Yes sir!” she said, laughing as he took her hand and told her to follow him.

They walked over to a bus stop and waited for the waterbus to arrive. After ten minutes, a boat arrived, and Shawn and Belle went to sit down in one of the chairs near the window.

Belle held Shawn’s hand tightly as she stared out of the window – she was admiring the beautiful view in front of her.

She saw an endless amount of boats travelling by water–she even noticed the police made their rounds by water.

When she noticed a large boat collecting garbage, she laughed. “What’s so funny?” Shawn asked.

“Well, it’s just funny seeing a boat collecting garbage, that’s all.” She said.

“Yeah, it seems funny, but that’s the way of life here.” He said.Belle nodded.

She noticed large buildings; houses, museums, churches, all residing on water, and it amazed her. They looked to be old, and Belle knew it had to do with the preservation of Italian history.

They finally arrived to where Shawn wanted to take Belle – Piazza San Marco.

As soon as they were off the boat, Belle noticed numerous pigeons around. A few feet in front of her were vendors selling various souvenirs. There must’ve been hundreds and hundreds of tourists; Belle thought she was going to get lost in the crowds.

They walked along together, holding hands, stopping at the canals, noticing the bridges, and saw gondolas slowly making their way under the bridges.

Belle never thought she could see anything so beautiful.Belle was amazed at the fact that no automobiles lined up the streets of Venice.

It was almost unreal.Belle noticed a long line up in front of her, and wondered what all the people were so eager to see.

As she walked along further, she saw the Basilica di San Marco. A beautiful Cathedral, which had detailed paintings and carvings – absolutely breathtaking, Belle thought.

Directly in front of the Basilica was the Ala Napoleonica, the centre square in St. Marco’s.

They walked over to the square, which Belle found out had been laid out in the 11th Century, when the area was divided up in half by a canal nearby.

A century later, the canal was filled in, creating the shape that existed today.

The patterned floor of the Piazza was filled with pigeons – hundreds and hundreds of them.

Belle noticed various vendors, selling small packets of corn to tourists. Shawn bought a couple of packets, and they started throwing them up in the air. As soon as they did, pigeons began to gather around the couple.

At one time, Shawn stood still with the corn in his hand, and waited. Finally, a pigeon landed on his hand, and while Belle began to panic, Shawn assured her it was all right.

There was a café off to the side of the square, where Belle could hear a live band playing various melodies. She sighed when she heard the music of, “Unchained Melody”, played on a violin.

Shawn smiled, and led her over to the café.“Let’s have a coffee,” he said, sitting down at one of the tables.

They had an expresso, and Belle continued to take in the sights of San Marco’s Square.

She noticed monuments off in the distance, in which numerous tourists gathered around, taking pictures every chance they had.

The Square was a bundle of activity; no one seemed to be in the same spot for more than five minutes.

Belle noticed a brick bell tower on the right of the Basilica, a bell tower you could ascend by elevator, Shawn told her.

After they finished their expresso, the two stood up, and walked around to the right end of the Square, where there must’ve been dozens and dozens of small shops.

Shawn insisted Belle enter one of the jewellery shops with him.

“Shawn, you’ve already bought me enough!” Belle protested.

“Come on now, let’s just go and look.” Shawn said.

Belle sighed and went in with him.Belle saw a vast variety of rings, necklaces, and earrings – all too beautiful for words.

Shawn however, had his eye on something in particular.

It was a gorgeous necklace and earring set – the setting was a gold colour, although not real gold, and it had a blue charm in the shape of a heart, and matching earrings.

He wondered if Belle would like it.

“Belle, come here baby,” he said.

Belle was over at the other side of the shop, admiring some rings.

“What is it sweetie?” she asked, making her way over to him.

“What do you think of this?” Shawn asked, pointing to the necklace set.

He called one of the vendors over, and said, “Prego –“

The vendor nodded, and took it out of the display case by the wall.

Shawn showed it to Belle, who immediately fell in love with it.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered, admiring the gold setting and the blue heart.

“Great.” Shawn said, smiling as he told the vendor in Italian that he would be buying it for the beautiful lady.

Belle blinked when she realized what he was doing.

“Shawn, no, you don’t have to do that – “ But Shawn stopped her.

“I don’t have to – I want to.” Shawn said, paying the vendor and handing her the bag.

“Shawn – I don’t know what to say,” she said, after they had left the shop.

“Just say thanks, and that you’ll wear it once before you leave Italy.” Shawn said.

“Thank you Shawn – for my surprise, for my jewellery set – I don’t think you know how much this all means to me,” she said, kissing him lightly on his lips.They continued walking, when they came over to a row of gondolas.

Shawn smiled and walked over to one of the men, dressed in their trademark hats and black and white striped shirts.

He also had a red scarf tied around his neck.Belle gasped when she realized that Shawn was going to take her onto the gondola.

“Oh Shawn – this is wonderful,” Belle sighed, as they sat on the gondola together.

The man was in front of them pushing the gondola along slowly, with a large oar.

Just like in the movies, Belle thought.Up ahead of them were more gondolas, and Belle shivered when she head a man serenading a couple in Italian.

Shawn had his arm around Belle and she leaned back against the chair, concentrating on the sound of the water, and how it lapped against the edge of the gondola.

She never thought that Shawn could be so romantic, but he surprised her more and more each day.

She turned to look at him, and smiled. “This is so sweet of you,” she whispered.

Shawn didn’t respond. He decided it was better not to talk at all.

He leaned forward and kissed her, totally oblivious to the fact that they were in public.

The very fact that they were in a gondola added to the romantic atmosphere. Belle responded to Shawn’s kisses, and the two kissed deeply, not being to get enough of each other.

Shawn lowered his hand onto Belle’s thigh, and rubbed it soothingly. Belle thought she was going to explode, especially when she felt his hand sneak its way under her skirt.

Belle stopped kissing him, and whispered, “Shawn!”

Shawn instantly stopped, and shook his head. He was lost whenever he kissed Belle, and couldn’t control himself.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, putting his hand back on her thigh. “Can’t help myself when I’m around you baby,” he said, winking at her.

Belle felt herself melting; he was so unbelievably sexy, so much so she couldn’t stand it.

The way he made her feel was unreal. She couldn’t help but wonder that perhaps she DID want to make love to Shawn before she left Italy…..Belle sighed; she had to make up her mind.

She thanked God that Shawn was so patient with her, and loved him even more for it.

The ride in the gondola lasted for forty-five minutes. When they were done, they slowly walked back to the bus stop.

They both knew it was getting late, and they needed to be at Roman’s house in time for dinner.

Before they left, Belle asked if she could stop at one of the vendors, and buy some souvenirs.She bought a T-shirt that said ‘Venenzia’, one for herself, and one for Brady.

She also bought a scarf with a Venenzia design, a souvenir plate, and of course, a tiny mask.

They went on the waterbus, and slowly made their way back to the train station.

Belle was sad to leave, but was happy to have had the opportunity to finally see Venice.As they drove off to Triesta, Belle knew she owed all of her happiness to Shawn.She leaned forward to him and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

“What was that for?” he asked.“For being you,” she answered, smiling to herself.

“Ok, whatever,” he said.Belle bit her lip – she knew she had to tell him that she loved him, but was waiting for the perfect time.

She decided there was no time like the present.

Just as she opened her mouth, the car came to a stop.“We’re here,” Shawn said.

Belle noticed they were parked in front of an apartment building, where Roman lived.

She decided against telling Shawn that she loved him at that moment.

She promised herself that she would tell him tonight, before the night was over.

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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC-17.
Chapters 16 - 20

Chapter Sixteen, Rated R

Belle was in Roman’s kitchen, trying not to laugh as Roman told her various stories from Shawn’s childhood.

Shawn was silent as his fiancée laughed at his various adventures; he had hoped that no one would open up to her about his past. He could see that Belle was finding out just how bad Shawn had been as a child.

“Shawn, you were a bad, bad boy,” Belle said, trying to suppress her laughter as Roman got up and made them a pot of coffee.

“Baby, I still AM a bad boy – I’d be more than willing to show you of much of a bad boy I can be,” he whispered, making sure that Roman couldn’t hear them.

Belle gasped as Shawn winked at her, and had no doubt that Shawn-Douglas was a bad boy – but in the most wonderful way, she thought with a smile.

“Is that a promise?” she whispered back to him, deciding to fight fire with fire.

“You know it,” he responded, kissing her quickly.

Belle smiled; she loved how relaxed she felt in Roman’s house. He had been nothing but a wonderful host ever since they had walked through the door.

Roman lived alone – he was divorced, with three children, whom were all married and living within various parts of Italy. He still kept in touch with his ex-wife, and was a great optimist about life, despite his divorce.

He had made a wonderful dinner for them – grilled steaks and potatoes, and Belle couldn’t remember ever having such a tender and juicy steak.

It was now past 11:00, but Belle didn’t feel tired, despite the long day they had had. But Roman decided it was time to call it a night, and offered to show Belle to her room.

‘Your room,’ Roman had said, not ‘yours.’

Belle frowned – she was hoping her and Shawn could spend the night in the same room, just as they had the night before at Kim’s. She didn’t say anything, but looked at Shawn, who was speechless and merely shrugged.

Roman walked Belle over to the bedroom, and wished her a goodnight.

Just when Belle thought she wouldn’t have a chance to say goodnight to Shawn, he walked in two minutes later, without knocking. He immediately went over to her and kissed her hungrily, knowing that he had wanted to do that ever since they arrived at his uncle’s house.

When they pulled apart, Belle asked, “Is this goodnight?”

Shawn nodded, “Apparently Uncle Roman’s not going to be as liberal as Aunt Kim. He informed me I’ll be sleeping on the sofa. He’s only got one bedroom, so he’ll be sleeping on one sofa, and me on the other.”

Belle bit her lip – she didn’t like that, but there wasn’t much she could do about it.

“I know baby, I wanted us to sleep together too.” Shawn said.

Belle looked up at him, and he smiled. “Just sleep together Belle, nothing else.” He said.

Belle put her arms around his neck and said, “Oh really Shawn Douglas – is that all you’re interested in? Just SLEEPING?” she said in a slow sultry voice that she knew would bring Shawn Douglas to his knees.

Shawn put his arms around her waist and cursed. He loved the look she would get in her eye whenever she flirted with him. It held a promise of so many wonderful things to come.

“Baby, believe me, if I were to spend the night in your bed AGAIN, sleep would be the LAST thing on my mind,” he growled, lowering his lips to hers and capturing them for yet another kiss.

He pried her lips apart desperately, knowing he had to taste her again. Their tongues met, and engaged in a heated tango, tasting each other, loving each other, over and over again.

Belle felt faint; this was intense, but she loved every minute of it. She felt insecure and almost afraid when Shawn was being aggressive with her, but after a moment or two, she wasn’t afraid any more.

He had the most wonderful mouth; very warm, but very sensual. Belle loved how he was able to make her feel so desirable, just with his mouth.

His kisses made her weak in the knees, every single time his lips met hers.

His hands were very masculine, yet very gentle whenever he touched her, and he was touching her behind at that very moment.

Belle felt faint; they broke apart, and Shawn went down to her neck, and bit gently, soothing his bites with his tongue, very slowly, very gently. Belle threw her head back, loving the feel of Shawn’s lips on her body.

“Belle,” he moaned, kissing her collarbone gently, “Belle, you make me crazy. I want you so much,” He breathed, his lips landing on the top of her breasts. He could see the form of her nipples through her top, and he grinned when he saw they had hardened.

She was aroused, and seeing her aroused made him want her even more.

He bent down and gently suckled on one of her nipples through her top, then did the same with her other nipple.

Belle gasped, she could feel a wetness gather between her thighs, and she felt an ache that she had never felt before she had met Shawn.

She finally realized her ache was for Shawn, and she wanted Shawn to relieve her of that ache.

“I want to make love to you Belle,” he said as he moved between both of her breasts. “I want to show you how much I love you…God Belle, you have no idea what you do to my self-control,” he murmured, slipping his hands underneath her blouse, touching her breasts.

Belle moaned, thinking about how it felt like heaven to have Shawn touch her like this, to hear him confess how much he wanted to make love to her. Belle felt her self-restraint crumbling – she knew she loved him, and she wanted him. She wanted him bad.

He continued to massage her breasts, then decided her blouse was getting in the way, and took it off completely. She was left with a white lacy bra, and Shawn never felt more turned on. He knew he had to stop – the logical part of his brain was telling him that even if Belle decided to make love, they couldn’t in his uncle’s house.

But he couldn’t stop himself when he leaned over to kiss to top of her breasts hungrily, loving how her creamy skin tasted, knowing that he could never get enough of her.

He brought his lips back to hers, kissing her again, loving her over and over again. When he stopped for air, he murmured, “How about we book a hotel room when we return to Giaveno?”

He places his lips on her neck and kissed her gently, before lifting his head up, and locking his gaze with hers. He waited patiently for her response.

Belle hesitated. This was it; she knew that if she wanted to take that next step with Shawn, now would be the time to say something.

“Belle, don’t be afraid. Whatever your answer is, you know I won’t pressure you baby,” he said, taking her hands in his. He kissed one of her hands gently, and pulled her in for a hug.

Belle almost gasped when she felt Shawn’s erection pressed against her stomach. She wanted to know what it would be like to have that erection inside her; she wanted Shawn to teach her what making love was all about.

“Belle,” she heard Shawn’s voice say. He turned his lips to her hear and said, “I love you, and I’ll wait as long as you want me to.” He whispered.

Belle pulled away and faced him. “Shawn, I love you too.” She said, knowing she had to say it before she lost her nerve again.

She smiled when she saw his face light up. “Shawn, I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you, but I love you do much. And I don’t want to wait any more.” She kissed his cheek gently. “I want you to make love to me.” She whispered.

Shawn blinked – he hadn’t thought that she would give in, but he was happy that she had.

“Oh Belle,” he whispered, leaning forward and kissing her lips gently. “I promise you won’t regret it.” He said.

He pulled her in for another hug and Belle smiled again. She knew she had made the right decision. She would be leaving Italy at the end of the month, and knew it would be a few months before Shawn would be in Salem. What better way to keep her warm at night than to have the memories of Shawn making love to her?

“Shawn, there’s only one thing I’m worried about,” she said, pulling away from him. “Actually, there’s two things.” She realized she was still in her bra, and blushed. She looked around for her blouse, which had been thrown on the floor a few moments. She bent down and picked it up, quickly putting it back on.

Belle knew she had to have a serious conversation with Shawn, and doing it in only her bra didn’t seem like the smart thing to do. Especially if the conversation was going to be about sex.

“Shawn, come sit with me on the bed,” she said, walking over and sitting down on the bed with him.

“What is it Belle?” Shawn asked.

“Well, you should know, I didn’t come to Italy prepared for this. I mean, we discussed not too long ago that I wanted to wait, so I didn’t bring any protection. And I really don’t want us to do this without any protection. Is that going to be a problem?” she asked.

Shawn smiled, and said, “Belle sweetheart, you have nothing to worry about. I’ll take care of the protection.”

Belle breathed out a sigh of relief. “Okay, but you should also know something else before we do this.” She hesitated for a moment, then continued, knowing that she had to tell him this. “Shawn, I never had any serious relationships before you, so I don’t have a lot of experience.”

Shawn nodded, knowing what she was going to tell him.

“So I just wanted to tell you that you’re going to be my first Shawn.” She said quickly, hoping that Shawn didn’t think of her as a freak. Deep down she knew he wouldn’t, but she needed to hear him tell her that.

Belle wasn’t disappointed.

Shawn smiled, and lifted one of his hands up to stroke her cheek gently. “Belle, I’m so glad that you’re being honest with me about everything,” he whispered, gently soothing Belle with his husky voice. “The fact that you’re a virgin makes me so happy that you’ve chosen me to be your first and your LAST lover, because we are going to be together forever, in case you didn’t already know that.”

“Thank God you said that,” Belle said hurriedly, feeling beyond relief that Shawn had said that.

“You know, not that I want to leave you, because that is the last thing on my mind, but I really should get going. Uncle Roman is going to wonder what I’ve doing in here.” He paused, then grinned wickedly. “Actually he’ll know EXACTLY what I’ve been doing in here.”

Belle laughed, and hit him playfully on his arm. “You are so terrible Shawn Douglas.” She said.

“Seriously though, I should get going.” Shawn said, reluctantly standing up. He didn’t want to leave Belle, but knew he didn’t have a choice.

Belle nodded in understanding. “I’ll miss you,” she whispered.

“Oh baby, I’ll miss you too.” Shawn said, giving her another hungry kiss before he finally pulled away, and said, “Baby, I have to GO!”

Belle laughed at Shawn’s reluctance.

He walked over to the door, turned around and said, “Good night Isabella.”

“Good night Shawn Douglas. Sweet dreams.” She said.

“Baby, they will be nothing but sweet, because all my dreams will be about you.” He said, and with that, he walked out, but not before winking at her.

Once he closed the door, Belle turned to her night bag so she could change.

She thought about her decision, and had no regrets about it. She couldn’t wait until her and Shawn became intimate. She had been curious as to what it would be like to finally make love; she had waited so long to find the right person to trust with her virginity.

And she did trust Shawn. She knew that he was her whole life, and wondered how she had ever been happy before she met him.

She cursed when she thought about her feelings for Philip. She had really believed that she had been in love with him, but now realized she had been fooling herself. She had been in love with the idea of loving him. She knew that now.

Belle sighed happily as she changed. She never thought she could ever be this happy and thanked God for Shawn.

A few moments later, Belle turned off the light and settled into the bed. She hated that Shawn wasn’t sleeping in the same bed as her, but knew it was probably better. She didn’t know if they would be able to stop themselves from going any further than they wanted to.

She closed her eyes, and fell asleep, dreaming of her wonderful fiancee.

In the living room, Shawn lay on the sofa, trying to get comfortable. He was lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling, wondering if he would fall asleep soon.

Roman was on the other couch, sleeping soundly. He hadn’t said anything when Shawn had finally emerged from Belle’s bedroom. He had simply looked at Shawn, and winked.

Shawn had blushed, but didn’t say anything in response. He wasn’t up for any teasing from his Uncle at that moment.

He sighed as he thought about Belle; he was thrilled that she had finally decided to take their relationship to the next level. He knew she was nervous, and he promised himself that he would make her first time something to remember.

Shawn had suggested going to a hotel, knowing there was no way he would consummate their love in either his house or Vivian’s. He wanted to be alone with her, with no chance for any interruptions. He decided that the next morning, they would leave for Giaveno, and stop at a hotel and spend the night, if Belle thought that was ok.

He didn’t want to do anything without Belle feeling totally comfortable. He would talk to her about this tomorrow morning.

He yawned; maybe sleep would be coming sooner than he thought.

He closed his eyes, smiling as he thought about his blonde angel, just waiting for him in the next room. He knew he wouldn’t be able to spend the night with her, but planned on surprising her the next morning.

Even Uncle Roman couldn’t stop him from giving his beautiful fiancée a wake up call.

Shawn finally closed his eyes, and drifted off to a peaceful slumber.

Chapter Seventeen, Rated R

When Shawn awoke the next morning, he immediately looked over to the other couch. He noticed Roman was still sleeping. He then glanced over at the clock on the wall, and saw it was only 7:30.

Perfect, he thought. He knew Roman wouldn’t be up any time soon, and slowly rose from the couch. He was in a tank top and pyjama bottoms, and cringed when his feet hit the bare floor. He was cold, but knew he would be warming up very soon.

When he arrived to the bedroom, he opened the door very slowly, making sure not to wake anyone up. He closed the door behind him, and turned towards the bed.

The sun had already risen, and he could see Belle facing him, with her eyes closed.

Shawn walked over to the bed, and lifted the blanket up, slowly lying down next to her.

He put his arm around her waist, and pulled her closer. He kissed her eyelids gently, then her nose, then her lips.

Shawn smiled as he saw her stretch and slowly emerge from her peaceful slumber. She opened her eyes and found a warm pair of brown eyes staring at her.

“Morning beautiful,” Shawn said, kissing her lips again.

“Shawn, good morning.” She responded, kissing him back eagerly.

Shawn groaned as she gently pried his lips apart, desperately seeking his tongue. They met and danced, and Shawn couldn’t believe that Belle was being so aggressive with him. She hadn’t been lying when she said she would miss him last night.

She snuggled closer to him once they stopped kissing him and hugged him tightly.

“Did you sleep well last night?” she asked him, lightly kissing his neck.

“No,” he answered breathlessly, loving the feel of Belle’s lips on his skin.

Belle stopped and looked at him. “No?” she said.

“No; I didn’t sleep well because I didn’t have a blond angel in my arms,” he said.

Belle laughed, and leaned forward to kiss him again.

They kissed for a little while, then Shawn decided he should leave, before Roman awoke and found him gone.

“Sorry darling, but I should take a shower before Uncle Roman wakes up,” Shawn said, slowly getting out of her bed.

Belle looked at the tent that had formed in his pyjama bottoms. “You should take a COLD shower,” she said, a wicked grin on her beautiful face.

Shawn groaned and put his hands back on the bed. He leaned over to her, and whispered, “I have a feeling that tonight when we get back to Giaveno, I won’t need to take a cold shower, now will I Isabella?”

Belle smiled seductively and purred, “Something tells me you’re right Shawn Douglas,”

Shawn groaned as Belle pulled him back to bed, and kissed him once again. She had caught him by surprise, and she took him more by surprise when she snuggled him closer to her, and took his hand and led it to one of her breasts.

She moaned when she felt him touch it lightly; Shawn had ignited a fire within her, and she knew she couldn’t get enough of him. She knew that once they made love it would be beautiful. But she worried about something else – when they started to make love, they wouldn’t get enough of each other.

And nothing could please her more.

“Ok, ok, I’m going now,” Shawn said, breaking away from her kisses, and laughing as he stood up from the bed once again.

“Going where?” Belle asked innocently.

“T-to take that shower…Belle, stop looking at me like that, it just turns me on even more!” Shawn said, turning away from her.

Belle laughed, loving the way Shawn was responding to her. She had never known what it was like to arouse a man. She couldn’t believe how much pleasure she could get, just from watching him squirm.

She wasn’t ready for him to take that shower yet.

She climbed out of her bed quickly, and walked over to him. Shawn still had his back turned to her, and she wrapped her arms around his waist, and placed her head against his back.

“Shawn baby – come back to bed with me – just for a minute,” she asked, using a husky voice that drove Shawn crazy. “I promise I won’t take advantage of you.” She added.

Shawn closed his eyes as he heard Belle’s seductive words. He couldn’t resist her, so he turned to her and walked with her over to the bed. They sat down together, and Shawn knew he was in trouble when he saw Belle put her hand on his thigh.

You’re overacting, he thought to himself.

But then Belle slowly inched her hand up his thigh, until she reached the top. She stopped, plagued by shyness. She shook her head – how could she be Shawn’s lover when she wasn’t sure if she could touch him intimately, she thought to herself.

But Shawn reassured her it was all right by taking her hand and placing it atop his erection. He nodded to her, and she stroked him gently, watching as he closed his eyes in pleasure. She felt all of her insecurity disappear, and allowed herself to enjoy arousing her man.

She continued to stroke him, when finally, Shawn opened his eyes, and pushed her hand away. She was confused for a moment until Shawn said, “Belle, things were just about to get messy, so we have to stop, NOW.”

He stood up and walked to the door. He didn’t turn around when he said, “I’m going to take a shower, I’ll see you in a little while baby.”

He then left, leaving a very flustered Belle behind.

She smiled when she realized she had just aroused Shawn to the point of no return – which is why he had been so eager to leave the room. She giggled as she thought about him stopping her – usually it was the other way around, but she knew she had driven Shawn insane with desire.

She couldn’t wait until they arrived in Giaveno. If Shawn wanted to stop at a hotel that night, that would be fine with her.

A few hours later, Shawn and Belle had just said goodbye to Roman, and were on their way back to Giaveno. After their morning workout, the two had taken showers – separately, of course, and had eaten breakfast with Roman.

Shawn had found himself impatient that morning – he knew that once he asked Belle to spend the night with him at a hotel, she wouldn’t say no.

Once they were in the car, Shawn took a deep breath, and asked Belle an important question.

“Belle, I don’t want to go back to Giaveno just yet.”

Belle turned to look at Shawn, who had his eyes on the road. She was confused; she thought he had made it clear that he couldn’t wait to get back home.

“You don’t?” she asked.

Shawn shook his head. “No – I want to make one more stop before we return home.”

“Okay, where do you want to go?” Belle asked.


“Milano?” Belle repeated, obviously confused.

“Actually – it’s a small town just outside of Milano. There’s hotel just on the outskirts, very small, very private.” He turned to look at her for a moment. “What do you think?”

Belle knew she would say yes. She knew Shawn had suggested Milano because there was no chance of anyone – like their families - finding them there. And she loved him for that.

“Yes Shawn.” She answered quietly, knowing that was the answer he was praying to hear.

Shawn let out a huge sigh of relief. This was going to happen, it was really going to happen.

“I’m so glad you agreed baby,” Shawn said, reaching over and touching her thigh gently.

Belle smiled.

“So am I.”

Then Shawn thought about something that put a momentary damper on their plans.

“Wait Belle – did you tell your father you would be back tonight?” Shawn asked, thinking that John would expect them back in Givano that very night.

“Shawn, relax – I told him we probably wouldn’t be back for another couple of days. I had to make sure all of our bases were covered, “ she said, giggling as she saw how tense Shawn had gotten.

“Okay, that’s good, that’s very good. When did you talk to him? Last night?” he asked.

“Yes, I spoke to him last night while Roman was making us dinner.” She replied.

“Okay, so we’ve got everything all taken care of then. We’re just past Triesta right now, and we should be in Milano in about an hour and a half.” Shawn said.

Belle nodded. She felt her heart pounding in her ears. She knew this was a big step; making love was something she would not take lightly. But she knew that Shawn would be a gentle lover.

She smiled, looking at her watch briefly. It was the early afternoon; she estimated they should be in Milano by dinnertime. She knew that Shawn would make this a night to remember.

They stopped at one of the restaurants off the freeway, and had lunch, then made their way to Milano once again.

They arrived at the small hotel two hours later, where Shawn spoke to the desk clerk, asking for a room with a King Sized bed.

She hadn’t understood what he was saying to them, but Shawn had translated, informing her that he wanted only the best for her.

Shawn took their bags from the car, and they made their way up to the 3rd floor, where their room was located. Shawn opened the door, and allowed Belle to walk in first.

As soon as she walked in, she saw the King Sized bed over by the wall. She felt her body quiver when she thought about what they would be doing in that bed that very night.

She turned to look at Shawn, who looked as she felt – aroused by what was yet to come.

He placed their bags down, and walked over to her, cupping her face gently, and said, “Why don’t we change for dinner?”

Belle nodded; nothing sounded better than having a nice dinner, then coming back to their room afterwards.

“Okay,” she said quietly, not trusting herself to talk out of nervousness.

“Okay. We’ll go into town for dinner, then we’ll come back to the room – does that sound like a good plan?” he asked, gently stroking her cheek with his gentle hand.

“Sounds fine sweetheart,” she answered. She pulled away from his arms, and turned to her bag to take out her essentials. “I’m just going to take a quick shower, is that ok?”

Shawn nodded. “That’s fine baby,” he answered.

“Oh, Shawn? Do you have any…” she let her voice trail off, knowing she couldn’t complete her sentence.

Shawn wrinkled his eyebrow, then realized what she was asking.

“Yes, I do. Don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered.” He said, giving her a warm smile.

Belle nodded. “Okay, I’m going to take that shower.” Belle said, turning to the bathroom.

She walked in, and locked the door. Shawn went over to one of the chairs closest to the bathroom, and listened as Belle went into the shower. He heard the hissing of the water being turned on, and wished he were in there with her at that very moment.

“Tomorrow morning,” he whispered to himself. He thought about Belle underneath the showerhead, water cascading down her beautiful breasts, down to her stomach, than to the V between her legs, then to her thighs…….

He groaned, and stood up. He couldn’t do this. He wanted their first time to be special - not in a shower. If he had waited this long, he could wait a little longer.

He stood up from his chair, and decided that he was going to show Belle the night of her life. He quickly got dressed, and went over to the notepad sitting on the dresser. He quickly scribbled a note to Belle.

Then he took the keys, and walked out of the hotel room, with one goal in mind.

A half an hour, Belle emerged from the bathroom, confused when Shawn hadn’t answered her when she had called for him. She frowned; the room was empty. Then she noticed a note on the dresser, and walked over. She picked up the note and smiled.


Went to run a few errands – be back in an hour.
Be ready for the greatest night of your live baby!


Belle felt better now that she knew where Shawn was. She frowned. Actually, she DIDN’T know where he was. She was sure that whatever he was doing, it had to be good.

Belle caught her reflection in the mirror above the dresser, and gasped when she noticed something. She had a towel wrapped around her body from her shower, and noticed quite a few markings on the top of her breasts. She lowered the towel, and saw that Shawn had left very little of her skin unmarked.

Well, I always wanted a hickey when I was in high school, she thought, laughing to herself as she thought about how eager Shawn was whenever they were together.

She looked through her clothes, and finally decided what she wanted to wear that night. She had chosen a white long sleeve ruffled blouse, and a red mini-skirt. It made her look casual, but beautiful.

She was dressed by the time Shawn arrived back to the hotel suite. When he walked in, he smiled when he saw her.

Belle had decided to leave her long blonde hair down in flowing tresses, and nothing could’ve pleased him more. He made note of the mini-skirt, which showed off her long and curvy legs and shook his head. He didn’t think he would make it through dinner.

“Ready baby?” He asked, walking over to her and kissing her gently on the lips.

“You know I am.” She answered. She noticed Shawn had already changed into a pair of black dress pants, which clung to his legs perfectly, and a grey dress shirt, with the top buttons undone.

Damn, he looked good she thought.

Shawn offered Belle his arm and she smiled instantly. She felt like they were on their first date all over again.

They walked into the lobby, where Belle was confused when Shawn walked over to a gentleman standing over by the front entrance.

She couldn’t make out what they were saying because they were speaking in Italian, which added to her frustration.

Finally, Shawn said, “Come on – the car’s waiting for us.”

“The car? What do you mean it’s waiting for us – you have your own car with you.” Belle said.

“Yes, but tonight, I’ve taken the liberty of having a limousine take us into town.” Shawn answered slyly.

Belle gasped and stopped walking. “What do you mean? You actually got a limo for us?” She asked, shocked beyond belief.

“Only the best for my best girl,” Shawn whispered.

Belle felt her eyes fill with tears. Shawn was obviously determined to make this a night she would remember. She loved him even more for his thoughtfulness.

They entered the limousine with the driver holding the door for them. Belle was surprised when she entered and found a bottle of champagne waiting for them.

She turned to Shawn and smiled. “Shawn, you are so sweet. Thank you, thank you so much.” She said, leaning over and kissing his lips gently.

“You’re welcome. But don’t thank me yet – there’s more to come, so make yourself comfortable.” Shawn said, leaning over to fill two glasses of champagne. They made a toast – to their future – and sipped their champagne slowly.

Once they finished, they set their glasses down, and leaned back, enjoying the scenery around them.

Belle had no idea where Shawn was taking her, and she didn’t care. She now knew she would go anywhere with Shawn, just as long as they were together.

They arrived at a wonderful restaurant, which was full of customers. They sat down, and ordered their meals. Belle almost forgot to eat, because she was so fascinated with the man sitting across the table from her.

She was falling in love with more and more each day. It should’ve frightened her, but it didn’t. How was it possible to love someone so much?

When they finally finished their dinner, Shawn paid the cheque, and they made their way outside to their limo once again.

Belle and Shawn went into the limo, and sat down next to each other. Shawn put his arm around Belle, and smiled when she looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

“What are you thinking about Mr. Brady?” Belle asked.

“Oh, just thinking about ways to pass the time until we get back to the hotel, that’s all.” Shawn said.

“Pass the time? What do you mean? The hotel’s not that far.” Belle said.

He was up to something, Belle could tell by that mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“Well, I took the liberty of asking Paulo to take the scenic route back to the hotel,” Shawn said.

Belle smiled. She loved that he wasn’t rushing to go back to the hotel. Any other man would probably have raced back, knowing what lay ahead of them.

But Shawn was forever a gentleman, and Belle loved him for that.

She leaned back to him, and he automatically lifted his arm so he could place it around her shoulder. It was dark outside, and the windows were tinted, giving them the privacy they needed.

Shawn turned to Belle and kissed her lips softly. She responded, and shifted her body in the seat, so that she was leaning into him. They kissed urgently, unable to keep a lid on their feelings any longer.

Shawn had enjoyed dining out with Belle immensely. But when he saw her looking so great, and couldn’t touch her, it was enough to make him explode.

His lips left hers, and went down to her neck, gently biting her skin, relishing the taste of her, breathing in her wonderful scent.

Shawn’s free hand went to her thigh, and he rubbed it gently, slowly make its way to the hem of her skirt. When she didn’t flinch, he slipped his hand underneath the hem of her skirt, and rubbed her thigh, massaging it gently, soothingly.

His hand reached the middle of her legs, and he cupped her intimately, silently telling her of things to come.

Belle moaned; she didn’t know how much more she could take before they finally returned to the hotel room. While she appreciated Shawn’s patience, she now wished they were in their room.

He continued to massage her, wishing he could stop, because he knew they couldn’t finish this in the limousine.

He removed his hand, and grinned when he heard Belle curse silently. He decided he wanted to give her another sneak preview of tonight, and pulled her closer to him.

His lips crashed down on hers once again, and he moved his hand to her breasts. His hand went under the cleavage of her blouse, and teased one of her nipples with his fingers.

Belle pulled her mouth away from his, and threw her head back, enjoying Shawn’s hands on her body. She didn’t know which she enjoyed more – Shawn’s hands on her breasts, or his hands on her core.

She blinked; he had stopped touching her completely, and she wasn’t happy about that.

She realized it was because they had returned to the hotel.

They both straightened up, and made their way to their hotel room. When Shawn finally closed the door, Belle’s breath was taken away. In the room were a dozen red roses, sitting on the table. Over by the bed was a cart, with a bottle of champagne chilling.

She was speechless.

“You were taking a shower, so I arranged for the room to perfect by the time we got back from dinner,” Shawn said, answering her unspoken question.

Belle’s eyes filled with tears as she thought about the lengths that Shawn had gone through to make this special for her. She never loved him more.

She turned to her fiancée, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She then whispered, “Saying thank you isn’t enough, but I’m going to say it anyway,” she said, kissing his cheek lightly. “Thank you for making this the happiest night of my life.”

Shawn smiled down at Belle and knew that he would do it all again, just to see the look on her face that she had at that very moment. It was a look that silently stated she had come home. A look that silently told him she had found her soul mate.

That’s what Shawn and Belle were – they were soul mates, and it would remain that way until the end of time.

They shared a short but brief kiss, and then decided it was time.

It was time to show each other just how much they loved one another.

Chapter Eighteen, Rated NC-17

Shawn and Belle stood in front of each other, smiling, but not moving an inch from their current stance.

They knew that their time had finally come; but Belle was unsure of what to do next without looking like a foolish schoolgirl.

She felt nervous; more than nervous, she realized she was petrified. She had heard so many stories from her friends in high school about how painful it was once they had lost their virginity. She bit her lip, knowing she had never been one to withstand pain.

But she had to believe that Shawn would be gentle with her. She looked down at her hands, and saw that she was fidgeting. She knew someone had to make a move.

She looked up at Shawn, who decided to walk over to her, to close the distance between them.

She cleared her throat once he was right in front of her and asked, “Um, Shawn, did you take care of the, um, the, protection?” she asked nervously.

Shawn nodded. “Yes I did Isabella – I told you I would.” He answered.

“Oh, okay, just wanted to make sure,” she whispered.

Shawn looked so calm, she thought. And I’m a nervous wreck. She wanted to kick herself.

She was twenty years old, standing in front of the most gorgeous creature alive, who was going to make love to her, and she didn’t know what to do next.

Shawn sensed her nervousness and took her hand in his. He lifted it up to his lips and kissed it slowly, gently, trying to assure her that everything would be all right.

Shawn kept his eyes locked with hers, knowing she needed to be loved slowly.

Shawn released her hand, then placed both of his hands on the side of her face, cupping it lovingly. He smiled briefly when she closed her eyes, obviously waiting for his lips to meet hers.

Shawn didn’t disappoint her; he bent down slowly, his lips joining hers. They met, and they opened their mouths, their tongues joining and giving life to one another.

Belle felt her whole body shake as they devoured each other’s mouths; it was almost as though they were giving each other life.

Belle felt her nervousness slowly disappear; she wanted to be close to Shawn, and threw her arms around his neck, placing her hands at the back of his neck. Her fingers found themselves at his nape, and she ran her fingers through his hair.

Shawn pressed himself as close to Belle as he could; he felt her breasts against his chest, and felt his heartbeat quicken. He wanted her so much, and feeling her breasts against him did little to maintain his self-control.

Shawn pulled away from Belle, and reached for the buttons on her blouse.

“I didn’t tell you this earlier, but I love this blouse on you,” he whispered, leaning forward and kissing her ear gently.

Belle shivered as he continued whispering in her ear. “But I couldn’t help but think of you WITHOUT the blouse on, all throughout dinner,”

Shawn finally reached the last button on the blouse, and undid it, slowly moving his hands to each side. He couldn’t help but feel as though he was unwrapping a beautiful gift. He gasped when he saw her breasts concealed in nothing but a thin white bra. He could see her nipples, which had already hardened from arousal.

He gently took her blouse off, and threw it on the floor. He placed his hands on her breasts, loving the way they felt in his hands. They were a perfect fit, and he massaged them, gently touching her nipples, loving the way she closed her eyes as she felt his touch.

Shawn glanced at her skirt, and knew what had to come next. He released her breasts, and went to the back of her waist, searching for the zipper of her skirt. He found it, and unzipped it slowly. He pulled her skirt down, bending down as it slid down her legs. She lifted each one of her legs as it came down to her ankles, to allow Shawn to take it off completely.

It joined her blouse on the other side of the room. Belle was left standing in only her bra and panties.

Nice, he thought wickedly. She matches.

She had a tiny white pair of panties on, and he couldn’t wait to see the treasure beneath it.

Belle felt insecure at being so exposed to Shawn. They had never been fully unclothed before, and she wondered what Shawn was thinking as he looked at her half-naked body. She knew she was still shaking, and couldn’t seem to stop.

Shawn looked at her naked thighs, and bent forward to kiss each one of them tenderly. He heard her breathless sigh, and continued to kiss them, slowly making his way up to her stomach. He kissed her navel, then stood up, and put his arms around her waist, this time to unclasp her bra.

Belle wanted to protest but didn’t. She felt her bra being taken off, and saw Shawn throw it to the floor.

Her breasts were naked to him, and Shawn felt himself harden even more. He stared at them shamelessly, immediately licking his lips as he thought about tasting them.

When he saw Belle lift her arms up to cover them, he stopped her. “No Belle, don’t.” he whispered.

Belle looked into his eyes, and shivered when she saw his desire for her. It was obvious that he liked what he saw, even if he wasn’t saying it verbally.

Shawn didn’t have to have to tell her with words how he was feeling; she saw everything she needed in his eyes.

He bent forward, and kissed the top of her breasts, then made his way to her nipples, which were begging to be touched with his mouth.

Shawn covered them with his mouth, licked them with his tongue, and then suckled them with his teeth.

When she moaned in delight, Shawn bit down harder, knowing that she was far too aroused to feel any pain. Her hands went to the back of his head, and urged him to continue.

Shawn continued to kiss her nipples; he took little bites of them with his teeth, and soothed them with his tongue. He devoured them, over and over again, loving her response to him.

When she realized in her passion-laden haze that Shawn was still dressed, she pushed him away for a moment.

She leaned forward to him, and placed her hand on his chest. She loved the feel of his muscles between her hands – he wasn’t too overly developed, and as she started to undo each of his buttons, she marvelled at the fact that he had a hairless chest.

She smiled when she thought about her various conversations with her friends in high school about men – she had always wanted a man with a hairless chest. It was ironic that she had ended up with one.

Once she was finished with his buttons, she took his shirt off, and tossed it on the floor behind her. She leaned forward, and kissed his chest shyly. When she heard Shawn moan, she continued to kiss him, then made her way up to his sweet neck. She had never known he would taste so good, and she knew he was enjoying her exploration of his body.

She stopped kissing his neck, only to look at his pants. She smiled when she saw his arousal, and placed her hand on top of it seductively. She saw Shawn close his eyes, and she could swear he was in pain.

She stroked his erection lovingly, and then stopped. She had never seen his erection before, and was now curious.

As if Shawn had sensed her curiosity, he opened his eyes, and reached for his belt buckle, and undid it quickly. He then unzipped his pants, and they came off of him in a quick instant.

Shawn remained in only his boxers, and Belle in only her panties.

They were both dying to see the other without clothes.

Shawn made the first move, by leaning forward and placing his hands on the sides of her waist. They fingered her panties, and he looked into her blue eyes, to ensure she wasn’t having any second thoughts. When she didn’t say anything, he pulled them down, slowly, watching her eyes as he did so.

He finally pulled them off of her, and stood up, looking at the blonde curls that formed in the middle of her legs. He saw her shiver in delight as she saw him looking at her, and he smiled. He stepped closer to her, and put his hands on her shoulders.

He was momentarily surprised when she stopped him, and looked down at his boxers.

“Right, you want to return the favour?” he asked.

Belle nodded, and made sure to take his boxers off as slowly as he had taken her panties off.

She threw them to the other side of the room, and started at him, mimicking his appreciative stare of her body.

She had never seen a naked man before, but she couldn’t imagine perfection without thinking of Shawn.

Belle stared at his erection, and gasped when she saw it flinch.

Shawn grinned when he saw her erection. “You do dangerous things to him baby,” he growled, moving closer to her once again.

They wrapped their arms around one another, and kissed passionately, tongues meeting, dancing, and swirling with each other.

Belle felt Shawn leading them to the bed, and she followed, breaking away from his passionate embrace. She went over to lie on the bed, but cursed when Shawn didn’t follow.

He laughed as he walked over to the dresser drawer, and pulled out a box of condoms.

Belle nodded in understanding, and watched his glorious body as he came to the bed.

She lifted one of her eyebrows and asked, “Shawn, why the whole box?”

Shawn glanced at her, then to his erection and said, “Baby, one time isn’t going to be enough for him, if you get my drift,” he said, then winked at her.

Belle blushed, but she knew he was right.

He opened the foil packet, then rolled it on. He then lay down on top of her, urging her legs apart with his thigh.

Shawn let his erection settle between her legs, but did not enter her just yet.

Belle felt her legs shaking, and automatically went to close them, but Shawn stopped her, and kissed her tenderly.

“Don’t be nervous baby, just relax.” He whispered to her.

Belle nodded. She took a deep breath, and concentrated on nothing but Shawn and her love for him.

Shawn entered her slowly, knowing he was going to cause her pain, but knew there was no way around it. He inched the tip of his manhood in slowly, and heard Belle gasp in pain.

Belle’s eyes instantly filled with tears as she felt Shawn enter her. She cried at the painful intrusion, wondering if it would be like this every single time.

“Shhhh baby, don’t cry. Just think about how much I love you,” he said huskily, kissing the side of her face where her tears had fallen.

Shawn continued to enter her, as slowly as possible, and when he finally broke through her barrier, he began thrusting, making sure to be as gentle as possible.

He heard Belle cry out once more, and swallowed her cry with a deep kiss. Belle responded to him, and allowed him to control the kiss.

Once Shawn had entered her completely, the pain seemed to disappear, and Belle could feel small waves of pleasure slowly starting to form within her body. She had no idea what it felt like to be one with the man that you loved. It was an exhilarating feeling, and she would cherish it forever.

She moaned as Shawn thrusted inside of her, and lifted her behind in the air, meeting his thrusts, noticing that every time she met his thrusts, she felt more and more pleasure, and the waves intensified.

Shawn moved his lips to her breasts, and kissed each one hungrily. He could feel Belle’s walls tightly clenching around his manhood, and knew he was close.

He refused to release before Belle, and looked down at her. Her head was thrown back, and her eyes were closed tightly. She was close to reaching her peak, and continued to meet each and every one of his thrusts.

Finally, she felt it; she had reached her orgasm, and bit her lip, knowing that if she verbally expressed her pleasure, it might repulse Shawn.

But she couldn’t hold it any longer, and cried out his name when she experienced her first peak.

Shawn smiled and allowed himself to focus on his own release. He continued to thrust deep within her, and finally found his own release, and went to her neck to suck on it gently.

“Oh Belle, oh Belle,” he moaned. Then he was there – he reached his orgasm, and collapsed on her chest.

They were both breathing heavily, and she could see that they had both been sweating.

But she had enjoyed every second of it – she had just made love to the man of her dreams, and she knew she would love him forever.

She raised his head so that his eyes met her and they shared a short but sweet kiss.

“I love you baby, - I love you even more, now that I know you gave yourself to me.” He whispered, kissing her eyelids.

“Oh Shawn, I love you too.” She whispered. “I couldn’t imagine giving myself to anyone else.”

They kissed again, and then Shawn stood up, telling Belle he would only be a minute. He discarded the condom in the washroom, and raced back to the bed where his angel was waiting for him.

He lay down next to her, and pulled the sheets around them, noticing that she was shivering.

Shawn lay on his back, and pulled her closer to him, so they could cuddle properly. She giggled when she felt his body against hers, and rested her head on his chest.

Shawn ran his fingers through her long blonde hair, and wondered what she was thinking. Did she regret making love? Did she enjoy it as much as he had? Did she feel the connection to him as he had with her?

Shawn had to know.

“Baby?” he asked, pushing her away for a moment, so that she was facing him.

Belle lifted her head up and looked at him. He looked so intense; Belle wondered if he had regrets. After all, he was much more experienced, and she was a virgin.

Was a virgin – not any more, she thought. Never in her dreams did she think her first time would be so special. She wondered what Shawn was thinking.

“What is it Shawn?” Belle asked, leaning back against the pillows.

Shawn turned so his body was facing her, and gently stroked her cheek with one hand.

“I just wanted to make sure that you’re ok – I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?” he asked, kissing her nose gently before she answered.

Belle smiled – he was concerned about her, and she knew she couldn’t love him more.

“Shawn – it hurt a bit, yes, but afterwards, it wasn’t so bad.” She said. She frowned, “No, that’s a lie – it was wonderful – intense - but absolutely wonderful,” she said, closing her eyes as Shawn continued to stroke her cheek gently.

“Oh Belle, I’m so glad you feel that way,” Shawn whispered, leaning forward to kiss her gently.

But Belle stopped him. “Wait Shawn – I’ve told you how I felt after our first time. What about you?”

Shawn grinned, and answered, “Baby, you were wonderful. It was the most intense experience, and it wasn’t just a feeling of the ultimate pleasure.” He paused, trying to think of the right words to express himself. “I don’t know Belle - it was like, I felt connected to you. I know it sounds silly, but –“

“No Shawn, it doesn’t sound silly. I’d say you’re right on the money with it.” She smiled at him, and said, “I felt connected to you too – we were one Shawn, and I can’t imagine myself ever sharing that with anyone else.” She whispered.

“You’d better say that,” he teased, kissing her again.

Belle sighed as Shawn pulled her to him and made sure her head was in the crook of his arm.

“We’d better get ready for bed darling,” Shawn said, when the two of them remained silent for a moment or two.

“Sleep?” Belle said, sitting up immediately. “It’s too early for sleep!”

Shawn grinned wickedly, and said, “Who said anything about sleep?”

Belle giggled as Shawn attacked her lips with his own, and she fell back against the bed, with Shawn on top of her.

Chapter Nineteen

The next morning, Belle awoke early, and found Shawn next to her. She smiled as she remembered what had taken place last night.

He was lying on his side, and had his arms around her, but was sleeping soundly.

Belle slipped out from Shawn’s embrace, and quietly climbed out of bed, searching for her bathrobe.

She giggled as she thought about how they had both slept naked – clothes didn’t seem to be a necessity for them.

She finally found her bathrobe, and quickly put it on. She then headed to the bathroom.

Belle frowned as she walked to the bathroom, experiencing a bit of pain in the middle of her legs. She knew it had to be because of her sex-driven fiancée. Shawn hadn’t been able to get enough of her last night.

Or was it the other way around? She grinned wickedly as thoughts of Shawn’s lovemaking went through her mind.

Her head was also pounding, and Belle couldn’t think of what had caused such a horrible headache to occur so early in the morning.

Once Belle was in front of the mirror, she looked at herself, and noticed something.

Her long blonde hair was down, and was messy, but that was to be expected, since she had just woken up.

But what surprised her was the look she had on her face. Belle was so happy that she was glowing, and her eyes were the brightest blue she had ever seen.

Shawn had shown her last night how to be a lover; had taught her so many pleasures; so many that she never even knew existed.

She sighed as she thought about Shawn; he had been so gentle, and so patient with her. Despite the numerous times they had made love, he had never allowed himself to release before her, and she admired him for that.

She blushed as she thought about how it had been. Their lovemaking had been so many things; wild, intense, pleasurable, and erotic; she couldn’t think of enough words to describe how wonderful it had been.

They couldn’t have fallen asleep before 4am; after they had made love for what must’ve been the fifth time that night, Shawn had poured them both a glass of champagne, and they had ended up drinking the whole bottle.

That’s why I have this headache, she thought.

She couldn’t believe how eager Shawn was; he was certainly full of stamina - not that she minded.

She sighed again as she washed her face, and decided to see if Shawn was still asleep.

She walked back to bed and found him still asleep. Before she went back to him, she went over to her purse, and quickly took two aspirins for her headache.

She then climbed into bed next to Shawn, but not before glancing at the clock on the nightstand.

It was only 8:00. They didn’t have to be gone until noon.

Belle settled next to Shawn, ensuring that she was in his arms once again, and closed her eyes, knowing that sleep would come. After all, they had quite a workout, and she needed her rest before the next one.

Later that afternoon, Shawn and Belle were in the car, driving back to Giaveno.

They had awoken just before 11:00, at which time Shawn had followed Belle into the shower, fulfilling his fantasy of making love to her in the shower.

Then after they had dried off, they had tumbled on the bed, and made love once again.

Shawn felt himself harden as he thought about the sensual woman he called his fiancée.

She had been so passionate during their lovemaking, and he never thought he would be so eager to make love to a woman as he had been with Belle.

He knew it shouldn’t surprise him – after all, it only made sense to have a physical connection with someone whom you also shared an emotional connection with.

It was like they were made for each other, and Shawn was glad that Belle had decided to make love before they were married.

He frowned as he remembered something – in a couple of days, they would be going to the US Embassy in Torino. Belle wanted to find out if they should be married when she sponsored him.

They were going to ask to be sure. Shawn didn’t fear what the embassy had to tell him, he was sure that everything would go ok with Belle sponsoring him.

The thought of the US reminded Shawn that she would be leaving soon. He wondered how he would be able to say goodbye to her at the end of the month. Especially since they had made love.

Shawn knew he would wait as long as he had to, but he knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

Shawn could only hope that it wouldn’t take long for his papers to come out.

When they arrived to Vivian’s, John had greeted the both of them with huge hugs.

He knew it was silly, but John had missed Belle – even if she had been gone for a few days.

He invited Shawn to stay for dinner, and he accepted.

Shawn went inside the house, and watched as Belle made her way up the stairs to her room, probably to shower and change.

He bit his lip, thinking about how much he wanted to follow her, but knew he couldn’t.

Shawn knew this the downside of their relationship until they were married – no one could know they had been intimate.

Belle had told Shawn how old-fashioned her father was, and he could only imagine what John would do if he ever found out that the two of them were sexually active.

Nonetheless, he found it difficult to sit and talk with John; he kept thinking about Belle, with her head thrown back, screaming his name as she climaxed, thrusting her breasts into his mouth, begging him to continue to touch her….

He shook his head. He didn’t know when they could make love again, but hoped it would be soon.

Upstairs, Belle wasn’t doing any better.

She kept thinking about Shawn’s hands, Shawn’s mouth, and Shawn’s touches.

He was so good at arousing her; sometimes she believed he could arouse her with only one look.

She grinned as she thought about what he must be doing downstairs. He was probably thinking about the very same thing she was thinking about.

She wondered when they would be able to make love again, and thought it damn near impossible with John around all the time.

She then smiled again when she realized she would be spending the weekend at Shawn’s house – she hoped Shawn would find a way for them to be together.

Now that she had a taste of Shawn Douglas Brady, she knew she had to have him again.

Later that night, Belle was tossing and turning in her bed, finding it impossible to fall asleep. She missed Shawn, and wondered if her father would take out a gun to kill him if she insisted she needed Shawn in bed with her at night.

She couldn’t stop thinking about their time together, and wished she had agreed to be intimate with him before.

Belle sighed, wondering if she would have a chance to be close to him again; May would be gone in a heartbeat, and she needed to be with Shawn.

She finally stopped moving, and found a comfortable spot. She closed her eyes, thinking of Shawn, and wondering what he was doing at that very moment.

In another part of Giaveno, Shawn too, was tossing and turning.

It was so unfair to have to sleep alone, after the incredible night he and Belle had shared.

It was past midnight, and Shawn wondered how long he would have to wait until he could hold Belle in his arms again.

He realized they were only a couple of days away from Friday; he grinned, Friday, Belle would be coming to spend the weekend with the Brady’s.

He saw a window of opportunity, and knew he wasn’t going to ruin it.

He knew his parents would give Belle his bedroom, which had two single beds in it. Zach slept in one single bed and Shawn in the other.

He suspected he and Zach would probably be taking the couches in the living room.

Shawn knew that all he had to do was wait for Zach to fall asleep, and then he would sneak into Belle’s room.

He almost wanted to stand up and jump for joy.

He hoped Friday night would come soon, because he was desperate to have Belle in his arms once again.

He rolled over, feeling his eyes close, relaxing now that he knew he and Belle would be in the same bed in a matter of days.

He smiled as he drifted off to sleep, dreaming of his blonde angel.

The next day, Shawn was in the Alamain living room, talking with John and Belle as they got themselves ready to head to Torino.

Belle originally thought they were going to go in a couple of days, but John had made a couple of calls, and found out they needed to go right away.

The representatives from the Embassy would be leaving for holidays the following week, so they needed to go today.

An hour later, Shawn and Belle stood outside the waiting area of the US Embassy. As soon as Belle had shown them her passport, she had been told that a representative from the Embassy would see her in a few minutes.

They were called in five minutes later. They walked into the spacious office, where a young gentlemen who couldn’t have been more than 35, greeted them. His name was Ian Thompson, and he asked the couple to sit down on one of the luxurious couches provided.

When he asked how he could be of service to them, Belle explained her situation to him.

“Mr. Thompson, I’m 20 years old, and I’m engaged to Shawn Douglas Brady, who is a citizen of Italy,” she said. “Now I understand that in order for him to come to the US, he needs a Viza, and I, as a US Citizen, have to sponsor him.”

Mr. Thompson nodded. “That’s right. You have to sponsor him; you fill out the application, you take care of all the processing fees, and we issue him a Viza of Entry once he has completed the physical.”

“Okay, that’s fine.” Belle said. “But should I sponsor him as my husband? Should I go to City Hall and marry him before I sponsor him?” Belle asked.

Mr. Thompson shook his head. “No no, you can sponsor Mr. Brady as your fiancé – but, you have to go to City Hall once he arrives to the US within 90 days of his arrival.”

“I understand. How long will the process take?” Belle asked.

That was the million-dollar question that both Shawn and Belle needed answered.

“Well, it should take about 6 months, if everything is in good order.” Mr. Thompson answered.

Belle let out a sigh of relief; she was sure it wouldn’t take 6 months, but even if it did, she knew it would difficult, but Shawn would be worth wait.

Mr. Thompson stood up and went over to his desk, taking out a pile of documents. He walked over to Belle and handed them to her.

“I’m already saving you some time right now,” he said, with a small smile on his face. “Here are the very papers that have to be filled out. There’s one application for you,” he said, pointing to Belle, “and a set for you to fill out,” he said, turning to Shawn.

“Oh thank you Mr. Thompson!” Belle exclaimed, standing up and shaking his hand eagerly. “I really appreciate this!”

Shawn also shook his hand, and a few minutes later, they left.

Belle was thrilled – she now knew it wouldn’t take that long for Shawn to come to the US, and she knew she had reason to be optimistic.

Shawn hugged her tightly once they had left the building. It was so wonderful to see her happy.

They had lunch at a small restaurant in Torino, and ordered a bottle of wine. They toasted to their good news, feeling that nothing could stop them from being together.

They assumed that no other obstacles would be thrown in their way.

They were wrong, but they wouldn’t find that out until much later.

Chapter Twenty

When Friday finally arrived, Shawn thought he would burst from excitement.

He had been sleeping alone in his bed for the past two nights, and didn’t know how much more he could take.

He was scheduled to pick Belle up in the early afternoon, and he almost skipped to his car when it was time to pick her up.

She was ready when he arrived at the Alamains, and after wishing John and Vivian a good weekend, they made their way to the Brady house.

Belle smiled as she arrived at the Brady’s, immediately being greeted by Shawn’s parents with warm hugs.

They all decided to make a trip into town for dinner that night, with Hope saying she wanted to be able to sit down and talk with her daughter in law face to face.

Belle had agreed – she looked forward to getting to know Hope. Shawn constantly talked about his mother and his father. It was obvious how much his parents meant to him

Which is why Belle didn’t agree to marry Shawn right from the beginning. She hadn’t wanted to take him away from his family, but she told herself that Shawn was okay with it.

They waited until after 5, then loaded the car, and made their way into town.

They arrived to the restaurant a short while later, where Hope made sure to sit next to Belle.

Hope grinned when she saw Shawn sigh in exasperation. He was stuck sitting across the table from Belle, instead of being next to her.

“Honey, don’t worry, I only want to have a girl talk with Belle – it hasn’t been easy for me having only males around the house for so long!” Hope said, winking at Belle.

Belle giggled as Shawn rolled his eyes at his mother. She knew Shawn was dying to get her alone, and she wanted to be alone with him too.

But it had been impossible; the last couple of days they had been spending time over at the Alamain house, where they knew they couldn’t sneak off under John’s watchful eye.

Then today, when Shawn had picked Belle up, he had given her a short but passionate kiss, which had left her weak in the knees.

When they arrived at Shawn’s house, Belle had been busy talking to Shawn’s parents, not that she had minded.

Now they were sitting down to dinner, and Hope and Belle were bonding so well that for a short while, Belle didn’t have time to think about being alone with Shawn.

But not thinking about Shawn didn’t last very long. She could feel Shawn’s eyes on her; they were intense, and they devoured her as she laughed at a joke Hope told her.

Belle couldn’t bring herself to make eye contact with him, because if she did, she was afraid she would jump him in the middle of the restaurant.

But she couldn’t help but glance over at him. She noticed his eyes lower to the top of her open blouse and licked his lips as he stared at her cleavage.

This was too much. She finally locked eyes with his, and he winked at her. Belle gasped, and Shawn smiled; he knew he was getting to her.

Belle nervously licked her lips and thought she heard Shawn groan. She turned to look at him, and he shrugged his shoulders.

What was up with that?

She shook her head, telling herself she would ask him about that later.

They ate dinner, and ordered a bottle of wine. Once they had filled their glasses, Bo stood up to make a toast.

“I’d like to propose a toast to my daughter-in-law Belle – now I know you’re not legally my daughter-in-law YET, but I’m sure we all agree that’s just a technicality,”

They group laughed, and Bo continued. “The reason why I say that, is because I know true love when I see it,” He looked at his wife and smiled. “I see true love everyday in the eyes on my wife.”

Hope smiled back at her husband and he continued, “And I know I see true love between the two of you, which is why I know you two will married very soon – maybe even sooner than anticipated. So this a toast to Belle – I wish you all the best in school, in all your endeavours, but most of all, I wish you luck in putting up with my son, Shawn Douglas.”

Everyone laughed again, and raised their glasses. Belle shyly thanked Bo for his wonderful words and turned to look at Shawn. He of course had his glued to her. He smiled at her, and leaned forward to give her a quick kiss.

Belle blushed as Bo and Hope watched.

The finished their dinner, and decided to take a drive around Giaveno before heading home.

Shawn had Belle next to him in the backseat, and was blessing his lucky stars that Zach wasn’t with them. Not that he was happy that his brother hadn’t been able to join them for dinner.

Zach had been extremely busy with the shop, and that worried Shawn. He insisted on helping out his brother, but Zach had been adamant that he spend as much time with Belle as possible. Besides, he had told Shawn he had to get used to working alone. Once Shawn left for the US to be with Belle, Zach was looking into to hire someone to replace him.

Shawn took Belle’s hand in his and squeezed it tightly.

Belle gave him a warm smile in response. He was dying to be alone with her; Belle could see it in his eyes. She couldn’t wait until they arrived home.

Bo started the car, and drove around the various streets. It was dark outside, and they could barely see anything.

As they drove, Shawn pulled Belle closer to him, and kissed her ear softly.

When he saw Belle shiver, he smiled, and whispered,

“I can’t wait to be alone with you Isabella – you have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

Belle turned to him and whispered, “But Shawn, we’ve been together all this time. How is that you’ve missed me?” she teased. She knew she was playing with fire, because Shawn was ready to burst into flames.

“I don’t count you sitting next to me at dinner time, and giving me light kisses as ‘being together.’” He growled, leaning forward and giving her a light kiss to prove his point. “That type of kiss only tells me there’s more where that came from.”

Belle sighed happily. She missed Shawn too and couldn’t wait to be alone with him.

“I’ve missed you too Shawn,” she admitted.

“Oh baby, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.” Shawn said.

Belle glanced at Bo and Hope in the front seat, who were talking up a storm. They didn’t seem to notice them in the back.

“Well, I am staying in your room tonight,” Belle said quietly, “There’s no reason why I should have to kick you out.”

Shawn felt his heartbeat quicken when he heard Belle’s words. She had been thinking exactly the same way as him. He took her hand and kissed it gently, and whispered, “You just wait for me tonight. I’ll be sure to join you after Zach has fallen asleep.”

Belle nodded. “Ok.”

“Love you,” he said.

“Love you too Shawn.”

Belle then leaned her head against his shoulder, and enjoyed the view of Giaveno, until they arrived home.

Once they arrived home, Hope and Bo immediately called it a night, but before they left for their room, Hope asked Belle if she wanted to go into town for some shopping the next day.

The four of them were standing in the hallway, when they heard Belle squealed in delight. “Are you kidding me? Of course I’d like to go shopping with you!”

Hope smiled. “It’s nice to have a female presence in the house, don’t you agree Brady?” Hope said, turning to face her husband.

Bo nodded. “Yeah, it’s great.” He agreed.

“Great. Now, every Saturday, Giaveno has street merchants, all over the city. So we’ll take a look at those – you’ll find a lot of bargains, trust me. After that, we’ll drive over to the mall off of Via San Remo, and then, we’ll have some pizza –“

“Whoa whoa Mom! Take it easy there!” Shawn said, laughing as he saw how excited his mother was.

“What’s the problem Shawn Douglas?”

“That sounds like too much shopping to me,” Shawn said.

Belle arched her eyebrow and said, “Excuse me? You did not just say that! Shawn dear, you have to know that there is no such thing as too much shopping.”

The Brady men laughed, and Hope hugged Belle tightly. “It’s so nice to have someone on my side.” She whispered. She pulled away from Belle and said,

“Okay, okay, the old people are going to their room. Belle, you know where you’ll be sleeping?” Hope asked.

“Yes, thanks so much Hope.” Belle said.

Hope nodded then turned to her son. “Shawn, Zach will probably be in late, so everything’s already set up for him.”

She turned to leave, but then stopped and said, “Don’t stay up too late kids – after all, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

Belle giggled as she thought about their shopping expedition.

“Good night you two.”

“Good night Hope!” Belle said.

“Good night Mom!” Shawn said.

Once they saw that Hope had closed the door to her bedroom, Shawn and Belle looked at each other.

Now that they were finally alone, as they had wanted to be for over two days, they were both unsure as to what to do next.

Belle was the first to speak. She turned to look at Bo and Hope’s door and said, “Well Shawn, I’ll be calling it a night too sweetie.”

Shawn was confused for a second, and then saw Belle glancing at his parent’s bedroom. He smiled; he loved the way her mind worked.

“Okay then. I’ll see you in the morning. Good night Belle.”

“Good night Shawn.”

Belle turned to walk away to the room she would be staying in, but not before turning around and whispering, “I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t be long.” She said, and winked at him.

She closed the door behind her and left Shawn standing there. He had an urge to go in there and ravish her right away. But he knew he had to wait until his parents were asleep.

Shawn walked over to the living room, and noticed both couches set up with pillows and sheets.

Too bad one couch won’t be used tonight, he thought to himself.

He noticed his pyjamas sitting on the loveseat over by the window, and changed quickly. He didn’t bother to put his top on; he chose to remain shirtless, which he was sure would drive Belle crazy.

He smiled as he thought about Belle. He couldn’t wait to sneak into her room, and lie down next to her, and kiss her, and make love to her.

It seemed like it had been ages since their night in Milano.

He decided to lie down and wait about 15 minutes; then he would make his way to his angel, where he would show her ANOTHER night to remember.
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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC-17.
Chapters 21 - 25

Chapter Twenty One, Rated NC-17

Belle switched off the lamp in her room, and settled into bed.

She had let her hair down, and had put her pyjamas on, shortly after she had said goodnight to Shawn.

Belle wondered how long it would be until he joined her. She was so nervous, just thinking about being with Shawn was making her crazy.

Finally, about 5 minutes later, she heard someone approach her door. She sat up immediately; knowing that Shawn had finally arrived.

Belle wasn’t disappointed.

Shawn entered the room, quietly closing the door behind him.

Belle nearly fainted when she saw Shawn shirtless, wearing only his pyjama bottoms.

What is he trying to do to me? She thought.

He smiled at her, and went to the foot of the bed, where he climbed up to her.

Shawn kneeled before her, and raised one of his hands to smooth her hair behind her hair.

“Hey, were you waiting for someone?” he asked, giving her a sweet smile.

“Yes.” She answered.

He leaned forward and decided not to talk any more. Shawn’s lips met hers for a desperate kiss, mouths opening, tongues meeting, twirling with each other, as if they hadn’t kissed in weeks.

Belle fell back against the pillows, with Shawn on top of her. She loved the feeling of his body pressed against hers, and almost gasped when she felt his erection pressed against her.

Her arms were around his neck, and she realized she was still covered by the bed sheet. She gently pushed Shawn away from her and they both sat up.

She kicked the sheet away, and went to the buttons of her top. With shakey fingers, she tried to get her top off as quickly as possible. Finally, it was off, and she tossed it onto the floor.

Shawn licked his lips when he saw she had decided not to wear a bra. “Baby, did you read my mind?” he growled, leaning forward to taste her succulent skin.

Belle threw her head back and moaned as Shawn touched her with his lips, and devoured her with his tongue. He was kissing her collarbone, and then slowly, he made his way down, to the top of her breasts. Finally, he took one of her nipples in her mouth, and sucked greedily.

He heard her moaning, and knew she loved every minute of this. He felt her hands go to the back of his neck and urge him on silently.

Shawn could feel himself hardening even more, and knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

They fell back against the soft pillows on the bed once again, where Shawn began to thrust his hips, needing to relieve the hardness of his erection. He continued to taste her breasts, and finally stopped.

He sat up and noticed Belle still had the bottom of her pyjamas on.

Not for long, he thought.

He grasped both sides of her pants, and smiled when she lifted her hips up to help him.

He rolled them off of her, and then went back for her panties.

He gasped when he saw she wasn’t wearing any.

“Damn Belle, what are you trying to do to me?” he growled and he leaned down to kiss her once again. She eagerly met his kisses, and then realized that he was still dressed.

“Shawn,” she moaned. “Shawn, I need you!” she exclaimed passionately. “Please, don’t make me wait any longer.”

Belle could feel waves of pleasure starting to crash within her, and she needed to relieve herself, and fast.

Shawn stood up from the bed, and in a few seconds, his pyjama bottoms as well as his boxers were gone.

Before he joined Belle, he went over to one of his drawers, and pulled out a condom. He quickly unwrapped it and rolled it on.

Seeing Belle watch him aroused him even more.

He went back to her bed, and climbed on top of her. She eagerly spread her legs apart, and Shawn didn’t waste any time.

He entered her quickly, loving the way she accepted him. Gone was his shy virgin. In her place was a sensual woman who knew what she wanted from him.

She knew she had Shawn to thank for eagerness. He was a wonderful teacher.

She could feel Shawn inside her, and it increased her desire for him. “Oh Shawn,” she moaned. She was getting close; just a little more and she would be there.

She placed her hands on his buttocks and urged him on, moaning his name over and over again.

“Ohmigod Isabella, you are so wet, so tight! I love you.” He gasped, thrusting in her, over and over again.

Finally, Belle reached her peak, and closed her eyes tightly as she let herself feel the ultimate pleasure.

“Oh Shawn,” she whimpered.

But Shawn wasn’t done yet. He continued to thrust into her, and then Belle was hit with another orgasm and she gasped, “Shawn Douglas, what are you doing to me?”

Shawn grinned wickedly as he heard her moaning his name.

Shawn then felt his own orgasm approaching, and it hit him full force. He called out Belle’s name and collapsed on top of her.

“Wow, that was intense,” Shawn said, still finding it difficult to breathe.

Belle nodded. “Yes, that was very intense.”

They remained in each other’s arms for a few moments.

When Belle began to feel cold, Shawn wrapped the sheet around them and kept himself on top of Belle.

“Am I too heavy for you baby?” he asked huskily.

“No, you feel wonderful.” She responded.

He leaned down and kissed her eyelids, and Belle never felt more loved than at that very moment.

“So what are we going to do? Just lie around like this until the sun comes up?” Belle asked.

“Actually, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Shawn said, kissing her forehead.

Belle sighed as he caressed her face with his gentle kisses.

Shawn then leaned down to her neck, and placed tiny kisses along it, loving the way she arched up to him.

He could feel himself starting to harden once again, and wondered when he would ever get enough of Belle Black.

Never, he thought. He would never get enough of her. He knew that like he knew his own name.

When their lips met for another hungry kiss, Shawn knew they were going to make love again, and jumped off the bed.

He went over to drawer, and pulled out another condom.

He rolled it on, and quickly joined Belle. He entered her quickly, trying not to moan so loud.

Shawn knew he couldn’t help himself, but told himself to restrain some sort of control. His parents were in the next room, and he knew they had to quiet down.

But when Belle spread her legs and pushed her breasts towards his mouth, he couldn’t suppress anything.

They made love, savouring the way they melted into each other.

Belle never thought it would be like this, and Thanked God for her Shawn Douglas.

Hours later, they fell asleep, with Shawn holding Belle in his arms tightly. Logically he knew he should head back to the living room, but he knew he couldn’t leave Belle’s arms.

He realized that at this point, he couldn’t leave her, and decided to spend the rest of the night with Belle sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Chapter Twenty Two

Belle and Hope were giddy as they parked the car and headed out to the street market.

It was a beautiful and sunny day in May, and they had dressed in light jackets.

Bo and Shawn were behind the two women, who didn’t show a quarter of the excitement that the two were feeling.

But they didn’t let their men damper their mood.

Belle didn’t know what to buy first – she found so many things! She blinked when she saw the prices – so cheap compared to the shops she had been in.

She found an old antique clock, and she had been amazed when Shawn had immediately stepped up, offering to buy it for her. They had argued, but Shawn eventually won, and told her to think of this day every time she looked at it.

Belle had thanked him, and they continued to look around.

Vast amounts of tents were set up in the middle of the narrow streets of Giaveno, but nobody minded. Belle walked into one tent, and found a large white purse, and was shocked when the merchant offered it to her for next to nothing.

Hope found a matching beige purse, and the two squealed in delight once they purchased them.

Bo and Shawn rolled their eyes, but said nothing as they followed behind them.

They approached another street vendor, where a pair of black sandals caught Belle’s eye.

Hope noticed Belle’s admiration, and asked Belle to try them on. When they were a perfect fit, Hope insisted on buying them for her.

“Hope no-“

“Belle, don’t be silly. This is just a little something I want you to remember me by.” Hope said.

Belle smiled and said, “As if I need anything to remember you,” she whispered.

Hope smiled back and hugged her tightly. “I’m so glad that Shawn has found such a wonderful woman to marry,” Hope said quietly.

Belle couldn’t help but feel emotional at Hope’s words. It meant a lot to her that Hope approved of them.

They continued to walk around, and then finally, when they saw it was almost noon, Shawn and Bo begged their woman to stop walking around. They were exhausted, and hungry. They needed to sit down and eat!

Hope and Belle laughed, and agreed it was time to leave.

They drove off to a mall off of Via San Remo, where they sat down in the pizzeria. They ordered two large pizzas and a beer for everyone.

Of course, Shawn and Bo had most of the pizza, but afterwards, they sat in their chairs, just relaxing before they headed out to the mall.

Shawn smiled as he looked at Belle. Her and his mother had hit it off, and that meant the world to him. He loved how she fit in the family so easily, even though he knew right from the start that his parents would love Belle.

Later that afternoon, the Brady’s and Belle returned home, where Shawn told Belle to change into something more comfortable.

Belle noticed it was close to suppertime, and guessed he wanted to take her somewhere to eat.

Belle could tell Shawn wanted to surprise her, so she remained quiet, and went to her room to change.

She decided a pair of blue jeans and a white top would do the trick. When she emerged from her room, Shawn was standing there, also wearing jeans and a yellow top.

Her heartbeat quickened; he really was a good-looking man; she knew it had nothing to do with the fact that she was so desperately in love with him either.

After Shawn and Belle left, they went into Shawn’s car, where he refused to tell her where he was taking her.

When they finally arrived at their destination, Belle sighed happily.

It was a secluded park, and she noticed a picnic table with a tablecloth and a picnic basket on top of it.

“Shawn?” she said, turning to look at him. “This is so sweet.”

“I had Zach come over here earlier and set this up for us.” He said.

They sat down at the picnic table, and had a candle lit dinner in the park.

After they finished, Shawn lay a blanket down on the grass and sat down with Belle next him.

“Here, lie down baby,” he said, patting his lap.

Belle laid her head on his lap, and closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of Shawn’s hands stroking her neck. It felt like heaven, and she sighed happily as his hands went to her bare arms, and stroked them lovingly.

“Shawn?” Belle said.


“You know, I really don’t know how I’m going to leave you at the end of this month.” She said.

Shawn sighed. He didn’t like thinking about it, but knew it was inevitable.

“I know baby. I keep thinking about the same thing.”

Belle sat up and faced him. “I want you to know that as soon as I get back to Salem, I’m going to fill out those papers, and apply for your entry Viza. Nothing matters more to me than getting your butt to Salem ASAP!” she said, hugging him tightly.

Shawn nodded. It was going to be tough, being apart from Belle for six, maybe seven months. Who knew how long it would take? He would miss her terribly.

Judging by the tightness of Belle’s hug, he knew it would be hard on her too.

He pulled away and looked at her in the eye. “Belle, this is probably going to be one of the hardest times for us. But we have to have faith that it won’t be any more than six months.” He said.

Belle nodded. “But I’m going to miss you,” she said, her eyes filling up with tears.

“I know baby, I’m going to miss you too.” He said.

He felt a pain in his chest as he watched the tears come down her face.

“Hey hey,” he said, gently wiping her tears away with his hand. “Come on, let’s not think about that right now. Let’s enjoy whatever time we have right now.”

Belle nodded. It was better not to think about their impending separation. They needed to live in the moment. It was all they had – for now.

The weekend passed by much too quickly for Belle and Shawn. When Monday rolled around, Belle painfully said goodbye to Hope and Bo, and Shawn drove her back to the Alamains late that afternoon.

She hated that she had to go back; the three days she had spent with Shawn’s family had been so much fun.

Zach had joined them the day before for a family outing to the local carnival, and they had spent the entire day together.

The days with the Brady’s had been fun – but the nights with Shawn had been even better.

Two nights, and Shawn and Belle had made love as soon as nightime rolled around.

But now Belle would be heading back to the Alamains, and Belle didn’t know when she would be with Shawn again.

When they arrived at Vivian’s, they walked into the living room, where John greeted them.

After exchanging small talk, Vivian walked in with Carly and Lawrence, who greeted Shawn, and insisted he stay for dinner.

But tonight Shawn had to say no.

Belle looked up in surprise when she heard him refuse the invitation, but said nothing.

When he told the Alamains he had to leave, Belle made sure to walk him to the front door. When they were finally alone, she turned to Shawn and said, “Shawn, why don’t you want to stay for dinner?” she asked, her voice full of hurt.

Shawn sighed. He couldn’t stay, because if he did, he would want to spend the night with his Isabella, as he had gotten used to over the weekend. It was better if he left, so he wouldn’t have the temptation to make love to her once again.

“Belle, I’ll be here tomorrow morning, I promise.” Shawn said, leaning down to kiss her.

He was shocked when Belle turned her head, refusing to kiss him.

Shawn frowned and said, “What was that for?”

Belle refused to look at him. She was so angry with him. Something was obviously bothering him and he wouldn’t tell her what it was. She could tell by the look on his face. When he refused to stay for dinner, she knew something was up.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on?” she asked, turning to face her fiancée.

“Nothing is going on baby, just leave it alone!” he said.

“No, I won’t leave it alone. Something is bothering you, and I want to know what it is.”

Shawn shook his head – she would think he was a sex-crazed idiot if he told her the truth. So he decided not to say anything at all.

“Nothing is going on Belle.” He said, hoping she would believe him.

But she didn’t.

“Fine, be that way Belle.” He said. He turned on his heel, and walked out of the Alamain house, without bothering to say goodbye to Belle.

Once he had closed the door, Belle ran up to her bedroom, and threw herself on the bed, crying uncontrollably.

She knew Shawn had something on his mind, and it hurt her that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her.

Belle was also upset that he hadn’t stayed for dinner; she would be gone in a couple of weeks, and she wanted them to spend time together as much time as possible. Why didn’t he want to be with her tonight?

Belle couldn’t figure it out. When she noticed the clock on the nightstand a couple of hours later, she realized she hadn’t had any dinner.

But somehow she knew she wouldn’t eat anything. She rose from her bed, and went to take a quick shower.

When she was done, she went in bed, and decided she needed some sleep.

Belle wanted to know what had upset Shawn, and decided that she would have to find out from him tomorrow.

For now, she needed her sleep. She closed her eyes, and willed herself to fall asleep, knowing she would find out what was going on with Shawn in the morning.

After hours off tossing and turning, Belle finally fell into a not so peaceful slumber.

Chapter Twenty Three

The next day, Belle tried not to show how upset she was when Shawn hadn’t called her.

She knew he was being stubborn, but was determined not to give in to calling him.

He was the one who refused to tell her anything, and she would be damned if she made the first move.

When dinnertime arrived, Belle was in the dining room with Aunt Vivian, John, Lawrence, Carly and Nicholas.

Nobody dared say anything about why Shawn Douglas hadn’t been by to visit Belle or at least call her.

Belle tried not to let it bother her, but couldn’t help it. She felt her eyes well up with tears when she thought about him leaning over to kiss her, and her refusing.

She picked at her plate, not feeling any appetite at all. She looked up at her Aunt Vivian, and asked if it was all right she be excused – she wasn’t feeling well.

John had immediately been concerned, but Belle assured him she was fine - she just needed to lie down.

John nodded, and Belle left, knowing she hadn’t been lying. She didn’t feel well, and knew it was because of Shawn.

Damn you, she thought to herself as she opened the door to her bedroom. Why are you being this way Shawn? She asked herself.

She went over and lay down, feeling utterly exhausted. She closed her eyes, and fell asleep, making up for lost time from last night.

A half an hour later, Belle heard a knock at her door. She jumped up from her bed, realizing she had dozed off.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“C’est moi, Mademoiselle Black, Ivan,” he answered.

“Come on in Ivan,” Belle said.

Ivan entered her room, and said, “Mademoiselle Black, you have a visitor and Monsieur Black said it would be all right for them to come to your room, since you weren’t feeling well.”

Belle felt her pulse race; had Shawn come to see her? She then scolded herself for being so excited.

He had hurt her, without any explanation, and now he came to her nearly 24 hours later?

“Who is it?” she asked.

“Monsieur Brady.”

He HAD come to see her.

“I see.” Was all she said.

“He’s very concerned about you Mademoiselle – may he come in?”

“Very well then.” She knew they needed to talk, and figured there was no time like the present.

Ivan walked out for a moment, and sent Shawn in.

Belle almost stopped breathing when she saw him walk in. She didn’t realize just how much she missed him until that very moment. She wanted to run to his arms and hold him, but her pride told her not to.

“Hey Belle,” he said quietly, looking at her with his beautiful brown eyes.

“Hello Shawn,” she responded coldly.

Shawn nearly cringed when he heard the tone of her voice, but knew he deserved it.

“Your family was telling me you didn’t eat dinner – are you all right?” he asked, walking over to her.

But Belle stepped back, and replied, “Yes, I’m fine – not that you care.” She said.

Shawn sighed heavily. This was going to be harder than he thought.

“Belle, you have every right to be angry with me, and I’m sorry for hurting you.” He said. He hung his head in shame when he thought about how immature he had acted the night before.

“You’re sorry Shawn? Are you really?” she said, walking up to him so that they were now face to face. “Look at me when I say this to you Shawn Douglas,” she commanded. He looked at her, and nearly bit his lip when he saw the anger in her normally warm blue eyes.

“Do you have any idea how upset you’ve made me? It wasn’t bad enough that you stormed out of my aunt’s house last night, without calling later on. Then this morning comes, no phone call from Mr. Brady! Lunch time comes and goes – nente.” She began to pace around the room, feeling her anger consume her once again. She stopped and said, “Then Mr. Brady decides to show up AFTER dinner, to tell me he’s sorry.”

“Belle, I didn’t mean to stay away for so long, I was just so embarrassed at the way I acted yesterday that I couldn’t face you.” He admitted.

“So it was better not to talk to me at all?” she said.

“No, of course not! Belle, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“Well, I’m sure you didn’t. So if you want to fix this, you’re going to start by telling me what the hell happened last night to turn you into such an idiot.”

Shawn sighed once again – he’d have to tell her the truth. He didn’t want any sort of lies between the two of them.

“All right, I’ll tell you.” He said.

“I’m listening.” She said.

“Well, when your family invited me to dinner, I knew I couldn’t stay, because it would be too hard for me.” He said.

“What? What do you mean it would’ve been too hard for you? Are you out of your mind Shawn?” Belle asked.

“Belle, I know I’ve always accepted your family’s invitations for dinner, but that was before we –“ he stopped, feeling ashamed at what he was going to admit.

“Before we what Shawn?”

“Before we became – intimate.” He admitted, hanging his head once again.

Belle felt like the wind had been knocked out of her. “So are you telling me that you didn’t want to stay last night because – “

“Because I couldn’t stand being so close to you, and not being able to touch you. Not being able to sneak into your room afterwards and make love to you. I couldn’t it Belle! I just got used to being with you at my house for three days, and I knew it would be hard to be with you, but not BE with you!” Shawn said.

Belle nodded, finally understanding why Shawn had acted the way he had. While part of her was angry with him for being so immature and not telling her, another part of her understood.

“Oh Shawn, why didn’t you just tell me? I would’ve understood – I DO understand.” She said softly, walking over to him and putting her arms around his neck.

Shawn looked up at Belle in surprise. “You do?” he said.

“Of course I do. It’s the same for me you know. I hate being around you, and not being able to touch you the way I WANT to touch you.” She said. She felt Shawn’s arms slowly wrap around her waist, and they leaned forward and shared a tender kiss.

“Oh Belle, I’m so glad you’re not angry. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you would think I was some sex-crazed adolescent, and I couldn’t stand to have you think of me that way.”

“Shawn Douglas Brady! We are going to be married soon, and you can’t keep things from me!” Belle exclaimed. “Now, if something is bothering you, you can’t just shut me out. That’s not good for either one of us!”

Shawn nodded. “I know baby, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I behaved that way.”

“And Shawn, you didn’t have to wait until now to come over. Do you know what went through my mind while I waited for you to come?” she asked.

“I know. I made a big mess of everything.” He said.

“Yes, you did.” She said.

“Well, how about I make it up to you?” Shawn said, an idea suddenly coming to mind.

“What did you have in mind Shawn Douglas?” Belle asked, loving the way his face had just lit up.

“Well, it’s too late to go anywhere right now, but how about tomorrow, we take another road trip?”

“Another one? I don’t know Shawn, we just got back from one last week, I’m not sure my dad will like this.” She said.

“Well, I thought it would be nice if we could do some shopping over in Milano –“

“Shopping?” Belle’s face instantly lit up. “YOU want to go shopping? Pardon me while I look to see if hell has frozen over!”

Shawn laughed. “Listen, we went to Milano last year, but we just looked around for a bit and had lunch, then we left. How about tomorrow, we take the train down, and we really do some sightseeing. I mean with a tour guide and everything.” Shawn said.

“Shawn, that’s awfully sweet of you, but I saw everything last year –“

“Yes, but we didn’t go inside the large Cathedral, ‘Duomo’, and we didn’t learn anything about the large shopping mall we went inside. And we went all the way there, and we didn’t even buy anything.”

“That’s because the prices were out of this world!” Belle exclaimed.

“I know, but let’s see if we can buy one thing – just to remember Milano, ok?”

“Shawn, how long will we be gone for? I mean, I’m not sure that Dad will allow this –“ Belle stopped and let herself think for a moment. She was an adult, and decided that if her Dad trusted her to travel to Verona and Venice, he would trust her to travel to Milano once again. “You know what? That’s fine. I’ll ask Nicholas to drive us to the train station tomorrow.”

Shawn smiled and hugged her tightly. “You won’t regret this Isabella.”

“I know I won’t. Now give me a kiss.” She said.

“You got it baby,” he growled, leaning forward and kissing her hungrily.

Belle immediately responded, opening her mouth to him, and instantly, their tongues began to dance with one another.

Belle began to feel faint as Shawn’s tongue met hers, and she could feel the desperation in their kisses. It had felt like months since they had kissed, even though it had been just yesterday.

She pulled him closer to her, making sure her breasts were pressed against his chest tightly.

“Oh Isabella,” Shawn moaned, as he broke free from her lips, and lowered them to her neck. He bit her neck lightly, soothing his little bites with flicks of his tongue. He had missed her so much, and had ached for her last night when he had slept alone.

His lips made a trail to her ear, where he sucked gently, and whispered sweet words. “Belle, oh Belle, you taste so good – I could go on kissing you forever,”

Belle closed her eyes as Shawn continued to caress her with his sweet lips. She was sure she would’ve dropped to the floor by now, if she weren’t in Shawn’s arms.

“Shawn, honey, we have to stop,” Belle whispered, trying to pull away from him.

Shawn nearly groaned, and cupped the back of her neck, and pulled her in for another intense kiss.

Despite herself, Belle responded, kissing him back just as hungrily.

“Shawn, my family is downstairs, someone can up at any moment,” Belle said, trying to pull away from his heated embrace once again.

Shawn finally stopped, and pulled away from her.

“I’m sorry baby – I can’t control myself where you’re concerned,” he murmured quietly. It was the truth – he never thought he could feel so many things for one woman. She made him feel alive; she made him want her with such urgency, that had it been someone else, it would’ve frightened him.

Belle was finding it difficult to breathe, and excused herself to the bathroom.

Once she was inside, she closed the door, and leaned against it, trying to slow her heartbeat down.

Maybe it was better that they were leaving town again tomorrow – she planned on telling John they would be gone for at least a couple of days.

They needed to be alone – they deserved to be alone.

Belle quickly washed her face, and went back to her room. Shawn was standing by the window, with his back turned to her.

“Shawn?” Belle said, walking over to him, and wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Yes baby?” Shawn responded. He placed his hands over hers once he felt them on his chest.

“I was thinking – why not spend the night in Milano?”

Shawn turned to face her, smiling from ear to ear.

“You gotta be kidding me,” he said.

Belle laughed. “No, I’m not. Let’s make the most of our time together. I will handle my father, you just make sure you’re ready tomorrow, bright and early.” She said.

Shawn smiled and took one of her hands and kissed it tenderly.

They then decided to go downstairs, and joined the rest of the family outside on the porch for a coffee.

When Belle saw Nicholas, she asked to speak to him alone. He eagerly agreed to drive them to the train station first thing tomorrow morning.

Belle decided to speak to John next. She asked her father if she could speak to him in the house. John had been confused, but had agreed.

Belle had been firm with her father; she had TOLD him she was going out of town. She hadn’t asked.

John had arched an eyebrow, but said nothing, respecting his daughter’s wishes to want to spend time with her fiancée.

A short while later, Shawn stood up, saying he had to go home and gets his things together for his trip.

Belle walked Shawn to his car, where they shared a kiss.

“Don’t forget – be ready at 8:00 sharp! Nick and I will be by to pick you up.”

“Baby, I’ll be ready long before that, don’t you worry.” He said, leaning over for one last kiss.

“Good night Isabella.” He whispered. “Sweet dreams.”

“Good night Shawn.” She said. She watched him drive away, and ran back to the house.

She wished her family a good night, and went up to her room, taking a small suitcase out and getting a few things together.

She was excited about her trip with Shawn, knowing they needed this trip to be together.

Being around one another and not being able to show affection was having an effect on both of them, and she made a mental note to herself to spend more time with the Brady’s as well.

She finally had her stuff ready, and went to bed shortly before midnight. She made sure her alarm was set for 6:30. She didn’t even care that she had to be up so early – Shawn was worth it.

Shawn was worth everything.

Chapter Twenty Four, Rated NC-17 (towards the end)

The next day they arrived in Milano, and immediately hopped on a subway to the downtown area.

Once they arrived, they checked into their hotel. They left their bags, changed, and left for their tour.

They arrived a short while later to ‘Piazza Del Duomo’, where Shawn and Belle met up with a group of tourists. Shortly after, the tour guide arrived, speaking to them in English. She was going to give them a tour of the major landmarks in Milano.

Pigeons surrounded the Piazza and Belle smiled as they flocked all around the tourists.

Belle took Shawn’s hand and whispered, “This was so thoughtful of you – Thank you Shawn.”

“Well, I felt bad – last year, we walked around, and we didn’t even enter ‘Duomo’ the large Cathedral, and since I’ve only been here once before, I don’t know anything about the architecture or the history behind it. I thought it would be fun for the both of us.” He said.

Belle nodded, and they followed behind the group of about 20 or so tourists.

Belle stared at the ‘Duomo’ located in the Piazza, which loomed over the centre square with it’s gothic architecture. It must’ve had thousands and thousands of spires, which simply took Belle’s breath away.

Belle learned that construction of the large Cathedral began as early as 1386, and was made out of marble. Belle was shocked that it still stood proud in marble, with thousands of statues.

They all went to enter the Cathedral, where Belle was shocked to see a man standing outside the doors. She couldn’t understand what he was saying, and asked Shawn to translate for her. She blinked when she found out the man was making sure that none of the females in the group were wearing mini-skirts, or tank tops.

If anyone had a tank top, they were asked to wear a sweater or a jacket on top. Belle then noticed a sign to her left, stating the exact same thing, with diagrams of what NOT to wear.

Belle was relieved that she had chosen to wear a light blue jacket and blue dress pants for the occasion.

Once they were inside, Belle was amazed at how high the ceilings were; she could see light trickling through the large leaded windows. She couldn’t ever remember seeing such beautiful stain glass windows in her life.

They continued to walk around with the group, with the tour guide telling them various stories of the statues of the saints inside the cathedral.

Belle also learned that the Cathedral was the 2nd or 3rd largest in the world – it was under debate apparently, which didn’t surprise her at all.

She laughed when the tour guide informed them that Mark Twain had once called the Cathedral ‘a poem in marble’.

They exited the Cathedral, and made their way over to The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. It was the large shopping mall Belle recalled she had been inside of last summer with Shawn.

The architect Mengoni, had built an arched glass roof of the Galleria over the intersection of 2 major Milano streets, in 1878. The domed glass was 4 stories high, and was breathtaking to look at. The tour guide informed them that the roof connected to the tops of existing commercial buildings, which faced inward to beautiful tiled walkways.

It was wonderful to walk under – no worries of rain or snow while shopping at the Galleria! Belle noticed hundreds and hundreds of people walking around. It was the obvious choice for a meeting place. She recalled last year how expensive clothes and other articles had been, and Belle learned it was because the Galleria attracted top named designers. It was considered a fashion capital.

One of the doors led to the Duomo – the other led to La Scala, a famous opera house.

They walked out of the shopping mall, and walked back to the Piazza, where they had originally met up. Belle looked around and noticed dozens of dozens of government offices. Milano was a busy city, always on the move.

After they thanked the tour guide for her wonderful tour, Shawn and Belle made their way over to McDonald’s for lunch.

Shawn sat with Belle after he ordered their lunch and laughed.

“You don’t get enough of this place in the US!” Shawn exclaimed.

“Hey, I’m curious - I wanna see if it tastes the same in Italy!” Belle said, quickly sinking her teeth into her quarter pounder. “Oh, it does! Wow, that’s amazing!” Belle said between mouthfuls.

Shawn laughed again and took a bite out of his own Big Mac, watching Belle devour her burger.

He couldn’t get over how fun she was to be around; when she was happy, he was happy.

When they finished up their lunch, they entered the Galleria once again. Shawn insisted Belle buy something, to have as a reminder of their time in Milano. Belle finally gave into him, and they walked into one of the shops, where Belle saw a small white purse – something to wear for her wedding perhaps?

“You like that one baby?” he asked, noticing Belle’s eyes locked onto the small white purse. It had small white beads all over it, and a long strap to hang over her shoulder.

Belle nodded.

“Signor,” Shawn said to the vendor, pointing to the purse that Belle was eyeing.

The vendor smiled and wrapped it up in a small box and handed it to Belle.

Belle kissed Shawn’s cheek and said, “Thank you Shawn, that was so sweet of you.”

“Your welcome. I could see you really liked it.”

“I did. I think I’m going to wear it for our wedding day.” Belle said.

Shawn smiled. “I can’t wait for that day.”

“Me neither.” She said quietly.

They had both decided that once Shawn arrived to the US, they would have their wedding shortly after. Belle hoped it would be soon.

They walked around and did some more window-shopping.

Finally, when it was close to dinner, Shawn suggested they head back to the hotel to change.

Belle agreed, and they walked back to the hotel, hand in hand.

They were both silent, thinking about the fact that they were going to be alone since the weekend.

Belle kept thinking about Shawn undressing her, his hands on her body, his mouth on her hers. She shook her head as the vivid images kept popping up her head.

She wanted Shawn to make love to her, over and over again, until she couldn’t walk straight.

She let out a deep breath, knowing that she must be flushed by now.

As they entered the elevator, Shawn’s thoughts were much the same. He thought about Belle taking off her jacket, then her blue top, showing him her small breasts.

He thought about Belle the other night, and how she had no panties on when he had taken her pyjamas off. He shivered – at the rate he was going at, he was ready to take her right there in the elevator.

When they arrived to their floor, they quickly emerged from the elevator, and walked over to their hotel room. Shawn opened the door, allowing Belle to enter first.

Once she did, Shawn followed and slammed the door behind him.

Before Belle knew what was happening, Shawn had wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, and was sucking her ear.

Belle leaned back, and closed her eyes, enjoying Shawn’s exploration of her body with his hands. They hadn’t bothered to turn on the light, and could make out very little of what they were doing.

But it didn’t matter; they were going to let their hands guide them tonight.

Belle moaned as she felt Shawn’s lips nuzzle her neck. She could feel his erection pressed against her behind, and wondered how long Shawn had been aroused.

She whirled around and kissed him hungrily, as they slowly walked back towards the bed. They both stopped at the foot of the bed, where Belle quickly undid her jacket and threw it to the floor.

She then took her shirt off, and it too, joined her jacket. She was left in her pants and a silk bra, which had Shawn panting.

His pants were feeling way too tight, and he knew he couldn’t keep them on for much longer. His hands quickly found his zipper, and he pulled them off eagerly.

Belle started at his erection shamelessly, thinking about how much pleasure it was going to bring her in a matter of moments. Sensing her desire, Shawn moved forward and slammed his lips against hers, demanding that she open for him. His tongue licked her lips, and she quickly opened for him, throwing her arms around his neck.

They continued kissing, and Belle couldn’t tell where her mouth began and Shawn’s ended. Belle felt a wetness gather between her thighs, and knew that Shawn was just as aroused as she was.

They broke apart, and quickly took each other’s clothes off. Belle nearly pulled his shirt off, and Shawn felt his hands shaking as he undid her bra clasp.

They were naked in moments, and Shawn threw her back on the bed playfully, quickly climbing on top of her, and pressing his erection against her stomach.

“Shawn,” she moaned, feeling the waves of pleasure overtake her. It wouldn’t be much longer – she needed him desperately.

“Belle,” he moaned, sucking the skin on her neck, lowering his lips to her chest and making sure to lick her nipples. She gasped in pleasure and begged him not to stop. His tongue emerged, and swirled around her nipples, until finally, his mouth closed around it and sucked greedily.

“Oh Shawn, Shawn,” Belle moaned.

Belle’s hand somehow found her way down to his erection and she stroked him – gently at first, then her grasp became stronger, as she felt him expand in her the palm of her hand.

“You are so sexy Shawn,” Belle murmured. “So sexy, and so BIG.” She said passionately.

Hearing her talk like that nearly made Shawn explode.

Shawn sat up, and inserted his fingers into her core. He could feel the wetness gathering, and smiled wickedly as her inserted another finger, then another.

“Shawn, stop!” Belle exclaimed. She almost cried because she was so turned on; she didn’t want him inserting his fingers. She wanted something else in between her legs.

She grabbed his shoulders, and forced him to lie on top of her. She spread her legs, and guided Shawn to her core.

Shawn’s tip played around her entrance, and when he felt her wetness, he entered her.

“Oh Belle, you are so good baby,” he moaned, pushing in and out of her gently. When he felt Belle’s hands grasp his behind, he began to rock back and forth, feeling Belle’s walls clench around, tighter and tighter, until finally, he felt Belle’s release.

“Oh yes Shawn! Yes, right there!” she pleaded, meeting each and every one of his thrusts, even lifting her hips up to him to encourage him.

Shit, Shawn thought to himself, this is intense.

Just when he thought Belle has descended from the proverbial climb, he heard her scream once more. The headboard on the bed hit the wall and as they continued their rhythm, not caring about how loud they were.

“Shawn, don’t stop, please!” she said, closing her eyes tightly, and allowing herself to feel Shawn inside her. This was the most intense lovemaking they had endured, but neither one was complaining.

When Belle reached her peak a third time, Shawn knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. He felt his orgasm approach, and thrust deep inside Belle faster, and faster, until finally, he shouted, “Belle! Oh God, Belle!” He said, spilling into her.

They both were breathing heavily, and looked at each other, smiling.

“Oh Shawn, just when I think our lovemaking can’t get any better,” she whispered, kissing his lips tenderly.

“God Belle – I love you so much. I hope you know how much I love you, how I can’t live without you.” He said.

“Shawn, I love you too.” She said.

“Belle – that was so intense, so beautiful – I hope you know that if I didn’t love you so much, our lovemaking wouldn’t be that way.” Shawn said.

“I do realize it Shawn, and I feel the same way.” She said.

The two remained that way for a long time, until eventually, they got out of bed.

The two still remained undressed, and when Belle asked where they would go for dinner, Shawn had an idea.

“Why don’t we order room service?”

Belle smiled. “Sounds like a great idea. Where’s the menu?”

Shawn pointed to the coffee table in the middle of the room, where they noticed the menu.

They read over their selections, and called for room service.

They waited for their food, and played around for a little, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

They decided that the next couple of days, they would take advantage of the fact that they were alone.

Neither had any intention of leaving the hotel room any time soon.

Chapter Twenty Five, Rated NC-17

Shawn and Belle sat in bed, watching a movie in their hotel room.

They had decided after dinner, they would stay in tonight.

Shawn had switched on the television, and they had snuggled together in the sheets.

Belle was watching the movie intently, with Shawn’s arm around her. They were sitting up, with their backs against the headboard.

They were both naked, and as Shawn looked over at Belle, he wondered how he could intice her to make love with him once again.

He frowned when Belle got up from their bed. “Where are you going?” he asked, watching her beautiful naked body walk away.

“Just to the bathroom sweetie.” Belle replied. Damn, he thought to himself. The thing that made Belle Black sexy was that she didn’t even realize she was being sexy. He loved that.

She walked away, and he watched her naked behind and licked his lips hungrily. He had to have her.

He waited for her return patiently, feeling himself harden as he thought about pressing himself between her thighs, and swallowing her moans with his lips, kissing her until both their lips became swollen.

It became too much for him to bear; Shawn lay down, and his hand travelled to his erection. He stroked it gently, closing his eyes when he thought about Belle touching it with her small hands.

He removed his hand quickly, knowing he couldn’t get ahead of himself.

When Belle finally returned from the bathroom, she climbed into the bed next him and squealed in delight when Shawn lifted her up and lay her down on top of him.

“Shawn!” she said. “What are you doing? We were supposed to watch the movie-“

Shawn swallowed her words with his mouth. As soon as their lips met, his tongue traced the outline of her lips, and pried them apart. Belle immediately opened for him, and his tongue found hers for an erotic tango.

Belle wanted to faint from the pleasure she was feeling – she had never been on top of Shawn before, and it certainly was erotic. She could feel his erection pressed against her naked thighs, and knew she had somehow managed to arouse Shawn.

And nothing could please her more.

Their lips broke apart, and Shawn heard Belle murmur, “Shawn, oh Shawn – oh God!” she exclaimed while Shawn’s lips sucked on her neck. She could feel his tongue tracing an outline from her neck, down to her collarbone. He lifted her up slightly, and licked her breasts, loving how Belle threw her head back in surrender.

Gone was her interest in the movie she had been watching so intently – her only interest was for Shawn.

His hands went down her back, down to her behind, where he grasped it tightly.

“Shawn,” she moaned again, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in for another kiss. They shared an intense kiss, and then Belle pulled away, and began kissing his chest. Now it was Shawn’s turn to throw his back, as he felt Belle’s sweet kisses placed all over his chest.

She moved down slightly, and grasped his manhood with her hand; not at all surprised when she felt it’s hardness. She couldn’t remember Shawn not being hard, and she almost giggled when she felt it expand, if that was possible.

Shawn pushed her off of him, and stood up, going over to his bag and retrieving a condom. He placed it next to them on the nightstand, and lay down once again, with Belle eagerly lying down on top of him.

They kissed again, and Belle felt Shawn thrust his hips upwards. She met his thrusts, and felt liquid warmth flowing between her legs. She ached for Shawn, and needed him to fill the void between her thighs.

Shawn’s hands went to her back, and he stroked in soothingly, loving the feel of her silky skin.

“Wait Belle,” he murmured, trying to sit up. Belle sat up with him, and watched as he placed the condom on his manhood. He then lay down once more, and made sure Belle straddled him eagerly.

They had never made love in this position, but Belle worked with pure instinct. She lifted her hips up and placed her centre over his tip. Shawn moaned when he felt her wetness, and moaned once more as his hips were lifted up and his tip slowly slid in to Belle’s core.

“Ohhhh, Belle, this feel sooooo good,” he moaned.

Belle thought she was going to explode from the pleasure she was feeling. She was sitting on Shawn, and had begun an erotic rhythm with her hips. She thrust forward, and placed her hands on Shawn’s chest, trusting him to hold her atop him.

Shawn held on to her arms, and placed them on either side of him. His hands reached up and grasped her tender breasts, massaging them and pinching her nipples lightly.

“Shawn,” she moaned, thrusting her breasts forward, encouraging Shawn to continue with his touches.

She continued to thrust in him, trying to get Shawn as deep as possible within her. She rocked back and forth, over and over again, feeling her climax quickly approaching.

“That’s it baby, you’re doing great,” Shawn whispered. Belle closed her eyes, and Shawn knew she was getting there.

Finally, she screamed Shawn’s name and thrusted more quickly. When she did that, the tightness increased for Shawn, and he felt his own peak approaching.

Shawn let go of her breasts, and placed his hands on her buttocks, encouraging her to continue. Once he did that, Belle hit another peak, and screamed his name once again.

Shawn then felt his; he stopped thrusting and relished in his own orgasm, loving the way Belle was still whimpering his name.

She fell on top of him, and placed her head in the crook of his neck.

“Shawn, oh Shawn, that was wonderful. I never thought it would be so much fun with me on top.”

Shawn nodded, and turned her head so that she was looking at him straight in the eye.

“It’s always fun to experiment,” he murmured huskily.

Belle smiled and kissed him, before she stood up and allowed Shawn to make a quick run for the bathroom.

Shawn threw away the used condom, and ran back to the bed, where Belle was waiting for him.

They felt tired all of a sudden and snuggled together in the sheets.

They were asleep shortly after, tired out from their sexual workout.

The next morning, Shawn surprised Belle with breakfast in bed. Shawn had woken up first, and had room service bring up an order of pancakes – Belle’s favourite.

They ate hungrily, and talked about where they were going to go that day.

Shawn shrugged – he hadn’t anything planned for that day, but when he looked into Belle’s eyes, he could see that she only had one thing on her mind.

“Why don’t we stay in today?” she purred, pulling him to her for a deep kiss.

Shawn and Belle stayed in the hotel for the rest of the day, watching movies, taking turns in the shower, and of course, making love at all hours of the day.

The next day, they decided it was time to head back to Giaveno. They had spent two nights in Milano, and it had been heaven for the both of them.

They both knew it would be hard to sleep separately, but knew they had no choice.

Shawn had Belle back at the Alamains by early afternoon, and told her he wanted to head home and shower and change.

He did agree to come back for dinner that night.

When Shawn did return, they all decided to have dinner outside. The weather was very warm – they were approaching the end of May, and it was typical to have dinner outdoors by this time of month.

They all talked and exchanged stories, enjoying each other’ s company.

Shawn and Belle exchanged heated glances, when no one else noticed. They missed each other, and wished they could be alone once again.

Finally, Shawn stood up and wished everyone a good night, and asked Belle to walk him to his car.

Belle agreed, and walked with him.

He put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. When they reached his car, he turned to her and kissed her sweetly. “I’ll miss you tonight baby,” he whispered, pulling her for a tight hug.

“I’ll miss you too Shawn,” she replied. She didn’t think it would be this tough to separate from him, especially since she knew they would see each other the next day.

“I’ll be thinking of you Belle.” He kissed her once more, and went in to his car.

Belle watched him leave, and said goodnight to everyone.

Once she was in her room, she finally let the tears fall that were threatening to come down ever since Shawn left.

She was being silly, but she couldn’t help herself.

She told herself that she needed Shawn, and couldn’t stand to sleep in separate beds any more.

Belle then decided that she would be spending yet another weekend at the Brady’s.

She just hoped Friday would be here soon.
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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC-17.
Chapters 26 - 30

Chapter Twenty Six, Rated NC-17

The weekend had approached, and Shawn and Belle were ecstatic when they thought about being together once again.

Belle entered the Brady home, and was once again welcomed by Bo and Hope warmly.

They spent the weekend going on shopping trips, watching television, and even played a card game!

Belle couldn’t get over how well she got along with her in-laws. She considered Bo and Hope her second parents, and thought of Zach as an older brother.

She became sad that she would be leaving them soon.

Belle frowned when she thought about leaving – in one week, she would be getting on a plane, and heading back to Salem. She was going to work full time at Basic Black for the rest of the summer, and save money towards her second year in College.

When Monday morning arrived, Belle couldn’t believe it was time to head back to the Alamains. She hated leaving, but knew she had no choice.

She knew she would be leaving the following Friday for Salem, and tried not to get emotional as she left the Brady house for the final time.

She knew she would see the Brady’s at her aunt’s house, yet Bo, Hope and Belle had all been teary eyed when they had said goodbye.

Belle wiped her tears in the car, knowing that she should be stronger. She didn’t know how Shawn would be able to cope when it came time for him to leave his family. She hoped he would be strong, and promised herself that she would help him cope.

The rest of the week, Shawn and Belle spent as much time as possible, but both were disappointed that they couldn’t make love. Shawn came by to Vivian’s everyday, and apart from the heavy make out sessions in his car that left them both breathless, they had not been intimate ever since their weekend together at Shawn’s house.

When Thursday arrived, Belle reluctantly began to pack her clothes into her suitcase. Her and John had an afternoon flight the next day, and she wanted to have everything ready.

The Brady’s would be coming to a goodbye dinner for John and Belle that night, and Belle was dreading it.

She didn’t want to leave, but knew that no matter how much time she spent with Shawn, inevitably, she would still have to go back to Salem. After all, she still had three more years of University, and couldn’t jeopardize that.

Belle was dressed in a short blue skirt and a thin white blouse. It was warm that day, and Belle had decided not to wear the jacket that matched with the blue skirt.

The Blacks, the Bradys, and the Alamain's had dinner that night, for what would be the last time for a very long time.

When they all heard thunder rumbling outside, they had all been shocked. Nicholas went over to the window and looked outside – what had started out as a clear and beautiful day was threatening to become a very rainy night.

Bo, Hope and Zach quickly got up and said goodnight, but Shawn informed them he would be staying a bit longer.

“Shawn honey, it is going to pour, so please don’t stay too long.” Hope said.

Shawn agreed.

After they had said their goodbyes to the Brady’s, Belle and her family made their way back to the living room.

Shawn had agreed to a cup of coffee, but frowned when he saw a flash of lightening outside. He was facing the living room window, and walked over. He was surprised to see that it was pouring!

Shawn wondered how he would drive home – the roads in Giaveno were very narrow, and he knew he would have to be very cautious.

When Belle saw how bad it was outside, she wanted to tell John that it was too dangerous for Shawn to drive home, but her Aunt Carly beat her to it.

“John,” she whispered to her brother-in-law, making sure no one was in earshot. “I know you won’t like this, but I don’t think that Shawn –“

“I know, I know – I don’t want to send him home in this weather either.” He sighed. He knew he should trust his daughter. But he couldn’t help but wonder how far Shawn’s hormones would take him.

He walked over to Shawn and informed him that Ivan was preparing a room for him.

Belle blinked in surprise, but hugged her father, thanking him for being so concerned.

Belle also knew that this gave her and Shawn a chance to be together one last time before she left for Salem. They were both giddy, but kept cool about it.

Belle offered to walk Shawn to the guestroom, so they wished everyone a good night. John arched an eyebrow as they walked out, but Vivian quickly scolded him.

“John, stop! They’re adults – they won’t do anything that they’ll soon regret.”

But John wasn’t so sure.

Upstairs, Belle and Shawn were in the guestroom, kissing each other, letting their emotions for one another get the better of them.

“Shawn, Shawn,” Belle moaned, enjoying the feel of him in her arms.

“Belle – am I far from your room?” Shawn asked, pulling away from their kiss and looking at her.

“No – just go to the end of the hall, and I’m the first door on the right. Don’t wait too long, please Shawn,” she pleaded, giving him one more kiss, then leaving.

They had agreed that they would wait for about half an hour, then Shawn would sneak into Belle’s room.

He knew it was risky, especially if John caught him, but Belle had assured him that John’s room was on another floor of the Alamain house.

Still, Shawn was nervous, but knew that Belle was worth the risk.

In her bedroom, Belle put a bathrobe on, and waited for Shawn to show up. She was sure everyone was asleep by now, and went to open her bedroom door to see if she could see Shawn.

She peaked into the hallway, and saw him making his way to her room. She smiled and went back into her room, leaving the door open for him.

He quickly came in and shut the door behind him. He turned to Belle, and smiled, taking her in his arms and kissing her passionately.

Belle responded, flinging her arms around his neck, and opened her mouth for him, making sure their tongues met.

She moaned when their tongues finally met, and pressed herself closer to him.

Belle stopped for a moment, and took his hand, intending to lead him to the bed. But Shawn stopped and shook his head.

“Shawn?” she asked, obviously confused. He didn’t say anything, but took his tank top off quickly. He lowered his pyjama bottoms, as well his boxers, showing Belle his impressive erection.

Belle gasped when she saw how aroused he was. Shawn closed the distance between them, and gently undid the sash of her bathrobe. He groaned when he saw she was naked underneath. He knew he should go slowly with her - after all, this would be their last night together, and Lord knew when they would be together again.

But when he saw her creamy breasts thrust towards him, begging to be taken into his mouth, Shawn forgot about going slow. All he could think about was Belle and her beautiful body, and how much it aroused him. He flipped her bathrobe onto the floor, and lowered his lips to her nipples, sucking on them eagerly, savouring the feeling of them in his mouth. He pulled away for a moment, moaning her name.

“Belle, you taste so good,” he murmured, taking her into his mouth once again.

Belle gasped, and felt surges of electricity run through her body. It felt like heaven with Shawn’s mouth on her body, and she couldn’t get enough of him.

She threw her head back, and forgot about everything. She forgot about how afraid she had been that her father was going to find Shawn in her room.

She forgot about how sad she was that she would be leaving Shawn the next day.

All she could think about was this moment, and this sensual man she called her lover.

She was surprised when he pulled away, and turned to his thrown pyjamas on the floor. She grinned when she saw him go into his pocket and emerge with a condom. He quickly put it on, and walked over to her. They were still standing by the door, but Shawn had no desire to make love in the bed.

She found out he wanted her right there and right then. He placed his arms around her waist, and lifted her up. She automatically swung her legs around his waist and flung her arms around his neck.

Shawn walked over to the wall, and pressed Belle against it. “Leave your legs wrapped around me baby, “ he said huskily.

Belle nodded and put all her trust in Shawn. Once her back was against the wall, she felt Shawn urge her legs apart with his knee. Once he had done that, he entered her quickly, moaning her name as he felt her welcome him into her body.

Shawn entered her, then withdrew, hearing Belle moan his name as he did so. “Shawn, please don’t tease me!” Belle whimpered.

She sounded as though she was in tears, and didn’t even recognize her own voice as she pleaded with him.

Shawn grinned and entered her once again, thrusting into her as deeply as he could.

“Yes, yes Shawn,” Belle moaned, savouring the feeling of Shawn inside of her. She never thought she could feel such a wonderful connection with him.

Belle clung onto him, feeling a bit of pain from being pressed against the wall, but was feeling too much pleasure to worry about that for the moment.

Shawn thrust into her, bending his knees, trying to get in as deep as possible. Finally, he heard Belle moan his name, and grasp his shoulders as she welcomed her orgasm.

She was nearly out of breath, but Shawn didn’t let that get in the way of anything. He continued to thrust into her and groaned when he felt his own pleasure.

“Oh, Belle, baby, oh God!”

He reached his peak, and kissed Belle tenderly on her forehead. She released her legs from around his waist, and dropped them to the floor.

She could hardly walk, but somehow managed to walk over to the bed, as Shawn quickly cleaned up and joined her.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her closely, trying to hold back his emotions.

The next day at this time, she would be gone, and nothing saddened him more.

He thought he felt Belle shaking, and looked down at her.

She had her head against his chest, and he could feel a wetness on his chest. He realized she was crying.

“Belle, hey, stop baby. Come on, I hate it when you cry.” He said, gently wiping her tears away.

But Belle couldn’t help herself. “Shawn, oh Shawn, I love you so much! I don’t know how I’m going to leave you tomorrow! I am going to miss you so much!” She exclaimed, crying even more.

Shawn tried to calm her down by whispering words of love, and sighed happily when she finally fell asleep.

He knew he should head back to the guestroom, but couldn’t leave Belle. They deserved one last night together, even if John didn’t approve.

He closed his eyes, and fell asleep, with Belle in his arms.

Chapter Twenty Seven

Belle knew she should be tired.

She had hardly slept last night, yet didn’t feel tired. She was too upset to be tired. After she had dozed off the night before, she had woken up in the middle of the night, only to find Shawn awake, and ready to make love to her once again. Finally, they had fallen asleep while the sun had been rising.

But they could not have slept for more than a couple of hours – Shawn had finally left, and had gone back to the guestroom.

Belle heard Nicholas calling her, asking if she had any more luggage to bring to the car. Belle shook her head, and headed over to Aunt Vivian.

It was time to leave. She hugged Aunt Vivian tightly, thanking her for having her.

“Oh nonsense you precious girl! You have to know how special you are to me!” Vivian said, trying not to cry.

But Belle could see right through her, and the two hugged once more. Next, Belle hugged her Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Carly, wishing them all the best.

Nicholas, Bo, Hope, Zach, and Shawn accompanied Belle and John to Malpenza.

Belle sat next to Shawn in her cousin’s car, holding his hand, and wiping away her tears. She hadn’t stopped crying since they left her aunt’s, and she wondered how she would say goodbye to Shawn and his family.

Shawn refused to look at Belle afraid that he was going to let his emotions get the better of him, and he knew he couldn’t do that.

They arrived to Malpenza, and checked in their luggage.

Soon, it was time for John and Belle to board their plane.

Belle said goodbye to Bo and Hope first, hugging them tightly, promising to call as soon as she arrived in Salem, to let them know she had arrived safely. They had been unable to hold their emotions in as they hugged Belle, knowing they would miss her presence around their home.

Next she hugged Zach, who wished her a very safe flight home. He too was emotional, but had kept his feelings hidden for his wonderful sister-in-law.

Nicholas became emotional as he hugged his cousin, unable to speak. He hugged Belle and kissed her cheek. She had become like his little sister, and would miss her dearly.

The moment that Belle had dreaded had finally arrived. She turned to Shawn, who had a sad smile on his face. He threw his arms around her and hugged her tightly. The two remained in their embrace, Belle crying, unable to let go of him. She couldn’t let go of him; she couldn’t leave him, and it was unfair that fate was making her do this.

“I love you,” she whimpered, clinging to him.

“I love you too,” Shawn whispered, quickly kissing her lips.

Finally, they let each other go, and Belle walked off with her father. They turned and waved at Nicholas and the Brady’s, and they remained at the airport, until they could see Belle no longer.

Belle cried in the waiting area, and was unable to stop, even after she was on her father’s private jet.

She didn’t think she had been able to do it, but she had – she had walked away from Shawn’s arms.

She sat next to the window, and watched as the plane left Italy – and Shawn.

It wasn’t fair – she had finally found someone to love, who loved her in return, and they had to be apart. Logically, she knew that their separation would be temporary, but it would be hard on both of them.

John remained silent as he watched his daughter stare out of the window. He wanted to comfort her, but knew she needed to be alone.

They arrived in Salem the next day, Belle happy to see her mother and brother despite herself. As soon as she was in her mother’s arms, she felt better. She had to believe that she could get through this, and with her parents and brother, she knew she could do anything.

They arrived at their penthouse shortly after, where Belle made sure to call Shawn and let him know that they had arrived home safely.

Belle felt her spirits light up as soon as she heard Shawn answer the phone.

“Belle! Hi baby! Did you have a good trip?” Shawn asked.

“Yes, I did sweetie, thanks for asking!” Belle answered, smiling as she thought of Shawn on the other end.

“Are you tired? When do you have to be back at work?” Shawn asked.

“I’m very tired, but I still have a couple of days to rest up from my jet lag.”

“Oh good, so you can relax a little.” Shawn sighed. “I miss you Belle.”

“I miss you too Shawn.” Belle answered, a sad smile appearing on her face.

They talked a little longer, then Belle eventually hung up, promising to call before the week was over.

She joined her parents in the living room downstairs, only to find someone waiting for her.

“Mimi!” Belle shrieked, running over to hug her best friend.

“Belle! Look at you! You look amazing! You go off to Italy and you come back looking more gorgeous than ever!” Mimi exclaimed.

Belle laughed – Mimi was exactly what she needed right now.

The Blacks insisted Mimi stay for dinner, and she agreed.

Mimi studied her best friend closely; she was sad, yes, but she could see that she was very happy. And she guessed that it had to do with Shawn Douglas Brady.

“Belle, you have to tell me everything about your trip! I don’t want you leaving out any of the details, do you understand me Signora Black?”

“Of course! I have pictures to show you! Shawn had some developed from our trip to Venice!”

“Venice! Oh Gosh Belle, you HAVE to show me them, pronto!”

Belle giggled, taking her friend’s hand and going up to her room. Once they were inside, they turned to sit on Belle’s bed.

Belle found her photo album on her nightstand and handed it to Mimi, who was melting at each picture.

“Belle! He has his arms around you in every single picture!” Mimi shrieked. “You look so happy in these pictures.” She stopped looking at them for a moment and looked at Belle closely. “Belle, I’m so happy that you’re happy!”

Belle blushed. “Thanks Meems. I never thought I was capable of feeling so much love for someone, but I love him so much. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I can’t imagine my life without him.”

Mimi nodded. “That’s pretty obvious. So, where did he take you, other than beautiful and romantic Venice?”

“Oh Meems, where do I start?” Belle giggled, telling Mimi about their trip to Verona, Milano, and Triesta.

“You mean your father was OK with this?” Mimi asked.

Belle nodded. “I’m surprised that he was, but he was very supportive.”

“So you went off with Shawn to his relative’s house, and Mr. Black was ok with that.”

“Yes, he was.”

“I see. So, may I ask, what were the sleeping arrangements?” Mimi asked with a small smirk on her face.

“Meems, stop!”

“No way! You have to tell me!”

“Meems, there’s nothing to tell,” Belle said, avoiding eye contact with her friend. Mimi had known Belle since Kindergarten, so she would know if Belle were lying or not.

“You slept with him, didn’t you?” Mimi guessed, smiling as she realized that Belle didn’t want to admit it.

“Meems, come on!” Belle blushed furiously, knowing that she was never any good at lying.

“Isabella Black, are you telling me that you’re no longer a virgin?”

“Mimi, please! Not so loud, my parents are downstairs, remember?”

“Sorry, but I can’t help myself! Ohmigod Belle, this is huge! You actually slept with Shawn!”

“Yes, ok, I slept with him, and I don’t regret one moment!”Belle admitted, smiling as she thought of her nights with Shawn, kissing him, stroking him, making love to him, over and over again.

“Belle! I can’t believe it! Well, how was he?”

“Meems, he was amazing! He took me to this small hotel located just on the outskirts of Milano, and we made love. He was so patient, and so understanding…”

“And prepared, right Belle?”

Belle smiled. “Yes, Mimi, he had – condoms- we were very careful.”

“Ok – so you used condoms every single time, right Belle? Cause I know how easy it is to get carried away! I don’t mean to sound like a mother hen, it’s just that I know a pregnancy is the last thing either one of you need right now.”

Belle nodded appreciating Mimi’s concern. “I know Mimi, believe me, Shawn and I talked about this before we made love, and I was sure that he was prepared.”

“Okay, that’s what I wanted to hear. So you managed not to get carried away with a hunk like that? Wow Belle, I gotta give you credit!” Mimi said, grinning wickedly.

Belle’s smile faded as she remembered the night when they were in Milano. They had just gotten back from their tour of Milano, and were ready to jump each other once they got back to the hotel. She remembered Shawn throwing her on the bed playfully. She remembered the two of them had been so desperate to make love.

So desperate that both of them had forgotten to use protection.

Belle instantly paled and rose from her bed, pacing the room frantically. “Ohmigod Meems – I just remembered something!”

“What? What is it Belle?” Mimi said, immediately standing up from the bed.

“I can’t believe I forgot! I can’t believe that we both forgot! Shit Meems, this is terrible!” Belle exclaimed.

“Belle, what’s got you so worked up? My Gosh, you’re pale, look at you!”

“Meems, I can’t believe this! We didn’t use protection that night in Milano! This is horrible! What if I’m pregnant? How could we forget?”

“Belle, now just sit down and breathe for a minute,” Mimi said, taking Belle’s arms and ushering her over to her bed. “Now, was it just the one time you forgot?” Mimi asked, in a gentle and reassuring voice.

Belle thought for a moment, then nodded. She knew for sure that all the other times, they had used protection. She wanted to kick herself for getting carried away.

“Okay. So, what we have to do is figure out how long ago this happened.”

“Okay.” Belle thought for a moment, then said, “ It was two weeks ago.”

“Good! Now, I want you to tell me when your next period is due Belle, are your periods usually on time?” Mimi asked.

“Yes, I’m ALWAYS on time Meems – never been late.”

“Okay, so when’s the next one due?”

“Well, today is Saturday, so next Wednesday.” Belle said.

“You’re positive about this Belle?”

“Yes, yes, I’m positive. Oh Mimi, how can I be so irresponsible? What if I’m pregnant! My parents will be so disappointed in me!”

“Belle, don’t get yourself upset until you find out for sure.”

“But Meems, one time is all it takes, don’t you remember sex-ed? The teacher always preached to us about how one time was all it took to get pregnant!”

“Belle, let’s just try to remain calm.”

Belle nodded, but could feel her whole body shaking – she couldn’t believe she had let this happen. And they weren’t even married! And Shawn was still in Italy, and she hadn’t even started filling out his papers!

Mimi went over to Belle and hugged her tightly. “Belle, just try not to think about it. I know it’s easier said than done, but you just have to stay calm until Wednesday comes along. In the mean time, just try to distract yourself. And if you need to talk, you know where to find me.”

Belle’s eyes filled with tears as she thanked her friend for being so supportive.

Mimi ended up leaving an hour later, promising to call Belle later on that night.

Belle tried to remain calm, but couldn’t help but think, what if? What if she was pregnant? She couldn’t imagine giving up school to be a mother. She knew she wasn’t ready for motherhood.

Belle knew she couldn’t tell Shawn about this – not until she knew something for sure.

She bit her lip, thinking about how she would be able to keep this from him. She knew she didn’t have a choice – she didn’t want him worrying, especially if she ended up not being pregnant.

Belle said a silent prayer to God, hoping she would be able to get through the next few days until her next period was due.

Chapter Twenty Eight

June 1995

The next few days, Belle checked every morning to see if her period had arrived; she willed herself to feel stomach cramps - a sure sign that her period had arrived.

But Belle had yet to feel any stomach pains, and she tried not to let herself become upset.

But she couldn’t help but think if she was pregnant. How would she tell Shawn?

She shook her head sadly. She knew school would be out of the question, and she had been so excited about attending her remaining three years.

What would she do?

She tried to distract herself in the days following her arrival back to Salem. She wanted to start filling out the application to sponsor Shawn, but needed a few things first.

She needed proof of employment, bank statements, as well as copies from her last income taxes filed.

She gathered everything together, then frowned when she looked over the application. One sentence made her heart stop beating; it stated that she needed to make a minimum of $20,000 in order to sponsor anyone.

Belle felt sick; she was a full time student, and only worked part time – she made only half of that. She wondered if there would be any problems.

Belle immediately went to her father. John read over the application, and came to a decision.

“This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to call up Immigration, and ask about this, just to make sure. If you do indeed need $20,000 in income, I’m going to transfer all of my accounts into your name. We’ll make the call tomorrow morning.”

Belle nodded, feeling a little relieved. She had been back for almost a week, and wanted to get this process started as soon as possible. She knew the sooner she started, the sooner Shawn would get his Viza and come to Salem!

The next morning, Belle woke up with the most horrible feeling – stomach cramps. Then her face brightened – it was a sign that her period had arrived.

She quickly ran to her washroom, and breathed out a sigh of relief. She wasn’t pregnant.

She felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders, and knew she was lucky.

Without protection, it would’ve been very easy to become pregnant.

Belle had feared that she would have to tell her parents that she was pregnant. That would’ve been a disaster. They would’ve been so disappointed in her, especially since it had been so hard for John to trust them.

Belle vowed that she would never be so careless again.

Belle quickly dressed, and made her way downstairs to the living room, ready to call up Immigration. John was already waiting for her, and taking a deep breath, Belle dialled the number to US Immigration.

Once she finally found someone to speak with, Belle explained her situation; she was engaged to a Citizen of Italy, and wanted so sponsor him. The lady quickly informed her that she did indeed have to have a yearly income of $20,000.

Belle nodded, and informed her she had trust funds. But the lady informed her that the trust funds had to have an interest generated of at least $20,000.

“But I don’t have that kind of money!” Belle exclaimed.

John immediately took the extension, and spoke to the representative.

“John Black here, as in Basic Black. Now here’s the situation – my daughter needs to sponsor her fiancée, and I’m more than willing to co-sponsor him.”

“Mr. Black, I’m sorry to inform you, but in February of 1995, it is no longer possible to co-sponsor a child’s spouse.”

“What?” John said. He had no idea that they had changed the laws.

“It’s true sir.”

“All right – how about this? I transfer all of my accounts into my daughter’s name – there’s more than a million dollars – that should be enough.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Black, but that will not do – Immigration will automatically know that you’ve transferred the funds into Miss Black’s name.”

“So you’re saying there’s no way I can sponsor him?” Belle said, jumping into the conversation.

“Miss Black, if you were married, and if you were to sponsor him, that money would be more than sufficient. But right now, if you submit your application, the case processing fee of $500 is non-refundable.”

“In other words, my application will be rejected?”

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

Belle hung up, and threw herself on the couch.

John tried to calm her down, but it was hopeless.

“Daddy, you don’t understand!” Belle cried, feeling as though she were four once again. “I asked the consulate at the US Embassy – he said I could sponsor Shawn as my fiancée! Now what am I going to do?”

“Izzy B- could it be that you didn’t tell him you were a student? He probably assumed you made over the minimum, which is why he said you could sponsor him.”

Belle frowned. John was right; she hadn’t told him she was a student.

“I didn’t tell him Dad. What am I going to do?”

“Izzy B, don’t you worry about anything. I’m going to call Bo tonight, and talk to him about this. If we can’t figure this out, then I’ll send you back to Italy so you can marry Shawn, come back with the Marriage Certificate, then sponsor him as your husband.”

Belle stopped crying once she heard her father say she could back to Italy.

Back to Italy.

Back to Shawn.

She smiled. Maybe there was light at the end of the tunnel after all.

A few days later, Belle felt alive again. After her father had spoken with Bo, she learned that there wasn’t any type of strings to pull in order to get around this. Belle had to go back to Italy and marry Shawn.

And nothing could thrill Belle more.

She had spoken to Shawn, who was also happy that he and Belle would be seeing each other soon.

Belle decided to travel to Italy in July – she knew Shawn was busy with the shop, and decided to give him sometime to work with his brother. Shawn had told her countless times ever since her return that it wasn’t as busy. That had worried her, but he had told Belle that a lot of other shops had opened up in the same area, selling a lot of the same things.

She hoped they wouldn’t run Zach and Shawn out of business.

Belle continued to work at Basic Black full time, and had signed up for classes in the fall at Salem University. She was happy that she had four full days of classes, and had Fridays off to begin a long weekend.

She was looking forward to beginning her new classes, most of which were in English and Mass Communications.

But no matter what was going on in Belle’s life, all she could think about was Shawn. She talked to him on the telephone every chance she got.

She loved hearing his voice, and he constantly told her how much he loved her, how much he missed her.

Belle thought about going to Italy in July and marrying him. Had someone told her this last year, Belle would’ve been petrified!

But all Belle felt right now was excitement. She couldn’t wait to be Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady! She had talked to her parents, and they agreed she would go to City Hall in Giaveno, and marry Shawn. Once Shawn arrived to the US, Marlena and John would throw them a ‘proper’ wedding.

In the meantime, Belle went and looked for something to wear when it came time to marry Shawn. Her and Marlena picked out a white dress, with a lace covering on the bodice. It had buttons going from the top to the bottom, and it fell just above her knees. It made her look stunning, and showed off her curvacious figure perfectly.

“Shawn will love this,” Marlena said.

Belle nodded. She knew that he would.

Once they arrived back at the penthouse, Marlena asked if she could speak with Belle in her room – alone.

Belle agreed, and they went up to her room together.

Belle gulped; she wondered if her mother had found out that her and Shawn had slept together.

Belle knew that was impossible – she had only told Mimi, and knew that Mimi wouldn’t tell a soul. She wondered what her mother would have to say to her.

Belle noticed she was very serious as they sat down together on her bed.

“What’s up Mom? You look serious.” Belle asked, nervously chewing her lip, wondering what her mother would say.

“Well, that’s because I have something serious to discuss with you.” Marlena said.

Belle felt her heartbeat quicken. She knows, she thought to herself.

“And what is that?” Belle asked.


Belle looked down at her hands.

“Now Belle, I know this is a sensitive subject, but there’s something that I need to know before you go back to Italy.”

Belle nodded, knowing she couldn’t tell Marlena the truth – she couldn’t tell her that her and Shawn had already had sex. The prospect of lying to her mother made Belle uncomfortable, but she knew she had no choice. Her mother wouldn’t understand.

“Are you planning on having sex with Shawn, now that the two of you will be legally married?” Marlena asked.

Belle merely looked at her mother, totally surprised.

“Belle, I know this is a touchy subject, but the only reason I ask is because I remember you telling me that you wanted to wait until your wedding night.”

Belle nodded.

“Belle, you do have that right – if you want – to have sex with him. I’m not going to be angry with you if you do. How can I be? You guys will be married!”

“I know Mom.” Belle said.

“And I know it’s none of my business, but if you do plan on having sex, I want you to be prepared.”

“What do you mean Mom?” Belle asked, again confused as to what her mother was trying to find out. She was relieved that her mother hadn’t asked Belle if her and Shawn had already had sex. But she still didn’t know where her mother was going with this conversation.

“Birth control.”


“I want you to go see your doctor, and ask to be put on the Birth Control Pill. We all know you and Shawn are not ready for a family – at least, not yet anyway, so I think it would be a good idea if you started taking something, just in case.”

Belle nodded, relieved that her mother was telling her this.

“Mom, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ll go and see the doctor first thing tomorrow morning.”

“That’s good sweetie. And again, I’m sorry if I stuck my nose where it didn’t belong –“

“No Mom, don’t say that! I’m so glad you feel comfortable enough to talk to me about this. Most mothers would probably kill themselves before they talk to their daughters about this type of thing. I really appreciate this Mom.”

“Well, I find it silly that mothers allow their daughters to get pregnant just because they’re too embarrassed to speak to them about sex.”

Belle agreed. She decided she was going to see her doctor, and start taking birth control.

She was relieved, especially since she had just had a pregnancy scare. Belle couldn’t risk taking another chance.

Chapter Twenty Nine

Belle walked into the doctor’s office, feeling very nervous. She had never been to a gynaecologist.

Especially for birth control.

Belle sat down, and waited for her name to be called.

Finally, after 15 minutes, she was called in. She walked into the doctor’s examining room, and met Dr. Mitchell, an older man with grey hair and a friendly face.

When he asked why she had come today, Belle took a deep breath and explained.

“Dr, I’m going to get married next month, and I’d like to start taking the Birth Control Pill.”

“Ok. I just have to ask you a few questions – will that be all right?”


Belle answered all of his questions, which were pretty routine – questions such as age, medical histories – the question that made Belle nervous was when he asked if she was sexually active.

She knew she couldn’t lie and told him yes.

“Excellent. Now, before I prescribe the prescription to you, I need to examine you. All women should be examined twice a year.”

Belle bit her lip as he gave her instructions to take her clothes off, and cover herself with a large white sheet.

She undressed with shaky hands – she had never been examined before, and was nervous.

She lay down on the examining table, and Dr. Mitchell returned a few minutes later.

He smiled; trying to reassure her that this was very routine. He checked her breasts, explaining how to check them for lumps for breast cancer.

Next, he took her blood pressure, which was normal.

Then he explained to her what a Pap test was, and told her exactly what he was doing. Belle felt her hands become sweaty, and felt very uncomfortable, but told herself this all had to be done.

Finally, he was finished, and told her to dress.

Belle did, and went into his office, where he gave her the prescription. “If you have any serious side effects, just let us know.”

“Do the pills take effect right away?” Belle asked.

The doctor nodded. “Yes, they do.” He responded.

“Okay, thanks Dr.!” And with that, Belle left.

July 1995

Six weeks passed, and Belle had decided that on July 26th, she would leave for Italy, which was the following week.

Belle was disappointed that she would only be staying for three weeks, but knew she had to return to Salem for school in the fall.

One day Belle was talking to Shawn, asking about how everything was going with their shop.

She was surprised when he didn’t respond right away.

“Shawn? What is it? What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Well, it’s the shop – we’ve been run out of business. We close at the end of the week.” Shawn said.

“Oh Shawn, I’m so sorry!”

“Yeah, well, this was to be expected. So many other places were opening up, selling the same things we were, for the same price, even cheaper.” Shawn said.

“Shawn, that’s terrible.”

“I know. I don’t feel so bad for me, because once I get my Viza, I’ll be gone from Italy. It’s Zach who I feel sorry for. He’s out of a job now, and he was really enjoying this.”

“Yeah, so you told me.”

“So he’s looking for another job right now. But the good news is I’ll be free to spend time with you when you come to Italy!” Shawn said, smiling when he thought about seeing Belle again. She always managed to cheer him up, no matter how low he was feeling.

He couldn’t wait to see her.

Belle packed only one suitcase and had bought a couple of sexy numbers for her ‘wedding night’ with Shawn. She couldn’t wait to be in Shawn’s arms once again. She missed him terribly and knew it would be wonderful to see him, even if it was for three weeks.

Belle had nervously told Shawn on the phone that she had started taking the Pill. She had worried that Shawn would be disappointed, but he wasn’t. He sounded relieved that they didn’t have to worry about any unexpected surprises.

Belle decided not to remind Shawn of the one time in Milano where they had forgotten to take anything. She decided she would talk to him once she arrived in Italy.

Marlena informed Belle that once she arrived in Giaveno, she would be staying with the Brady’s – not with Vivian.

Belle had been thrilled, and had told Shawn, who wasn’t surprised. “What do you mean you’re not surprised?” She asked him.

“Well, think about it baby – you and I will be legally married – it doesn’t make sense that you’d be staying at Vivian’s.”

“Well, I suppose that makes sense.” Belle said. It would have been silly for her to stay at Vivian’s once her and Shawn were married.

“I can’t wait until you get here baby,” Shawn said.

“Oh Shawn, me too.” Belle said.

Belle hung up the phone a few minutes later, and ran to drawer, pulling out her journal. She hadn’t kept a journal throughout high school, but ever since she had gotten back from Italy, she couldn’t help but write all of her feelings down.

Most of the pages she had written on contained her feelings of love for Shawn, without a doubt. A lot of what was written talked about how much she missed him.

She had never thought she would miss him so much, but she did. She missed him so much it hurt.

She sighed – how would she go on for the rest of the summer? And the fall? And the winter?

She didn’t think she could make it. She wondered where she would find the strength to get her through her separation from the man that she loved.

Belle decided not to think about that right now, since she was going to see Shawn in a matter of days.

July 26th, 1995

Belle checked her suitcase, and made sure that she hadn’t forgotten anything. She seemed satisfied with her selections, and quickly closed it before she could change her mind.

She checked her purse, making sure she had her passport.

Finally, she emerged from her bedroom, calling out for Brady to help her with her suitcase.

“Geez Belle, three times to Italy in one year! Must be nice!”

“Oh, you’re just jealous!”

“Damn right I am!” He smiled; he could see that his kid sister was looking forward to her trip.

Belle had decided to put her hair in a French braid, and had a long blue summer dress, with spaghetti straps, and a white top underneath. It was pretty, but casual.

Her parents drove her to the airport with Brady, where she said her goodbyes, and made her way to the boarding area.

Belle entered the plane, and felt happy. She was a little nervous about travelling alone, but knew she wouldn’t have any problems.

She tried sleeping on the way to Milano, but couldn’t close her eyes. She couldn’t help but think about her trip; she would be staying at Shawn’s – which meant they would be together every day.

She opened her purse, making sure once again that she hadn’t forgotten her birth control. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw the package sitting beside her wallet.

It had been almost two months since she had last seen Shawn, and she wondered if he was looking forward to see her.

When she thought about the last time they had made love, she smirked. Of course he was looking forward to see her! He was probably dying to get her alone so they could make love!

She smiled; she almost thought she was dreaming. She took out her journal, and wrote down her feelings, feeling the need to express how excited and nervous she was.

A few hours later, Belle was surprised when she woke up from a short nap. She didn’t think she could fall asleep, but she had! She looked at her watch, and gasped. They would be landing in an hour!

She went to the washroom, and washed her face. She checked her hair and make up, and seemed satisfied.

She then returned to her seat, and prepared to land.

She made sure her seatbelt was buckled, and told herself to be calm.

Ready or not Shawn Brady, here I come, she thought to herself, smiling wickedly.

Chapter Thirty, Rated R

Belle didn’t notice Shawn right away. She was trying to push her cart, and was focused on not running anyone over.

She thought she heard Hope say, “Shawn!”

Belle turned her head to the left, then to her right, trying to see if she could see him.

Finally, she saw him walking towards her, with blue jeans and a white shirt, and she smiled. He had his arms spread wide, just waiting to hug her.

Belle almost gasped when he walked over to her and took her into a warm hug. She was so happy to see him. They said nothing as they continued to hold each other; Belle could see Bo and Hope in the distance, smiling at the couple who were obviously very happy to see one another.

As Belle pulled away from him, she kissed his cheek tenderly. He smiled at her, and took her suitcase off the carriage.

He then walked over to his parents, who were eagerly awaiting her. Belle found herself being enveloped in a warm hug by both Bo and Hope, who were in tears because they were so happy to see her.

Next came Zach, who gave her a big bear hug.

Belle laughed, and followed them to the parking lot. They piled in, with Belle next to Shawn in the backseat.

Shawn extended his arm over her shoulder, and pulled her close to him.

“Are you thirsty baby? Do you want to stop and get something to drink?” Shawn asked.

Belle shook her head, yet Zach still went out and got something for her to drink. He returned a minute later with a bottle of water. Shawn immediately handed it to Belle. She took a sip, feeling much more refreshed.

They drove off, and Shawn refused to let go of Belle. They knew they were reunited for only a short time, but they were going to make the most of it.

They arrived at the Brady home almost two hours later, where Shawn put Belle’s suitcase in his bedroom. Belle wondered if that meant that Shawn would be staying in the same room with her, but she couldn’t be sure.

She went to the washroom to freshen up, then made her way to her room to change. It was very humid in Italy, so she decided to wear a pair of purple shorts with a pink top. She put her hair up into a ponytail.

Just as she was about to go into the living room, Shawn appeared in her room. They said nothing as he walked over to her slowly, and took her hand in his.

Shawn’s face was serious as he kissed it gently, then pulled her in for a tight hug. They were silent as they continued to hold each other. Finally, Shawn pulled away and leaned in to kiss her.

The kiss started out slow and gentle, put soon, Belle could feel Shawn’s tongue outline her lips and her mouth opened for him. They tongues met and engaged in a long dance, swirling with each other as if they hadn’t kissed in ages.

Belle moaned and felt herself become aroused. She had missed this, being so close to Shawn.

Belle felt Shawn’s hands move up to her breasts, where he cupped them intimately with his large hands. His lips left hers and sucked on her neck sweetly, enjoying her sweet smell, and the way her skin tasted.

“Oh Belle,” he moaned. “I’ve missed you.”

Belle sighed and looked into his eyes.

“I’ve missed you too baby,” she admitted. They smiled at each other, and Shawn extended his hand to her and said,

“Why don’t we go eat some dinner, then we can talk later.”

Belle nodded and took his hand, heading over to the living room.

Belle hadn’t realized how much she had missed Hope’s cooking until she sat down at the dinner table.

Belle cleared her plate and blushed when Shawn looked at it. “Not one word.” She said.

“Hey, my lips are sealed,” he mocked, pretending to lock his lips with a key.

Belle smacked his arm playfully, and smiled when he leaned over to kiss her gently on her lips. Belle was surprised – Shawn didn’t usually show affection for her in front of his family, but she wasn’t complaining!

After dinner, Shawn took Belle out to the balcony. Belle sat down in a small chair with Shawn, enjoying the evening breeze blowing in her hair. She felt so at peace with herself, and wished she could stay this way forever.

She turned to Shawn, who was drinking his coffee silently, just watching her.

“Your parents are so lucky to have this balcony! I can’t believe the door comes from their bedroom!” Belle said.

“You mean, OUR bedroom.” Shawn said.

Belle looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean, our bedroom Shawn?”

“Exactly what I said – this room is our room. At least, it will be our room just as soon as we’re married.”

“I don’t understand Shawn.”

“Well, you see, my parents and I were talking. After we go to City Hall and become Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady, our sleeping arrangements will obviously change. So they decided that we’re going to buy a new bedroom set, and move into this bedroom here.”

“Oh Shawn, that’s so sweet of you guys, but I can’t do that! I can’t take your parents bedroom!”

“Belle, it’s already been decided. Once we have our marriage certificate in our hands, we’re going shopping for a new bedroom set, so don’t argue with me.”

“Shawn, do you have any idea what a new bedroom set will cost? It’s pretty expensive in the US; I can just imagine the prices in Italy! You just lost the shop too! And why do we have to take your parent’s bedroom? What’s wrong with yours?”

“Belle, my bedroom is small – you’ve seen it yourself. Now, it was my parent’s idea to buy you the new bedroom set – they want to give it to us as a wedding present. What they have in mind will not fit in that small room you are referring to.”

Belle couldn’t believe this. She was touched by the Brady’s kindness, but still felt terrible about moving Bo and Hope out of their bedroom.

“Shawn, that’s wonderful of them, really it is, but I still can’t move into their bedroom-“

“Belle, stop calling it their bedroom! It’s our bedroom!” Shawn said. He finished drinking his coffee and set the cup down on the small table in front of them. He cupped her face in her hands and kissed her forehead gently. “Now stop arguing about this, it’s already been decided baby,” he said.

Belle sighed and kissed Shawn sweetly. “Your family is too good to me Shawn.” She whispered.

“Only because you’re good to them baby,” Shawn said.

“Am I so great that it’s worth all this they’re doing for me?”

“Belle honey, you’re worth so much, just by being you! Don’t you realize how much they love you, just because you’re you!”

Belle smiled as Shawn continued.

“You have the sweetest personality, you care about everyone, and you never let anyone or anything get you down.”

“Shawn, come on,” Belle said, blushing furiously at his words.

“It’s true Belle.”

“Well, thank you for your sweet words.” Belle said.

Shawn leaned forward and kissed her lips gently. “Your welcome.” He whispered.

Shawn pulled her chair closed to him, and put his arm around her shoulder. They remained on the balcony and talked about what they would be doing the next day.

They would be busy.

In the morning, they were going to drive to City Hall with Shawn’s family, and get married. Once they were finished, they would head out to the marketplace, and look for a new bedroom set.

Once that was done, they would have it delivered to the Brady house, and move Bo and Hope’s things out to what used to be Shawn and Zach’s room. They were then going to move in Shawn and Belle’s new bedroom set.

“I’m so excited Shawn.” Belle said. “I can’t wait until we’re married.”

Shawn smiled; he was excited too. He would show her how excited he was – after they were married.

When it was close to 10:00, Belle and Shawn decided to head inside.

“I hope your family doesn’t think I was snubbing them,” Belle said.

“Don’t worry about it. They know we’ve been dying to be alone, so they won’t say a word.” Shawn said.

Belle sat down in the living room with the Brady’s and discussed their plans for the next day.

Eventually, they all decided to call it a night.

Tonight, Belle would sleep alone in Shawn and Zach’s room. She wondered if Shawn would sneak into her room, and couldn’t ask him for some reason.

This is silly, she thought to herself. Shawn and I should be jumping each other’s bones, and I’m worried about whether or not I should ask him to come to my room tonight.

She shook her head, and wished everyone a good night.

She went into her room, and changed into her sleepwear – a short nightshirt, made out of silk, with buttons running down the front. It fell just above her knees.

Just as she lay down in her bed, Shawn walked into her room.

It was dark, but she could see Shawn from the light coming in from the hallway. She smiled as she made his way over to the side of her bed and climbed into bed with her.

She turned to her side and welcomed him in. He drew in a sharp breath when he saw her silky nightshirt. It left little to his imagination. He could see the outline of her breasts through the silk, and licked his lips shamelessly.

Shawn gave Belle a quick kiss, then pulled away so he could look down at his hands. He began to unbutton her nightshirt, and his pulse quickened when he saw her creamy white breasts before him. He pushed her shirt aside and caressed her breasts gently with his large hands.

Belle sighed happily as she felt Shawn’s hands on her breasts. She had missed his caresses, and felt herself melting from his touches.

She leaned forward and kissed him tenderly, enjoying the way their tongues met, almost as though they were desperate for one another.

She was surprised when Shawn pulled away.

“What is it?” Belle asked.

“Nothing baby, I just think I should go.”

Belle frowned, but said, “Okay.”

Shawn smiled and kissed her forehead. “Baby, believe me, I don’t want to go, but this is better. I don’t want to do any more sneaking around, especially since we’ll be getting married tomorrow.”

Belle nodded. She would miss him in her bed, but told herself that it would be for one night only.

Shawn would be worth the wait.

“I understand Shawn.”

“Good. Now rest up – you’ll need a lot of energy for tomorrow night.” Shawn said, winking at her.

Belle blushed and kissed him goodnight.

He left the room, and Belle settled into bed, covering herself with the sheets. She went to sleep with a smile on her face, thinking about how this was the last night she would be known as Isabella Black.

Tomorrow, she was going to be known as Isabella Brady.
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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC-17.
Chapters 31 - 35

Chapter Thirty One

Belle woke up, feeling very humid. She kicked the sheets away, deciding she didn’t need them. It was far too hot.

She got up from her bed, and noticed the clock on the nightstand. It was just past midnight.

She had been so tired, and had fallen asleep right away. But now that she was up, she decided to throw some cold water on her face.

Belle put a bathrobe over her nightshirt, just in case anyone else was up. She opened her bedroom door, and went into the hallway. She noticed Bo and Hope’s door closed, and the lights were all out in the living room. Everyone was asleep.

She then went over to the washroom, where she noticed the light was on. She could hear the water running, and knew someone was thinking the same way she was.

Belle wondered if it was Shawn in the washroom. She glanced into the living room, and saw only Zach asleep on one of the couches. Shawn’s couch was empty.

Belle walked into the bathroom, and saw Shawn leaning over the sink, washing his face.

“Shawn?” she said, squinting her eyes when they came into contact with the light.

“Belle?” Shawn said, quickly drying his eyes. He walked up to her and asked, “Why aren’t you sleeping? Is everything all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I just couldn’t sleep.” Belle said.

“Why not?” he asked.

“It’s too hot. I wanted to splash some cold water on my face. May I?” she asked when she saw Shawn was in front of the sink.

“Oh yeah – sorry.” He said, moving aside.

Belle turned on the faucet, and let the cold water run. She washed her face quickly, feeling cooler already.

She dried her face off and turned to look at Shawn, who was watching her intently.

They both smiled at each other and immediately hugged.

“Belle, you should get some sleep,” Shawn said.

“No, I’m not sleepy any more,” Belle responded. She was still in his arms, and didn’t want to go back to bed alone.

“Well, we can’t very well stay in here,” Shawn said.

“I know that.” She said.

“Well then, you got any ideas?” Shawn asked.

“I think so.”

“Yeah? Does it involve me, you, and your bed?” Shawn asked, grinning wickedly.

“Since when did you become a mind reader?” Belle asked, winking at him.

Shawn felt his pulse quicken, but knew he had to control himself. He wanted to wait until they were married, and knew he couldn’t let his hormones get the better of him.

Belle deserved to be made love to after they were married; not with him sneaking in and out of her bedroom.

When she had been in Italy a couple of months ago, that had be fine. But now, Shawn knew it would be right if they waited, just for one night.

“Okay, why don’t I accompany you to your room then?” Shawn whispered, leaning forward and kissing her lips.

“Sounds like a great idea.” Belle said.

They quietly walked out of the bathroom, and walked into the bedroom. Shawn took off Belle’s bathrobe, and told her to lie down.

He quickly joined her, and lay down on his back, telling Belle to place her head on his chest.

Belle did so, confused as to why Shawn was being so gentle with her. She loved that he was being so loving, but wondered why he didn’t want to make love to her.

“Baby, I know what you’re thinking, and if you think I don’t want to make love to you, I think a certain part of my anatomy disagrees with you.” He kissed her forehead affectionately and turned so that they were facing one another.

Belle smiled and met his eyes. He was so unbelievably sweet to her, and Belle knew at this point, it didn’t matter if they made love or not. She could wait until tomorrow night – right now, all she wanted was for them to be together, just in the same bed, and nothing else.

“I know Shawn. I could sort of, um, feel your desire, if you know what I mean, “ Belle said, giggling as she placed her hand on his erection.

Shawn moaned, but then took her hand away.

“I’m glad you understand,” he said. He lay back down, and patted his chest, and said, “Come on, I’ll make sure you get to sleep,”

Belle did as she was told, and was pleasantly surprised when she felt Shawn’s finger tips touch the back of her neck softly. He was gently caressing her, and it was so soothing, so relaxing, that Belle felt her eyes close involuntarily.

He continued to caress her, eventually moving his hands down to her back, then to her bare arms, stroking her softly.

It didn’t take long for Belle to fall asleep, and Shawn smiled. He released her gently, making sure not to wake her up.

Shawn climbed out of bed, and made sure she was covered up to her waist. He kissed her lips and whispered, “Good night baby –I love you.”

He then left, leaving Belle in her peaceful slumber.

July 27th, 1995

The next day, Shawn was in the shower, whistling as he thought about the day ahead of him.

Everyone was up, except for Belle. No one had bothered her, since they had known she was still tired from jet lag.

After Shawn had finished his shower and was dressed, he walked over to Belle’s room, noticing that the door was still closed. He opened it, and stepped into the room.

He smiled sweetly when he saw her sleeping soundly. She was on her back, and she had managed to kick the sheets away while she slept.

He felt his pulse quicken when he saw the hem of her nightshirt had ridden up her legs, showing off her beautiful thighs. He had an urge to run over and lick them with his lips, but knew he couldn’t.

He walked over to her bed, and said, “Let’s see if my angel is up yet!”

Belle felt herself waking up, and heard Shawn’s voice. She smiled, but kept her eyes closed.

Shawn sat down on the side of her bed, and leaned to her and said, “Can I get a kiss from my angel?”

Belle nodded and they shared a sweet kiss. Belle finally opened her eyes, and saw Shawn staring down at her with a loving look on his face.

“Good morning.” She said, her voice full of love.

“Morning beautiful. Did you sleep well?” He asked.

Belle nodded. “Yes, thanks to your little body massage!”

Shawn grinned and kissed her once more.

“Well, I’m glad you slept well, but you have to get up now!” Shawn exclaimed, pulling her up from the bed.

Belle laughed and stood up from the bed. “Okay, okay, I know we have a long day ahead of us. Let me just take a shower, and we’ll be on our way.”

Shawn nodded and watched as she got her stuff together and walked out of the room. He wondered if he’d be able to last until tonight. He wanted her so much, and couldn’t believe he had gone on two months without making love to Belle.

Tonight, she would find out just how much he had missed her.

Belle quickly took a shower, and sat down in the kitchen to eat breakfast with the Brady’s. After they were finished, Belle went to change. She put on her white dress, and put her hair in an elegant French twist. She applied very little make up, just enough to accentuate her beautiful features.

She stood before the full-length mirror, and put on her white pumps. There, she was finished. Shawn walked in at that very moment, wearing blue dress pants, and a short sleeve blue shirt with a collar. He looked gorgeous, she thought.

“Wow Belle, I love your dress!” Shawn said, whistling as he walked over to her.

“Glad you like it.” Belle said, smiling as Shawn’s eyes swept over her curves appreciatively.

When Bo, Hope and Zach were ready, they all made their way to City Hall. They arrived a short time later, and walked in. They filled out the proper forms, informing them they wanted to get married.

They were ushered into a waiting room, where they all sat down.

Now they would wait until a minister was ready. They waited anxiously, with Belle looking down at her hands, wondering if she would ever stop shaking.

She knew she shouldn’t be nervous, but just the thought of finally making a commitment seemed almost unbelievable. She didn’t have any second thoughts – she knew she loved Shawn, and wanted to marry him, even if it was happening a little ahead of schedule.

Belle felt like she was dreaming, and hoped that the minister would be ready soon. She licked her lips anxiously, and looked at Shawn, who was grinning wickedly.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing, it’s just that, when you licked your lips, it made me think of something, that’s all,” he admitted.

Belle smiled and said, “Oh, now I get it.”

They waited a few more minutes, then finally; their name was called.

Belle nervously walked into the minister’s office, with Bo, Hope and Zach behind them.

They stood in front of the minister’s desk, and watched as he stood in front of them, with his hands folded. They had specifically asked for a minister who spoke English, and were relieved to find one.

Belle could feel her heat pounding, but she had no reservations. She was finally going to become Mrs Shawn Brady, and it couldn’t happen a moment sooner!

The minister began by telling them that marriage was not something to be taken lightly; it was something that should be decided upon very carefully.

Belle and Shawn nodded, and continued to listen to him.

“Of utmost importance when entering into such a huge commitment, is love. Love between a husband and wife is fundamental. But what goes hand in hand with love is respect and trust. One cannot function without the other. That being said, do you two feel that you’re ready to enter into marriage?”

“Yes,” Shawn said.

They all turned to look at Belle, who said, “Yes”.

“Good. Now, before we continue, Signora, you do have the option of keeping your surname. Do you choose to do so, or do you wish to take your husband’s last name?”

“I choose my husband’s last name.” Belle responded. Shawn smiled at her and the minister continued.

“Very well then. Shawn Douglas Brady, do you promise to love Isabella, cherish her, and trust her, for as long as you both live?”

Shawn smiled and didn’t hesitate when he answered. “I do.”

The minister turned to Belle and repeated the same words. “Do you Isabella, promise to love Shawn Douglas, cherish him, and trust him, for as long as you both live?”

Belle smiled and said, “I do.”

“By the power vested in me, in the State of Giaveno, Italy, I now pronounce you man and wife.”

Shawn and Belle laughed as he pronounced them husband and wife. They hugged both feeling happier than they had ever been in their life. They were finally married.

After they finished hugging, the minister asked if they could sign their marriage certificate. They both signed it, and Bo and Hope agreed to sign the certificate as witnesses. Belle was ecstatic when she signed Isabella Brady on the marriage certificate.

They exited the office, and Bo, Hope and Zach hugged Belle, officially welcoming her to the family.

Belle smiled, feeling as though nothing could bring her down.

Shawn took her hand and said, “So, how do you feel Mrs. Brady?”

Belle shrieked when she heard him call her that. “Oh Shawn, say it again, PLEASE!”

Shawn laughed, and repeated, “So how do you feel, MRS BRADY?”

Belle screamed, loving the way the words Mrs Brady just rolled off his tongue.

“Shawn, do you have any idea how good that sounds! Do you have any idea how happy I am right now??” she asked, stopping and looking at him.

They were walking to the car, and Bo, Hope and Zach continued walking, sensing that Shawn and Belle needed a moment alone.

Shawn leaned forward and said, “I think I have some idea, because I’m just as – if not more – happy than you, Mrs. Brady.”

Belle wondered if she should be crying; odd, she didn’t feel like crying. She was certainly feeling emotional, but in a good way. She was overjoyed that she was married to Shawn, and felt as though nothing could bring her down.

Shawn and Belle leaned forward and shared a kiss, the first of many to come and Mr and Mrs Shawn Douglas Brady.

Chapter Thirty Two

After Shawn and Belle had finished up at City Hall, the Brady’s officially welcomed Belle to the family by taking her out to lunch.

They ended up at a restaurant in the downtown area of Giaveno, where they all sat together and ordered their lunch.

Bo asked the waiter for a bottle of his best wine, saying that he wanted to make a toast to the newest member of his family.

Belle smiled; just when she thought the day couldn’t get better, Bo had proven her wrong.

It was a sunny day in Giaveno, and they decided to sit outdoors while they ate their lunch.

Shawn squeezed Belle’s hand tightly and asked, “What are you thinking about, MRS Brady?”

Belle grinned and said, “Oh, nothing, just about how happy I am!” Belle said.

Shawn smiled and kissed the side of her head affectionately.

Lunch was served, but before they began to eat, the bottle of wine arrived, and the waiter poured Bo a glass.

Bo sipped a little of the wine, and nodded his head in satisfaction. The waiter then poured a glass for the rest of them.

Bo stood up, and cleared his throat.

“I know what you guys are thinking – Papa Bo just loves making toasts, but I swear, this will be the last one – for now!”

Shawn groaned, while Belle, Hope and Zach laughed.

“Seriously though, we didn’t know that Shawn and Belle would be married so soon, but I think that everything happens for a reason, so that’s why we’re all so happy that this happened now.”

Bo looked at his beaming daughter-in-law and said, “I don’t know if you remember, but two months ago when I was making another toast, I predicted you two would be married sooner than you thought – and I was right!”

Belle nodded. She remembered Bo saying that to them while they had eaten dinner one night.

“I just want to wish you and Shawn all of the happiness in the world Belle.” They all stood up and said “Here, here,”

Bo added, “And welcome to the family.”

Belle’s eyes filled with tears as she listened to Shawn’s father speak so lovingly. She could barely say ‘thank you’ without crying, but managed to do so without looking like a fool.

They ate their lunch, then piled into the car, intending to go shopping for a bedroom set for the newlyweds.

The five of them looked around the marketplace, trying to decide on what to buy. Hope asked Belle what she wanted, but Belle said whatever Hope wanted would be fine with her.

An hour later, they walked into one shop, which had a bedroom set made out of cherry wood. It was dark brown, and instantly caught Belle’s eye. It was five pieces – it had a queen size bed; two nightstands, a dresser, and a large armoire, with a full-length mirror.

Hope saw how her daughter-in-law couldn’t stop staring at the set; she noticed that she hadn’t been so attentive in the other shops they had been in, and knew what she had to do.

Hope made eye contact with Bo, and motioned for him to come over to her.

“What is it fancy face?” He asked.

“This is the bedroom set we’re going to buy for Belle.” Hope whispered, making sure that Shawn and Belle couldn’t hear her.

“It is?”

“Yes Bo! Look at her, she’s in love with it! She can’t keep her eyes off of it!”

Bo turned to look at Belle, and nodded. She had her eyes glued to the bed set.

“Okay then, we found what we’re looking for.” Bo said.

Hope smiled as they walked over to Shawn and Belle.

“Belle sweetie, we want you to know that this is the bedroom set we’ve decided to buy – is that all right?”

Belle turned to look at Hope, her eyes wide as saucers. “Hope, you can’t be serious! But it’s so expensive, look at the price, and you can’t –“

“Belle, it’s already been decided. Bo, go take care of this.” Hope said.

Bo nodded and walked over to one of the salesman, informing him in Italian what he wanted to buy.

“Hope, this is really too much,” Belle said. She had seen the price and she knew it was a lot of money. With Shawn and Zach out of work, Belle wondered where they would find the money.

“Baby, stop worrying. Mom and Dad want to do this for you, so you don’t have to feel bad,” Shawn said.

“How do you read my mind like that?” she asked, giving him a small smile.

Shawn simply smiled back at her, and took her hand. He squeezed it gently, then walked over to his parents and Zach, who were giving instructions to the shop owners on where to deliver the set.

Shortly later, they arrived home, only to start clearing out the bedrooms.

Once Bo and Hope’s things had been moved into Shawn and Zach’s old room, the delivery guys arrived with the new bedroom set.

The house was in total shambles as they tried organizing themselves.

Shawn and Zach’s old beds were to be given away; they arranged for them to be picked up, but in the meantime, they were lying against the wall in the hallway.

One by one, pieces of Shawn and Belle’s bedroom set were brought up to their house. They were all wrapped in paper, and the Brady’s proceeded to unwrap everything.

Belle took out a large garbage bag and gathered all the unwrapped paper. It seemed to be everywhere.

The Brady men took on the task of putting the bed together while it was still in the hallway. While they did that, Hope took a mop and quickly cleaned up what would soon be Shawn and Belle’s room.

It was already hot, but while the men worked, they became even sweatier. Belle walked over to Shawn and offered to take his shirt for him. He smiled and took it off, handing it to her.

Belle involuntarily gasped when she saw Shawn. She knew she shouldn’t behave this way, after all, she had seen Shawn naked dozens of times before.

But when she had a look at his perfectly sculpted chest, Belle had an urge to lean over and place a kiss right in the middle of his chest, but stopped herself.

Shawn caught Belle staring at him, and smiled. He loved knowing that he got to her, much the same way she got to him.

Belle turned away, and hung his shirt up on the coat rack in the hallway.

The Brady men continued to work on the bed, when finally, it was done.

The bed was sitting in the hallway, and merely had to be carried into the bedroom.

Zach grinned and said, “Okay, the bed is set up, what should we do with it?”

Belle blushed and Bo said, “Not sure – what do you think son?”

“I think we should just leave it here – I don’t think Belle will mind sleeping in the hallway, now would you Belle?” Zach teased.

Belle smiled, but said nothing, still blushing furiously.

She turned to look at Shawn who winked at her and smiled.

Belle’s heart skipped a beat, and she walked up to him.

He was leaning against the wall, and he instantly extended his arms to pull her in for a warm hug. She leaned her head against his chest, and closed her eyes. She wished she didn’t have to leave in three weeks; she was enjoying her time with Shawn.

They pulled apart, and Bo, Zach, and Shawn lifted up the bed, and carried it into the bedroom. They set it down in the middle of the room, and made sure it was lined up against the wall properly.

They then started bringing in the dresser, the nightables, then finally, the large armoire.

It was a bit tight, but the set fit perfectly.

Belle had the armoire put directly in front of the bed, and the dresser put to the side. The nightables were on either side of the bed, and Belle made sure there was a small rug put in front of the bed.

Perfect, she thought. She was completely satisfied, and hugged her in-laws tightly, thanking them for the wonderful present.

Bo, Zach, and Shawn went into the kitchen to cool off with a beer.

Hope and Belle were busy in the mean time. Hope emerged from her room with some new bed sheets and a beautiful covering for her new bed. Belle was speechless as they put everything together.

Hope moved all of Shawn’s clothes in, and made sure that Belle’s belongings were bought in as well.

By the time they were finished, they too were exhausted, but everything looked great.

Belle couldn’t believe this was going to be her room. She noticed the door on the other side of the room that led to the balcony. She smiled; she loved that this was all hers now.

She hugged Hope once more and they walked into the kitchen, trying to decide what to make for dinner.

Hope finally said that she would make pizza for everyone, and proceeded to take out the pizza dough. Belle offered to help, but Hope refused.

“You sit down with your husband, and or do whatever you have to do – I have everything under control where the kitchen is concerned.” Hope said.

Belle smiled and thanked her.

She walked into her bedroom, and took out her suitcase. She wondered what she should wear that night, since it was officially their wedding night.

Belle looked at what she had bought – one was a short blue negligee, with a lot of cleavage, which she knew Shawn would love.

The other was a long dark green negligee, also very open.

She decided to wear the green, and placed it into one the dresser drawers. She wanted to surprise Shawn, which is why she made sure he couldn’t see it until it came time to wear it.

Belle looked around the room once more and made sure everything was perfect. Once she was satisfied, Belle started to leave the room to wash up for dinner.

She didn’t know why her heart was pounding so furiously; she knew it was in anticipation of her night with Shawn, but she thought she was being silly.

It was one thing to be excited – but to be nervous?

Calm down Belle, you’re not a virgin any more, she told herself.

Yet, she knew it would be nearly impossible to be patient. She hungered for Shawn, and hoped the rest of the night would go by quickly.

At that moment, Shawn walked into the bedroom, and walked over to Belle quietly. He lifted his hand and caressed her cheek softly and asked, “Is everything ok?”

Belle nodded. “Everything’s perfect.”

“Good.” Shawn said, kissing her cheek. “Want to go eat some dinner?”

“Sure.” Belle said.

They started to walk out of the room, but Belle stopped him. “Shawn, what are we going to do AFTER dinner?” She asked, arching her eyebrow and looking at him seductively.

Shawn’s breath caught in his throat as he looked into the sultry blue eyes of his young wife. Her eyes were driving him insane, because they showed him that he was going to be in for one helluva night.

“Use your imagination baby,” Shawn growled, taking her lips in a heated kiss.

Belle responded eagerly, flinging her arms around his neck. She loved teasing him, because she knew how she got to him.

They pulled apart from their kiss, and they were out of breath as they decided to go and eat dinner.

They decided that the sooner they ate dinner, the sooner they could start their wedding night.

Chapter Thirty Three, Rated NC-17

The, ahem, wedding night.

Dinner was eaten quickly, and the Brady’s were sitting in the living room, watching television and sipping coffee.

It was then Belle realized she had been in Giavano for almost two days, and not called her Aunt Vivian!

She got up from her chair, and walked over to the telephone, dialling Vivian’s number, which she knew by heart.

“Belle darling! When did you arrive?” Vivian asked as soon as she picked up the phone.

Belle laughed and informed her that she had just arrived yesterday. John had informed Vivian of Belle’s problem, and when Belle told her that her and Shawn had gone to City Hall that day, she was thrilled.

“Oh Belle! I’m so happy for you!”

“Thanks Aunt Viv.”

“I know you want to spend as much time with your new husband as possible, but you must come by the house, and soon! I insist you spend the night, Nicholas can hardly wait to see you!” Vivian said.

“We’ll come by Aunt Viv, I promise.”

“Well, I’m going to hold you to that promise, so don’t disappoint me.”

“I won’t.”

“So tell me, how are your parents doing? Have you called them? Has John….”

Vivian and Belle talked for almost twenty minutes, then Belle told her Aunt she would call back the next day, to speak with Nicholas, who was apparently not home.

Belle walked over to sit with Shawn, who was watching the evening news with everyone else intently.

He smiled briefly at Belle, and turned back to the news. To let her know that he wasn’t ignoring her, he extended his arm out to her, motioning for her to lean back against him.

Belle did so, wishing she could understand Italian so she could find out what was so interesting.

When the news was over, Belle was relieved. Shawn turned to her and gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry baby, we’re just intense when we watch the news,” he said.

“Oh, that’s ok sweetie.” Belle said. She bit her lip; now what? She thought to herself.

But Shawn was ten steps ahead of her.

“Well, we’re going to call it a night, so good night everyone,” Shawn said.

Belle stood up with Shawn, and walked out of the living room, also wishing everyone a good night.

They went into their bedroom, where Shawn asked Belle if she wanted to use the washroom before they went to bed.

Belle shook her head, so Shawn excused himself for a minute.

Perfect, Belle thought to herself. She quickly took out her green number out of the dresser drawer, and put it on quickly. She smiled when she saw how it hugged her curves.

‘Shawn’s not going to know what hit him,’ Belle thought.

She let her hair down, and took a comb for her dresser to comb through it quickly.

Next, she turned down the sheets from the bed, which made it look inviting.

Belle then turned off the light, and flicked on one of the lambs on the nightstand.

The window was open by the balcony, so a light cool breeze blew in, which is just what the atmosphere needed.

Just then, she heard footsteps, and stood up straight, waiting for Shawn to enter.

He did a moment later. He was shirtless, and had his shirt flung over his shoulder. He had combed his hair back, and was wearing only a pair of shorts.

Belle’s heartbeat quickened, when she saw how sensuous he looked.

She saw Shawn lick his lips as his eyes swept over her figure.

“Damn Belle,” he cursed silently, throwing his shirt on the floor. He walked over to her slowly, loving the passionate look she had in her eyes. She looked like she was going to eat him alive with her eyes, and Shawn couldn’t wait.

He walked over to her slowly. She looked like she was dying to be in his arms, yet refused to move from where she was standing.

When he was finally in front of her, he took both hands and ran them up and down her arms slowly, noticing how Belle savoured the feeling as she closed her eyes.

He took one of his hands and stroked her long blonde hair gently, loving the way her tresses felt in his fingertips.

Shawn’s hand stopped stroking her hair and he cupped the back of her neck, bringing her lips closer to his. Her eyes flew open and her blue eyes met his dark ones.

He had a raw hunger in his eyes, and Belle could not wait to find out just much hunger he had for her.

Their lips remained within inches of each other, their eyes locked on another. Shawn didn’t make a move; he wanted to remember this moment, so he could keep it locked in his mind once Belle returned to Salem.

He would be alone for so many nights, and he wanted to remember the passion he saw in her eyes at that very moment. He wanted to remember the way her lips were trembling, just begging him to kiss them.

Her arms went around his waist, and she pulled him closer to her.

Finally, Shawn’s lips swooped down on hers and he instantly licked her lips, demanding that she open for him.

She did, their tongues meeting and duelling with one another, engaging in a passionate dance.

Belle moaned as she felt Shawn’s other arm go around her waist, and they held on to each other tightly, not wanting to let the other go.

Her breasts crashed up against his bare chest, and Shawn thought he would die from pleasure. He could feel her breasts through the thin material of her negligee, and that made him think of what they would taste like at that very moment.

His lips pulled away from hers, and he bent down slightly, touching her breasts with both hands. Belle immediately arched to him, encouraging Shawn not to stop.

Shawn then bent forward and licked her nipples lightly, leaving a wet spot on the green material. Belle moaned, feeling nothing but pleasure as Shawn touched her with his magical lips.

He wanted more. He wanted her naked. He wanted himself to be naked.

He stepped back for a moment, and took off his shorts and boxers. He let out a deep breath as he released his raging erection from the confinements of his shorts. It didn’t take much for Belle to arouse him any more.

Belle stared at his impressive erection and grinned. “So Shawn,” she purred, extending her hand over to him and touching his manhood gently. “How much did you REALLY miss me?” she asked.

Shawn closed his eyes as Belle stroked him gently. “Oh Belle, you’re going to find out very soon baby, don’t you worry,” he whispered.

Belle let go as Shawn opened his eyes, and he told Belle to lift up her arms. He bent down to the hem of her negligee and pulled it up slowly and finally, tossed it off of her head, and onto the floor.

He nearly died when he saw that she was completely naked. He looked at her creamy breasts, just waiting for his mouth to devour them. He looked down to her lucious legs, knowing he would have to have a helping of them as well.

He then stared at the V in the middle of her legs, licking his lips when he saw the patch of blonde curls. He was going to die, and he couldn’t imagine being happier, just from the pleasure he received by staring at her.

Touching her would be a whole other story.

He stepped up to her and bent his head to her breasts, kissing them frantically, as if his very life depended on her breasts. He moved his lips to the sweet valley between her breasts, and he licked hungrily. Hearing Belle moaning his name only encouraged him to continue.

Belle’s head was thrown back, and she didn’t know how much more she could take of this.

Her arms were around his shoulders, and she continued moaning his name.

Shawn then came to one of her nipples, which instantly hardened. He took it in his mouth, sucking greedily. He then turned to the other one, and sucked on it as well.

“Oh Shawn,” Belle moaned. She could feel surges of electricity just flowing through her, and thought she was going to peak at any moment.

“Belle,” Shawn moaned, in between kisses, “You taste so good, so sweet – I’ve missed my mouth on your breasts,” he said passionately.

“Oh Shawn,” Belle shrieked, pulling his face up so that it was now level with hers. They stared at each other for only a moment, before Belle moved in and kissed him.

Shawn was pleasantly surprised that Belle had done that. He could see she was very aroused, and knew neither one of them could hold out much longer.

“Belle, go lie down,” Shawn ordered.

Belle nodded and went over to the bed and did as she was told.

Shawn lay on top of her, loving that she already had her legs spread apart for him. He could feel the light breeze coming in from the window, and he shivered a bit.

“You cold sweetie?” Belle asked.

“Cold? Are you kidding me? I’ve never been hotter in my life baby!” Shawn said, leaning down and kissing her lips urgently. Their tongues met once again, and swirled with one another, giving life once again to each other.

They stopped kissing, and Belle’s hand went to his manhood, and guided him to her core.

Shawn gently entered her, moaning as he felt himself enveloped by her sweet warmth.

“Oh Belle,” he said, loving the way she spread her legs apart even more for him.

“Yes Shawn, tell me what you want Shawn,” Belle moaned, feeling Shawn enter her, loving the way he felt inside of her.

“You baby, I want you – I want all of you,” he answered.

“Well, you got me baby – I’m all yours,” she said.

Shawn groaned again as he thrust into her, smiling when he felt Belle’s body welcoming him.

Belle lifted her lips, meeting each and every one of her thrusts, noticing how much her pleasure increased each time she did.

Just a little more, and she would be there, Shawn thought. He could feel her walls tightening around him with each thrust, and continued, as he heard Belle moaning his name.

Finally, Belle reached her peak, and threw her head back against the pillows. Her eyes were shut tight, and Shawn could tell she wasn’t quite finished.

Her breasts were thrust in front of his mouth, and he couldn’t help but suck on them as she did so. That lit another fuse for her, and she screamed his name once again.

They heard the mattress springs moving, but didn’t care. All that mattered was their reunion, and their wedding night, which was more perfect than anyone could ever imagine.

Belle was out of breath after she peaked the second time, and smiled up at Shawn. “Your turn lover,” she purred.

Shawn grinned and said, “You know it baby.”

He thrust in her a couple of more times, then felt his own release approaching. He felt Belle’s a hand run along his back, and that just added to his pleasure. “Yes, Belle, yes,” he said.

Belle continued to touch him, her hands holding onto him tightly.

Then he was there – Shawn reached his own peak, shouted Belle’s name. “Oh God Belle!” He said.

He was breathing heavily by the time he was done, and his head fell on her chest.

“Shawn, Oh Gosh, that was so good, so hot, so –“ Belle stopped, at a loss for words.

“Would phenomenal be the word you’re looking for?” Shawn said.

Belle nodded. “That would probably be it.” She whispered. She kissed his lips lightly and said, “I love you Shawn Brady,”

“And I love you Mrs Shawn Brady,” he said with a grin on his face.

“Oh Shawn, I LOVE when you call me that!” she giggled.

“Oh you do? Well then, I guess I should call you that more often then, MRS Brady!”

“Shawn, stop!”

“Why, what will you do to me, Mrs Shawn Brady!”

Belle laughed as Shawn ticked her, and she begged him to stop.

Finally, he stopped and turned so that he was lying on his back, and scooped Belle in his arms, placing he atop of him.

She smiled and her arms went around his neck and she felt his hands touch her behind lightly.

Shawn looked at Belle, whose face was flushed, but looked beautiful nonetheless. He thought about how much he loved her, and was determined to show her much – starting today, and for the rest of his life.

Chapter Thirty Four

Belle felt as though she was walking on air. She never thought that simply changing her last name would make her so happy.

But she was. The only thing that bought her good mood down was when she thought about leaving.

She frowned as she looked at the calendar one day. She was leaving on August 13th, and she was dreading that day.

Belle found herself enjoying her time away with home. Not only was she having a wonderful time with Shawn, she was bonding more and more with Bo and Hope everyday.

They ate breakfast and lunch together almost daily. For dinner, Shawn would usually take her out into town, so they could spend some time alone.

But the times she spent with Hope were going to remain in her memories for a long time.

Belle and Hope would sit together in the living room, or on the balcony, and talk about everything. Hope talked about how her and Bo fell in love and got married, and then told her about how they all moved to Italy when Shawn was still a child.

Belle told Hope her dreams and aspirations of becoming a writer one day; her ultimate dream was to become a newspaper reporter. Hope was so easy to talk to; sometimes it was unreal to Belle how well the two got along.

One day, Luciana, one of Shawn’s neighbours, came by the Brady’s. She was one of the few people who spoke English in Giaveno.

She needed a loaf of bread, and as soon as Hope answered the door, she invited Luciana in to have a cup of coffee.

Belle was in her bedroom, getting dressed, when she emerged and overhead Luciana and Hope talking in the living room.

Belle almost walked in to introduce herself, but stopped when she heard the woman ask Hope how things were going with Belle.

“So how is your daughter-in-law doing?” she asked.

“Daughter-in-law? I’m sorry, but you must be mistaken.” Hope replied.

“I’m afraid I don’t follow,” Luciana said, obviously confused.

“Well, if you’re speaking about Belle, then I’m afraid you’re mistaken. You see, Belle is not my daughter-in-law – she’s the daughter I never had.” Hope said.

Belle nearly burst into tears when she heard Hope say that. It meant so much to her that Hope felt that way about her. And Belle knew without a doubt how she felt about her mother-in-law.

After Luciana left, Belle walked into the living room.

“Hello Hope,” Belle said, making her way over to the couch to sit next to Hope.

“Belle! Hi sweetie! How’s everything today?” Hope asked.

“Fine Hope, everything’s fine.” Belle responded.

“Where’s Shawn?” Hope asked.

“Oh, he’s running some errands – we’re heading out to Torino tonight for dinner, so he wanted to make sure the car was filled up with gas.” Belle said.

“Oh, well that’s good.” Hope responded.

Belle bit her lip, wanting to ask something of Hope, but not sure if she had the courage to do it. She then remembered what she told her neighbour, and took a deep breath.

“Hope, I’m glad we’re alone, because there’s something I’d like to ask you,” She said.

“Of course sweetie, what is it?” Hope asked, looking at her daughter-in-law. When she saw Belle’s serious look, she said, “Wow, sounds serious.” Hope said.

“It is – that’s why I hope you won’t be offended, and if you are, I hope you can forgive me.”

“Okay – why don’t you just ask me, and we’ll see if anyone becomes offended.” Hope said, unsure of what Belle was going to ask her.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your hospitality – you, Bo, Zach – you’ve all made me feel so welcome.” Belle said.

“Oh Belle, you’re family, of course we want to make you feel welcome. Don’t forget, you’re a Brady now, so this is your home too, no matter WHERE you live,” Hope said, extending her hand out to Belle’s, and holding it tightly.

Belle smiled, and continued. “I’m glad you said that Hope. What I wanted to ask you is if it’s all right that I don’t call you Hope any more. You’re my mother-in-law, and I don’t feel right by calling you by your first name.”

“Belle, don’t be silly! Of course you can call me by my first name! I wouldn’t even think of you calling me Mrs. Brady, that’s way too formal!”

“I agree. That’s why I’d like to know if it’s ok if I call you – “ Belle paused, swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat. “That’s why I’d like to call you Mom.”

Hope let go of Belle’s hand and brought her hand up to her mouth. She bit back a sob, and smiled warmly at Belle, tears immediately springing to her eyes. She was so touched that Belle wanted to call her Mom, more than she would ever know.

Belle saw her reaction, and felt her own eyes welling up with tears. “I’m sorry if I’m being so forward, it’s just that I consider you like a mother – a second mother, and I think it’s right that I call you Mom.”

“Oh sweetie, come here,” Hope said, spreading her arms out wide to her, and silently begging her to hug her.

Belle moved over to her, and allowed Hope to envelop her into a warm hug. Both women were crying, unable to stop their emotions from pouring out.

Finally, Hope pulled back and whispered, “I would be honoured if you call me Mom. And in case you’re wondering, I know that Bo would love it if you call him Dad.”

“Thank you so much Mom.” Belle said.

Just then, Shawn walked in, and saw his mother and Belle together on the couch, still crying. He frowned. What could be going on?

“Mom, Belle – is everything ok?” he asked.

“Shawn!” Hope said, turning to her son. “Sweetie, everything’s fine.” Hope said.

Shawn noticed the two women wiping their tears away, and wondered why they had been crying.

Belle stood up and excused herself to the bathroom. “I’ll be just a minute Shawn,” Belle said.

After she left, Shawn turned to his mother, wanting answers.

After she explained to him what had gone on, he felt his heart fill with love. He had convinced himself that he could love her no more than he already did, but he was wrong.

Just thinking about what she had asked his mother touched him; he could see why Hope was so emotional, and could barely speak.

He knew he had married a wonderful woman, and hoped he made her half as happy as she made him.

Later that day, Belle and Shawn sat down in the restaurant Shawn had chosen in Torino.

They had decided to order a plate of spaghetti; Belle loved the way Italians made their spaghetti or “macarona”, as they would say.

Shawn watched as Belle ate her food, closing her eyes each time she took a forkful of spaghetti into her mouth.

He hadn’t said anything to her about what his mother told him, but he wanted her to know how much it meant to him.

Belle sensed Shawn’s eyes on her. Sometimes she still felt nervous whenever Shawn stared at her. She couldn’t help but wonder what was on his mind. She intended to find out.

When they were finished with their dinner, they took a long walk around the downtown part of Torino. It was close to sunset, but the weather had never been better.

They walked along, hand in hand, stopping when they reached a bridge. Belle leaned over the railing, watching the boats that passed under the bridge.

They remained for a few moments, then decided to walk over to the small shops that aligned the streets.

When they entered a music shop, Belle laughed when she heard Shawn asking for music from the 1980’s.

“Why are you laughing?” Shawn asked, once they found the tapes he was looking for.

“Nothing, you’re just so cute with your obsession with 80’s music, that’s all,” Belle said.

“First of all, it’s not an obsession, so stop calling it that. Second, what’s wrong with having some tapes to bring along with me to the US?” Shawn said.

Belle laughed. “Shawn, you should know that by the time you get to the US, tapes will be non-existent.” Belle said.

Shawn lowered his eyebrows in confusion. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“Well, now we have CD’s coming out – you know, Compact Discs. You’ll find less and less tapes wherever you go.” Belle said.

“Oh.” Shawn said.

“Yeah, so it’s kind of pointless to bring your tapes – they’ll be a thing of the past by the time you get to the US.” She said.

“Not necessarily – you still have your tape deck, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“So, whose to stop us from listening to the tapes then?” Shawn asked.

Belle thought for a moment, then agreed with him. “You’re right Shawn, you’re right.”

“Of course I am!” Shawn said.

“Don’t get too cocky now!” Belle said.

Shawn laughed, and continued to look around the music store.

After half an hour had passed, they left the store, and walked back to the parking lot where Shawn had left the car. It was now dark outside, and they decided to drive back to Giaveno.

Once they were inside the car, Shawn paused before he put the key into the ignition.

“What is it Shawn?” Belle said when she saw that Shawn wasn’t leaving yet.

“Nothing, it’s just that I wanted to tell you how important you are to me.” Shawn said.

“Shawn, that’s so sweet,” Belle said. She kissed his lips gently, and held his hand tightly.

“It’s how I feel – Belle, I hope you know how much I love you – and that I love you even more now that I know how you feel about my parents, especially my mother.”

Belle realized that Hope had told Shawn about their conversation. “Shawn, I didn’t ask to call Hope Mom to impress you or anything, I did it because I feel comfortable with her, and I honestly think of her as a second mother,” Belle said.

“I know you did, and that’s why you’re so amazing Belle. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” He whispered, kissing her lips gently. Belle’s arms went around his neck and she pulled him closer.

Shawn moaned when he felt Belle prying his lips apart, and slipping her tongue into meet with his.

This wasn’t the place to show their love for one another, but nonetheless, one of his hands found her breast, and he moaned when he felt her arch her chest towards him.

Finally, he came to his senses, and pulled away from Belle. He turned away from her, and started the car.

Belle was breathing heavily, trying to gain her composure. She sat up straight, and took a deep breath.

As Shawn drove off, Belle felt his hand on her knee.

“We’ll finish this up at home Mrs. Brady, so I hope you can rest up until then,” he said huskily.

Belle gasped, and whispered, “Get a move on then, Mr. Brady.”

Shawn laughed and increased his speed, hoping they would get home soon.

Chapter Thirty Five

August 1995

Belle was sitting on the balcony one afternoon, sipping coffee and thinking about the events that had gone on in the last two weeks.

She finally had a chance to go to her Aunt Vivian’s house one weekend, where she had spent some time with Carly, Lawrence, and Nicholas, of course.

Nicholas had insisted on taking Shawn and Belle out for a very expensive dinner at one of Giaveno’s finest hotels. The strict dress code, and the expensive menu had impressed Belle. Nicholas had spared no expense for his younger cousin.

Belle had been overjoyed at the prospect of staying in her old room at the Alamains; it meant so much to her. Even more so, now that she was staying in it with Shawn.

She had felt strange at first; being in same room where her and Shawn had to sneak in and out of only two months ago.

But her feeling disappeared the moment the lights had gone out. Shawn and Belle made love in the very same bed that she had longed for him in, night after night.

They made love every night; sometimes, if they happened to be taking an afternoon nap, Shawn would awake first, and ended up waking Belle as well. Things would quickly turn passionate between the two of them.

“You haven’t forgotten to take your pill, have you?” Shawn said to her one afternoon, while they were making love.

Belle had her eyes closed, but immediately opened them as soon as she heard Shawn’s question. “Shawn, I’ve been taking them every day now for the last few weeks, and I haven’t forgotten,” she said impatiently. She knew that Shawn only wanted to be sure, but she hated the fact that they were obviously in the middle of something VERY important, and he had chosen this moment to ask her.

“Ok, good,” he whispered, taking her lips in his and deciding not to talk any more.

Belle couldn’t help but wonder how it would be once she returned to the US. She would be sleeping alone, and she had just gotten used to waking up next to Shawn every morning.

Her heart filled with sadness every time she thought about leaving, and wondered if she would handle their separation okay.

She told herself that she had no choice; the quicker she returned to Salem, the quicker she could get Shawn’s papers started, so he could come to the US.

Late one night, Shawn and Belle lay in bed together, just having made love once again. They were covered in sweat, but had still covered themselves with the thin sheet. They had just started breathing normally, when Belle asked Shawn if they could go the marketplace the next morning.

They were both on their sides, facing each other, and Shawn was brushing Belle’s hair from her face with his fingers.

“Sure, what did you want to buy?” he asked.

“Well, I saw some really cute summer dresses at that shop over by Via Roma – I’d like to buy one,” she answered, closing her eyes briefly as she felt Shawn’s hands running through her hair.

Shawn removed his hand from Belle’s hair and nodded. “Sure, we’ll go, first thing in the morning.” He said. He bent his head down and sighed sadly. “I wish I had something to buy you; I mean, uh, I wish had some money in my hands, so I could buy you a beautiful dress, something that you can take back to the US, and tell everyone, “my husband bought me this.” Shawn admitted, looking down at his hands. He felt so ashamed that he didn’t have enough money to buy something for Belle.

With the closure of their shop, Shawn found himself stuck; he had enough money to bring Belle out to dinner and for drinks, but that was it. His parents and brother offered him money, but he had been too proud to take it. After all, he was 26 years old; he couldn’t accept money from them now!

“Shawn, that’s ok, don’t worry about it,” Belle said, touched by Shawn’s admission. She appreciated the fact that Shawn wanted to buy her something, but she didn’t care that he didn’t have any money, and told him so. “I don’t care that you’re not going to buy me a dress – all that matters is that we love each other,” she said, lifting his face up and kissing his lips softly. “I love you Shawn,” she whispered.

Shawn gave her a small smile and said, “I love you too baby,”

He was glad that she understood his position – he didn’t expect less from her. Still, he made a vow to Belle.

“Once I come to Salem, and I start working, I am going to buy you all the dresses you want!” he said to her, cupping her face in his hands and kissing her passionately.

This man overwhelmed belle – he didn’t realize he had already given her so much, by simply giving her his heart. That was all she needed.

August 13, 1995

Belle made sure her suitcase was packed, and quickly did the zipper. She told herself to remain calm, but she couldn’t help her hands from shaking.

‘How many times do I have to say goodbye to Shawn?’ she thought to herself.

She had cried in the morning, after they had made love for the final time. Shawn had assured her that everything would be all right, and told her that he loved her.

“I don’t care how long it takes until we’re reunited - I want you to remember how much I love you Belle Brady. You’re going to be in my heart, everywhere I go.”

Belle had smiled sadly and nodded. But she wondered how she would get through the next few months without him.

She had her passport ready, and made her way out into the hallway, where Bo and Hope were waiting for her. Zach was standing by the front door, and he smiled when he saw Belle.

He walked over to his sister-in-law and hugged her tightly, apologizing once again for not being able to go to the airport with everyone else.

Belle cried softly and was unable to let go of him. He was truly a wonderful man, and she was proud to call him her brother-in-law.

“Shh, Belle, come on, don’t cry,” Zach said, when he pulled away. He couldn’t help the tears that filled his own eyes as he said goodbye.

Belle had become like one of the family; he could talk to her and joke with her just like his own sister, and he would miss her. He only hoped that her and Shawn wouldn’t be apart for too long, because he could see how deeply in love they were.

Belle left the Brady home, biting her lip to prevent herself from crying any more. They went into Shawn’s car, with Bo and Hope in the front, and her and Shawn in the back.

Shawn had his arm around her, and he begged her quietly to stop crying. She nodded, and Shawn was relieved. He couldn’t bear it when he saw Belle cry; he felt so helpless, and it broke his heart whenever he saw tears coming from her eyes.

He wanted to take her in his arms, and tell her that everything would be all right, but he knew he couldn’t make any false promises to her. It would be a long time before they would be reunited, and he knew it was better to accept it rather than cling to false hope.

The hour and a half drive to Malpenza was made in silence. Belle looked out at the window and told herself to remember all of the beautiful scenery around her. Even though this was her third time to Italy, she could never tire of the surroundings.

When they arrived to the airport, Bo parked the car, and Shawn carried Belle’s luggage for her. Belle checked in at the desk, and was told she could go to the boarding area at any time. Belle turned to her in-laws, preparing to say goodbye to them.

“Mom, Dad, say goodbye to Belle now, and wait for me in the car. I’m going to go with Belle to the boarding area,” Shawn said.

Bo and Hope nodded. Bo was the first to hug Belle tightly. “You have a safe trip home my dear, and please call us,” Bo said, kissing her forehead lightly. He tried to stop the tears from pouring down his face, but when he heard Belle sobbing, he couldn’t help himself. “Hey, hey, come on now,” he said, smiling at her. “It’ll be okay.” He said.

Next, Hope hugged Belle tightly, not even trying to prevent the tears that poured down her face. “Belle sweetie, I hope you know how much we love you, how much we ALL love you,” Hope said.

Belle nodded and said, “I know Mom, I feel the same way about you and Dad and Zach,” Belle said.

Belle pulled away, and Hope wiped her tears away from her face. “Please take care of yourself, give my best to your parents for me,” Hope said, smiling at her. “And please –“

“I know Mom, I’ll call as soon as I get back to Salem,” Belle said. She hugged her mother-in-law once more and walked away with Shawn, turning to wave at her wonderful in-laws, who watched her walk away.

When Shawn and Belle made their way to the boarding area, Shawn said, “Hey, there’s some seats over there,” he said, pointing to a number of cushioned chairs. They were located just before the security checkpoint. “Let’s sit down for a few minutes before you have to go,” he said. When he saw Belle’s nose scrunch up in confusion, he said, “Baby, you have lots of time, let’s just sit,” he said quietly.

Belle nodded and walked over to the chairs, sitting down next to Shawn. He put his arm around her shoulders, trying to make small talk with her, trying to make her laugh. The last thing he wanted was for Belle to be upset, and he was determined to try and cheer her up, even though he was dying on the inside.

Belle looked up at the clock on the wall; it read 2:10. She told Shawn that at 2:40, she had to be going in. He agreed.

Belle loved the fact that he was trying to get her mind off of their separation. She laughed as he told her what everyone was saying as they walked by; while this was all going on, her eyes kept glancing at the clock. It now said 2:20. To her, that clock represented sadness; once the clock struck 2:40, she was going to have to say goodbye to her husband, and because of that, she despised it.

While they sat there, Shawn stood up when an old friend from high school came over to him. Shawn shook hands with him, and quickly told him that it was nice seeing him; he made sure he was on his way quickly, because he knew the minutes were ticking; he wanted to be with Belle for as long as possible.

2:25. Belle’s heart skipped a beat. Only 15 minutes left. She turned to Shawn, who was avoiding her gaze. He knew she was glancing at the clock, and he refused to acknowledge that. He held out his hand to her and took her hand in his, kissing it gently. “I love you,” he whispered.

Belle smiled and said, “I love you too.”

She kissed his hand as well and said, “You are going to write to me, right?” Belle asked.

Shawn nodded and said, “You’re sure no one will open my letters addressed to you?”

“No Shawn! Don’t worry, you can be as romantic, or –“ she lowered her voice and bent her head to him, “as explicit as you want, if you get my drift,” she said, winking at him.

“That’s good to know,” he murmured. He kissed her quickly, and noticed Belle look up at the clock on the wall once again. 2:30. Ten more minutes.

“So, when are you going to write to me?” Belle asked.

“Soon, I promise I’ll write you soon.” Shawn said.

“Good, because I’ll be waiting.” Belle said. She glanced once more, and saw that it was 2:35. Shawn noticed and stood up from the chair.

“Come on, you’d better going.” He said quietly, taking her hand in his. “We don’t want you to be late.”

Belle stood up, and walked over to the security checkpoint, which is where she would have to separate from Shawn. She placed her bag on the floor, and cried as Shawn took her his arms. “Oh sweetie,” he said, running his hands up and down her back, trying to sooth her as her body shook from her sobs.

“Please don’t cry Belle, you know I can’t stand it when you cry,” he said. Shawn was able to hold his own tears in; he was determined to be strong for Belle. He knew his heart was breaking, but promised himself that he wouldn’t cry in front of her.

Belle’s arms were wrapped around his neck, and she kissed his cheek tenderly. He turned his head so that their lips met. She responded and finally, they pulled apart, and Belle took her bag. She walked away from Shawn, and went through the checkpoint. She turned to face him and said, “Goodbye Shawn,” and blew him a kiss.

He smiled and waved to her. Belle walked through and when her passport was checked once more, she turned to see if Shawn was still there. He wasn’t.

Not seeing him made Belle cry even more, even though she knew she had to be strong.

She made her way to the boarding area; she was still early, and had a seat. She wiped her tears, determined not to make a fool of herself until she got on that plane. She noticed a young gentleman sitting next to her, and smiled briefly at him.

He had blonde hair and blue eyes, and he looked to be in his late 20’s. She was surprised when he spoke to her.

“So what were you doing in Italy?” he asked in clear English.

Belle turned to him in shock and said, “Um, I got married.”

“Really?” he said.

Belle nodded. She wondered how he knew she could speak English; after all, everyone at the airport spoke mostly Italian. She then noticed her US Passport, still sitting in her hands.

“I guess that’s how you knew I spoke English, “ Belle said, pointing to her passport.

The gentlemen nodded.

“So what were you doing in Italy?” Belle asked. She couldn’t believe she was having a conversation with a total stranger, but liked that she could talk to someone. It kept her busy, and she knew if she didn’t talk she would lock herself in the bathroom and cry her eyes out.

“I’m in the US army, and we were stationed out in the mountains in Northern Italy,”

“Oh really?” Belle asked. She was intrigued, and asked him where he was from.

“Seattle.” He answered.

“Seattle? You mean where it rains 11 months out of the year?” Belle asked.

The man nodded. “Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Where did you stay?” he asked.

“Well, my husband lives in Giaveno, so I stayed there for most of my time here,” Belle said. She thought about what she just said.

‘My husband’. It felt so good to say that, and realized this was her first time referring to Shawn as her husband.

She shivered in delight. It felt wonderful to be married to Shawn.

As they waited until it was time to board their flights, Belle continued to talk with the young stranger.

She never asked him for his name, nor did he ask for hers. Belle wished him well when it was time for her to leave, telling him it had been nice speaking to him. And she wasn’t just being polite.

She realized that talking to him, even about mundane topics, had been what she needed. She now knew that she would get through this separation from Shawn, because their love was strong enough to handle anything.

Belle kept telling herself that as she sat on the plane, and closed her eyes, feeling very tired.

She knew it would be a long flight, and welcomed sleep. She knew she would dream of Shawn, and she couldn’t think of anything better to do at that moment.