Spoilers Week of Feb. 13th - 17th (updated 2/7)

Spoilers Week of Feb. 13th - 17th (updated 2/7)

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Spoilers Week of Feb. 13th - 17th (updated 2/7)

**UPDATED 2/7**

Week of February 13:
(NOTE: These spoilers are not always 100% accurate)
Jack tries to console a wobbly Abigail.

Monday February 13:
Everyone is feeling guilty as Rafe is chided by Roman.
Carrie and Austin try using sex as a tool of forgiveness.

Tuesday February 14:
Election day in Salem finds Abe and Jenn faced with an ethical dilemma.
Nicole sends Will on an immoral mission.
Carrie and Sami dredge up the past and Austin takes an 'unexpected side'.
Abigail has plans for Austin.

Wednesday February 15:
Brady discovers Madison's connection to Ian.
Madison begs Brady to take her back.
An ex of Kate's pleads with her to take him back.
Abby uses Austin's current love interest to get what she wants. Abigail's crying leads her to pull Melanie into her web of deception.
Austin turns to Kayla.
Sami and Carrie have a knock down drag out, which hits a point of no return.

Thursday February 16:
Election results are in.
Lexi overhears a private conversation which reveals a secret.
Stefano berates EJ for a misstep, fueling Nicole's fire.
Abby continues making Austin squirm.

Friday February 17:
As someone challenges the election results, one candidate is brought to the SPD for questioning.
Stefano finally opens his letter from Alice.
Marlena, Hope, John, and Bo decide to travel to Alamania but plans have a small hitch. Only John and Hope can go to Alamania and have to stay two weeks while they annul their marriage.


Spoilers For February 13-17

Ending things

Rafe feels the wrath of the Bradys as the family gangs up to make him feel unwelcome thanks to his little transgression. Kayla is the only one to offer him any sympathy after Sami rejects him yet again. While Rafe is feeling like an outcast, the town is busy deciding on their new leader. Election day finally arrives. Abe has trouble reconciling himself to the dirty tricks hes had to play but EJs team has one last dirty trick to put in motion. Nicole sends young William off on a nasty errand.

Carrie and Austin try to heal their wounds by covering each other with bodily fluids. But even rampant hotel sex is not enough to distract from the fact that their problems are deep and not going away. Those problems could get worse if Abigail has anything to do with it. She turns on her tears to help enlist Melanie to her cause. As the young woman plots her next move, Austin and Carrie are forced to deal with their past when Sami comes over for a brawl. Things take an unexpected turn when Austin wades in and doesnt exactly side with his wife. As the week goes on, so does the battle between the siblings. It gets ratcheted up so far that theres no way theyll ever be able to fix things. Meanwhile, Abby curls Austin around her little finger.

He hasnt been around for long, but Ians secret connection to Madison is sussed out by Brady. He tries to keep Madison out of his life when she tries to explain her deception. By the end of the week, the election is over, but it might not be the only thing. Lexi winds up hearing exactly what Abe does not want her to and Nicole hears a fight between EJ and Stefano that sets her off.

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I'm hating that Rafe is being raked over the coals by the Brady's ... Will should tell them all what Sami did to Rafe!

Abigail ... what a horrendous storyline - I hate it ... I can't believe Austin is being made out to be an idiot once again.

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Isn't Abby still

a virgin? I don't recall her sleeping with anyone yet. Wait until Jack finds out!