SOD: Shocking Days Deaths!

SOD: Shocking Days Deaths!

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SOD: Shocking Days Deaths!

After the safe house explodes, Roman and Shane fear that John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe and Carrie have perished. Fortunately, they survived the blast, thanks to a trapdoor they were able to escape through. In the aftermath, the group realizes that the blast can be used to their advantage.

"John comes up with an idea that everyone in Salem should be told that they're dead," previews Drake Hogestyn (John). "Obviously, it won't be easy, but no one can think they're alive. It will keep Stefano from making another attempt on their lives."

Shane and Roman are assigned the difficult task of reporting that everyone in the safe house is dead. "Lucas is part of the group that hears they're dead," shares Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas). "People are in shock over the news." Sami, Will, Austin, Billie, Gabi, Nicole, Kayla, Brady and Madison are also given the devastating news. Their shock quickly turns to anger, and it's agreed that Stefano must pay.

"Obviously, this isn't easy on the people being told that their loved ones have died," acknowledges Hogestyn. "Roman and Shane are also in a difficult position, because they have to deliver the news. But in the long run, it's for the best. Shane and Agent Spencer feel pretty confident that it's only a matter of time before they close in on Stefano."

Will slips away and confronts Stefano about the deaths. He questions how Stefano could have killed everyone that Will loves, especially after everything that he's done for the DiMera manipulator. "It's a big turning point," teases Chandler Massey (Will).

Things aren't what they appear to be." Ej overhears the confrontation and questions what Will meant. Both Stefano and Will cover.

A memorial service is quickly arranged. Ej drags Stefano to the service so that he can see firsthand the pain he has caused. Stefano denies having anything to do with the explosion.

Later, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Carrie and Rafe are moved to a second safe house. "They have gone from one safe house, where they were almost blown to bits, to another hiding place," says Hogestyn. "Everyone is of the mind that Stefano is playing for keeps; he's more dangerous than ever. John feels they've all been dancing around an obvious solution. He believes that the only way to stop Stefano DiMera is by eliminating him."

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