Skye's Report for Wednesday, Jun 13th

Skye's Report for Wednesday, Jun 13th

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Skye's Report for Wednesday, Jun 13th

stef in the casket in his living room
Ej comes in
lexi and chad and Melanie come in
lexi says Ej are you ok?

Gabi and andrew out in the alleyway
she is mad cuz he put the rat in her lunch
he thought it was a nice touch

Will is at marlenas
he thanks her for letting him stay there
he reminds her he is a murder suspect
she says you did not kill stefano we will find a way to prove that
sami comes to the door

Chad looks at stef
Ej says Chad ,Melanie thank you for being here
Chad says of course
lexi says im glad we are all here together
i knew father wanted to be buried in Italy
along with his ancestors but i think
its important for us who love him to have this time to say good bye as a family
chad says i cant believe someone would kill him im cold blood
cant believe who ever did it still free
Ej pats chad shoulder
chad says i know we all know he wasnt a perfect man may not even a good man but i hate who ever did this to him
i guess i really am his son cuz
i so badly want revenge
lexi says come on chad lets get out of this room
they leave
the doorbell rings Ej gets it
it Nicole
he says hey, come in
she says i dont mean to intrude i heard about the viewing and i wanted to come here to let you know im really sorry
he says thank you it means a lot
she says i know how it feels to lose a parent
and i know how much you loved your father
i wonder how he would feel about me showing up we werent close
he says you and him were equally matched
he liked you most of the time
she says well i didnt feel equal but i admired him a lot and i liked how protective he was of his family and i know you inherited that from him
Ej says i love for you to stay but this is a family thing we were about to have some brunch
she says of course i understand
he says thank you for coming it means a lot
he goes to hug her and she says Ej please dont,, dont read too much into this , i just want to make sure you were ok
he is walking down the hall as he says
just see yourself out
she says take care of yourself
he leaves
she goes to leave but decides to go into the room to see stefano

Will tells sami to say it
sami says i wanted to tell you i believe you i know that you didnt kill stefano
he says thank you for the vote of confidence but its a little too late
mar says this is rough on everybody maybe we should just move on
sami says the voice of reason
she always says the right things
and i dont
Will says thats true
mar says you could be kind and gracious
sami says you dont have to defend me im standing right here
mar says sorry
Will says you dont need to be sorry ,you didnt do anything wrong
sami says as far as you know
mar says go ahead you might as well tell him
sami says i ran into her the night of stefanos murder and she was not acting like herself she was stressed out and out out of sorts
i needed to talk to her about something important and she didnt have time she wouldnt tell me where she was going

Will says what is wrong with you
are you accusing her of killing stefano?

Gab says the rat was over the top and it pushed chad away and he told my brother
who is an overprotective cop
he says thats who the guy was getting so mad
she says that was my brother
now he wont let me model anymore and i will be sending less time with chad
he says sorry i was only trying to help
let me make it up to you
she says its too late
he says are you saying the deal is off?

Ej and lexi in the study
Ej gives her an old photo album
he says this is for you and theo
he says some of the photos date back to the 1920s grandparents, aunts ,cousins that sort of thing , you know how important family was to him
she says i think you should keep them
he says i wasnt his family lexi
she says Ej listen to me
you need to forget all this biology nonsense
you just lost your father its the same for you as it is for me
he says he made it very clear that its not
she says he loved you , you were his pride and joy
he says until he found out i was not his son
she says you are everything he wanted his son to be
Ej says he was everything i wanted a father to be
she says well thats all that matters, you hold on to that , she gives him the photo album

Nicole looks at steffie
she says you had me convinced that you were immortal
that you would always win in the end
i see that strength and fierceness in Ej
my god that was so attractive , maybe if im honest with myself it still is
she holds her tummy
i cant believe i feel this way but i want my baby to be just like Ej and you
fierce unafraid ready to fight
thats right this baby is Ejs
and your grandchild and he can never know
i dont want my baby raised as a dimera
i dont want Ej to know this child is his
but im so glad it is his child
kate clears her throat
she is standing by the door

Andrew tells gabi not to give up on him
he is sorry he screwed everything up he didnt mean to make her mad he needs the money
she says just back off and take things slowly
lay low and dont do anything until i tell you
she leaves
he says ill fix everything you will see

Nic says i didnt know anyone was there
kate says what are you doing here?
Nic says saying goodbye
kate says you hated him and he hated you
i think a heart to heart is a bit ghoulish
nic says i respected him
kate says well good for you , now get the hell out
nic says i don think you are in any position to give orders here
kate says im his wife
nic says he kicked you to the curb for sleeping with another man
kate says you have no idea what you are talking about
nic says i know you are the same old slut you have always been
kate says thats a strange thing to say from a woman who is knocked up by another womans husband
Ej comes in and says what is going on in here nicole i thought you left ?
She says i wanted to say good bye to stefano
kate says or rob the grave you better check for his watch
ej says ladies please
nic says im sorry im going
ej im sorry
she leaves
kate says im sorry too
she brings out the worse in me
i just wanted to pay my respects but i know i should go too
ej says its fine i know how much you loved him take all the time you need
she says Ej thank you
he leaves

sami says im not accusing anyone
Will says sounds like it
mar says your mother has a point
with all that stef has done to this family
we all have a motive to kill him
the police investigate and everyone gets nervous and anything including
my behaviour can be misread and
can be used against us
you mother is concerned it might be set up to make it look like you killed him
sami says she is right after everything stef did to this family and after all the times we thought he was dead but he wasnt ,he is the Phoenix he is always raising from the ashes
mar says not this time he wont rise again this time

Kate says i was so mad at you at the end
i still am,,,,i loved you ,,,you son of a bitch
and it doesnt matter what i said in anger i always will
you knew me better than anyone
and still you loved me
you gave me a chance when no one else would why did you have to do what you did ,we had everything
we were invincible
i know i was wrong to be unfaithful but why did you test me
why were you so damn unforgiving and why did you have to punish me the way you did
you backed me into a corner
and you know how dangerous that is
you knew what i was capable of
now all i can be is sorry for what i did my love
she is crying and touches his hand

chad and Melanie now
he says i know the things he did the way people felt about him he tried to manipulate me to make me fall in line all that stuff
but i liked him
mel says its not too late to tell him that
chad goes over to the coffin
and says im sorry
that i wasted time we had
we only had a couple of years and i spent most of it pushing you away
i like living here,,,it wasnt boring
i knew from boring
i didnt know what it was like to have a father who thought i mattered
let me know what it was like to have a father that i loved
i love you dad

Sami leaves
Will says its important to you that mom and i get along isnt it?
she accused you of murder and you just let it go to keep the peace
she says your mom is worried ,everyone is going to be put under a microscope here
i was on edge that night it could work against me
he says so was i that night at the pub
she says what were you so upset about
he says trust me you dont want to know
but i didnt shoot him i swear
she says i know that

Ej is still in the study
Kate comes in says thank you for bailing Will out of jail i know he is innocent
Ej says of murder perhaps but he isnt quite as saintly as you think he is
kate says i dont need him to be a saint
i need him out of jail
i cant believe roman arrested his own grandson
chad comes in and says what did i hear you say?

Lexi with stef now
she says i know to say our relationship was complicated would be an understatement
i cant count the number of time i have thrown you out of my life.... for good
of course it never lasted cuz i knew how much you loved me
now that i have a child i understand your waging war on the world to give your children anything you could
even if it did happen to belong to someone else
i know that your guilt over my illness was excruciating
i want you to know that i forgive you
i hope and pray that you are finally at peace
she kisses him on the cheek
abe comes in she hugs him and cries

sami comes in with the kids
love the dress she is wearing
they sit on the stairs with EJ
ej says i just want you to know how much nono loved you
johnny says he was going to teach me how to play chess
Ej says well we are lucky that he taught me how to play chess so i can teach you how to play chess
johnny says dimeras are good at chess right?
Sami says yes you are the best its in your blood you cant help it just like your daddy
johnny says we are dimeras right
EJ says cuz we are dimeras is right
Ej kisses the kids

chad and mel in the square
he says did you hear what she said Wills own grandfather thinks he murdered my dad
mel says that doesnt mean he is guilty
gabi is there now
he tells her Will is arrested he killed my father
mel says he didnt have a motive
chad says he is a brady they all hate my father
mel says calm down
chad says my best friend killed my father you want me to calm down
she says we dont know that
he says whos side are you on anyway?

lexi and abe come hone
she tells theo we had to say good bye to nono which means
you wont be able to visit him anymore
he says where did he go?
She says he went some place very far away where he will be happy and safe
but he wanted you to know he loved you very much
he says are you going away too mommy?

sami talks to stef
says well well
saw this movie once where the guy had to stick a needle in the corpse to make sure he was really dead
im tempted and im not very good at resisting temptation
Ej comes in and say what are you doing here?
She says i thought you were with the kids
he says they are in the kitchen
saying good bye?
She says just making sure he really is dead
im sorry
i should have said it like that
i didnt mean to upset you
he says no you didnt
thank you for bringing the kids here for respecting that he was a part of their lives
she says you bailed Will out
dont look now i think we are actually getting along
EJ says I wouldnt go that far, he winks
she says of course
im sorry for what you are going through
i know how much he meant to you
how close you were to him
he says i dont know about that
im sorry i dont know what im talking about
im tired its been a long day
she says i can understand that
they sit on the coffee table
ej says i wonder now that he is actually dead everybody can breath a
collectible sigh of relief
sami says i wish
i got a bad feeling that even death will not stop him from ruining our lives

lexi says yes i will be going away soon
he says do you have to?
Abe says mommy doesnt want to go she wants to stay here with you and me
but there isnt anything she can do about it
lexi says but daddy isnt going anywhere
or grandma celeste chad , Cameron, ej
they will all be here to take care of you
you wont be able to see me but ill still be here watching over you making sure you are allright
do you understand?
He says is that why nono left
to get things ready for you?
She says yeah maybe that is why
he says im glad you wont be alone
i love you mommy
she says i love you too
they hug
she cries
(sad scene)

chad runs off
mel tells gabi to give him space
mel wonders why she is here
rafe is watching her
she says im going for a walk
she asks about the stalker
gabi say maybe with the police involved my stalker will just back off

they show Andrew
making up a bed
says that should do it
everything is ready for our new guest
looks at a pic of gabi
told you i will fix everything i think you will love the new plan

chad sees will sitting outside the square
says heard they arrested you for my fathers
murder what the hell is going on ?
did you kill my father?

Sami went back to her moms
she says i think things are going to get worse again , i was just with
Ej and the kids
they were clinging to him especially johnny
mar says and thats a problem
sami says Ej is a suspect in his dads murder
johnny might pick up on that he is old enough to know his grandfather was murdered and his dad is a suspect his brother is a suspect
Mar says his grandmother is
we are all suspects even john
sami says i know that none of you are
capable of doing that
mar says then you must know people can be driven to do things they would never normally do
Sami says there is something going on with Ej,,,, he seems the same on the outside, in control and good with the kids
but i think something has changed inside of
mar says he just lost his father
sami says its more than that, he has lost a lot more than that

Ej is home alone hitting the keys on the piano, his jacket is off and he is drinking with tears in his eyes and sniffling through out he starts his speech he says you know i spent the whole day thinking about what i was going to say to you trying to find the words trying to find the words to tell you how i felt when you turned your back on me when you betrayed me because i didnt have your blood shouldnt have mattered
it didnt matter to me , but it mattered to you didnt it ?
The only think that mattered to you
he walks over to the coffin and says
i loved you
i tired to show you how tried to be you
thats the way a son shows his father that he loves him , no son loved his father more than i loved you
he goes over and sits by the mirror
he laughs and says
and now look at me
im alone
the women i love or have loved they fear me they hide from me
my kids when they visit me ,they go home to another house where they can be protected from me
my sister is dying
and all of this leads back to you
i am alone because of you
because of my father and the irony is
im not even your son
you know what i should be saying to you?
burn in hell
but i cant do that can i ?
he walks back to the coffin
i cant do that because i love you
i know you love me too
i did everything you ever asked of me i worked so hard to make you proud of me
why couldnt you just have trusted me?
Instead you had to go and destroy everything
you did that not me
you destroyed everything
he walks out
camera shows steffie in his coffin
from above