Skye's Report for Tuesday, June 19

Skye's Report for Tuesday, June 19

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Skye's Report for Tuesday, June 19

Melanie outside the pub
stalker boy is following her

chad and gabi at the square
he wants to talk to Melanie and apologize
she says give her some space
he says he needs to find her and apologize to her
he runs off

lexi is home
trying to drink from a straw
she is shaking
tries to put some lipstick on but cant
her hands are shaking too much
she looks awful
abe comes in and says its just about dinner
time thought we could have a picnic
she says i want to to
the nap didnt help im not up to it today
he says we can do something else just name
she says i have an idea
lets spend the rest of the day doing nothing but this
she lies against him on the couch

sami meets Justin at the pub
they talk about Will
she wants to know if he can recommend someone or put together a team
he says his firm is working with someone who would be perfect
carrie comes in says sorry im late what did i miss?
Sami says you want me to hire Carrie?

At the station
Billie comes in to talk to rafe
she wants to help
she has something
she knows about Will
but he is not your guy
she takes Ejs pic off the board and says Ej is

Ej and will at the mansion
ej comes in and says you are still here
Will says you told me not to leave
did you think that you taking a business call would make me forget that i asked you a question ?
EJ says ive done a lot for you William
you have some nerve insinuating that i killed my father
Will says my life is on the line for something i didnt do
i want some answers
Ej says do you and you think im the answer do you?
Will says stefano ruined your marriage and you future and i know better than anyone how angry that made you so
if you ask me thats one hell of a reason to kill him

melanie is in the alley now
she yells i know someone is out there
come and face me or leave me alone
the stalker grabs her from behind

Justin says bringing in Carrie is my idea
she won cases like Wills and she loves Will
you saw what she did for john
sami says im fully aware of her and rafe working 24 --7 on that case
he leaves to give them time to talk
Carrie says i know we have our issues
sami says issues im questioning your judgement right now
you ruined my marriage and almost ruined yours
carrie says im sorry for what happened between rafe and me
dont let my mistakes
get in the way of whats best for Will
sami says all i want is whats best for Will
thats whay i have reservations about hiring a lawyer who is bed with the cops
Carrie says dad is leading the investigation not rafe
and Will is my nephew i would do anything for him
i can help Will
i can convince the jury there is reasonable doubt
sami says this isnt going to trial
you have to help Will NOW

Ej says you want to talk to me about motive
what about your grandmother she thinks my father tried blow her to kingdom come
if thats not motive i dont know what is
Will says but there is a big difference between you and grandma marlena
she is a good person
EJ says i would be careful if i were you you are on very thin ice
Will says i dont care if you killed your dad
im not here to judge
i just want to know the truth
Ej says the truth he wants to know the truth
Will says yes so can you answer my question, hello did you shoot him or not

rafe says you really think Ej did it?
Billie says i do
remember the bank statements i found hidden in the Dimera mansion?
Rafe says yes you think they have something to do with stefanos murder?
Billie says i think they were connected to the pension fund stolen from john
Ej stole the money from john and stefano stole it from him
rafe says but there is no proof and they could have been working together
Billie says no when i spoke to Ej he had no idea stefano stole the money

in the alley chad and gabi walk by
the stalker takes melanie and hides
behind boxes
he has the chloroform over her mouth

chad thinks he hears something
gabi says i didnt hear anything lets go this place is creeping me out
they leave
Melanie is passed out
he says that was close you little bitch you almost ruined everything

Abe takes lexi out in the garden
they sit on a bench
the place is full of roses
looks nice
lexi looks like she has a wig on
he says i know how much this garden means to you
she says it does cuz every time i look around it i think of you
i think of the summer we bought this house you were out here everyday
it was so sticky out here, miserable
but there you were digging and tilling and planting
he says and mulching
she says you worked so hard to make this a dream garden just for me
he says it was hard work but it was worth it just to see that smile on your face
she says thank you honey
thank you for always putting me first
he says thank you
for giving me a chance
im so grateful that you chose me
and you let me be yours

carrie says if im going to get Will off i have i to know everything the cops have on him
and the motive
sami says he doesnt have a motive he didnt do it
Justin comes back and asks sami if she will hire Carrie if not he has to start looking for someone else
sami says if you think you can do it ,,then you have the job
carrie says i really do
sami says this is Wills future , his whole life is on your shoulders

Ej says if i killed my father why would i help you?
Will says so you can look like the good guy?
Ej says do you think i really care about looking like the good guy?
why would i bail out the one person who could take the fall for me , if i was smart and i can assure you , im very smart
i would take advantage of the opportunity to send you up in my place
Will says i get it im sorry that i asked
EJ says no you are not
but if i were you i would be careful or you will be
Will says is that a threat?
Ej says no its a fact
you need to understand dear boy ,innocent people go to prison all the time

Rafe says whether we like EJ for the murder or not we still need proof
Billie says i can get your evidence
so if Ej is our man ill get him

Ej says i want to help you
after all what good would you be to me if you are behind bars eh ? None
if im going to help you
you have to tell me everything that happened the night my Father was killed
Will says you already know what happened
I gave my statement to the police
EJ says i know what you told the police but you and i both know there are certain things you left out arent there?

Justin and carrie and sami at the station now
Justin says there is a change in the case
your father is no longer leading the investigation
carrie says who is ?
rafe comes in and says me
your Father thought it was best to step down since he was so close to the suspects
carrie says i cant believe this
sami says i can ,,,,you knew didnt you ?

chad and gabi are looking all over meanie they cant find her
he calls her
no answer
the stalker has her in his hideout
on the bed

Lexi and Abe lay on the blanket looking up at the clouds
he says remember when we signed theo up for t-ball we spent so much time out here practising
she says most nights we played till the sun went down and we would lay on the ground and count the stars ?
He says when you were sleeping i went out and bought seedlings for the bare corner over there , but i will
need your green thumb
and it will be blooming in no time

Justin says lets focus on whats important
clearing Will of these charges
sami says my concern is that she might not be able to do that because she is distracted by him
carrie says thats not fair
sami says whats not fair is whats happening to Will and i dont want his future resting on the shoulders
of star crossed lovers who cant keep their head in the game
rafe says sami enough
sami says it isnt enough and runs off
Justin follows

carrie says i really didnt know
if you want me to step off the case say the word
he says no i dont
Will needs your help i need your help
we will be fine we are professionals here
she says right we can handle it

chad and gabi still at the square
she says melanie wasnt the only person you yelled at
chad says ,Will i need to call him and apologize

Will answers
chad says i want to apologize for going off on you earlier
i know you couldnt of had anything to do with my fathers death
Will says thank you
chad asks him if he saw Melanie
Will says no he didnt

Melanie is still out on the bed
the stalker has her phone
chad sends a text
saying he is sorry
please call me
the stalker deleted it

abe tells lexi he was helping theo on his bike yesterday and he thinks he might be ready to take the training wheels off , what do you think?
She says i think that you are an amazing father
he says im doing my best,,,hope its enough
she says i know
he says to make up for not having you
she says you are going to do just fine
he says when i make a wrong decision or a mistake
what am i going to do when you arent there to fix it
she says newsflash
cuz you are a parent you will make hundreds of mistakes just like i did
you have family as backup
mom, Cameron, Ej
she is very weak and talking slowly , she can hardly keep her eyes open
he says i promise you
i will do everything i can to make you proud
she says you already do
you make me proud every day
he kisses her

Will says and then i went home and thats it thats what happened
EJ says and you didnt tell this to the police?
Will says of course not my grandpa is the commissioner , i cant have him finding out about this
Ej says we are talking about serious charges here
Will says i know it looks bad i dont know i dont know what to do

gabi says you did everything you can
chad says im worried its not like her to just disappear like this
she says mel is my friend i love her but i think she is overreacting ,,,give her this night to drama queen
im sure she will call you in the morning

Melanie wakes up
she is locked in the room
stalker is on the other side of the door now
Melanie says oh my god where the hell am i ?

Carrie says every other suspect has motive for taking stefano out but not Will
rafe says Will was working for Ej maybe there is something there , dont worry about Will if there is evidence that clears him ill find it
she says im not worried about Will
ill take care of Will
im worried about you
if you dont watch it you could lose your job all over again
with this case try to be objective
he says i will but you know me i follow my gut where ever it leads me
she says make sure your gut doesnt get you fired again
he says my gut is doing just fine it lead me to you didnt it?
She says how do we prove the gun Will fired wasnt the murder weapon
he says i dont know something isnt right
there is a missing piece to the puzzle and
we gotta find it

Ej says im going to help you
Will says so you can hold it over me later?
Ej says no,,,,I believe you
i dont think you are a bad person, you are a foolish person but not a bad person
Will says thank you i think
EJ gives him a drink
Will says so what do i do?
EJ says now you are going to do exactly what i tell you to do

abe says tomorrow
we can set up a picnic just you and me and theo we can renew our wedding vows
she says what made you think of that?
He says how much i love you and how it would feel good to marry you all over again
she says thats the most romantic thing you ever said to me
he says does that mean you will say yes?
She says yeah i would marry you again and again
i love you so much nothing would make me happier
he says you know what makes me happy
i cant believe how lucky i am to have you
she says i feel the exact same way
sometimes i think we are the 2 luckiest people in the world
i love you so much
he says i love you
we should go in and fix dinner ok
she says no i want to stay out until its dark and count the stars
he says as long as you let me hug you
she says always
and he holds her in his arms

mel yells hey hello
let me out of here
stalker says to himself lets make sure nobody comes to your rescue

he has mels phone

chad gets an e- mail from Melanie
he gives it to gabi , she reads
dear chad i cant forgive you for what you said, i deserve to be treated better
which is why i think we need a break im going to Europe to be with my mother dont call dont text leave me alone
gabi says wow

mel is all upset in the room
stalker gets an e-mail back from chad
saying dont leave im sorry ill make it up to you
please call me
he takes the battery out of the phone and says sorry chad she has already moved on
he looks in at her thru a peep hole in the door

gabi says i guess she was
more upset than we thought
chad says she was furious
gabi says she will get over it just give her some space you will see

sami comes back to the station she asks
if they found a way to get the charges dropped
Carrie says not yet
sami says look im serious , i dont want you spending time flirting when my son is being charged for murder
carrie says if you think im going to beat a murder wrap in 30 minutes come on
rafe says we are not going to be able to help Will if we are at each others throats
Neil comes in and says im a friend of Wills
i heard he was arrested for killing some guy that impossible he was with me that night from 11:30 to 1
its true you can ask anyone
we were at the Spot the whole time
rafe says the Spot? mean the gay bar?

Will says i cant do that
Ej says you dont have a choice
Will says there has to be another way you are a lawyer cant you think of something like
Ej says the evidence is stalked against you
in the eyes of the jury you will appear guilty
Will says ok but its not going to be easy
EJ says of course its not going to be easy but it will save your life

Abe says its getting chilly out here
im going to go in and get us another blanket
lexi appears to be sleeping
he says come on wake up
lex ?
He starts to cry wake up
oh god he cries and cries