Skye's Report for Monday, June 18th

Skye's Report for Monday, June 18th

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Skye's Report for Monday, June 18th

vic asks maggie for another chance
she says she was warned by people about him
Jennifer and Hope
he says they were afraid i would hurt you
but you listened to your heart now you regret it
she says you made me feel 18 well maybe 28
maybe we were caught up
in the giddy state that blinded us to the truth
we are too different we always have been
we always will be
she opens the door and goes out

Madison and Brady and ian at the office
brady is jumpy not paying attention
(i know how he feels )
Madison asks ian to excuse them
he leaves
Madison asks brady whats going on it looks like he is ready to jump out of his own skin
do you have a problem
are you using drugs again?

abi meets cameron at the pub
she asks who is his fav band
black eyes peas
she has tickets for a concert in Chicago
and back stage passes
he is impressed
she asks him if he wants to go
with her
he says i love to but i cant

brady says i havent had drugs in years
she says you are up down all over the place
and unfocused
he says maybe i had a lot of coffee this morning, but i cant stop thinking about it but i havent done it and
im not doing it im fine
she says i think it would be a good idea to get that drug test
so we will know what we are not dealing with

abi says thats ok
it was a spur of the moment thing
of course you want to spend time with you sister
he says she and abe are spending the day at
and my mom has a class
im picking theo up later at his therapy session and dropping him off at Bo and Hopes
they talk about larry the turtle she gave theo
she says so you are hanging out with Larry and theo tonight
he ask for a rain check

vic says i guess old habits die hard
maggie says or dont die at all
he says you were right to wash your hands of me i dont deserve a woman like you
she says i wasnt looking for perfection
i was unfaithful to mickey when i was married to him
he says but you got past it you were happy together
she says Alice reminded me we made a commitment to each other before god and
i owed it to mickey and myself to work it out
vic says you knew he was worthy of your love
well thank you for listening to me
if you want to file for divorce i wont fight you

dan is at the square
brady calls him and tells him
he wants to get a drug test
for himself
dan says why,,,today?
Brady says the sooner the better
dan says ok meet me at the square they will head over to the hospital together

Ian comes back into the office
Madison tells him Brady had errands to run
they talk about their work again
she tells him Brady is feeling better
she shows him sketches
he likes them but wants to run them by kate
they talk about Kate for a bit
Ian says Brady was sweating and shaking like a street junky
he wants to know whats going on with him

Brady meets dan at the square
dan says are you ok?
Brady says asking me if i picked up, hell no Not going down that road again
took a log time to kick it , i dont know if i would be able to kick it again
i dont feel like me feel unfocused agitated jittery
but im not taking anything
and i want to prove it to Madison
you believe me right
dan says yeah if you say you arent using its good enough for me
ill run a blood tests to see if there isnt a medical thing happening here

Cameron asks abi to take chad
she says but his dad just died
he says it might do him some good to take his mind off it
she goes to leave
and she gives a random guy tickets to the concert
she goes back to Camerons boring table
he says i thought you wanted to go?
she says with you i wanted to go with you

maggie comes back in the house
says you will give up and let me go
he says i love you that much i will always love you so sorry i hurt you
she says a marriage cant survive on love alone it has to be nurtured with trust
which can only come from honesty
he says i will never lie to you again
she says i do love you victor
he says does that mean you can forgive me
she kisses him

cameron and abi at the square
he has a few hours before he has to pick theo up
he wants to know if she would like to do something
she says want to pick some black berries
he says wow i never done that before
im a city boy
she says she knows a perfect place where they grow wild along the side of the road

vic says i thought i lost you
maggie says well you havent
there is one condition
we have to be honest with dan about how this came about
he has to know it was you
who got my eggs for his parents
vic says we will tell him together
she kisses him again
he says i have missed you Maggie
how is you appetite now?
She says for food?
He says what else?
she says i know its still the afternoon but
she gives him a look
she kisses him again

Back to the square
with Brady and Daniel
he had the tests already
says he stopped going to meetings cuz he was feeling good
dan says is maggie still your sponsor
talk to her it might help
he says lets go visit my mom and victor
we will go together
Brady says together? You dont think i can make it there alone ?
think im going to head off to an ally and try to score something
dan says no im not saying that
let me help you with this

ian says i care about you and want to see you happy,,,im here for you
if you need any help
he wishes everyone could be as happy as he is
she says im happy
he says this thing you have with brady is it another one of your mistakes?

She says My relationship with brady is not a mistake he is the best thing that ever happened to me
he brings up when they first met
how she told him about her father abandoning her ,it broke his heart , he cared for her then
he thinks she is setting with Brady
she says we are not settling with each other
im going to have a wonderful life with brady
he says you were trying to ignore what is obvious to everyone
your boy is a mess
kate thinks he is using drugs again
she says he told me he wasnt
he just went and took a drug test would he do that if he had anything to hide?

vic and maggie were going upstairs
but dan and brady come to the door
brady says he wants to talk to Maggie
for a bit
hasnt been to a meeting for awhile
they go into the living room
brady says i havent slipped i feel like i have
she says ok how do you mean?
when you are craving drugs you feel jumpy you want your next hit
you want more
she says and thats how you are feeling
he says yes i do i cant focus on anything i cant sit still ,all i can think of is getting something to not make me feel this way

Cameron and abi back at the square
with their cute little baskets of berries
guess they had already picked theo up and took him to Hopes
cuz they mention him and ciarra eating the berries
Cameron and abi kiss
he says he wants to spend time with her

dan and vic talk in the foyer
vic is worried about Brady
dan says he is talking to his sponsor
vic says i almost lost your mother because of a secret ,
they worked things out and he is the luckiest man in the world to be married to his mother , certainly nothing like my other
exes,,,Vivian Kate , Nicole , i was
lucky to have survived those women
dan says i almost forgot you were married to Nicole
Vic says would that i could forget that sneaky conniving gold digger

brady says i dont get it i never felt like this is an long time
maggie says cravings are natural
even after all this time i get cravings for a drink
brady says but why am i feeling like this now?
Maggie says H.A.L.T ,,,hungry, angry lonely tired , triggers for picking up a drink or a drug
brady says thats not me right now , Madison and i are going to get married
my dad i and have the company going well
im this close to getting everything i ever wanted
she says maybe things are going too well you are scared
he says why would i be scared?
She says you know what i mean
addicts have a hard time dealing with success just as failure
he says i never loved a woman in my life the way that i love madison and i feel like im screwing it up

ian says promise me you me one thing , you wont let him drag you down
it would make me sad if all the years i spent building you up went to waste

Cameron says salem seemed like a boring place
when he first came here
(you make is boring)
my mom had to talk to me into coming here
i came so i could meet my sister
then she was diagnosed with the brain tumour
so i wasnt about to go anywhere
its hard knowing we are all privately counting the days she has left
but i wouldnt trade this time for anything in the world
funny how you can meet someone and know them for a short time and feel like they have been in your life forever
she says are you anxious to get back to your old life
he says actually im thinking about staying in little old salem

dan says is nicole that bad?
Vic says she is worse , she is like a chameleon
she is what ever the person she is with wants her to be
rest assured she always has an agenda
terrible thing is i knew about her before i married and i went ahead anyway
im lucky to have gotten out of that relationship alive
she is like a siren , utterly enchanting to the members of the male persuasion
dan says i know she is funny and smart
vic says and beautiful and i wouldnt wish her on my worst enemy ,,, i take that back
she is married to Ej Dimera, couldnt be a better match
dan says she and Ej are getting divorced
vic says thats too bad i pity the next guy who falls for her

Brady says i feel better already
Maggie says dont lie its going to take a lot of time and work
he says maybe i should go back to the meetings
she says glad you came by to talk about it
he says i went and had a drug test
she says im here for you ,you can call or come by at any time
he says im going to be fine going to beat this
i cant go down that path again
i have too much to live for now

abi says you are staying for theo?
He says yeah i promised him i would take him camping
she says what about your job
he says depends im thinking about seeing if they have any openings on staff in this hospital
she says that would amazing for theo
he says theres another reason im thinking about staying i dont want to say goodbye to you

brady and dan come into the office
dan tells madison we ran the tests
she says brady has been acting strange lately
not that i dont believe him
brady says im not hiding anything from you

maggie tells vic brady hasnt started using drugs again
she can go for months when she doesnt think about a drink and when times become challenging the idea dances around in her brain
he promises her he can be the man she wants him to be
she says we will be ok then ,,,,one day at a time

Brady tells Madison he went to talk to maggie too
something is going on with me im trying to do anything i can to stay clean
she says you have more than maggie in your corner you have me too im not going anywhere
sorry if i made you feel like i dont trust you
you were an addict
i want to put this behind us when the test comes back negative it will be over and done with for good....
Ian is listening at the door