Skye's Report for Monday, June 11th

Skye's Report for Monday, June 11th

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Skye's Report for Monday, June 11th

Ej is outside the mansion
there is yellow crime tape over the doors
he takes it off and gets his key out
and as he is opening the door
Rafe opens it and says hello EJ

At the square jack has great news for Jennifer
his book about his memoirs in Afghanistan
was published
he has an offer, an advance and there is
going to be a book tour
jen says she is so proud of him

Lexi and Abe at home
she says she wants to get together with Chad and EJ to go over her fathers funeral arrangements
Abe says they are happy to do it
they dont want to put that burden on her
she says its not a burden, he was my father
im his only living daughter
i need to be a part of it

Roman has Will handcuffed at the police station
sami says i cant believe this
this is your grandson,you cant believe that he shot and killed stefano Dimera
roman says i dont want to believe it
lucas says look at the kid , he doesnt look like a murderer does he?
Roman says he is sorry but the evidence says we have to arrest him
fingerprints on the murder weapon, gunshot residue on his hands, we dont have a choice

Ej says what are you doing in my house ?
Rafe says on assignment
im back on the police force
Ej says wow bully for you
now if you dont mind
rafe says i do mind there is no way you are getting in here not today
ej says this is my house
rafe says this is also a crime scene and im here to make sure it doesnt get corrupted
in case forensics want to come back in and do another sweep
Ej says why would they want to do that ,they have the body they have the gun , they have dusted everything, they have taken fabric samples god know why
this is my house im the mayor so let me in
rafe says sorry mr mayor i have my orders
and the mayors office doesnt supersede a criminal investigation
what is so important you need in here anyway?
Ej says its personal and none of your damn business
rafe says ok you are still not coming in

jen and jack sit at a table in the square
he says he is going to call his agent and get right to work
she says are you going to new york?
He says no ill do it over the phone not going anywhere
how could i with everything going on with lexi and stefano and planning our wedding
she says im happy you have been thinking through this.. in the past you would have jumped on a plane , but you are not so
you really have changed

abe says Ej and i knew you would feel that way but we thought you didnt need the added stress
she says i need to do this
he says i will talk to chad and Ej and tell them you want to be part of the planning
she says it will help me make my final peace with my father and our relationship
my father just made it so hard to love him sometimes,,, i grew up without him in my life
and learning he was my father was the most difficult time in my life
he didnt even know how to show his love back then , offered money and power and even thought he could buy us a child
there were always strings
in spite of everything he did and all his faults
i loved him so much
abe says he doesnt deserve a daughter like you
she says i have done some pretty horrible things myself and you still loved me
my father was such a tortured soul
he never talked about his childhood but im sure it wasnt a happy one
in spite of everything that he did i know he loved me
he says its amazing you can say that after everything he done to you
she says i know how much my illness was torturing him he would have given anything even his own life if he could help me
im so sorry he had to die feeling so sad and alone

roman says lets go
sami says arent you going to give him a chance to explain
Will says i can explain
i fired the gun i bought
but not the one in the mansion
roman says dont say anything
lucas says dont say anything without a lawyer
roman says call Carrie
sami says im not getting carrie involved in this
roman says you got to be kidding me this isnt about you
carrie will be great
lucas says im sure carrie would be great but we have other lawyers in the family
if you want i can put a call into Justin
sami says yes thank you
Will says i didnt do this i swear
they take him down to be booked

jen says i cant believe how lucky i am
he says i cant believe how much time i wasted thinking only of myself
she says i wasnt perfect either jack
he says you are perfect to me
she says the best part is we have figured this out
i love you so much
he kisses her

lexi is crying
abe says im sorry you never got a chance to say goodbye to your father before he died
she says i thought i wouldnt have enough time
never dreamed he would be gone before me
abe says everyone thought stefano dimera
would never really die
she says he didnt just die its very likely someone close to us killed him
he says im sorry i went over there and left my gun
she says i dont blame you
the more i think about my fathers death
im starting to believe maybe it was a blessing for him
whats happening to me was destroying him no parent wants to outlive their child he already lost Tony,,Renee and
my father is gone and i never got the chance to say goodbye

Ej says i dont take orders from you
rafe says if you dont stop im going to have to arrest you for interfering with a criminal investigation
ej says you would like that wouldnt you ?
Rafe says i would
Ej says i would be careful if i were you ,you are on very dangerous ground
rafe says you are the one on dangerous ground considering you are the one about to be arrested
Ej says im not talking about you flexing up that little bureaucratic muscle of yours im talking about
you switching the dna test on nicoles baby
rafe says you will have to take that up at the hospital
Ej says oh i will and if i find out you had anything to do with it i will bring you down

Jack and jen come to visit lexi and Abe
jack says he is sorry about her father
jen says accept our condolences
lexi says thanks i just hope and pray no one close to us is responsible
jen tells them jacks book is going to be published
lexi says oh thats wonderful i cant wait to read it
jack says i can get an advanced copy
its a quick read
lexi says your words are important for your children to read
abe says he is going to go out and run some errands while they are visiting lexi
lexi says glad you are here glad to get a chance to sit and chat

rafe says are you threatening me?
Ej says look the things i want are upstairs in my room not downstairs in your crime scene
rafe says you seem to be forgetting something EJ, you are a suspect in stefanos murder

lucas says Justin is in court, he will call us as soon as possible
sami says do you think its possible our son our little boy murdered stefano?
Lucas says i dont know i dont think he is our little boy anymore
when i told your dad there is no way Will could have done it
i kept thinking about all those years i covered up for him
sami says cuz he shot ej
lucas says yeah ,if Marlena knows and tells your dad thats it , if she tells the police
they will look at him in a different light
they will think he is capable of anything
they show Will getting his fingerprints done and his mug shot

Ej says what motive could i have for killing my own father
raf says now with stefano out of the picture all of this is yours
the house , the money the corporations
the power, im sure if i take my time and do some digging i can come up with some more
Ej says go ahead and dig, i have better things to do than to stand here trading barbs with you ,do me a favour when the police decide to let me in to get my things you let me know
rafe says ok i will
rafe shuts the door in his face
Ej leaves

jack asks if theo is home
lexi says yes up in his room
he says ill go up and see if he is up for a video game challenge
he goes upstairs

lexi says its ok
no one ever knows what to say
jen says its hard to imagine the words much less say them out loud
i dont want to believe its true
lexi says it is true im dying but
i have accepted it
jen says you are so strong and courageous but it doesnt make it easy for the people that love you so much
lexi says i know,,its hard to see everyone i care about going through this
im glad abe went out
this is hard on him
its taking a toll on him
i saw this so many times before with my patients
what the care givers go through how difficult this process is for them
they try so hard to be strong and cheerful
i would do anything to make this easier for abe
seeing his pain is what hurts me the most

Abe is at the square
he sits on the bench
Kayla comes up to him asks if he is alright?

Roman brings Will back to talk to his parents before they take him down
Lucas says he called Justin
Will says i didnt do it
lucas says you are not lying about anything else?
Will says no i know it looks bad
i bought a gun i fired it to test it out not at anyone
and the gun i shot isnt the one that killed stefano

Ej comes around back
and comes in through the patio doors
he shuts the other doors leading out to the foyer
he opens the secret panel in the wall
and gets an envelope out
rafe goes to the front door and notices the other doors closed he walks over to them
Ej hears him and closes the secret panel

Will says you think i did it dont you?
Sami says thats not the point we have to figure out how to deal with this
you just recently admitted to me that you were the one who shot EJ
we have to separate the lies from the truth and figure out whats going on
Will says thanks for the support mom, i am glad i can always count on you
sami says im trying to help you make a story that makes sense
Will says you are not listening
lucas says stop it both of you
roman comes in and says time to go
lucas hugs Will tells him not to worry about it

jen says her and jack will take care of abe and theo
lexi says i know but i cant help worrying about them
jen says dont let your worry ruin this precious time you have left with abe
lexi says i won t
jen says i apologize for the stress i put you through with the election
lexi says stop i have been forgiven for things worse than that its not important
lexi gets a pain
says these darn headaches
they are coming more frequently
im getting weaker every day i dont have much time left
and there is so much more i have to do
jen says there never seems to be enough time huh?
Lexi says im Not going to waste another second talking about regrets , if there is one thing i want to pass on to the people i love its that
enough about me how are things with you and jack?

Abe says lexi is home visiting with jack and Jennifer
kay says would you rather be alone?
He says no im going to be alone soon enough
kay says you need to be there for lexi and theo and be strong
i want you to know you can let your guard down with me you can
share your feelings with me, whatare old friends for ?

rafe opens the doors
and walks into the living room
looks out the patio doors
looks around the room
Ej is hiding in the hallway
rafe is about to go look in there but his
phone rings
says im still at the mansion
Will Horton was arrested for stefanos murder you are kidding me
i appreciate it thanks
he leaves
Ej comes out with his envelope
and leaves through the patio doors

jen says jack and i are good we are the best we have been in a long time
lexi says i can tell im so happy for you
jen says even though his experience in Afghanistan was horrible, it helped him re evaluate who he is and whats important
and what he wants and i had to do the same thing
lexi says abe and i had to do the same thing
you and jack me and abe
we had more than out fair share of problems but through it all we came through it together
jen says im sorry
i cant imagine you not being here
she starts crying
lexi hugs her and says
its ok
im so glad you and jack came by today
jack walks in

abe says thanks Kayla im ok
i want to cry but if i start i wont be able to stop
i love her i need her
and i dont know what i will do with out her
kayla puts her hand on his

sami and lucas are the pub
lucas says Justin is still in court but hi secretary said he will just show up at Wills arraignment
sami says im in shock this is happening
lucas says they dont have a motive why would Will kill stefano ?
sami says well i know stefano was blackmailing Will and he forced him to make sure rafe found out that EJ and I slept together
he says why would he do that?
Sami says i dont know i guess he was making sure nicole and ej spilt up
Ej knows thats why he fired Will
lucas says who else knows?
Sami says besides ej i dont know
lucas says no one can find out that stefano was blackmailing Will no one
thats an excellent motive for Will to kill stefano

jack says theo beat him at the game
then theo wanted to draw
lexi says he loves to draw he draws all the time it helps him communicate
what he is feeling
i think one day his work will be in a gallery
jen says you will see that day lex
you will be with him every day sharing every single moment

kay says is there anything new in the stefano murderer investigation ?
abe says they have a lot of motives and suspects including me
kay says half the people in this town have reason to want stefano dead
bring theo back to the pub sometime ,joey will love to play with him
anything you need please call me
abe gets a call from roman
tells him they made an arrest
its Will ,
Kayla hears the phone call
kay says you dont think Will did it do you?
Abe says i know Will didnt do it i know it for a fact

sami says she is worried about Will
Lucas says we have to help him
we have to make sure no one finds out that it was Will who shot EJ and not me
rafe walks over to their table

A policeman brings Will into an office
says the person who posted your bail is coming up to see you
Will says great is it my mom or my dad?
He says wait here ,,,he leaves
Ej walks in
Will looks surprised