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Stephanie's Fics

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Bah Humbug

A Shawn and Belle short Christmas Fanfic. This fic is rated PG13.

On a cold winter day Isabella Black found herself driving in her car to see her father for Christmas. ‘Oh what joy! I can’t believe I’m wasting my day to see this sorry son of a bitch’

At this time of the year everyone seemed to be in the happy holiday spirit but Belle never felt that way. Some people say it was because she had a heart of stone and the only reason why she come to see her father was for the money he always gave her, others think its because of her childhood losing her mother at such an early age and her father never being home. But this was just pure speculation no one ever knew for sure, she never let anyone close enough to figure her out.

Speeding up just a little bit to try and get there faster she felt her car slide on some black ice. “Oh for goodness sakes! I just can’t win. God I hate Christmas, everything about it makes me sick! Happy people going around giving gifts, putting up lights, singing stupid songs, spending unnecessary money and what the hell for? Peace on earth? Happiness? Love? Its all a bunch of horse shit. Just another Hallmark holiday blown out of proportion.” Taking a deep breath and glancing at her watch she saw that she at least another hour until she got there. “ Screw the speed limit no one ever follows it anyway.” Belle said as she quickly zoomed by a huge advertisement billboard on the side of the road.

A police car quickly pulled out of its hiding place and went right behind her. He turned on his lights and siren signifying for the driver to pull over.

Belle glanced at her rear-view mirror and cursed loudly. “ I don’t need this shit now! God damn it!” reluctantly she pulled over and pulled out her licence and registration.

Shawn Brady stepped out the car. ‘What is with these idiots? Can’t they just follow the damn law? Its bad enough that its winter but with today being Christmas ...people go crazy. Fucking holiday has everyone screwed up.’ he thought as he made his way to the car.

“Licence and registration. Please.”

“Here.” she said with an annoyed tone.

“Thank you.” he answered the same way. “I’ll be right back with your ticket.”

Belle watched as he turned back to his car. ‘Asshole.’ she thought.

‘Bitch’ was the word that came to his mind. Quickly getting everything together he returned with the slip in hand. “Here you go ma’am. You might want to follow the limit next time you or someone else might get hurt.”

“Thanks for the advice officer.” she gave him a fake smile and rolled up her window. Starting her car again she pulled out of the shoulder of the road and back on the high way.

Shawn quickly got into his car and drove back to the police station. After getting out of his uniform he said a goodnight to all his co-workers and was back on the rode in his own car. Tonight he was going to see one of his good friends and meet some of his family, since his own family was either dead or decided that they would treat him as if he were dead, he always managed to find an nice warm family to welcome him in. Christmas was his lest favorite holiday... to many memories of his parents and little brother, but if it meant a free meal he’d put up a good front and act as if it was the greatest day.

Pulling up to the familiar mansion he gave his keys to the “valet” and made his way up the icy marble stairs “God I hope I don’t brake my ass going up these damn stairs.” he said to himself. After safely making it to the door he rang the door bell. A beautiful blonde with blue eyes opened the door. Looking at her rather hardly he could have sworn he’d meet her before. Belle looked at the man in front of him and instantly recognized him, not wanting to deal with whatever he decided to come by with she quickly nipped the situation in the bud. “What the hell do you want? You already gave me one ticket are you going to give me another? Go bother somebody else.” and she slammed the door in his face.

A rather shocked Shawn tried to understand just what happened. He re-played the scene in his head and realized it was that rude woman who he had pulled over that afternoon. He rang the door bell again and was ready to face her if she decided to pull that little stunt again. Thankfully the maid answered the door “Oh hello Mister Brady, happy holidays! Here let me take your coat.”

“Hello Pat, happy holidays. Would you happen to know who the young woman was who slammed the door in my face?”

“Oh that was Isabella, John’s daughter. She’s always in such a foul mood!” she rolled her eyes “My apologies. Please John’s been waiting for you in the sitting room go make yourself at home.”

“Thank you.” He gave the older woman a heart-stopping smile and made his way to see his friend. When he walked in he saw John sitting on a chair smoking his pipe and reading a book.

“Merry Christmas John.”

The older man looked up and saw that one of his guests had arrived. He rose from his seat to greet him. “Shawn. I’m so glad you could come.”

“Well thank you for inviting me. How’s business?”

“Business is fine. Lets talk about that later. Right now I want you to meet my daughter Isabella.” he guided Shawn to the study where his daughter was busy doing work. He noticed that when he mentioned Belle’s name that Shawn stiffened. He knocked on the door and opened it to see his baby staring out the window with tears streaming down her face.

“Izzy, are you alright? Are you hurt?” He made his way to her.

Slightly startled she wiped the tears from her face quickly and turned around. “I’m fine father. I have allergies is all.” she gave her dad a small smile to satisfy and reassure him that she was alight. She notice someone at the door entrance and was shocked to see that police officer again. ‘What the fuck is this guys problem.’ her blood started to boil was she quickly marched to the stranger. “I thought I told you to leave. Was I not clear enough? Must you bother me and my family on Christmas? If you don’t leave this instant I will call your little pals at the station and have you arrested and I wont hesitate to press charges.”

“Izzy! What has gotten in to you? Shawn is our guest.”

“Oh dad he’s no guest, he’s a psycho cop trying to get in my pants, but its not working!”

That last statement couldn’t be father from the truth. If it weren’t for John standing in the room he would have said some pretty insulting things to this woman in front of him, but decided to let John be the first to correct her. Now she’s accusing him of wanted to sleep with her. ‘Ain’t no way in hell’. Deciding that enough was enough he spoke up. “Actually I’m good friends with your father and I was invited here tonight to have dinner with him and his family and friends. I never did nor do I ever want to get in your pants lady. Your just mad because you were speeding and you got caught. If you can’t break the law right without getting busted then I suggest you don’t do it at all.”

“Izzy... speeding? Why would you do that, especially after your mother’s death.”

“It wasn’t my fault dad, there was ice everywhere I was sliding NOT speeding.”

“John she was going at least 65 on a 30 mile speed limit.”

Looking at her in disappointment he excused himself and left the room.

“I can’t believe you just did that. If you didn’t know my mother was killed by a speeding car.”

“I had no idea.”

“Well now you do. Jerk.” She turned to leave but Shawn’s next comment cause her to stop in her tracks.

“If your mom was killed by a speeding car why would you do speed if you know what it does to family? I’m a cop, I try to stop people before they kill anyone like what happened to your mother.”

Closing her eyes briefly she spoke to him without turning around. “Tell my father that I’ll be in my room. I have a headache. Send Pat up to get me when dinner is ready.” she then walked out and went to her room.

3 hours later

Pat made her way up the stairs. She couldn’t believe the rudeness that Belle had shown to her father and his guests. After her disappearance John had completely shut down, talking every now and then but basically keeping quite while everyone else was enjoying themselves, and Mister Brady might as well have gotten his tongue caught by a cat. She thought back a few days when her and John were having a talk about Belle, they both decided that Shawn would be the perfect match for her and maybe get her out of the stone cold mood she’s been in for most of her life. But now that John is in his own world she would have to do it herself. Not even bothering to knock Pat opened the door and found Belle on her bed watching some reality show. “Belle I need you to do me a favor.”

“Why do you have to ask me? I’m busy.” she said while flipping through the channels.

“Isabella Black I may work for your father but I’ve know you all your life and basically raised you. You will show me some respect. I’m still young enough to pull you over my lap and give you a spanking for the way you’ve treated everyone, but I wont. Now kindly get up,go to the wine cellar and get some more refreshments for the guests. I would do it but I can never reach the darn bottles that your father uses for the parties, and I’m scared to death of heights. So please do me that favor.” She waited by the door for Belle to do as she asked. She saw her shut the T.V. off and roll her eyes and she realized that Pat wasn’t leaving until she saw her get up.

“I need to re-do my make up. I’ll be right down.” Pat nodded and went down the stairs to find that tall, dark, handsome Greek God of a man, Shawn Brady. She found him staring out one of the windows, approaching him she tapped Shawn on the shoulder. He turned and gave her one of his mouth watering smiles. “Yes Pat, do you need help with anything?”

Blushing a bit she nodded. “I was wondering if you could go down to the wine cellar and get more for the guests. I would ask some of the help but they have their hands full... do you mind?”

Knowing that he couldn’t say no to her he of course agreed and made his way down to the very bottom of the basement. Opening up the door he searched for the bottles.

On the main floor where the party was held Pat saw Belle finally appear. Belle spotted her quickly and asked where the bottles were. After she gave her the instructions Belle went to retrieve the wine, not noticing the older woman following her a few steps behind. Once Belle made it to the cellar she noticed the door was open and so were the lights. Slowly opening it more she spotted the scum bag who ruined her already horrible day. “You son of a bitch! What do you think your doing?” she walked closer to him and didn’t notice Pat sneak by and lock the door. “There... a few hours in there and something is bound to happen between them. I just hope its not a murder!” she chuckled to herself and patted her shoulder as a job well done. “Now back to the party.”

Back in the cellar Belle questioned him again. “I said what are you doing? Your stealing from my father!”

“Oh shut up... Pat asked me to get some more wine for the party.”

“No she asked me to get more wine.” she yelled

Both looked at each other realized that they had been set up. “Well you got the wine right?”

“Yup.... 4 bottles like she asked for.”

“Fine, now lets get the hell out of here... its freezing.” They both made their way to the door and saw that it was closed. Belle started to panic. “Oh god the door’s closed.. Oh my god.”

“So then we’ll just open it.” Shawn walked over to the heavy door and tried to pull it open but it was sealed tight. He looked over at Belle and saw her lean against the wall and slide down.

“When its winter the door tends to stick to the molding and when ever its closed it can never be open from the inside, when I was little I was playing around and this happened.. Luckily my mom found me.” said remembered with a smirk. “Ever since then I refuse to come back down... ack! It was horrible.”

“Well someone has to notice that neither of us are there and they need wine for the party so we’ll be out of here in no time.” He said reassuringly.

“I hope so.”

3 hours later

“This is ridiculous! We’ve been down here for hours and no one has come to look for us. I’m so cold.”

“They should be coming any minute.”

“That’s what you said a half hour ago and an hour before that and another after that! I hate to tell you but they aren’t coming! You Jackass... this is all your fault.”

“Hold on... how is this MY fault? You were the last one down here... I made sure the door was open you were the one who was to busy yelling at me for “stealing” from your father. So if your going to point fingers at anyone point it at yourself... you grouch!”

“Whatever!” she huffed. “God I’m freezing.” She whispered wrapping her arms around her body trying to keep warm.

“YES! We know that... that’s all you’ve been saying.”

“Well I am... you know if you were a gentleman you would offer me your sports jacket.”

“You must be on drugs if you think that I would share anything with you! Besides this isn’t keeping me warm so your not missing out.”

“Your such bastard!”

“Shut up alright... just shut up! You know nothing about me.”

Belle was taken back at his outburst, she’d thought he be use to her winning already but it seemed that she hit a nerve in one of her tantrums. “Shawn I...”

“Look just don’t talk to me. You’re a bitch nobody likes you. You show no sympathy for anyone. All you do is complain about what’s wrong in your live, when you have it all. You don’t know what its like not to have anyone care for you or have no one call you up to see if your even alive. You have no idea! At lest you have a father, who by the way loves you to death... but you wouldn’t know that because you to stuck in your own world of pity.” He glanced at her and saw her face, it was one of sorrow. “Go ahead feel bad for yourself.”

Tears rimmed her eyes. How could someone say something so hurtful? “Your noth the only person who’s lost someone. I’ve lost my mother you know. I know...”

“You know? You know what? I’ve lost my mother my father..” He tried to continue but the lump in his throat was preventing him from saying anything. “ I lost my little brother... he was only 2 and I lost him... and after the accident I lost the rest of my family. Either to illnesses or age or for some stupid argument that never got resolved. I have no one. But you Belle.. You have your father and Pat... they love you.”

“I’m sorry.. I- I didn’t know... why am I such a horrible person? Why..” She broke down into a fit of tears. She crawled up with her kneed pulled to her chest and cried.

Feeling his heart grow heavy he went beside her. “Your not a horrible person Belle.. You just need to melt the ice around your heart.” He wrapped his arms around her and started to rub her arms to keep her warm. “Shh.. Don’t cry any more Belle. I hate to see you cry... I’d rather hear you yelling and screaming at me calling me every name in the book instead of seeing you sad.”

She looked up at him and smiled. It was actually the first time she had smiled in along time. “Thanks Shawn.” she sniffed. “I’m still cold though.” she said with a giggle.

“Well.. Let see what we can do about that.” he moved to the back of her and opened up his jacket, he then pulled her back so she rested on his chest and wrapped it around the both of them. He continued to rub her arms up and down not knowing what his touches were doing to the woman in front of him. She closed her eyes and sighed at the smooth motions that he was making on her skin. Soon the coldness drifted from her body and her heart and was replaced with warm tingling feelings. She felt his head come closer to her face and felt his breath on her neck. Gently he kissed her, so lightly Belle wasn’t sure if he actually touched her skin, she then felt it a second time, it was more bolder more passionate and meaningful. She gently opened her eyes and met his dark orbs just before they both leaned in for a kiss. Short nibbles were taken first but soon it grew with so much lust, tongues collided, moans were exchanged, hands all over each other. The coldness of the cell was forgotten and was replaced with heat and fire. Shawn broke the kiss to start down her neck leaving his mark, showing just how bad he wanted her. A little smirk came to his face when he hear Belle whisper how much she enjoyed what he was doing to her. Hid hands came up to her buttons, when the cell door opened. Both Jumped apart still breathing hard.

“Izzy? Shawn?”

“Dad.. Pat!”


Before they tried to explain Pat started jumping up and down. “It worked! It worked!” She turned to John and gave him a hug.

Both Belle and Shawn started laughing at the older woman’s actions.

John laughed as well, noticing that his daughter was actually happy for once.

“So Shawn I see you managed to crack the Scrooge of the Black Family.”

“Haha Dad very funny.... Bah Humbug!”

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Meant for eachother

Fanfic Challenge January 17,2005

“Excuse me... oh sorry! Excuse me coming through.” was all the people herd from the small woman carrying a stack of pink, purple, and blue pocka dotted boxes, which was over towering her body. “Excuse me. Oh! I’m so sorry...excuse me.” Isabella Black was on her way to her next gig across town, life was hard being a part time clown and a full time student at Salem U but it was the only way she was able to pay for her schooling. Her parents wanted to teach her the value of a dollar blah blah blah blah blah.....So here she was cutting cross Salem place to get to the next kiddy party.

Shawn Brady was also shopping at Salem place. He needed to pick up the cake for his little brother’s birthday party which was about to start in a few hours, he also needed to find a gift.... and fast! He had no idea how getting his brother a present could have slipped his mind but it did and now he was rushing through the crowd with the cake box in his hand in order to make it to the toy place in time. “Excuse me, so sorry. Excuse me!”

Belle quickly thought to speed up her walking, she wanted time to get ready and to get organized before the little tikes arrived. She needed a watch, that’s what she needed. She rushed herself this morning because her alarm clock didn’t go off and had forgot to put on her wrist watch, not that it would do her any good she could barely see what was in front of her. “Excuse me!!! Would happen to have the time?” she asked a young woman who was pushing her little daughter in a stroller.

The young lady was taken back by the appearance of the girl in front of her, but she took pity on her having a daughter so young she could tell that the parents had decided to show some disciplined to their daughter, it had happened to her. “Its about twenty to eleven.”

“Oh thank you so much!” She had time. She only needed to go a few more stores and it would be smooth sailing! She gave the woman a smile and was on her way. “Oh wait! Excuse me miss!”

“Yes?” she asked

“If you ever decide to through a party for your little girl and need some entertainment I’m you girl! Izzy the Clown! Here’s my card... ohh..” she realized that she couldn’t reach her pocket. “Oh would you mind.... yeah right in that pocket.” The lady reached in and pulled something out, and it wasn’t the cards in was a some sort of a pump and when she squeezed it water form the flower on her the clown hat squirted her in the face.

“Oh!!! Well I never!!” she gave her a stern look. “You little jokester!” she took her stroller and quickly sped off drenched in cold water.

Belle stood there shocked as hell, she must have told her the wrong pocket. Great job Belle, you could have had yourself a new client but nooooo... you had to go and blow it!

She continued her way out of the shopping area not paying much mind to the people, she was to busy thing about what just happened and how embarrassed she felt. She needed to get out of here. She started walking faster and before she knew it she herd some one tell her to watch where was going and fell to the floor. All her boxes flew everywhere, her magic equipment was scattered everywhere, her paint for face painting was spilled all over, and to top things off she landed on her woopy cushion and cause everyone who was already looking at her to put a face of even more dismay. “OK now I’m embarrassed.!” she started to pick her stuff up when she noticed that one of her boxes were moving. She picked it up and saw a man filled with cake frosting on his face and clothes. “Oh my god! Are you okay?” Belle quickly helped the man up.

“Well aside from the fact that I have my brother birthday cake all over me and that me new shirt is ruined. I think I’ll live.” He was surprisingly calm. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he was still in a shock or maybe it was that the cute little clown in front of him had tears rimming her eyes. She suddenly looked straight into his own pair Oh yeah it’s the clown!

“I’m so sorry, I’ve just been having a bad day... here let’s get some of that cake off. I’m Belle by the way.” She said and she reached into her shoulder pocket and pulled out a series of different colored handkerchiefs. When she finally managed to get all of them out she saw that the man was laughing at her.

“I’m Shawn....You really are a full fledged clown!” she giggled at his comment and handed him the rags. He cleaned his face and then his clothes.

He’s a stud muffin! Let me get a piece of that!..... Belle Black! You shouldn’t be thinking this now! You just ruined his cake and you have a party to go to. “I really should be going... again I’m so sorry about the cake... here I hope this is enough to cover it.” She handed him a twenty dollar bill.

“Oh I couldn’t take it! It was an accident but thank you, let me help you with this stuff.” They both cleaned up what they could and placed it back into the boxes . “Are you sure that you wont take the money?” she asked out last time.

“Nope! You’ve been through enough... I think saw that they had a second like the one I brought so it no big deal.... but you.. You look like you have a problem with your stuff.”

Belle nodded in agreement “I know and I don’t know what to do!” she felt so over whelmed, the last thing she wanted to do was to cancel and ruin someone’s birthday but it looked like she would have to.

“I think there’s a magic shop that just opened on the corner.. I don’t know if that’s all you’ll need but it could help.”

She thought for a moment... maybe just maybe she could pull it off. “Oh thank you so much!” ran over the to the 6 foot something Greek God of a man and have him a hug.

God this feels so good.. So right.... and I’m tingling all over

Wow he must work out! I’m getting so turned on that I fell the waves of.. Oh god.. I need to go!

They stayed like that more then people who just met should. Belle slowly pulled away. “Thank you again.” She whispered

“Your very welcome.” He didn’t want to let her go she felt so perfect against his body.

She reluctantly turned and made her way to the shop wishing and hoping that if fate and luck was on her side that maybe she might meet that beautiful man again.

One hour later Belle finally made it to the house. She rang the door bell and waited for someone to answer.

“Hi you must be Izzy. I’m Hope Brady.” said the woman at the door. She had shiny brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes that was filled with happiness and warmth, and from the looks of it a very beautiful woman in her time.

“Yes.. I’m so sorry that I’m late..... I ummm... had some problems on the way but everything is okay and I’m ready for the little children!”

“Please come inside.” Belle walked in the cozy house and smiled at all the decorations that were made for this very special birthday boy.

“You can just put your stuff down over here and get yourself together.”

Belle thanked her and started to unpack all her goodies. Thank god for that store, it was more then just a magic store is was freakin Clown Heaven! Everything she needed they had and more. “I got some pretty nice stuff... this is a high quality rubber chicken.” she pulled out her paints and balloons along with her magic coloring book and a few other things.

Hope was in the kitchen finishing up the little finger sandwiches for the party when her son came through the door. “What the heck happened to you?”

“Long story... but here’s the cake and here Zach’s gift.” he chuckled.

“I think you should go change before people start to come don’t you think?”

Shawn agreed and when through the living room to get to the stairs. He looked in the corner and saw a very familiar clown costume. “Belle?”

She turned around and saw him.... her beautiful man. “Shawn... hey!”

“You’re the clown for the party?”

“I guess so.”she giggled.

“I’ll be right back... don’t go anywhere.” Shawn rushed up stairs and jumped in the shower. When he came out he quickly dressed. He could hear all the of kids talking and having fun and he also herd some of him family members having a great old time. He came down the stairs and searched for his silly dressed clown sweetheart.

Across the room Belle let out a pent up breath. It wasn’t the kids that were causing her to feel so uneasy it was the big headed ful of himself jerk in front of her that wouldn’t shut up. She met Shawn’s eyes and pleaded for his help.

Shawn walked up to them and rolled his eyes at the person it ended up to be...

“Yeah... see how big my muscles are.... and look what happens when I flex them...”

“Yeah Phil.... I think your hair is a little messed up in the back.”

The man whipped around. “Are you serious?” he covered his hair with his hands and made his way to the mirror.

“Thanks Shawn.”

“Your welcome.” he picked up her hand and kissed it. “Belle I don’t know what it is about you, but I feel like your going to be a part of my life forever.”

Oh dear god.. Take me now you sexy sexy man! “I feel the same way.” The two got closer and closer, their lips just centimeters away when the children started to scream ‘Painting time!! Painting time!!!’

“Damn it “ he mumbled under this breath.

Belle then painted all the children’s faces. “Yeah Belle....can you paint the superman symbol on my arm since I’m so sexy and have big muscles.”

“Sure.” she said a little uneasy.

After she was down she dropped the brush in her little water bowl. She began to put her paint away when she herd a womanly scream.


“Philip are you okay?”

A woman in a business suite came up and said “Get away from him! Philly Willy what the matter with my baby boy?”

“It stings mama! It stings soooooo BAD!!!”

“What stings baby?”

“My eye.. Mama I got water in my eye!!!!!”

“Oh no!! Lets go home and take care of that.”

The two of them left the house and everyone start to chuckle. Shawn came up to Belle and kneeled before her. “You sure showed him!” The two of them laughed.. Belle then looked in his eyes. “I believe we were in the middle of something before...” She pulled him close to her and gently kissed his lips. They both broke apart, smiled, and went in for another kiss, this time it was more slower and more tender, sweet but passionate, and it was hit with a sprinkle of forever.

Up in the skies and old woman sat with her husband...

“Oh Tom. I told you they were perfect for eachother!!”

“Yes, yes you did darling and you were right.. They do make a wonderful couple.”

“Yes they do and it was all my doing!” she giggled and snuggled up to her husband. “I have a feeling that they are going to be forever. Their meant for eachother.”

“I think so too dear...forever like us.”

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Shayla's Fics


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Town Without Pity

For Lissie's Songfic Challenge...

When you're young and so in love as we
And bewildered by the world we see
Why do people hurt us so
Only those in love would know
What a town without pity can do

Shawn Brady was was in his loft. It just wasn't his day. He cashed a window at St Lukes trying to stop Belle from marrying Philip. Belle got hurt in th process and he went to jail. But the wrost thing is he praied and hope that he got there in time just to find out that he was to late. they was married and there was nothing he could do about it. Shawn tried to talk with Belle after being released from jail but the toy soilder wouldn't let him and just closed the door in his face. He could hear thier music it was so loud. Shawn really think he was blasting the music on purpose just so he can hear it and know that are in there together. He couldn't take it any more, Shawn grabbed his jacket off the chair near the door and left. All he needed was a little fresh air. Ending up on the roof ,a place that held a lot o memories for him.

If we stop to gaze upon a star
People talk about how bad we are
Ours is not an easy age
We're like tigers in a cage
What a town without pity can do

She couldn't stand laying next to him ever night.. What was worng me? Belle asked herself trying to get up from the bed with out waking Philip. He would be leaving in a couple of days than she would really alone but it seemed better than being around block head all day long. She can't believe that she Married him. She did love him but not they way she loves Shawn. Loving Philip is like loving your brother, but he was there for her when Shawn wasn't. right now she just needed to clear her head and be alone. It seems like everytime she want to be alone therer is always some one there bothering her. Belle slipped on her robe and house shoes and headed for the roof. A place that always brought peace to her.

he young have problems, many problems
We need an understanding heart
Why don't they help us, try and help us
Before this clay and granite planet falls apart

Shawn was standing on the roof looking up at the stars thinkng about everything that went wrong. He was now all alone he didn't have no love in his life, His mom looked down on him and Belle is now married. It seem like he is living in the twlight zone , there is nothing going right in any way. Maybe he should just leave again ,it don't seem like anyone would miss him. Yeah that would be best. Shawn that to hisself. There was a nosie behind, turning around to see who it was. As Shawn truned and look towards the door, he saw her with tears in her big blue eyes.

"You're leaving ?" Belle tearfully asked

"Maybe, I was just thinking out loud"

"Ohh, well I leave you alone" She said

"No stay , I'll go" Shawn said as he started to walk away

"We both can stay up her together"

"I guess" Shawn said

Belle went and sat down with her back against the wall by the ledge. Shawn went and sat next to her. Belle layed her head on his shoulder and he put his arm around her. she let out a soft sigh and sunngled into his chest. She really miss being this close to him.

"Shawn I really miss you"

"I miss you too"
Take these eager lips and hold me fast

I'm afraid this kind of joy can't last

How can we keep love alive
How can anything survive
When these little minds tear you in two
What a town without pity can do

Belle looked up into his warm brown at the pain that she have seen there in the last couple of monthst seem to be gone. Shawn parted his lips and he moved head down a little closer to her face. Belle felt like she couldn't breathe, she haven't felt like this in a long time. Licking her lips, she put her lips against his. They shared a soft but passionate kiss that said so much. Shawn pulled back first.

"Belle , I know your are married now and everything but I'm still in love with you" Shawn said looking deep into her eyes

" Shawn I feel the same , I still love you too"

How can we keep love alive
How can anything survive
When these little minds tear you in two
What a town without pity can do

Shawn pulled her back in to a kiss that lasted for ever....

No, it isn't very pretty what a town without pity

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ShelleLuvR05's Fics


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What I've Been Searching For

A Shawn and Belle fanfic.

I disclaim.

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Prologue - Chapter 10


Shawn and Belle never met in this story. Shawn and Belle are both 18 Shawn lives in L.A. and Belle lives in Salem.

Shawn is in his apartment packing his bags and fighting with the girl he just broke up with he found out she slept with another guy and got pregnant Shawn thought he loved her, So Shawn transferred from UCLA to go to Salem U. where some of his family lives.'Look Jan I don't care what you have to say anymore I know there all lies.' Shawn says as he's running around taking down all his family photo's from the walls of his apartment.'But baby I love you.' Says Jan as she follows him around the apartment and tries to put his belongings back where they were in the first place.'Yeah sure and that’s why you slept with another guy.' Shawn walks out of the apartment putting the boxes in his car. 'That was only a one time thing, You’re the one I love.' Jan says while trying to beg him to stay with her. 'I'm so glad I never slept with you now I know the real you. He screams as he slams the trunk door. 'Will you at least tell me the phone number or address to where your going?' She pleads.'For the last time I said I never want to see you again in my life you disgust me this is goodbye for now and forever Jan!'

'You just wait Shawn Brady you'll be seeing me again.' Smiles a wicked Jan.


'I don't care Mimi your not setting me up on another blind date. Belle Black says to her best friend Mimi Lockhart.'Do you remember the last guy you set me up with all he wanted from me was to have sex with him, You know how I feel about that I'm waiting for that perfect guy to enter my life and believe me Meems he wasn't the right guy.' 'But Belle....' 'No Buts Mimi'. Belle interrupt’s Mimi. ' I don't want to go on any more blind dates and that's final!' Belle gets up from her bed and looks in the mirror to fix up her make-up.'Fine don't say I offered you that date. Mimi tries to get her to feel guilty.'I'm sorry Meems but I don't want to go on anymore blind dates.'Belle walks over to where Mimi was sitting in their dorm room and Belle suggests that they can go to dot com to get some smoothie’s and they head over to dot com.

Chapter 1

Shawn Brady is on a plane to Salem he feels that a lot of weight has been lifted off his shoulders he knows he's done the right thing by leaving he knows his family back home will understand someday why he left in all his past relationships he's had with girls always end up in heartbreak for him all he wants is that perfect someone and he feels like that he's never gonna find her. 'Excuse me sir....excuse me.' Shawn looks up at the Stewardess with a very confused look on his face. ' I've been trying to get your attention for 5 minutes you look pale can I get something for you?' Shawn shakes his head no at first and then he repiles ' Just and Orange Juice please.' A few minutes later the Stewardess arrives with his drink. Shawn says 'thank you' and the lady goes on her way. The rest of the trip Shawn slept until he felt someone tapped on his shoulder telling him that he needed to buckle up that they were about to land in Salem.


Belle and Mimi just got back from dot com from getting their smoothie’s. Their both trying to study for a big test that’s coming up soon, But Mimi is talking about her boyfriend Rex who is also Belle's half brother.

'So Mimi do you love Rex 'Cause they way you've been talking about him lately you sure do sound like your in love with my brother.'Asks a curious Belle who looks up from her book to make eye contact with her to see what her answers gonna be.

'Yeah I think I do, I've never met a guy like him Belle I mean he's sweet, caring, smart, he's everything. Smiles a very happy Mimi.'Oh and the way he makes love to me....' Belle interrupt’s her in the middle of her sentence. 'Ok now that’s enough I don't wanna hear about my brothers sex life, that's just sick. Belle wrinkles up her forehead when she ever hears the word 'Rex' and 'Sex' in the same sentence.

'Fine lets change the subject.' Mimi gets up from her bed and grabs another pencil out of the pencil holder 'cause her pencil broke and is to lazy to sharpen the one she had.

'Ok Meems what subject do you wanna talk about?' Belle raises her eyebrows.

Mimi Smiles wickedly and then says 'When are you gonna take that silly little ring off your finger and lose your virginity.'

Belle lets out a loud sign. 'Meems you know when.' Belle grabs her pillow off her bed and thows it at Mimi.

'Yeah,Yeah I know when that perfect guy enters your life, But you like know half the guys in Salem and none of them are for you 'cause your to picky about them.' Mimi says looking Belle dead in the eyes.

'You just watch meems, Some guy will come into my life and he'll be the one for me and then I'll take this silly little ring off as you put it and then I'll lose my virginity. Giggles Belle.

'Yeah,Yeah that'll be the day.' Mimi Giggles.

Chapter 2


Shawn has just now gotten off the plane and wonders if there’s any cars left for him to rent so he goes and picks up his bags and he goes over to the place where you rent cars when he gets a car he packs it up and heads over Salem U. When he gets there he realizes he cant find his dorm room.


Mimi went to go visit Rex while Belle went back to her studies just when Belle was about to get the right answer Mimi and Rex burst into the room. Mimi keeps talking fast babbling cant understand a word she’s saying and Rex is just standing there looking at his girlfriend make a fool of herself.

'Meems your talking too fast slow down so I understand what your saying you just babbling.' Belle raises her eyebrows and waits for Mimi to tell her what she wants to tell her that sounds important 'cause Mimi only babbles when she has something important to say.

'Rex is getting a room-mate!' Smiles Mimi.

'And I care because.....'Belle really doesn’t want to deal with Mimi right now she wants to get back to her work.

'Well he might be cute and a guy for you!'

'Mimi you know I usually don't like guys for their looks.'

'I know I know but since he's new do you think I can set you guys on a blind date?' Begs Mimi.

'Meems....' Mimi interrupt’s Belle. ' I know I know no more blind dates, But I swear that this will be the last one I swear Belle....For me?'

'Yeah Belle its just one date what’s it gonna hurt?'Rex looks at his sister and crosses his arms across his chest.

'Ok, ok but this is the last one and I mean it Meems.'

'Oh thank you thank you thank you.' Mimi rushes up to her and gives her a big hug.

'Um meems I cant breath....' Says a struggling Belle.

'Sorry....' Says Mimi and wrinkles up her forehead.

'So does this guy have a name or what?'

'Rex what was his name again baby?' Belle and Mimi both look at Rex waiting for a answer.

'His name is Shawn.....Shawn Brady.'

Chapter 3

'See Belle doesn’t he sound cute?' Smirks Mimi.

'Whatever you say Meems, Now if you guys don't mind I got some more studying to do...' Belle hints to them that she needs some time alone. And Belle looks back into her book.

'Not until you here what I have to say and put that thing away.' Mimi walks up to her and shuts the book on her.'I mean this guy could be the one you will finally lose your virginity too.' Smiles Mimi.

'Babe I really don't want to hear you talk about my sister losing her virginity to some guy.' Rex makes a face and shivers.

'Oh I'm sorry Rex I forgot you were there.'

'Oh I feel so loved now.' Rex makes a sad face and then looks at his face and makes crying sounds.

'Aww Meems looks at him he's sad why don't you go cheer him up...'cause guys I need to study for this test really really badly.'

'Fine I can see we're not wanted here we'll go back to your room and wait for Shawn to show up.' Mimi drags him out of the door.

'Finally' Belle says to herself and gets back to studying.


'Wow Jenny would you just look what just walked in' Says a red head girl.

'He's hot but you don't stand a chance Cassie.'

'What do you mean I don't stand a chance I could have him in bed in a week.' Smiles a confidant Cassie.

'Wanna bet.' Smirks Jenny.

'Yeah I'll bet $200 I can get him into bed by next Saturday.'

'Are You sure you wanna bet that much money?' Jenny says turning to Cassie.

'Positive.' She straightens up her hair and skirt and says ' Watch Me Work.' And walks towards Shawn.

Shawn's still having trouble finding his room and then he see's a girl walk towards him when the girl is in front of him she says 'Hi I'm Cassie I couldn’t help but notice that you look lost can I help you?'

'Yeah I'm having trouble finding my room do you think you know where B5 is?' Shawn asks hoping she knows where it is.

'Are you kidding me?' Cassie says wrinkling up her nose.

'Um no why? Shawn crosses his arms waiting for her to answer.

'My twin brother lives in that dorm.'

'That’s great can you show me where it is?'

'Yeah of course just follow me.' She walks in front of Shawn wiggling her butt as she walks hoping that he's checking her out.

'Ok this is it.' Cassie notices he doesn’t have a key in his hand so she says 'Do you have a key yet?' Shawn shakes his head no. Cassie says Don’t worry I gotta spear I'll let you in. Cassie gets in front of Shawn rubbing her butt up against him putting the key in the key hole and opens up the door and Shawn steps back from her like he doesn’t want her to be there.

'Oh My God' Cassie Gasps.

Chapter 4

'Can't you guys keep your lips off each other for one minute its so sick.' Mimi and Rex slowly pull away from their kiss that was interrupted and they look up at Rex's sister and strange guy.'Why don't you shut up Cassie.' Says a angry Mimi.'Why don't you Meems.' Cassie screams back. Shawn backs up from the two girls thinking that they're gonna get into a cat fight.'Both of you knock it off.' Screams Rex.

'Who's with you this time Cassie a new guy already?'Mimi and Rex both know Cassie can't live without a guy so she always comes back with a new one every week.

'Excuse me Meems, This happens to be Shawn my brothers room-mate he couldn’t find the dorm room so I showed him so I suggest you shut the hell up.'Mimi's face went pale and walked up to Shawn and told him she was sorry to him 'cause usually she has new guys every week and that she thought he was another one.

'Now would you and my sister knock it off.' Rex gets up from his bed and walks over to were Shawn is.'I'm sorry man don't mind them they always fight, My name is Rex Diemra you must be Shawn Brady.' Rex and Shawn shake hands.

'Yeah I transferred here from U.C.L.A.'

'I was gonna go there but I have more reason to stay here.' Rex looks at Mimi and grabs her hand and kisses it.

'Hi Shawn I’m Mimi I’m Rex's girlfriend as you can see.'

'So um Shawn do you need any help with your stuff?' Rex asks rubbing his hands together.

'Yeah um some of my bags are in the hall I can get them and the rest are in the car.' Shawn pulls out the car keys and hands him the keys. 'It’s the red Camero, I’m sure you wont have any trouble finding it.'

'Ok I'll be back soon babes.' and he gives Mimi a quick peck. ' And please try to get along with my sister.' Mimi makes a face and goes out into the hallway and grabs some of Shawn’s bags for him.

'I'll help you un-pack if you want Shawn.' Mimi says setting his bags down on his bed.

'Yeah Shawn I can help too I'm good with my hands.' Cassie flirts.

'EW Cassie your so nasty I don't think Shawn wants your hands on any of his stuff so I suggest you leave.' Mimi grabs Cassie's arm and pulls Cassie out of the room.'Fine, I'll leave for now but I'll be back I'll make sure of it.' Cassie stalks away mad.

'God I hate her.' Mimi sits on the bed and makes a face. Shawn laughs and says I can see why she looks like the kind who doesn’t like giving up.'Trust me she don't.' They both laugh.

'Listen Shawn I know you just got in town tonight and you want to do a lot of un-packing but do you think you can do a big favor for me?'

'You want me to leave so you and Rex can be alone?' Teases Shawn.

'No No not at all its something different.'

'Then what?' Shawn says crossing his arms and raising his eyebrows.

'I was wondering if you would go on a blind date with my best friend Belle?'

Chapter 5

Mimi rushes to her and Belle's dorm room she's talking really fast and you cant understand a word that she's saying.

'Meems I can't understand a word your saying slow down so I can hear what your saying.'

'I got great news for you.' Says a happy Mimi.

'What now.' Belle is getting very frustrated with Mimi.

'I got a date for you tonight.'

'What?' Says a bewildered Belle.'He is willingly going to go on a date with me?' Belle crosses her arms across her chest and gets up from her bed to where Mimi is standing.

'Well.....Not at first.' Mimi says arching her eyebrow.

'What do you mean not at first?' Belle wrinkles her forehead up waiting for Mimi to answer.

Flash Back

'Will you go on a blind date with my best friend Belle?'

'No I don't think so.' Shawn says shaking his head.

'Why not?'

'I just got out of a relationship and I really don't wanna be hurt again.'

Mimi Feels really bad now that he's told her that but she's still gonna work on him 'cause she knows that Belle isn’t the type of girl that likes to hurt people Belle always tries to see the good in everybody and always wants everybody she knows and loves to be happy.

'I'm sorry about what you've gone though but I know Belle would never hurt you her heart is full of kindness and love I’ve been friends with her since grade school, She's nothing but sweet she's only had like two boyfriends, She would never hurt anyone intentionally so will you please just do me this one favor it only has to be one date just please say you'll do it for me?'

Shawn runs his hands though his hair like he always does when he either gets confused or furstaurated.'I guess I can tonight, I can start unpacking tomorrow sometime.'

'Oh thank you so much I'll repay you somehow.'

'No problem.'

'Listen I gotta go now I'll come back later and tell you all the details about the date I'm gonna go talk to Belle now.'

'Yeah I'll see you later, Bye.'


Mimi walks outta the boys dorm room and rushes to her's and Belle's room.

End Flashback

'He's afraid to get hurt?'

'Yeah he told me told every relationship that he has ever had he's always ended up having a heart break in the end I feel so bad for him.'

'That’s so sad.'

'But now he's going out with a great girl tonight and I have the feeling you guys are gonna hit it off.'

'How do you know?'

'Cause I can tell the future and I think that you guys are gonna be seeing a lot of each other.'

'Sure Meems.' Belle walks over to the computer desk and takes out a pen and a piece of paper and writes something on it and then hands it to Mimi.'Here give Shawn this note its about the date tonight and I'm gonna go take a quick shower and then I'm gonna come back here and get ready for my date with Shawn.....So I'll see you later Meems.'

'Kay Call me on my cell when you get done with your shower so I can come by and help get ready for your date.' Mimi walks out of the dorm room and goes to Rex's.

'Okay now to get my stuff ready to take a shower.' Belle says to herself as she gets her stuff ready to go take a shower and heads down to the shower room.


(Knock Knock)

'Who is it.'

'Rex baby it's me.'

Rex gets up from helping Shawn un-pack his belongings and opens the door and gives Mimi a sweet kiss.

'What was that for?' laughs Mimi.

'Can't a guy kiss his girlfriend for no reason?'

'Yes I guess so.'

'Good.' Rex kisses her again.

'Ok enough with the kisses I got something for Shawn.

Rex eyes go wide and he says 'What your gonna kiss him too?' and he gets a angry look on his face.

'Rex NO!' Mimi reaches into her back pocket and pulls out the note Belle gave her to give to Shawn.

'The what do you got to give him?'

'Here Shawn it's a note from Belle it's about your date with her tonight.' Mimi hands him the note.

'You got Shawn to say yes to my sister?' Rex asks crossing his arms.

'It wasn’t that hard.' Mimi smiles.

Both Mimi and Rex ask What did Belle write in the note.

'It says......'

I know our date is kinda sudden and that would be because of Mimi she always tries to set me up on blind dates, But anyways wear a nice dress suit if you don't have one you can always borrow one of my brothers I'm sure he'll let you borrow one of his suits he has hundreds. Bring a red rose so I know its you. We'll meet at Tusancy when you get there ask for the name "Isabella Black" that’s me. I'll be waiting there for you, And they should take you to me. Meet me at Tuscany at 7 PM sharp, If you don't know how to get there ask Mimi or Rex for directions, See you then!


Chapter 6

Mimi, Rex, And Shawn are trying to find a suit for Shawn to wear to his date and they’re having trouble because Shawn doesn’t remember what box he put his suits in. Mimi and Rex both look over at Shawn who’s running his hands though his hair you can tell he’s getting really upset that he can’t find the box with his suits in it so he starts ripping though ever box throwing things all over the floor.

‘Shawn calm down I’m sure Rex has a suit you can wear for your date with Belle.’ Says Mimi walking up to Rex’s closest looking though his nice stuff and pulls out a few suits for Shawn to choose from.

‘Yeah Shawn you can borrow anything you like we’re room-mates now you use anything you like in this room.’ Rex says as he gets some dress shoes to go with the suits out.

‘Except for his briefs.’ Giggles Mimi.

‘Babe I think Shawn knew what I meant.’

Shawn really isn’t paying attention to what Mimi and Rex are saying he’s more into looking at the suit’s and shoes so he can pick out the right one so he can go take a shower and get ready to go on a date with Belle ‘cause he doesn’t want to be late for tonight. Shawn finally picks out a suit and shoes and he heads off and takes a shower leaving Mimi and Rex alone to talk.

‘Where did Shawn go?’ Mimi says looking around the room.

‘He must of went to go take a shower and we didn’t notice him when left.’ shrugs Rex.

‘Do you think he knows where the shower room is?’ She looks at Rex.

‘Yeah he must of if he left here so quickly.’

‘Oh well how ‘bout we not talk lover boy?’

‘Sounds good to me.’ Smiles Rex.

Mimi dives in and kisses Rex slow and passionately while she waits on Belle’s call.


Shawn is walking down to the shower room. He dropped his shampoo so he went to bend over to get it and he felt a set of hands on his ass and he quickly jumps up and whips around to see who grabbed him.

‘Hey Shawnie.’ Says a sexy voice.

‘Cassie.’ Shawn says bluntly.

‘Where ya goin’?’

‘Where does it look like I’m going Cassie?’

‘To take a shower, Can I join you?’ Cassie says as she runs her hand down Shawn’s chest.

‘No.’ Shawn turns to walk away from Cassie and go into the shower room and he hear’s her say Then do you wanna go out tonight?

‘No I already made plans.’ He says with his back turned to her.

‘Then break them.’ She puts her hand on his shoulder.

‘No, Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go take a shower now bye Cassie.’ Shawn says removing her hand from his shoulder and runs into the shower room and away from her.

‘Nice one Cass.’ Jenny walks around the corner of the hallway and claps her hand and smirks at Cassie.

‘How long have you been standing there?’ Glares Cassie.

‘The whole time baby, And it looks like to me he isn’t interested in you Cassie.’ She crosses her arms and waits for Cassie to talk.

‘If he isn’t you just watch I always get what I want and I want Shawn Brady and I’ll make sure I get I what I want.’ Cassie walks up to the guys shower room door and looks at it and says ‘Oh yes I’ll get what I want.'

Chapter 7

Belle just got back from taking her shower she’s looking though her closet looking for something to wear her and Shawn’s date she’s been trying dresses beyond dresses on after the 5th one she call’s Mimi to come over and help her pick out the right dress to wear.

‘Belle what’s the problem what’s the big emergency you called me over here for?’ Mimi says trying to catch her breath.

‘Meems I can’t find the right dress to wear.’ Belle stomps her foot like a baby ‘cause she’s tired of trying on dresses that don’t look right on her.

Mimi goes over to her closet and pulls out some of her dresses and sets them on hers and Belle’s bed so she can choose one of Mimi’s in case she can’t find a dress to wear from Belle’s closet.

‘Meems I think this one is it.’ Belle holds up the dress she picked out for her date.

‘That dress is perfect Belle....Just Perfect.’

‘Now about your hair.’ Mimi says walking over to Belle running her hands though her hair thinking of idea’s to do her hair up with.

‘How about I just leave it down?’ Belle says looking up at Mimi.

‘Yeah I love your hair when its down it looks so cute I wish I could have hair like you.’

Belle just smiles and walks over to her jewelry box and opens it and picks out a black beady necklace and puts it on.

‘How does this look Meems?’

Mimi gives her 2 thumbs up and says ‘Perfect.’

Belle walks over to her changing space and changes into nylons and then slips into the dress she picked out and walks over to her closet and picks out a pair of shoes and slips them on her tiny feet. Then she walks over to Mimi and spins for her and asks how she looks.

‘Belle your so gonna knock the socks off this hottie you look beautiful girl.’ Mimi walks up to Belle and gives her a hug like she always does and says ‘Knock em’ dead.’

‘Thanks Meems....So what are you and my brother gonna do tonight?’

‘Rex and I are gonna go to the movies tonight.’ Mimi says as she lays down on her bed.

‘Sounds like fun what movie are you guys gonna go see?’

‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ Mimi rolls her eyes.

‘Brady saw that movie, He told me if I were to go see it that I would end up peeing my pants ‘cause its that scary.’ Belle laughs her older brother Brady was always trying to scare her every Halloween he try’s to play pranks on her but they never seem to work anymore.

‘He’s probably just doing that just to scare you I’ll find out for myself if its that scary or not tonight and if it is I have Rex to protect me.’


‘Just make sure you don’t pee your pants Meems.’ Giggles Belle.

‘Hey I....’

Belle’s cell phone starts going off. Belle rushes over to her purse and see’s it’s a number she doesn’t know but she picks it up anyways.


‘Hi is this Belle?’ Asks a strange voice.

‘Umm yeah why?’

‘This is Shawn, Rex gave me your number I hope that’s ok.’

‘Yea – yeah that’s fine.’ Belle stutters.

Belle mouths that its Shawn on the phone ‘cause Mimi kept looking at her weird wondering who Belle was talking to.

‘Yeah um I lost your note and I forgot the time we were suppose to meet at Tuscany.’ Shawn says nervously.

Belle smiles and says ‘ We meet at Tuscany at seven.’

‘Great so I’ll see you then.’

‘Yeah I’ll see you then bye.’

‘Bye.’ Shawn says smiling.


Shawn is about to leave for his date with Belle as he puts on his shoes Rex says he wants to talk to him about some things about his sister.

‘Shawn I wanna say a few things to you before you go on a date with my sister.’

‘Ok shoot.’ Shawn says as he ties his shoe’s.

‘Treat my sister good for one, And if I find out you hurt her in anyway or make her cry or whatever I wont hesitate to kick you ass I just don’t wanna see my sister hurt again, I hate seeing my sister hurt.

‘You got my word Rex I wont do anything to hurt your sister she seems like a sweet girl I don’t like seeing girls hurt either so you don’t have to worry about anything.’

‘Thanks man, I just want what’s best for Belle.’ Rex walks up to him and gives him a manly hug and playfully shoves him out of the door telling him to leave so he wont be late for his date.

Chapter 8

Belle pulls up into Tuscany parking lot she looks in the mirror and fixes her make-up.’This is it Belle.’ She says to herself. Belle lets out a big sigh and slowly opens up her car door when she gets out of her car she straightens up her dress and slowly walks into Tuscany.

‘Isabella it’s great to see you, You look stunning tonight. You got a date?’ Smiles Maggie Horton.

Maggie Horton was the owner of Tuscany and one of the sweets people who lives in Salem. She treats everybody with kindness and respect. Everybody who knows Maggie Horton is lucky to have someone like her in their life.

‘Yeah Mimi me on another blind date.’

‘That’s Mimi for ya helping people find happiness.’

‘Yeah that’s why I love her so much, She’s my best friend she only wants the best for me.’ Smiles Belle.

‘That she is, Anyways can I’m gonna get that table for you and your date. You want it in the back like you always do?’ Maggie says grabbing two menu’s.

‘Yeah thanks Maggie.’Smiles Belle. ‘Oh anything for you dear.’ Smiles Maggie.

Maggie and Belle walk to the table. Belle sits down and Maggie sets the menu’s down on the table for when Shawn gets there and Maggie asks if She wants anything to drink and Belle says she just wants a water to sip on while she waits for her date to come, So Maggie goes and gets that and goes back to greeting people while Belle sips on her drink waiting for Shawn to come.


Shawn just arrived at Tuscany. He thinks to himself that he hopes he’s not late ‘cause he forgot to get a rose so he had to turn around and go to the flower shop and get one and rush back to Tuscany. As he walks in the door he fixes his jacket and tie with his free hand and then he hears a voice he hasn’t heard in years he automatically knew who it was and smiled.

‘Aunt Maggie its so great to see you.’ He walks up and hugs her.

‘It’s great to see you too Shawn Douglas, When did you get in town?’ She says as she pulls away from the hug.

‘Just tonight actually, I was gonna un-pack my things tonight but my roommates girlfriend set me up on a blind date tonight.’

‘Blind date?, Oh your Isabella’s blind date.’

‘You know her?’

‘Oh of course I know her she’s a very sweet girl, you guys are gonna get along great.’

‘Is she here yet?’ Shawn says looking around.

‘Oh yeah of course. I’ll take you to her.’

Maggie and Shawn walk to where Belle is sitting. Belle was sipping on her water when they walked up so she didn’t notice when Maggie and Shawn where at her table she was in another world thinking about what Shawn is like. Shawn was in complete awe when he saw her he’s never seen anybody as beautiful as her before in his life. Belle was wearing a black dress with pink trimmings on it the dress went up to her knee’s. Belle finally got out of her daze and when she looked up her and Shawn locked eyes for the first time. He’s so gorgeous Belle thought. He had dark brown hair with chocolate brown eyes that could make a girl go weak in the knee’s. He had a black suit on with a matching tie. She saw that he hadn’t forgot to get her the rose she asked for. She smiled to herself and she got up from her seat and extended her hand and once their hands touched they both felt a spark which neither of then never felt before. Belle said ‘You must be Shawn, I’m Isabella but you can call me Belle.’

‘Well Belle this is for you.’ He hands her the rose he had almost forgotten to buy for her.

‘Thank you.’ Belle smiles and turns away blushing.

Shawn smiles to himself. He made her blush, He’s never made a girl blush before. Belle goes to sit down again but Shawn stops her and he gave her a smile and pulled out the chair for her like a gentleman should do for a girl, and then he sits down on the other side of the table and smiles at her once again.

‘Shawn would you like a water?’ Maggie breaks their eye contact they had forgotten that Maggie had been standing there the whole time.

‘Umm yeah sure Aunt Maggie.’ Maggie nods her head and goes and gets him a glass of water.

‘Aunt?’ Belle asks scrunching up her nose.

‘Maggie’s my aunt.’

‘What a small world.’ Belle lets out a small laugh. Shawn automatically fell in love with her laugh he doesn’t know why he likes it, It just is a cute little laugh for somebody to have.

‘Yeah....So Belle what’s good to eat here?’ Shawn says picking up the menu.

‘I love the garlic lasagna.’

‘Hmm I never tried that so I guess where gonna have the same, now all we gotta do is wait for the waiter to come by.’

‘Yeah in the mean time tell me some things about you Shawn.’

‘Well im originally from L.A. My mom and dad are from here. I have a little brother named Zach he’s 2. I transferred here from U.C.L.A....’

‘I’m sorry to interrupt you guys, But are you ready to order.’ The waiter says taking out order book to put their orders in it.

‘Yeah as a matter of fact we’ll both have some garlic lasagna and to drink we’ll have some sparkling cider.’ Shawn looks at Belle making sure its ok if he ordered that ‘cause he really doesn’t know what she likes to drink. Belle just smiles and nods her head yes. The waiter takes down the order and then leaves.

‘So Shawn can I ask why you transferred here? Was it because you have family here?’

‘Um no actually I transferred here because I heard it was a good school and that I just got out of a bad relationship.’ Shawn says knocking his knuckles gently on the table.

‘I’m sorry I....’

Shawn interrupts her by putting his hand on top of hers and says ‘No it’s ok.’ and he forces on a smile.

‘So Belle tell me some things about you.’

‘I’m a freshman at Salem U. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters their all my half siblings, I’ve lived here all my life. Mimi is my best friend which I think you already figured that one out. My mom’s a doctor my dad’s a police man. Oh and I’m gonna become a aunt soon my brother Brady and his wife Chloe are having a baby, I know one thing for sure auntie Belle’s gonna be spoiling that kid rotten.’ Belle smiles thinking about her future niece or nephew.

Shawn smiles to himself he’s never seen a girl so happy of becoming a aunt the girls in L.A. were way different from the girls here in Salem but now he’s glad he came to Salem ‘cause now he has something’s to be looking forward to.

‘Oh look food’s here.’ Shawn says as the wait puts their food on the table and pours them each a glass of sparkling cider.

‘Oh yum.’ Belle says taking her first bite of her food.

‘Is it good?’

‘Try it for yourself and see if you like it.’

‘Ok.’ Shawn says as he cuts into the lasagna and slowly slides it into his mouth.

Chapter 9

Belle walks into her room happier then ever she closes her room door and lets out a big sigh and she leans against the door.

‘So I take it you and Shawn’s date went good.’ Mimi says in the dark.

‘Jesus Meems you scared the jeepers out of me.’ Belle walks over to her night stand and turns on the light.

‘Sorry....So how was your date Belle was it good?’

‘It was better then good meems it was great.’ Belle flops down on her bed and looks up at the ceiling.

‘So tell me every little juicy detail.’

‘Can’t I tell you in the morning?’ Yawns Belle.

‘No I wanna know now.’

‘Ok fine I’ll tell you just let me get changed for bed first.’



Shawn was walking down the hallway on his way back to his room so he can get changed and to get ready for bed for the night and then he felt two pair of hands on his eyes he smiles thinking its Belle.

‘Belle is that you?’

‘Excuse me I am not my sister.’ Cassie screaches.

‘Oh I’m sorry Cassie I didn’t realize it was you.’ he says innocently.

‘Yeah whatever, Why would you think I was miss perfect Belle?’

‘Oh you didn’t hear? We went on a date tonight those were my plans I couldn’t break to be with you.’

‘So you went on a date with my sister why?’ A furious Cassie asks.

‘It was a blind date your brothers girlfriend set me up with her.’

‘I would of know she had something to do with this.’ Cassie thows her arms up in the air.

‘Oh well I’m gonna go to bed now I’ll see you around Cassie.’ Shawn walks towards his door.

‘Wait can you just tell me what my sister has that I don’t have?’ She puts her hand on his shoulder to stop him from going anywhere.

‘Belle has a good heart from what I’ve seen from you, you seem just to don’t care what people think when your mean to them or whatever, She’s sweet she’s my type of girl I’d like to get to know.

‘So I’m not your type?’

‘No you remind me of the girls in L.A., I’m sorry Cassie but im getting tired so I’m gonna go to bed now I’ll see you around night.’ Shawn walks into his room and shuts the door before Cassie could say anything else and he gets ready for bed and then goes to sleep thinking about Belle.

‘Belle better watch her back ‘cause she wont have Shawn long enough he’ll be mine I’ll make sure of it. Cassie says to herself.


In Mimi and Belle’s room they both got ready for bed. Belle and Mimi turn down their beds and they get under the blankets and Mimi looks over at Belle waiting for her to tell her about what happened with her and Shawn’s date.

‘So tell me Belle.’ Mimi says leaning over her side putting her head on her hand while her elbow keeps her head steady.

‘Ok, ok I’ll tell you....here’s what happened on my date.’

Flash Back

After dinner Belle and Shawn drove over to the park to go for a walk and to look under the stars.
The whole time they held hands walking around the park. They finally walk to the playground to go sit on a bench. Shawn has other idea’s.

‘You wanna go swing?’

‘What in this dress you got to be kidding.’ Belle says looking him right in the eye.

‘No I’m not kidding, You don’t have to swing high I just wanna sit.’ Shawn says pulling her by the hand to the swing. They both sit on the swings looking up at the stars.

‘Wow its so beautiful out tonight.’

‘It sure is.’ Shawn says not talking about the stars.

‘Yeah I remember me and my brother Brady sneaking out of the penthouse at like 10 at night after our mom and dad went to bed and coming here just to look at the stars.’ Belle laughs at that childhood memory. ‘We did that almost every Friday night until my dad caught us we got in so much trouble.’

‘Sounds like you and your brother are close.’

‘Yeah we are we’re like best buds I can tell him anything and he would never get mad at me.’

They sat in complete silence for a few minutes until Belle noticed Shawn looking at her.

‘What is there something on my face or something?’ Belle asks trying to feel if anything’s on her face.

‘No it’s just that your beautiful.’ Shawn reaches over and brushes a piece of her hair out of her face.

‘Thank you Shawn.’ Blushes Belle.

‘What no one’s ever called you beautiful before?’ Shawn says looking into her eyes.

‘Only my dad and brothers.’ She says looking at the ground.

‘Well there right.’ Shawn reaches over and tilts Belle’s head up and he runs his fingers though her hair and he slowly and tenderly kisses her for the first time under the stars while it lightly starts sprinkling out.

End Flashback

‘He kissed you under the stars in the rain?!?’ Mimi says whipping up from her bed.

Chapter 10

‘Yes meems he kissed me under the stars and like 2 other times.’ Belle smiles thinking about the other kisses they had shared on their date. He has also kissed her when they had left the park just about when they where about to go back to the dorm rooms outside of their cars and of course he kissed her outside of Belle’s room for a kiss goodnight. After their good night kiss Shawn asked Belle if she wanted to go on another date and Belle accepted.

‘Aww that’s like so romantic, I remember me and Rex’s first kiss it was under a mistletoe last Christmas.’

‘Yeah I know you told me this like a hundred times when it first happened.’

‘Oh be quite.’

‘So how did yours and Rex’s date go tonight?’


‘How was the movie?’ Belle says rolling over on her side facing Mimi’s bed.

‘Well your brother was right if you would of seen that movie you would of peed your pants.’

‘Mimi you didn’t.....did you?’

‘No I just jumped.....a lot, That was like the scariest movie I’ve ever seen and just think it was based on a true story.’

‘I didn’t know it was based on a true story, I’m gonna have to go see then.’

‘Unless you want nightmares sure go ahead and see it.’

‘Was it really that bad?’

‘Hell yeah it was throughout the whole movie I was shaking, I wont be surprised if I have nightmares tonight.’

‘Don’t worry meems I’ll wake you up if I hear ya screaming in your sleep.’ Teases Belle.

‘Thanks belle what wouldn’t do for a friend like you you’re the best.’

‘I know, I know.’ laughs Belle.

‘What time is it?’

‘It’s 11:30.’

‘Ok its bedtime now I know its still early but I’m so worn out.’

‘Night Mimi.’ Belle says reaching over to her night stand and turning off the night and crawling farther under her covers and pulls them over her head as she thinks about Shawn and falls asleep.


The next morning Rex wakes up to a phone ringing he knows it isn’t his so he calls out to Shawn to wake up but Shawn doesn’t budge so Rex thows a pillow at him and hits him in the head.

‘What was that for man?’ Shawn says putting his pillow over his head.

‘Your cell is going off.’

Shawn quickly gets up and try’s to find his phone when he finally finds it he picks it up thinking its Belle.

‘Hello?’ Says a groggy Shawn.

‘Hey baby its me Jan.’

‘Jan why are you calling me?’ Its not even 11 and he’s already getting upset.

‘Can’t I call my boyfriend just to say hello?’

‘For the last time im not your boyfriend anymore I dumped you why can’t you get that though your head?’

‘I love you and you love me that’s all that matters to me baby.’

‘I don’t love you, I don’t have time for this don’t bother calling this number anymore ‘cause I’m gonna go out and change it today ‘cause I forgot to do that be for I left town.’

‘But Shawn......’ Click Shawn hung up on her.

‘Oh no he didn’t.’ Jan said to herself. ‘Shawn Brady I’m gonna find you some how and I will get you back.’

‘Who was that Shawn?’

‘The girl I was going out with before I came here.’

‘Why is she calling you?’

‘She wants me back she thinks I love her.’

‘Can I ask how you guys broke up?’

‘Yeah I guess its ok....She slept with a guy and she got pregnant I know its not my kid ‘cause I never slept with her.’

‘Oh im sorry man.’

‘No its ok its time for me to move on with my life.’

‘I wonder if the girls are up yet.’ Rex grabs his cell and dials Mimi’s number.

Mimi wakes up to her phone ringing she reaches over on her night stand and try’s to find her phone but she can’t reach her phone so she moved over a little bit and she rolled off the bed which made Belle wake up to a loud thump.

‘Mimi what are you doing?’

‘I couldn’t reach my phone and I fell off the bed.’ Mimi grabs her phone and finally picks up


‘Hey Meems were you sleeping?’

‘I was.’ Mimi looks over at belle and belle’s just having a giggle fest.

Rex presses his phone closer to his ear and he hears something in the background but cant make it out.

‘What’s that?’

‘What’s what Rex?’

‘That sound in the back ground.’

‘Oh that..Belle’s having a little giggle fest this morning.’

‘What’s making her giggle like that?’

‘You don’t wanna know.’

‘Oh yes I do.’ Rex smiles into the phone.

‘I fell off the bed trying to reach for my phone when you called me.’

‘Oh are you ok?’ Rex says trying to hold back his laugh.

‘Yeah im fine, So what’s up?

‘I was wondering if you girls would wanna go out for breakfast today or should I say brunch now ‘cause its almost noon.’

‘Yeah I’d love to hold on I’ll ask belle if she wants to come.’

Mimi puts her hand on the receiver end and looks over at Belle and asks her if she wants to go out to brunch today Belle nods her head yes and asks Mimi to ask Shawn if he’s gonna be there.

‘Rex honey Belle wants to know if Shawn’s gonna be there?’

‘I’ll ask him.’ Rex turns to Shawn and says ‘Hey Shawn you wanna go out to brunch with me Mimi and Belle?’ ‘Yeah sure why not.’

‘Yeah he’s gonna be there, So I guess we’ll see you girls in lets say a half hour at dot com?’

‘Yeah we’ll see you guys then, bye.

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A Shawn and Belle fanfic.

I disclaim.
Chapter 11 - 20

Chapter 11

The couples met at dot com at 12:30. They all ordered hamburgers and french fries with some shakes. At the table the boys where on the computer playing video games and the girls were talking about what they were gonna do tonight.

‘How about we go to the club.’ Mimi says stuffing a fry in her mouth.

‘No remember we got that huge test tomorrow, Why don’t we just stay in and study and have like a movie night just you and me like a little girls night out?’

‘Sounds great, Well the movie night does anyways im not to fond with the studying part.’ Mimi rolls her eyes Mimi can’t stand taking tests in high school she barley passed the test C or C minus she always had Belle tutor her for tests. To this day Belle still tutors her from time to time.

‘You’ll do great meems.’ Belle puts her arm around Mimi’s shoulder and pats it.

‘That’s easy for you to say you were born with the brains.’

‘Hey now you know that’s not true.’ Belle says truthfully.

‘Yeah listen to my sister babes your smart, I mean you are dating me right?.’

‘That doesn’t make me smart.’ Mimi smiles.

‘Ohhhh she just burnt you man, and you just lost that game.’ Shawn says closing his computer.

‘Hey I know she’s just teasing ain’t that right baby?’

‘You got that right.’ Rex and Mimi both bend over the table and give each other a little peck on the

‘Well are you guys ready to go me and Mimi have to go to the video store and pick some movies up for girls movie night out.’

‘Yeah just let me go pay the bill.’ Rex gets his wallet out and goes up to the counter to pay the bill.

They all walked to the video store since it was so close by and on the way they ran into somebody they really didn’t want to deal with at the moment since they were on a ‘Date’ so they tried to keep walking but she stopped them.

‘Hey brother.’ Cassie says.

‘Hey Cass what are you doing out here?’

‘Oh nothing I just came back from dad’s he wants you to come out sometime today or something.’

‘Well we’d love to chat Cass but we have to get going.’ Mimi says.

‘Not until I talk to Belle.’ Cassie says eyeing her.

‘What do u want now Cassie?’

‘I just want you to know that Shawn here wont be yours long so I’d watch your back he wont be yours he’ll be mine.’

Belle smiles inside and then she says ‘I don’t need to watch mine Shawn can pick whoever he wants to date so I’d watch your back, Wait you can’t ‘cause your always on it.’

Cassie mouth dropped open. She never excepted her to say that to her. Belle’s growing a spine now every other time she would always take it. Cassie figures she needs work harder at trying to steal Shawn away from her sister.

‘Cassie will you please close your mouth you really need a breath mint.’ Belle waves her hand in front of her face trying to get rid of the ‘Smell’ of Cassie’s bad breath.

‘This isn’t over not by a long shot.’ Cassie whips her hair around and stomps away.

‘Oh my god Belle I can’t believe you just did that you so burned her.’Smile Mimi.

The boys just look at her in shock like they never expected her to ever do anything like that ‘cause she’s suppose to be the sweet and innocent one who usually doesn’t fight back at Cassie.

‘What Rex, Are you mad at me for saying that to her since you guys are close?’

‘No, no I’m just shocked at you that’s all.’

‘Come to think of it that was one kick ass come back.’ Mimi high fives Belle.

‘Shawn your not saying anything is something wrong?’ Belle asks.

‘Nothings wrong I’m just glad somebody put her in her place.’ Shawn hides his smirk behind his hand.

They all walk into the video store and when they get in there the boys went on one side of the store and the girls on the other ‘cause they don’t wanna be seen in the ‘Chick Flick’ section of the video store. Belle and Mimi picked out two movies one of them being dirty dancing Mimi’s favorite movie and the other how to get rid of guy in 10 days Belle’s favorite movie. They go up and pay for the movies and they go outside and wait for the boys of course they didn’t come out with anything ‘cause rather play video games then watch movies.

‘So what movies did you girls get?’

‘How to get rid of a guy in 10 days and dirty dancing.’ The girls say at the same time.


‘What do you mean again?’ Shawn asks.

‘Those are the only movies these two ever rent ‘cause it’s their favorite movies.’ Rex says rolling his eyes.

‘Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me Rex.’ Mimi says poking her finger into his chest.

‘Ok, ok I’m sorry.’

‘Whatever, you ready go Belle so we can start studying and watch these movies?’

‘Yeah, So we’ll see you guys later?’Belle says looking at Shawn.

‘Yea we’ll see you guys later.’ Rex says giving Mimi a good-bye kiss.

Shawn and Belle just look at each other and Shawn leans his head in and gives her a quick peck on the cheek.

‘I’ll see ya later Belle.’ Shawn smiles after lifts his head from kissing her cheek. 'I'll call you later tonight and leave a message on you phone so you'll have my new number 'cause i'm gonna get it changed today.' Belle nods her head and her and Mimi head back to the dorms.

Chapter 12

The next day Belle met her brother Brady at the Java Café he wanted to talk to her about something important. Belle’s thinking that Brady’s gonna tell her she’s gonna be the baby’s godmother or that something’s wrong with the baby. She hopes nothings wrong with the baby ‘cause both Brady and Chloe have been wanting this baby since they got married early last year.

‘Brady finally you made it is everything alright is the baby ok?’ Belle says talking really fast.

‘Tink settle down everything’s ok Chloe’s Ok and so’s the baby, I wanted to meet you about something different.’

‘Oh then what did you want to talk to me about that was important?’ Belle says sipping on her mocha.

‘It’s out my loft actually.’ Brady says resting his arms on the table.

‘What about your loft?’ Belle says arching her eye brows.

‘Well it’s to small for the baby and us and Chloe wants to look for a bigger place so I was wondering if you’d like to move into my loft?’

‘Brady are you serious.’ Belle says almost spitting out her drink. She would of never thought that Brady would offer her to move into his loft ‘cause that’s where Belle’s dad and Brady’s mom lived when they were together and then after Brady was born a few months later she died of cancer.

‘Im serious tink the loft’s all yours if you wanna take it.’

‘I don’t have a job how would I afford rent?’

‘You could always have Mimi be your roommate and as for not having a job I already took care of that, Plus Dad's the landlord.’

'You cant be serious!!'

‘I talked to dad and he’s gonna give you a job as a intern at Basic Black.’

'Brady your the best!'

‘Thanks tink you can start anytime and dad understands that you have school and all that so he’s not gonna work you too hard.’ Brady sits up for a minute and pulls something out of his pocket and slides it across the table to Belle.

‘What’s this?’

‘This is the key to your new office congratulations tink.’ Brady looks over at his little sister she looks at Brady with disbelieve and smiles and jumps out of her seat and hugs Brady.

‘Braid I love you so much you’re the best big brother anyone could ever have.’

‘Well I love you too tink.’ Brady smiles at his little sister. ‘And the loft just let me know when your ready to move in ‘cause me and Chloe already got all are things packed up and ready to go, Me and Chloe can stay with Grandpa Vic until we find a place of our own.’

‘Brady I couldn’t kick you guys out of your home now you don’t have to stay wit Victor you can stay at your loft.’

‘Tink you wouldn’t be kicking us out of the loft it was Grandpa Vic’s idea for me and Chloe to stay in the guest house until we find a place of our own we wont be staying long there just until we find a place that’s big enough for our family.’

‘Your gonna make a great dad Brady.’

‘I hope so.’

They got interrupted by the sound of Belle’s cell phone. She looks at the caller id and smiles and picks up the phone. Belle holds up her pointer finger to Brady telling him to hang on a minute.


‘Hey Belle it’s me Shawn.’

‘I know I got caller id.’

‘Right, Well anyways I wanted to ask you something.’ Shawn says smiling into his phone.

‘Ok what do you want to ask me?’

‘I was wondering if you would like to go out tonight? Nothing special I just wanted to go out for ice cream or something.’

‘Um yeah sure I’d love to go out for ice cream tonight Shawn.’

‘Great so I’ll see you around lets say 7:30?’

‘7:30 is perfect, I’ll see you then Shawn bye.’


Shawn and Belle both hang up the phone with big smiles on their faces and they go back to what they were going before they talked on the phone.

‘Sorry Brady what did you say before?’

‘I said that I hope that im gonna be a good father.’

‘Brady you and I both know your gonna make an amazing father look at you now you already make an amazing son and a brother and a husband so I know your gonna make a good father so Chloe does too.’

‘Well im hoping, But anyways enough about me what about you who is Shawn? Brady says smirking at his little sister.

‘He’s just some guy Mimi hooked me up with.’

‘Just some guy? He cant be just some guy I can tell by the way you were smiling when he called you.’

‘We hit it off we went on a date the other night out to Tuscany and he wants to go out for ice cream to night no big deal.’ Belle says stammering a little bit. She really doesn’t wanna talk about her love life with her brother.

‘Tink you like him don’t you?’

‘Yeah he’s a sweet guy better then most guys here in Salem that Mimi’s tried to hook me up with.’

‘So then he must be a really sweet guy ‘cause I know my sister better then anybody and your picky about the guys you date this guy must be really something so spill little sister what’s so different about this guy then the other guys you’ve dated in the past?’ Brady says waiting for Belle to answer him.

Chapter 13

'She said that?' Laughs Jenny. Cassie just told her what Miss innocent Belle said to her yesterday when she was walking around Salem Place. 'It's not funny, I can't believe she said that to me straight to my face no one stands up to Cassie Dimera.' Cassie says fixing her hair and repiles her lip gloss.

'Well you better hurry up and get Shawn in bed 'cause you got two days and if you dont get him in bed your gonna be paying up $200 to me.' Jenny says to Cassie whos making a face. Jenny knows that Cassie can't get a guy like Shawn in bed in two days he seems more of a long-term kinda guy and not a one- night-stander.

'Don't you worry i'll get Shawn Brady in bed i'll make sure of it Jenny, I just gotta figure a good plan to steal him away from my perfect little bitch of a sister.' Cassie says smiles evily.

'Whatever.' Jenny says shugging her shoulders at Cassie.


Belle gives her brother a smile and says 'He seems like a real sweet guy he's different from the others 'cause I can tell just by looking into his eyes it's like you can see his soul when you look into them.' Belle Blushes.

'You know tink it sounds like your in love with the guy.'

'I am not in love with him I just like him.'

'Whatever change of subject, Me and Chloe are gonna be moving out in a few days we got everything we need all packed up we just gotta move everything out and you can feel free to move into it anytime you want.'

'Great I cant wait to move into my new place god I can't believe it I got my own place thanks to you big brother.' Belle walks up to Brady and gives him hug and kiss on the cheek.

'And just think I can finally get away from our annoying half-sister Cassie.'

'Your still fighting with her?' Brady says sipping on his drink.

'No we're best friends now it's really great.' Belle says sarcastically.

'What are you guys fighting about now?'

'Shawn she has a crush on him she says that shes gonna steal him away from me before I get a chance to have him.'


'I don't really wanna talk about her right now, So Daddy what do you think Chloe's having a boy or a girl?'

'Well we want it to be a surprise but I want a girl and Chloe says she wants a boy.' Smiles Brady.

'Well I want a beautiful neice 'cause I can just buy the cutiest little dresses ever for her, But if its a boy i'm gonna but the cutest little sporty clothes for him.'

'Your gonna be a great aunt tink, Just wait till you have some of your own.'

'Trust me i'm gonna wait for a long while.'


Rex and Mimi are in the dorm rooms watching a movie that Rex has been wanting to see for awhile. Mimi gets up from her bed and out out of Rex's arms and shuts off the T.V and looks at Rex with a serious look on her face Rex complains about how the movie was just getting to the good part.

'Rex I just thought of something.' Mimi says putting her hands on her hips.

'What is it babe, That movie was just getting to the best part.' He says hitting the bed.

'I just got this gut feeling that your sister Cassie is planning on stealing Shawn away from Belle.'

'Is that what all this is about?'

'Rex this happens to be serious, You know your sister won't stop at nothing to spilt my best friend and Shawn apart its just like her.'

Mimi looks at Rex waiting him to say he's gonna go and talk to his sister and stop her from stealing Shawn away from Belle so Belle can finally be with someone she likes for a long while. Mimi walks over and picks a pillow up from Belle's blow up chair and hits Rex in the head with it.

'What'd you do that for?'

'You gotta do something about it Rex stop your sister from stealing happieness from my best friend and your sister!'

'You dont even know if she's up to something meems, Why does everyone think that my sister is always up to something?'

'Maybe because she always is Rex.'

'Mimi I dont wanna fight about this can't we just turn the movie back on and cuddle for the rest of it?' Rex says trying to pull her back onto the bed.

Mimi just looks at Rex and raises her eyebrows to Rex and he drops his hands to the bed and smacks his legs.

'Fine do you want me to do something about it, I'll do it.'

Chapter 14

Later that day Belle and Mimi are in their dorm room talking while Belle picks out a outfit to wear to go out with Shawn tonight. 'Meems I almost forgot to tell you the good news.' Belle says putting on her shoes. 'Chloe didn't have the baby did she?'

'Oh no no she didnt have it yet this news deals with you and me actually.' Smiles a happy Belle.

'Ok spill it girlfriend.' Mimi says walking up to Belle.

'Well I'll tell you my news first then I'll tell the news that deals with both of us.'

'Well hurry up I wanna know all the juicy details.'

Belle puts on a big smile and says 'I got a job.'

'Oh my god Belle where, I know you've been looking for a job for awhile now so where are you gonna be working at?'

'Brady got me in at Basic Black I'm starting next week as a intern.'

'Thats so great Belle Im so happy for you.' Mimi says hugging her best friend.

'That's not all meems I still got to tell you my other good news.'

'Ok but first you gotta sit down 'cause I know your probably gonna faint when I tell you this.'

Mimi walks over to the computer desk and sits down smiling at her best friend waiting for her to tell her the good news.

'Ok you know how we've been saying we wanna get into a bigger place so we can have more space for our stuff?'

'Yes why?'

'Well you better start packin' up your stuff meems 'cause we are outta here.' Belle says jumping up in down.

'Holy Shit Belle your serious we're moving out of here into a bigger place but how?' Mimi says screaming and jumping up from her chair and starts hugging Belle.

'Brady's moving out of his loft he said he wants you and me to move in it.'

'This is like the best day of my life oh my god I gotta go tell Rex tell your brother I love him for this so much.' Mimi says running out of the dorm room.

'Whoa is she in a hurry or something.' A Voice Says.

Belle smiles and turns around and see's Shawn walking into her room.

'I guess you could say that.'

'What's going on?' Shawn asks when Belle gets her jacket out of her closet and puts it on.

'I'll tell you on the way.'

'Ok.' They head out the door.


'Babes I'm happy for you.' Rex says kissing his girlfriend.

'Really your not mad that I'm moving out of the dorm room and away from you?'

'Well I'll be sad that I wont get to see you everyday in the dorms I'll just have to come to the loft and see you now.'

'Well you can come visit me anytime you want to your always welcome to come over.'

'So when do you start moving?'

'Me and Belle are moving in 2 days we're starting to pack up our things tonight i gotta wait for her to get back from her and Shawn's date so we can pack up our things.'

'Do you really have to wait for Belle to pack up your stuff?'

'No I dont have to but i figured that we'd pack together.'

'Why dont I help you pack that way Belle wont have to stay up late packing after all she is out on a date with Shawn by the time they get back it'll be late.'

'Yeah I guess we could start packing up my stuff.'

'Well then lets go.' They head out the door and go to the girls' room.


Shawn and Belle are walking along the peir eating their ice cream that had gotten just a little bit ago. Belle stops and looks at the water and takes the water breeze Belle loves the water ever since she was little she's always wanted to travel the world in a little sail boat.

'So Belle what was that thing you wanted to tell me?'

'Well first off I finally got a job i'm working at basic black now I start next week as a intern.'

'Thats great Belle congradulations.' Shawn leans in and kisses Belle.

'There's more good news....My brother Brady is moving out of his loft and he wants me and Mimi to move into it and take over.'

'This must be the best day of your life huh get a job and a loft in the same night.'

Belle walks over to the bench thats near her and Shawn and she sits down 'cause she hasnt sat down in a while and her feet are getting tired from walking a round tonight.

'It's one of the best one's I guess you could say.'

'What you dont wanna move out of your small dorm room?' Shawn says joining her on the bench.

'Well I do its just my sister Cassie lives in their and we're dating and if I move out she's gonna be thinking that she has a better chance at getting you.'

Shawn gives a little smirk and he grabs Belle's hand and holds it and says 'You dont have to worry about Cassie I have no intension of being with her.' Belle smiles at him. Maybe Mimi was right I could find love again and maybe she can find it with Shawn, Shawn's the kinda guy Belle's been searching for half her life. After her and Philip Kiriakis broke up she thought she would never find a guy to love her.

'What do you say we go back to the dorms and start packing your stuff hmm?' Shawn says grabbing her hand and pulling her off the bench.

'Yeah lets go.'

Chapter 15

2 days later Belle and Mimi had gotten all there stuff moved in their new loft by the help of Rex and Shawn. Cassie lost her bet to Jennifer 'cause when Cassie would even go near Shawn he would either ignore her and he would be packing and loading Belle and Mimi's stuff into a car and bringing it over to the loft which made Cassie pissed off she never gets turned down by any guy she wants and that she never loses a bet to someone.

'Cassie just give it up Shawn doesn't want you he's never gonna want you, I'm sorry to say this but I think Shawn is the right girl for your sister.' Jennifer says to Cassie as she runs on the tred wheel at Salem's local workout place.

'I never lose a guy like Shawn to anybody and that includes my dearest sister of mine, Belle's gonna get whats comin' to her you just watch Jen you just watch.' A determined Cassie says as she works off her anger her sister has brought to her.

'What do you got planned Cassie?' She stops running on the tred wheel and looks at Cassie with her eyebrows arched. She knows this can't be good.

'You'll see Jennifer, you'll see.' Smiles an evil Cassie.

'Oh boy I've got to warn Shawn and Belle, I can't let Cassie come in between another couple. I'll head over to the loft after we workout I'll make up a excuse that I have to go pick up my little brother from school or something.' Jennifer thinks.


'Ohhh Belle I'm so excited our own place.' Mimi says ploping down on their new couch.

'I know Mimi isn't life great. We got our own place great boyfriends and the most wonderful job I could ever ask for.'

'Stop bragging your making me jealous.'

'Oh I'm sorry meems, You still looking for a job arn't you?'

'Yeah I'm thinking about heading down to The Brady Pub and asking Mrs. Brady if I could be any help there.'

'Well thats great meems.' Belle walks up to the fridge and grabs a water out of the fridge. 'You want a water meems?'

'Yeah sure moving all that stuff in here has made me so thirsty, Just toss me one. I wonder whats taking the boys so long with the rest of the boxes.'

'I have no clue they're probably thinking we have alot of stuff packed in them, That we packed all that stuff on purpose so they'd do all the heavy work while we sit back and relax.' Giggles Belle. Yeah she definently knows that when those boys walk though that door theres gonna be complaining.

'Yeah I bet your rig.....'

'Knock, Knock.' A voice calls out.

'Jennifer what are you doing here, Please tell me that Cassie isn't here to cause trouble again?' Mimi says hoping Cassie is not behind her ready to try to strut her stuff.....Like she has stuff.

'Actually she's not with me.'

'Oh well what can I do for you, What's with this surprise visit?'

' I came to warn you Belle....Cassie's planning something and from the looks of it, it's not good at all.'


Downstairs in the car the boys are struggling with the boxes that the girls packed up. Shawn and Rex have dropped the boxes they're each carrying a few times. 'Jesus what the hell do these girls got packed in theses boxes?' Says a struggling Rex. 'I don't know man, I just hope none of this stuff is breakable the girls will freak on our asses if anything is broken.'

'God I hope none of its breakable Mimi will litterly.' Rex grunts picking up the same box for the fifth time in a row.

'These are the last 2 boxes of theirs on 3 lets head for the door as fast as we can....Ready?' Rex shakes his head. 'Ok on 3 now.....1.....2.....3.'

The boys head to the door as fast as they can and they barley make it to the elevator almost dropping the boxes again.

'Whew..We made it dude.' Shawn says trying to catch his breath.

'Yeah all we have to do is make it to the girls door thank god it slides and opens wide I would probably drop this thing on my feet and probably break em' it that door wasnt so wide.'

'Your tellin me.'

Elevator door dings and the boys pick up the boxes again and head for the girls doorway.

'What do you mean she's planning something Jenny?'

'Cassie is pissed off 'cause she made a bet with me for $200 that she would get Shawn in bed by today and since she lost like I knew she would of, Today she said something about getting back at you Belle and that she would get what she wants and thats Shawn.'


'Mimi babes where do you want theses boxes at, And tell us quick we're about to drop these heavy boxes god damn what do you guys have in here?'

'Just set them down right there, Jennifer's telling us what your dear sister has been up too.'

The boys set the boxes down and wait for Jennifer to let them in whats going on with Cassie and plan on what there gonna do to stop her.

Chapter 16

The next day Shawn and Belle woke up in eachothers arms. Shawn had spent all night helping the girls unpack their stuff so he and Rex had spent the night over at the girls loft 'cause they had been too exhausted to drive any where. Belle and Mimi never realized how much stuff they had, It took them hours to unpack their stuff. Good thing it was the weekend and they had no classes. Shawn looked down at Belle and turned to his side and leans down and gives her a peck on the lips.

'Morning Beautiful.' Shawn says giving Belle that sexy smile that Belle goes weak in the knee's over.

'Morning.' Belle sits up and looks at the time.

'I can't believe its only 10:00 it seems so later, Im still beyond tired.' Belle lays her head on Shawns chest and he caresses her arm lightly.

'We could always go back to sleep if you want too.'

'Yeah I know but now I'm awake and plus I wanna be up and talk to you.' Shawn can feel her hot breath on his naked chest. He looks down at her and he see's belle drawling random designs his chest with the tip of her finger.

'Well what do you want to talk about?'

'Well i've been thinking and I know we havent been together long and all that and im pretty sure Rex will go for it for sure 'cause it sorta deals with meems.'

'What is it?' Shawn says with a curious look on his face looking down at Belle.

'The loft across the hall is empty and I was wondering if you would like to move in it with Rex, I mean you dont have to but it would make me feel safer so Cassie cant try anything on you so I wont worry so much, My dad could let you have afterall he does own the building.' Belle sits up and looks at Shawn waiting for his answer.

'I'd love to Belle, I'd do anything for you, We'll talk to Rex about it at breakfast and we'll see when we can move in I could get a job at the Brady Pub or Tuscany i'm sure my grandma or my aunt Maggie would hire me till I find something else so I can afford the rent.'

'Oh my god Shawn your the best.' Belle says attacking him with kisses.

'Well I try.' Says Shawn mumbling while kissing Belle.


Downstairs Rex and Mimi were getting breakfast ready for them and Shawn And Belle.

'Rex baby are you sure your doing that right 'cause every other time you try cooking for me it always ends up burnt.'

'I'm sure i'm doing this right i've been practicing on making pancakes and they turn out really good.'

'But do they taste good?' Mimi says looking down at the pancakes that Rex was making.

'Why dont you taste one and see for yourself, They look good so they probably taste good too.' Rex says flipping a pancake.

Mimi looks down at the pancakes again cutting up a little piece of it slowly thinking if she wants to die from eating his cooking. Rex cant cook nothing since he lived in a mansion most of the time he never really learned how to cook 'cause they had a chef do the cooking for him the most of the cooking he's ever done is instant pudding or instant mac and cheese anything that goes in the mircowave basically. Mimi slowly slides the piece in her mouth. She immediately s pits it out of her mouth and starts coughing.

'My god thats horrible Rex.'

'What it cant be that bad.'

'Trust me babe it is, And thats why im gonna make another batch of pancakes.' Mimi walks over to the counter and grabs the pancake mix.

'No let me do it this time i'll do it right.' Rex grabs for the pancake mix.

'No Rex I said im gonna make them and im gonna.'

'Mimi let me do it.' Rex rips the pancake mix from Mimi and now they are both covered in pancake mix.

'REX!' Mimi screeches.'Now look what you did!'

'I'm sorry babes I di.....'

'Dont say I didnt mean too now I gotta go take another shower because of you, You big stupid person!' huffs Mimi and runs up the stairs.

'I wonder whats going on.' Shawn says as him and Belle get up from bed.

'I dont know i'll go find out.' Belle gets up and walks toward the bathroom.

'Meems.' Belle knocks. 'Whats going on with you and Rex?'

'Why dont you go ask him im sure when you see him you'll know why im in the shower....again.'

So Belle and Shawn walk downstairs together and to the kitchen all Belle saw was a huge mess, But when she walked more into the kitchen she saw Rex on the floor cleaning up the mess. 'Um Rex dude whats going on?' Shawn says looking down on him. Belle figured out what had gone on and why Mimi had been screaming she knows these two like a book and more then likely Mimi wanted to cook breakfast and Rex and her fought over the stuff to make breakfast and spilled it all over each other. Belle couldnt help her self she just started giggling.

'Long story sort I ruined breakfast and Mimi wanted to remake it and I wouldnt let her and we sorta ripped the bag and made a big mess.' Rex says walking to the closet and taking out a mop.

After they all had clean up the mess and ate breakfast there all helping the girls unpack before they head back for the dorms.

'Rex, Shawn and I wanna ask you something and we're pretty sure we know the answer to it already.' Belle says smiling at Shawn.

'Ok Shoot, What do you want to ask me?' Rex says resting his elbo's on his legs rubbing his hands together.

'We wanna know if you wanna move into the loft across the hallway?'

Chapter 17

'Well you dont gotta ask me twice I'd do anything to be close to my Meems.' Rex says putting his arm around Mimi.

'Awww I love you Rex.' Mimi leans in and gives him a quick kiss.

'This is gonna be so great meems we're gonna be neighbors with our boyfriends.' Smiles a happy Belle.

'Oh I know Belle. It's gonna be the best we're gonna have so much fun together.'

'So when do you guys wanna move in?' Mimi asks the boys.

Shawn and Rex look at eachother and shrug there shoulders. It didn't really matter to them when they moved in just as long as they were near there girls.

'I think me and Rex will head back to the dorms and let you two girls unpack more of your stuff and so we can start packing our stuff up. Say we meet at 12:30 for lunch?' Shawn asks the girls.

'Yeah we'll meet you at....Java Cafe?' Says Mimi.

'Perfect.' Rex Says.

The boys give the girls kisses bye and head back to the dorms to pack up there stuff.

'This should be interesting.' Belle giggles to Mimi about the boys moving across the hall.


The boys walk into the dorm room hall and Shawn see's someone he thinks he knows at the front desk.

'Mom? Dad? What are you guys doing here why arn't you guys and California?'

'Well it's nice to see you too son?'

'I'm sorry dad i'm just surprised to see you guys.'

Shawn walks up to his parents and his little brother and hugs them all.

'Zach my man you've gotten so big what's mom been feeding you?' Teases Shawn.

'What brings you guys back to Salem mom?' Shawn says looking at his mom and crossing his arms.

'Well Jan came by.'

'What did she do now?'

'She told us you were the father of her baby?'

'What?, No me and her never...is that all she said 'cause you guys wouldn't come unless it wasn't important.'

'Well she tryed to burn down our house. So your mother and I decided to come back to Salem so where moving back here son.'

'Well thats great dad...well not about my bitch of a ex trying to kill you guys but you guys moving back here now I can see you guys whenever I can.'

'Sure is son.' Bo gives Shawn a manly hug.

'But anyways Shawn-D we wanna see your dorm room. I haven't seen one in forever it seems like.'

'Fancy Face now your not that old.'

'Well I know but...'

'Uh...Mom, Dad I'm not gonna be living in the dorms much longer me and my roommate Rex the guy that I walked in with got our own places we're gonna be living across the hallway from the girls we've been seeing.'

'Shawn Douglas Brady who is she tell me everything.' Smiles Hope.

Shawn just smiles and crosses his arms. This is gonna take forever if he knows his mom like he usally does shes gonna be asking questions with questions.

Chapter 18

2 and a half months later Shawn, Belle, Mimi, Rex are settled into there new places. Shawn and Rex both got a job at Tuscany. Shawn's parents Bo and Hope had found a place just across town. Cassie has finally given up on Shawn. She found a new guy named Dozer. Belle and Hope get along great their like best friends and Shawn loves it. No other girl has ever gotten along with his mom like this. Shawn knows now what love is and tonight he's gonna tell Isabella Black that he is in love with her.

'Dad tonight's the night.'

'So your finally gonna tell miss Belle your in love with her. Teases Bo.

'Yeah, Finally. I've just gonna figure out how.'

'Well when I told your mother that I loved her it was on the rooftop of Salem University Hostpial. Your great gran let me use the roof and I set up this romantic setting and I took her up there and when she saw if she knew that I was gonna tell her I loved her.'

'Wow dad thats just great.'

Shawn gets up from sitting on the couch and looks out the window and sees that its lightly snowing outside and gets an idea.

'Shawn what is it?'

Shawn pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and dial's Belle's number.

'Bell its me Shawn I was wondering would you meet me up at lookout point in about a half hour?' Shawn asked hoping she wasn't busy.

'Yeah sure Shawn anything for you.' Belle says smiling into the phone.

'Great I'll see you then bye.'

'Bye Shawn.'

'Looks like you thought of something son.'

'Yeah dad, It's perfect i'd tell you but I gotta go to the store and get a few things and head up there.'

'Yeah, I understand son. Good luck.'

'Thanks I'll be needing it.'

Shawn walks out of the door and heads to the store.

'That boy has got it bad.' Bo laughs to himself.


'What was that about?' Mimi asks while taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

'Shawn wants me to meet him up at lookout point in a half hour.'

'He's horny.'


'What every guy is. For the love of god just have sex with him your gonna end up doing it anyways.'

'I dont know meems he probably doesn't love me.' Sighs Belle.

'Belle you have got to be kidding me the guy loves you. He adores the hell outta you.'

'How would you know?'

'You can just tell by the way he looks at you. Wern't you the one who told me the same thing when I had my doubts about Rex?'

'Yeah I guess your right. I mean look at you guy your happier then ever.'

'That we are.' Smiles Mimi.

'Thanks meems youe the best.' Belle walks up to Mimi and hugs her.

'Hey no problem.'

'Well I better go pretty myself up for Shawn.'

'Yeah you better, I'm gonna head over to Rex's and hangout with him is that ok?'

'Yeah of course. Tell my brother I said Hi and i'll see you when I get home?'

'Yeah, Unless I decide to stay the night if you get what im saying.'

'Too much infomations there meems.'

'Well I'll see ya.'

'See ya meems.'

Belle starts humming a happy tune and walks upstairs to get ready to see Shawn.

Chapter 19

Meanwhile Belle is prettyin' herself up for Shawn, Shawn's setting up the surprise for Belle that he's pretty sure she'll love.

'God I hope she loves this.' Shawn says outloud to himself.

Shawn walks to his new car he had bought about 2 weeks ago and pulls his cell phone out and dial's Belle's cell phone.

'Shawn?' Belle says outta breath.

'Yeah its me, I'm calling to let you know i'm at lookout point and everythings ready,' He pauses for a moment and says 'You sound outta breath is everything ok over there?'

'Oh yeah everythings fine I was just doing my makeup and I heard the phone ring so I had to run to my bedroom to answer it before you hung up.'

'Oh, Ok.'

'Shawn what did you mean everythings ready? Do you have a surprise for me or something?' Belle asks getting all excited.

'Yeah actually I do have a surprise for you.' Smiles Shawn.

'Oh goody!' Belle says bouncing up and down.

'Yeah so you can come out here whenever, just honk when you get here so I can put this blind fold on you so you can get your surprise.'

'Alrighty, I'm on my way then. Cant wait to see whats in store for me.'

'Ok, I'll see ya then.'

'Yeah I'll see you in about 10 minutes.'

They hang up.

'I wonder what Shawn has up his sleeve.' Belle says to herself.

'It's almost time.' Shawn says to himself as he puts finishing touchs up on Belle's surprise.


About 10 minutes later Belle arrived so Shawn blind folded her. Belle could lightly hear the song 'I'll Be' playing as they got closer to lookout point. Shawn takes off her blindfold.

Belle couldnt believe what she was seeing.

Shawn had thought of everything. Shawn had out some blankets spread out on the ground with white rose peddles spread out over it. He had strawberrys in the shape of a heart with chocolate hearts in the middle of a heart shaped plate. He had lit white candles and set them out around the blanket, And had a dozen roses set out on the blanket.

'There's more Belle.' Shawn lightly whispered in Belle's ear.

'More?' Belle said in a awe. How can this guy be so perfect.

'Now I gotta explain before I show you this. When I was at my dad's I saw that it was lightly snowing out and I came up here to see how much snow was on the ground and there wasn't much so I went out and bought a sytrofoam(sp?) one.'

'A styrofoam what Shawn?'

Shawn takes Belles hand and they walk behind some trees. Belle looks at Shawn with tears in her eyes. Shawn had a heart on this styrofoam snowman that said 'I Love You' on it.

'It's true Isabella, I do love you.'

Belle's lips tremble from this happy moment. Shawn runs his thumb down her bottom lip and leans in to kiss her.....

Chapter 20 -- This chapter is PG-13ish

As they finish up on their kiss they rest their foreheads up against one another. They smile at each other. Belle lightly whispers to Shawn 'I Love You Too Shawn Douglas.'

'What did you just say?' Shawn says with a big smile on his face.

'I said I love you too.'

'This has to be the happiest day of my life.'

Shawn picks up Belle and spins her around.

'Mine too... We're in love!'

Shawn walks near the end of lookout point and shouts out 'Im in love with Isabella Black!'Belle walks over linking hands with Shawn and shouts out 'And im in love with Shawn Douglas Brady!'

'Come on lets go on the blankets and look at the stars.' Shawn pulls her over to the blankets.

'Ah I see you brought two blankets...Are you gonna try and seduce me?'Teases Belle.

Shawn just gives her a smirk and kisses her hand.

'I just brought an extra on just in case you got cold, 'Caus ya know winter is almost here.'

Belle looks over her shoulder and see a brown paper bad she wonders whats in it.

'Hey Shawn, What's in the bag?'

'Oh yeah I almost forgot about that, It has some sparkling cidar and some cookies in it.'

'Oooh what kind of cookies?'

Shawn leans over Belle and grabs the bag takes out the box of cookies out and hands them to Belle.

'Look for yourself.'

Belle opens the cookie lid and looks inside and gasps.

'Aww Shawn I love you too.' Shawn had went out and bought heart shaped cookies with the words 'I Love You Belle' In the middle. Belle's eyes start to tear up again.

'Belle there's no need to cry.' Shawn reaches over and wipes away her tears with his thumb.

'I know im just so happy, I've never been this happy in my life.'

'I know babe, I've never been this happy either.'

Shawn grabs a strawberry and starts feeding Belle them.

'Mmm tasty.' Belle says savoring the taste in her mouth.

'Let me have a taste.' Begs Shawn wanting to taste Belle's sweet lips.

'Let me see a strawberry.' Shawn gives her a strawberry Belle puts half of the strawberry in her mouth. Shawn takes a hint as to what she's doing and he takes half of the strawberry into his mouth and slowly eats it as Belle eats her half. Then Shawn moves closer to Belle runs his hands though her hair and gives her a deep kiss. They fall back onto the blankets Shawn's hands roaming all over Belle's body. He realizes he cant do this. If they go any further he wont be able to stop. He doesnt have no protection. He pulls away from her.

'Belle we have to stop.'

'No we dont.'

Belle kisses Shawn long and hard.

Shawn gets into the kiss for a few moments.

'Belle we got to stop, I dont have anything on me.' Shawn says trying to catch his breath.

'You dont have to worry im on the pill.' Belle starts kissing Shawn's neck and back behind his ear. She knows that turns him on.

'Oh Belle, You know what that does to me.' Shawn says trying to keep control. 'We got to stop now.'

'Shawn, I want you to make love to me.'