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Cruising Back To Love

A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

The characters all belong to NBC... I'm just having some fun with them. This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so I hope you all like it! Thanks Dee for the beautiful banner!


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Chapters 1 - 6

Chapter 1

The sun was setting on the beautiful beach as Belle looked at her friend. “Mimi, I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!” Belle stated quickly.

“What? You know this is exactly what you need to get over Shawn.”

“Maybe, but I’m not ready to be away from him right now… even if he is in jail and I can’t see him anyway!” Belle said frustrated.

“I know, but just remember that he loves you and he would want you to enjoy your spring break! After all, in a few years once we are out of college, we won’t have the luxury of getting a week off in the spring.” Mimi tried to convince Belle.

“Yeah, I guess you are right. So, where exactly are we going on this cruise?”

“Well, we are going to go to the Bahamas for a few days. In between we will hit some ports of call and see what it is like to be in paradise!” Mimi shared thrillingly.

Belle just laughed. Mimi really was a great friend. So much had happened in the last few weeks and even if Belle wasn’t ready to admit it to Mimi, she did need this time away. Not only had her life been put in danger because of a madman, but the love of her life was now in a jail cell awaiting his trial because the police believed he killed his own cousin, Colin Murphy! Then just when Belle thought that things couldn’t get any worse, she found out she had two new siblings, one of which was trying to steal her man. Life could really suck at times! But, Belle had decided that she was going to take this week to get her life in order and get ready for the trial that would start shortly after her return to Salem.

“So Mimi, what should we do first?” Belle asked getting her mind back to the present.

“Well, I think we should go to our room, get settled and see what the evening holds for us. How does that sound?”

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Belle informed her.

“Great! Let’s go!”
“Rex, are you sure this is a good idea?” Shawn asked as the two were walking on to the ship.

“This is exactly what you need, and you can’t tell me that you aren’t looking forward to having some time away with Belle.”

“Yeah, I am, but I don’t think that lying to her is going to be the right thing to do.” Shawn stated empathically. “First I have to explain why I was pushing her away all the time. That isn’t going to be an easy task! I promised her that I wasn’t going to lie to her again and that is exactly what I just did. Then not to mention the fact that she still thinks I am in a jail cell in Salem!”

“Look Shawn, I know this isn’t going to be easy, but that is why Mimi and I are here… we plan to help you any way we can. I am sure that once Belle hears the truth, she is going to want to be with you again. Plus, where can she go if we are in the middle of the ocean?” Rex tried to reason with Shawn.

“Very true, my friend. So, why are you so willing to help me all of a sudden? You mean your feelings toward Belle have changed that much in the short time that I was in jail?” Shawn questioned.

“Well, there is something that you should know that will help you to understand why I am so willing to help you out. You see, I love Belle very much…” Rex started.

Shawn was ready to deck this guy. Sure, he was trying to help him get back with the love of his life, but he just admitted to loving her himself… what nerve he had! “Look Rex, I think you should know that Belle…”

“Shawn look,” Rex interrupted, “I love Belle because she is my sister.”

“What?” Shawn asked.

“While you were in jail, Cassie and I found out that Marlena is our mother. She remembers giving birth to us, which means that Belle is now my sister.”

“Wow! That is the last thing I expected you to say!” Shawn stated in shock.

“Yeah, it was different for me too, and I am not sure it has fully sunk in, but I do want what is best for my sister and that happens to be you!”

“Okay, so does Belle know?” Shawn quickly asked.

“Yeah, we all found out at the same time. Not the way our mom wanted to do it, but it just happened. She was certainly shocked and honestly, I’m not sure how Belle feels about the whole thing. She ran out of the house really upset. I just want to help make her happy in one part of her life if I have managed to mess up the other.” Rex added shyly.

“Well, that is really nice of you Rex. I plan to help you out in making Belle happy, that is for sure! She means that world to me and I can’t imagine my life without her in it.” Shawn added. “So, what do you say we get to our cabin, unpack and figure out how I am going to get the love of my life back?”

“Sounds good to me!” Rex said smiling. “It will also give me a chance to catch up with Mimi and see what she has planned. We want you and Belle to ‘meet’ as soon as possible. The sooner you are back together, the sooner you can start enjoying your week in paradise!”

“Lead on roomie!” Shawn said laughing.

Chapter 2

Mimi and Belle entered the spacious stateroom number 35 and looked around in shock. It was certainly not what Belle had been expecting! The room was fairly good size and there was a large king size bed just beyond the couch which was in front of a big screen TV. Belle looked at Mimi and just had to ask, “Why a TV? It isn’t like we are going to be able to get anything in the middle of the ocean?”

“No, we can’t get regular TV, but they do have a large selection of movies that they show all the time as well as things we can rent. Gosh Belle, it’s not like we came to watch TV anyway!”

“I know Meems, I just think it is odd… oh my gosh, look at the view!” Belle screamed as she quickly made her way past the bed. There was a door to their own private balcony right there! Belle quickly opened the door and went out to let the fresh air blow on her face. “You know Mimi, the only thing that would make this trip even better would be if I was sharing it with Shawn.”

“Geez, thanks Belle… I’m glad to be here with you too!”

“Oh, Mimi, you know that isn’t what I meant! It’s just that we have spent so much time on the water growing up and I hate that I can’t share this wonderful time with him. I wonder if he is even thinking about me while he is locked up? You know he is probably so mad at me for leaving him that he could care less if I ever return.”

Mimi laughed, “Yeah, I’m sure Shawn is really mad at you! Belle, he wanted you to have some time to get away. This was partly his idea because he thought you needed to be prepared for the months ahead of you both with this trial.”

“You’re right… hey, let’s stop this pity party and start unpacking! We have a whole week to figure out what we are going to do. I say as soon as we are done we should hit the pool and get this cruise started on the right foot!”

Boy was she in for a surprise, Mimi thought. She just hoped that Belle wouldn’t be too mad at her when she learned the truth of their real plans for the week ahead! “Sure that sounds like a good place to start.”
Rex and Shawn made their way to their room number 37 and were pleased when they opened the door to their home for the next week.

“Wow, look at the size of that TV,” Shawn quickly pointed out. “Think about how great the basketball games must look at that size!”

“Yeah, I guess. I am more interested in the marine life we will have the opportunity to see when we have our snorkeling lessons.” Rex said.

“Uh, I didn’t know that I was going to be learning while I was on this trip… I thought that we were just going to relax and I was going to get to spend some quality time with Belle.”

“Well, if you must, but I am going to learn all I can first hand about these corals and reefs in this part of the country. I mean I have read all about them in books and on the internet, but to see them first hand… it is going to be incredible!”

“Okay, if you must. So, what is our first plan of attack?” Shawn quickly changed the subject. The less Rex thought about intellectual things the better. “The girls are in the room next door, right?”

“Yep, that was the plan. I am sure they are in there right now figuring out the perfect way to spend the first night on this cruise.”

“Did you and Mimi come up with anything beforehand? I mean how am I suppose to run into Belle if we don’t even know if they are even on the ship yet?” Shawn questioned Rex.

“Well, I am going to call their room in about ten minutes pretending to be someone from the cruise ship. Mimi is going to answer and I am going to find out what their plans are so that we can meet them. Then, we just happen to show up at the same place and there you go! You will be back with Belle in a matter of a couple of hours. Is that fast enough for you?”

“No, I would give everything I have to be with her right now standing on the balcony looking out at the water with her. You know the water is such a part of our past, I just hope it has the effect I am hoping for in getting Belle to forgive me and take me back.” Shawn told Rex.

“I’m sure it will. Belle wants to be with you. Sure she might be a little mad at first, but I am sure she’ll come around and then you can spend the rest of the week together. The plan is that Mimi will move in here with me and you and Belle can have the room to yourselves.”

“Sounds good to me! We need some alone time… we’re due!” Shawn laughed. “Okay, is it time to call them yet?”

“Well, we have left port, so they should be here and there’s no chance Belle can go anywhere, so I’ll try their room and see what happens.” Rex told Shawn after looking at his watch.

While Rex got ready to make that call, Shawn walked outside to look at the sea. He knew Belle was standing on the deck just next to theirs because he felt her there. He couldn’t explain it, and if he told someone about it he was sure they would think he was nuts, but he knew she was there. Don’t worry my love, we will be together soon! I am going to make you forgive me and then we are going to have the week away that we need! Shawn thought.

Chapter 3

Belle continued to stare out at the ocean thinking about her life. Could things really be any worse? Sure she was on this beautiful, romantic cruise, but her heart was still in Salem. She knew that even when she got back things weren’t going to be easy. She and Shawn had a lot of things to work out, but she hoped it wouldn’t be a waste of time. I know I love him and I am just as sure he loves me, but can we get over this latest problem? Belle asked herself.

“I hope so. After all, I gave up a new life in Paris to come back to Shawn.” Belle mumbled quietly. Just as she finished her thought she heard a phone ringing. Turning around she saw Mimi quickly sprawl across the bed and pick up the phone. “Who on earth could be calling us?” Belle asked as she began to walk back inside the room.

“Oh yes, everything is perfect. My roommate and I are so excited that the cruise has started and I’m sure that all of our wishes will be granted this week!” Mimi told whoever was on the other end of the line.

Must be someone from the cruise ship, Belle thought.

“Mm, hmm, yes, I think we are about ready to head to the pool on the sun deck and get our week started off right. A little fun and a little swimming are just what we need.” Mimi said before pausing. “Really, that is interesting… I’ll be sure to look for you up there. You’ll be the tall handsome one right?” Mimi giggled.

“Okay, well, my roommate and I just have to change and we will be right there. Thanks for calling and checking on us.” Mimi quickly hung up the phone and called to Belle. “So, are you ready for that swim?”

“Who on earth was on the phone? You have already found a man and we are just pulling out of port?” Belle asked, thinking that this was going to be a long week if she was going to have to share Mimi with some strange guy.

“Oh, that was just this guy that works for the cruise ship. They wanted to check to make sure everything was to our liking and that there wasn’t anything that we needed. He sounded so good looking on the phone and so I told him we were going to the pool in hopes that I might run into him while we are there.” Mimi said ginning.

“Great, so you are going to hook up with some guy that works on the ship and I am going to be left alone all week?” Belle questioned her.

“No, I just thought it would be a good idea to get in with someone that works on the ship so that if we have any questions, we know who to talk to…” Mimi hated lying to Belle but this plan of theirs just had to work and somehow Mimi was sure that Belle wouldn’t mind too much to learn that she was talking to Rex and making the plans for her to be back with Shawn.

“Well, let’s just change and get to the pool so that we can get some fun in before dinner. We’ll just have to wait and work on the tan tomorrow when the sun comes back up.” Belle said pitifully.

“Sure this is what you want to do? All of a sudden it doesn’t sound like you really want to be here.”

“Yeah, I know I need to do something other than staying in this room. Being out on the balcony just made me really start missing Shawn and thinking about all we have to do to get our relationship back on track. I just hope we have the chance and he isn’t in jail for the rest of his life.”

“Somehow I think all your dreams will come true, Belle. Don’t worry about it. Let’s just go and enjoy the wonderful pool and maybe meet some real hunks!”

“MIMI…” Belle yelled. “You know I don’t want anyone other than Shawn.”

“I know, but I’m not attached.” Mimi laughed.

“You are too much, do you know that? Thanks Meems, I don’t know what I would do without you.” Belle said hugging her friend.

“Hey, what are friends for? I just want you to be happy.” And the sooner we get to that pool Belle, the sooner you will be happy! Mimi said to herself.
“So, what did Mimi say?” Shawn asked excitedly.

“Well, they are heading to the pool on the sun deck as soon as they change. So, therefore, I suggest we change and head that way as well!”

“I’m on it! I can’t wait another minute to be with Belle.” Shawn said while running to his suitcase to get his swim trunks. He hadn’t bothered unpacking because if all went according to plan, he would be switching rooms this evening and would then unpack in the room he was going to share with Belle for the week. Things were certainly looking up he thought, now I just have to convince her to take me back.

Chapter 4

Belle and Mimi had quickly changed into their suits and we heading out their door. “Mimi, are you sure this is the right suit? I mean I don’t want to give off the wrong idea.” Belle asked.

“Belle, I think it is perfect. I mean if I had your body, I would show it off any chance I got.” Mimi told her while looking at the blue one-piece suit that her best friend had chosen to wear.

“Okay, if you say so. Let’s just get to the deck and in the water before I change my mind.”

“Off we go!” Mimi smiled.
Little did the girls know, but they were being watched as they left their room on the way to the pool. Shawn was in room 37 with his eye pressed to the door looking through the peephole. God, she is gorgeous and she doesn’t even realize it! Just looking at her I don’t stand a chance when I am around her. She just makes me fall to my knees, Shawn thought. “Okay, Rex, the girls have left… let’s get this show on the road!”

“Hey, let them at least get to the pool would you?” Rex said laughing at Shawn’s impatience.

“I just don’t want any other guy to even look at Belle, you know?”

“Shawn, I don’t think that just a couple of minutes is going to make a difference. Besides, you wouldn’t want to have the girls meet up with us in the elevator now would you? It would totally ruin the moment of meeting Belle at the pool in the twilight!” Rex tried to reason with Shawn.

“Yeah, I guess you are right. I just don’t want to waste another minute of this cruise without Belle.”

“All right, I think we are ready. The girls should safely be on the elevator heading up to the Sun Deck by now. You have everything you need?” Rex asked.

“Yes, let’s go!” Shawn said practically running to the door. “It’s time to get the woman I love back!”
“Oh Mimi, this is so beautiful. Even at dusk, there is something really special about this place. Thanks for suggesting this. I know I haven’t been the best friend lately, but I really appreciate all that you have done to help me.” Belle shared.

“Don’t mention it. You know that old saying, that’s what friends are for. I know you would have done the same thing for me.” Mimi assured her with a hug. “Now, let’s get these covers off and get in that water!”

“Lead the way.” Belle said as she was already taking off her cover-up to reveal her one-piece blue suit. She knew this was one of Shawn’s favorites and even remembered the first time that she had worn it with him…


“Do you like it?” Belle asked nervously.

“What’s not to like? It’s my favorite color on you because it brings out the color of your eyes, and the suit itself leaves little to my overactive imagination. I guess it’s a good thing that my mom and dad are here or you might not feel safe to be alone with me.” Shawn told her with his trademark smirk that Belle loved so much.

“Yeah, like I wouldn’t want to be with you.” Belle told him laughing. “I had you in mind when I bought this little number and knew that even though it wasn’t a bikini, you would like it. And who knows, maybe we’ll have some time to ourselves at some point today before we have to leave the island.”

“Belle, you don’t know how badly I want to just take you in that cabin, get rid of this swimsuit and show you how much I love you.” Shawn said leaning in to give her a soft kiss.

“I think I have some idea,” Belle said as she quickly felt Shawn’s desire for her press up against her leg. “I would very much like that too, but maybe before the summer is over we can take a trip back here and take care of those thoughts.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. Have I told you today how much I love you?” Shawn asked changing the subject somewhat so that he could hopefully calm down.

“Yeah, but it never hurts to hear it again and again and again…” Belle trailed off and she leaned in and gave Shawn a heart-stopping kiss that did nothing to help his arousal.

End of Flashback

“Yeah, so much for plans.” Belle thought out loud. Cassie and Rex managed to arrive shortly after that trip and Shawn and I spent the rest of the summer chasing them. Boy do I wish I could go back and change that. I certainly would have spent the time with Shawn, alone! Now who knows when we are going to be together again.

“Earth to Belle…” Mimi yelled as she brought Belle out of her thoughts.

“Oh sorry, just thinking about the past and all the things that I would have done differently.” Belle said giving Mimi a weak smile. Belle then quickly lowered herself to join Mimi in the pool. “Oh this feels so nice. I think I could stay here forever!” And with that Belle was off to swim some laps in the long pool.

Chapter 5

Just as Mimi was about to follow and swim some herself, she turned and saw the object of her plan for an even better week for Belle step out of the elevator. Shawn and Rex were slowly making their way to the chairs right by where Mimi and Belle had left their things. Mimi gave a small wave and decided she was going to stay right where she was to have a front row seat for the big surprise.

Shawn quickly pulled off his T-shirt and shucked out of his shoes. Now, how was the best way to let Belle know that he was here? That was a good question, and one that he realized he hadn’t given much thought to. He quickly decided that he would jump in the pool and swim to the end where she would be sure to see him when she turned to make another lap.

He jumped in the pool without another thought and made one lap himself just to get adjusted to the water. He then made his way to the end of the pool to wait for Belle to come back in that direction and stop. Shawn was so excited he felt like a little kid in a candy store. Soon, very soon, he would be back with Belle.

Before he knew it, his blonde beauty was headed his direction and she was coming on strong. Man she must have a lot of frustrations to take out. She is swimming so hard, I just hope she doesn’t tire herself out too much! Shawn thought smugly.

Then it happened. Belle came to the end of the pool and raised her head out of the water. At first she thought she was seeing things. It was possible. She had read numerous articles in her psychology classes about people wanting something so badly that they could produce it in their mind. She quickly blinked a couple of times thinking that it would clear the image from her head. Yes, she definitely needed some time away and some more heavy swimming to get Shawn Douglas Brady out of her head! The funny thing was, no matter how many times she blinked, he was still there. Slowly, Belle spoke, “Shawn? Is that you?”

“Hey beautiful, nice night for a swim isn’t it?” Shawn replied.

“What… no wait… this isn’t real… I think it’s time for me to get some rest.” Belle said as she started to get out of the pool.

“No, you aren’t in need of rest Belle, it’s really me.” Shawn told her as he made his way to her side.

“How is that possible? You’re supposed to be in Salem in a jail cell,” Belle said as her voice started to rise.

“Shhh, isn’t okay. I have a lot to tell you.” Shawn said still trying to reach for Belle. Man she was a fast one, he thought.

“No, this can’t be happening,” Belle said still in disbelief as she was reaching for her towel and shirt. “I have to get out of here and think.”

“Let me explain,” Shawn said as he finally reached her and grabbed her arm.

Belle quickly pulled away from his touch. “I can’t believe you are out of jail and you couldn’t bother to tell me? How did you find out which cruise I had taken and where I would be?” Belle said as her voice continued to rise.

“That is where I come in,” Mimi said as she was getting out of the pool.

“And me.” Rex added coming up to stand behind Mimi.

“What… Rex… you both knew about this?” Belle asked totally confused by the whole situation.

“Yes, let us explain. Belle, we wanted you and Shawn to have a special week away without any interruptions. Shawn was released from jail and it just all fell into place and we thought that surprising you would make this trip all the better!” Mimi said trying to convince her friend.

“You couldn’t have been farther from the truth! I can’t believe that all three of you lied to me! I have to get out of here and think, and I suggest that none of you follow me either!” Belle said angrily while storming off to the elevators.

“Well, that didn’t go like I thought it would.” Shawn said sadly as he sunk down onto the chair next to his things. “This could be a very long week!”

Chapter 6

Belle stormed back to her room. She knew it wasn’t the most practical place to go because that would be the first place they would come to find her, but she had only been on the ship a couple of hours and she didn’t know where else to hide at the moment. She decided she would head back to her room, take a shower, change and then spend some time on the balcony thinking. The fresh air would do wonders for all the things spinning around in her head at the moment.

Shawn was out of jail and on this ship with her. All of her wishes were coming true, but how could he have kept all these lies from me?

Belle realized she was at her room in no time at all. She quickly entered and gathered her clothes to head to the bathroom. While she was standing under the hot spray of the shower, Belle began to think of what her next step would be… oh my gosh, if Shawn is here, does that mean that he broke out of jail and he is on the run? If that’s the case, he really picked a stupid place to hide. The first port they came to the cops would be all over this ship! Surely Bo and Hope wouldn’t let Shawn go on the run, would they?

So many thoughts were swirling through her head at the moment and she had no idea how long she had been in the shower until she realized that the water was beginning to cool. Belle finished rinsing her hair and turned off the water. She grabbed the large fluffy towel and dried herself off. She then combed her hair and put her favorite pjs on. Sure they weren’t the most romantic attire, but she had brought them because she knew that they would help her through the lonely nights ahead. Shawn’s old baseball jersey was her favorite choice in sleepwear since he had given it to her. It always made her feel like she was closer to him and he was holding her even when she was by herself.

As she made her way to the balcony to really get to her thinking, she knew that the answers weren’t going to come easy tonight.
“Well that certainly didn’t go like I thought it would.” Mimi said to the guys.

“Yeah, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but I at least thought she would let me explain before she took off.” Shawn said desperately.

“You have to go and try to get her to listen to you.” Mimi pleaded with Shawn.

“Where do you think she went?”

“Probably to our room. We didn’t have a chance to really look around the ship when we got here, so that is probably the only place she thought about heading.” Mimi told Shawn. “Go to her and make her understand. Rex and I will hang out here for a while.”

“Thanks Mimi, you’re the best.” Shawn said giving Mimi a big hug.

“Don’t mention it!”

Shawn took off in the direction of their rooms. He just had to make Belle understand. On his way he passed a gift shop and saw just what he needed in the window. Thankfully they were still open, so he quickly went inside.

There sitting in the window was a beautiful necklace with a moon and a star. It would be perfect for Belle to remind her of the promise he had made to her that night long ago on the beach. He was going to give her the moon and stars because that was just a small amount of what she deserved.

Shawn made his purchase of the necklace and had the clerk wrap it for him. If Belle wouldn’t talk to him, she would at least know that he loved her and he wanted her in his life.
Belle had no idea how long she had been on the balcony because the answer to her question of what she was going to do about Shawn still had no answer. She knew it must have been a while because her hair was now dry, but that could be due to the calming breeze that was blowing into her face.

Shawn was out of jail.

That was still a hard one to grasp. So many things had happened since the start of the year and Belle just wasn’t sure where to begin to sort them out. Just then she heard something or someone on the balcony right next to theirs.

“Hey bright eyes, can we talk?” Came the voice of the person.

“Shawn?” Belle questioned already knowing the answer. No one else called her bright eyes.

“Yeah,” Shawn timidly replied.

“What are you doing? Have you added picking locks to your talents lately?” Belle replied.

“No, I’m in my room. If I was into picking locks, there wouldn’t be a wall between us. I would be with you on your balcony.”

“You mean your room is right next door?” Belle asked.

“Yeah, Rex and I are your neighbors.”

“Great, so much for thinking.” Belle said out loud.

“Please, let me explain and I am sure that it will help you come to your answers much faster.” Shawn pleaded.

“I don’t think I’m ready to talk right now, Shawn. I’m not even sure I’m ready to be on the same ship as you, but there doesn’t seem to be much choice in that one.”

“Well, if you let me come over and talk, I think I can change your mind.” Shawn told her.

“Shawn what part of no don’t you understand? There are still too many things I need to figure out before I can even think about what your being here means.” Belle said sadly.

“Belle, listen to me. Just let me tell you what happened and why I am here and then I promise I will leave you alone for the rest of the week if that is what you want. Just give me five minutes and then the choice is up to you.”

“I don’t know.” Belle sighed.

“Please, look, I love you and there is nothing that I want more in this world than to be with you, but just give me the chance to prove that to you. If you don’t believe me than at least take this.” Shawn said while he held the small wrapped package around the outside of the wall.

Belle looked up to see his hand holding a brightly wrapped box. “Shawn I don’t want gifts, I want answers to what has been going on since Colin’s murder.”

“Well, if you would let me explain, I could tell you what has been going on. Please Belle, just take the package and open it.”

Belle reluctantly walked to the thin wall that separated her from the man she loved. Slowly she reached and took the box from him. Staring at it intently, she finally decided to open it to see what was inside.

She took the wrapping off and slowly opened the small velvet blue box and she gasped. There nestled in the package was a beautiful gold necklace with a moon and a star hanging from the center. “Oh Shawn,” Belle whispered as the tears slowly fell down her face.

“Do you like it?” Shawn quietly asked.

“How can you ask that? It is perfect, just like that night when you promised me the moon and the stars.”

“Belle, I want to give you that moon and stars. Please let me have a chance.” Shawn said.

Belle stood there slowly moving her finger over the necklace. How thoughts of that night on that beach had gotten her through this dark couple of months. Those happy moments were everything when she thought they were over. Now, here was Shawn making her that promise again and all she had to do was listen to what he had to say. Was it that easy? Could she just let him in and make everything all right?

That seemed to be the million-dollar question of the night.

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November 18th, 2004, 1:16 pm #5

A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

The characters all belong to NBC... I'm just having some fun with them. This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so I hope you all like it! Thanks Dee for the beautiful banner!

Chapters 7 - 12

Chapter 7

“Belle, are you still there?” Shawn asked as what seemed like an eternity had passed. For all he knew, she could have left the room.

“Yes Shawn, I’m still here. I just don’t know what to do.” Belle said sadly.

“This doesn’t have to be hard, just give me a chance to talk to you.”

“Okay, Shawn, but just five minutes and no promises.” Belle finally relented.

“That is all I’m asking for.” Shawn said excitedly. He quickly left the balcony and was at her door knocking before Belle could have a chance to change her mind.

Belle felt like she was walking in a haze. She made her way to the door placing her necklace from Shawn on the dresser as she passed. Belle opened the door and felt the breath stop in her lungs. No matter how many times she saw him or the fact that they had been together for years, he still had the same effect on her.

“Shawn, please come in,” Belle said.

“Thanks. Let me start by saying just how sorry I am about this whole mess.”

“Shawn, I know you’re sorry, but there is a lot that I still don’t know about. I don’t enjoy always being kept in the dark.” Belle said as she closed the door. She was afraid to move for fear that this dream… no maybe it was a nightmare… would end. “Let’s start at the beginning and you tell me why you aren’t in jail for killing Colin.”

“Well, that is easy. I am out of jail because I didn’t kill Colin and all charges against me were dropped.”

“Wait, I thought you said that you shot him?” Belle asked looking really confused.

“I did shoot at him, but I missed. Larry Welch confessed to killing him. He told them where he had hidden the gun and everything, so they had no grounds for keeping me. I was released before I was even transferred back to my cell after the bail hearing.” Shawn told her proudly.

“Okay, so at least now I know you aren’t on the run. I was really going to give it to you if I found out you were running from the cops.” Belle told him sternly.

“No, I would never put you in that kind of danger. I love you too much Belle.”

“Shawn, I love you too and I guess that is why I don’t understand why you felt like you couldn’t tell me that you were out of jail.”

“Well, actually I did come to tell you and ended up running into Mimi in your dorm room instead of you. She had been studying late and realized she had fallen asleep… needless to say we were both surprised to see the other in your room. I quickly filled Meems in on the story and asked her if she knew where you were. Heck, she barely knew where she was, so there was no way that she knew where you could be. We ended up talking a lot about all that had gone on and she told me that the two of you were going on this cruise. The only thought I had going through my mind at the time was that I didn’t know how I was going to spend a week without you.

“But, I knew it might be for the best, so I wasn’t going to stand in the way of your trip. As I was getting ready to leave, Mimi stopped me and said that she knew the perfect way for us to get back together. Just as she started in telling me her plan, Rex came in and he quickly became a part of the whole thing. Please don’t be mad at Rex and Mimi for this, they were just trying to give you the relaxation that you needed and a chance for the two of us to have some time alone.” Shawn finished.

“I don’t know what to say,” Belle said as she started to turn and walk out to the balcony. “I am touched that everyone went to so much effort for us, but on the other hand I should consider not talking to any of you again because of this stunt.”

“Belle, if you are going to be mad at anyone, be mad at me. If I had really wanted to, I could have stopped Mimi and her whole plan.”

“Yeah, sure you could have Shawn! You know as well as I do that once Mimi gets something in her head, there is no stopping her! Just look at how hard she is working to get Rex to pay attention to her. If I know Meems, and I think I do, she is hoping this week will be just as productive for her as it will be for the two of us.” Belle said laughing.

“That is certainly a sound I have missed.”

“What?” Belle questioned him.

“Your laugh, bright eyes.”

“Oh, well, I guess there hasn’t been too much to laugh about lately.” Belle added quietly.

“Yeah you can say that again. I just hope that we can change that.”

“Look Shawn, I understand now why you didn’t tell me that you were out of jail, but there is still the issue of you telling Cassie about the murder before me. That isn’t as easy to get over.” Belle quickly added as she turned to look out at the water.

“Belle, look at me, please.” Shawn pleaded. He gently reached out to Belle and touched her on the shoulder to get her to turn around.

“I didn’t tell Cassie, she saw me. There is a big difference. I had no plans to tell anyone other than the police until Cassie came up to me the night of Gran’s party and told me she knew the truth. She then convinced me that I shouldn’t tell you or go to the police. It was better that I kept it all to myself. How she thought I was going to get out of that I don’t know, but you have to know that I planned on telling you all about it the next morning. Remember our promise that we would fix the world after we had spent the night together?” Shawn asked as he gently used his hand to raise her chin so she couldn’t help but look him in the eyes.

“I do remember that,” Belle squeaked out.

“Then you believe that I never wanted to keep this from you?”

“Shawn I don’t know what I believe any more. I know that I love being here on the water with you and the possibility of spending a week alone with you to just enjoy being together is more than I could have ever imagined. But it is going to take me some time to get over all the things that have happened in the last few months.”

“So what are you saying Belle?” Shawn dared to ask.

“I’m saying I need some time alone to process what is going on. Once I do, then we can figure out where we go from here.”

“How long do you think it is going to take?” Shawn questioned.

“I’m not sure,” Belle replied honestly.

“Well, will you come and find me when you have made a decision?”

“You will be the first to know, I promise. Now let me get started thinking so I can figure out to do.” Belle said and she began to gently press Shawn toward the door.

“Belle, just remember that I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. You mean everything to me.” Shawn said as he leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the forehead.

“Good night Shawn.” Belle said breathlessly as she quietly closed the door.

How was it that one small kiss to her forehead no less, could turn her into a pile of goo? Could she get over these recent problems and move forward with Shawn, or were they going to be kept apart forever?

With these latest questions floating in her mind, she turned and walked back to the balcony to start to figure out what to do.

Chapter 8

Shawn lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling, hoping he had gotten through to Belle.

God, I know this seems kind of trivial, but please just remind Belle that I love her and I would do anything for her. She is my world and I’m not sure how I’ll go on without her in it.

Just as Shawn was finishing his silent prayer, he heard the door to the cabin open up. In came Rex and Mimi, almost afraid to enter.

“Shawn, I thought you would still be with Belle. You did find her didn’t you?” Mimi quickly asked him.

“Yeah, I found her, and we talked, but she still isn’t ready to forgive me.” Shawn said as he filled Mimi and Rex in on what had happened since he had last left them.

“Should I go and talk to her?” Mimi asked.

“No, I think she needs some time alone right now. If you and Rex want to be alone, I can go up on deck.” Shawn offered.

“Shawn, you don’t have to do that. We just came in here because we thought you and Belle were still in the girls room.” Rex told him.

“Yeah, we were, but now I am giving her time to think. You know, I think I am going to go and take a walk to clear my head. Should Belle call looking for me, let her know that I will be back soon.” Shawn said as he was getting up and walking toward the door. “Just know that I am going to do anything I can to get her back. I can’t live without her.” Shawn told the two depressed looking faces in the room.

“We’ll do whatever we can to help you with that too, Shawn.” Rex told him.

“Thanks guys, you are really great friends.”

“Don’t mention it!” Mimi told him as he closed the door. “Gosh, I hope those two can find their way back together and soon!”

“Yeah, they certainly belong together. You know I didn’t always think that, but now I know that Shawn is just what my sister needs.” Rex said as he sat down on the couch. “So, now that we have checked on the two of them, what do you want to do with the rest of our evening?”

Mimi made her way to the couch and sat down next to Rex. “Well, this is kind of nice, just sitting here with you. But how about we see what kind of movies are on the TV?”

“Sounds good, but are you going to stay here by me while we watch that movie?” Rex asked slyly.

“You bet!”
Belle wasn’t sure how long she had been outside. She realized that she was getting hungry, but that was understandable, as she hadn’t eaten since she and Mimi had lunch at the airport. That was several hours ago and if truth were told, Belle was getting tired of looking at these same four walls. She decided that she was going to go take a walk and see what she could find to eat.

She quickly changed into her shorts and top and took off in the direction of the elevator to explore.

She made her way to the lobby and couldn’t believe all the people that were on the ship. Sure it was a large boat, but she never realized that there were so many people on board. She got in the “herd” and just walked in the same direction as everyone else. She realized she had just passed by a souvenir store and was still heading in a general direction of what she hoped was something worthwhile. There had to be a reason everyone was moving in this direction. Not really in the mood to be with all these people she began to look for a way to get out.

Quickly she saw a door that looked like it led out to the deck. At her first available time, she made her way to it and went outside. Grateful that she could breathe again, she continued her lazy walk around the ship.

It was a beautiful, clear, starry night, which brought back memories of staring out at another ocean years ago. Belle felt her finger creep toward her neck and the new necklace that she had put on just after Shawn had left her room earlier. So many hopes and promises had been made that night and Belle wanted with all her heart to believe that they could come true, but was it possible?
Shawn was walking around the ship with no real destination in mind. There were so many people and he just wanted to be alone to think. He had made his way up to the sun deck as it was called and thought how perfect it would be to have Belle with him to look out at the stars together.

But unfortunately, he was alone with nothing but his thoughts. Their talk had been good. The necklace was a hit with her, at least she seemed to make him think it was, and now he just had to give her time. That wasn’t an easy thing for him, when it came to Belle he found he was a very impatient man!

Most of the time Shawn was sure she had no idea how special she was. Sure, she was beautiful, but there was so much more to her. She kept him grounded and on the right track, something Shawn knew his mother was pleased about. So, if it was time that she needed, it was time she was going to get with a few little pushes to help her along to making the right decision, Shawn decided.

He took off in the direction of the lobby to get his plan into motion. As he was making his way down the stairs, something pulled him to take the long way and walk around the main deck.

As he exited the stairs he made a right and was just to turn the corner when he saw her standing there with her hair blowing in the breeze. His heart stopped and he had to laugh because no matter how many years he had known her and loved her, she still had the same effect on him. The moonlight was shinning off her hair and it created a halo all around her. As much as he knew he needed to stay away he slowly made his way up to her.
Belle felt a shiver run up her spine. It was almost as if someone was watching her, but on this ship with all these people there was no doubt that someone was bound to be looking her way. She rubbed her arms and was about to head back inside when she felt someone gently touch her arm.

She turned around and there he was, looking just as handsome as ever. “Shawn, what are you doing here?” Belle quietly asked.

“I was just taking a walk when I saw you standing here by the railing. Guess you needed some air to think just like me.” Shawn answered with a chuckle.

“Yeah, the night air on the balcony wasn’t doing it for me. I started walking and before I knew it there were so many people! I didn’t know where I would end up, so when I found a door that led me out here, I took it and ran! I just can’t get over how beautiful it is out here on the open waters.” Belle said while her laughter ended.

“I was just thinking the same thing. The necklace looks perfect on you, just like I knew it would.”

Belle moved her hand back to her neck already forgetting that the necklace was there. It was almost as if it was a part of her now and she knew she would never take it off. “Thanks, I put it on after you left and forgot to take it back off.”

“I don’t want you to take it off. That’s why I gave it to you, to help remind you of us.” Shawn said while reaching for her hand to pull it away from the necklace. “So, where are you headed, or are you just going to stay out here for a little while longer?” he asked not wanting their time together to end.

“I was actually looking for something to eat, but with all the people, I lost track of that.” Belle said.

“Well, now that you mention it, I could use something to eat too. Are you up for looking for something with me?” He asked her cautiously.

“Yeah, I think that would be great. Maybe between the two of us we’ll have better luck.” Belle laughed.

“Great, let’s see what we can find.” Shawn said while he grabbed her hand. He didn’t even think about it and apparently neither did Belle as they started off walking hand in hand looking for something to eat.
Damn, there goes my chance. Shawn just had to come up and ruin everything. Oh well, hopefully she hasn’t forgiven him yet and I will still have my chance to get Belle. She deserves everything that is about to happen to her, the dark shadow looking out thought. It was time Belle Black learned that she didn’t always get everything she wanted!

Chapter 9

Shawn and Belle continued to walk around the ship in silence but neither one letting go of the others hands. It was nice Belle thought. This is the way it is supposed to be. She could just imagine that they were really on this cruise on their honeymoon and just starting their life together. Although, now that she thought about it, if they were on their honeymoon she didn’t think that they would be walking around the ship! Something told her that they would be locked in their cabin and not seeing much of anything but each other. A sigh escaped from Belle before she could stop it.

“What was that for?” Shawn quietly asked, not sure he wanted to hear what her answer was.

“Oh, I was just thinking about the future.” Belle told him timidly.

“Anything good?”

“Yeah, it was good, that was definitely a sigh of contentment.” Belle laughed getting embarrassed by her thoughts.

“Now you can’t leave it there and not tell me,” Shawn pressed.

“I think I’m going to. I’m not sure I want you to know what thoughts were going on in my head.” Belle said still laughing. She couldn’t seem to stop.

“What about the whole honesty thing? You are really going to keep a secret from me after what just happened?” Shawn asked trying to act hurt. If he was correct he had a pretty good idea what some of those thoughts were and he for one couldn’t wait to make them come true for her.

“Shawn, you know this is completely different! If I told you what I was really thinking, you would never think of me the same again.” Belle added as her cheeks turned a slight shade of pink.

“Trust me bright eyes, there is nothing you could say that would change the way I love you or see you in my eyes.”

“Please Shawn, you are embarrassing me.”

“What is to be embarrassed about? I’m just telling you how I feel. Now, about those thoughts…”

“Oh, look, there’s the dining room. Let’s get something to eat.” Belle said hoping to change the subject.

“Okay, but don’t think we won’t come back to this later!” Shawn smiled at her.

Well at least I bought a little more time, Belle thought as they entered the dinning room. “I guess we weren’t the only ones that were looking for something to eat,” Belle said as she glanced around the almost filled dinning room.

“Your cabin number?” the maitre d’ asked them.

“35,” Shawn replied before Belle had a chance.

“Right, table 12, right this way.”

As he led them through the dinning room Belle felt her stomach grow more and more rumbly. Everything smelled wonderful to her and she couldn’t wait to eat anything and everything they brought her way.

“Here you are,” the maitre d’ said as he went to pull out Belle’s chair. She quickly sat down and he placed her napkin in her lap for her.

“Thank you,” Belle said while showing a big grin.

“Enjoy your meal.” He said as he walked away.

“I just hope there is something to eat and soon,” Belle said to Shawn the minute the maitre d’ walked away from the table. “I didn’t realize how hungry I was until we walked in here and everything smelled so wonderful.”

“Yeah, I must admit my stomach has been growling since we got on the ship. I was too nervous to eat this morning and now I am paying for that!” Shawn said laughing.

“So, you were nervous about seeing me?” Belle asked.

“Of course, I had no idea what was going to happen and I knew I just wanted to be with you. Obviously, things didn’t work out quiet like I thought they would, but they are certainly looking up.”

Belle looked at him for a moment as he studied the menu. His hair was a little longer and his five o’clock shadow was already making its appearance for the day. This was one of her favorite looks for him, it just made him all the more sexier to her. How was she so lucky?

Shawn knew she was watching him, she could feel it. That’s fine, he thought, let her look all she wants because she is going to be seeing me for a very long time to come! He had no intention what so ever of letting Belle Black out of his life.

“So, anything look good?” he asked her causing her to pick up her menu quickly and make it look like she had been looking at it the whole time.

“Everything looks good, but do you know what I am really in the mood for?” She asked just like a child.

“No, what?”

“A big piece of pizza… think I can find one of those on this ship?” She asked beginning to laugh.

“Somehow I think the chef might be offended if you asked.”

“I think you’re right! Guess it’s back to the drawing board,” she told him still giggling.

“I really love it when you do that,” Shawn said quietly.

“What?” Belle asked not knowing what he was talking about.


“Oh… thanks I guess.” Belle said shyly, not really sure how to respond to his latest comment.

“You’re welcome. Now, how about some lobster?”

“Sounds great!”
Mimi and Rex had given up on a movie when they realized that they were starving. They made their way to the dinning room realizing that there would be no way to find either Belle or Shawn to join them.

“I am so hungry,” Mimi said as they walked in the huge room.

“Yeah, me too. Shawn and I didn’t have time to stop before we got on our plane.”

“Your cabin number?” the maitre d’ asked them.

“35,” Mimi replied.

“Hmm, I just sat a young couple at Cabin 35’s table. Are you sure you have the correct number?” He asked puzzled.

Mimi looked at Rex, “Could it be?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Rex smiled down at her.

“I’m sorry, you are right, it is Cabin 37.”

“Ah, yes, much better, table 15. Right this way.”

As Mimi and Rex walked through the dinning room they kept their eyes peeled to everyone and everything in the room, holding out hope that Shawn and Belle would be the young couple that had just been seated at the other table. As they made their way around the corner, they were both pleasantly surprised when the couple was indeed sitting at a small table for two. Luckily they were deep in their menus and didn’t see them walking to their table.

“Oh my gosh, Rex, I can’t believe it. It looks like our plan worked and everything is going to be perfect this week for them.” Mimi said excitedly.

“Yes, it does appear that things are on the up for them. Now we can stop worrying about it and concentrate on another couple that is on this cruise.” Rex said playfully.

“That sounds good to me.” Mimi said smiling brightly at him. Yes, things were certainly going to be good.

Chapter 10

Shawn and Belle continued to enjoy their lobster dinner and just talk. It felt so good to just relax and be themselves. She was sure that Shawn was having a good time as well, and he wasn’t pushing her, which was just what she needed.

“So, since you aren’t in jail, are you going to go back to playing baseball when we get back to school?” Belle asked moving the topic on to one of Shawn’s favorite things.

“Yeah, if the coach will let me. I have missed a couple of weeks of practice, but I think he’ll still let me on the team. Besides, it’s not like I’ll see that much action being a freshman.” Shawn explained.

“I don’t buy that. Coach was after you really hard to come to Salem U and I just don’t think that he is going to leave you high and dry after you switched schools.” Belle said trying to reassure him.

“I hope so, but maybe you can put in a good word for me?” He asked laughing.

“Sure, since I know so much about baseball I would be happy to give him my scouting report.”

Shawn laughed. Now that was a thought! He could just see Belle talking to coach and telling him all about his finer baseball qualities. She was lucky if she could remember a strike from a ball, but that was one of the many things that he loved about her, she would do anything for him. He just had to remind her of that.

“So, not to change the subject, but any plans for the summer?” Shawn asked wanting to know what had happened to her trip to Paris, but not wanting to come right out and ask.

“No, I think I am going to see about getting a job and maybe save up enough money that Mimi and I can live off campus next year. How about you?”

“Same, although I don’t know about the living off campus. Before everything happened with the Colin mess, I had talked to Coach about working some of his baseball camps. If the offer is still open, I think I’ll take him up on it. I can do that during the days and then I will have time to spend with Zack and my family in the evenings,” and with you, he quickly added to himself.

“You’ve certainly put more thought in it than I have. I just know that I would love to find something where I can work in fashion.” Belle said wishfully.

“You could always ask your dad for something at Basic Black. I mean what better start than working for him?”

“I just don’t want people to think that I got a job there because I am his daughter. I have just as much talent as anyone, but I don’t think that others would see it that way.”

“Don’t be so sure about that. I am sure that once everyone sees what you are capable of producing, you will go straight to the top even if it is your father’s company. So, what do you plan to design first, and do I get a private screening?” Shawn asked bobbing his eyebrows at Belle.

“Shawn, I don’t even have a job there yet, and if I did it certainly wouldn’t be designing things right at the start. I really want to work at the bottom and prove that I belong at the top. I don’t want anything to be given to me because of my last name.”

“Well, then I think you should go and talk to Kate when we get back. She might know of something and it wouldn’t be as hard as talking to your dad about it.” Shawn suggested.

“I think you’re right. I am going to see what I can find. It would certainly be what I am looking for and just what I need to get the extra money for that apartment.”

“So, you’re really going to live off campus next year?” Shawn asked sadly.

“Yeah, I didn’t have such good luck in the roommate department this year and I don’t really want to take the chance again. I did like living in Hartley House and having you just upstairs, but the good just didn’t outweigh the bad.” Belle replied.

“Can’t say that I blame you, but I sure will miss you.” Shawn said while trying to not make Belle feel too bad for leaving, but also that she would know he would notice she wasn’t around.

“Well, it is still early and anything can happen.” Belle replied smiling at Shawn.

“Sure, anything can happen.”
Shawn and Belle realized that they had finished their meal and were heading out of the dining room all the while not noticing two sets of eyes watching their every move.

“It sure looks like things are moving in the right direction with those two.” Mimi said smiling. “I just hope they can find the happiness that they so deserve.”

“I hope we did the right thing and didn’t make things worse for them in the long run.” Rex added.

“No, I have faith in those two and I’m sure they will be together again soon. Belle just needs to remember how much she loves Shawn and would do anything to be with him.” Mimi added reassuringly.
Shawn and Belle decided that they needed to walk off some of their wonderful dinner, so they made their way back to the main deck and just slowly made their way around the boat.

“It certainly is beautiful out here tonight,” Belle sighed.

“Yes it is,” Shawn replied never taking his eyes off Belle. He was sure she was talking about the stars and the water, but he could only think of the beauty that was walking next to him. Shawn desperately wanted to grab her hand and just hold on tight. He felt he needed that connection with her. Granted things were going much better than their evening started off, but Shawn didn’t want to risk that changing, so he just kept his hands at his sides.

They made their way around until Belle saw some chairs and headed toward those. She sat down and tried to form what she wanted to say.

Shawn sat down next to her just staring out to sea.

“Shawn, it is no secret that I love you and I want to be with you, but I want things to be different than they were before.” Belle started.

Shawn wasn’t sure what to say, so he just sat there and let Belle tell him all that was on her mind.

“Trust has not been an easy thing in our relationship and we have to have that before we can move forward. Tonight has been wonderful since you found me on the deck. We have talked, just relaxed and been at ease with each other. That is what I want. No pressure to be this super couple that handles everything but their relationship. Do you know what I mean?”

“I think I do and I think it sounds nice. I won’t lie and say that I don’t want to spend every moment of every day with you, but I also realize that we have to have lives outside each other too. Belle, I just want you to be happy and give you everything your heart desires.” Shawn told her while reaching for her hand. “I am willing to take things as slow or as fast as you want as long as we can be together.”

“Then I think this is the perfect time to get started.” Belle said smiling. She wasn’t sure how Shawn would take the idea she had presented him, but she was pleasantly surprised when he was willing to try whatever it took. “Care to walk me back to my cabin? I think I’m ready to call it a night. Besides, tomorrow is a new day to continue on this wonderful vacation.”

“I wouldn’t have you walking back alone for anything.” Shawn said while standing up. When he was on his feet he held out his hand, grateful when Belle took it and wrapped her fingers around his.

The made their way quietly back to their cabins neither wanting to break the magical spell that had been cast around them. When they reached Belle’s door, Shawn reluctantly turned to face Belle. “You know I didn’t really think that I would be leaving you tonight. I had these grand plans to move Mimi out of your room and in with Rex so that we could be together. Hope she doesn’t mind when there has been a change in plan.” Shawn said chuckling.

“She will probably be a little depressed, but I have a feel that she won’t be too mad once I tell her that we have agreed to work things out and move forward with our relationship.”

“Yeah, I just hope Rex doesn’t mind the change in roommates!”

The laughter was so refreshing that Belle almost didn’t want the night to end. Sadly though, she turned to Shawn and said, “thanks for making sure I made it back here okay. I can always count on you to look out for me.”

“That you can. So, have any plans for tomorrow?” Shawn asked.

“Well, I was thinking that I would head back to the pool and work on my tan some. I hear there are some really good looking guys on this ship and I thought the pool would be a great place to run into some of them.” Belle said grinning from ear to ear. She knew that was just the thing to get Shawn going, she just hoped she could keep her laughter in.

“Um, excuse me, what did you just say?” Shawn asked not believing his ears.

“I thought I would head to the pool…”

“No, I got that, it was the part about the guys that I am having a hard time with.” Shawn said interrupting her.

Belle couldn’t hold it in any longer. She broke out in a fit of giggles, which caused Shawn’s blood pressure to shoot even higher.

“Belle, I really don’t see what is so funny. I thought we had just decided that we were going to go back to seeing each other and here you are telling me that you are going to be looking for other guys tomorrow.”

“Shawn, you are too easy.” Belle managed to get out between giggles. “My plans for tomorrow are to spend the day with you.”

“Oh, you mean you aren’t really going to go and pick up guys?” Shawn asked just to be sure.

“The only guy that I want to pick up is the one that happens to be staying in the cabin next door to mine.” Belle told him as she leaned in and gave him a kiss. What she had planned to be a light peck on the lips soon turned into something more when she felt his arms reach around her body and draw her closer.

She had missed him so much and it felt so wonderful to have his arms around here once again. When they were both finally breathless they pulled apart. Shawn slowly opened his eyes and looked at the beauty standing in front of him. Her cheeks were flushed and her breaths were really small pants, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away. He hoped that he hadn’t just made a huge mistake and pushed her for more than she was ready, but when she came to him and put her lips on his, he couldn’t help himself.

“That was certainly a good night kiss that was a long time in coming, wasn’t it?” Belle quietly asked. “Do you think I could have another?”

Before Shawn could even reply, he was moving toward her and felt his lips crashing down on hers. This is the way it was going to be forever he vowed, only he wouldn’t be leaving her at the door to her cabin, he would be joining her inside.

Chapter 11

Belle slowly began to open her eyes to the bright sunlight that was coming through the window. At first she didn’t remember where she was, but then it all came rushing back to her. She quickly sat up in bed and looked over at Mimi who was still sleeping next to her. Did I dream it? Is Shawn really here and out of jail? Belle wondered. The kisses he had left her with last night certainly had felt real…


“So Rex, how’s the weather out there tonight?” Mimi asked loudly as they came up to the two kissing outside the cabin door.

“Mimi we just came from outside, you know what the weather is like,” Rex replied, not catching at all what Mimi was trying to do.

The two that had previously been close together quickly broke apart, but still found that they had to have the connection. Shawn’s arm went around Belle’s shoulder while he gave Mimi a death stare.

“Hi,” Belle said shyly.

“Hi yourselves,” Mimi said grinning. “We were just coming back to call it a night.”

“Yeah, we were too.” Shawn replied.

“So, I guess this means I need to get my things?” Mimi asked, not upset about the turn of events at all.

“Uh, no, Shawn was just saying good night before he went on to his cabin.” Belle told Mimi.

“But, I thought…” Mimi started only to be interrupted by Shawn.

“So, this is good night. I’ll see you in the morning bright eyes, sweet dreams.” He told Belle as he leaned in to kiss her on the forehead.

“Oh I’m sure I will.” Belle said grinning.

She and Mimi had then walked into their cabin. Belle felt as though she was floating on air. She found the couch to sit on because she wasn’t sure how much longer her legs would support her. “Mimi, in case I forget to tell you, thank you for arranging all of this. I mean, I was really mad at first, but now that I’ve had time to think and talk to Shawn, I can’t wait to see what the week has in store for the two of us.”

“Okay, so then why am I in here and Shawn is next door?” Mimi asked getting right to the point.

“I’m not ready for that yet Mimi, we still have some things to work out and I just want to relax and have fun this week. I realize that this would be the perfect opportunity for Shawn and me to make love, but I think it would be rushing it and I just want to get our relationship back on track first.”

“If you say so, but the minute you want to be alone, just let me know.” Mimi said laughing at Belle.

“That I can.” Belle said with a dreamy look on her face. Yes, this would be a week she wouldn’t soon forget.

End of Flashback

No, Belle was pretty sure it wasn’t a dream, but if it was, she wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep and continue it. Belle felt her hand slowly move to her neck and there was the proof that it wasn’t a dream. Lying against her chest was the moon and star necklace that Shawn had given her. Yes, he was really here and she suddenly couldn’t wait to get her day started.

Careful not to wake Mimi, Belle climbed out of bed and went out on the balcony. As she walked out the door she stopped and did a double take. There all along the wall were beautiful red roses. They had been placed through the slats from the cabin next door and Belle immediately knew who they were from. She smiled and walked up to one to smell. That was when she saw the note gently taped to the railing.

She walked over and wasn’t really surprised when she saw her name on the envelope. She picked it up and looked inside.

My dearest Isabella,

I hope you had sweet dreams and are ready to start our week together in paradise. After all that we have been through we certainly are due. These roses pale in beauty to you, but I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you this morning and that you are loved. Meet me on the sun deck by the pool when you are ready this morning.

All my love,

P.S. Remember that I am not the only man on this ship, so please don’t look too tempting… I want only my eyes to be staring at you.

Belle laughed as the tears rolled down her cheeks. He was so incredibly romantic and just when she thought she couldn’t love him any more; he went and did something like this. Well, two could play at this game, she thought. He may not want to share me with other guys, but I have just the suit to knock his socks off! Belle turned and started back in the cabin, but not before she grabbed one of the roses from the wall. “And this will definitely help with my plan.”

As Belle walked past the bed she noticed that Mimi was awake. “Hey, sleepyhead. Glad you decided to join the land of the living.” Belle said laughing.

Mimi noticed the tear streaks down Belle’s face and she sat up in bed quickly. “Belle, is everything okay?” she asked concerned.

“Everything is perfect this morning. I am in love with the most romantic man in the world and I can’t wait to join him on the sun deck. Want to join me?” Belle asked as she moved around the cabin getting her things for the day together.

“Sure, hopefully Rex will be with Shawn and have learned a thing or two this morning from him.” Mimi replied catching a glimpse of the balcony. “I could certainly be happy with some roses to wake me up in the morning.”

“Yeah, it is pretty special isn’t it?” Belle sighed.

“That he is. I’m off to the shower and will be out in a flash.” Mimi said.

“That’s fine. I can wait. Just not too long though.” Belle said happily.
Shawn and Rex were both making laps in the huge pool while Shawn kept one eye peeled to the door where Belle would have to emerge from their cabins. He couldn’t wait to see her this morning. He hoped that she saw the roses and the note that he had carefully left on her balcony this morning. Sure it had taken a lot of time and patience, but she was definitely worth it all.

If Shawn had learned one thing while he was in jail it was that Belle was the most important thing in his life and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to keep her there. Just as Shawn’s mind was beginning to drift, Rex swam up to him. “Are you done swimming laps?”

“I’ve done so many this morning that my legs are burning. What do you think is keeping the girls anyway?” Rex asked.

“Hard telling, you know how it takes them so long to get ready. You would think that if they are just coming to the pool that it would make the process quicker, but I know Belle and just the walk from her cabin to the pool, every hair better be in place.” Shawn said with a chuckle.

“That is definitely something that I will never understand.”

“You and me both,” Shawn said with a chuckle. “So what do have planned for today?”

“I’m not really sure. We have all day before we get into port. I have my plans lined up for tomorrow’s scuba classes, but as for today, I think I will just take it easy, hang out here by the pool, see what Mimi might want to do. How about you?”

“Pretty much whatever Belle wants to do is what I have planned, although I do have a surprise or two up my sleeve.” Shawn said with a grin.

“I’m sure she will love it. So you two are back on?”

“I think so. She said last night that she wants to take things slow, and that is fine with me as long as she doesn’t shut me out!” Shawn assured him. “I just want her to know that I want her in my life and that isn’t going to change.”

“Well, looks like you are about to have your chance to show her,” Rex said motioning for Shawn to turn around.

When he did he couldn’t believe his eyes. Didn’t I tell her that I wasn’t the only guy on this ship? Shawn was so amazed that he couldn’t even move, but he had to get to her before someone else did, so he grabbed the side of the pool and pulled himself out.

“Nice of you to join us this morning Miss Black,” Shawn said with a chuckle. “Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby. Thank you for my present this morning. It certainly made my day.” Belle said while leaning in to give him a kiss.

“Mmm, no problem. I’m glad you liked them and just so you know the day is just starting.” Shawn told her.

“I think I like the sound of that.” Belle told him as she leaned in for another kiss. The problem with Shawn Brady was that one kiss was never enough.

“I did think I mentioned though that you were supposed to watch what you wore today.” Shawn said playfully.

“What? You don’t like my suit?” Belle asked trying to act hurt. Bingo! Just what I was going for…

“Oh, I definitely like the suit, but I’m afraid that so will all the other males on this boat.” Shawn said while he glanced down at Belle’s small body clad in the very small bikini. It was another of his personal favorites, but then what did Belle ever wear that he didn’t like?

“Well, it doesn’t matter what the other males think because I wore this for only one person in particular and as long as he is happy, I don’t care!”

“He is certainly happy. Um, so do you want to take a swim?” Shawn asked trying to change the subject before his mind was totally gone.

“Sure. Let me just put my stuff down and I’ll join you.” Belle turned to put her things in a chair next to what she was sure were Shawn and Rex’s shirts.

After she had left her things she turned and went to join Shawn, Rex and Mimi in the pool. The four quickly began to enjoy their time together with a water fight and the girls taking on the guys. They were all laughing so hard it was hard to figure out who was winning and who was loosing, but to the four of them it didn’t matter.
Belle was so caught up in her glorious morning that she didn’t notice the pair of eyes that were watching her every move from the corner of the deck. That’s right, you enjoy your day because I can guarantee you that come tonight your week in paradise will be over.

Chapter 12

Shawn, Belle, Mimi and Rex continued their morning at the pool even finding some time to just relax in the sun. When lunchtime rolled around, Shawn turned and faced the quietly sleeping Belle. He brushed the hair from her face and leaned in to give her a gentle kiss on her cheek.

Belle smiled and moved her head on her towel, not wanting to wake up from the wonderful dream she was having.

“Belle… hey sleepyhead…” Shawn said as he leaned in to give her another kiss. “Are you going to sleep the rest of the day away? I have a romantic lunch waiting for us and you are missing it.”

“Mmm, Mimi, I’m having a wonderful dream and I’m not ready to see it end. Shawn is here and he wants to take me to a romantic lunch.” Belle said still trying to stay asleep.

“Well, if you wake up, I promise you will have a better time than your dream…” Shawn said trying to keep a straight face. She was too cute for words when she didn’t want to get up. “Belle, it is Shawn and I’m really here.”

Belle slowly opened her eyes and was relieved to see that Shawn was really there and crouched down beside her chair.

“I thought you were Mimi,” Belle said with a little chuckle.

“Yeah, I heard. So, are you going to get up so we can go have lunch or are you just going to sleep all day?”

“I guess I’m a little hungry. Where are Mimi and Rex?” Belle asked.

“They left a while ago to get something to eat. We are going to meet up with them later.” Shawn told her as he stood up. As he got to his feet he reached out to Belle. She grabbed his hand and moved to sit up.

“So what are we going to have for lunch today?” Belle asked as she moved to gather her stuff up. She slid her t-shirt over her head and put her shoes on while she waited for Shawn to fill her in on the details of their day.

“We are going to the a special place that I found this morning and hopefully everything will be set up and ready for us.”

“You are too good to me.” Belle said as she leaned in to give him a kiss on his cheek.

“No, I just want you to know that I will do anything to be with you and make you happy. I love you, don’t forget that!” Shawn said while taking the chance that things had moved along enough to lean in and give her a kiss on her lips. He patiently waited for her reply and when she didn’t get mad, he let the smile appear on his face.

“Let’s go,” she said while she grabbed his hand and headed off to the elevator.
Shawn led Belle to a secluded balcony off one of the lower decks. He had inquired about a secluded place for his fiancée and himself to have lunch at the purser’s office this morning. Sure Belle wasn’t really his fiancée, but the people on the ship didn’t need to know that, and once he told him that he needed something really romantic for their anniversary, they were more than happy to help him out.

Nancy the cruise director had told Shawn that she would make sure that everything was ready for their special lunch. As they walked in the he heard Belle pull in a breath. Yes, this was definitely going to work wonders on getting back in Belle’s heart.

The balcony was beautifully decorated with red roses everywhere. There was a small table close to the railing with two places set and rose petals sprinkled all over the table and deck.

“Oh, Shawn, this is absolutely amazing!” Belle said as she turned to look at him. “How did you do all this?”

“Easy my love, I have connections.” Shawn said smiling brightly at her.

“I guess so.”

Shawn took Belle’s hand again and led her to the table. He pulled out her chair and made sure that she was seated before he went to his chair next to hers. He lifted the lid off her plate and saw a wonderful salad had been made just for Belle. His plate on the other hand, contained a large cheeseburger and lots of fries. Nancy had done well that was for sure. He would have to stop and thank her later.

“So, are you going to share those fries?” Belle asked smiling at him.

“Now why else would have this many on my plate if there weren’t some for my perfect girl to share with?” Shawn told her.

“Good, I can’t be good all the time.”

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.” Shawn told her as he leaned in to give her a kiss on the lips.

“Hmm, let’s eat! I’m starving!” Belle said as she dove in to her salad.

Lunch passed with the two of them carrying on as though nothing had happened between them. They laughed, they were serious, but above all, they just enjoyed being together.

Belle rose from the table when she was done and walked to the one of the many vases that were placed around the balcony. She stopped and pulled out one of the many red roses and brought it to her nose. She breathed in the scent and was lost in the moment.

Shawn sat there for a moment just staring at Belle. She was so beautiful and the woman that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. She was staring off in space and he just hoped that she was having good thoughts. He got up and headed toward her. He gently placed his hands on her arms and rubbed them up and down.

Belle turned and smiled at Shawn. “Thank you for a wonderful lunch.”

“I aim to please ma’am.” Shawn said chuckling. “Was everything okay?”

“Everything was perfect and just what I needed today. So, now that lunch is over, what do you have planned for the rest of the day?” Belle asked.

“Well, we can go and see if we can find Rex and Mimi and continue the fun we had this morning, or we can just stick to ourselves and see what the afternoon brings.”

“Hmm, such choices,” Belle said grinning. “How about we head back to the pool and see what we find there. If Mimi and Rex are there, great, if not I’m sure we can find something to do.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Shawn said as he leaned in to give her a kiss. He knew he had to stop, but once his lips touched hers, he couldn’t. He brought his hand up in her hair and pulled her closer to him. Belle didn’t pull away and before he knew it he felt her opening her mouth to give him even more access to her.

His tongue moved in her mouth and began to explore a place he didn’t know if he would ever find himself again. What a wonderful feeling this was. Their tongues played a little battle of war and before Shawn knew it he heard Belle giggling. “I don’t know if I should be insulted or not,” he said as he slowly pulled away from her.

“No it isn’t that I promise.” Belle said trying to get her giggles in check. “I was just thinking about how much I have missed out little tongue wars and that maybe we need to do them a little more often.”

“And how is that funny?” Shawn asked very confused.

“It’s not so much that it is funny, but I was just thinking that if anyone had told me that I would be standing on this balcony surrounded by roses and kissing that man of my dreams, I would have told them they were nuts!” Belle said turning to look back out to sea. “Shawn I know that we still have a lot to work out and probably more so on my part than yours, but know that there is nothing more in this world that I want to do than to make things right. I can’t imagine my life without you in it and I don’t want to know what that is like. When I thought you were going to go to jail…”

Shawn reached for Belle and turned her around. He placed his finger on her lips and said, “Shhh… that time is over and we are going to move forward. You are not going to have to know what it is like to be without me in your life now or forever. We are forever Belle and I you’re stuck with me.”

“That is definitely something I think I can live with.” Belle said as she leaned in to give him another kiss.

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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

The characters all belong to NBC... I'm just having some fun with them. This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so I hope you all like it! Thanks Dee for the beautiful banner!

Chapters 13 - 18

Chapter 13

Shawn and Belle made their way back to the Sun Deck in search of Rex and Mimi. They didn’t find the couple at first so instead, the two decided to continue their fun in the pool. They chased each other, dunked the other and in the end just found time to enjoy kisses every chance they could.

The afternoon really reminded Belle of what it was like when they were in high school and things seemed to be much easier. They were carefree and not afraid to express their love for the other. Yes, things had been much simpler then, but Belle knew that she wouldn’t change anything that had happened to them for anything. Every situation that they had endured had made them stronger and Belle finally realized that their relationship had made a huge turn for the better with this recent reconciliation.

Could she call it a reconciliation? she wondered… yes, they were definitely back together and this time to stay! Belle told herself as she was making her way to the side of the pool.

“And just where do you think you’re going young lady?” Belle heard whispered into her ear.

“I was going to go and lie in the sun for a while. I’m kind of tired and thought that I should rest up so that we can go dancing later tonight.” Belle told him while trying to get out of his grasp.

“Oooo, dancing… I like the sound of that! Any chance I get to be able to hold you in my arms is a good idea.” Shawn told her and he slowly let her loose. He was keeping her in place though as he places feathery kisses to her ear.

“You are making it very hard to leave this pool.” Belle told him as she was struggling to get the willpower to leave Shawn.

“That’s the idea.” Shawn said laughing.

“All right, enough is enough,” Belle and Shawn heard the familiar voice of their friend, Mimi. “Get a room you two if you can’t keep your hands off each other.”

“What are you talking about? We have rooms, this is just more fun,” Shawn said sexily as he leaned in to give Belle another kiss.

Mimi just laughed as Belle tried to push Shawn away.

“Hey were do you think you’re going?” Shawn asked her while not letting her out of his arms.

“I just thought I’d get out and see if Mimi wanted to get some sun with me.”

“Are you going to be completely clothed while you are getting that sun?”

“No!” Belle said laughing. “Getting sun means I have to have skin showing.” Belle told him seeing where this was going.

“Hmph… I’m not sure I like this plan.” Shawn told her.

“Why not?” Belle asked trying to play dumb.

“Have you seen your bikini today?”

“Yeah, I thought it was one of your favorites. Is there something wrong with it?” Belle asked smiling.

“No, it is one of my favorites, but that is the problem. I like it because there’s not a lot to it and I don’t want every guy on this ship watching you.” Shawn tried to explain.

“Shawn, can I let you in on a little secret?” Belle asked smiling brightly at Shawn.


“I’m wearing this swimsuit entirely for your enjoyment and yours alone. I don’t care who looks at me or wants to be with me, I only want your eyes on me and know that tonight and for the rest of my life I’m yours.” Belle told him. She had to smile as she saw him blush.

“I know, I just…” Shawn started but quickly turned to walk out of the pool.

Belle reached out and grabbed Shawn before he could get away. “Wait, please don’t go. Shawn, talk to me.” Belle pleaded.

“Belle, I really don’t know what to say. I know you don’t go out trying to get guys to notice you, but they do and I guess I just don’t want that to happen.”

“Okay, look Shawn, let’s get out of the pool and really talk about this. I honestly didn’t know this all bothered you as much as it does. We’ll get out, I’ll put my clothes on, and we will talk about this together.”

“Belle, that’s really not necessary. I’m just being stupid and it will pass I promise.”

“Nope, we are going to talk about this. It’s something that bothers you and as we move toward our ‘new’ and better relationship, I want us to be truly honest about everything.” Belle told him as she grabbed his hand and started making her way out of the pool.

The only thing that could come to Shawn’s mind at this moment was, how could he be so lucky to have this wonderful woman in his life?

Belle and Shawn spent the afternoon sitting by the pool talking, laughing, and moving forward with their relationship. Shawn told Belle about his fears and insecurities about their relationship while she tried to reassure him that they were moving in the right step and doing it together.

Before they realized it, Rex and Mimi walked up to the two of them and started gathering their things. “Where are the two of you off to?” Shawn asked.

“It’s getting late and we were going to go get ready for dinner.” Rex told him.

Shawn looked down at his watch and couldn’t believe how late it was. “You’re right, we better get ready. I have lots of plans to put in place.” Shawn smiled at Belle.

“What else can you have planned? You’ve already made this such a wonderful day. I can’t imagine it getting any better.” Belle told Shawn while putting her sandals on.

“Oh, just wait, things are only going to get better. Now, you and Mimi head down and start getting ready. Rex and I will be by your room to pick you both up in ninety minutes for a night of fun and romance. How does that sound?” Shawn asked as he pulled Belle into his arms.

He gently rested his hands on the small of Belle’s back and leaned down to place kisses on her neck. She smelled of sun tan lotion and fresh air. In that moment, Shawn was sure a man could get drunk on that combination.

“Hmm… sounds good to me, but if you keep this up, I’m not going to be ready for you.” Belle said while she tried to get out of Shawn’s hold. She finally managed to remove his lips from her neck and finish getting her things together. “Okay, so I’ll see you later. I love you Shawn.” Belle told him as she stood on her tiptoes to plant a kiss on Shawn’s lips he wouldn’t soon forget.

“I love you too, bright eyes.” Shawn managed to mumble as he watch Belle walk away.

Mimi soon joined Belle and the two headed off to the elevators to get ready for the romantic evening ahead of them.

Chapter 14

Belle and Mimi quickly made their way back to their room to get ready for the evening ahead. When they reached their room Belle ran inside and went to the closet where she had hung her clothes. “You know if I had known Shawn was going to be here this week I would have packed differently. I don’t have the right clothes and there is no Salem Place to run to. Guess I will just have to make due with what I have.” Belle said with a sigh.

“Why don’t you take a look in the other closet,” Mimi said to Belle with a big grin on her face. “Since I knew Shawn would be joining us, I took it upon myself to bring you some additional clothes for the week.”

“Oh Meems, you are wonderful!” Belle squealed while she ran to Mimi to give her a big hug. “How can I ever thank you?”

“Just be happy with Shawn. That’s all I want.” Mimi told Belle.

“Well you just might get your wish. We are certainly moving in the right direction and I have you to thank for that. If you hadn’t made me come on this cruise, I might have missed this amazing opportunity to be with the man I love.” Belle told Mimi trying to contain her smile.

“Then let’s not keep him waiting or ruin any of those special plans our two men have cooked up for us.”

“You’re right, let’s get on with it.” Belle said turning back to the closet trying to decide what to wear for the evening.
Shawn and Rex quickly finished their plans for the evening and returned to their room to get ready as well.

“I can’t believe things are going as well as they are. I really think by the end of the week Belle and I will be back on track and ready for what comes our way next.” Shawn told Rex as he was tying his tie.

“I’m glad, I know this time away has been great for Mimi and I too. She’s really special.” Rex told Shawn, blushing slightly.

“Well then what do you say we go get those two special ladies and continue our week of fun and romance?” Shawn said as he hit Rex on the shoulder.

“Let’s go!”
Exactly 89 minutes after Shawn had left Belle on deck he was standing outside the door to her cabin. Even though he and Belle had been on countless dates during their relationship, he couldn’t help the butterflies that were flying around in his stomach. Please God, just give me the strength to get through this night with Belle. I just want everything to be perfect and always remind her that I love her. Amen.

With his prayer complete, Shawn gathered the courage and raised his hand to knock on the door.

Moments later the door opened and Mimi stood before him in a beautiful evening gown. “Hello gentlemen, right on time.”

“Well, it was a long walk,” Rex replied while smiling at her. He leaned in and gave her a kiss while gently pulling her from the room.

“So Meems, is your roommate ready?” Shawn asked pulling the two out of their kiss.

“Yes, I am and I hope it was worth the wait.” Belle said sexily as she came toward the door. She had selected a red sleeveless dress that hung on her body like a second skin. Belle quickly saw Shawn give her the once over and she saw him draw in a breath and hold it. “Is it suitable for your plans for this evening?”

“Oh, most definitely,” Shawn finally managed to get out. “You are amazing, and you are more beautiful than words.” He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Her body felt glorious against his and he found his pants quickly become a little tighter just below his waist. My it is certainly going to be a long night with this beauty by my side. “So what do you all say we get this evening started?”

“Sounds good,” Rex said with a slight chuckle.

With that, the two men grabbed their ladies and were off to get their evening of romance started.

Chapter 15 - NC17

Shawn and Rex took the two ladies to the same private balcony that Shawn had brought Belle to earlier that day. It had been transformed into an evening paradise just for the two couples. There were two tables romantically set with more roses and candles than Belle had seen in a long time.

“You know I bet this ship’s florist will be happy to see you leave,” Belle leaned in to tell Shawn smiling. “They’re going to be out of roses before we even get into our first port.”

“You’re worth any of the expense or trouble I’m putting the florist through,” Shawn told her as he leaned in to place a kiss on her cheek.

“Thank you, it’s beautiful.” Belle lovingly told him.

“Right this way my lady,” Shawn said as he pulled her hand and led her to their table. Even though Rex and Mimi were just a few feet away, Shawn felt like he and Belle were the only ones around.

Shawn helped Belle sit down and pushed her closer to the table. He pulled one of the roses out of the vase in the center of the table and handed it to her. “Everything pales in beauty to you, but just a small sign of my love for you.”

“Shawn you are the most amazing man. I can’t believe you did all of this just for me. I love you so much, do you know that?”

“That’s what kept me going the whole time I was in jail, and your love is what convinced me that I needed to plead not guilty. Thank you for your love.” Shawn told her as he kneeled in front of her. He pulled her toward him and gave her a long and loving kiss.

Shawn knew in that moment that his whole life was in the woman right in front of him. As long as Belle was with him and giving him her love, anything was possible. He certainly didn’t want to, but he slowly pulled away from her sweet, glorious lips. “We better get dinner started before my whole evening gets messed up.”

“Yes, I certainly don’t want to be the cause of ruining your special night. You know you shouldn’t have started out so big so early in the week because we are liable to get bored the rest of the cruise.” Belle said giving him a devilish look.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that, tonight will pale in comparison to what I have planned for the rest of the week.”

“Shawn I was just kidding, you don’t have to do anything else this week other than spend time with me.” Belle told him immediately feeling guilty for even saying anything. “You don’t have to spend lots of money on me, Shawn. I just want to be with you.”

“I know, and I’m glad you want to spend time with me, but please don’t worry about my plans or how much money I may be spending on you. Just know that everything I’m doing for you is because I love you and I don’t want you to have one doubt about that.”

“Oh Shawn, I love you too,” Belle told him as she brought his lips to hers for another kiss. She slowly left pecks on his lips but soon found she wanted more of him. She pulled him even closer to her and used her tongue to get him to open his lips and allow her to explore his mouth.

Shawn didn’t even think twice when he felt Belle’s tongue against his lips. He quickly opened his mouth and the two began a sexy dance with just their tongues.

“Um-hum,” Rex tried to get Shawn’s attention but he wasn’t having much luck. “You know Mimi, I sure could use something to eat,” Rex said more loudly than normal.

With that Shawn’s brain finally began to function and he pulled away from Belle. He looked up at Rex and grinned. “Hey there, I guess we should have some dinner.”

“Finally! I was beginning to think that Mimi and I should just leave the two of you and forget about dinner.” Rex said just laughing.

“No need to do that, I was just pulled under a spell of a goddess that I had a hard time getting out of.” Shawn said grinning like a fool.

“Okay, okay, let’s just get on with dinner.” Belle said while smiling at the two. “I’m ready to get this evening underway!”

The four continued to enjoy their special evening of romance and relaxation. Each couple had their own waiter and really didn’t even know the others were there except for the occasional glances in the other direction. Belle just couldn’t believe that Shawn and Rex had done this for her and Mimi. Somehow she managed to get through dinner, although if anyone asked her what she had eaten, she wouldn’t have been able to tell him or her. She was too engrossed in the glorious man sitting next to her.

“How about desert?” Belle heard Shawn ask her.

“I don’t think I could eat another bite.” Belle said while she placed her hand on her stomach.

Shawn reached over and grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips to place a soft kiss. “Okay, how about I get a piece of chocolate cake and we share?”

“Sounds good to me. I might be able to eat a bite or two.”

“Yeah, that’s what you always say and it ends up I get a bite or two and you eat the rest.” Shawn told her while laughing.

“Well just for that comment, I’m not helping you eat any of your cake!” Belle told him while trying to keep a straight face.

“Fine, we’ll just see how long that lasts. I have a feeling I’ll be able to change your mind.”

Just as Shawn finished tempting Belle, their personal waiter for the evening brought a piece of cake and placed it in front of him. “Hmm, looks great. Thanks so much.” Shawn told the waiter as he turned to leave. He picked up his fork and placed his first bite in his mouth.

The moment was not lost on Belle, and it amazed her how at that moment she really wanted to be that fork slipping into Shawn’s mouth. Wow, where did that thought come from? Belle was afraid that her thoughts were showing on her face. She quickly raised her napkin to her lips and lightly coughed hoping that would cover the flush she felt raising in her cheeks.

“Something wrong beautiful?” Shawn asked her with a smirk.

“No, no, just thinking.” Belle quickly tried to recover.

“Are you sure you don’t want a piece of this cake?”

“Well, maybe just a little bite.” Belle said smiling brightly.

Shawn took a piece of cake and moved the fork toward Belle. She opened her mouth and realized she also closed her eyes at the same time. Belle felt the fork enter her mouth but that was about it. Her mind went blank and the only thing she wanted at that moment was to feel Shawn’s mouth on hers and his hands on her body. “Hmm…” Belle finally managed to get out.

“Is it good?” Shawn asked as he grinned widely.

“Oh yeah.”

“Good. Do you want another bite?”

“No, I think I’m good. I could though enjoy a dance. I’d hate to put this wonderful music to waste.” Belle told Shawn.

“I would love to dance with you.” Shawn placed his napkin and fork on the table and stood up. He reached out to Belle and she gladly accepted his outstretched hand.

As the music softly continued to play, Belle soon found herself wrapped in Shawn’s arms swaying gently. She couldn’t remember a time she had felt so at peace or so loved. “Shawn thank you for all of this.”

“What do you mean? This is just as much for me as it is for you. I love you and I just wanted to remind you of that.”

“I didn’t forget, it just got pushed back a little to far in my mind and heart, but Shawn, I love you too and I am so ready to have our relationship back.” Belle told Shawn as she stopped dancing and looking into his brown eyes.

“What does that mean Belle?” Shawn asked, hoping he knew what she was saying.

“I’m saying that I want you back in everyway Shawn. As my best friend, as my boyfriend, and most importantly as my lover.”

Before Belle had a chance to figure out Shawn’s reaction she felt her feet being lifted off the ground. Shawn was swinging her around and telling her of his love for her over and over in between kisses to her neck and cheeks.

Belle felt her giggles rising in her and she couldn’t hold them back. “So I take it you are okay with my decision?” She asked as she continued to laugh.

“Okay? I am beyond okay, I’m ecstatic! I have been patiently waiting to hear those words come from your beautiful lips, and I’m not going to do anything to make you change your mind.” Shawn told her as he finally stopped spinning her. He gently brought her feet back to the deck and moved so that her lips could easily meet with his. The kiss started out slow, but Shawn soon realized he wanted more of the beauty in front of him.

Belle had many of the same feelings running through her mind as well. She found her mouth opening just waiting to give more to the man of her dreams.

“So Mimi, do you want to go to the dance club and continue our evening?” Rex asked Mimi while trying to break through the fog in Shawn’s brain.

“Sounds great,” Mimi answered more loudly than necessary seeing what Rex was trying to accomplish.

Shawn vaguely heard Mimi and Rex right behind him but he so didn’t want to stop what he was doing. Slowly he began to end his kiss knowing that there would be plenty of time to continue later in the evening. “So, do you want to join those two and heat up the dance floor?” Shawn finally asked Belle.

“Yeah, that would be perfect as long as you promise to only dance with me tonight.”

“I have no problem fulfilling that wish. My dance card has only one name on it this evening, a one Belle Black.” Shawn told her as he gave her another searing kiss.

“In that case, let’s get this show on the road!” she said while leading him to join Mimi and Rex. “I hear we are now off for an evening of dancing,” Belle said to Mimi as they made their way off the balcony.

“That’s what I hear, I just can’t imagine how this night could get any better.” Mimi told Belle excitedly.

“Yeah, me neither, but let’s see what they’ve got!”

Chapter 16

The two couples made their way to the dance club on the ship and soon found a table once they entered. The girls took their seats as Shawn and Rex decided to get them something to drink.

The minute the guys left the table Belle turned to face Mimi. “I have to tell you the most wonderful news!”

“I think I have an idea, but tell me before you pop!” Mimi told Belle laughing.

“I told Shawn I wanted our relationship back, all the way back.”

“Oh Belle that’s wonderful! I am so glad this mess is behind the two of you and you are moving forward.” Mimi told Belle as she gave her a huge hug.

“Thanks Meems. I was hoping you would feel that way. I did though want to ask you for a favor.”

“Sure name it.”

“Would you be willing to move in with Rex so that Shawn and I can have our room to ourselves?”

“Are you kidding? I’d go and move my things right this minute for the two of you. Are you sure you’re ready for this step?”

“Yeah, I’m ready. I just hope Shawn wants to be my roommate for the rest of the week.” Belle answered shyly.

“Belle, come on. It was Shawn’s idea that we switch rooms when we first got here. Surely you aren’t doubting that he loves you are you?”

“No, I’m not doubting his love, I just don’t want to rush him into anything he doesn’t want to do.”

“Somehow I don’t think this is going to be a problem.” Mimi said noticing that Shawn was keeping an eye on Belle even from across the room at the bar. “That boy has it bad!”

Belle followed Mimi’s eyes and immediately connected with the most amazing brown eyes staring right back at her. Belle couldn’t explain it, but there was an electric current running back and forth between the two. Shawn winked at her and she quickly broke out in the biggest smile she could.

Mimi watched the two lovebirds and burst out laughing. “You two are hopeless!”

“Maybe, but I can’t tell you the last time I was this happy.” Belle said never breaking eye contact with Shawn as he made his way back to the table.
Good, so glad you are happy Belle because in a few short hours that is all going to change. It is time to put my plan in action and get Shawn back for myself. A shadowy figure three tables from the foursome thought to herself. Getting things together was her top priority and it was time to make sure that everything was ready. She headed to the bar to use the phone. She dialed the cabin number of her helper to make sure everyone knew what was involved.

“You ready?” She asked the person on the other end.

“Yeah, they are in the dance club. I want you to be ready so that the minute Belle gets up from the table and goes somewhere without Shawn, you can grab her. This all goes down tonight!” and with that the figure hung up the phone and moved back to her table to continue listening to the conversation taking place between the four.

Soon, everything will be in place. Everything!
“Here you go beautiful,” Shawn said to Belle as he handed her the coke.

“Thanks,” Belle said smiling back as she took her first drink. “This hits the spot, but how about you take me out on the dance floor and show me what you’ve got?”

“Lead on, my lady.”

Shawn and Belle made their way to the dance floor just as a slow song started up. Shawn pulled Belle into his arms and moved his body with her as Come Away With Me by Norah Jones played in the background.

Belle felt like she was floating as she danced with Shawn. This evening truly had been perfect, although she couldn’t wait to tell Shawn her other decision she had made today. Then their special vacation could move forward to paradise.
The two couples continued to dance the night away and before any of them realized it was almost 2 am and the club was getting ready to close.

“Shawn I’m going to head to the bathroom before the club closes.” Belle told him as she pulled out of his embrace.

“It’s almost closing time, why don’t you just wait until you get back to your room?” Shawn asked. He couldn’t explain it but he was getting an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach all of a sudden.

“I know that is an option, but I was hoping you and I could take a walk before heading back to our cabins. There’s something I want to talk to you about.” Belle told him while she leaned in to place a kiss on his lips. “I won’t be but just a couple of minutes, I promise, and I’ll take Mimi with me.”

“Okay, just keep an eye out and hurry back. I don’t like it when you aren’t by my side.” Shawn said trying to sound like he was joking but also holding a lot of truth to what he was feeling.

Belle just giggled and pulled Mimi toward the bathroom. “Hey Meems, I’m going to take Shawn for a walk around the deck for awhile and fill him in that I want the two of you to switch rooms. Can you have your stuff packed up in say thirty minutes or so?”

“I can do better than that,” Mimi said smiling happily. “I’ll even move Shawn’s stuff in your room.”

“You’re that sure he’ll want to switch rooms?” Belle still sounding skeptical asked.

“Yes I am and you should too! Look I don’t really have to go to the restroom so I’m going to go grab Rex and get started packing.” Mimi told Belle. “What do you say we just plan on meeting for breakfast in the morning?”

“Sounds great. We’ll give you a call in the morning when we wake up, and thanks for everything Meems.”

“Don’t mention it. Have a wonderful evening and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Mimi told Belle while giving her a big reassuring hug.

With that Mimi turned and headed back to their table to get Rex and head to their cabins. The minute she came in to sight of the guys Shawn jumped up and was asking her questions before she even made it to the table.

“Where’s Belle? Is she okay? Does she need anything?”

“Shawn slow down. Belle just went to the restroom. I have something else I need to take care of so I came to get Rex. She’ll be right out,” Mimi said trying to calm Shawn down. “Come on Rex, we have a job to do. See you later Shawn.” Mimi said as she and Rex walked away.

“Yeah, see you two later.” Shawn mumbled. He knew he was being crazy, but he just couldn’t shake the fear that something was wrong with Belle. “Come on Shawn, you are on a ship miles away from land and Salem. Nothing is going to happen to Belle.” With that said, Shawn sat back down at their table to wait for Belle.
Belle had just finished in the restroom and was getting her thoughts together on how to bring the subject of switching rooms when she felt a hand come around her from behind. Before she could even open her mouth to let out a scream, he world went black.

“Perfect, now get her in hiding. It’s time I finally got my man.” The shadowy figure from before said with a snicker. “Now to start phase two of my plan!”

Chapter 17

Shawn looked down at his watch for what seemed like the thirtieth time in just two minutes. Belle should have been back by now, he was sure of that. He just couldn’t wait any longer. He got up and headed in the direction of the restrooms.

The hallway was very dimly lit and Shawn immediately felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. He didn’t like this one bit. Shawn knocked on the ladies room door and called out to Belle. “Belle, are you about ready?”

He kept waiting for her to reply, but he was only met with silence.

He knocked again, “Belle?” When Shawn once again didn’t get a response, he opened the door and entered the restroom.

He frantically searched all the stalls, but they were all empty. Shawn walked up to the sink and slammed his fist down. “Damn, where could she have gone? Well, I’m certainly not going to find her standing here in the ladies room. I’ll head down to our cabins, maybe she wanted to change before we went on our walk.”

With a plan in mind Shawn headed off to find Belle and give her a piece of his mind for worrying him the way she did.
Shawn made it back to their cabins in record time. He immediately went to the girl’s door and started knocking. “Belle? Come on, what was the big idea of leaving me in the club?”

He waited, but once again was only met with silence. “I’m getting tired of talking to doors Belle.”

Still not getting a response he turned and headed to his own cabin. He didn’t bother to knock; he just used his key and entered.

“Hey what’s the big idea?” Rex asked when he heard his cabin door opening.

“Sorry guys, but I was looking for Belle. Have either of you seen her?” Shawn asked.

“No, she’s with you.” Mimi stated looking at Shawn as though he had grown another head.

“Yeah, she was, but she never came out of the ladies room. After a while I began to worry so I went to check on her. She wasn’t in the restroom so I assumed she came back here. I just knocked on the other cabin, but there wasn’t an answer. Can you open the door Meems and check for me?”

“Sure, I just don’t understand what Belle is up to. This really isn’t like her.”

“I know that’s what has me worried the most.” Shawn told Mimi.

The three quickly got moving and went to the girls cabin next door. Mimi pushed the door open and Shawn rushed in behind her. “Belle? Are you here? Belle? Please answer me.”

Mimi checked the bathroom but there was no sign of Belle. “Shawn everything looks the same as when we left to go to dinner. I really don’t think she’s been here.”

“Yeah, and she isn’t out on the balcony either.” Rex added.

“God, where could she be?” Shawn asked as he ran his hands through his hair.

“Don’t worry Shawn, let’s think. This is a boat in the middle of the ocean. There aren’t many places that she could have gone. Let’s just split up and see if we can’t track her down. She has to be around here somewhere.” Rex said as he walked toward Mimi and the door.

“Okay, I guess you are right. I’ll head back to the dance club and retrace our steps. Let’s meet back here in an hour to see where we are. If we haven’t found her in that time, we can report this to the crew.” Shawn said as he headed for the door.

“Mimi and I will hit all the decks and the pool area. We’ll see you soon and I’m sure Belle will be with us with a great story about what happened.” Rex said trying to keep things positive.

“Yeah, I hope so.”

The three headed out to begin their search for Belle hoping that she had just taking a wrong turn and was not hurt somewhere instead.
“This plan worked so much better than I had ever hoped it would,” the woman said to her partner. “Belle is safely in this cabin and no one saw us bring her in here, so there is no reason for anyone to suspect that there is anything wrong.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe that it was that easy. What do you think Shawn is up to now? He surely has to know that Belle isn’t coming out of the ladies room.” The other voice in the room asked.

“I’m sure he is looking for her, but I just hope that I can get to him and make him realize he needs to be with me instead of her. Belle was never the right woman for him. She can’t even come close to offering him the things that I can.”

“That may be the case, but you know that he isn’t going to forget her overnight, and how are you going to explain that you are on the ship with them?”

“That’s easy. I haven’t seen them in months and can play off the fact that I was tired of traveling in Europe with my family, so they offered to send me on this cruise for a week away from them. No one ever has to know that you have been helping me with my plan to get Shawn back all this time. Cassie, I just don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“Jan, I’m just glad that we had a chance to meet and become friends. When I found out that I was related to Shawn and I couldn’t have him for myself, I knew I had to find a way for Belle to not be with him either. Meeting up with you was just perfect. Now we can cause all the heartache imaginable for these two and keep them apart.”

“That we can my friend, that we can.” Jan said as she looked on to the sleeping Belle. “Now to get the next phase of my plan in action.”

Chapter 18

The next hour continued to pass much too quickly for Shawn’s liking and he had yet to find one clue as to where Belle could be. “Belle, I just got you back and now I may loose you again. Maybe we were moving too fast for you. It must have been too much too soon. Just please be safe that is the most important part. I love you and need you in my life, just come back to me, please.”

Shawn had returned to the dance club as well as the balcony where they had dinner. The dinner had been cleared away and everything had been put back to normal with no trace that anyone had been there that evening.

He glanced down at his watch and realized that the hour was up and he needed to go and meet Mimi and Rex at the cabin. He headed off in that direction with no idea what he was going to do if they hadn’t had any more luck in finding Belle than he had.

He arrived at their room and realized that Rex and Mimi had yet to return. “Okay, I’m going to take that as a good sign and maybe they found her.” Just as Shawn finished saying that, he heard the door open. “Belle, I’m so glad…”

“No luck either?” Rex asked as he walked in the room.

“You guys didn’t find her either?” Shawn asked as all the color washed from his face.

“We were hoping you had found her.” Mimi said as she walked over to Shawn and sat with him on the couch.

“Mimi where could she be? I mean I thought she wanted to be with me again, but maybe we were just not meant to be together.”

“Shawn Brady, I don’t ever want to hear those words come out of your mouth again! Belle wanted to be with you more than anything. Do you know that she was having me move out of our cabin tonight so that she could tell you she wanted you to spend the rest of the week with her? Now is that something that someone would want you to do if she didn’t want to be with you? I don’t think so!” Mimi said as she tried to get Shawn to see reason.

“Mimi’s right, Shawn. Belle wanted to be with you and that is why I think we need to go to the ship’s personnel and report Belle as missing. Something just isn’t right about all this and we need to act quickly so that we can get her back.” Rex told Shawn while trying to get him moving.

“Yeah, I guess you guys are right. Let’s go and see if we can do anything about getting Belle back! I mean it’s a ship, where could she have gone?”
The three quickly made their way to the main deck of the ship to the security office. They knocked on the door and a tall man with brown hair answered. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah, my name is Shawn Brady and I am in cabin 37 and I need to report a missing person.”

“Um, okay, come in. Are you sure this person is missing? You know this is a large ship.” The security officer said as he led everyone into the office. “Please have a seat, my name is Officer Bailey. Now what can you tell me about this missing person.”

“Her name is Belle Black and we are staying in cabin 35…” Mimi started rambling before anyone had a chance to gather their thoughts.

“Mimi, calm down. I want to find Belle as much as anyone, but Shawn needs to be the one to give the details since he was with her last.” Rex said while placing a calming hand on her shoulder.

“I know I’m just not handling this very well.” Mimi said as she leaned in to Rex’s shoulder.

Rex quietly held on to Mimi as Shawn began to tell the officer what he knew.

“We were in the dance club and things were winding down for the evening when Belle told me that she needed to go to the bathroom. She and Mimi went in to the restroom as Rex and I waited at our table. After maybe five minutes, Mimi came out and left with Rex. I asked her where Belle was and she told me that Belle would be right out. So, I sat there and waited. Probably another five minutes passed and Belle never came out. I was beginning to get worried by this point so I went and knocked on the door to the ladies room. There was no answer, so I entered. There wasn’t anyone in there. That’s when I went back out to the dance club and looked around but there wasn’t anyone there. I then headed back to our cabins thinking that maybe I had just missed Belle and she was meeting me there instead. I haven’t seen her since.” Shawn said the last as a long sigh escaped his lips.

“So technically, umm… Mimi, you were the last person with Belle?” the officer asked.

“Yeah, now that we talk about it, I guess I was. We had a girls chat in the restroom and were making plans on switching rooms so that she and Shawn could be together and Rex and I would be together… that’s why I left earlier than her because I was to head back and get my things moved to the other room. She was going to take Shawn for a walk and tell him that she wanted to get back together with him and that she wanted him to move into her cabin. It was going to be so romantic.” Mimi told the officer almost dreamily.

“So do you have any reason to believe that Belle might have changed her mind and just went for that walk instead of spending time with Shawn?”

“What are you implying?” Shawn yelled at the officer.

“Nothing Shawn, but I have to look at this from all angles. You and your friends are young and maybe Belle was feeling pressured and couldn’t find the right way to tell you. Maybe she doesn’t want to be found and is just waiting until we make a stop and then she plans to head home,” the officer stated roughly.

“That is not the case!” Shawn yelled back. “Belle and I are in love and we want nothing more than to be together. For those reasons alone, I know that something has happened to her. She wouldn’t leave without telling me, not after everything we’ve been though, and if you aren’t willing to help me, I’ll find someone on this ship that will!” He quickly stood up and heard his chair hit the floor as it tumbled over in his abrupt movement.

“Look kid, I’m willing to help you, but we just don’t have anything to go on. There are no signs of foul play or that Belle was taken against her will. Come back in the morning if she is still missing and we will see what we can do then.”

“Don’t you understand? The morning is going to be too late. We have to do something now! I need to use a phone to make a ship to shore call. You obviously don’t know who Belle’s father is and once I get in touch with him and he finds out how you have handled all of this you can bet you’ll be looking for another job!” Shawn said angrily. He looked at Rex and Mimi and said, “Come on, if these clowns aren’t going to help us we have to find Belle ourselves.”

With that Shawn, Rex and Mimi headed out of the security office and went to find a phone. If no one believed them, they knew that John would and he would do anything in his power to find his daughter.
Belle rolled over and winced in pain. What the heck has happened to me? She felt so weak and wasn’t sure she had the energy to even open her eyes. Before she had the chance she heard voices around her. She knew she recognized one of them but she was having a harder time placing the other. Instead of opening her eyes and letting on that she was awake she decided to just take a moment and listen in on their conversation.

“So, now that this phase of your plan has worked, what are we going to do next?” Jan asked Cassie.

“Well, I think that first thing in the morning I’ll let the gang know that I’m here. Once I buddy up with them again and make them believe that it was a total fluke that I’m on the ship with them, I let them get to meet my new friend that I met on the ship. Then you can come out and finally be with Shawn again.”

“Oh Cassie I do like the way your mind works, and to think that this time tomorrow night I’ll be with Shawn again just makes my day!”

No it can't be... could it? Belle thought to herself. Cassie is working with Jan? She’s supposed to be in Europe with her parents. I should have known that she wasn’t going to give up on Shawn that easily. Well, that little witch has another thing coming if she thinks that Shawn is just going to forget about me and go back to her. He’s mine now and there isn’t anything that can come between us. I just have to work as hard to get back to Shawn as I know he is working to find me. How the heck did these two get together anyway? Belle wondered. She didn’t have time to find the answer to that question right now. First she had to figure out where she was and how to get a clue to Shawn without these two idiots figuring it out. She had her work cut out for her, but getting back to Shawn was what mattered and she wasn’t about to let anything stand in her way!

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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

The characters all belong to NBC... I'm just having some fun with them. This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so I hope you all like it! Thanks Dee for the beautiful banner!

Chapters 19 - 24

Chapter 19

Shawn, Rex and Mimi were finally able to find a phone and Shawn got ready to make the most difficult call of his young life. He wasn’t sure how he was going to break the news to John Black that he had not been able to take care of his daughter. Now any chances he had of getting on John’s good side were going down the drain!

“Shawn, are you going to call, or are you just going to stare at that phone?” Mimi asked impatiently.

“I’m just trying to figure out how to tell John that I wasn’t able to take care of Belle.”

“You can’t believe that this is your fault! How were you to know that there is some crazy person on this ship that was after Belle?” Rex asked as he looked at Shawn. “There is nothing to say that this wouldn’t have happened had you still been in Salem. Just think that at least you are here and better able to help get her back instead of being stuck so far away from her. Shawn, we are going to get her back!”

“Thanks Rex. I just need to keep telling myself that she is safe and is going to be back in my arms soon.” Shawn tried to convince himself as he turned the phone on and dialed the familiar number.

The phone rang a three times before he heard the sound of that voice on the other end. “John Black.”

“John, this is Shawn.”

“Shawn? Aren’t you on a cruise ship with my daughter?” John asked trying to figure out why he would be calling him.

“Yeah, I am and that is why I’m calling. Something has happened.”

“What?” John asked loudly into the phone. “Tell me what’s going on. Where’s Belle?”

“That’s the problem. I don’t know. Someone kidnapped her and no one on this ship will help me look for her. John is there anything you can do to help me find Belle?”

“What do you mean someone kidnapped her?” John barked.

“Just what I said.” Shawn told him becoming irritated. He felt like he was talking to Officer Bailey all over again. “We were at the dance club on the boat and one minute she was in the restroom with Mimi and the next she was no where to be found. We went to the security office on the ship, but they say that Belle wanted to get away from me and that they wouldn’t do anything until tomorrow morning. John, we can’t wait that long. I need to find Belle and make sure she is safe, I just don’t know where to start.”

“What do you mean they won’t start looking for her until the morning? Do they not know who I am?”

“I tried to tell them, John I really did. It’s been a few hours now and I’m really worried about Belle. I mean why would someone want to take her?” Shawn asked with despair in his voice.

“I don’t know kid, but you can bet we aren’t going to let them get away with this. Let me make some calls and I will be there in a matter of hours. Shawn don’t worry, we will find her. Nobody messes with John Black and gets away with it!”

“If you say so John. What should we do in the mean time?” Shawn asked not feeling all that much better.

“I want you all to get a good nights sleep. It could be a long couple of days. I will be in touch with the captain of the ship and I will instruct him not to dock under any circumstances. Belle’s on that ship and as long as you don’t dock, she can’t be taken off. I’ll fly onto the ship and meet up with the three of you. What cabins are you in?” John asked as he started to form his plan in his mind.

“We are in cabins 35 and 37. Thanks John. We’ll see you soon.” Shawn said trying not to worry. “Just hurry.”

“I will!”
Shawn, Rex, and Mimi headed back for their cabins. Since Mimi had already moved all of her stuff into the guys cabin and moved Shawn’s things in with Belle’s they went ahead and kept with the switch.

“Shawn, please call us the minute you hear from John or if anything new should come up.” Mimi said to Shawn while she pulled him into a hug. “Remember we’re just next door if you need anything!”

“Thanks guys. If nothing else, I’ll see you both in the morning.” Shawn said as he pulled away from Mimi.

With that the trio parted and Shawn found himself entering into the dark and all too quiet cabin. He couldn’t bring himself to turn the lights on, so he just walked around the dark cabin taking in all of Belle’s things that were just as she had left them. The roses he had given her that morning were neatly placed beside her bed just waiting for his beauty to come home and enjoy them.

Oh Belle, we’re supposed to be enjoying this room together. We were so ready to take that next step and then this had to happen. I hope you’re safe and that you know I love you. I’m doing everything in my power to get you back!

Shawn was sure he couldn’t fall asleep, but the minute he laid down on the large king bed, he found his eyes closing and his dreams filled with the blonde beauty that he knew he would spend the rest of his life with. If only Belle was with me in this bed making use of all this space… oh the things we could do to occupy our evening….

Chapter 20 - NC17

Shawn felt Belle’s hands make their way over his chest. He loved spending time like this with her and it always amazed him the way she could make his body feel. With just the touch of her hands she could cause his body to melt.

Belle made a quick pass with her hands over Shawn’s erect and waiting nipples before she quickly followed with her mouth. He couldn’t stop the groan that came out as he felt her flick first his right and then left nipple. She was going to push him over the edge before they even got started if she didn’t stop.

“Belle, baby, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Let me please you some too.” Shawn all but moaned.

“Shawn, tonight is all about you. I want to get to know every inch of your body and make it mine.” Belle said breathily as she continued to work her magic on Shawn’s chest. “But I do think you are a tad overdressed.”

With that last statement Shawn glanced down at Belle to see her smirking. “How can I be overdressed when I have nothing on but my boxers? You’re the one that still has her dress on.”

“Okay, we can even things up if you think I’m overdressed.” Belle said as she moved to stand next to the bed. She slowly moved her hands around to her back so she could reach the zipper of her dress. She lowered it while never taking her eyes off Shawn. Belle couldn’t help but feel a tad bit nervous as she lowered the straps down her arm, but the desire that she clearly saw in Shawn’s eyes made the task much easier. As her dress fell to the ground her matching pink bra and panty set came into view to Shawn and she heard his gasp while his eyes worked their way down her body.

“Belle, you are so beautiful and I can’t believe you are mine.” Shawn managed to get out while sitting up and reaching for Belle.

“Now just a minute… I never said that I was done with my little show.” Belle replied sexily.

“I don’t know how much more of your little show I can take. I want you Belle,” Shawn told her while grabbing her waist and pulling her in between his legs.

“We’ve waited so long and I just want to make sure that tonight is perfect. We have all night and it’s our first time. I want to always look back and remember tonight and how amazing it was.” Belle told him while running her fingers through his hair.

“Okay, I don’t want to cause anything to ruin this night. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Just sit there and let me take care of you. After all, you found me and never gave up on me. This is for you!” With that Belle gently pushed him back and moved her hands to the clasp of her bra and began to remove it. As her breasts came in to view Shawn felt the front of his boxers become even more uncomfortable. He knew this was important to her, but she was driving him insane!


“I know, I know… I’m working on it.” Belle said grinning. She stopped with her strip tease for a moment to make her way on to the bed with Shawn. She knew he needed to touch her just as badly as she needed to feel his hands on her body. She lay down beside his body and just enjoyed the feeling of her bare breasts against his chest. Her lips found Shawn’s mouth and their lips parted to allow their tongues to meet in a heated dance inside Belle’s mouth.

Shawn moved his hands down lower and cupped Belle’s still covered bottom. He was amazed how perfectly she fit with his body. He shifted slightly and felt his arousal press into her thigh.

“Something tells me you are definitely ready for more,” Belle managed to get out between kisses.

“Yeah you could say that, but there is still more feasting to be done first.” Shawn said on a laugh and brought his lips down to her breasts. He cupped one in his hand while his mouth worked his magic on the other. He gently pulled Belle’s pert bud into his mouth and ran his tongue all around the supple skin.

“Ohhh Shawn…”

When Shawn felt he had given the one breast enough of his attention he moved to the other to continue his exploration. Then slowly he moved down Belle’s body to her navel and below. He found the edge of her panties and caught them with his teeth. He began to lower them and felt Belle raise her hips off the bed to give him better access. As soon as he had removed the last of her clothing, he made his way back up her thigh to the one spot that was his undoing. Shawn moved his hands into the blonde curls and slowly placed his fingers in her soft folds to rest on her secret desire.

“Ohhh Shawn…”

“I think you already said that,” Shawn said teasingly as he moved his mouth closer to her waiting core.

“That’s all the thought I can process at the moment.”

“Well, just lay back and don’t think. I’ll take care of everything.”

And with that statement, Shawn moved his tongue over her hard clit and had his first taste of heaven. He was sure that once he started there would be no stopping and he wanted to make sure that Belle was okay with the events that were occurring. “Belle, are you sure this is what you want because I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop once we really get started.”

“Yes, Shawn, this is what I want. Please make love to me,” Belle said breathily.

Shawn didn’t wait for a second chance as he moved in and made Belle his with his mouth. He felt her tense and grab on to his shoulders holding his head in that place that seemed to make all her dreams come true. Before she knew what was going on, she felt herself starting to go over the edge. “Shawn, I think I’m…”

“Just relax and let it happen. Belle, we have all night and I have no intention of letting you out of this bed until you know exactly how much I love you!” Shawn told her as he continued to move his tongue in and out of Belle’s body.

“But Shawn, I want to feel you inside me.”

“Well, if that’s what my lady wants, I wouldn’t want to disappoint her…” Shawn said as he moved up Belle’s body to find her waiting lips. “You do know that you will feel some pain, don’t you?”

“Yeah, Mimi told me it might not be great the first time, but I know she’s wrong. Every time with you will be great I’m sure!”

“Belle, seriously, look at me.” Shawn pleaded while bringing his finger to rest under her chin and move her head to look in his eyes. “It may not be perfect the first time, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get better each time after. If I hurt you I want you to know that it isn’t intentional. I would never do anything to cause you pain.”

“I know and I love you too!” Belle said as she ran her hand down Shawn’s chest to the edge of his boxers. “Now who’s the one that’s overdressed?”

Belle didn’t wait for a response from Shawn as she brought Shawn’s boxers down to his ankles and finally off his body entirely. She found her gaze moving back to Shawn’s manhood and she couldn’t believe how perfect he was. “You are so amazing and so big! Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” Belle said as she felt the color rising to her cheeks. She quickly covered her face with her hands and started to turn away from Shawn.

She didn’t get far however, when she felt Shawn sit up and pull her body into his. “I want you to be honest with me and it does my ego good to know that you like what you see. After all, you’re going to be seeing it for the rest of your life, you better get used to it!”

“That I’m sure I will!” Belle said as she joined her mouth with Shawn’s.

Shawn pulled Belle back on the bed while his lips never left hers. He took his hand and ran it down her body to the one spot he was looking for, her hidden treasure. His fingers found her clit and began to rub very gently. Belle immediately began to moan and push her body further into Shawn’s hand.

“Shawn please, I want you inside me.”

That was all that he needed to hear. He reached behind him and grabbed the condom that he had left on the nightstand. He quickly unwrapped it and covered himself. He brought his fingers back to Belle’s special spot and continued his exploration. “Belle, this is the last time I’m going to ask… are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, Shawn. Make me yours!”

With that, Shawn gently moved up above Belle and positioned his erect penis so that he could enter Belle. He slowly moved inside her never taking his eyes off her. “Baby, just look in my eyes. I love you.”

Belle winced as Shawn moved inside her but she kept her eyes on Shawn and as he broke through the last barrier and the tear slipped from her eye, she brought her lips to his and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

Shawn allowed Belle to adjust to the change and continued to kiss her. When he thought that she had adjusted, he began to move inside her while keeping his mind on other things. He hadn’t felt anything this wonderful in his life and he wasn’t ready to let this feeling go. Shawn began to feel Belle tense as the first wave of passion overcame her.

“Oh Shawn… this is so amazing… don’t ever stop!”

Shawn tried his best not to let Belle get to him, but her last words were his undoing and he found himself tumbling right behind her.

“Belle, I’ve never felt this wonderful in my life. I love you so much!”

“I love you too…” Belle managed to mumble into Shawn’s chest as she curled up into his side.

Shawn kissed her forehead and pulled her body closer to hers and fell asleep keeping this new feeling alive with him….

All too quickly Shawn heard this ringing noise. “Can’t they just leave us alone? Don’t they know we don’t want to be bothered?” But as Shawn rolled toward the ringing noise he realized that he was all alone in the bed and Belle was still missing. “It was all a dream… oh Belle, we will have our night of passion I promise you that!”

Chapter 21

Shawn grabbed the phone as it rang a fifth time. “Hello?”

“Shawn? It’s John.”

“Hey, are you here?” Shawn asked as he began to wake up.

“Almost. I’ve been in contact with the ships’ captain and have managed to get him up to speed. I guarantee you that Officer Bailey has been dealt with and he is currently looking for Belle on that ship or he I packing his bags and looking for another job. I have also gotten my team together. We are all assembling in Florida and will be on the ship in a couple of hours. I just wanted to give you an update and let you know when I would be arriving. Have you heard anything?”

Shawn knew that he couldn’t really tell John where his thoughts had been the last few hours, so he settled for the partial truth. “No, I’ve not heard anything new. I actually managed to sleep for a few hours. I wasn’t planning on it, but when I lay down, I just fell asleep. I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine Shawn. Belle would want you to get some rest so that you are fresh and ready to give your all when I arrive. You’ll need all your strength to help find Belle, and we will find her I promise you that.” John said with firmness. “Try to rest for another couple of hours and I’ll call you as soon as we land.”

“Okay, but I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. See you in a few,” Shawn said feeling the desperation flow back into his body.

John heard the change in Shawn immediately and knew he was going to have his work cut out for him. Not only did he have to find his daughter but also he had to keep Shawn from totally loosing it. It was in that instant that he knew he was about to loose his daughter to another man, but in his book he couldn’t think of a better choice. Shawn Brady loved his Izzy with everything he had and he wasn’t about to settle for anything else for his daughter. Now they just had to find her and get her back in Shawn’s arms. “Hang in there kid. She’ll be back with you soon.”

“I hope so, John. I really hope so.”
Shawn got dressed and aimlessly walked around the room. He had to come up with a plan and quick. He wasn’t the type to just sit around and do nothing. “Well, one thing I know I can’t sit here and do nothing.” With that Shawn moved toward the door. Just as he was about to turn the knob he heard a knock. He moved forward and opened the door almost afraid of what he might find.

“Hey, I couldn’t sleep any more and I figured you were up too. Any news?” Mimi asked as she made her way in to the cabin.

“Morning Meems. No I haven’t heard anything new. John called a little while ago and said he would be here in a couple of hours.”

“Did you get any sleep?” Mimi asked with sympathy showing on her face.

“Yeah, I slept for a few hours but I couldn’t get Belle out of my head,” Shawn said while he felt the color rise to his cheeks.

“I know what you mean. I keep thinking about all the fun we’ve had and all the plans we had for the rest of the week. I just hope we get the chance to do some of those things… I can’t imagine not having her around.” Mimi added truthfully.

“You will get that chance Mimi, I promise you that! I won’t let anything happen to Belle. My life is nothing without her and we are going to find her!” Shawn declared.

“Okay, so what can I do to help?”

“Well I was just on my way to meet with the ship’s security officers. I wanted an update from them and find out where we go from here.” Shawn told her.

“But Shawn, won’t that be a waste of time? They were of no help last night and I’m sure nothing has been done since we left them last night.” Mimi questioned Shawn.

Shawn chuckled, “Obviously they saw the error of their ways the minute a man named John Black picked up his phone and called the captain. Apparently all security personnel are working overtime going through this ship or they are all looking for new jobs.”

“Perfect! I knew John would be the way to go. So, let’s go get that update and start searching ourselves.” Mimi said quickly.

The two stood up and walked to the door. As they had just stepped out in the fall the cabin door next to Shawn and Belle’s opened. “Hey you two. Where are you off to this morning? Any news?” Rex asked going to Mimi and giving her a quick kiss.

“Nothing new other than John managed to get the security people to pay attention to the fact that Belle is missing. We were just about to head to the office to see what was new and where we needed to start looking.” Mimi filled him in.

“Sounds good. Let’s get started!” Rex said as they followed Shawn to the elevators.
Belle finally heard the door close and gave it a minute to make sure that the two were gone. She gently opened her eyes and thankfully found that she was still on the ship. It was a smaller cabin than the one she had with Mimi. Regretfully she remembered it was supposed to be her cabin with Shawn now. "Just know I'm going to do anything to get back to you Shawn! We have too much to do and nothing is going to stop us!"

She slowly got up and made her way around the cabin. There was a small window over one bed. She climbed on the bed to look out the window. The first thing she noticed was that the ship didn't appear to be moving. "Well, that could be a good or bad thing. On the good side I don't see any land anywhere so that probably means we are still at sea. Maybe Shawn was able to keep them from letting us go anywhere. Oh, I love that man!"

Just as Belle was about to get off the bed and finish exploring the room some more she heard a loud noise slightly away from the ship. It sounded like a helicopter, but what would a helicopter be doing around the ship in the middle of the ocean? Belle glanced one more time to make sure she was seeing clearly when her eyes almost popped out of her head. She saw the gigantic BB on the side of the aircraft. "Oh daddy. I'm so glad you came to help Shawn. Now I know for sure I'm on my way back to all of you!"

Feeling better than she had in the last few hours, she got down off the bed to search the cabin. She saw the bathroom and closet but didn't see a phone or any way to get in touch with anyone on the outside. Belle quickly checked the door noticing that the original doorknob had been replaced with one that would only open with a key. "Damn! I guess my captors are a little smarter than I thought." Beginning to feel at a loss, she walked in the bathroom.

Beginning to feel at a loss she walked in the bathroom and glanced around. Not seeing anything to help her situation, she turned to walk back out to continue to come up with a plan when the phone by the tub caught her eye. "Oh please let this work."<br />

She picked up the receiver and found there was a dial tone. She immediately dialed her and Mimi's cabin. It continued to ring and ring with no answer. Just as she was about to hang up she heard the voice mail pick up.

"Shawn, Mimi, if either of you get this, it's me Belle. I'm still on the ship although I don't know where. You aren't going to believe me, but I feel like I know the people that have me. I didn't see them but I heard their voices. It sounded like Cassie and Jan Spears of all people. I know it can't be them, but please find me. I just saw dad's helicopter land on the ship so I hope you are able to get some clues. I'm okay but I just want to be back with you all so badly. Shawn, I love you and am counting on you to work that Brady magic and find me. Hurry I don't know how much longer it will be before they try something..." With that Belle heard a click and knew that she had been cut off. Not sure how much time she had left, Belle hung up the phone and went back to the other room to search for a number to the security office or to someone who might be able to trace where she was calling from. She went through one drawer but didn't have any luck. She was just about to go to the next when she heard voices and a key being placed in the door. She quickly ran back to the bed and pretended to still be asleep to see if she could get any more information about who might have her and where she was on the ship.

"I can't believe John Black is here. I thought for sure that Shawn would look for a little while and then just assume Belle didn't want to be found," she heard the first voice say. One thing about it, Belle was now sure that it was Cassie.

"Maybe that was your first mistake, you thought. Now we are going to have to rethink our plan a little," the second voice said.

Boy that sure sounded like Jan but how the heck did those two get hooked up, Belle wondered.

"There's no need to be rude. I didn't call John," Cassie said defiantly.

"I know, this just really messes everything up. Once John Black goes after something there is no way to stop him and you can bet he won't leave this ship until he has his daughter with him. I guess he'll just have to learn about defeat because there is no way he is going to get Belle back unless he gives me the one and only thing I want in this world, Shawn Brady!"

Belle thought that Jan might be crazy but she never would have guessed she was this far gone. Obviously her love for Shawn was out of control and she didn't care who she hurt to get him. "The only thing wrong with your plan Jan is that you don't know who you are dealing with. Nothing and I do mean nothing is going to come between Shawn and I this time!" Belle told her captors as she sat up in bed.

Besides being out of this situation, the only other thing she wished for at that moment was a camera to document the look on Jan and Cassie's faces. Shocked just didn't cover it!

Chapter 22

Rex, Mimi and Shawn were just getting ready to make their second pass of the decks when they heard the unmistakable sounds of a helicopter close to the ship. “That must be John. Let’s head up top to meet him.” Shawn suggested.

The trio had just reached the top step of the stairs when they saw the famous BB on the side of the aircraft. As the rotors finally began to slow down, the door opened and out stepped John, Bo and Shawn’s uncle Shane Donovan. Shawn quickly moved forward to meet them.

“Hey kid. You don’t look like you’ve gotten much sleep.” John said trying to lighten the mood.

“Dad, Shane what are the two of you doing here?” Shawn asked before answering John.

“Well, John called to fill me in on what was happening and I told him to make room for me because I was coming down to help with the search. As for Shane, John called in help from the ISA and when he found out it was Belle, he made them put him on the case. So, we’re all here and we aren’t leaving until we find that lady of yours!” Bo said as he pulled Shawn in for a hug.

“I’m so glad you all are here. We haven’t found anything new this morning and the security office hasn’t had any luck either. I’m at a loss and I just want some clue to know that Belle is okay and that she is still on the ship,” Shawn told the group in front of him.

“Look Shawn, let’s head down to the security office. I want to touch base with them, get a list of passengers on the ship, and then we’ll head down to your cabins and set up our game plan. We are going to find her,” John told Shawn truthfully.

“Okay, follow us. We unfortunately know the way to their office too well,” Shawn said as he led the group down to the ships offices.
An hour later after an extensive meeting with the ships head of security, the group was making their way down below to the couples cabins.

They all filed in to fill the usually large cabin and begin their strategy for getting Belle back.

“Okay, the first thing I want to do is go over this passenger list and see if anything unusual stands out to us. If not then I think we need to split up and do a room-to-room search. There has to be some clue here because very few cabins can hide an extra passenger. This list tells us how many people are to be in each cabin. Once we finish that, we’ll move on to all storage areas or areas only the staff has access to.” John said as he looked like a general gathering his troops for the fight.

“So let’s divide up the list and get started,” Shane added.

The group all spread out in the room with their pages of the passenger list that they had been given. Twenty minutes later Shawn was sure his eyes were going to pop out of his head. “This is pointless! How are we ever going to find anything in this? It’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack!” Shawn yelled as his frustration was really starting to show.

“Sailorman, I know you don’t think this is going to help, but we have to start somewhere. Look why don’t you take a break, order some food and let us see what we can find. I’m sure you haven’t eaten today and I know that I could use something. Okay?” Bo asked trying to calm him son down.

“You’re right dad. I’ll order stuff for the group and maybe the break will help.” Shawn said as he made his way to the phone. He was so lost in thought he never saw the red blinking light showing that he had a message waiting for him.
Shawn had placed the order and gone back to his list. Everyone in the group was quiet as they kept going over their names. There were so many passengers listed that Shawn still didn’t see how they were possibly going to find Belle in any of these. There were more Jones, Smith, Coopers and Johnson’s then he had ever seen.

“I wish that food would get here soon,” Bo said. “Hey Shawn, why don’t you call and see if they can put a rush on that. I just realized that we haven’t had anything to eat since sometime yesterday around noon.”

“Dad, they said it would be here soon. Calm down. I’ll just call and see what I can find out, but don’t be surprised if they give me the same answer as when I just called,” Shawn said a bit annoyed that his dad was breaking his concentration. He had just gotten into his list and felt he was making progress and now he had to stop.

Shawn got up from his place on the bed and walked over to the phone. He glanced down and realized that the light was blinking on the phone. “Hey when did the phone ring?” Shawn asked.

“What are you talking about, Shawn?” Mimi asked. “We’ve all been here the whole time and the phone hasn’t rang once.”

“Well, it’s certainly blinking now. Hey, Meems, you know about getting voice mail… how do I check the message?” Shawn asked.

“It should be printed on the phone. Just pick up the receiver and dial what it tells you on the face of the phone.” Mimi told Shawn quickly not taking her eyes off her list.

Shawn read what was written on the phone and dialed the extension it had. He waited and then a mechanical voice came on the line. “You have one new message… 10:04 a.m. … a call from aboard the ship. Press 3 to play current message.”

“That’s weird it says the call came in at 10 this morning. That’s when we were still waiting for you to arrive John.” Shawn quickly figured in his head. He pushed the 3 and waited to hear who the message was from. Just when he thought that he had no hope of finding Belle, he heard her voice on the phone.

“Shawn, Mimi, if either of you get this, it's me Belle. I'm still on the ship although I don't know where. You aren't going to believe me, but I feel like I know the people that have me. I didn't see them but I heard their voices. It sounded like Cassie and Jan Spears of all people. I know it can't be them, but please find me. I just saw dad's helicopter land on the ship so I hope you are able to get some clues. I'm okay but I just want to be back with you all so badly. Shawn, I love you and am counting on you to work that Brady magic and find me. Hurry I don't know how much longer it will be before they try something..."

At that the mechanical voice came back. “To delete message press 7, to listen to message again press 5.”

Shawn pressed 5 the minute he heard the option and he listened to Belle once again. “Oh Belle.”

With that, everyone was up out of their chairs and around Shawn. Bo placed his hand on his son’s shoulder and asked, “Shawn, who is it?”

“Dad, it’s Belle. She says that she is still on the ship but doesn’t know where. She saw you land John and she thinks that Cassie Dimera and Jan Spears are the ones that have her. How is that possible? Cassie is still in Salem and Jan is in Europe.”<br />

“Shawn did she give you any other clues?” Shane asked.

“Here, I think this phone has the option of speaker phone. Let me just play you the message.” Shawn said excitedly.

Shawn placed the call on speaker and soon everyone in the room heard every word that Belle had to say. They finally had their first real break of sorts in their search for Belle and Shawn was finally feeling some hope.

“Okay so Belle thinks Cassie and Jan are behind this,” John started while he went over Belle’s call in his head one more time.

“NO! There is no way that my sister is behind this! She has no reason to want to kidnap Belle!” Rex said becoming very angry that his sister was being accused for no reason.

“Rex, calm down. We don’t know anything yet and Belle said herself she wasn’t sure it was Cassie. Let’s just find her and prove that Cassie has nothing to do with this,” Mimi said trying to calm Rex down. “How about we go for a walk and get some fresh air?”

“Sounds good. I need some time to get my thoughts together before we move forward,” Rex said as he grabbed Mimi’s hand and headed for the door.

“As much as I would like to think the best of Cassie considering she is Belle’s sister, I’m having a hard time with this. I don’t think that Belle would just go and accuse someone of something like this if it wasn’t the truth,” Shawn told the rest of the room after Mimi and Rex had left.

“I agree. Let’s get back to the passenger list and see if any names stick out that might have something to do with Cassie or Jan Spears. Somehow with those two I don’t think we’ll have to look too hard.” John said as he walked back to the couch and picked up his list.

Shawn wasn’t ready to get back to his search though as he needed to hear Belle’s voice just one more time. He pressed 3 and listened to her sweet words one more time. Shawn, I love you. Shawn, I love you, were the only words he heard as he listened to the message. “Oh Belle, I love you too and I am going to find you!”

Shawn hung up the phone and moved back to his list. He had just gone through the first page when he heard John shout.

“BINGO! We’ve got her. Registered in cabin 309 we have a one Erin Aremid. It has to be the room we are looking for. I’m sure that Cassie was smart enough to change her name but not smart enough to pick something that I wouldn’t recognize. Hell, I’m positive she didn’t expect me to even come and help with the search. Now we just have to get our plan together to get Belle back!”
“Okay now’s the time to get our thoughts together. I’m sure that Shawn and John are working as we speak to find this little twit. No matter what it takes we can’t let them know that we have her.” Jan said to Cassie.

“So, what are we going to do?”

“I think the first thing we need to do is let Shawn know that I’m here. I can magically bump into him and play the part of concerned friend when he tells me that Belle has been kidnapped. I’ll offer my help in the search all the while not leaving Shawn’s side. He will become so distraught when he can’t find her that he’ll will naturally turn to me and I will be right there to comfort him,” Jan smirked.

“If you think Shawn is going to fall for that, you are dumber than I thought you were Jan!” Belle said from her position on the bed.

“Oh shut up blondie. You are soon to be just a distant memory to Shawn and I am going to show him what it means to be with a real woman.” Jan said as she walked closer to the bed.

“You know Belle might have a point Jan. Shawn may not forget her too quickly. You know how long I was after him and I couldn’t get him to turn to me instead of her. I think she has him programmed to not look at other women,” Cassie added for good measure.

“Oh please. You just weren’t able to get Shawn away from her because you don’t have what he wants.”

“And you do?” Belle asked trying hard not to laugh.

“You bet I do. He fell for me once and I’m sure he will once again.”

“That’s what you think!” Belle couldn’t help but add.

“Enough! Now, Cassie, back to our plan.” And with that Jan turned toward Cassie and the two put their heads together to get their plan in ready to put in motion.

I’ve got to find a way to get into that bathroom and warn Shawn what’s going on. Surely he has found my message by now and they are at least looking into the possibility that it could be Jan or Cassie. If I can get these two idiots to leave the cabin once again, I can slip in the bathroom, call Shawn and fill him in on their plan. This will be perfect, now to get these two out of here….

Chapter 23

“Look Cassie, we need to go around and find out what’s going on with the search. We know that John is here and I’m sure he’s working with the security office on the ship to get information. I want you to go to the office, cozy up to one of the officers and find out what’s going on. I’m going to casually walk around the ship and if I’m lucky, I’ll run into Shawn and get our plan started.”

“What about Belle? Are we just going to leave her here?” Cassie asked Jan.

“Sure. She can’t get out and there is no way for her to have any connection with anyone on the ship so we are fine.” Jan said walking toward Belle. “And just so you know blondie, should you try to contact any one that walks by, you’ll never see Shawn again.”

She’s so dumb she doesn’t realize there is a phone in the bathroom. Little does she know the minute they walk out the door, I’m going in there and calling Shawn again. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything to hurt Shawn. I realize I’m not going to be with him again, I just want to get off the ship and get home.” Belle said trying to convince Jan that she believed her threat.

“I’m so glad that you got some brains. All right Cassie let’s get going,” Jan said as she and Cassie walked out the door. Belle heard the lock click and waited a few more minutes just to make sure the duo was gone.

After waiting what Belle thought was the right amount of time, she jumped up and ran into the bathroom to pick up the phone. She said a silent prayer of thanks that she still had a dial tone and hoped that someone would answer when she called her cabin this time. The phone rang two times and then she heard her own version of heaven on the other end.

“Hello?” Shawn asked trying to catch his breath from where he had dove for the phone as it rang.

“Oh I can’t tell you how good it is to hear your voice.” Belle told him as the tears started to run down her cheeks.

“Belle? Is it really you?” Shawn asked with disbelief.

“Yes, it’s me. I don’t know how long I have so let me tell you everything I know,” Belle said quickly making sure that Shawn would hear all of Jan and Cassie’s plan before something else happened.

“Okay, look before you start, our dad’s are here as well as my uncle Shane. I want to put you on speaker phone so that they can hear what you have to say.” Shawn told her as he pressed the button and set the receiver down. “Go ahead, baby.”


“I’m here Izzy. Tell us what you know so we can get you back,” John said thanking his lucky stars that his little girl was okay.

“It’s so good to hear your voice,” Belle said dreamily not really sure if she was talking to her loved ones. “Okay, there will be time to talk when you get me back. This is what I know so far. It is Cassie and Jan that have me. How these two got teamed up I still don’t know, but this is what they have planned,” Belle started. She filled the room in on the plan these two had come up with telling them everything that had happened and what she had heard since she had regained consciousness. “As much as I hate to say this, I think you should become friendly with Jan, Shawn. Convince her that you want to be with her and then maybe she’ll slip up and you will be able to find out where she has me on the ship.”

“There’s no need for that Izzy, it seems those two aren’t as smart as we are. We went through the passenger list and found a room registered to Erin Aremid. It has to be where you are, but I do agree that Shawn needs to cozy up to Jan so to speak so that we can make sure she doesn’t get away. We’ll work on things from this end and have you out of this mess as soon as possible. I love you and you just concentrate on staying safe, okay?” John asked.

“I think I can do that. I love you too Daddy.” Belle said. “Shawn are you still there? You haven’t said anything about what you think of the plan.”

“I’m here. I don’t like this, but if it means you will be back with me soon, I’ll do whatever it takes. Now if you’re done, I’d love to have a minute alone with you,” Shawn pleaded with his eyes to the rest of the people in the room with him.

“Don’t mention it Sailorman. We’re going to head next door and you just come over when you get done. Don’t talk for too long though because you don’t know how long Jan and Cassie will leave Belle alone,” Bo said as he patted his son on the back. “Belle, stay strong and we’ll be there soon!”

“Thanks Bo, take care of Shawn for me.” Belle asked of Bo.

“I will,” Bo promised her and he, John and Shane left the cabin.

Shawn turned and took the phone off speaker mode and picked up the receiver. “So are you really okay? You sound tired.”

“Yes, I’m fine. I just want to be back with you. I was so afraid when I woke up and I didn’t know where I was, just that I wasn’t with you. Then I started to think that you would think I didn’t want to be with you and you wouldn’t come looking for me…” Belle rattled off quickly.

“Belle, listen to me,” Shawn said sternly. “I knew when you didn’t come back from the bathroom that something had happened. We may have had our rough spots lately, but there is no way that you would just leave and not tell me. I started looking for you right away and I don’t plan to stop until you are back in my arms. We have some lost time to make up for you know?” Shawn told her lovingly.

“Yeah, I know and I can’t wait. I love you so much Shawn, do you know that?” Belle asked noticing that her tears had started to fall once again.

“I do know that and I’m counting on you to know that I love you too.” Shawn said smiling for the first time in 24 hours.

“I do. I want you to find Jan and get me out of this mess, but don’t you dare forget about me while you are with her Shawn Douglas,” Belle told him making sure that he knew how upset this whole situation made her.

“Trust me, the only thing I’m going to be thinking about when I am with her is how soon you are going to be in my arms again. I promise you that nothing is going to happen with Jan this time. I’m not going to fall for any of her stories or lies. We’re over that Belle.” Shawn said trying to convince her he meant it.

“I hope so, it’s just hard to remember that sometimes. We have come so close to loosing everything and I don’t want that to happen again,” Belle told him truthfully.

“Look Belle, we don’t have long… I don’t want you to get caught and I need to get next door to see what everyone has come up with for me to do. Just know that I am thinking of you every minute of every day and I am going to do anything I have to in order to get you back. I love you and I have a lot of plans for the rest of our week! You still have some romancing to experience Miss Black and there is no way all my hard work is going to go to waste.” Shawn told her with all the love in his heart.

“I do believe you and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Do you think our dad’s and your uncle will leave once they find Cassie and Jan?” Belle asked wondering how she and Shawn were going to have that romance with all of them around.

“I’ll make sure they do,” Shawn growled. “What I have in mind might not go over too well with your father. I mean he likes me and all, but I don’t think he wants to know how I plan to be in your bed every night and wake up with the most beautiful woman in the world every morning.”

“Hurry Shawn, hurry.” Belle said breathlessly while thinking about what would happen once she and Shawn were back together.

“I am baby, I am. I love you.”

“I love you too and I’ll see you soon!” Belle added trying to get the courage to hang the phone up. “I know I need to go, but you are giving me such strength and hope just talking to you, I don’t want that to end. I promise to call the next time that Jan and Cassie leave the cabin. If you aren’t there, I’ll just leave another message. While it isn’t as good as talking to you in person, it helps just to be able to tell you I love you!”

“I know but we need to end this call soon sweetheart. Keep thinking about me and that will give you the strength you need. I’ll be there soon I promise. I love you,” Shawn added while hanging up before Belle had a chance to change her mind and come up with another reason that they shouldn’t end their phone call.

It was the hardest thing he had ever had to do, but right now it was more important to him to find Jan and end this nightmare so that he wasn’t just talking to Belle over a telephone, he was holding her in his arms.

Chapter 24 - Rated R for language

Once Shawn ended his telephone call he quickly got up and went next door. John, Shane and his dad were intently going over some maps of the ship. “What have you figured out and how soon are we going to get started?” Shawn immediately asked.

“Did you have a good phone call?” Bo asked trying to hide his grin.

“I did, but I don’t just want a phone call with Belle, Dad, I want her back in person.”

“You’re right,” Bo said turning serious once again. “Take a look at this map and you will see where cabin 309 is and how we are going to move around to get access to it without being seen.”

“Now Belle told us that Jan and Cassie are out right now trying to get information and more importantly Jan wants you to find her Shawn,” Shane stated. “My guess is that she is somewhere close to her cabin so she can get back quickly should she run in to anyone she doesn’t want to see, but also she is still out in sight to find you. That leaves the sun deck as the most likely place for her to be right now.”

“We want you to go up in that direction and see if you can’t make contact with her. You have to act surprised to see her and begin to make her think that you have given up any hope of finding Belle,” John quickly added to the plan.

“But, you can’t act too interested or she will become suspicious. The last thing you want is for her to know that Belle has been in touch with you and told you what her plan is,” Bo told his son. “It could only make things worse for Belle.”

“You don’t think she’ll do something to hurt her do you?” Shawn asked letting his worry get the best of him.

“Not as long as they have no idea that she has been able to get in touch with you. We can only hope that they won’t have a clue that Belle has gotten to us and she will be able to get us more information as soon as she has another chance,” John added hopefully.

“Yeah, Belle told me that she would call as soon as she had another chance. She said that if I wasn’t in the room, she would leave a message,” Shawn said as a smile formed on his face thinking about Belle.

"Well then I think we need to set up a schedule so that the phone is covered at all times. We can work it in shifts and someone will be able to talk to Belle the minute she calls," John stated as he thought this new element through.

"I agree John," Shane added. "That way we are sure not to miss any detail. There could be something we need to ask her or some detail she might think is unimportant but we can use."

"The person that draws phone duty can use that time as their sleep time," Bo added. "It works out perfectly. Since she just called we can be sure she probably won't have a reason or chance to call again for some time so let's start the schedule for first thing in the morning. We'll all be around tonight anyway because we still have a lot to work out, so it works."

“Sounds good, okay, I’m off then to try to run in to Jan. Are we going to meet up later to go over any new information we might find?” Shawn asked as he got himself ready for what was to come.

“Yeah, let’s see… we’ll meet back here at 6pm. That gives everyone time to check up on some leads,” John told the group. “Bo and Shane, just be careful and make sure that no one see you. Jan and Cassie know I’m here but not you two.”

With that the group got up and each went their separate ways. Shawn made his way up to the sun deck to begin his search. It was terribly hard for him now that he knew where Belle was, the only thing he wanted to do was go down to that cabin and get her back, but he didn’t. He stuck with his plan and made his way around the pool area.

Just when he was about to give up and head in another direction he saw that brown, curly headed girl he had been looking for. She hadn’t changed any Shawn noted, the only difference he could figure must have been to her head. You can do this Shawn. Just remember that Belle is counting on you and this time you know she will be with you when this is all over.

Shawn put his game face on, bowed his head and started walking toward Jan. He purposefully kept his head down and walked right in to her. “Oh I’m sorry…. Jan? Is that you?” Shawn asked hoping he was playing dumb.

“Shawn? What are you doing here?” Jan asked trying to make Shawn believe that she hadn’t seen him standing around the corner. “It’s so good to see you after all this time. How have you been?”

“Well, this is certainly a surprise. I’ve been well. What are you doing here?”

“I’m on my spring vacation. My parents are still in Europe and when I told them I wanted to go on a cruise they were all for it and a chance to get me out of the house. How about you?” Jan asked smiling.

“Oh the same. I’m here on spring break. It’s really a long story and I’m sure you don’t want to be bored with the details,” Shawn told Jan hoping that she would take the bait.

“I have all the time to catch up. Why don’t we go over there and sit and you can tell me all about it,” Jan said sympathetically as she put her hand on Shawn’s arm and led him to the lounge chairs.

Shawn tried to keep his body in control and not cringe at Jan's touch. He knew he could do this, he just had to concentrate. They moved to sit on the lounge chairs so Shawn could begin his part of the plan.

"A lot has happened since I last saw you Jan. After you left, Belle and I finally managed to get back together. We started at Salem U in the fall and enjoyed just being together again." Shawn noticed that Jan didn't like how his story was starting. As hard as it was, Shawn kept the smile off his face but he sure couldn't hide it on the inside. "Everything was great until New Year's when I thought I had shot someone. I started to go to trial, but the real killer stepped forward. I just got out of jail and immediately came on this cruise to work things out with Belle and get back together."

“Things didn’t work out the way you had hoped?” Jan asked shyly.

“It seemed like it was, but I guess I was wrong. I thought we were getting back together, but then Belle just vanished. I guess she just wasn’t able or ready to get back together with me. Belle disappeared last night.” Shawn said looking at Jan to gage her reaction to the news.

“Wow! How do you disappear on a cruise ship?” Jan asked.

Shawn noted that she hid her expressions quiet well. “That’s a good question. I looked most of last night and finally just decided that she didn’t want to be found. I called her dad just to let him know what was going on, but he didn’t take my word for it that she didn’t want me to find her. Now he’s here looking for her.”

“You’re not helping him?” Jan asked hoping to get more information on Shawn’s feelings on the situation.

“I just don’t know why they are bothering. I’ve just given up any hope.” Shawn told her still watching to see if she was buying his story.

“I’m surprised you would give up so easily Shawn.”

“Well, I’m just tired of fighting all the time. She never did forgive me for helping you and I don’t think she ever will. Our relationship was just more energy than it’s worth. Even if John does find her, I’m just going to end things.” Shawn told her and looked away because he knew he couldn’t hide the true feelings out of his eyes.

“I’m shocked to say the least. I didn’t think anything would break the two of you up,” Jan said, except me, she added to herself. This is going to be much easier than I thought. “So since you aren’t with Belle any more what are your plans for the future now?”

“I haven’t really thought about it. I’m still trying to get used to the idea of not having Belle in my life.” Shawn said standing up, as he couldn’t stand sitting that close to Jan any longer. “I figure I’ll start by just enjoying the rest of the cruise. Hey… and now that I know you’re here, would you be interested in helping me spend the rest of the week?” Shawn asked turning back to see Jan’s reaction.

“Oh Shawn, I can’t think of anything better. It’s just so amazing that we both managed to end up on the same ship and better yet that we ran in to each other,” Jan told him sweetly.

Amazing my ass! You really make me wonder if you even know when you are telling the truth or lying Jan. “Yeah that is really a coincidence. Tell you what, why don’t we meet up tonight after dinner in the dance club?”

“That sounds great! 8 o’clock okay with you?” Jan asked excitedly.

“Perfect. I’ll see you then,” Shawn said smiling. Luckily for him Jan made the first move and turned to walk away. He stood where he was for a few minutes watching her. Right before she was to turn and head out of his sight, she turned and gave him a little wave. Shawn smiled back and threw a wave in her direction and turned to walk away. “Soon Belle, she’s fell for my plan hook, line and sinker. This is going to be easier than I thought!”
Belle was restless. She had so enjoyed getting to talk to Shawn earlier and even though they weren’t together at the moment, his love and strength was carrying her through this ordeal, and she couldn’t wait until she had another chance to talk to Shawn.

She was pacing the room when she thought she heard a tapping noise on the door. “It can’t be Cassie or Jan. Those two will definitely need more time to find the clues they need. I must just be hearing things.” Belle told herself. She continued to pace to work off some of her restless energy when the tapping she heard before became a little louder. “Is someone there?”

“Belle?” she heard in a weak voice on the other side of the door, but she would recognize it in a heartbeat.

“Bo?” she asked.

“On the first guess. You okay sweetheart? Are you still alone?” Bo asked hoping he wasn’t making a mistake being here. He just had to check on her to make sure she was okay.

“Yes, I’m still alone. Thank you so much for coming to help my dad and Shawn. I know you all will have me out of here in no time. How’s Shawn?” Belle asked as she felt the first tears fall down her face.

“Missing you like crazy, but he’s trying to be strong for you. He’s out right now trying to make contact with Jan. I can’t stay long, but just know we are watching out for you and we’ll have you out of there in no time. I came down here to see what kind of tolls we are going to need for this lock. It’s going to be a piece of cake so this is what I want you to do. The next time Jan and Cassie leave you alone, call the cabin. We are setting up a system so someone will always be there to answer your call. Tell them you are alone. Shane and I will then be down here to work on picking this lock and taking you with us. We aren’t going to have any problem getting Jan because we’ll leave that to Shawn, but I am worried about catching Cassie. Just be safe and know we will be back soon.” Bo finished letting Belle know exactly what would happen when he saw her the next time.

“Thanks Bo. Can you do one thing for me?” Belle asked feeling hopeful.

“Anything for you, you know that.”

“Tell Shawn that I miss him and that I love him.” Belle told Bo as the tears were freely falling from her eyes now.

“I will, but just know that he is feeling the same things for you. Stay strong and we’ll be back soon. Bye, Belle.” Bo finished and was off.

“Bye Bo.” Belle added even though she was sure that Bo had already left. She turned away from the door then and made her way back to the bed thinking that the only thing that would help right now was to take a nap.

She didn’t know how long it would be before the guys returned, but she wanted to be rested and ready so that she didn’t slow anything up. Finally, she was going to be heading back to Shawn!

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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

The characters all belong to NBC... I'm just having some fun with them. This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so I hope you all like it! Thanks Dee for the beautiful banner!

Chapters 25 - 30

Chapter Twenty-Five

The group all met up in the cabin shortly after Shawn finished talking with Jan. Bo had been back for a while and was filling John and Shane in on what he had learned during his visit to the cabin where Belle was being held.

“The lock is going to be a piece of cake. It’s just a cheap store bought model that we won’t have any trouble picking,” Bo was telling them when the door opened and in walked in Rex and Mimi.

“Hey everyone. Anything new happen while we were gone?” Mimi asked. Her answer would have to wait though as Shawn came running in to the room.

“She fell for it without a second thought!” Shawn said excitedly not noticing that Rex and Mimi had returned. “I’m meeting her tonight at 8 o’clock in the dance club. So if she’s with me you can go and get Belle then right?”

“Sailorman, take a breath. We’re working on getting to Belle,” Bo said trying to calm his son down.

“So you know where Belle is then?” Rex asked the room.

“Rex, Mimi, I didn’t realize the two of you were back,” Shawn said as he finally noticed the others in the room.

“Yeah, they just got back,” John said still not sure how they were going to handle telling Rex that his sister was involved with this whole mess. “Rex, why don’t you sit down so we can talk?”

“Why? Just tell me what is going on and what you have found,” Rex said as his anger was starting to return.

“Belle called,” Shawn started.

“We know that, we heard her message,” Rex said staring at Shawn.

“No, she called again after you and Mimi left.” Shawn started to tell him not sure how he would take the news. “She verified for sure that Jan and Cassie are the ones who have kidnapped her. Then after talking to Belle, we found a room registered to an Erin Aremid.”

“So that doesn’t mean anything and how can Belle be sure? Her kidnappers could have drugged her and made her confused.” Rex said trying to make them see it couldn’t be Cassie.

“If it wasn’t Jan and Cassie then I just spent the last thirty minutes with someone who knew me and looked just like Jan Spears.” Shawn told him trying to get him to see the truth.

“How is this possible?” Rex asked as he fell onto the couch. “What has happened to Cassie?”

“That’s what we are trying to figure out, Rex. I can promise you that we aren’t going to hurt her. Somehow I don’t think she is totally behind this. I think Jan came up with the plan and is just getting Cassie to help her out,” John told him trying to help his stepson out.

“But John you’re still after her,” Rex tried to reason with him.

“Look, I know this is hard for all of us, but right now my main concern is getting Belle back. After we have done that and have Jan and maybe Cassie in custody, then we can figure the rest out,” Shawn said bringing the conversation back to the matter at hand.

“Shawn’s right. Now we know at least Jan will be gone tonight when she goes to meet with Shawn, if we can somehow get Cassie out too, then Belle will have a chance to call and tell us she is alone and we can make our move,” Bo said taking charge of the moment.

“Dad that sounds great, but how do you know Belle will call when she is alone? When I last talked to her I just told her to call us if she had any new news or if it was safe.” Shawn asked looking at his father strangely.

“Shawn I talked to Belle this afternoon,” Bo started to tell Shawn.

“What, how?” Shawn asked his dad hopefully.

“Well, I went to the cabin where she is being held to see what kind of lock was on her door so we would know what we are dealing with. She was still alone so I spoke to her through the door,” Bo told his son.

“How was she? They haven’t hurt her have they?” Shawn asked worriedly.

“Calm down, she was very strong and you would be so proud of her. One of the first things she wanted to know was if you were okay. She also had a message to pass on to you, she misses you and loves you,” Bo told him as he placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Thanks dad. I miss her too, but I guess you all know that all ready,” Shawn said lightly chuckling.

“With any luck she’ll be back with you tonight, Shawn,” John told the amazing man who had stolen his daughter’s heart.

“That’s what I’m counting on John. So how is all of this going to go down tonight?” Shawn asked.

“Like this…” John started as he filled everyone in on exactly what their role was for tonight and how things were going to play out in this operation.

The group continued to discuss their plans hoping that they would be able to count on Rex for his help in at least part of their plan. He seemed to be coming around to the idea that they only wanted to get Belle back and make sure no one was hurt in the process.

“Okay, so everyone knows what they’re supposed to do now?” John asked.

“Yeah, I think so. Just make sure you protect Belle at all costs,” Shawn said realizing after the fact that he didn’t even have to mention it.

“You know we will. She’s John’s daughter and Shawn, I’m still holding out hope that she will be m y daughter too soon.” Bo said laughing at Shawn’s shocked expression.

“Don’t be rushing things too quickly Bo! I’m not sure I’m ready to let my little girl go so soon,” John said letting his smile appear.

“Hey, both of you just calm down! I can promise you both that when the time is right, Belle will be asked to be my wife if she’ll have me,” Shawn said blushing profusely.

“If she’ll have you? You’re joking right, or have you just turned clueless again?” Mimi asked him laughing. “I think we all know what Belle’s answer will be no matter how long you wait to ask her.”

“No, Mimi, I’m not being clueless again, I’m just afraid Belle will change her mind about wanting to be with me after all this mess is over. I keep causing her pain and heartache,” Shawn told Mimi dejectedly.

“Shawn, Belle doesn’t blame you for this. You heard your dad tell you that she’s more worried about you than herself.” Mimi reassured Shawn. “So let’s stop this nonsense and work to her get back.”

“You’re right, Mimi,” John added putting his arm around Shawn’s shoulder, “and the best way to do that is to get the plan moving. The three of you need to keep up appearances so why don’t you all go to dinner. We’ll order something for us down here and be ready to make our move when you go to the dance club Shawn. Just remember don’t come looking for us, we’ll find you when we have Belle back. Keep Jan away from the room as long as possible and if by midnight you haven’t heard from us, plan another meeting with her for tomorrow.”

“There’s not going to be any reason to schedule another meeting John, I’m not letting this night end without getting Belle back,” Shawn told him adamantly.

“Sailorman, I know you want this to be over, but we still don’t know what Cassie is going to do or where she will be." Bo said looking at Rex to see his reaction.

"Look, don't worry about Cassie. I'll handle her," Rex reassured the room. "Whatever it takes we will get Belle back tonight, Shawn."

"I'm counting on it," Shawn said smiling.
Belle turned from her position on the bed when she heard the door open and close. She noticed that it was Cassie making her way in the room.

"Is Jan here?" Cassie asked Belle.

"Do you see her anywhere?" Belle replied back rudely.

"Hey there is no reason to get hateful, it was an honest question."

"Then, no, Jan is not here and I haven't seen her since the two of you left earlier." Belle still replied sarcastically.

About the time Belle got that out of her mouth the door opened once again and in walked Jan.

"Oh Cassie, I have had the most wonderful afternoon and everything is going according to plan," Jan said not being able to wipe the smile from her face.

Well, I'll take that to mean that Shawn was able to find her and set their own plan into motion. I just can't wait until I have another chance to contact the others. Belle thought to herself. Okay Belle pay attention to the two chatter birds so that you can get some more information for Bo.

"Well Jan what did you find out?" Cassie asked excitedly wanting to get this over with so that she could just enjoy the rest of the cruise.

"I ran in to Shawn up on the sun deck. I played it all so well acting totally surprised to see him... you know the whole nine yards. Anyway he told me he had given up on the search for Belle." Jan said looking right at Belle to see what her reaction would be to what she had to say. "He told me that their relationship was just too much for him and now he wants to send the rest of the cruise with me. In fact we are meeting in the dance club tonight."

"You mean you actually got Shawn to agree to meet with you tonight?" Cassie asked finding that to be hard to believe.

"Yes, don't sound like it is so hard to believe. He loved me once and I know that he will be in love with me again in no time." Jan said smiling at Belle.

God, she is more delusional than any of us ever thought. I just hope that Shawn knows what he is getting himself into. Belle thought to herself.

"Blondie, don't you have anything to say about my date tonight?" Jan asked all sweetly.

What is there to say? It clearly seems like Shawn doesn't care what happens to me. Apparently I didn't mean as much to him as I thought." Belle told Jan trying to not let her real emotions show.

“Well, at least you know the truth! Now, what ever am I going to wear tonight Cassie? Help me find something,” Jan squealed and headed off to her closet.

Okay Belle, now you know that Jan is going to be gone and as long as you can get Cassie out of here, you’ll have the chance to call Bo and get out of here. With any luck in a few hours I’ll be back with Shawn.

Chapter Twenty-Six

It was getting close to 8 o’clock and Belle was getting increasingly concerned that Cassie wasn’t going to be leaving the cabin when Jan went up to meet Shawn. She had tried to listen to their conversation as Jan was getting ready but she couldn’t really tell what they were saying as they were in the bathroom with the door closed.

Okay Belle, just stay positive. Cassie isn’t the type of person to just stay in the cabin all night. She will want to go and flirt with all the men on this ship! She may be my sister, but we are as different as night and day.

Belle stopped her pacing when she heard the bathroom door start to open. Keeping up appearances with her two captors, she jumped back in the bed and acted as though she could care less what the two were up to. Little did they realize that was the farthest thing from the truth.

“So Cassie what are your plans for tonight?” Belle asked trying to act as though she didn’t care if she went or stayed.

“Not that it’s any of your busy, Miss Busybody, but I met the cutest security officer this afternoon and as soon as his shift is over this evening we are going to head to his room for the evening.” Cassie told Belle snottily.

“You mean you went to the security office and managed to pick up a man?” Belle asked showing her surprise.

“I didn’t plan on it, but Brad was just so cute and so helpful this afternoon I just wanted to thank him tonight.” Cassie said smiling.

“I’m sure!” Belle said filing the information away that Cassie would be with a security officer named Brad tonight. “So I guess that means I won’t have any problem getting any sleep tonight with both of you gone.”

“Yes, we’d hate for you to miss out on your beauty sleep,” Jan snickered.

“It’s not like I have any better options tonight,” Belle said while thinking to herself that she did have much better options this evening and couldn’t wait until she was able to get out of here.

“Okay ladies, I am off to met the man of my dreams that is about to change my life,” Jan said as she picked up her purse and moved toward the door. “Cassie make sure you lock the door when you leave.”

“I’m not totally out of it, Jan,” Cassie said snidely. “Of course I am going to lock the door.”

“Well, then I will see you later ladies, although, who knows if I will be returning here tonight,” Jan smiled.

No you won’t be returning tonight Jan, but you won’t be going where you think you will, I can promise you that! Belle thought to herself as she watched Jan leave. Okay, one down and one to go before I can call Bo.

“So Cassie, what time does your officer hunk get off?” Belle asked hoping to find out how much longer she would have to wait.

“In about 30 minutes. Don’t worry I won’t keep you up too much longer and I know for sure I’m not coming back here tonight,” Cassie said gladly.

“Well, that’s fine with me, just means you won’t be interrupting me while I do try to get some sleep!” Belle said smiling to herself.

“Okay, I can’t talk to you any more, I need to finish getting ready,” Cassie said as she turned to walk into the bathroom.

“That’s fine, I’m going to get ready to go to sleep. Do you have anything that I can change into?” Belle asked trying to distract her some more. A distracted Cassie meant progress for Belle.

“Yeah, just go through the closet there and see what you can find.”

“Thanks,” Belle said trying to sound nice. “So was this all your idea to kidnap me or was it Jan’s?”

“Why does it matter?” Cassie asked while working in the bathroom.

“I’m just curious how the two of you hooked up,” Belle said trying to figure some more of this mystery out.

“Jan had been following all of Shawn’s moves for a while. She found out that I had arrived and that the two of us weren’t the best of friends so she made her move to get in touch with me. We instantly formed a friendship and as they say, the rest is history. I supplied her with all the information she needed and that’s how we ended up here.” Cassie just let the information flow from her mouth.

“That’s interesting to say the least,” Belle said. “I can’t believe that you hated me enough to get messed up with Jan.”

“It wasn’t anything personal, I just needed a friend, and Jan’s been the best one I’ve had!” Cassie said finally coming out of the bathroom. “Well, it’s time for me to head out to meet Brad. Did you find something to wear?”

“Yeah, thanks! Have a good time on your date.” Belle said distractedly.

“I plan to and I’ll see you sometime tomorrow,” Cassie finished as she made her way to the door. “Later, blondie.”

“Bye,” Belle said waiting to hear the door close and the lock click. “Just a few more minutes and I can make my call.”

Belle was too anxious to just sit around and wait, so she paced back and forth in front of the door, just keeping her fingers crossed that neither of her captors would come back. After waiting what she hoped was enough time, she turned and moved into the bathroom quickly.

Thankful that Jan and Cassie still hadn’t figured out that the phone was in the bathroom; Belle picked up the receiver and dialed the number to her cabin.
Shawn made his way to the dance club, thankful that he had had some time with Rex and Mimi at dinner. Of course Mimi had tried to take his mind off what was going to happen tonight, but it just wasn’t that easy. Shawn had used the time to keep an eye on Rex though and gage what his response was to the plans that were in place for the evening. After a long talk, which wasn’t easy with chatterbox Mimi around, Shawn was thoroughly convinced that Rex would help them get Cassie and make sure Belle was brought back safely. Once the trio had finished dinner, they said their goodbyes and parted ways. Rex and Mimi were heading back to the cabin for phone duty and of course Shawn felt like he was going before a firing squad. He just had to keep in mind that when this night was over he would have Belle back.

Shawn glanced at his watch as he stood outside the dance club and realized he still had a few minutes before he was to meet Jan. His thoughts immediately turned to the last time he had been in this club. He had been with Belle, holding her in his arms as they had danced the night away. He had felt that they had made so much progress in their relationship and that they were on track to really getting back together. Then in the blink of an eye, everything had changed. Belle had been kidnapped and he had been left with nothing but questions. Now finally his questions had been answered and most importantly Belle was safe. Just then he felt a hand on his arm and he jumped. He quickly turned and was face to face with the woman who had caused all of these problems to begin with, Jan Spears.

“Sorry Shawn, I didn’t mean to startle you,” Jan said sweetly.

“No, it’s okay. I was just thinking and didn’t hear you come up,” Shawn told her trying to sound convincing.

“What were you thinking about?” Jan asked, hoping she wouldn’t mind his answer.

“Actually I was thinking about you and hoping you hadn’t changed your mind about meeting me tonight,” Shawn said smiling. After all, it wasn’t a total lie, just not totally the truth.

“You never have to worry about that Shawn. I’ll always be here to support you and to be your friend. Who knows, maybe even more than friends before too long,” Jan told him reaching for his hand.

“That would be nice,” Shawn told her lying through his teeth this time. “What do you say we head inside and enjoy the rest of our evening?”

“Sounds wonderful!” Jan replied excitedly as the two made their way into the dance club.

It was still early in terms of activities on the boat so they had no trouble finding a table. Jan had started to a remote, secluded corner of the room, but luckily Shawn was able to get her to compromise on a more centrally located table. He sat Jan with her back to the door as he moved his chair so that it would be close to her but he could still keep his eye on the door. Now his only task for the evening was to keep Jan occupied and make her think he was interested in what she was saying. Hopefully, John would hurry, this was more painful than Shawn ever imagined.
“Hello?” Mimi answered as the phone began to ring.

“Meems, it’s me Belle,” Belle told her friend excitedly but also wondering if she had dialed the wrong cabin.

“Oh Belle, they just knew you would call tonight. Are you still okay?” Mimi asked quickly.

“Well that answers one of my questions, so you’re helping with the set up too?” Belle asked laughing not really being able to imagine Mimi helping all that much.

“Yep, I’m on phone detail tonight. I’m to immediately hang up and call your dad’s cell phone. They are just around the corner from your room ready to come and get you. You are alone right?”

“Yes, call my dad and let him know I’m alone and I know where both Jan and Cassie are so it’s safe to come and get me. Mimi, please just tell them to hurry, I want out of here so bad. I’ll fill you in on everything as soon as I see you again.” Belle said finally letting her desperation show.

“You got it! Just be strong a little while longer Belle, this is almost over.” Mimi said trying to reassure her friend. “I’ll see you soon!”

With that both Belle and Mimi hung up their phones and the next stage of the plan was put in to motion.
Mimi dialed John’s cell phone number and waited for him to pick up. The phone didn’t even ring on her end before she heard John answering.

“Did Belle call?” John asked not even waiting to say hello.

“Yeah I just hung up with her and she is alone. She said to hurry but she did mention that she knew where both Jan and Cassie are for the night,” Mimi quickly filled them in.

“Thanks Mimi! We’re making our move now and hopefully will be back at the cabin in no time.” John said as he hung up the phone. He knew it was abrupt but he also knew he had to be quick with Mimi or he would never get her off the phone. Besides he needed to concentrate on getting his daughter back.

“Okay, let’s move. Belle just called and she said she was alone,” John turned and told the rest of the group with him. The four men took off toward cabin 309 to make their rescue.

Bo was the first to make it to the door. He used the same tapping motion he had used earlier to let Belle know he was there. He just wanted to make sure she was still alone.

Belle immediately heard the tapping as she practically had her ear plastered to the door. “Bo, are you really here?”

“Hey Izzy,” John said before Bo had a change to answer.

“Daddy?” Belle asked disbelieving her father was really here to get her.

“We’re here sweetheart and we are going to have you out of there in no time. Shane and Bo are already working on the lock. Now we know where Jan is, but can you tell us where Cassie is?” John asked looking for the information he needed to get the two responsible for hurting his daughter.

“She met up with some security officer on the ship. His name is Brad. She was going to go and meet him as soon as his shift was over.” Belle told her dad.

“Great. Rex are you ready to go do your part?” John asked him.

“Yep, I’m off to meet up with her. I’ll bring her back here as soon as I find her.” Belle heard Rex tell her dad. She was a little surprised that he was helping to bring his own sister in, but maybe they had shown him that she needed help.

“See you soon,” John finished before turning to the other two men working on the lock. “Any luck yet?”

“We’ve almost got it,” Bo said.

“Just one more turn and we should be in,” Shane finished for Bo as he concentrated on the task at hand.

Belle had started pacing once again because she had so much nervous energy going through her body. She was so close to getting out of here, yet she still wondered if this was all a dream. Just as that thought left her head the door opened and she saw the most wonderful sight. Her father came through the door and gathered her up in his strong arms.

“Oh Izzy, you’re safe.” John said not letting his daughter go.

“You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for coming to get me,” Belle cried, as she couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

“Hey John, I know she’s your daughter, but you aren’t the only one who wants in on that hug action. Move over,” Bo said trying to lighten the moment. It seemed to work as Belle began to laugh and move into his arms.

“Oh Bo, you are so wonderful and I can’t thank you enough,” Belle said still crying.

“Don’t mention it. You make my son so happy, that’s all the thanks I need!” Bo said still holding on.

“Okay, okay, let me get in on this, after all it won’t be long before she is part of the family,” Shane added while blushing at the slip.

“Shane, thank you too. How ever did you get roped in this mess?” Belle asked while moving to give the man a hug.

“Your father called and told me what was going on and that is all it took. I was on the next plane here to help. I’m just glad I was able to!” Shane said in his famous British accent.

“Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready to get out of here,” Bo said turning to the rest of the group.

“YES! Please get me out of here,” Belle said as she felt her father put his arm around her shoulder.

“I believe there is a man in particular that is rather anxious to know you are alright with his own two eyes,” John said smiling down at his daughter.

“Not half as anxious as I am daddy. Let’s go find him!” Belle said as she and her rescuers walked out of cabin 309 closing the door on this terrible experience in her life and moving on to much happier times.

Chapter Twenty-Seven (NC-17)

Shawn was about to lose his cool. He was sure he should have heard something by now. The last time he had glanced at his watch so that Jan wouldn’t notice, it was already 11 o’clock. He was running out of time and he so did not want to go another night without Belle, or worse yet, have to make another date with Jan. He had spent the last three hours listening to Jan ramble on about nothing in particular, or at least that’s what he thought, he couldn’t really tell you what they had talked about.

“Shawn? Is something wrong?” Jan asked noticing that Shawn looked like he was miles away.

“Oh, I’m sorry. No, nothing is wrong. I guess I’m more tired than I realized,” Shawn said trying to recover.

“Do you want to leave?” Jan asked, concerned her wonderful evening was about to end.

“No, not at all. Why don’t we dance? I’m sure that will help me to wake up,” Shawn said while he was inwardly cringing at having to be that close to her.

“That would be nice,” Jan smiled brightly.

Shawn stood and held his hand out to help Jan stand up. He felt her hand slide in his as she slid into the side of his body. You can do this Shawn. Just a little while longer. Be strong, you’re doing this for Belle. Shawn thought to himself. He just had to keep telling himself that and he would make it through. The end result was too important to him.

They made their way to the dance floor as the first notes of Norah Jones began to play. Jan put her arms around Shawn’s waist and placed her head on his shoulder. They began to sway to the music and Shawn took the time to let his body relax as his mind wandered to another perfect night he had danced to this song with Belle.


Shawn felt Belle’s head rest on his shoulder. He loved dancing with Belle because of the way she fit under his head and perfectly melted into him. He wasn’t even sure of the song that was playing only that the beauty by his side meant everything to him.

He heard Belle sigh and that immediately had Shawn concerned. “Baby, are you okay?” Shawn asked gently pushing Belle away from him so he could see her face.

“Shawn, there is nothing at all wrong,” Belle said sweetly as she brought her hand up to cup his cheek. “You have just made all of my dreams come true tonight. That was a contented sigh and nothing more I promise.”

Shawn smiled and turned his head more into her hand. “I just want to make all your dreams come true. It’s the least I can do after all the support you have shown me the last few months.”

“You don’t have to thank me, that’s what people in love do, we support each other.” Belle told him as she leaned in to place a kiss on his lips.

“You are so amazing do you know that?” Shawn asked in between her sweet kisses.

“I try.” Belle told him laughing while she moved back to lay her head on his shoulder and continue their dance together.

End of Flashback

Shawn felt Jan run her hand up his arm and it immediately brought him out of his thoughts of Belle. I just hope they have gotten Belle back. We’re running out of time! Shawn thought to himself as he tried to glance at his watch again. Only five minutes had passed since he had looked the last time, but that was five minutes making it closer to midnight and his chance of having Belle in his arms tonight.
Belle quickly rushed in to the cabin she had started off sharing with Mimi but would finish the week with Shawn. Expecting to find Shawn pacing the floor waiting for her, she was shocked when the only person in the cabin was Mimi.

“Belle!” Mimi screamed as she ran to her friend to give her a hug. “I am so glad you are back safe and sound. I take it everything went off okay?”

“Oh Meems, it’s great to be back! Yes, everything went perfectly but where’s Shawn? Doesn’t he know I’ve been freed?” Belle asked turning around to see that only Bo was standing in the cabin with her and Mimi. “Bo? Where did Dad and Shane go?”

“They went to go get Jan and let Shawn know you’re back safely.”

“What do you mean? Shawn is still with Jan?” Belle asked surprised that Shawn still had to spend time with that witch.

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Bo said as he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “He will be back in your arms in no time. If I know my son, and I’m pretty sure I do, he’s spending his evening watching his watch wondering where the hell we are.”

“I’m sure you’re right, I’m just a little anxious to have him back. Can you tell?” Belle said while giggling lightly.

“I know you are, but just remember that we will have some things to wrap up this evening before we leave you two alone.” Bo told her while silently snickering to himself.

“Yeah I know, but as long as we are together, I don’t care,” Belle said smiling brightly while she gave Bo a big hug. “So what do we do now?”

“We wait. You dad and Shane are heading to the dance club right now to arrest Jan. Once she is in custody we’ll have to meet up with Rex to make sure he has found Cassie. Then we will need to get statements from you and everyone else that is involved. It’s going to be a long night, so why don’t you try to get some rest.” Bo told her truthfully.

“I can’t even begin to think about sleeping. I’m too wired.” Belle said smiling.

“Well, then come join me and tell me everything that happened,” Mimi told her as she sat down on the couch.

Belle thought that it would help get some of her nervous energy out if she filled Mimi in on the details, so she joined her friend on the couch and started her story while she waited to see the brown eyes she loved so much.
The song had finally ended just as Shawn thought for sure he would loose his mind. He would give anything at this moment to see his father or John walk through that door and tell him they were there to get Jan. He didn’t see much hope for that, so he took Jan’s arm and led her toward their table.

“Would you like something to drink?” Shawn asked Jan as he helped her to sit down.

“Yeah that would be nice. How about a white wine?” Jan asked thankful that he evening with Shawn wasn’t ending just yet.

“One white wine coming up,” Shawn said as he made his way to the bar. The first chance he had, he looked at his watch and realized that it was almost 11:30. Well, I guess we’ll finish our drinks and then I will think of a way to get another meeting with Jan for tomorrow. I guess it won’t really be that hard as she wants nothing other than to be with me. Maybe we can meet for breakfast. That way it will be sooner and hopefully the right time to get Belle back.

Shawn paid for their drinks and turned to make his way back to the table. “Here you go,” Shawn said as he placed the drink in front of Jan.

“Oh thanks,” Jan answered sweetly. “So what are your plans for the rest of the cruise?”

Shawn was just about to answer when he realized that he couldn’t tell her what he really hoped he would be doing. This evening couldn’t get much worse, but then out of the corner of his eye he saw the most wonderful sight in the world. John and Shane were making their way to his table and John was smiling like a Cheshire cat, so that could mean only one thing, Belle was safely back with them. But where was she?

To keep his cool, Shawn turned and continued talking to Jan acting as though nothing was going on and filling her in on his latest plans for the rest of the week. Just as he was about to stage his next chance to get together with Jan, Shawn heard John utter those words he had been waiting all night to hear.

“Jan you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Isabella Black,” John said as he reached for Jan’s arms. “You have the right to remain silent…”

“What are you doing? I don’t know where Belle is and I don’t know why you think I would,” Jan tried to tell them as she was dragged from her chair and she felt her arms being pulled behind her back. “Shawn, please tell them that I have been with you and I don’t have anything to do with this.”

“You see Jan, I can’t do that,” Shawn said smiling brightly while turning toward John to ask him the most important question on the night. “Did you get her, did you find her?”

“Yes, we’ve got her and I think she is anxious to see you again,” John said smiling back at Shawn. “We’ll finish things up here if you want to go and be with her.”

“Thanks! I thought that she might have come with you though,” Shawn questioned the men.

“She probably wanted the chance, but John and I slipped away while your dad took her back to the cabin. She didn’t know where we were going or that we were gone for that matter until it was too late. Your dad is with her and was going to explain everything.” Shane told him.

“Oh man, I can’t wait to see her,” Shawn said as he turned to make his way out of the dance club.

“Shawn! Wait! Come back! You don’t want to be with Belle, you want me!” Jan yelled to Shawn’s back as he made his very fast exit.

“Shut up! You have no idea what you are talking about and I can assure you that the only reason Shawn Brady was with you tonight was to get Belle back. You see Ms. Spears, you have been set up and I am very happy to say that it worked!” John said gloating. “Now off to the cabin for you!”

“Good, I want to see that little bitch!” Jan continued to yell.

“Oh you won’t be going anywhere near my daughter or Shawn again for a very long time!” John proudly told her. “I meant we would be going back to your cabin, the scene of the crime!”

And with that, Shane and John led Jan towards her cabin where they would wait for Rex to hopefully return with Cassie and end this nightmare!
Belle had just finished telling Mimi about her first visit from Bo earlier that afternoon. She couldn’t help looking down at her watch every few minutes wondering if her dad had told Shawn that she was back. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could go without being in his arms. Sure, she had the support of her best friend and the man that she hoped would one day be her father-in-law, but it just wasn’t the same as Shawn.

She started her next phase of the story when she was sure she was hearing things… off in the distance she could swear that she heard Shawn calling her name. It got louder and louder until Belle knew that it wasn’t her hearing things, it was Shawn and he was making his way to the cabin. Belle jumped up off the couch just as the door flung open and Shawn ran in scooping Belle in his arms and holding her tight.

“Oh Belle, I’m so glad you are here safe and sound and I am so sorry for everything that Jan has done to you!” Shawn said slightly out of breath from his recent run from the elevator.

“Shawn, sweetie you have nothing to be sorry about. This wasn’t your fault,” Belle told him as she pulled away to look in his eyes. She couldn’t totally break their hold as she placed her palm on his cheek and felt Shawn lean in to her touch.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Shawn told her as he finally leaned in and made their lips join together. The kiss was sweet and tender as they became one again after their recent ordeal.

“Not that either of you will notice, but Mimi and I are just going to step out in the hall to give you both a couple of minutes together alone,” Bo snickered while he and Mimi made their way to the door, and just as he figured the two that were locked at the lips didn’t even notice them leaving!

Shawn continued to kiss Belle and hold her close to his body. He wound his hands in her hair and pulled her as close to him as humanly possible. He had gone entirely too long without her and he didn’t plan on letting her out of his sight or arms for a long time to come. His nightmare was finally over and now he and Belle could get on with their lives, together!

Chapter Twenty-Eight (NC-17)

Shawn and Belle continued to stay wrapped in each other’s arms taking and giving kisses to one another. After some time Shawn finally broke from Belle when he remembered they weren’t alone in the room. He turned from Belle but still kept her securely under his arm and was surprised to find there wasn’t anyone else in the cabin.

“Opps! How long were we out of it?” Belle asked giggling.

“I guess longer than we thought, but it was well worth it and I’m really glad we’re alone,” Shawn said bringing Belle back in front of him and making their lips meet.

“I couldn’t agree more. This is what kept me going the whole time I was gone, just thinking about being back with you.” Belle said as she continued to place kisses on Shawn’s jaw and moved down to show his neck her appreciation as well.

“Hmm…” Shawn moaned. “Me too! I had some of the most wonderful dreams of being together with you, and just so you know, I plan on making my dreams come true this week as long as you’ll have me,” Shawn finished as he pulled Belle’s head back in front of him to bring his lips to hers.

“Shawn Douglas Brady,” Belle finally managed to get out. “How can you ask if I’ll have you? I was so afraid that my disappearance would cause you to think I didn’t want to be with you, but that is the farthest thing from my mind. I want to spend every waking moment with you, as well as every non-waking moment. You are my life and I don’t want you to ever forget that,” she told him truthfully.

“I must admit that the thought did cross my mind at first. I had the idea that maybe we had moved things along too quickly, but Mimi was there to get me to see there wasn’t anyway you would have just taken off. She told me you wanted me to move in here with you so we could be together the rest of the cruise.” Shawn told her slightly blushing at actually saying that to Belle.

“Well, Mimi is right. I do want you to spend the rest of the week with me in this cabin. Unfortunately though, your dad told me earlier there are things we have to take care of to wrap up this Jan mess first. So, let’s find him and get this process started so we can really spend some time alone because you know that your dad and Mimi can’t be far.” Belle told Shawn as she leaned in to give Shawn another kiss.

“I sure hope this doesn’t take long because I’m not sure how long I can go without having a taste of you,” Shawn told her while laughing lightly.

“Hmm, I so agree with that,” Belle said giving him another kiss. “Come on, let’s get going,” she told him while pulling a very reluctant Shawn to the door.
Shawn and Belle had continued to hold hands as they made their way to find Bo and Mimi. They didn’t have to look too far as they opened the door and found them both leaning against the wall with Mimi chatting away about nothing in particular Belle was sure.

“I see the two of you finally came up for air,” Bo said laughing as he interrupted Mimi’s current story.

“Very funny dad,” Shawn said not being able to wipe the smile off his face. “So what do we do now?”

“I think I can answer that one,” John said as he made his way down the hall.

“Daddy, did you get her?” Belle asked as she reluctantly let go of Shawn for a moment to give her father another hug. She couldn’t seem to give up touching her loved ones after everything she had just been through.

“We did. Shane is taking her back to the cabin while we wait for Rex to bring Cassie to us.” John told the group. “I’m going to get started by getting your statement Belle and hopefully by then we will have heard from Rex.”

“Good, let’s just get this over with,” Belle gladly told her dad.

“I know sweetie, I’m going to make this as painless and quick as possible,” John told her as he turned to lead Belle back into the cabin. Shawn was quick on the pair’s heels. “Shawn, I’ve really got to do this with Belle alone. I promise I won’t let her out of my sight the entire time.” John told him as he chuckled to himself. He was glad that he was able to make his night, hell; getting Belle back too had made his night.

Shawn started to object but Belle quickly made her way to his side and gently placed her hand over his heart. “I’ll be okay I promise. I won’t go anywhere without my dad and should he have to leave, I’ll find you immediately.” Belle told him with all of her love shining in her eyes. “Just remember that the sooner we get this done the sooner we can be alone.” She leaned in to whisper in his ear since she didn’t want to share their plans with the rest of the group.

“I know, I just don’t want to be away from you,” Shawn told her kissing her forehead gently.

“Soon sweetie, soon,” Belle told him placing a gentle kiss on his lips. She then turned to her father and said, “Okay dad, let’s get this over with.”

“You got it,” John said as he placed his arm on his daughter’s shoulder and led her into the cabin.

Shawn watched the two walk away and close the door. Now how to not go crazy without Belle was the object of his attention at the moment. His father was clearly not going to be any help because it seemed he could only laugh at Shawn and his endless pacing in the hall.

Finally Bo couldn’t take Shawn’s pacing any more. “Look Sailorman, she’s okay, she’s back with you, now would you just stop pacing?”

“I’m sorry dad, I can’t help it. I just got her back and the thought of loosing her again is just too much,” Shawn told his father as he was finally able to make his body stop moving.

“Believe me son, I know that feeling better than anyone, but you can’t spend the rest of your life in fear that something or someone is going to get Belle. It will only cause problems in the long run, trust me on that!” Bo told his son, speaking from his heart.

“I know dad, it’s just hard, and I do want to move forward without always looking over my shoulder. I think it’s just going to take a few days to get over this,” Shawn smiled at his dad.

“It will and it’s important that you’re there for Belle. It may take a while for her to get over this,” Bo reassured his son.

“Why? Was there something you aren’t telling me? Did something happen to Belle?” Shawn asked his father on the verge of loosing all control.

“No Shawn, nothing happened to Belle, but even with that being said, she was kidnapped and held against her will. It’s going to take some time to get over that. Just be there for her and help her anyway you can.”

“I will, you don’t have to worry about that one,” Shawn said finally letting out the breathe he didn’t realize he had been holding when he feared something had happened to his Belle.

Before he had realized it he heard the cabin door open and John make his way to join the rest of the group. “Are you done?” Shawn anxiously asked.

“Not quite, but I just got a call from Shane and he said Rex just brought Cassie back to the cabin. I’m going to head that way to help get all of this tied up. The head of security is on his way to help too,” John told them.

“I’ll head with you. The faster we have them arrested and charged the better,” Bo told John.

“Where’s Belle?” Shawn asked when he realized she hadn’t come out of the cabin with her father.

“She’s in the bathroom. She wanted a chance to freshen up and change her clothes.” John told Shawn smiling. “Give her a few more minutes and then I’m sure she’ll be done.”

“Mr. Black, Mr. Brady is it okay if I come with the two of you so that I can be there for Rex?” Mimi asked.

“Sure Mimi. I’m sure Rex is going to need your support.” John told her sincerely.

“Okay then, let’s get going,” Bo said as he reached in to give his son a hug. “I’m proud of you Sailorman.”

“Thanks dad, but I couldn’t have made it through the night without all of you.”

“That’s what family is for,” John told Shawn patting him on the back. “Now take care of my daughter and we’ll be back soon to finish things up here.”

“Good, we’ll be waiting.” Shawn said as he watched the three make their way to the elevators.

Shawn turned as he finally saw the elevator doors at the end of the hall close and he entered his and Belle’s cabin. He heard the shower still running and it immediately let his mind wonder and think of joining her in that shower. He envisioned the water hitting Belle’s blonde head and running down her pert breasts… falling down her stomach to that triangle of hair that hid her sweetest treasure…

“Shawn?” Belle asked as she noticed Shawn sitting on the couch and looking a million miles away. Getting no response she tried again, “Shawn?”

“Hmm…” Shawn managed to mutter as he was still following that drop of water down Belle’s body.

“Shawn Douglas Brady!” Belle finally shouted trying her best not to laugh.

“What?” Shawn asked coming out of his daze when he finally heard Belle and saw her standing in front of him. “Oh sweetie, I didn’t realize you were done with your shower. Do you feel better?”

“Where were you right now?” Belle asked smiling as she sat down on the couch next to Shawn.

Shawn placed his palm on Belle’s knee and began to brush his thumb back and forth just enjoying the softness of her skin. “I don’t think I should tell you,” he finally said as he felt the color flood his cheeks.

“That good?” Belle asked smiling so brightly. “I have a feeling it is probably along the same lines my thoughts were going while I was taking that shower.”

Belle took the time to slowly run her hand up Shawn’s thigh and stop just as she got dangerously close to his manhood. “As much as I’d like to share some of those dreams with you and see how little I’m sure you have on under that robe, I’m going to have to make a tough decision and stop before we go any farther. I want to make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m fine, I promise. Yes, I have just been through something terrible, but because of you and the others my time being held was considerably less than it could have been. Your love kept me strong and I knew you were doing everything in your power to get me back. I’m just sorry that you had to spend time with Jan and that we’ve lost two days of our week in paradise together.” Belle told him as she placed her hand on his roughened cheek.

“Well don’t worry about loosing two days. What I have planned for the rest of the week will more than make up for it.” Shawn told her as he brought her hand to his lips to gently kill her knuckles. “And don’t you worry about me having had to spend time with Jan. Nothing happened and I would have done anything to get you back. Besides, little does she know I spent the whole evening thinking and dreaming of you.”

“Just the way it should be,” she told him as she moved to give him a kiss on his lips. “Hmm… you taste so good!”

“So do you and I sincerely hope that the rest of them stay away for a while,” Shawn said in between kisses.

“Me too, but I am anxious to hear what your plans are for that romance for the rest of the week,” Belle said sweetly trying to get Shawn to break and let her in on his secrets.

“You may make me forget my name when you’re kissing me like this, but I’m not going to break and tell you what my plans are,” Shawn assured her while he continued his kisses down her neck to the edge of her robe.

“Well you can’t say I didn’t give it a try,” Belle moaned just as Shawn made his way to the V in the front.

“Oh, I’ll definitely give you an A for effort sweetheart, but I’m doing everything in my power to make you forget everything on your mind right now, especially your name.” Shawn chuckled as he continued to feast on Belle’s upper body.

“I can live with that, just don’t stop!” Belle moaned.

So Shawn continued to work his magic on Belle as he laid her on the couch to continue their evening of being together. He gently pushed the top of her robe open and took one of her perfectly rounded breasts into his mouth while his fingers teased the other. The sensations running through Belle’s body were indescribable and she was sure her body was floating. Being back with Shawn was so much better than any of her dreams and she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life loving him and being loved by him.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Shawn and Belle had no idea how much time had passed since their sweet loving had begun. He had quickly discarded his shirt and Belle had pulled her arms out of her robe. Somehow it was still managing to cover her most private area, but she didn’t care because she was all Shawn’s and she always would be.

Shawn gazed down at Belle as he came up for air at one point in the evening. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He asked her as he ran his fingers up and down her soft cheeks.

“I’m only beautiful because you make me feel that way,” she told him as she ran her fingers through his hair. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Shawn told her as he leaned in to give her another sweet kiss.

About that time they both began to hear voices in the hall. They quickly jumped apart and started scrambling to put their clothes back in place because they knew that voice belonged to Mimi. Shawn was running around the cabin in a daze and Belle couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“Damn, where the hell is my shirt? It couldn’t have gone too far,” he said frantically as he searched.

“Honey?” Belle said trying to get Shawn’s attention. He didn’t even look her way he was so frantic with worry at finding his missing shirt. “Hello? Will you calm down and look at me?”

“Belle, I’m trying to get us out of a potentially embarrassing situation here and if I look at you, I’m going to be tempted to not care about any of our clothing.”

“Well, if you would look at me, mister sexy, you would see that I have exactly what you are looking for,” Belle said laughing.

At that moment Shawn stopped dead in his tracks and looked at Belle. Man was she beautiful! She had put herself back together and was now leaning against the couch holding his shirt by one finger. “Oh, why didn’t you say you had it?”

“Because it was much more fun to watch you freak out about it,” Belle told him giggling uncontrollably.

He quickly snatched his shirt from her finger and pulled it over his head. “Ha ha aren’t you just the funny one?” Shawn asked as he finally calmed down and leaned in to give her a kiss on her sweet lips.

The door to their cabin opened and they vaguely heard as Mimi and Rex made their way into the room. “See, I told you they wouldn’t have moved very far,” she said loudly trying to get the other couple’s attention.

Belle started giggling when she heard Mimi’s loud mouth. She quickly gave Shawn one last long kiss and turned to her friends. “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

“Oh not much, just thought we better come back first instead of having your fathers walk in on something you didn’t want them to see.” Mimi said joining Belle in her giggles.

“Thanks for looking out for us Meems, but you aren’t interrupting anything,” Belle told her while laughing and placing her head on Shawn’s shoulder. “Let me get changed and then I want to hear what happened.”

Belle went to the bathroom to put on a shorts set and quickly returned to the main cabin to not miss out on anything that was being said. She found Rex and Mimi seated on the couch and Shawn was in the chair adjacent to the couch. Not even thinking twice she made her way to the chair to sit in Shawn’s lap. Shawn gladly accepted Belle and quickly wrapped his arms around her and just enjoyed having Belle back this close to him as she laid her head back on his shoulder.

“So what’s happening?” Belle asked, as she got comfortable with Shawn.

“Well Cassie is now in custody with your dad and the ISA.” Rex sadly told them.

“Honey, she’ll be okay I’m sure,” Mimi tried to reassure him.

“I know and she needs to be held accountable for her actions, but I still don’t understand what happened to her,” Rex said shaking his head.

“Rex, if it’s any consolation I really don’t think that Cassie is to blame for all of this,” Belle quickly added. “I truly believe that Jan looked for someone to help and Cassie unfortunately was the one to get mixed up in this mess, and I’ve told my dad the same thing. But Cassie is still going to have to be held for her actions although I don’t think she’s in as much trouble as Jan.” Belle finished as Shawn leaned in to place a kiss to the side of her head.

“Thanks Belle for trying to help. Cassie and I are very lucky to have you as our sister,” Rex said truthfully.

“Well it is certainly going to take some getting used to, but I think we’re going to be okay,” Belle said smiling at her brother. “So did our dads say how much longer they would be?” Belle asked on a yawn.

“No they didn’t but I think it could be awhile. Jan wasn’t being much help when they were questioning her,” Mimi told her friend.

“I’m suddenly very sleepy and would like to just go to bed,” Belle yawned again.

“Go ahead sweetie. If your dad comes back we’ll wake you but I think right now he would want you to get your sleep.” Shawn sweetly told her as he placed another kiss on her head. He just couldn’t get enough of her now that she was finally back with him.

“I think we’re going to go and get some sleep too,” Mimi told them as she and Rex got up from the couch. “Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow if we don’t see you before then, say around noon?”

“Sounds good, Meems. We’ll see you then,” Shawn said as he felt Belle leaving her place on his lap to walk the two to the door. “We’ll call you in the morning to let you know what’s going on.”

And with that the cabin door closed once again leaving Belle and Shawn all alone. “Okay, come on, I’m putting you to bed,” Shawn told her as he led her to the bed.

“Alone?” Belle asked sticking out her bottom lip and pretending to pout.

“Yes because you do need your rest. You have a busy few days ahead of you and I can’t have you ruining all of my hard work by falling asleep on me,” Shawn said unable to hide his huge grin.

“You won’t even lie down with me? What if I have nightmares and need someone to rescue me?” Belle asked still pretending to pout. She had no intention of getting into that bed alone, she just had to convince Shawn of that.

“I’ll be right here on the couch ready to jump if you need me.”

“But Shawn that couch is too small for you, besides I have this big huge bed and I’m more than happy to share.” Belle said doing her best impression of batting her eyelashes.

“Look, go change into your pajamas and we’ll see,” Shawn finally relented.

This woman was going to be the death of him yet he was sure. He wanted nothing more than to crawl into that bed with her and show her how much he had truly missed her, but he couldn’t take the chance that one or both of their fathers would walk in on them. He was just going to have to be strong and remember that from tomorrow night on they would hopefully never be apart again.
“Okay Belle, if this little number doesn’t convince Shawn to sleep with you, nothing will,” Belle said to herself as she looked in the mirror. She was wearing Shawn’s old baseball jersey from high school and knew it was one of his favorite things to see her in. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t sexy lingerie to Shawn; he had always told her that there was something about seeing her in his jersey with Brady across the back that just did him in. She knew Shawn didn’t want to “go all the way,” tonight because they weren’t really alone and that was fine with her, but she didn’t want to be apart from him either. She wanted to curl up in Shawn’s side and sleep the night in his big arms. To her that would be heavenly after having to spend so much time apart. “So, let’s get this plan underway,” Belle said as she turned giving herself one last look in the mirror and heading back out to the cabin.

Shawn knew the minute Belle walked out of the bathroom even though he was standing across the room staring out the door that led to their balcony. He felt her presence in this room. He turned and quickly felt all the air leave his lungs. There was the most beautiful woman in the world standing on the other side of the room in nothing but his old jersey. He certainly couldn’t tell you why, but it was his favorite outfit she ever wore. “You’re not playing fair,” Shawn finally managed to get out.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is what I sleep in every night and you told me to get ready for bed, so I did.” Belle told him smiling big.

“Sure Belle and you didn’t take into consideration what seeing you in that outfit would do to me?”

“No, I didn’t know this outfit had an effect on you,” Belle replied trying to play dumb.

“Hmm, sure.” Shawn said unable to hide his grin from her. “Well, come over here and let’s get you tucked in.”

Belle sauntered over toward Shawn never letting her eyes leave his. “Look Shawn, I’m willing to compromise. I know you don’t want to make love tonight and I agree as our fathers could come in at any minute, but I also don’t want to be away from you. Now I know you wouldn’t be far, but tonight to me, the couch is just too far. Can you please just hold me tonight?” Belle asked as she placed her arms around Shawn’s neck.

“You are making this very hard you know.” Shawn mumbled.

“I try,” Belle replied as she moved in and placed her lips to Shawn’s. The kiss started out slow but quickly gained speed as Belle used her tongue to get access to Shawn’s mouth. All of her fear and love was placed in that one kiss and she didn’t want it to end.

Shawn finally was able to think clearly and ease his body away from Belle. “Okay, as nice as that was, that is precisely why I don’t want to get in that bed with you. I don’t want tonight to be our first time.” Shawn finished as he noticed the funny look on Belle’s face. “And before you think I don’t want you or any stupid thing like that, I’m stopping because I have very special plans for our first time when we have all night with new fear of someone walking in on us. Trust me on this okay?” He asked as he leaned in to place another kiss on Belle’s sweet lips.

“I do trust you, so put some trust in me too. I’m too tired to even think of seducing you tonight, but I do want to spend the evening wrapped in your warm protective arms,” Belle said smiling.

“You promise nothing else?” Shawn asked with a sly grin.

“Nothing else I promise.” Belle said as she took Shawn’s hand and led him to the large king size bed. She pulled the covers back and made her move to get in while never letting go of Shawn. He still looked skeptical but he didn’t want to be away from her either. He let go of her hand just long enough to get undressed down to his boxers. He quickly made sure the door was locked and all the lights turned off before he moved to the bed and laid down next to the woman that he loved body, mind and soul. Life was finally perfect once again and they were finally cruising back to the love they would share for the rest of their lives. Shawn felt Belle curl into his side and put her head on his chest. He gently wrapped his arms around her and felt the exact moment that Belle fell asleep. Yeah, life was perfect and it would only get better, Shawn thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Thirty

John and Bo quietly entered the cabin shortly after 8 o’clock the next morning and while both men hated to admit that their children were growing up, the sight that met them inside the cabin did their hearts good. Shawn and Belle were in the large king size bed so wrapped up in each other that you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other body began.

“Well at least they were smart enough to get some sleep,” Bo told John smiling.

“Yeah you almost hate to wake them,” John said.

“But the sooner we do, the sooner we can head home ourselves to prove to their mothers that they are all right. You know they aren’t going to believe us until they see for themselves.” Bo said chuckling.

Neither heard Shawn approach. “Well Dad I guess you are just going to have to prove to mom we’re okay because we won’t be leaving with you all today,” Shawn told his father as he rubbed his eyes trying to wake up from his wonderful nights sleep.

“Shawn,” Bo started to tell his son.

“No dad, listen. When you take Jan and Cassie off this ship we will no longer have any fear of anything happening. Belle and I really need this time to finish out our cruise. We have been through too much and I don’t want to take this away from her.” Shawn pleaded with his father.

“Shawn’s right,” Belle said as she watched the three men in the room turn and look at her. “Please don’t ask us to leave our trip early.”

“Izzy, you can’t really want to stay here after everything that has happened,” John lovingly asked his daughter.

“Yes dad I do,” Belle started to tell her father as she got out of bed and made her way across the room to stand next to Shawn. “We need down time before we head back to school. Plus now we have this whole mess with Jan to get ready for. What’s a few days for just us?”

Shawn quickly wrapped Belle in his arms and placed a kiss on her forehead. It didn’t matter that they had just spent the whole night wrapped in each other’s arms, they still needed to be close to each other.

“Kids, I know you want some down time, but what better way to get that than to come home and let your mother’s take care of you?” John asked still trying to get them to change their minds.

“And have the four of you watching us like hawks and not getting to spend any time alone? Gee, that sounds like an offer too good to pass up,” Shawn responded sarcastically. “Look, I know I didn’t do a good job before, but I promise you this time I will take care of Belle and not let anything happen to her.”

“Shawn it wasn’t your fault Jan took me,” Belle reassured him while hugging him tighter. “Besides I’m going to be more cautious myself.”

John and Bo didn’t know what to do or say. It was obvious their children were growing up and they were going to have to let them go at some point, but they just weren’t ready for that now.

“How about if we promise to check in with both of you at least once a day until we return?” Shawn asked trying to get them to change their minds. He had too many plans he wanted to accomplish for Belle that he couldn’t pull off back in Salem. They needed to be alone and know that they could really be together.

“Shawn it isn’t that we don’t trust you,” John started to tell the kids, “it’s just that we will feel much better when we know you are both safe and where we can get to you quickly if need be.”

“John’s right, no one blames you Shawn for what happened to Belle, but you also have to realize that there is no proof that it won’t happen again.” Bo tried to tell his son.

“Look, I think we all need to take a break from this topic for a little while. Why don’t you two get dressed and Belle we will finish taking your statement and we’ll see where we are at that point,” John tried to compromise for the moment.

Belle looked at Shawn skeptically but knew that they were going to have to do something to convince their fathers that they should be able to spend the rest of the week together. “Okay, I’ll go get changed and be right back.” Belle told the room and she moved to the bathroom to get their day started. With any luck she and Shawn would finally be together alone tonight.

Shawn watched his beauty turn and head to the bathroom. He then turned and made his way back to their bed and reached down to put his clothes on that were lying by the side. He pulled his pants on and turned back to the men in the room. “Please, honestly consider Belle and mine’s request to let us stay the rest of the week. We do really need this and it’s only a couple more days and then we’ll be home.” Shawn pleaded once again while he pulled his shirt on over his head.

“Sailorman, we aren’t trying to punish the two of you, we are just looking out for what is best for the two of you. This topic isn’t over and we will take all of this into consideration. Let’s just get Belle through the rest of her statement and then we’ll see.” Bo told his son as he reached and placed a hand on his shoulder when he came back to join the group.

“That’s all I can ask dad.” Shawn told them as he sat down on the couch and waited for Belle to return.
The morning quickly passed as Belle gave the rest of her statement and John and Bo began to make plans for their return to Salem. While Jan and Cassie would normally be left to the ships control, they had gotten special permission to go ahead and take them back to Salem to start the process of charges that were going to be brought against the two. Through the course of the night and early morning they had found that Cassie had just been a small part of the plan to kidnap Belle. Since that was the case, she would have to go to trial but they felt that with some therapy she would be able to get on track once again and return to her normal life, but that unfortunately was a long time before that would happen. Shawn and Belle continued to try to convince their father’s that they needed to spend the next few days on the ship but weren’t having much luck as of yet.

Luckily Mimi came in to help Shawn and Belle with their plans right before lunch. “You know Mr. Black that if you take Belle back to Salem today you aren’t going to be her favorite person. She’s only going to be mad at you for taking her away from this wonderful place. And Mr. Brady, you know Shawn isn’t going to be happy either. Being on their bad sides isn’t the place you want to be right now.”

Belle had to turn from the rest of the group to hide her giggles. Mimi truly was a good friend and if this worked, she would have to remember to thank her properly.

“I guess you do have a point there Mimi,” Bo finally was able to admit. “And as much as I don’t want to admit it, I think the best thing right now would be for Belle and Shawn to stay here for a few days.”

“Besides, I’m not going to go anywhere near Jan Spears anytime soon. I can’t be held accountable for my actions when I’m around her right now. The helicopter isn’t big enough for us to keep our distance, so that means you would have to make two trips and that is just going to slow you up,” Shawn added, hoping they were finally making some progress.

“Daddy, can you do this one small thing for me?” Belle asked doing her best to bat her eyelashes and convince her father to let her stay. “We’ll check in every day I promise and we’ll be home before you even know it.”

“Aaaghhh… those eyes get me every time. Okay, I’ll let the two of you stay for the rest of the week, but you have to check in every day to both of us and we want to know what is going on with the two of you at all times,” John said finally giving in to his daughter.

Belle glanced at Shawn and knew that there were definitely things that were going to happen this week that their fathers weren’t going to need to know, but they would deal with that once they finally did get them off the ship. “That is something that we can do,” she added cheerfully. “Now what do we need to do to help you all get everything together?”

“Are you trying to get rid of us?” Bo smiled at the blonde cutie that held his son’s heart.

“NO! Not at all, I just wanted to do what I could to help you,” Belle tried to cover.

“I think we can handle it,” let’s just get upstairs and make sure that Jan and Cassie are loaded in the copter and ready to go,” John told Bo.

“Sounds good. With any luck we will be home in time to get Jan and Cassie booked and still be home for dinner,” Bo told him and they all turned and made their way to the door.

“Meems, how about we meet you and Rex in the dining room in about a half an hour for lunch?” Belle asked as she moved to Shawn’s side.

“That works, we’ll see you there,” Mimi smiled at her two friends as they made their out of the room.

The group quickly made their way up to the sun deck and saw that the helicopter was all ready to go complete with three passengers inside. As they made their way to the copter, the door opened and Shane stepped down to make his way toward them.

“We’re all ready, does everyone have all of their stuff and ready to go?” He asked in his famous British accent.

“We are ready, but it will just be John and myself making the trip back. The kids are going to stay for the rest of the cruise and will be home in a few days,” Bo filled Shane in on the plans.

“Uncle Shane I can’t thank you enough for all your help in getting Belle back to me,” Shawn said as he made his way to him to give him a hug.

“Don’t mention it, I wouldn’t think of not coming to help,” Shane told him. “Just enjoy the rest of your cruise,” he quickly added.

“We plan to,” Belle added as she moved to give Shane a hug as well. “Thanks again for everything. Just make sure that you get these two guys home and with our mothers so they don’t spend all their time worrying about Shawn and me.” She chuckled as she turned to give Bo a hug.

“Very funny little lady, but I expect to hear from you and my son very soon.”

“We will don’t worry,” Shawn told him as Belle ended her hug and he moved in to say goodbye to his dad.

“Daddy,” Belle said as she moved to say her goodbyes to her father, “give mom a hug for me and tell her we will talk to her tonight.”

“Izzy just promise me you will be careful, okay?” John asked as he wrapped his arms around his daughter. “I love you, don’t forget that.”

“I won’t and I love you too,” Belle said as a tear made it’s way down her cheek. She was sad, but at the same time very ready to be alone with Shawn.

“Okay everyone we need to get going,” Shane said as he broke up the family moments that were taking place. John and Bo ended their time with their children and made their way to the helicopter. They quickly boarded and smiled to themselves as they saw the scene from the window. Shawn had pulled Belle in front of him and wrapped his arms around her waist. The two smiled at them and waved as the copter made it’s way up and away from the ship.

“Now, finally we can concentrate on just us,” Belle told Shawn as she leaned her head back against his shoulder.

“That we can right after we have lunch with Mimi and Rex.” Shawn added hoping that Belle hadn’t forgotten they were due to meet their friends.

“Oh and here I was looking forward to some time alone,” Belle said sounding exhausted. “Not that I don’t like spending time with them, but I’m just ready to be alone with you.”

“I know, and soon it will happen, but I am going to have to ask you to spend the afternoon with Mimi so that I can get my plans in order,” Shawn told Belle hoping to sooth her with the idea starting now.

“So what do these plans entail?” Belle asked trying to get information out of Shawn.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out much later tonight,” Shawn smirked to her.

“Man that is so not fair! How am I supposed to stay away from you all afternoon?” Belle asked.

“Just think about what I have in mind for you tonight,” Shawn said as he turned Belle in his arms. “It will definitely be worth the wait I can assure you of that,” he said as he placed a kiss on her lips.

“Hmm…” Belle mumbled into his lips. “I guess it will be worth the wait.”

“Well, don’t sound so convincing!” Shawn said now wondering if his plans were good enough.

“I’m just kidding Shawn. I know that every moment with be worth it, but I do have one request.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t make me wait too long,” Belle said as she turned and made her way to the dining room to meet their friends. As far as she was concerned the sooner they got things moving the sooner all of her dreams would finally come true.

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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

The characters all belong to NBC... I'm just having some fun with them. This is my first attempt at a fanfic, so I hope you all like it! Thanks Dee for the beautiful banner!

Chapters 31 - Epilogue

Chapter Thirty-One (NC-17)

Belle was honestly trying not to continually look at her watch but it wasn’t easy, even if she was with Mimi. The foursome had enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch while making plans for the rest of the day. Belle and Mimi had decided to take in an aerobics class and then finish the afternoon by working on their tans by the pool. Shawn had warned her only half jokingly not to workout too hard so she wasn’t too tired for their evening and also to make sure she didn’t wear the wrong swimsuit. Belle had just laughed at him and placed a loving kiss on his lips. The guys had been very tight lipped about their plans for the afternoon only saying they would be working together and that they better not see the girls until six that evening when they would come to the cabins to pick them up.

It was finally 4 o’clock but Belle wasn’t sure she would be able to make it another two hours. This time apart was killing her and she was dying to know what Shawn had up his sleeves for tonight. The only thing she knew was that she and Mimi had been told to dress as formally as possible with their limited wardrobe.

“So Meems, what do you think is going to happen tonight?” Belle asked unable to hide her excitement.

“Probably the same thing I told you would happen five minutes ago,” Mimi said while laughing at her best friend.

“I’m sorry, I just am so happy and almost I don’t know, floating, just thinking about tonight. Do you think we should go and start getting ready?”

“If that will help you calm down, by all means let’s get you ready,” Mimi told her as she turned and started to gather her things. She didn’t notice the two guys heading their way until she stood up to make her way with Belle to the elevator.

“Good afternoon ladies,” Belle heard as the huge smile on her face got even brighter. “Having a good day?” Shawn asked while bobbing his eyebrows up and down.

“Well I am now,” Belle replied as she moved toward him and placed a kiss on his lips. “How about you?”

“Oh I would say things are definitely looking up,” Shawn smiled as he leaned in for another kiss.

“So where were you off to?” Rex asked Mimi trying to ignore the two that were playing kissy face across from them.

Mimi couldn’t stop her giggling as she answered, “We were just going to go and start getting ready for our big date tonight.”

“Hmm, sounds like a plan,” Shawn managed to get out between kisses on Belle’s soft lips.

“Wanna help?” Belle asked teasingly.

Now it was Shawn’s turn to laugh, “Honey if I helped you get ready you wouldn’t be putting any clothes on, you’d be taking them all off!”

“I never said that would be a bad thing,” Belle continued to tease him as her blue eyes were all aglow with her love.

“Okay, stop trying to tempt me,” Shawn finally said as he came out of the spell Belle had woven around him. He gently pushed her away and got back to the real reason he and Rex had come up here for in the first place. “We just wanted to let you bathing beauties to know that our cabin Belle is all ready for you all to use. We took the liberty of finding the appropriate attire for both of you and placing it on the bed. We will be back to get you promptly at 6 o’clock so don’t keep us waiting.” Shawn finished trying to act all mean and tough.

“And what if we don’t agree with the clothing selections you two have made?” Belle asked as she moved closer to Shawn trying to distract him once again.

Shawn backed away from Belle and raised his hand to her signaling her to stop, but he just couldn’t wipe the smile from his face. “Oh you’ll like them.”

“Well then Meems, I guess we should go make ourselves beautiful.” Belle said as she quickly charged on Shawn before he could back away from her and soundly placed a kiss on his lips. “Just so you don’t forget what else will be waiting for you when you knock on my door this evening.”

Shawn was literally knocked off his feet by his blonde beauty with that one statement, not to mention the kiss. “Oh don’t worry, that is something I’ll never forget.”

“Good, see you in a couple of hours,” Belle said as she placed a quick kiss on his cheek and turned to Mimi and headed off to get ready for her big evening.

“Say Rex, why don’t we cool off with a swim before we go and finish our plans?”

“Sounds good and I think you need it buddy!” Rex said while laughing at his friend.
Belle and Mimi had returned to Belle and Shawn’s cabin to find two beautiful dresses lying on the bed with notes on each one to let them know whose was whose. Mimi’s was a beautiful red gown while Belle’s was the perfect shade of blue to match her eyes. It was strapless and left much of the back open as well causing Belle to laugh as she thought about why Shawn had picked this dress out. He sure won’t have any problems gaining access to my body with this dress. Belle thought to herself as she felt a shiver of anticipation run down her spin. Tonight all of my dreams are going to come true!

Belle heard Mimi gasp and she quickly looked at her friend. Mimi had tears rolling down her face so Belle put her dress back on the bed and went to her. “Meems, what’s wrong?”

“Oh how did I get so lucky to find such a wonderful man?” Mimi managed to choke out.

“The note,” Belle sighed. “I forgot all about that,” Belle turned to pick up her own envelope that had her name on it in Shawn’s handwriting.

My Dearest Belle,

Words cannot express for me how happy I am you were returned to me safely. I know we have said our love got us through this ordeal and we couldn’t be more right. Now is the time though to look forward, not back. I have loved you longer than I can remember and I will go on loving you until the end of time. Tonight our future begins, in every way possible. Put this dress on and your Prince Charming (at least I hope that is how you see me) will be by to pick you up promptly at 6 to begin our forever. I love you!

All my love,

By the time Belle had finished reading her letter she was crying just as hard as Mimi was. Finally tearing her gaze from the letter she turned to look at Mimi and the two just broke out laughing. “I guess it’s a good thing we read these before we did our makeup,” Belle said in between giggles.

“You have a very good point there!” Mimi said, “but we better get a move on if we plan to be ready for the guys.”

“Yes we do, go ahead and get your shower. I’ll finish making sure everything else is ready out here.” Belle told her friend as she wiped away her tears. Tonight was going to be amazing!
The girls were still rushing around the cabin with just five minutes to spare. Belle was looking for just the right jewelry while Mimi on the other hand was looking for her shoes. She had just placed her moon and stars necklace on when they heard a knock on the door. “I told you they would be early.” Belle said smiling.

“But I’m not ready,” Mimi sighed exasperatedly.

“Calm down Meems,” Belle tried to soothe her friend. “I’ll let them in and keep them occupied while you finish.”

“Okay I’ll hurry,” Mimi said as she turned and rushed into the bathroom.

Belle giggled to herself as she made her way to the door. She took a quick breath and opened the door. She quickly realized she was glad she took that breath because everything else stopped the moment she saw Shawn standing in front of her. He was dressed in a tux and was handing her a rose.

“You look beyond amazing,” Shawn finally managed to get out.

“So do you,” Belle said smiling. “Mimi isn’t quiet ready so we just need to wait a few minutes for her.”

“Actually, Rex is going to wait for her. We have plans.” Shawn told her unable to wipe the grin off his face.

“But I thought we were all spending the evening together,” Belle asked confused.

“Nope. We just let you and Mimi get ready together, but we are definitely going to be alone for the rest of the evening.” Shawn slyly replied.

Belle gave him her confused look, but knew he had something planned and she wasn’t about to ruin it. “Okay, let me just grab my purse and I’m ready to go.” She turned and picked up her purse off the bed. “Let’s go.” Belle said smiling radiantly at the man of her dreams.

Shawn grabbed her hand and led her out of the room. “Have a good night buddy and we’ll see you tomorrow,” he said to Rex as they left the room.

He and Belle made their way up to the sun deck as they took their moonlight stroll. Shawn was attempting to kill some time so the next phase of his plan could be started and he was just thankful the weather was cooperating.

“I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. I mean the moon is full and there have to be a million stars in the sky,” Belle said as she leaned back into Shawn’s embrace and placed her head against his shoulder.

“You are the beautiful one and those moon and stars mean nothing to me if I don’t have you to share them with,” Shawn told her as he wrapped his arms tighter around her waist.

“How is it you always know just what to say?” Belle asked grinning.

“I’m just a hopeless romantic when it comes to you,” Shawn whispered in her ear.

“So what are our plans for the evening?”

“We’re going to have a little dinner, maybe a little dancing and then we will see what happens. How does that sound?” Shawn asked devilishly.


“You’re perfect,” Shawn said as he turned Belle and placed a kiss on her lips.

Belle knew she was floating this time. Shawn kissing her just put her over the edge and she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to make it through dinner. She wanted him and she wanted him now. “So how long before dinner? I think I’m ready for the rest of our evening to get started.”

Shawn glanced at his watch and noticed that their little stroll had killed forty-five minutes so he figured the crew had had plenty of time to get things set up. He would kill a few more minutes while strolling back to their destination just to make sure everything would be ready. “Well, I’d say we can make our way to dinner. Are you hungry?”

“Oh I’m hungry just not so much for food.” Belle grinned to him.

“My,” Shawn let out not exactly sure how to reply to that very unlike Belle response. “Then I guess we’ll head out.”

The couple slowly made their way to the elevators and got in. Shawn punched the button for their floor behind Belle’s back to keep her in the dark about their location for just a little while longer. He wrapped his arms around her and took love bites out of her neck as they made their way down. “Yes, I do believe this dress was a very good choice.” He said in between kisses to her neck.

“I knew it would be too the minute I saw it lying on the bed,” Belle moaned in to his hair as he continued to feast on her neck.

Just then the elevator stopped and Shawn disappointedly stopped his current activities. He turned Belle and led her out of the elevator. He ran right into the back of her as she suddenly stopped when she realized where they were. “Shawn?” She asked totally confused. “I thought we were going to eat dinner.”

“We are. Right this way my lady,” Shawn said to her as he led her toward their cabin.

“Shawn Douglas what have you done?”

“You’ll see. Come on,” Shawn impatiently told her as they finally reached the door. Shawn took a blindfold out of his pocket and turned Belle so he could place the cloth over her eyes. It was just as much a cover to make sure the room was as he requested, as it was to totally surprise Belle. After the blindfold was securely in place, Shawn dug the key out of his pocket and opened the door. Yes this was going to be perfect, absolutely perfect. Shawn thought to himself as he looked around. He turned back to lead Belle into the room.

“Shawn is this really necessary?” Belle asked while giggling at his antics.

“Yes it is, now just play along,” He quickly told her.

Belle continued to giggle as he finally finished taking her into the room. He moved to stand behind her and took the blindfold off. “Welcome to paradise my love,” he whispered in her ear.

Belle waited a moment for her eyes to adjust and then she knew her mouth dropped open. The cabin she had left a short time ago was totally different. There were candles of all shapes and sizes all over the room giving it a romantic feel with just that little light. There was a beautiful table set up by the couch with their dinner waiting just under the silver covers. Belle thought that Shawn had given her a lot of flowers before, but she’d never seen as many beautiful red roses as there were staring back at her. Belle was making a turn around the room when she once again stopped in her tracks. A pair of white satin sheets had been placed on the bed, the covers turned back and the large surface completely covered with more rose petals.

“Come on baby, you’re scaring me by not saying anything. Do you not like it?” Shawn asked as he feared he might have misunderstood all of Belle’s suggestions since they had been back together.

“No Shawn, this is so amazing! I’m not saying anything because I have no idea where to start to tell you this is truly my fantasy of our first time together,” Belle told him as she turned to stare in his eyes. “How is it possible that you saw into my dream and recreated it?”

“Because I love you, that’s how.” Shawn told her as he placed a long loving kiss on her lips. When the kiss ended Shawn was concerned when he saw a tear slide down her cheek. “What’s wrong?”

“Absolutely nothing!” Belle promised him. “I’ve been a blubbering mess since I read that wonderful note you left for me and when you continue to do these amazing things for me, you will just have to get used to some tears every now and then.”

“As long as they are happy tears, you can cry all you want.” Shawn told her as he wiped the tear away with the pad of his thumb.

“They are definitely happy tears,” Belle told him with a big smile.

“Good, how about some dinner?” Shawn asked as he led her over to the table that has been brought in. He pulled her chair out for her and helped her in her seat before moving to take the cover off their dinners.

“Hmm, this smells heavenly,” Belle truthfully told Shawn as she watched him take his seat.

“Yeah it does and I’m starving. It’s hard work being romantic,” he told Belle grinning.

“I’m sure,” Belle replied chuckling. “And you better eat up because you need all your strength to get you through the rest of the evening.”

“That is one challenge I am definitely up for,” Shawn told her as he took his first bite of his meal.
Dinner passed quickly as Belle and Shawn never were at a loss for something to talk about. They made plans to take the site seeing tour on shore tomorrow, which really just amounted to a day on the beach, but it still sounded wonderful to the two of them. Before they ate their dessert, Shawn asked Belle for a dance. She of course agreed and had to smile as she heard the familiar song playing on the stereo in the room. It was their song and totally expressed to Belle how deep her love was for Shawn.

Ordinary no, really don't think so
Not a love this true
Common destiny
We were meant to be
Me and you

Like a perfect scene from a movie screen
We're a dream come true
Suited perfectly for eternity
Me and you

Every day, I need you even more
And the night time too
There's no way
I could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to

Every day I live
Try my best to give
All I have to you
Thank the stars above
That we share this love Me and you

Belle and Shawn continued to sway to the music and meeting their bodies together. Shawn was thanking the stars above that Belle was back in his life and there was nothing that would ever come between them again.
Shawn slowed up their dance and lightly pushed Belle away from him. “You know we are lucky,” Shawn whispered to her.

“I know.” Belle smiled back to him. “I don’t plan on letting you go and just remember that!”

Every day, I need you even more
And the night time too
There's no way
I could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to

Ordinary no, I really don't think so
Just a precious few
Ever make it last
Get as lucky as
Me and you
Me and you

(Me and You by Kenny Chesney)

The song ended but neither noticed because they were so into each other. Belle moved forward and met her lips with Shawn’s. The kiss was long and deep. The two were fighting with their tongues each taking turns with the other. Shawn pulled his hands up into Belle’s hair and just let the silky tresses run through his fingers.

Shawn finally pulled Belle slightly away from him. “I know we have been suggesting what is about to happen for awhile, but if you have any doubts or want me to stop just tell me now.”

“I have wanted this moment for longer than I can remember. It’s right and we’re ready. Besides so many times you hear about girls first times in the back of a car, and just think, I’m always going to have this wonderful romantic moment instead. Shawn, make love to me, please.” Belle said trying to get Shawn to agree.

“If you’re sure,” Shawn said as he moved back in to claim Belle’s sweet lips. They slowly made their way to the bed never once breaking their kisses. Shawn started chuckling when they bumped into the bed.

“Um, you know it really doesn’t make me feel good to see you standing there laughing, Shawn Douglas,” Belle said being hurt.

“Oh sweetie, I’m not laughing at you,” Shawn told her as he placed his hands on her cheeks. “I was actually thinking what a good job I did picking out this dress.”

“I thought we had already discussed that,” Belle said smiling feeling a little better.

“Well you see,” Shawn started to say as he pulled her closer wrapping his arms around her. “With just one quick pull of this zipper,” he started as he pulled her zipper down, “the dress is free to fall to the ground.”

Belle was slightly nervous as she stood before Shawn in just her underwear. Because of the style of her dress she had not bothered with a bra. Now she wished she had. She quickly crossed her arms over her breasts and hung her head.

“Baby you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are so beautiful!” Shawn lovingly told her as he used his hands to pull her arms away from her chest. “Just remember we can stop any time you want to.”

“No Shawn, I don’t want to stop,” Belle told him as she got brave and took his hand and brought it to her breast.

Shawn gently began to move the pad of his thumb over her pert bud softly moaning. He couldn’t believe this moment was finally here. They had tried so many times to be together but something always got in their way, but Shawn was determined nothing was going to stand in their way tonight.

Belle moved her hands to Shawn’s chest and undid his bow tie. “I think it’s time you joined me. You seem to be a little overdressed.”

“Hmm, you may have a point there.” Shawn finally managed to get out. He was under the spell of the beauty before him and didn’t want to end their connection.

Belle made quick work of taking Shawn’s clothes off. Soon his shirt was joining a pile that was being formed on the floor. She moved to start on his pants when her hand brushed up against Shawn’s very erect penis. The gasp was out of her mouth before she could stop it and her eyes instantly connected with Shawn’s.

“What’s wrong?” Shawn asked immediately concerned something was wrong.

“It’s just…” Belle stumbled over her words. “I mean, I know we tried to be together before, but I guess I’d forgotten how excited you could get.” Belle told him blushing.

“Well, just know it’s all you. You’re the only one that can get me this way,” Shawn told her as he placed his hand under her chin and raised her face up so he could meet her eyes.

Feeling much better since she could see the love shining in his eyes, she got back to the task at hand. She moved to his waistband and pulled the clasp of his pants and then slipped the zipper down purposefully making her hand touch his manhood.

“Okay that is not helping,” Shawn moaned.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Belle replied with a sly grin on her face.

“Hmm, sure,” Shawn said smiling back while caressing her cheek.

Belle continued to work her magic and Shawn was finally standing in front of Belle completely naked. Belle was amazed at how large Shawn was and totally giddy thinking that he was all hers and always would be. She couldn’t resist touching him any longer, so she moved her hands to his hard shaft and moved them up and down.

“Belle please stop,” Shawn finally moaned.

She immediately pulled away from Shawn fearing she had just done something wrong. She started to turn away from him, but Shawn stopped her.

“Oh honey, you didn’t do anything at all wrong,” Shawn told her knowing right away he shouldn’t have said anything. “I just wanted you to stop because our evening would be over too quickly if you don’t. You have no idea what you are doing to me,” Shawn grinned while moving in to claim her lips with his own.

The two continued learning each other’s bodies as they tumbled on the large bed. Shawn couldn’t get enough of Belle’s body as he moved his lips from hers to travel down her front. He stopped at her breasts to give them the attention they so deserved. With his tongue working on one, his hand was giving pleasure to the other. After what Shawn deemed wasn’t long enough he continued making his way down to those beautiful blonde curls which were hiding her greatest treasure. He gently pulled her legs apart and ran his tongue over her swollen clit.

Belle couldn’t do anything but moan. Shawn was driving her crazy, but it was definitely a good crazy.

“Feel good?” Shawn asked in between licks.

“You have no idea,” Belle somehow managed to get out. “But as much as I’m enjoying this there is something I would like even more.”

“Hmm, what’s that?” Shawn asked as he made his way back up Belle’s body.

“You inside me,” Belle told him as she pulled him the rest of the way and brought his lips down on hers.

“You might be right about that,” Shawn said in between kisses. He quickly jumped up off the bed and made his way to the closet where he had placed his things.

“What are you doing?” Belle asked once again concerned something was wrong.

“Well, I didn’t want to be too sure of myself about tonight,” Shawn told her as he rummaged around in a bag in the closet, “so I left these over here in case wouldn’t need them.” He said as he stood and returned to the bed with a box of condoms.

“Oh you’re going to need those,” Belle told him playfully, “and I’m more than ready to get started.”

“That can definitely be arranged.” Shawn smiled while opening the box and removing one of the condoms. He slid it on his very erect penis and lay back on the bed next to Belle. “Last chance to change your mind.”

“Not on your life,” Belle told him as she pulled him over making him be directly above her body.

Shawn took a moment to just gaze into her beautiful blue eyes. “Do you have any idea how much I love you or just how special you are to me?”

“I do because it’s the same way I feel about you,” Belle told him as she moved in to claim his lips.

Shawn moved into position and gently began to move into Belle’s sweet body. “Now sweetie please keep in mind this is going to hurt and if I could take that pain from you I would.”

“You are so sweet, and I appreciate you wanting to take the pain away, but to be with you is worth any amount of discomfort. Now please, I want to feel all of you inside me.” Belle moaned into his mouth.

That was all Shawn needed to hear as he made that plunge filling all of Belle. Her body immediately tensed up and she felt a tear escape her eye. Before it had a chance to fall too far, Belle felt Shawn’s thumb reach up and brush it away.

“I love you,” he whispered to her as he began slowly moving hoping he wasn’t causing her any more pain.

“Oh Shawn,” Belle said. “This is amazing, you’re amazing, and I love you too,” she somehow managed to get out. The whole experience was ending much too quickly as she felt her first climax overtake her body. “SSSHHHHAAAWWWNNN!”

“What sweetie?” he asked as he slightly moved down to feast on her breasts once again. Her eyes were ablaze with passion and she was smiling so brightly. Seeing her like this was driving him crazy and he knew he wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. Thank goodness they had all night to be together, heck, they had the rest of their lives.

With thoughts of bringing pleasure to Belle on his mind, he quickly made one final driving thrust into her and lost all control of his body. His normally strong arms had turned to jelly and he laid on top of Belle for just a moment to get his strength back. He began to move off her small frame when he felt her arms wrap around him tighter.

“Honey, I have to be crushing you. I’m not leaving, just moving to make things more comfortable for you,” Shawn smiled down at her while placing a little kiss on her nose.

“Okay, but you promise to still hold me?” Belle asked sounding like a small child.

“All night long,” Shawn told her while pulling her in to his chest to catch a little sleep before they made their way to round two and closer to their forever.

Chapter Thirty-Two (NC-17)

Belle slowly began to move in the big bed, which suddenly seemed like a waste since she and Shawn were only using such a small part. She immediately began to blush as she thought back on their evening. It has been so amazing, from the dinner right down to the first, second and third time they had made love. Not sure how to deal with “the morning after”, Belle slowly pulled herself out of Shawn’s strong hold. She found his tux shirt lying on the floor by the bed so she picked it up and put it on, loving that it still smelled like him. Giving Shawn one last longing glance, she turned and went out to the balcony to let the wind blow her hair. She noticed that at some point in the night they had reached their destination as the ship has docked in port. Belle couldn’t believe how clear and blue the water was or how white the sand was. She couldn’t wait for their day on shore. It was going to be perfect, she thought as her mind drifted quickly from their plans for today and turned to thoughts of her memories of last night.

After they had slept for an hour or so, Belle began to wake up when she felt Shawn’s hands running up and down her back. She instantly smiled because she knew he was awake and that he was trying to wake her up as well. “Hmm, I take it you’re awake,” Belle asked while smiling and running her fingers up and down his chest.

“I feel wonderful, how about you?” Shawn asked.

“I feel pretty good,” Belle told him truthfully. While she had immensely enjoyed making love to Shawn, it has hurt a little. She knew it would get better each time after, she just hoped Shawn would want to make love again.

Shawn immediately heard the doubt in her voice, so he eased her off him and turned so he could look directly in her eyes. “Talk to me,” he told her while running his thumb on her cheek.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean, you’re not being totally honest with me,” Shawn told her. “I want to know what you are thinking and feeling.”

“Well,” Belle started, “I guess I’m just nervous.”

“About what?” Shawn asked totally confused.

“Shawn, we’ve just made love for the first time,” Belle told Shawn shyly. “I guess I’m just afraid that it wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Oh honey, look at me,” Shawn told her when Belle had turned away from him. “You are all I have ever wanted and what we just did was so wonderful, I can’t wait until we can do it again, and again, and again,” he said as he moved in to place a kiss on her sweet lips.

“You aren’t just telling me that to make me feel better are you?”

“No I’m not and just to show you…” Shawn told her as he moved in to shower Belle’s body with love once again. He paid special attention to her beautiful breasts before he once again moved down to her hidden treasure. He moved his finger up and down her fold totally avoiding touching her clit, which he knew she desperately wanted him to. Shawn then moved his fingers in her body and knew that Belle was going crazy with her desire.

“Sshhhaaawwnnn,” Belle moaned.

“What sweetie? I just want you to believe me when I tell you I want you and only you,” Shawn told her as he continued to move his finger in and out of her glorious body.

“Ohh, I think I’m beginning to see that,” Belle somehow got out.

“Good,” Shawn told her and quickly had Belle experiencing her first climax of this round of loving.

They continued learning each other’s bodies and finally ended up coming together as one another time. In Belle’s mind it was even better than the first and she somehow found the courage to tell Shawn that truth. “Shawn that was so wonderful and even better than the first.”

“And it’s only going to get better every time after,” Shawn told her as he placed a kiss on her lips, and he had been right. The third time this morning as the sun was coming up had passed the other two.

Belle sighed as she thought of the care Shawn had taken with her body making sure that everything was perfect. It was going to be an amazing end to their wild vacation and she couldn’t wait.

Just as that thought crossed her mind she felt a pair of arms reach around her body and Shawn’s head snuggle in her neck. “You know, I’ve already decided I don’t like waking up alone,” he whispered in her ear.

“Hmm,” Belle mumbled still somewhat lost in her thoughts and enjoying the feel of being wrapped in Shawn’s arms.

“Belle?” Shawn asked when she didn’t respond to him. “Please tell me you don’t have regrets about what we did last night?” Shawn asked immediately concerned. He wasn’t sure he would be able to live with himself if he did something to hurt Belle.

Belle turned right away to look Shawn in the eye. “No Shawn Douglas, I have not one regret about our activities last night or this morning,” Belle told him blushing. “I was actually just standing here remembering our second and third times.”

“Hmm, those were pretty great weren’t they,” Shawn smirked as he leaned in to give her a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her petite body and held on for dear life as he continued to shower her with kisses.

“Hey you two, come up for air,” they heard from the next balcony over. They knew right away who it was and Belle burst out in a fit of giggles. “Hi Meems,” Belle chuckled. “How are you today?”

“Probably not as good as the two of you, but I’m really good and look at the beautiful sight we have awaiting us this morning,” Mimi rambled on in her typical Mimi fashion.

“Yes it is, Mimi. So where’s Rex?” Shawn asked helping Belle recover from her embarrassment.

“He’s in the shower. We were just going to call you to meet up before heading to short, but I thought I heard voices out here, so I came to check and ended up just hearing a lot of kissing going on.” Mimi finished.

“Okay Mimi, we get the idea,” Belle told her still blushing. “We’ll change and get ready then meet you say in an hour?” Belle asked trying to move her friend along.

“Sounds good, we’ll come knocking, just make sure the boat isn’t rocking,” Mimi told them laughing uncontrollably at her own joke.

“Cute Meems, very cute,” Belle told her as she grabbed Shawn’s hand and pulled him in the cabin. “So can I take my shower first?” Belle asked as she mindlessly pulled things together for their day on shore.

“Oh I was thinking you could definitely shower first as long as you are up for some company,” Shawn told her sexily as he grabbed her from behind.

“Shawn,” Belle said trying to act mad. “We have to get ready!”

“We will,” Shawn told her kissing her neck. “But I really need some help.”

“Somehow I don’t think help is what you need,” Belle told him as she let him pull her toward the bathroom while he made quick work of the buttons on his shirt.

“You know, I’ve decided my shirt looks much better on you than it does on my, but I’m also very into you with nothing on,” Shawn told her while moving his eyebrows up and down.

“You are so bad,” Belle said giggling as Shawn finished unbuttoning the shirt and pushing it off her shoulders.

“Hmm, but it’s so much fun,” he told her as he brought her into the bathroom and up against his chest. He couldn’t hold out any longer so he brought his lips down on hers for a passionate kiss.

Belle wasn’t quiet sure how it happened but they did manage to get their shower and get ready for their day onshore before Mimi and Rex knocked. It had been incredibly difficult though as they made love in the shower and then once when they got out. Shawn had lovingly washed her somewhat sore body and taking great care he washed her golden hair on both her head and below.

He was distracting Belle once again by kissing her neck and exposed shoulder when they heard the knock on the door. “Why can’t they just leave us alone?” Shawn mumbled into her neck.

“They have,” Belle said laughing lightly pushing Shawn away. “It’s not their fault you just can’t get enough.”

“I sure can’t and just so you know, that will never change.” Shawn told her as he turned her a placed a quick kiss on her lips totally leaving Belle dazed as he went to let their friends in the room.

“Hey guys,” Shawn said as Rex and Mimi walked in the room.

“Hey yourself,” Mimi said, “it took you long enough to answer the door.”

“Calm down, Mimi,” Rex said trying to soothe her.

“I’m just anxious to get onshore. I need to seriously work on my tan before we have to leave day after tomorrow.”

“All right Meems calm down,” Belle told her friend too. “We are all ready, I just have to get Shawn to carry the beach bag.”

“Me? Why do I have to carry the heavy bag?” Shawn asked trying to act hurt and shocked.

“I thought you knew,” Belle started trying to control her laughter, “that’s the only thing you’re good for, carrying my bags.”

Shawn quickly walked over to Belle who was standing next to the bag and leaned into her ear to whisper, “That’s not what you said last night or again this morning.”

Belle could only cough and stare at Shawn with her wide blue eyes. “We better get going so we don’t miss that bus to the beach.”

“Finally!” Mimi excitedly said. “Paradise here we come!”

“Hmm, I don’t think so,” Belle mumbled under her breath. “I’ve found paradise and it wasn’t on a beach.”

“Did you say something honey?” Shawn asked as they all made their way out of the cabin and toward the elevator.

“Um, no. Just thinking to myself,” Belle smiled while blushing uncontrollably.

“Care to share with the rest of the group?” Shawn asked knowing Belle was thinking about their time together last night because of the color in her cheeks.

“No that’s okay,” Belle told him giving him a death stare to go with her words. “It isn’t important.”

“Okay, just checking,” Shawn added while grinning like a fool as the four got in the elevator and the doors closed. Yeah his life was pretty perfect right now, and it was only going to get better.
The foursome had made the bus for the daylong trip to the beach without any worry. It took them just a few minutes ride before they were pulling up to the beautiful resort that the ship owned. The hotel by itself was magnificent but it was the two pools and sparkling white sand that Belle and Mimi immediately fell in love with. The girls headed to the beach to find just the right spot for their sunbathing and began to get things ready. Belle spread out a large blanket while Mimi set up the radio and all the different suntan lotions she had brought. Rex and Shawn just stood off to the side with their arms folded laughing at their girlfriends.

“What do you say to leaving these sunning goddesses and take a swim?” Shawn asked Rex.

“Sounds good to me and I’m sure they won’t even notice,” Rex told him as he pulled off his tank top and slipped out of his shoes. “Race ya?” Rex challenged when he saw they were both ready for their time in the ocean.

“Just catch up,” Shawn yelled as he took off running.

Shawn had been the winner into the ocean and Rex had been right, the girls didn’t even notice they were alone. They were lying on the blanket on their stomachs catching the warm rays of the sun. The girls were just about to turn over when Belle felt her back suddenly getting wet. She jumped and rolled over only to find Shawn standing over her shaking his head like a dog, spraying Belle with droplets of water.

“Hey what do you think you’re doing?” Belle screeched.

“Making sure you’re still alive there princess,” Shawn said laughing.

“Well you could have just asked instead of covering me with water,” Belle said while pouting.

“Oh poor baby are you all wet?” Shawn asked further teasing Belle. It did the trick though as Belle shot up to stand right in front of Shawn.

“Listen here mister,” Belle started while pushing her finger into his chest. Shawn took the opportunity to scoop her up in his arms.

“Shawn Douglas,” Belle said while laughing.

“Yes sweetie?” Shawn asked her as he started walking with Belle in his arms down toward the water.

“What are you doing?”

“You looked really hot and I thought you needed to cool down,” Shawn said as he moved into the water up to his waist.

“Don’t you dare drop me in this water,” Belle told him as she held on to him for dear life.

“Now Belle would I do a thing like that?” Shawn asked innocently.

“Yes,” was all Belle managed to get out as she felt her body flying through the air and landing in the cool water of the ocean. Luckily she had managed to get her mouth closed before too much of the salt water made it in her mouth.

Belle finally surfaced and the only thing she heard as she pushed her hair out of her eyes was Shawn’s laughter. “So you think that was funny, do you?” Belle asked as she made her way over to where Shawn was standing.

He was laughing so hard he couldn’t even speak. “Yes it was pretty funny,” he finally managed to get out as Belle wrapped her body around him. Shawn Immediately stopped laughing at the feel of Belle’s sweet body pressed so tightly against his.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Brady?” Belle asked innocently. “You don’t find my dunking quiet so funny any more?”

“You aren’t being fair,” Shawn groaned.

“Like you were being fair when you dropped me earlier,” Belle replied still smirking at him.

“Mmm,” was all Shawn managed to get out before he moved in to claim Belle’s lips. He couldn’t get enough of her and the feel of her body as well as the water was making him quickly go insane.

“Do you know how bad I want you right now?” he asked in between kisses.

“If it’s even half as much as I want you, we’re both in trouble!”

“We’re in big trouble.” Shawn said as he kissed her over and over. His hands made their way up her body and under the top of her blue bikini. He found her extended nipple and ran his thumb over it causing Belle to moan into his mouth.

“Oh Shawn, I need you so bad,” she told him.

“I know baby. I feel the same way so let’s see how sneaky we can be,” Shawn said as he moved his hand down from Belle’s breast to the inside of the bottom of her suit. He did his best to move her suit down her legs so that he could gain better access to her most hidden spot that was now all his.

Belle came out of the fog she was in and gently pushed away from Shawn’s body. “Sweetie, we can’t do this.”

“Yes we can, because I can’t wait any longer. It’s been a long lonely morning without you.” Shawn told her as he brought her body to his and started kissing her neck.

“Oh Shawn, I want you too,” Belle said letting Shawn take over.

“Just stay pressed up against me and no one will know what we’re doing I promise.” Shawn reassured her.

“I can’t do this,” Belle told him blushing uncontrollably while she pushed away from Shawn and found her footing in the water. “I love you and I want to be with you, but I just can’t do it out here in front of everyone. I’m sure you think I’m crazy now….”

“Oh Belle,” Shawn said as he pulled her toward him to place her in his arms. “I’m the one that’s crazy and I’m sorry I asked you to do that. You aren’t the least bit crazy and in fact, you seem to be the sane one between us. You are so right that we can’t do this here. I don’t want to risk us being interrupted because we both know, once I get started with you, nothing can take me away.” Shawn finished while chuckling.

“That’s the truth!” Belle added while laughing herself. “But you know, I did happen to notice a nice secluded spot just down the beach,” Belle said while doing a little bobbing of her own eyebrows for a change.

“Why Miss Black, what ever is going through that devilish mind of yours?”

“How about we go back, grab some lunch and then take a little walk together, alone, and see what happens?” Belle asked as this time she was the one placing kisses on Shawn’s neck.

“Have I told you lately I love the way you think?”

“No, but you can show me when we’re alone.”

“Let’s go!” Shawn said as he picked her up once again and carried her back to the blanket where Rex and Mimi had already started on their lunch. Their afternoon was just beginning...

Chapter Thirty-Three (NC-17)

Lunch passed with many lighthearted moments with the guys teasing the girls and the girls acting as though they were hurt. After they had had their hamburgers, Belle looked at Shawn to gage if he still wanted to take that walk. She was instantly pleased when he indicated he did, so they said their goodbyes and headed off down the beach. They hadn’t gone too far until they saw a clear walkway made in the trees. Belle pulled Shawn down the path and much to both of their surprises they came upon a lagoon much like the one where they had shared their first kiss in Puerto Rico.

“Oh Shawn,” Belle said amazed as she turned to look at Shawn.

“I think this is fates way of telling us it’s time I gave you those moons and stars, even though it is daylight,” Shawn told her as he pulled her to him and kissed her passionately.

The kisses continued until both Belle and Shawn were breathless. When they finally came up for air, Belle used that time to lead Shawn into the very warm water of the lagoon. The minute they had found their footing their bodies came together and they were finally able to make good on their passion from earlier in the day. They made love in the water not caring if anyone might happen upon them because they were so lost in each other and their love.

“Hmm,” Shawn moaned into Belle’s sweet lips as he was trying to come back to earth after their amazing lovemaking.

“Yeah, I think that about covers it,” Belle said giggling at the dazed look on Shawn’s face.

“That was even better than I have imagined after all these years.”

“You’ve dreamed about it?” Belle asked slightly shocked that Shawn would have thought about them being together.

“Of course I have. I love you and I’ve just wanted to make you happy, so I’ve dreamed about doing just that,” Shawn told her kissing her once again.

“I love you too,” Belle told him returning his kiss and making her tongue fight with his to gain access to his mouth. As she moved closer to Shawn’s body she instantly felt his manhood grow. “Why Mr. Brady, are you already for more?”

“I’m always ready for more with you,” Shawn said sexily.
“Well as much as I would love to do that again, I think we probably should put ourselves back together and head back. We’ll be leaving soon.” Belle reluctantly told him.

“You’re probably right. Besides the sooner we call home the more likely they won’t interrupt something important later tonight.” Shawn told her slightly laughing.

Belle found her bikini bottoms on a nearby rock and Shawn’s trunks floating not too far from there. She couldn’t help but blush and giggle when she thought about what they had just done.

“What’s so funny?” Shawn asked her as he started to put his swim trunks back on.

“I just can’t believe what we just did, that’s all.”

“Are you sorry?” Shawn asked concerned.

“Not on your life, but I’ve never done anything so daring before in my life.” Belle told him truthfully as she readjusted her suit and made her way to the waters edge.

“I do have to say you are pretty good at being daring then and I love that I can bring out that side of you.” Shawn told her as he reached her on the shore.

“I’m sure you are,” Belle said laughing and moving closer to Shawn to plant her lips on his. No matter how many times they had made love, she still couldn’t get enough of him and she hoped that never changed.

Shawn and Belle made their way back to their spot on the beach and found that Rex and Mimi had packed everything up and were getting ready to head back toward the bus.

“Hey there you are!” Mimi said exasperatedly. “We thought we were going to have to leave you here.”

Shawn and Belle just grinned at each other sure that it probably wouldn’t have been a bad thing to be left on this special place. “Never fear, Meems, we’re back and ready to head back to the ship. So what’s on tap for tonight?” Shawn asked as they made their way to the bus.

“I’m thinking some dinner and then we’ll see,” Belle answered while keeping her eye on Shawn to see what his reaction would be to her last statement.

“Sounds good,” Mimi said. “We’ll change and get ready when we get back and then head to dinner. I’m starving!”

“Are you sure it’s food you’re hungry for?” Rex whispered in her ear.

“Hmm, maybe it will take me a little longer than normal to get ready tonight,” Mimi told him while placing a kiss on his lips. “I’m sure those two won’t mind in the least,” Mimi told him laughing as she looked at Shawn and Belle who were doing their own version of lip lock.

“Nope, they won’t care at all,” Rex told her as they all boarded the bus and headed back to the ship.
The two couples made it back to the boat and decided they would meet up in a few hours in time for a late dinner at 8 o’clock. Shawn and Belle used the time to catch a short nap and rest up for more activities later tonight. Shawn was the first to wake up a while later. He looked down at the beauty that was wrapped in his arms. He was one very lucky man and he offered up a prayer of thanks for giving her to him and he promised to always protect her. He kissed her forehead and pulled himself out of her hold. Picking up his cell phone and pulling on a pair of boxer shorts, he made his way to the balcony to place his daily phone call home.

He was telling his mom and dad about most of his and Belle’s activities that day when he felt the softest arms in the world wrap around his waist and start placing little kisses on his back. He immediately turned around so that he could look into her eyes and convince her to stop at least while he was on the phone.

“Yeah Mom, I’m still here,” Shawn said not catching anything his mother had just asked him. “I just was lost in thought there for a minute.” He said trying to recover. He narrowed his eyes at Belle begging her for mercy, and she just looked at him and giggled.

“We are having a good time, and I promise we have been very careful,” Shawn told her trying to ease her motherly fears. “Do you want to talk to Belle just to hear her side of it?” Shawn asked thinking that it would be payback if nothing else!

Of course Hope wanted to check on Belle for herself, so she readily took Shawn up on his offer to talk to her. Shawn handed her the phone and looked as though he was going to just go back into the cabin. Just as Belle moved up to the railing and began talking to Hope, Shawn moved in and placed his arms around her waist and started kissing her neck. He quickly realized that she didn’t have anything on under his shirt that she had put on and that just made him wish even more that she wasn’t on the phone with his mother.

Belle somehow managed to carry on the conversation with Hope not letting on to either Shawn or Hope exactly how much Shawn was driving her crazy. She knew she was going to have to end this call soon because she had other plans for the time they had left before they were to meet Rex and Mimi. “Okay, Hope, I guess we should get ready for dinner. We’ll see you the day after tomorrow when we get home.”

“Okay sweetie, enjoy the rest of your cruise and give that son of mine a kiss from me,” Hope told Belle secretly smiling to herself.

“I will, don’t worry! Bye,” Belle said while she hung up the phone. The minute that she hit the end button, she turned in Shawn’s arms and pushed him back into the cabin and onto the bed. “So Shawn Douglas, what do you have in mind for this evening?” Belle asked him sexily while laying on top of him.

“Just wishing that we didn’t have to go to dinner with Rex and Mimi that’s for sure!” Shawn said as he moved in to claim Belle’s lips as his own once again.

“Oh, I almost forgot, this is from your mother,” Belle told him as she placed her lips on his and quickly gained passage into his mouth and moved her tongue all around.

Once the kiss finally ended Shawn stared up at Belle and started laughing. “Well, I can tell you I’ve never had a kiss like that from my mother, but I think I’ll be sure to let her know that from now on, you are more than welcome to pass those kisses on to me from her!”

“You are hopeless! But I wouldn’t have to be this way if you weren’t so darn sexy all the time,” Belle told him giggling right back. “Okay, let’s go get ready, it’s almost time for dinner. I’m calling the shower first.”

“Oh no, I’m calling the shower together,” Shawn told him as he pushed her up and carried her off to the bathroom and to the shower.
The two couples once again shared a romantic dinner together enjoying all of their time away and already starting to dread that they would be heading back to Salem the day after tomorrow.

“You know, I wasn’t too sure about how much fun I was going to have on this cruise when you convinced me to come Mimi, but I must say that things have turned out better than even my wildest dreams!” Belle told her friend during their dessert.

“Even with the whole kidnapping incident?” Mimi asked.

“Even with, that one little glitch will never take away all the wonderful memories that Shawn has worked to bring to me.”

“Well, I’m glad,” Shawn said as he leaned over to place a kiss on her lips. “You know that chocolate tastes much better on you than it does off my spoon.”

“You are hopeless!” Belle said laughing.

“So what are we going to do with the rest of our evening?” Mimi asked bringing the lovebirds back to earth.

“Well, I would love to go and do some dancing,” Belle said smiling brightly. “So how about we go to the dance club?”

“No way,” Shawn said before Belle even had a chance to get the rest of her sentence out.

“Why not?” Belle asked totally confused.

“Do I have to remind you of what happened the last time we were there?”

“Shawn, honey, nothing is going to happen to me just because we go back to the dance club.” Belle told him as she grabbed his hand.

“I don’t care, we aren’t taking the chance.”

“Shawn, don’t you think you’re being a little difficult?” Mimi asked.

“No Mimi I don’t. I promised not only myself but also John and my father that nothing would happen to Belle. Going back to that dance club can only mean trouble.”

“Sweetie, if I promise not to leave your side the entire evening, will you agree?” Belle asked trying to soothe him and get him to agree.

“Well…” Shawn said starting to slightly give in to the idea.

“No matter where you go, I’ll be right there. If I have to go to the restroom, we leave and we go back to our cabin for the night. Deal?” Belle said while batting her eyelashes at him, knowing that this was definitely working on him.

“You promise you won’t leave my side?”

“I promise and I’ll even seal it with a kiss,” Belle said as she leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Shawn said knowing he was a goner. “I just worry so much about you.”

“I know, and I appreciate it. You are just going to have to deal with the fact that we aren’t always going to be able to be with each other, especially when we get home and have to go back to classes.”

“I guess, doesn’t mean I have to like it though,” Shawn said looking at her lovingly.

“Well, it will get easier I promise,” Belle told him while rubbing his cheek. “So, let’s get out of here,” she said as she turned and looked at the rest of the group.

“Let’s go,” Rex said as he grabbed Mimi’s hand and the four walked out of the restaurant.

They arrived at the dance club after their short moonlight stroll to find that it wasn’t too busy so they were still able to find a table. Shawn and Belle immediately went to the dance floor and started the next part of their evening together while dancing to Christopher Cross singing about Sailing. It was the first of many songs that found them wrapped in each other’s arms tuning out the rest of the world.

Finally around one in the morning, the group decided that they would call it a night and return to their cabins. Making plans to meet up in the morning to spend their last day together, they said good night and found themselves in their own cabins, taking full advantage of being alone with the night in front of them.

Chapter Thirty-Four

Belle was the one to awake first the next morning. Her thoughts immediately went to last night and how she and Shawn had managed to make love two more times when they returned to the cabin after their night of dancing. It was certainly going to be hard to go back to Salem tomorrow and know that she wouldn’t be spending every waking moment with him, but it was not spending those non-waking moments with him that she dreaded the most. She was doing a good job of keeping up a good front, but she knew without Shawn holding her every night, she was sure there would be nightmares about being kidnapped. He was her rock and was doing his very best to keep her mind off her ordeal. Glancing down at him she placed a soft kiss on his lips and eased out of his tight hold. She picked up his shirt from its place on the floor and put it on. Inhaling the scent that was all Shawn, she instantly felt safe and protected as though he was wrapping his arms around her himself. Maybe this was just what she would need to get through those lonely nights, one of Shawn’s shirts. While it would never take the place of his warm caring arms, it would certainly help. She also knew at that very moment she was going to talk to Shawn about getting an apartment together this summer. Sure their parents probably wouldn’t like it, but they could always work on them. Immediately feeling better all ready, Belle decided to go for a run. She quickly changed into a pair of running shorts and a tank top. She scribbled a quick note to Shawn and took off, never seeing her note fall under the edge of the chair by the couch.

An hour later Shawn rolled over and realized the sheets next to him were cold. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that he was in fact alone. “Belle?” he asked as he moved to get up. “She must be out on the balcony again.” He got up, pulled his boxers on and grabbed a rose from the bouquet on the dresser to give to her. He opened the door to the balcony and was surprised that his love was not standing there looking out to sea. He quickly turned and thought maybe she was in the bathroom, but that door was wide open. Trying not to panic but failing miserably he made his way to the door planning on seeing if possibly Belle was next door with Mimi. He pounded on the door waiting for someone to answer. Rex finally opened the door clearly having just gotten out of bed.

“Hey Shawn, I didn’t think we were meeting until later.”

“Is Belle here?” Shawn asked not answering or even acknowledging Rex.

“Uh no, Meems and I are still sleeping and might I suggest you do the same,” Rex said slowly loosing his patience with Shawn.

“You haven’t seen Belle this morning?”

“No Shawn, why?” Mimi asked as she joined Rex at the door.

“Because she’s not in our cabin. Oh god, what if she’s been taken again? I promised her dad I wouldn’t let anything happen to her and now just two days later something has.” Shawn said as he ran his hands through his hair totally frustrated.

“Shawn look, calm down. I’m sure she just went for a walk or something,” Rex said trying to calm Shawn down.

“Calm down? You expect me to calm down?” Shawn yelled.

“Okay look, we know you’re upset. Let us get dressed and we’ll come over and help you look for her. She didn’t happen to leave a note did she?” Mimi asked trying to help the situation.

“A note? I don’t know I didn’t look,” Shawn admitted a little more calmly.

“Yeah, you know Belle, she always leaves a note when she’s going somewhere. I’m sure she did this time too,” Mimi reassured him. “Go start looking and we’ll be right there.”

“Okay thanks and I’m sorry I yelled,” Shawn said sheepishly.

“It’s fine. We know after everything that has happened you have a right to worry, but I’m sure everything is fine,” Mimi said placing a hand on his shoulder.

With that Shawn turned and made his way back to his cabin. He looked around the room for a note but found nothing. If he was honest with himself he didn’t feel that sudden dread that he felt the last time when she had been kidnapped. The room was in perfect order, so she hadn’t had a struggle so that was a plus. Trying to think like Belle to figure out if a note had been left somewhere, he began a more thorough search of the room. He was searching around the bed when he heard the door open. Jumping up immediately, he was slightly depressed that it was only Rex and Mimi.

“Any luck?” Rex asked.

“No, but I’m still looking,” Shawn said turning to start searching again.

“Okay we’ll look over here,” Mimi said while beginning her search by the couch. Rex was looking by the table when he heard Mimi screech in excitement. “Ah ha, I knew she would leave a note. I believe this is for you,” Mimi said handing the note to Shawn.

He quickly read the paper Mimi had handed him.

Hey sexy,

You were sleeping so soundly I didn’t have the heart to wake you sweetie. I was feeling so good this morning I had to go for a run. Hopefully I’ll be back before you even wake up, but if not, don’t worry, I’ll be careful! I love you Shawn Douglas and you are my world.

All my love,

Shawn had just finished reading the last line when the door of the cabin opened and in walked Belle, drenched in sweat but never looking more beautiful to him. “Oh thank god!” Shawn exclaimed as he moved to pull her into his arms.

“Honey what’s wrong?” Belle asked trying to get her breath in Shawn’s death grip.

“Don’t mind him Belle, he just woke us up because he thought someone had taken you again,” Mimi filled her in.

“But I left a note,” Belle said while pushing Shawn away.

“It was under the chair and we just found it,” Shawn told her while gently running his thumb on her cheek.

“Oh Shawn, I’m so sorry, I guess the wind must have knocked the note under the chair. I just felt so good this morning I wanted to go for a run, I was really hoping I would be back before you even got up.” Belle told him staring into his eyes.

Shawn moved in to kiss her lips relieving all of his tension from the morning. Belle held on to him as tightly as she could during the kiss speaking her sorrow for his pain with her lips.

“Well, Rex I see we are no longer needed here,” Mimi said loudly while trying to get the other couples’ attention.

“Sorry Meems,” Belle said somehow pulling herself away from Shawn. “Why don’t we all get cleaned up and head to the pool for the day? After all Meems, it’s the last day we have to work on our tans,” Belle said smiling brightly to her friend.

“Oh please don’t remind me we have to return to reality tomorrow,” Mimi whined. “But since we do, a day at the pool is just what I have to have. We’ll meet you there in say an hour?”

“Sounds good,” Belle said while following the pair to the door.

The minute that Mimi and Rex were out the door, she slowly turned to face Shawn. He was just staring at her and while she saw the love in his eyes, she also still saw his worry. “Shawn,” Belle started only to see Shawn raise his hand. She was immediately concerned that they were never going to be able to get over this crazy mess.

“I’m the one that’s sorry,” Shawn told her as he moved closer to her. “I overreacted, but it’s just going to take me a while to get over the fear of loosing you, what am I talking about, I’m never going to get over that fear because I can’t live without you.” He told her as he placed a kiss on her lips.

“Then let’s make a deal,” Belle told him in between kisses. “I won’t leave again without making sure you know where I’m going and if I have to leave a note, I’ll tape it to your forehead,” Belle said giggling.

“Deal,” he told her also laughing, “and I’ll try not to act crazy when I can’t find you again.”

“Perfect, but somehow I think you’ll have some trouble with that last part,” she said while brushing his hair out of his eyes. “So, I’m going to go take a quick shower and put my suit on so that we aren’t late meeting Rex and Mimi.”

“Okay, I’m going to go ahead and call my parents then that will only leave calling yours later,” Shawn told her still touching her cheek. He knew he was nuts this morning, but the fear of loosing her was more than he could handle, but he had a plan to help ensure Belle was in his life forever and it was time to put it in motion.

Belle emerged from the bathroom a short time later to find that Shawn was just finishing his call home. “So everything okay at home?” Belle asked.

“Yeah, I think mom’s ready for us to come home tomorrow.”

“Hmm, somehow I don’t think I’m as ready to go home as they are to have us there,” Belle said bushing her damp hair.

“I know what you mean,” Shawn said walking up to her. “I’ve enjoyed being with you 24/7 and I don’t want to go back to not being with you all the time.”

“I have all the faith that we will figure something out,” Belle told him lovingly still trying to figure out how to convince everyone they were old enough to live together. She knew they could make it work and they would spend the rest of the spring making their plans, but today was for them to enjoy the last day of vacation and fun in paradise. “Okay baby, go get that sexy butt moving. I’m ready to hit that pool!”

“All right, but just so you know, its no fun showering along any more.”

“Trust me, I just experienced that for myself, I know what you mean,” Belle told him smiling as she watched him disappear into the bathroom to get ready.
Shawn and Belle made their way up to the sun deck to find that Rex and Mimi had already staked out a spot and Mimi was intently working on her tan.

“Hey Meems, looking good on that tan there,” Belle said while she put her stuff down and began to take her cover-up off. She had purposefully worn the skimpy bikini she wore the first day of the cruise just to tempt Shawn. Her planned had worked when she heard Shawn’s sharp intake of breath the minute she placed her shirt on the chair next to Mimi.

“Um Belle?”

“Yes sweetie?” Belle asked playing dumb.

“Didn’t we discuss that suit the last time you wore it?”

“You might have mentioned something about it,” Belle started while crooking her finger and motioning him over to her. “I know you think other guys will be attracted to me but also look at the advantage of this suit for you,” Belle whispered in his ear.

Shawn sniffed Belle’s scent that she even managed to have while just wearing her swimsuit. “Are you going to help me enjoy this suit then?”

“If you’re a good boy I just might,” Belle said sexily while nibbling on his ear.

“Um Shawn?” Rex yelled. “Are you going to join me for that swim or play kissy face with my sister all day?”

“Hold your horses, I’ll be right there,” Shawn yelled back. “I’m just staking my claim and letting everyone here know you are taken!” he whispered into her neck.

“Don’t worry, I’m only looking for your eyes to be on me. Now go have fun and we’ll join you two in a little while,” Belle said placing a kiss on his lips and pushing him toward the pool.

“Okay just don’t forget that sunscreen. I don’t want you burning and not being able to enjoy our evening activities.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Belle said grinning.

As soon as Shawn was on his way Belle sat down in the chair next to Mimi and started putting on her sunscreen.

“This is so nice,” Mimi mumbled from her spot.

“Yes it is and I so don’t want to go home tomorrow, but I have a lot of plans that I need to get in place,” Belle said cryptically.

“Anything you care to share?” Mimi asked as she turned to better face her best friend.

Belle was slightly nervous to fill Mimi in on all of her thoughts at the moment but she had always told her everything, so why should now be any different. “I’m so happy I can’t stand it,” she started, “and I don’t want this feeling to ever end, so I’ve come up with an idea to keep it alive.”

“Okay, I’m curious, what’s this plan?”

“Shawn and I are going to get an apartment together,” Belle told Mimi without hesitation.

“Wow! And how do the two of you plan to convince your parents to let you live together?”

“Well, I haven’t actually talked to Shawn about this plan yet,” Belle sheepishly admitted.

“What?” Mimi screeched.

“Would you keep it down?” Belle asked immediately checking the pool making sure that the guys hadn’t heard Mimi. Luckily they were both working on their laps and neither had heard her. “I’m sure he’ll go for it but I want to have more plans worked out before I really talk to him about it,” Belle told Mimi.

“Belle,” Mimi started but quickly stopped when a thought popped in her head. “Wait! I have an even better idea.”

“Um, okay. What’s your idea?”

Mimi was so excited she jumped into a sitting position and moved her head closer to Belle’s. “Well, how about we get an apartment together and the guys get one in the same building.”

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind, Mimi.”

“No wait let me finish. We tell our parents we’re living together but really we switch roommates with the guys. Catch my drift?”

“Oh Meems this just might work!” Belle told her excitedly as the girls put their heads together and started working on how they were going to put their plan into motion.

Chapter Thirty-Five (NC-17)

Belle and Mimi had spent most of their afternoon making a list of everything they needed to do in order to get started on their living arrangement changes the minute they got back to Salem. The guys had come out of the pool a little later wanting to know what they were working on but the girls kept them at bay and quickly changed the subject. It had been the perfect way to spend their last afternoon on the ship before they had to begin getting ready to leave the next day. The group had decided to call it a day around four o’clock so that they could all change and get some packing done before dinner. Shawn and Belle had returned to the cabin and Belle quickly began moving about packing things up, a sure sign to Shawn that something was wrong.

“Hey beautiful, care to tell me what’s bother you?”

“No,” Belle answered quickly while continuing to pack.

“What happened to sharing everything with each other?” Shawn asked as he took a seat on the bed he had so enjoyed spending his nights with Belle in.

“It’s not that I don’t feel like I can tell you, it’s just you’ll think I’m crazy,” Belle admitted to Shawn as she finished placing her shoes in her suitcase.

“You know that isn’t true, now come over here and tell me what’s going on in that pretty head of yours.”

Belle reluctantly walked toward the bed and plopped down next to Shawn. He immediately put his arm around her and patiently waited for Belle to fill him in. “It’s just I’m scared,” Belle finally blurted out.

“About what?” Shawn sincerely asked while turning her to face him.

“I’m scared that this wonderful feeling we have on this ship won’t last when we get home.”

“Oh Belle,” Shawn said while lifting Belle’s chin so he could look her in the eyes. “If anything it’s only going to get better.”

“But how do you know that?” Belle asked. “For all we know we’re living in the moment here and nothing will be the same when we get home.”

“I don’t believe that and I know you don’t either here,” Shawn told her as he placed his hand on her heart. “Just look at all that we have been through and we’re still together and still loving each other. That isn’t going to go away just because we go back to Salem. We have proven over and over again that our love isn’t just some high school crush. We’re going to be together forever,” Shawn told her while thinking that Belle needed just what he had planned for her once they were home. “We are going to make it and be better than before!”

Belle was just so amazed that this man could make her feel this way. He always knew what it took to make her feel better and calm all of her fears with just the right words. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

“It’s just that I love you, that’s what makes me amazing, and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you,” Shawn told her kissing her lips. The kiss depended and Shawn gently pressed Belle back onto the bed.

As much as Belle wanted this special moment of passion to continue, she gently pushed Shawn up from on top of her. “Sweetie, I would love to continue this, but I think we should pause this and finish packing. That way, we have all night when we get back to pick this up where we are leaving off.”

“Hmm, you know this is very cruel to make me wait don’t you?”

“Well, you can punish me later, how does that sound?” Belle asked slyly.

“Seal that with a kiss and we’ll call it even,” Shawn told her bobbing his eyebrows up and down.

“Perfect,” Belle said as she moved in to kiss his lips sealing their deal and making the promise of things to come.
Shawn and Belle had managed to get most of their things packed and ready to go and still got ready for dinner just in time to meet Rex and Mimi. They sat down to a perfect candlelight dinner at a secluded area of the dining room, but Belle was finding it hard to keep her thoughts on her meal as Shawn totally was taking her breath away. When he had emerged from the bathroom in his navy suit, Belle had actually had to sit down. Of course he had rushed right to her side. She was so embarrassed to tell him her real reason for sitting down, but she managed to pull off her excuse to Shawn saying that she had dropped something and she had to look for it. Now she was just trying to keep her thoughts on her salad and the conversation around her.

“So, what’s the first thing you are going to do when you get home tomorrow?” Mimi asked the table as a whole.

“I’m going to give my brother the biggest hug and pack him around for a while,” Shawn told her grinning from ear to ear, just thinking about it.

“I think I’m going to go see Cassie,” Rex added quietly.

“Belle?” Mimi asked noticing that her friend seemed a thousand miles away.

Vaguely registering that they were talking to her, Belle snapped her head up and said, “what?”

“Where were you just now,” Shawn asked smiling at her.

“Just thinking,” Belle said as she immediately started blushing. There was absolutely no way that she could tell them where her thoughts had really been. She was just counting the minutes until she and Shawn were back in their cabin in that big king size bed, completely naked.

“About?” Rex asked totally confused by Belle’s attitude.

“Oh just how much I really don’t want to go home tomorrow,” Belle said still trying to cover. She made the mistake of looking at Shawn at that moment though and saw the glimmer in his eyes as though he knew she wasn’t telling the truth. Thankfully, he let it go and Belle used the opportunity to change the subject. “So what were we talking about?”

“I just wanted to know what you were going to do first when you got home,” Mimi filled her in.

“I guess I’m going to see my mom and dad. I think that mom is really worried that I didn’t come home with my dad, so I figure I better calm her fears and put in that visit first.” Belle told them smiling.

“I have a feeling they aren’t going to let any of us out of their sights anytime soon,” Shawn said smiling at Belle and moving his hand under the table to rest on her leg. He couldn’t help touching her and it didn’t matter that he couldn’t wait to get her all alone since he had no idea what would happen once they returned to Salem. Sure he had a plan in works, but he had no idea of what Belle would think when he filled her in.
The group finished their dessert and decided that they were all going to call it a night and go their separate ways. They made plans to meet for breakfast before they pulled in to port and caught their plane back to Salem.

Shawn used this opportunity to take Belle on a last moonlight stroll around the ship. He had just watched Rex and Mimi leave their sight when he took Belle’s hand and led her to the railing. “This has been an amazing week, even with the mishap in the middle,” Shawn told her as he ran his fingers through her long blonde curls that she had made just for him tonight.

“I know exactly what you mean,” Belle said moving her head into his hand. “Promise me something.”

“Anything,” Shawn answered without even having to think about it.

“Promise me that we will come back here for our honeymoon, whenever that may be,” Belle said shyly.

Shawn was shocked that Belle had mentioned this but he held his surprise in. “Of course we will, but why are you thinking about our wedding?”

“I think I’ve been thinking about our wedding since the moment you threw sand at me in the sandbox,” Belle said giggling. “Now by that I don’t mean to freak you out or anything either. Just because I think about our wedding doesn’t mean that I expect to get married tomorrow, but I do hope that there will be a wedding at some point in our future.”

“Oh I think there will be,” Shawn told her as he pulled her into his body and wrapped his arms around her. “I don’t want anything more than to make you my wife and have you with me forever.”

“I like the sound of that,” Belle told him as she moved to be able to place a kiss on his lips. “But you know what I like the sound of even more?”

“Hmm, hopefully it’s the same thing I’m thinking about right now.”

“It just might be if it involves us and one final night in that king size bed,” Belle said sexily into his ear as she placed kisses onto his neck.

“Yep, that’s what I had in mind. Let’s go!”
They had managed to cut their evening stroll short and get back to their cabin in record time. No matter how much Belle wanted to be with Shawn she was determined to make this time just as romantic as their first had been. She pulled herself away from his kisses and held him at arms length. “Shawn Douglas,” Belle tried to get his attention.


“Give me five minutes to get everything in order and then we can pick up where we are leaving off and then some!” Belle told him smiling brightly.

“Okay five but not a minute more,” Shawn told her knowing that he couldn’t deny her anything. “You go change and I’ll get everything ready out here.”

Belle turned and made her way to the bathroom to put on something sexy for him. She turned as she got to the door and blew him a soft kiss and smiling as brightly as she could.

Shawn quickly got to work on the cabin while Belle was away. He lit several candles from the other night all through the room and took a few of the roses that Belle had in her bouquet tearing the petals off to spread on the bed. He opened the door to the balcony letting in the ocean breeze and gave the room one final glance deciding that it would be perfect.

He stood next to the bed and stripped out of his suit down to his boxers. He had just finished putting his pants on the chair when he heard the bathroom door open. Shawn sharply drew in a breath as he saw the angel standing in front of him.

Belle had put on a simple sheer white negligee that fell just above her knees. There were thin spaghetti straps that he couldn’t wait to push off her shoulders. Her hair was flowing down her back still with the soft curls still noticeable and Shawn couldn’t wait to run his fingers through the silky tresses.

Belle saw that Shawn was holding his breath so she was pretty sure she made accomplished the desired effect she was going for with her outfit. She made her way over to him and ran her hands down his chest. “Remember to breath sweetie. I can’t have you passing out on me.”

Shawn blew out the breath he didn’t even realize he had been holding. “Yeah I guess that wouldn’t be too good would it?”

Belle didn’t wait any longer for mindless chit chat, they could do that until the cows came home, now was the time for her to make all of Shawn’s desires come true. She moved her hands to the waistband of his boxers and gently moved them down his legs. Once he was standing in front of her complete naked, she took the opportunity to get on her knees in front of him and pull his erection into her mouth. “Oh Belle,” Shawn moaned as Belle continued to move up and down his shaft. He moved his hands into her hair and pulled her face closer to him making sure that she didn’t stop this torment too soon.

Belle hoped that she was doing this to Shawn’s liking; she was very new to this still, but figured she must be doing something right because Shawn was moaning and had closed his eyes with an expression of pure joy on his face. She stopped momentary for a breath when she felt Shawn keep her from placing her mouth back on him. “Sweetie, as much as I am enjoying this, oh man am I enjoying this, we need to stop before it’s over too quickly.”

Belle just smiled at him as she got up off the floor to stand in front of him. As much as she loved pleasing him, she also felt the warm liquid that was forming between her legs and she was dying to feel him inside her. She pushed him back toward the edge of the bed and made him sit down. “That’s fine, just know that I show no mercy when it comes to loving you,” Belle told him in her sexiest voice.

“I think I already have experienced that several times,” Shawn told her chuckling. “And Miss Black, I do believe you are overdressed for this little party we are having.”

Shawn moved his hands up her legs and under the bottom of the negligee and continued upward until he found her warm waiting pert nipple. Just as his finger pinched, he heard the moan escape from Belle’s sweet lips. “Feel good?”

“You could say that,” Belle managed to get out.

“Good,” Shawn said as he continued to work his magic on her breasts. While he continued massaging her round orbs, he pulled her to him and laid her on the bed next to him. He pulled the negligee up over her head and on to the floor. Just taking the moment, he stared at her beautiful body memorizing every detail to get him through the long lonely nights he would have coming up without her. He knew no matter how many times they were together like this, it would always be like the first time for him because he continued to learn new things about her each time.

Belle began to feel self-conscious with Shawn staring at her for so long and moved her hands to try to cover herself up.

“No, don’t,” Shawn told her holding her hands away from her body. “I’m just memorizing your body so that I can pull up this picture any time I might need it.”

“Shawn,” Belle sighed.

“Shh, just let me finish,” Shawn told her as he took one last picture in his mind and moved in to places kisses on her neck. He nibbled his way down her shoulder all the way to her breasts. Having pleasured them with his hands only moments ago, it was now time for his mouth to show them how special they were. He lips found one nipple and gently sucked on it while he felt his erection continue to grow. Not knowing how much longer he was going to be able to last, he continued his downward path down Belle’s body. He reached the line on the top of her legs and he ran his tongue along the crease. Her body immediately came up off the bed and she burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

“Shawn!” Belle laughed.

“Yes sweetie?” Shawn loved how he could drive her crazy with just a touch, and hopefully that would always be the case.

“I want you inside me, please.”

“Well anything my lady wants, I aim to please,” Shawn said as he moved to make his body be above his. He reached to the bedside table and pulled one of the condoms out of the box he had kept there. “Looks like we might be making a stop to the drug store when we get home.”

Belle couldn’t stop laughing at that comment. “So are you going to buy the bonus pack?”

“Just might have to. You can’t seem to get enough of my body and I’m not going to be the one to stand in your way,” Shawn told her laughing himself as he placed the condom on his manhood. “Now, it’s time to stop laughing and move this evening along, don’t you think?”

“Most definitely,” Belle said as she reached up and pulled his head down to hers. Her lips found his and she quickly moved her tongue to gain entrance to his mouth. Their tongues began their dance as Belle felt Shawn at her entrance to her most hidden treasure. He moved his hand down to gently place himself and in a flash he entered her body enjoying the feel of Belle all around him. She was so tight but began to relax after Shawn had moved in and out of her a few times.

They both had the sensation of floating as they continued to move as one. Belle knew in that moment as she glanced into Shawn’s chocolate brown orbs that she would be with him for the rest of her life, and hopefully it wouldn’t be long before they were able to be together every night and make love whenever they wanted.

Shawn looked down into Belle’s eyes and saw all of her love gazing back up at him. He couldn’t wait to begin their life together was the last thought he had as he heard Belle scream his name as she came. Hearing her name from her at a time like this was his undoing he was following with her over the edge.

They both muttered their I love you’s to each other before they fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

Chapter Thirty-Six

Their week had come to an end much too quickly for the four’s liking but they were returning to Salem rested and tanned, although not as tanned as Mimi would have liked. Belle had awoken that morning to find that Shawn was standing out on the balcony talking on his cell phone. She pulled her robe on and headed out to join him to make sure that everything was all right. She hadn’t heard the phone ring, but after their night of endless loving, she probably wouldn’t have heard a bomb if it had been dropped on the ship. Once again they had taken a short nap only to wake up and make love again. Belle smiled to herself as she walked up behind Shawn and put her arms around his waist.

Shawn immediately stopped talking to who ever was on the phone when he felt Belle behind him. “Look mom, Belle’s up so we’re going to finish getting ready so that we can make the plane. Will be home this afternoon,” he said into the phone. “I love you too and I will.” Belle heard him tell her. She was suddenly sad that they weren’t going to be able to wake up together at least not every day, but hopefully that wouldn’t be the case for long.

“Good morning sexy,” she told him as he pushed end on his phone. “I was hoping that this morning I would be able to wake up in your arms. Is something wrong at home?”

“Nope, just had some things I needed to take care of, so I called mom to get her started on them before we got home.”

“What plans are you talking about?” Belle asked totally confused as to what was going on.

“Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about. Let’s just enjoy the last few hours we have before the madness sets in, and I for one need to take a shower,” Shawn said while bobbing his eyebrows up and down at her.

They ended their morning by taking that shower and not only making love in the shower but once more as they got out. Shawn had remarked that he felt that he was stocking up, but he didn’t mind in the least because he just couldn’t get enough of her.

Once they had finally gotten dressed, they finished their packing and met up with Mimi and Rex for their last breakfast on the ship. After eating they made their way to the bus that would take them to the airport to catch their plane. They all took some last pictures onboard and Belle knew immediately after the one taken with Shawn that it would quickly become one of her favorites of the two of the. Shawn was gazing down into her eyes as Belle looked up at him with her hand gently resting on his cheek.

The plane trip was uneventful and Belle had even managed to take a short nap trying to regain some of her lost energy from the night before and then their activities this morning. She felt Shawn squeeze her hand and place a kiss on her forehead. “Hey beautiful, we’re home.”

“Hmm, I don’t think I’m ready to go back to reality just yet,” Belle told him as she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“I know, but it won’t be that bad I promise,” Shawn told her running his finger along her cheek.

While Belle had been asleep Shawn had used that time to fill Rex and Mimi in on his plan. They were all going to convince Belle to head to the pub for a quick bite to eat before they went their separate ways to meet up with their families and she would never know that everyone would be waiting for them there. It hadn’t been too hard of a sell for Shawn to make to Belle. She told him she was hungry and that she wasn’t ready to be away from him just yet.

They arrived at the pub only to find that there was a closed sign on the door. Immediately concerned Belle turned to Shawn. “Is something wrong? Your grandparents never close during the day especially on the weekend.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing. Maybe Grandpa wanted to go fishing and Grandma didn’t have enough help without him to open today. Good thing they gave me a key some time ago,” Shawn said grinning like a fool as he unlocked the door. He gently pushed Belle in through the door in front of him. He hit the switch for the lights and head, “SURPRISE!”

Belle was totally shocked and Shawn just laughed at her dazed expression. Everyone came toward them and enveloped them in big hugs. While her mother hugged her tightly, she turned to Shawn and asked, “Did you plan this?”

“Maybe a little,” he replied laughing as his mom pulled her into her arms. “Thanks mom for all your help. Do you have the other thing I asked you to bring?” he whispered into her ear.

“It’s in my purse. When you’re ready, you just let me know and it’s all yours.” His mom told him smiling up at her son finding it so hard to believe that he was a man now. “I love you, just don’t forget that.”

“I could never forget that mom,” Shawn told her as he placed a kiss on her cheek. “Now where’s that brother of mine?”

They continued mingling around the room saying their hellos to all of their family and friends. It felt like it had been hours since Belle had seen Shawn or felt his touch. She was scanning the room looking for him when she heard his booming voice trying to get everyone’s attention. “Excuse me everyone, can I have your attention please?”

Belle smiled up at him not knowing what he was doing, but hoping that they would be able to be alone again soon.

“I know you think you have all come here today to welcome us home from our trip, but really there is another reason I asked my mom to put this little shindig together. As many of you know, Belle and I haven’t had the easiest time as relationships go, but it hasn’t stopped us in the least. We continued to fight for our love and often times for each other. I can’t imagine my life without her in it and I hope I never have to.” Shawn told everyone in the room but keeping his eyes totally focused on Belle. “Now I’m also sure that many of you still see us as those two little kids playing at the park, but in case you haven’t noticed, we have grown up.” That statement got a big laugh from the room and totally helped to calm Shawn’s frazzled nerves. “So since we are growing up, I have spent some time thinking about my future and where I see it going. I don’t have a future without Belle.” Shawn said still holding on to her gaze. He saw the tear trickle down her cheek as he made his way over to where she was standing.

“Isabelle Black, you are my world and I want you with me forever,” Shawn said as he reached for his hand and moved down on one knee.

Belle was openly crying by this point with a look of total shock on her face. “What are you doing Shawn?” she somehow managed to get out.

“I’m asking you to marry me, that’s what I’m doing.” Shawn told her smiling brightly up into her eyes. “So what do you say, will you make me the happiest man on earth and tell me that you will marry me?”

“Yes!” Belle said in between her tears. “Yes, I’ll marry you!” She screamed as she moved her arms around his neck and joined him on the floor to kiss him. The kiss was as though they were the only ones in the room. The kiss was slow, gentle and expressed all of the love that they shared for each other and made them totally oblivious to the cheering and happy hugs that were going on all around them.

When they finally came up for air, Shawn wiped the tears off Belle’s face and reached down into his pocket pulling out the black box that he had gotten from his mother earlier. “Well, I guess we need to make this official then,” Shawn said as he opened the box revealing to Belle a ring that he had made from one of the diamonds he had gotten on his 16th birthday from his parents. “I knew when I was 16 that you would be getting one of these diamonds, I just wasn’t ready to admit that then.” Shawn told her as he slid the ring on her finger. “Oh good, it’s a perfect fit!”

“Shawn, I don’t know what to say,” Belle managed to get out while staring at the beautiful ring Shawn had just placed on her finger. “I have dreamed of this moment for so long, I can hardly believe it’s finally here.”

“Well, I know we aren’t totally ready for marriage. I do plan for us to finish school and get our degrees and then we can be married, but I just wanted you and everyone else in this world to know that you were taken and that wasn’t going to change.”<br />

“I love you,” Belle said as she pulled him up to a standing position with her and placed another mind-blowing kiss on his lips.

“I love you too!”

“All right, all right, time for everyone else to get their hugs in here,” John said as he and Marlena made their way to their daughter’s side.

“Daddy?” Belle asked somewhat questioning what kind of mood her father was in. She knew he couldn’t be too happy that they were going to get married, but she was hopeful that he wouldn’t hold this against Shawn.

“Izzy, don’t worry. Shawn and I have already talked and everything is fine. He promised me that the two of you would finish school before you even think about getting married, and I plan to hold him to that!” John said as he pulled his daughter into a hug.

“What? How?” Belle asked looking back and forth between the two men.

“I talked to your dad one night when he called to check up on you. I asked him for your hand and he said he would agree on two conditions. One that we finished school and two that I would always love and protect you. Since I could handle both of those, we had a deal.” Shawn said chuckling lightly as he felt his father place his arm around his shoulders.

“Son, I’m so glad you are finally giving your mother the daughter she always has wanted,” Bo told his son smiling brightly.

“Thanks dad, I’m just glad she wants to be a part of our family. You know we can be pretty wild sometimes.”

That caused the whole room to erupt in more laughter and tears. “I think I’ll fit right in,” Belle told them as she ended her hug with her mother and turned to be wrapped in her future mother-in-law’s arms.

“I know you will,” Hope told her without a second thought. “And I can’t wait to start planning this wedding!”

“Mom, calm down, you have three years yet,” Shawn tried to reason with her.

“I know son, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get started,” Hope finished as Bo came over to her laughing. “Fancy Face, I think you are the one that is going to be hard to live with until they are married,” Bo told his wife as he wrapped her in his arms.

“Good luck Dad,” Shawn said as he was pulled away from Belle and passed around the room for all of his congratulations.

They finally met back up after they had both made their way around the room for hugs and tears from all of their family members. “Hmm, I’ve missed you,” Shawn whispered into her ear.

“I haven’t been far,” Belle told him giggling.

“You were out of my arms, that’s too far,” Shawn mumbled into her neck as he placed warm kisses there.

“What are you going to do when we can’t stay together at night or be together during the day when we are in class or we’re working?” Belle asked him.

“Be miserable I think!” Shawn said as he looked down into her eyes. “I do have plans to make sure that we don’t have to spend all of our time alone though, we just have to make it to the end of school.”

“Really?” Belle asked hoping that maybe she and Shawn were on the same wavelength. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, since we’re engaged, we can tell our parents that we should be able to live together,” Shawn began to fill her in on his thoughts, but Belle stopped him by placing her fingers over his mouth.

“Hold that thought,” Belle smiled to him. “Mimi and I have come up with an even better plan that will result in the same outcome, only our parents are sure to go for it even if we are engaged.”

“Okay, I’m intrigued.”

“Mimi and I are going to get a place together and you and Rex are going to get an apartment together in the same building. Then what our parents won’t know is that we have really switched roommates. Mimi will be with Rex and you Mr. Brady, will be with me.”

“I do like the way you girls think,” Shawn said moving in to place a kiss on her lips. “So any ideas where we are going to live?”

“Mimi and I plan to start working on it first thing in the morning,” Belle said smiling brightly at Shawn.

“Just let Rex and I know what we can do to help and we’re there.”

“Oh don’t worry, you get to help move!” Belle said throwing her arms around Shawn and giggling uncontrollably.

It was hard to believe that only a few days ago she had been held by two nut jobs, and if you had asked her if she would have experienced sex for the first time and gotten engaged since her rescue she would have thought that you were crazy. But all of those things had come true and Belle was happier than she had ever thought possible. She was moving in with her boyfriend, no scratch that, her fiancé and she couldn’t wait to start planning their lives together. Their cruise had brought them back together and even more in love than before, yeah life was pretty good these days.


Three Years Later

“So Mrs. Brady are you ready to start this honeymoon off?” Shawn asked as he carried his bride over the threshold into their cabin for the week ahead.

“Shawn, I can’t believe you were able to get the same cabin on the same boat,” Belle asked as she looked into her husband’s eyes.

“Hey I made a promise to you when we were here before that we would spend our honeymoon on this boat, so that’s what I did.”

“Well, I never dreamed all those years ago that you would actually remember to get the same cabin!”

“There isn’t a lot that I don’t remember when it comes to you,” Shawn told her while pressing his lips to hers. “I just want to make all your dreams come true.”

“They have ever since the day I said yes to your marriage proposal,” Belle told him lovingly.

“Not before that day?”

“Oh you know what I mean,” Belle playfully swatted at him. “Now put me down so that I can go out on that beautiful balcony.”

Belle made her way to the balcony and let her thoughts travel back to all the wonderful moments she and Shawn had shared since they were last here. Her and Mimi’s plan had worked beautifully and her dad had even allowed the girls to move into his old loft that was vacant since Brady had moved in with his grandfather. The best part was that the guys were able to rent the apartment directly across from the girls and after that there wasn’t a night that Belle had spent alone, except for last night. They had both graduated from Salem University last month and Shawn had already started some of his law classes. Belle had gotten a job at her father’s company through Kate Brady and was an instant success. She had held her first fashion show and would be presenting her second in just a few months.

Just after last Christmas, Shawn and Belle had put the wedding plans in full force and even began planning their future when they purchased their first home. It was a perfect three-bedroom ranch on the outskirts of town. Belle had immediately begun to work on decorating and they had moved in on their spring break. Their parents gave up trying to keep them apart, as they knew that they were going to be married and had probably been living together for some time already.

Then finally today she had married the man that she had loved for as long as she could remember. It was a beautiful ceremony at St. Luke’s with the reception at the Penthouse Grill right after. Belle knew that she would never forget the moment that she and her father had started down the aisle and her eyes had connected with Shawn’s. She saw his sharp intake of breath and knew that she was holding hers as well. He was breathtaking in his tuxedo and she couldn’t wait until they were able to be together. Last night staying at their house alone had been torture for her and she knew Shawn had had just as rough a night staying in his old room at his parents. They had spent much of the night talking to each other on their phones just because they felt they needed some form of contact with the other.

The ceremony had ended in a blur to Belle and the only thing she really remembered at this moment was the feel of Shawn’s lips on hers as the minister had pronounced them husband and wife. They had gone back to greet their guests and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. They had finally had a moment to themselves as they rode in the limo from the church to the restaurant, kissing the whole way there, only coming up for air when they noticed that the car had stopped for a long period of time meaning that they had finally arrived at their reception.

They had enjoyed their dancing and traditional wedding festivities, but soon Shawn had grabbed her and they were off to the airport. The only thing Shawn had mentioned to Belle about their honeymoon was that they were going somewhere tropical and she didn’t need to pack many clothes. Belle had just laughed but had packed her skimpiest bikinis just for Shawn. She knew this week would be wonderful and just what they needed to start their married life off right.

Once they returned to Salem things would be crazy and they wouldn’t have as much time to spend together as they would like. Belle would be putting in a lot of long hours getting ready for her upcoming fashion show and Shawn would be taking his law classes as well as working for his Uncle Mickey. Belle was so deep in thought she didn’t hear Shawn come up behind her until he had all ready wrapped his arms around her and placed a beautiful red rose under her nose. She noticed that he also had a box in the other hand.

“Shawn what is this?” she asked him turning so she could look at him.

“Just something that I wanted you to have,” he told her.

“Well, I know how the box got here but how did you get the rose?” Belle asked looking totally surprised at Shawn.

“I guess they remembered what a good customer I was the last time we were here,” Shawn told her laughing. “They were just delivered for Mrs. Brady.”

“Oh how I love the sound of that,” Belle said before she turned to start opening the box. She slowly lifted the lid on the black velvet box and looked inside. What was there took her breath away. There was a charm bracelet that contained six little silver charms. Belle immediately started to cry as she took the bracelet out to get a better look.

“Okay, now let me explain all of these,” Shawn started to tell her as he took the bracelet out of her hand and placed it in his own. “The first one is a boat, and I think you know why. The second on is our moon and stars, again you know why. The next is a sea shell,” Shawn told her as he finally looked at Belle to see the tears running down her cheeks with a totally confused look on her face. “Mimi was telling me a little while ago that was her nickname for us. The first part of my name and the last part of yours makes Shelle. Corny I know, but I thought it was cute.”

Belle immediately broke out into her mega watt smile and tried to wipe some of the tears from her eyes as Shawn moved on to the next charm. “The next one is the scale of justice. I wanted you to have this so that you would always remember me and what I was doing everyday when I wasn’t with you. Which then leads to the next one, the sketch pad. That is for your career as the big name fashion designer that you have already become. And finally the last is a heart, because from the moment I laid eyes on you Isabella Brady you have had my heart and you always will.”

The last was Belle’s undoing as she flung her arms around Shawn’s neck and hugged him as tightly as she could. “Oh Shawn you are the most amazing man in the world, do you know that?” she whispered in his ear.

“With you I feel that way,” he whispered back to her and he pulled her away to place the bracelet on her wrist. “Now you’ll notice that there is room to add to this and I plan to for the rest of our lives with special charms that mean something to us. Then when we have a little girl you can pass it on to her.”

“So you want a little girl, huh?”

“Yes, I want a little girl that looks just like you, then I can have another angel to love and spoil,” Shawn told her while placing a kiss on her lips.

“Oh Shawn, there is nothing more that I want to do than to give you that precious little angel, but we’ve got to get you through law school first.”

“Somehow I don’t think our parents will let us wait that long,” Shawn told her laughing.

“You could be right!” Belle told him while joining in on his laughter. “So, what do we do first Mr. Brady?”

“Well, I thought we could make good use of that big bed over there,” Shawn told her while looking at the large bed in the other room. “We made good use of it while we were here the last time and I’m sure we can easily top that now.”

“I’m up for the challenge, how about you?” Belle asked sexily.

“More than ready Mrs. Brady,” Shawn said as he picked her up and carried her into the room to lay her down on the bed. He moved quickly to start kissing her neck.

As Shawn started working on her neck, Belle turned her head and caught sight of the flyer that was on the bedside table. She screeched and pushed Shawn off her immediately so that she could take a better look.

“What’s wrong?” Shawn asked totally confused.

“Shawn, look! George Huff is performing this week on the boat! How amazing is that?” Belle said so excitedly as she read over the flyer more closely.

“George Huff? Who’s that?”

“Shawn!” Belle said impatiently. “You know, one of the finalists from American Idol! I can’t believe he’s really here. Every night I would watch him sing, he would just make me smile. We have to go to his first performance tonight.”

“But Belle, it was bad enough that you made me watch that show with you every week, now you’re asking me to give up the first night of my honeymoon so that you can go to a concert from some guy from that show?”

“If you go, I promise I’ll make it worth your while when we get back,” Belle said sexily as she moved toward him to continue to convince him to let her go and see George.

“Really?” Shawn asked already knowing that he was going to take her to that concert. Belle was such a fan of American Idol that they could never make plans for Tuesday or Wednesday nights so that she didn’t miss a minute. Making all of her dreams come true was the most important thing to him and if he had his way, she would have a really big dream come true before the end of the week.

“Yes, and I’ll also do anything else you want for the rest of the week,” Belle said still kissing his neck and moving down to pull up his shirt to start placing kisses on his rock hard stomach.

“Well, that’s an offer that I can’t pass up.” Shawn moaned as he pulled Belle up so that he could place his lips on hers. “Just be prepared to be my slave for the rest of the week.”

“I think I can handle that,” Belle said laughing while kissing him again.

“So do we have time to finish what I so want to start right now?” Shawn asked while moving his hands up under Belle’s shirt.

“I think we just might,” Belle told him while pushing him back on the bed. “Let’s get this honeymoon started.”

Belle and Shawn were amazed at how their love had grown and that they were finally able to be together, forever. Their cruise the first time had brought them closer to their dreams, even with Belle being kidnapped. Now, they were back to begin their journey as a family and continue cruising toward the love they both had for each other and would forever.

The End

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