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Heather's Fics

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Am I Dreaming

A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

This is my first time at writing a fanfic, my first time writing a story period. So please be gentle…
(I do not own the characters…)
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Chapters 1 - 9

Chapter 1

“CORY!!!” Belle screamed from the kitchen. “You need to hurry up before you are late, you don’t want to miss the bus!” Belle was busy in the kitchen packing some extra snacks for Cory to take with her. She was going on her first field trip today.

Cory slowly came down the stairs taking each one, one at a time. Making sure not to slip on the hardwood steps. She was wearing her favorite jeans with the draw string belt, a navy blue T-shirt with the words, “Luckyville Tigers” on it and her favorite “mini” Seattle Mariners baseball cap that her daddy had gotten for her on one of his trips away. Her long, braided, reddish brown hair stuck out from under the ball cap and her bright blue eyes lit up the room.

“Mom, where are my tennis shoes?” She asked Belle.

“Honey, if you had put them away like I told you to last night you would know exactly where they were.” Belle knew that they were actually in the living room, in front of the fireplace, but wanted Cory to understand that she needed to put things away. “Go look in the living room, that is where you took them off”.

Cory ran into the living room and found her shoes. She put them on and went to tell her mom that she was ready to go. “I packed a few extra snacks for you and your friends, I hope there are enough. Make sure and share ok?” Belle told Cory as she was walking into the kitchen.

Cory smiled up at her mother and said, “Thanks mom…”

Belle could tell that her daughter wanted to say something else but was hesitating. “Honey, what is it?”

Ever since Shawn had been called away to fight, Belle hadn’t been quite the same. Cory may only be seven, but she was extremely mature for her age, and very intuitive. She knew that her mom was missing her dad. Even though it had only been a month and a half, she knew that her mom was having a hard time taking care of her and her younger brother Tommy. She didn’t want to tell her mom that she really didn’t want to go today. That all the other kids thought she was weird. “Mom, I just want you to know that I love you and you are doing a great job taking care of us.”

Belle’s eyes started to tear up at the words of her first born. “I love you too Cory, thanks for being such a sweet girl.” She reached for Cory and pulled her into a big hug. She really did miss Shawn, and worried that he might not make it home in time for Tommy’s 3rd birthday next week. He was supposed to be home on Sunday, but the way things were looking he may have to stay a few more weeks. She hadn’t heard from him in a week and a half and was extremely worried. “Go and get Tommy ready to go and I’ll take you to school today.”

Cory was ecstatic, not only did she hate the school bus, but loved to ride in her mom’s black Mustang Cobra SVT convertible. She loved to hear the rumble of the engine, especially when the top was down. “Come on Tommy, mom’s taking me to school today! We get to ride in the Mustang!” Tommy smiled up at Cory and reached for her to pick him up.

While Cory was getting Tommy ready to go, Belle made herself and Tommy a lunch. She originally was planning on dropping Tommy off at Hope’s, while she took a day to herself. She was planning to clean the house, do some grocery shopping and then to go to a movie with Mimi, but felt that now it was more important for her to be with both of her children. She had been asked to go on the field trip as a chaperone and had declined, but with a quick call to Cory’s teacher, arrangements were made so that Belle could go after all. She was going to meet the busload of kids at the entrance of the zoo.

Once she had Tommy’s stroller in the trunk and all of their lunches in the car, she called for her children. Her and Shawn’s wonderful children. “Please come home to me safely” Belle whispered as she closed her eyes. Then hollered, “Cory, it’s time to go!”

She made a quick call to Hope and Mimi to let them know the change in plans and just as she hung up, Cory and Tommy came bounding down the steps to the garage. Cory climbed in the front seat and buckled her seat belt. Belle put Tommy in his car seat and buckled him in. “I love you sweetie!” she told him and kissed him on the forehead. With that, she walked around the car to her side and got in.

“Cory, I’ve changed my mind, Tommy and I will be joining you today!” Belle told her daughter as she opened the top to the convertible and backed out of the garage. She knew that her daughter was disappointed when she had declined going on this trip.

“Really Mom? I am so glad you changed your mind. I love spending time with you and Tommy.” Cory smiled to herself realizing that she wasn’t going to be alone today after all.

Chapter 2

Cory’s entire class was standing in a large group in front of the entrance to the zoo. A few of the boys noticed the large rumble Belle’s car made as they drove up and were pointing in their direction. Cory noticed this and immediately thought that they were making fun of her…again. She pulled the cap further down on her head, trying to make herself invisible.

Belle pushed the button to close the top on the car and went to get the stroller out of the trunk. She lifted Tommy out of the car and buckled him in. Then put her purse and their lunches and snacks underneath. She noticed that Cory was still sitting in the car and wondered what the problem was. She decided she would talk to her about it when they got home.

“Cory, are you ready to go?” Belle asked, smiling at her daughter, extending her hand.

“Yes mom,” Cory replied, acting like she was retying her shoe. She really didn’t want to get out, she wanted to go back home, get her art stuff and finish her drawing. But she knew that if she were going to keep her mom from worrying even more, she would have to get out and face her class. She reached for her mom’s hand and held her head high.

As they made their way towards the other children, Cory’s teacher noticed them and smiled. She approached Belle, and handed her a list of the students she would be responsible for. She explained that one of the other parents had cancelled at the last minute and she was very thankful that she had changed her mind.

“Okay everyone listen up, we will be splitting up into groups of 10, listen closely to see who your leader will be…” Mrs. Burke was explaining. Cory wasn’t paying a bit of attention, she knew that she would be with her mom, and didn’t care which of her classmates was in her group, so she continued talking to Tommy. “Are you ready to see all the animals? You will love the monkeys, they act just like you!” Tommy smiled up at Cory saying, “No, they act wike you!” and pointed at her, giggling.

Belle couldn’t help but laugh at her children. They were definitely a blessing to her. She hadn’t been away from Shawn this long before; she wasn’t sure what she would do if her children weren’t there to keep her company. She missed his touch, the way his arms fit so perfectly around her, his soft, passionate kisses…“MOM!!,” Belle was brought back from her thoughts and realized that her “children” for the day were all waiting to go inside.

“Okay, where do we want to go first?” The children talked amongst themselves and decided to head off towards the bears. “Okay kids, stay together and make sure that I can see you at all times. We’ll stop for lunch around noon.”

Belle wasn’t sure what she was in for, but hoped that these kids were good kids that listened to what they were told. They all walked a little ahead of her and then she noticed that Cory was staying back by her side. She also noticed a little boy with brown hair and big blue eyes also off to himself. “Cory, who is that boy walking off to the side by himself?”

“That’s Rodney, he is always by himself…” Cory then realized that she was also by herself a lot too, and that Rodney never made fun of her like the others. “I’m going to go talk to him!”

Belle smiled inwardly, “Okay honey, have fun!”

Belle remembered when she was eight; she and Shawn were inseparable. She never got along with girls, Shawn was her best friend…wait…maybe that is what is going on with Cory. She never had friends over, and never was on the phone. If she didn’t know any better, she would bet that Cory was having problems making girl friends. And boys, being boys, made fun and picked on her as well. She was a tomboy, and that was just different.

“Mama, mama…” Tommy was getting excited. He was looking back and forth from Belle to the giraffe. He had the biggest smile on his face, it reminded her of his daddy. It made her heart skip a beat. He looked just like Shawn, down to his cute little smirks. “Look how big it is!” Tommy said giggling.

Belle squatted down to Tommy’s level, while laughing along with Tommy and pointed out the baby giraffe. Tommy got really quiet and then said, “That’s the baby, just like me!” He had a huge grin and was so proud of himself for coming to that conclusion.

“That’s right honey, just like you!” Belle was so proud of her son, she was proud of both of her children. Thinking of Cory, she looked up to see her talking with Rodney, both with big smiles on their faces. It was a relief to see her interacting with another kid.

Belle looked at her watch and noticed it was 11:50 AM. “Okay kids, it’s almost time for lunch, lets find a place to eat.” She noticed a small area near the snow cone stand. “Let’s go right over there and sit at those tables.” Belle told them as she pointed to the area.

As they were finishing eating, Belle said, “Cory has brought a special treat for all of us, how many like chocolate chip cookies?” All the kids raised their hands and were shouting out “Me, Me”. Belle handed Cory the container to take around to share.

After lunch was over, Belle and her “kids” finished walking around the zoo. They were supposed to meet back up with the rest of the class around 2 to head back to the school. She noticed that Cory was now talking to more of the kids and so was Rodney. Belle checked on Tommy, he was fast asleep. She laughed to herself Oh the power of cookies.

As they approached the exit of the zoo, they met backup with rest of Cory’s class to load the bus back to school. Her “kids” thanked her for coming and then all thanked Cory for the cookies. Cory eyes were so bright with excitement, she seemed so much happier then when they had arrived. “Cory, do you want to ride back to the school on the bus?” Belle asked her.

“No, mom, I love riding in your car, plus it’s out of the way for you. I can talk to them next week at school. Do you think that I can invite Rodney over for dinner this weekend?” Cory had this hopeful look in her eyes that Belle couldn’t deny. “Sure honey, get his mother to call me and we will arrange it.”

“Thanks mom, I’ll be right back.” With that, Cory ran off to find her new friend. Belle wasn’t quite sure how Shawn would react to her daughter having a “boy” friend already, but she figured he’d be okay once she explained it all to him.

Belle loaded a sleeping Tommy into his car seat and buckled him in. She put the stroller in the trunk and looked around for Cory. She noticed that all the kids were now in the in the bus and wondered if Cory had changed her mind about riding home with her. She went ahead and got in and started the car. Cory always like the top down so she went ahead and opened it. Just about that time, the bus pulled away and Cory still hadn’t come back from talking to Rodney and she was worried. This wasn’t like Cory; she was always very responsible.

As Belle started to get out of the car, she noticed two kids running to the parking lot. “Corynn Elizabeth, where have you been? You had me scared to death! The bus left a few minutes ago.” Belle was visibly upset. She was not only upset that she didn’t know where Cory had been, but that the bus had left without accounting for two students. Rodney at least should have been on the bus. What would his mother think? If she was anything like her, she would be furious.

Cory had a look of panic on her face and looked as if she was about to cry, “Mom, we told Mrs. Burke that we were going to the bathroom, and that you would take Rodney home. She said that would be okay since we lived near him. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Belle relaxed a little bit, but decided she was going to make a call to Mrs. Burke when she got home.

“Rodney, what is your home number, I need to call your mother to let her know where you are and that I am bringing you home.” Belle was clearly exhausted, and this little scare wasn’t helping anything.

“Mrs. Burke said she was going to call her from her cell on the way back to the school,” Rodney exclaimed, he looked as scared as Cory did. “I’m sorry Mrs. Brady, I didn’t mean to get Cory in trouble” Rodney hung his head down, feeling very embarrassed. He didn’t mean to get his new friend in trouble.

“It’s okay Rodney, I’m just glad you two are okay. Now both of you get in and buckle your seat belts.” Belle got in as well and once everyone was in, she backed out of the parking spot and headed to Rodney’s house. She prayed that Rodney’s mother was an understanding woman.

Chapter 3

Belle leaned her head back as she relaxed in the bathtub, reflecting on today’s events. She had just put both kids to bed and was thankful that Tommy went straight to sleep. He wasn’t used to all the excitement that he had experienced today. He was so cute as he pointed out some of the animals from his books. She smiled as she remembered how excited he had been with the giraffe family.

She sighed as she thought about her conversation with Rodney’s mom. Chloe was definitely bothered that the teacher wasn’t as responsible as she could have been, but was very understanding after Belle told her how things had gone on the field trip. Belle had explained to her that both of their children seemed to be very “independent” and how they seemed to attach themselves to each other as the day progressed. She really felt that Mrs. Burke had noticed this as well, and that is why she handled things the way that she had.

She had also taken this opportunity to mention to Chloe that they would love to have Rodney over for dinner Saturday night. Unfortunately, this weekend Rodney was going to be at his dads. So they had made plans for the following weekend. Belle had invited Chloe to join them as well.

Her mind was already churning on a way to possibly hook Chloe up with her brother. Not only would she have a new friend, but also her brother might have a new girlfriend. Shawn always laughed at her for her constant matchmaking. ‘Oh how she missed him’

She then thought back to her and Cory’s talk. It had gone very well. She had been right about Cory not having many friends. She was such a happy child, Belle was actually surprised that she didn’t get along with more kids her age.

After getting Tommy to sleep, Belle knocked on Cory’s door. “Come in.”

“Hey honey, do have a minute?” Belle wasn’t really sure how to approach this. She said a silent prayer that she would say the right things.

“Sure mom, what’s up?” Cory closed her sketchpad and put it and her pencils away in her nightstand.

“Well I just wanted to ask you how school was going and how you liked your new class? I know that I haven’t had a lot of time lately to have our usual talks and just wanted to catch up.” Belle had been pretty busy. She was working for her father’s company, Basic Black, from home and it hadn’t been easy. She was trying to get her sketches in for the new fall line before the deadline next week. And without Shawn around to help, she hadn’t spent as much time with Cory as she would have liked.

“Well, it’s going okay. I really like my teacher, Mrs. Burke…and I really like art class, but you knew that!” Belle could see Cory’s eyes light up when she talked about art. She took after her in that she liked draw.

“That’s great honey! Have you made any new friends?” Belle took a chance with this question, she hoped that Cory would be honest with her, she wanted her to know it was okay to not have a lot of friends.

Cory’s eyes lowered, she hadn’t ever been able to lie to her mom. “Well, to be honest, Rodney is my first friend. All the other kids think I am weird.” Belle wasn’t expecting her to admit it so easily. “Today, when I shared the cookies is the first time most of those kids had ever talked to me.”

Belle smiled at Cory and took her hand, “When I was your age, I went through the same thing you are. I didn’t have a lot of friends; Mimi and your daddy were my only friends for a long time. But you know what? They were all I needed.” Belle hoped that Cory understood that having only a few friends was okay. “You just smile and be that sweet girl that I know you are and you will make friends.”

Cory was surprised that her mom didn’t have a lot of friends. To her, her mom was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. “Mom, did Mimi ever think you were weird?”

“Honey, Mimi was weird!” Belle laughed and so did Cory. “But Mimi was the bestest friend I could have ever asked for, and she cared a lot about me. You’ll find your “Mimi” too! But to answer your question, yes I’m sure she did.”

“Mom, thanks for having this talk with me, and thanks for coming on the field trip today. I not only made a new friend, but also got to spend some time with you and Tommy. I love you!” Cory leaned across the bed and hugged her mom.

“I love you too sweetie!” Belle hugged her daughter and kissed her on the head. She was so thankful that she had such a wonderful open relationship with her daughter. “By the way, Rodney and his mom will be having dinner with us next Saturday night. Rodney has to go to his dad’s this weekend.”

“Really? He’s really coming over?” Cory was so excited. She was having her first friend over. “I can’t wait, mom, I can’t wait!”

Belle smiled at her daughter’s enthusiasm. “Yes dear, he’s really coming, and so is his mom. Would you like to help with dinner? What would you like to have?” Belle knew that Cory would want lasagna, but wanted to let her think it was her idea.

“Definitely your lasagna! And I’d love to help.” Cory told her mom.

“Okay, we will talk about it more in the morning. Right now you need to get some sleep, you’ve had a long day.” Belle had had a long day to and all she wanted was to take a bath. “Good night, sweetie”

“Good night, mom” Belle turned off her bedroom light and shut Cory’s bedroom door leaving it cracked.

-End Flashback-
Belle was exhausted and the water was starting to get cold and the bubbles were almost gone. Belle had had a good day and was definitely ready for bed. She reached for her towel and dried herself off. She put on her pajamas and crawled into bed. As her head hit her pillow she heard a knock at the front door.

‘Who in the world would be here at 11 PM?’ Belle thought.

Chapter 4

Belle thought she was hearing things. Was someone really knocking on her door? She got up and put on her robe over her baby blue pajamas. She was making her way to the front door when they knocked again. She peeked through the peephole and saw a soldier with his arm in a sling and he was holding a letter.

Bad thoughts rushed through her head. ‘Oh my god, what has happened to Shawn?’ ‘What if he is hurt?’ ‘How will I take care of our children without him?’ ‘How will I go on without him?’ She quickly snapped back to the realization that a man was still standing on her porch, in the dark, when he knocked once more.

She quickly turned the porch light on and cracked the door open, leaving the chain hooked. “Hey Belle, I didn’t wake you did I?”

“PHILIP?” Belle was shocked that Phillip was standing on her doorstep. She closed the door slightly, unhooked the chain and opened the door so Philip could come in. “Oh my god, what happened to your arm?” She wasn’t really sure that she wanted to know, but asked anyway.

Philip was a little hesitant, “Well I was shot, but I was really lucky. Others in my battalion weren’t.” He continued to explain how they were ambushed and how he had barely slipped away without getting caught. He had saved one other guy and was sent home with honors. Philip got really quiet all of a sudden and seemed to be looking straight through Belle.

Philip immediately looked down, then back up at Belle, “Uhm…Belle, I have a letter for you…from Shawn.” Belle wasn’t sure how to react. She took the letter from Philip, looking deep into his eyes wondering what he wasn’t telling her. “He wanted me to be here when you read it.”

Belle started to sit down, and realized that the couch wasn’t behind her. She caught herself and moved over to where the couch was. She was on the brink of breaking down. She had no idea what this letter was going to tell her. Philip went over to sit with her as she started to open up the letter.

My Dearest Belle,
I’ve missed you so much, since the minute you were out of
my sight. I want so badly to be with you and the kids. You
three are what keeps me going. I can’t wait to get home to
make your wildest dreams come true. I don’t have a lot of
time, but wanted to make sure that you knew that I was
thinking about you and that I love you and our children so
much. Never, Ever forget that.
All my love,

Belle started crying as she read the words that she knew came straight from Shawn’s heart. She noticed that Philip had his arm around her and was trying his best to comfort her. “Where is he Philip?” Belle asked quietly as she continued to cry.

“PHILIP, WHERE IS HE?” Belle was near hysterics, when she realized that she might wake up the kids and this was no way for them to wake up. She immediately calmed herself down. ‘Maybe I am overreacting, but why won’t Philip answer me?’ Philip seemed to be lost in space once again. He was staring at the wall towards the hall.

Philip snapped our of his trance, and answered Belle, “I’m sorry, Belle, I’m sorry, I don’t know what Shawn wrote in the letter, but I am sure that you are jumping to conclusions. When Shawn gave this letter to me, he was fine. I promise!” He gave Belle a smile showing both of his adorable dimples.

“Philip Kiriakis, you come to my house at 11 PM at night, hurt no less, with a letter from Shawn, letting me believe it is bad by telling me “Shawn wants me to be with you when you read it” and then after, AFTER I freak out, you tell me that Shawn is fine?” Belle was beyond pissed. Philip had just taken her on the worst emotional roller coaster ride she had ever been on. Shawn was her life and Philip was playing with her emotions.

While smirking, he answered, “I’m sorry Belle, I knew that you had to be missing Shawn, I just got back into town and I thought I should deliver this letter to you as soon as possible. I didn’t think that you would assume the worst.” He tried to smooth things over, but Belle was still skeptical.

Belle looked at Philip, while cocking her head, “Alright, well thanks Philip for bringing this by. I am extremely tired and very irritable after what just happened, I just want to go to bed. I’ll talk to you later, okay? Thanks for bringing me the letter.” She really had no idea what had just happened. Or why.

She walked Philip to the door and told him good night. She waited until he was almost to his father’s limo and was about to turn off the porch light when she shouted out to him, “Hey Philip, you have any idea when Shawn will be home?”

Philip smiled at Belle, “Soon, Belle, very soon!” And with that he got in the car and the driver took off.

‘What the hell was that all about?’ Belle thought to herself. She closed the door and locked it, then turned off the porch light. She was so relieved to finally have some kind of communication from Shawn. She held the letter close to her chest and decided that she would share it with Cory and Tommy in the morning. She walked down the hall to her bedroom and noticed that her bathroom light was still on.

She could have sworn that she turned it off, but she knew how tired she had been after taking her bath. She walked into the bathroom and switched it off. The only light in the room was from the full moon that shown bright through their bay window. She stood looking out into their backyard and reread Shawn’s words as two hands found their way around her waist.

Chapter 5 – Rated R

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Belle turned around and smiled down at her daughter. She had hoped that she hadn’t woken either of her children in her fit of emotion earlier, but evidently Cory was a light sleeper.

Belle hugged Cory back and they both sat down on the bed, “Honey, I’m okay. “Uncle” Philip just came by and dropped a letter off from your daddy!” She felt that there was no reason that she should worry her daughter, so she just told her about the letter. “I just really miss him and wish he was home. He did say to tell you and Tommy that he loves and misses you both very much!”

“I miss daddy too. Sometimes I wonder where he is and if he is okay, then I close my eyes really tight and I feel him and know he is okay. I bet if you tried it, you would feel him too!” Belle couldn’t help but look at Cory in awe, other then Shawn’s parents; she didn’t know anyone else that was able to do that. The truth was, Belle did that every night, and sometimes during the day if she was really missing him.

Belle humored her daughter, and shut her eyes tight, “You are very right miss Cory, I can feel him.” Belle smiled inwardly knowing that Shawn was in deed okay. ”In fact, he told me to give you a message. He said if Cory isn’t in bed and asleep in 5 minutes, as soon as he gets home, he is going to tickle her until she can’t stand it anymore!” Belle was now grinning and winked at Cory as they both stood up and walked towards Cory’s room.

Cory crawled up in bed and Belle tucked her in. “Good night sweetie, I am sorry that I woke you up earlier. Thanks for coming to check on me.”

“You’re welcome, Mom. I love you.” Belle looked at Cory, who had instantly fallen asleep, even as she spoke those words. She had such a precious daughter.

Belle whispered, “I love you too angel,” and kissed her forehead. With one last glance at her sleeping daughter, she crossed the room to the doorway and then closed the door leaving it slightly cracked.

As she made her way back into her room, she was overwhelmed with exhaustion. She threw her robe on the chair and climbed into bed. She took one last look at the clock; it read 11:59 PM…

…Belle’s eyes rolled back in her head as Shawn’s hands roamed over her perfect body. He slowly began kissing her neck, starting with tiny little love pecks. He made his way up to her earlobes and playfully sucked on them. He knew that this drove Belle crazy. His hands were busy trying to get her undressed. He longed to see her completely naked. It was like the first time all over again.

Belle’s top was now on the floor next to her shorts. To Shawn, she looked like an angel. Her golden blonde locks seductively curled around her face and her smooth pearl colored skin was as soft as silk. Her perfect breasts, long shapely legs, beautiful full lips, if he couldn’t have her soon, he was going to explode.

He carefully stripped down and crawled back in bed with her. He started out just barely running his fingers along her skin. He was still amazed at how lucky he had been to have such a beautiful wife. Belle moaned out his name, and Shawn realized that she was dreaming, or so she thought. His hands started to roam to a lower part on Belle’s body.

He ran his right hand up the inside of Belle’s leg, finding her core very wet. He slid one finger in and noticed the satisfied smile on Belle’s face as he moved his finger in and out. He lowered his head down to find her nipples hard and erect. His tongue danced with them, and then his mouth covered them, sucking and massaging making Belle arch with pleasure, bringing her to her first orgasm.

His lips made their way down her stomach to her hips, then to the inside of her legs. His tongue plunged into her extremely wet core and danced its way to her next orgasm. She tasted so good, good enough to…Belle tightened around his tongue. This woman was amazing, he thought to himself. Shawn inserted a finger and then a second, and moved them in and out until her tiny body convulsed.

Shawn watched Belle’s face; she was in pure ecstasy. However, he wasn’t through with her yet. He positioned himself over her and was about to enter her when he noticed her two bright blue orbs looking at him. She had a devilish smile on her face and without saying a word, demanded that he enter her now. She had such passion in her eyes. They were pleading to feel him inside her.

His lips crashed on down on hers as his manhood entered into her core. Their tongues danced as he thrust into her over and over. The kiss was so deep and erotic; it reached their soles. They both felt the electricity jolt between each other as they both climaxed and melted into each other. They fell into a peaceful sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms…

…As Belle opened her eyes, she noticed the clock. “7:15 AM, wonderful” she mumbled. “Just once on a Saturday I would like to at least sleep till 8.” As Belle got up, she realized that her pajamas were on the floor and she was naked. She quickly put on her robe and wondered to herself, ‘surely that was a dream.’ She smiled as she remembered how real it felt.

As Belle was making the bed, she thought she smelled something burning. “Cory doesn’t know how to cook…bacon,” She realized what she smelled and immediately stopped what she was doing and ran into the kitchen. “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!”

Chapter 6

“SHAWN!” Belle ran over to her husband, and wrapped her arms around him; “You really are here!” She kissed him deeply, soaking in the warmth from his body. She stepped back just to look at him, still holding his hands; she was having a hard time believing that he was actually standing in their kitchen. He was wearing black, silk pajama pants and nothing else. The muscles in his chest and arms were enough to make her almost pass out. She had almost believed that last night was all a dream. She took a deep breath before speaking again. “God, I’ve missed you so much!”

Shawn chuckled to himself, “Good Morning to you too baby!” Shawn slowly placed both hands on her face and kissed her very delicately, but then it grew very passionate. “I trust you enjoyed last night?” Then with a cocky smirk, moved closer to the stove to finish cooking breakfast. “You know I was going to bring you breakfast in bed, I thought I had worn you out enough so you’d be able to sleep in!”

Belle smiled at that thought as she hopped up on to the counter next to the stove. She wanted to be as close to Shawn as possible. “Enjoyed? Enjoyed? Honey enjoyed isn’t the word. Last night was unbelievable. And as far as me getting up, I guess subconsciencely I knew you were here and wanted to find you…I could go back to bed and wait for you, maybe get a replay of last night?” It then dawned on her what Philip kept looking at when he came over last night. “You were mighty sneaky last night, you know that?”

Shawn couldn’t help but laugh out loud at that one. “I was wasn’t I? I’m sorry that it got you so worried at first. That wasn’t the intention, it was supposed to be a distraction while I got the bedroom ready, then when Cory came in, I had to wait even longer. I even tried willing you to get her to go to bed.” Shawn maneuvered in between Belle’s legs as he remembered the mood he was in while waiting for Belle to get Cory to go back to sleep and began kissing her while sliding his hands up her legs underneath her robe.

“Hey Mom….DADDDDDDYYYYYY! I didn’t know you were home!” Cory, still in her pj’s, ran to her dad and gave him a big hug. Shawn picked her up and swung her around. Belle hopped down from the counter and adjusted her robe.

“I’ve missed you so much angel!” Shawn set her down and kissed her on the forehead. “Did you sleep well?” About that time, Tommy started screaming from his room. From the excitement of seeing her dad, Cory had forgotten all about Tommy.

She looked down and then backup at Belle. “Mom, I was trying to change Tommy’s diaper so you could sleep in and uhmmm, well he…” Cory was nearly in tears. “I didn’t get the diaper on fast enough and…” Belle tried to hide her laughter, but wasn’t successful. Shawn wasn’t having any luck either. They both were in a fit of giggles.

Belle glanced at Shawn as he quickly turned back around to his cooking, “Honey, it’s okay. Thanks for trying to help. We’ll get the mess cleaned up, I’m sure Tommy would love to see his daddy!” With that Belle kissed Shawn on the lips and took Cory by the hand to face the mess that their daughter wouldn’t describe.

As they neared Tommy’s room, Belle could hear Tommy’s coos, screams and giggles, they weren’t necessarily screams of pain or anger, they were actually playful screams. She was afraid of what she was about to find. She pushed open Tommy’s door and there he sat, in the middle of his room, naked as a jaybird, playing with his diapers and powder, with a HUGE smile on his face. On the floor was a small wet spot. Apparently while Cory was trying to put his diaper on, he flipped himself over, and then proceeded to relieve himself.

While laughing, Belle went over to her naked three-year-old and picked him up. He gave out a cute little scream and then started laughing. She carried him over to his dresser and pulled out his training pants. “Cory, these are a lot easier, next time use these, okay?” Cory was looking down, and seemed almost embarrassed. “Honey, it’s okay. You didn’t know. There was no harm done, I appreciate your willingness to help!” Belle hugged Cory and then asked her to go and get her a rag and some cleaner for the carpet.

While Cory was gone, Belle quickly dressed Tommy and carried him into the kitchen to see Shawn. “Daddy!” Tommy was quick to notice Shawn. Belle handed Tommy to him with a smirk. “I’m going to finish cleaning up this one’s mess that he left for us, is breakfast almost ready?”

Shawn took Tommy from Belle and gave him a big hug, “Yeah it should be done by the time you get back in here.” He kissed her on the lips and then addressed his youngest child. “Hey little man, you have done some growing while I’ve been gone!” Shawn was amazed at the amount that Tommy had grown in the month and half that he was away. Tommy grinned at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You been taking care of your mama and sister for me?”

Tommy nodded furiously with a big grin. “Okay little man, I’m gonna put you down so I can finish up breakfast and get it out on the table. Do you want to help me?”

“Yes” Tommy held out both hands offering to take something to the table. Shawn handed him three forks, his plastic spork and a handful of napkins and Tommy took them and put them on the table. Shawn continued putting the rest of the food out and then put Tommy in his high chair. About that time, Belle and Cory came walking into the kitchen, ready to eat.

“Oh, Shawn this looks…absolutely…wonderful!” Belle said as she licked her lips. She was very impressed with her husband. Not only had he rocked her world last night but he had cooked her an amazing breakfast. She looked across the table at her amazingly sexy husband and a wicked smile came across her face. It did not go unnoticed by Shawn.

“Thanks honey, I just wanted our first morning back together to be special.” He noticed the look on Belle’s face. Her eyes were dark with passion, and her lips were full and pouty. She wanted him, and she wanted him soon…that he was sure of. “So what do we have planned for today?”

Belle snapped out of her trance. “Well I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow night. I was going to take the kids to see a movie and to get ice cream, but nothing is set in stone.” ‘Except that I want take you back in our bedroom and make wild passionate love…’

Cory interrupted her thoughts, “Mom, I really wanted to see Agent Cody Banks!” Cory was now pouting. She had her hopes up that Rodney was going to be coming over and now she wasn’t going to get to see the movie. THE movie with Frankie Muniz. Cory has had a crush on him since the first time Malcolm in the Middle had come on Fox.

“Corynn, all I said was that nothing was set in stone. I didn’t say we weren’t going.” Belle was frustrated that her daughter was getting so impatient and was now pouting. “Now please finish your breakfast, okay?”

“Yes ma’am.” Cory said as she finished the food off her plate.

Shawn was amazed at how Belle handled the children. She was so good with them. Even Tommy was behaving, well he was playing with his food, but he was at least happy. “Belle, I’ll be right back, I’ve got to go make a phone call.” As he walked past Belle, he kissed her on the top of the head.

Chapter 7

“Okay, that sounds great. Uh huh, uh huh, 11:30? Okay, wonderful. Thanks a lot! See you then” Shawn hung up the phone with a smirk, and then walked back into the kitchen to finish his breakfast with his family. Little did they know he had just shaken up their entire day. However he had a feeling no one would be disappointed.

As he walked back into the kitchen he was immediately amused. Cory was just finishing everything off her plate but Tommy had the majority of his on the front of his shirt, all over his face and some on the floor. ‘Mental note: Teach Tommy to get the food IN his mouth’ Shawn’s chuckles got Belle’s attention.

“Hey honey, everything ok?” Belle was curious as to what her sneaky husband was up to. He had surprised her last night and she wondered what he was up to now. Shawn was always good at surprises, and he got her every time. It was part of what she fell in love with. Well there was that, but then there were his gorgeous brown eyes.

He walked around to where Tommy was sitting, and began to clear the table, “Everything is perfect, I am home, with my beautiful wife, and my two wonderful children. I just had a huge, wonderful breakfast, compliments of me, what more could I ask for?” Shawn smirked as put the ketchup and Texas Pete back in the fridge. “I just called my parents to let them know I was home, safe and sound.”

Belle stood up and began helping Shawn as Cory spoke up, “Mommy, may I be excused? I’m going to go change clothes.” She had the same glimmer in her eyes that Shawn had in his when he was excited. In fact it was the same one he had right now. Belle was more then convinced that something else was going on.

“Sure honey.” Belle wasn’t really paying that much attention to Cory as she slid out of her chair and took off down the hall, but was more interested in what was hidden behind Shawn’s mischievous smile. “Shawn, can you at least tell me when I need to be ready?” She was hoping for some kind of hint as to what he had planned.

Shawn had just taken the last dish to the sink and was wiping off the table, “Baby, just go take a shower, I will finish cleaning up in here. I’ll get the kids ready to go if you’ll pack them and us clothes for overnight. We need to be ready to leave around 11:25 AM.” Shawn couldn’t help but smile at all of Belle’s questions. He noticed that she was still standing there, staring at him, when he turned back towards the sink.

“But…” Belle began.

“But nothing, “ Shawn interrupted her. Shawn couldn’t help but start laughing again as Tommy flipped the last of his cereal on the floor with his spork. Tommy just grinned up at him; he was eating it up. Shawn knew he couldn’t keep laughing at him, he’d just keep doing it. But he just got home, and it really was funny. “Just go…”

“I know, I know, go get ready,” Belle rolled her eyes, kissed Shawn on the lips and went to take a shower. She laughed as she went up the stairs to check on Cory. Shawn didn’t know what he was in for. Lately, Tommy had been quite a handful at mealtime. But he would soon find that out for himself. She was glad that Shawn was home. It meant more family time and hopefully a little more time for herself.

Cory’s door was closed so Belle knocked before entering. “Hey honey, your dad has a surprise for us today. He asked that we pack an overnight bag. Do you think that you can lie out an outfit you want to take? After I take a shower, I will pack it with Tommy’s stuff.” Belle watched her daughter’s reaction. Her smile turned into worry and she didn’t appear all that pleased. In fact, the little glimmer in her eyes was now fading.

“Mom, you said we could go see a movie today. Does this mean that we aren’t going?” Cory was trying to be understanding. After all, she hadn’t seen her dad in a month and a half. “I guess it’s okay if we don’t, as long as I get to see it sometime soon. Maybe next weekend when Rodney comes over?” The spark was back at the mention of Rodney.

Belle laughed at her daughter. “I’m not sure what our day will bring us honey, your dad is always full of surprises. You may get to see it today, but if not, you will get to see it soon. Let’s just humor your dad.” It was hard not knowing what was going on and what to tell your children. But it was usually worth it.

“Okay mom,” Belle hugged her daughter and then went on to her bedroom to start getting ready.

After her shower, Belle proceeded to pack her and Shawn a bag. She had no idea what she needed to bring. She started with a set of clothes for tomorrow for both of them and an evil smile came across her face. “Oh Shawn, can you come here a second please?” She was going to either get some clues, or he was packing the rest of their bag.

“Yeah baby, what’s up?” Shawn had Tommy and was flying him around the room like an airplane. He was now all clean and had on a new set of clothes. “Tommy’s stuff is ready to go, its sitting right inside his room. I figured since you were still getting ready I would go ahead and take care of him.”

Belle was facing away from him; “Well I was wondering if you would finish packing our bag. I am not sure what to bring. I know that you won’t tell me anything and…”

Shawn interrupted her, “Just pack as if we were going to stay at motel somewhere, but bring our swimsuits.” Shawn knew she wanted a hint and that was all she was getting. His eyes were getting dark as he thought about what he had in store for his beautiful wife. He was glad she wasn’t facing him.

Belle frowned; she wanted more details than that. “Alright Shawn. Is there anything special you want me to bring for you?” Belle was reaching. If he didn’t budge this time, she was giving up. This was harder then she thought.

Laughing, “No, I’ve been in uniform for a month and a half, anything is okay with me.” ‘She isn’t giving up’ He put Tommy down on the bed and started towards the bathroom, “I’m going to take a shower, do you think you and the kids will be ready by the time I am done?” he turned the shower on as he waited for Belle’s response.

Belle looked at the clock, ‘10:53 AM’ “Yeah, we’ll be ready.” She finished packing her and Shawn’s bag and then took Tommy and headed to his and Cory’s room to finish theirs. Just as she was finishing, she heard the doorbell ring.

She looked at both her kids and then wondered who it was. “Cory, will you see who is at the door?” Shawn obviously had something to do with this.

“AUNT SAMI” Cory yelled as she jumped into her arms.

Chapter 8

Sami knew that she was supposed to be a surprise. She had planned on taking Will and Courtney to see Agent Cody Banks this afternoon and as with any family, especially in a small town, word travels fast. When Shawn had called the Pub to find his parents to let them know he was home, after a short conversation of catching up, they put Sami on the phone who offered to take Tommy and Cory with her. She knew her sister needed some time alone with her husband. If she were away from Lucas for that long, she’d go crazy.

“Hey Sami, what are you doing here?” Shawn had a smile big enough to brighten the room. He was trying to act like he had no clue as to why she was there, but Belle knew better. However she decided to play along, for the children’s sake, she liked where this seemed to be going. She finished with Cory and Tommy’s packing and emerged from the hallway with Tommy right on her heels.

“Well I heard you were home, and I knew that Cory has wanted to see Agent Cody Banks as much as Courtney has so I thought I’d see if she wanted to go with us. I talked to Mom on the way over here and she and John would love to see Tommy. I’ll pick him up after the movie and they can spend the tonight with us.” Courtney was Lucas and Sami’s second child and was the same age as Cory. They got along really well and they loved spending time with each other. She turned to her attention the energetic 8 year old, “How does that sound Cory?”

Belle was starting to get excited. She was going to have Shawn all alone, with no distractions. But where was he taking her? Cory’s squeal of delight brought her back, “Mom, is it okay? Can we go with Sami? I haven’t seen Courtney in a long time and I really want to see that movie, this is better then…” Cory stopped in mid sentence, “Dad I know you just got home, is it okay with you?”

Shawn smiled and knelt down in front of Cory, “Of course it is, you already have a bag packed anyway, I don’t see the harm in you going with your cousins. We have all next week to spend time together.” Cory jumped into his arms giving him a huge hug. Shawn’s plan was working perfectly. He loved his children and loved spending time with them, but he really loved loving his wife and that was exactly what he was going to do tonight.

Sami knew that Shawn was eager to leave soon so she tried to hurry them along, “Okay guys are you ready to go? The movie starts at noon, and we have to stop by grandma’s to drop Tommy off.” Sami winked at Belle letting her know that she understood exactly what was going on.

After hugging her mom, Cory was out the door, with Tommy in tow. Belle hugged her sister and whispered a “thanks” in her ear. Sami just smiled, took the kid’s bag and told us to have a good time. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow!” And she was gone.

Belle tried to comprehend what had just happened. In a matter of five minutes, Shawn had managed to get rid of the kids AND keep them happy. What an amazing man she had married. She couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for the two of them. Her attention was drawn to the wandering hands that started to creep up the back of her legs and underneath her skirt.

“Shawn!” Belle squealed playfully. As she spun around her lips were met with his. She closed her eyes and her body started to tingle all over. Shawn’s hands were still roaming underneath her skirt until they both were grabbing onto her ass. Their tongues danced, swirling and searching in each other’s mouths.

As they broke apart, they gazed into each other’s eyes for what seemed like hours, but then Shawn spoke very softly, “Are you ready for your surprise?” His eyes darkened as she nodded. “Alright, let’s go.” Shawn gave her one of his award winning smiles and a quick hug. “Go grab the bag and I’ll get the car, I’ll be waiting out front.”

Belle quickly ran to their bedroom and grabbed her bag. She stopped for a second and grabbed something out of one of her dresser drawers and stuffed it in the bag. She also removed her panties and threw them in the clothesbasket. ‘I won’t be the only one getting a surprise’ Belle thought as she walked to the front door.


Belle’s curiosity was now getting the best of her. They were getting on the interstate and she had no clue as to where they were going. Surely they weren’t leaving Salem. “Okay Shawn, where are we going?”

All she got out of Shawn was a slight laugh and a pat on the knee. She sighed and leaned back against her seat and closed her eyes. It was a beautiful day, the top was down, the wind was blowing in her hair and her husband was beside her. She really didn’t care where they were going as long as they were together.

When she opened her eyes, Shawn was getting off the exit and seemed to be heading towards the airport. “Shawn, are we flying somewhere? What about the kids? What if they need us? What if…”

Shawn interrupted her while taking her hand in his, “Honey, calm down. Everything will be okay. Both of our parents have our cell phone numbers and IF something happens they will take care of it and if they need us…they will call. We’ll be back tomorrow.” Shawn glanced over at Belle and saw her relax. He smirked, “Besides, you need to worry more about if you’ll be able to walk in the morning.”

Belle blushed and playfully slapped Shawn on the arm, “Shawn, shame on you!”
Belle was actually really turned on at Shawn’s playfulness. She knew that this was going to be a night to remember.

Shawn put the car in neutral and pulled the emergency break, but left the car running. He ran inside one of the hangers and disappeared from sight. A few moments later one of the hanger doors opened and Shawn was walking out with a man dressed in a pilot’s uniform. Shawn got back in the car and the pilot opened Belle’s door and said, “Mrs. Brady, may I take your bag?” As she handed the bag to him, he reached for her hand, “Please follow me.” Belle gave Shawn a quick look and then got out of the car and followed the pilot to Victor’s jet.

When she was boarding the plane, she turned to look for Shawn. He had just pulled the Mustang into the hanger and the door was shutting. He quickly ran out and headed towards her and the plane. When he got to her, he gave her a quick kiss and they headed inside the plane.

As they stepped inside the plane, Belle was amazed at what she saw. There was an ice bucket with two bottles of champagne; five vases of roses, a different color in each one, and a big bear with a note around its neck. “Oh Shawn,” Belle turned to look at Shawn. He was holding a single long stem rose out to her. Belle’s heart was overflowing with love for her husband. She took the rose and kissed him, then grabbed his hand and led him over the where the champagne and bear was sitting.

She took the note from the bears neck and read:

To the love of my life,
I hope this is just one of many romantic
nights that we will share together.
All my love, Shawn

Belle’s eyes started to tear up. “Oh Shawn, I love you so much! I can’t believe you did all this for me in such a short time.” She reached for him and hugged him tight. She was so emotionally turned on; she didn’t hear the pilot announce that they were taking off. Shawn buckled her seatbelt and then his and then kissed her tears of joy away.

His lips brushed her cheeks where the wet drops of love had stained her face. He knew that she was happy and that was all that he wanted. He lifted her chin up with the tips of fingers and his eyes met hers. “Belle…baby, I missed you so much, tonight I’m going to show you just how much.”

Chapter 9

Belle was fixated on Shawn. She couldn’t let go if she tried. It was as if she was looking into his soul. Deep, dark, passionate, depths of brown filled with love. Her passion over took her and she kissed him. She kissed him so deeply and erotically he began moaning her name. His arms engulfed her and clung to her tightly.

She pulled away slightly as she started unbuttoning his shirt. One button at a time, kissing spots on his chest as they became accessible. Finally at the bottom she untucked his shirt and pulled it off his arms. His eyes were hazed and dark, and looked ready to attack. She slid her top over her head and left Shawn staring at her breasts enclosed in a lacy red bra that left little to the imagination.

<**Ding** You may now unbuckle your seat belts and move around the cabin>

On that cue, Belle got up and pulled Shawn up in front of her. She continued undressing him by unbuckling his belt, undoing the button on his pants and unzipping his zipper. She squatted down and began kissing his waistline. She slowly pulled his pants down, sliding her hands down his ass as she passed it. Once they were off, she slid her hands back up his legs and up his boxers. She grabbed his extremely hard manhood and began fondling it with her fingers.

She looked up at Shawn and he had thrown his head back and his eyes were closed. She sat him down and then knelt between his legs. Her hands slid up the front of his legs, over his boxers and up his chest. With her nails, she scratched his chest back down. Her fingers stopped at the waistband. She slid one finger inside the elastic of his boxers and slid them down giving her better access to him.

She placed her lips on him and began giving him heart-stopping blowjob. Using her tongue, she slid her mouth off of him. Shawn’s eyes opened and then they rolled back in his head. She crawled up into his lap and his hands immediately moved her skirt up and over her hips. Belle watched Shawn’s face for her surprise to him. His eyes widened and then darkened. His gaze met hers and he pressed into her, kissing her neck. Belle heard Shawn growl as he moved up to nip her ear.

Shawn’s hands crept around the backside of Belle and found his way to her hot, wet core. He inserted two fingers inside her and she started to whimper. His mouth started licking down her chest to her cleavage. His other hand slid around her back and unhooked her bra. It fell in his lap and he took a moment to look at goddess in front of him.

‘Her soft, pearl colored skin. Her perky round breasts, with nipples that looked as if they had been iced down. Her nicely toned stomach down to the crease between her hips that went to her legs. And her eyes, beautiful sparkling emerald blue orbs that were filled with so much love and passion’

He placed his lips on one breast as his other hand massaged her other hard nipple. He removed his fingers from inside her and placed himself deep within her core. Belle gasped in delight as she felt him up in her stomach. Her head flew backwards as she screamed out, “SHAWN…” and began moving up and down.

Shawn’s strong hands reached underneath Belle’s ass and helped lift her up and down. Belle was nearing her second orgasm as Shawn held Belle and stood up. He laid her back on the long leather couch and lifted one leg over his shoulder. He leaned forward and pressed his body on top of hers, moving in and out. He started giving her teasing kisses on the lips until she caught his bottom lip with her teeth and softly bit down. That was all he needed and it pushed him over the edge.

His last thrust gave Belle her third and final orgasm. She rested her head backwards and closed her eyes. She felt numb all over. Shawn rested his head on her chest and felt Belle’s body convulsing. He slowly lifted himself over her and lightly kissed both eyelids. “I love you Isabella Brady...”

Belle’s eyes open and she lovingly looked up at Shawn, “I love you too Sweetheart” Belle started to sit up and noticed that they were flying just along the skyline of what appeared to be a beach. Belle’s eyes were wide and a smile appeared on her face. If she was right, she hadn’t been here since her honeymoon.

Shawn and Belle started getting dressed as the pilot announced that they were about 30 minutes from their destination. Shawn grabbed one of the bottles of champagne and opened it. He poured two glasses for himself and Belle.

He handed one glass to Belle and said, “I’d like to make a toast…to us. May we live long and love forever, until eternity.” They touched glasses and took a drink out of their flutes. They ended it with a single kiss. No tongue, just lips. It was a symbol of their agreement.

“Shawn, thank you so much for this. I’ve needed a break and this is perfect. I’m so glad to be able to be close to you again.” Belle smiled at Shawn. He took her flute and refilled it along with his.

“Baby, I’m just sorry that you’ve had to take care of our children on your own. When I joined the Reserves, I didn’t expect to ever have to go anywhere. I thought I would just be able to practice law and be a husband and a father.” Shawn was very sincere. He wanted Belle to know that he felt he really missed out on being a part of the family.

Belle wanted him to know that she and the kids understood, but wasn’t sure how to tell him, “Shawn, I don’t blame you. In fact, I am extremely proud of you. Please don’t think that I am upset about you being gone,” She was interrupted when the pilot said that they were starting their decent.

She and Shawn sat back and buckled their seatbelts, Belle smiled at Shawn and leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for being you!”

Shawn returned the smile and took her hand. Then they sat back waiting to land.
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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

This is my first time at writing a fanfic, my first time writing a story period. So please be gentle…
(I do not own the characters…)
Chapters 10 - 18

Chapter 10

As the plane started to land, Shawn and Belle looked out the windows of the plane and saw that it was a beautiful afternoon. The skies were a gorgeous blue. There were no clouds to be seen anywhere. The wind was blowing the small trees that ran along side the terminal back and forth. Then she saw the gorgeous beaches and the turquoise water in the distance. Belle knew where she was; she would recognize those white beaches anywhere. She was in St. Thomas.

As the jet taxied toward the terminal, the pilot let them know it would be about five more minutes before they would be at their final stop, to exit the jet. However they were free to unbuckle their seatbelts and get their stuff together. Shawn looked at Belle and saw the joy and excitement in her eyes. She knew where he had brought her. He looked down and brought his head back up with a smirk just as she was lunging towards him with her arms wide.

He wrapped his arms around her small waist; “You figure it out yet?” Shawn couldn’t help but rub it in a little. He knew that Belle loved St. Thomas and he loved that he was able to surprise her. This was the love of his life, the mother of his children, his best friend. All he wanted was her to be happy and know how much he loved and appreciated her.

“Oh my gosh Shawn, I still can’t believe you got all this taken care of so quickly. You had it planned a long time ago didn’t you?” Belle looked at him skeptically. She thought she was onto him, but she really didn’t care. If she didn’t give him a hard time, he wouldn’t think she cared, right?

Shawn was still ‘mum’, he wasn’t breathing a word of how he had accomplished all of this. He didn’t want her to figure out how he pulled off all of his surprises. He just chuckled to himself, gave her a mouth-watering kiss and took her hands in his. “Baby, if I told you how I accomplished everything, you’d never be surprised!”

About that time the door came open and they broke from each other temporarily. Shawn had their travel bag and the second bottle of champagne. Belle grabbed her purse and the big bear that Shawn had bought for her. Their hands met as they exited the plane and headed for the terminal.

Belle spoke up as soon as they neared the airport. “Shawn, I need to stop by the ladies room, is there one on the way to the rental car booth?” She had been too busy to think about using the restroom on the plane, and then after the champagne, her bladder was now screaming at her.

Shawn once again had the glimmer in his eyes, “Go ahead and use that one right there, we don’t need to rent a car, we’re going straight out the front and...” Belle looked at where he was pointing and didn't wait to hear what else he had to say. She had to go, and she had to go now. Shawn laughed as he watched his beautiful wife run towards the restrooms dodging people, children and their luggage.

What Shawn didn’t see was the shadow that followed their every move. There were so many people in the airport that day and they were so infatuated with each other, they had no reason to notice him. His eyes went from Shawn to the restroom door as Belle emerged.

Shawn made his way towards her smiling and took her by the hand, “Stay close and don’t let go of my hand. It’s a big airport and I don’t want us to get separated.” He couldn’t wait to get to the villa, he had so many plans for them tonight. He quickened their pace and they arrived at the entrance of the airport and spotted a sign that said ‘Brady’.

There in front, waiting for them, was a long, black stretch limo. Even though they had both been in a limo before, he was pulling out all the stops. Plus he didn’t want to worry about finding a taxi or renting and driving a car. He wanted them to be able to focus on each other. “Honey, that’s us.” Shawn said pointing towards the car.

Belle immediately started towards the limo. Shawn was amazed at her overeagerness. As they approached the car, the driver opened the door to let them inside. Belle climbed in and Shawn took this opportunity to let the driver know where they were going. Once Shawn got in, the driver shut the door and made his way around to driver’s side and got in. He started the car and they were on their way.

Belle looked around the inside and was impressed with the soft, gray leather seats, the large assortment of tiny liquor bottles the mini bar held, and the TV/VCR combo that was visible from every angle.

Her attention turned to Shawn “So, I’m now a member of the Mile High club huh?” Belle’s eyes were starting to cloud over. They were now a steely gray instead of the clear blue that they usually were. She leaned over and started kissing and nipping at his neck.

Shawn put his arm around Belle’s small shoulder and pulled her to him. He replied with a crooked smile, “That you are baby, but you better remember, I’m the only “privilege” you get!” Shawn hugged his wife and they both laughed together.

The drive to the villa was very relaxing. Shawn had mixed them each up a drink and they sipped on the cocktail as they discussed some of the things that had gone on over the last few weeks. Neither one of them noticed the yellow taxi following behind them from a safe distance.

Their car stopped right in front of their beach house. The driver walked around and opened the door to let them out. Belle stepped out first and was speechless. The view was breathtaking. The structure of the house was made of a white stone and it had a red colored roof. Green plants and shrubs surrounded the property, some with beautiful red blooms. Around to the left side of the house were a swimming pool and a gazebo. ‘That will definitely get some use’ Belle smiled as she thought to herself what she would like to do later. Beyond the house was the white sandy beach and the shimmering, turquoise ocean that she would always remember.

Shawn’s voice got her attention as she heard the last half of the his conversation with the driver, “…yeah tomorrow, at 3 PM…Great…See you then.” He handed the driver some money and shook his hand. The driver took off and Shawn stood there looking at her from the road.

He approached his smiling wife and handed her the keys. “Surprise, honey!” Belle wasn’t sure how to take this surprise. Was he telling her this was theirs? That they owned this house? “Well, do you want to see the inside?”

Belle’s eyes very wide and her jaw was hanging open. “Shh…Shh…Shawn? Is this ours?” Shawn nodded his head and took Belle’s hands leading her down the brick path the front door. There was a big red bow on the front that she hadn’t noticed before.

Belle’s eyes started to tear up. She didn’t know why she was crying but she was. As Belle pushed in the key and opened the door she was swept off her feet by Shawn’s strong arms and he carried her across the threshold.

Chapter 11

The yellow cab continued on past as Shawn stepped through the doorway holding his wife, ‘Enjoy your new home and enjoy your time together with your wife and family. The boss will be very happy with news that I have for him!’ He thought to himself.


While still in Shawn’s arms, Belle noticed the deed to the place lying on a table in the entryway. She looked at Shawn as the fact that this was theirs sunk into her head. She now had a place in St. Thomas. They had a place in St. Thomas. She could come whenever she wanted and bring the kids. Her mind was racing with ideas.

Shawn set her down and kissed her hard. His tongue demanded Belle to open her lips and give him access to her entire mouth. She didn’t dawdle, immediately Shawn was granted the access he wanted and their tongues danced together like they were made for each other. As they slowed, Belle pulled away slightly to look into her husband’s eyes.

“Shawn, thank you” That was all he needed to hear. He knew she loved it and he knew that she was happy. Her eyes were sparkling and full of laughter. She took his hands and started further into their new vacation home. “I want to see the rest of the house.”

They first came to a huge open room that contained the living room, dining room and kitchen combined. Off to the right Belle noticed a spiral staircase that went both upstairs and down. Behind the staircase was a doorway to a half bath. Belle’s jaw hung open once again. There were six sets of French doors, two on each wall, which opened up to a wrap around porch. In the corner was a gas fireplace. Up on the ceiling were three skylights.

The living room portion was beautifully decorated with plush white couches, wicker chairs, colorful throw pillows and glass coffee and end tables. There were beautiful ocean scenery pictures hanging on the wall. Above the fireplace was a huge TV and VCR/DVD player. She noticed on the coffee table, a beautiful vase of multi-colored roses were sitting with a card that read ‘Belle’.

The bar that separated the kitchen from the rest of the room had light blue-colored tile, as were the rest of the countertops. There were four bar stools that sat underneath. The cushions attached to the top of the stools, matched the pillows in the living room. The refrigerator, dishwasher and stove were all stainless steel. She looked in the slightly off white cabinets and found that it was fully furnished. They were even stocked with food.

The dining room table was made of oak. Two large candles were on set on each end. The chairs were arranged neatly with an off white covering on each one. A low light fixture hung directly over the center of the table.

Shawn watched Belle as she discovered her new home. She was like a kid in a toy store. She wanted to see everything. She was now opening up a couple sets of French doors and was walking out onto the covered patio.

To the left was a stone pathway that led to the pool and gazebo. Underneath the gazebo was a hot tub, minibar and a full bathroom. Directly in front of her was another stone pathway that led to their beautiful white sandy beach and aqua colored ocean. Off to the right was a grill, patio table and matching chairs. In the corner was a two-person hammock.

Belle leaned forward on the half wall that surrounded the porch. She gazed out at the beautiful scenery that her husband had just told her was theirs. She was absolutely speechless. Shawn came up behind her and slipped his hands around her waist. “Want to see the upstairs?” He had a cocky half grin on his face and nuzzled her neck.

Belle turned to him, and was lost in his eyes. They were getting darker by the second and the passion seemed to be growing. “I’d love to see the bedroom...uhm,” She stammered, “I mean the upstairs.” She realized what she said and almost blushed. She looked down and found Shawn’s hands. He led her back inside and up the staircase.

The beginning of the hallway was somewhat of a loft; it overlooked a portion of the downstairs. She continued on further down the hall and found three doorways, bedrooms all decorated beautifully. All three had canopy type beds with mosquito nets draped over the tops. Each one also had it’s own bath, walk in closet and French doors that led out to a private, partially covered balcony.

The first room also was decorated in light blue, and the bed was a twin. Obviously setup for Tommy. There were even toys in a bin at the end of the bed and a rocking horse was in the corner.

The next room was a little bigger and was bright yellow. It had a full size bed and had a new set of art supplies sitting on the desk that matched rest of the furniture. Shawn had thought of everything for his family. If she had to guess, there were probably clothes for all of them too.

The last room she came to was the master bedroom. It was basically a pale peach with a seashell theme. There was a king size bed directly in front of her, with a bench seat at the foot. The furniture was a beautiful oak and was placed strategically around the room. She opened the French doors and found that her balcony had a private Jacuzzi for two. They had a beautiful view of the ocean and the sun was starting to set. There were colors of pink, purple, peach, and blue as the water swallowed the up the sun.

She turned to find Shawn, and saw him leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. He had the most amazing smile on his face. “Shawn, this place is so amazing. It’s almost like a dream. I can’t believe…”

Shawn interrupted her with his lips. They came crashing down on hers as his arms wrapped around her. Their tongues danced. In between kisses, he said, “So, <kiss> you wanted <kiss> to see <kiss> the bedroom, <kiss, kiss> What do <kiss> you think?”

Belle looked up at him with her bright blue eyes and said, “Mr. Brady, it’s gorgeous, the entire place is like paradise. I could stay here forever…well if our kids were shipped down here in a few days I mean.” She was now laughing.

Shawn’s smile faded. He knew he needed to tell her now, but he wasn’t sure how she was going to take it. He looked deep into her eyes, ‘Well, here goes…’ “Belle, we may not have a choice.”

Belle didn’t really understand. ‘What was he talking about? Not have a choice?’ “Shawn what do you mean?” Belle started to get worried.

Shawn led Belle into their room and sat down on the bed. “While I was overseas…some things happened; things that never should have happened. We are now under a Witness Protection Program. That is why I was brought home early. That is why I bought this house.” He wasn’t planning on telling her until tomorrow, a little before the kids had arrived. “We’re going to have to take on new identities for a little while.”

Chapter 12

Belle was stunned at the news that her husband had just revealed to her. She couldn’t believe that they were now “in hiding”. What would she tell her family? What would she tell their children? Does Shawn’s family know? And Cory just made a new friend. What about him?

Shawn ripped her from her thoughts, as he grabbed her hands and looked deep into her eyes. “Baby, I am sure you have a ton of questions, and I am more then prepared to explain it all to you, but for right now, lets just try to enjoy the evening. Let’s just try to enjoy one more night as we are, I know that everything will be okay. My dad and Commander Carver have everything under control. They will be here tomorrow afternoon with Cory and Tommy. They plan to go over everything with us and explain to you and the children what is expected of us.” As Shawn was looking into his wife’s eyes, all he saw was fear, terror, and if he wasn’t mistaken, a little bit of anger.

Belle dropped Shawn’s hands and let her gaze fall to the hardwood floor. Her first reaction was to be furious with her husband. He brought her here thinking it was a romantic getaway. That this was a short little vacation. Then he dropped a little secret that he had bought them another home…here! Now they are in the Witness Protection Program and she can’t go back to Salem until who knows when! All he had to do was tell her what was going on, but then she realized that he was probably as scared as she was. She needed to be there for him and stand by him. That is what family is all about. That is what love is all about.

When she looked back up at Shawn, his eyes were saddened and looked as if he was about to cry. He knew that he had not been totally honest with his wife, but he needed this to look like a vacation. Not the entire family running. He had to make her understand, “Belle, I…”

“No, Shawn, let me speak. I don’t fully understand why you didn’t tell me about where we were going, nor do I understand why we have to go in hiding, but I want you to know that I LOVE you and that I will stand by you through all of this. That is what family is all about.” Belle’s eyes softened and she began to smile. She moved closer to Shawn and placed her hands on his. “You have chosen a beautiful home for us and I can’t think of a better place to be in hiding then here. We will be okay as long as we are together!”

Shawn’s looked at his beautiful wife and one tear trickled down his cheek. He couldn’t believe how wonderful and understanding she was to him. She knew nothing of what was going on, but trusted in him and their love to guide her. “Belle, I want you to know that I didn’t intentionally mean to mislead you. We had to leave this way for a reason. We couldn’t do anything out of the ordinary that would have drawn attention to ourselves. This was the only possible way.” Shawn wished things could be different. He wished that he could have just bought this house for them to enjoy from time to time, not because they were in danger.

Even as Shawn spoke, Belle started to crumble inside. She couldn’t imagine the pain that he felt when he was informed that he would have to relocate his family in order to ensure their safety. And the fact that he had to endure it all on his own made her heart break. “Shawn, say no more. We will deal with this tomorrow. Tonight…tonight is for us. Now go find that bottle of Champagne…”

At that moment, Shawn’s cell phone started to ring. He flipped it opened and answered it, “Hello, Brady speaking.” Belle was only able to hear Shawn’s side of things, “Really” “Well, why didn’t he…” ”Ohhh…well that makes sense” “Okay, we will stay indoors until you get here tomorrow, everything is on schedule right?” “Alright, see you tomorrow!” “Bye” Shawn closed the phone and attached it back to the belt clip.

Belle was hoping that Shawn was going to explain, but didn’t want to be pushy so she waited for him to speak first. “That was my dad, he said that one of their agents was in the airport when we landed, he followed us here to make sure that we got inside safely. But, he was concerned that since he noticed us, that anyone else could have as well, so we need to stay inside until they get here and check everything out. From that point, I think it would be best if we stayed around the house as much as possible.” He looked down, “I’m sorry I got us into this mess!” Belle could tell that Shawn felt bad, she immediately approached him and wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace.

Belle didn’t know if there was anything that would make him feel better, “Honey, I know you didn’t mean too.” She tried to change the subject without making him feel like she didn’t care. “Please honey, I agree with what you said earlier, lets just enjoy tonight…” A sexy smile appeared on Belle’s face. “Besides, I still have one surprise up my sleeve for you!” Belle winked at Shawn as grabbed the overnight bag and stepped into the bathroom.

Shawn sat dumbfounded on the bed reliving how well his wife had taken their new predicament. She not only understood and trusted in him, but also was about to “surprise” him with something to take his mind off it. She was definitely an amazing woman. A woman that he would never let go of.

A few minutes later, Belle emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a black garter belt, thigh high stockings, and a sheer robe that barely came down past her ass. She spun around slowly for him, letting her soak into his head.

Shawn’s jaw dropped open. He was not expecting this. This woman never ceased to amaze him. ‘She was now going to seduce him…only it wasn’t going to be very hard, you can’t rape the willing!’

Belle slowly sauntered over to Shawn. She came up between Shawn’s legs, spread them apart with her knees, slowly reached for his belt and unbuckled it. She reached for the bottom hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. She then began slowly kissing his forehead, moving down his face until she reached his lips. His hands reached around her and she swatted them away. “No, this is for you, I am going to take your mind off of everything except me.” Shawn did as he was told and laid back onto the bed.

Belle quickly climbed on top of him and began kissing his stomach above the waistband of his shorts. As her lips and tongue continued to wander, her hands found themselves unbuttoning his shorts and unzipping his zipper. Her fingers slid the shorts and boxers down until they were in a pile on the floor.

She slowly crawled back up Shawn’s legs letting her now hard, bare nipples graze the hairs on his skin. Shawn immediately showed the results of goose bumps. His head had jerked backwards as he did so. When she made her way up towards the top of his body, her lips came crashing down on his. She kissed him deeply letting their tongues tango in the heat of passion.

As she started to pull away, her lips were still attached to his bottom lip. She slowly pulled and suckled the lip while rubbing the edge of it with her tongue. Shawn barely got out a moan, when he opened his dark brown depths of emotion to her. “Damn, Baby…”

“Shhhhhhhhh,” Belle put her finger to her lips, then slinked her body back down between his legs. She grabbed a hold of his now swollen, and more then ready penis and placed the tip in her mouth. She left her hands wrapped around his shaft and moved her hand and mouth together. With the other hand she cupped his family jewels and slightly massaged them between her fingers.

As Shawn’s body started to convulse, she stopped what she was doing and began kissing the insides of his legs until she found her way back to his enormous manhood. Her tongue swirled around the top causing Shawn to almost loose it. His breathing was almost a panting.

Belle knew that he wouldn’t last much longer if she kept doing this to him, so she swallowed his entire staff. Slowly moving up and down, then got faster and faster. Suddenly his breathing stopped, his body stiffened and he grabbed for her shoulder, arm, hand, anything would do, but settled for her neck and her silky smooth golden hair. She stilled making sure he was finished. Then crawled up to the crook of his arm.

She loved being close to him, especially after an intimate moment like this. She looked up at Shawn and noticed his eyes were now even more dark with passion then had been before. He gave her an angelic smirk and said, “You’re turn.” Then winked at her.

Chapter 13

Belle shook her head and gave Shawn a kiss on the nose. “Uh uh, not right now, I just wanted to make you feel good, make you…” Shawn quickly quieted his wife by placing his lips against hers. He parted her lips with his tongue demanding an entrance. She was quick to allow him in, but just as quick to end the kiss.

Shawn was now pouting, his bottom lip was stuck out like a spoiled little kid, and his big brown eyes were looking up at her, begging for his way. Belle couldn’t help but laugh at him a little, “Shawn, lets go downstairs and get something to eat,” Fighting the temptation, she raised her eyebrows at him and gave him a serious look, “We have a long night ahead of us, you’re gonna need the extra energy!” then busted out laughing.

Shawn had begun tickling her. Belle couldn’t remember when they had played like this last. It felt good to be back in his arms after his time away, laughing and messing around. He finally stopped and had somehow maneuvered in between her legs and was now kneeling over the top of her. He had hold of both of her wrists and moved them both over her head. His lips were inches from hers when he noticed her eyes; they were now a smoky gray.

He knew his wife all too well; he had won this disagreement and was about to have the best prize of all. ‘Her’ but he stopped. He respected her wishes. He gently kissed her on the lips and pulled her up to him. “You’re right, we have all night…” With that he moved off the bed, letting her get up and slid on his boxers.

After Belle stood up, Shawn slid his hands around Belle’s waist and kissed her on the nose. Then he spoke, barely above a whisper, “Thank you…” Belle didn’t need anything else but that. She knew what he needed and that is what she gave him. “I’m going downstairs to get the steaks marinating, and start on the rest of dinner. Feel free to explore the house a little more.” He kissed her again, found his shorts and put them on and then headed out the bedroom door.

Belle watched him walk away and felt heat rush to her face. He could still make her hot. Shaking her head and giggling, she went to see what kind of clothes she had available to her. The closet and all the drawers were full of clothes for both her and Shawn. Whoever picked them out had pretty good taste too! Amazingly, it looked as if everything would fit!

She decided on a pair of short cotton shorts and a tank top. Then went into the bathroom and noticed that she had everything that she had at back home. She was completely amazed at what had been done to ensure their safety and make them feel comfortable. She found a ponytail holder and a brush and put her hair up and out of the way and then started downstairs to find Shawn.

As she got to the main level of the house, she decided to go on down the staircase, since she hadn’t been down there yet. As she reached the bottom, she entered into a large game room. It, like the rest of the house, was decorated beautifully, but it had more of a relaxed atmosphere to it. A set of black leather couches sat on one side of the room with a big screen TV, VCR/DVD player and stereo system. On the other side was a pool table, a foosball table and a dart board. There also was a toy box in the corner that, if she wasn’t mistaken, had plenty of toys for Tommy.

As she made her way back upstairs to the main level, she noticed a door in the kitchen that she didn’t think she had seen before. As she approached it, Shawn popped up from behind the counter and scared her to death. “He he, I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to scare you!” He noticed that she was headed towards the laundry room. “That’s the laundry room. The washer and dryer should be here tomorrow, but we have detergent and everything else we should need.” He had a playful, curious grin on his face as he cocked his head to the side.

Belle was standing there, still in shock, with her right hand over her heart. “Geez Shawn,” she then started laughing as she realized what she must’ve looked like. “I guess I’m a little jumpy.” She started towards the door and peeked inside.

“Shawn, it’s huge!” She took the two steps down and looked around at the enormous room. Not only was there a spot for the washer and dryer but also there was a deep utility sink and cabinets filled with cleaning supplies, detergent and other miscellaneous items. There was a vacuum, broom and a mop in the corner. ‘Damn, he thought of everything…I’ve got to be dreaming.’

Belle came back into the kitchen and closed the door to the laundry room. “Shawn, this house is amazing! I couldn’t have picked a better one out myself.” She truly was impressed. She walked over to her husband and gave him a hug, “Now, what can I do to help?”

Shawn had just finished prepping the steaks and was covering them with aluminum foil to put in the fridge for a little while. “Well, you could start with the salad, I’m going to put two potatoes in the oven and clean some broccoli.” He had already set the bar for two, set out wine glasses and a bottle of red wine and had a lit a few candles.

Belle finished with the salad just as Shawn finished the wrapping the potatoes and sticking them in the oven. The broccoli was in the steamer; all that was left were the steaks. He figured the grill was ready since he had started it when he first came downstairs. “You still like your steak medium?” He asked as he took the steaks outside.

Belle nodded to Shawn as she flipped on the TV to find something to watch. The food wasn’t going to be done for a few more minutes, so she figured she’d see what was on. As she was flipping through the channels, she stopped on NBC. They were showing Breaking News and she felt compelled to watch it. She turned up the volume and called Shawn in to watch.

“Late last week, the local drug lord that was originally operating in Salem, Virginia broke out of jail. His whereabouts are still unknown. The Salem PD have a few clues and hopefully will have him back behind bars where he belongs before long. For a five years, he had been working as a DA for the City of Salem…” As she was giving more details about the drug lord, a picture of Carson appeared on the TV.

Terrified, Belle looked at Shawn, “Is this why we are here? Is he coming after you, after our family? I remember when you finally got him put behind bars. He holds you responsible doesn’t he? Shawn, what are we gonna do?” Belle was talking a mile a minute.

Shawn rushed over to Belle, “Baby, it’s okay, it’s under control. Once my dad and Abe get here tomorrow, you’ll know everything I do. For right now, just try to relax. No one knows where we are. There is really no way to track our flight since we took Victor’s jet. His pilot has been with him for years and I don’t think he will tell anyone. Plus we have the best security system installed, including cameras that cover the entire property.” He wrapped his arms around her trying to assure her that everything will be okay.

Belle started to relax a little, but she knew what Carson was capable of. He had been after the Brady family for as long as she could remember. She leaned her head against Shawn’s shoulder and closed her eyes as tears began to fall. How could this have happened?

Shawn gave her a shoulder a squeeze, “Baby, I’ll be right back, I’m gonna grab the steaks and turn off the grill. Are you ready to eat?” Shawn hoped that she would be okay for a minute or two. He hated that Belle had to deal with this.

Belle didn’t answer him but nodded slowly while staring at the floor. She got up and made her way over to the bar and sat down to wait for Shawn. She was speechless, yet her mind was racing. She was scared, scared for her life and for her family. Shawn set the steaks down in front of her and she jumped.

She looked up at Shawn and could tell he was getting worried. “Just tell me it’ll be okay?” She just needed him to say it. “Shawn, just tell me it’ll be ok!” His voice was all she needed to hear.

Chapter 14

Belle’s tear stained face broke Shawn’s heart. He placed his hand on her arm and lightly rubbed her soft skin with his fingers. “Baby, I promise you, Abe, my dad and I will do everything in our power to keep our family safe. Remember what you told me? Everything will be okay as long as we are together! I believe that and so should you.” Shawn said a silent prayer to God for the right words to help Belle calm down.

Belle started to breathe normally again and her tears started to dry up. “Shawn I’m sorry for being so emotional. I guess this is just a lot to take in all at once.” Belle looked up at Shawn and tried to give him a partial smile.

She reached for her steak and placed it on her plate then handed it to Shawn for a potato and some broccoli. She got his plate and gave it to him to load for himself. After he sat back down, he opened the bottle of wine and poured them both a glass. “Maybe this will help ease your nerves a little.” He smiled and handed her glass to her and she took a sip.

They finished dinner fairly quietly. Shawn was trying to think of ways to help reassure her that they had the best protection possible and Belle was trying to find a way to…just be positive. She needed to be strong. She needed to trust in Shawn.

They both worked together to clean up the kitchen and finished rather quickly. Afterwards, they decided to head downstairs to see what movies were on the satellite. They each grabbed their glasses and Shawn also grabbed the bottle of wine. As Belle started down the steps, Shawn told her he’d be right there; he was going to make sure everything was locked up. Belle sat down on the first step and waited for him.

He set his glass and the bottle down beside Belle and went around to all the windows and doors to make sure they were all closed, locked and deadbolted. Then on his way downstairs turned on the alarm system, allowing them to move around inside the house, but no doors or windows could be opened. He hoped this would help Belle feel a little bit more reassured and safe.

As they approached the bottom floor, Belle looked around for all the exits. The stairs and the door that led to the garage were the only options. Once in the garage, she would have to either wait for the garage doors to open or have a key to get out the door, both taking extremely too long to get away. She sat down at the bottom step and realized that she had become paranoid.

Shawn was already over by the TV when he noticed Belle wasn’t right behind him. She sitting at the bottom of the staircase and appeared to be in deep thought. He decided to give her a few minutes while he figured out what was on. Nothing looked all that entertaining, he flipped through a few more channels and a movie was just coming on that he thought was Belle’s favorite.

“Hey baby, isn’t this your favorite movie?” Shawn was hopeful, ‘This must be a blessing from God!’ “Isn’t this the beginning of Princess Bride?” He walked towards her, holding out his hand for her to take.

Belle jerked her head up and looked at the TV. “Yeah it is,” she said with a slight smile. She took his hand and they went and sat down on the couch. “Maybe this will help take my mind off things.” She was hopeful, but not convinced.

Shawn found a blanket and they curled up together underneath it. It was a little bit cooler down here then it was upstairs. “Thanks Shawn, between you, the blanket, and this wine, I’m sure I’ll warm right up!” She giggled a little and leaned up against Shawn.

They continued watching the movie and were about halfway through when Shawn glanced down at Belle. She looked so peaceful. She had finally fallen asleep. He was worried that she wouldn’t be able to sleep at all. He looked at his watch and it was 10:48 PM. He decided he would finish watching the movie and then would attempt to carry Belle upstairs to bed.

As the final credits were running, Belle woke up with a jerk. She had been dreaming, and was a little startled. “Baby, you okay? Did you have a bad dream?” Shawn was growing more worried by the minute. He had hoped that this wouldn’t be as bad as it seemed. But Belle was fragile for some reason.

She sat up and downed what was left in her glass of wine. “I’m okay, I’m not even sure what I was dreaming, I guess I just woke up abruptly. I’m sorry I scared you.” She realized that the movie was over and sighed. “I guess I missed the second half of the movie, sorry I fell asleep.”

Shawn smiled at her lovingly, “Baby, it’s okay, you’ve had a long day, full of surprises. You had to be exhausted. I’m sure it will come on again. Let’s go upstairs and head to bed. We have a another long day tomorrow.” Shawn stood up and began folding the blanket.

Belle turned off the TV and then grabbed both glasses and the now empty bottle of wine and they both headed upstairs. Shawn took one last glance around the downstairs and flipped off the lights.

As the reached the main level, Belle headed towards the kitchen to put the glasses and empty bottle away. Shawn went to check the monitors to ensure that nothing was out of the ordinary. He noticed that a red light was flashing and grew extremely worried. “Belle, come here, NOW! And do NOT leave my side.”

Belle ran into the small room off the entryway. ‘Funny, I didn’t even notice this doorway.’ “What is it Shawn? Is something wrong?” Belle didn’t like the tone in his voice.

“I don’t now what it is, but the security system picked up movement on the back porch.” Shawn flipped the alarm off so if he opened the door it wouldn’t sound, then picked up a gun and a flashlight and then shut off all the lights. He told Belle to stay in this room. He was going to lock the door so no one could get in. She did as she was told and then a thought came to her.

“Shawn, you said as long as we were toge…” Shawn had already shut the door and locked it. She found a seat in front of all the monitors and was amazed at the level of security that was being placed around them. ‘We’ll be okay…I know we’ll be okay.’

She watched on the screen as Shawn crept through the living room and peered out one of the French Doors. The moonlight gave a clear view of the majority of the porch. All of a sudden, she saw Shawn’s body relax and he lowered his gun. He opened the door and stepped outside and walked over towards the hammock.

Shawn knelt down and began doing something with his hands. Belle couldn’t be sure, but it looked like he was picking something up. He started walking back inside and immediately unlocked the door to let Belle out. As soon as the door came open, Belle saw what Shawn had picked up and it made her heart melt.

In his arms was a tiny, filthy ball of black fluff. “Oh my gosh Shawn, where did this come from?” She took it from him and began cuddling it. “He are absolutely adorable!”

Shawn couldn’t help but smile at her. “I have no idea, but he was all curled up, shivering underneath the hammock. There aren’t houses around for miles so I am not sure if he belongs to anyone of not.” Shawn walked in the security room and put his gun away, then cleared the motion alert.

Belle had already taken the kitten into the kitchen to find it something to eat. He seemed very young, so Belle decided on a warm bowl of milk. Shawn checked the screens one last time and then locked up the room.

He came into the kitchen to find Belle watching the kitten. He wasn’t wasting ANY time drinking the milk that she had put out for him. ‘Maybe this is a distraction that will help Belle.’ Shawn thought to himself. “I’ll see if my dad will stop on his way here for a litter box, some food and whatever else a cat needs. For right now, I’ll go get a shoebox lid and some sand for him to use.”

Belle nodded, and bent down to pet the kitten. He had licked the bowl clean and was now wrapping himself around Belle’s legs, purring away. She picked him up and started for upstairs. “Shawn, I’m going to give him a bath. I’ll be upstairs.” She really wasn’t waiting for an answer.

Shawn had just come back inside and was locking up. As he reached the top of the stairs, he changed the security so that any motion inside the house, other then upstairs, would set the alarm off. He made his way down the hall to their bedroom and heard Belle in the bathroom talking to the kitten.

“Awww, it’ll be okay, you’ll be all clean. You have a full belly and tonight you’ll get a warm cozy bed to sleep in.” Shawn stepped in the bathroom and looked in the sink. There was the little kitten, soaking wet looking like a drowned rat. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“Shawn, don’t laugh at him. He’s already scared.” Belle wrapped a towel around him and dried him off as much as possible. He immediately started purring as she walked towards the bed. “Shawn will you play with him a few minutes while I get ready for bed?”

Shawn walked over to the bed and sat down. He really wasn’t all that excited about this, but did it for Belle. “Sure honey,” Belle set him down and then went into the bathroom for her nightly ritual before bed.

When she was finally through she flipped off the light in the bathroom and started towards the bed. What she saw in front of her was the sweetest thing. Shawn was asleep on his back and the kitten, now mostly dry, was curled up on his chest under his chin.

Belle climbed in bed and scooted over so that her body was pressed up close against Shawn’s and put her head on his shoulder. She put her arm across his stomach and her leg over the top, and then in between his. As soon as she closed her eyes she fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 15

The next morning, Belle woke up to an empty bed. She tried to recall the events of last night and remembered the kitten. She looked around frantically and didn’t see him anywhere. She noticed that Shawn was missing as well. She assumed they were together so she made her way to the bathroom, and noticed her reflection in the mirror.

She pulled the scrunchy from her hair and let the tangles fall to her shoulders. She brushed her hair until it was smooth and put it back up in a high ponytail, then brushed her teeth. Content with her appearance, she headed downstairs.

She stopped at the end of the hall and looked over the balcony. Shawn was lying on his stomach in the middle of the living room floor, wearing only a pair of boxers. He had found a piece of string from somewhere and was dragging it around letting the kitten pounce on it and catch it.

She continued on down the stairs and sat down on the couch to watch her new found joy. “Shawn, I think we need to name him.” She thought for a second and couldn’t think of anything to call him.

Shawn sat up and looked her way with a smirk, “What no ‘hi honey’ or ‘good morning’?” He chuckled as the kitten pounced in his lap chasing the string he wasn’t paying attention to.

Belle smiled and leaned in for a good morning kiss. Their lips met in a hot passionate embrace, their tongues danced together expressing the love between them. “Good Morning Sweetheart!” She mumbled against his lips.

“Good Morning Beautiful” Shawn said inches away from her with their eyes still locked. He then kissed her one more time. His hand rested on her cheek and he asked, “Are you feeling better this morning?” She definitely looked 100% better. Her eyes had the liveliness back in them.

Belle smiled and picked up the kitten. He immediately started purring. “I am, and I have you and this little guy to thank for that.” She looked at Shawn lovingly, then nuzzled the kitten with her face. “But we still need to pick out a name for him.”

Shawn thought for a second and then said, “You know Belle, considering the time we found him and since he is solid black, maybe we should name him, Midnight.”

Belle’s face brightened as she looked at the kitten. “I love it, Midnight, you now have a name.” She kissed him on the nose and set him down on the floor. She got up and made her way into the kitchen to start on breakfast.

Later on that morning, they both took showers and cleaned up before the kids, Bo and Abe arrived. Belle knew that she had a hard time accepting what was happening, but now that it had sunk in, she was dealing with it a little better. She hoped that the kids would adjust better then she did and had busied herself with making sure everything in their rooms was perfect.

About the time she sat down to relax, the doorbell rang. Shawn came bounding down the stairs and started towards the door. He grabbed Belle’s hand and they opened the door together.

“MOMMY!” Tommy was squirming out of his grandpa Bo’s arms as to get to his mom. As soon as Bo set him down, he ran to her and wrapped his little arms around her neck. “I missed you”. Belle had knelt down to his level and almost fell over from the momentum of her youngest child.

“Hey baby, I missed you too and your sister!” Belle looked up at Cory and reached for her. She seemed a little distant, but reluctantly came and hugged her mother, but said nothing. Cory quickly moved past them after hugging her dad. Shawn took Tommy from Belle and she hugged and welcomed Bo to her home.

Shawn shook hands with Abe and the other officers that were with him. He set Tommy down next to Cory and asked her to take him inside. Shawn hugged his dad and then they made their way inside as well.

Belle invited everyone into the living room and shut and locked the door behind her. There were three men with Bo and Abe that she didn’t recognize and wondered what their purpose was. “Can I get anyone anything? Coffee, Coke, Water…? Have you all eaten?” Belle was extremely nervous and it didn’t go unnoticed by Shawn.

Bo answered for all of them; “We ate on the flight down. As far as a drink,” he glanced around at the other men, “I think we are okay for now.” Shawn made his way over to Belle and slipped his arm around her waist. He felt her tense up and then release and relax a little.

There was silence for a few minutes when Abe broke the ice. “Belle, I am sure that Shawn has made mention of the situation that your family is in. There is a lot you are unaware of and you probably have a ton of questions. I think we better start at the beginning.” Abe looked at Bo and then started towards the dining room table with his briefcase and began laying documents out.

Belle decided now was a good time to “distract” the kids. “Abe, I’m going to show the kids their rooms and let them get comfortable. I think this could get lengthy and I don’t want them to get to bored.” Abe nodded and continued with what he was doing.

“Cory, Tommy, come with me, I want to show you your new rooms.” Belle picked up Tommy and Cory followed Belle upstairs. She directed Cory to her room and she was ecstatic. She “loved” everything about it; the bed, the furniture, her own bathroom, everything. She was in awe that she had her “own” balcony. Even the art supplies on her desk were perfect. But, as Belle was headed to Tommy’s room she noticed the look in Cory’s eyes. It was the same fear that was in her own. Cory knew something bad was happening to them.

Hesitantly, not wanting to leave Cory alone, she took Tommy to his bedroom. Shawn had just installed the railings and steps to Tommy’s bed this morning. However the first thing Tommy noticed was the overflowing toy box at the end of his bed. She set him down and immediately he was right in the middle of all the toys. It amazed Belle at how fast a child could make a mess. She chuckled to herself and then told Tommy to pick two toys out to bring downstairs.

As they all met back up in the hallway, she took them to her and Shawn’s room before going back downstairs. There were two reasons for this. The first was so her children would know where their parent’s bedroom was. The second was to introduce them to Midnight.

He had made their bed his own and she hoped he was still there. “Guys, this is Midnight.” Belle watched both of her children’s expressions. Both had the same glimmer in their eyes of excitement. “I want you two to be very careful with him, okay, he is still a baby and probably very scared.” Belle explained to the children that they had just found him last night.

Cory immediately went and set on the bed next to the kitten and began petting him. Midnight opened both eyes, sniffed Cory’s hand then walked over to her lap and curled back up and went to sleep. Belle was intrigued. Tommy, still a little afraid, came up to Cory’s leg and slowly reached up to pet him. As his fingers barely touched his fur, he jerked his hand back and giggled furiously.

Belle laughed at Tommy and then explained that it was okay and that he wasn’t going to hurt him. Tommy finally started to pet the kitten and his purring increased. “Okay, Cory we need to go downstairs. Midnight seems pretty comfortable with you; why don’t you bring him downstairs with you? I will see if I can find a movie on TV for you guys to watch while we adults talk.”

They made their way downstairs and Belle noticed that the men seemed to be waiting on her. She quickly got Tommy settled down on the floor with his trucks. Cory sat on the couch and began drawing. Belle turned the TV on and flipped through the channels. Finally she found ‘Spy Kids’. ‘That’ll do, it’s just coming on.’ Belle thought to herself.

Realizing she needed to hurry, Belle grabbed a blanket and handed it to Cory, as it was a little chilly in the house. “Okay kids, we’ll be right over here if you need anything. The bathroom is right through that doorway,” Belle told them pointing to the door behind the stairs. “Later on, I will show you the rest of the house.” She kissed them both on the head and then made her way to the dining room table.

With her children settled, she was ready to divulge into the changes that were about to happen to her family. As she approached the table, a picture caught her eye. It was of a jail cell. On the wall, scratched in what looked like blood, were the words, “Tell Mr. Brady to watch his back, I’m coming after him and his family!”

Chapter 16

Belle’s eyes opened wide, her lower jaw dropped open and her face paled. She couldn’t seem to look away from the picture. She willed her body to move towards the chair next to Shawn, but her legs wouldn’t budge. Her arms felt like jelly and her mouth seemed to be wired shut. All she managed was a “Shhhh…Shhhh….aaawn”

Shawn quickly jumped up and noticed what Belle was looking at. He shot Abe a quick glare and wrapped his arms around his extremely frightened wife. Bo quickly reached for the pictures that were lain out and put them away. ‘I told him no pictures, not until Belle understood at least……Damn it.’ He couldn’t believe Abe would be so careless. “Baby, it’s okay, we will be okay, just keep reminding yourself of our talk,” He knew this was going to be harder for her to accept now. He kissed her on the forehead and they both sat down.

Abe interrupted, “Belle, I apologize for being so insensitive. I didn’t mean to leave the pictures out. I was planning to show them to everyone later as evidence.” He looked around at his men and then spoke again, “If it is alright, I’d like to begin.” He looked straight at Belle, “Belle, again I apologize.” He looked sincere. He glanced around again, “Once I finish with the details, feel free to ask questions.”

Belle looked into Shawn’s eyes. She saw his pain, but she also saw the strength that she was searching for. Her gaze met Bo’s and she saw the love and concern that he had for his son and his family. She looked towards Abe and nodded for him to go ahead. She wondered if maybe she should have the children out of hearing range, but decided that she would rather be able to see them and deal with questions later.

Abe stood up and began. “It is no secret that Carson Palmer has been after the Brady family for as long as we can remember. The fact that Shawn is the one that put him behind bars doesn’t help the situation. Carson was put in jail exactly one year prior from the day that he escaped. This was no accident. It had been planned out to the T.”

Abe reached for a stack of documents and handed one out to everyone. “What you see here is a list of all employees that came in contact with Carson during his time in jail. Seeing as how he was previously an employee of the state, he was separated from the rest of the inmates. The warden tried to keep the guards assigned to him to a minimum, but as with any job, turnover will happen. Two months ago, a new guard by the name of Chaz was assigned to take over third shift.” Abe handed Bo a picture of the boy to pass around.

“We feel that he is the one that had been helping Carson plan his escape. If he actually knew he was helping him, we do not know. Ever since Chaz started, Carson had been on his best behavior and had not created any problems. We noticed that sometimes Carson would even have “extras” in his cell with him. One day it was a new notepad, then maps. When we noticed this, it was too late. He already knew what he was going to do. Unfortunately, any plans he had written down, he took with him or destroyed when he left.” Abe was hesitant to continue.

He glanced around the table, first at Bo, then to his officers and finally onto Shawn and Belle. Everyone except Belle knew what was coming next. Shawn squeezed Belle tight with the arm that was wrapped around her shoulders. His other hand reached for her delicate fingers and intertwined them with his. She was still silent and white as a ghost. Fortunately her breathing seemed to have steadied.

He glanced over at his children and noticed that the movie was turned down barely enough to hear, they were both fast asleep. The trip and the tension seemed to have exhausted them. Midnight was lying on Cory’s stomach. It was almost quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

Abe moved towards his briefcase and retrieved the pictures that Bo had placed there earlier. He looked down and then started again, “I know this is going to be hard to take in, but it is part of the case and I need to make sure that everyone understands the danger that the Brady family is in.” He looked for a nod from Bo to continue.

Bo looked to his son and daughter-in-law, and then glanced at his grandchildren. His heart was heavy and he worried what would happen if they weren’t able to find this madman before he found them. His eyes met Shawn’s and he knew it was now or never. He nodded for Abe to continue.

He began again, “On the morning of the escape, around 2:00 or 3:00 AM, Chaz, obviously trusting Carson, opened the cell and joined Palmer inside. Then at some point, he grabbed Chaz’s gun and hit him over the head. He then stripped him of his uniform and swapped clothes with him. At this point, Palmer was now wearing the guard uniform and had the keys to let himself out. Previously working for the state, he knew his way around the jail.” Abe reached in his back pocket for his handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his brow.

Abe was now looking straight down at the table and continued slowly and softly, “Before he left the cell, he shot Chaz in the heart. With the blood that was seeping into the orange jumper, he wrote on the wall, a message to Mr. Brady.” He handed the pictures to Bo for everyone to see if they felt it necessary and fell silent letting the information sink in.

Belle was dumbfounded. How could this be happening to her family? The last thing she remembered, she had a beautiful home in Salem, a great job, the most wonderful family she could ask for and a normal life. Now they had a psycho, good cop gone bad, drug lord, murderer wanting revenge on their entire family.
They were now in hiding and she didn’t know when she’d see her parents again. Suddenly something snapped inside of her. She not only wasn’t afraid of this anymore, but also was now ready to deal with this head on. She wanted her life back and she wanted her freedom back, not only for herself, but also for Shawn and their children.

She reached across the table and grabbed the pictures. She wanted to know exactly what she was dealing with. Apparently a little of her father’s mercenary mode had been passed onto her. No one was going to hurt her or her family.

Shawn was a bit taken back with Belle’s new attitude. He glanced at his father and he just shrugged. “Belle, are you okay?” He was truly concerned for just a few minutes ago, she was almost lethargic and now she seemed to be in total control.

Belle looked at Shawn, and gave him a brilliant smile. “We WILL be okay!” She leaned over to him and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. All the color had returned to her face and she had the twinkle back in her gorgeous blue eyes. She glanced around the table and asked, “What do you need us to do?”

Shawn was proud of his wife; a slight smirk appeared on his face. ‘She never ceases to amaze me.’ A chuckle escaped from his lips.

Abe, shocked, appearing confused along with the rest of the men at the table, but went with it anyway, spoke, “Well we know how he escaped. Him taking Chaz’s car may have been a slight mistake on his part. We were able to trace it to the Illinois border, but then found it abandoned. At this point, we have officers looking for him right now. He didn’t have to much of a head start we don’t think.”

Be interrupted, “We are checking into all motels, and are constantly running checks for stolen and recently purchased vehicles. We are also checking into bus lines, train and airline ticket purchases and rental car companies. We think we may have a lead, but aren’t going to go into it until it pans out.” Bo looked back at Abe, letting him know he was finished talking.

Abe grabbed another stack of documents and passed them around. “These are floor plans and land maps of your new home. I have marked all the entryways, escape routes and hiding spots. I need all of you to memorize these. It could mean your life.”

He looked at the two officers at the end of the table. “Belle, these two men are going to be guarding you and your family around the clock. At night, they will take turns sleeping. The other will be monitoring the cameras. If you leave the house, one of them is to be with you at all times. No one is to ever be alone outside of the house. Is that understood?”

Belle nodded in agreement with Commander Carver as they all began to stand up. She reached for Shawn and his arms engulfed her. She was still fearful, but she was now more then ready to face this new tragedy that their family was about to face. She looked up at Shawn, and asked him, “How will we explain this to the kids?”

Chapter 17

Shawn glanced over Belle’s shoulder at his two sleeping angels. He didn’t want to disturb them yet. “Let’s wait until they wake up and then we will go over it with them. They both need to know that they are not to EVER be alone outside and that if they see any strange people, that they are to let us or the “nice men” staying with us know immediately.” Belle nodded in agreement and then turned around to face the table. She was now leaning back against Shawn’s chest; he had one arm around her waist and was rubbing her stomach gently with his thumb.

About that time, Abe realized that he hadn’t introduced the agents yet. “Belle, Shawn, forgive me, I completely forgot to introduce everyone.” He slapped the first man on the shoulder, “This is Steven Briggs, he has been with the department for five years and before that was a bouncer for an upscale club in New York City.” Abe directed his attention to the second man, “And this is Eric Wright, he specializes in guns.” Abe couldn’t help but laugh. “He is an experienced sniper, and has an excellent close range shot as well. I don’t think you will have to worry quite so much with these two staying with your family!”

Shawn chuckled and then smiled back politely as he and Belle both shook hands with the two men that would now be living with them. Belle felt her heart slow down just a touch as she realized that they would be much safer with these two men under the same roof as they were.

Abe continued to explain to Belle about the extra room behind the “security closet”. It was fully furnished with two full sized beds, two dressers, a closet and a bathroom. They all walked to the hidden room to inspect it and to ensure that everything they needed was there, then slowly they all made their way back out to the living room.

As Belle approached the couch, she noticed that Cory was starting to wake up. Tommy was already awake and playing with the kitten on the floor. “Hey guys, are you hungry?” Belle looked at her watch and noticed that it was after 6:00 PM. She usually had dinner ready by now. Both of her kids nodded their heads furiously, and Cory volunteered to help.

As they were making their way to the kitchen, Bo approached Belle to say his good-byes. “I’ve got to get home to Hope and Zach. I don’t like leaving them alone. They have two officers with them as well, but we haven’t taken the steps that we’ve taken for you guys. Plus, I’m sure they are watching us, and if I am missing for to long, it could start more trouble.” Bo hesitated and looked down, “Belle, I hope you know that Shawn feels horrible for putting his family in this situation.” Bo was genuinely concerned that Belle might be upset with Shawn.

Belle interrupted him politely as she placed her hand on his forearm, “Bo…” she smiled, “Dad, I know that Shawn would never do Anything to put his family in danger. I know he was just doing his job, and I will stand by him no matter what.” Belle wanted to make sure that Bo knew they were ok. “I love him, and we are a team. We’re going to get through this and every other hurdle that comes our way.” Tears had formed in her eyes, but never fell. She smiled and took Bo’s hand and he pulled her to him in a fatherly hug. As she pulled back she said, “Give ‘Mom’ and Zach our love!”

He nodded and then he directed his attention to Cory and Tommy and said his good-byes to them. He handed both of them a sucker from his briefcase, “Now don’t spoil your dinner with these!” and then as he was walking out, he winked at Belle.

Bo approached Shawn as he and Abe were bringing in the last of Steven and Eric’s stuff. He handed him a new cell phone, “I want you to use this phone from now on and you are only to call Abe or I on the numbers that are already preprogrammed. I want you to destroy the other phones in case they have been tracked with the GPS. Because Carson was on our side at one time, he knows how the system works.” Bo looked at Shawn, and Shawn knew he was serious. “Oh yeah, and don’t use ANY credit cards!”

Shawn hugged his dad, “Thanks for all your help dad, I’m glad that you are involved and know what is going on. Please be sure that Belle’s parents know that we are okay and we hope to see them soon!” He felt bad that Belle’s family had to suffer for something that he was responsible for.

After everyone said their good-byes and final instructions were given out, Abe and Bo headed back home to Salem. Shawn, Belle, the kids and their new guests finished up with dinner and then settled down in the living room to go over the final details of their new structured life. They would be having these types of meetings every week.

Steven began with the safety features for the kids. He handed them both a whistle necklace to wear at all times and instructed them to blow it if they saw anyone approaching. He stressed to them that it didn’t matter if they were kids, men or women, they were to blow the whistle and let he or Eric decide if it was safe.

Eric stepped in and gave each of them a pin to wear on their clothes. It was actually a tracking device so if either of them were kidnapped, they would know where to find them. Cory’s was a small softball glove with a ball in it and Tommy’s was a small little truck. They were both really excited about them and thanked the men eagerly. Belle and Shawn were also both issued “tracking” pins, but were not as enthusiastic as the children. They still smiled and thanked Eric.

After Eric and Steven finished with their family meeting, Belle took the children up to their rooms to help them get ready for bed. As soon as Belle got Tommy changed, he climbed up in his bed and fell asleep rather quickly. In fact as soon as his head hit the pillow he was out like a light. Belle kissed him on the forehead and turned on his nightlight. She flipped off the overhead light and left his door cracked.

Cory, on the other hand, had to take a shower. She was excited about her new room, her own bathroom, the new kitten and all her new clothes. Belle could see that she was functioning on adrenaline alone, and tried to get her to lie down. It was 10:30 and she had had a long day, but she was determined to stay up.

Belle finally convinced Cory that it was best if she got some sleep tonight and tomorrow they had the entire day to do what ever she wanted. Belle pulled the covers up and tucked Cory in, “Honey, I know that this day has been tough. You guys had a lot of changes all at once, but I hope you know that your dad and I love you two very much and we are only doing this for our own safety. Hopefully we will be home soon and we’ll be able to meet with Rodney and his mom. I’m really sorry that this happened now of all times.” Belle felt horrible that her child had finally made a friend only to have to leave him three days later.

Cory understood, Belle could see in her eyes that they were full of compassion. “Mom, I understand that something bad is happening to our family. I also know that you and dad are doing what is best for all of us. Please don’t feel bad. If Rodney is my friend, he will be there when I get back.” Belle’s heart swelled at her daughter’s words.

Belle and Cory both jerked their heads toward the door as they heard a knock. “Hey pumpkin, I just wanted to come and tell you goodnight!” Shawn walked over to his daughter and kissed her on the head. “I appreciate you being supportive and not being upset. This is a big change, and we will need your help taking care of Tommy.” She sat up and grabbed hold of her dad and gave him a big hug. Then lay back down in the bed.

“Daddy, I love you, thanks for taking care of us, I’ll do what I can to help…” With that Cory closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Belle looked to Shawn with tears forming in her eyes and a smile that would light up a room. He wrapped his arms around her and they quietly exited Cory’s room, leaving her door slightly ajar.

Belle headed on to their bedroom and Shawn stopped to peak in Tommy’s room. He glanced at his precious son and said a silent prayer. ‘Lord, please watch over my family, don’t let them get hurt. None of them deserve to go through this.’ He quietly closed the door back to the way it was and then headed on to his room to prepare for bed.

Shawn walked into his room, expecting to find Belle ready to talk more about today’s events. Initially he panicked, he didn’t see her anywhere, but then heard her singing softly from somewhere and found that she was in the bathroom preparing a bath…not wearing very much at all. She turned to look at him as he walked through the doorway. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were wide. With mischief in her eyes, she asked, “Care to join me Mr. Brady?”

Shawn’s eyes never left Belle’s. He stepped forward and took her in his arms. The small towel that was wrapped around Belle’s body fell to the floor and her soft, creamy skin was left bare to Shawn’s touch. His looked his wife up and down and felt the bulge in his pants harden. His plan to talk to Belle about the kids and the changes to their lives was all forgotten at this point. All that mattered now was that he couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough.

Suddenly, they heard what sounded like a whistle. Belle’s smoky dark orbs immediately became clear. Her eyes met Shawn’s and he could see the fear all over her face. She grabbed her robe and she and Shawn started out their bedroom in the direction of the piercing sound.

Chapter 18

As they approached their children’s doorways, they noticed that Steven and Eric were already there. The lights were on in both bedrooms and they were already in the process of checking the children’s rooms. Eric ushered Cory out of her room and did a sweep of the balcony, bathroom and the rest of the room in general. Everything was okay. Nothing looked out of the ordinary.

They peered into Tommy’s room; Steven had Tommy in his arms and was walking towards them. “It seems that Tommy was the one blowing his whistle. I’m going to take a look around his room and see if I see anything. See if you can get him to tell you why he blew the whistle.” Belle nodded and looked down at Tommy.

Tommy was shaking, “Mama, sumfins in my cwaset.” He pointed toward the doorway that Steven was standing in, then buried his head in his mother’s shoulder. He was terrified, but who could blame him. A new house, new bedroom, new sounds, new rules, new everything.

Belle looked up at Shawn, and then at Cory. “Honey, I’m sure that there isn’t anything in your closet. You were probably having a bad dream.” She stroked his soft brown hair soothingly. He continued to sob, but the shaking stopped.

A few seconds later, Steven emerged from Tommy’s closet with Midnight in his arms. “He had somehow gotten up on the top shelf and was playing with a string that was dangling out from a shoe box.” He began laughing, “The box, shoes and the kitten fell. The noise is probably what woke Tommy up and startled him.”

Belle and Shawn couldn’t help but laugh, Tommy even smiled a little, Cory on the other hand wasn’t pleased about being woken up, “I’m going back to bed…” She rolled her eyes, took the kitten from Steven’s hands and sleepily dragged herself back in her room and closed the door.

After thanking Steven and Eric, Shawn and Belle tried to put Tommy back to bed. He was still scared and didn’t want to be left alone. “Tommy, you are a big boy now, you don’t want Cory to pick on you because you had to sleep with us, do you?” Shawn winked at Belle as he was talking to Tommy.

Tommy hated being picked on by his older sister, “No, but…” He looked around for his blanket and Belle noticed that it had fallen on the floor. She bent down to pick it up and handed it to him. He grabbed it from her and cuddled it close to his body. Within a few minutes his exhaustion beat down his fear, and he fell fast asleep.

They quietly sneaked out of his room, flipping off the light and closing the door ¾ of the way. They headed back to their room and Belle remembered the bath water. Just as she stepped into the bathroom, the water started to seep up over the edge of the tub and onto the floor. She was thankful that the tub was extra large, this mess could have been a lot worse. She quickly turned the water off and pulled the stopper to let some of it drain out.

Shawn had already gotten towels out and had started drying up the water that had gotten on the floor. He left one on the floor as an extra mat for when they got out. He turned to face his wife, and noticed that the smoky haze had returned to her normally bright blue orbs. “So…where were we?”


“Bo, is that you?” Hope smiled; she had been expecting her husband for quite some time now. Zach was staying at her dad and Julie’s house tonight. She had some unfinished business she needed to take care of with Bo. She sent one of the cops assigned to “watch” them as well, just in case something happened.

She sat the recliner upright when she heard no answer and reached for her gun, tucking it in the back of her pants. She could’ve sworn that she heard a door open and close, surely she wasn’t hearing things. She knew that there was a cop staying with her, but he was absolutely useless in her opinion.

As she started to stand up from her chair, the study door slowly opened and before her stood Zach. He had a gag in his mouth and his hands were handcuffed behind him. There was a gun pressed to his temple. A masked man was pushing him further into the room, “Hello Hope, glad to see that you are at home. This will make things run a lot smoother for me. I would ask where Bo is, but I have a pretty good feeling he is helping Shawn and his precious little family just postpone the inevitable.”

Hope raised her one eyebrow, ‘That voice sounds so familiar’. However, she couldn’t place it. So she remained calm and appeared to be willing to comply. “What do you want, please, just don’t hurt my son?” Hope needed to get some kind of statement from him, not only to hear more of his voice, but also to see if he would give himself away. She assumed it was Carson Palmer, but it just as well could be one of his goons.

“Hope, Hope, Hope, always so naïve, even as a cop you were slow.” The man was waving the gun all around as he spoke. “How can you not know what I want?” He took a step closer towards her and then softly said, “I want your precious Shawn Douglas Brady to pay for ruining the lives of all of my friends and their families.” His breath reeked of alcohol.

‘Bo, please help us!’ Hope prayed that Bo heard her silent cries. She looked deep into the man’s eyes that stood in front of her threatening the lives of her children. She saw fear, and a lot of anger. “Please, just tell me what you want me to do, how can I help this situation?” She was moving towards him to better her position, fortunately he didn’t seem to notice.

“Fancy Face,” Bo said quietly as he was about to enter the house. He decided against opening the door, but instead walked around the outside of their ranch styled house and slyly peered in the windows.

As he approached the study, he saw the horrible scene that was unfolding inside his home. His son being held hostage, his wife in a vulnerable position, then he saw a light. His wife being the brilliant woman that she was had tucked her gun behind her back and the man hadn’t seemed to notice it yet.

He watched as Hope maneuvered around to other side of the room, giving her better access to the doorway. Which in turn caused the gunman to move closer to the window, keeping his distance from her. By doing this it gave Hope a clear view of Bo, so he moved to get her attention.

Hope saw her husband and a flood of relief overcame her. The drunk didn’t seem to notice and continued making idle threats and accusations towards her and her family. From what she had picked up from, he was probably one of the cops she used to work with back in the day. He must have been on Carson’s payroll and was apparently pretty upset that his job was cut short.

Hope tried to keep the drunk talking, but found that he was actually growing angrier as each word came from his lips. She tried to appease him until Bo made it inside, but she didn’t want to make him any madder then he already was. She heard a click from the other end of the house and assumed that Bo had finally made it inside. She wondered what took him so long.

She tried to reach out emotionally to the man, “Look, I know that this situation has been hard on you, but this isn’t what you really want to do is it? I mean, you had a good job, you said before that you have a family. How will this affect them if you get caught?” She was trying to reason with him, but reasoning with a drunken person was a lost cause.

Listening from around the corner, Bo took his chance and quickly grabbed the gun from Hope’s back. The man saw him and he and Bo both drew at the same time. Gunshots rang out and Bo and the man both fell to the floor.

Hope watched as her husband’s eyes closed and blood seeped onto her carpet. “Nooooooooooooooo!”
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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

This is my first time at writing a fanfic, my first time writing a story period. So please be gentle…
(I do not own the characters…)
Chapters 19 - Epilogue

Chapter 19

Belle watched as Shawn attempted to wear a hole in the floor, pacing back and forth in front of the bed. He had been talking to his mother on the phone for over an hour, and it was now 1:40 AM. “…Right, but how… oh… well I wish we could be there…alright, we will be careful…I love you too…I’ll tell them…I was planning on telling them in the morning…okay mom, I’m hanging up now…” Shawn glanced up and smiled at Belle, “Okay…Bye.”

Shawn set the phone down on the nightstand and plugged in the charger. His mother definitely knew how to wear down a battery. He chuckled as he pulled back the covers and slid in next to Belle. He could see in her eyes that she was very curious as to what had happened. Hearing one side of a conversation from someone that did most of the listening doesn’t fill in many blanks.

Shawn told her what had happened to his mom and brother and then how his dad had been shot. “Fortunately, he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Apparently he saw that the guy had a gun, so he took a little extra time to put his vest on underneath his shirt. It saved his life. Even though the guy was drunk, he still had an excellent shot. The bullet would have gone straight through my dad’s heart.” Shawn’s body tensed at the thought of losing his father.

Belle rolled Shawn over on his side, facing away from her. She began massaging his tight shoulders and upper back as he continued. “Dad got a shot in too, it hit the guy in the stomach. He didn’t want to kill him, he wanted to try to get some information out of him.” He started to laugh a little, “Mom said that because he was so drunk, he didn’t really feel the bullet hit him, but when he saw that it was his blood dripping onto the carpet, his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out cold!” Belle started laughing a little too, but then suddenly stopped.

“Shawn, this really isn’t something to be laughing about.” They both quieted down and Belle became serious for a second. She tightened her arm around Shawn’s waist and squeezed him closer to her. “I’m glad your family is okay. That is really scary to think about.” She felt her eyes fill up with tears. “That could have been us.”

Shawn flipped over so that he was facing his blue eyed angel. He lightly wiped the tears from her cheeks with his thumb, “My family is tough, and their love as well as ours is too strong to let anything happen!” He wrapped his arms around Belle and she curled up against his chest, lying her head in the crook of his arm. “They are interrogating him now, and so far they know that he definitely was working for Palmer and that he was sent over to my parent’s house to find out where we were hiding out.” He began stroking Belle’s smooth, golden locks.

Belle listened to what he was saying and a picture was painted for her to see. She saw the entire scene unfold before her eyes. She tried not to imagine it being her family in the situation, but this hit a little too close to home. “So do you think he will tell them anything about Carson’s whereabouts?” Belle wished she could wake up from this dream and it just be a horrible, horrible nightmare, but she knew that it was very much for real.

“I truly hope so. I want our freedom back as much as you do. I am sure they will offer some kind of deal if he cooperates and spills what he knows about Carson and/or his whereabouts. He’s charged with the murder of two officers of the law and attempted murder of another. He has a family, so I’m sure he’ll do whatever he can to get home to them. Anything we don’t already know is helpful.” Shawn was lightly running his fingers up and down Belle’s arm.

Belle barely heard the end of what he had just said; sleep had finally taken over her worn out body. Shawn glanced down at his wife as she mumbled something about loving him and always staying safe. He chuckled to himself as he turned off the lamp next to the bed and fell asleep snuggling closely with wife.

The next morning, Belle and Shawn were awakened by an energetic three-year-old. “Mommy, Daddy, I want to swim!” Belle rolled over and locked eyes with Tommy and was shocked to see that he had already put on his swim trunks and was holding out his arm floaties for her to blow up.

Belle sat up and as she reached for them, she noticed that his trunks were on backwards. She stifled a laugh, “Honey, lets put these on the right way.” She pulled him to her and had him step out of the shorts. She turned them around and helped him back in them. She smiled and then began blowing into one of the two floaties.

Shawn glanced at the clock, ’10:30’, then rolled back over trying to get a few more minutes of sleep. Tommy crawled up on the bed and jumped on Shawn’s back, “Come on Daddy, I want to swim!”

Shawn let out a guffaw into the pillow, acting like he was hurt. Tommy peeked down at him and Shawn grabbed him and flipped him over on his back and began tickling him. Tommy rolled around on the bed and couldn’t stop laughing.

The voice of reason spoke, “Okay children “ Belle was now standing up with a smirk on her face and one hand on her hip. In her other hand were both floaties ready to go. “Shawn, do you mind taking them out to the pool while I fix some breakfast? I’ll bring it all out to the patio so they don’t track water all over the house.”

Shawn picked Tommy up and tossed him over his shoulder, then glanced over to see Belle searching through the drawers, “Sure, I’d love to, but I need to talk to Steven and Eric and let them know what happened back home.” Belle nodded and started towards the bathroom with her blue bikini and matching shorts in her hand.

Shawn set Tommy down, “Go and see if your sister is up while I change into my swim trunks. I’ll meet you two downstairs, okay?” Tommy happily agreed and ran down the hall to his sister’s door.

He knocked and she opened the door for him to enter. She was already up, had her bed made and looked as if she had been sitting at her desk drawing. Midnight was curled up on the blanket at the end of her bed. “Hey squirt, make it through the rest of the night okay?” She laughed at him as he glared at her and put both hands on his hips.

She made an attempt to hug him and whispered in his ear. ”Next time you get scared, you can come and sleep with me, okay?” She got a big grin out of him and then winked at him, “So what’s up, you going swimming or something?”

He started to jump up and down, “Dad’s gowin to take us swimmin! You want to come?” His eyes were bright and she could see he was excited. She knew her parents needed help with him so she took her role as big sister and agreed.

She started looking in her drawers for a swimsuit and finally found some. “Okay little man, I’ll be right back. I’m going to change.” Cory went into her bathroom and put on her new swimsuit. It was bright blue with yellow sunflowers all over it. It was amazing to her that everything that was bought for her fit perfectly and she liked everything.

She emerged from the bathroom and took Tommy by the hand and they headed downstairs. Belle was already in the kitchen making breakfast. It looked like they were having pancakes and fruit. “Good Morning mom, I’m going to take Tommy outside. We both have our whistles and it looks like dad and both of those two men are out by the pool. Is that okay?”

Belle glanced outside, “Sure, that’s fine, just remember what you’re supposed to do if…”

“We know, mom, we know!” Cory interrupted her mother, rolling her eyes as she started towards the door. She was so tired of being treated like a child.

“Corynn, please don’t interrupt me when I am talking, I was saying that more for Tommy’s benefit then yours.” She didn’t understand where this attitude of Cory’s was coming from. “Wait, Cory, I want you and Tommy to wear some sunscreen for the first few days, I don’t want either of you to burn. Tell your dad to help you with Tommy and make sure he wears his floaties.” She reached in the cabinet and handed Cory a bottle with 45 SPF and watched as her two children headed outside, out from under the security blanket of the walls of their home.

Chapter 20

Belle glanced out at her family as she finished setting the remainder of the food out on the patio table. She smiled as she realized how special each one was to her, then remembered the danger they were in and frowned. “Okay guys, come and eat while it’s still warm.” Belle watched as Cory climbed out of the pool, dodged Eric and came running towards her.

Shawn glanced up at her and winked, “Be right there honey,” then directed his attention back to Tommy, who was standing at the edge of the pool. He had yet to get in the water. “Alright buddy, we’ll try this again after we eat.” Shawn was amused. Tommy wanted to swim so badly, yet wouldn’t get in without his floaties.

Shawn climbed out of the pool and threw Tommy over his right shoulder. Tommy’s giggles were enough to make anyone smile. Eric and Steven followed behind them and joined them at the table for brunch.

Belle looked over the table at the food she had prepared one last time to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. Pancakes, butter, syrup, peanut butter, applesauce, sliced oranges, apples and fresh strawberries, a pitcher of orange juice and milk, “Is there anything else I can get anyone?” Cooking was one of the things that she enjoyed and she was glad that she was still able to do that.

Shawn already had his plate made and was helping Tommy fill up his, “Baby, everything looks great, please sit down and join us. If we need anything we can go get it.” He smiled as he thought about all the times that she ate cold food due to her wanting to please everyone else.

Eric nodded, waited until he swallowed, then said, “Shawn’s right, Belle, please sit down. We’ve got everything we need. Everything is wonderful!” Belle smiled at the kindness from her new houseguest.

As she was about to sit down, she remembered the sausages. “I’ll be right back, I forgot something.” Shawn rolled his eyes while laughing and kept on eating. Eric and Steven couldn’t help but laugh too. Cory was oblivious to what was going on. She was used to her mother running around during a meal.

Belle came back fairly quickly with a plate full of sausages. “Sorry, these aren’t very warm…” As soon as she set the plate down, they were immediately grabbed up, apparently the temperature didn’t matter to men.

Not much later, they were all finished eating and helped Belle carry everything back in the house. She loaded the dishwasher and put away the leftover food and then joined them out by the pool.

Shawn was in the water, coaxing Tommy to jump into his arms. “Come on buddy, I’m not going to let you go under. I’ll catch you.” Shawn was determined to teach Tommy how to swim. If they were going to live near the ocean and near a pool, he needed to know how to swim.

As Belle approached the pool, Tommy finally jumped into Shawn’s arms. He caught him as the water came up to his waist. Tommy began giggling, “Again, daddy, I want to jump again!” Shawn grinned and set him back up on the ledge.

He barely had enough time to back up when Tommy lurched into his arms. Shawn wasn’t quite ready and the water nearly went over his head. He didn’t seem to notice, so Shawn didn’t say anything. He glanced up at Belle and saw her wince. “Again!”

“Okay buddy, in a little while, I want you to try to swim, without your floaties.” Tommy looked skeptical, but agreed to try. Shawn kept his hand under Tommy’s stomach, “Okay buddy, now kick your feet.” Tommy did as he was told and in the process, splashed water in Shawn’s face.

As Shawn wiped off his face, he heard Belle’s laughter and saw the coy expression on her face as she was taking off her shorts. His thoughts turned to mush as he watched her slip her fingers inside the waistband of the shorts and slowly slide them down, over her ass, down her legs, and then step completely out of them. The blue two-piece seemed to be made for her. It clung to just the right spots and covered just enough skin.

Tommy’s excessive kicking and cries of laughter disrupted his thoughts. He turned back to face him, and noticed that Steven was watching Belle undress. He pushed the thoughts aside, his wife was gorgeous. He couldn’t blame him for looking, he just better not touch.

Shawn felt a soft, slender pair of hands wrap around his waist. He smiled as her breasts crushed against his back. She kissed the back of his neck and he felt himself growing and quickly turned his head and gave her a look. She giggled and swam off to play with Cory. “Okay Tommy, let’s try adding the arms now…”

They spent the remainder of the day at the pool. Belle worked on her tan and Tommy finally learned to swim without his floaties and without the help of Shawn. He was even jumping in on his own. Shawn and Belle were both very proud of him.

Later that night, after dinner, Shawn put the kids to bed. They were all extremely tired from a day at the pool and from being out in the hot sun. But that wasn’t going to prevent Belle from working her magic on Shawn.

She had prepared a special evening in their room for just the two of them. She changed the bed; putting silk sheets on it, leaving it unmade and had lit the candles all around the room. She placed two towels out by the bottle of champagne that was chilling in a stand next to the hot tub. She clipped up her hair and quickly showered. Then wrapped her robe around her naked body.

She was checking the water when Shawn walked in. His mouth dropped open as he watched Belle bend over the edge of the tub. The short robe barely covered her butt and he found the tease very sexy. He removed his shirt, letting it fall to the floor, kicked off his shoes and made his way out to the balcony.

Belle felt his presence and a smirk appeared across her face. She loved playing this game with him. She leaned over further, letting the robe creep up further, baring more skin to her lover. Shawn stopped momentarily, closing his mouth and licking his lips. He took a deep breath and continued towards his seductive wife.

His hands slid around her waist and untied the belt holding her robe together. He slowly let it fall over her shoulders and to the ground. He took a few seconds to look at the back of his beautiful wife, her perfectly shaped body, her smooth, bronzed skin, her silky golden hair, then began kissing her shoulders softly. His fingers lightly glided over her arms, giving her goosebumps.

She turned to face him, “I think that things will go a lot better if you were wearing the same thing as me.” Her eyes were dark and glazed over; she reached for the tie to his swim trunks and quickly undid it. He took the hint and slid off his shorts.

She went ahead and got in, totally submerging her body in the water. She then stood to reach for his hand. He watched as the steam rose up around her and the water droplets glistened on her naked body. “Shawn”…”Shawn”…”SHAWN!”…Belle began laughing as he finally looked up and his gaze met hers.

Belle thought she caught him blushing as he crawled over the edge of the hot tub, but he didn’t seem to care. He didn’t waste any time making his way over to his wife. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her so deeply, she had to remind herself to breathe. His tongue was finding places in her mouth that she wasn’t sure it had been before. His arms held her tight, thankfully, for her knees were about to give out.

When they finally broke apart, they gazed into each other’s eyes, hearing only the bubbles from the hot tub and the roar of the ocean in the background. “God, I love you,” Shawn broke the silence, “I can’t ever seem to get enough of you!” Belle’s face glowed as she reached for the bottle of champagne and poured them both a glass. He took his and drank the entity of it. He set the glass down and watched as Belle’s lips curved against her flute. She knew what she was doing, and it was working.

Belle took the clip from her hair and shook it out letting it fall down to her shoulders and around her face. Her eyes peeked out from behind a few stands as she spoke in a sultry voice, “I love you too…very much. Now make love to me!” She stood letting the water drip from her body and downed the remainder of champagne in her glass.

Shawn got out and grabbed a towel, quickly drying himself off. As she stepped down from the hot tub, he wrapped her towel around her body and proceeded to dry her off. Dropping the towel, he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He gently laid her on her back and went to lock the door. After all the interruptions, this time there was no stopping them.

He leaned against the door and glanced over at his wife lying on the silky sheets. Finally, he would have her again. It had been way to long. He made his way over to her and proceeded to make love to her. He showered her body with kisses, his hands roamed all over her perfect curves. He felt her orgasm numerous times. Then, finally, when he couldn’t take it any longer, he exploded inside her.

They both lie in each other’s arms for what seemed like forever, not moving, just appreciating the life that they share together. Neither one thought about the tragedy that their family was facing, only the love the two of them shared.

Not until they both found themselves nodding off, did they move apart, but only slightly. Belle backed up to Shawn’s chest and he draped one arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Then they both drifted off to a well earned, peaceful sleep.

Chapter 21

A few weeks had passed, and still there was no word regarding Carson Palmer’s whereabouts. Belle was trying to keep a positive attitude for the kid’s sakes, but was getting really antsy. She felt extra bad that Tommy’s birthday had to be celebrated without his grandparents, family and friends. She wanted this to be over, so they could get back to their normal lives.

A week after they had arrived, they had to change their appearance slightly. This allowed them to leave the house on occasion, without being noticed quite as easily. Belle’s hair was now a beautiful shade of red, Shawn and Cory had lightened theirs up to a dirty, strawberry blonde and instead of coloring Tommy’s they buzzed it off. Belle and Shawn also received a set of contacts to wear while out in public. Belle’s were an auburn color and Shawn’s were green.

At a glance, you wouldn’t notice that this was the Brady family. If you heard them talking to each other, you still might not pick up who they really were. Their life in Salem was NEVER mentioned and when they were out, they went by their middle names. As far as the local people knew, they’d lived here all their lives. This aggravation was an inconvenience and had disrupted their lives immensely, but they were all adapting. This new lifestyle was becoming second nature to them.

Today, Shawn and Belle were taking the kids down to the beach. This was a first, but Eric and Steven thought it would be okay. They had taken trips to the grocery store and to the mall and nothing had come about as of yet. They both felt that it was safe enough for them to be out in the open and it was somewhat of a private beach.

Shawn and the kids were already out playing in the ocean. Cory was running towards the water, but quickly turned and ran back up on the beach as the waves came towards her. She was giggling like crazy, and Belle couldn’t help but smile.

Shawn was holding onto Tommy. He was wearing his floaties, and also had a strange contraption that was similar to a leash, but it was around his waist. If he somehow got separated from Shawn, he could just reel him back in. Belle sighed and realized that as silly as it seemed, it was a good idea. The currents in the ocean were very strong and Tommy was very small and could easily be pulled away from them.

Shawn looked up and noticed that his wife had joined them out on the beach. She was wearing a red bikini; triangle top that tied around the neck and the back and bottoms that tied on both sides. The color complemented the shade of her hair. She looked fantastic. “Hey baby!” He shouted and waved to her.

Belle smiled at her husband and waved back to him. Cory turned and saw her mother and ran up to her. She grabbed her hand, encouraging her to come with them out into the ocean. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Steven was watching her. This wasn’t the first time either; he had been keeping a close eye on her a lot lately, more so then Eric. She was hoping that she was overreacting, but decided to talk to Shawn about it later.

“Okay Cory, hold on, I’ll be right there.” Cory let go of Belle’s hand and took off back towards the water. Belle didn’t want to just drop everything. She set down the picnic basket and her small personal bag next to the cooler, which Shawn had brought out earlier. She spread out a colorful beach towel on her lounge chair and put on a mild sunscreen, then made her way to join her family.

She approached Cory first, who was kneeling down at the edge of the water. She had a handful of wet sand and was picking out these tiny little shells. “Hey honey, whatcha got there?” Belle grinned at her daughter’s fascination with the shells. She recalled the times that her parents had taken her to the beach. She had been just like Cory, and her mom had taken the time to show her how they burrow themselves back in the sand.

Cory eyes were bright and her voice was full of laughter. “They’re little seashells, I think they wash up with the waves. This one was just lying on top of the sand!” Belle knelt down beside Cory and took one of them from the pile in her hand.

“When I was a little girl, my parents took me to a beach similar to this one. My mom showed me the neatest thing about these little guys.” Belle moved a little further towards the water, where the sand was a little wetter. “Now watch closely and you’ll see the shell barely open up.” Belle placed the shell down in the sand and she and Cory watched as it buried itself back under the surface.

Cory cocked her head to one side and scrunched up her forehead. “You mean there are little animals inside the shells?” She picked up another one and held it between her fingers, closely examining it. She looked at her mother for an answer.

“That’s right, sweetheart,” Cory jerked her head around as she heard her father’s voice. Shawn was carrying Tommy and had a huge smirk on his face. He wanted Tommy to see the little “animals” too. He set Tommy down, “Look at what Cory found Tommy! Cory, show Tommy what they do when you put them back on the sand.”

Cory was excited, “Come here Tommy,” She reached for his hand and moved down the beach a few feet. She knelt down and Tommy followed suit right next to her. “Here,” She handed one to him, “Now set it down right here near the water and watch it very closely!”

Shawn and Belle stood and watched Tommy and Cory crouch down, putting their faces inches from the sand. Their butts were in the air and they were both enthralled with the actions of the tiny sea creatures. Shawn grabbed his wife, backing her up to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and softly spoke in her ear, “We have two great kids don’t we?”

Belle mused and smiled, “Yeah we really do!” She patted his hands and leaned her head back and whispered something in his ear, then took off towards the beach chairs. Shawn watched his wife walk away and thought to himself, ‘I hate to see her leave, but I sure love to watch her walk away!’ He chuckled to himself as he knelt down with his children.

Belle returned soon there after with two small shovels, a few different shaped buckets and some tiny little flags. “Who wants to build a sand castle?” She watched Cory and Tommy’s reactions. They both jumped up and ran towards her shouting and giggling.

Eric and Steven watched from their separate positions as the Brady family attempted to build a sandcastle. They both were on high alert, as anyone could come walking up the beach. Their only objective was to keep them safe.


“Carson man, what’s up?” The voice spoke into the phone as he watched the Brady family out on the beach.

“I take it everything is going according to plan?” Carson sounded flustered. Waiting was not one of his favorite pastimes.

“Yeah, they have no idea that we know where they are. I’m just letting them get a little more comfortable before I make my move.” The man was now pacing.

“Well, it better be soon, I’m ready to get this over with. Brady needs to pay for what he did to me and I won’t rest until he and his precious little family is taken care of.” Carson had taken a very serious tone.

“I know, I know, but we can’t jump the gun just yet. Everyone is expecting something to happen, and that isn’t the way we want this to go. If we want to take care of this and keep from getting caught, we have to be very careful.” The man’s tone was just as serious now.

“Alright, do what you need to do.” Carson was growing impatient. “Just remember, we want this neat and clean!”

“Right boss,” The man was about to hang up, “Oh by the way, what are your plans for the little blonde?”

Chapter 22

The next morning, Belle and Shawn awoke to a faint noise that sounded like a loud pounding. Again it happened, and then was shortly followed by the doorbell. Both groggy from another night of mind-blowing sex, neither responded very quickly, “Uhmmmm…, let…” Shawn swallowed, “yeah, let Eric or Steven get it…” Shawn rolled over facing his wife’s back, mumbling in her hair. His strong arms wrapped around her rib cage, his forearm brushing just below her breast.

Leaving her eyes closed, Belle smiled seductively and slid her body closer to him, allowing the weight of her breasts to fully rest on his strong embrace. She silently giggled as his rough fingertips brushed against her silken skin. Her eyes opened briefly to see, through the vanity mirror, her husband looking down at her. He had the look of a predator, and she was his prey.

She quickly closed them again, ready to embark on the next session of love making, hoping he didn’t notice the passion that had formed in her bright blue orbs. “I’m…not…going…anywhere…” She turned her head and slowly began lightly kissing his sexy shoulder muscle, playfully taking soft bites of his shoulder. She wanted to show him bit by bit just how much passion there was, hiding inside her.


The door came flying open, “Mommy, Daddy, There was a knock at the door and there were these two clowns with a bunch of balloons, and a monkey, and a ring announcer,……… and free tickets, and a flyers, and…Can we go? Can we, please? Can We? Can We?” Belle’s eyes popped open, Cory was talking a lot faster then Belle could keep up with. It almost sounded like gibberish, she lost it somewhere around the announcer, then picked back up again at the free tickets.

She scrunched up her brow and squinted at two children standing the doorways with enormous grins on their faces. They each had hold of a balloon, and a stuffed animal. Cory also had six tickets, and Tommy had a flyer. She couldn’t help a burst of laughter, as she realized what her kids almost walked in on.

Tommy ran to up to her holding out the flyer. “The man said it stauts at the moon!” Their son beamed as he shared the news with his parents. He was so proud of himself.

Cory rolled her eyes, laughing and corrected her brother. “No, he said it starts at NOON!, not At the moon!” They both started giggling.

“Okay kids, your dad and I will talk about it. Cory go ahead and put the tickets on the dresser and you two go take your baths…” Belle slowed what she was saying as she watched her husband dart out of bed, looking very irritated. He quickly put on his rob, and headed downstairs.

Belle worried that he might be angry with her. She hadn’t meant anything by laughing. It was really nervous laughter. “Okay kids, quickly, go to your rooms, I’ll go talk to daddy.” They both left the room and she heard two doors shut and one lock. She cocked her head to the side and then realized that if he was upset at the same thing that made her nervous, she definitely needed to get downstairs.

About that time, Shawn had made it the main floor and saw Steven and Eric leaning against the counter, one making a sandwich the other already eating one. “You better fuckin’ tell me that my kids didn’t answer that door!” His piercing brown eyes were almost entirely black. He was mad enough to see straight through both of them if either one of them lied.

Both men stood up straight and at attention, both quickly shaking their heads no. “You don’t understand Shawn, they were both in the living room, watching cartoons. We both were going to ignore the knocking, but when they rang the doorbell, we knew they weren’t going away. As soon as the kids heard the music box, they were both at the front door before we had a chance to do anything.” Steven answered for both of them, and then glanced at Eric. They both seemed sincere and apologetic.

“Fuck!…” Shawn ran his fingers through his hair, turning away. He turned back to face them and took a deep breath, “…Do you have any idea how dangerous that was? I mean what if that was a setup. What if they weren’t from the “carnival” and were trying to get a better idea of our setup here. What if they worked for Carson? They could have snatched up BOTH my children and they’d be gone, just like that!” He snapped his fingers showing the significance.

Belle was now at his side, and as she suspected, he was angry that the children were at the front door, in plain site of the public eye. She wrapped her fingers around his forearm, trying to calm him a bit. “Shawn, I’m sure that if Steven and Eric thought it was unsafe for them to be at the door, they would have done something to prevent it, or…”

Shawn interrupted her, “NO, our kids gave them the slip, they were at the door before they had a chance to secure the area and make sure that everything was okay. They” pointing at Eric and Steven, “need to be more careful. I am going to talk to the kids, but they aren’t to EVER and I mean EVER, go to the door, I don’t care if the President of the fucking United States is at the door! Is that clear?” Shawn’s eyes hadn’t softened one bit.

In fact, Belle’s bright blue orbs were now an icy, piercing blue. She was disgusted at the situation, and was nauseous from the fact that her kids were in such possible danger. She realized that Steven and Eric were both speechless.

Eric looked down and spoke first, “Man, we’re really sorry, It won’t happen again, we can assure you!” He looked to Steven and he nodded as well.

Shawn was already on his way up the stairs, with Belle in tow, he didn’t really care what they had to say. This was a major slip up in his opinion. He turned and pointed to them as he neared the top. “You’re right, it WON’T happen again, or I’ll have your jobs!” He was beyond pissed as he continued down the hallway.

Belle wasn’t really sure how to handle this situation. She watched as Shawn knocked on both of his children’s doors. “Kids, come out here, now.” Shawn’s tone showed nothing of a request. This was a demand. Belle hoped he was a little more patient with them, then he was with Steven and Eric.

Both children opened their doors slowly. They heard the rage in their father’s voice and knew that something was wrong. Shawn knelt down in the hallway between their doorways. His body was shaking and if Belle wasn’t mistaken, his eyes were tearing up. He reached for them and held them both, as if in fear of losing them.

“Why are you crying daddy?” Cory was now very concerned. She hadn’t ever seen her father cry and she didn’t like it at all. “Daddy…what’s wrong?” Belle started sobbing as well at the scene that was unfolding before her. The love that she knew Shawn had for his kids was nothing in comparison to what was being shown here.

Tommy pulled away slightly and stood up in front of them, Shawn watching him closely. He gently reached for his father’s face and wiped the tears from his cheeks. “Daddy, down’t cwy, youwa big boy now!” Tommy smiled at his father and Shawn grabbed him to his body, laughing between the wet drops that fell from his dark, swollen eyes.

He glanced back at Belle who was now leaning against the wall. “Your mommy and I have something very important to talk to you two about.” Belle nodded at Shawn as he backed up against the wall, opposite from Belle. Cory leaned up against him as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Tommy crawled over to Belle and sat in her lap.

“When people come to our house and knock on the door or ring the doorbell, it is always fun to go and see who it is. But right now, it is really dangerous. We have some bad people after us, and they are very sneaky!” Shawn was trying to explain to them without scaring them.

Belle wrapped her arms around her little one and rocked him while Shawn continued on. “We were very scared when we found out that you two were in plain view for anyone to see this morning, with the front door wide open,” he glanced down at Cory, and then over to Tommy. “From now on, I don’t want either of you to go to the front door, okay? You let Eric or Steven answer it. Okay? Promise me?” Shawn waited for them both to promise, “Alright, now, I understand that you two have some kind of circus or carnival that you want to go to?”

Both kids jumped up smiling and hugged Shawn. Belle was teary eyed and smiled at her husband. “Go ahead and finish getting ready while Belle and I go take our showers.” Both kids thanked their father and ran back to their rooms to get ready to go.

Once both doors were shut, Belle and Shawn still leaning against the walls looked deep into each other’s eyes. Both were reading each other’s thoughts. Belle was so proud of him for the way he handled the situation. He knew she was scared and was thankful that she stood by his side. “I’m going to have Steven go and check out this “carnival” to see if it is for real,” He kissed her on the forehead and headed downstairs as she made her way to their bedroom to take a hot, shower.

Chapter 23

Steven returned from town with news that the Carnival was indeed real. He also found out from a few locals that this group comes around about this time every year. He explained to Shawn that he felt that it was safe enough to take the family, as long as they all stayed together and were home before dark.

Shawn agreed with him and went to round up his family. Once they were all congregated in the living room, Steven spoke up. “Alright, now I’ve been to town and have seen the amount of people at this place. I’m not going to lie; there are a ton of people and there are a few dangers. We need to stay close together. Cory, Tommy, I hope you are wearing your whistle necklaces.” Both children nodded their heads energetically.

Shawn and Belle smiled as they watched both of their children pay close attention to what Steven had to say. Shawn thought of something and whispered to Belle that he would be right back. She nodded and watched him head out towards the pool.

“Okay, if everyone is ready, lets all head to the car.” Eric picked up Tommy and tossed him over his shoulder like Shawn had with him. He giggled as he always did. She was glad that her kids got along with these two strange men, but couldn’t help but be concerned that they felt so comfortable.

Belle waited for Shawn, and then on their way down to the car, expressed her concern regarding their two bodyguards. She remembered their conversation regarding Steven’s infatuation with her, and Shawn’s quick response. He too had been concerned about it and had already spoken to his father about it. As long as he didn’t touch her or make any advances towards her, they would let it alone. It was probably nothing. But, these were her children and it was something.

They decided they would discuss it in more detail when they got home, and quickly went downstairs to catch up. They hopped in the black Excursion and buckled their seatbelts. Cory and Tommy were already buckled in and they were all ready to go.

As they arrived at the Carnival, Tommy started getting really excited. He was bouncing up and down in his car seat, and was pointing and giggling at all the attractions. Cory was equally as excited, but remained still. Her eyes were everywhere though and she had a smile as big as Texas.

As the vehicle came to a stop, Eric and Steven got out first to ensure that the area was safe. Steven stayed near the rear of the vehicle, while Eric opened Belle’s door and extended his hand to help her get out. He then reached in to help Cory. She had to crawl over the seat being in the back row.

Shawn leaned over the seat and unhooked Tommy’s car seat. He lifted him over the back of the bench seat and set him down next to him. “Now, I know you are probably not going to like this, but I’m going to put this on you while we are here. I don’t want to lose you okay?” Tommy frowned but nodded anyway.

They joined the rest of the group near the back of the vehicle and headed towards the mob of people waiting to go inside. “Okay everyone, remember, stick together!” Eric made his one last comment as Shawn took Belle’s hand in his.

She looked up at him and gave him a crooked smile. She couldn’t believe that he had brought the “leash” for Tommy. He grinned back at her, “What?” and shrugged his shoulders. Belle just shook her head smiling, as Shawn giggled silently, thankful that she didn’t make him take it off.

The kids drug them all over the place, starting with elephant rides. Shawn was more then happy to ride with Tommy, but Belle was reluctant to climb on top of the huge, towering, hairy, smelly creature. “Come on mom, it’s just an elephant!” Cory was getting impatient and Shawn, Eric and Steven were all three trying to stifle their laughter. She decided to suck it up and climbed aboard with her daughter.

Next they found themselves at the face painting booth. Cory had gotten a big red heart painted on one cheek and a rainbow on the other. Tommy had a bat, ball and glove combo and a monkey. The kids seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and they deserved it. They had their lives taken away from them and had basically been banished to a house with no outside entertainment.

Dusk had started to overtake the daylight hours, and Eric was starting to get concerned. “Okay guys, we may need to start heading back. Steven and I will have a harder time keeping an eye on everyone when it gets dark out.” Belle and Shawn both looked at the watches and saw that it was almost 6:30 PM. They had been on almost every ride, and had visited every animal that was here. They had won stuffed animals and ate everything from hot dogs, to giant pickles to funnel cakes. They had had an exhausting day!

As Belle and Shawn put the kids to bed, they both took a little extra time with each of them. This morning had been quite a scare to both of them, as parents, and had put their nerves on edge. Their fear that someone or something was about to come down on them wouldn’t go away. They both went to bed feeling very uneasy about something. They clung to each other until they both fell fast asleep, completely forgetting the conversation they had planned on having.


“Everything is going according to plan, but we kinda ran into a little snag. Earlier today, Shawn and Belle both overreacted to their kids answering the door to a bunch of traveling gypsies or something.” The man was annoyed that this was going to take a lot longer then previously expected.

Carson exploded, “How could you be so careless, I told you to watch the house! I told you not to let anything out of the ordinary happen! Now we are set back even longer! How could you let this happen?” He was very disappointed at the most recent developments.

The man tried to explain, “I had no idea that they would get to the door! I assumed that most parents didn’t allow their kids to answer the door, especially in this case!” The surprise in his voice calmed Carson down a touch.

“That is the problem, you ASSUMED!! Don’t ever do that, especially not in a situation this fragile!” He paused as he was thinking about the next step to his plan, “What did you decide about the blonde?”

He thought back to his previous conversation.

“Right boss,” The man was about to hang up, “Oh by the way, what are your plans for the little blonde?”

Carson responded, “No plans, other then to off her with Brady, why? You interested in “keeping” her?” He chuckled. “I was planning on shipping the kids back to their grandparents. They really had nothing to do with this, I just wanted them missing when we “took” care of their father.”

“Well, you see, Steven has this infatuation with her. Whenever we are with the family, he is always watching her. If I play my cards right, I could probably get the authorities to believe that he took her.” He laughed, “He’ll be dead, he won’t know the difference!”

Carson thought about if for a second, then laughed an evil laugh, “You know, we might be able to put all the blame on him…”

He broke from his memory and finally responded, “I don’t know man, I would love to have a piece of her, but she may be more trouble then she’s worth! She has a fiery temper that I want no part of!” He told Carson. “I’ll decide when the time comes!” Eric didn’t hear the "click" as the door opened and closed across the room.

“Well, well, well, so you really think you can pull it off?” As the voice registered in his head, Eric dropped the phone and turned, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

Chapter 24

Shawn awoke with a start. He sat up in bed and looked around the room. He knew he had heard something and didn’t know quite what to make of it. He looked over at his sleeping wife, watching her chest rise and fall a few times, then slowly and quietly crawled out of bed, careful not to wake her. He glanced back at her once more before closing the door behind him and making his way downstairs.

As he reached the main floor, he looked around the room. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. He was very confused as to what had woken him up. He made his way in the kitchen, opened the fridge, and took out a bottle of water. He had just twisted off the top and turned it up, when he noticed the clock. 7:13 AM “Shit!” He couldn’t believe he was up this early, but something just didn’t feel right.

The sun was beginning to rise over the hills, just beyond the pool. Pinks, peaches, yellows and oranges melted together, creating a glorious sunrise. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. He opened one set of French doors and stepped outside, taking a deep breath. He started walking towards the Jacuzzi when he noticed a flash of red in the pool. “I told those kids to get all the floats out of the pool when they got out…” He muttered to himself, extremely annoyed.

He headed towards the pool and immediately paled at what he found. The red that he thought was a float was in fact blood. Steven’s blood. His body was floating face down in the pool. There was a hole in his head the size a baseball. Shawn’s first thought was to call the police, but then his mind flashed back to Belle sleeping. She, Cory and Tommy were his life. What if whoever did this to Steven, were still in the house? What if this was part of the plan?

Shawn ran into the house screaming for his wife, “BELLE! WAKE UP, BABY…BELLE!” Shawn darted up the stairs, taking two at a time and started down the hallway as Belle opened their bedroom door, with a concerned look on her face. He ran passed her, into the bedroom shouting orders at her, “Go get the kids and bring them in here, NOW!” Belle started to question him, but his eyes told her to do as he said. “Do it now, there is no time for questions!”

Shawn ripped open the closet door and pulled down a box from the top shelf. He took out two loaded 9 MM handguns that he had prepared for this type of situation. He quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and slid on the gun holster. He strapped in both guns and two extra clips. As he stepped back into the bedroom, he fully expected to find Belle and the children. Fear struck his heart, as he realized he was alone in the room.

‘Belle? Where are you?’ Shawn wondered as he slowly stepped into the hallway, listening for any sounds. Both children’s doors were open, but there seemed to be no movement. As Shawn neared Tommy’s room, he noticed his wife, kneeling down in the middle of Tommy’s toys. Her back was to him and her body was trembling.

Sensing his presence, she spoke almost in a whisper, “Shawn, they’re gone! Both my babies are GONE!” The volume of her voice was increasing rapidly. “That Fucking MONSTER TOOK MY BABIES!” Her voice grew into an outright scream as she stood and turned to face her husband, holding a piece of paper to her side. “And do you know why he took them? Do you?” Shawn ran to his wife and wrapped his strong arms around her body just as she broke down in a fit of sobs.

He pulled away for a few seconds, gripping the sides of her head with both hands. He moved her stray hairs out of her way with his thumb, as he looked deep into the depths of her wet, bloodshot, blue eyes. “Baby, I need you to focus for me. We WILL get them back! I promise you! Okay? Trust me, Okay?” He started nodding his head gradually and finally she started nodding along with him. He felt her body relax a little as his eyes broke from hers and he noticed the paper in her hand. “Now, let me see the letter.”

Belle handed it to him as he requested, reaching for his other hand, intertwining their fingers together. He began to skim over the letter that had put his wife in such a fit of rage. Tears began to well up in his eyes as he read the words of Carson Palmer.

I’m sure you’re looking for your two precious little brats by now.
Well, you won’t find them.
In fact, you’ll be lucky if you ever see them again.

You know what I want Brady, I want my freedom!

I either get my freedom or your kids die!
There’s no compromise!
You’ve got 24 hours.

I’ll be in touch!

As Shawn finished reading, he slowly closed his eyes, letting the reality of what was happening sink in. He looked towards the ceiling, praying to God to give him the strength and guidance to handle the cards he and Belle were being dealt. He needed a plan, and he needed one now.

“Okay,” He turned to face Belle, taking both of her hands in his and kissing her on the forehead. “I need to call my dad, he needs to know what is going on. He is the only one that will be able to give Palmer what he wants. Plus, I have no idea what to do next. If we leave, Palmer won’t be able to contact us, if we stay here, we may be in more danger then we think.” Shawn stood and started towards their bedroom to get the phone Bo left for him. He stopped at the door and turned back towards Belle, holding out his hand “I think it would be best if we stayed together from now on, I want to be able to see you at all times. I’m not going to lose you too!”

Belle stood, almost sooner then Shawn spoke. She was right behind him and took his hand willingly. They made their way back to their bedroom when Belle suddenly spoke up, “Where are Steven and Eric?” Shawn wasn’t so sure he should tell Belle about Steven, but decided it was better now then later.

He looked down, and then began replaying the events that started this morning, in his head. He gave Belle the shortened version, “…and that’s when I came up the stairs calling your name. I never even looked for Eric. I assumed that is he was still alive, he would have been up here attempting to help us out.” Shawn was about to dial his father’s number when he noticed a small message symbol in the corner of his phone.

He sat down on the bed next to Belle and pressed the speakerphone button, allowing them both to be able to hear the message. ”Shawn, this is Abe. I’m sorry I missed you; I hope everything is all right. Unfortunately I’m calling bearing bad news. We’ve had to put you parents and brother in protective custody as well. At this point, they are unreachable by anyone except me. I won’t be able to give out their number over the phone, especially in a message. I just thought you should know. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me. Stay safe!” <click>

“Stay safe?? HAA…FUCK!” Shawn pressed the END button on the phone and threw it deep within the pillows on the bed. He grabbed hold of his hair and bent over at the waist, screaming. He stood, composing himself again, “Okay, so we can’t get a hold of my dad. Maybe if we could lure Carson here somehow…” Shawn was now pacing at the end of the bed.

Belle was sitting at the end of the bed, almost comatose. She hadn’t so much as flinched since she heard Commander Carver’s message. Shawn knelt down in front of her, “Belle…” Her eyes were glazed over and she was looking at the wall over his head, “Belle…” he said again gently. She slowly dropped her gaze to his eyes, still not moving any other part of her body. “Here is what we are going to do…I think it might work, if we can pull if off.”

Belle listened to Shawn’s words, some stuck, some didn’t. She already knew that he was going to have to go over this with her again. She really was skeptical about “tricking” Carson Palmer. If Shawn’s plan didn’t work, he’d be more pissed then before, and they’d probably all end up dead.

About that time, the house phone rang. Shawn glanced up at Belle, and he winked at her. “You trust me, right?” Belle nodded and Shawn lifted the receiver, “Brady here.”

Chapter 25

Shawn finally convinced Belle to eat the next morning. An apple and a glass of milk weren’t much, but at least it was something. She was going to need her strength later today and with neither of them sleeping the night before, food was essential. They both had black circles under their bloodshot eyes and their nerves were basically shot.

After the phone call from Carson last night, Shawn explained to Belle that he had convinced him that if he would show up, in person, with both kids, he would give him his signed pardon, freeing him of all charges. Carson had bought it and said he’d be calling again with final instructions today around noon.

At this point, they knew that somehow Carson found out where they were, and had gotten inside the house, without the alarms going off. Surely he hadn’t had inside help. Had he? It definitely sounded like something he would do, but who helped him? When Shawn had gone looking for the surveillance tapes, thinking he may be able to see something to help them, he found that they were gone. He also checked the alarm log. It hadn’t been activated since they left for the carnival.

Steven was dead, and Eric was no where to be found. The kids were still missing and he and his wife were basically trapped inside their own home. This man had ruined their lives, all because he felt that Shawn had ruined his. He was the one that was breaking the law, not Shawn. Shawn was only doing his job.

Shawn and Belle were sitting at the bar, trying to take in all that was about to go down. They were not talking, but merely musing over details and sipping on coffee, when the phone rang. Considering no one except Bo, Abe, Domino’s Pizza, and now Carson knew the number, he assumed it was Carson. He looked down at the phone’s caller ID and saw that the number had been blocked.

“Brady here.” Shawn’s eyes met with Belle’s and she saw the pain and fear that were there last night, when he had been on the phone with Mr. Palmer the first time. “Right, no take a Left there…It’s the third driveway on the Right. But you already know that, don’t you…Whatever man…Okay, we’ll be waiting…” Shawn clicked off the phone and glanced at his wife.

She was staring down at the blue, tile covered, counter as if she could see straight through it. She appeared to be in some sort of trance. Shawn stood from his stool and moved directly behind his wife. He wrapped his arms around her, and felt her body trembling. He leaned down putting his head next to hers, his lips were inches from her ear. He spoke in a very hushed, raspy voice, “Baby, I know you are scared, God knows I am too. But this will all work out. As long as you always remember, our love can withstand anything!” He paused and then asked with a slight smirk, “You do remember how to shoot a gun right?”

Belle turned her head slightly, making eye contact with her husband. She nodded in agreement, remembering last summer when Shawn took her to the shooting range. She actually was pretty good. In fact she was almost a better shot then Shawn. A slight smile came across her face, as she stood from her stool and faced her husband, wrapping her arms around his neck.

She kissed him with all she had. It wasn’t one of those kisses that turned passionate. It was a kiss that was above all other kisses. It was from the bottom of both of their souls. It locked away years of memories and was the key to keeping them both strong for their battle for their family. As they broke away from each other, they gazed into each other’s eyes for a brief second, then headed upstairs to prepare for their “company”.

At exactly 2:00 PM, there was a light knock at the front door. Shawn made his way to the alarm box, deactivating the front door only. Hesitantly he opened the thick, oak door to see standing before him, a man made of pure evil. He had a miserable smirk on his face and had a gun pointed directly at Shawn. Shawn expected nothing less, “Please…come in.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Carson stepped inside, and immediately looked around. “Well, well, well, what a cozy little hideaway you have here!” A fake, evil smile was plastered on his face. “Now where is that priceless, little goddess of wife of yours?”

Shawn glanced towards the living room, where his wife was sitting. Their eyes met briefly, and for the first time since they had arrived in St. Thomas, he saw a hint of peace behind her blue depths of sight and a strength that gave him hope. “She’s in the living room. Now we made a deal, we kept our end of the bargain, now where are our children?” Fire was behind the brown pools of fury, squinting out from Shawn’s glaring eyelids.

Carson smiled an evil smile, “All in due time, all in due time. First, I think we should sit down…and have a little…uhm…chat.” He made his way over to the love seat and sat down in the middle, throwing both arms over the back of the couch. “Please, Shawn, join us.”

Shawn wasn’t sure what this insane man was up to. He made his way over, and sat next to his wife, taking her hand and holding it tightly. “Okay, I’m here, now what do you want to “chat” about?”

Carson looked appalled, “What? I’m surprised at you Shawn; didn’t your mother teach you any manners? You haven’t even offered me anything to drink? You were so polite when Abe and all his officers came to visit, they were offered a drink as soon as they stepped in the door!” He waited for their reaction.

Shawn figured he had access to their tapes, so when he said this, no special reaction was given. “They were guests, and were welcome in our home. You on the other hand, are an inconvenience. We’d like to get this over with and on with our lives.” Belle sat there quietly, nodding her head in agreement.

“Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, when will you ever learn? YOU won’t be getting on with your life. You’ve underestimated me!” Carson stood and walked towards the fireplace, running his fingers over the ledge. “There is no possible way that you could have gotten my pardon,” he turned to face them, “when there was no way for you to reach your father. I know all about him and his family being in hiding. What do you suppose caused that to happen?”

Shawn and Belle were both stunned. Shawn had not thought of that. It was the one thing that hadn’t crossed his mind. He quickly recovered however, “I have access to all his files, I forged his name and created the document on my own. No one will know the difference.” Shawn was very convincing with his answer.

Carson was shaking his head, “You still don’t get it do you, I never cared about the pardon. All I wanted was my revenge. And my revenge is to take your life.” Footsteps were heard coming up the stairs. Cory and Tommy had their hands tied behind their backs, and their mouths were gagged. They both had tear stained faces and looked terrified.

Belle jumped up, to run towards them, when she saw Eric making his way up the stairs behind them. He had one gun pointed at them, and another that he aimed at her. “Uh uh, sit back down.” Belle did as she was told, but her eyes never left her children. She mouthed to them that she loved them and saw them both nod in acknowledgement.

“Now we can do this here, or we can do this outside. I doubt that you want you lovely family to watch you die.” Carson motioned with his gun for Shawn to step outside. “Eric, let the little brats go to their mother, but leave their hands tied. And while you’re at it, tie up Mrs. Brady too.”

Shawn glanced at Belle one last time as he stepped through the French doors. He snuck in a wink, while no one was looking. She acted as if she hadn’t seen him and looked toward her children that were both running towards her. She wrapped her arms around them as tears dropped from her swollen eyes. She whispered in both their ears and they both sat down beside her, and were perfectly still.

As Carson disappeared out the door, Eric made his way over to Belle. She quickly jumped up and pulled out her gun. Both children dropped to the floor, cowering against the bottom of the couch. She pulled the trigger three times, hitting him once in the groin, and once in each shoulder. She ran over to him and grabbed both his guns and quickly ran outside, hoping to save her husband from his doom.

She cautiously stepped outside; assuming Carson heard the gunfire inside the house. It seemed as if time was in slow motion. Carson glanced at the house, smirking as he saw Belle emerge from the doorway. He looked back at Shawn, aimed the gun and pulled the trigger over and over. She saw Shawn’s chest take each bullet, jolting his body with each entry. She saw him fall, aimed her own gun, and unloaded the clip rapidly at Carson, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

She heard the gun clicking, as it was out of shells. Her body was functioning purely on adrenaline as she ran over to her husband. She moved his head placing it in her lap. “Shawn…Shawn…please don’t die on me!” She wasn’t crying, she had no more tears to shed. “This can’t be happening, I can’t believe this is happening…This has to all be just a bad dream…” She was rocking back and forth weeping, when Shawn’s eyes popped open.

He sat up, kind of groggily, and lifted his shirt. Belle was looking from him to his bullet proof vest to the fake pockets of blood, as she started getting really dizzy. The palm trees started spinning around her and then everything went black.

Epilogue-Chapter 26

Belle eyelids started to flutter and she slowly started to wake up. She began looking around the strange room, realizing she had no idea where she was. The room was painted a pale yellow and there were pictures of beach scenes that were similar to those in their home, hanging on the walls. She was in a single bed, with railings and she had an oxygen cannula in her nose. It finally occurred to her that she was in a hospital room, and then remembered what had happened.

She quickly looked around the room for Shawn or her children and found that she was completely alone. She looked to the panel on the bed and pressed the button with the little nurse’s head on it. Within seconds, her door opened and Mike Horton and two nurses rushed in the room.

“Isabella, you gave us quite a scare, I’m glad to see that you are finally awake!” He smiled down at her, “How are you feeling? Does anything hurt?” A nurse was wrapping a blood pressure cuff around her arm. Belle shook her head no. The nurse jotted something down, then removed the cuff. A few seconds later a thermometer was being shoved in her mouth and she felt pressure on her wrist. The nurse was taking her pulse. She was extremely confused, How long have I been out?’ “I’ll send Shawn in right after I check you out.”

After a 30 minute “physical”, Belle considered asking a few questions, but realized that it would prolong her from seeing Shawn and their children. “Please send Shawn and my children in as soon as possible. They are here, aren’t they?”

Mike cocked his head and furrowed his brow; “Shawn just stepped out to get something to eat. He should be right back. I will also contact your parents to let them know that you are awake.” He paused for a brief second, “You know, Shawn hasn’t left your side since you were brought in here.” He looked at her once more, then left the room in search of Shawn. He needed to discuss Belle’s condition with him, before he went in to see her.

Belle sat in solitude once again, thinking about Mike’s reaction. ’Mike acted surprised when I mentioned Shawn and my children. He also said he’d call my parents. Something horrible must have happened after I blacked out.’ Belle began to worry, and prayed for Shawn to hurry back to her side.

Shawn had just finished eating, when he had a sense that Belle needed him. He even heard her voice, ’Shawn, I need you’ He jumped up from his chair and started for the exit, leaving his tray sitting on the table. Mike caught him, as he was about exit the cafeteria. “Shawn, Belle is awake, but I need to talk to you her condition.”

Shawn thought about what Mike had said to him as he made his way back to Belle’s room. He slowly opened the door to her private suite and stepped inside. She smiled as she heard the door click, and saw her husband walking towards her. “Shawn, I knew you were okay! I just knew it! Where are our children, where are Cory and Tommy? Please tell me they are okay too!”

Shawn hoped that Mike had been exaggerating, but he found that he was right on the money. This was going to be hard, but he could do it. He had to make her understand. He slowly made his way over to her bedside and sat down in the chair that he had spent every day, and a few nights in. “Belle, I don’t know how to tell you this, but we don’t have any children, in fact we aren’t even married yet.”

Belle’s first reaction was anger. How could he say that? How do you forget getting married and having two children? Obviously those bullets caused more damage then she thought. She calmed down at that thought, “Shawn, maybe you need to be checked out by Miiiike…wait,” Belle paused and then it dawned on her, “are we in Salem?”

Shawn closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Yeah, baby we are,” He took her hand in his, “where else would we be?” He wasn’t sure what was going on in that beautiful head of hers. A bandage was covering her entire scalp, hiding the spots of her glorious blonde mane of golden locks that they had to shave off. He hated that they had to do that, but reminded himself that it would grow back.

Belle replayed the last events that she remembered in her head. Shawn had been shot, she had killed Carson and then she ran to his side. Then everything goes dark. “We were in St. Thomas, I killed Carson Palmer. He had kidnapped our children…” Then she looked at Shawn and noticed something that she had missed when he first came in.

She had been so excited to see him that she missed an extremely important detail. He looked so much younger, eight years younger to be exact. He looked exactly like he had their first year in college. “Shawn, what is going on here?” She grabbed the sides of her head as shooting pain seared up her neck and into the back portion of her skull, creating a horrible headache.

Shawn leapt to his feet, eyes wide as saucers, “Baby, what is it? I’m calling Mike…” Belle calmed him down as the pain subsided. She reached for his arm, her fingernails digging into his skin as she stared straight ahead for what seemed like forever.

She leaned back, closing her eyes. Flashes of her and Shawn in a car forced their way into her mind. It was dark outside and they were dressed in formal clothing. They were both talking and laughing, when suddenly bright lights were directly in front of them. She lifted her head back up and opened her eyes. “What year is it Shawn?”

He looked at her for a minute or so, “It’s 2003.” He hoped that she was starting to remember what happened. He hesitated but then slowly asked, “Wha…what year do you think it is?” He realized that he was holding his breath, waiting for her to answer.

She looked around, shrugged her shoulders and sighed, “Well, I thought it was 2011, but now I am not sure, I am so confused. Shawn, please help me. Please tell me what is happening?” She let her eyes drop to her lap. “Everyone probably thinks I am crazy.” She wrapped her arms around her trembling body and started to cry.

Shawn’s heart broke. He had to just come out and tell her, tell her everything. He lifted her chin with the tips of his fingers, once he had her full attention; he took her hands in his. “About a month ago, we were on our way to Tuscany for dinner. It was our three-year anniversary and I had made the most amazing plans for us.” His mind drifted back to the events stole a month of their lives.

“We were talking and laughing, when a drunk driver cut us off and rammed into your side of the car. We were both rushed to the hospital, and I was released later that night. Bbbbut you never woke up…” Tears were pouring down his cheeks as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, black velvet box. “I was planning on proposing to you that night.” He opened the box, and looked down at the diamond ring.

Belle too, was now crying. Everything finally made sense to her. Carson, Cory and Tommy, St. Thomas, it had all been a dream. She had been in a coma since the accident that Shawn was now describing. She grabbed the sides of her head again, as all the details of accident filled into her mind. Shawn stood, placing his hand on her back, waiting for the pain to pass.

As it did, Belle took a breath and turned to face Shawn; “I remember…I remember everything…” He looked deep into her beautiful, crystal blue eyes, and saw that she really did remember. His Belle was finally back! They wrapped their arms around each, both of them crying and laughing, thankful that they had one another in their lives.

He pulled back briefly, his eyes never leaving hers, “Isabella Black, I’ve loved you for what seems like a lifetime. When they told me you were in a coma, and the chances of you waking up were slim to none, I refused to give up. I came here every day, despite what people thought. I knew that our love was strong enough to with stand anything, and I knew you’d eventually make your way back to me.” Shawn started to kneel down on one knee, removing the engagement ring from the box, “I’m not wasting anymore time, I want to make you my wife. Isabella, please tell me you’ll marry me?”

Belle’s tear filled eyes, finally overflowed down her flushed cheeks. She was nodding her head up and down as Shawn slid the ring on her left hand. “Yes, Yes, Yes, Shawn, Yes I’ll marry you…” She paused and then winked at him, “But only under one condition, no Cop, Detective or Lawyer jobs!” Shawn agreed even though he didn’t fully understand, but he didn’t care, his dream had finally come true!

The End
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Basic Black Glamour Dolls

A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.


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Chapters 1 - 9

Chapter 1

“Look, I’m not wearing that! I don’t care how much was spent on it! I don’t care if it “looks” good! In my opinion, it’s horrible!” She was determined to have her way with this. No one made her do anything. “Number one, it’s paisley, number two, the material is rough, I mean, it’ll probably chafe my skin!” She threw the dress on the floor and stomped out of the studio, in nothing but her panties, bra and camisole.

Taylor rolled her eyes and sighed, Isabella Black, John Black’s daughter was the most impossible model she had. If she wasn’t so photogenic and wasn’t the boss’ daughter, she’d have already requested to have her transferred, fired, anything really, just to get her out of her hair. “Okay guys, take five, let me go get Miss Meticulous!” The guys in the studio were used to this. It was almost expected! Isabella threw a tantrum about once a week. They just nodded and set their equipment down.

Isabella stomped down the hall to her father’s office. She brushed past his secretary, as she was talking to what she assumed to be her dad’s next appointment. However she didn’t care, she just wanted to end this, NOW!! “Isabella…Isabella, you can’t just waltz in there…” Gladys followed Belle into Mr. Black’s office, apologizing profusely for his daughter’s interruption.

Mr. Black held his hand up, “It’s alright Gladys, I’ll handle this. Please apologize to Mr. Carnegie again, for him having to wait. I’ll just be a bit longer.” The plump lady nodded to her boss, backed out, closing the door at her exit. “Kate, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take care of this.” He glanced at Belle, exasperated at this last obstruction to his full scheduled day. “I’ll follow up with you after lunch.” Kate nodded, smiled at Belle, then collected her things and made her way out of John’s huge, executive office.

Just as Gladys returned from smoothing things over with Mr. Black’s very patient and understanding appointment, a very flustered Taylor turned the corner. She was moving at a rapid pace, hoping to catch Belle before she made her way into her father’s office. “I’m sorry honey, she’s already in there.” Gladys turned her head upon hearing the door open and click closed. She smiled and nodded to the Vice President as Kate passed by her desk. When she looked back to finish talking with Taylor, there was no one there. “That poor dear…” she said shaking her head, then dismissed the thoughts, quickly diving back into her work.

John winced as he realized that he was about to make Mr. Carnegie wait even longer, however, if he was going to nip this in the bud, he was going to have to take care of this now. Once, sometimes twice a week, he was disrupted by his daughter, causing meetings to be interrupted, pushed back, postponed and sometimes cancelled altogether.

He stood still for a moment, just looking at his daughter. He raised both eyebrows, and rubbed his chin with his right hand, while shaking his head. ’What am I going to do with her?’ She was standing there completely comfortable, with barely any clothes on, acting as if she owned the place. He walked over to the rack that had been rolled in just this morning with the new line. He tossed her a woman’s softball jersey and a pair of matching shorts.

“Put those on!” John barked at her, obviously extremely upset. He walked back over to his enormous oak desk, and took a seat in his plush, leather chair. “…And come sit down.” He paused for a moment and thought back to all the previous times that his daughter had barged into his office unannounced. Each time it was something trivial, and each time it was as if she wanted or needed something else, but wouldn’t ask for it. He leaned over his desk, folding his hands patiently in front of him. With a calmer voice and a much softer glare in his eyes, he began, “Isabella, you’ve interrupted me, my employees, potential clients and important meetings, time after time, week after week. And, although each instance was for a different reason, you always seemed like there was something else wrong.”

He waited for a reaction, and wasn’t disappointed. Her sour face instantly softened. She seemed to hesitate, but finally responded, “Daddy…I don’t know how to tell you this, but…I hate modeling! I’ve tried my best to enjoy it. I’ve blamed it on others, blamed it on the photographer, the lights, the clothes, anything but the fact is, I just don’t like it. I’ve thought I wanted to follow in mom’s footsteps, but…I…just…can’t, I truly loathe it!” She was very animated with her hands as she finally told her father how she truly felt. Her father’s heart broke as she started crying.

When Marlana died, Isabella was 10 and Brady was 15, and needless to say, she didn’t take it very well. Not that any little girl would take losing their mother well, but she took it exceptionally hard. Neither John nor Brady knew how to help her. It wasn’t until high school that she had seemed to finally be accepting the loss of her mother…but just a bit.

Her freshman year she tried out for the girl’s fast pitch softball team. She ended up making the cut and went on to become the star player. Nothing could get by her at short stop and her arm was like a cannon. She loved every minute of it and her smile proved to him that she was on the road to becoming happy again. When she played, nothing else in the world mattered to her. It was as if the game was created just for her.

John made sure to be at every practice, game and tournament, showing his love and support. She played all four years, each year taking her team to the state championships. Her senior year was the best year of all. They went from the state championships to the national championship, and won. Upon graduation, she was granted a full softball scholarship to the college of her choosing. She chose Northwestern and come mid June, moved in with her Aunt Vivian, who lived in a mansion on the outside of town.

During her first year of college, she met a guy that seemed to monopolize her life. She quit going to college, quit playing softball, quit talking to her family and friends and appeared to be involved with drugs. Vivian traveled a lot so no one really knew until it was too late. Long story short, John found out and forced her to move back home, cutting all ties with the boy that seemed to have destroyed his daughter’s future.

Belle was now 22 and had been doing nothing for the last few years. Growing tired of his daughter wasting her life, John sat down with Belle and told her that if she wasn’t going to go to school, then she was going to work. It was her idea to try modeling, and taking after her mother, she definitely had the figure and looks for it. Marlana was a beautiful woman and had been on the cover of every magazine known to man. She loved every aspect of modeling, so Belle thought she’d follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately, Belle didn’t love it, any of it, and after 8 months of trying, she was through.

John stood from his desk and walked around to his daughter. Seeing him, she also stood and ran to meet him. John wrapped his arms around his youngest child, letting a few tears fall, as he realized that they had finally made a break through. “Isabella…I’ve been sitting on this idea, for months now. It’s something I think you’d truly enjoy. I hadn’t said anything because I wasn’t sure if you’d be interested or not, but I’m willing to present it to the board if you think you’d like to try it.” He pulled back to look her straight in the eye.

She cocked her head to the side, curious as to what her dad had thought up. “What is it daddy?” She couldn’t imagine what her father had cooked up now. She worried that it was a scam to get her back in school, or even worse a “real” job.

Pursing his lips together, then smiling, John looked down at what Belle had on, “How would you like to start playing softball again?” He lifted his eyes back up to see if he could read hers. They had transposed into baby blue hues, with obvious sparkles in them. He knew that she was sold, “I’ve been in contact with a guy that is out for the remainder of the season, due to an automobile accident. He played short stop for the Seattle Mariners.”

Belle was ecstatic. She had feared that this was going to be the worse day of her life. That her father was once again going to be disappointed in her, but no, it was the best thing that could have ever happened. “THE SEATTLE MARINERS? Are you serious? When will we meet him? When can we start? Do you have a team together?” Belle was shooting out questions left and right.

John started to laugh, “Yes the Seattle Mariners! He’ll be here tomorrow. I scheduled a meeting with him to see what he thought about coaching a professional woman’s softball team. If you’d like, be here at 9 AM tomorrow and you can sit in on the meeting. All the questions you and I have will be answered then.” John hugged his daughter, and kissed her on the forehead. “I’m so glad that this worked out, and such perfect timing!”

Belle smiled as she stepped back, “Me too dad, me too! I’ll tell you what, I’ll finish today’s shoot, but no more after today, okay?” She heard him agree, as she made her way towards the door, then it dawned on her. Her eyes grew wide; “…the short stop for the Seattle Mariners is…Shawn Brady.” Belle nearly passed out at the realization that she was about to meet THE SHAWN BRADY! She turned around to face her dad.

John leaned back against his desk, crossing his arms over his chest. A smirk appeared from his daughter’s excitement. “I wondered how long it would take you to figure that out!”

Chapter 2

Isabella smiled at her reflection as she finished putting on her light, shimmery lip-gloss. Pleased with her appearance, she stood up from her vanity table, crossed over the majority of her wardrobe that now lay on the floor, to her full-length mirror. “This should be perfect,” She turned to each side and then around to the back and looked over her shoulder.

Her black silk pantsuit designed especially for her, fit to perfection. The pants fit snuggly at the top, displaying her perfectly sculpted buns and outlining her long, shapely legs, loosening up towards the bottom to a wide boot cut. The top buttoned up to a low V, displaying just enough tanned cleavage. She completed the statement with 3 ½ inch black heals, and a small black purse.

Her hair had been rolled and was now partially clipped back, keeping a few spiraled strands dangling around her face. She had done her makeup in a way that looked completely natural on her, making her eyes big, bright and inviting. Her lips were shiny, looking extremely wet and kissable.

She glanced at the clock, then down at her new silver Rolex, checking to see how much time she had. “Shit, it’s already 8:15 AM? Where does the time go?” Taking one last look in the mirror, she grabbed her purse and headed for the garage. Even though her father’s office was only 15 minutes away, she needed a few extra minutes. Every morning before a photo shoot, she always stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee and a bagel, and this morning she knew that she would need it. Her nerves were already on edge, I mean how could they not be? Today she was meeting Shawn Brady, the short stop for the Seattle Mariners!

Climbing down the stairs to the 7-car garage, she scanned over the various black cars that her father had collected. She decided on the Nissan 350 Z and grabbed the keys from the hook on the wall. She opened the door, threw her purse over the console, to the passenger side and crawled into the soft leather bucket seat. She pressed the button to open the garage, started the car, popped it in first and took off, closing the garage as she cleared the entryway.

With the stop at Dunkin Donuts, she made it in just under 25 minutes. She parked in her assigned parking spot, in between her father and brother, right by the door. She flipped the visor down, checked her makeup and hair and then exited the car, pressing the lock and alarm button over her shoulder, just before opening the front door to Basic Black.

She made her way up the escalators to the fourth floor, which held a number of executive offices, including her father’s enormous suite. She smiled at Gladys as she approached her father’s wing; “He’s expecting you dear!” She gave Isabella a warm, genuine smile and then went back to her work. Belle continued past her father’s assistant, and hesitated at the large intimidating wooden door.

’This is it’, she took a deep breath, turned the knob, and slowly pushed open the door. Instantly she heard her father’s voice, “Right, no, I understand…tomorrow at 2:30 it is…Thanks again Mr. Carnegie…Goodbye!” John was leaning back in his chair with his feet up on his desk, smoking a cigar. He placed the receiver down and glanced up to see Belle closing the door behind her. “Isabella! I’m so glad you made it. You look beautiful!” John set the smoking cigar down in the large glass ashtray and stood to greet his daughter.

She set her coffee and bag of bagels down on the oak desk and wrapped her arms around her father’s rib cage, “Good Morning daddy!” She felt her father kiss her on the head and then release her as she reached for their breakfast. “I brought us a few bagels, I know how you always skip breakfast!” She pulled a chair up to his desk and laid out the low fat cream cheese, bagels, plastic knives and napkins.

John didn’t hesitate to take the offering his daughter made, “Thanks angel!” He spread some cream cheese all over one of the bagels and turned away from her to face his computer. He selected a few different documents and printed out one copy of all of them. “I’ve finished the proposal for the board to sign, if all goes well, you’ll be the hottest new team this side of the Mississippi!” He rolled up to the intercom and pressed the speaker button, “Gladys, would you come in here, please?” John winked at Belle, causing her to giggle.

The huge wooden doors opened and in walked the plump little lady that basically kept Mr. Black going. “Gladys, I need ten copies of each of these, bound together with these…uhmm, those plastic…sleeves…” John was frantically searching on his desk for an example of what he wanted, “damn it…”

“Report Covers?” Gladys helped him a bit, and winked at Belle.

John stopped and gave her a crooked smile, “Uhm, yes, those…things. Thank you Gladys.” Belle watched as her father’s assistant took the documents from John’s hands and scurried away, closing the doors behind her. She couldn’t imagine doing an assistant’s job. Belle scrunched up her face as she was contemplating Gladys’ tasks. Doing whatever someone commanded, whenever they commanded, wasn’t her idea of a “Dream Job”.

John’s voice broke her daze; “You ready Izzy? It’s five til nine!” Belle looked like a deer caught in headlights. She scrambled to finish her bagel and clean up their mess, then darted to her dad’s private bathroom to touch up her lip-gloss and check her hair. John had to chuckle at his daughter, “Geez, you’d think you were meeting someone famous!”

Belle leaned back and peeked out the doorway to glare at her father, then smiled inwardly as she went back to her primping. She heard him laughing, as she was messing with her hair, “You know as well as I do, that Shawn Brady has been my favorite professional short stop for as long as he’s been playing…” She finished up and started out the door, stopping in mid stride.

Standing next to her father was the most beautiful physique she’d ever seen. A perfectly sculpted man, with dark brown hair. His bangs playing hide and seek with the warmest chocolate brown orbs her baby blue’s had ever met. He was dressed in worn down, very fitted, very faded Lucky Brand jeans, and a Seattle Mariners T-shirt, that showed off his extremely cut up arms. His feet were clad in a pair of Nike tennis shoes. She was so entranced in seeing her idol, that she didn’t hear her father calling her name.

“Isabella…Isabella…” John glanced at Shawn, and motioned his arm up and down trying to get his daughter’s attention. When she didn’t respond, he walked over and took her by the hand, leading her over to her new coach, smirking all the while, “Isabella…this is Shawn Brady. Shawn, this is my daughter, Isabella Black. She’s going to be your star Short Stop!”

Isabella followed her father over to meet Shawn, royally embarrassed that she was caught so off guard. She heard her father make the introductions and shook Shawn’s hand when he stuck it out to meet hers. “I’m sorry about earlier, I wasn’t expecting you to be standing there…I’m very pleased to meet you…” She trailed off not knowing what else to say, but left her eyes locked on his.

Shawn gave her an award-winning smile, and then her heart melted, his voice was like something in a romance movie. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Isabella, I look forward to working with you and taking your team to the championship games!” He left his hand holding hers for a second longer and then he winked at her. She was thankful that her father was present, she might have melted into a puddle right then and there.

John sensed what was going on, and although there was nothing he’d like more in the world, decided that there was plenty of time for Shawn to “romance” and date his daughter. It was time to get down to business. He cleared his throat, breaking the trance that the two seemed to have put on each other. “Okay, well, as soon as Gladys brings the presentations back, we’ll all head up to the board meeting and get this show on the road.”

Shawn and Belle both were startled when the two wooden doors to John’s office slammed open, hitting the walls behind them. In walked a fiery brunette, with piercing green eyes, and a killer body, looking as if she was about to kill, “Shawn, I thought I told you to wait for me outside the bathroom? You know I don’t know my way around here!” Shawn looked very surprised and extremely embarrassed. His gaze shifted from Belle, to John, then back to the angry woman.

“John, Isabella, this is Allison Brady, Allison…” He glared at her, “My new employer!” Belle watched as the woman’s eyes softened, and a small blush crept upon her cheeks. Both John and she shook hands with the woman that had just reprimanded Shawn.

John raised both eyebrows, and glanced at his daughter as Gladys cautiously walked through the entryway with John’s previous request, “John…” She looked around, while handing him the 11 proposals, “Is everything alright?”

Chapter 3

John glanced at Shawn, then at Allison. “Isabella, lets wait for them in the hall, I think they probably need a few minutes.” He held out his arm for Belle to take, not giving his new employee a chance to decline. They both followed Gladys out in the hall, Belle glancing back just as the doors closed behind them.

Shawn slowly closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. A few seconds later, He opened his dark pools of vision back up, blowing the air out, very hostile like. Allison approached him, reaching for his arm, “Shawn I…”

Shawn turned to face her, while jerking away his arm, “No! You’re going to listen to me for a second.” He leaned in close, his mouth inches from hers. He tried to keep his voice as quiet as possible. “You just embarrassed me in front of John Black and his daughter Isabella. They are my new employers! They are the ones that are going to be keeping us with an income!” He ran his hand through his hair, pushing a few strands out of his eyes. “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times, Get…you’re…temper…under…control, and learn some manners!” Shawn threw his hands up in the air and turned around at his last word.

Allison was staring at the ground, realizing how she had acted. “Shawn, I’m really sorry, I don’t know what came over me. You know that I’m usually more professional then that. It’s just…I’m two and half months pregnant, and recently, well…sometimes I just, oh, I don’t know. I get all crazy and don’t think.” She was ringing her hands nervously, “Zach wants me to stay home, but I love what I do.” She paused. “Shawn you know I’d go crazy in that enormous house, doing nothing all day.” She dropped her gaze back down to the black Berber carpet that covered Mr. Black’s office suite floor.

Shawn reached for his sister-in-law and wrapped his arms around her. “I know honey, we’ve just got to figure out a way to keep your attitude in check. I’m sorry I wasn’t waiting outside the bathroom for you, Mr. Black’s assistant found me just standing there and invited me to go on ahead to Mr. Black’s office. She said she had a clear view of the bathroom and would let you know where I had gone.” He began stroking her hair, trying to comfort her, and let her know that he understood.

Allison was now crying, and Shawn hated to see a woman cry, especially if it was something that he caused. Zach, Shawn’s older brother by two years, would kill him if he knew how upset he had made his wife. He made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want her working when she became pregnant, and as a lawyer, he made plenty of money for the both of them. She had agreed to give up the rest of her clients as long as she could still be Shawn’s agent. She had started with him six years ago, and she was not giving him up, especially now that he was her brother-in-law. Zach agreed as long as Shawn watched over her.

Shawn pulled back and gave Allison his famous smirk, “Hey there, everything’s okay now, right?” He tipped up her chin and wiped off a few tears that were still rolling down her cheeks, then looked deep in her eyes. “You’re the best damn agent there ever was, now get your shit together and let’s do this!” He finally got a smile out of her and they headed towards the big oak doors.

Outside John’s office, standing near Gladys’ desk, John and his assistant were going over the proposal, ensuring that everything was ready. Behind them, Isabella arrogantly sat down on the couch, staring a hole through the doors, in a confused haze. What the hell had just happened here? Two minutes ago, she was in heaven. Just being in the same room as Shawn, made her feel as if she was floating. She recalled when his strong, rough hands brushed with hers, a stream of energy surged up her arm and throughout her entire body. Then in an instant, all her dreams had been shattered into millions of teensy tiny pieces.

Her thoughts were interrupted and once again, Shawn caught her in a vulnerable state. She was staring straight at the door, with a very bewildered look on her face, when he came waltzing out of her father’s office, with his arm coiled around Allison’s waist. Her first reaction was to look down, but a force that seemed like the strongest magnet ever, drew her eyes to his, locking them there, in somewhat of a dreamlike state.

Fortunately, her father noticed him as well, and stole his attention before she was able to make an even bigger fool of herself. “Shawn,” He paused and smiled at Allison, “the board is ready, if you are?” John stuck his hand out, to show him no harm was done.

Shawn contiguously took it, nodding a silent thank you to his new employer. “I’m ready, sir. Let’s get this show on the road.” His spirits were lifted as he realized that John Black was not as bad as he had heard. However, just as quickly as they had risen, they fell flat on their face when he glanced back at Belle. She had risen from her spot on the couch, and was heading towards a very handsome man, dressed in a double breasted, black, Armani suit. He watched as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Realizing that he was now standing alone at Gladys’ desk, he looked around to find Allison and John. He found them in deep conversation, walking towards Belle and the man that she seemed so comfortable with. As he started towards them, they all disappeared through a doorway. Slightly embarrassed, he immediately quickened his pace to catch up.

The board meeting went exactly as planned. John being the majority share holder, really only needed his son and daughter’s votes to put his plan in motion, but wanted the entire board to have their say, for or against, the sponsorship of a Professional Woman’s Softball team. It was unanimous. All were in favor, and Shawn was now a Woman’s Fast pitch Softball Coach.

As the meeting adjourned, Isabella got up first, and headed for the doorway. She had been sitting still for over an hour and was extremely bored with all the legal talk that went on. Once out of the conference room, she found herself walking down a small corridor, towards a glass wall, with a door to the right side. It opened out to a narrow balcony that overlooked the small park that her father had designed for his employees that liked to walk during their lunch.

In the center, was a medium sized pond, with a various assortment of fish. Numerous ducks and geese had found their way here and had made it their home as well. She watched as a group of woman fed the remainder of their lunches to a few of the geese, begging for their scraps. “I wondered where you went!” Belle turned to find a gorgeous pair of brown eyes looking directly at her.

Belle wrapped her arms around her herself as a cool Virginia wind blew in, tousling her hair. She gave Shawn a killer smile, “I guess I just needed some fresh air,” she turned back towards the park. “I’m not exactly what you’d call “Office Material”, if you know what I mean?” They both laughed as Shawn joined Belle, leaning against the railing.

“So…” They both started together, then burst out laughing again. Shawn offered to let her speak first. “So…where’s Allison?” Belle turned and looked through the glass door, expecting to see the voluptuous woman coming down the hall. “I’d hate for you to upset her again.” She was attempting at flirting, but it came out with a touch of sarcasm.

Not realizing that she thought Allison was his wife, he looked at her quizzically, while squinting his eyes, “Uhmmm, I don’t think that we’ll have to worry about her doing that again.” Leaning on both forearms and clasping his hands together, he peered back out at the glistening water, “Ya see, she’s two and a half months pregnant, so she’s starting to get pretty bad mood swings and is becoming really insecure…” He looked back up at her with a very sincere look on his face, however it was the puppy dog eyes that got her. “I’m really sorry about before.”

Biting both lips, she looked down, a blush insisting that it appear on her cheeks as an evil thought crossed her mind. “It’s okay…” She looked back up at him, gazing deep into his eyes, “I’m sure that if I was your wife, and two and half months pregnant…” She took a step towards him, running a manicured finger down his chest, “…I’d have been a little upset too!” Abruptly, she turned away, looking back out at the gorgeous scenery.

Raising both eyebrows, a light bulb went of in Shawn’s head. In between chuckles, he managed, “Whoa…you think…” He shook his head, looking back at the ravishing blonde before him, “Isabella, Allison’s not my wife!”

Chapter 4

Shawn watched as her eyes grew wide as saucers, and a disgusted look overcame her immaculate features. She lowered her head, looking at him through the layers of hair that had fallen over her eyes. It was as if he could see the numerous thoughts, which passed through her head. “Oh jeez…” She crossed her arms over her chest as a glare demanded for him to further explain, “…it’s not what you think…she’s my agent…” ’her eyes still look shocked’ and is married to my brother!”

Slowly dropping her arms, her expression softened. Her gaze dropped to Shawn’s waist and then onto the cement floor. “Ssso, she’s your agent…” she paused, looking away in embarrassment, “…and your sister-in-law.” Belle felt sort of silly for jumping to conclusions before attempting to get the truth. Glancing up to see Shawn slowly nod, up and down, Belle apologized, “Shawn, I’m sorry…”

Shawn lips erupted a sexy grin while interrupting her, holding his hand up in front of her face, “There’s no reason to apologize, I can see how it probably looked!” Suddenly, an idea came to him. “Isabella, I have a favor I need to ask you,” He searched her eyes for permission to continue.

Butterfly’s swarmed around in her stomach, causing chill bumps to arise on her skin. “Uhhmmm, yeah…anything!?” Her eyes were warm and curious, but inside, it felt as if she was on a roller coaster that hadn’t stopped since she had stepped out of her father’s bathroom.

Shawn raised his right arm up over his head and began playing with a lock of his hair, at the nape of his neck. “…Have dinner with me…tonight.” He peeked out of the corner of his eyes for her reaction. What he saw, made his heart skip a beat, she was looking up at him, through sprigs of hair, biting the left corner of her quivering bottom lip, then the man in the Armani suit intruded into his mind, “…Strictly business. I’d like to get your ideas for the team, practices, ya know, everything that we’re going to be focused on for the rest of the summer,” He turned away, slightly embarrassed.

She reached out to him, wrapping her chilled fingers around his toned, bronzed forearm, speaking a little too quickly, “I’d love to have dinner with you…I mean…”

Both Shawn and Belle turned as the glass door that they had both exited out of swung open. “Hey Tink, I just came out her to tell you bye, I’m headed out to pick Chloe up from work and then we’re getting on a jet to Bora Bora for two weeks of sun, fun and relaxation!” He was very animated, as he was telling her of their plans. Realizing he was never formally introduced to Shawn, he turned his attention towards him, sticking out his hand, “I don’t think we’ve been introduced, Brady Black.”

Shawn smiled and shook his hand. He started to say something, but Brady continued rambling, most likely out of pure excitement. “I’ve watched you play, you’ve very good! I bet you’re missing being out on the field. I hear their 10 and 2 so far!” He glanced back at Belle, “My sister’s watched you since you started playing, she’s gonna love being your star player.”

His sister!? Shawn’s smile grew and he snickered at Brady’s enthusiasm, “Yeah I do miss it, but this is the next best thing. And yeah, they are doing well this year, I hope they continue to keep it up. It’ll make it easier to go back to next year.” He glanced at Belle, “and now that I’ve heard from both your father and your brother that you’re gonna be my star player, I expect…Great things from you!” His eyes twinkled as he emphasized the word “Great”, and even though it got by Brady, Belle picked it up immediately.

“Okay, Brady, thanks for coming to say goodbye,” she reached for him and gave him a big hug. “Tell Chloe hi for me, and tell her to call me when you guys get back!” She pulled open the door, anxious to get rid of him and “helped” him through, “Love you Braid!” She watched as he lingered down the hallway whistling, then looked back over his shoulder for a brief second.

“Love you too, Tink! Stay out of trouble!” He turned on his heel and she watched him disappear around the corner.

As the door closed, she turned back to Shawn. She was met with two dark chocolate eyes staring at her inquisitively, “So he’s your brother, huh?” He looked down with a smirk, then back up into her deep, blue eyes, “I uhmm, I kinda jumped to conclusions too!” She looked at him, her mouth dropping open. They both started laughing together.

Belle couldn’t help but feel so connected to this goddess of a man before her. His laugh, his mannerisms, his big heart, everything about him, it was as if…she’d known him before, in another life maybe… “Maybe this dinner thing is a good idea, it’ll give us a chance to get to know one another.” She smiled at him as she heard her name being paged. “Hopefully we won’t have any “interruptions” tonight!” She rolled her eyes and then reached for the door handle.

“Isabella wait…” Shawn grabbed her by the wrist, and pulled her towards him. She felt her breasts crush against his firm chest as the air created a warm bubble all around them. He gently brushed his lips across hers, then his tongue tracing the outside of her soft rose colored lips, requesting entry into the warm, wet space. His arms wrapped around her, one holding the back of her head the other on the small of her back.

Shocked, but curious, she granted him access to inside of her mouth, which he immediately noticed and deepened the kiss. Their tongues danced as their passion collided; creating sparks that surged throughout both their bodies. They both pulled back simultaneously, wondering if the other felt what had just happened.

Hearing her name called again over the intercom, she stepped back and reached for the door, “Uhmmm…” She tried to catch her breath, “…Pick me up at 7, I’m sure my father will give you directions.” She opened the door and started through it, stopping just as it was about to close, “and dress nice!” She winked at him as she vanished down the hallway.

Shawn took a few more minutes out on the terrace to collect his thoughts, before going back inside. He mulled over how just three weeks ago; things were looking so grim. After two months of physical therapy, his doctor told him that he was not improving enough to play, he was out for the season. Baseball was what he lived for. His love life was non-existent, not saying that he couldn’t have any woman in the world, but none of them interested him. So to sum up, he couldn’t play ball, he had no one special in his life, his parents were all the way across the country in Virginia and then, to top it all off, he was about to lose his agent too. If his brother hadn’t agreed to let her continue to work with him, he’d have probably had a mental break down.

Now, thanks to his parent’s friendship with the Black’s, he’s setup with a multi-billion dollar company, coaching, coaching a girl’s softball team! He’s not getting to play, but he is, at least, still working out on the diamond. He’s making a six-digit salary, which isn’t what he’s used to, but it’ll do. And as an added bonus, his boss has this amazingly beautiful daughter, that from what he has heard, loves baseball, and is an outstanding player herself. She has a great personality and from what he just experienced, was an excellent kisser. There was just something about her, an energy that drew him to her. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t let her get away.

Letting himself back inside, he headed for John’s office. He hoped to get the directions, grab Allison, and head over to his parents for a few hours before he went back to his hotel to get ready for his date with Isabella. Gladys saw him as he was coming down the hall. “Hey Shawn, go on in, Allison’s been waiting for you.” He nodded a quick thank you and after a quiet knock on the huge, thick door, let himself in.

Isabella and Allison were both standing near the doorway, with their purses on their shoulders; “Hey Shawn, Isabella and I were just about to head out to lunch, would you and Allison care to join us?” John leaned down to grab two cigars from the small humidor in his bottom drawer. “I think we’re just going to the café, downstairs, I’ve got a meeting at 2:30 PM.”

Hating to have to decline, he intercepted the space between John and the girls. “Thanks John, but I promised my parents I’d drop by as soon as we were through here. I haven’t seen them in a few weeks and, you know how mom is. Thanks for the invite though.” He glanced back at Allison and Belle, as they started out the door, finishing their very involved conversation. Shawn took this opportunity to ask John for directions. “Uh, John, I’m taking Isabella to dinner tonight, what’s the best way to get to your house from the Marriott on 3rd?”

John stopped in mid stride, raising both eyebrows; “You’re taking my daughter out…tonight?”

Chapter 5

Shawn hoped this wasn’t a bad sign. “Yeah, I was thinking she could show me around Salem a little, I’ve only been here twice, to visit my parents and didn’t really get to see the town. If it’s a problem…” he trailed off as he watched John’s expression go from deep thought to, what he thought and hoped…liking the idea.

Furrowing his brow, John thought for a few seconds, “Well, I was hoping to have you join me and some of my colleagues tonight, you know, to show you off to a few prominent people here in Salem, but if you want to take Izzy out, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind!” John slowly started towards the door, “It is a Friday night after all.” John reached in his pocket, pulling out a wad of $100 bills. “Here, have a good time, on me!” He handed Shawn $300 and disappeared out the door, a grin spreading from ear to ear.

Shawn stood staring at empty space for…he didn’t know how long. Suddenly Allison appeared, hand on her hip, and her lips moving a mile a minute. Fortunately, he didn’t hear a word she said. He shook his head, trying to awake himself from a dream, but only the sound of a shrill voice made its way into the room. “…1:57 in the afternoon, and you told your mother that we’d be there 42 minutes ago…”

Shawn slowly turned his head and glanced at her, then at Isabella and her father walking, hand in hand, down the hallway, stopping to wait for the elevator. He looked back at Allison, “Okay, Okay, we’re leaving…” his voice softened, “We’re leaving.” He wasn’t sure what that was all about, but he didn’t care! He had Isabella’s father’s blessing and his money and he was going to take that blonde bombshell out tonight, and show her a night she’d never forget. A smile that couldn’t be wiped off his face grew with every step towards the car.

Shawn took Allison home first, and then dropped by his parents. He spent a couple hours catching up with his mom and dad and then excused himself, to prepare for his date. Hope, hearing about his big rendezvous with Belle, was all about letting him leave, she knew he’d be around for a little while and there was plenty of time to catch up. Moreover, if they became serious, she’d get to see Shawn a lot more then just holidays.

She tried to think back to the last girl Shawn had been serious with, and she realized it was Jan, and that was in high school. For some reason he felt he needed to be there for her, to take care of her, but his mother knew that he never truly loved her. Protection was just in the Brady blood. Fortunately, when Shawn was scouted to play with the Mariners, Jan had moved on with someone else.

Arriving back at the motel at a quarter after six, Shawn flew down the hall to his room, tossed a few packages on the dresser, kicked off his shoes, and turned on the TV. He stepped into the bathroom to turn on the shower, and came back out to check the Mariner’s score. “Awww come on Jason!! It was right to you!” Jason was the Mariner’s second baseman, and he had just missed a line drive straight up the middle. “Fuck an Aaa, I want to be out there!” Shawn mumbled to himself.

Seeing the clock on the VCR, Shawn realized he didn’t have time to cuss and spit at the TV. He started peeling off his clothes, throwing them in the pile he started last night, in the corner of the room. He took a quick shower, shaved, and dressed in under 20 minutes. He checked the clock, 6:37 PM, and reluctantly turned off the television. He grabbed his keys and the stuff off the dresser and headed to pick up Isabella.

Arriving at the Black’s driveway, he turned in and stopped at the small black box, embedded in the stone entryway. He pressed the “Call” button, hoping to get someone to open the thick, iron gate. “Yes?” He heard a voice that he didn’t recognize.

“Uhmm yes, I’m here to pick up Isabella Black.” Shawn wasn’t sure if he’d have to give his name or not, so he waited until he was asked.

“And who may I tell her is here?” The voice asked.

“Shawn Brady, I was to meet her here at 7, I guess I’m a little early.” He looked at the clock, seeing that it was only 6:55 PM. He waited a few seconds, and the gate’s opened. He cautiously continued down the long driveway until he saw the mansion just over a small hill.

He parked his Yukon in the circular driveway and reached for the corsage he picked up from the florist his mother recommended earlier today. He climbed the steps and knocked on the front door, fully expecting a butler or some other servant to invite him in. However, as it swung open, there stood John, holding a goblet of what he assumed to be Sherry, in one hand and a cigar in the other. “Hey Shawn, Isabella’s almost ready, come watch the rest of the Mariner’s game with me.”

He didn’t have to ask Shawn twice, “I’d love too, Mr…”

“Call me John! If you’re going to be working for me, and…” he winked at him, “dating my daughter, I expect that you won’t have a problem using my first name.” John didn’t really want Shawn to know how excited he was that Shawn was interested in his daughter, but a little nudge in the right direction wouldn’t hurt. He quickly turned to go back to the entertainment hall, letting Shawn shut the front door.

Shawn was taken aback at first, but then realized that John really liked and respected him. “Okay…John,” Not being able to pass up an opportunity to watch the Mariners play, he followed John down a long hallway to a room where a 72” flat screen Plasma TV hung on the back wall. “Wow, John, this is really cool. It’s almost like being at the game!” John had already sat down in one of the black leather recliners, and just smiled and nodded. Shawn decided to join him until Belle was ready.

Upstairs, Belle was getting impatient. Nothing seemed to look right, and she’d gone through every dress in her closet. She stomped out of her room, across the hall to her alternate closet that held some of the designer gowns that were put together for her photo shoots. After sifting through the majority of the dresses, she found it. It was perfect!

She finished putting on the finishing touches of her makeup and took one last look at her hair, she was finally ready. She glanced at the clock; 7:12 ’Always keep a boy waiting…’ She softly laughed out loud, grabbed her purse and headed downstairs. As she reached the bottom floor, she heard her father and Shawn, screaming at the top of their lungs, apparently at a baseball game.

Standing at the back of the room, she laughed whole-heartedly at the site before her. Her father and Shawn, both smoking cigars, were standing and pointing at the TV, screaming at the umps for a bad call. They both turned at the sound of Isabella’s soft laugh. Both men’s mouths hung open at the site of her. She was dressed in a short, black flowy dress that stopped mid thigh, exposing her long, tanned legs. Spaghetti straps came over her shoulders, criss crossing, leaving most of her back bare. She completed the assemble with 3” black ,strappy sandals and a small sequined purse. “How do I look?” She gave them a catty smile.

John spoke first, noticing Shawn was speechless, “Isabella, you look stunning!” He walked over to his daughter, kissing her lightly on the cheek. “I haven’t seen that dress before, is it new?” John was trying to give Shawn a moment to catch his breath.

She looked down briefly, at the black material that covered her body, “No, it was something they had me wear at a shoot. I guess I wore it home!” She had worn numerous outfits home, this just happened to one of her favorites. She directed her attention to Shawn, who was still staring at her as if they were the only two in the room. He was dressed in black linen pants, and a pale yellow, Tommy Bahama, short sleeved, button up shirt. He had on black Doc Martin sandals and looked devastatingly handsome with the cigar, clutched in his right hand. “Shawn…are you ready to go? We have reservations at 8:00 PM.”

Shawn felt a smile growing as well as another organ. He quickly turned to look for somewhere to put out the cigar, as a distraction, when John told him to take it with him. He always smoked in his cars, and tonight he had already arranged for the limo to be available for them, in case they wanted to celebrate. Shawn held out his arm, for Isabella to take, “I’m ready if you are! Oh…and this is for you!” He picked up the small plastic box of the end table, and pulled out her corsage. “The blue matches your eyes!”

Stunned, Belle smiled at Shawn’s thoughtfulness. “I’ve never seen a blue rose before! Look daddy!” She let Shawn slid the beautiful arrangement on her wrist and then held it out for her father’s approval. He nodded in agreement, a smile on his face that couldn’t be washed off with the coarsest soap.

Chapter 6

John watched from the front porch as his baby girl walked to the car with Seattle’s own, Shawn Brady. His eyes gleamed as he watched Shawn, holding her hand, steadying her, as she climbed in the long black car. He was so patient with his princess, as every man should be with a woman. He thought back to when Marlana was alive, and how much she worried over her daughter, “Doc, you’d be so proud...” He voice was barely above a whisper, as one happy tear seeped out his right eye. He quickly wiped it away as he waved to the car that disappeared over the small hill.

Isabella looked out the dark tinted windows, as the car exited the Black’s property, not noticing the unsubtle stares of the handsome man next to her. She felt his hand envelop hers, drawing her attention to him. Their eyes met and, again, were not able to disconnect. “I want to apologize for earlier, at the office, I…I just…” The smile on Belle’s face, and the slow shaking of her head, caused him to stop talking.

She slowly pulled her hand out from under his, and gingerly put one finger up to Shawn’s lips. “Shhhh, I wanted it just as much as you did,” She grabbed his chin and pulled it towards her, feeling the smooth, clean shaven skin. She tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes, patiently waiting for Shawn to make his move.

He didn’t disappoint her. Taking her lead, he brought his lips slowly down to hers, meeting the rose colored, stained petals with his own. They felt sparks as their souls connected, bringing their hearts closer together. Shawn brushed one hand, lightly up her arm, and over her collarbone, his fingers toying with the dark, black strap that contrasted with her soft, creamy skin. He was tempted to slide it over her shoulder, but was brought back to reality when he felt her hand creeping up his leg. ’Too soon Brady, better slow it down’ He gradually pulled back, looking for her bright, shiny pools of blue, hoping to read what her intentions truly were.

Her eyes were still closed as he pulled away. She wondered what was wrong, ’Does he not feel it? Were soulmates, I know he’s the one, the only one, It only took one look…’. She opened her eyes to see the warmest, yet lecherous pair of chocolate eyes, peering back at her. “Shawn, is something…are you…’argghhh’, what’s wrong…Why did you stop?” She was extremely confused and very frustrated; she’d never had a guy just, stop, before.

Shawn was torn, he was just trying to respect her, “Isabella, I don’t want to rush things with you. I don’t know if you feel it or not, but I sense this…I don’t know, connection…with you.” He shook his head, while lowering his eyes, a huge grin growing on his gorgeous face, “…My parents always talked about it, and I never believed it...” He looked back up at her, “Isabella,” he took both hands, “I don’t know where this relationship will go, but if I’m right, and I usually am, we’re meant to be together!” He hoped he hadn’t scared her off with that last statement.

Belle knew that this sort of advancement should alarm her, but it didn’t. She’d only known this man for less then 12 hours, but she had felt the connection too; in fact she knew the instant their eyes met in her father’s office earlier that day. As soon as they shook hands for the first time, she felt a sense of dejavue, as if she’d known this man all her life and was remarkably at ease with him. He was courteous to her, well mannered to her father, respectful to others around him, and on top of all that, was the sexiest, most gorgeous, man she’d ever met. Her eyes glowed with joy, “I feel it too, Shawn, I felt it the instant I stepped out of my father’s washroom, and saw you standing there…” Her voice trailed off as his mouth came crashing down on hers, creating an orgasmic collision inside her soul.

Excited, yet stunned, pleased, yet unsure, Shawn gave her all he had, licking and nibbling, teasing and molesting, their tongues danced throughout the passionate saucy, wet kisses. It could have gone on forever, had the driver not knocked on the privacy window and bellowed into the speaker of their arrival, totally unaware of the intricate intimacy going in the back of the car. As they parted from each other, they both felt a void where the other had been, as well as the firm confirmation that they had found the other half of their existence.

The driver had stopped the car, and walked around to open their door for them to exit. Still in somewhat of a stunned state, Shawn regained his composure, and stepped out of the car, smiling at the driver. He leaned back in, reaching for Isabella’s hand. She took it graciously, stepping out into the cool night air, not losing site of her new…friend.

Still clutching Belle’s hand in his, Shawn looked down at his watch and then turned to the driver, “We’ll be about an hour and half, two hours.” He watched as the man dressed in the chauffeur’s uniform, nodded and dutifully climbed back in the car, and drove away. He turned back to Belle and they walked hand in hand, towards the elegant building, a sign hanging just over the door, reading, Terri’s Pasta Kitchen.

Upon entering, they noticed the dining room was lit solely by candlelight. Following behind two other couples, they finally reached the hostesses stand. “Good evening, do you have a reservation?” She glanced from Shawn to Belle, then back to Shawn.

Belle softly cleared her throat, “Yes, ma’am, we do. It was for Black at 8:00 PM. I believe we are right on time.” She glanced down at her watch seeing that it had just changed to 8:01.

The cute little lady looked down at her books, and grabbed two menus, “Right this way,” She smiled as she led them to a quiet little table, in the back of the restaurant. She set the menus down on top of their plates and turned the wineglasses right side up, “Your server will be with you in a few moments.” With one last smile, she disappeared back up front.

Shawn pulled Belle’s chair out for her, allowing her to sit down, then sat down in his chair directly across from her. Almost immediately, their server was at their table with ice water and fresh garlic rolls. “Can I get you anything else to drink? We have a variety of excellent wines to choose from. I especially recommend our house Merlot.” She was holding a bottle in her hand, displaying the before mentioned wine.

After deciding on a wine, and then dinner, Belle and Shawn engulfed themselves in conversation after conversation, discussing family, friends, likes, dislikes, sports, and life in general. They talked as if old friends, learning about each other all over again. They even breached into the new subject of the women’s softball league and when they were going to hold try outs. Deciding to discuss that Monday at the office, they finished off their dessert and the last of their second bottle of wine.

Shawn checked the bill, left enough cash to cover it as well as a hefty tip, then stood and led Isabella to the front of the restaurant, where they praised the head chef for the wonderful dinner and the amazing atmosphere. Promising to return again, Belle took Shawn’s arm, and followed him outside, onto their awaiting limo.

Once settled in the car and on their way to The Blue Note, Shawn took this opportunity to give Belle the other package that he had brought with him. “I got you a little something I saw in a store window, when picking up your corsage,” Belle couldn’t believe it, she watched Shawn pop open the console and pull out a small velvet red box. “I hope it’s not too soon to be spoiling you!” His wink caused her to blush slightly.

Belle cautiously reached for the unexpected gift that Shawn held out to her. Her mouth dry, and her eyes threatening to spill out at any moment. She pulled open the lid, to find a thin, white gold necklace, with a small bell trinket dangling in the center. She glanced back up at him, “Shawn…this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!” her voice was barely audible. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him softly on the lips, “Will you put it on for me?” She turned away from him to give him better access to her neck.

Shawn was more then happy to assist. Once clasped, she turned back around to face him, “How does it look?” He didn’t know what to say. It was just what her ensemble needed. The bell hung right above her cleavage, teasing any male’s eyes that were graced with her presence. God she was beautiful, if he played his cards right, she’d be all his in no time. His eyes met hers in a sexual dance; he struggled to remain composed at the elegance of the woman before him.

“Isabella you look beautiful!”

Chapter 7

Belle reached over and smacked the alarm clock, trying to make the intermittent ringing stop. Still dazed, she rolled over, opening one eye to read 4:37 AM on the noisy clock radio. Realizing that the sound wasn’t stopping, it dawned on her that it was actually her private line ringing. Knowing only a few people knew the number, she picked up the receiver, and mumbled into the speaker, “…mmmmm…Someone better be dead…” She closed her eyes while waiting for someone to speak on the other end.

“BELLE!!” Belle’s eyes shot open, and she lurched herself up into a sitting position. She hadn’t heard this voice in over 6 months. “Are you awake? Well, if you’re not, WAKE UP and come pick me up from the airport, my plane lands in 10 minutes!” Her best friend, since grade school had moved away right after their high school graduation, to…”See the world” and she hadn’t been back since. Her only contact with her was over the phone and through email.

“Oh…My…God…Nicole? …You’re in Salem? You’re at the…Salem, Virginia airport? You do know that it’s 4:40 in the morning right? I can’t believe you are finally home! Are you okay? Why didn’t you call me and let me know you’d be…” Her friend had been laughing as soon as the first question came out of Belle’s mouth, but after the fifth question she quickly interrupted her.

“I did call last night, but John said you were out. I left a message with him and he said he’d leave you a note, but someone must have been too twitterpated to notice it!” She giggled, “Look…I’ll answer all your questions as soon as you COME PICK ME UP!” Belle was already up and had thrown on a pair of jeans and a V-neck T-shirt. She was stumbling around in the dark, trying to find her sandals, when someone knocked on her door.

“Come in!” She told Nicole she’d be there as soon as she could and threw the phone on the bed. She was picking up some of her clothes, still searching for her shoes, when her bedroom door cracked open and her father stuck his head in. “Hey dad!” He flipped on the light switch, smirking as she squinted from the bright overhead light.

“Hey kitten, I just wanted to make sure you saw the note, and were up. Nicole called last night and needs you to pick her up at the airport, her plane lands at 4:50.” He pushed the door open a little further and leaned against the doorframe, watching as clothes were being thrown up in the air landing in different piles behind her. “Have you tried…looking in your closet?”

Belle stopped what she was doing, glanced at her father, giving him a slant eyed glare with a sarcastic, crooked smirk, then quickly walked over to her closet, to find her sandals, just where they were supposed to be. “…Thanks…dad.” He smiled at her and then started to retreat back the way he came. “Hey dad…”

John turned back to his daughter, knowing full well what she was about to ask, “Yeah?”

She hesitated, “Uhmmm…it’s cool to bring Nicole back here, right?” She thought back to the middle of her sophomore year at Salem high. Nicole had run away from home for the umpteenth time causing John to finally put his foot down. Luckily, he caught Mrs. Walker at a sober moment, and basically told her that he was going to care for Nicole until she was 18 and graduated from high school. With no help from Nicole’s father, Mrs. Walker didn’t object and agreed to the demands that John had made. He had raised her as his own, and loved her as a daughter, and was heartbroken when she had just up and left town. Belle was pretty sure that he would welcome her back into his home, but out of respect for him, she decided to ask first.

John stepped back into his daughter’s room, and crossed his arms over his chest, “Izzy, you know that Nicole is always welcome here.” He had that gleam in his eye that he was up to something, “In fact, after she called, I had Gretchen prepare her old room for her, hoping she was home for good.” He hadn’t had the words out of his mouth for more then a millisecond when Belle lurched herself into his arms.

“Oh daddy, you’re the best!” She kissed him on the cheek and glanced at the clock, realizing that Nicole’s plane was probably landing right now. Her eyes grew wide, “Shit, daddy, I’ve gotta go…Nicole’s gonna kill me if I’m not there waiting for her when she gets off the plane!” She pulled back, looking around for her purse.

Finding it on the floor next to the bed, she grabbed it and darted out into the hallway, passing John as he was heading back to bed. “Bye daddy, I’ll be back in a little bit!” She glanced over her shoulder, smiling at her father as she started down the stairs. She heard him mumble something about being careful and then heard his door click. Reaching the garage, she wondered which car to take, not knowing what Nicole had with her; she opted for the Expedition, just in case she had a lot of luggage.

The airport was about 10 minutes past Basic Black; she made it in 13 minutes. Just as she pulled up in front of the Delta pickup, Nicole stepped through the automatic doors, carrying only her purse. Belle pulled over to the curb, slammed on the brakes, hopped out of the car, leaving the door wide open and ran around to meet her friend. Different volumes of squeals and giggles came from the two girls, as they reunited after years apart.

Isabella leaned back, leaving her arms on Nicole’s wrists. “I’m sooo glad to see you! God, I’ve missed you!” She looked all around, and behind her, for Nicole’s luggage, “Is this all you brought with you?” She pointed at her purse, with a surprised expression on her face.

Nicole rolled her eyes, “Silly girl, you know me better then that!” She turned around, snapping her fingers a few times rather quickly, then cupped her hands around her mouth, “Over here!” Belle leaned around Nicole to see two young men, dressed in Delta uniforms, struggling to pull a cart a piece, speed walking towards them. Between the two, Belle counted 3 overstuffed, large suitcases, 2 medium sized and 2 small. There was also a large trunk and 2 hanging garment bags.

She straightened back up, giving Nicole a Cheshire grin, with her head cocked to one side, “That’s a little more like it!” Both girls busted out with laughter as Belle went around to the back of the SUV, opening it up for the kind men to load all of Nicole’s things.

After a few minutes of being finished, one of the two young men cleared his throat, distracting the two blondes that were in deep conversation, sitting on the curb, “Ahem…Okay Miss Walker, it’s all loaded up. Is there anything else that we can do for you?"” Nicole stood and ensured that everything was packed to her satisfactory and then turned to face them.

She winked at Belle, then reached in her purse, “I’d love a cup of coffee…black…if it’s not a problem.” She looked at Belle, “Isabella? You care for a cup?” Seeing Belle nod excitedly, she handed the young man a twenty, “Whatever’s left over, you two can split!” She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks boys!”

The second boy pulled the first one away, still holding his cheek where Nicole had kissed it. “Thanks Miss Walker, we’ll be right back!” As they disappeared back into the terminal, Isabella gasped and then let all her laughter out in one breath.

“Holy shit, Nicole, that was sooo funny! They’re all of what 17…18? Did you see how he reacted when you kissed him on the cheek?” Nicole pulled Belle up from her seated position on the curb and just shrugged. “Some things never change huh Nikki?”

Nicole giggled at Belle’s use of her high school nickname. “Boys are made to be used, especially when you have this much luggage at 5 o’clock in the morning, and need a cup of coffee!” They both stepped up and into the vehicle and buckled their seatbelts. Wondering what was taking the boys so long, Nicole glanced in through the glass outer walls, and saw one of the boys, stepping away from the Starbucks counter, with two cups of coffee in his hands. “…Finally! You’d think he had to fly to New York City!”

The young man gave Nicole both cups and thanked her for her generosity. He turned to head back inside after she nodded and smiled. Belle rolled her eyes at her friend, and put the truck in gear, and headed for home. “So, what’s this I hear about you going out with a star Baseball player?” Nicole asked casually, sipping her coffee quietly.

Belle glanced at Nicole out the corner of her eye, and then down at her new necklace, dangling just above her breasts. “I’ll tell you just as soon as you tell me what brought you back to town!” She said it jokingly at first, but then noticed Nicole’s warm, smiling face, turn tense and anxiety-ridden. “Nicole…what is it?”

Chapter 8

Belle wasn’t sure if having her friend turn away from her or the Blue lights flashing in a disco fashion behind her was worse. She slowly pulled over to the side of the road, looking back and forth between the rear view mirror and over at Nicole, “…Well it looks like I just bought you a few more minutes… “ Belle rolled her eyes as she reached for her purse in between their seats. “God…I detest cops!”

Nicole gave Belle a sympathetic look, just as the officer approached the driver side door. Belle pressed the windows automatic down button and went back to searching for her Driver’s License, in her deep backpack purse. “….Isabella?” Belle jerked her head up at the sound of Abe Carver’s voice. “Honey, what are you doing out on the road at 5 in the morning?” Isabella smiled a sheepish smile, then glanced at her friend in the passenger seat. “Nicole!! I haven’t seen you in what…five years? It’s so good to see you!” Belle watched as Abe’s smile grew.

Nicole just nodded and grinned back at Abe, not wanting to really explain herself. Belle noticing that, quickly answered his before asked question, distracting him from her friend, “Well uhhmm, I received a phone call about 4:40 this morning, from Nicole, asking me to pick her up from the airport…we’re just on our way home now.” She gave Abe her best smile, hoping with him being such good friends with her father; he’d just let her go. She wondered why she was even pulled over to begin with. “Was I speeding? Or swerving? Or something?”

Abe looked down at the ground and slowly raised his gaze back up into Belle’s innocent blue eyes. “Well, the reason I pulled you over was because you crossed the middle line three times. Then, after seeing the BSCBLAK3 plates, I knew who the vehicle belonged to and knew that if I didn’t pull you over and make sure everything was okay, someone else would and I’m sure they wouldn’t be quite as lenient.” He gave her a wink, then a broad smile. “Now, you two haven’t been drinking, have you?”

Both girls broke out in a fit of giggles, and then Belle finally responded, “No, Abe…just coffee!” She lifted up her cup, to show him. After a little more small talk, Abe finally let them go, telling them to be very careful and to stay between the lines. Belle eagerly agreed and thanked him profusely.

About two miles down the road, Belle asked Nicole one more time why she rushed back to Salem so suddenly. “Alright Nicole, you got a little extra time, now spill it…” Her stare ahead turning very serious, hoping that her friend hadn’t gotten herself into a bunch of trouble.

While ringing her hands, praying Belle wouldn’t be upset at her, Nicole began to explain. “Well, while I was in Atlanta, I started dating this guy Andy. And to make a long story short, I got caught up in drugs, lost my apartment, lost my job, and had no where to go. I had to put all my stuff in storage, and move in with Andy and four of his buddies. Three days ago, I had finally had enough. While Andy was still asleep, I started packing the clothes that I had there and loaded them all up in my car. I finally made my way to a woman’s shelter, where I tried to figure out what to do. Last night I called…your dad.” Belle was so overcome with concern, that she completely overlooked the fact that her father hadn’t told her about this.

“I explained everything to him and he told me to ’Get my butt back here before he has to drag it back here himself’,” Belle gave her a half smile, hearing her father say that in her head, “He said that I’d have a one way plane ticket with my name on it waiting for me at the Delta counter within 30 minutes, and if I choose to take it, he’d give me a place to stay, would get my furniture and things in storage transported here…and…he’d get me “cleaned up”. Nicole used her fingers to make quoting marks in the air. “He also gave me conditions, he said that I had to continue to stay clean, and that I had to play ball again.” She looked at Belle for an explanation, “Do you know what he’s talking about?”

Isabella made the last turn to their house and then looked at her friend, more then happy to tell her all about the offer that her dad has presented to her, just days ago. “Dad has decided to sponsor a woman’s professional fast pitch softball team. He wants me, well us, to…play.” Belle shrugged her shoulders; “I guess it’s good publicity for Basic Black!” She reached for the button in the middle of the sun visors, which opened the black iron gate, that protected the Black’s property. “He even hired a guy from the MLB to coach us.” Isabella tried to keep her voice neutral, when referring to Shawn. However the smirk that formed on her lips couldn’t be helped.

Thankfully, the “coach” comment passed straight over Nicole’s head. Her eyes opened wide, “Are you serious?” Her smile grew, reaching up to each ear, wheels churning inside her beautiful head. She bit her bottom lip, “We’ve got to call Sami!”

Isabella’s hidden expression turned jubilant, she had completely forgotten about her half sister playing ball. Once her mother died, the only time she saw Sami was at softball games and practices. With Sami being a few years older, and two grades ahead of her, they were never in the same part of the school at the same time. However, once classes were out and softball practice started, she, Nicole and Sami were inseparable. Unfortunately, immediately after her graduation, Sami married her high school sweetheart, Lucas, and moved to California. Neither of them had seen her since. She wondered if her dad would know how to track her down.

“Holy shit, I completely forgot about Sami playing ball with us those few years. I bet my dad can find out from Roman, where she is living and get us a phone number!” Isabella parked the Expedition in front of the house, making it a little easier to get Nicole’s things out and inside. She grabbed her purse and coffee and climbed out the SUV, slamming the door shut. “Man it’ll be just like it was in high school, I can’t wait…” She stopped in mid stride, “…hold on a sec, what is he doing here?” She slowly continued around the vehicle, trying to figure out why Shawn would be here so early after just leaving her three or so hours ago.

Nicole noticed her hesitation, “What is who doing here?” She looked around spotting the Navy Blue Yukon parked in the half circle, and pointed at it, “Whose is that? I thought your dad only bought black vehicles?” Then finally it dawned on her. “Isabella…” Nicole’s tone was threatening, as she watched the blush creep over her best friend’s cheeks. “…whose Yukon is that? It wouldn’t happen to be the nice baseball…wait a minute…you’re dating the coach?” Nicole raised both eyebrows as she watched Belle try to squirm her way out of the interrogation she was giving her.

“…It just sort of happened, you know, sometimes you just…know.” She had hoped her friend had forgotten about the amazing date she had had last night. She wasn’t quite ready to share, with anyone, the immediate closeness she had found with Shawn, but knowing Nicole would never stop, went ahead, “Nicole, he’s the most polite, genuine, amazing, sweet…”

“But is he hot?” Nicole’s serious interruption jerked Belle from her vivid thoughts of the man she had so recently been out with, only hours before. The hot passionate kisses the two of them had shared, the meaningful looks the man had given her. “If he’s not hot then, I’m sorry, but he’s not good enough for you.” Nicole had a teasing smirk on her face, while shaking her head. She loved getting a rise out of her comrade.

“NICOLE…,” Belle swatted her on the arm. “He is hot! He has the warmest, yet the most stunning chocolate brown eyes I’ve ever seen. His arms are beyond cut and…my god…he has the sexiest ass ever known to man!” Nicole was biting her lower lip, listening to Belle describe their new coach, knowing she’d have a hard time keeping her eyes off him. “…And his voice. I cannot tell you enough, how smooth it is. It almost has an Irish twinge to it. My knees want to buckle just hearing him say my name!”

Nicole grinned at her friend, “Well if he’s everything you say he is, you better not get mad when you catch me staring and drooling at him!” The two girls broke out into a fit of giggles, as they wrapped their arms around each other and headed inside.

Just as they opened the front door, Nicole abruptly stopped, causing Belle to run smack into her back. Slowly coming down the stairs, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, was a man, dressed in only a pair of boxers, carrying a T-Shirt. His skin was perfectly bronzed and he had muscles in places she didn’t know existed. Her eyes locked on his and she heard Belle’s description replay in the back of her mind, … the warmest, yet the most stunning chocolate brown eyes…, ‘she wasn’t far off’. “Geez, Nicole, you could go…”

Moving around her, Belle saw exactly what caused Nicole to suddenly stop, and stared, just as Nicole was. She hadn’t seen him “dressed” quite like this before. She watched as his face grew into a smile upon seeing her, and he pulled the shirt over his head. Her mouth dropped open, and she turned her head tersely when she heard her friend call him by name, “Shawn…Brady?”

Chapter 9

“…You’re The Shawn Brady…from the Seattle Mariners!!” Nicole had a sassy expression on her face, as she turned to face Belle’s curious glare. “You didn’t tell me that you’re dad hired you’re childhood….” Belle smacked Nicole on the arm, shutting her up, before she could embarrass her anymore, neither girl noticing the slight smirk that rested on Shawn’s handsome face.

She smiled sweetly up at Shawn, just as he reached the ground floor. “Good morning Shawn,” She gazed at him with curious eyes, “I didn’t expect to see you…here…so early this morning…” She felt Nicole elbow her, as she was speaking to him. She jerked her head toward Nicole to see her raising both eyebrows and slightly shaking her head, waiting impatiently for an introduction.

To pacify her friend, she abided by her wishes, “Shawn, this is my very best friend Nicole. Nicole, this is Shawn, our new softball coach. Nicole will be playing 2nd base for Dad’s team.” Shawn stuck his hand out to shake Nicole’s. “She and I played softball together in high school, we went to the state championship our senior year!” She had a proud grin on her face that matched Nicole’s.

“Nicole, it’s great to meet you! If you are a good as what I understand Belle to be, we have the start of a star infield!” Shawn’s eyes danced back and forth between the two blondes then returned his sleepy brown pools back to Belle’s and took her hands in his, “…To answer your questioning looks as to why I am here; after I saw you up the stairs last night, I headed back out to my truck and was just climbing in, when your dad drove up beside me. He asked if I wanted to stay in one of the guestrooms tonight, since it was so late. Plus he said that one of your friends,” He glanced at Nicole and smiled, “would be here early this morning and that you two might need some help with luggage.” He gave her a genuine smile and reached for the doorknob.

Nicole smirked and then headed towards the SUV, giving the two a few moments alone. Shawn grabbed Belle’s hand just as she stepped out the door, following out behind her friend. “I’m really glad your dad suggested I stay here, I was hoping we’d get to have breakfast together.” He reached for her face, wrapping both hands gingerly along her jaw line, his thumbs brushing against her soft, bare lips. He pulled her to him, bringing his lips down to meet hers. Their bodies jolted as electricity surged throughout both their beings once again. “Good Morning baby…” He whispered, as pulled back and gazed into her darkened blue orbs.

Belle’s heart rate had increased so much that it felt that it was about to leap out her throat, she blushed as she leaned her forehead against his, licking her lips, “Good morning Shawn.” She delicately kissed him on the nose and started out the door, pulling him along with her, “Come on, we’ve got plenty of time for that, Nicole needs our help.” She winked at him over her shoulder as they ran down the steps to meet her friend.

Between the three of them, they had all of Nicole’s stuff unloaded and upstairs to her room within three trips. Of course Shawn carried most of it, but the girls did manage to get the trunk up on their own. During Shawn’s last trip, Belle pulled the Expedition around and parked it in the garage, then joined her friends in the kitchen to plan out the rest of their day.

Shawn sat on the cushioned stool, at the bar, his head going back and forth like he was watching a tennis match. Belle and Nicole were striving to make plans for their first day back together, and neither of them could come up with something they both agreed upon. He looked over Belle’s shoulder to read the microwave clock, 6:15 AM, then back at the two over exerted girls. Not wanting to interrupt them, he stood up and reached for a white napkin, attempting at calling a truce, hoping they’d be quiet.

Both girls abruptly stopped talking, and stared at the ballsy man before them. Not sure what he was thinking, interrupting two females that haven’t had much sleep, he slowly began speaking. “I have an idea…” He looked into Belle’s eyes to ensure that he wasn’t going to get walloped, “It’s 6:15, now 16 in the morning, and neither of you have had much sleep. Why don’t we all go back to bed, and then around noon, we can get up and I’ll call my parents to see if we can use their boat? They always talk about how beautiful Smith Island is during the summer, I’d really like to check it out.”

Both girls stared at Shawn, then glanced at each other and shrugged. Shawn blew out the breath that he had been holding and smiled back at both of them. Nicole stifled a yawn, just as Belle covered her mouth to hide hers. They both nodded and started upstairs, Belle lagging just a little, waiting for Shawn.

They stopped at Belle’s bedroom doorway, and stared into each other’s eyes, Shawn not quite sure how to read them yet. They heard Nicole’s door click shut and a mischievous grin overtook Belle’s face. She grabbed Shawn’s arms and pulled him into her room, closing the door behind her and locking it. “I’ll be right back…don’t leave okay?” She grabbed a pair of shorts and stepped in the bathroom, to change out of her jeans.

Shawn nodded, and watched as the blonde goddess disappeared into her private bathroom. He looked around her room and noticed all the piles of clothes that encompassed her entire floor. Then as he looked a little bit closer, he noticed how everything else around the room seemed to be in its place. ’Women and their clothes…’. A partial grin was growing on his face, when his thoughts were broken. The door opened back up and Belle emerged, wearing a tiny pair of cheer shorts and a baby T, exposing her bare midriff.

She caught his gaze, as she crossed the room to her bed. “Sorry about all the clothes, I’m usually a really neat person.” She started to laugh a little as she climbed up the steps to her four poster bed. “…well? Are you going to join me?” She was hoping to catch him off guard a little, and it appeared that she was succeeding.

Shawn looked around and then cocked his head to the side, “Are you sure your dad won’t be upset? I mean, I know we’re both adults, but it is his house.” He started towards her and up the three stair climb to the top of Belle’s bed as he watched her nod convincingly, while luring him in with one finger. Placing one knee up first, he crawled towards the middle of the king size mattress, where Belle lay, curled up under the blankets.

Belle’s eyes were already closed when Shawn finally slid down between the sheets. He had taken the time to pull his shirt off, before getting comfortable in the bed beside his new found love. Tucking a pillow between his legs, and another squeezed between his arm and under his head, he gazed over at the beautiful vixen lying next to him.

Her soft, silken hair lay perfectly around her shoulders, and her smooth creamy skin was just tempting him to taste it. He glanced down at her porcelain face, checking to see if her eyes were still closed and cautiously reached out, to touch her. He jerked his hand back as she took a deep breath, and then heard her quiet voice, “I promise I won’t bite…unless you want me to.” Her eyes slowly fluttered open to see his stunned expression turn dark as she reached for his hand, sticking one finger in her mouth.

She sucked on his long organ of touch, swirling her tongue all around it, giving him a little taste of what she could, and would do at some time in their near future. She slowly released it, pulling it out hesitantly, letting her lips close at its exit. She dropped her eyes to his hard, smooth, muscle covered tanned chest and let her manicured fingernails run across it.

Shawn couldn’t take it anymore, he reached for Belle’s body and pulled her on top of him. One of her legs slipped in between his and her torso rested on top of him. Their lips met in a cataclysmic collision, creating an invisible bubble around the two. No one in this world could have disturbed them right now. The passion and lust between them was more then any human being could comprehend.

Belle pulled back and rolled off to one side of Shawn’s firm body. She rested her head in the crook of his neck, kissing his shoulder as she let her body calm down. Shawn leaned over and let his lips rest on her forehead for a few seconds and then again, while brushing his fingertips down her arm, creating goose bumps to arise on her skin.

Belle was starting to fall asleep, comforted in the arms of Shawn. “…Isabella, I know I told you something similar to this last night, but I want you to know that I really like you a lot and I believe in my heart that you’re the only one for me.” He heard her sigh and mumble an ’uh huh’, “But, I…there’s something I have to know…” He looked down at her, searching for her baby blue orbs. “Was I really your childhood hero?” A small smirk was growing into a larger one.

Belle sat straight up, her face red as a beet. Her mouth was hanging open, and she wondered how she was going to face him now. He pulled her back down and cradled her in his arms, turning her chin to face him. “Hey,” He giggled at her, “Hey…it’s okay. I’m really flattered, and even more impressed that you have now stolen my heart!” Her frown turned into a smile as they fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

Chapters 10 - 18

Chapter 10

Monday morning came extremely too soon for Isabella Black. After an eventful, wet and wild weekend, filled with sun, fun, a new boyfriend and her long lost best friend, a day in a stuffy office was not what she desired in the least. She looked down and across the large, shiny oak table, at all the members of the Softball committee, praying that this meeting would not be quite as boring as the board meeting, this past Friday.

Her father cleared his throat, claiming everyone’s attention. “Good Morning everyone!” He smiled and made eye contact with everyone present. “Today, I’d like to go over a few things regarding the Woman’s softball team that we are sponsoring.” He turned on the projector, flashing an outline of what was to be accomplished for the day. Belle, reading over the list, rolled her eyes as her father continued, “First of all, I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on how many players we want to be on the team, starters, backup, pitchers…every aspect of the team depends on…”

Belle was already lost in the presentation her father was spilling out. She wasn’t an “office, decision making” person. She was a player. She was the type that got the job done, not made decision of how, when, where, or what color. She glanced to her right side and saw how intent Nicole’s gaze was on her father, then up to the front of the room, to the handsome young man that she’d spent the majority of her weekend with, who was also consumed with her father’s words.

Glancing out the window, she noticed how beautiful the day was turning out to be, almost as beautiful as Saturday…


“Belle…” KNOCK, KNOCK, “Isabella…ISABELLA…” KNOCK, KNOCK…. BAM…Belle sat straight up in her bed at the sound of the banging on her bedroom door. Coming to her senses, she looked around, noticing Shawn sprawled out beside her, then at the clock that read 1:58 PM “Come on Belle…WAKE UP!!!” She slowly crawled out of her bed, hoping to not disturb the perfect creature that had slept so soundly next to her, and crossed the room to unlock the door.

“WHAT?” she said in a very irritated, yet hushed voice. Standing before her, already dressed in her bikini, which was barely covered by extremely short, cutoff shorts, and a skimpy white tank top, was Nicole. She had on a pair of Oakley sunglasses that covered her equally irritated eyes.

A smirk crossed her lips as she leaned her head to the right of Belle’s, and saw Shawn, lying on Belle’s bed, appearing to be naked, with the sheet strategically placed over his waist, one leg sticking out and curled over the top. She lowered her sunglasses to the end of her nose, and looked back at Belle, over the edge of them, “Had a little fun last night, did we?”

Belle pushed Nicole out into the hall, and quietly closed the door behind her, grinning from ear to ear. “Well I didn’t
sleep with him, sleep with him, but he did keep me very…very warm last night,” she explained, as a slight blush crept upon her cheeks. She looked Nicole up and down, “I guess you’re ready to go, huh?”

Nicole raised both eyebrows and nodded quickly, “uh…yeah! So if you and Prince Charming in there could get ready, we could all go…

“…which leads me to uniforms.” He directed his attention to Belle, “Isabella, I had you try on one of our new lines the other day, what did you think about it?” Belle looked around the room and realized that her father really did intend for her to speak. She glanced at Shawn, and saw his reassuring smile, then at Nicole, as she felt Nicole’s foot knock hers under the table.

“Uhm…they were fine.” She threw a quick glare at Nicole, then directed her attention back to her father, “I liked the material. It was soft and seemed like it would breathe well in the heat. I know that when we play, the most annoying thing is if the uniform isn’t comfortable and sticks to us.” She looked around the room and then back towards her father, and smiled graciously at him. “I liked the design as well, the sleeveless jerseys are definitely better then the ¾ length sleeves. The extra material around the upper arm causes some people’s throw to be off a little. As far as the shorts, I’m not all that picky about the length, but I do like to slide so I assume we’ll have sliding shorts underneath, so they’ll at least need to be long enough to cover or match those.”

John jotted something down on his notepad and then nodded, “Thanks Izzy!” He turned slightly towards Nicole and asked for her input as well. She briefly rattled out just about the same thing that Belle did, however she didn’t have the example to refer to. Clothing definitely makes a difference when you are playing, she hoped her father took to heart, hers and Nicole’s thoughts on the matter.

Belle looked down at her watch, noticing that it was already 10:30. She was extremely bored with the discussion about what to look for in a good player and when to have practices. She really would like to be back out on the boat. Sailing towards Smith Island…

…Nicole crawled out to the front of the boat, as Shawn untied the ropes, holding it to the pier. Belle was sitting in one of the soft, weather treated benches, in the back of the boat, waiting patiently for the right time to ask Shawn if she could “drive”.

Once they were away from the docks, and Nicole was situated, securely at the front, Belle made her move. “Uh, Shawn,” She moved up towards him, touching his forearm lightly with her fingertips, “Would you teach me how to sail?” She bit her bottom lip and batted her eyelids at him, looking up and into his happy, dark brown orbs.

He gave her a gallant smirk, and chuckled at her, “Sure baby,” he moved his left arm and motioned for her to move in front of the big silver wheel. He positioned her directly in front of him, and felt a bit dizzy at the light, citrus smell from her hair and perfume. He closed his eyes briefly, taking in the scentl of her, then opened them back up, settling his arms underneath hers on the wheel, locking her in his own little trap.

Isabella felt her heart rate rise as Shawn’s hands graised her waist. Chills shot up her spine as he reached for the wheel, pressing his body against hers. She felt his heart beating as she leaned back into his hard, muscular chest. “Am…I…doing this…right?” She was barely able to speak, let alone control a boat.

Shawn was so entranced with the feeling of Belle’s buttocks pressed against his family jewels, that he almost missed hearing her tiny voice ask how she was doing. “Baby…you couldn’t do it any better…” He realized she was talking about the boat, and quickly rephrased it, “I mean…yeah…you’re doing great!” He checked the speed and the distance to the shoreline and slowed the boat down a little, “this is the lever that controls the speed, it’s kinda backwards, but when you pull down, it’ll speed up, and if you push it up, it’ll slow down.” He hoped she hadn’t noticed how nervous he was.

She looked at the flat lever that Shawn had just lifted, then followed his hand with hers, as it reached around her stomach. She laced her fingers with his and lay her head back against his shoulder, the wind whipping against their faces. “This is so nice Shawn…I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day…

…”Isabella…” She jerked from her thoughts when she felt a hand on her arm. She looked dreamily over her shoulder, her eyes focusing on Shawn’s, and then, from the sounds in the room, noticed that everyone was getting up and starting to leave the room. “I’m headed out to get some lunch, would you like to join me?”

She gave him a startled smile, and then scanned the room for Nicole, who had disappeared, from her side. “Uhm…sure,” she wondered if Nicole would want to go with them too, “…do you think Nicole…”

Shawn interrupted her, holding out his arm for her take, “Your father said he was taking Nicole to lunch, that he had some things to go over with her. He asked that I take you with me.” His smile was genuine and Belle didn’t hesitate to take his arm. She made eye contact with her father and Nicole, with both of them smiling back at her.

“Do you think they’re going to figure it out?” John glanced at Nicole, hoping for a positive answer, as he watched his daughter and Shawn Brady walk out of the conference room, arm in arm.

Nicole grinned mischievously, “I don’t know John, but I don’t think it will matter…” She turned to face her honorary father, “let’s go eat, I’m starved!”

Chapter 11

Belle took Shawn’s hand as she hopped down from his jacked up Yukon. “Thank you, Shawn…” Their eyes met and locked for what seemed like forever, but in all actuality, was only a few seconds. “…We, uhmmm, better go inside. We have to be back by 1:00 to finish up with this ever so fascinating meeting!” Belle rolled her eyes and giggled as they made their way towards the restaurant.

Shawn grabbed the silver door handle and pulled the door open, holding it for Belle to go through, then followed behind her, letting it close on it’s own behind him. Catching up with her, he slid his arm casually around her waist, claiming her as his own, for the entire restaurant to see. Looking around the dining room, he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Do you want a booth or a table?”

Giggling, from the soft, warm breath that brushed her ear, she turned and pointed to the back of the restaurant, “I’d really like to sit back there.” Shawn followed her finger and saw a dark corner booth, with hardly any people around it. Quickly, as to not loose the table to someone else, they stepped up to the hostess stand.

“Just the two of you?” They both nodded to the fiery redhead, “Smoking or non-Smoking?” Shawn told her it didn’t matter, that they wanted the both in far right corner. “I’m sorry sir, but that section is closed off during lunch. If there is another table in another area available, I’d be more then happy to seat you there.” She smiled an “eat shit” grin at the couple.

Shawn saw the disappointment in Belle’s eyes; hastily he looked around the room for another similar table and found nothing. He turned back to the inept lady, “Do you have any idea who she is?” He pointed at Belle, “or for that matter, who I am?” The lady stared at them with a sarcastic smirk on her face, as if she could care less who they were.

“I’m sorry sir, but it’s company policy, it doesn’t matter who…”

A man abruptly came up behind her, clearing his throat roughly, interrupting her in mid sentence, a genuine smile spreading upon his face as his eyes connected with Belle’s, “Ahhh Miss Black, so glad you came to join us today!” He reached for her arm, sidestepping the rude hostess, “Pick any table you wish…” He turned his attention to the man accompanying her, “…and who is this my love?”

Belle flashed a bona fide smile, and extended her hand to Shawn, which he quickly grabbed hold of, “Patrick, this is my wonderful friend Shawn Brady. Shawn, this is Patrick, he owns the restaurant. He takes wonderful care of my father and I, whenever we come to eat here!” She glanced at the hostess, who had since shunned away, and disappeared into the back.

Patrick quickly turned to Belle, “Not The Shawn Brady…from the Seattle Mariners?” Belle nodded arrogantly, as Shawn started to smirk at all the attention he was getting. Patrick started clapping his hands, demanding everyone’s attention. “May I please have everyone’s attention! Today is like no other day at Dandridge’s! In my restaurant, Shawn Brady, from the Seattle Mariners, has decided to eat! We will celebrate today, Champagne for everyone!” Cheers were heard all around the restaurant.

He turned back to the couple and smiled, then looked all over for the snotty hostess. “Now where did that girl run off to now? I’m afraid Cassie’s just not working out…I swear, you just can’t find good help anymore.” Frustrated he started towards the back, to meet up with her halfway, “Cassie, please seat Miss Black and Mr. Brady anywhere they choose…”

“But…” Cassie was determined not to look like a fool.

“No buts, sit them whereever they choose, or don’t bother coming back tomorrow.” He curtly turned on his heel and headed towards the large cooler, filled with champagne. Cassie rolled her eyes, grabbed two menus and gave Belle and Shawn a sickeningly sweet, obviously simulated smile.

“Please…follow me,” she was gritting her teeth as she hissed the words from her lips. Belle looked up at Shawn as he was watching the insolent female walk ahead of them, intentionally sashaying her hips, in attempt to piss Belle off. He cringed at the site of her, without noticing Belle’s worried expression, causing Belle to immediately relax.

He looked down at her, and smiled, “Well, are you ready to eat?” He looked at his watch, “I don’t think we really have much time now, but…” He chuckled as he thought back to all that had just happened, “I’m sure your buddy Patrick, can pull a few strings!”

Belle laughed whole-heartedly as she and Shawn slid into the originally requested booth. Cassie tossed the menus at them and stomped away, but not before hastily grabbing two of the wineglasses and two napkin rolled sets of silverware. She tossed a death stare over her right shoulder as she disappeared around the corner into the back.

Other then the disorderly hostess, dinner went remarkably well. Patrick waited on them himself and was able to get their meals to them in record time, also keeping their water and champagne glasses full. He was so good, they had to be careful not to drink too fast, or they would have ended up drunk. Then, after a warm goodbye and an open invitation to a free meal, courtesy of Cassie Dimera, they made their way back to Basic Black for the afternoon portion of her father’s meeting.

“So…how was lunch? Did Mr. Brady taste good?” Nicole’s smirk gave Belle a wicked thought. Deciding to let Nicole “wonder” how their lunch went, she gave her a cool, blank expression and shrugged her shoulders. “Oh, is that how you’re gonna play it? Okay…well we’ll see just how long it takes you to spill it!” Knowing Belle would tell her about their lunch later, she let it be. The two girls quietly laughed together as they sat down, waiting for the rest of the committee to join them.

30 minutes into John’s spiel about umpires and calls; Belle’s mind began to drift again, back to Saturday afternoon…

…From the water, Belle looked over Shawn’s shoulder, to see Nicole on her stomach with her top untied, apparently asleep. Shawn turned around in the water, allowing him to see what she was looking at. With a smirk, he turned back around, and Belle felt his hands creeping up her back. “You know, I think Nicole has the right idea…” his eyes pleading for her permission.

Understanding what he wanted, yet wanting to play a little hard to get, she pushed back from him, giggling. She attempted to backstroke a significant ways away, but was caught rather quickly by two strong hands. Instantly, Shawn forced his lips down on hers, his hands were drawn to her back and neck. His tongue brushed against the slit between her lips, demanding entrance. Their tongues met in a passionate tango, causing sparks to fly around them. Belle wrapped both hands around his neck, pulling her body closer to him.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, putting her femininity directly above his growing rod. She felt the length of him as he hardened from the fiery kisses the two of them were sharing. Knowing what his hands were about to do, she slowly opened her eyes and pulled back, just a little, and peered deep into the soul of her new found lover. Nodding his approval to continue, their lips met once again in a hot embrace.

His hands danced up her back, to the tie around her neck. Pulling one string slowly, the top loosened and started to fall down. He leaned back to gaze at her perfectly round, smooth, tanned breasts. He swallowed hard and gazed back up into her baby blues…

…Belle was fingering her necklace, obviously in deep thought, when she was jerked back to reality. She felt Nicole kick her once again, and she noticed that entire room was staring at her. Her face was flushed and she realized that she was damp between her legs. “I’m sorry,” She looked apologetically at her father, “Wh…what was that, again?”

John, realizing that his daughter had a hard time sitting still and paying attention, cut her a little slack, “Izzy, we were just talking about the team colors, and I wanted your input. Obviously we want black,” He smiled around the room, “but I think it would be good if we had another color. What do you think?” He leaned forward on both hands, patiently waiting her answer.

Belle thought for a moment and then remembered something that Shawn had said to her Saturday night. ’…Isabella, I can’t tell you enough how ravishing you look in blue, it makes your eyes so much brighter, as if they’re dancing…’ “Blue,” her eyes met Shawn’s, and he slightly nodded with a half hidden smirk. She turned back to her father and exclaimed, “Definitely blue, dad!”

She watched as her father jotted down a few more things in his tablet and then changed the discussion to whether or not, Basic Black would be paying for cleats, and what brand was the best. He directed his first question to Shawn. Belle stifled a yawn and noticed Nicole staring at her, from the corner of her eye. “What?” she demanded in a hushed tone.

Nicole just giggled silently and whispered back as she turned back to face John, “You’ve got it bad…” She continued to giggle as Belle sat back in a huff, wishing this day would hurry up and end.

Chapter 12

That night, Nicole and Belle joined John for dinner at home, each pleased with the outcome of today’s meeting. The tryouts for the team were to start on Wednesday morning and would go through Friday, each day Shawn eliminating candidates that were not within the range of his expectations for the team.

The jerseys were going to be a royal blue, with black lettering for the number, name and team name. The shorts were to be black, with blue strips down the sides and the player’s number in blue, on the front right leg. Basic Black would be covering the charges for uniforms, sliding shorts and cleats and would also be supplying bats, balls and helmets. It would be the players responsible for their glove and if they wanted batting gloves.

The only thing left to decide upon was the team name. John thought it best that they wait until the team was formed and then as a group effort, come up with a suitable name. Whatever the case, they had definitely decided on using Basic Black instead of Salem in the name. Making it the Basic Black somethings . Belle glanced at Nicole, as they both chuckled inwardly, listening to her father’s enthusiastic summary of today’s events.

“So are you girls excited?” He took another bite of his steak and began chewing, trying to keep his mouth closed in lieu of the huge smile that had grown on his face. With a fork in one hand and a knife in the other, he began cutting another piece of the Medium Rare Filet Mignon to devour.

Both girls swallowed, as to not speak with their mouths full, while nodding excitedly. “Just think, this time next month, you two will be traveling with 18 other girls, playing and winning games all over the U.S.” He took a sip of wine, and appeared to drift off into deep thought. “…I’m thinking about getting you guys a jet…”

Belle and Nicole turned to face each other and squealed with excitement as Shawn entered the dining room. “What’s all the screaming about?” he said with a smirk, assuming John mentioned the private jet for the team. He glanced at Belle and winked at her, then crossed the room and pulled out a chair next to her.

Belle turned to face him, “You already knew…and you didn’t tell me?” She crossed her arms and stuck out her bottom lip, pouting, as if she was hurt; then just as quick turned back to her father. “I can’t believe you’re getting us a jet! What colors are you going to make it? Same as our team? What about the interior?” She looked at Shawn and then Nicole, then back at her father.

They were all laughing at Belle’s antics, when the cook came in with Shawn’s plate. “Medium, right?” Shawn made eye contact with the Black’s head chef and nodded aggressively. “Good, it should be just the way you like it, with a side of steamed vegetables, smashed potatoes and a yeast role.” She looked over the table, at the other’s plates and checked their drink glasses, filling them back up. “Does anyone need anything else?” Everyone smiled and shook their heads no.

As the cook was leaving the dining hall, John glanced at Shawn, “How did you sleep last night?” Not waiting for an answer he followed up with, “I just recently bought that mattress and have been wondering how it sleeps. I’m thinking about replacing all our mattresses with the pillow top.” John took a bite, waiting for Shawn’s answer, then asked, “Have you gotten everything moved in the guest house?”

Saturday night, after they got back from the lake, John handed Shawn a key to the guesthouse, located on the other side of the pool. He basically told him that he was to live there, free of charge, until he figured out what he was going to do for housing. Staying in a motel, even as nice as they could be, was okay for a few days, but not for weeks at a time. Shawn graciously accepted John’s offer and moved all of his belongings over during the day on Sunday and Belle couldn’t be happier.

Swallowing, and chuckling, Shawn tried to catch up with all the questions that John was firing out. “Well, John, to tell you the truth, I’ve never slept better in my life. I’ve got one similar to it back in Washington myself, so I felt even more at home.” He took a drink of water, “and yeah, I’ve got all my stuff moved over from the motel.” He glanced at Belle and Nicole, thanking them silently for their help.

All of sudden, Nicole gasped, “Oh my gosh, John, we completely forgot to ask you about something.” She glanced at Belle, who had started to get excited too, realizing what was about to be said, “We need to get in touch with Sami! We know that right after high school she married Lucas Roberts, and moved to Calif…”

She stopped talking as John’s raised his hand, halting her from saying anything else. He swallowed the last bite of his dinner and a sly smile crossed his face. “I’ve already taken care of it. I ran across Roman last week and he mentioned that they were headed back this way. Lucas was laid off from his job, and was in search of work,” He shrugged his shoulders, “Seeing as how I needed a new Sales Rep, it all worked out.” He threw his napkin on his plate, “Needless to say, they’ll be here by the end of the week.” Nicole and Belle were all smiles as they finished their dinner.

As everyone was getting up from the table, Belle excused herself, telling Shawn she’d see him a little later. She hadn’t had a lot of time to herself since Nicole had come home and had met Shawn a few days ago, and didn’t expect to have much more when Sami finally made it back to Salem. She really just wanted a few hours alone, to relax in a warm bubble bath, pampering herself for a few hours.

Upon reaching her room, she was stunned to see a dozen Blue roses sitting on her dresser. Closing her bedroom door behind her, she scurried over to them, and promptly removed the card that was enclosed:
My Dearest Isabella,
Thank you so much for the wonderful
time this weekend. Our time spent
together was amazing. I hope you
enjoy these, they reminded me of your
big, beautiful blue orbs…
All yours,
Belle bit her lower lip as she read Shawn’s sweet words. ’A girl couldn’t be luckier’, she thought as she placed the card back in the plastic clip, then headed to the bathroom to start the bath water. She turned to face the mirror, and pulled her hair up into a high ponytail, catching the ends as she pulled it through the last time, creating somewhat of a bun.

She quickly undressed and stepped into the bathtub, immediately feeling the silky sensations from the bath salts and bubble bath that she had emptied into the water. She submerged her entire body under the surface, leaving her head above, resting it back on the air pillow attached to the side. She closed her eyes and thought back to when Nicole kicked her under the table earlier that day…

…Shawn peered down at Belle’s bare breasts, stunned at the elegance of them. When his darkened brown soul outlets met with her blue ones, a whirlwind of emotions crashed down on her chest, causing the rapid rising to cease. She couldn’t breath. The man before her had actually made her heart stop for a few seconds, she was sure of it.

Before she had a chance to speak, his lips collided with hers with such emotion and so much more passion then before. Her breasts crushed against his firm chest, and felt as if they were molding together as Shawn pulled her to him. She felt his hands slide down her back, to her ass, then onto her legs, wrapping them back around his waist, again she felt the length of him, growing as the kisses deepened.

After a few minutes, that could have gone on forever, he pulled back giving her a few soft, quick kisses. His eyes not leaving hers, he reached for her top, pulling the strings back up and around her neck, tying it securely in place…

Belle grabbed her bath gel and her loofa sponge, and began scrubbing her legs. She started to giggle as she thought of Nicole, lying on the beach, pretending she wasn’t watching. “I’ve got to find someone for her…or I’ll never get any peace,” Belle rolled her eyes as she worked her way up her entire body, and reached for her razor, then proceeded to shave her legs and bikini line, careful not to cut or nick her skin. She smiled as she recalled when they made their way home Saturday night and the sweet words that Shawn had spoke to her…

…Belle and Shawn followed slowly behind Nicole as they made their way to the house. He had reached for her hand, to help her down from the Yukon and had yet to let go. They watched Nicole step inside as they came to the bottom of the steps. Shawn turned and faced her, “Isabella, I had a wonderful time with you today…” His eyes sparkled as he spoke, “…I uhmmm…I know this is really soon, but I’d really…I’d really like to…to see only you. I mean…you know, date exclusively…” He looked down, preparing for the worst.

Belle reached up to his face, with her soft, delicate fingers, “Hey,” She forced him to look at her. With a huge grin on her face, she relieved his worst fears, “…there’s nothing that would make me happier!” They sealed their decision with a fervent kiss, and went on inside…

Belle sighed as she felt the water getting cooler. She knew she needed to be getting out and joining everyone back downstairs for nightcaps. She pulled the drain, and stood to reach for her towel, quickly drying off, then wrapped it around her warm, damp body.

As she stepped out of the bathroom, she heard her phone ringing. She crossed the room quickly as the answering machine picked up. ”This is Isabella, sorry you missed me! Leave me a message and I might call you back! Bye!” BEEEEEP Hoping it might be Sami, she grabbed the receiver and quickly spoke into it, “Hello…Hellllooo?”

“…Hello Belle…You didn’t think daddy could hide forever, did you?” Belle felt chills run up her spine, as she heard the creepy voice come across the earpiece.

Chapter 13-Rated R for Language

Knowing full well who was on the other end of the line, Belle decided to play dumb, “Hide me forever? Who the fuck is this and how did you get this number?” She glanced at the caller ID and read Unknown Name/Number. Belle covered the receiver, and pressed the intercom button for downstairs. “Daddy, I need you…NOW!” She tried to keep her voice very poised and calm, but knowing her father, she knew he’d know something was amiss. She prayed that her father made it upstairs quickly, without asking questions first.

John jerked his head to towards the speaker on the wall. His daughter’s voice was very stable and firm, but he sensed that something was very wrong. The trepidation that induced her voice to crack instantly blocked any and everything else from John’s mind. He immediately ran up the stairs and down the long hallway to his daughter’s room, flinging the door open in a panic.

His daughter’s back was to him and she appeared to just be talking on the phone. He was sure he heard a touch of fear in her voice just moments ago and was extremely confused until she turned around and he saw the anger and dismay behind her angelic blue eyes.

“Belle…Belle…Belle…You know damn well who this is! Surely in three years, you couldn’t have forgotten little ol’ me.” John’s eyes widened at the slurred voice coming from his daughter’s answering machine. “What…are you afraid to talk now? Perfect little Belle can’t find anything to say?” John mouthed to Belle to keep him on the phone, and not to let him hang up. He reached for his cell, attached to his belt, and dialed an all too familiar number, then stepped outside Belle’s room.

“Yeah…its John. We’ve got a situation…How fast can you get a tap on one of my lines…Isabella’s…about 45 seconds now…great…he sounds drunk so that shouldn’t be too hard…That’s a fact…oh and get her number changed…thanks.” John closed his phone and stepped back into his daughter’s room to ensure the connection wasn’t broken.

As John reentered Belle’s room, he found that she was no longer there. Noticing that the bathroom door was closed, he assumed she was changing. He wasn’t worried, especially since he could still hear their conversation on the answering machine. He was very thankful that it had picked up before she answered it, having the bastard on tape would be a lot easier to get him taken in. He was breaking the restraining order that was put on him last year, and now John had the proof he finally needed to repay him for what he did to his daughter. He glanced down at the small off white box, as he heard Isabella’s cool voice come across the speaker, “No, no, I’ve got plenty to say…I just…I still don’t know who you are?”

Belle emerged from her bathroom moments later, dressed in a pair of white cotton cheer shorts and a Basic Black T-shirt, and glanced at her father, who had sat down in one of the chairs by the bay window. Their eyes met, and John saw the anguish that filled her hazy blue orbs. He knew that she was miserable, having to deal with this son of a bitch again, the one in the same that disrupted his daughter’s life three years ago and continued to torment her with letters, packages, and "memorabilia" from their previous relationship, throughout the following years.

“You lying bitch, you spend months and months with me…<hiccup>…then one day you’re gone…” They heard a pathetic attempt at a snap of the fingers, “…just like that…<hiccup>“ Belle knew that she’d have to acknowledge him, if she wanted to keep him on the phone. She gazed at her father for strength and noticed him looking past her, towards her doorway.

She turned, and saw Shawn and Nicole standing under the arch to her room. Their arms were crossed, with sympathetic yet confused expressions plastered on their faces. “HHEELLLLOOOOOO?” Belle gave an exasperated sigh as the irritating voice screamed through the speaker of the phone and answering machine. She turned back towards her bed, and crawled up on top of it. She glanced at her two friends and motioned for them to come inside.

Rolling her eyes, she answered the impatient man on the other end of the phone. “Look, I don’t understand why you are calling me now, three years later from when I ‘supposedly’ knew you. Obviously, if I had wanted to talk to you, I would have called…” Shawn joined her on the bed, not totally understanding what was going on, but wanting to help comfort her as much as possible. Nicole patted her leg, showing her support as best she could, then sat in the opposite chair of John, hoping to understand what was going on.

“Awwww, Belly, you know that you never stopped wanting me…” They heard a loud thunk, not entirely sure what it was and then, “I…I’m okay…I’m okay…just fell off this stupid bed…” Belle had to stifle a laugh. As annoying as this was, idiots could always lighten up any situation. She glanced at Shawn with a raised eyebrow, just as John’s cell phone started vibrating.

“John Black…uh huh…okay…how much longer? Okay, well keep me informed, I want to know as soon as he is apprehended…we’ll discuss the formalities when he’s in custody…alright thanks buddy…I’ll tell her.” John closed his phone and glanced at his daughter, hating what she was having to go through, “Izzy, he’s in a hotel, this side of Roanoke. It won’t be much longer, just keep him occupied for a few more minutes. They’re right outside his room.” Belle nodded and felt Shawn grab hold of her hand.

She knew what she had to say to him, what she needed to say to him. It was something she never got the opportunity to tell him before; “Look…you need to get grip…it’s over between us. I’ve gotten my life straightened out, and you need to too. I’m sorry for the way that I left, but I’m not sorry that I did. Getting away from you was the best thing that has ever happened to me...You ruined my dreams, my scholarship, my friendships and m…m…my family…” She stopped her spiel when she felt Shawn’s grip tighten around her hand in attempts to calm her down.

“…Belle…I’m soorr…” Belle heard him drop the phone and then multiple angry, demanding voices in the background, commanding that he lie down, with his hands where they could see them. Immediately, Belle broke down in tears. The strain of being strong had finally gotten to her. It was finally over; she was finally free from the guy that had started her downward spiral so many years ago. Unfortunately, now everyone knew about it.

As that realization hit her, she wondered how Shawn could ever want her now, and what would Nicole think? Her mind was racing as her eyes locked on her father’s, pleading with them silently to be left alone. Sensing her embarrassment, he ushered Shawn and Nicole from the room, then wrapped his arms around his baby girl. “Shhhh, baby it’s okay. It’s all over, honey. As long as I’m alive he won’t be bothering you ever again.” He felt his phone ringing again, and he looked down into his daughter’s baby blues, as he answered it.

“John Black…That’s what I like to hear…You’re kidding…Okay, well we’ll work this out later on tonight…Uh huh…Yeah I’ve got him on tape…I’ll be there first thing in the morning…Thanks again!” He closed his phone and clipped it back in the holster. He walked Belle over to her bed and told her that was going to take care a few things downstairs. As she crawled into a fetal position, he covered her with the afghan from the foot of her bed, and kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll be back in just a little while.” She nodded and hugged a pillow to her chest, dissolving into a puddle of tears, as her father shut her door.

As John reached the main floor, he found Nicole and Shawn in the entertainment room, patiently waiting for any kind of explanation. John walked around both of them to his cigar box and pulled one out, taking his time to think about how to explain the previous, unexpected circumstances. Finally, after cutting off the end and lighting it up, he slowly began his elucidation, “Belle dated a guy named Philip Kiriakis her freshman year at Northwestern.” He turned and glanced at Nicole, “He was heavily involved in drugs and Belle ended up shacking up with him, completely dropping out of school, losing her scholarship, and terminating each and every tie with her family.” He looked at Shawn hoping that he was an understanding man.

Seeing his concern growing, he continued, “To make a long story short, Vivian, my aunt, whom Belle had previously been living with, finally called me and I came, tracked Belle down, and brought her home.” He sighed, “Approximately, three months after I got her here, letters, flowers, pictures…you name it, it started arriving, and the dumbass signed his name to them.” John was shaking his head, as was Shawn. “Belle had sense cleaned herself up and wanted nothing to do with him. So I proceeded to put a restraining order on him. I thought we were clear of him…until today.”

John grew silent, allowing Nicole and Shawn to absorb what he had just shared with them. He was about to tell them more, regarding Philip’s arrest, when Belle appeared in the doorway, still wrapped in her blanket. “I’ve been thinking, and I’ve made a decision...”

Chapter 14

All heads turned to face the tear stained face of Isabella Black, but her eyes were only on her father’s. “Daddy, you’ve always been a fair man and have always helped those in need. When I was in trouble, you were my knight in shining armor and you saved my from myself.” She glanced at Nicole, “Nicole needed help, and you brought her home too.” She looked down at the floor and tried to stop from ringing her hands, “Daddy, …I…I don’t want to press charges against Philip…” Her firm, rigid voice forced the realization of how serious she was.

“But Angel…” John rose from his leaning position, instantly protesting his daughter’s last words. He wanted so badly to get his against the man that had tormented his daughter’s life for so long.

“Let me finish,” She held her hand up roughly, and closed her eyes dramatically, preventing him from any further objections. “I’m not saying to let him go scott free, he definitely needs some kind of punishment, in some type of institution.” Her voice softened, “But…I want to help him. I want to give him the opportunity to get his life back on track.”

She glanced at Nicole, who was sitting cross-legged in one of her father’s chairs, pursing her lips together, preventing any sound from her cries to escape. She had tears the size of golf balls pouring out her eyes and knew exactly where Belle was going with this. She nodded for her continue and forced a slight smile, letting Belle know she approved.

As she tore her eyes from her best friend, she found an equally wet pair of soft, warm, chocolate brown eyes, filled with more love then she could imagine. He gave her a genuine smile, relaying to her the silent reassurance that she truly needed.

Finally her eyes rested back on her father’s. His dark, dry eyes were filled with so much disapproval and disappointment. But as he gazed back into her swollen, anguished filled, pits of blue, his expression started to soften. In mere seconds, his eyes were lit up with joy and laughter. Through a chuckle, he finally spoke, “Isabella…you have such a big heart. You’re mother was exactly the same way.” He paused, “You tell me how you want to handle this and that’s how it’ll be done.” Belle instantly dropped the safety of the hovering blanket, and ran into her father’s outstretched arms.

Nicole and Shawn quietly exited the room to give John and Belle a few moments alone. They closed the door behind them as they headed to their rooms, neither of them saying a word, both respecting the previous situation too much to ruin it with small talk.

First thing Tuesday morning, John headed straight to the county jailhouse to settle all the issues with Philip Kiriakis. Per Belle’s request, John had talked to Abe and prevented Philip from going to trial and/or jail. However, there were stipulations; he had to agree to and follow through with the terms that Belle had drawn up, otherwise the deal was off and he was once again in the hands of the state.

Upon release, Philip was to go straight to a drug rehabilitation clinic, agreeing to fully cooperate and finish the program. After completion of treatment, he was to get a part time job and enroll in classes at the local University. He would be living on campus, in the boy’s dorm and would continue to go to meetings once a week, with drug tests twice a month, that he must pass, until the time of graduation. At no time, is he permitted to contact Isabella Black, by any means, via: phone, letters, email, or through friends and family of Isabella Black, etc. He will however be in contact with John Black, twice a month, keeping him up to date of his status. If at any time he runs, quits, or falls back into his old ways, and starts back down the road from which he came, all deals are off and again, he is in the hands of the state. All fees and expenses would be paid by John Black.

Realizing that the deal that the Black’s were offering him was much better then facing the numerous charges of possession, and breaking a restraining order numerous times against a prominent person of the city of Salem, he agreed to comply. John took Philip to Basic Black’s jet and instructed the pilot to head for Wickenburg, Arizona. Upon landing, a car from the clinic would be picking him up, and taking him to The Meadows, where he would be staying for the next couple of months.

As John left the airport, headed for work, he thought about last night and how much his daughter had changed in the last few years, mainly how much she had matured. She reminded him so much of Doc, his beloved Doc. He also realized how close he was to losing her. He and Nicole had pushed them together for lunch yesterday, not realizing that they didn’t need any help at all. She and Shawn had become so close, in only a matter of days, all on their own and he couldn’t be happier with her choice.

As he pulled in the Basic Black parking lot, he saw his daughter, Shawn and Nicole exiting the front door, each carrying a stack of flyers, posters, and banners, promoting the tryouts that started tomorrow. Seeing her father, she ran up to his vehicle, curious as to how Philip had taken their offer.

John pulled into his parking spot and smiled as his daughter approached his car, “Hi daddy! How’d it go?” She hoped and prayed that Philip took the step to better himself. “Did he take the offer?”

John pulled the emergency break and pulled the key out of the ignition. “That he did, Angel. I just dropped him off at the airport, the Basic Black jet is taking him to Arizona as we speak.” He glanced down at his watch. “Someone from The Meadows should be calling as soon as he arrives and gets settled in.” No sooner had he climbed out of the car and shut the door, Belle had her arms wrapped around him.

“Thank you daddy…” John felt his daughter’s body completely relax in his arms as she whispered her thanks, once again. “Okay, so Shawn, Nicole and I are headed out to get these hung and passed out to every female in Salem. We’ll meet you back here for lunch!” She kissed him on the cheek and headed for waiting Yukon that held her two friends.

Tuesday passed by in a blur, preparing for Wednesday’s tryouts. After distributing all the handouts and hanging the posters and flyers, the trio had a late lunch with John, and then headed down to the blue event tent that had been setup for the next three days. Over the entryway, Shawn and Belle hung a banner that read,
Basic Black Softball Tryouts
Signups Inside
Inside, tables were setup all throughout the tent, with poster signs, directing people as to where they need to go. In the back left, was a booth where the girls would go to sign up, with counselors available for any questions they or their parents may have. Positioned in the center, were two mannequins, dressed in home and away uniforms, as well as a table with hats, t-shirts and other memorabilia, available for purchase. Off to the right, a long table was setup with drinks and refreshments that would also hold lunch, promptly at noon each day, catered by Basic Black’s cafe. Ten round tables, with matching chairs, adorned with Basic Black’s team colors, were also setup for the girls to eat at. Also, located in each corner of the tent, were large utility fans, in hopes that they would help alleviate some of the hot summer heat.

Belle checked the tent once again, and was pleased with all their hard work and combined efforts. She smiled to herself, and then glanced down at her watch to read a quarter past seven. Realizing it was getting late, and then that she was suddenly alone, she headed outside, in search of Nicole and Shawn. As soon as she stepped out of the tent, she felt two strong hands surround her waist and pull her back inside, the flaps closing before her eyes.

Her first thought was Fear, that Philip had finally gotten her, but then she promptly calmed down, when her body was abruptly turned and her eyes met with the most gentle, brown depths of love. She felt his oh so familiar lips, crash down on hers, in a hungry attempt to taste every bit of her. His voice was throaty as he mumbled against her lips, “God, I’ve missed doing that…” His tongue demanded entrance, “I’ve wanted to do that all day…” He deepened the kiss and his hands began to wonder, when they heard a soft clearing of the throat.

“Uhmm, excuse me, but could you two please continue this at home? I’m ready to go and we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow!” Nicole stood with playful smirk on her face and one hand on her hip. She was tapping her other foot rather impatiently. Surprised, yet amused, Shawn let out a small chuckle, saluted Nicole, grabbed Belle’s hand and led her to his Yukon. “Very funny Shawn…Very funny!” She ran after her friends, climbing in the back seat, just before he took off for home.

Chapter 15

Belle laid lazily in her bed, trying to wake up, while thinking of the sweet, handsome man that had just recently stolen her heart. She glanced out the bay window to see the start of a new day. The sun was just starting to rise up over the mountains, creating a pastel colored rainbow, surrounding the rising daystar. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it appeared that it was going to be a beautiful day…perfect for tryouts.

Realizing she needed to get up, she threw back the covers and slid her legs over the edge of the bed, letting her feet rest upon the smooth surface of the top step of her three level stool. Stretching with a yawn, she wiped the sleep from her eyes and started down the steps, making her way to the shower, smiling as she passed by her beautiful blue roses.

After pulling on her Adidas shorts and spandex sports top, she pulled on a pair of striped softball socks and slid on her matching flip-flops. Realizing it was going to be hot today, she quickly French braided her long damp hair, tightening a rubber band at the end. She grabbed her bat bag from the closet and headed downstairs.

As she entered the kitchen, the aroma of vanilla coffee beans burned her sinuses, creating a craving unimaginable. Not realizing that she wasn’t alone, she headed to the cabinets to retrieve a travel mug to fill. “Good morning, Isabella…” Startled, she dropped the cup and gasped, clutching her breasts, trying to still her heart.

As she turned, her mouth parted slightly, trying to catch her breath. Shawn was standing before her; dressed in his gray, very fitted baseball pants, which accentuated every muscle in his legs all the way up to his very sexy ass. As her gaze moved upwards, she noticed he had left his jersey completely unbuttoned, exposing, his well-defined abs and chest, ’Breath Belle, Breath’ and a gold cross hanging from his neck. His messy hair hung down in his face, still slightly wet, obviously from a recent shower and his warm brown eyes look so inviting.

“Shawn…” she felt the blush creeping upon her cheeks as she glanced down at the cup, rolling around on the floor, “You scared me…” she bent down to pick it up, just as he did. Their hands touched, causing the same electricity to run through their bodies. “Thanks.”

He gave her a crooked smile, and took the cup from her hands. “You’re more then welcome,” He moved towards the coffeepot, which had just finished and filled the cup, then snapped the lid in place. He held it out to her, assuming she drank it black, “I haven’t seen Nicole yet, or John, do you know if they are up yet?”

Belle glanced at the clock that hung on the kitchen wall, as she took her cup of coffee from Shawn, “I doubt Nicole is, she’s a late sleeper, and dad, well he’s probably already at work.” She leaned back against the counter, “I told Nicole last night, before we went to bed, that we’d probably head to the field early, and for her to meet us there, around eight.” Belle took a sip of her coffee as she watched Shawn snap the lid on his cup.

Shawn leaned back against the counter, brushing his hips against Belle’s, and folded his arms across his chest, “So, you ready for this?” He winked at her as she smiled and nodded back to him. “Alright baby, let’s go…” He held his arm out for her to take, then abruptly stopped. “Oh…yeah…uhmmm, before I can’t…” He leaned down and took her mouth with his, not giving her an opportunity to refuse.

Belle felt as if she was floating. It was like the first high of the day, but…it was better! She daringly snuck her hands inside his shirt, scratching her nails up his bare back, ever so lightly. She felt him deepen the kiss, and she didn’t hesitate to return the favor. Their tongues danced to the flames of the passion that their bodies were creating. They pulled back as their senses came to and they realized they really did need to go. Shawn gave her one last quick kiss, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to go all day without another one of those!” Belle began to giggle as he took her hand and led her to the truck, wondering if she’d be able to either.

As they reached the field, Belle noticed a few girls standing just outside the tent, apparently there, a little early for signups. They weren’t big girls, but were definitely built to play ball. Belle looked forward to seeing what these girls could do. She glanced at Shawn, wondering how many of them would catch his eye. “Baby, I know that there are going to be a ton of girls out here, and I’m sure that a lot of them will be pretty BUT, you have nothing to worry about,” He tilted her chin towards his, “Okay?”

It was as if he had read her mind, she guiltily gave him a sheepish smile and nodded, just as he gave her a long, hard kiss. “Now if you have any doubts, you just remember that, and you shouldn’t have any other worries!” He was smirking at the green headed monster that had started to rear its ugly head.

Belle hopped down from the Yukon, and went around to the back to retrieve her equipment bag. Shawn had already gotten both of theirs out and handed hers to her. “Thanks…” Their eyes locked for a few seconds, but were soon distracted when they heard Belle’s name being shouted repeatedly by a familiar voice from somewhere down near the field. Jerking her head, and scanning the area, she spotted her father and started walking towards the baseball diamond. “…Oh, ahhh Shawn…you might want to button that shirt up a little,” She said over her shoulder, as he flashed her his classic smirk, and gave her a quick wink and nod.

Belle was still giggling as she approached her father, “Izzy! I’m so glad you two decided to come early! We have three girls here already and no one has made it in yet, to get them signed up.” Belle looked at her watch, wondering where her two assistant coaches were. Jeff and Russ were childhood friends that had agreed to help out with the signups and then with practices and whatever else Shawn needed them to do.

She reached for her cell phone, and started dialing Jeff’s number, while glancing around the parking lot. She saw his Pontiac Grand Am pull into the athletic grounds, with Russ on his motorcycle, not far behind. “There they are daddy…” She rolled her eyes, “Jeff has always been known for being late!” She couldn’t help but giggle as Jeff quickly jumped out of his car and sprinted down the slight hill to where she and her father were standing.

“Sorry I’m late sweetie,” He leaned in and gave Belle a kiss on the cheek. “Where do you want us?” He looked around and was met with two fearless, almost jealous, yet a little bit curious, brown eyes. “Hey man, you must the Shawn Brady, I’m Jeff and this is Russ.” He pointed over his shoulder at the lanky guy standing behind him, then held his hand out for Shawn to take.

“Hey…Jeff is it?” Shawn waited until Jeff nodded and quickly glanced at Russ, “Nice to meet you both,” He gave them both genuine smiles, hoping that he hadn’t come across too gruff. He grinned as Russ nodded back. “It would be great if you two could get setup over at the signup table, that way we could get these three ladies started!” He glanced over at the three impatient girls, standing near the entrance. “There are packets for each girl that signs up, make sure they get each form filled out, okay guys?” Both guys nodded that they understood and took off, to take on their responsibilities.

Within the hour, approximately 40 girls showed up, hoping to make it on the Basic Black team, all seeming very experienced with handling a bat and ball. Belle watched as they were all introduced to Shawn and what fools they made of themselves, gushing and flirting with him. She couldn’t help but laugh as he glanced at her every so often to ensure that she was watching.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Nicole came to join her at her and Shawn’s table. Moments later, she heard her father’s voice over everyone else’s. “Okay, girls, quiet down.” He looked around the room at everyone, “Welcome to Basic Black’s first Women’s Fast Pitch Softball Tryouts!”

Chapter 16

Belle stood back and watched with proud eyes as Shawn debated how he wanted to start practice. Excluding her and Nicole, he had 47 girls standing before him gazing up at him with dreamy eyes, patiently waiting to be told where to go. He glanced back down at his computer-generated sheet and tried to figure out how many girls he had for each position. “Okay, I’m going to separate you all into five groups. The first two are going to play a scrimmage game, and the others are going to be doing a variety of different drills, then everyone will switch. Regardless of where you start, I want you all to warm up your arms first, with a partner from your group.”

He looked at Belle and Nicole, silently motioning them up to the front. As they were stepping closer, he introduced them to the other girls. “Girls, this is Isabella Black, Basic Black’s short stop, and Nicole Walker, our 2nd baseman. They are going to be your team captains, so if I’m not available, and you have any questions, please feel free to look to them for help.” He smiled to both of them, then turned his attention back to the gaggle of girls.

“Okay, everyone listen closely, I’m going to read off a coach’s name followed by where the group is starting out. Listen for your name and try to get over to where your group is meeting as quickly as possible to ensure that we get as much in today as we can.” He looked around at all the girls, “Are there any questions?” No one spoke or raised a hand. “Okay, here we go. Group number one, your coach is Jeff Clark. You will be starting as the home team on field A. I need the following girls to meet in the home team dugout. Amber Harrel, Third base…Brandy Johnson, Catcher…Rachel Kincaid, Right Field…”

As Belle was listening to Shawn list the girl’s names and positions off, she noticed a petite girl scurrying towards the main tent, carrying her equipment bag over one shoulder and a duffel bag on the other. She was obviously late for signups and Belle was willing to give anyone a chance. Hoping Shawn wouldn’t be too upset at her for slipping away, she quietly got up and headed for the late comer. As she pulled back the flaps to the tent, the girl was just turning around to head back out.

“Hi, I’m Isabella Black,” Belle held her hand out for the girl to take. She grinned and nodded towards her equipment bag, “I’m going to assume you’re here for tryouts…” They girl nodded and smiled back at Belle, “Everyone’s already outside getting split up into groups.” Belle walked over to the signup table and grabbed a packet and a pen for the girl to fill out, “If you’ll get this filled out, I’ll go let the coach know you’re here and get you put into a group!”

As Belle started back out the tent, she remembered that she hadn’t gotten the girl’s name. She turned back to find her already sitting down at a table, beginning to fill out the forms. “Uhmm, I forgot to ask your name, I’ll need it to give to Mr. Brady.”

The saucy brunette looked up with a bona fide smile, “It’s Miriam, Miriam Lockhart…but my friend’s call me Mimi!” She went back to filling out her forms as Belle turned to leave. “Oh, uhmm, by the way, I’m a pitcher…” Mimi finished writing her name before she looked up, ensuring that Belle heard her.

Belle nodded with a smile, “That’s great, I’ll let him know!” Belle let the flaps close over the tent entrance and crossed back over the damp, dew covered grass to where Shawn was standing. He had just finishing up with the girl’s groups and was starting to collect his things, when he noticed Belle coming towards him.

He felt his body freeze when their eyes locked. It was as if her shiny blue orbs were telling a story. He hadn’t ever seen them with this much happiness and excitement in them before. “Hey you…” Belle had spoken, and he had seen her lips move, but he couldn’t hear a word. As soon as she had uttered the greeting, the fixation moved from her eyes to her lips. “Shawn…” He wanted so badly to kiss her full, rose colored petals. “Earth to Shawn…” He came to, when he noticed her hand, moving back and forth in front of his face, at a rapid pace.

As he focused back on Belle, his smile grew wide as he noticed the smirk that had arranged on Belle’s face. “Why, Mr. Brady, just what were you thinking about just then? You were a million miles away…” a slight drawl had overtaken her northern accent, as the words poured out her mouth. She slowly slid her tongue up and over her upper lip, tucking them both in as her eyes played a mind game, all of their own.

Aching to just touch her, he opted for a little game of his own. He leaned down close to her ear, careful not to touch her with any part of him, “Miss Black, when I get you home, the things I’m going to do to you, will in no way compare to the torture that you are placing me through right now. You’re nipples will ache, your hot…wet…core, will beg for my attention…” He grazed her ear with his tongue, ever so quickly, and hoped he hadn’t crossed any lines. He regained his composure, and glanced around the park non-chalantly, hoping no one noticed their intimate encounter.

When he turned back to face her, her arms were crossed over her chest, attempting to hide her erect nipples and the look on her face was priceless, as well as the crimson that had covered her cheeks. “Uhmm,” she bit her bottom lip, and her eyes darted back and forth, “I…Shawn…damn it, that wasn’t fair…” She started to stomp away, when she saw Mimi coming towards them from the tent. “Shit…”

She turned back to face him, stifling her giggles, trying to be serious, “Shawn, what I came out her to tell you was, we have a late arrival. Her name is Mimi Lockhart and she is a pitcher. Where do you want me to send her?” She watched as Shawn’s playful expression turned serious and he looked over his list, then around at the five groups of girls.

“Uhmmm, bring her with us,” He looked over at the group on field C, “The group I assigned you to, has less then the rest, so that should work out. In fact, I don’t think your group had a pitcher assigned to it.” Shawn seemed to be looking past Belle towards the end of his statement. “Hi, you much be Mimi, I’m Shawn Brady. I’m glad you could make it!”

Mimi took his outstretched hand and shook it, “I’m pleased to meet you,” she took a step back grinning, “and I’m glad to be here.” She glanced at Belle then back to Shawn. “Where do you want me?”

Shawn pointed to the far field, “You’ll be with Group # 4 on Field C. Isabella and I are headed that way now, if you’d like to walk with us.” He gave her a sincere smile, and winked at Belle as Mimi nodded. The three of them started down the grassy pathway to the back field, making small talk along the way.

As they reached their destination, Shawn glanced down at his watch and shouted out to the group sitting on the bench, “Alright girls, lets get started, we have a long day ahead of us!”

Later that evening, all the coaches met with Shawn at the Black estate. “Alright, I want to know what everyone thinks…how many of your girls have what it takes and how many need to be cut?” He looked around the room at his coaches, “We need the best, and we’re going to have the best.” He handed out the evaluation sheets for each player, to their respected coaches.

“Now, I don’t plan on cutting anyone tonight, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt…maybe they were nervous…maybe they hadn’t been on the field in a while, whatever ailment could possibly be used, it doesn’t matter…but that is for today only. They screw up tomorrow, it could cost them their position.” He leaned forward on the table, folding his hands in front of him. “I’ll pick these up tomorrow, after both days have been filled out.” He scanned the room for John, “John, did you have anything to add?”

He stepped forward, holding four white envelopes. “Gentlemen, I want to thank you for all your help, in advance.” He handed each man a small rectangular sheath, with their name on it. “Enclosed, you will find $1000 as well as a gift certificate to my daughter’s favorite Italian restaurant, Terri’s Pasta Kitchen. Take you’re girlfriends out and have a good time!” He glanced at Shawn, ensuring he didn’t have anything else to say, “Alright gentlemen, we’ll see you tomorrow morning!”

As the meeting adjourned around 8 PM, Shawn headed to the guesthouse, unbuttoning his shirt with each step he took. He hoped to take a quick shower and join Isabella for dinner, but as he neared the house, he noticed lights coming from inside. Upon opening the front door, his body stopped functioning and his senses were completely overtaken.

Sitting in the middle of the plush, black leather couch, dressed in nothing but an unbuttoned Mariner’s jerseys and a lacy, navy thong, was Isabella. Her hair was still back from earlier today and she appeared that she still needed a shower, however to Shawn, she couldn’t look sexier then right now. She was surrounded by candles, and she had Marvin Gaye’s, ’Let’s get it on’ playing softly in the background. As his darkened coffee stained eyes met hers, she picked up a chocolate covered strawberry, placing the entire thing in her mouth, and slowly pulling it out, without biting into it, displaying a smirk bigger then Texas covering her face, “So…you wanted to play dirty huh?”

Chapter 17-Rated NC-17

Forcing his body to move, without losing eye contact with the blonde bombshell sprawled out on his couch, he quickly kicked the door shut and locked it behind him. Dropping his gear in the entryway, he slowly maneuvered through the maze of candles, and dropped to his knees in front of the couch, his mind rolling in all kinds of unpure thoughts.

A smirk grew on his swollen, achy lips, “I, ahhh, don’t think you know what you just got yourself into...” His lips brushed her uncovered stomach, briefly, moving their way up to her to her chest. Winking at her, as he heard a sigh escape her lips, he slid both arms underneath her, lifting her up and carrying her to the bathroom, the strawberries and champagne forgotten.

Placing her on the sink counter, he leaned in close, putting his hands on either side of her soft, silky legs, her arms draped around his neck, patiently waiting for his next move. He reached for the facet and turned on the hot water, creating a warm steam to fill the room. He then slid his hands underneath her ass, pulling her closer to him as their lips met in a tantalizing, sadistic kiss.

Her warm outer core pressed snuggly against his growing package, while wrapping her legs around his waist, the material between the two creating an orgasmic friction, all on it’s own. Shawn thought back to earlier today and chills crawled up his spine as he recalled Belle’s aggressive nature on the diamond. She was a woman after his own heart and he was ready to claim her as his own.

Shawn’s hands crept up Belle’s shoulders, slowly tugging at the collar of her, well…his jersey, begging to take it off. He pried his lips away from her warm, enlarged kissers, allowing them to journey down the side of her face to her neck. Slipping the shirt partially off her shoulders, Belle said to hell with it, and pulled it the rest of the way off, and began undressing him.

Pulling at the buttons on his jersey, struggling to get them through the small little holes, Belle gave one strong tug, popping each and every button off his shirt, freeing him from the annoying material. Deciding to worry about it later, he threw the shirt to the floor, and leaned back into Belle’s embrace, allowing their hot skin to melt into the others. Their lips met again, creating a hot, passionate ballroom for their tongues to tango.

Fumbling with Shawn’s belt, she finally released it and unsnapped the button, pulling the zipper down next. With her toes, she slid his pants and boxers down his legs, then withdrew herself from the addictive liplock. Standing momentarily from the counter, she squatted to face his enormous cock. Glancing up, with an electrified expression, she noticed an audacious smirk appear on his face.

In attempts to put a stop to the arrogant attitude, Belle swallowed the entity of him, glancing up just in time to see his eyes disappear deep within his eye sockets and his head flung backwards. Swirling her tongue around his hardened pole, Shawn reached for her head, tangling his fingers within the locks of her braid.

Not being able to withstand much more, Shawn pulled Belle back up, to a standing position, in attempts to compose himself long enough to start the shower. He pulled the foggy, crystal like door open and lead Belle into the two-headed stall.

Relishing the sensations of the warm water spraying down on their already hot bodies, Belle reached for the rubber band in her hair, tugging it out and pulling at the twists that held her “do” together. She closed her eyes as she shook out her hair, leaving small waves behind. As her lids opened back up, she found Shawn squatting down before her, with yet another cavalier expression on his face. Unsure of what she really was in for, she mentally prepared for the most intimate time of her life.

“Oh God, Shawn…” She bit her lip, trying to maintain control as his hands slid up the insides of her legs, the tips of his fingers, grazing the outside of her womanhood as they reached their stopping point on her ass. He pulled her to him, his mouth taking over the lips that protected the female goods she had hidden away. He pulled one leg over his shoulder and drew back to gaze at the beauty of her female organ.

Pleased with the tiny strip of curls, just above her entryway, he dove back in through her clean-shaven clit, surging his tongue deep within her core. His tongue swirled around, as his hands grew familiar with the rest of her body. Bringing her to her first orgasm, Belle’s tiny body convulsed as he pulled her to him, leaving one finger to finish with the aftershocks that rocked the small temptress.

Belle’s body had never felt the stimulation Shawn had just brought it to, barely able to stand, she clung to his body, needing to feel him close to her. His rigid, muscular arms surrounded her petite body in a loving embrace, holding her up, underneath the water that rained down on their still passion filled bodies.

Calming a little from the previous events, Shawn reached for the soap and began washing Belle’s body sensually, as she did in turn for him, thus creating the carnal lasciviousness to explode once again. Not stopping to dry off, they hurried into Shawn’s bedroom, ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Belle crawled up onto the bed, leaning back into deep pile of pillows, as Shawn followed, scrambling between her legs, lowering his body weight down onto hers. He looked deep into her sparkling blue orbs, reading the passion that surged out through them, as he lowered his lips down to hers, gently tracing the outline with his tongue, demanding an entrance to the warm cave.

Instantly granting him permission, their tongues met again as they rediscovered the level of intimacy they both shared for each other. Wrapping her legs around his ass, she felt the pressure from his hardened rod to press firmly against her femininity, creating a warm sensation to surge down her being.

She felt Shawn’s hands snake down her body, and around her leg, to find her wet, throbbing center. Sensing her need, he entered one finger, slowly bringing it in and out, “Please…Shawn…” Smiling a devilish smile, Shawn entered a second finger and quickened the movement, reaching for her taut breast with the other hand, tweaking her nipple. Belle arched her back as she felt the added pressure, “God, Shawn…”

In one swift movement, Belle flipped Shawn over on his back, not being able to stand the torture he was placing her body under. Taking in the surprise written all over his face, she gave him a sultry look, and grasped his balls, gently in one hand. Shawn closed his eyes, as her fingers massaged them carefully between her digits.

Slowly she slinked her body up his, reaching for his lower extremity behind her. She carefully placed the tip of him at the entrance to her cavern and looked for the go ahead in his sensual, mocha colored eyes. Seeing the passion in his darkened orbs, and the slight nod of the head, she thrust the tip of him inside her, releasing the tension that had been building up inside. She gulped at the feeling of abundance that he filled her with. Shawn grasped at her sides as he plunged deeper and harder inside her.

Deciding to change positions, he lay her back onto the bed, and threw her legs up over his shoulders, staying in a kneeling position. Reaching for her hands, they pulled against each other until they both were about to fall over the edge. In one final thrust, he spilled into her like a rushing stream and collapsed beside her, cradling her in his arms. With a kiss on the forehead, Belle murmured a “goodnight”, and fell asleep with her head on his chest.

Chapter 18

Shawn rolled over, expecting to come in contact with the warmth of Belle’s body, but instead found the space bare and felt the emptiness of cold sheets. Abruptly opening his eyes, he looked around the room for any traces of his lover, coming up empty. As his senses started to sharpen, from the short amount of sleep he had the night before, he heard what sounded like gushing water and sprung from the bed to investigate.

Upon opening the bathroom door, he found the shower indeed running, but it was definitely unoccupied. Reaching for the towel, checking to see if it had been used, he found that it was completely dry. Shaking his head in confusion, he turned to exit the bathroom, in search of Belle.

As he stepped into the kitchen, the heavenly aroma of a full course breakfast seduced his senses. Everything from eggs, bacon, grits and sliced up fruit crowded the small, spherical shaped kitchen table, just begging to be eaten. As he took in all of the breakfast preparations, the toaster popped up with four perfectly browned pieces of bread. Startled, he moved towards the cupboards for a mug, then reached for the steaming pot of coffee, still wondering where Belle had disappeared to.

The first sip slid down his throat, warming the insides of his body immediately. As he brought the cup back up to his lips, he heard the front door open, then a few seconds later it closed, followed by the click of a lock, that echoed throughout the lavish two bedroom apartment. “Isabella, is that you?” He walked through the kitchen and down the short hallway to the living room to find none other then Jason Welles standing before him.

Shawn’s mouth hung open and he began to speak, but was cut off before he had a chance, “Dude, I can explain…” Jason dropped a duffel bag on top of a pile of suitcases that he had previously brought in and moved to sit down on the ottoman. “Now before you get mad, I want you to understand that it wasn’t my fault…”

They both jerked their heads upon hearing the doorknob jiggle back and forth and the small voice that bellowed behind the door, “Alright, who locked the door…Shawn…heellllllooooo?” Receiving a scowl from Shawn, Jason jumped up and opened the door for Belle. “Oh…hi…you must be Jason, I’m Belle, I see you found the place okay…Have you seen…” Stepping into the room, she focused on an exasperated man leaning against the archway, whose expression softened immediately as his eyes met hers.

Leaving the door wide open, Belle crossed the room, dropped the clothes that were in her hands on the chair and wrapped her arms around Shawn’s neck, instantly feeling her waist surrounded by Shawn’s strong arms. “Good morning handsome,” She murmured against his lips, prior to pressing them tenderly against his, in a mouth-watering kiss. As they parted, Belle whispered in his ear, “Last night was amazing…” then took off towards the kitchen to finish breakfast.

Shawn watched her walk down the hall, and disappear into the kitchen, with a slight smirk on his face, that abruptly dissolved as he brought his attention back to the unexplained distraction standing in his living room, “Damn dude…how’d you hook up with a fox like that?” Jason’s gaze followed Belle around the corner, until he almost fell onto the floor. The glare he received from his infield buddy, snapped him back to reality, as he raised his hands in defeat, “What?” he shrugged his shoulders, “Shawn, come on Dude, she’s hot!”

Shawn calmly stepped into the living room, and sat down on the couch, placing his mug on the glass coffee table. He looked back up at Jason, rolling his eyes, trying to fathom a reason as to why he wasn’t with the team, and why of all places, he came…here. “Look, I don’t have time to hear your bull shit right now,” he glanced at the clock on the VCR, “I’ve got to be at tryouts in less then an hour and I still have to eat breakfast and take a shower.”

Jason’s eyes lit up at the mention of food, “Shawn…” Belle stepped around the corner, poking her head in the room, hoping she wasn’t disturbing them, “I don’t mean to intrude, but breakfast is ready and it’s getting cold. Why don’t you two grab a plate, and dig in, I’m going to jump in the shower.” She grabbed her clothes, gave Shawn a quick kiss, and disappeared before Shawn had a chance to respond.

“Shawn…Hey man…” Jason was attempting at getting his attention. “Dude…” Jason snapped his fingers in front of Shawn’s face, “Yo, Lover boy…” Shawn’s eyes were glazed over, as he turned his head to grant Jason the attention he was craving, the thoughts of last night’s shower, still replaying before his eyes.

“What?” He was trying to decide if he wanted to eat the delicious breakfast that Belle had prepared, or if he wanted to just skip breakfast and just have…her. Giving up, he led his chuckling friend to the kitchen, his appetite for food suddenly dissipating. “Come on dude, she worked hard on this, so we better eat it.” Shawn hoped Jason’s appetite was what he remembered it to be.

After breakfast, Shawn took his shower and then prepared for the second day of tryouts. Assuming Jason was suspended again, Shawn decided that since it looked like Jason was going to be staying with him for a while, he was going to put him to work. He talked it over with Belle, both of them agreeing that Jason would definitely help with the team. As far as Belle was concerned, ’What could another professional baseball player hurt? They definitely weren’t hard on the eyes!’.

Arriving at the ball fields a little before 8 AM, Shawn, Jason, and Belle climbed out of the Yukon and started towards the field that some of the girls were already warming up on. No sooner did Jason spot them, did a cat whistle escape his lips. Shawn rolled his eyes, and mumbled, “This is going to be a long season…” Belle gave him a pat on the back and a quick wink, showing a bit of sympathy for him.

Seeing Nicole pull up, she mentioned to Shawn that she’d be right back and took off to meet her friend. “Well, I wondered where you were last night. I assume you and lover boy over there had a nice time together” Nicole pulled out her glove and bat, “...hold up, who is that, why is it I’m the last to know when a hot baseball player shows up?” Nicole’s pointed her long finger, in the direction of the field. Belle followed her straightened digit to find Jason Welles, standing next to Shawn and rolled her eyes.

Letting out a laugh, “Nothing gets by you, does it?” She chuckled again at her friend, “That just happens to be Jason Welles. He plays…”

“…second base for the Mariners…I know.” Nicole finished for her. “I’ve watched him play, he’s pretty good. The question is,” she turned to face her friend, “Why is he here?” Belle raised both eyebrows and bit her bottom lip, starting to explain, as much as she knew, “…you know what, it doesn’t matter,” she winked at Belle, “He’s mine now!” Belle recognized the expression on Nicole’s face and knew she wouldn’t stop until he really was hers. “Now come on,” Nicole was tugging at her friend’s arm, “I need you to introduce us!”

Belle sighed with an exasperated smirk growing on her face, she knew the instant Nicole saw him this is what would happen. “Alright Nicole, but if anything goes wrong, don’t say I didn’t warn you…I think he’s trouble.” Belle shook her head as she followed her friend down the slight hill to where the boys were standing.

Shawn turned, as he heard Jason’s garbled attempt at seduction, “Well, hello ladies. Belle, who is this gorgeous creature beside you?” Belle glanced at Shawn, who was already shaking his head and rolling his eyes. When she went to answer Jason’s question, Nicole had already stepped forward, taking Jason’s hand.

“I’m Nicole, Belle’s best friend and you’re Jason Welles, I’ve watched you play.” Jason brought Nicole’s hand up to his lips, while Nicole giggled, glancing back at Belle, silently telling her not to ruin this for her. Annoyed with the entire situation, Shawn cleared his throat loudly, causing Jason to step back, glaring in his direction.

“Look, guys, there’s plenty of time for this later, right now, we’re here to play ball.” Shawn sighed, “Jason, since you found such an infatuation with our 2nd baseman, you take her and go down to field C and hit her some grounders. Belle and I’ll be down there as soon as we let the girls know where their groups are meeting.” He turned to face Belle, as their two friends started to walk away, handing her a stack of schedules, “Will you please help me post these, I think it would be better then standing around, waiting for everyone to get here?” His warm brown eyes, pleading for her help.

After hanging the schedules, Belle, and a few other girls that had arrived from her group, headed down to field C, for their scrimmage game against Group 2, immediately starting their warm ups. Shawn arrived shortly after talking to the Assistant coaches regarding what was expected for today. “Alright, girls, take the field, we’re the home team, same positions as yesterday.” He clapped his hands together a few times, in hopes to get them excited.

As Belle took her position, she noticed their pitcher was missing. Scanning the three fields and looking towards the parking lot, she finally saw Mimi, running towards them. As she neared the field, she detected a hint of redness in her eyes, as if she had been crying. Deciding that she probably just woke up, she dismissed the thoughts, and hoped that Shawn wouldn’t dock her for being late.

Mimi took the mound, and smiled quickly at Belle, before starting her warm up pitches. Before too long, she heard Shawn’s strong, sexy voice, “Alright…First batter…” Tucking all her emotions away, Belle prepared for the opposing teams first hit.

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A Shawn and Belle Fanfic. This fic has an overall rating of NC17.

Chapters 19 - 25

Chapter 19

It was the top of the 7th and their team was up 10-9. The tying run was on 1st and the winning run was at bat. In a ready position, arms hanging loosely in front of her, ready for the ball to come screaming towards her, Isabella glanced at Shawn expecting a signal to move in either direction. At this girl’s last at bat, she smacked one directly over second base for a double, but this time her stance said otherwise.

Seeing him motion for her to move a little to the right, she shifted her feet about two feet towards the third baseman. She watched as Mimi eyed the girl on first, who had taken a lengthy distance away from the base, then began to throw the first pitch to the newest batter. Without balking, she threw the ball to first, picking the girl off, for the second out of the inning.

Isabella stood to relax her hunched over back, as the runner headed back to her dugout. She made eye contact with Shawn, who gave her a killer smile and a quick wink, then jotted a few things down in his notebook. Preparing herself for the batter once again, Mimi threw her another pitch. “Strike,” then lined up for the second, “Ball…three and one,” The batter still hadn’t swung. Mimi glanced back at Belle, giving her a knowing smile.

<<CRACK>>, The ball came hurling towards Belle, a line drive straight between Belle and the girl playing third base. Belle made a rash decision, “It’s mine,” and dove for low fly ball, feeling it smack hard into her glove. Her body came crashing down with a thud as she rolled over onto her back, laughing, and held the ball up, wrapped securely within her glove. Forgetting this was the last inning, she was quickly reminded when she heard Shawn’s voice, “Ball game…Group five wins!”

As she started to get up, Mimi approached her, with an extended hand. Reaching for it, she pulled herself up and smiled at her new found friend, and if she had anything to do with it, their new starting pitcher. “Great game Mimi, you’re quite a pitcher!” She threw her arm around Mimi’s shoulders, “…and nice pick on first!”

Mimi chuckled quietly, trying to hide the obvious pain in her upper back, “Thanks…and that was a damn nice catch lil miss Short Stop!” Mimi winced as Belle pulled her arm off of her shoulders, to take a bow. Covering, she toppled into a fit of giggles, soon joined by Belle, not realizing that Shawn noticed the entire encounter. As they were getting themselves under control, Mimi directed her attention to Shawn, “Where to next, coach?”

Shawn glanced down at his printout, “It looks like we go to Field B for fielding and Group two…” he looked up, noticing Jason flirting with a few of the girls, not paying a bit of attention and sighed, slowing shaking his head. “Group two, you guys are heading to Field A…for batting…” Realizing he needed to nip this in the bud, before it got really out of hand, he hollered out to his horny buddy, “Jason…may I have a word with you?”

The two men walked at a safe distance, directly behind twenty jabbering girls. Breaking the silence, Shawn tore into Jason, “As much as you want it to be, this isn’t matchmakers or one of your normal skanky bars where you pick up chicks. This is serious, this is John Black’s baby…this is money…and I’m not going to let you ruin this for me or Isabella!!” Frustrated, Shawn ran his fingers through his hair, “I mean good lord dude, you don’t see us all over each other, do you?”

Hanging his head, Jason mumbled out a quick, “No,” then turned to face his buddy, stopping their slowed pace to a halt. “Shawn…look man…I’m really sorry...” The solemn expression that crossed his face, made Shawn wonder if there might actually be a serious side to the playboy, jokester that he had grown to love. “As long as I’m here, helping you with tryouts and the team, I promise to concentrate on the game and helping the girls.”

Shawn couldn’t help but be skeptical as a sly grin started to protrude over the solemn promise his friend has just made. Holding his hands up, knowing exactly what was about to come, Shawn interrupted his friend, “That’s all I ask, when we go home, what you do is your business.” Shawn let a slight chuckle out, “I just need you to be professional here.” Shawn took Jason’s extended hand, sealing the deal.

As the day went on, Shawn would occasionally glance over and check on his new assistant coach, and as he said he would, he kept his promise. He was sure a few of the girls would be disappointed, but knew if any of them had a chance, Jason wouldn’t hesitate to approach them in the parking lot.

Around 3:30 PM, the girls took a break before their final rotation of the day. As they were getting their drinks and cooling down, Shawn broke away, calling the entire group of assistant coaches and trainers over to the signup table, away from all the chaos. “Alright guys, you’ve seen what these girls can do for two days now. I expect to have your lists as soon as possible after practice, so we can get the master list posted for the girls we want to keep before they leave.”

Shawn leaned back against the table, and crossed his arms over his chest, “I know that we have a ton of girls that have an immense amount of talent, but we only want the best. Keep in mind, we already have a short stop, a 2nd baseman, and a catcher, but if the girl’s have the talent we need, we can switch them around and teach them to play a different position, plus we will need a few backups.” He looked at each of his coaches, “Any questions?”

Jeff dropped his hands to his sides, and glanced around to ensure no one else was going to speak, “How many girls are we cutting from each group?”

Shawn thought about it for a minute, then decided on three, “I think three would be best. We still have two more days to make our final decision and we have a total of 51 girls, three that aren’t going to be cut. Our final number is 20, with five being pitchers…which reminds me, make sure you check with all your girls to see if there are any that can pitch, but didn’t put it down.” Noticing the girls starting to get up, he dismissed the group, eyeing Belle as she straggled behind.

“Hey you…” Shawn wanted so badly to properly congratulate her for her amazing game winning catch, “…That was an impressive catch out there!” He lightly punched her in the arm as a cocky grin appeared across Belle’s face.

She shrugged her shoulders, “Well…I try…” she sighed, “I’m not a professional like you or anything...” She turned away, trying to hide her giggles, as Shawn grabbed her arm and spun her around.

With a smirk, Shawn took control of the conversation, “Why Miss Black, are you back talking the coach?” He cocked his head to the side, “I’d hate to have to make an example of you, in front of all these girls!” He leaned in close, “…Once they see your punishment, I seriously doubt you’d be able to keep 49 girls off me!”

Belle couldn’t help but giggle, “My, my, my Mr. Brady…aren’t we being a little presumptuous?” She put both hands on her hips, letting the majority of her weight rest on her right leg, as she glanced around the tarp-covered ground, finding them all alone. “Ya know…we’d better get…”

Before Belle got a chance to finish her sentence, Shawn’s lips were a part of hers. His tongue had snaked its way inside her hot, damp cavern, searching for any new crevice that hadn’t been discovered yet. Returning the kiss and starting a little of her own excavating, Belle’s hands traveled down Shawn’s back to his firm, taut ass, covered by his extremely tight, fitted baseball pants. Startling them both, they heard a slight clearing of the throat, “Ahem…”

Shawn opened both eyes, to see an angry form standing before them. Pulling back from Belle slowly, he moved to position himself in front of her, “Can I help you?”

The man stepped forward, letting the flaps fall behind him, “I’m looking for Mimi Lockhart. I told her I’d be here at 4 PM sharp,” Shawn looked down at his watch to read 3:55, “and she’s not out here. Now when I tell…”

“KEVIN…I’m right here…” Mimi flew open the flaps to the tent, completely out of breath, from running from the field with her duffel bag and bat bag strapped across her back. She glanced at Belle and Shawn, “I’m really sorry, I forgot to tell you that I’d be leaving early today…”

Mimi was cut short, when Kevin grabbed her by the arm and jerked her out of the tent, “I don’t have time for you to apologize for your stupid mistakes…” Shawn knew what was going on now, and followed Mimi and the gruff man to his rusty old truck.

He watched as Mimi tried to say something and was slapped across the face for her trouble, causing her knees to buckle beneath her. “You know better then to talk back to me bitch…get up…get up Mimi.” He reached for her arm, yanking her up, to lean against the truck.

As he started to raise his hand to hit her again, he felt a strong masculine grip encircle his wrist. “I wouldn’t do that again if I were you,” Kevin turned to meet with the angriest brown eyes he’d ever seen.

Chapter 20

“I don’t think this is any of your business…” Kevin attempted to jerk his arm away, but Shawn’s grip held firm.

Twisting Kevin’s arm behind his back, Shawn retorted with a snicker, “Buddy, that’s where you’re wrong! Mimi is one of my players, which makes everything she’s involved in, my business.” If Shawn had his way, Mimi wouldn’t be going anywhere with this loser, ever again.

Tucking under Shawn’s grasp, Kevin twisted his body around, facing Shawn with a proud laugh. “You obviously are in great need of an ass whooping, nobody sticks their nose in my business without paying for it later!” Kevin laced his fingers together, cracking each one, while circling Shawn, raising his fists.

Shawn glanced over at a very frightened Mimi and told her to get her stuff and go stand over by his Yukon with Belle. Taking his opportunity, Kevin threw a punch to an unsuspecting Shawn, hitting him directly over the right eye, flinging his head over his left shoulder.

Completely unimpressed with Kevin’s fighting skills, Shawn righted himself back up, and held his hands out in front of him, palm side up, ignoring the screams coming from the two girls. “Is that all you got?” Shawn chuckled, “My mama can hit harder then that!” Enraged, Kevin charged him, attempting to wrap his arms around Shawn’s waist. Moving to the side, Kevin missed him and Shawn backed towards the front of the truck.

Spinning around, Kevin slowly walked towards Shawn, with his fists clenched at his sides. As he came within Shawn’s reach, Shawn quickly reached around the back of his neck, and slammed his head down on the hood of his truck, busting his nose wide open.

Stepping back to give him some room, Shawn waited for Kevin’s next move, taunting him a little, “You want some more, lil girl?” Kevin stuttered backwards grasping for his bearings, blood dripping down his face from the gash along the bridge of his nose. Focusing on Shawn, Kevin moved towards him, attempting a right hook.

Fully prepared and seeing his lazy fist coming, Shawn grabbed his arm and flung it away, throwing his own right hook, landing it squarely along Kevin’s jaw line, two teeth flying from his mouth, as he fell to ground with a <<thud>>. “Hee hee, I thought you were gonna give me an ass whoopin?” Shawn leaned over his broken body, “Whatsamatter…the woman beater spilled a little blood and can’t take a beating?” Shawn laughed a little more, “Buddy, you fell harder then a sack of potatoes!”

Kevin looked up from his spot on the pavement, holding his jaw in place with an evil glare, as he listened to words that spilled from Shawn’s pursed lips, “No man should ever lay a hand on woman.” Shawn squatted next to Kevin and poked him in the chest with two solid fingers. “Got it pal?” He glanced at Belle and Mimi, “Now, pick your sorry self up, get in your ratty ass truck and leave. Mimi’s not going home with you tonight…or any other night!” Shawn walked him around to the driver side of his truck, throwing him inside, “And if you ever step foot on this property again, not only will I be waiting, but the Salem Police Department will be here as well!”

Shawn slammed the rickety door shut, and stepped away from the vehicle, hoping he wouldn’t have to call the police. Luckily, Kevin slowly drove away in peace, but Shawn had a feeling he hadn’t seen the last of the stupid, redneck fool. As he approached the ladies, Mimi flew into his arms, balling her eyes out.

Whimpering, Mimi pulled back looking at his eye, “…I’m so sorry…I…I…It was my fault, I…I never should have…” Belle pulled Mimi back and wrapped her arms around her.

“Shhhhh, honey, it’s not your fault. No one deserves to be hit or talked to the way he did with you!” Shawn’s dark, angry eyes softened as they met with Belle’s frightened blue orbs. Releasing one hand from Mimi’s back, Belle extended it to Shawn, needing to feel his touch as they listened to Mimi’s sob story.

“I met Kevin about a year ago, right after my father died in a car accident. He wasn’t al…always like th…that.” Mimi wiped her face with the bottom of her shirt. “He us…used to be sweet, and ca…caring. He got along great with my mom, and then one…one night, I caught him with another girl…” Mimi shrugged her shoulders, “It’s went downhill from there…”

Belle looked to Shawn, not knowing quite what to say, “Mimi, you don’t live with him, do you?” Shawn watched, as Mimi shook her head no, thankful that he wouldn’t have to confront the bastard again. “Good…” Glancing at his Yukon, he reached in his pocket for his keys, “Belle, take my car and get Mimi home. I’ve got to stay here and finish up with today’s cut. I should be done by the time you get back.” He kissed her on the forehead and glanced one more time at Mimi, “You take care of yourself,” he flashed her a cocky smirk as he walked towards the fields, “I need my star pitcher!”

Beyond excited, Mimi’s frown turned into a smile. She looked to Belle, hoping for some kind of confirmation that what Shawn had just said, really meant she was on the team. “He’s kidding right? I mean…is he sure…He really wants me…I’m sure there’s another girl…”

Belle’s giggles interrupted her mindless rambling, “Mimi, you’re an excellent pitcher, and Shawn can see that. Of course he wants you! And so do I…” Unlocking Mimi’s door, and pulling it open, Mimi gave Belle a big hug, hoping she knew just how much this meant to her.

As Belle walked around the vehicle and climbed in, she found Shawn standing behind the backstop of the closest field. Hearing the engine start up, he turned to wave at her as three of the assistant coaches approached him. Belle backed out of the parking space and sped off to take Mimi home, grateful for the wonderful man in her life.

Not two minutes down the road, Belle turned to look at her new friend, and found that she was fast asleep. Not wanting to wake her, she called Shawn on his cell, “Hey baby…yeah…we’re on our way…well…there’s a slight problem…she’s asleep and I don’t want to wake her up…great, thanks…” Belle waited for Shawn to find Mimi’s file and proceeded to tell her the address. “…I know where that is, it’s just down from Nicole’s mother’s house…Okay, I will…thanks honey, I’ll talk to you soon.” Pressing the end button on her cell phone, Belle tossed her phone back in her purse.

As she pulled into Mimi’s driveway, she softly called out Mimi’s name in hopes of awakening her gently from her slumber. “Mimi…Mimi…you’re home…” Mimi opened her eyes, with a brilliant smile across her face. “I’m going to come inside with you, I want to let your mother know what happened with Kevin.”

Hiding her eyes, Mimi looked down and away from Belle in embarrassment. She heard a small, meek, “…okay…” then reached over and grasped Mimi’s hand, giving her a reassuring smile. The two girls exited the vehicle and headed inside Mimi’s warm home, in search of her mother.

Arriving back at the park, pleased with the interaction with Mrs. Lockhart, Belle found the parking lot with only a few cars left. Checking all the fields, she found a few girls still practicing, but no Shawn. She searched inside the tent and found it completely empty. Noticing the posting on the announcement board, Belle walked towards it, curious as to who was cut.

As she was reading, trying to remember what girls were in her group, two strong, familiar hands snaked around her waist. “How did everything go?” She felt Shawn’s firm lips meet with the skin just below her earlobe, sending chills down her spine.

Belle turned in Shawn’s arms, to find an extremely painful looking shiner. “Awwww baby,” Belle reached her petite hand up just below his eye, “Does it hurt?” Shawn stuck his lower lip out, pretending to pout as he nodded his head up and down. “Well I know just what you need…a little bit of TLC from your own private nurse…” Belle bobbed her eyebrows up and down as she led Shawn to the truck, to take him home.

Chapter 21

“…So Mrs. Lockhart is going down to the station first thing in the morning, to get a restraining order against Kevin,” Belle concluded as she stepped into the hallway. She had moved from her spot on the couch, where she had been explaining to Shawn what had happened with Mimi’s mother, to grab a few things from the kitchen.

“Well that’s a relief…” Belle heard Shawn mutter as she tilted the frosty, glass mug to the side, and poured the contents of one of the 12 Miller Lite tall boys she had purchased on the way home. As the golden liquid packed with small, fizzy bubbles filled to the rim, a college memory surfaced before Belle’s eyes. Hoping she could still find it, Belle hurried to take Shawn an ice pack and his beer.

“Okay honey, make sure and leave this on your eye for at least twenty minutes before you take it off, then wait twenty more minutes and do it again…” Belle set the ice cold beer on the end table, next to Shawn’s recliner, and handed him the soft gel ice pack for his eye. She reached for the remote and placed it on the armrest, just within his reach, and placed an afghan across his lap. “…I’ll be right back…” Belle leaned down and kissed Shawn lightly on the lips, “I uhmm…need to get something from the house!”

She then turned and sauntered to the door, pausing to look over her shoulder at Shawn, with sultry eyes and provocative lips, “You’ll be okay for a few minutes…won’t you?” Belle winked at Shawn as he lowered his head and stuck his lower lip out, pouting.

“I don’t think I’ll make it without you by my side…” As with every man, Shawn was being the biggest baby, scarfing for any and all the attention he could muster, “…with me being all weak and everything…what if I need to go to the bathroom…or…or I need another ice pack?” A sly, hidden smirk crossed his face as Belle rolled her eyes, while shaking her head and headed to the main house in search of her surprise.

Belle knew as much as he didn’t want to admit it, his eye really did hurt. She hoped that the painkiller she had given him helped, but she knew exactly what would take his mind off the swollen right brow, if only she could find it.

Climbing up into the attic, Belle searched as quickly and thoroughly as she could, stopping every so often as she found old memorabilia from her mother’s modeling days. Finally, after going through what seemed like every box, crate and container, she found it. Rapidly opening the box, Belle pulled out the white material and headed downstairs, praying that it still fit.

Stopping by her room, to grab a few more things, Belle packed a small bag, placing her surprise in the bottom. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, her cell phone started ringing. “Hello…” she licked her lips as she listened to the sexy words that came across the speaker, “…Why Mr. Brady…are you being a bad little patient?” She listened a little bit more, “…that’s it, you’re going to get a spanking when I get back…alright, well you’d better…okay see you in a minute…”

Belle smiled at the phone and hugged it to her chest, as a lopsided grin spread across her lips. Exiting out the sliding glass door, Belle skipped around to the back of the guesthouse and quietly entered with her spare key. Hearing the TV blaring from the living room, she crept silently into the spare bedroom and changed clothes.

As Belle stepped into the living room, she tilted her head to the side, and sighed. Before her, laid back in the leather recliner, was Shawn, fast asleep, with a gentle smile planted on his face. Debating whether to wake him or not, Belle crept a little closer, and delicately place a kiss on his forehead.

Deciding to let him sleep a little longer, Belle turned and headed back to the kitchen to start something for dinner, but as she rounded the corner, she heard the wickedest cat call that had ever crossed her ears. Turning, while biting her lower lip, she found Shawn sitting straight up, his mouth hanging open and eyes bulging out. ’Oh…well…I guess he’s awake now’

Shawn didn’t know if he was dreaming or if Belle really was standing before him, dressed as one of the sexiest nurses he’d ever seen. Covering her legs, were sheer, white thigh high stockings, accentuating each and every sexy curve of her long, luscious legs. The small nurse’s dress, coming just below her ass, had only the three middle buttons buttoned, displaying her over developed cleavage, as well as creating the temptation to find out what was underneath, if there was anything at all. Pinned atop her head was a small little triangle cap that Shawn planned on leaving just where it was, however the rest of her outfit didn’t stand a chance.

With a smirk, Belle pursed her lips together and sauntered over towards Shawn, “So…how’s my patient doing?” Belle held her wrist along Shawn forehead, placing her chest right at eye level, causing Shawn’s heart rate to quicken. “My, my Mr. Brady, you are soooo hot…” Belle’s hand seductively slid down the side of his face, stopping along his chest. Her captivating voice rang within Shawn’s head, paralyzing him from the neck down.

Belle knelt between his legs, bringing her face inches from his, letting her warm breath, beat against his face. “Tell me where it hurts,” Belle’s eyes darkened to a hazy, gray as she leaned forward, brushing her soft lips against each cheek, “and I’ll kiss it…and make it better…” Numerous thoughts filled Shawn’s mind, starting with which body part he wanted healed first, as Belle fingers started underneath the hem of Shawn’s shirt.

Raising her passion filled eyes to his chocolate glazed orbs, she patiently waited to hear his voice. Fighting to move his arm, Shawn finally squeaked out, “Here,” and slowly pointed to his twitching lips. Pleased with his first choice, Belle started her decline, with an angelic expression on her face.

As their lips neared, Belle paused briefly, letting her tongue tease and torment the outside of Shawn’s mouth, kissing along the edges of his top lip and moving on to the bottom. Her tongue ran along the ridges of his entryway, pulling his lower lip fully into her mouth and suckling it. Releasing it, she pressed her lips softly against his, sneaking her tongue in his mouth, letting their tongues tango to the beat of their hearts.

Pulling back with satisfaction written smugly all over his face, Shawn gazed down at Belle’s perfectly rounded swells, bursting from the top of her dress. With both hands, he pointed to her chest. Giggling, Belle shook her head no, “How do you know they hurt?” She playfully slapped away his hands, “…I’m waiting…” Belle cocked her head to the side, and slid her tongue through her lips, wetting her magic healing tools, slowly and seductively.

Shawn swallowed the large lump in his throat, as he tried to catch his breath. Never before had he experienced any kind of role playing before, and he liked it…no he loved it and it he wasn’t careful, he might not be able to live without it. Ready for more, he pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his well-defined chest and immaculate abs. As the growing smirk crossed Shawn’s lips, his hands began to move upwards, finally stopping at his neck, deciding to let Belle have a taste of his entire body.

As Shawn reclined the chair back, they heard sounds coming from behind the front door. Shawn quickly unfolded the afghan he had previously dropped on the floor, and pulled Belle up into the chair with him, covering them both up, “Pretend to be asleep…” Shifting in the chair to allow Belle to slid in beside him, they both closed their eyes just in time for the front door to open.

Stumbling drunk, laughing and shhheeshhing each other, Jason and Nicole came bounding in the living room, stopping when they saw the couple, cuddled up together. “Awwwww, how cuuuutteee,” Placing her hands on Jason’s chest, Nicole attempted to whisper into Jason’s ear, “…Let’ss snott disssturbbb theeemm…shhhhh,” Nicole put her finger to her lips and started towards the hallway, letting Jason lead the rest of the way.

Upon hearing a door close, Shawn opened one eye, checking to make sure they were gone. Feeling Belle’s body shaking, he turned to look at her. She was silently laughing uncontrollably and he was afraid she might burst, in turn causing him to loose his control as well. With a wide smile, he jumped up, and led Belle to his room, hoping to continue what Belle had previously just started.

Chapter 22-Rated NC-17

After attempting to stifle their giggles, Belle moved towards Shawn’s unmade bed and patted a spot for him to sit down. “Mr. Brady, I do believe you need to be in bed…why don’t you come over here…” Shawn’s mouth dropped open as a wink escaped her eye, “…and let me finish taking care of my patient?” Belle crooked her finger, drawing him in with her dark, electric blue eyes.

Unable to fight off the vixen’s temptations, Shawn took step after step, without hesitation, towards the majestic blonde waiting to please him. As he started to climb up onto the pillow top mattress, Belle stopped him, reaching for his belt, “Let’s get you a little more comfortable…” With a sexy, half grin, Belle undid his buckle, unsnapped his pants and let them drop to the floor, with one swift movement.

Watching his pants fall, Shawn jerked his head back up with a surprised expression paining his face. As cockiness overtook embarrassment, Shawn reached for Belle, and flipped her onto the bed, crawling up next to her. “I don’t think that was very professional…” He smothered her body with his, letting his left leg fall in between hers, as his lips engulfed her mouth, “However…it was…incredibly… erotic…”

Shawn’s hands were everywhere, trying to learn and memorize every inch of Belle’s human form. Feeling the soft silken skin was almost too much for him to bear. His third leg was throbbing and pulsing just thinking about the hot body below him and that she was more then willing to make his dreams come true…he could feel it in his heart.

Rolling off of her, Shawn lay back against the pillows and pulled Belle into his arms. Resting her head on his chest, her mind started racing on the many techniques she was going to use to “relax” him. Starting with little kisses all over his chest, Belle slowly moved up to his neck, licking and nipping just behind his ear.

Goose bumps arose all over Shawn’s body as the soft intimate actions, caused an overload to his senses. He closed his eyes as he felt her velvet lips cross over the sensitive areas of his skin, creating a whirlwind of butterflies in his stomach.

As Belle moved away from him, he immediately missed the heat from her body. Opening his eyes rapidly, he saw that she had carefully crawled over him and was now standing beside his bed. Sensing the mischief in her eyes, he gazed back at her curiously, as his classic smirk grew across his lips.

“Okay Mr. Brady, just lie back and relax…” Belle fluffed up a pillow and repositioned it as behind his head, positioning her cleavage right below his nose. “…I’m gonna take…real…good…care of you.” Belle drug a finger down his chest, reaching the waistline of his briefs and slid one crimson painted fingernail inside the elastic band. “But…I think these need to come off.”

Pleased to oblige, Shawn slid them down and off his legs, then tossed them across the room, to a pile of clothes on the floor. As Shawn leaned back again, Belle’s lips parted slightly, trying to remember to breathe. Taking in the godliness of her boyfriend’s masculinity, a tingly sensation surged throughout her body, as drops of wetness collided between her legs. His well defined six pack, the perfect curvature of his hips, thighs and legs, his bulging biceps, were all her eyes could handle.

Fighting to not pounce on him, Belle continued with her plan of seduction, starting with his feet. Sensually running her long, curvaceous finger nails up his legs, ever so lightly, feeling his body twitch and then relax a little. Upon reaching the bend at the top of his legs, she glided over his hips and started up his chest, hoping to relax every organ in his body, then continued on with his arms.

As she reached his hands, Shawn couldn’t stand it a moment longer. Grabbing her at the wrists, his eyes popped open and locked on hers, silently telling her that he was in control now. His darkened brown sockets were on a mission and Belle wasn’t about to stop them.

Swinging his legs down along the sides of the bed, he pulled Belle to stand between them. He slid his hands up the fine, silky material of her hose, climbing up to find her ass completely bare. Raising both eyebrows, Shawn was delighted with Belle’s surprise. Pulling her even closer, he flipped the front part of the dress up, to display the perfect strip of well-groomed curls, just above her moist folds.

Suddenly, not willing to wait another moment, he stood and turned around behind her, bending her over the bed, with her skirt bunched up around her waist. Reaching for her hips with one hand, he guided himself to her, plunging inside her naturally lubricated cavern with great force. Hearing her gasp, only made it that much better.

Tightening and clenching the muscles that surrounded his delicate pole, Belle concentrated on giving him the most intense pleasure imaginable. In turn, Shawn steadied his pace, ensuring to push himself as far into her as possible, keeping his thrusts even and balanced. Sighs, gasps and moans only fueled his sense to hit it harder and faster.

With one hand on her lower abdomen, his other hand crept up to three buttons, holding the dress on her body. Unfastening them caused her breasts to spill out into his hand, freeing them from the constraining fabric. Dropping the dress to the floor, he ravaged each breast with both hands, massaging and tweaking her nipples causing Belle to fly over the edge of ecstasy.

He felt her body convulse as he continued to pump inside her. His hormones were at a peak of their own and he had no intention of stopping. Quickly pulling out, he rolled Belle over and reentered her, wrapping her legs around his waist. Reluctant to leave her breasts, his hands slid down to her hips for more leverage as his thrusts quickened.

Reaching underneath her legs, Belle’s hands sought out Shawn’s family jewels. Finding them, she rolled them around in her fingertips, watching Shawn’s eyes close and him swallow the huge lump that had formed in his throat. Grunts and groans escaped his lips as the soft tentacles, massaged his balls into oblivion.

Deciding to change positions yet again, Shawn pulled Belle’s legs up and over his shoulders. Grabbing her hips, they crossed into the final stretch of their ongoing tryst in the sheets. Shawn let out a huge moan as he pulled her to him, in one final plunge. Feeling her nails dig into his skin, and seeing her eyes widen, he knew she had just cum along with him. Closing his eyes, he let his head fall forward and enjoyed the numbing sensations flowing throughout his body.

Shawn slowly slid out of the warm, damp cavity his manhood had been vacating for the last little while and pulled Belle up to him for a deep passionate kiss, that reached to the depths of their souls. Breaking for air, Belle hugged her naked breasts to his bare chest, in an intimate embrace, then gazed into his warm, loving eyes, “I’ll be right back…”

Shawn watched as the amazing woman left his arms, reached for one of Shawn’s t-shirts from the floor and slid it over her head, then crossed the room, to disappear through the doorway, leaving the door cracked behind her. With a smile engraved on his face, he proceeded to straighten the sheets and crawl into warm inviting bed, to wait for his beautiful lover.

As Belle attempted to close the bathroom door, Nicole rushed in behind her, dressed only in Jason’s Mariners Jersey. Not realizing she was there, Nicole immediately started searching through the vanity drawers and was startled, seeing Belle’s reflection in the mirror, “OH MY GOD, you scared the shit out of me!!” Nicole nearly jumped out of her skin.

Busting out laughing, Belle calmly opened the bottom drawer, and pulled out a box of condoms, handing one to Nicole. “They’re down here if you need them, we won’t be using them…” Not waiting for Belle to finish her explanation, Nicole sprinted out of the bathroom and back into the second bedroom. Giggling, Belle finished her business in the bathroom and made her way back to Shawn, ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Chapter 23-Rated R for language

Belle awoke abruptly to the sound of loud voices coming from outside Shawn’s door. Looking for the clock, she noticed that the warm, protective body she had slept so soundly with last night, was no where to be seen. As the voices got louder, she completely forgot about the time, and crawled out of bed to see what all the screaming was about.

As she opened the door, she found Shawn and Jason, both standing in their boxers, Shawn obviously very pissed, “…I mean…what the fuck Jason? Can’t you two have sex like normal human beings? Why the hell did you have to bring it out here?” Belle watched as Shawn ran his hands through his messy bed hair, then looked down, shaking his head at something on the floor. “…You’re just going to have to buy John a new one…”

Belle looked past where Shawn and Jason were standing to see part of the kitchen table, the part that normally folded down, broken off and lying on the floor. “Come on dude, how was I supposed to know the table folded down?” Jason was attempting to defend his and Nicole’s actions, when he noticed Belle standing behind them, with her arms folded comfortably across her chest and a huge smirk on her face.

Passing by Jason, Belle gave him a quick slap on the ass, “Nice work, Welles…” Belle winked at him and then turned, giving Shawn a brilliant smile and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Good morning baby…” She whispered as she pressed her lips to his for a quick, yet steamy kiss. Ignoring the broken table, Belle stepped over the mess on the floor and started rummaging through the cupboards for a clean coffee mug, “Where’s Nicole?”

As if on cue, Nicole came stumbling out of the bedroom, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and headed straight for the coffee pot, “What’s wrong with them?” Nicole asked with a sarcastic glance at the two boys, who were standing side by side, stunned and speechless, staring at Belle.

Giggling, Belle glanced over at Shawn and then Jason, as she leaned back against the counter, sipping her coffee. Through a smirk, Belle explained, “Well it seems that last night, you and Jason got a little crazy on the table.” Belle nodded towards the floor, as Nicole opened her eyes wide with surprise, “and Shawn here, was berating Jason for not keeping your sex normal and for breaking the leaf.” Belle shrugged her shoulders as she turned around to fill up Nicole’s mug, “…at least that’s what I think was going on when I came into the kitchen.”

Trying to extinguish the urge to laugh, Nicole reached for the refrigerator door handle, in search of some cream when Belle’s cell phone started ringing from the living room. Setting her mug down, Belle darted through the kitchen and disappeared into the other room. As the ringing stopped, they heard a shrill scream and rushed to her side, everyone completely forgetting about the broken table. Upon entering the living room, Shawn slammed on the brakes, as Belle's radiant eyes and dazzling smile came into view, causing Nicole and Jason to run smack into his back.

“…OH MY GOD…So where are you now? Uh huh, yeah…uh huh…twenty minutes? Okay we’ll see you there…Bye!” Belle stopped pacing as she closed her cell phone. When she turned to head back to the kitchen, she was faced with three inquisitive faces, “What?” Seeing as how their expressions demanded to know what the phone call was all about, she immediately explained, “That was Sami, she’s gonna meet us at the fields!”

Jason and Shawn stepped back as the two girls rushed past them, and into the bathroom, to prepare for their day. Not fifteen minutes later, both girls came out, fully showered and ready to go. Jason rubbed his eyes with balled fists, as he glanced back and forth between Shawn and the girls, “Damn…what’d you two do, take a shower together?” With a slight smirk forming on his face, he winked at Shawn, “I think these girls must have set a record or something!” Both boys busted out in laughter as the girls glared at them and hurried out to the car.

Just as the door was about to click shut, Belle stuck her head back in, “We’ll meet you two at the field,” and quickly pulled the door to, not waiting for a reply or an objection. Stunned, yet amused the two finished watching SportsCenter and took turns in the bathroom, then made their way down to the fields for the third day of tryouts.

As Shawn and Jason arrived at the ballpark, the sun was just starting to rise, the dew on the freshly cut grass was glistening across the four outfields and the air smelled ever so sweet. Some of the girls that had arrived early were lingering along the backstop of the closest field, stretching and chatting with one another, patiently waiting for the next to the last day of tryouts to start. Stepping from his vehicle, Shawn wondered where Belle was hiding. Deciding to check the tent first, he and Jason made their way down the hill.

As they came through the flaps of the canvas covering, Shawn immediately recognized the sweet sound of his girlfriend’s voice. “…so where are you guys staying? Surely you aren’t going to be at the motel for too long?” Sitting at a table in the far right corner, were three gorgeous blondes. The one that he assumed to be Sami, had her back to him.

Deciding not to disturb them, Shawn crossed the area to the signup table, and proceeded to print out the current list of applicants and another set of summary sheets for each player. Jason, however, was all about the ladies and didn’t hesitate to join them at their table.

“Good Morning, Ladies!” Jason took a seat next to Nicole and draped his arm across the back of her chair. “You are all looking very lovely this beautiful Thursday morning!” He glanced at Nicole and winked at her then smiled at Belle, finally resting his gaze on Sami. “You must be Sami! I’ve heard all about you from Nicole and Belle…” Jason stuck his hand out, “I’m Jas….”

“…son Welles…I know. You play second base for the Seattle Mariners.” Sami didn’t hesitate to interrupt the arrogant man, as she rolled her eyes. “My cousin plays professional baseball too.” Hesitating, a sly half grin formed across her painted lips, “Funny…I didn’t realize it until just now…but, you ball players are all the same…” She was hoping to get a rise out of him. Truthfully, Nicole had filled her in about Jason’s attitude and Sami had jumped on the idea of squashing his ego. “…arrogant, self absorbed, conceited womanizers!”

Taken back a bit, Jason tried reading Sami’s disposition. Letting Sami’s words fly straight over his head, he chuckled and shrugged his shoulders, “Well honey, you’ve apparently never met my buddy Shawn, he’s played ball since diapers and he’s nothing like that. Just ask Belle here.” His hand was held out in front of the petite blonde, as her entire face flushed a bright red.

Pleased that he diverted the attention on Belle, he leaned back with a cheshire grin, as Sami drilled her slightly younger half sister. “So…why is it you know what Shawn’s like?” Sami’s blue eyes were dancing with electricity, as she folded her hands in front of her, waiting to hear Belle’s explanation.

“Because she’s been seeing me for the last few days…” Shawn had over heard the last portion of the conversation, and he felt the need to intervene. “Most people…” Shawn leaned over and gave Belle a quick kiss on the lips, “…that spend a lot of time together, know things like that.” As his eyes drifted from one set of blue orbs to another, his heart stopped. When he had joined the table, he had come up from behind Sami and rounded the table, heading straight for Belle.

He slowly stood from his bent over position, as he realized just who “Sami” was. A smile crossed his face as he rounded the table with outstretched arms. “My god, it’s been years…” He embraced Sami in an enormous bear hug. “You look great, Sami!”

Realizing the rest of the table was in complete silence, Shawn and Sami turned to the questioning stares of their friends. Glancing at each other, they wondered how they were going to explain their relationship.

Chapter 24

After giving it much thought, Belle broke the unbearable silence, “Shawn…” He glanced her way as her small curious voice cut through the thick tension that seemed to be rising up all around them. “How long has it been since you’ve seen your cousin?” The genuine smile helped Shawn to relax a little.

“Cousin?” Jason scrunched his face up, thoroughly confused as to how Belle had come to that conclusion. “What makes you think…” Suddenly, a statement Sami had said earlier, popped into his head, ’My cousin plays professional baseball too’. Grinning from ear to ear, as if he’d just discovered electricity, a light bulb went off in his head, “…Ohhhhhhhhh, your cousssiiiinnnn…”

Nicole was still sitting there stunned, “Wait, hold on…I don’t get it! If you two are cousins, how come Belle and I’ve never seen you before?” Frustrated that she was the only one that didn’t understand, she threw her hands up in the air in exasperation. “Belle and I have been friends with Sami for years and you’re baseball loving, bad ass little self never bothered to show up for any of our games!” Then turning to Sami, she tore into her as well, “…and how come you never mentioned that you had such a hottie for a cousin…that played professional baseball?”

Both Sami and Shawn chuckled at the flustered blonde, whose feathers were all ruffled up. “My parents lived in Chicago up until a year ago. Other then for a few holidays, and the two times I came to visit my parents, I really haven’t ever been to Salem. Plus, when I was about 12, my parents sent me off to boarding school, and I really didn’t spent much time with any family after that. Sometimes, people would come visit me, but my main focus was baseball, and making it to the majors. However, staying in the majors was a different story. Considering my knee still hasn’t healed to the satisfaction of the team doctors, here I am!” He glanced at Belle, “And to answer your question,” he took a quick look at Sami, then turned back to Belle. “I guess it’s been about five years…Sami came and watched me play when she first moved to California.”

Nodding in agreement, Sami continued, “I remember that…I was four months pregnant and you insisted that Lucas and I come. You played one hell of a game…it was against the…Rangers, wasn’t it?” Shawn grinned and nodded his head, as Sami looked at Belle. “Shawn hit a grand slam that game and then somehow got the ball back, and signed and gave it to me. He said it would be his gift to my unborn child.” Sami started giggling, “Will still has that ball to this day.”

Amused at the entire situation, Belle looked down at her watch, and realized it was after 8:00 AM. “Not to disrupt the trip down memory lane, but it’s after 8, Shawn. I doubt any of those guys out there have a clue as to what you want them to do today.” Belle stood from her chair, as did the others, “I think today is probably pretty critical, considering tomorrow, you make the final roster for the team.”

Nodding his head, he hugged Sami once again, “I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other now. I’m glad you came…we needed a good catcher!” Shawn gave her an ironical smirk as Belle hooked her arm through his, smiling at her half sister. “I have the girls divided into five groups, which will probably change to three after the cut tonight, but I’ll go ahead and put you down for Belle’s group for now.” Shawn jotted Sami’s name down the master list, “Go ahead and follow Jason out and we’ll be out in a few minutes.” Sami nodded and winked at Belle, then turned and followed Jason and Nicole through the tarp covered entrance.

Shawn cautiously turned to Belle, in hopes that her telling smile earlier was sincere. Seeing the worry and longing in his eyes, she immediately stepped closer and into his arms. “You know for a second there, I thought you were beginning to think the worst…” He began to justify himself when her lips came crashing down on his, silencing his explanation, reassuring him that everything was okay.

Coming up for air, Shawn looked deep in to her shimmering pools of aquamarine, and knew that he had nothing to worry about. He honestly wondered what he had done to deserve someone as wonderful and insightful as Belle. He prayed that he wouldn’t do anything stupid to ruin their relationship, for just moments ago, he realized, she was the one and he silently swore to make her, his…forever.

Unbeknownst to Belle, Shawn had a plan concocting in his head. In a matter of seven days, he had fallen head over heals in love with her and had no intention of ever letting her go. If everything went as planned, soon he would tell her and anyone else that would listen, just how much he cared for this beautiful woman. Reaching for her hand, with a wink and a smile that would light up the entire stat of Texas, he started towards the exit of the tent, “Alright, let’s go weed out our girls…”

Thursday’s tryouts went remarkably well. With Jason’s help, Shawn was able to move from group to group, so he could watch and observe all of the girls and their level of athletic abilities, ball handling, hitting, and attitudes. He had quite a few promising aspects; he just needed one more day to make his final decision.

As the day came to a close, Shawn pulled each assistant aside, handing them, yet another set of evaluation sheets for each girl. “I only want the best…I won’t except anything but the best.” He looked around that the men with a solemn expression on his face, visibly displaying the seriousness of the situation and the fact that he was not kidding. “I reserve the right to override any and all of your choices if need be…but I have faith that you will all pick the ones that will best suit our team.”

Leaving them to their pens and their thoughts, Shawn stepped outside the tent in search of Belle. His heart skipped a beat as he found the luscious blonde, lounging back on the bleachers, with her eyes closed, basking in the setting sun. The warm rays were quenching her worn out body with a heat massage, relaxing her sore muscles. In the field in front of her, Mimi, Nicole and Sami were practicing pitching, and throwing a runner out at second, that was trying to advance a base.

Pleased with the extra efforts the girls were making, his worries were suspended as his mind confirmed what he originally knew, He had the start of a very strong infield. All he needed now was a top-notch first and third baseman and a few more solid pitchers and he’d have a complete infield. However, the outfield was a different story. He had oodles of girls that could stop and/or catch the ball and quickly get it to their cutoff, hell, they could hustle better then some of the guys on his pro team, the only problem was…the majority of them couldn’t hit worth a shit.

So far, he knew each of his previously picked infielders could crack the ball with the best of them. He even had a few girls that could knock it over the fence, unfortunately, these girls couldn’t field a ball to save their life. In three days, they’d already had three busted chins, tons of battered and bruised shins, arms and ankles, a broken finger and a sprained thumb…But what was worse? Having fielders that couldn’t hit or hitters that couldn’t field? ”Hey Brady…” He was jerked from his thoughts as he heard a female voice taunt him from the diamond.

“How’s about you wake up from your day dreaming and come hit us some grounders?” Nicole was smacking her glove with her fist, egging Shawn on to try and get one past her. “Isabella, get your lazy butt up and come field some balls!” Turning to see Shawn standing behind her, she gave him a loving smile and slid on her batting glove, velcroing it in place.

As Belle passed through the opening in the fence, she grabbed her glove from its resting position along the top and decided to play along with Nicole’s playful manner. “Yeah come on Mr. Brady…let’s see if you still got what it takes!” Charging the field, Belle took her position between second and third to await Shawn’s first hit.

Shaking his head with a smirk, Shawn sighed and stepped onto the field, grabbing Belle’s Easton Connextion as he made his way to the batter’s box. “So you guys want some, do you?” His classic smirk displayed every ounce of the boyish cockiness he possessed. Seeing the grins on their faces and all of their heads nodding, Shawn readied himself for Mimi’s first pitch.

Whiff…Shawn’s eyes opened wide as the pain tore up his calf, through his knee, and into his thigh. Dropping the bat to ground, he reached for his knee with both hands, applying pressure in attempts to subdue the agonizing torture. Closing his eyes to prevent the pain filled tears from escaping, Shawn slowly moved to a sitting position, as Belle rapidly approached him with panic filled eyes. “Oh my god…Shawn…are you okay?”

Chapter 25

The moonlight shown in through University Hospital’s waiting room windows, as if it was laughing at the worrisome occupants, pacing back and forth in front of the glass panes. Shawn had been taken back and into immediate surgery over two hours ago and Belle’s patience was about to expire. No one had seen or heard from a doctor, or a nurse for that matter, since he had disappeared behind the swinging metal doors.

Exasperated and fed up with the waiting, Belle made her way up to the information desk, and as politely as possible, requested to speak with a doctor or a nurse in regards to Shawn Brady. “I’m sorry, unless you are family, we can’t release any information to you. Are you family?”

“No…I’m not, I’m his girlfriend. I’ve been here for over two hours,” Belle used her fingers to demonstrate the significance of her wait, “…and haven’t heard anything and I’d really like to know what’s going on!” Folding her arms, arrogantly over her chest, she stood staring at the insolent smirk, plastered across the plump ladies face.

Shaking her head, she responded to Belle, “I’m sorry miss, but it’s against hospital policy. I can’t tell you anything unless you are family,” then went back to her busy work, ignoring the rage that had finally overtaken the fiery, petite blonde.

Belle was now beyond pissed, she had never in her life been treated this way and it was not going to start now. As she was about to step around the counter and teach this contemptuous, over-weight, snotty, know-it-all a thing or two about messing with a Black, the waiting room door burst open and in came a couple, whom she presumed to be the Brady’s. Never meeting them, she could only assume as to who they were, which wasn’t very hard, considering the male figure drew a striking resemblance to Shawn.

Seeing her father intercept them, confirmed her original thought as to their identity. Giving the nurse a sarcastic glare, she made her way past a sleeping Mimi, Nicole and Jason, across the room to the Brady’s, in hopes that they would be able to find something out regarding her beloved Shawn.

Sensing someone coming, Hope looked up and immediately noticed Belle approaching. Pushing her way through the two verbally engrossed men, Hope’s arms wrapped around Belle’s tiny body in a motherly hug. “You must be Belle…Shawn talks about you constantly…” Pulling back to really look at her son’s girlfriend, she smiled, “John was right, you are the spitten image of Marlana, you’re absolutely gorgeous!”

Looking down at the orange softball dirt that covered her clothes, a warm, light blush crept upon her cheeks at Mrs. Brady’s forwardness. She smiled a grateful grin, “Thank you Mrs. Brady…”

Waving her finger in front of Belle’s face, Hope nixed the Mrs. Brady stuff right then and there, “Uh, Uh, Uh…call me Hope, after all, you are dating my son…MY SON!!” Hope’s eyes opened wide with panic; “Do you know how he is doing?” Fear overcame the porcelain face of Hope Brady as she realized she had momentarily forgotten about her son.

Reaching for Hope’s hand, Belle led her towards the information desk, explaining the previous encounter with the stuck up receptionist. Aghast at the rudeness of the over zealous woman, Hope took it upon herself to take care of the situation. Her piercing hazel colored eyes were filled with determination as she approached the tidy nurse’s counter, with Belle following in her wake.

Folding her hands calmly across the smooth, off white surface, she cleared her throat to grasp the attention of the before mentioned, egotistical woman. “Uhm, excuse me, but I’m looking for someone that could give me some information regarding Shawn Brady?” Trying to read the woman’s expression, Hope turned to Belle, then back at the stunned lady, who seemed surprised to see the young blonde again.

Pursing her lips together, the lady began, “As I told this young lady earlier, only family members are privileged with any information regarding our patients.” Looking away from Hope, as if finished with their conversation, the lady began mumbling obscenities under her breath as she shuffled loose papers around her desk.

Raising an eyebrow at the words and actions coming from this woman, Hope was now extremely burned up. Her baby may not ever be able to play ball again and she had the audacity to talk down to her as if she was just some story hungry newspaper reporter digging for information for a top story. Slamming her fist down on the counter, she quickly corrected the mislead woman.

“Listen here…” Hope looked down at the lady’s name tag, “…Cynthia!” Her now turned steely gray eyes met back with the agitated female staff member’s, who was now shifting uncomfortably in her swivel chair. “I’ll have you know, that I am family of Shawn Brady. In fact, I’m his mother! I want to know where he is, what’s going on with him and why no one in this room has been notified of his status! He has been gone for entirely too long for no one to have let us know something

Hope glanced at blonde haired, blue eyed beauty standing behind her and almost lost it as she saw the smirk gracing Belle’s lips. “And while you are checking into my son’s whereabouts, you add Isabelle Black to whatever list you have to, because if she comes and requests information regarding Shawn Brady again, I expect you and everyone else here to tell her whatever she wants to know! You are to never, ever disrespect this young lady again …or I’ll have your job!”

Sitting in the chairs, directly in front of the desk, Belle watched as the flustered raven-haired woman, fumbled with a phone, dialing all kinds of numbers, in hopes for some answers. Hope had really shaken her up and it was just what she deserved. Belle glanced over at the woman she had just met, and suddenly realized where the peppery “go get um” attitude in Shawn came from. She reached for her hand and squeezed it tight, as she realized that they were going to get along just fine.

As soon as the woman hung up the phone, she contiguously approached the two rigid women, awaiting any news regarding their loved one. “Mr. Brady is in recovery and will be moved to Room 357 upon waking up.” Turning quickly on her heel in hopes to make a quick department, Hope stopped her.

“Not so fast…where is the doctor…or even the surgeon? I’d like a word with either one of them immediately. I want to know how much damage was done to his knee and if the injury was…wait a minute…why am I telling you all this?” Hope placed both hands on her hips as two strong hands slid around her waist. Recognizing the familiarity of Bo, she calmed a bit, “Would you please call the doctor and request that he meet us in Shawn’s room?” The sarcasm dripped off her tongue, like melting butter.

Saying that and not waiting for an answer, Hope led her husband and John upstairs to wait in Shawn’s assigned room. Belle straggled behind, to let Mimi, Nicole and Jason know that Shawn was out of surgery and was being moved to a private room. She promised to call them as soon as she talked to Shawn.

As the elevator doors parted, the classic hospital smell overwhelmed her senses, creating horrible memories of visiting her mother during her last few days. As she stepped off the vertical car, she suppressed the saddening recollections and looked for any sign of her father or Shawn’s parents. Not seeing either, she read a sign directing her to go left for room numbers 300-375.

349…351…353…355…finally…357. Upon reaching Shawn’s assigned room, Belle heard voices coming from within. Unable to clearly hear and understand what was being said, she knocked lightly and pushed the door open. “…His previous ACL surgery had not totally healed, and with him swinging as hard as he did, without wearing his brace, he totally destroyed every bit of what was reconstructed…”