Friday, July 6 day-ahead Summary from Skye

Friday, July 6 day-ahead Summary from Skye

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Friday, July 6 day-ahead Summary from Skye

Friday, July 6th

It's a new Day In Salem

carrie and Austin in bed
she is thinking about being in bed kissing rafe
and she smiles
she gets out of bed
Austin says whats the hurry come back to bed

Madison is on the phone calling Brady
she leaves him a message
he stayed out all night
she is worried
she leaves the hotel room

brady is in some bathroom
looking at the cocaine
then he throws it on the floor

Nicole and Dan in bed kissing
he says you are the sexiest pregnant woman i have ever seen
she says i bet you say that to all the girls
he says do you think thats a line?
She says i havent been playing hard to get
he admires that she dont play around
she says we dont need to play games this is what it is nothing more
ok way too much talking before my morning coffee
he says ill get you some coffee right now
she says im pretty sure
you were in the middle of something before this conversation started
more kissing
knock at the door
its rafe
he says you in there
she says hang on one second
she checks her face in the mirror
Dan doesnt look too happy

Ej is and Will are at the mansion
EJ says all this Dimera power isnt as glamourous as you though it was right ?
It just comes down to a big fat pile of paperwork
Will says well its important or you wouldnt be doing it
Ej says its important but its not interesting
do you have to stay right over my shoulder this entire time?
Will says i want to know the ins and outs of the dimera way of doing things
Ej says the ins and outs of the dimera way of doing things
well you seem to be dab hand at blackmail
so i see you have mastered the fundamentals
Will says knowledge is power
you knew something that allowed you to move me around like a chess piece and i know something about you that allows me to back you into a corner
Ej says word to the wise
your prey is at its most dangerous when ts backed into a corner

carrie says i have a big day , i have new case
and im so tired later
he wants her to come back to bed and talk to her
she says she doesn think talking is what he had in mind

nicole keeps checking herself out in the mirror
and she open the door a crack
says its a bad time im just getting dressed
he brought her vitamins
says are you ok
she says im fine cant invite you in
he says ej isnt giving you a hard time is he?
She says nothing like that
he says what is it then
Dan is listening in the bed

Will says i dont think of you as my prey our relationship has evolved a little bit
im not under your thumb anymore
Ej says you really think you have turned the tables on me dont you?
Will says no i think i levelled the playing field and just because i could blow you out of the water dont mean that i want to so dont worry
Ej says bravado is not a sign confidence, it demonstrates a lack thereof
Will says i just want to help you negotiate this tricky time in your life
EJ says you want to help me?
Thats very thoughtful of you
Will says i was thinking about when Rafe came here and was pushing you to take the lie detector test that was kind of an interesting turn of events dont you think?
EJ says i got a rather strong aura of deja vous another one of his idle threats
he knew it wasnt going to happen
Will says i think it is going to happen
EJ says why is that?
Will says as long as you refuse to take the test you are still a suspect in your fathers murder case
Ej says along with everyone else he has ever met
will says it
seems to me the kind of people you do business with and deal with
think they are dealing with stefanos son
cuz this is a family business, they think you are carrying on your fathers legacy
you share his vision an all that stuff
EJ says watch it ok
Will says the fact is
you being a murder suspect in your fathers case
makes them uncomfortable
it hurts the ability of dimera enterprises to move into the 21st century
so take the test and clear your name
unless you cant?
Ej says there are legal complexities that you can not begin to understand
why dont you take this and add it to the long list of things you dont understand
Will says if this gets out to rafe or anyone that you lied about being stefanos son
it will look bad for you and make you look as guilty as sin

mad visits Maggie
she tells her she cant find brady
never heard from him all night
they had a fight
Maggie says maybe he needed time to think
after they fought
mad says she thinks its her fault
she has been so defensive with him
maggie says Brady is an addict
she is dealing with an addict

brady is there cleaning up his cocaine from the floor
he thinks about sniffing it
then he washed in down the sink

nic says one of the secrets to pregnancy is mornings arent my friend
he says feeling sick again?
She says no Not feeling sociable
he says dont mean to interrupt
she says its sweet and
thanks him for the vitamins
i will call you latter
he says if you feel like it
she says it passes
he says you look great
she says i will call you
he leaves
she goes back into the room
dan says very funny
you seem pretty sociable to me before he showed up

Will says you think this is funny?
EJ says i think you are funny
and i suppose i understand your adolescent desires to prove your power over me
why the lie detector test?
why does that matter to you
Will says im the least of your problems
EJ says not sure if i agree with that
Will says i know you think im posturing
you think i dont see the big picture
here is what i do see
if you dont watch yourself
you will get arrested and end up in jail for stefanos murder
it doesnt matter if you are guilty or not
Ej says trust me im not going to jail im Innocent if that counts for anything in this town
Will says if you are innocent then why not take the test
Ej says there are all sorts of technical and legal complications of doing something like that , if i go in there
and rafe and his little band of merry men will try to use that test to pin something on me
Will says dont fall into it be careful about what you say
Ej says im not in the habit of giving the police ammunition
Will says they have all the ammunition they need, except for the card that i hold
Ej says dont mix metaphors please
Will says im saying what we both know is true,,,you are a dimera well
everyone thinks you are a Dimera
and you have the most to gain by stefanos death
all the other suspects are fine upstanding citizens
EJ says all of the suspects are in some way related to the bloody police commissioner Will says i know you are in a tough spot
and with rafe on the case isnt going to make things easier cuz he is highly motivated to take you down and he isnt going to give up easily
Ej says he is like a little bloody hamster
spinning his wheel
Will says yes he is going to get in your way
of everything you do
both as mayor and a co head of dimera Enterprises ,,if you take the test and pass it , he will have no choice but to back off
can you listen to me do you think the governor is going to let him keep focusing his investigation on you if you pass the test
EJ says maybe maybe you have a point maybe

Nicole says i had no idea he was coming over
so where were we
he says im not sure
she says is something wrong
he says i think i better get going
she says you didnt have to get going a few minutes ago
he says maybe i was under your spell now im coming to my senses
she says so want to get together later
he says ill see what happens at the hospital
she says ive never been known for being overly sensitive but i can see
there has been a mood change
naked to dressed in 30 secs speaks volumes
tell me what the problem is
dan says there is something you need to understand about me i have learned a few things this past year when i was with jennifer
2 guys one woman
never again
im no ones back up plan
she says i dont know what you mean
why do you think you are are a backup plan
what happened?
rafe brought me vitamins is that too racy for you, did i hurt your feelings?
Did you want me to invite him in and say look who i have here
what we have is private
he says my feelings arent hurt
when you order room service do you always look in the mirror and check your makeup
before you open the door?
She says yes im vain ii thought you knew that about me
he says this isnt a relationship people write poetry about but at least we had some honesty
now i dont know if we do
she says i have been 100 percent honest with you
he says its hard to do that when you arent n honest with yourself
ill see you around
he leaves

Madison says she doesnt understand what brady is going through
she doesnt know what it feels like for him
Maggie says thats cuz you are not an addict
Mad says i was worried he was using again
its hard when the person you love doesnt trust you
must be demoralizing for him
maggie says he comes with baggage
not sure that this is what brady is doing but i dont like the silent treatment
brady is still an addict
even if he is in recovery and thats not going to go away
never any guarantees
do you love him enough to be there for him
no matter what
brady comes in
says thats a very good question
Madison hugs him

rafe at the station with Spencer
says remember that arms deal
ej didnt know a damn thing about that
Billie thinks stefano was setting him up
he was up to something and EJ was out of it, there was a new will
something was going on
i dont know if ej kiled his father or not
but im going to get into that mansion and find out what happened that night and i want that lie detector test

Will says its aggood idea to take the test
and im in charge so i say you do it
so call rafe
Ej says let me make something very clear to you
what ever i decide to do thats my decision
regardless of what ever control you think you have over me

rafe says we know dimera had those bullets he wasnt going to throw them at anyone
spencer says he never registered a gun
if he had a gun it wasnt the murder weapon
and its probably at the bottom of the river now

cop comes in saying there is a lawyer out here wanting some info on some case
Spencer goes out to send him in
carrie comes in she looks at reafe
and she thinks about kissing him

dan is at the pub looking all sad
Nicole sees him through the window
and she comes in
and says she has coffee for him
and she wants to sit down

madi is glad to see brady
he says he is all right
maggie says they were worried about him
maggie leaves them alone
brady tells her he had a bad night last night
but he wants to know whether she loves him enough to put up with him no matter what
she says if you listened to my messages
last night you would know
he says he listened to all of them
she gets mad that he never called her
back and wants to know where the hell he was

rafe says i didnt know you were the lawyer
she says he just hired me
he asks what she needs
she says a lot of things
but she is there ot go over the report of the undercover cop who busted her client
she wants to talk to the cop
he says he will make an appointment
she says thats it
i will see you soon
he says you said we would stir clear of each other and it has been a day
what are we going to do
she says i have no idea
he says want to have a cup of coffee so we can talk about it

brady says i was having a rough night
i went to a place i though i would never go back to
but i came back and im alright
i came back because of you i dont want to lose you ,,i want my life back
last night is behind me and im done
im back
she says everything is not ok
not by a long shot

carrie and rafe go out to the square
and sit at a table
he says our plan to avoid one another isnt happening
she says i keep thinking about what you said yesterday
he says maybe i was out of line
she says no
you werent wrong
if its this hard for us to be apart
rafe says maybe what?
Austin comes by and watches them

EJ says you are out of your league
Will says even if they brought me up from tripe A this morning
i could still mess you up
Ej says do you love your mother William?
He says what does she have to do with this ?
EJ says everything
regardless of what i do regarding that polygraph , ill be watching you and if you decide to use any of this information
i will retaliate
and i can assure you it will be deadly

dan says are you following gme
he says she can sit down
she says i was going to call you to make an appointment
he says you look fine to me
she says i have this issue when ever im around you i forget to do things like breathing swallowing
he says ok oh my god
you are unbelievable
he laughs
says help me here
she says if you blow me off who is going to make you laugh
he says you are insane

brady says we had a fight
i got a craving again and i called maggie she wasnt here
i went and bought some coke
she says you wanted to get high?
you said Ian was slipping you drugs
thats not true is it?

rafe says sorry this is hard i dont want to make things harder for you
i need to keep my distance let you guys work things out
she says i never though it would be this hard
i know what i said i need to keep strong
im not sure i can do this
Austin comes over and says do what Carrie?

Spencer is at the office looking at Ejs picture
Ej comes in with Will and says good morning detective
i have changed my mind i decided to take your little lie detector test
Will is smiling proudly


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Thanks Skye and thanks Dorothy for posting it here

Finally watched the show. I can't believe how much I like Dan and Nicole together - Nicole was hilarious with Dan at the Brady Pub ... they're just so gosh darn cute!

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