Daily Spoiler wk July 16 (updated 7/13)

Daily Spoiler wk July 16 (updated 7/13)

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Daily Spoiler wk July 16 (updated 7/13)

**UPDATED 7/13**

Monday, July 16th

E.J. convinces Sami that he is being framed;
Lucas tells Sami he intends to protect what's his;
Bo, Hope, Daniel and Nicole discover Gabi in the room where Andrew was holding Melanie;
Ian confronts Kate.

Tuesday, July 17th
Carrie asks Marlena for advice about Rafe;
Gabi worries that the truth about Melanie will come out;
Melanie comes to in the tunnels under Salem.

Wednesday, July 18th
Will loses the letter about E.J.'s paternity;
Abe organizes a tribute to Lexie;
Sami comes up with a plan to help E.J.;
Nicole, Daniel and Maggie work on the search for Melanie.

Thursday, July 19th
E.J. tries to force Sami to acknowledge their mutual attraction;
Will realizes Lucas may have found the letter;
John decides to look into Ian;
Carrie tells Rafe and Roman that she and Austin are going to Switzerland.

Friday, July 20th
Sami and E.J. find proof that the gloves were planted;
Will and Lucas fight over the letter;
Abigail questions Gabi about her stalker;
Melanie convinces Andrew to take her out of the tunnels.


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They're sure not leaking any info about that big Friday cliffhanger, are they? LOL!

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