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for the week of Feb. 20th

Monday, February 20

Kate insists she'll fight her attraction to Ian, but he doubts it.

Nicole and EJ are confident EJ will be named mayor after the recount.

Disillusioned by Abe's campaign tactics, Lexie tells her husband she's leaving him.

Madison shares the details of her and Ian's twisted relationship with Brady.

Kate finds a note from Stefano, saying he had to leave town.

DVR Alert: Ian tells Brady he won't ever allow Madison to divorce him.

Tuesday, February 21

Austin and Carrie plan a romantic getaway.

Sami and Marlena get into a heated spat, when Marlena urges Sami to make things right with Rafe.

Jack helps Jennifer and Abigail patch things up.

Jennifer tells Jack she loves him and wants to reconcile, but he insists they just remain friends.

Marlena's accusations lead Sami to suspect her mother knows about her tryst with EJ.

DVR Alert: Abigail challenges Austin to tell Carrie about their night together.

Wednesday, February 22

Will confesses he told Marlena that Sami slept with EJ.

Madison and Kate have a showdown, when Madison snags one of Princess Wilhelmina's deals.

Abigail flirts with Quinn to make Austin jealous.

Kate realizes why Madison is out to destroy her, when she discovers Madison and Ian are married.

Madison comes face to face with Brady.

DVR Alert: An emotional Sami breaks down in Marlena's arms.

Thursday, February 23

After overhearing Will tell Sonny that Sami slept with EJ, a stunned Rafe confronts his wife.

Sami begs Rafe to give their marriage another chance, but he swears it's over between them.

After learning John and Hope must travel to Alamainia alone, Marlena and Bo share tender goodbyes with their spouses.

EJ re-proposes to a teary-eyed Nicole, determined to get their marriage right, this time.

Rafe arrives at the DiMera mansion filled with furor.

DVR Alert: During a drinking game with Sonny and his pals, Will pulls a cute guy into a kiss.

Friday, February 24

Carrie opens up to Bo about her conflicted feelings for Austin and Rafe.

Will races off after kissing Neil, refusing Sonny's offer to talk about it.

Rafe bursts into the mansion and attacks EJ, as Sami and Nicole try to restrain him.

Nicole is devastated to learn that Sami and EJ had sex.

A mystery man watches John and Hope as they wait for their flight to depart.

DVR Alert: Will opens up to Marlena, admitting he kissed a guy.

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