A Look At Tomorrow for Tuesday, Nov. 29th

A Look At Tomorrow for Tuesday, Nov. 29th

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A Look At Tomorrow for Tuesday, Nov. 29th

Austin & Carrie's hotel room - Part 1: Rafe arrives with the magazine Carrie called about that she had left at the loft. He wonders what was so important about it. Carrie admits the magazine was an excuse to get him over here. We need to talk about something that could affect both of our families. Once John pled guilty to the charges, there was nothing more I could do. Rafe assures her no one blames her for that. They all know the decision John made was out of her hands. Carrie - Now this is more than about getting him out of prison. We need to convince the public once and for all that John was falsely accused and convicted so that we never have to deal with a situation like Johnny's disappearance ever again. Rafe - You keep saying 'we'. Are you offering me a job? Carrie - Yes I am but I can't pay you. My firm has already moved on and closed this case. I know you need a job that pays real money. You need to support your family and it's uncredibly unfair of me to even ask ... Rafe - Carrie, stop. You had me when you called about the magazine. This is about family. That's the most important thing to me. Carrie - And you don't think Sami will have a problem with this? Rafe - Uh, look, we both know Sami has a complicated relationship with both John and Mom. But this is about family and I know what that means to her. And if there's a way I can help things out, I have to try. Carrie is so relieved to hear him say that. Rafe knows the reason John changed his plea to guilty was to stop the insanity that led to the shooting and Johnny's disappearance. For him to do that was completely selfless - to protect his family. Carrie - That's why I can't stop fighting for him; not after everything he's done for us. But you still need to provide for your family and if I can't pay you ... Rafe tells her he'll find a way to provide for his family and help her with this case. You have my word. Carrie thanks him and gives him a hug. Shall we get to work?

HTS Quinn's Spa - Part 1: Quinn sees Nicole rifling through the products and asks if she's here to book a massage. She'd rather roll around on broken glass. Quinn quips - We have a room for that. We're also offering a personality enhancer; a stress reducer if she's interested. Nicole has zero interest in keeping this place in business. She adds - Besides, do I look stressed? Quinn would think she is the way she's been working so hard to keep him and EJ at arm's length. What would you do if someone told you to stay away from EJ? Would you be insulted or think that's some pretty good advice? Nicole informs him that she is here to make sure that whatever he is doing here is legit. Quinn - You have doubts about my integrity? Nicole - I doubt you have any integrity at all. I'm just making sure that EJ's decision to fund your new age venture doesn't come back to bite him in the ass. Quinn informs her that they're already making a profit. He's not here to cause any trouble; he's just here to make people feel good. You may not require my services today but I'm sure you will soon enough. Nicole scoffs. What does that mean? Quinn - It's no secret that you and EJ are getting closer again. I'm sure that would have even the strongest woman looking for a safe place to hide. Nicole asks him what he knows about her relationship with EJ. Quinn reminds her that he left town with her sister. She told me all about your relationship with EJ. I think someone needs to step in and question your judgement. The day Nicole decides she needs advice on her life from a low rent criminal, he'll be the first one she calls. She leaves.

HTS bench near dedication plaque - Part 1: Will sees Marlena and calls her Grandma and then hastily corrects himself. Marlena laughs and calls him a cutie pie and asks what he's doing. Will was on his way to check in on her; to see how she's doing. Marlena - I'm okay under the circumstances. They talk about each other's Thanksgiving's. Will's was okay. Marlena went to Austin & Carrie's to cook for them. Will bets it wasn't much of a holiday without John. Marlena concurs. Will - I'm sorry. I know that has to be really tough on you. That's why Marlena came here. She looks at the plaque of Tom & Alice - I thought I would get some strength from two strong and solid souls. Will asks if it's working. Marlena - It's always good to have someone to lean on. Will asks if he can do anything to help. Marlena - You can keep me company. Sounds great to Will.

DiMera mansion - Part 1: EJ is on his way out. He opens the door to find Sami standing there. He tells her he was just on his way to look for her for probably for the same reason she's here. Sami - We have a lot to talk about. EJ agrees. Sami - Look, what we did was wrong. Really, really wrong. They head into the living room; EJ closes the doors behind him. When she woke up this morning, Sami had convinced herself this was a horrible nightmare and then it all came rushing back to her; that what they did was real. I don't how I let that happen. Rafe was out there, he stood by me, he brought my son back to me. What was I doing? I was here betraying him in the worse possible way with you. EJ - Yes, we did a terrible thing but there's really no point in dwelling on it. Sami - What am I supposed to do? EJ - Move on my dear; put it behind you. Sami - I can't just do that. EJ - Yes you can. Sami - Johnny was home laughing and smiling and Rafe put his arms around me and told me everything was going to be okay; that the worse was over and all I could think about was that I was here with you. Rafe loves me and he was kind and caring and if he knew ... EJ - But he won't, will he? Sami - You just don't get it. You don't understand what yesterday meant to me. EJ - Yesterday was sex, right? Yesterday meant nothing. Sami - It means everything to me. I did exactly what my mother did. I hated her for years for what she did. That night she slept with John changed my entire life and I swore that I would never, never do that; I would never be a woman like her. And now I'm exactly like her. EJ - You're overreacting. Nobody saw us. Nobody has any idea of what happened between the two of us. Sami - I know! I know what kind of person I am and I know that Rafe deserves better. He deserves better than me!

HTS - Part 1: Nicole literally bumps into the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger. She reminds her that they met at the dedication ceremony. Patti remembers EJ and that she and Nicole had that interesting conversation about mixing business with pleasure. Nicole claims she doesn't remember that. Nicole starts to leave but Patti asks - Aren't you working for EJ right now? Nicole says she is in charge of PR for EJ's campaign. Patti recalls that EJ was quite taken with Nicole; he couldn't hide it. Nicole - That's not why he offered me the job. Patti - Come on, this is what I do for a living. Nicole - Aren't you being a bit presumptious? Patti - There's also the fact that I called EJ last week with a potential date but he never called me back. Strange. Nicole agrees. Patti - We both know you never gave EJ that message. Is there a reason you're keeping EJ all too yourself? Nicole at first insists she passed on the message but when Patti scoffs, Nicole admits she didn't. The truth is EJ and I have been doing this dance around each other for a while now. Patti - And you want to see where it's going? Nicole - I thought I knew where it was going. You have no idea how toxic our relationship was before and the things we did to hurt each other. Patti - But that's in the past. You two are on the brink of a brand new future together. Nicole tell Patti she's amazing. EJ has sworn that he's changed; that he wants things to be different between them now. Patti - And you don't believe him. Nicole - I want to but I'd have to be truly insane to believe again that EJ would change. Give me your professional opinion - am I crazy to ever trust that guy again?

John & Marlena's townhouse - Part 1: Will is looking at John & Marlena's wedding picture when Marlena returns with popcorn. Will wants to ask her a question. Anything, yes. Will - Do you know why John decided to plead guilty when we all know he didn't do anything wrong? Marlena - He just wants to protect his family. Will - I get that but he has to know that you didn't want that. Marlena - Yes, he did know that but sometimes people do things that are difficult to understand even though we know them very well. Will sighs loudly - Yeah, no kidding. Marlena - Seems like you're trying to sort out something. What's going on? It's obviously something weighty is going on and you're reluctant to talk about it. Sometimes popcorn helps you loosen up your tongue. I would never put you on the spot; we just haven't had any time alone together. Will - You've had a lot to deal with. If this is about the letter I wrote you ... Marlena - It is. You talked about having some issues; things you were trying to work through on your own. It's your call but sometimes it helps to get those things out in the open. Will - The thing I was trying to figure out was about Gabi. Marlena - What about Gabi? Will - I don't know. I was wondering about our relationship and if the feelings I have for her are the same as she has for me and if our relationship was even real. Marlena - Those are normal questions, especially for someone your age. Will - It doesn't have to do with my age. I'm thinking that I don't want to have a relationship. Marlena - You mean with Gabi. Will - With anyone. Marlena - Really, what's that about? Will - It just seems pointless to me. Sooner or later things get messed up and they end ... badly. Marlena - Honey, I'm just a little curious as to why you think that's so. Will - Look at my mom's relationships, okay. They've all failed. My dad, Brandon, Austin, EJ and now she's with Rafe who is so good to her. He's so good to her and great for her and for all of us and she doesn't even deserve him. Marlena - Wow! Why do you think she doesn't deserve Rafe?

Austin & Carrie's hotel room - Part 2: Carrie has her laptop open. She's kept a log of all the locations the prosecution says the transfers were made and a counterlog of John and Marlena's whereabouts since they left Salem. Rafe asks which file is which. Carrie looks at the desk piled with files and says it's too small - she suggests moving on to the bed. They sit on the bed and spread out the files. Rafe - The only thing that can refute the prosecutions timeline is our guy from Switzerland, right? Carrie - Yes, unfortunately. Rafe asks where their witness is now. Carrie - Since John decided to plead guilty, he left Salem. His testimony would have been enough to create reasonable doubt but since John has pleaded this out, we need to find real physical evidence to get the case looked at again. Rafe is looking at the picture of John in Paris - Something about this picture has always bugged me. Carrie says she has stared at it for hours; I can't find anything. Rafe - OMG, that's it. Look right there. Look at the shadows in the background; see how they're long as though it was taken in the afternoon. Look at John's face - there are no shadows - like the picture was taken midday. Carrie stares at the picture - OMG, you're right. If we could prove that, we'd tear a giant hole in the prosecution's case. Rafe - And not to mention the fact it would help us prove that he was set up from the very beginning. Carrie - This is amazing. The shadows - I never would have seen that. Rafe - I can't believe I didn't see that before. Carrie - Before we go any further, we have to talk about something. You sort of evaded the question before. How do you think Sami is going to feel about the two of us working together like this?

DiMera mansion - Part 2: Sami picks up a picture of Johnny. Rafe kept it together the whole time Johnny was missing. He never lost his cool. I totally fell apart and he was there for me and Will, all of us. And I blamed him; made him think if anything happened to Johnny, I would never forgive him. And then when we found out about that little boy's body, I asked him to go and he did. And then I show up here. I don't know how to ever forgive myself. I don't know how to live with myself for what I've done. EJ - Listen to me ... Sami - I'm not going to listen to you - she starts walking away but EJ stops her. Listen to me. Sami snaps - Don't touch me. EJ removes his hand. You need to tell what you are thinking. Sami - I hate you. EJ - You can hate me all you want. I don't care if you hate me, what I care about is whether you plan on telling Rafe what happened between the two of us. Are you going to tell Rafe we had sex? Sami - I don't know how I can keep this from my husband. Maybe I can explain it to him in a way he'd understand. EJ - He's never going to understand. Do you understand? I don't understand. Sami - Go to hell. EJ - I never wanted this to happen okay. For god's sake, the worse thing you could do is drag this out into the light of day. And I'm telling you right now I'm not going to allow you to jeopardise my relationship with Nicole just because you feel this need to unburden yourself.

HTS bench near dedication plaque - Part 2: Nicole and Patti are now sitting on the bench. Patti - When you talk about your past - is it something you don't want to repeat? Nicole - I can't, that's the difference. I can't put myself through that again. Patti - How do you explain that? Nicole - I don't know. It doesn't make any sense. He's so convincing; the way he says he wants things to be different between us. And I'm so terrified that I actually want to believe him. I know better. Patti - The heart wants what the heart wants. Nicole chuckles. So you're saying my life is a cliché. Patti - I have clients who are selfish and truly not ready to commit. But those same clients, when they meet the right girl, that's when they commit and everything changes. Nicole - So you think this could be the real deal. Patti - I don't think he wants to lose you again. Nicole - I told him I loved him and I meant it. How stupid am I, right? I confess my feelings to the man who could hurt me the most in this world. Patti says she hasn't been able to find the perfect match for EJ and I haven't been able to find a replacement for the one I had picked out. For me, that's unusual. Nicole - You never said finding love was easy. Patti - I think the reason is that the perfect match is sitting right next to me and I think EJ knows that you are a great match. It takes a lot of guts to follow your heart. From the moment I met you I knew you had a lot of guts. I'll be seeing you around. Nicole - For what it's worth, thank you.

Austin & Carrie's hotel room - Part 3: Rafe really thinks that Sami won't have a problem with them working together. We're adults here. Why should it become a situation between us? Carrie - I just don't want to lose track of what's really important here which is John's freedom. Rafe agrees. Even Austin's come around. Didn't he tell John he thinks he's innocent? Carrie says that once John decided to plead guilty to protect his family, Austin finally saw there was more to this case then just the evidence. Rafe - And you don't think that Sami feels that way. Carrie - Am I wrong? Rafe - When Johnny went missing, some issues did arise; past problems between John and her mom. Carrie - And she lashed out at you too, right? Rafe - She may have said some things she wishes she hadn't to the three of us. Carrie - Is she still upset. Rafe - I don't think so. I think she's having a hard time forgiving herself. All the more reason she'd want to make it up to John and Marlena. Carrie doesn't know if Sami will see the two of them working together as a way to do that. Rafe - This is about family and I know how she feels about family and John is part of her family. If she has an issue, I'll talk to her. Trust me, everything is going to be fine. This is not going to be a big deal. He apologises for cutting this short. Carrie tells him it's okay. He had no idea what she was going to rope him into when she called. Big plans tonight? Rafe says Sami has been through the wringer the past few days so he wants to get home before she does and do something nice for her - let her know I love her. Carrie - I'm sure she knows. Rafe - It never hurts to hear it.

John & Marlena's townhouse - Part 2: Marlena - Why would you say Sami doesn't deserve Rafe? Will - Forget it. I didn't really mean it the way it sounded. Marlena - What did you mean? Will - It means I'm there at the loft so I know what goes on; I see things that other people don't. Marlena - Are you saying there are problems there? Will - No! I'm saying it's my mom being my mom. Rafe is such a good guy sometimes it's impossible not to think that Mom is taking advantage of him. Marlena - Advantage how? Will - She needs the drama and Rafe doesn't. You know ... you saw how she went after you when Johnny was missing. And I know you said that it was okay but I do not agree. Marlena - I realise that. The relationship between your mother and me is very complicated. Will - Okay, all of her relationships are complicated. Marlena - Yes, I understand that, but our relationship, even though it's upsetting and complicated, we love each other very, very much and she has a good reason to be angry at me. Will - Oh really! I have a good reason to be angry at her. Marlena - Why? Tell me what she's done. Will - You know I went to live with Austin and Carrie because I couldn't live with my mom anymore. I could not stand the things that she and my dad I would do to each other. Marlena - I thought that was all ancient history. Will - So did I. Now ... I've never been in a serious relationship before and I'm just afraid that I'm going to do the same thing - I'm going to hurt Gabi. Marlena - Your relationship with Gabi is yours. You effect it, nobody else. So if you choose that you want to have a wonderful, loving relationship, that's exactly what you can have. Will - That's what I've always wanted. Something real, to be with somebody that I know I can trust no matter what. Marlena - And that's exactly what you're going to have. You might not have it with Gabi but you'll have it with someone just as wonderful. Will - Maybe. Marlena - Trust me ... for me. Will - For you, sure. I just don't want to be like my mom.

DiMera mansion - Part 3: Sami - You're worried about Nicole. Are you serious? EJ - Yes, very. Sami - OMG. EJ - I've spent weeks trying to convince her that I've changed. I want a relationship with her and I want it to work. Sami - I don't have time for this. EJ follows her into the foyer - I see the opportunity to have an incredible relationship with her; very similar to what you have with Rafe. Sami - Don't you dare compare my marriage to Rafe with whatever you have going on with Nicole. I thought you were getting a divorce. EJ - I worked very hard to convince her to give me a second chance. The amount of doubt and mistrust in her mind that I've had to erase ... Sami - Why bother? EJ - Because I have never wanted anyone or anything as much. Sami - Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? EJ - Nicole doesn't need a reason not to trust me. If she finds one, this whole situation will be over and I don't mean in the short term, I mean permanently. Maybe that's what I deserve but I know this, I would struggle to survive without her and you know how that feels, don't you? If Rafe would find out what you did, you marriage would be over. You would hurt him far more than you would help yourself by easing your guilty conscience. I need to know what you're going to do. Sami - You don't know how much it kills me to be here with you right now. What we did was sickening and if Rafe ever found out ... EJ - He would never forgive you just as Nicole would never forgive me. Sami - I could care less about you and Nicole, all I'm thinking about is Rafe. And I love him too much to hurt him. If he ever found out, it would hurt him. EJ - So we're in agreement then. No one need ever know. Sami - No one will ever know.

HTS Quinn's Spa - Part 2: Patti talks to Quinn - checking him out - finding out what kind of woman he wants. He ends up pretty much describing her but she tells him he's not her type. Patti feels he likes playing the bad boy and she concedes there's a place in the world for bad boys - lord knows women fall for this crap everyday. But just be careful; one day those broken hearts are going to catch up with you.

John & Marlena's townhouse - Part 3: Marlena - You know Will, your mother has made a lot of mistakes in her relationships and that doesn't mean that you're going to. You can't think that; you'll sabotage yourself. Will - You're right. Marlena - I know. You found a wonderful girl in Gabi and you are a wonderful young man and you will treat her exactly the way she's meant to be treated. Will - I'm sorry. All I'm doing is bashing my mom and I don't need to. Marlena - I know that. Sami's made mistakes in her relationships, that's true. She's made plenty of them but you know what else is true. She's gone into every single one with the best of intentions. Will - That didn't stop her from messing up though, did it? Marlena - What about Rafe? He's a wonderful man; he sets a very good example of how to love somebody. Will - Yeah, he does. Marlena - And Sami loves him very much. She can sees Will's reaction so she adds - It's a strong relationship; they're solid. There's no reason to worry about that falling apart. Will just shakes his head.

Rafe & Sami's loft: Sami comes home to find candles lit and Rafe putting the finishing touches on a beautifully set table. He tells her that with everything that's happened the past few days, he thought they needed this. I just want to show my wife how much I love her. He kisses her. Rafe apologises that dinner isn't ready yet. Sami tells him he didn't have to do it. Rafe disagrees. I want you to know how special you are. Not a moment goes by when I'm not thinking about you. Sami - Ditto. Rafe tells her he booked an appointment for her tomorrow at the new place in the square. Until then, I'm hoping you can enjoy the simplicity of this candlelight dinner hopefully with our children. Sami is close too tears. I don't deserve this. I don't deserve you. I love you so much. If I ever lost you ... Rafe - I love you too. You're not going to lose me. You're stuck me no matther what. They hug.

DiMera mansion - Part 4: When Nicole comes in EJ asks her how soon can she be packed. Nicole says it depends on where they are going and how long they're staying. EJ - New York city. I thought we'd have dinner, catch a show - I have a suite booked at the Plaza. Nicole thinks this is a bit sudden. EJ - Don't tell me you're having second thoughts. Nicole - I heard what you said and you heard what I said but I'm still holding back. EJ - You're afraid of getting hurt. Nicole - Aren't you? We still have a past. We can't just forget about everything that's happened. EJ - If that's how you feel, why are you still here? Nicole - Because of this - she pats her hand over her heart. Because of that moment in the police station when Gus threatened my life and I couldn't help wondering what it would be like if I never saw you again, if I never felt your arms around me and kissed you. You know what, I'm just going to say it and I'm never going to take it back again. I do love you EJ. EJ - Are you okay with that? Nicole - I think it's a mistake but what can I do, the heart wants what the heart wants. EJ takes her hands - If it makes you feel any better, I love you. And I made a promise to you that I'm going to be a better man; I'm going to live up to that promise. You didn't make a mistake. Loving me is not a mistake. He hugs her.

Preview: Hope with Bo to Jen (with Dan) - It's a letter addressed to Gran. Jen - Who's it from? Bo - Susan Banks. Brady to Madison - I don't want to say goodnight. They kiss. Marlena to Jack - What happened to your friend? Jack - I couldn't do anything.
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