A Look At Tomorrow for Thursday, Oct. 18th

A Look At Tomorrow for Thursday, Oct. 18th

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A Look At Tomorrow for Thursday, Oct. 18th

Rafe's place - Part 1: Replay of the scene leading up to EJ playing the recording of Nicole admitting the baby is EJ's. He looks at Sami - You still think he's telling the truth. Sami - Come on EJ. That could have been spliced together. That's not proof of anything. EJ - It's proof he's lying. I got this from a grieving mother's mouth and if you don't believe me you can go and ask her yourself. She'll tell you the exact same thing. That child was not his, it was mine. Sami - Rafe, tell him he's being ridiculous. EJ - He can't say that because it's not true. What's wrong? Honest Rafe can't bring himself to tell another lie when you finally realized that to continue to deny the plain truth makes you look like an idiot. If this isn't confirmation enough Samantha I can have a dozen genetic experts down here to verify the truth. Sami - Oh EJ, you could pay off a hundred experts and I've been changing test results since I was in high school. EJ - Nicole and Rafe changed those test results and not only did they do that, they conspired to keep a father from his son. Sami - You have to stop it. Rafe's baby died tonight and I'm not going to let you keep putting him through this. Obviously Nicole had some crazy ... Rafe - Sami, stop! Sami keeps ranting so Rafe says her name loudly. Sami - What? Rafe - He's right. For once he's right. Nicole's baby wasn't mine, it's EJ's. Sami - What did you say? Rafe - I said it's true. EJ was the father of Nicole's baby not me. Sami - But you told me ... EJ - He told you a lie. The man you cast me aside for is not the man you thought he was at all.

Police station: As Hope and Maggie are hugging Maggie can see Hope's open laptop that has a Welcome page to an Alzheimer's group. Hope quickly closes her laptop. I didn't mean for you to see that. Maggie - I know you didn't. It's not Bo that's sick, it's Caroline. Hope - I promised I wouldn't say anything so I really can't. Maggie - I understand. I didn't mean to put you on the spot. It's just the last time I saw Caroline she wasn't quite her herself and I just brushed it off. Is this why Bo has decided to leave the force? Hope - No, he had other reasons. Please, don't tell anybody about what you saw. Maggie - I understand. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Brady Pub - Part 1: Repeat of Victor coming into the pub talking to Bo and then Caroline calling down for Shawn. Caroline comes down the stairs. Shawn, can you hear me. Bo asks Victor to let him handle this. Caroline - Shawn, you ... she stops when she sees Bo and Victor. Bo - Ma, are you okay? Caroline - Victor, what are you doing out so late? Vic - Well I dropped Maggie off at the police station to visit with Hope. I was just killing time in the Town Square, saw Bo through the window and thought I'd come in and say hi. Caroline - I'm so glad you stopped by. She looks at Bo. You're supposed to be at home. Where's Eddie? Bo - He had to take off so I told him I'd close up. Caroline - Thank you. Bo - Do you want a cup of tea? Vic - Or a little port? Caroline - That would be nice. Bo - Okay have a seat and I'll you a glass of port. Caroline repeats - I'm so glad you came by. Vic - So am I.

John and Marlena's townhouse: Replay of John 'waking' up from his nightmare to find Kristen in his bed. John - God, Kristen! Kristen - Poor baby. Did you have a bad dream? I know how to make it go away. She kisses him. John breaks the hot and heavy kiss and jumps out of bed. Now he wakes up for real. Marlena - Are you okay? John - Yeah, just a dream. Marlena - Seems like it was more of a nightmare. John - Yeah, I guess. Marlena - What were you dreaming? John - I'm not exactly sure. Marlena will get him some water. John - No, that's okay. I think what I need is some fresh air. Go back to sleep. Marlena - Are you sure? John - I love you. He kisses her. Marlena - I love you.

Private jet - Part 1:: Steward - Welcome to Salem Ms. DiMera. Kristen - I never thought I'd set foot in this town again but here I am, back at last.

HTS - Part 1: John stands in the archway and talks to himself. I haven't thought about her in years so why now? Why the hell can't I get her out of my head.

Private jet: - Part 2: Kristen is checking herself out in her compact as she talks to Stefano. Yes father, the flight was fine. I saw the shiny black limousine on the tarmac. I really didn't need any incentives. I told you I'd help you with Chad and EJ and I will. At least I'll do my damnest. I know I can be very persuasive when I have to. Look don't you worry about it. I'll be in touch. Just wish me luck. She gets up and mutters 'While I'm here there might be some other items I want to attend to.'

Rafe's place - Part 2: EJ - How many times did he tell you he was telling the truth Samantha and you trusted him. You trusted him. Not only was he trying to keep a father from his son he lied to you. He lied to you. Why? Because Nicole asked him to. Nicole Walker! And did he confide in you ... why not? Because he doesn't trust you anymore. He doesn't trust you. He wants to be her knight in shining armour, not yours. He was going to deny a father the chance to grieve for his son in death. Why! Because she asked him to. Sami - EJ - Please stop it. EJ - And now you get to grieve because your relationship with him is never going to be the same again. He would have lied to you in perpetuity and if he had to do it again he wouldn't change a thing, would you? Rafe - I was protecting that child from you. You would have snatched that baby right from his mother's arms. For the record, Nicole did live her entire pregnancy in terror of you so yeah, I would do it again. EJ - If I had known that child was mine I would have protected it. I would have protected her. She would never have been living with Jennifer Horton, they would have never gotten in a fight and my child would be alive and well. Rafe - You can't know that. EJ screams - I know that. He goes to Sami and grabs her arm. Tell me, do you still think he's the better man. Sami pulls away from him - Stop it. Why don't you just stop it right now! EJ - Sorry you're upset. Sami - We're all upset. EJ - I'll go. Sami - EJ, I'm sorry for your loss. EJ - Thank you. He looks at Rafe - Obviously you and I will talk about this later. He leaves. Sami - How could you do this to us?

Brady Pub - Part 2: Bo leaves the bottle of port on the table and tells them that he's going to go and make sure everything is locked up. Caroline - A fine son we have. Vic - Indeed we do. Always helpful, willing to lend a hand, hardworking. Caroline - Well I don't need a hand but God bless him. I used to give him 10 cents to mop the kitchen floor. Some weeks Kayla would take pity on him and do it for him he got so guilty, he'd scrub down the whole place. Time seems to go more quickly every year. Vic - Yes, I agree. Caroline - Sometimes my mind goes to the past ... so many things have changed. But then there are things that never change, like you. Vic - I certainly hope I've changed. Caroline - Well to the rest of the world you're no longer the imposing, dangerous Victor Kiriakis. Vic - Well, most of the time. Caroline - You found out Bo was yours and the mask started to fall. Now everybody sees you as the gentle handsome man I knew so long ago. Vic - And I still see you as that beautiful young woman. Bo is leaning against the doorframe listening.

HTS - Part 2: John strolls a bit and then stops. I can't believe I'm letting her get to me. Cue flashback of happier times - the night before John and Kristen's wedding. All of a sudden he turns and looks surprised.

Brady Pub - Part 3: Bo comes over - Mind if I join you? Caroline - I'm one lucky woman to have 2 such wonderful men in my life. Bo - Actually we're the lucky ones. Caroline - I think that port's going to my head. I better go to bed that is after we finish closing. Bo - Don't worry about it Ma, I've got it covered. Vic - And I should be going to. Caroline, goodnight. Thanks for the memories. Caroline gives him a quick kiss and heads up the stairs. Vic - Bo, I'm so sorry.Bo - I appreciate your concern but there's nothing to be sorry for. Ma's going to be okay. I'm going to take good care of her. Vic - I have no doubt. Bo - We don't know exactly what's wrong with her yet but Kay says there's medications, treatments we can try. Vic - I'm sure but there's only so much you can do personally and I know these treatments can get pretty expensive. Bo - I appreciate the offer but we've got it covered. Vic - Bo! Bo - Ma doesn't really want us talking about this with anybody. Vic - I'm not anybody! Bo - Yeah. I know that. Vic - Are you going to be staying with Caroline tonight? Bo - Kay and I are going to make sure she's never alone. You don't have to worry. Vic - Yes I'm sure I don't. Bo - I better finish closing up. Thanks for stopping by. Vic - Bo, I just want you to know that I've never been prouder of you than I am right now. He hugs him just as Maggie and Hope walk in.

Rafe's place - Part 3: Rafe - The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you. Why do you think I was so upset earlier? I hated lying to you. Sami - You act like you were being noble. You didn't have to keep lying. Rafe - Really? After all the things EJ's done to you and to us, what was I supposed to do when Nicole asked me. Sami - Right, Rafe to the rescue. A damsel in distress. I didn't realise that any damsel would do. Rafe - I didn't do it for her. I did it for the child. Besides you and I weren't together then anyway. Sami - No, not then. But what about now? What about that picnic? What about all those promises that you asked of me; that you made me promise you and you said you would be open and honest with me. Rafe - I didn't want to involve you in this. Sami - You were protecting me, is that it? Rafe - Yes I was. No, I was! Sami - Rafe, I'm not buying it. In fact I didn't buy any of it. The whole story of you and Nicole was so ridiculous. I just knew that in my gut but everytime I questioned you you turned it around and you would make me feel like a jerk for even doubting you. Rafe - I'm sorry. I'm sorry but she made me promise not to tell a soul. Sami - Not even me or maybe it was especially not me right, because of everything we've been through. I finally thought we were going to get another chance. I thought we were going to get this fresh start but the truth is you just don't trust me. Rafe - You're right, I couldn't trust you. I couldn't trust you because it wasn't my secret to tell. Sami - You said I broke your trust and you meant it. You meant that I would never get it back and now I know how you feel because I don't trust you. Rafe - Sami, you know exactly why Nicole wanted to keep that baby from EJ. You've been in her shoes. Sami - Yes, I understand why Nicole did what she did and I understand why you helped her. I wanted to help her too. I even offered to find out what EJ was up to. Rafe - And why would I want you any closer to EJ? Sami - What? You thought I would ruin everything! Rafe, I'm the best liar you know. I wasn't going to blow the secret unless you think I would have done something with the information; something to hurt Nicole. Is that what you think? That I would hurt some innocent child just to get back at her? Is that what you think of me? Rafe - I just really wish you'd cut me some slack here. Sami - Slack? You told EJ that if you had to you'd do it all over again. You told him you don't regret what you did. Rafe - I regret that Nicole lost the baby. Obviously I regret that I've hurt you. Sami - But you don't think you were wrong because you're always right, right? Rafe - And what is that supposed to mean? Sami - Rafe, you asked me to forgive you for lusting after my sister while you were married to me. You asked me to forgive you for getting Nicole Walker pregnant. Those two women drive me crazier than anyone else on the planet. You were baring your soul me. Do I get to unforgive you now because it turns out not to be true. What did my sister know? I always thought it was crazy that she was so understanding that you had slept with Nicole while you were sleeping with her. Rafe - I didn't sleep with your sister, you know that. Sami - Did you tell Carrie that it was a lie? Rafe - What? Sami - You just told me that you promised Nicole that you wouldn't tell a soul and so I'm asking you if you told my sister that you weren't the father of Nicole's baby. You did. You son of a bitch. You told her and not me!

EJ's office - Part 1: He comes in and sits down in the dark and picks up a picture of Johnny and Sydney. I wish you could have known your brother. There's a knock on the door. He opens it to Kristen - Yes. My goodness. Mother! Kristen - Do I look old enough to be your mother. Use your head Elvis, not all the plastic surgery in the world could make Susan look like this. EJ - If you're not my mother ... Kristen - That's right. I'm your sister. EJ - Kristen.

HTS - Part 3: John - Doc! What are you doing here? Marlena - I came looking for you. You were gone so long. Honey ... John - Sorry, I didn't mean to make you worried. Just trying to clear my head, didn't want to keep waking you up with all my damned tossing and turning. Marlena - Are you upset by your conversation with Sonny? I know you were afraid that would dredge ups some unpleasant memories from your past. Was that it? Is that what you were dreaming about.

Vic and Maggie are strolling arm in arm through the square. Vic - Are you okay Maggie? Maggie - As long as I have you I can handle anything. I told you that. And you? Vic - Grateful for all the blessings that I've received, you especially. We must treasure these moments Maggie. Maggies nods and then kisses him. They embrace.

Brady Pub - Part 4: Bo - Okay, we're all set for the morning rush. Hope - What was Victor doing here? Bo - Oh he was just killing time waiting for Maggie. Shared a glass of port with Ma. Hope - That's nice. It must have meant an awful lot to her. Bo - Yeah, also brought her back from wherever she went for a minute. Hope - He knows. Bo - Enough to be concerned but I also told him we're on top of it. Hope - Yeah of course we are. You staying the night? Bo - Are you alright with that? Hope - You don't need my permission; of course it's alright. The sitter just picked up Ciara from Lauren's house. I could ask her to spend the night. Bo - Why would you do that? Hope - So I could spend the night with you. Bo - If our daughter wakes up in the middle of night she's going to need one of us there with her. Hope - You're right, she is. Bo - Someday that little girl of ours might be taking care of us. She's a good kid. Hope - That's because she takes after her Daddy and her Grandma.

Rafe's place - Part 4: Rafe - Sami ... Sami - OMG why! You tell Carrie because you trust her. Yeah obviously she's trustworthy. She's mature ... Rafe - Would you please stop. Listen to me. The only reason I told her was because we were in that damn safehouse and we thought it was going to blow up and we were going to die. Sami - I don't care! It doesn't matter why you told her. The point is you didn't tell me. Rafe - This isn't about Carrie. Sami - It's about you. It's about how I thought you were the most trustworthy, honourable person I have ever known in my entire life. Not only did you lie to me, you used me. Rafe - What are you talking about! I never used you. Sami - I thought you were grieving for your dead child. I thought I was holding you and grieving over your loss with you. We were about to have sex. Rafe - Because I love you and I was grieving. Sami I'm sick about what happened. Sami - Because you wanted to be that little boy's father? What is Johnny, Sydney and Allie not enough for you. You couldn't wait to have me dealing with Mommy Nicole all the time. Is that how that was going to go? Rafe - We don't have to worry about that anymore. Sami - No, I know. Don't misunderstand me. I feel terrible that that child is dead and I understand there's nothing worse than losing a baby but you lost your reason for lying to me. You didn't have to protect that child from EJ anymore. Why did you keep lying? Rafe - Because Nicole ... Sami - Because Nicole asked you to. I'm getting pretty sick of hearing those words. Rafe - What do you want me to say? Sami - I want you to spell it out for me. I want you to tell me that EJ was right. I want you to admit that you would never have told me the truth. Rafe - No, no I wouldn't have.

EJ's office - Part 2: EJ - Kristen Blake DiMera. Kristen - That's me. EJ - What are you doing here? Kristen - Father sent me. He thought you could use your big sister. EJ - Adopted. Kristen - Whatever. Once a DiMera always a DiMera. EJ - I wonder if you fully appreciate the irony of those words. Kristen - I know that the last few months have been kind of complicated for you. EJ - Why would father involve you? You can't think you're going persuade me of anything. I don't even know you. Kristen - Well I don't need to know you to see that you could use a sympathetic ear. EJ - Yours? Kristen - Yes. EJ - Why would you care? Kristen - Because you're family. One thing I've learned the past few years is that father always has our best interests at heart. You know that. He lives for his children. EJ - His children? His legacy. Kristen - I heard about your son. I'm sorry. EJ - I see word travels fast. Kristen - I lost a son too, John Jr. He's the reason you came into the world. EJ - Don't you act that you're my fairy godmother. You tried to snatch me from my mother's arms. Kristen - That was such a long time ago. EJ - Oh. Let me guess. You've changed. Kristen - It can happen. You've lost a son. Why is that so painful? Because nothing, NOTHING is more important than family. Who do you have but us? EJ - You're right. My children are my comfort and consolation right now. Kristen - But you can't talk to them. EJ - I can't talk to you either. I don't know you. I don't trust you and I don't like you. So I'm afraid you've made an awfully long journey for nothing. Kristen - Well ouch! Are you absolutely sure about that? EJ - Quite. Goodbye. Kristen - As you wish. I am sorry about your son. She leaves. Outside the door she mutters - Okay EJ. I'll leave but I'll be back. In the meantime I have some other irons in the fire.

Brady Pub - Part 5: Before heading upstairs Bo stops in front of a picture of Caroline and Shawn. Don't worry Pop we won't let Ma down, you either. He turns out the lights.

HTS - Part 4: John - Whatever I was dreaming it doesn't matter. It wasn't real. Marlena - Your feelings are real. John - I've spent my whole life haunted by my past, running from it. Enough. I'll be damned if I'm going to let these nightmares come true now. Marlena - Okay. John - And I don't want to talk about it because I don't want to give these memories any more traction. The important thing is we can't be hurt by it so we don't have to worry about it. Marlena - Good. Feel better now? John - Yeah.

Rafe's place - Part 5: Sami - You think I'm overreacting, don't you? You still think you did nothing wrong. Rafe - What I did for Nicole is the exact same thing that I did for you Sami. For God's sake I don't understand why you can't see that. Sami - Why I can't be more sweet? Why I can't be more understanding, more like my sister? Rafe - Is a part of you happy that I didn't sleep with her? Sami - No, if you had come clean after the first 50 lies maybe it would have been different but the truth is, the bottom line is you still chose her over me. Rafe - No I didn't. Sami - Yes you did. If I had lied to you like that no matter what, no matter why, I would have been out on my ass and you would have been judging me for the rest of my life because you are a sanctimonious hypocrite! Two things that people would never say about me. So you know what Rafe, the next time you're grieveing and you want someone else to help you get rid of it with sexyou go find someone else okay. Rafe - That wasn't what I was doing. Sami - You know what else, I wasn't finished. Are you going to let me finish? Rafe - Finish, please. Sami - I don't forgive you. I'm done. We're done. She leaves slamming the door behind her.

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AWWWW, my poor John is so tormented.

I just hope EJ isn't going to be all over the Drake, Eileen and Deidre storyline too. He is NOT needed in it. Kristen isn't even his mother, Susan is.