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Tuesday Jan 2

Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1 Repeat of Will and Paul running into each other in the square.

Repeat of Hope dragging Ciara into the office at Doug's Place. Ciara is sick of listening to Rafe. This time you're listening to me.

Will kisses Paul.

It's midnight at the club. Vivian makes her entrance. Kate - Vivian! Viv - Sorry I'm late. You all look so surprised. Abigail tell them, I did RSVP. Abby - That was you. You're Firebird. Kate - Apparently Vulture was already taken. Viv - Dear, dear Kate, it's so good to see you again. It's so good to see all you darling people again. It's as if we never said goodbye. I may burst into song. Kate - We thought you were in Bollywood working on that Gandhi biopic. What are you doing here Vivian? Viv - Funny you should ask. You're about to find out.

Hope - I know you're upset but it's not okay to lash out at Rafe like that. He has never done anything but look out for you, for both of us. Ciara - Yeah he's a real knight in shining armour. Rafe recalls talking to Sami about them sleeping together. Hope - Ciara if you have something to say just say it.

Eve and Brady kissing in the K mansion living room. Eve slaps Brady. WTH are you trying to pull!

Sonny comes down the stairs into the foyer and sends a text. Will, where are you?

The kiss ends. Paul - Why did you do that?

Chad - This is a private party. Viv - Chad darling I'm so sorry I missed the wedding. How was the ceremony? Was it private or were all the inmates there? Chloe - Should I call security? Viv - Ah Chloe I would have thought you'd got past that floozy thing by now. Oops. Chloe - On second thought I'll throw the bitch out personally. Viv - I've forgotten how sensitive all you people are. If you eject me you see you won't meet my plus one and believe me, you do want to meet my plus one.

A man steps out of the car outside the club.

Kate - Dear God, you didn't drag that lap dog Ivan back with you, did you? Viv laughs - No I left him in India mooning over me by the Mumbai moon. Chloe - Or baying at it. Viv - No my escort this evening is someone who's so anxious to meet all of you especially the DiMera family. It was a long, twisted path for him to get here and of course fate had something to do with bringing us all together but I will take credit for bringing him here to Salem. Well I had to once I read that invitation. It said it was a celebration of the new beginnings of the DiMera family business. Abby - But that doesn't concern you. Viv - Oh but of course it does mon petit, you see the mystery man has the same blood coursing through his veins as Chad and Andre. Andre, we must have lunch, your treat. Now where was I. Oh yes, the big reveal, the coup d'etat. Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please. I have brought with me this evening the one, the only Stefano DiMera. Shocked looks.

Segment 2 Eve - Look Brady I'm sorry. Brady - You don't look sorry at all. Eve - That's the second time you've kissed me where I haven't given you the slightest indication that a kiss would even be welcome. Brady - I'm very, very sorry. I didn't think it was a big deal. Eve - Well once again you're wrong. And you know what, you tipped your hand. Brady - What is that supposed to mean! Eve - Come on. You think I haven't noticed how quick you were to turn on Victor and come work for me. Hell a week ago you couldn't stand the sight of me, you made that very clear. And now this sudden wave of affection, what's that about! Brady - You weren't exactly subtle viewing me with loathing and contempt yet you're always around to take advantage of me. We all know how good you are at getting rich guys to give you what you want. Eve scoffs - You are so full of yourself. And you're forgetting one thing, one simple fact. You have nothing I want. Brady - Are you sure? Eve - Very sure. Sonny turns on the lights in the room. Have either of you seen Will?

Will - You want to know why I kissed you. Well it's midnight on New Year's Eve. That doesn't really explain why I kept kissing you. Maybe it's because I find you very attractive or maybe ... Paul - Maybe what? Will - Do you want the real answer? Paul - Yeah I guess. Will - It's been a weird ride for me. I mean this place, Salem, that feels so familiar but I don't remember and I feel stranded by and bombarded by expectations. People look at me like they're waiting for me to turn into this Will that they remember and I don't. But not you Paul. You seem to be happy to deal with the present tense Will. Paul - I want ... Will - You want to run away from the nut job. Paul - No I want to say I'm sorry that you feel so pressured, disoriented. I wish I could help. Will - You are. Keep being you and I'll keep being me. Marlena - Hello Will. Paul. Happy New Year. John - Hey, Happy New Year.

Kate - I said leave her in that sarcophagus and did anyone listen to me! No! And look what we have now. Jen turns to Eric - Hope and Rafe need to know about this. Andre - I'm sure you'll be stunned to know that I think you're lying. Kate scoffs - Oh, our Vivian lie ... NO! Andre - And even if Stefano was alive and that's a big if, he knows what's waiting for him if he ever stepped here in Salem. Besides he despised you. He wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near you. Kate - Given her proclivity for burying and digging people up maybe she did bring Stefano back just not, you know, alive. Abby - Well Happy New Year everyone. What a way to start 2018. Viv - Kate I know why you're so defensive. You're married to Andre DiMera when you were once married to Stefano DiMera. It's sort of like trading down from the King to the court jester. Andre - Does anyone have a bucket of water. Chad - Alright the fun's over. As much as I love ? you have about 5 seconds to produce my father or we're going to throw you out on your ass ... respectfully.

Hope - I think that it's time you tell us what's going on. I can see that something's wrong. I can see that you're in pain. What can I do please. Ciara - I don't think there's anything anyone can do. It's like you give your love with everything you've got and you imagine a life with that person and then they just give it away. Hope - Honey I know that Theo hurt you. Ciara - No Mom this is not about Theo. It's ... Jen comes in. Sorry. You need to know that Vivian Alamain just crashed the party. Hope - What! Eric - She says Stefano is outside. Rafe - What? Hope - Oh God. She looks at Ciara - You stay here. Ciara - What! Now that the party's getting interesting you don't want me around. Hope - Honey, you're drunk. It's New Year's Eve. I want you to stay safe okay. Please stay here. Ciara - Fine, you and Rafe go be you and Rafe. Go be the good guys. Jen - We'll look after her. Go. Hope - 2018's starting off with a bang huh.

A man looks at the Doug's Place sign. He gets a text.

Viv puts her cell away. WTH did we ever do without these things. Chad - 4 ... 3 ... Viv - Alright, alright. He's coming. Stefano DiMera is right outside the door. He very generously allowed me to make a grand entrance into the Salem sun as it were ... French statement ... Chad - 2 ... 1. Viv - Moving on. She goes to the door. Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you Stefano DiMera. She opens the door. A man walks in. Everyone stares.

Segment 3 Eve - We will finish this tomorrow. Sonny. She leaves the room. Brady - You lost your husband. I thought you two were going to go to that party. Sonny - We did but he needed to spend some time alone so he took a walk.

Paul - Happy New Year to you too. How was Steve and Kayla's? Marlena - Quiet. Nice. Where's Sonny? Paul - He's at Chad's party. And Will needed a little air and I was going to go for a run but you know what, it's a little late now so I'm just going to head home. You have a good night. John - Wait, we'll walk with you. Marlena - Why don't you go ahead, I'll catch up. John - Alright, be careful. Will - Well Happy New Year. Marlena - Honey. What did we walk in on just now. Will - Oh I was kissing Paul.

Kate laughs. Well what a surprise, Vivian Alamain is full of it. Smoke and mirrors. Taking center stage to make the shocking announcement that Stefano DiMera is back. Didn't you notice he's half Stefano's age, that's not even laughable. But nice coat though, what is it. It's Italian, right. Vivian I think you have finally lost it or you're blind or you're both. Poor dear. Viv - I'm sound in mind and body and have 20/20 vision. Hope - You shouldn't have done this. Viv - Hope you haven't changed. You're as suspicious as ever. Hope - That man is not Stefano DiMera. But more to the point your stupid little stunt didn't have a chance of working, what's your game? Viv - Oh it's a very big game and I'm going to win. Man - Lady and gentlemen, if I could please have a moment of your time. Seems to be some kind of a misunderstanding here. Chad - Just a little. Man - So allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stefan Octavius DiMera or quite simply Stefan O DiMera. I'm Stefano's son. Chad laughs. Kate smirks.

Segment 4 Will - You're looking at me like you wish I hadn't told you that but I'm not going to lie to you ever about who I am or what I do. Marlena - Of course you're not and I wouldn't want you to. As far as looking at you I'm not shocked. I'm not even upset that you were kissing Paul. That's not who I am. Will - No it's not. We used to talk a lot, didn't we. Marlena - You remember that? Will - No but I can feel like you're the kind of person I'd be able to talk to. You and Paul both. You don't focus on the past, on the past I don't remember. You accept me for who I am right now. Marlena - I'd like to get to know who you are right now. Will - Yeah so would I. I'm trying to figure that out but I do know one thing. Marlena - Tell me. Will - I don't want to be the guy who cheats on his husband.

Brady - So it's New Year's Eve and Will needs some air? Needs some space, needs to be alone ... yet he's nowhere to be found. I don't know Sonny, this sounds bad. I'm no expert on relationships ... Sonny - That's an understatement. Brady - But it's not a good sign. I'd recommend some couples therapy, maybe a leash. Sonny - So you and Eve seem to be getting along better. Brady - We have to, we work together. Sonny - I'm really glad that after Uncle Vic fired you you bounced back cause that had to be humiliating. Brady - Or engineered by you. Sonny - Oh you and Eve just now, that was an intense conversation. What were you talking about, Basic Black's sales projections. Whatever it was it certainly aroused your interest. And as the CEO of Titan ... Brady - Acting. Sonny - As the CEO of Titan I'm going to keep my eye on both of you cause who knows what you're planning. Brady - Well I suggest you keep your eye on Will. You don't think he's with Paul, do you? You never know, he could be reconnecting with his past to jog his memory a little bit. Happy New Year.

Paul and John are outside the Brady Pub. Paul - Yeah I saw Sonny tonight. It kind of hit me hard. I thought this would be my first New Year's Eve as his husband. John - And instead you were with Will. Paul - Yeah, he kissed me. John - Oh. Paul - Yeah, oh. Look I've been doing some thinking. I lied to Sonny in Memphis but I won't do that again. So I think I need to call Sonny and tell him what happened. John - I don't know if you want to do that. What if it's something you might regret. Paul - You don't think that Sonny deserves to know the truth? John - Before you share I need to ask you why are you going to tell him? Are you really trying to be honest or are you trying to break up him and Will?

Jen hands Ciara a glass of water. Here, hydrate, you'll feel a lot better in the morning. Eric - Not that she's going to feel great. You tied one on, didn't you? Ciara - Are you really in the position to lecture me right now. Eric - It's not lecturing, it's sympathy. I know you haven't had a great time of it since you came home but I hoped you'd feel better knowing that Theo's okay. Ciara - Of course I'm happy for Theo Eric. I wish nothing but the best for him. Eric - But? Ciara - But ... now it just sort of feels like the world is spinning and I'm stuck. It feels like I'm screaming and nowhere can hear me. Jen - Sweetheart listen to me. I'm so sorry that you feel that way but there a lot of people who love you and we really do want to hear you but you can't just run away from your feelings and make these bad choices ... Ciara snaps - OMG. OMG. Is everyone in this town a hypocrite. I mean, bad decisions, running away. Can you spell addiction. And you know I may have been drinking tonight but at least I didn't get behind the wheel of a car and kill my best friend. Jen is stunned.

Chad - So you're a DiMera. Stefan - Chad, pleasure to finally meet you. Andre, I've heard so much about you. Andre - And yet we've never heard anything about you. Maybe that's because you're not our brother and maybe because you're lying through your teeth. Stefan - Abigail, beautiful. Chad - So you said that we have the same father. Stefan - That's right, Stefano DiMera. Andre - That's good to know. So tell me, who's your mummy. Oh I know, she's dead and sadly there are no records of your birth. Vivian takes Stefan's hand. No she's not dead. She's right here. Andre - You're his mother! Viv - God blessed me with one of Stefano's children. Kate - Oh really and it just slipped Stefano's mind. Viv - Stefano never knew about his son. Andre - Because the whole world didn't know anything about him because he never existed. Viv - He was conceived long before I ever stepped into Salem when Stefano posed as Rodolfo to steal my ruby. Chad - He must have really, really wanted that ruby. Andre - So what did you do with the kid since then, lock him in a tower like Rapunzel. Hope - None of this is adding up. Why is it we've never heard of Stefan O until now? Viv - A young girl seduced and abandoned with child, I was devastated. Kate mocks - Oh a crushed little flower. Viv - And to spare me the pain I wouldn't be able to bear Ivan told me that the child was stillborn. How I grieved. Stefan - It was only about a year ago that I learned the true identity of my mother. Anyway I confronted Ivan about the truth and he admitted what he had done so here I am. I'm Stefano's son and Chad and Andre's brother. Kate - And we're supposed to just take your word for it? Your word and Ivan's. You see I don't think he found you in Mumbai. I think you found him on Imposter's dot.com Viv - I knew you'd be cynical. Andre - You're not always wrong. Viv - That's why I brought proof.

Segment 5 Paul - I'm not trying to come between Sonny and Will. Maybe you didn't hear me right, Will kissed me. John - Right. Well I know how you feel about Sonny, I'm just asking you how you feel about Will. Paul - Now that he's back ... I really don't have much of a chance with Sonny even though I still love him. And I need to start letting go which means you're right as always. I shouldn't text him, I shouldn't call him because that wouldn't be letting go. That would be holding on to something that's already gone.

Will - I like Sonny. I get why I married him and loved him. Marlena - But? Will - When he talks of us, how we met, how we fell in love, it sounds amazing but it also kind of sounds like he's talking about a complete stranger, not me. Marlena - I can see that and I can see that you are surrounded by so many people that knew you and loved you and you just don't know how you felt about them. Will - I don't remember you but it feels like I've known you my whole life. Marlena - Ever since you were a little boy we've always gotten on together. I think we still do. Will - Me too. His cell rings. Sorry. It's Sonny. May I? Marlena - Of course. Will - Hey. Sonny - Hey, finally. Where are you? Will - I am at the square with a friend.

Viv - Knowing that Salem is filled with hostile, defensive cynics I've brought proof that Stefano and I are the parents of this charming young man. Chloe - Probably went to the Sami Brady paternity lab. Viv - This DNA profile will conclusively match Stefano to Stefan O. Rafe - Well you'd need Stefano's DNA for that. Viv - Detective Hernandez stating the obvious. Hope - How could you possibly have gotten hold of Stefano's DNA. Viv - Well in Bollywood as in Hollywood it's who you know and I have a friend who had a friend who had access to the Interpol files they were keeping on Stefano. And your little Salem minions can verify the facts. She hands the papers over to Rafe. And I have copies for both of you, they're in my other case. Chad - That's great. So you ... we may or may not be brothers, why are you here? Why tonight? Stefan - Let me tell you why I'm here tonight. Everyone knows the power of the DiMera name. My father both cherished and revelled in it. It was once a name that meant something. A name that struck fear into the heart's of our rivals and brought prosperity to our allies but my father's legacy, that power behind his name has since diminished. His legacy is truly in peril. We need to make a change so that the DiMera name means something again. Abby - Wait, those are my words. I wrote that for Chad's speech that he was going to give at the board meeting tomorrow morning. Chad - He knew what I was going to say before I said it, that's a real clever little parlour trick.

Segment 6 Ciara - I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Jen - You should be so sorry. That was so hurtful! Eric - Jen ... Jen - And don't use being drunk as an excuse ... Eric's been nothing but wonderful to you. That was unacceptable and horrible. Eric - Jen I know Ciara, she didn't mean what she said. Ciara - I didn't. I really didn't. I'm sorry. I am so sorry for what I said. My life's a mess right now. Eric - We should get her home. Jen - We're going to get you home. I'll text your Mom. Eric - Maybe we should go out the back way that way we won't run into Stefano just in case.

Stefan - When I found out who I was I made it a point to find out everything there was to know about my family and their business so I got an advance press release of Chad's speech, very nice speech. I want you to know I paid very close attention to every word that was written or spoken on behalf of this company. I must say I'm very impressed. I mean the work that you put in to promote this event has met and exceeded your high standards but I'm afraid it was all for naught. Chad - For naught? Stefan - Yes, as Stefano's son I've decided to shall we say embrace my birthright and consequently take my rightful place as head of this family and CEO of DiMera Ent. Chad - I'm really happy for you and your newfound self discovery and excited for you ? but you're not going to be CEO. That's my job.

Eve is in her bedroom. Brady opens the door. We have unfinished business.

Segment 7 Eric follows Jen through the front door of the Horton house. Jen, it's alright. Jen - No it is not alright! I can't even believe that she said that. It's New Year's Eve and she throws the worst thing that has ever happened to you in your face. Eric - You think Ciara said anything I haven't said to myself. I think about Daniel and what I did all the time, especially tonight. Jen - No it was a mistake. I shouldn't have asked you to go out. Eric - I'm glad you did. It was nice to be with somebody I care about. Jen - What a horrible night. Eric - Not at all. The last thing I remember I was wishing you a Happy New Year and we both seemed pretty happy before we got interrupted. Jen - Right then there was Vivian who had to announce for the umpteenth time the return of Stefano DiMera. And Ciara, with her rebel without a cause routine ... I mean what a fun night, right. Eric - Well look at it this way, 2018 can only get better. Happy New Year. Jen - Happy New Year. Eric kisses her cheek.

Brady stops Eve from putting her robe on. They kiss and end up on the bed.

Will comes into the living room. Sonny - Hey, you came home. Will - Yeah I did. Sonny - Do you mind if I ask what friend you ran into? Will - Well it was more than a friend, it was Marlena. Sonny - Oh. Will - Yeah and it was really good. Talking to her helped me figure some things out. Sonny - That's good. I'm really happy that you're feeling better. How about we toast. It's almost midnight somewhere west of here. Will - Actually I'm kind of tired. I'm just going to go to bed. So instead of a toast Happy New Year. Sonny - Happy New Year. He looks concerned.

Stefan - I know you're prepared to fight me. Kate - We all are. Stefan - I'm afraid it's a case of too little too late. You see the board has lost confidence in all of you. Kate you are spectacularly inept at making acquisitions that are necessary to keeping this company in the black. You simply failed to close deal after deal. Vivian - Read it and weep. Kate takes the paper. Stefan - And you brother are at best unstable. Viv hands him a document. Let me know if I can help you with the big words. Stefan - Chad you have been missing in action for quite a long time. Viv hands over another paper - And one for the young man who is going to have so much time on his hands. Maybe you and your lovely wife can take a honeymoon. Stefan - Thank you Mother. Viv - You're welcome son. Stefan - These are all copies of the board's resolution naming me CEO of DiMera Ent effective immediately. It's nice meeting you all. Happy New Year. He and Viv toast. Viv - This has been so much fun. What a great party! She and Stefan leave.


Wednesday Jan 3

Director: Angela Tessinari
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1 Eve wakes up and finds Brady laying in bed with her watching her. Hey. Eve recalls how they ended up in bed. Brady. Brady - Happy New Year. Eve - Right. Brady - Seems like we brought 2018 in with a bang, didn't we.

Will finds Sonny and Ari in the living room of the K mansion. What's going on here? Sonny - You're on kid. Ari runs to Will and he bends down and gives her a big hug. Ari - Happy New Year Daddy. Will lifts her up. Oh gosh, Happy New Year to you little girl. Hi. Those muffins look great. Did Maggie make those? Ari - It was me. Will - It was you! Wow, you must be one amazing baker. Ari - Daddy helped me. Sonny - Daddy Sonny made the eggs. Will - Well thank you Daddy Sonny. Sonny - We had fun, didn't we? Ari nods. Will - I don't know what to say. You guys are spoiling me. Sonny - We are just so happy to have you back. Kiss. We're starting 2018 in a way we didn't think was possible with all of us being together. We're a family.

Chad is on his phone in their bedroom. So Mr. Shinn let me make sure I heard you right. So you're telling me you sat down with this mental case Vivian Alamain and this person that claims to be her son by my father and you allowed them to convince you into giving him my job! No, no, no. Sorry, just give me a second to process this. Yes I understand you have DNA results but do you understand she has been doctoring DNA tests from the beginning of time. Okay, sorry for raising my voice. Why don't we do this. Why don't just go to the board and tell them you made a huge mistake. No. Okay then let me tell you what we're going to. Andre and I are going to fight this. Did you think we were just going to go silently into the night. Well I think you were drinking too much on New Year's Eve so why don't you just go ... Abby gives him the cut it signal. Chad - Enjoy your New Year. You too. End call. Abby - Sounds like everything Vivian said is true. Chad - Sounds like she has the backing of the entire board. Abby - Well your father put those people on the board because he knew they could be bought. Chad - Yeah and now this Stefan O ... whatever the hell his name is, he's in and I'm out so Happy New Year.

Chloe is working at the club. She hears the door open and calls out - Sorry, we're closed. Stefan - I guess I was misinformed. Chloe - Well closed means closed even for you. Stefan - Wow I haven't been in town for 24 hours and I already have a reputation. Chloe - Well I'm assuming you came by for this. She hands it over. Stefan - Yes, thank God you have it. Chloe - It's just a handkerchief. Stefan - My mother gave it to me. It's the only thing I have that belonged to my father. Chloe - So Stefano DiMera had yet another son and you're him. Stefan - And I presume like everyone else in Salem you think I'm lying. Chloe - I don't really care who your Daddy is but if I'm going to be honest I wasn't really a fan of Stefano's and I hate Vivian's guts so if you really are their son I hope for your sake that the apple fell very far away from the tree.

Kate is pacing in the living room. Andre - You're going to put a hole in that rug. Why don't you find a way to stay calm. Kate - Why should I stay calm, Vivian Alamain is back in town. I cheered when Ivan dragged her off to India. Andre - Well her return would probably indicate the fact that her career as a Bollywood starlet just didn't pan out. Kate - You know what, you can go ahead and make fun. You weren't here during her last reign of horror. I'm telling you she is conning us. If she had a son with Stefano she would have been braying about that, she wouldn't have tried to steal my son with Victor. Andre - Well I do agree with you that her son's claim is probably false. Kate - Andre I'm telling you she had the time to plan this. I'm sure she's crossed every T, she's dotted every I before she painted on those eyebrows and headed back to Salem with that stud for hire and she's not going to quit ... Vivian - Until I get what rightfully belongs to my son and that's everything. Kate - How long have you been lurking there? Viv - Long enough to know that you're about to burst an artery. Kate - Yes I'm a little agitated because you and that imposter don't deserve a nickel of this family's money. Viv - I think if Stefano were here he'd be delighted to know there's another son in the tribe. I mean he actually finally admitted that he had a mentally deficient psychopath as a son. Kate - Andre is not deficient in any way, I assure you. Andre - Kate it's okay, she's not worth it. Kate - Why are you being so blasé? Viv - I can not understand what you are doing in this house of Usher when Stefano threw you out years ago for being unfaithful as I recall. Kate - Well you know I came back to this company and this house because I enjoy a very, very close relationship with my stepson. Viv - Aww and I suppose you found new love in your dotage with Andre? Kate - Yes we are happily married. Viv - Oh cut the crap! That marriage was a desperate attempt to stabilize the company while Chad's flight was lost over the Aegean Sea. Kate - Well look at that, she did her homework. Viv - Oh you better believe I did and there's something I don't understand. Why is it that you protect Chad as though he were your own son while you treat Lucas and Philip and Austin like they're losers. Kate - I will never explain anything about my children or Chad to you but I will tell you I will do whatever it takes to protect him. Viv scoffs - Oh please if you were trying to protect him the company would not have been vulnerable to a takeover. No Kate it was your mismanagement that is the reason why little Chad is about to lose DiMera Ent. lock, stock and the key to the executive men's room.

Chad - There's got to be something we can do about this. Abby - Well you, Kate and Andre control a lot of shares in the company. You can pool your shares together and go against the board. Chad - I thought about that, it's not going to work. Abby - Why? Chad - Well for starters my father gave Shinn a hell of a lot of power with the board. After everything that's happened with Theo getting Kate, Andre and me to be a cohesive unit is going to be a Herculean task. I don't think our shares are going to be enough to go against a unified board. Abby - Are you sure? Chad - Not after the rocky period DiMera's had. That's why Shinn has so much power. Our only chance is to prove that Stefan O is not really a DiMera. Abby - But what if he is one? Chad - Then we better hope he doesn't have a very impressive resume. Abby - I'm on it. Of course you know you could go to the press. You could tell them how the board is entrusting a multinational company to a rookie. Chad - Eroding the confidence the board has in him. Abby - Except Stefan O is not a rookie. Chad looks at her laptop. What's that? Abby - Salem, we have a problem.

Chloe - I shouldn't judge you by who your parents are. I mean my folks aren't exactly Ozzie and Harriet so I know what it's like to be born behind the eight ball. Stefan - That's very generous of you. Chloe - It's just that ... Stefan - What? Chloe - How well do you know Vivian? Stefan - Why do you ask? Chloe - Because I think that I know her really well. Stefan - You said you didn't like her. Chloe - I said I hated her guts. Stefan - True. I find her eccentric and charming. Chloe - Yeah she can be that but when she drops that act underneath it all is a whole other thing. Stefan - And you feel like you've seen this other thing. Chloe - Up close and personal. I think she's more of a monster than all of the DiMera's combined. Stefan - As far as you know I could be just like her.

Segment 2 Chloe - Well you better hope you're not like Vivian because if you are you'll have nothing but enemies in this town. Stefan - Oh that's already quite evident. You're the only one who's been to civil to me since I got here. So what, you the manager of this place? Chloe - Owner. Stefan - Who's Doug? Your boyfriend? Chloe - No, business partner's husband. If I even looked at Doug what Julie would do to me would make your mother look like a saint. Stefan - So your status is what? Chloe - Single and it's a good thing now because I'm building a business and raising a son. Stefan - Good. So beautiful, single mother working hard to keep food on the table for her son, I happen to find that very sexy. Chloe - Wow, I bet you say that to all the ladies Mr. DiMera or whoever you are. Stefan - And who are you? Chloe - Chloe. Stefan - Chloe, I like that. It's nice to meet you Chloe. I hope to see you around soon. He leaves.

Eve - What's up with you Brady? Brady - What's up with me? I think I made that pretty clear last night. Eve - A week ago you couldn't stand the sight of me now you're lying here looking like the cat who ate the canary. Brady - No, there's just something about the naughty bra that brings out the bad boy in me. Why don't we stop analyzing it and just do it. Why don't we just go with this and see where this little ride takes us. What do you say? Eve - No. Brady - Why not? Eve - Because I'm on to you.

Sonny returns to the living room. Maggie and Ari are making some cookies for us. Will - What a happy kid. Sonny - She's just happy to be with her Daddy again and so am I. Will stops Sonny from kissing him. Sonny - I'm so sorry. I didn't ... I didn't want to push. Will - You didn't. I'm sorry. I've just got a lot on my mind. Sonny - Well did you hear from Roger. Did you find out who Susan's mysterious visitor was? Will - No I haven't heard anything more unfortunately. Sonny - I know that you were nervous about Abigail's party last night but did something else happen. Will recalls kissing Paul. Will - Yeah something else happened.

Kate - So you think you can walk in here with an unproven stranger and takeover the company. Viv - I'm sadly mistaken and blah, blah, blah. You know Kate for someone who's toting her intelligence all the time you're pretty dense. I mean you must know that Stefano enjoyed pitting his children one against the other. You must have experienced that. Some fall by the wayside, the others rose like my Stefan. Oh how he reminds me of his father. The intelligence, the cunning ... well that put me off at first because we know what Stefano was capable of. So when Stefan asked about his father I didn't tell him right away. Kate - Ah, I see because you wanted to see what the advantage was for you, correct. So what changed your mind. Viv - Well I did a little research and found out my son's legacy was in jeopardy. Kate - Oh so it was the money. Viv - Well it was a vast amount and it was stalling and you promised to keep the company safe until Chad could take over but you blew it. Kate - Oh no, no that's not true and you know that. Viv - Well the company doesn't agree. Kate - Well I'm out. Andre and I work at Countess W but Chad is in charge and he's smart and he's educated and he's going to run the company right back to the top. Viv - Mr. Shinn doesn't have that kind of confidence in him so Chad is out and Stefan is in so dear girl you've lost and I've won. That must really sting. Kate - Not so much but this will. Kate slaps her across the face. Viv - That does it! Stefan rushes in and gets between them. Mother stop. Stop. Viv - She ... Stefan - I said stop.

Segment 3 Brady - Are you on to me Eve. Tell me please. Eve - Brady come on. Really! I think you know. But you know what I'm going to make one point very clear. All I want to do is make Basic Black a success. That's my number one priority so you're not going to distract me by another roll in the hay. And there's not going to be a replay of whatever happened last night until I know for sure that I can trust you. Brady - No replay. Damn it. You ruined my whole plan. Eve - Hah! See I knew you had one. Brady - I did have one. I was going to go all around your world. Eve - What? Brady - I was going to take a trip around your world. I was going to start here, then ... Eve - You are a S.O.B. He continues seducing her. Eve - Stop it. Brady - Maybe I lost my touch, I'm sorry. Eve - Oh WTH! Kiss.

Abby - Okay nothing is coming up under Stefan O DiMera. Chad - Because he didn't exist until last month. Abby - Yeah but then I matched his photo from the party. Look what I found. Chad - I don't believe this. Abby - He may have been Stefan DiMera for the last month but all of these articles say he knows what he's doing in the business world. Chad - He's a corporate raider. Abby - He's a cutthroat corporate raider which is probably music to the board's ears. Chad - Which is why Vivian is using him to dismantle DiMera. Abby - So what do you do? Chad - Try to prove that he's not Stefano's son. Abby - But Mr. Shinn and the board seem to believe the DNA tests. Chad - We get him to take another DNA test only this time I'm going to be with it every step of the way. Abby - What if he refuses to take the test. Chad - Then we get a court order. Abby - What if he says fine, go for it. Chad - Then Salem we have a problem.

Stefan - What do you think you're doing. Viv - That witch slapped me. Kate - You had it coming. Viv - I came here ... Andre - To antagonise Kate and start a ? Viv - I came here to show Stefan his house. Kate - It's not his house. Viv - And the portrait of his father. Look at him, the handsome devil. Kate - You stop. You hated Stefano. Viv - Well that's true but then we were close for a little bit and I will always love him for giving me the son I never thought I had. Stefan - I wish I would have seen that fire in his eyes myself. Andre - But you didn't because you materialized out of thin air last month. And I've had as much of this charade as I can bear. Chad and Abby walk in. Chad - I couldn't agree more. Stefan - Hello again brother. Chad points to Andre - He's my brother. You're a scam artist so why don't you explain to Kate and Andre who you really are and what you're doing here.

Segment 4 Sonny - Will if something's bothering you I hope you feel comfortable enough to tell me. You can tell me anything. Will - Yeah. F/B to the kiss again and the ensuing conversation. You have been unbelievably supportive so I am going to be honest with you. I had a talk with Marlena last night. Sonny - You've always been able to be open with her. Will - Yeah you must be right. I don't remember her but I do feel this connection with her. Sonny - Did that talk upset you? Will - No I think I was a little confused before that but she helped me sort it out. Sonny - Will I told you that you can tell me anything. Chloe barges in. Sorry guys. Henderson thought that Brady might be in here. Do you know if he's home? Sonny - I haven't seen him but nobody's working. Maybe he's upstairs. Chloe - Do you mind if I look around? I know this place very well. Sonny - Sure. Chloe - Thanks and Will I still can't believe it, welcome home. Will - Thank you. Sonny locks the door behind Chloe. So we're not going to be disturbed. Will - I also ran into Paul last night. Sonny - And. Will - And we kissed again.

Chloe knocks on a bedroom door. Hey Brady it's me. She opens the door and sees Eve and Brady naked in bed having sex.

Stefan - I really don't know what you're talking about. Chad - What I'm talking about is that you're a corporate raider. You go after vulnerable businesses and dismantle them. Kate - Is that true? Abby - I did the search myself. Chad - His real name is Sam Maitland. Stefan - That's not news Chad. My adopted parents gave me that name. I changed my name to Stefan DiMera after the DNA tests my mother thought would placate the board. Chad - You changed your name because you thought it would give you an inside shot at stealing our company. Stefan - Look do I go after vulnerable companies and try to make them stronger, you bet I do. Chad - I hate when someone asks themselves a question and then answers their question except it's with a lie. Stefan snaps - I'm also human and when there is a company I can not bring back I simply sell it. And you know what, that has made me a very rich man. Chad - That excuse may have worked with Shinn and the board but not with us. Viv - There's the small matter of the DNA test. Abby - Yeah but Mr. Shinn said Stefan brought that. Stefan - So none of you believe that I'm Stefano DiMera's son, is that correct? Abby scoffs - Well I'm definitely not taking your word for it. Chad - Or hers. Stefan - Well fine. Take yet another DNA test, see for yourself. Abby - Don't mind if I do. She walks up to him and pulls out a hair from his head.

Segment 5 Sonny - You and Paul, you kissed again. Will - Yeah. I know I haven't ever been the perfect husband but I do want to always be honest with you. Sonny - Okay how did it happen. Will - I was headed here and I ran into him in the square and he looked really sad and he admitted how much he misses you and I felt like I wanted to comfort him and tell him that I understood and then the clock struck midnight. Sonny - So a kiss seemed customary, right because it's midnight. Will - Yeah sort of. Sonny - Because you were nervous about being at Abigail's party, you were upset about Susan, it just happened. Will - No. Sonny - What do you mean? Will - It didn't just happen. Sonny - But you said Paul was upset because him and me broke up. Are you trying to tell me that Paul is trying to sabotage our happiness. Will - No. Paul's very clearly hurting but he didn't kiss me to get back at you or us. Sonny - How do you know that? Will - Because I kissed him and I have to be honest, I liked it.

Chloe lets herself out the front door. Brady runs after her. Chloe. Chloe - I'm sorry, I thought that was your room and you were on the phone. Brady - Stop, it's okay. Chloe - You don't have to explain anything, you're a grown man. She notices he's shirtless. Aren't you cold? Brady - Yeah, it's winter. Listen I know I don't have to explain anything to you but Eve's your friend right. Chloe - Yeah and so are you and I know you're going to get hurt if you keep this up. Brady - What were you looking for me for? Chloe - I figured I should warn you about something. Brady - What? Chloe - Vivian Alamain, she's back.

Chad - University Hospital will have Stefano's DNA profile. Kate - I should hope so. Andre - Who do I speak to? Chad - Kayla Johnson. Make sure she does the test as quickly as possible with maximum security. Andre - Okay, done. Viv - I don't trust you do this alone. I'm going with you. Chad - Great, just keep her away from the lab. Kate - I think I should go too. Someone has to keep them from killing each other. Chad - So you seem pretty sure this is going to work out in your favour. Stefan - It will then maybe my new family can finally accept reality. Chad - Wait until the test results come back Sam.

Segment 6 Will - I'm not telling you this with the intention of hurting you. Sonny - If Paul came on to you ... Will - Sonny, you know Paul. Would he ever do something like that. I'm telling you this because I care about you and because I can't be married to you when I'm attracted to other men. Sonny - So what, you want out. Is that what you're telling me? Will - I'm telling you that staying together wouldn't be fair to you and it wouldn't be fair to either of us. Sonny - Will if you could only remember what you and I had ... Will explodes - I want to remember Sonny. I want to but I can't. Sonny - If you did you'd understand how bad you want this, how bad you want us. Our little girl, our family was the most important thing to you. You have to remember that. Will - I believe you but right now I can't feel that. It feels strange. Sonny - Forget about me. What about our little girl, our little Ari. Will - Pretending to be in love and happily married for her sake can't be good for her. Sonny - Is that what you and Marlena talked about? Will - Ari's going to have all of us. She is. She's going to have both of us. She's just not going to have us together. I'm sorry. I'm sorry Sonny but until I figure out who I am and what I am I have no business being with you. I hurt you once and I won't do that again.

Brady - Let me get this straight. Vivian shows up at this party with no warning with some guy that she claims is her son with Stefano. Chloe - Right and I figured you'd want to know considering your complicated history with her. Brady - What's complicated about locking up a woman in a mausoleum in a sarcophagus. Just shoved her in and it was done. It was easy. Chloe - Well she and her offspring might want revenge. Brady - Probably and not just on me, the whole family because she's always blamed Maggie for taking Victor away from her. Chloe - Yeah and you have Tate to worry about now. Brady - I'll be vigilant. Thank you for the head's up. Chloe - What about Eve? Do you think she's a threat to the Kiriakis family? Brady - Chloe it's 20 degrees out here. Can we do this another time. Chloe - I just have to know, she's my friend okay. I just want to know if this thing between you two is real or is it just you keeping your enemy closer. Eve is on the other side of the door listening.

Stefan - You may not believe this but I was hoping you and I didn't have to be adversaries. Chad - You show up at my wife's New Year's Eve party and announce you're taking over my father's company ... that's not exactly how you make new friends. Abby - You put us on the defensive. Stefan - I had to get your attention. Look our father's business is a mess. The board is very worried about that and understandably so. They know my position in the business world and my reputation. That's why I'm here. Abby - Yeah but Chad deserves a chance to do things his way because he has run this company successfully before and he will run it again. Stefan scoffs - You sure about that because Kate Roberts was a seasoned pro and she couldn't stop the bleeding. Chad - You smell blood in the water. Stefan - Yes I do but if you think I'm the only shark who does you're sorely mistaken. One of them will bring this company to it's knees. I'm here because I want it to survive. So do yourself and the rest of OUR family a favour and don't make me the enemy. Let's work together and save what he left us.

Segment 7 Sonny - This all just happened last night, it's just the next morning. Why don't we just give it a little time ... Will - Waiting for my memory to come back? That might never happen and that's why right now I need to let you go. Sonny - No don't do this. Will please. Will - Sonny please I need to make my own way in the world right now. Sonny - Don't do this. Please. Please don't do this. Will - I'm sorry, I'm moving out. I'm filing for divorce. Sonny cries - No.

Chloe - Just answer me. Brady - I would but my jaw's frozen shut. Chloe - Are you out to get Eve or what. Brady - Am I out to get Eve ... no. No Eve is not ? Chloe - Vivian's trying to take everything the DiMera's have because she had Stefano's son. You told me that Eve was trying to take everything you have because she's the widow of Deimos. Brady - There's a big difference. Eve is beautiful. Eve is sexy and Eve's a lot of fun. Chloe - Okay but when I talked to you about Eve last night you didn't say anything about her being beautiful and sexy and fun. You just said you wanted to be back running things at Titan and she could help get you there. You know what, you're up to something. Brady - No Chloe I'm not. Chloe - Never mind, it's not my business and I don't really care what your twisted plans are just please promise me that you'll be careful because I care about you. Brady - You don't have to worry about me. Chloe - Yeah I don't have to worry. You're naked, sleeping with Eve and you're drinking again. Everything's great. Brady - I've got it under control. Eve mutters - So you are playing games with me Brady. Well I'm going to find out what that game is.

Andre, Kate and Viv get off the elevator and go to the nurse's station. My name is Andre DiMera. I called Dr. Johnson to arrange a DNA test. Nurse - Yes she told me about it. I'll take the sample and she'll call with the results. Andre - I'm sorry the sample has to stay with me. Viv - I'm staying with you. Kate - Me too. Nurse - Whatever. I'll show you where to go. Andre - Vivian always has some minion lurking around so I'm going to go with her. Why don't you stay and keep an eye out. Kate - Are you sure you can handle her? Andre - Yes. Kate talks to herself - So I'm standing guard while we bet everything we have on one lousy hair. I'm sure it could be worse but I don't know how.

Chad - I'm not interested in working together or listening to anything you have to say so now would be a really good time for you to get the hell out of our home. Stefan - See that's the thing. Technically you don't own this house anymore, I do.


Thursday Jan 4

Writer and director not shown today

Segment 1 Hope is working in her office. Rafe comes in with coffee for them both. She's surprised that he's here on New Year's Day when he's not scheduled to work. He'd rather be with the woman he loves than at home watching Bowl games. They say last night was a disaster. Lucky us, another DiMera in town. Hope - If the new Stefan ... O is anything like the real Stefano then our business is about to pick up.

Theo is looking at his Tablet when Abe comes in. Who the heck is Stefan O DiMera. Abe - Could be your uncle, we'll see. Theo mentions the article saying he crashed Chad and Abby's party with Vivian Alamain. Abe wants him to put the Tablet away. We'll worry about the DiMera's another time. Theo - He could be my new boss so I should stay informed. Abe - What happened to the boy who wouldn't lie. You refused to say it was 7:30 if it was 7:29 or to pick a penny off the ground if it wasn't yours. Theo still doesn't like lying. Abe - You lied to me. You said it was your idea to break into that building the night you were shot. Why didn't you tell me Kate put you up to it.

Kate sees Kayla storm onto the ward. Everything alright. Kayla - I just had to break up a fight between your husband and Vivian Alamain outside the DNA lab. That woman is in town for one night and already World War III is breaking out. Kate - Andre is standing watch. Vivian is trying to pass off Stefan as a long lost DiMera relative and this hospital has a less than stellar reputation for tamper proof DNA results. Kayla - I assure you we will take the utmost precautions. Kate - That's good otherwise there could be carnage or at the very least a liability lawsuit. And just make sure those results are speedy.

Repeat of Stefan informing Chad that the house now belongs to him. Chad - You may be temporarily in charge of the company but the house is DiMera property, it's our home. Abby - And our son's. Stefan - I don't know how to break this to you but my mother and I are moving into this house and there's really nothing either one of you can do to stop it.

Ciara wakes up with a hangover. Claire makes as much noise as she can. Ciara protests. Claire tells her if she doesn't like it she can move out. No one wants you here anyway. Ciara rubs it in about Theo dumping Ciara. Now you know what he felt like when you dumped him. Claire points out even though Ciara got Tripp to lie for her she still got her heart broken. Ciara calls her a bitch. Claire - Theo's got enough going on without your selfish drama so if you really care about him stay the hell away.

Rafe and Hope talk about Ciara. Hope wishes she could take all her sadness away. The last time she got that drunk was when Chase raped her. She was so traumatized she wouldn't tell anyone the truth. Rafe doesn't think it's about that this time. Hope doesn't know. I feel she's keeping something inside now too, something she's afraid to tell me. Every time she seems she's going to tell me she stops herself and she was so rude to you last night. Why do you think she's so angry with you Rafe? Rafe recalls Ciara being sarcastic with him.

Segment 2 Chad - You really should have done your homework Sam because I own the deed to this house. I would really like you to leave our home immediately. Stefan - Chad I actually did a lot of homework and yes technically you were the mortgage holder. Abby - What do you mean technically? Stefan - You might not be aware of this but your husband here borrowed heavily against the mortgage, took out a large line of credit when DiMera was struggling. You must remember when Sami Brady absconded with the family fortune. Chad - How the hell do you know that. Stefan - Like I said homework. Chad - Well it's none of your business. Stefan - Actually it is my business quite literally. You see I happened to have purchased the bank that gave you that line of credit. Funny how things are working out that way, isn't it. And given the size of the loan and the financial issues DiMera is facing I'm guessing you're not able to pay it off, is that right? Chad - I'll have it soon enough. Stefan - Until then that little loan is dangling over your head. If I happen to call it in right now this house would be mine anyway. Chad - You are a S.O.B. Stefan - Relax Chad, I don't plan on doing anything. Honestly this is your home. I want you to live in it. I simply want to live in my father's house the same way you and Andre do. I didn't have the same opportunities with Stefano as you did and I want to be a part of his family. Chad - But this isn't your family. Stefan - Not yet it isn't but as a fellow latecomer to the DiMera legacy you of all people should understand. Abby - If you want to be a part of this family this is really not the way to go about it. Stefan - I know that you have a significant level of mistrust for me. Chad - You stole my job from underneath me and forced your way into my family's home. Stefan - I didn't expect you to welcome me with open arms but I do hope we can get past this initial awkwardness. I would really like to get to know you, Andre, Kate and of course Thomas. Is that too much to ask. Chad - Yeah.

Kayla - The lab is very busy today Kate. I understand the DNA test is very important to you but it's not a medical emergency. Kate - I knew you'd stall. Kayla - I'm not stalling. Today's a holiday and we are understaffed so the DiMera's are going to have to wait in line just like everyone else. Kate - Well the DiMera's donate a lot of money to this hospital so if you can't expedite a very simple DNA test that faucet might be turned off. Kayla - Fine. Kate - I thought you'd see it my way. Kayla - I'll see what I can do. Kate - Just keep Vivian Alamain away from that lab.

Theo - I'm sorry Dad. I never wanted to lie to you. Abe - We don't have to talk about this right now, you need your rest. Theo wants to talk about it. Breaking in was my choice. I was trying to help my family. Abe - The DiMera's. Theo - They are my family Dad, Kate too. Please don't turn her in. Abe - I'm not turning her in but only because it would complicate things for you. The police have closed the case. Theo - Good. Abe - When you get out of the hospital and back on your feet you're going to find a new job. You're done working for the DiMera's. You are done with the DiMera's period.

Ciara would never hurt Theo. She states that Claire is going to leave Theo for Tripp. Claire says she wouldn't do that. Ciara knows her. She'll get bored with Theo and move on. Claire states that Ciara doesn't know her at all anymore and she doesn't know this crazy, bitter person Ciara has turned into. Claire used to feel sorry for Ciara. She was excited when Ciara came home, that lasted for 2 seconds. Ciara - Because you realised I was a threat to you, right. Claire - No because I realised that you've turned into a miserable human being and I just want you to go back from wherever it is you came from. Ciara wants to fight but she's too hungover. Claire is going to see Theo. No matter what you think I do love him. He's everything to me. Tripp hears this. Claire slams the door on her way out.

Rafe doesn't know why Ciara is so angry with him. Neither does Hope. Hope gets a call. Rafe recalls talking to Sami in the park about sleeping together and then what Ciara said last night. Hope asks him what's wrong.

Segment 3 Theo - You can't make me quit my job Dad. Abe - I talked to Kate and Andre and they agreed. This is for you and the DiMera's. Theo - You made them fire me. Abe - No I wouldn't say that. Theo - Dad you promised you wouldn't treat me like a little kid anymore. Abe - Then stop acting like one. Look I didn't really mean that. Theo - Yeah you did. You meant exactly what you said. Claire comes in - Should I come back later? Abe - Yeah. Theo - No.

Ciara whines about Claire. Tripp deduces she's hungover. Was it worth it? Ciara crashed a party at Doug's place. Just a bunch of old people. She went because she had to deal with her Mom and Rafe. I had something I needed to tell them. Tripp - Sounds important. Ciara - It was. It still is. Rafe cheated on my mother with his skanky ex-wife.

Rafe - You know I'd never do anything to hurt you or Ciara, right. Hope - Of course. She comments that he looks pale. Rafe is just trying to figure out why Ciara is so upset with him. Hope feels it's probably her fault. She shouldn't have asked him to bring Bo's bike home. Whatever it was something set her off that day. Rafe - You think that's when it started? Hope does. When she was drunk last night it seemed like she was about to tell me and then she stopped herself yet again. Hope decides she's going to go talk to Ciara. It's time for this to come out and settle it whatever it is.

Stefan - Everything in this house is spectacular. Our father had very good taste. It's going to be very difficult for me to chose which room I want to live in. Excuse me. Chad steps in front of him. No. Our son is upstairs and I have no idea who the hell you are so until those DNA tests come back ... Abby says something. Stefan - Thank you Abigail, I thought you might be the reasonable one. Abby - I'm not on your side. I want you out of this house as much as Chad does. Stefan - Thank you for the clarification. Abby - While you're at it you're going to stay away from my son. Stefan - Thomas is my nephew, I want the best for him. We all know that family is important to the DiMera's. Chad - I have to keep telling you that you are not part of the family. Stefan - Not yet. I know that you don't want to believe that you and I are related but I think if you're honest with yourself you'll find we have quite a lot in common. Chad - No we're not because I'm not forcing myself into a company I have no business running. Stefan - It was given to you. Chad - No my father gave it to me after I earned it. I really don't care how the DNA test comes back because I'm really going to enjoy kicking your ass out of my company. Abby - And he's going to have the support of his whole family. Stefan - And what about the board, they are the ones that made the change. Chad - I know exactly how you and Vivian convinced them. I knew the second I saw you walk in with her. Stefan - They thought I could rescue the company Chad. Chad - From the damage that you committed. Stefan - That I ... I'm sorry, I don't follow. Chad - You and Vivian. I know that you two have been sabotaging this company the entire time.

Segment 4 Claire asks what's going on. Abe says they were discussing Theo's future. Theo rebuts - We weren't discussing, he was telling me what to do. He got me fired from DiMera. Abe - Once you're out of the hospital and the doctors have cleared you, you can go back to the DiMera's if that's what you want. You're old enough to make your own decisions. I just want you to take care of yourself. Kayla knocks and comes in. She asks Theo how he's feeling. Theo is fine. Abe - You look serious Kayla. Kayla - I just received Theo's most recent test results.

Ciara tells Tripp how she found out. Tripp asks her why she would tell her Mom. Ciara - My Mom is being cheated on by the guy she's supposed to marry. Don't you think she has the right to know. Tripp guesses so but thinks it would be better said in private than making a big scene at a party. You said you're trying to protect her. I don't know them but they seem pretty happy together. Ciara - It's all a big lie. Tripp wouldn't expect Rafe to do something like that. Neither would Ciara. I trusted the guy since I was a little girl. My Dad even asked Rafe to look after me and my Mom after he was gone. But look what he did! Tripp - It was pretty bad ... it's just that you've been a hot mess since you got back into town. You tore into your Mom about the bike, you threatened to ruin Claire's life. Ciara scoffs - What's that got to do with anything. Tripp - I know what it's like to be angry. I've done a lot of stupid things. I used to tell myself I was defending my Mom's honour but all I did was make a whole lot of people's lives miserable in the process. Joey's in prison and I almost ruined Steve and Kayla's marriage. Ciara - This is different! Tripp - Maybe it is but before you blow this up you need to ask yourself are you trying to help your Mom or hurt her.

Hope is not leaving Ciara until she tells her what's making her so angry. Rafe needs to talk to her first about why Ciara might be mad at him. Kate barges in. I want to know what you're doing to get rid of Vivian and her so called son.

Stefan - Someone's sabotaging DiMera? That's a very serious allegation. Chad - Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. You hacked into our company files, killed our deals. Stefan - That is a problem. Chad - We traced the hacker a to company called CFR, ring a bell. Stefan - No never heard of them. Chad - It's a dummy corp, no owner on file. Stefan - Let me guess. You think CFR Partners is actually me. Abby - Well it makes sense to me. Who else would have a stake in sabotaging Kate's deals. Stefan - I wouldn't do that. Abby - Sam Maitland would. Sam Maitland's a corporate raider. Tears down companies so he can ? She holds up his picture on her cell. Look familiar. Stefan - Look I have taken down several companies over the years but this is different. This is my family, my legacy. Why would I destroy that? Chad - So you and Vivian could swoop in and pretend to be heroes but once the board finds out you've been undermining the company, sabotaging it, it's going to be ... Stefan - You'll never find any proof. You know why, because there isn't any. Now excuse me, I'm going to go and pick out my room.

Segment 5 Kayla - As you know we had hoped the continued weakness in Theo's limbs was a result of atrophy from when he was in a coma. Abe - So is it something more serious? Kayla - The test shows there is significant loss of motor neurons as a result of the stroke Theo had during surgery. Theo - So you're saying this is permanent. I might not walk again. Kayla - No I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that your recovery is going to be a little more complicated than we thought. Luckily Dr. Bretz and I have found a clinical trial and I believe that you are a perfect candidate for it. Abe - What kind of trial? Kayla - It involves implantation of stem cells in Theo's brain in conjunction with rigorous physical therapy. In essence we are trying to jump start your body into healing itself. Claire - You think this will work? He'll have a full recovery. Kayla - With trials there are no guarantees but so far they've have great success with patients like Theo. Claire - So the trial will take place here at the hospital. Kayla - It's taking place at the National Institute of Health in Capetown, South Africa. Theo - South Africa. Kayla - You will check yourself in for a short stay and then stay nearby for rehab and follow up appointments. Theo - How long will that be? Kayla - Recovery could take up to a year.

Chad is on the phone with Belle wanting her to check on any links between CFR Partners and Stefan O DiMera or Sam Maitland or any other aliases he may use. Report only to me. End call. Abby - Let's hope she finds something. Chad - If we can prove that Stefan was sabotaging DiMera then the board will trust me more. Abby - I just can not believe that they just handed it over to him like that. They didn't even give you a chance to prove yourself after Kate ran the place into the ground. Chad - They don't trust me. Abby - Well they're idiots. I know you can turn things around. I'm going to do everything in my power to put you back where you belong which is on top of your family. Chad - It's our family, our company. Somebody's trying to take everything I fought for. Abby - We'll be fighting for it forever.

Kate - So I assume from your silence you're doing nothing about Stefan O DiMera. Hope - What crime has he committed. Kate - For one thing he's impersonating a DiMera. Rafe - Did the DNA results come back. Kate - Not yet. Hope - Then how do you know he's a fraud. Kate - Because Vivian brought him to town and everything she does becomes a crime. Do you need to bring up her rap sheet. Hope - I forget, is Kate the pot or the kettle. Kate - This isn't about me, this is about Vivian. She's a criminal. Do I have to start listing her crimes because I usually start with her burying a woman alive. Hope - We're well aware of what she's done in the past. I've checked, there are not any outstanding warrants for her arrest. Rafe - Unless Stefan or Vivian does something that merits our investigation our hands are tied. Kate - So we just sit around waiting for them to do horrific things to our family. Hope - We'll keep a lookout. Kate - Wow. They are bringing chaos to this town, you both know that. Hope - And we have to hope for the best. Kate - I don't know why I bothered coming here, you two are hopeless. I'm going to go to the hospital and I'm going to get those DNA results. Rafe - Let us know how that turns out. Kate - You know when this town's on fire it's going to be on your heads.

Segment 6 Kayla - As soon as you're ready I'll make arrangements to enrol Theo. Abe - Of course, just tell me what you want. Theo - Dad can we talk about this. Abe - Of course. Kayla - Just text me alright. Claire is going to leave them alone but Theo asks her to stay. Theo asks Abe if he wants to send him away. Abe - No, this is about you getting the proper treatment. Theo wants that too but he won't get better if he can't have his family and friends around him. I'll be so far away no one will come visit. I don't want to go.

Ciara snaps - Why would I want to hurt my mother. Tripp points out she's been fighting with her since the minute she got back to town. That doesn't mean Ciara wants her mom to suffer. She says Tripp knows nothing about her relationship with her Mom. Tripp asks her to tell him about it. Do you blame her for everything that went wrong before you left? Ciara - It's complicated. Tripp isn't telling her what to do but you need to ask yourself how you want to handle this information about Rafe because a lot of people could get hurt including you. Once you blow this out of the water there's no taking it back. Ciara comments that he should be at work. Tripp throws her some aspirin and leaves.

Hope is ranting about Kate. Then she remembers that Rafe was going to tell her something about Ciara. What is it? The phone rings. Now. I'll be right there. Trask wants to meet her right away. She wants to hear about Ciara. I'm sure it's very important.

Kate gets off the elevator on the ward and makes a beeline to Kayla. Is it done. The DNA test results, are they done or do I have to go to the board. Kayla - I was going to find Andre and give them to him but you saved me a trip. You didn't even ask how Theo is doing. She hands over an envelope. Knock yourself out.

Segment 7 Abe - You can't actually be considering turning down this medical trial. Theo - I'm not signing up for a trial thousands of miles away before I do my research. It's my life, right. Abe - Of course. Theo - It's my decision, my choice. Abe - The choice has been made. If the doctors think this trial is what you need you're going to Capetown. I'll inform Kayla. He leaves the room. Claire - Your Dad does have a point. Theo - No, he doesn't understand. I'm not going to leave you. Claire - Then I'm going to go with you. Theo is crying. Claire cries with him and holds him.

Rafe shows up at the loft. Ciara - I can't do this right now. Rafe wants to talk about what happened last night. Ciara - You want to know what I was going to say to Mom. Rafe - I think I already do.

Stefan gushes about his room. Chad - That's our room. Stefan - Sorry, I didn't know. Abby - Yeah right. Chad - Do not go back in that room ... ever. Kate rushes in. I just came back from the hospital and I have the results of Stefan's DNA test.


Friday Jan 5

Director: David Shaughnessy
Scriptwriter: David Kreizman

Segment 1 Eric walks up to the Pub and sees the Closed sign in the door so he uses his key to go in. He turns on the lights. Roman walks in buttoning up his shirt. What are you doing here? Eric - Since when is the Pub closed on New Year's Day? Roman - Well since I decided to take the day off. Eric - Are you okay? You look a little disheveled. Roman - Well I was just ... Anna walks in. Roman I can't find my earring. I think I lost it somewhere in your bed. Eric - Anna.

Hope walks into the squad room and sees Jen. Hey Cuz. Happy New Year. Jen - Hi sweetie. They hug. Jen - Boy you look good as Commissioner again. How does it feel? Hope - It feels pretty good. So far, so good although our neighbourhood friendly DA summoned me to a meeting and then cancelled right before I got there. Jen - Miss Trask trying to send you a message? Hope - You know cuz I don't even care. I was on my way to see Ciara right before she called. Jen - Well she had a rough night. How was she this morning. Hope - I don't know. When I stopped by the loft on my way to the office today she was still passed out. I don't know why she's acting out like this. I really don't. I don't know what has made her so angry.

Ciara - You know what I was going to say? Well great, let's hear it. Rafe - You've been hostile towards me ever since your Mom told me to take your Dad's motorcycle home from the square. Ciara - It's not about the stupid motorcycle Rafe. Rafe - I know. I know it's not about the motorcycle. It's about something much worse. Why don't we just get it all out in the open.

Chad - How do we know we can trust the test results? Kate - It's legit, Kayla vouched for it. Abby - What does it say? Chad - That it's a hoax obviously and Stefan is not Stefano's son. Viv and Andre come in. Viv - Kate, have you shared the good news. Andre - I'm sorry Chad, I ? the results myself. Vivian and Stefan are telling the truth. Chad - No. Andre - The tests confirm that Stefan is our brother. Stefan - I tried to tell you. Viv - Isn't it wonderful! We're one big, happy family. Chad - That test doesn't mean anything. Something could have been changed or tampered with so ... Stefan - Look I'm happy to take yet another DNA test. You can keep plucking hairs from my head until I'm bald for all I care. Viv - Oh such a generous young man. Kate - Okay I can't take anymore of this. Call security and we'll get the two of them out of here. Andre - I'll be happy to show them out. Stefan - No, no Mother, we're not going anywhere. Do you want to tell them Chad or should I?

Segment 2 Kate - So Stefan bought the bank that owns the mortgage on the house. Chad - He did it so he could have leverage on me. Andre - But this is our home. Stefan returns - Yes and I want you all to live in it. I'd like to get to know each and every one of you. Kate - No thank you. Viv - Oh Kate come on. It'll be like old times living under the same roof together. Kate - I can't believe this is happening. Abby - Stefan what do you want? Stefan - That's a very good question Abigail. Now that my claim as Stefano's son has been verified and the board has confirmed me as CEO I think it's time we discussed the game plan for the business. Kate - As if you care about this business. Stefan - Relax Kate I don't plan on making any sweeping changes. In fact I happen to agree with Chad's decision to put Andre in charge of Countess Wilhelmina with you Kate working closely at his side. Andre - I'm glad to hear that. Stefan - Abigail my research has shown me you've done a spectacular job as head of PR, keep it going. Abby - Thanks. Chad - Boss. And what role did you have in mind for me. Stefan - Chad as I understand it while Kate was CEO you were serving as an executive in a VP role. I'd like you to continue that and work for me in a similar capacity. Chad - No. No way in hell. I quit.

Eric - So Anna I had no idea you were back in town. Anna - I just got in last night. It was a last minute sort of thing. Roman - Yeah Anna and I were catching up on the phone the other day and she happened to mention she had no plans for New Year's Eve so I thought what the heck, come to Salem, we'll ring it in together. Anna chuckles - Your father always was so thoughtful, so willing to help a woman in need. Eric - Yeah right. Anna - Well I should get back upstairs and look for that earring. She leaves. Roman - What? Eric - Seriously! You and Anna again.

Jen and Hope go into the interrogation room. Jen - Honestly I don't know. I have never seen Ciara this angry. Hope - She's been like this since the minute she got back from Hong Kong. Jen - You should have seen her go after Eric and I last night in Julie's office. Hope - What! No! What did she say? Jen - Hope it's really okay. It doesn't matter ... Hope - No it's not okay. Of course it matters. Please tell me. What did she say? Jen - I was just talking to her about drinking and bad choices and she threw my addiction in my face. Hope - No she did not. Jen - It's okay. Then she proceeded to remind Eric of driving drunk and killing Daniel. Hope - I am so sorry. I am just so sorry. Jen - It's alright really. It was not a fun moment but she did apologise. Hope - Cuz it's not okay. It's not. Did she give you any indication at all why she's behaving the way she is. Jen - I tried to talk to her but she is in no condition to open up. Hope - I just don't know why. Why she's ... what's gotten into my little girl.

Ciara - Are you sure you want to talk about what's been bothering me because once it comes out Rafe it's never going back in. Rafe - Yeah. I thought I was just being paranoid. I had this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since you told me you overheard me in the square with Sami. Ciara - You mean that you had sex with her. Yeah Rafe, I know all about that.

Segment 3 Rafe - I'm sorry that you overheard me and Sami talking. Ciara - You mean you're sorry that I found out that you cheated on my Mom. Rafe - I'm sorry for all of it. I'm sorry I put you in this position. It's awful ... Ciara - Don't do that Rafe. Don't act like you're all concerned about me okay. Rafe - Ciara I am. Ciara - No you're not. You're just trying to butter me up so I don't rat you out to Mom. Rafe - That's not true. Ciara - How could you do that to her after everything she's been through. Rafe - I'm sorry. I didn't ... I never meant to hurt your mother, you know that. Ciara cries - You did. Rafe - I'm sorry. Ciara - When my Dad went away you were like a second father to me. I thought you cared about me and my Mom. Rafe - I do Ciara. Ciara - Then how could you do something so gross. Rafe - Listen to me, I'm not here to make excuses for what I did. Just please would you let me explain. Ciara - There's nothing to explain. You did a horrible thing and I now have zero respect for you. Rafe - Ciara hear me out ... please.

Jen - Hope it's not like we were saints when we were Ciara's age. Hope - I know but she doesn't need to know that. I feel like she's about to tell me something really big. Jen - Okay then you just need to be there for her and hopefully she'll come to you when she's ready. Hope - I don't know if I can wait that long but in the meantime please tell Eric how desperately sorry I am for what she said to him last night. Jen - I'll pass it on. I'll probably see him later today. Hope - Oh, how did it go with him last night? Jen - We can talk about it later. You really do need to go see Ciara. Hope - I do but she's probably still asleep. I want to hear about your date first. Jen - First of all it wasn't a date. We planned to go to the party as friends. Hope - So you're telling me those plans changed? Jen - No it was nothing about the planning. It's just when midnight rolled around Eric pulled me into this kiss. Hope - He kissed you! What kind of a kiss was it? Was it a forehead, a cheek ... Jen - It felt like we were more than friends. Hope - Oh my gosh, this is great! Jen - No. Hope - Yes. Jen - No I'm not ... no I'm not sure about that.

Eric - So you and your ex-wife spent the night together. Roman - Yeah so what's wrong with that. The last time I checked we're both consenting adults. Eric - I thought you had your eyes set on Kate. Roman - Kate is still involved in her fake marriage with Andre. So I thought, it's a new year so wth, let's take a small step forward. Eric - I get it. I think I did the same thing. Roman - Really, not with Nicole. Eric - No, Jennifer. She invited me to the DiMera New Year's Eve party last night. Roman - I heard that was a spectacle. Eric - It was a mess from the get go and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse Vivian Alamain showed up with her long lost spawn Stefan O.

Andre - Chad let's not make any rash decisions. Chad - I'm telling you I'm not working for this little twit. He and Vivian have clearly been planning this takeover for quite a long time. Kate - And how do you know that? Chad - Obviously he's the one sabotaging the company. Stefan - Chad that's not true. I want to find the culprit as bad as you do and now that I'm in charge I won't stop until I nail the bastard who has been targeting DiMera. Chad - Do not insult us. Abby - You needed the company to be in disarray before the board would hire you. Kate - Oh come on, why don't you just admit what you did. Stefan - Sorry to disappoint you Kate but like I already said it wasn't me. Chad I wish you'd reconsider your resignation. Chad - I want nothing to do with you or your company you lying little bastard. Chad throws the DNA test results on the floor and leaves the room. Stefan - That certainly didn't go as I hoped. I simply wanted a chance to prove myself but I don't want anyone to stay where they're not happy. So if there's anyone else that would like to follow Chad out now's your chance. Abby holds up her finger and leaves the room. Stefan - And then there were two. Kate, Andre, what are you going to do?

Segment 4 Hope - I am just not understanding this right now because I thought you wanted more than friendship with Eric. Jen - Oh I do. Hope - Then what's the problem? Jen - I don't think he feels the same way I do. Hope - But you said that he kissed you. Jen - Right I mean I said it felt like a kiss that felt like more than friends but then when he brought me home last night it was just like you know ... good night. Hope - No kiss? Jen - He kissed me on the cheek. I mean, that was it. That says something right there Hope. Hope - No you're over analyzing this. Eric's a gentleman and he was a priest. Maybe he doesn't want to overstep. Jen - Hope maybe it's just a New Year's Eve kiss and he's not interested in me at all. Hope - Come on are you kidding me right now. You think he walks around most New Year's kissing women like that. Jen - I think he still has feelings for Nicole. She broke his heart when she left. Hope - Call me crazy, just ask him. Jen - I'm not going to ask him because then he's going to feel cornered and pressured and I am not going to jeopardize our friendship. Hope - You have feelings for him, communicate those feelings. Just open up and ask him. Jen - It would be a heck of a lot easier if I knew what that kiss meant.

Roman - So does this mean that you and Jennifer are dating again. Eric - Dating? Roman - Seeing each other. Hanging out, whatever you want to call it. Eric - Honestly it wasn't until 11:59 last night that I thought yeah I would like to pursue a relationship with Jennifer. Roman - Do me a favour, don't put it that way with her. Excuse me Jennifer but I would very much like to pursue a relationship ... Eric - Thanks for the advice Dad. Roman - I'm kidding, you know that. I think that it's great. You know that I've always thought Jennifer's good for you. Eric - I hope she feels the same way. Roman - Just one question, Jen's had a rough time the last few years. She's lost Jack, Abigail, hell all the stuff she's been going through with JJ and not that long ago you had your heart trashed big time by Nicole. Eric - Yeah I did. So what are you getting at? Roman - Before you jump into anything with Jennifer are you really sure you're over Nicole?

Andre - I'm not going to be pushed out of my father's company. Kate - I'm not quitting either. Stefan - I was hoping you'd say that. Kate - But you make one wrong move and we'll make sure you're out on your ass. Stefan - Mother you were right about this one, she is tough. Andre - Tougher than you ever imagined. Stefan - I'll bet. I've also heard that you're a reasonable business woman. Once I make this company profitable again I think that you'll find I'm a worthy successor to my father. Kate - From where I'm standing you are no Stefano DiMera. Stefan - Indeed time will tell. I'm confident that we'll all do spectacular things together and we'll all make DiMera great again. Viv - We should call the movers and arrange for our things to be sent over. Stefan - I think that's a great idea. We'll talk soon. Viv - Have a lovely day ... lovely. They leave. Kate - How do we get rid of them.

Chad and Abby are sitting at the bar at Doug's Place. Abby - So now what? Chad - I'm out of a job, possibly homeless. Living the dream. Abby - You know it could be a blessing in disguise. Chad - How? Abby - It's a new year, fresh start. We can do anything we want. We don't have to run away from your father's legacy or Kate or Andre or whoever else wants to throw their hat in the ring. We could start our own company. Chad - We don't have the capital to start our own company. Abby - I think we could figure it out. Chad - What about Thomas? DiMera's supposed to be his legacy. Why do you think I spent so many years trying to make it legitimate. Abby - I know. Chad - Now it's gone, stolen by some brother I didn't even know I had. Abby - Stefan did make quite the entrance, didn't he. Chad - Now the board's voted against me. Nothing I can do to change it. Abby - If you really want to keep the company I think I know a way.

Segment 5 Eric - Nicole was the first woman I ever truly loved. Roman - You still miss her? Eric - Every day. Anna - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. Roman - Did you find your earring? Anna - Yes I did but I can see you two are in the middle of something so I'm going outside to check my messages Roman - It's alright, you don't have to go. Anna - I get better reception out there anyway. Roman - So you're feelings for Nicole are still strong. Eric - I was about to say that I miss her every day and I don't know she really left town but I know I have to let go. I'm ready to move on Dad with Jennifer.

Hope - You are going to ask Eric? Jen - Yes I am. I'm going to give it a shot because you are the pro at giving advice. Listen everything is going to be okay with Ciara. Just keep reminding her how much you love her as much as you can. Hope - I do, any chance I get. They hug. Jen - Good luck to you. Hope - Thank you, something tells me I'm going to need it.

Ciara - Explain to me why you were cheating on my mother with Sami, this should be good. Rafe - It's not what you think ... an affair or anything like that. Your Mom and I got into a huge fight. Abe had fired her as Commissioner and put me in charge ... Ciara - Sounds like a great reason for sleeping with someone else. Rafe - A lot of heated things were said. It became a referendum on our relationship. Ciara scoffs - Referendum, big word. Rafe - We didn't know whether we were going to stay together. Whether you Mom ever got over your father. Ciara - So you guys got in a fight. Rafe - More than just a fight. She gave me the ring back. We broke up. Ciara - I didn't know that. Rafe - I thought that we were done, that it was over. I ran into Sami I was in a really bad place. Ciara - Bad place. Rafe - And she was too. Will had rejected her, told her that he didn't want her in his life. I went with Sami to her hotel ... Ciara - Okay I got it Rafe. Rafe - Ciara we're friends. It wasn't love. We have history you know and it just ... it happened. We were both in a lot of pain. We wanted to shut out the world, shut out the pain. Ciara - So that was it then, only one time. Rafe - I won't make excuses for what I did. I wish what happened with Sami would never have happened. I hope you believe me. Ciara - I don't know Rafe. I don't know if I'll ever believe another word you say.

Andre - Never a dull moment in this family. Kate - 2018 has had a horrendous start. Andre - Well I don't know if I'm in complete agreement with you. If I recall those first moments were rather enjoyable. Kate - Are you talking about the kiss. Andre - Yes, that's the moment I was talking about. We never did talk about that, did we. Kate - I don't think there's anything to say. Andre says there was a spark and it wasn't the first time. Kate - I don't know what you mean by spark. Andre can't believe he's going to admit this. My feelings have been developing for my wife. I know we don't have to remain in this marriage business wise but I think we really have a shot at a real marriage, don't you think?

Abby - I think the key is the DiMera board. Chad - I spoke to Shinn. I have no idea what Stefan said to these people but the board thinks of him as some sort of saviour. Abby - Yeah because they don't suspect that he's the one that's been sabotaging the company. Chad - I can't go to the board without any proof. Abby - Then you prove it. Chad - How? Abby - Well somehow Stefan was able to get inside information and he hijacked Kate's deals. He also found out the Sami fiasco. Chad - There's no way he ? that. Abby - Except Theo said he thought someone was hacking the servers. So if there's some way to link Stefan to the hack then we can go to the board and show them he's been involved in corporate espionage and then ... Chad - He'd be out on his ass faster than we can figure out why he named himself Stefan Octavius ... stupid. It's not going to be easy. He's good at covering his tracks. We've spent months trying to figure it out and got nothing. Abby - Well I do have an idea but you're not going to like it.

Segment 6 Andre - You haven't said anything Kate. Kate - You kind of caught me off guard. Andre - I noticed. Kate - I mean I didn't expect you to confess ... Andre - What, confess my feelings. Is it so strange for a man to tell his wife that he loves her. Kate - Loves her? Are you in love with me? Andre - Well it's not something I'm familiar with. I'm sure there's some truth in the matter. The question is how do you feel? Kate - Being your wife has not been the ? that I anticipated it to be. Andre - You should be writing greeting cards. Kate - I'm sorry. I just ... this is so much. You have been lovely to me lately but I need time. I need time to sort out my feelings. Andre - Of course, take all the time you want. She leaves the room. Andre - Because I'm not going anywhere.

Abby pushes his drink to him. You're probably going to want that when I make my suggestion. Chad - This doesn't inspire much confidence. Abby - I know it felt good to walk out of there but I think we need to go home and we need to ask Stefan for our jobs back. Chad - You've got to be kidding me. Abby - We need access. We've got to have access to his phone, to his computer, to him if we're really going to try and trace corporate espionage back to Stefan we've got to be able to do it from the inside. Chad - If we going crawling back he's going to know something's up. Abby - Let him be suspicious. We'll win him over good cop, bad cop style. Chad - So who's the good cop? Abby - Me. He is pretty fond of me so I'll just go in there and I'll apologise for my hot-headed husband who wasn't thinking of our son when he quit. I didn't want to go but I had to be loyal to you in the moment. Chad - You think he'll buy that. Abby - I'm pretty good if I want to be. Chad - I don't like the idea of you being nice to that guy. Abby - I don't either but I think we've got to do it. Chad we're going to beat Stefan. There's nothing you and I can't do. Chad - How'd I get so lucky to have a wife like you. Kiss.

Jen walks up to the Pub and sees Anna on the bench outside. Anna, hi. Anna gets up and hugs her. Hi Jennifer, Happy New Year. Jen - What are you doing here? I didn't know you were back in town. Anna - Kind of a last minute visit. Roman and I spent New Year's Eve together. Jen - Together, together. Oh my goodness, I'm so happy for you. Anna - Thank you. Jen - What are you doing sitting out here in the freezing cold. Anna - Well Roman and Eric are having a big father son talk in there. Jen - Oh really, do you know what it's about. Anna - I just got a piece of it. It sounds like Eric is still in love with that horrible Nicole Walker.

Rafe - I know you're hurt. You feel betrayed just like your Mom would be if she knew. Ciara - Only she doesn't know Rafe. She doesn't. She's walking around all excited about her wedding day. Don't you think she has the right to know the truth about her future husband. Rafe - Yes although maybe it's best she doesn't know. Maybe by telling her I'd just be relieving my own guilt. Ciara - That sounds like a cop out to me. Rafe - You're totally right. The truth has to come out. It's always the best thing no matter the consequences. Especially now that you know the truth, I can't have you lying for me. Ciara - So you're really going to tell her the truth. Rafe - All I ask is that you let me be the one to tell her. It has to come from me. Knock. It's Hope. Honey I don't care if you have the biggest hangover in history. What is bothering you. I need to know why you've been ... Rafe, what are you doing here?

Segment 7 Roman - You know I'm very glad you're moving on with Jennifer. She's a terrific woman. Eric - Yeah she is. Roman - And all kidding aside I do believe that you two actually have a shot at finding lasting happiness together. Eric - I hope so.

Jen - Eric was talking about Nicole. Anna - Yes he was going on about how he misses her every day and how he's never loved anyone like he loves her. Jen - If you'll excuse me I have to go. Anna - Are you not coming in. Jen - I just ... all of a sudden I don't feel very well.

Rafe - I came by to see why Ciara's been so upset. I hope I didn't overstep. Hope - Of course not. Rafe - I thought whatever was making her angry was because of me. Hope - I'm glad that you're here. Ciara did you tell him what you were so upset about, why you're so angry with Rafe. Ciara - Yes I did and he was right, it does have something to do with him. Hope - What about him? What could Rafe have done to make you so angry.

Kate finds Chad at the bar. Chad - Buy you a drink? Kate - Does this mean that all is forgiven? Chad - Not even close. Misery does love company. Kate - Thank you. I have to say I'm not so thrilled with you right now. Chad - Why's that? Kate - You quit, you took your ball and went home. You left Andre and I there alone to fight for our company. I think that's a bit cowardly. Chad - Is that how you see it? Kate - Yeah Abigail followed you right out the door. Chad - Why did she go back in?

Abby knocks on Stefan's door. Stefan, it's Abigail. Stefan - Come in. Abby opens the door - I was wondering if we could ... talk. He's standing there naked.

Kate - Abigail's the good cop huh. I like it, I do. And Stefan seems interested in her. Chad - What do you mean interested. Kate - I mean that I think that he would be receptive. I think we should all stay close to him now. It'll make it easier to figure out how to take him down. Chad - I agree. She and I make a good team. Kate - Yes you do. Chad - So do you and Andre. Kate - And what does that mean. Chad - Nothing, just the 4 of us, formidable. I think together we can take down Stefan as long as we're united.

Andre is standing in front of Stefano's portrait. Not to worry father, I will do whatever it takes to preserve your legacy. Viv - Talking to yourself again. Could be a sign of mental illness, you're not far removed from the asylum. Andre - I was having a private moment. Don't be such a bitch. Viv - Well you can dispense with the name calling, we're alone. Andre - Are you certain? Viv - Yes and that's no way to treat your partner in crime especially when our plan is going so well.


Monday Jan 8

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1 Repeat of Hope asking Ciara if she told Rafe why she was so angry with him. Ciara - Yes I did and he was right, it does have something to do with him. Hope - What could Rafe have done to make you so angry.

Repeat of Kate joining Chad at the bar at Doug's Place.

Repeat of Abby opening the door to Stefan's room. Why would you tell me to come in here when you're naked. Stefan - I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Abby - Well it's a very big deal to me. Stefan - Should I take that as a compliment?

Repeat of Viv and Andre and Viv calling Andre her partner. Andre - You can stop gloating about our success. You have to make sure nobody overhears you. Viv - I wasn't gloating. Andre - Well whatever it is you want to call it. If somebody in my family found out I gave you inside information to help you and Stefan take over DiMera Ent. Chad would never forgive me for such a betrayal. And Kate, well she'll have me killed. No, no, she would do the job herself.

Kate - So Stefan asked you and Abigail to work together with him. You tell him what you think of his job and you stomp out and yet you think Abigail's going to convince him to give both of your jobs back. Chad - She knows how to handle herself. Kate - Why do you look a little worried? Chad - Because I love my wife and I just sent her into the lion's den.

Tripp finds Claire sitting on the bench in the park outside the square crying. Claire, what happened? Claire - It's Theo. Tripp - Did he backslide? Claire - Kayla just got his latest tests back. There's more neurological damage than they thought. Theo may never walk again.

Claire - I'm not being unreasonable Mom. Even Rafe says I have the right to be mad at him. Rafe - It's true, she does. She loves you very much and she's very protective of you and she feels like I may have done something that could really upset you. Hope - I'm sorry I'm not quite understanding. You wouldn't do something to upset me or hurt me. Rafe - No not on purpose. Hope - Okay I'm really not understanding. Enlighten me. What's going on here, please. Rafe - Ciara overheard me talking to someone. Hope - Who were you talking to? What was it about? Rafe? Rafe - Yeah, I'm getting to that. Ciara - It was Abe. He was talking to Abe and well it sort of sounded like he was sucking up to Abe trying to get him to let him stay on as Commissioner permanently. I thought he was trying to keep you from getting your job back. Hope - But I got my job back. Ciara - Yeah but what I heard was before that. It just made me crazy. Hope - Honey Rafe and I worked everything out. He's been wonderful. So supportive of me. I love him, totally trust him. Ciara - I know. Rafe told me how much he loves you and that he would never do anything to hurt you and I believe him now. Hope - Good because I can not tell you how happy it makes me to hear that because I love you both so much. It means the world to me that you two get along. Ciara is hugging Rafe.

Kate - I hope Abigail succeeds in getting your jobs back because the two of you and Andre and I have to keep up a united front against Vivian and Stefan. Chad - We'll work on it. Kate - I understand how you feel about me after what happened to Theo but I am going to earn that respect back. Chad - It surprised me that Andre stopped me from kicking you out at Christmas. It wasn't too long ago you guys were fighting over who would have control of the company. Kate - Yeah well Andre has surprised me too in more ways than one. Chad - What does that mean? Kate - It means this marriage of convenience has totally changed our relationship in ways I never would have imagined.

Viv - I will never understand your loyalty to that spoiled brat Chad and that insipid Abigail. Andre - Chad is the heir apparent. Abigail was the means to make him trust me. Viv - But he would never give you what you want to be in charge. That's why I got in touch with you to tell you what was on my mind. With my help you can have all your dreams come true. Andre - For DiMera to be great again we need someone ruthless to be in charge. Certainly the board would never give me that position, that's the only reason I went along with the plan with you for Stefan to be CEO in name only. And I can be the power behind the throne.

Stefano is putting his pants on. When I told you it was alright to come in I had forgotten how many hang-ups you American's have about nudity. Abby - I don't have any hang-ups about nudity, I just have no interest in seeing you that way. And btw you are American too. Stefan - Yeah but I spent most of life in Europe. It's safe to turn around now. What do you want? Abby - After talking to Chad we realised we've been under a lot of stress lately and maybe that's affecting our decision making. Stefan - What decisions? Abby - When you asked us to work for you at DiMera. Stefan - That decision was not only hasty, it was rude. What makes you think I'll make that offer again. Abby - Because I'll make a pretty good case as to why you should. Stefan - Go for it. Abby - I will after you finish getting dressed.

Segment 2 Stefan is dressed. Do I pass the inspection now? Abby turns - Yes. Stefan - So what's your pitch. Abby - Sometimes Chad reacts in the moment but I have persuaded him that staying at DiMera is important if for no other reason than the sake of our son because Thomas is the future of this company. Stefan - Children rebel, he may not want that future. Abby - My point is DiMera is a family company and so we belong there and I do hope you can accept that. Stefan - Is that why you came in here, to smooth things out. Abby - Okay look Chad has a right to be angry with you because you came in and told us that you were taking over things and you wanted us to work for you. But when we didn't respond the way you wanted us to you threatened to throw us out of our home. Yeah we didn't roll out a red carpet. Stefan - Can I offer a suggestion? Telling me off in this moment is not the best way to smooth things out.

Viv - It seems to me that we agreed to share the power behind the thrown jointly. Andre - You're not a DiMera. Viv - But I produced the son who will be the figurehead on the throne. Andre - Stefan's nobody's idiot, will you be able to keep him under control. Viv - Stefan knows who he is now and where he came from. I'm his mother, that's not going to change. What I'm really concerned about is your feelings for Kate.

Kate - So in short Andre told me he's fallen in love with me and wants a real marriage. You don't seem surprised. Chad - What did you do when Andre told you that? Kate - I told him I'd have to think about it. Come on, we have a fairly acrimonious history. It makes me wonder if it would even be possible to be genuinely happy with him. To have a real marriage you have to have absolute trust in your partner, at least that's what I've heard.

Rafe - Ciara I really appreciate you sticking up for me but ... Ciara - But nothing Rafe, nothing Rafe. I know how much you love my Mom and if anyone's been a jerk here it's me. I am so upset about Theo and I was taking it out on you. I'm really, really sorry for that Mom. Hope hugs her - Everything is going to be okay. I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear my baby girl sound like herself again. Ciara - I'm going to get my act together Mom, I swear. I promise. Hope - You know what I carry around with me at all times? Something very important to you ... the keys to your Dad's motorcycle. I'm going to let you ride it. Ciara - No way! Hope - Yes way but there are conditions young lady. One you will not drink ever again to that extent. You will always wear a helmet. You will let Rafe teach how to handle that bike correctly. You will obey the rules of the road at all times and take every precaution, understood? Ciara - I guess I can deal with that. Hope - I'm trusting you Ciara Alice Brady. Ciara hands the keys to Rafe. Hope kisses Ciara's cheek. Your Dad would be so happy to know you love his bike as much as he did. Ciara - I do. Hope gets a text. Trask wants to meet with her right now. You two schedule some lessons. Hope hugs Ciara - I love you. She tells Rafe - I love you. Kiss. She leaves saying I'm so happy. Rafe - Why'd you do that? Why are you lying for me.

Claire tells him about the clinical trial at a hospital in South Africa. He'd have to be there for a whole year. She wants to go with him but doesn't know if that's even possible. I just got him back, I can't lose him again. Tripp - You have to start thinking about what's best for him. He moves closer. She jumps up - Don't touch me.

Segment 3 Tripp - Okay what did I do wrong? Claire - You just told me to forget about Theo and then you started to move in on me. Tripp - I didn't tell you to forget about Theo, you're putting words in my mouth and I wasn't making a move on you. I was putting my arm around you because I care about you and I hate to see you hurting but if my being here bothers you then I'll leave you alone. Tell Theo I'm rooting for him. Claire - Wait Tripp, don't go.

Ciara - You said you didn't want to tell Mom about Sami because it was in the past and it was just that one time and I thought it was a cop out. Rafe - Which you made clear. Ciara - But then you started telling me more about how it happened and I started to see your side of the story and I couldn't let you tell Mom tonight. I could see how much it would hurt her if you did. Look I know what it's like to lose your chance with the person you love and I don't want Mom to hurt the way that I'm hurting right now.

Andre - My feelings for Kate! I don't know what you're talking about. Viv - Don't be so coy. Everyone knows you're smitten with her. Andre - I married Kate to appease the board because they wanted someone named DiMera to be in charge of the company while Chad was missing. So Kate and I had to pretend we were husband and wife in public and out of that situation things got deeper. And yes, I have to admit I'm in love with that woman. Viv - And what about her? Andre - Well I asked her that and she couldn't answer. Oh but I do remain hopeful.

Kate - I tell you Andre and I have a horrible history. He's done terrible things to people I love. Chad - You know what he can be like. Kate - He can actually drive me crazy, sometimes I have to restrain myself from strangling him. Chad - Cats and dogs? Kate - Yeah. Sometimes there's some excitement to that. It's like I can't walk all over him, he's strong, he's an equal ... there's a spark in that. Chad - Sparks tend to go out during the bad times you know. Kate - I know. I mean I would never in a million years envision myself romantically involved with him. He's the one we both believed was behind the sabotage at DiMera. Chad - We were both wrong. Kate - I know. Chad that's what I was trying to tell Theo. I was trying to connect with him to tell him that the night that he was shot. I've been in such despair over everything I caused to happen. Andre has been supportive of me. He made you keep me at Countess W. I just never expected that kind of loyalty from him. Chad - He's shown me his loyalty before too but can you really base a real marriage off of loyalty alone.

Abby - I'm not telling you off, I'm just stating facts the way I see them. Stefan - You're like this surprising mix of finesse on the surface and steel underneath. I like that. That could prove useful to me. But I was sincere when I said I wanted us to work together as a family. Abby - Chad and I want that too. I'm glad that you understand. Stefan - I know you two want your jobs back but is it to support me or are you and Chad trying to worm your way back into the company to wrest control from me. Come on, be honest.

Segment 4 Tripp - Why did you ask me to stay? Claire - I don't know. I don't blame you for helping Ciara be alone with Theo. I know she talked you into to it. I just hope you see her for what she really is now. Tripp - I don't understand why you two hate each other so much. Claire - I don't hate her, I just don't like her anymore. Tripp - She really loves Theo. People in love do crazy things. Claire - I know that. I used to do stuff like that too but that was only because I knew how to make Theo happy. And we were happy. We had such great plans now I don't know ... she cries. Tripp holds her.

Rafe - Thanks for being so understanding. Now I have to figure out how to live with myself keeping this from her. Ciara - It'll probably get easier the longer you guys are together. You did the right thing. Rafe - Thanks and thanks for being so understanding. I do hate you having to lie to her though. Ciara - When you lie to stop someone from getting hurt it's not really a lie to me anyways. Rafe - Okay. Well I'll be in touch about learning to ride that bike. Ciara - Okay. He leaves.

Abby - If Chad and I start fighting you for control then DiMera Ent. is going to go down the tubes. The company is already on the ropes because Kate wasn't able to make those deals happen. Stefan - Deals that your husband insists I sabotaged no matter what I do to convince him otherwise. Abby - Well somebody did it and we've got to find out who that person is. Stefan - Well it wasn't me. If you and Chad want your jobs back I'll have you know I don't hire anyone who doesn't take me at my word. So do you believe me or not?

Viv - Well at least your desire for Kate is not as strong as your desire for power which is why you gave me that information to squash any deals she tried to make. Andre - The end justifies the means. Viv - Words to live by. Andre - I made sure that Kate still has a position at Countess Wilhelmina. Viv - Then you'll have to continue deceiving the woman that you purport to love for reasons I can not imagine. And then there's Chad and Abigail, you have to keep fooling them. Andre - I want this position of power. I deserve it. It is my rightful place. So stop worrying about Chad and Abigail, I will keep them in the dark. And as far as Kate is concerned she'll never hear a word about this because all hell would break loose if Kate ever found out. Kate - If Kate ever found out what?

Segment 5 Andre - Kate I didn't know you were home. Kate - Answer me. Andre - Well Vivian was trying to convince me to divorce you and banish you from this house and I refused and I said if you ever heard that she mentioned it all hell would break loose. Viv - I'm not afraid of you and I don't want to live under the same roof as Stefano's whore. Kate - You ... Andre - Don't talk to my wife like that. The woman has worked tirelessly to preserve my father's legacy and don't insult her either. She's loyal and so intelligent ... as impressive as her beauty. Viv - Alright I get it. Love is definitely blind. Excuse me. She leaves the room. Andre - I wouldn't pay any attention to what she said. Kate - I have thick skin anyway. I have to admit I wouldn't mind listening to those insults just to hear you defend me like that. Andre - Well it's all true.

Abby - If you do good things for the company then Chad and I will believe you didn't sabotage it. Stefan - Not quite the enthusiasm I was looking for. Abby - Chad and I would consider it a tremendous honour if you would give us our jobs back. Stefan - That's better. I'm very much looking forward to working closely with you. Abby - I will go tell my husband the good news.

Tripp returns to the loft and sees Ciara. Hey. Ciara - Hey. Thanks for talking me down earlier. I decided not to tell Mom about Rafe and Sami. Tripp - You did the right thing. Ciara - I still don't like what he did but he and my Mom were split up when he did it so. Plus he really loves her, she really loves him. Telling her would only hurt her. Tripp - Rafe doesn't seem the kind of guy who cheats on the woman he loves. Ciara - I think it bugs me to see him and Mom so happy when I'm so miserable about me and Theo but you helped me see making Mom just as miserable would only make me feel worse than I already do so thanks.

Hope is in her office. Rafe comes in. Hi. So how'd it go with Trask. Hope tells him even Trask couldn't ruffle her feathers today, not after that breakthrough with Ciara. Rafe - I'm happy for you. Hope - I was really starting to think that I'd lost my little girl for good but she's back like you said she would be thanks to you. Rafe - I can't take credit for that. She never really stopped being that little girl. Hope - Thank you so much for talking to her. I really think it made all the difference.

Segment 6 Andre - I think the whole situation is appalling. The way you've been so selfless, the way you've devoted yourself to preserving father's legacy. Kate - It wasn't completely selfless, besides I really didn't do anything. Stefan and Vivian scuttled every deal I tried to make. What really, really drives me crazy is I still have no idea how they did it. How they hit every detail on every project that I had in development. Andre - Well you can't blame yourself, I won't have it. Kate - That's so sweet. Andre - Sweet? That's it. Kate - What do you want? Andre - A real marriage. Have you given it any thought?

Viv knocks on Stefan's door. May I come in. Stefan opens the door - Come in. Viv - Oh darling, you really should have insisted on the master suite. Stefan - I figured why make Chad and Abigail more uncomfortable then they already are. Viv - After the way they treated you who cares what their feelings are. At least now they're out of the company. Stefan - Not anymore. Viv - What! Stefan - I hired them back.

Abby returns to Doug's Place. Abby downs the rest of Chad's drink. We're hired but I have to tell you your half brother's an arrogant jackass.

Segment 7 Rafe and Hope are in the square outside the square. Hope says it's so cold out here. She has a better idea. My place, the fireplace, a little wine. I have to say something. I know I've been very distracted since Ciara came back from Hong Kong that I haven't been a very good fiancée. Rafe tries to stop her but Hope wants to say it. I'm sorry, I really am. Rafe thinks she's perfect except for the fact she's not his wife. They need to fix that.

Tripp - So if making peace with your Mom and Rafe was the right thing to do what if you made peace with Claire. Ciara - This is different. I'm actually happy for Mom and Rafe. I can't stand the idea of Claire and Theo being together. Tripp - Well actually they're not going to be together. Ciara - What! Wait are you telling me he finally wised up and dumped her ass. Tripp - No! Ciara - But you said Claire and Theo weren't going to be together anymore ... Claire is in the doorway. That's only because Theo is leaving Salem.

Viv - Why on earth would you hire back Chad and Abigail. Please tell me you're drawing in your enemies closer. Stefan - I know your history with the DiMera family but I'm DiMera blood and I don't want to make an enemy of anyone in this family especially Abigail. I'm very intrigued by her. Viv scoffs - That mousy little thing. Stefan - I think you're wrong about her. She's very smart, very spirited ... Viv - And your brother's wife.

Abby - I think my favourite part about our little encounter was when he made me say please, can we have our jobs back. Chad gets up - I'm going to kill him. Abby stops him. Chad - I shouldn't have sent you over there. Abby - You didn't, it was my idea. To be honest I did gain some valuable insight as to how he operates. Chad - What else did he say? Abby - He said he had nothing to do with hacking the company and that he wanted to hear me say I believed him before he would give us our jobs back. Chad - And you said it? Abby - I said if he turned the company around I would believe him. Chad - The S.O.B. Abby - He is a S.O.B. but he is also a pretty smart one so I think if we want to get rid of him we're going to have to bring our A game. Chad - Tangling up with that creep is not what you signed up for when you married me. Abby - No but I did sign up for better, for worse so we'll get through it. I love you and I want what you want. Chad - What I want most is you. Kiss.

Kate - Your loyalty to me ever since Theo was shot means so much. Andre - You can get loyalty from a dog. I want something more than gratitude. But then I suppose I can't force you to feel something you don't. Kate - It's not that I don't feel anything, I do. It's just as it comes as such a surprise to me. Kiss. Well, what do you know, I'm going to go up to my bedroom now. She adds - Why don't you grab a bottle of champagne and meet me there. She leaves the room. Andre - Oh Father, it looks like I'm going to get everything I want. OMG, I hope no one ever finds out what I did to get it.


Tuesday Jan 9

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: Lisa Connor

Segment 1 Eric is at work at the Horton Center. He recalls kissing Jen on NYE. Jennifer comes in. Eric - Hey. It's funny, I was just thinking about you. Jen - Do you have the flyers for the Center's Wellness program? I want to take them over to the hospital this morning. Eric hands them over. Do you want to grab lunch? Jen - I have a lot to do today. Eric - Tonight, dinner at Doug's Place? Jen - I have plans. Eric - Okay we can ... she leaves ... take a raincheck.

Steve and Kayla are sitting at table in the Pub. Steve is looking at his Tablet. Just when I thought it was safe to go out again. Look at this. Kayla reads - Vivian Alamain and her son Stefan O. DiMera crash DiMera NYE's party. What on earth is that woman up to now! Steve - I don't think I want to know. Kayla - Listen I've got to go. I've got to start arranging Theo's clinical trial. Steve - Do you think that will get him walking again? Kayla - I don't know. That's all he's got.

JJ comes into Theo's room and sees Lani. Hi, I didn't know you'd be here. Where's Theo? Lani - Having tests done. JJ has some magazines. Are those for him. JJ hands them over. JJ - What kind of tests? Lani - Turns out because of the stroke Theo had during the surgery after he was shot he lost some of his motor neurons. JJ - What does that mean? Lani - At the moment it means he can't walk. JJ - What! Lani - Kayla got him into a clinical trial that's already had great success. Unfortunately it means Theo will have to be in South Africa for a year. JJ - South Africa for a year! Lani, that's insane. What if the trial's a bust? Lani - Kayla's very hopeful. JJ - Lani look at me. What did she say exactly. Lani - There are no guarantees.

Gabi finds Eli in the interrogation room. Eli - Hey this is a surprise. What brings you down here this morning? Gabi - I need to talk to you. Eli - Sounds serious. Gabi - It is. Eli - Okay, what's it about. Gabi - Me. I feel totally betrayed.

Vic is on the sofa in the K mansion reading the newspaper. Maggie is there as well. Will comes in. Hello. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. I just wanted to say thank you so much for having me in your home. Maggie - You don't have to thank us Will. We're delighted to have you. Vic - Let's not get carried away. Maggie - It means so much to Sonny that you're going to give your marriage a chance. Will - Actually I am not going to be giving our marriage a chance. I'm here to tell you I will be moving out. Vic - You just moved in a couple of days ago. Will - I know but unfortunately Sonny and I are getting a divorce. Maggie - Oh Will, I was hoping that you the two of you were going to work this out for you and for Arianna. I mean last night when she was here you all seemed so happy together. Vic - I'm not at all surprised. I knew it was only a matter of time before he broke Sonny's heart again.

Sonny and Paul walk past each other in the square. Sonny stops and goes after him - Feeling guilty. Paul - Excuse me. Sonny - You must know. Will told me last night he's moving out and filing for divorce. Paul - I didn't know and I'm sorry to hear that Sonny. Sonny - Why are you sorry. You're the reason it happened.

Vic - I warned Sonny he was making a mistake relying on somebody who cheated on him once before. Maggie - That isn't helping Victor. Vic - What is it this time. Find a new boy toy to flaunt in front of my nephew. Maggie - Victor! Will - I never set out to hurt Sonny. Vic - No you just set out to use him. Will - No I don't like what happened and I wanted it to work it's just ... he recalls kissing Paul. Vic - It's just what? Will - It's just that I realised I have no business being married to anyone right now.

Sonny - So you got what you wanted. Paul - What does that mean! Sonny - You can't tell me you weren't hoping that things didn't work out between Will and me. Paul - I was not hoping for that. Sonny - Then why would you kiss him on NYE Paul and why have you been trying to get close to him ever since he got back to Salem. Paul - I have not been trying to get close to him Sonny. He's been trying to get to know me as a friend I assumed. You know what I didn't think it would be right for me to push him away especially since he's been so confused, disoriented. As far as the kiss on NYE, I did not initiate that. It was just like before, Will made the first move. Sonny - Really! Well I don't believe you. Paul - Of course you don't. You don't want to believe that about Will but I swear it's true. I never meant to hide anything from you Sonny. When it happened the first time I thought about running to you and telling you but I honestly didn't think it meant anything. I figured it was impulsive on Will's end, coming out of his confusion, but I knew it would only hurt you. Sonny - You're hurt and you're angry and you're jealous. Paul - You're right. I am all of those things but what I've learned about love, true love, is that you want that person you love to be happy even if it means you are going to lose them to someone else. That's all I ever wanted for you Sonny even if it breaks my heart. I just want you to be happy. He leaves.

Segment 2 Eli - What do you mean you feel betrayed? Who do you think betrayed you. Gabi - The DiMera's of course. I know they didn't do it on purpose. When I decided to sell Gabi Chic to the DiMera's I thought that Chad would be the CEO. Not that we would be working together, our paths would not cross at all but I do know him. I trust him you know. Eli - But you don't know this other guy, Stefan. Gabi - Right. What if he's just another chip off the old Stefano block. I don't need to be putting my trust in the wrong person and have it come back to bite me, you know what I mean. Eli - Yeah I know exactly what you mean.

JJ - This is all my fault. Lani - Don't go there JJ. JJ - It's like I've been living in some alternate universe where just because Theo suddenly woke up everything is alright. It's not alright. It's really bad and I'm responsible. Lani - Would you stop. We all thought Theo was going to be fine even after the doctors warned us that it may take a while for him to get his mobility back. JJ - Yeah but we're not talking about when he'll walk again it's about if. Lani - It's just a more serious underlying issue than we thought it was. We'll deal with it and we'll help Theo deal with it too. JJ - How can we help Theo deal with it if he's on the other side of the world. Lani - We're just going to have trust Kayla and Dr. Brezt to know what's best for Theo. I don't like it either JJ, the thought of my brother being so far away ... I don't want to cry. The last thing I need is for Theo to see my upset. JJ pulls out his phone. Lani - Who are you calling? JJ - I have a counselling session with Eric but I'll cancel it so I can be here with you until Theo gets back. Lani - No you are not skipping out on that session. JJ - Lani I want to be here for you. Lani - You have. Right now you need to take care of yourself. JJ - It's no big deal. Lani - Yes it is. Please, JJ, just go. He leaves.

Kayla sees Jen near the nurse's station. Hey you. Jen - Hey. I was just talking to Abe and he told me about Theo. Is this something permanent? Kayla - Well it's hard to say but obviously we hope not. Jen - Abe said that he has to go to South Africa. Kayla - I think it's Theo's best option. Jen - Oh my goodness, poor Abe. He was trying to be so strong when he was telling me about it but I could tell how hard this is. I mean Theo's going to be so far away and the uncertainty of all of it. Kayla - I know. Abe told me that the two of you are back on good terms. Jen - Yes. Kayla - That makes me very happy. I also hear from Hope that you and Eric have started the New Year off on a good note. Jen - No, no, there's nothing between Eric and me and there isn't going to be. Kayla - Why not, did something happen? Jen - Actually yeah. We went to this great NYE party and we kissed each other at midnight. I thought everything was great until I ran into Anna DiMera the next day. Kayla - Anna's in town? Jen - Apparently she's kind of back with your brother. Kayla - Kind of? Oh never mind. What does she have to do with you and Eric? Jen - Apparently she heard Eric telling Roman how much he misses Nicole and how much he loved her and he's never loved anyone like he loved her. Something made him realise he's not over her and I can't help thinking that something was me.

Segment 3 Kayla - Come over here. They sit in the waiting area near the nurse's station. You are jumping to conclusions. Seriously, you heard this second hand. And also Eric isn't the kind of guy that would ever lead you on. Why would he go out of his way to kiss you ... Jen - If he didn't have feelings for me. I agree, it's so out of character for him but then why would he go to Roman and tell him how much he loves and misses Nicole. Kayla - Maybe Anna only heard part of the conversation. Jen - Okay but if that is the part that she heard, that doesn't leave me much hope you know. Kayla - I just think it's strange that Eric would go to the party with you, go out of his way to kiss you at midnight ... Jen - I don't think it's strange. Maybe he was kissing me trying to get over Nicole or maybe he kissed me at midnight because that is what you do at NYE's party. You are obligated to kiss the person you are with. Listen I'm just not going to get involved with Eric if he still has feelings for Nicole. We can just be friends, it's okay. What is that look? Kayla - I just think you're making a lot of assumptions based on something from a third party. In my experience that's a risky situation. Why don't you just go and ask Eric, have him tell you how he feels.

Vic - If only Sonny had listened to me instead of jumping back into a marriage that was already over. Maggie - Sonny probably hoped that it wasn't over obviously. You can't blame him for that. Vic - I suppose not but I sure as hell can blame Will for leading him on. Moving back into the house when he knew he had no intentions of making things work with Sonny. Maggie - Victor, no! Will isn't to blame either. My God, that poor boy, he doesn't know who he is. How can he be expected to make good decisions for himself or for anyone else.

Will is stuffing some clothing in a backpack in the foyer of the K mansion when Sonny comes in.

Steve sees Paul come into the Pub. Hey dude, I was just about to call you. Paul - Sorry I'm late. Steve - You alright? Paul - Not really. Steve - Is it about Sonny? Paul - Yeah I just saw him and he lit into me for being the reason Will wants a divorce. But before you ask no I'm not happy about it. Steve - You definitely don't look happy. Paul - Which is why I'm glad you called. There's nothing like work to get me out of my own head. Steve - That's the spirit. Paul - So what's the latest case Black Patch needs to solve. Steve - I've got it right here. Oh, I thought I brought it in with me. I guess I left it in the car. I'll be right back. He gets up and then staggers and falls against the table. Paul steadies him.

Lani is sitting on Theo's bed flipping through the magazines. What is taking so long. Those tests should have been done by now. She stands up but feels dizzy.

Segment 4 Jen - Kayla listen I appreciate your support and you letting me just sit here and vent but there's no way I'm going to ask Eric why he kissed me or what the kiss meant or how he feels. That's demeaning. I'm not going to do it. Kayla - Why not! It's not like Nicole is around here anymore. Jen - Kayla I'm not going to do it. Listen I am here to find a doctor volunteer for the Center's Wellness program and I need to get these flyers out and some interest sparked. Kayla sees a doctor at the nurse's station. I don't think you need those. Hendry, hi. Are you still looking for that volunteer work outside the hospital? Hendry - I am. I just haven't had time to research anything yet. Kayla - Oh have you met Jennifer Horton. Jen - Yeah I met Dr. Shah when Abigail was so sick. Dr. Shah - How's your daughter? Jen - She's very well. You know I'm not sure I ever thanked you for saving her life. Dr. - You did, many times. Jen - Good I'm glad because the only thing ... actually I don't remember anything about that time except being grateful that Abigail was okay. And yes we are looking for a doctor to volunteer at the Center for our new Wellness program. Dr. - Sounds interesting. Kayla - Aren't you on break right now? Dr. S - As a matter of fact I am. Kayla - Perfect, why don't you take Dr. Shah over there and show him around the center because you need to talk to the Director about something anyway. Jen - Yes, so are you up for it. Dr. S - I can't think of a better way to spend my break. Jen - Okay great, let's go. Kayla - Super.

JJ is with Eric. You know I almost called to cancel. I wanted to be at the hospital with Lani. She's really upset about Theo too. Eric - Obviously. JJ - But she said I had to go, this was too important not to come so. She's been so great through this whole nightmare. I'm amazed that she's still even talking to me. Eric - Sounds like she cares about you a lot. JJ - Yeah. Eric - You sound sceptical. JJ - I don't know. It's just on top of everything else it's just me being paranoid. When I saw her today I got this uneasy feeling like she's pulling away from me. Eric - Because of what happened with Theo? JJ - I'm not even sure it's about Theo.

Gabi - Even thought Eve's new to fashion she's always been a friend, she's always been supportive. Eli - Was her offer as good as DiMera's? Gabi - It was better, that's not why I didn't go with her. Look this guy Stefan, if he got rid of Chad just like that how do I know he's not going to get rid of Kate. Eli - You don't know. Gabi - And today is supposed to be the end of the grace period to get out of that deal so I thought I'd take advantage, get out and go with Eve. Eli - Maybe you should. Gabi - She doesn't know a lot about fashion which would make my job harder so. Eli - Listen I sure as hell won't presume to tell you what to do but whatever you decide, I've got your back. Gabi - Thank you. Eli - What'd I do? Gabi - Well you listened without judgement, something I'm not used to. My brother's great, I love him but he's very quick to give me his very, very strong opinion and tell me exactly what to do. Eli - The last thing I want to do is remind you of your brother. Gabi - I'm glad we worked things out. Eli - There wouldn't have been anything to work out if I hadn't jumped to the conclusion that you were sleeping with JJ. I'm still kicking myself over that. Gabi - You shouldn't. I mean this whole mix up isn't on you, it's on Lani.

Kayla comes into Theo's room and sees Lani in distress. Lani, what's up. Are you alright? Lani - I don't know. I just got up to go check on Theo and I got really dizzy, almost passed out.

Paul helps Steve back into the chair. Steve - I'm good. Paul hands him a glass of water. Drink this. Steve - I'm dizzy, not thirsty. Paul - Just drink it. Steve does. Paul - What just happened? Steve - I'm not sure.

Sonny closes the door. I was hoping you would change your mind about this. Will - I did think about it but I worried that we'd probably just end up here eventually anyway so why prolong it. It doesn't really feel fair to either of us. Sonny - Well I guess it's not really a big deal to you because you don't remember anything. Will - It is a big deal. Just because I don't remember anything doesn't mean I'm not sad. I hope you know that I never wanted to hurt you. It's not that we'll never see each other again. We'll both be in each other's lives because of Arianna and I hope that maybe one day we ... Sonny - No do not say friends. I do not want to be your friend, I want to be your husband because I love you. I always have and I always will. Will leaves.

Segment 5 Gabi - Lani's the one that saw me with JJ and then misinterpreted the moment. Eli - I know but still what happened was my fault. Gabi - What do you mean. Nothing happened between me and JJ. Eli - Right. No, no, I didn't mean ... I'm talking about when I accused you and I went off like I did. Hug. I'm just glad you were able to get past it. Gabi - Listen I need to go over to DiMera. Eli - Remember whatever you decide ... Gabi - You've got my back. What else do I need. Kiss.

Eric - You know there can be a number of reasons Lani seem distant. It may not have anything to do with you. JJ - I don't know. The thing is I need to get myself straightened out so I can be strong for Lani. She's going through so much because of Theo. Eric - JJ you've been through a lot too so why don't you give yourself a break. JJ - I'll give it a try. What I'm also going to try is thinking of others even more than myself like my Mom. She's been so good to me and I don't always think about how things are affecting her. Eric - I'm sure she'd understands. JJ - I hope so. I'm glad that you and my mom are getting close again. Eric - Yeah I appreciate that but to be honest I'm not sure where me and your Mother stand. At one point I did think that we might be more than friends but I'm not sure of anything right now. JJ - Well if you're not sure maybe you should ask her. Eric - That's good advice. I'll see you next week. Take care. JJ - Eric thank you. He leaves. Eric opens a folder and sees pictures of Nicole. He stuffs them in a garbage can.

Maggie - Oh Sonny we were so sorry to hear that Will was leaving. Vic - I think he dodged a bullet. Sonny - I'm not in the mood for I told you so's. Vic - You think I enjoy being right about this. I just hope that all of this doesn't interfere with your running Titan. Sonny - We all know business is the only thing that matters around here. Vic - Sonny I am concerned about you. I'm concerned about your reputation, your future. You have a wonderful life ahead of you, a very successful career and as much as I think you'd be better off without Will Horton, I know that his leaving you threw you for a loop, hurt you badly. I just want you to be very careful going forward that you don't jump into something that you can't handle. Sonny - You're absolutely right Uncle Vic. I do need to be careful about my reputation and my future so I'm going to take some time and think about it and I'll give you an answer as soon as I can.

Segment 6 Jen and Dr. Shah go into Eric's office. Jen - This center has meant so much to my family and this town for such a long time. Dr. Shah - I know that and I also know about the great work you do for the community and I've always wanted to be a part of it. I've thought about volunteering here for a while now. Jen - You have! Oh my goodness, is that a yes? Dr. Shah - Looks like you have yourself a doctor in residence. Jen - Oh that is so great, thank you so much. Dr. Shah - It's great for me too. Jen - Since you agreed to sign on I guess I should give you a tour. We'll start here. This is our volunteer co-ordinator's desk. His name is Jason and he greets everyone that comes in and gives them food and now thanks to you medical attention. And over here we have Eric Brady's desk. He is the Center's Director. You'll probably deal mostly with him because the Wellness center was his idea. She happens to see a picture of Nicole sticking out of a folder.

Kayla looks at the thermometer. Well you don't have a fever. When was the last time you ate? Lani - I skipped breakfast. I don't usually do that. Maybe that's why I got so dizzy. Kayla - Hard to say. When's the last time you had a physical? Lani - It's been a while. Kayla - I had a cancellation so why don't you come with me and we'll check you out.

Steve drinks more water. Paul - Are you feeling any better? Steve - I'm fine. Paul - I'm going to get you another glass of water. Steve - No, I'm fine okay. Paul - Okay, 2 minutes ago you could barely stand without holding on to the table. Steve - The truth is your Dad and I threw back a few too many last night. Paul - Whatever the reason maybe we should postpone this meeting. You can go home and get some rest. Steve - I bet you could use a little of that yourself. Paul - Yeah, if only I could rest. Steve - Listen don't you worry about Sonny. He knows you're a good guy. He's just hurting like you are. Paul - Thanks. Take care of yourself. Steve - I will. Paul leaves.

Sonny comes back into the living room carrying a couple of suitcases. Vic - So you're giving up, moving out, throwing in the towel at Titan. Well don't just stand there feeling sorry for yourself. Go, get the hell out of my sight.

Segment 7 Dr. Shah - Jennifer are you alright. Jen - Yeah, obviously there's a lot to learn about this place. Dr. Shah - I'm sure there is so maybe we could discuss it later over dinner. Jen - Oh are you talking about tonight? Dr. S - Yes unless you have plans. Jen - No, no plans. Dinner sounds great. Eric hears this.

Vic - Well what are you waiting for damn it. Is that your decision, to walk away from an opportunity that was given to you! Go, get your sorry, cowardly ass out of my house. Maggie - For God's sake Victor let him speak. Sonny - Thank you Maggie. Contrary to your assumption Uncle Vic, I'm not moving out. I'm not leaving Titan. Vic - I don't understand. Sonny - I thought about everything you said and it was a wake up call that I needed badly. I am ready, willing and able to take on the new DiMera heir. I'm going to London, close some Titan business there ... a very important deal. I was going to do it remotely but it would be more effective if I do it in person. Hopefully I can lay some groundwork for future deals. Vic - I hope so too. Sonny - I'm not going to lie, getting away from Will led me to that final decision. I'm going to use it as a distraction but I need you to know aside from my family and my daughter, Titan is the most important thing in my life. I've got to get going because the jet's waiting for me. He hugs Maggie. I want to thank you for your support, it means the world to me. Maggie - We love you Sonny. Sonny - Love you too. I won't let you down Uncle Vic. He leaves.

Paul sees Will sitting on the bench in the square. So you left Sonny. Will - I did. Paul - Are you going to go back and stay with your grandmother. Will - Still trying to figure that out. Paul - I know you don't remember anything about your past with Sonny but just so you know you let go of a really great guy who loves you a whole lot. Will - I agree with you. Sonny's a great person. I know he loves me. He's been so good to me, caring and patient. Paul - But? Will - But I couldn't in good conscious stay with him when I'm attracted to somebody else. He leaves.

Steve is trying to read something on the Tablet but it's all blurry. WTH's going on.

Eli is in the squad room. He recalls waking up in bed with Lani and talking about what happened. JJ comes in - Eli, I got your message. It sounded important. Eli - It is. JJ - What's going on?

Kayla returns to her office. Lani - I feel so much better, not dizzy anymore. Kayla - I'm glad. Lani - So what's going on. Did you get my bloodwork back? Is there anything wrong with me? Kayla - No. Lani - Well what is it. Kayla - You're pregnant.


Wednesday Jan 10

Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Rebecca McCarty

Segment 1 Steve comes out of the Pub talking on his cell. Just hang in there Joe. We'll be down to see you this weekend. I love you too buddy. Okay. End call. His vision goes all blurry on him and he has to sit down quickly. WTH's wrong with me!

Kayla gives Lani a glass of water. You need to stay hydrated. Lani - I'm pregnant. Are you sure? Kayla - I am. Lani - How far along am I?

Repeat of JJ meeting up with Eli in the squad room. Eli - We need to talk.

Gabi comes into her office at Countess W and sees the big Gabi Chic poster on the wall. Stefan - Looks like I'm seeing double and what a sight it is.

Abby is laying out clothes on the bed. Wet Chad joins her draped in a towel. She whistles. Best view I've seen all morning. Chad - Stop. Abby kisses his back. I just hope you're the last DiMera in this house that I ever see naked again. Chad - What other DiMera have you seen naked?

Andre is sitting on the couch in the D mansion living room looking very pleased with himself. Viv comes in - Why are you so happy. Andre - Why shouldn't I be. Our plan is working like a charm and Stefan is going to return me to my rightful place as de facto head of DiMera. That was a stroke of genius. Viv - Co-head darling. Andre - Isn't that what I said? Viv - No you said that twice, the third time we're going to have a problem. Andre - Of course we're partners. We're going to be running this company together. We've been very ? so far, haven't we. Viv - Stefan has far exceeded my expectations, I couldn't be prouder. Andre - He likes beating his chest, he thinks he's the king of the world. It's only temporary. I just hope nobody else is upset when I, well when we're running DiMera.

Chad is getting dressed. So you saw Stefan naked. When did you see ... Abby - I had gone to talk about our decision. I knocked on the door, he told to me come in and there he was in all his glory. Chad please stop ... Chad - No, he takes my job, moves into our home and our lives ... he thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants. NO! Abby - Chad if you start a fight you're going to be doing exactly what he wants.

Stefan closes the door. I don't think you and I have been properly introduced. They shake hands. Stefan DiMera. I hope that you and I will be very good friends Gabriela Hernandez. Gabi - Okay, is there anything else because I have a lot to do. Stefan - Yes, yes of course. Let me just say that I'm very excited that Gabi Chic is joining the DiMera family of companies. Gabi - Don't get too excited, it's not a done deal yet.

Segment 2 Steve's blurry vision clears. He gets up. John walks up - Hey partner, what's going on. Are you alright?

Abby - I did some research on Stefan and it turns out that he has taken on and taken down some pretty heavy hitters in the corporate world. Chad scoffs - I don't care about his resume. What I'm going to do is find proof that he sabotaged DiMera, take it to the board and then we're going to take his ass down. Abby - Okay that's a great plan but it's not going to work if you go in and lose your cool.

Stefan - Is this a negotiating tactic? You threaten to back out, I sweeten the deal, something like that. Gabi - Well my deal with DiMera ism't finalized until the end of the business day and there's a Basic Black counteroffer still on the table. Stefan - You turned them down and signed with us. Gabi - Things have changed. Stefan - Why, because I'm CEO. Gabi - Because I don't know you. Stefan - Well let's change all that. Gabi - Do you mean right now! Stefan - Yeah, why not. Ask me anything, I'm an open book. Gabi - You think that if I ask you a bunch of questions and you give me a satisfactory answer that I will just know you. Stefan - Depends on the questions. I mean if you ask me what my sign is I'll reveal nothing because I don't believe in Astrology. But if you ask me what makes me happy, what makes me sad, the people I look up to and try and emulate I'd say you'd have a pretty good chance at getting to know me. Gabi - No not enough to trust you. Stefan - Why not? Gabi - See I think it takes a lot to get to know someone, not just what makes them happy or sad or who they look up to blah, blah, blah. Stefan - What's it about then? Gabi - It's about how they ? to other people, how consistent they are in their beliefs, how big their hearts are, how loyal ... I don't think you can answer that in a bunch of questions or even ... Stefan - Alright I get your point however I don't think it's about any of that. Gabi - What then? Stefan - I don't think your lack of enthusiasm for working at DiMera is because you don't know me hence don't trust me. Gabi - Alright, share your theory then. Stefan - I think it's because you're no longer working under your ex-boyfriend.

Viv - I heard that little felon who created Gabi Chic is having second thoughts about signing with DiMera. Andre - Well I'll handle it. Viv - We have to close that deal so you can launch the IPO. Andre - Yeah, we shall have it. Viv - Which means we have to play this perfectly. That also means you have to manage your feelings for Kate. Andre - I'm managing my feelings for Kate very well thank you. Viv - Was that you I heard last night. It sounded like someone strangling puppies. Andre laughs - Oh I'm sorry, did we keep you up. Viv - Oh no, slept like a baby. You know maybe this is a very good thing between you and Kate, keeps her distracted and it's better for us as long as you keep her on a short leash. Kate is in the doorway.

Eli - Why don't you take a seat. JJ - Sounds serious. Eli pulls out a lock box and pulls out JJ's gun. JJ - My gun. Eli - Gabi gave it to me. JJ - I was in a bad place. Eli - I'm just glad that she was there for you. JJ - Except when you thought we'd slept together. Eli - I was an idiot. JJ - Yeah you were but you had bad intel. Lani misinterpreted what she saw between me and Gabi that night. Eli - That doesn't excuse my reactions which I regret more than you'll ever know. Look I apologised to her and I'd like to apologise to you as well. JJ - What do you have to apologise to me for? Eli recalls being in bed with Lani.

Kayla - You're not that far along. Lani - JJ and I haven't been together since my birthday, the night Theo was shot. Kayla - That was November. Well this is more recent. You are just barely pregnant ? to the blood test. I'd say you've been pregnant for a couple of weeks.

Segment 3 John and Steve are at a table in the Pub. John - Did we celebrate a little too much for you last night? Steve - Yeah I think maybe we did but I just need some more of this Brady Pub motor oil and I'll be fine. He lifts up his coffee cup. John - Maybe that or this ... maybe it's time you admit you need some reading glasses kid. He puts some on. Doc got these for me, pretty nifty huh. Steve chuckles - Yeah, they're nifty. Not so good over the patch though. Maybe if they came in a monocle I'd be interested. John - Now there's an underserved market. You might be on to something. But until you get that business off the ground you're just kind of stuck here at Black Patch. Steve - That's fine with me. John - Okay then Mr. 20/20 why don't you check out this case file and tell me what you think about it.

Lani - There's no mistake? Kayla - No mistake. Lani cries - I can't believe this is happening. It can't be true. Kayla - Lani you have been through a great ordeal, it's understandable that you wouldn't have taken care of yourself. You know if you need someone to talk to you should know I'm happy to listen. Lani - You're JJ's Aunt. Kayla - But I'm your doctor and anything you share with me is protected by doctor patient confidentiality. Why don't you tell me what's going on. Lani - I'm sure that you figured it out by now. This baby is not JJ's.

Eli - I'm sorry that I thought the worst of you, that you'd actually sleep with Gabi. JJ - You're talking to the guy who broke her heart when I cheated on her back in the day. I swore I would never, ever do that again to a woman I love. Eli - Yeah well now that Theo is on the mend maybe you two can get back together. JJ - There's nothing more I'd like. But about Theo, there are complications to his recovery. Eli - Don't let complications or guilt or whatever stop you from being with the woman that you love.

Chad - Okay fine. Thank you for helping me keep my cool but it would have been really nice to slap that guy upside the face. Abby talks up not getting too riled up. Chad knows but the guy drives him absolutely insane. But there's too much at stake. So you saw him buck naked. Abby - Didn't faze me. You've got nothing to worry about. Chad - I know that. You just saying that to make me feel better. Abby - I know how to make you feel better. Kiss. They head to the bed.

Andre - Oh there you are. Kiss. I hope you don't mind me letting you sleep in this morning. Viv - Oh Kate, those circles. Long night? Kate - Did you have your ear pressed against the door? Could you get me some coffee darling. Andre - Of course. One lump and a dash of cream. Viv - Husband manservant. Kate takes the cup - Oh perfect. Now if we could just get rid of that annoying bug in the room. Viv - I have as much right to be here as you do. Kate - I'm just hoping that if I ignore you you'll disappear. Viv - Do you think I enjoy living under a roof with a rapacious harpy and a feeble minded psychopath. Andre - Actually you can go back to India and get a room at the Taj Mahal. Viv - That's not a hotel you twit, it's a mausoleum. Andre - My point exactly. Kate - If you'd just return to your crypt the world would be a better place. Viv - I was hoping we could be civil. Kate - The hell you were. Viv - Well Stefano's weakling son and his whore, you two deserve each other. She leaves the room. Kate - God that woman drives me crazy. We have to get her out of this house. We have to get her out of our lives. Andre - We will. You know I love saying we now. It means so much more. Kate - I know. I have to say last night I felt safe. Andre - I hope you felt other things too. Kate - Oh yes I did, several times. Chad put you through hell and still you kept my secret about Theo. And when Chad tried to throw me out of the house, you stood by me. I have to tell you I almost practically trust you. She kisses his cheek. Andre - I promise you as partners in business and in matrimony that we will raise Countess Wilhelmina to your heights. Today we close the deal on Gabi Chic and launch our own IPO. This is the first step to everything we've ever wanted. Kate - And we're doing it together.

Segment 4 Gabi - You've got a hell of a nerve. Stefan - What! You asked what my theory was why you're not excited to be at DiMera ... Gabi - I asked because you brought it up and then you gave me this all knowing obnoxious look like you have some sort of insight into my psyche. Well you know what you are absolutely wrong and extremely obnoxious. Stefan - Okay, I didn't mean to offend you, I'm sorry. Gabi - Well you did, big time! I built Gabi Chic myself. I created a brand that went from zero to 6 figures in record time so I'm sorry if I'm a little offended that you're saying I'm making my business decisions based on who I date. Stefan - Look I understand there's considerable loyalty for Chad at this company. After all my brother does have some not so horrible qualities. Smart, fair, charismatic, blah, blah, blah. But there's one thing he lacks this company desperately needs. Gabi - What? Stefan - Killer instinct. Without that he and any enterprise he runs is doomed to failure and I will not allow my father's legacy to become extinct. Do you understand? Gabi - Your father's legacy! I mean the man was a glorified thug. Chad is trying to take DiMera and make it into an honourable, ethical company, something to be proud of. Stefan - You might be a little overly sensitive on the subject given your own father's failures. Gabi - Don't ever talk about my father. Stefan - I will take this company where it needs to go. Now you can either come with or not but I think it would be wise to stick with DiMera and enjoy the ride because it's about to get spectacular. Gabi - If you knew anything about my company you would know that Gabi Chic is about empowering girls and women to make strong choices so that they don't have to give a damn about what any man has to say. So why don't you go find yourself some other corporate viper to listen to your take on killer instincts and legacies and leave me the hell alone.

Chad and Abby bask in the afterglow. Abby likes the peace and quiet ... just them and Thomas. Chad - It's even more important now our family and our company are under siege that we start and end each day like this together. Abby thinks that idea might be contagious. She saw Andre going into Kate's room last night. Chad - I guess it's more than just a business arrangement.

Gabi - Is this a negotiating tactic because it's a fail. Stefan - You know what, I apologise. I'm sorry I came on so strong. I'll hope you'll reconsider. Gabi is going to leave when Kate and Andre rush in. Kate - Sorry we're so late. Andre - What's going on? Gabi - Well I'm exercising my option to void our deal. I'm taking Gabi Chic to Basic Black.

JJ - There's a chance that Theo may never walk again. Eli - What if he does. JJ you have to stop taking this all on yourself. Theo will live. You've been cleared. JJ - Doesn't mean that the guilt just goes away. Eli - Tomorrow's your first day back on active duty, right? JJ - Yes. Eli - Are you sure that you're ready? You may need some more time before this weapon's back in your hands. JJ - When I thought about using that gun on myself it looked like Theo was never going to wake up and his life was over and I'm the one who took that from him. So yeah I was in a dark place. Maybe the guilt will never totally go away but now there's hope for Theo to have a full memory and maybe for me and Lani. That's what I'm holding on too.

Lani - It was Christmas Eve and I missed JJ so much. I went to see him and Gabi was there. She was in his tee shirt and they looked so close. I was upset and hurt, I slept with someone else. I had a few drinks and I didn't think about protection. Kayla I wanted to forget what I saw. And then the next morning I found out that they didn't sleep together after all. I am a horrible person. Kayla - You're not a horrible person, you're human. Does JJ know about it? Lani - He's finally in a better place and we're on our way to being back together so I haven't told him. And there is no way I can tell this other guy, he's in a relationship with someone else, someone he really cares about. Kayla - I think you have to forget about what JJ or this other guy might need or want. What do you want?

Segment 5 Steve - You know Paul and I went over the Landis case earlier. John - How was he anyway? Steve - He's pretty broken up about Sonny and Will. I offered to listen but he shut down. John - Yeah I know what you mean. I appreciate you looking out for my son. Steve - You'd do the same for me. Steve's vision is blurry again. John - Yes I would. And I'm going to do something else for you right now partner. I'm going to give you a little bit of advice. I think you need to stick to the Shirley Temple's. He chuckles. Steve - You're right about that. John leaves.

JJ - I am dealing with my issues. I'm in counselling with Eric over at the Horton Center. Believe me I'm committed to getting the help I need. Eli - I'm glad to hear that. JJ - Like you said, I have Lani in my life. I don't want to mess up a chance to be with her again. Eli - Listen if you ever need someone to talk to, someone who gets what it's like to be a cop, call me. JJ - I appreciate that. Thank you for your discretion. They shake hands. JJ takes his gun.

Lani - All I know is that I love JJ and I want to be with him. I don't want to have this other man's baby. He's a nice guy but this would blow both of our worlds up and he doesn't deserve that. Kayla - Again, let's focus on you and what's best for you and maybe that means exploring your options. Lani - An abortion? I don't think that's an option for me. Kayla - There's adoption. Lani cries - I can't believe this is happening. Kayla - Lani, you're overwhelmed and you're confused and you're afraid but you are not alone okay. This is the very earliest stage of this pregnancy so you have time. Time to really think about what you want.

Abby - I'm happy for Andre. I think he's pretty smitten with Kate whether he wants to admit it or not. Chad - Before you go all hearts and flowers Kate and Andre ... those 2 will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Abby - You really think there's some kind of game going on there? Chad - Too early to tell. The one he's concerned with now is Stefan. Abby - He's as good as gone. If you and I work with Kate and Andre that's it. Chad - I love your optimism but lets just say ? Abby suggests they start in the shower. Chad gives her a raincheck. I have to go dig up some dirt on Stefan.

Kate - Gabi you can't leave. Gabi - I'm not working with this man. Andre - We can talk this out. I'm sure we can reach some kind of an agreement. Kate looks at Stefan - Can you excuse us. Stefan - Sure why not. Gabriella whatever your personal feelings for me are, choose wisely because I promise you you'll be in better hands with me that you will be with Chad. Gabi - That man is insufferable. Kate - Look you will not be working with him directly. You're going to be working with us. Andre - We launch tomorrow. Gabi Chic is going to be a sensation. DiMera will honour your vision and treat you like family. Gabi - I'm not sure that's a selling point given your history. Kate - Gabi let's talk outside. Andre - Yes talk to Kate, I'll be right here waiting to pull that trigger to make you one very, very successful and rich young lady. Andre gets a call. What. Viv - How are things going? Anything I need to know. Andre - Things were going extraordinarily well until your stupid son just jeopardised all of our plans.

Segment 6 Andre - Stefan threw his ego in Gabriella's face and managed to completely alienate her. Viv - I'll talk to him. Andre - No you don't do anything. Viv - He'll listen to me. Andre - We'll be overstepping our hand. The best course of action is to give Kate a chance to fix this.

Gabi is in Kate's office. There are shoes etc all over the place. Gabi - This is incredible. Kate - Gabi Chic. Gabi - All the products I've endorsed are here. Are you kidding? I just sponsored this one yesterday. Kate - I want you to know that I am committed to you. I am committed to Gabi Chic. I am willing to dedicate myself 100% to making your brand a household name. Just please stay with us. Gabi - This isn't about you Kate. I completely trust you. It's just Andre doesn't even like me and Stefan I mean come on ... the show that he and his mother staged at the NYE party screwing Chad out of being CEO ... I can't trust a man like that. Kate - I know. Stefan is a handful, he's a DiMera but between us we can manage him. We managed Nick right. Gabi - That's not funny. Kate - Honey stop. I've watched you grow from a troubled, confused young woman into this force of nature you are right now. I'm so happy for you and everything you've accomplished and I'm excited for your future and I want to be a part of it. Let's do this together. Gabi - I chose DiMera because of you. Kate - Then stay at DiMera because of me. Gabi - Stefan is going to be big trouble, I know that. Kate - Well I tell you what if Stefan or anyone else gets out of line we're just going to have to throw them in the river. She laughs.

A towel clad Abby opens their bedroom door to find Stefan there.

Chad is in the park outside the square. John walks up and shakes his hand. I got your message, sounded urgent. What's up? Chad - John I'm going to ask you for your help.

Segment 7 Kayla joins Steve at the Pub. Sorry I'm late. Steve - Oh baby, I'm glad you could make it. Kayla - I am starving. Wow, Roman really made some changes on this menu. Steve - Who's he trying to impress. Kayla - I got an idea. Steve - I can't wait to hear. Kayla - Not on an empty stomach. She hands him the menu. Here ... what appeals to you? Steve - You know baby I'm not a big fan of change, I'm going to stick with my usual.

Stefan - This is starting to be a habit. Abby - I thought you went to the office. Stefan - I forgot a file? Abby - And you thought it would be in my room. Abby - I need to see you in my office in an hour. Try not to be late. Abby - You might be the CEO of DiMera and Chad and I work for you but our relationship with you is strictly professional. This room happens to be our personal space so I'd appreciate it if you would respect that and stay the hell away. She slams the door closed.

Chad - I guess you've heard that Vivian Alamain is back in town. John - Yeah bad news travels fast. I heard she has a long lost son, Stefano's the father. Chad - That's what they're claiming. John - You don't believe them? Chad - You know her history with telling the truth. John - The woman knows how to wreak havoc. Chad - She's already started. Stefan has been appointed CEO. I need to prove that he and Vivian were behind the sabotage at DiMera that way I can get them the hell out of my company, my family and our lives.

Kate and Gabi return to Gabi's office. Kate - Well good news. Gabi has decided to stay with Countess Wilhelmina. Andre - I knew you'd make a good choice. Gabi - Just to be clear I only answer to Kate. Andre - Well of course and what a partnership you'll make. I should check with Chad and make sure our IPO launch is on schedule.

Viv gets a text she's very happy about.

Kate - Well thank you so much once again. You won't be sorry. Gabi - I hope not. She leaves. Andre - Not quite the enthusiasm I was hoping for. Kate - But she's staying, you should be thankful for that. Andre - I knew you'd close the deal. Kate - I really appreciate you trusting me. Andre - Trust is the foundation of a good marriage so I'm told. Kiss.

Gabi is in her workspace looking at the stuff. She calls Eli and tells him she chose DiMera. Eli thinks this calls for a celebration. I'll see you later.

Eli looks up and sees Lani leaving. Lani. Hey, is everything okay?


Thursday Jan 11

Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: David Kreizman

Segment 1 Repeat of Kayla handing Steve the menu. He can't read it because his vision is blurry. He'll have the usual. Kayla - I hate to mess up your routine Grandpa but there's no more French Dip on the menu. You have to pick something else.

Brady comes into the K mansion living room and closes the door behind him. Vic - Well hello Brady. Brady - Granddad. Vic - Tell me you have some good news for me. Brady - What kind of good news are you looking for. Vic - Please tell me you've got that piece of garbage Eve out of our lives for good.

Eve is sitting at the bar at Doug's Place. Chloe - Nice to see you Eve ... clothed. Eve - Listen I want to explain what you walked in on the other day. Chloe - You don't have to explain anything. You know what you actually kind of do. Exactly what was that that I walked in on? Eve - Wasn't it pretty obvious. A guy and a gal like each other ... Chloe - That's the part that doesn't make sense to me. I thought that you and Brady hated each other. Eve - I thought so to. Chloe - So how the hell did you end up in bed together.

Hope is in her office. Someone knocks. Come in. Hey JJ, isn't tomorrow your first day back? JJ - Yeah but I need to talk to you about something. Hope - Yeah of course, please. It sounds serious. JJ - It is. He puts his badge and gun on her desk. I came here to tender my resignation. I'm leaving the force.

Eli - Are you okay? Lani - Yeah I'm fine. Eli - You seem like you got something going on. Tell me. Lani recalls them having sex and then finding out from Kayla she's pregnant. Eli - Lani, come on, you know you can tell me anything.

Hope puts his gun and badge in a desk drawer. I was really looking forward to you coming back to work. JJ - I'm sorry I'm quitting on such short notice. Hope - Is this about Theo? JJ - It's about a lot of things but yes the shooting made me look at the job in a different way. Hope - Internal Affairs cleared you of any wrong doing. JJ - That does not change the fact that I pulled that trigger and shot an innocent man. I never want to be in that position to kill ever again.

Eli and Lani go into the interrogation room. Eli - Look Lani I want to help you but I can't unless you tell me what's going on. Lani - I just came back from the hospital. Eli - Is it Theo. Has he had a setback? Lani - No not exactly. Eli - What do you mean? Lani - He's still suffering complications from the stroke. Eli - What kind of complications? Lani - Weakness in his limbs, difficulty walking. Eli - Is there anything that they can do? Lani - He's been approved for a medical trial that Kayla recommended but it's in South Africa. Eli - I know this has got to be hard but if it's the best thing for his recovery then he's got to go. Lani - Whatever's best for my little brother. Eli - I know your bummed, I get it but Lani it's not forever. Lani - I know and me and my Dad can go visit him. Eli - So that's not the only thing that's making you upset. Lani - No. Eli - Lani, come on, don't you want to get it out in the open. Lani - I do. Eli - Then tell me, what is it! Lani - We need to talk about what happened between you and me on Christmas Eve.

Segment 2 Kayla - I have never seen you take such a long time to make a decision. It's just lunch, come on. Roman and Anna come in. Kayla - Look at that. I guess that explains why Roman upgraded the menu. Steve - I wonder if he added caviar and borscht. Roman - Hey sis, I didn't notice you there. Kayla - Yeah no wonder. Steve gets up - Hello. Anna - Hello Steve, Kayla. Kayla - I heard you were in town. Anna - You should have seen your brother out on the ice rink just now. He was holding my hand, guiding me around like a little angel. Truly magical. Kayla - Since when do you go ice skating in the middle of the day. Roman - Well our grandson dared us. I've never been one to pass up a dare. We took selfies to prove it. Listen I was going to get Anna something special off the menu. She loves seared tuna. Steve - That sounds good. I'll have that. Anna - We'll join you. I'll just go freshen up. Roman - Okay, alright, I see the looks. Let me have it. Kayla - Well Jennifer told me Anna was your date for NYE. Roman - Yeah she decided to extend her trip. We're having a good time. Steve - Well I'm really happy you're having a good time with the ice skating and the furry hats and all that but the last time we saw Anna she was completely unhinged. Roman - A little strong, don't you think. Kayla - She shot Steve with a gun. Roman - Nobody's perfect.

Brady holds up his glass. It's Club Soda. Vic - I didn't say a word. Brady - You didn't have to. To answer your question Eve is still in our lives but I'm making progress. Vic - How much progress? Brady - Well since you and I staged that little fight I have her pretty much convinced that I'm in her corner. Vic - And what makes you think that you can neutralize her. Brady - Let's just say I've wormed my way into her cold heart. Vic - You seduced her. Brady - It wasn't difficult. She's so needy and desperate for attention right now. Vic - I take it this is all business on your part. Brady - I've got the whole situation under control. Vic scoffs - I'm sure you think so but you don't have very many things under control these days. Brady - Is this about the drinking again really. Vic - Sleeping with the enemy is rarely a one way street. You're playing a dangerous game. Sometimes even the most confident players get played.

Chloe - Do you have an agenda when it comes to Brady? Eve - My only agenda is preserving the company left to me by my dear, late husband. Chloe - Do you mean the company that Deimos stole. Eve - Look I know you hated Deimos but he could actually be quite sweet and very generous. Chloe - So what, you were truly, madly, deeply in love? Eve - No matter how you feel about Deimos you've got to admit that Victor's worse. Chloe - Yeah no doubt Victor's evil. Eve - Yeah and you know what he's doing now, he's targeting his brother's grieving widow and I'm not going to let him get away with it. I'm going to fight back. Come on you have to support that. Chloe - Not if you're using Brady to do it.

Segment 3 Hope - It's never easy when an officer has to pull the trigger and I understand all that guilt that comes with it. If you need more time off for counselling ... JJ - I'm already working with Eric. Hope - That's good. He's good. JJ - But I'm not working with him to come back to the job, that part of my life is over. I don't want to be a cop anymore. I want to find something else in my life.

Eli - Christmas Eve was a mistake. Lani - It was my fault. I'm the one that saw JJ and Gabi and just assumed they had sex. Eli - I can't blame you for that. Lani - I could have talked to JJ instead of that I ran off and ... Eli - Ran into me. Yes I know ... Lani - Yeah but it never should have happened. We never should have ended up in bed together. Eli - I know. Lani, we've already established that but we also know that we were both very upset and we'd been drinking. Lani - Like that's an excuse. Eli - It's just part of the reason. Lani - Yeah there were lots of parts of the reason, weren't there? Eli - Like ... what are you talking about? Lani - Like you telling me that you had fallen for me once. Eli - Why are you bringing that up? Lani - Because it was just a strange thing for you to say. Eli - Strange how? It was the truth. Lani - It's like you were coming on to me. Eli - Are you trying to say that by me telling you that, that that's the reason you slept with me. Lani - I don't know. I think it was part of the reason. Eli - So you're saying this is my fault. Lani - I'm just trying to remember what led up to it, to us ending up in bed together. Eli - Why! Why are you trying to remember! My God Lani what is the point of analyzing it all over again. Who said what to whom and what were we thinking. Why does any of that even matter! It was a mistake. It's over. Lani, I'm sorry. I'm being hard on you and you don't deserve it. I just wish we didn't have to look at what happened so negatively, like it was some miserable, traumatic experience that's going to scar us forever. I mean yes if we had the chance to do it over again we'd show more restraint but I just feel like we need to stop beating ourselves up over this. Lani I know you feel guilty. I feel guilty too but we thought at the time that Gabi and JJ were cheating on us. I think it would be better if we just move on and stay friends. Lani - Friends, right. Eli - Why not? Lani we slept together once and we both agree it will never happen again. It doesn't have to change anything, does it? Hey, does it? Lani - It already has.

Brady - Getting close to Eve is just a means to an end. She's not going to play me. Once she fully trusts me then I'll move forward with my plan. Vic - And just what is this plan? Brady - I'm going to do to her what she did to Deimos. I'm going to make her fall in love with me, then I'm going to marry her and take everything she has. Vic - You're deluding yourself Brady. Unlike some of your other low rent sluts Eve is no dummy. She's going to make you sign a pre-nup. You're not going to get anywhere near Deimos' assets. Brady - By the time she's completely invested in me she'll sign anything I want her to. Vic - You sound awfully confident. Brady - She's so needy right now. She's desperate for any kind of attention, for anyone to care about her. She's going to cling on to me like a lifeline. Once she falls hopelessly in love with me I'm going to move in for the kill. Vic - If she doesn't succumb to your charms you may have to do just that. Brady - What! Kill her! Vic - I didn't say that, you did.

Eve - I'm curious, what is it that you think I'm doing to hurt Brady? Chloe - I don't know, I just know that Brady's very vulnerable right now. He's been going through a lot ... fighting his addiction, being in a string of horrible relationships. The last thing he needs is to have his heart broken again. Eve - You sound a little bit protective of him. Chloe - Well Brady and I are friends, we have history. Eve - It seems to me like a little more than history. Are you jealous?

Steve - Just out of curiosity have you checked Anna's purse? Kayla - Steve! Steve - What? Don't you want to know if she's packing? Roman - We're having fun. Steve - She opened fire in a café. Roman - She was having a bad day. Steve - So was I when she shot me. Roman - It was an accident. Kayla - She makes you happy? Roman - I told you, we're having a good time. Kayla - And she seems stable. Roman - She is stable. Anna returns. Roman, we're going to need one more chair. Kayla - Somebody joining us? Anna - Well I thought Tony would like to be a part of this lunch as well. She pulls the urn out of her purse. But I guess he'll be fine on the table. She pats the urn - There you go sweetheart, much better.

Segment 4 Roman - Anna, I thought we talked about the urn. Anna - Yes we did. Roman - But I didn't know you were still lugging Tony around. Anna - Not all the time, only when it seems appropriate. Kayla - Anna I understand you're still grieving over the loss of Tony. Anna - Yeah, he was my everything. Kayla - And I feel for you but do you think it's healthy to be carrying around his remains. Anna - Some people have emotional support dogs and I have Tony. I know it seems unconventional and you all think I'm crazy. Roman - Nobody's really saying that. Anna - We all find ways to cope, right? It's not like I'm expecting him to answer me back and I don't have to take him on walks. Steve - No, you just bring him out for special occasions. Anna - Tony is a reminder of what Stefano did to us. Steve - Here we go. Anna - That monster tore us apart. He's the reason I lost Tony. Kayla - You know you really need to let that go. Remember what happened to you in Europe. Anna - I'm sorry I just can't. Stefano never paid for what he did to me or to Tony or to any of us at this table. Steve - I can't argue with you on that one. Anna - See that's exactly why I want to hire you Steve. Steve - Hire me, for what? Anna - I want you to go after Stefano and bring him to justice.

Chloe - Me jealous of you and Brady! Eve - Yeah because you're kind of acting like you're still his wife. Chloe - That's crazy. Eve - Really, you breeze into his house whenever you want to. You're very, very territorial of him. I don't know, it seems like there might be some feelings there. Chloe - No there are no feelings there. It's just that Brady is my friend and I'm worried about him. He's going through a tough time and when he's in a bad place he makes bad choices. Eve - Right, I'm a bad choice. Chloe - I didn't mean that, not necessarily. It's just you know you just lost your beloved husband and with all the issues happening at Titan I'm not sure that your bed is the safest place for Brady right now. Eve - Blunt much. Chloe - I'm just being honest. Eve - Alright. In the spirit of honesty, who knows maybe Brady is using me. What if Victor ordered Brady to take me to bed. Chloe - If you were so worried about that why would you sleep with him in the first place. Eve - Because I wanted to. He's sexy and he's charming. Okay, you're right, I was a little lonely but I'm not stupid. Chloe - Nobody said you are. Eve - You know what, I like him. I like him a lot but my main goal is to put Basic Black back on track and if I find out that he's double-crossing me, it's not going to be pretty ... I can tell you that much. Chloe - Especially if you develop real feelings for him. Eve - I've got to go. The drink was marvelous. Talk to you later. Chloe - Bye.

Eli - Why are you beating yourself up over this. Lani - Because we can't just pretend like we didn't sleep together. Eli - We made a bad choice Lani but we are the only people in the world that know about this. We can put it behind us. Lani - And what if we can't. Eli - Gabi forgave me for accusing her of sleeping with JJ. You can make things right with JJ too. Lani - I'm not sure about that. Eli - Look you know that I was one of JJ's harshest critics, hell I still have a big problem with what he did but Theo is on the road to recovery and JJ has been exonerated. There is no reason the two of you can't pick up where you left off.

Segment 5 Hope - I guess there's no talking you out of it. JJ - I appreciate you trying. Look I don't want to look back anymore, I'm moving ahead. Hope - Any idea what you're going to do next? JJ - I don't know but one thing I do know is that after that went down with Theo I'm going to make every day count. Hope - That's a good lesson. JJ - I know that there's something meaningful for me out there. I'm going to find it.

Lani - Sometimes life doesn't always go the way that you think it will. Eli - Lani we made a mistake but if we don't find a way to put this behind us it's going to drive us crazy. Lani - That's going to be really hard to do, for me anyway. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be reminded of it on a daily basis. Eli - Why do you have to be reminded of it every day. That sounds like you want to punish yourself. Lani - Maybe I do. Eli - Lani look at me ... please. We got lucky. We dodged a bullet. No one knows what happened between us that night and they never will. The sooner that we can forget what happened and move on the easier it will be. You can go on and be happy with JJ and I can move on with Gabi. Lani - You act like there are no consequences to what we did. Eli - Are there? What are the consequences.

Steve - So you want me to hunt Stefano for you. Anna - For all of us. I can't think of anyone more suited to the job. Kayla - Are you sure you want to find him? Roman - What makes you think he's still alive. Steve - Yeah Stefano was dying of about 4 different ailments when he set Hope up for shooting him. He didn't have much time left. Anna recalls confronting Stefano in his cell. Anna - No he's too mean to go like that. Besides Stefano didn't even look sick when I saw him in that jail cell. Steve recalls Shane removing his Stefano costume. Steve - Stefano had the best doctors in the world but that doesn't even matter. Maybe he's alive but he's probably dead. And besides if Stefano doesn't want to be found it's almost impossible to find him. Anna pulls out a photo. This was taken a couple of months ago in Turkey. He looks pretty alive to me, how about you? Roman - Let me take a look. That's Stefano alright. Kayla - Are you sure it's real. Steve recalls that photo he and Shane saw and Shane saying that wasn't him in that photo. Steve - I don't know if that picture's real or not, maybe it doesn't matter. Anna - Well of course it matters. Roman - Look I want that S.O.B. punished like everybody else but are you sure you want to throw your whole life away on Stefano DiMera.

Brady - Nobody's getting killed Granddad. This is going to be a bloodless coup. I'll get rid of Eve quietly and quickly. Vic - Brady you're naïve if you think Eve is going to go quietly. Desperate women like Eve keep battling until no one's left standing. Brady - Yeah we'll see about that. Vic - No matter what you must concentrate on your end game, not hers. Brady - I always do. Vic - Good because if you handle this correctly and get rid of Eve it'll be very good for you. Brady - Does this mean you'll put me back in charge at Titan. Vic - I'll certainly consider it. Brady recalls Eve telling him to work with her. Brady gets a text. Henderson tells me that Eve just pulled up in the driveway. Are you up for some more theatrics? Vic - If it means getting that harpy out of our lives for good, count me in.

Segment 6 Lani - I love JJ but I don't know if I can be with him and not think about what we did. Eli - Well you're going to have to try because I know Gabi. If she finds out what happened between us that's going to be the end of our relationship. Eli gets a text. It's Gabi now. She's excited about her new deal with DiMera. Lani - Good for her. Eli - Look I'm going to go get some flowers and go see her. Lani - That's nice of you. Eli - Are we cool? Lani I know this is going to be hard and if you need to talk again I'm always available. We need to get past this. You deserve to be happy. He leaves.

Hope - You sound hopeful. I'm so sorry to see you go but excited to see what you do next. JJ - Me too. Hope - Thank you for everything JJ. JJ - Hope thank you for the opportunity for me to be a cop and for standing up for me after the shooting ... He shakes her hand ... even when it almost cost you your job. Hope hugs him - You take care of yourself Detective, understand. JJ - You too Commish. I'll let you get back to work. Hope - Hey I'm really proud of you.

Anna - Of course I don't want to go to prison for Stefano but I will get justice for Tony with or without your help. Roman - Look we just want you to be careful. Steve gets a call. Sorry. Hello. Hope - Hey Steve, it's Hope. Steve - Hi Hope. Hope - Are you busy, what are you doing right now? Steve - Just having lunch at the Pub. What's up? Hope - I was hoping you'd slip down to the station, take a look at a case for me. Steve - Okay, I'll be down as soon as I can. I'm sorry, I've got to cut this lunch short, Hope needs me down at the station. Baby, don't you need to get back to the hospital. Maybe you can give me a ride on the way. Kayla - Sure, I can do that. Anna - Steve I hope you'll change your mind about going after Stefano. You know the world will be a better place once that man is wiped off the face of it. Steve - Yeah okay. Kayla - Let's do this again some time. Anna. They leave. Anna - I'm sorry I took that conversation in a dark direction. Roman - Anna I know you want vengeance for what Stefano's done, I get that. Me too, we all do but that is not something I really want to deal with in my life right now.

Eve enters the foyer and hears Brady yelling. You know old man I don't care if you hate the fact that Eve and I are working together at Basic Black because I happen to like it there. Vic - Why would you want to go anywhere near that train wreck of a woman. Brady - Train wreck! She's a savvy and smart business woman I'll let you know and I like being around her. Eve has opened the door a crack and she's listening. Vic - The woman is a lying whore. Brady - Don't talk about her like that. Vic - I can't believe you're defending her. Brady - You're angry because she made me realise that you're the one holding me back at Titan. Vic - Oh that's ridiculous. Brady - You know what's ridiculous! The fact that you think you're going to win this Granddad because you're not. Hold on to that company as much as you want but you better give Sonny notice cause she and I are coming after you. Vic - Brady ... Brady storms out. He sees Eve.

Segment 7 Hope lets Steve into her office. Thank you so much for coming down so quickly. Steve - Sure. Hope - I wasn't interrupting anything, was I? Steve - No not really. So what's this case you've got going. Hope - I don't want to spoil it. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. Everything is blurry. Hope, why don't ... Hope - Not a word until you've read the whole thing. I need to run over to the DA's office. Give it a once over, leave it on my desk and I'll call you later for your thoughts. Steve - Okay I'll do that. Hope - Thank you, I appreciate it. It's good to see you, it's been too long. She leaves.

Anna - I've spent so many years dreaming about making Stefano pay for what he did to us. Roman - Well from someone who battled that maniac for 35 years I know how that obsession can take over your life. Anna - He took everything from me. Roman - Oh come on Anna, everything! You've still got a lot to live for ... Carrie, Noah. Anna - And you? Roman - Yes that can happen but you need to listen to me okay. I know Tony will always be a part of your life and he should be but I also know Tony would want you to move on and Anna, you need to do that. Foods ready, I'll be right back. Anna talks to the urn - Don't worry, I'll never let this go, not until you've been avenged.

Brady closes the living room door. Sorry, I did not know that you were out here. Eve - I just got here. Brady - How much of that did you hear? Eve - All of it. Brady - I'm sorry, Granddad is so ... Eve - I know what your Granddad is. Brady - I want him to understand that you and I are business partners now. I'm not going to rollover like ... Eve kisses him.

Lani is in the squad room. She makes a call. Kayla is at her desk - Dr. Johnson. Lani - Hi Kayla it's Lani. Kayla - Is everything alright? Lani - Yeah I've been doing some thinking. I've made a decision about my pregnancy. JJ hears her.


Friday Jan 12

Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1 Chad and Abby run into each other in the hallway at work. Chad thought she didn't have to come in until later. Abby tells him she was summoned. They talk about what Stefan's management style is. Chad stresses that they need to focus on the task at hand, getting Stefan out of the boardroom and the bedroom apparently. Chad tells her to go in and work her charm on him. Abby says she can't appear too eager. I have to let him think he's winning me over gradually. Chad likes her long game plan. Kiss. Go get him. Abby knocks on Stefan's office door and walks in. Stefan has his feet up on his desk. Do you think this company needs a policy on PDA's. Abby - Don't you think it's a little hypocritical for you to be the arbiter of what is or isn't sexually appropriate after what you did. Stefan - What did I do? Abby - You in my room and me in a towel. Stefan - Well technically it's my room since I own the house. Abby - Right and that makes it all just fine. Stefan - I had no idea you were so hot and bothered by it. Tell your husband about it? Abby - Why would I. Stefan - Why wouldn't you.

Kate and Andre are kissing in the Gabi Chic office. Chad walks in. Oh great, it's not going to be easy losing that visual.

Brady and Eve kissing in the foyer at the K mansion. Brady - Where did that come from? Eve - I heard you defending me to Victor. You were very passionate. I have to say a passionate man turns me on. Brady - Maybe we should take this conversation upstairs then. Eve - I think maybe we should. Kiss. The doorbell rings. Eve - Oh that is probably the pest control guy. Brady - Why would the pest control guy be here. Eve - Because I found a huge spider up in the bedroom this morning. Brady - My Granddad probably put it there. Eve - He probably did but this guy is going to get rid of it along with the other pests in this town. She opens the door. Vivian - Hello. Brady - Vivian, what a completely revolting surprise.

Eli comes into Gabi's workroom with a bouquet of flowers. He sees all the posters. So which one of you should I give these to.

Repeat of JJ hearing Lani's conversation. He goes to her - OMG, you're pregnant! Lani - Kayla, I'm going to have to get back to you. JJ - A baby! OMG! He hugs her and lifts her up. That's great! I'm sorry, I got carried away. I hope you don't have morning sickness. I didn't mean to make it worse. It's just I can't believe I'm going to be a dad.

Gabi takes the flowers - Thank you. Eli - That's some poster. Gabi - Yeah it kind of feels like big brother is watching me and I'm big brother. Eli - Well she looks beautiful. Gabi - Thank you. Eli - But? Gabi - I just hope I made the right decision turning down Basic Black and going with DiMera. Eli - Can I ask why did you go with DiMera.

Kate - Don't act so surprised, you knew Andre and I were going to give it a stab at making our marriage a real one. Chad - Well keep up the great work. Andre - Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. Chad - I'm sorry I'm not in a very enthusiastic mood. I just came from visiting Theo and his recovery ... he's run into some complications. Kate - What! Chad - Yeah it's not quite the miracle we thought it was so he's going to be enrolled in a clinical trial in order to regain the use of his legs. But it's overseas so he's going to have to leave Salem and his family. Kate - I'm so sorry. Chad - I know I've blamed you Kate but you don't bear the sole burden cause if it wasn't for Stefan undercutting the company you wouldn't have sent Theo to track down the hackers and none of this would have happened. Now that in mind I know that Vivian and Stefan are really the ones responsible for all of this so I will do my best to put this all behind me, mainly my anger at you because that's what Theo wants. I think it's important we all hang together or we'll hang separately. Andre - Indeed.

Abby - Why didn't I tell Chad. Let me think. You know that's not really any of your business. Stefan - I wasn't prying. It was a rhetorical question. Abby - Whatever. Stefan - Have a seat. Abby - I'd rather stand. Stefan - Whatever. He gets up. I just wanted to say I'm glad you decided to unquit and I regret making you grovel for your job. Abby - Well you certainly seemed to enjoy it at the time. Stefan - I've come to see that I could really use your particular set of talents. We've got a lot of work to do but first I just can't seem to pick out any furniture for the reception area here. There's far too many choices. Abby - Do you think I'm your secretary? That was rhetorical. This is not rhetorical, why did you want to see me. Stefan - Abigail what is it you think I want from you.

Segment 2 Stefan holds a pen - Here's a clue. Abby - You want me to take dictation? Stefan - Of course not, that would be a complete waste of your PR skills. However I am the new CEO here and I think it's time we put out a press release announcing my takeover of the company don't you think. Abby - Yeah I was trying to rework the one I wrote when I thought Chad was going to be the new CEO but for some reason I was really struggling having the same enthusiasm for the fact that you and your mother had taken over. Stefan - You've certainly made that abundantly clear. Abby - It's also clear that our investors are freaking out. They don't want to hand over their money to a family business that's in the middle of a civil war. Stefan - The war is over, I won. Abby - It doesn't matter. The perception is that the organization is in chaos so we need to worry about damage control. Stefan - Yes, yes, I was there just before you, that's why I asked you to come in. Now we really do have a lot of work to do. I must insist that you have a seat. Come on, don't make me crack the proverbial whip. Abby - You can shove that proverbial whip ... Stefan laughs. Well you remembered mid-sentence that you really want to keep this job, didn't you. So let's rewind. Mrs. DiMera, would you please have a seat. Abby sits down.

Chad - I want you to know that I hired John Black to look into Stefan's business dealings. Kate - Good move. Chad - I'm going to be focused on what I think will resonate with the board the most which is how he used insider information to undercut all your business deals which in turn tanked our stocks and disrupted our business for months. Andre - But you can't prove that. Chad - I can when I figure out how he got all the information and when I do there's going to be hell to pay.

Brady - Eve this is Vivian Alamain. Eve - I have heard so much about you. I thought you were exaggerating. Viv - You must be the widow Kiriakis. Your face is ravaged with grief. Brady - Look Viv I know that you came by today in an attempt to ruin our day but I was already informed that you were back in town so there really is no reason for you to stay so ... see you later. He tries to close the door but Viv stops him. But I have news, good for me, bad for you. I understand you're trying to lure Gabi Hernandez and her copy to Basic Black. Well as attractive as your offer is Gabi Chic promises to be a very profitable subsidiary of DiMera Ent. That's the first handful of dirt on your coffin. Prepare to be buried.

Stefan - I can see how I might have a reputation for ruthlessness. Abby - You think. I mean under a different name you were raiding corporations and breaking them to bits. You really think changing your name is going to change the public's perception. Stefan - Abigail if I was going to choose a name to gain the public's trust I certainly wouldn't have picked Stefan O DiMera. That name was thrust upon me. Abby - Well we're stuck with it now so I'm going to have to figure out a way to humanize you which is not going to be easy. Stefan - No? Abby - No. Because I've done my research. Aside from destroying other people's businesses and other people's lives you're practically a blank slate. The only other thing I know about you is that you're a chess champion which is apparently genetic. Stefano had a chess metaphor for pretty much every occasion, very interesting. Stefan - You knew my father? Abby - Unfortunately I did. Stefan - Am I like him?

Lani and JJ go into the interrogation room. Lani - I need to talk to you privately. JJ - I know that we didn't plan this and we're not really together right now but I want you to know I will be there 100%. Lani - JJ STOP. JJ - Wait a minute, on the phone just now you said that you'd made a decision. Were you talking about an abortion?

Segment 3 Lani - JJ this has been really hard and not a decision I would ever make lightly. I am not ready to have a baby. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I wasn't going to tell you. JJ - I get it but you need to know you can count on me. Lani - No you don't get it. My decision has nothing to do with you.

Gabi - I wanted to thank you for your advice. Eli - I take it your talk with Stefan went well then. Gabi - No, no, he was a pompous jerk but I spoke with Kate who is going to be my direct boss. Look I get it, there are sharks here but I mean Victor and Eve, they're no prizes either. I just hope that Eve and Brady understand because Kate told me this was the best move and I trust her.

Brady - I wouldn't use the word bury if I were you. Eve - The bitch. Viv - You mean Gabi. Eve - She didn't even have the courtesy to tell us. Viv - Well she probably tried to reach you but you were otherwise engaged. I'm so happy to be back and working with a winning team like DiMera. Oh, very insensitive of me. You Titan people must be so tired of losing to DiMera. Well get used to it, my son and I are going to bring you to your knees. Of course that might seem like old times to you Eve.

Chad - John's bringing a cyber security expert on the case. He's pretty sure he'll be able to get to the bottom of it. Andre - I don't know if I like the idea of John Black being involved in our family business. Kate - Why not? Chad - I thought you were on our side.

Abby - You better hope you're nothing like your father. Stefan - Why would I hope that? He was highly intelligent, charming as hell, clever, witty, handsome, devoted to his family. Abby - Are you really going to go there. Stefan - Where is there? Abby - You rattling off all of your father's wonderful qualities and me astounded that you would expect me to join you in the rhapsodizing. He was evil to the core. Stefan - I didn't expect you to join in, just simply stating how I feel. I'll let it go this one time but I find it highly insensitive of you to talk about a man's father that way to his son. Abby - My apologies. Stefan - Was your father perfect? A stand-up guy. Abby - I'm not going to talk about my father with you. Stefan - Yet you feel very comfortable talking about mine with me. Abby - Your brought him up. Stefan - Actually no you did, a chess metaphor for any occasion ... isn't that what you said. Abby - Again I apologise. Stefan - No need, I'm actually not that sensitive about my father or my mother for that matter. I'm confident that I inherited the best of both of them. Abby - Lucky you. Stefan - You think your husband did as well. Abby - Did what? Stefan - Inherit the best of his parents. Abby - We have never really discussed it. We tend to be nurture vs nature type of people. Stefan - What do you mean by that? Abby - We believe that a person's environment has more to do with how they turn out rather than some genetics. Stefan - I see. So you believe since Chad and I grew up in completely different environments we're likely to have nothing in common. Abby - Yes I believe you and Chad have nothing in common. So far I have that your favourite colour is taupe and your favourite sport is curling. Curling, what I am supposed to do with that. Stefan - I'm sure you'll work your magic. Abby - Not if I don't have more information. Stefan - I'm just flattered you're interested in me. Abby - I'm not but I am trying to do my job well which you are making difficult. Stefan - Actually I think you probably know more about me than most people do. I mean after our recent run-in at the family manse I'd say you know me quite intimately.

Segment 4 JJ - Look there's something I want to say and I am sorry that I didn't say it sooner. It's just that so much has happened and I've been so guilty about Theo, guilty about pushing you away. Lani - It's okay. JJ - Lani I need to say this. I wasn't ready to put myself out there until you but the truth is I still love you and I want to make things work between us so I have to ask, do you feel the same way? Lani - I do but ... JJ - But what?

Andre - I don't understand why you're so suspicious. Chad - I don't want to be but your reaction doesn't make any sense. Don't you want to know who's doing this to our company and our family? Andre - Well of course I do. But the fact is the Black Patch ? is related to Brady Black and he's a Kiriakis. Titan is our biggest competitor. Why do we want to get involved with other people's problems, we have enough problems in our own family without borrowing from our competitor. Chad - Neither John or Paul are going to reveal any privileged information. Andre - But I still think ... Chad - I made the executive decision okay. Now all you two have to do is sit back and watch the fireworks. He leaves.

Abby - Okay so here's one of the very few things I do know about you ... you like to say and do provocative things to get a rise out of people. So let me tell you a little something about me. I happen to think that people who say and do provocative things to get a rise out of people are more than likely wildly insecure and for a very good reason. Stefan - Did you major in psychology. Abby - If I write this with the information I have it's going to read like nobody really knows anything about Stefan O DiMera the new CEO of DiMera Ent. except for the fact that he's a real jerk. So did you want to give me some kind of biography or should I just go ahead with what I have. Stefan - Right. The truth is I don't really like to tell people my life story. It's very Dickensian and I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me. Abby - I can't imagine anyone feeling sorry for you so go ahead ... Chapter 1. Stefan - Okay David Copperfield it is. We'll begin my life with the beginning of my life. As you heard on NYE my mother's manservant essentially tossed me aside, pretended I never existed and dumped me in front of an orphanage. Eventually I was adopted and sent off to boarding school in the UK. There you go, you have it. Abby - You don't have an accent. Stefan shows off his accent and mentions a pudding called Spotted Dick. I wasn't being provocative ... Abby - I know. It's a combination of suet and dried fruit. It's actually disgusting. I spent several years in London when I was younger. Stefan - And yet we never crossed paths, what a pity. Abby - So I have orphan foundling, likes taupe and curling. Stefan - Why don't you ask me what you really want to know Abigail. Abby - Okay. You've raided dozens of companies. You have lived in Berlin, Paris, Rome, the Azores, the Canary Islands. So why did you leave a life full of glamour to come to Salem ??? uncomfortable ??? I'm just trying to figure out what it is you really want.

Viv walks in. Eve grabs her and steers her towards the door. I know dementia has set in but the door is that way. Brady - If you are looking for Granddad he's probably upstairs with Maggie. You remember Maggie Horton, don't you? Well it's Maggie Kiriakis now. You see the second he divorced you he married her. Viv - Yes I know. Brady - So the lesson here Viv is you can lie, you can blackmail, you can even put living people in coffins but the fact is you never win. Viv - We're not at the end yet. Brady - No we're not but let me be clear with you. If you get anywhere near Maggie I'm going to stick your butt back in that coffin. Viv - I am not afraid of you you ineffectual ... Brady grabs her around the throat. Viv starts choking. Brady - Sorry to interrupt you, what were you saying? Spit it out.

Segment 5 Viv finally pulls free and starts coughing. Brady - Ah, don't be dramatic. That didn't hurt. I wouldn't actually hurt an ineffectual, pathetic ... Viv snaps - I'm not pathetic. Brady - See you're fine. Do you need an escort off the property because I promise I'm not going to be gentle about it. It's up to you. Viv leaves. Brady yells - Go crawl back into that hole you came out of and don't come out of the hole.

Kate - What do you really have against John Black? Andre - Do you know our history. The man of a thousand identities and no discernable personalities. What I don't want to see is Chad confront Stefan without having any concrete proof. Kate - That's why Chad hired John, to get that concrete proof. Frankly I can't wait until that happens because I can't wait to get my hands on the person who betrayed me.

Eli - I hope all this works out for you. Gabi - Do you think I made the wrong decision? Eli - I didn't say that. Gabi - This is about me working with Chad. Eli - Look I know I've had my moments being jealous over Chad and JJ but I was just being an ass. Gabi - I don't know, I probably gave you reason to be jealous. But listen you are the only guy for me. Eli recalls having sex with Lani. And you are the only woman for me. Kiss.

JJ - Lani what is it? Lani - I don't want to do anything that's going to hurt you. JJ - You don't have to walk on eggshells around me. I get why you would be worried that I might not be up for the responsibility. I came very close to taking my own life but I've been talking to Eric and he's really helped me see things clearly. Lani look, I know that you must be scared but I was just telling Hope that I'm really excited to see where life leads me. This seems like a sign ... Lani - JJ you don't know what you're talking about.

Stefan - As a Horton you should know why I'm here, family. Isn't that what it's all about. Abby - Family? Stefan - Yes. I know how close you are to your brother JJ, your mother and how important Tom and Alice were to you. Abby - How do you know all that? Stefan - Like you Abigail, I've done my research. Abby - On the DiMera's, but I'm a Horton. Stefan - You're also a DiMera and I would think you of all people would understand Salem's my family home. I grew up completely alone, I'd just like to get to know them, that's all. Abby - If you wanted to get to know them you could have come for a cup of coffee but instead you crashed a party, publicly berated Andre and stole Chad's job from behind his back. Stefan - I'm sorry. I didn't grow up in the fun loving home that you did so my people skills might be just a little bit off. Abby - Let's just get back to work. Why don't you tell me about this boarding school. Stefan - It was about 10 miles out of nowhere Scotland. My favourite subjects were botany and spells. Abby - You mean spelling. Stefan - No, spells. Didn't I mention I was ? champ. Abby - Okay Mr. Potter, has anything you've told me been true. Stefan - Tell me you've heard of the Order of the Phoenix. Abby - It's not funny. I'm trying to do my job here. Stefan - Come on Abby, you find me just a little bit funny. Abby - No I don't. Stefan uses another dumb accent and gets a smile out of Abby. Stefan - I see it's angry German cartoon guy that makes you laugh. God you have a beautiful smile. Chad is in the doorway.

Segment 6 Lani - JJ I want a baby someday, lots of them but I'm not ready. I've been studying months for the sergeant's exam. The timing's all wrong. JJ - When will the timing ever be perfect in this job. Lani this is your decision but you would be such a great Mom. I knew that the first time you held Thomas and he stopped crying the second you picked him up. Lani - You're making this really hard. JJ - Lani you made this decision when you thought you'd have to raise a baby on your own but I'm telling you it doesn't have to be like that. I can see if you just don't want to raise a kid with me. Lani - No I would love that okay. JJ I love you. JJ - Then I don't understand. Why don't you want to have this baby? Lani cries.

Kate comes in on Eli and Gabi kissing. Oops, love certainly is in the air around here. Gabi - Sorry. Kate - No, carry on. Happy employees are productive employees. I was checking in just to see if everything is going alright. Gabi - Of course but I've only been on the job for an hour so ... Kate - Really, and you're already taking a break. I'm just teasing. Gabi I want to make sure you don't have any regrets about this decision of yours. Gabi - No life couldn't be any better.

Viv is with Andre in his office. John Black is a bumbling fool. Andre - Who happens to be very good at what he does. We have to be vigilant. We can't have him figuring out that you and I are working together. Viv - Oh please, I doubt that idiot has figured out that the world is round. Andre - If anybody walks in here right now, idiot or not, and they see you and I together, they're going to surmise that we're in cahoots and that's going to be very, very bad. So I think it's time for you to leave, time to get out. We have to act as is we hate each other. Viv - I'll do my best. She leaves.

Chad - You don't speak to my wife that way. Stefan - I do apologise for paying her such a compliment but I'm glad that you were able to join us today. I know that you were hoping that it would be you sitting behind this beautiful desk but look at the bright side, now you don't have to deal with the drudgery of moving your office. Quite frankly you have the better view. Chad - I'm glad you said that, it makes me feel better. Stefan - Good. Listen I really am looking forward to working with you. I think you have a lot to offer DiMera, especially while I'm learning the ropes here. He hold out his hand - Partners in crime, brothers always. Chad shakes his hand. Stefan - All for one, one for all ... yes.

Segment 7 Brady - Sorry about that earlier with Vivian. I wouldn't normally put my hands on a lady but ... Eve - No, she was no lady. You know what, you can lay some hands on this lady anytime you feel like it. Who knew you had ninja moves. Brady - My Dad's a mercenary. I have some other moves. I think I should show them to you. Eve - And teach me? Brady - Yeah I can show you and teach you. We can't do it down here though. They head upstairs.

Eli brings in a stack of boxes into Gabi's workplace. Gabi - Thank you, it would have taken me forever. Eli - You need some help around here. Gabi - Right now I think I have everything I need. Kiss.

JJ - Lani I know this is happening a lot sooner than we thought but we talked about having a family some day and now that I know about the baby ... you know I will do whatever you want me to do. Don't you think that you should think about it a little more. Please don't end this pregnancy.

Kate is back in her and Andre's office. Chad and Abby come in. Abby - Well I just spent what felt like days getting Stefan to talk about his background and it seems that he's come to Hogwarts by way of Canada and he's developed an affinity for winter sports and bacon. Kate - In other words he doesn't want us to know anything about him, anything that matters. Abby - We're right back where we started. All we know is what's been released in the business press. Chad - So I wonder what else he's hiding.

Viv comes into Stefan's office. Well you look pleased with yourself. Stefan - Oh mother I am really enjoying this family stuff. Viv - Well don't get too complacent. Chad has hired a PI to investigate the hacking and sabotage and Andre is afraid that Chad will find out that he and I are playing you. Stefan - Is he now. Viv - Little does he know he's the one being played.


Monday Jan 15

Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1 Roman is dressed in a suit behind the bar at the Pub. Eric is there to cover for him. Roman tells him not to call if there's a problem. Eric - Are things getting serious between you and Anna? Roman - Right now we're just having a good time. Anna comes in and asks if Roman is ready to leave. Roman wants to have a talk with Eric. Eric tells him he can go. I don't think we need to have another conversation about my pathetic love life. Anna - It's her again, isn't it? Eric - I'm afraid so. Anna - Well talk to your Dad and I'll go put our name in. Eric leans in to Roman - Doesn't Anna look great? Roman - Yes you absolutely do. You look great tonight. Anna - Well that's just what I needed to hear. Kiss.

Kate is in the Gabi Chic office reading her Tablet. People are blogging like crazy about the upcoming Gabi Chic IPO. Andre - I predict that this is going to perform way beyond expectations. I think we should go out and celebrate in advance. Are you free for dinner Mrs. DiMera. Kate - I am free for dinner Mr. DiMera. It's a good idea. I'll go get my coat. She stops - As happy as I am you know what really galls me. Andre - What? How good this is going to make Stefan look. Kate - We did all the work, he's going to get all the credit. I can see the headline right now. New DiMera CEO Opens Strong. She leaves. Andre - Stefan may have the title but he has no clue that it's his mother and I that have all the power.

Repeat of Viv telling Stefan that Chad has hired a PI to investigate the hacking and the sabotage. Andre is afraid that Chad will find out that he and I are playing you. Little does he know that he's the one being played. Stefan - You don't think he suspects anything. Viv - Andre thinks that we are pulling the strings and you are just a clueless puppet. Stefan - What an arrogant little weasel he is. It's only day 2 and I'm already tired of his little smirks. Viv - Oh just let it go. We have to make him think he's in the driver's seat. His day will come. Stefan - What a vicious Mommy I have. Viv - I have to be vicious to deal with this crowd. The DiMera's were brought up to eat their own. I'm just playing the game. Stefan - Your game plan seems to be working like a charm. Viv - This is only the beginning.

Gabi is her in workspace talking on the phone. Thank you very much. That's very exciting to hear. End call. She tells Eli that there's a lot of buzz about the launch of Gabi Chic. Eli is sure it's going to do great. Gabi thanks Eli for always believing in her. Eli wishes that were true. Gabi asks if he's thinking about when he thought she slept with JJ. Eli - You have no idea how much I regret that.

JJ - Lani I just told you that I love you and you told me that you love me too. Maybe the timing isn't perfect but I promise I will be a great dad to our baby. Lani recalls sleeping with Eli. Lani - This is a lot more complicated than you're making it out to be. JJ - Look I know that this isn't easy and it's a huge responsibility and it's your body and it's your decision but I would love to raise our baby together. What do you say?

Gabi tells him they've put all that behind them. Eli agrees. Tonight we should be celebrating the launch of Gabi Chic. Let me take you out to dinner. Gabi - Maybe I should take you out considering I might make major bank. Eli lets her know he has no problem being a kept man. Gabi - As long as you know you have to earn that. Eli doesn't have a problem with that either. Kiss.

Lani - There's something you should know. Jen knocks and comes in. I'm so sorry, am I interrupting? Lani - No not at all. Jen - I came to follow up a story and the desk sergeant told me that you were here. I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow. JJ - Well actually the truth is I ended up quitting. Jen - What! Why? JJ - I told Hope that after everything that happened with Theo I never want to be put in that position again. Jen - Are you sure about this? JJ - I'm very sure. I'm ready to move on, focus on something new. Jen - I want you to be happy JJ, that's what matters to me. Maybe we can talk about it later a little bit more. I love you so much. JJ - I love you. Jen - I'm sorry I need to go. I have a dinner date. JJ - Tell Eric I said hi. Jen - Oh it's not with Eric. Anyway I'll see you later. Oh Lani, I am so glad you and JJ worked things out. Bye. She leaves. Lani - JJ ... JJ - Before you say anything I want you to come someplace with me. Lani - Where? JJ - You will see.

Segment 2 Roman - Okay the last I heard Nicole was history and you were ready to go after Jennifer. Eric - Go after Jennifer? What, you want me to go over there with a club and drag her back to my cave. Roman says he's avoiding the question. What changed? Eric - Jennifer. She showed up in my office and gave me the cold shoulder. She was all business and acted like she couldn't wait to get out of there. Roman - You do something to make her mad. Eric - Nothing that I know of. On NYE everything seemed more than okay. Roman - Huh, maybe she's not ready to date. Eric - Dad she's more than ready to date, just not me. I heard that she's going out with some doctor tonight which is weird because I asked her to go out first. She said she already had plans. Roman - You're right, that is weird. Eric - After NYE I thought we both agreed to try and make things work again. Roman - It's not like Jen to play games. Eric - This is not games. She totally backed off and I don't know why; what made her do a complete 180.

Jen is sitting on a bench in the square. She sees Anna. Anna - Jennifer hi. Jen - Hi, it's good to see you again. Anna - I hope you're feeling better. You ran out of there so suddenly the other night. Jen - Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm feeling so much better. You look beautiful. Do you have plans? Anna - Roman is taking me over to Doug's Place but he had to talk to Eric again. Jen - Because the last time they talked it was about how Eric couldn't get over Nicole. Anna - Yes apparently she is still the topic of conversation. Like get over it, you know. Jen - Yes I know. What are you doing out here all alone. Jen - Well actually ... Dr. Shah walks up. Jennifer hi, we still good for tonight. Jen - Yes definitely. Oh sorry ... Anna this is Dr. Shah. He's going to be working with us at the center. Dr. Shah this is Anna. We've known each other for years. We go way back. Anna shakes his hand - Same here. Well I better get going. You two have fun tonight. Jen - You too. Anna leaves. Dr. S - You look lovely this evening. Jen - Thank you Dr. Shah. Henry - Please call me Henry. Jen - Okay Henry. Well where are we going. Henry - Well I heard good things about this family place. It's supposed to have the best clam chowder in the Midwest. Jen - The Brady Pub? Henry - Have you been there? Jen - Once or twice. Henry - Is it alright with you? We could go to Doug's Place if you'd rather. Jen - No, the Brady Pub sounds great.

Stefan - I can't help but wonder if involving Andre was the right move. Viv - Don't second guess Mommy, remember she's vicious. Stefan - It's just from everything I've read he's a loose canon. Viv - Yes but I knew Andre's ? ambition was his Achilles heel so I just showed him something shiny, put a carrot on a stick and he was eating out of the palm of my hand ... and I think I just mixed my metaphors. Stefan - It frightens me that I'm actually beginning to be able to follow what it is that you're trying to say. Viv - No I made the exact right move. It was Andre's idea to set up that office space to make it look like it was an outside hacker and then to throw everyone off the scent so that they wouldn't know what we were really doing. Stefan - But you do know that in time Andre will realise that he's been duped. Viv - Well yes but it will be too late by then. We just have to play this charade for a little while. Kate and Andre walk in. Kate wants to know if Stefan has seen the fabulous buzz about Gabi Chic. Viv - I'll alert the board about our news. Kate - Even though you had nothing to do with it. Stefan - Kate, we're all family here. We're all on the same team. Kate - Never. You have to be human to be part of a family, part of a team. Viv - Kate, those shoes! Bunions? Kate - You haven't known her very long. It's only a matter of time before you discover who she really is. She's an evil, selfish woman who is incapable of loving anyone other than herself. Once he discovers that you will be alone once again. It's nice to have something to look forward to, isn't it. She walks out. Andre smiles and leaves.

Segment 3 Stefan - She really gets under your skin, doesn't she? Viv - I don't know what you're talking about. Stefan - Kate. She's an expert at pushing your buttons. Viv - She does not push my buttons, I push her buttons. I am the only one who knows that her husband is making a fool of her and when she finds that out there will be no smirk on her face. Stefan - You know you can never do that because this sting only works if they never find out that they're being stung. As much as you want to you can't rub her nose in it, okay. You'd have your 5 minutes of fun and then she'll go tell the board and just like that ... Viv - I know ... that we sabotaged the company so you could take over. I know. Stefan - This has to stay between us, you understand that. Viv - Of course I do. It's just that woman needs to be taken down a peg.

Kate and Andre are at Doug's Place. Kate is ranting about Viv. These shoes are fabulous. Andre - How about salmon? Kate - Oh no, I lost my taste for fish years ago because Vivian sabotaged a plane that I was on. We had to make a water landing and I was rescued by a fishing boat. For nine months I was forced to chop fish night and day. And you know how I survived ... I took a cleaver and every time I saw a fish I saw her face, her pinched ugly face and I chopped. Andre jokes. Kate - It's not funny. I hate her with every fibre of my being. Andre didn't realise that. Kate - You have no idea the things she did to me. She stole my son Andre. I have no idea why I deserve to have her in my life again. Andre suggests they change the subject. He toasts their marriage, to years of happiness and love. Anna scoffs - Happiness and love! Those are things you don't deserve.

Roman - There is only one way to find out why Jennifer changed her mind, ask her. Eric - Dad, I'm not sure I want to make a big deal out of it. I don't feel like I should put her on the spot if she's not feeling the same way I do, not make things awkward you know. Roman - Cluck, cluck, cluck. Eric - Dad, I'm not a chicken, I'm just trying to respect Jennifer's feelings. Roman - And not get shot down. Eric - I've already been shot down, she's going out with a doctor. Roman - It's one date, come on. It's not like she's engaged to the guy. Don't throw in the towel. Faint heart never won fair maiden, you know that. Eric - When did you get poetic? Roman - Well you just hate it when I'm right which is most of the time. Maybe you just need to up your game with Jennifer, turn on the charm. Eric - Like you're doing with Anna? Roman - Nobody likes a wise ass. Actually I am trying to give you some solid advice here alright. There's not a day goes by that I don't regret not fighting for your mom a lot harder. I don't want you to make the same mistake. Eric - I know Dad. Roman - One more thing, just like your Mom, Jennifer is worth fighting for. Eric - I'll think it over. Roman sees Jen and her date come in. Well don't think long, Round 1 just started.

JJ and Lani are in front of Tom and Alice's plaque at the square. JJ takes Lani's hand. Lani - I don't know why you wanted me to see this. I pass by it almost every day. JJ - I do too and I'm glad because that means I get reminded of their legacy every day which is family and love. When kids get so much love they grow up wanting their own kids to love. Because I'm a Horton, maybe not the best Horton but I am one of them, I have a lot to give this baby. Lani - You don't understand. JJ - I think I do. I understand that I really, really hurt you but I will never push you away again. Lani please just give me this chance. Lani sees Gabi and Eli - Oh God. JJ is puzzled by her reaction.

Segment 4 Gabi sees them and says hi. What's up? JJ - We're just going for a walk. Eli - We're actually on our way to dinner, a celebration for the upcoming launch of Gabi Chic. Gabi - Join us. Lani - I can't. I mean we can't intrude. You guys go and have a great night. Eli - I think we will. JJ - We should get going. They start to walk away. Eli - Hey Lani, it's really nice to see you two together again.

Kate - Anna, I had no idea you were back in Salem. Anna - I got in on NYE. She looks at Andre - I was hoping to avoid running into you but I guess my luck ran out. Andre - As did mine. Anna - You know when Austin told me you married this monster I couldn't believe it. I thought you were smarter than that. Kate - Look I know that the two of you have issues but ... Anna - Issues! Do I really have to remind you of all the horrible things that this man did to Tony and me. Andre - I'm not the same person. Anna - Like hell you're not! You always have been, you always will be the same, despicable, sick bastard that stole Tony's life. Because of you and your father Tony and I lost years we could have been together. Andre - Sorry about that, I am. Kate - He's telling the truth. It's true, he's changed. Sometimes he even reminds me a bit of Tony. Anna - No. NO. He could never be half the man Tony was. Kate - Anna Tony is dead. You need to let it go. Anna - How can I when Tony has never received the justice he deserved. And meanwhile you just run around scott free after everything you've done. I can only hope that someday you get exactly what's coming to you.

Henry and Jen sit at a table. Eric - Damn! Roman - You didn't tell me how good looking that guy was. Is he a model or something. Eric - I told you he was a doctor. Roman - Well he could sure play one on TV. You're right, you've got no chance. Throw in the towel, that guy totally outclasses you. Eric - Dad you need to go. You're being a terrible Dad and you're not funny. Roman - Good luck man. As he walks past Jen he tells her she looks great tonight. Jen - Oh hi. Eric comes to their table - Hi, can I get you something to drink. Jen - You working tonight? Eric - I'm just covering for my Dad. Jen - Right. Henry - What would you like? Jen - I'll have a white wine please. Henry - You two know each other? Jen - Yeah we work together. Dr. Shah ... Henry, sorry ... this is Eric Brady. He runs the Horton Center. Eric - This is Dr. Shah, he's going to be volunteering his services. Eric sits down and shakes his hand. Oh that's great. Thank you. Henry - Eric Brady ... is this your place? Eric - Yeah it's my Dad's, my grandparents before that. So you're going to be working at the Center. Henry - Well you do really good work there, I'd like to help. Eric - I really appreciate you wanting to put in all those extra hours after working your regular shift at the hospital. Your wife must be very understanding. Henry - I'm not married. Eric - Your girlfriend then. Henry - Don't have one, but I'm hoping that will change. Eric - While I get your drinks you two look over the menu, the special is meatloaf tonight. He leaves the table. Henry - Good thing he has that job at the Center, I don't think he's cut out for hospitality.

Segment 5 Jen thinks she'll have the cod. Eric - We have meatloaf tonight. Jen knows. Eric - But you love meatloaf. Jen wants to try something new. Eric - Customer's always right. He heads to the kitchen. Henry - Things seem a little tense, you two get along? Jen - Yeah we get along. We're good friends. Henry - Just friends? I only ask because there seemed to be something going on there just now. Jen - No there isn't. We are just friends. Henry - Good, I'm glad. In case you haven't noticed my interest in you isn't entirely professional. I'd like to get to know you more personally, if you're open to that. Jen looks at Eric - You know what, I am very open to that.

Kate - Anna the one that you should be angry at, if you really think about it, is Stefano, not Andre. Anna - Oh I have enough hate for both of them. I only wish I'd been able to kill Stefano in Prague when I had the chance. Andre makes a smart remark. Kate - Austin told me all about his pistol packing mother-in-law so I would like to enjoy dinner with my husband so why don't you amble over back to your table and order up some grub. Anna - Very funny. Okay look, Austin and Carrie are married so that makes us family and I feel it is my duty to warn you to be careful. You say that he's on his best behaviour, that he reminds you of Tony ... that's when you really have to be careful. That means he's up to something. Andre - Don't you have something else to do. Anna - As a matter of fact I do. Roman walks up and puts his arm around Anna's shoulder - Looks like a party. I hope I didn't miss all the fun.

Viv - I almost forgot. I got you something for your first day as CEO. Stefan opens the box and pulls out a wristwatch. Thank you. Viv - It belonged to my nephew Lawrence. Stefan - My cousin, right? Viv - Until his untimely death he was a brilliant business man. You know you remind me of him. Stefan - Thank you for this. It's very handsome. Viv - No I should thank you. My life was so empty until you tracked me down. Even with Ivan's adoration I was lonely. Stefan - Yeah I know how your other relatives tend to keep their distance from you. Viv - Well they track me down occasionally but I guess through the years I really alienated them. Just seems to be the story of my life ... people I really love and fight for they're just always ? But you, my son ... you understand me and accept me. Having you in my life ... I'm so grateful. Hug.

Gabi and Eli are at a table in the square. Gabi feels like she can finally take control of her life and future. She wants to expand the business and find new markets. Eli loves her enthusiasm. I think it's sexy. I have an idea, why don't you spend the night at my place. I know we've been taking things slow and I'm cool with that but I also would love nothing more than to show you how much I care about you. Gabi - It's a big step. Eli - No pressure. Gabi says ? has Ari for the night. More importantly I want to show you how much I care about you too. Kiss.

Segment 6 Eli and Gabi are in his room. A song plays. Kiss. Eli - Are you sure? Gabi - Absolutely. They kiss and end up on the bed.

Lani sits on the bench outside the square and recalls part of her conversation with Eli where she tells him she never should have ended up in bed with him. JJ holds out a cup - Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. Lani - It's okay. I just have a lot to think about. JJ - I'm sorry if I put pressure on you. I just want you to know you're not alone in this. Whatever you decide to do I'll be there for you. I may not be on the force anymore but we're still partners, right. Lani - Right.

Andre - No it hasn't been fun at all. As a matter of fact we're feeling harassed. Maybe you can do us a favour and convince your ex-wife to leave us alone. Anna - I was not harassing you ... Roman - I'm starved. Why don't we go grab a table. Kate - Are you two together again? Roman - I think that falls in the category of none of your business. Andre - Odd, it wasn't that long ago that I found you shoving your tongue down my wife's throat. I'm so glad to see a sign that you've possibly, finally moved on. Roman - Well Kate made it very clear that she had other obligations. Kate - My marriage is not an obligation ... especially since Andre and I realised how mean we mean to each other. Roman - That makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Let's leave these two newlyweds alone. Anna - Don't be fooled Kate. He's still the same old snake he always was and he will hurt you.

Segment 7 Jen is laughing. Henry tells her she has a beautiful smile. Jen thanks him. Eric brings the bill. Thanks for coming in. I hope you two had a good night. Henry - Look forward to seeing you at the Center. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy working there. Eric stands behind the bar and is not happy when he hears Henry and Jen laughing and having a good time.

Gabi and Eli are in bed. They make love.

JJ - I better get you home. I promise I'll give you some time alone, some time to think things over. Lani - Actually I don't need anymore time. JJ - You've decided? Lani - Get ready for some sleepless nights. You and I are going to have a baby. JJ holds her.

Andre - She's still staring daggers at me. Kate - Ignore her. Clearly she's not over Tony's death and she's taking it out on you. Andre thanks her for standing up for him. Kate - You're my husband. Andre is happy to hear that. Kate is happy too and contrary to what Anna says I think we have a real shot at happiness. Kiss.

Viv - You had a spectacular first day. Stefan - Thanks to you and Andre. Viv - Oh come on, things will change. We need Andre to oversee Countess Wilhelmina. We need the cash from Gabi Chic's IPO but once Andre's usefulness has outlived itself we'll just kick him to the curb. Stefan - What's to stop him from singing like a canary to the board. Viv - Leave Andre to me. When it comes to these sorts of things I'm very good at keeping secrets good and buried.


Tuesday Jan 16

Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Rebecca McCarty

Segment 1 Kayla lets Lani into her office. Lani, I'm glad you came to see me. Lani - Sorry I had to hang up on you yesterday. JJ interrupted me and I freaked out. Kayla - He heard you mention the pregnancy. Lani nods yes - And he assumes he's the father.

JJ is with Eric at the Pub. Eric - Thanks to agreeing to have our session here rather than the office. I'm just trying to keep an eye on the place for my Dad. JJ - It works for me especially if I can get some bacon and eggs. Eric - You've got your appetite back, that's a good sign. JJ - I haven't felt this good in a very long time. Eric - I gather something's happened since we last met. JJ - You could say that. I quit my job and Lani's having my baby.

Gabi wakes up in Eli's bed. You're staring. Eli - You're beautiful. Last night was incredible. Banter and kisses.

Abe and Val are at a table in the square. Val - You've barely touched your breakfast honey. Abe - I'm not hungry. Val - You've got to eat babe, you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of your son. Abe - My son. The idea of leaving him alone in that clinic for a year. Val - I know it's hard honey. You'll miss him and worry but it's not forever and Theo will come back healthy and strong. Abe - Or I could resign as Mayor and move to South Africa with him.

Chad and Abby knock and go into Theo's room. Chad sees Stefan playing chess with Theo. WTH are you doing here!

JJ - It all kind of hit me when Eli returned my gun. Just the weight of it in my hand ... I realised I never wanted to be put in that position again; putting someone's life on the line. Eric - Cops also do a lot of good. JJ - It's not for me, not anymore. I'm going to find another way to make my mark. I've got to figure it out quick since I've got a kid on the way. Eric - Yeah, being a father, that's a huge responsibility. JJ - I can't wait. What better purpose can I have than helping to raise a happy, healthy child. Eric - And Lani? I mean our last session you said you felt like she was pulling away. Now that she's pregnant how does she feel about all of this? JJ - The truth is at first she was considering an abortion.

Lani - When I called you yesterday I had decided to have an abortion. But then JJ was so excited, the look on his face. Kayla - So you didn't tell him the truth. Lani - To see JJ so happy and looking towards the future after all he's been through, I couldn't take that away from him. Kayla - But Lani, it's a lie.

Stefan - I just wanted to know my nephew before he leaves for South Africa. I hope we get much more acquainted when you return. Chad - Assuming you'll still be in Salem a year from now. Stefan - Where else would I be. Abby - I'm really glad that you got a chance to meet Theo but we would really appreciate having some time with him. Chad - Alone. Stefan - Of course. Thanks for the game. When you get back we'll be sure to take the time to finish one. Theo - I'd like that. Stefan leaves. Chad - Can you believe his ass! He doesn't care about Theo or family ... no offence Theo. Theo - So you don't like him. Chad - How's the game. You were killing him I bet. Theo - He's really good. Chad - Better than me? Abby - Chad, remember we're supposed to be playing nice. Chad - I'd rather be ? Abby - We have to keep Stefan close because we think he might be the one who sabotaged DiMera. Theo - He seems nice. Do you really think he's responsible? Chad - I think he's the reason why you got shot.

Segment 2 Val - Of course you want to be there for Theo. I just thought because you had so much family willing to step in that you were comfortable with the arrangement. What are we going to do without our Mayor. What am I going to do without you. Abe - Come with me. Val - You really mean that? Abe - Yeah I do. Val - This reminds of when I was going to move back to DC and you didn't want me to leave. Abe - You didn't want to be away from your son. Now I understand that. Lucky for me Eli came here. Val - I would miss you so much but if you need to be there with Theo I understand and I'll be right here waiting for you to come back.

Abby - Well we don't really have proof that Stefan is responsible for the sabotage. It's just a strong suspicion. Chad - Let's not worry about Stefan, let's focus on your therapy so you can come home. Abby - Are you excited? Theo - I wasn't at first but I researched the clinical trial and I kind of like being a part of something that will help other people. Chad - You going to miss us just a little bit? Theo - Every day. Abby - How about this, once we get the company back on track we'll fire up the jet and come visit you. I love you. Hug. Theo - I love you too. Abby - Take care of yourself. I'm going to head back to the office. Bye. Theo - Sounds like you should get back to the office too. Chad - Theo that company will never be more important to me than you.

JJ - I went to see Lani. She was on the phone telling her doctor that she'd made a decision about her pregnancy. Eric - By decision you mean she was not going to have the baby without telling you she was pregnant.

Lani - JJ thought the reason I hadn't told him about the pregnancy was because I was afraid that he was unstable and couldn't handle it. Kayla - That wasn't it at all.

JJ - With everything that had been going on ... my serious depression about her brother, us not being back together, Lani didn't want to put more pressure on me. Eric - She told you that. JJ - She didn't need to. Lani and I love each other. What other reason would there be for her to not want to have the baby.

Gabi and Eli have had sex again. Gabi has to get to work. Eli - Woman, you are burning up. You need to call in sick to work. I need to take care of you. Gabi laughs. I have to get going. Eli - Maybe tonight I can take you out to dinner, wine you, dine you and then I can pick up where I am about to leave off. Gabi - No the only dining I'm going to be doing is takeout to my office. Eli - You'll find time for the man who's crazy about you. Gabi - I'll make time. Kiss. Gabi gets out of bed with the sheet wrapped around her. She steps on something and picks up an earring. I don't suppose this is yours? Eli - It's Lani's.

Segment 3 Abe - Truth be told I floated the idea of moving to Cape Town with Theo, he told me Salem needs its Mayor which is his way of saying he doesn't want me there. Val - Oh that sounds like Theo wants to own his life. Abe - I need to respect that. Val - You can visit as often as possible. Abe - Have I told you lately how grateful I am to have you in my life. Val - And have I told you how grateful I am that the Mayor is going to be sticking around. Kiss.

Lani - JJ painted this amazing picture of the future we could have with the baby and how important family is. I tried telling him that timing was bad with my job and goals and everything but ... did you know that he quit the force? Kayla - Quit? Lani - The whole thing with Theo, he's done with being a cop and now he's all about having the time to raise this baby with me. And he would be a really great Dad. Kayla - Except that child isn't his. Lani - Well maybe JJ doesn't have to know.

Eli puts his pants on. Lani was here Christmas Eve. She must have lost it then. She was upset that she saw you with JJ. Gabi - And you were a good friend to her. Eli - Not such a good dude though. I mean Gabi I slammed you for sleeping with JJ when nothing happened. I'm sorry again. Gabi - I'm sorry, I see one earring and I jump to the worst possible conclusion. I get it, nothing happened ... same as with me and JJ. Eli - Gabi you're the only woman for me. Hug.

Theo is going to miss kicking Chad's ass in chess while he's away. Chad gives him a gift. He had some Tablets especially made so they can always stay in touch. Theo thanks him. This way he can hopefully still get some of that Chad advice. Chad says he's going to get it whether he wants it or not. Theo - I don't always make the right choices like when I didn't tell you I was working with Kate. I can help you with Stefan. I can hack into his devices ... Chad - No absolutely not. The only thing you should be focused on is walking again. Besides your dad would kill me. Theo - Maybe you're wrong about him. Chad - I'm not. Theo - He was telling me how happy he is to be part of the family. Chad - All so he could steal my company from underneath me. Theo - He said him taking over as CEO was what's best for the company and the family. Chad - Theo Stefan is only interested in what's good for Stefan.

Stefan is behind his desk when Abby comes in with today's press releases as ordered. I changed your favourite colour and your favourite sport to bobbing for apples. Stefan - Tell me you didn't come all the way into work just for this. Abby - You said it was important. Stefan - Well so is saying a proper goodbye to Theo. Abby - We talked, it's fine. Chad is still with him. Stefan - He wasn't very happy to see me, was he. Abby - Just surprised. Stefan - I didn't mean to pry. Theo seems to be a good kid. Abby - He's the best. Stefan - Chad seems very protective of him. Abby - They're very close and the chess game ... the competition between them is crazy. They have a lot of really great conversations and jokes ... Chad is just really going to miss him. Stefan - You light up when you talk about Chad. You love him very much, don't you? Abby - He's my husband, of course I do. He's very kind and generous, protective and romantic ... the man's practically perfect. Stefan - Maybe not so much when he decided to move on with another woman so quickly after you died.

Segment 4 Eric - JJ if Lani considered ending the pregnancy without telling you it does help if both parents are on the same page. JJ - She is. We are. I talked about family and how important it is and how much I love her and how committed I am to raising this baby with her. Eric - But no pressure ... JJ - I told her I'd give her all the time she needed to think about it but she didn't need time. We're having a baby. Eric - You went through something very traumatic, you shot Theo. Now you quit your job. I just don't want you to cling on to the idea of fatherhood just to fill some sort of void. JJ - There's no void. Eric the way I see it this baby is a blessing and a sign that Lani and I are meant to be together. It's going to be amazing. I'm sorry I have to cut this short. I have to get to the hospital and say goodbye to Theo. Eric shakes his hand - I'll see you next time. JJ - Sure thing. JJ leaves. Eric looks concerned.

Kayla - Passing another man's child off as JJ's baby is a very serious matter. Lani - I get that but the other man is in love with someone else. The last thing he would want to hear is that I'm pregnant. Kayla - But JJ knows the last time he slept with you was on your birthday so if he does the math. Lani - Since when do men even know anything about women's cycles. It's either that time of the month or it's not. I'll just say the baby is late. Kayla - And when that baby doesn't look anything like JJ, what then? Lani - Maybe the baby will look like me. I'm light skinned and the father is ... genetically it's all a crap shoot anyway, right. Kayla - You have answers to all these questions right now and that seems like it's enough but you need to think about the long term consequences. About how every day, week, year you're going to have to look the man that you love in the face and lie to him. Are you prepared to do that?

Eli answers his door. Val - Hey, this is for you. Eli - What's the occasion? Val - My son is dating a major player in the fashion world, I think he needs to step up his style game just a bit. Eli - Basic is just fine. Val - Oh please, you are your mother's son. There is nothing basic about you especially if you go with this one ... or maybe this one. Eli - If Gabi doesn't like the way I look I'm blaming you. Val - If she finds any fault with you at all you send her right to me and I will set her straight. Now try them on so we can get to the hospital and say goodbye to Theo.

Chad - I don't want worrying about DiMera Ent. I want you focused on your rehab because when you get home we're going to have ourselves our blowout. We're going to throw a party. Uncle Chad's going to hire a band, we're going to dance. You'll be able to flex those moves. Theo - I wasn't much of a dancer before I got shot. Chad - Must be the genes from this side of the family but when I'm with Abby nobody seems to notice. Theo - Yeah because everyone is looking at Abby. Chad - Can you blame them? Theo - I'm glad you guys are so happy. Chad - I know how lucky I am and you are too. You have a lot to come home to. Theo - I know. Chad - You're an amazing kid. Everything is going to be fine. It's all going to work out, I promise you. I'm going to miss the hell out of you. Hug.

Abby - Obviously I didn't die but since he thought that I did it's only fair that he should move on with his life. Stefan - Yeah but with your best friend and then it happened again when you were very much alive. He looks up - Look who it is, the woman of the hour. Gabi, what can I do for you. Gabi - I just wanted to say thank you for the welcome flowers. Stefan - Of course, we expect great things from you and Gabi Chic. Gabi - I'm sorry, was I interrupting. Abby - Not at all. I was just going to come and welcome you and say I'm really excited that you're going to be working with me and Chad. I was working on a press release but I think it would be really great if we came up with something together. Gabi - I'd love to. Abby - I'll come in and see you in a few. Welcome. Gabi leaves. Stefan - You are truly an evolved soul. I mean to be that friendly with the woman who had sex with your husband.

Segment 5 JJ comes in. I'm glad you're putting that back in the box, chess isn't exactly my game. Theo - I could teach you sometime when I get back I mean. JJ - Theo I'm so sorry. Theo - Please stop saying that JJ. I'm just as accountable as you are for what happened. JJ - I know this won't change anything but I turned in my badge. Theo - Lani told me. Are you sure that's what you want. My sister said you were a really good cop. JJ - Maybe I was but it's not for me, not anymore. Besides I have better things in my future that are more important.

Lani - It's not like I want to lie to JJ but he's so vulnerable right now. To tell him the truth ... Kayla - I understand that you want to protect JJ and the truth will be a blow, absolutely. But you need to think of the long term consequences here. If that child ever becomes ill or needs a medical procedure JJ is going to find out the truth and that you lied to him. Lani - It's a chance I'll have to take. Kayla - And what about the biological father, doesn't he have the right to know his own flesh and blood. This decision, the consequences, the repercussions are so much bigger than this moment. Lani you need to think long and hard before you choose to live a lie.

Chad knocks on Gabi's door at work and comes in. If it isn't the fashion mogul herself. Gabi - I feel more like a fashion gnome but yes it's exciting. Chad - It is. Congratulations. Gabi - Accepted. What's that look? Chad - I just said goodbye to Theo. Gabi - You're going to miss getting your ass kicked in chess. Chad - You have no idea. Gabi - At least he's going to be surrounded by family as he recovers. Chad - Just because someone is family doesn't mean they can be trusted. Gabi - And now we're talking about Stefan right. Chad - What are your thoughts about him. Gabi - Well you can ask him because I told him exactly what I think about him. Chad - I'm afraid to ask. Gabi - We got off on the wrong foot. Chad - That's not hard to do. Gabi - That idiot thinks I came to DiMera to be around you.

Abby - You've done your homework. Stefan - When I see something or someone I'm interested in I make sure I understand every possible angle. Abby - So you're a stalker. Stefan - It's just research. Abby - Well my relationship with my husband is personal and has no bearing on this company. Stefan - But personal always tends to get messy and it always spills over into the workplace. Abby - Maybe for you but for Chad and I we intend to keep our private life private. Stefan - You might find that to be difficult with his ex-girlfriend in the building. Abby - Are you done? Stefan - Come on, Gabi could have gone to Basic Black but she chose DiMera instead. Abby - Because we offered her a more lucrative deal. Stefan - Or because Chad's here. Abby - She wanted to work with Kate. Stefan - Or her ex with the pretty blue eyes. Abby - Gabi is a genius at business and she chose DiMera because it was what's best for her company. Stefan - Yeah that's what she said but are you convinced that she still doesn't have feelings for your husband. Abby - Why are you trying to make trouble?

Segment 6 Theo - So you already found something else you want to do besides being a cop. JJ - Let's just say the future is looking very bright and it is for you too. I know how strong you are. You'll be walking and home again in no time. Theo - Yeah in a year. JJ - Your family is really going to miss you. Theo - Can I ask you a favour? JJ - Name it. Theo - Well my sister acts like she's all tough but you'll be there to watch over her, right. JJ - That is job one Theo, you have my word. Not that you need extra motivation to come home but your sister and I are expecting a big change in our lives. We want you to be a part of it. Theo - What kind of change? JJ is smiling.

Lani - If you had seen the joy on JJ's face when he learned that I was pregnant ... and the baby's real father, the truth would destroy his relationship. Kayla - You think you are protecting people by keeping the secret but this lie could blow up and if ... no, WHEN that happens think of all the lives that will never, ever be the same including your own child. Lani cries - I'm just trying to do what's best for everyone. Kayla - Then you'll think about what I said. Lani - I will. Kayla - I wrote you a prescription for prenatal vitamins. Whatever you decide you want this baby to stay healthy.

Eli - I can not believe you still buy clothes for me. Val loves to. Eli reminds her he's an adult now. Val - And you have a girlfriend too, maybe even a serious one. Eli - I hope so although I almost blew it. Val - What are you taking about Eli. What did you do?

Stefan - Making trouble is the last thing I want. My goal for this company is to make it stronger and having an ex-girlfriend in the mix threatens that. Abby - Yeah so could stirring up problems where there aren't any. Stefan - So you don't have any worries about your husband's relationship with Gabi. Abby - I faked my death. Chad was lost, he was alone and Gabi helped him through that and I'm really glad that she did. Stefan - But maybe not so glad that your husband fell in love with her. Abby - To be honest that was hard but we worked through that and Chad and I have never been happier.

Chad - Stefan actually said that, that you just came to DiMera because of me. Gabi - He did research, he pieced together some information. He thinks he knows what he's talking about. Yes I was your girlfriend. That's in the past and we are way over that the 3 of us and we are friends. Chad - Yes we are and grateful for that. There were a lot of hard days. You were there to help me through them so I'll always appreciate that.

Abby - I practically pushed Chad and Gabi together both times but since then Chad and I realised we love each other and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. Stefan - That's good to know that Chad came back because he loves you and not just for the sake of the child. Abby - You are a piece of work. Stefan - I'm just putting the puzzle pieces together. You and Chad are ecstatically happy and Gabi's fine with everything. Abby - Yes she is. Stefan - I love your confidence. I'm just saying that Gabi certainly pitched a fit when she found out she wouldn't be working with Chad. Abby - She pitched a fit specifically because she didn't want to work with you. Stefan - You're probably right. Abby snaps - Just stop will you because you don't know us. There's nothing going on between Chad and Gabi except for friendship. We're all friends and nothing is going to change that. She leaves.

Segment 7 Kayla is sitting at the bar in the Pub. Eric brings her coffee. Kayla - So is this how it's going to be? Roman's going to be gallivanting around, romancing Anna and leave you here. Eric - My Dad's got ? There's no way I'm getting in the way of that. I just wish she would lose the ashes. Kayla - Does she know that three's a crowd. Look at this place. How are you managing it with your other responsibilities at work. Eric - JJ came for counselling with a side of pancakes. He didn't mind the arrangement. Kayla - Yeah how is JJ. Eric - Well as a counsellor I can't tell. You get that. Kayla - Trust me, I do.

Eli - Gabi is the best thing that happened to me in a long time but I screwed up. It's not like I meant to hurt her. If she ever found out ... Val - What. Eli what did you do? Eli - I slept with Lani.

JJ comes out of Theo's room and sees Lani at the coffee station. JJ - Hey you going to see Theo? Lani - Yeah I was just with Kayla. JJ - How is everything, the baby. Lani - All good. JJ hugs her - That's what I like to hear. You're the sexiest baby mama ever. I hope you know I'm going to tell you that every single day, maybe every hour. Lani - JJ there's something I need to tell you. JJ - I have to go first. I have a confession to make. I hope you're not upset. Lani - What? JJ - I know it's still early. You wanted to wait before you told anybody but news like this, I had to tell Theo. I couldn't help myself. I told him we're having a baby. Abe walks up - You and JJ are having a baby?

Stefan pours himself a coffee. He finds Abby's employee ID card on the floor.

Gabi - You helped me through some rough times too on the island. Chad - I know that when and Abby got back together it was hurtful. I'm sorry for that. Gabi - It was painful but I'm over it now. Chad - I know, Eli's a lucky man. Gabi - You're lucky to have Abigail. Chad - Damn right I am. Friends. Gabi - For life. Hug. Abby walks in.


Wednesday Jan 17

Director: Phil Sogard
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1 Claire is lying on Theo's hospital bed. Theo is dressed and ready to go. They talk about the song Claire wrote for him until Claire changes the subject and asks if he's heard any more about the program he's going to be in. No. Theo just knows he'll be doing something ... he's just really tired of sitting in this bed. He's going to miss everyone. Claire is going to come visit, she promises. The year will fly by and he'll be back before he knows it. It will be like you never left. Theo knows one thing that will be different. I'm going to be an uncle.

Abe - Did I hear you two right. You two are having a baby! JJ - Actually I was just saying that someday ... Lani - JJ, he heard you. Dad, I'm pregnant.

Eli - Mom, I keep trying to put that night behind me. It's what Lani wants too. It was Christmas Eve. Theo was still in a coma and JJ had broken up with Lani over it. She decided to go to his place and talk to him about it one more time. When she got there JJ and Gabi were in each others arms.

Repeat of Abby walking in on Chad and Gabi hugging. She recalls some of what Stefan had just said to her. What's going on here?

Stefan recalls meeting Abby at the NYE party. Viv walks in as he's staring at Abby's ID card. Oh you poor boy. Stefan - What are you talking about? Viv - Abigail, you're already smitten, aren't you?

Abe - Well I have a lot of questions for you. JJ - I'm sure you do sir. Abe - Before I ask them there's one thing I'd like to say to both of you. I've come to see how much you love each other so congratulations. JJ beams.

Eli - Lani and I weren't thinking. We had been drinking and we just wanted to stop hurting so bad. And then Gabi came by the next morning and I confronted her about what I thought had happened and that's when I found out the truth. Val - So if you hadn't run into Lani at that particular moment ... Eli - Nothing would have happened. Lani and I made a huge mistake. Anyway thank you for listening. Val - Of course. Eli - I do feel a little bit better. Val - I'm glad but what I'm about to say may change that. Eli - What is that? Val - I think the two of you ought to tell Gabi and JJ what happened. Tell them the truth.

Gabi - I was just talking to Chad about Theo going to South Africa. Abby - Oh yeah right. Gabi - He was a little upset by it. Chad - I just came by to congratulate Gabi on everything and then we started talking about Theo and how he wouldn't be going through any of this if it weren't for me hiring him. Abby - You're a good friend. Gabi - I hope so. Abby - We're all going to miss Theo. I haven't ever been to South Africa. Chad - Me either. Abby - Should we plan a trip? Go down there for a few days, see Theo. Chad - Yeah, when. Abby - Well I just found some direct flights to Johannesburg from London so we could go there for a few days, then go see Theo. We never got to take that honeymoon so Cape Town is really gorgeous, wine country ... Chad - When do we leave? Abby - As soon as the company settles down. Chad - You're on.

Stefan - Doesn't matter what I do or don't feel for Abigail. As you've pointed out repeatedly she's married to my brother, my half-brother. Viv - Oh please! I've been around long enough to know that if a man is crazy enough about a woman it doesn't matter whether she's married or not. Stefan - I was looking at her bloody ID! Now you've got me breaking up her marriage. Viv - Listen to me! Our plan is more important than any woman. You were not just looking at her photograph. You have been struck by a thunderbolt. Stefan - A what! Viv - ? It's a Sicilian expression. It means love that strikes like lightening and once you're struck your life is irrevocably changed. Stefan - That's ridiculous. Viv - Did you not see the Godfather movies. Stefan - Why are you asking me that! Viv - Michael Corleone flees New York because he's killed 2 men who tried to kill his father. Then he goes to Sicily ... Stefan - Stop, stop, stop. He goes there and has to be very, very careful if he wants to stay alive but once he lays eyes on Apollonia all his resolve goes out the window. I seen it. It's fiction. Look I'm very intrigued by Abigail but believe me I have not been struck by lightening. Our goal to restore DiMera Ent to greatness is complicated enough. I'm not compromising that over any woman. Viv - I know you mean what you're saying but you are a man who's been struck ... Stefan - Don't say it. I don't want to hear anything more about lightening and thunderbolts. Viv - That's too bad because if you don't keep in control the whole plan is going to blow up in our faces.

Segment 2 Claire thinks it's amazing that JJ and Lani are going to have a baby. Theo tells her she can't tell anyone. Claire promises she won't. It'll be our little secret. Kiss. Ciara walks in - What secret?

Val - I know a little something about keeping secrets son. I know from experience that secrets have a way of coming out. And a lot of time the cover up causes more pain than the crime. You know what I'm talking about. Eli - Yeah. Mom the situation is different from yours and David's. He's my biological father. It's not like Lani's going to have a baby, thank God. Val - Thank God. Okay Eli I will support whatever you decide about how to handle this. Eli - Even if you think it's the wrong decision. Val - Even then.

Abe - In a perfect world my daughter would fall in love, decide to get married, make sure that marriage is working and then tell me she was pregnant. But this is far from a perfect world. JJ - If it means anything I'm really happy. Lani - Me too. Abe hugs her and kisses her. I'm happy too. So does anyone else know. Lani - I just found out myself. I wasn't really going to tell anyone for a while but someone decided to make a unilateral decision and tell Theo. JJ - I'm sorry but Theo could tell that I was psyched about something. I wanted to give him some good news before he left. Abe - You can hardly fault the man for being happy. Lani - I know. Abe - Why keep it a secret?

Stefan - Okay in the spirit of full disclosure. Abigail and I do have a certain amount of chemistry. Viv - Oh wonderful. Stefan - She tries to act cool around me but I'm telling you Mother I can see the fire in her eyes. Viv - Well that fire almost destroyed Ben Weston into a pile of ashes. Stefan - Yes I know. I had Abigail checked out. I'm well aware of her psychological issues but it was that psychopath Ben Weston who caused them. He deserved everything he got. Before him Abigail was as steady as a rock. She's fine now. She's perfectly healthy. Viv - Maybe but I wouldn't toy with her if I were you. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Stefan - I know you understand all about that. Viv - Touché. But I also know there's a fine line between passion and madness and I don't think Abigail is as far from that line as people think so tread lightly.

Abby - You staying for the meeting. Chad - No I have something I have to take care of. Kiss. He leaves. Abby - Okay so you and I need to draft a press release to announce that Gabi Chic is now going to be operating under the DiMera family of companies. Gabi - Abby I saw the look on your face when you saw Chad and me hugging. Are you really okay with us working so closely together.

Segment 3 Claire snarks. Ciara apologises. I didn't come here to fight. I just wanted to say goodbye to Theo. Claire leaves them alone. Ciara says a less secure person would take it personally that he's leaving just as she came home. Theo says she's the most secure person he knows. He won't forget that and he won't forget her either. I'm really going to miss you. Ciara - Oh man I'm going to miss you so much. She brings up when they were little and they would have sleepovers. Whenever she'd hear a creepy noise he'd hold her hand. Could you maybe hold my hand one last time. Theo takes her hand. They hug and cry. Ciara leaves.

Lani - The reason I didn't want to tell a lot of people was because Kayla said 80% of miscarriages happen within the first 12 weeks. JJ - But you've been doing so great and it's only been 2 months. Abe sees Eli and Val. Hey you got here just in time. Lani just ... Lani - Dad, it's almost time for Theo to leave so we should all get in there and say our goodbyes. Val - You go in first. We'll wait here. JJ quietly tells Lani he's really sorry for telling her Dad and Theo. Lani - It's okay. JJ - I want you to know you don't have to worry. No one else is going to hear about this baby until you are ready. Lani looks over at Eli.

Abby - Gabi we've already been through this. I know you're not after Chad. Gabi - Are you sure? Abby - Why do you say that. Gabi - Because when you came in here and saw us hugging I thought I saw something in your eyes. Abby - Okay for like a nanosecond, yeah. I was jealous but it doesn't have anything to do with you or Chad. Gabi - So who does it have to do with it. Abby - Stefan.

Stefan - I'm not worried about Abigail. I'm not worried about Chad. I know how to push both their buttons. I'm in complete control of the situation and my own feelings. Viv - You're very sure of yourself, aren't you? Stefan - Why shouldn't I be. I'm not here to hurt anyone from my new family. I'm just here to lay claim to what's rightfully mine. Chad walks in. Stefan - What can I do for you. Chad - I just wanted to tell you I know exactly what you're trying to do.

Segment 4 Stefan - This should be interesting. What am I trying to do? Chad - You're trying to get to me and it appears you found the perfect way. Stefan - And what's that? Chad - Abby told me everything. Stefan - Did she. Chad - I underestimated you. I never thought you would go after Theo, try to replace me. Stefan - This is about Theo? Chad - You're aware he's on the Spectrum so I promised our dying sister that I would look out for him. And one of the ways I found I could do that, the way that I could get him to open up to me was through chess. The kid's a genius. He's amazing. And apparently you're a wiz at the game as well. Ever since you two played he hasn't stopped asking me when you two are going to be able to do it again. That was important to me and you took it away from me so score one for you. Stefan - Chad I'm not trying to replace you with Theo. If I was I wouldn't be able to do it with just one chess game. Chad - I'll tell you what you did accomplish. You convinced him you're not out to hurt the family. Like I said he's a genius and I've learned to trust his instincts and that being said, I need to give you the benefit of the doubt. I haven't been fair to you. I apologise for that.

Abe - I have to ask you again. Are you sure this experimental program is the right thing for you to do. Theo - Why would you ask me that now? Abe - Because I put a lot of pressure on you to go for it. Theo - Dad, how else am I going to walk again. Abe - Letting go is the hardest thing a parent has to do. Theo - Especially with a kid like me. Abe - You're not a kid anymore, you're a man. You know that I'm glad you're going to have family around you there. Your grandmother, your half-brother ... making sure there's always going to be at least one of them with you. I believe that you're up to it. You're going to beat this thing but this is your battle. I believe that because I have watched you overcome one obstacle after another all your life. He kisses his forehead and hugs him.

JJ - How are you feeling? Are you nauseous or anything. Lani - I keep telling you I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't have morning sickness. I am hungry though. JJ - I'm on it. Lani - Where are you going? JJ - To the cafeteria. Lani - The food is awful there. JJ - The chicken noodle soup's okay. Lani - JJ you don't have to do this. JJ - I will be right back. He leaves. Eli goes to Lani and hands her her earring. I found this. Lani - In your room? Eli - Yeah you must have left it the night that we'd both like to forget. Lani - Right. Eli - You and JJ seem to be doing well. Lani - We are. Eli - You're not going to tell him, right. She shakes her head no. Eli - Good, neither am I. Lani - You and Gabi are alright? Eli - Yeah, actually we're better than ever.

Abby - Look if we are going to be working together I really think it's important for you to believe I am absolutely not jealous of you and Chad. I have no problem with your friendship and I'm really glad you're happy with Eli. Gabi - Okay. You mentioned that you were a little jealous when you saw us because of Stefan. What does that mean? Abby - I feel like Stefan is trying to make me not trust Chad. He literally came in and said he thought maybe you sold your company to DiMera because you wanted to get back with Chad. Gabi - Are you serious. He used the same tactic with me. Abby - Really! Did he not think that we would talk. Gabi - Maybe he's not as big of a player as he thinks he is. Abby - Okay look, I am so proud of you for everything you've done to establish this brand and I really think that together you and I can take this company to new heights. Gabi - I do believe that. Abby - Okay so you just worry about Gabi Chic and you let me and Chad deal with Stefan.

Stefan - I appreciate your apology. Chad - One more thing. When Abby came to you and asked you for our jobs back you were kind enough to agree. Thank you. I just want you to know we're not going to just go through the motions. You and I are brothers and we have the same goal. We want to make DiMera as successful as it can be. We're not going to be able to do that unless we bury the hatchet. He holds out his hand.

Segment 5 Abe approaches JJ who is near the nurse's station. While Lani's in there with Theo there's something else I'd like to ask you about. JJ - Sure. Abe - I understand you resigned from the police force. JJ - Right. Abe - Can I ask you why? JJ - After what I did to Theo I realised police work isn't for me anymore. Now that Lani and I have a baby coming I don't want my kid to be raised by two parents who are both in the line of fire. Abe - You're already thinking like a father. JJ - Abe I want you to know that your daughter and this baby will always come first with me no matter what.

Lani talks to Theo about the long flight ahead of him and mentions there are sci-fi podcasts he can download. Theo - You're upset. Lani - You're leaving for a year. Theo - It's not that. Come on, just let me listen to your problems for once. Lani - Theo I don't have problems. Theo - JJ told me about the baby. Lani - Wow, did he also tell you that it was a total surprise. Theo - Yeah, he seems really happy. He loves you. Do you love him? Lani cries - I do. Theo - When I'm trying to fix an IT problem and I get stuck I know I'm missing some information so ... what am I missing? Lani - I'm about to have a baby for the first time. I don't know what to expect. I need you to stop worrying about me okay and concentrate on powering through this rehab program because I need you to come back here in full on uncle mode. Theo - Okay I tried. Whatever it is I know you can take care of yourself and you'll do the right thing.

Gabi talks about how Gabi Chic came to be. Then she talks about some of the products and how she thinks about it all the time. She tells Abby she wants the press release to be about the company not her. Abby understands that but the company is called Gabi Chic. She talks about the fact that the company is about bold choices and empowering people and that's her. Gabi says she hasn't always made right choices. How are you going to spin the fact that I spent time in prison. Abby - I think that my cousin Nick was a monster. He victimized you and you fought back but ever since then you've been a model citizen. You've taken care of yourself, Arianna, built an entire company from the ground up without the help of anyone else. In a lot of ways I wish I was more like you. Gabi - Oh come on, if anyone's a badass here, it's you.

Stefan finally shakes Chad's hand. I'm glad you decided to come around. I told you before I value your input. We're brothers. I want you to play a huge role in this family business. Chad - Thank you. I can not wait to hear what you have planned at DiMera. My job now is to do whatever I can to help you be as successful as you can. Stefan - Do you have time now? Chad - No I've got a meeting I have to get to but I appreciate that. Viv - Chad. Chad leaves. Well I hope you didn't believe a word he said. I certainly didn't.

Segment 6 Stefan - I think I'll give Chad the benefit of the doubt the way he gave me. Viv - Alright, string him along. Stefan - I don't know if he was being sincere or not. I really don't care. I will share my vision for this company with him after it's been executed. Viv - Just don't rattle his cage especially when it comes to Abigail. Stefan - I already told you I'm in control of that situation. Viv - Just don't blame your dear old Mom for worrying about her son. I think I'll check a few things out just to ease my mind. Stefan - I know better than to try and talk you out of that. I trust that you will try to use some discretion. Viv - Don't I always. She leaves. Stefan pulls out Abby's ID

Gabi - Nick played mind games on me. He didn't get physical until the very end. But Ben ... he went off his rocker and started killing people. He kidnapped you and you gave birth to Thomas while he was holding a gun to your head. You made sure Thomas was alright. Abby - You mean for a while. Gabi - I did what I thought was the best thing to deal with Nick in that moment and it cost me a lot. Abby - You lost your freedom, I lost my mind. Gabi - We lost a lot of time with our kids. We both know what it's like to be separated from people who love us. When I saw Ben at your wedding I didn't know how you were going to react or what was going to happen then you punched his lights out. That's when I knew you were going to be fine. Abby - Yeah that's when I knew too. Gabi - People love us and that means the world to us. Abby - And we learned the hard way that we can stand up for ourselves. Gabi - And now we get to do it for each other.

Claire is back with Theo. I'm going to miss you all the time but I'm not going to miss this room for one second. Neither will Theo. Claire is crying. She hates this. South Africa is so far. Theo - That won't stop me from walking my way back to you. Claire says that's what her song was missing ... she forgot about how much she believes in them and the way they love each other. That's going to help make you well. Ciara watches them holding each other and then leaves.

Abe kisses Val on her cheek. Val - What was that for? Abe - For all of your support through this ordeal. Val - I hope you know I'll always be there for you and your family. Abe - I do too especially since our family is getting a little bigger. Val - What do you mean? Abe - Can you keep a secret? Val - Yeah. Abe - You didn't hear this from me ... Lani's going to have a baby. Val looks over at Eli.

Segment 7 Chad walks through the gates of the square into the park talking on his cell. Hey John. I need an update on Stefan, do you have time to meet? Because I tried to convince him I'm willing to play nice but I'm not. I don't think he bought it. I just need something to bring to the board to convince them that's he sabotaging DiMera. No look I know the process. I'm not trying to pressure you. I seriously think that we're running out of time. The more I'm around him the more I think he's dangerous. Viv is eavesdropping. Chad - Look we need to resolve this before somebody I love gets hurt.

Abby and Gabi are looking at a folder when Stefan walks in and asks how the meeting is going. Abby - Really well. We have the first draft of the press release. Stefan says it looks great. I'll look at it more carefully when I get back to my office. BTW - you dropped that in my office. He gives her the ID card. Is there any chance you and I can have dinner tonight and go over this. Abby - No because I'm having dinner with my husband and my son. Stefan - I was talking to Gabi.

A song plays as Claire pushes Theo's wheelchair out of his room. Abe follows with Theo's bag. Val hugs Theo. Theo is crying. Eli hugs Theo. Then JJ followed by Lani. Claire kisses him and then they hug. They all watch as Abe wheels him to the elevator. Everyone is crying. Theo waves goodbye as the elevator doors close.


Thursday Jan 18

Director: Phil Sogard
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1 John and Marlena are at a table in the square. John - I've got to run, I'm already late. Marlena - I have a meeting too. John - You don't sound too excited about it. Difficult patient? Marlena - Difficult ... that's not quite the word and not even a patient. John - What does that mean? Marlena - It means I'm doing something against my better judgement. John laughs - No, no, no. You never do anything against your better judgement. I'll see you. He leaves. Marlena smiles - Yeah this is against my better judgement. She gets a call. Yes Roman. Yes, I'm on my way. I'll be there in a couple of minutes.

Repeat of Gabi and Abby talking about Gabi Chic and the press release.

Repeat of Viv telling Stefan she's going to check some things out.

Repeat of the Gabi / Abby mutual admiration society.

Anna comes into the Pub. Roman hugs her and tells her she looks great. So what do you want to do tonight, a movie? Anna - I'm up for anything except Doug's Place. Roman - Really. I thought you liked the music. Anna - The music was wonderful. It's just running into Andre and Kate was not. It just makes my blood boil. Tony's been dead all these years and that S.O.B. is alive and well and living happily ever after with Kate DiMera.

Andre joins Kate in Theo's hospital room. Kate - So what did you find out? Where's Theo? Andre - They've already left. Kate - What! Andre - I called the airstrip. The DiMera jet just took off. Theo's gone. Kate - How could they do that without letting us say goodbye.

Viv eavesdrops on Chad and John. Chad - Hey John, thanks for meeting me on such short notice. John - No problem. Chad - So please, tell me what you've got. Tell me you were able to find proof that Stefan had access to inside information. John - I'm getting there. It's not going to be long before we can prove he was the one who sabotaged DiMera Ent.

Repeat of Stefan coming into Gabi's workplace and interrupting Abby and Gabi's meeting and asking Gabi to dinner. Stefan adds - I'd like for us to get to know each other a little better. So how about it, are you free? Gabi - Are you seriously asking me out on a date! Stefan - Yes that's exactly what I'm doing. You can't be that surprised that I'd want to take you out. You're a smart, very beautiful woman ... Gabi - Who works for you. And as I recall from our last encounter has never given you the slightest indication that she can even tolerate you much less go on a date with you. Stefan - And you have spirit. A lot of spirit. That's a turn on for me. Abigail will confirm I've done my homework before coming to Salem. By my research everything you've been through you've not only been able to survive but thrive. Gabi - Oh Abby I go weak in the knees when a man tells me I thrive. Stefan - So what do you say? Gabi - No. Stefan - No? You're right, you should probably think it over. Gabi - I should talk it over with my boyfriend who happens to be a detective over at Salem PD. Big guy, well built. Have you seen him? Stefan - Just thought I'd ask. You know I certainly don't want to do anything to antagonise the police. Abby - Why, are you involved in something illegal.

John - The night Theo was shot he was breaking into a warehouse office where he had traced a fishing email but I was able to determine that he accessed no information off that email off the server or from that office. Chad - Okay but whoever was attacking Kate definitely had access to inside information so what does that mean? John - What that means is DiMera was never hacked. This whole setup was a ruse. It was a red herring. It was a deliberate misdirection to make it appear to be a hacking in case somebody investigated. Chad - So Theo was shot for nothing. Whoever it was on the inside just made it look like they were an outsider. John - Exactly. Now that is a very small pool of suspects. Vivian hears all of this.

Segment 2 Andre - I'm sorry, I know how much Theo meant to you. Kate - And you. Andre - I thought Abe knew we were coming. Kate - He did, I texted him. Andre - Maybe he didn't get the message. Kate - No he did because he texted back that it was okay. Maybe he just didn't want us saying goodbye to Theo or just me. I know that he still blames me for what happened to him and you know he's right. It was my fault. Andre - I know how much Theo meant to you but for the thousandth time stop blaming yourself, it's not your fault. Kate - We both know that's not true. Andre - You've got to stop this blaming, it's not your fault, it's mine.

Roman - Anna do you think maybe you can let what Andre said go. I mean we're having a lot of fun together you and me, do we really want to let Andre spoil that? Anna - No you're right. I don't want Andre to win. Roman - Then it's agreed, no more talk about the DiMera's. Anna - Agreed but I did want to ask you one thing. Do you have any silver polish behind the bar. Roman - Okay at the risk of sounding dense, what do you need silver polish for. Anna pulls out the urn. For Tony, he's getting a little tarnished.

Chad - So you're closing in on who did it. John - Well I don't have the concrete proof that I need right now but yeah I'm closing in. Chad - Actually I think I might know who did it. John - Yeah, who. Viv drops her bag. Chad - What was that?

Stefan - You know very well I haven't done anything illegal. Gabi - Then why fear the police? Stefan - I don't fear the police. What I fear is well built jealous boyfriends coming after me especially if they have a badge from the Salem PD. I mean look at what that trigger happy cop did to my ... our nephew. Abby - Okay that cop is my brother and he was cleared of all wrong doing. Stefan - By the Salem PD. Abby - If anyone is to blame for harming Theo it's the person who was sabotaging DiMera in the first place. Stefan - What are you implying Abigail. You said you didn't think I had anything to do with that. Did you change your mind? Or do you think I've been guilty all along and this whole thing has been one big act.

Segment 3 Anna is polishing the urn nattering on about how the silver towelettes just didn't do a good enough job. Tony didn't have any faults but he was fastidious about his appearance. Roman - Oh look who's here. Anna - Marlena, hi. Marlena - Hello. Anna - Fancy seeing you here. Marlena - Well I was in the neighbourhood. It's good to see you Anna. Anna - Tony, look who's here, it's Marlena. I am so glad to see you again. I've been thinking about my behaviour last year in Prague and I'm afraid I was very rude to you. Marlena - No, no. We were all under terrible stress. Anna - Stefano DiMera stress. That man, I can't tell you how much I despise that man. Marlena - Yes I did too. Anna - And that man didn't deserve a son like Tony. Tony certainly deserved a much, much better father. She sets the urn down. There you are honey, all spit and polished. Roman - Let me ask you something, did it ever occur to you that some people might find a funeral urn a little grim. Anna - No. Roman - And maybe some people might want to enjoy a good bowl of chowder without looking at a dead man's ashes. Anna - I don't think of them as ashes, I think of them as his spirit. Besides he loved the chowder here. Marlena - Maybe his spirit would like to be free. Anna - You know he certainly spent all of his life in chains, those DiMera chains. That family, what they did to him. Marlena - Yes Anna but he had you and you always made him very happy. Anna - That's right. I loved him so much. Marlena - I know. Anna did you and Tony have a special place that you were very fond of. Anna - Why do you want to know? Marlena - I thought that might be a place you'd choose to scatter his ashes. Anna - Marlena we took vows. Roman - The vows were 'til death do you part. He died, you're parted. Anna - Roman! Marlena - Look I think what Roman is trying to say is that carrying Tony's ashes with you everywhere you go every single day is maybe keeping you from getting over him; being able to survive his death and move on with your own life. Anna - Wait a minute. You didn't just happen to be in the neighbourhood. This is collusion! You're not just here talking to me as friend. This is a stealth therapy session.

Kate - That doesn't make any sense. How is any of this your fault? Andre - Because I gave you and Chad so damn many reasons not to trust me. It all started with that damn press conference. I ruined all the trust that I built with you and Chad so of course you thought the worst of me. Kate - And I was wrong. Andre - Not completely. I betrayed you once so please don't feel guilty. Kate - Thank you for saying that. Andre hugs her - I don't like seeing you hurting.

Chad drags Viv out into the open. Viv - You're hurting me. Chad - Not as much as I'd like to. WTH are you doing. Viv - I happen to have a passion for botany. Chad - And eavesdropping. Viv - I resent that. I was examining a ? when I heard my nephew's wonderful voice. I just got so excited I dropped my purse. Chad - Nephew. Viv - Yes John. Oh John I know that our genealogy was revised but I still think of you as my dear, dear nephew. Wasn't your father Yoyo Ma? John - Yo Ling. Viv - The basketball player. John - That's Yo Ming. Viv makes a smart remark and adds - But I still think of you as family. John - Well that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Viv - Tell me, what were you two putting your heads together about. Chad - It's really none of your business. Viv - I think it is. I heard somebody mention something about a DiMera employee and my son is the CEO. I'm his trusted advisor so who were you talking about Chad?

Abby - Of course it's not an act. I said I believe you and I do. You said you didn't have anything to do with the sabotage and I took you at your word. Stefan - Of course you did. Gabi I'm sorry, I didn't know my attention was unwanted. I didn't know you were involved. If I had known I wouldn't have said anything. Gabi - Okay. Stefan - But if your status ever changes let me know. Gabi - I've got to go meet up with Kate and Andre. It was very nice talking to you. Abby - Okay. Gabi leaves. Abby - WTH is the matter with you!

Segment 4 Stefan - What are you talking about? Abby - I'm talking about you coming on to Gabi just now. Stefan - I didn't come on to Gabi, I just asked her out. Abby - You asked her out on a date. How is that not coming on to her. Stefan - We'll just have to disagree on the meaning of that expression. Abby - Okay so how many different meanings are there for coming on to someone. Stefan - Well to me it means behaving in such a way where one indicates that he would like to have a sexual relationship with the person to whom one is coming on to. Abby - And you didn't just do that with Gabi. Stefan - I'm sorry do what? Abby - Behave in that way. Stefan - No I didn't not intentionally. Abby - Okay so what kind of relationship did you imagine having with Gabi when you asked her on a date if it wasn't a sexual one. Stefan - I really don't know because I hadn't gotten that far yet. I just thought I'd take her out to dinner and maybe realise we don't have that much in common. Perhaps she's not that bright and we don't share our taste in literature or music. I don't know. Just because she's really insanely, ridiculously beautiful ... Abby - Right because you're not shallow. You would never be attracted to a woman because she's beautiful and she has an amazing body. Stefan - Gabi has an amazing body? I didn't notice. Abby - Of course you didn't. Stefan - You're making too much of this. I asked the woman out. I didn't know she had a boyfriend. Abby - No but you did know you are her boss. Stefan - Well Kate's her boss. Is that what's bothering you about me asking her out. Abby - Don't be coy okay. You went and made yourself CEO so that means you are in control of DiMera. That means you are in control of Gabi's employment. That means what you just did is sexual harassment. Stefan - To use an overused Americanism what's it to you? Abby - As a woman I find you repugnant. As head of PR for DiMera Ent I find it potentially disastrous. You may be new to this company but you're going to have to abide by the rules. What, did you want to be forced to resign. Stefan scoffs - Trust me that's not going to happen. People get involved in the workplace every day in every company around the world all the time. Abby - And it usually doesn't work out so well. We have a workshop on the prevention of harassment in the workplace I highly recommend you attend. Stefan - You're kind of being ... Abby - Shrill? Stefan - No not shrill, hypocritical. Take Kate and Andre. They work together, now they're married. Chad and Gabi involved ... sorry but I don't think very highly of the DiMera track record on sexual harassment. Abby - The fact that you can't see the difference between those relationships and what you just did confirms for me that you really need to attend that workshop. What is so funny? Stefan - Nothing. I just can't help but wonder are you so bothered by this because you think I'm sexually harassing Gabi or is it because I'm not sexually harassing you. Abby slaps him.

Chad - We actually were talking about a DiMera employee. Viv - I knew it. Chad - John's daughter Belle. She works for us overseas. Viv - Really. Well I hope there's nothing wrong with her. You looked so intense. Chad - Everything's fine Vivian. Nothing for you to worry about. You can get back to your botany. In fact I'd be happy to put you back where I found you. Viv - No thank you. I'm going back to the office. Oh John you've just got to meet my son Stefan. He's just like his father. John - I'm sorry to hear that. Viv - We'll have dinner some time. Chinese, your treat. She leaves. Chad - What do you think she heard? John - It's hard telling but I know for sure she knows we weren't talking about Belle.

Kate - I think we need to get back to the office. We have a lot to do before the IPO launch for Gabi Chic. Andre - I can handle it. Kate - Andre it's too much to do for one person. Andre - It's too much for you to handle. You've been through the wringer today. Kate why didn't you tell me Lucas was getting out of rehab today. Kate - I don't know. I don't like to talk about that so. Andre - I know how much he means to you and I know that he's going to need you. I can handle everything that's going on at the office. Once you've got Lucas back up on his feet and I've got the launch up and running we can go to South Africa to see Theo. Kate - I would like that, I would. Thank you. Andre - If you need anything I'll be at the office. Oh, I love you Kate. No, you don't have to say anything. I just wanted you to know. He leaves.

Roman - Okay Anna you're right, I did ask Marlena to stop by. Anna - You think I'm crazy. Roman - No I do not but I am worried about you. You don't seem to be able to accept Tony's death and I thought that maybe ... Anna - So you went behind my back to get your ex-wife to shrink me without me even knowing I was being shrunk. Roman if you thought I needed therapy you should have asked me or said so to my face. Roman - I think you need therapy. Anna - And what do you think Dr. Evans. Marlena - Anna I'm not here as a psychiatrist. I just came to talk. But if you think you could use some help I could certainly give you some referrals. Anna - Well I have a suggestion for you. You can mind your own bloody business and leave me ... she grabs the urn ... Tony and me alone.

Segment 5 Marlena - Anna I'm sorry. I shouldn't have spoken to you under false pretenses. Anna - No you shouldn't have. Marlena - I think I'm going to leave and let the two of you sort this out. Again, I'm so sorry. She leaves. Roman - Look I understand you're angry but I did this because I care about you. I know you're grieving and I wanted to get you some help. Anna - Roman talking to Marlena Evans is not going to get me to forget Tony. I still miss him. He's part of who I am and if you can't accept that maybe we shouldn't be seeing each other at all.

John - Look before we got interrupted you were about to tell me who you thought was behind the sabotage. Chad - Yeah there's a few things I need to take care of first. Mind if I get back to you. John thank you for your help. John - I'd like to help more. You know whoever is behind this is responsible for Theo getting shot. The person has a bill to pay.

Andre is outside the Gabi Chic office talking on his cell. Alright I'll be in touch. He goes inside. Viv comes in and closes the door. Chad has talked to John Black again. I couldn't get close enough to hear anything. John knows the warehouse office was a ruse and Chad thinks he knows who was behind it. So they know it was someone on the inside and they have a limited list of suspects. They're all DiMera employees from Salem so they're closing in on you. You've got to get Chad to back off. Andre - I can't. I already tried. It's going to look too suspicious if I bring it up again. Viv - You have to do something. Andre - We'll have to put our plans on hold, at least for the time being. Viv - Sounds like you're getting cold feet. Andre - Well aren't you? Viv - NO! Andre - I can't let Chad know I'm behind this. I've got too much to lose. Viv - Gabi Chic launches tomorrow. We need the cash. We can't afford to back off, we're too close. Andre - You're right. Windfall from Gabi Chic ... having to share it with that Hernandez woman! 60% of the profits to be exact. Viv - You know what to do. Andre - Yeah I know what to do. I'm going to do it right now. It's a good thing I kept Kate away from here. It would be rather difficult to try and explain this to her. Knock. Andre - There she is now. Gabi, nice of you to come. Gabi - Why did you want to see me?

Stefan - You pack quite a wallop there. Abby - I really wish I had a baseball bat. Stefan - Assaulting your boss, that's grounds for dismissal. Do you have a workshop for that? Abby - Go ahead, try. Because wrongful termination often leads to a lot of negative press and staggering settlements. Stefan - So vindictive. Abby - No I'm mad because I'm married to a real man so I have a very low tolerance for cheesy innuendo from arrogant jerks like you. Stefan - I'm sorry. My sense of humour can be a bit off the wall. I can see how it might seem inappropriate at times. Abby - It's my experience that people who talk about their sense of humour usually don't have one. Stefan - My point is you were right, I was wrong. It won't happen again. Can you forgive me?

Segment 6 Stefan - If we can't get past this little misunderstanding I'm afraid we're going to have a serious problem because you and I need to be able to work together. So can we chalk this up as growing pains please. You and I will get used to working together and I promise that I will be more careful about what I say and do. Abby - Fine but I'm watching you. I'm especially watching the way that you treat the women at this company. So if you want to date go off campus, is that clear. Stefan - Very. It just seems like the most interesting and dynamic women in Salem all work here. He leaves. Abby gets a call. Hey what's up? Chad - Do you have time to meet me real quick, it's important.

John is in the square on his cell. Hey Steve give me a call when you get this. I've got some stuff I need to go over with you. Maybe we can meet for a beer. Marlena walks up - Oh dear, from the look on your face things didn't go very well. John - Yeah you could say that. For starters Vivian Alamain crashed it. Marlena - What is wrong with that woman? John - I don't know. So how'd your meeting go. Marlena - About the same.

Roman - I don't think you mean that. Anna - I do. I can't be with you Roman if you can't accept me for what I am. Roman - Anna all I'm saying is ... Anna - You want me to abandon Tony. That is not going to happen and I won't be with someone who can't accept me for all of me. All of my curves, edges, imperfections and that includes carrying around the remains of a husband whose death was never ever avenged.

Viv shakes Gabi's hand. Hello I'm Vivian Alamain. Gabi - I know. Viv - I wanted to have a little tete-a-tete with you on NYE but there was so much going on. Gabi - Yes you seemed pretty busy. Viv - I wanted to tell you I'm so impressed with the work you do. I know you were thinking of going to Basic Black but I'm so happy you decided to stay with our little family. Well I must fly. She turns to Andre - You think about what I said. She leaves. Gabi - Well you two don't seem to get on very well. Andre - ? Please take a seat. Gabi - Okay is this about the launch tomorrow. Andre - Yes it is. I asked you up here because I want to have a little chat with you.

Segment 7 Roman - Anna don't go, let's talk about this. Anna - There's nothing more to talk about Roman. This is just not going to work. It's better that we know about it now before anything got too serious. Roman - Well I'm sorry about that. Anna - I am too. She picks up the urn. Come on Tony, we're leaving. Outside the Pub Anna stuffs the urn in her purse. She sees a big envelope. How did that get in there. She's pulls out a letter. Dear Anna ... she reads. OMG! Someone is watching her.

Abby joins Chad in the park off the square. Hey what's going on. Chad - I just talked to John. He's convinced that whoever was trying to sabotage the company was doing it from the inside. Abby - Why? Chad - They made up the office building thing. It was just a ruse, a misdirection to make us think the hacking was coming from the outside. But it wasn't, it was a chess game. It's classic. It's right out of the DiMera playbook. Abby - So what are you saying? Chad - You're not going to want to hear this but everything is pointing to Andre.

Gabi - Is there some sort of problem? Andre - Not a big problem but if everything goes according to my forecast your company will generate millions. Gabi - You're kidding. Andre - I'm serious. Gabi - I wasn't expecting that. Andre - Unfortunately you won't be sharing the profits. Gabi - What! Andre - I'm very sorry but it's my sad duty to inform you that you're fired.

Viv is in Stefan's office. Stefan - You'll be happy to know I took your advice and backed off Abigail. Viv - Good. Stefan - You were right mixing business with pleasure is not a good idea so I went ahead and smoothed things over. Abby is perfectly fine with working with me so there's nothing to worry abut. Viv - No we both have a lot to worry about. There is much more important things in life than your love life and Abigail. Stefan - Like what. Viv - Andre. He's becoming too much of a liability. I think we'll have to ... I don't know how to say this ... neutralize him permanently.


Friday Jan 19

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: David Kreizman

Segment 1 Kate is apparently in a waiting room at the rehab clinic. A clean-shaven Lucas comes in the room. Hi Mom. Kate hugs him - Oh baby.

Brady comes into Doug's Place and Chloe waves him over. Brady - Another cheque? You're not due to make a payment until ... Chloe - Next month. I know but business has been really good. Brady - I'm glad to hear that. That's good. Chloe - At this rate I'll be able to pay off all my debt by the time Parker goes to college. Brady - You can just mail the cheque the next time, that's fine. Chloe - Well maybe I wanted to see you. Brady - You did, why? Chloe - Because I want to know what you're doing with Eve.

Maggie comes into the K mansion living room and finds Eve telling Tate a story. Maggie interrupts and finishes the story by saying cook is waiting for Prince Tate to taste the chocolate chip cookies. Tate goes with Maggie.

Repeat of Vivian telling Stefan they need to neutralize Andre permanently. Stefan - I think you're overreacting. Viv - Oh no, I think I'm underreacting. John Black and Chad know that hack at DiMera was an inside job. Stefan - They don't know it was Andre. Viv - There are only so many suspects. Stefan - Mother even if they could figure it out there's no way they could prove he was working with us. Viv - They don't have to. If Andre's cornered he'll roll over on us faster than you can say Stefan O DiMera.

Abby - I really can not believe you're blaming Andre again. Okay so what changed your mind. Why do you think the hack came from him. Chad - Because I brought the investigation to him and he tried to shut it down. Then he said Stef and Vivian were the threats. Abby - Well they are. Chad - Come on, yes but look someone knew about every deal Kate was going to make before she made it. Who? Somebody close to her.

Repeat of Andre firing Gabi. Gabi - Is this a joke? Andre - No I assure you I'm being serious. Gabi - Okay I don't understand. Why are you firing me, on what grounds? Andre - On the grounds that you committed fraud.

Kate - God look at you. You look like you again. I have my son back again. I'm so proud of you. Lucas - I'm proud of myself actually. It's been a rough 28 days. Kate - I can only imagine. I'm so grateful that you made it back. You made it on to the other side. Lucas - It was your tough love, you and Sami that made me see I wanted to crawl out of the hole, live again, be a father to my kids again. Kate - Will's been asking about you. Lucas - We've written each other a couple of times. I know he doesn't have his memory back yet but he actually sounds good. Kate - He's amazing. He's really acclimating. I know that he's going to be so, so happy to see you doing this well. Lucas - I'm just ready to get out of here, ready to start living my life again, being a father to my children. Kate - I want to help you in any way I can. If that means going to meetings or therapy, honey I want us to do this together. I'm going to talk to Andre, we're going to get you a job. Lucas - Is there any way you can get me into Countess Wilhelmina again. Kate - There's been a couple of new hires there but seriously you're in the family and the business is in your blood so I'm going to ... DiMera acquired Gabi Chic so I think there should be work there.

Gabi - What are you talking about! I did not commit fraud. Andre - It says explicitly in your contract that you should be forthcoming and honest in all your business dealings. Gabi - And I have been. Andre - I disagree after having spoken with my accountant that the seed money to start your company came from your father. Gabi - I built Gabi Chic. Andre - With blood money. Gabi - Wait a second. I know my father hasn't always been above board ... Andre - Your father is a hired assassin. He's serving a long prison sentence. He tried to defraud the Federal Government. Gabi - I had nothing to do with any of that. Andre - But your money is dirty money. Gabi - This is crazy. Andre - My job is to protect my family. We just have to sever ties with you. Gabi goes off on him in Spanish. Andre - Just pack your things and go. Gabi - I'm not going anywhere and you can't make me.

Segment 2 Brady - Let me guess. You summoned me here because you're afraid I'm going to take advantage of your pal Eve. Chloe - Honestly my first reaction was that she was taking advantage of you. Brady - Really. Chloe - Yeah. I even called her out on it right in this spot. I said that my friend Brady is very vulnerable right now and he's been known to make some bad choices when he finds himself in that state. Brady - What did she say about that? Chloe - She said that she actually really likes you and she's kind of worried that you're only sleeping with her to throw her off track at Titan. Brady - Well there seems to be a lot of distrust going around. Chloe - Yeah which is confusing to me so what is it. Are you using her or is she using you. Brady - What do you think? Chloe - I think no matter how this crazy thing started between you two maybe there's actually something kind of special between you and Eve.

Maggie returns to the living room. Tate is now asleep. They beat around the bush about the story Eve was telling Kate so Maggie asks if Brady gets his happy ending with Princess Eve. Eve wasn't going to go there. The point of the story is that Tate should know just how much his mother loves him. Maggie believes Theresa loved him until the moment she left. Have you heard from your sister? Eve - No I haven't. I don't know where she is or what she's doing. Maggie - It nearly killed him when she left and I'm not sure that he's fully recovered yet. Eve - So you think that I'm going to do the same thing to Brady.

Abby - I just know that Andre cares about Kate and he's not going to stab her in the back like that. Chad - I know that you want to believe that he's changed. I want to believe that too but Andre's only ever wanted one thing, power. He's willing to betray his brother, his wife, even his "best friend". Abby - I think you're wrong. I think we can trust Andre and I'll prove it to you.

Gabi - If you want me to leave you're going to have to throw me out. Andre - I know this is difficult for you. It's just business. Gabi - Business. No this couldn't be more personal. That's the way it's always been between us. Andre - I'm sorry you feel that way. Gabi - I'm not. You've never liked me. You've never thought I was good enough for Chad. Andre - That has nothing to do with this. Gabi - Of course it does. Your resentment that Chad, your own brother, trusts me more than he trusts you. Andre laughs. You have such a high opinion of yourself. Gabi - No I just know that I'm honest and you're a liar. Andre - I'm being honest with you now. My job is to help grow and protect the brand. You are a liability so you are out. Gabi - Fine, you want to fire me, fire me. I should never have taken this frickin' deal in the first place. But you know if I am going to go I am taking Gabi Chic with me. Andre - Sorry that is not going to happen.

Stefan - Okay let's just say that we did want to get rid of Andre ... clearly you do, how would I do that? I can't just transfer him to an office in Des Moines. Viv - Well I was thinking of a more permanent transfer ... a corner office in hell. Stefan - Mother! Viv - That feral cat has used up the last of his nine lives and I'm going to make sure that Rolf or Dr. Wu can't bring him back. Stefan - You want to kill Andre. Viv - You have a better idea?

Segment 3 Lucas - I've been reading what's going on at DiMera. Is it true that this Stefan guy is Vivian and Stefano's son? Kate - Well that's what the DNA test says. Lucas - Wow, what a combo. He must be a delight. Kate - I can't believe that I'm actually living, sharing a house with frickin' Vivian Alamain again. Lucas - What are you doing that for! That can't be good. Kate - You know the good part ... through all of this I found out that I can count on Andre. He actually stepped up for me. Lucas - Does that mean this marriage of convenience is turning into something more. Kate - I have to say we turned a corner on NYE and today he told me that he loves me. Lucas - Really! Wow, what did you say? Kate - I didn't say anything then he left. Lucas - If he hadn't of left would you have told him you loved him too?

Andre - You signed a contract which is legally binding. If you'd read the fine print you'd realise I have the right to terminate you at the same time retaining control of the property named Gabi Chic. Gabi - What! That is insane! Andre - The IPO will be launched tomorrow without you. Gabi - The hell it will. I'm taking you to court. I'm going to stop the IPO. Andre - You do whatever it is you need to do but the DiMera lawyers will drag you and your criminal father through the mud. Your bank account will go empty and you'll be out of a career. Gabi - How dare you! After all the crimes that you and your family has committed. You come from a family of murderers and thieves. Andre - DiMera is now a clean organization which is why we can't be with someone like you. Gabi - Someone like me! Andre - We're going public. It's what the public thinks that matters here. Gabi - Yeah what about Kate. What about Chad and Abigail. Do they know what you're doing to me. What are they going to think huh about this new "trustworthy" Andre when they find out.

Abby - Andre is not the man he used to be and he wouldn't do this to us. Chad - I wouldn't be so sure. Abby - He gave up pretty much everything so we could be together. He saved my life when I wasn't even sure I wanted it to be saved. Look at what he did to bring Gabi into DiMera. I mean if he can figure out a way to work with her doesn't that prove what he's willing to do for the sake of our family. Chad - I don't know. Abby - All I'm asking is that you not do anything until you have proof. Chad - Okay John and I are working on that right now. Abby - Good because I think an investigation is going to lead to your brother Stefan and his mother because Stefan is not just trying to run your business, he wants everything that you have. Chad - What do you mean by everything.

Stefan - You can't kill Andre. Viv - Why not? Stefan - Because we don't go around killing people. Viv - It's not so difficult. He'll just disappear. Nobody's going to miss the old goat. They'll just think he came to his senses and ran away screaming from his miserable wife. Stefan - That's absolutely crazy. Viv - No you're crazy standing here waiting for him to rat us out. Stefan - You need to stop talking like this okay. I'm not killing Andre. Viv - Well if you won't do it I will.

Segment 4 Viv - I came here to secure your legacy as Stefano DiMera's son and I'm not stopping until I do it. Stefan grabs her arm - Mother, I'm not letting you do this. Now that I'm here you don't get to operate the way you used to. Viv - What is that supposed to mean! Stefan - Two words. Buried alive. Viv - Oh please, why does everyone have to bring that up. Stefan - Mother you put a woman in a casket and put her 6 feet under and gave her a radio so you could taunt her the whole time. I mean, really! Viv - Poor Carly, that was personal. This is business. Stefan - So your solution is to off Andre in cold blood. How would you do it? Viv - You said you didn't want any part of it so leave it to me. Stefan stops her again - No I will not leave it to you. You look at me. Promise me that you won't kill my brother. Promise me.

Andre - I'm CEO of Countess Wilhelmina. I don't need anyone's permission to tell me what's right for the company. Gabi - I'm not talking about contracts Andre. See I want to know what your family is going to think when they hear about how you treated me. Andre - They'll understand. Gabi - Will they? You think Chad and Abigail are going to understand that you screwed over their friend. Andre - That's not your problem. Gabi - What about Kate? Your wife that you supposedly love. I am Arianna's mother. We'll always be family. Will you? Andre - Time to leave. Gabi - Kate has always supported me. She's always had my back and my company's back. Do you really want to put her in a position to choose between us. Andre - I'm quite confident in our relationship. Gabi - You are. Why don't you call her up and ask her. I have a phone. I can call her right now and ask her what she thinks about everything that's going on. Andre grabs her arm - I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Kate - Well if I tell you that I don't love him you're going to tell me that I'm playing a dangerous game. And if I told you that do I love him you're going to call me insane for opening my heart to someone as dangerous as he is. Lucas - Well I guess I'll just take that as a yes. Kate - I know that you think that Andre is bad for me and I understand that. I know you have a reason to feel that way. He's done terrible things but he's changed. I've changed too. I like being around him. I like the way he makes me feel. Okay now you're looking at me like you need to stage an intervention. Lucas - I'm not going to stage an intervention. Kate - You're not going to fight me on this? Lucas - No I'm not. There's one thing I've learned being in here the last 28 days it's that life is complicated and messy. Sometimes you've just got to roll with it. Kate - Ain't that the truth. Lucas - And you deserve to be happy so if he makes you happy I'm okay with it. Kate - Thank you. I love you so much. Hug. Lucas - I missed you. Kate - I missed you too baby.

Brady - Let me get this straight. You're on board with me seeing Eve! Chloe - You're both adults. If Eve makes you happy then I'm all for it but you've got to fix this. Brady - Fix what? Chloe - The suspicion. She claims she can't trust you and I know you have your doubts about her. Brady - I didn't say that. Chloe - Well you'd be idiot not to. She married her way into your family by way of Deimos. Brady - She said she loved him. Chloe - Okay point is you two seem to keep getting pulled together. The suspicion is going to eat you alive if you let it. Brady - Alright Chloe, what am I supposed to do. Chloe - Well I think that you should prove yourself. Show Eve that she can trust you. And if you really care about her that much that should be no problem.

Maggie - We've known each other a long time Eve. I know what you're capable of. Eve - Is that an insult Maggie? Maggie - No it's a fact. Your so called marriage to Deimos is a perfect example. Eve - That was a real marriage. Maggie - I just can't help but wonder if this relationship with Brady is some sort of a game or a power play. Eve - Not for me it isn't. Maggie - Because I would hate it if you shattered that poor man's heart like your sister did. I'm going to go check on Tate. Eve looks at a picture of Brady and makes a call.

Segment 5 Abby - Stefan is just really jealous of what you have. He's jealous of what Andre has. He's jealous of the fact that you guys have each other, you have a family. You knew your father, he never had that. Chad - When did he tell you this? Abby - It's obvious because if he and Vivian are trying to set up Andre then what would be better then turning the family against each other. Chad - I know you want to believe my brother has changed but I have to follow the investigation wherever it goes. So I'll go talk to Andre. Abby - Just be honest with him. Chad - I'm telling you that if I find out he betrayed this family again there's no forgiveness this time. There's no more understanding, he's gone. He's dead to me, you understand. Kiss. Love you. Abby - Love you.

Gabi pulls her hand away. Don't ever touch me, ever again or you'll be very sorry. Andre - Is that a threat because if it is I'm going to call security. Gabi - Don't bother. I'm getting the hell out of here but I'm coming back very soon. You're going to be the one to lose big today. She leaves.

Viv - If you let Andre live you will live to regret it. It's kill or be killed. Stefan - You're not killing anyone. I can handle Andre my way. Viv - Andre is a threat. He can cost you everything including the possibility of being with that lovely Abigail. Stefan - You told me to stay away from her. Viv - But I never thought you would listen. Stefan - She is Chad's wife. Viv - And DiMera is his company but if we do what we have to do you can have everything you want. But it's your business and I respect that. She leaves.

Lucas is at Doug's Place. He sees the bottles behind the bar. Chloe walks up. Hey Lucas, what are you doing here. Lucas - I'm fresh out of rehab. 28 days straight sober. Chloe - That is so great. I'm so happy for you. Hug. Lucas - Thank you. Chloe - You know you look different. Lucas - Yeah. Well, why ... because I'm sober. Chloe laughs - Maybe that's it. So are you meeting someone here? Lucas - Actually I came to see you.

Segment 6 Lucas - When I was in rehab I had a lot of things to think about. I spent a lot of time thinking about you. Chloe - Me, why? Lucas - No matter how bad things got for me and believe me things got pretty bad, you were always there for me. Chloe - I'm just glad that you're okay. Lucas - I couldn't have done it without you. So I was hoping that maybe there could be some way I could repay you. Chloe - You being my friend again would be a nice start. We are friends right? Lucas - Of course we are, totally friends. But I was kind of thinking that on the flip side of that we could go out some time. Chloe - You mean like on a date? Lucas - Yeah. I know it's awkward asking someone that you used to be married to, asking them on a date is kind of weird, isn't it. But I don't know, we both kind of have baggage, right. Chloe - That we do. Lucas - And we both want to start over. At least I want to start over so I was hoping that maybe you'd consider it. Chloe - Look my nights are all tied up here, I can't. Lucas - That's alright. We can do something during the day if you want. We can go ice skating and drink hot chocolate in the park. Chloe - You're serious about this. Lucas - Yeah. Let's go tomorrow. Chloe - Okay sure, why not. Lucas chuckles - I can think of a lot of reasons why not, hundreds of them but I'm going to shut up because things are going so well right now. Chloe - That sounds like a good plan. Why don't you pick me up here tomorrow morning after I setup for breakfast. Lucas - Perfect. I love it. It's going to be fun. I'll see you tomorrow.

Eve - Hey Theresa, it's your big sister. Listen I don't know if you check your messages or not but it's been a really long time and I miss you. And I know that Tate misses you too. There's something I'd like to talk to you about so call me please. Thank you. Bye. Brady - Who were you leaving a message for. Eve - Pete in Acquisitions. I was calling to see when he thought the Gabi Chic IPO was gong to open. Brady - Does it kill you as much as it kills me that DiMera beat us on that one. Eve - Yeah it does. They just outsmarted us but there's nothing we can do about it now. Brady - Well maybe but then again maybe not.

Viv heads into the Di mansion living room. She turns to Stefano's portrait. Oh Stefano, there's so many things you would adore about our son. He's cunning and charming and ambitious ... he has one major flaw, his heart's too big for his own good. Text from your son Andre. It's done. Gabi's been fired. That means that Andre is no longer useful to us and Gabi's not the only one about to be terminated.

Stefan is in his office recalling what Viv just said to him about how he could have everything he wants. He picks up the phone and makes a call. It's me. I have a job for you.

Abby and Gabi run into each other in the park. Gabi, are you okay? Gabi - No. Abby - Where's your coat? You're shivering. Gabi - It doesn't matter okay. Abby - It does. It's freezing outside. She tries to put her scarf around Gabi. Gabi pushes it away - I don't want it. Abby - What is wrong! Gabi - Andre! Abby - What about him? Gabi - The S.O.B. just fired me from my own company! Abby - Hold on, he wouldn't do that. Gabi - Well he just did. He just told me it would be better without me. Abby - That is some kind of a mistake. Gabi - The mistake was me trusting that bastard. Abby - Hold on. I'm going to talk to Chad and it's going to be okay. Gabi - Abigail it's not going to change anything. It's already done. Andre stole my company and now I have nothing. Abby - Gabi, no!
NO. Gabi - He's not going to get away with this. I swear I will kill him for this. Abby calls out Gabi's name but Gabi takes off.

Kate shows up in Andre's office. Kate, what a surprise. I thought you went to visit Lucas. Kate - I did. I actually picked him up at rehab. You should see him. He's clear-eyed and he's healthy. I never thought I'd see him like that again. Andre - I'm happy to hear that. Kate - Is something wrong. Andre - Not wrong but there's something I need to tell you. Kate - There's something I need to tell you first. Andre - Kate ... Kate - No I really do. There's something I want to say to you. Just being with Lucas made me feel so filled with hope and with gratitude. When we last spoke you told me that you loved me and I said nothing to you. Andre - I didn't say it to put pressure on you. Kate - I know that but the thing is I was so uncomfortable I didn't know what to say because I do love you. Andre - You do. Kate - I do and I think that I just, I didn't want to admit it to myself that I love you. Andre - I can't tell you how I've longed to hear those words. Kate - Why do I feel like there's a but after that statement. Andre - I just hope that you're going to feel the same way after I tell you what I've decided. Kate - Go ahead, what is it? Andre - I have to tell you ... I just know you're not going to like it.

Segment 7 Next morning.

Lucas shows up at Doug's Place and asks Chloe if she's ready to hit the ice. Ooh, bad choice of words since I just got out of rehab. We'll hit the ice and I'll show you all my moves. Chloe - I can't go. Lucas - Changed your mind about the date. Chloe - It's not that. I got a call early this morning from my former music director. The lead in ? at the Vienna state opera dropped out. Lucas - And they want you to take over. Chloe - Yeah it's a role I've always wanted to play and honestly it'll probably be the last time I have a chance to perform it. Lucas - When do you leave? Chloe - This afternoon. Parker and I have a flight out. Lucas - Afternoon! For how long. Chloe - 2 months. Doug and Julie are going to cover for me here and I'm going to just get a tutor for Parker. Lucas - Great. It sounds like they made you an offer you couldn't refuse. Chloe - Yeah, kind of a dream come true. Lucas - Then I'm happy for you. Chloe - Thank you. So raincheck on that date. Lucas - Yeah, the ice will be melted by then but we can do something else. We can go bungee jumping, how about that? Chloe - Okay I'm in. Lucas - Okay, is that a date? Chloe - It's a date.

Gabi is sitting on the bench in the park drinking coffee. She gets a news alert on her phone and reads: BREAKING NEWS This just in. Major shakeup at Gabi Chic on the morning of its IPO.

Eve wakes up. Brady is in bed with her. He wakes up. Eve - How's your head? Brady - Throbbing. Eve - We keep ending up like this. Brady - Yeah we do. I kind of like it. I wish I could remember most of it. He checks his cell. Eve - What is it? Brady - It's Gabi Chic. There's a delay with the IPO. Eve - What happened?

Kate is sitting on the couch in the D mansion living room. Chad comes in and closes the door behind him. Hey how are you? I know you had a rough night last night. Kate - Yeah well we both did, didn't we.

Viv knocks on Stefan's bedroom door and barges in. He's standing there in a towel. Could you at least let me throw some clothes on first ... Viv - We don't have time for that. We have to get our stories straight.

Abby walks up to Andre's office door. Andre, are you in here. I want to talk to you. It's very important. She goes in and drops her stuff when she sees Andre's body. OMG. She starts crying and crouches down next to him.


Monday Jan 22

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: Lisa Connor

Segment 1 Repeat of Abby finding Andre's body.

Rafe is asleep in Hope's bed. He wakes up to find her working. I know paperwork overload is norm for the Commissioner but do you have to bring it to bed with you. Hope - This isn't work, it's personal. I'm planning our wedding. Rafe - In that case keep it up. Hope - We have to pick a date. Rafe - Can I tell you something first. Hope - Sure, what is it? Rafe - I love you. Kiss.

Repeat of Chad joining Kate in the D mansion living room. Hey, how are you. I know you had a rough night last night. Kate - Yeah. Well I think we both had a rough night last night. Chad picks up the Tablet and scrolls through. The news of Gabi getting fired is already out there. Kate - How could Andre do that. What was he thinking! How could he just fire Gabi. How could he betray me like that. Chad - I don't know but there will be consequences. Kate - Oh there's no question of that.

Gabi is sitting on the park bench reading the headlines on her Tablet. BETRAYED! ANDRE DIMERA AXES GABI CHIC CREATOR GABI HERNANDEZ ON EVE OF IPO Eli walks through gates into the park. Hey there you are. I've been trying to reach you since last night ... he sees that she's crying. Gabi, what's wrong? What is it?

Vivian - We have to get our stories straight. Stefan - It's Shinn, I need to call him back. Viv - Shinn can wait. This is serious. How can you be so calm when everything's about to hit the fan.

Abby crawls to get to Andre's hand to check for a pulse. No Andre, no, please.

Roman is behind the bar at the Pub. He recalls Anna walking out on him. Anna walks up - Roman. Roman - Oh, hey.

Eli - Gabi tell me what's going on. Is it Arianna? Did something happen. Gabi - Ari's fine, it's not her. Eli - Then what's got you so upset. Gabi - You're going to hear about it anyway so I'd rather you hear about it from me. Eli - Hear what from you? Gabi - That things didn't go quite as planned.

Kate - I should have known it wasn't true. Andre loved me ... I mean, he practically begged me to make our marriage a real one, which I did. I told him I loved him. Chad - I'm sorry. Kate - The whole time he was planning and plotting to stab Gabi in the back and steal her company out from underneath her. I mean he lied to me. He lied to me over and over and over again. Chad - He lied to everybody. Kate - And did he really think that he could tell me that and I would just sit back and forget about it, I was just going to accept it. Chad - I knew better than to trust him but Abby kept defending him. Because I love her and trust her I got ... It's not her fault but I got suckered back into it again. Kate - So now what. Chad - We regroup. I know that feels impossible. I can't imagine how much sleep you got last night. Kate - I got no sleep. Chad - Why don't you go take a shower, change your clothes and then we'll figure out what our next game plan is. Kate - Good idea. There's going to be questions to be answered, the reporters ... Chad - We'll be ready for them. Kate leaves. Chad talks to Stefano's portrait. I did everything I could to keep this family business out of the gutter, put it back on it's path to success. Andre's one move and all of a sudden it's unravelling. You ruled with an iron fist, I get it. Now I have to do the same. His cell rings. Hey what are you doing? You left early this morning. Abby is hyperventilating. Chad, he's gone. He doesn't have a pulse. Chad - Wait. What, who? Abby - I came ... he doesn't have a heartbeat. I came and he was just on the floor. I don't know. Chad - What are you talking about! Abby - Your brother Andre, he's dead. Chad, I don't know. He's dead. Chad - Stay put, I'm on my way.

Segment 2 Anna recalls finding that letter in her purse. Dear Anna ... she reads. OMG! Roman walks up - Sorry about that. The breakfast rush lasted a little longer than usual. Anna - Don't apologise, you didn't even know I was going to show up. Roman - Well I'm glad you did. I guess you got my message last night. Anna - No I haven't even checked my phone. Things got a little crazy after we parted ways. In fact there's something I really need to tell you.

Eli is reading the article. Andre fired you from Gabi Chic before the IPO even launched. Gabi - Yes he did. Eli - How is he even allowed to do that! Gabi - He says I violated some ethics loophole in my contract. The seed money my father gave me to start Gabi Chic came from an illicit source. Eli - Well he's not going to get away with it. I don't know how but I'll find a way to make him give you your company back. Gabi - You can't do that Eli. Eli - The hell I can't. I'll go over there right now and you'll go with me. We will make him give you your company back and we won't leave until he does. Gabi - No. You're not going over there and neither am I. There's no point anymore.

Chad runs into Andre's office and finds Abby kneeling on the floor sobbing. Abby ... he takes her in his arms - It's okay. It's okay. Abby - He's gone Chad. I checked his pulse. He's gone. Chad checks for a pulse. Chad holds her - Are you okay? Abby - I just wanted to ask him about firing Gabi and then I saw him on the floor. I thought he passed out but I saw the blood. Chad somebody killed your brother. She sobs.

Stefan - Relax, there's nothing to worry about. Viv - There's everything to worry about. Any minute now they're going to find Andre and the police are going to get involved. In fact I'm surprised they're not at the door already. Stefan - I already told you nothing can be traced back to us. I made sure of that. Viv - While I admire your confidence I have often seen the best laid plans unravel. That's why we have to get our stories straight, make sure our answers match because we do not want to get implicated in the demise of Andre DiMera.

Segment 3 Abby is still sobbing and hyperventilating. I just don't know who would do this. Chad - Abby stop. I need you to breathe ... Abby - Look, his head is bashed in. Maybe we could find out what the murder weapon is. Maybe give it to the police. Chad runs after her. Abby stop, you can't touch anything. ? Can't touch anything. We should leave. Abby - We can't leave your brother. I don't want to leave. Chad ? There's nothing more we can do here. We can't help him now. We've got to call the police. We've got to get them here okay. Abby - Okay. Chad follows her out of the office.

Rafe is snuggling up to Hope, she's trying to get him to pick a date. What do you think about this date. Do you like it? Rafe does. I love it. Hope - Do you mean it. You love it. Rafe - I do. Kisses. They both like the way 'I do' sounds. Rafe - I can't wait to make you my wife. Hope - I can't wait to make you my husband. Kiss. Hope gets a call. It's Chad. Hope - Hey Chad, what's going on. Is everything okay? What! Yeah I'll be right there. Rafe - What happened?

Eli - What do you mean there's no point. We can't let that crook steal your company over some contractual technicality. Gabi - Eli I appreciate you trying to defend me even though I don't deserve that at all. Eli - What are talking about, you don't deserve it. Of course you deserve it. Gabi - You don't know the truth. The truth is ... Eli - What? Gabi - Andre outplayed me. The issues he has with the contract, they're legit. It was blood money my father gave me. Eli - It's still not fair. If we have to we'll hire the best lawyer out there to make sure that you get your company back. Gabi - It's already done. There's nothing we can do. Eli - Of course there's something we can do Gabi. Gabi - It's over Eli. Eli - Gabi you put your heart and your soul into making this company great. Why wouldn't you want to at least try and get your company back. Why won't you at least go over there and fight this. Eli gets a call. Grant here. Okay, yeah I'm in the square right now so ... Yeah just swing by and get me. I'm sorry. That was the station. They need me to investigate a possible homicide. We're not done here. As soon as I'm done with this case we're both going over to Andre's and we're going to set his ass straight. He hugs her and leaves.

Chad - The police are on their way. Abby - I just don't understand. Who would do this and why.

Segment 4 Anna - I don't even know where to start. Roman - You know what, before you do there's something I need to say to you. Anna I am very sorry. Anna - Roman, no ... Roman - Anna let me finish. I shouldn't have sprung Marlena on you like that. I should have come to you first, told you how concerned I was about how you were grieving for Tony. Instead I ambushed you and my only excuse for that is that I care about you. Anna - I know you do. Roman - Hell, truth be told, maybe I was a little jealous of your devotion to Tony. I see you're not carrying the urn now but I know that Tony will always be a part of you. Like I said before, he should be. I get that. I accept that. Anna - That means so much to hear you say that. Roman - Okay then let's start again. Let's start having fun again, give it another shot. What do you say?

Stefan - Now if anyone questions us about Andre that's what we say, got it. Viv - Got it. Stefan - Feel better? Viv - Much. Stefan - What's the most important thing to remember. Viv - Behave absolutely normally as if we've done nothing wrong. Stefan - Exactly and I think you're going to pull it off brilliantly. Now in the interest of acting normally I'm going to make a few phone calls. I want you to go downstairs tell cook you want the usual and then complain about the yolks being too hard like you always do. Viv - Very funny.

Abby - I know a lot of people didn't like Andre but he had a very difficult life. He had a lot of good in him too. Chad - You guys had a special relationship. Abby - He was there for me when no one else was. Hope and Rafe walk up. Hope - Chad, Abigail. Chad points to the office - He's in there.

Rafe and Hope put on gloves. Hope checks for a pulse and shakes her head no. Rafe crouches over the body. Looks like blunt force trauma. Hope - Back-up's on the way. Secure the crime scene. I'll get statements from Chad and Abigail. Rafe looks around. He sees some debris on the carpet. He picks it up and smells it. He follows the trail of the debris and stops at the desk.

Segment 5 Kate is back in the living room looking at a picture of Andre and Chad. She recalls talking to Andre the morning after they slept together. Viv comes in. Good morning Kate. Kate - What's good about it Vivian. Viv - For one thing I slept like a baby maybe because there was no disruption coming from your wing of the house. Kate - You and your son should not even be living under this roof. Viv - My, my, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Trouble in paradise? Kate - Don't play coy with me. You know exactly what happened with Andre last night.

Eli comes into the office and sees Andre's body. WTH. Rafe pops up from under the desk. Eli - Isn't that Andre DiMera? Rafe - It was until someone decided to bash his head in. Eli - Any sign of a murder weapon? Rafe - Yeah come over here and check this out. Eli looks under the desk ... there's ashes all around. A martini shaker? Rafe - It's an urn. Eli - It's an urn ... like for dead people's ashes. Rafe - Yup just like that and I think I know exactly who it belongs to.

Anna - There's nothing I'd like more than to start over with you Roman. Roman - Alright then let's do it. Anna - I'm just not sure it's possible after what's happened. Roman - Are you saying you can't accept my apology. Believe me I will not bring Marlena into our business again. Anna - No I'm not talking about what happened with Marlena. Roman - Okay what exactly are you talking about.

Abby - After I took his pulse I realised he was gone and then I really didn't know what to do so I just called Chad. Hope - Did you see anyone when you came in. Abby - No it was really early. The staff doesn't usually get in before 9. Hope - Did you touch anything? Abby shakes her head no. Chad - You were holding his hand when I came in. Abby - Yes I was. I'm sorry. I just wanted to help him but it was too late. Hope I know that he could be really difficult at times but he did have a kind and generous side. Hope - He did have his share of enemies so if either one of you can shed any light on any current issues Andre was having with anyone at work or otherwise. Abby looks at the poster of Gabi and recalls running into Gabi in the park and Gabi saying she was going to kill him. Hope - Did you remember something else.

Segment 6 Viv - I have no idea what you're talking about. Kate - I'm talking about Andre. Viv - Oh dear, has your hubby gotten bored with you already. Kate - My husband make a unilateral decision to fire Gabi Hernandez which was insane regardless but he did it on the eve of the Gabi Chic IPO launch. Viv - Oh yes I remember something about that on the business crawl about Gabi Chic but I didn't pay much attention. After all it's your and Andre's domain, Countess W. Kate - Yes exactly, that's what I thought. But he fired her without consulting me and I want to know why. Viv - If you have trouble communicating then talk to your husband. Kate - Really, you expect me to believe that you had nothing to do with this. Viv - Don't be ridiculous. Why would Andre confide in me. If he thought it was a good idea to fire her from Countess W well then that's what he did. And if it wasn't he'll be the one removed. Kate leaves.

Hope - Abigail what is it? Abby - Just somebody that I really cared about was here this morning and now they're not anymore. It's just really shocking, that's all. Chad - I'm not going to lie, I was angry with him. I found out last night that he fired Gabi and stole the company from underneath her. Hope - Wait a minute, Rafe said that Gabi Chic was supposed to go public this week. Chad - That's why it didn't make any sense. Hope - So why do you think he did it? Chad - It beats me. Abby - That's actually what I was coming to ask him. Hope - Gabi must have been pretty angry herself. Chad - I'm not implying that she ? have any motive. Speaking from my shoes I don't think she's capable ... Hope - Of murder? Except we all know that she is, don't we? I'm going to go catch up with Rafe, see if he's uncovered anything else. As soon as the department types up your statements I'll need both of your signatures. Abigail if you remember anything else call me okay. Hope leaves the room. Chad - Are you okay? What's going on?

Stefan is sitting at a table in the square reading the article about Andre firing Gabi. Gabi sees him. Stefan looks up - I was just reading about you and I must say I'm totally shocked. I can't believe Andre fired you from Gabi Chic. Gabi - Well he claims some lame contractual technicality ... you're right, it's crazy. It's crazy that I put my heart and my soul into this company. Obviously I did a great job or I wouldn't have Countess W and Basic Black fighting for control of it. Stefan - You're right absolutely which makes Andre's decision seem even more out of left field. Gabi - Why are you acting like you didn't know about it. Stefan - Because I didn't. Countess W is a subsidiary of DiMera and Andre is under no obligation to inform me of his decisions. But I will tell you I'm certainly disturbed he made it. Gabi - You are? Well if you're so disturbed why don't you use your power as head of DiMera and undo this.

Rafe - Tony DiMera was a dead ringer for Andre. Okay, bad choice of words. Anyway Tony died several years ago and to say that Anna was upset when she found out that the man she married wasn't the love of her life rather his brother, well that would be an understatement. Eli - It still doesn't explain how Tony's ashes wound up at the murder scene. Rafe - I'm getting to that. When Tony died Anna had him cremated and she had his ashes put in an urn that looked exactly like the one that's back there and she never let the thing out of her sight, ever. Hope - Eli, I'm glad you're here. I want you to supervise Forensics as soon as they arrive. You got a minute? Rafe - I do but first can I show you what I think is the murder weapon. Hope - Isn't that ... Rafe - Tony's urn, yeah. I think so. Looks exactly like it anyway. See this ash here, I followed it to the article. Hope - Eli dust it for prints. Rafe - And the blood that's on it should probably give us a clue as to who did it. Between that and the dent in it I think this was used to bash in Andre's skull. Hope - If this is Tony's urn that means ... Rafe - We already have a person of interest. Hope - Yeah.

Anna - You know I always seem to get so emotionally caught up in the moment, common sense just goes right out the window. Roman - Hey I'm guilty of that myself. Anna - Not you, not Roman Brady. You're smart, strong, level-headed. Lord knows you're the finest Police Commissioner Salem has ever known and you're still someone who always upholds the law. I wish I was more like you. Roman - I'm not sure where all these kudos are coming from but thank you. I just want us to get back on track, that's all. Anna - That's what I want too but I'm just not sure that once I tell you what I need to tell you that you will ever feel the same way about me again. Roman - Okay Anna, go ahead. What do you need to tell me? Anna - It's a confession really and it's one I need to make right here and right now.

Segment 7 Viv is in the living room drinking coffee when she gets an alert on the Tablet. What do you we have here. She reads - Unconfirmed reports that Andre DiMera was found dead in his office at DiMera Ent. Viv recalls telling Stefan that Andre needs to be neutralized permanently. She uses her finger to make an X over Andre's picture in the photo of him and Chad. One down.

CSI bags the urn. Eli - We need a shot from behind the desk as well. We still haven't determined where Andre was when he was struck so we need to account for every angle. Eli goes to the next CSI. You took samples of everything on the body ... blood, fibers, saliva. CSI - On their way to the lab. Eli - As soon as you're done comb the office for clues, especially around the body. Whoever did this was sloppy enough to leave blood on the murder weapon or smart enough to know they would implicate someone in Andre's murder. Kate ducks under the crime scene tape. Andre. Oh Andre. Eli - I'm so sorry. Kate is crying. What happened! Eli - We've just begun our investigation but I'm sorry, you really shouldn't be here. Kate - I should be here, he's my husband. He was my husband. The CSI zips up the body bag.

Gabi - You run DiMera now, you're Andre's boss. Stefan - True. Gabi - So why don't you tell him you don't approve of the decision and override it. Stefan - My management style's a bit more hands off I'm afraid. Gabi - Hands off. Right well that IPO's going to be a total disaster when people find out that the person who founded the company is no longer running it. Stefan - You're probably right Gabi but as I said it's Andre's domain. Gabi - Is that the only reason you won't get involved? Stefan - What other reason would there be. Gabi - Maybe to get back at me for not accepting your offer to go have dinner. Cue f/b of that. Stefan - You couldn't be more wrong. Gabi - Whatever it is can't you just tell him you're going to override it please. Stefan - Not now I can't. He just got an alert. Gabi - Why the hell not? Gabi looks down and sees the report.

Chad - I know something's wrong. You can talk to me about it. Abby - You already know. I loved him. I can't believe that the last time I saw him is going to be the last time I ever get to see him again. Chad - I know. We'll get through this together. Abby stares at Gabi's poster.

Roman - A confession. Alright. Anna you sound very serious so listen to me closely. Whatever it is I'm there for you, you know that, but you need to tell me right now what you've done. Anna nods. Hope and Rafe come in. Roman looks up - Hey you two grab a table and I'll be right there. Hope - We're not here to eat. Rafe - We're here for Anna. We need you to come down to the station and answer a few questions. Roman stands up - In connection to what. Hope - The murder of Andre DiMera.


Tuesday Jan 23

Director: Scott McKinsey
Scriptwriter: Lisa Connor

Segment 1 Will is sitting at a table with John and Marlena in the square. Will - Wait a minute. Stefano really kept you in a giant bird cage! Marlena - Please, please, the thing is John found me. John - Yeah I found her. Marlena - He always does. Will - You sound like quite the hero. Will looks up and sees Paul. Hey. John turns - Hey. Will - Your Dad and Marlena were just filling me in on some of the more interesting parts of their history. Do you wanna join? Paul - Sorry I can't. Dad you and I have to meet with Steve, Black Patch business. John - Yeah, it's that time again. Gotta run sweetheart. Kiss. See you around Will. Will - See you. It was good to see you Paul.

Kayla walks up to Steve who is at a table at Doug's Place. She kisses his cheek. Hello. Steve - Hey hello. Still making my heart flutter. Kayla - Mine flutters too. Steve - But I thought we were going to hang after my meeting wrapped up. Kayla - Well I got done with work early and I wanted to get a bite but I promise you I'll stay out of the way. Steve - You're never in my way sweetness. Kayla - What are you reading? Steve - Just the Spectator. Kayla - Anything interesting. Steve can't make out any words. No, slow news day.

Brady and Eve are sitting in the living room of the K mansion. Brady has his Tablet. That's weird. Eve - What? Brady - Apparently Gabi and Andre were no shows at the Gabi Chic pre-launch event. Sonny walks in - You haven't heard? Eve - Heard what? Sonny - Andre DiMera is dead.

Roman - Andre was murdered, when? Hope - Sometimes last night. He was found in his office at DiMera Ent. early this morning. Anna - Dear Lord. Rafe - He was bludgeoned to death. Roman - Why are you looking at Anna like that? Hope - She's a person of interest. Roman - Oh come on if she's a suspect you wouldn't be here. Hope - We need to question her. Would you mind coming down to the station. Roman - Anna had nothing to do with Andre's death alright. Right Anna. Anna nods. Of course I had nothing to do with Andre's murder. Why would you even think that. Rafe - We should discuss this in private. Roman - Hang on a second. Rafe - If she's got nothing to hide she should have nothing to worry about right. Anna - I assume you want to do this now. Rafe - That would be best. Roman - Look I can be down there as soon as I close okay. Rafe and Anna head for the door. Hope - I'll be right behind you. Roman - It's not busy anyway so ... Hope - Roman, stop. Think about what you're doing. Are you sure you want to be involved in Anna's mess.

Eve - How do you even know this Sonny. Sonny - I heard about it in the car on the way home from the airport. Apparently Andre was murdered last night in the DiMera offices. Brady - Do the police have any suspects? Sonny - None were mentioned but the DiMera's have a long list of enemies obviously. Is Uncle Vic around. I need to update him on the London deal. Eve - No he and Maggie went to lunch. Brady - I'm surprised you got any work done in London at all. I thought for sure you'd be licking your wounds from being dumped by your husband. Sonny - Unlike some people I'm able to keep my personal life from interfering with my work. That's why Uncle Vic put me in charge. Sonny leaves. Brady - He's such a smug S.O.B. You know what's going to happen. Will is going to be seen with some other guy, he's going to find out about it and he's going to fall apart. He's going to bring Titan right back down with him. Eve - Brady ... BRADY ... SHUT UP. You tell me what you did to Andre DiMera.

Segment 2 Marlena - You've been mighty quiet since John and Paul left. Will - Yeah, just kind of bummed Paul and I can't be friends. Marlena - I know that you felt a connection with him. Will - Yeah I did. There's an easiness with Paul that I haven't found with a lot of people aside from you obviously. Marlena - Is that what you're looking for, friendship. Will - Well as you know I am attracted to him. I think that's why he feels so uncomfortable around me. And it's also why I had to break up with Sonny. I can't stay married to him when I have these feelings for somebody else. Marlena - I know that was a very difficult decision for you. Will - Yeah it was. Sonny is a great guy but I don't remember my life with him and because of that I don't have like a real connection with him. Instead I'm ... Marlena - You're what? Will - All I'm doing is thinking about Paul, wishing that there was some way to make him feel the same way about me. Do you think that there is a way? Is there something maybe that you could tell me that would help me get him to want to be with me. Marlena - Since you asked for my advice I will give it to you. You need to stay away from Paul.

Paul and John are now at Steve and Kayla's table. Paul - So the wife who thought her husband was plotting to kill her ... John - Just found out that he was buying her an island where they could both escape every winter. Kayla - That's the happiest ending I've ever heard of. Steve - They don't always turn out that way, do they. John - Don't we know it. Kayla drops her fork. I'll get it. Steve - No don't touch that dirty thing, I'll get you another one. He stands up and is too dizzy to walk. Kayla - Are you okay? What's wrong? Paul - Are you still having those dizzy spells. Kayla - What do you mean still. Steve - It's nothing. I've just been a little light-headed lately. It's no big deal. Kayla - How many times has this happened. Steve - I don't know, 2 maybe 3. It's not a big deal. Kayla - Do you have any other symptoms. Steve - My vision's been a little blurry but like I said it's nothing to worry about. Kayla - That's why you didn't tell me, cause it's nothing to worry about. Steve - No I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get all upset like you are right now about nothing. Kayla - So the other day when you didn't want to read that menu were you having a dizzy spell then. Steve - Sweetness I'm fine okay. Kayla - Okay in that case read this. She puts the Tablet in front of him. Steve - Really baby.

Roman - Hope listen I know the woman alright pretty much better than anyone and I guarantee you she is not capable of murder. Hope - Roman you and I both know about her running around Prague last year with a loaded weapon looking for Stefano. She actually ended up shooting Steve. Roman - That was an accident, you know that. Even if she had found Stefano I really believe she didn't have it in her to kill him. Hope - You can't know that for sure. Roman - Alright look, let me ask you this. What evidence do you have that implicates Anna. Hope - The murder weapon for starters.

Rafe places the evidence bag with Tony's urn on the table in the interrogation room. Does this look familiar to you. Anna - Well I like a martini as much as the next girl. Dry with olives btw but honestly Rafe it's not even noon. Rafe - I'd knock off the jokes if I were you. You're in some serious trouble. Anna - I haven't done anything. Rafe - Anna I know it belongs to you. It was Tony's. You carried it all over Prague last year. Anna - So. Rafe - So you care to explain to me how an object you were never without was used in a murder that you know nothing about.

Segment 3 Steve - Okay so I can't read it right now but I know why. Kayla - Oh please enlighten me Dr. Johnson. Steve points to John - It's him. He's the reason. John - Hey what did I do. Steve - You got me so damn drunk the other night I still haven't recovered. Paul - My Dad can be a bad influence. Kayla - I do recall you pushing drinks on my husband on NYE. John - Can I help it if my partner here can't hold his liquor anymore. I think he's getting old. Steve - Ooh, thems fighting words snowflake. I tell you what Paul, why don't you get us a round of shots and we'll just see who's old. Kayla - Seriously, I thought drinking was supposedly causing this problem. Steve - I'm testing my hypothesis. Kayla - This early in the day. Steve - It's got to be 5 o'clock somewhere. Besides we want to get to the bottom of this thing, don't we. Kayla - Well I don't think a pre-lunch happy hour is the best way to go about that. Steve - Baby like I said it's no big deal. Kayla - Let me be the judge of that.

Roman - Are you telling me that Andre's head was bashed in with Tony's urn. Hope - Yeah and his remains are scattered all over Andre's office. Roman - I can't believe this. Hope - Or maybe you don't want to believe it. Roman you and I both know Anna has been carrying that urn around with her for years. She never lets it out of her sight. Roman - Yeah but still ... Hope - When was the last time you saw her with it. Roman recalls Anna ranting about Andre. She had it with her yesterday. Hope - Do you know if she had any plans to see Andre. Roman - If she did she didn't tell me. I don't know why she'd see him. Hope - Maybe because she hated him that much. Roman - Even if everything you say is true it still doesn't mean that Anna killed him. Hope - I have to admit at this early stage Anna is looking pretty guilty.

Anna - Rafe I honestly don't know how Tony's urn ended up killing Andre although I do think there's a certain justice to it all after everything he did to Tony and me. Rafe - Yeah that's right. I understand that Andre impersonated Tony for quite a while. That must have caused a lot of trouble for both of you. Anna - You have no idea. Rafe - I imagine that's not something you get over easily, is it. I wouldn't be surprised if you were still angry at him after all these years. Anna - Oh you think you're very clever, don't you. Well I will not let you trick me into incriminating myself. Rafe - Anna all I want is the truth. Anna - The truth is I didn't kill Andre. Rafe - Well then how did Tony's urn get into Andre's office. Anna - That's the burning question, isn't it. Rafe - Are you really saying you have no idea. Anna - That's exactly what I'm saying. Rafe - Did you lose it? Did someone take it from you? Did you bring it into Andre's office yourself. Anna you've got to have something to say. Anna - Actually I do and you better make sure your recorder thingy is getting this. Rafe - Okay. He pushes the recorder closer. Anna - I want a lawyer.

Eve closes the living room door. Brady - Ooh I don't know what you have in mind but maybe we should take this upstairs. I don't want Victor and Maggie walking in on us. Eve - Answer the question Brady. Brady - Why do you think I did anything to Andre? Eve - Well because last night you said there was still time to stop Andre from launching Gabi Chic's IPO. You said you even had an idea of how to stop him. Brady - Yeah I did. Eve - And then you went out for a couple of hours, got really smashed, came back here really full of yourself, like you pulled off some big coup or something. Brady - Is that what I said? Eve - You didn't say anything. You just kissed me and we ended up in bed again. Brady - Was is it as good for you as it was for me because I liked it. Eve - Brady stop it. Just tell me where you went and what you did. Brady - I don't think I should. I don't want to implicate you. Eve - Implicate! Implicate me in what. What are you talking about. Sonny walks up to the doors and can hear the conversation. Eve - Tell me. What did you do to Andre DiMera. Brady - I'll tell you but you have to swear not to say anything to nobody. Eve - Just ... Brady - Yes I did it. I killed Andre DiMera. Both Eve and eavesdropping Sonny look shocked.

Segment 4 Kayla is checking Steve - You don't have an ear infection. Steve - And you said my pulse and blood pressure are normal too, right. Kayla - Well it was a cursory exam at best but no I don't see anything wrong. Steve - I told you. He downs his shot and points at John - You keeping up with me. John drains his shot glass. Paul - Well I can see that not much work is going to be done here today. Steve - You could always join us. Paul - Thanks but I'm going to take off. I hope you plan on staying, something tells me they're going to need a designated driver. Kayla - Right, okay. I really think you should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Steve - You just said I was fine. Kayla - Well I think you might need glasses. Steve - No way that's going to happen. Kayla - Would you rather keep pretending that you can see the menu or what's on your Tablet. Steve - Do you have any idea how ridiculous I would look with glasses over my patch. Kayla - Not as ridiculous as you would look when you can't see where you're going and you fall flat on your face. John - She's got a point there dude. Steve - Traitor. Okay I'll go see the eye doctor if it makes you feel better. Kayla - The goal here is to make you feel better. Steve - You already know how to do that, don't you sweetness. Kayla - You know I do. Kiss. John watches as they banter and kiss.

Will - Well I was not expecting that response. Marlena - I understand. I think the world of Paul. He's still in love with Sonny and you probably won't listen to anything I say. Will - Let's just say I'll take in under advisement. Besides I've got a lot of stuff to deal with anyway starting with finding a new place to live. Marlena - You can stay with John and me as long as you want. Will - I know and I appreciate that but I think that I should get out on my own. Marlena - Can you afford to do that? You don't have a job yet do you? Will - No I don't but my Mom has been sending me some money just until I find a gig. Marlena - Have you been looking? Will - Yes I have. Surprisingly there's not a huge market for out of work amnesiacs. Marlena laughs. Well I'm not sure I'd lead with that on my resume. Will - Part of me feels like I have to. Marlena - Why? Will - Because I'm using this old resume I found in the stuff that Mom gave me but I feel like a fraud for listing skills and experiences that I don't remember having. Marlena - You were a bartender when you were living in Memphis. Will - Yeah I was. It's the only thing I remembered how to do. Marlena - I think we can make that work. In fact I can think of a place where those skills may be very necessary and handy.

Hope - You know I have to follow this lead. Roman - Of course you do, you're too good of a cop. You wouldn't be doing your job if you didn't. Hope - Roman I really hope for your sake that Anna is innocent but you have to admit ever since Tony's death 10 years ago Anna's been unbalanced. You just might want to think about putting some distance between the two of you. Roman - Hope Anna is a good woman. Eccentric, no doubt about it and she is going through a very, very complicated grief over Tony but when she lets it go and I'm trying to help her with that, my God she's fun, she's bright. She really is a good person Hope. Hope - I'm sure she is. It's none of my business really. I don't want to see you get hurt, that's all. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

Eve - You killed Andre DiMera. Brady - Why are you shocked? I did what you wanted me to do. Eve - Excuse me! I never wanted ... no. Brady - Eve I saw how upset you were about losing Gabi Chic to Countess W so I went to see Andre. I threatened the S.O.B. I told him to drop Gabi Chic or I said bad things would come to him. He called my bluff, we started shouting at each other. I had no intention of killing the guy but he got in my face, I got in his face and one thing led to another. It just happened. Eve - Okay. Brady - I can't take it back. Eve - At least you're telling me it was in self-defence right. Brady - I don't know. Truth be told I had some drinks before I went. I had some in the limo on the way back ... what happened before is a little fuzzy. Eve is very upset - I can't believe this. Brady - Look at me, you have to promise me you're not going to say anything to anybody. I want your word on it. Sonny heads out the door.

Segment 5 Steve and John both down another shot. John gets a call. I've got to take this. He steps away. Kayla - How could you keep this from me after everything we've been through. Steve - Sorry baby. I guess it's just old habits rearing their ugly heads again. I'm used to handling things on my own. Kayla - Well you need to get unused to it. You're not alone anymore. We are a team, remember that. Steve - I remember that. You are the best partner a man could ever ask for. You're the smartest, most dependable, strongest woman I've ever known and you're the most beautiful. Kayla - I think your vision is blurry again. Steve - No you're coming in crystal clear. More kisses.

Roman is sitting at a table. He picks up Anna's scarf. He recalls his conversation with Anna from just before Rafe and Hope came in - Anna telling him she had a confession she needed to make. Marlena - Roman, sorry to startle you. Roman - No that's alright, no problem. Marlena - Gosh you were a million miles away. Is everything alright? Roman - A lot on my mind, that's all. Marlena - About Anna? Roman - What makes you think that. Marlena - I know that she was upset with you for having me talk to her. I was hoping she'd understand that it was because you care. Roman - I explained that to her, she's good with it. Will - Seems like maybe this is a bad time. Marlena - No it's fine. Roman and I are always here for you, aren't we. Roman - Absolutely. Hey Will. Marlena - Will and I have a proposition for you that is if you might need a bartender here. Roman - I'm sorry. Can we talk about his later. I need to take care of something. Will I promise you we will talk later okay. Again I'm sorry. He heads to the kitchen. Will - Well he seems thrilled by the idea.

Eve - I can't believe this is happening. It's such a mess. Brady - It kinda is a mess. Eve - Did you say kinda. Really! You just murdered a man. That's not kinda anything. It's horrific. Brady - It's not horrific. Just calm down. Eve snaps - Calm down! Don't you tell me to calm down alright. When a person I know tells me they murdered somebody I'm not going to calm down. To be clear here, listen to me good. Number 1 I never asked you to murder Andre. Are we clear about that. Brady - Yeah. Eve - I never wanted him dead. Brady - I know. Eve - Good. Brady - Just take it easy. Eve - You killed a man Brady and then you came back and we ... it makes me sick. Do you know how sick that is! And I'm not going to be your alibi. I'm not going to lie for you. Brady - I don't need you to be my alibi. Eve - You need an alibi. Brady - No I don't. Eve - Why? Brady - Because I'm kidding. Eve - What! Brady - Do you really think I'd kill somebody over a lost business deal. He laughs. I didn't kill Andre. Eve - Oh that's funny. Why didn't you say that in the first place. Brady - Well you were so convinced I'd done it. I thought I'd play along. I'm offended that you'd think I'd do something as horrible as that. Eve throws a cushion at him. Brady - I should be upset because I confess a murder to you and the first thing you do is think of covering your ass. Eve - Well excuse me for having very keen survival instincts. Brady - That you do have. Eve - Okay Brady if you didn't kill Andre where did you go last night.

Paul and Sonny come face to face in the square. Paul starts walking away. Sonny - Paul wait. Paul - I'm really busy. Sonny - 2 minutes. Paul - Okay what is it. Sonny - I want to tell you how sorry I am for the way I lashed out at you the last time we saw each other. I was hurt about Will. I was angry and I took it out on you and I didn't deserve that. Paul - You're right, I didn't but I get it. I know how it feels when the person you love doesn't want to be with you. How are you doing now? Sonny - I'm okay I guess. I just got back from London. I thought being out town it would clear my mind of everything that happened. Paul - Did it? Sonny - Not really. I know you don't want to hear about this ... Paul - You're right, I don't but I meant what I said before about wanting you to be happy so if you're hurting you can talk to me. Sonny - There is something that's bothering me and it's not about Will. It's about your brother.

Segment 6 Rafe and Hope are in the squad room. Rafe - Anna sure clammed up fast when I asked her how the urn got in Andre's office. Hope - Did she say anything? Rafe - Yeah, she wants a lawyer. She's talking to Carrie now. Hope - Oh great. Even if Carrie gets on the next flight out of Zurich it'll be a while which means we won't be able to question Anna until she gets here. What was your read on her? Rafe - Nothing specific outside the fact that I think she's definitely hiding something. Hope - I think, I hope, I was able to convince Roman to stay clear of Anna and this situation. Rafe looks up - Apparently not. Roman is there.

Marlena - Roman's just distracted so let's just come talk to him tomorrow about this. Will - Okay, no rush. It's not like I have a lot of other job offers waiting in the wings. I guess in the meantime I'll just focus on finding a place to live. Marlena - I've been thinking about that too so I just looked up a few little places. She pulls out her Tablet. Let me show you what I've got. She talks about the places. Will passes on the first option. Marlena - Why? Will - It's Ben Weston's old building and I'd rather not live in a place where I once died. Marlena - Alrighty then. She skips over the next place because it's where he lived with his Mom and Dad. Will - I wish I remembered that. I think a fresh start is needed. What about this place? He reads the description. It's perfect. Marlena - We both know it's not perfect.

Paul - He's up to his old tricks again huh. What did Brady do now? Sonny - He ... he's just a being a jerk you know. Paul - Is he still ticked that you got the CEO position over him. Sonny - Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't plotting a way to stab me in the back as we speak. Paul - Do you want me to talk to him? Sonny - No I don't want to put you in the middle of it. I shouldn't have brought it up, I'm sorry. Paul - No it's okay. It's kind of nice being your sounding board again. Sonny - I should go. It was really nice seeing you. Paul - It's good seeing you too.

Brady - I really was going to go to threaten Andre, get him to dump Gabi Chic. Eve - And why didn't you. Brady - Didn't get past the lobby, security was tight. Eve - Where'd you go instead. Brady - I went out and tied one on, came back here and thought I would get some of this. Eve pushes him away - Why didn't you just say that in the first place. Brady - Well I wasn't kidding about the fact that I don't really remember what went on that night. Eve - But you're sure you didn't kill Andre. Brady - Yeah I'm positive. Eve - I hate you for making me think you did it. Brady - I hate you for thinking I did it. Of course now that you thought I did it we know that you didn't do it right. Eve - I wouldn't be so sure about that. Brady - What do you mean by that? Eve - Maybe I was so quick to believe you to cover up the fact that I'm the one that really killed Andre.

Segment 7 Brady - You are not capable of murder, I know that. Even though you don't have the same faith in me. Eve - Oh did I hurt your feelings. Brady - I thought we had trust with each other. That's the one thing I thought we had. They're laughing. Sonny walks in - You two seem awfully jolly considering a man was just brutally murdered. Brady - Sonny you don't give a damn about Andre. Sonny - I don't but I do give a damn that someone bashed his head in and we don't know who that someone is or maybe you do. Brady - Nope. I don't.

Paul is in the hallway outside his room. Will walks up. Hey Paul. Paul - I don't mean to be rude but I really don't have time to talk. Will - Oh I'm not here to see you. I'm just calling in a favour with my cousin Eli. Paul - What kind of favour? Will - He agreed to rent me a room here so it looks like you and I are going to be neighbours.

Marlena reads her Tablet. The plot thickens. Anna DiMera Salem PD's prime suspect in the Andre DiMera murder, taken in for questioning. So that's where Roman went. Oh Anna, what have you gotten yourself into now.

Roman - Where is she? Rafe - Interrogation room. Hope - Roman ... Roman - Don't stop me Hope. I need to talk to her. He goes inside. Anna hugs him - Oh Roman, thank you for coming. Roman - How are you holding up. Anna - I don't know. I just left Carrie a message. I don't know what I'll do if she can't come. It seems like Rafe is determined to pin Andre's murder on me. You'll help me won't you. Roman - I will but Anna you need to tell me the truth. Anna, did you kill Andre?

John and Steve finish another shot. John - So what do you say partner, ready for another round. Steve is. Kayla - You two. Steve - So you think this is what's causing my symptoms. Kayla thinks if he got glasses to correct his vision he'd stop being dizzy. Steve calls out to John who is at the bar. Did you hear that buddy. John - What's that? Steve - You're off the hook. You're not the cause of my problems after all. John - Good to know. John turns his back to Steve and Kayla and takes something out of his pocket and pours it into Steve's drink.


Wednesday Jan 24

Director: Scott McKinsey
Scriptwriter: David Kreizman

Segment 1 Repeat of John pouring poison into Steve's drink.

Will - It's okay, don't get the door, I'll get it. Paul - You're really moving in here. Will - My cousin Eli said he had an empty room to rent so here I am. Paul - You can't do this. Will - Why not? Paul - You know why, because of Sonny.

Repeat of Sonny asking Brady if he knows who killed Andre and Brady saying no. Sonny - What about you Eve? Eve - No, no idea at all. Sonny recalls hearing Brady tell Eve he killed Andre. I think you're both lying.

Repeat of Roman asking Anna if she killed Andre.

Hope - I hate that Roman's letting himself get pulled into Anna's mess. Rafe - Not to mention a murder investigation. Hope - It's early but from all reports Anna was still carrying the urn that Tony's ashes were in everywhere she went. Rafe - Which she would not let anyone touch. Hope - If it turns out that the murder weapon that killed Andre in fact was Tony's urn then I can't imagine anyone being the killer but Anna.

Roman - I need to know Anna. Did you kill Andre DiMera? Anna - You should go. Roman - I'm not going anywhere. I want to help you but the only way I can do that is if you tell me the truth.

Steve calls out - Get back over here John. John - On my way mate. Here you go. Now this blurry vision is just that, right. Blurry vision. Kayla - Like I said I think Steve needs glasses. Steve - You heard my wife. John laughs - Well for the rest that ails you I'm going to have to prescribe 10 ccs of this 30 year old scotch. Steve - Well I guess I better take my medicine. What! Doctor's orders. John - Down the hatch mate. They drink. Kayla - You know John I'm going to go on record by saying you are a bad influence and you're poisoning my husband. Steve - Hey hey sweetness, don't be so hard on him. This dude is the best friend a man could ever have. I mean he's loyal, generous ... all that. Kayla - Well I'm not going to argue with that. You know I just want to go on record by saying I think you're going to look adorable in glasses. I do. Steve - You think so. Kayla - I already think you're adorable ... kiss. Steve - Hey do you think they'll give us half off because I only need one lens. John - Listen you two, there's something I need to tell you. Marlena walks up - John, Kayla I'm so sorry to interrupt. Kayla - What's up? John - What's going on? Marlena - Did you hear the news? John - What? Marlena - Andre has been murdered. Kayla - What! When? Marlena - Last night in his office. He was bludgeoned to death. Steve - Do they know who did it? Marlena - They've taken Anna in for questioning.

Roman - Back at the pub before Hope and Rafe showed up you said you needed to confess something. Anna - I did. Roman - Okay. I know you had the urn with Tony's remains in your possession yesterday. The police are pretty damn certain that urn was the murder weapon. Do you know how it ended up in Andre's office. Anna - Yes.

Segment 2 Will opens the door to his room. You're welcome to come inside but you're going to have to grab a box. Paul - I'm not coming inside your room. Will - Okay so you're just going to stand out here and judge me then? Are you the Martin House hall monitor? Paul - This is a joke to you! Will - I need a place to stay and Eli offered one. Why is that a problem? Paul - I already told you why. Because I live here and Sonny is going to assume that you moved in just to get close to me. Will - Okay, what if I did.

Brady - You think that we know something about Andre's murder. Sonny - I heard you Brady. I was outside the door. It's not like you were trying to hide it very well. Eve - Why don't you just tell him. Brady - Why should I, he seems to know everything already. Sonny - Yeah I do. You went over there to stop the launch of Gabi Chic IPO. You and Andre got into a fight and you bashed him in the head. You might as well come clean Brady.

Kayla - The police think that Anna killed Andre. Marlena - Well the murder weapon was a blunt object, an urn. Steve - Oh man. John - What is it? Steve - Well the other day Roman and Anna decided to join us for lunch and when they sat down she put her guest on the table. John - What do you mean, her guest. Kayla - Tony's remains. They were in an urn. Marlena - Roman's been concerned about her state of mind so he asked me to talk to her about this vengeance she has towards Stefano still and also the fact that she's carrying around Tony's ashes in the urn. Kayla - Well did you talk to her? Marlena - I tried. She was very defensive. Kayla - I'll call Roman. Marlena - That's a good idea. I know he certainly cares about her and if she's in trouble I imagine he will do all he can to help.

Hope - Roman's been in there a long time. Rafe - That might actually be a good thing. Hope - How do you figure that? Rafe - Well Anna asked for an attorney. Hope - Yeah she requested Carrie who's in Zurich. Rafe - So we can't question her without an attorney present. Maybe Roman's finally getting some answers out of her.

Anna - I ... I was in Andre's office yesterday. Roman - Why? Anna it's okay, you can trust me, you know that. Anna - I do. Roman - Alright just take your time, tell me everything that happened. Anna - Okay. It all started when I received this letter. Roman - What letter? Anna pulls the letter out of her purse and gives it to Roman.

Segment 3 Kayla - Roman, call me when you get this message okay. Bye. Steve - He'll call back baby. Kayla - Neither one of us thought it was a good idea for him to get involved with Anna again but he was the one who insisted that she was good for him.

Marlena and John are at the bar. Marlena - I brought Will in earlier today to talk to Roman about a job. He was preoccupied. If only I'd known. What's going on with you? What's on your mind? John - Nothing for you to worry about Doc. Roman, I'm sure he's going to be fine. I tell you what I'll do, I'll give Hope a call, see where she stands on this investigation okay. Marlena - Thank you. You know when you're in town everyone feels a little safer. John - That's all I want, to keep the people I care about safe. Marlena - Good. We should talk about Paul. John - Why, is there a problem? Marlena - No everything's fine but Will is considering taking a room at the Martin House and I think it's because he wants to be near your son.

Paul - If you think that just by moving down the hall from me ... Will - Paul, relax. I didn't move in here just to be close to you. Paul - Well you said ... Will - I was playing with you. Look I can't live with Marlena anymore. Don't get me wrong, she's the world's coolest Grandmother but I need my own space and this place is really affordable. I don't have a job Paul and I don't want to rely on my family for money. Paul - Okay I respect that but ... Will - But what? You don't believe I could choose this place because it's a great location and the right price. Is it that hard to accept that not everything is about you Paul. Paul - Okay stop with the jokes Will. I know that you broke up with Sonny because you were feeling something for me. Will - True. Paul - Good so we can be honest. Will - Yeah we can be honest and honestly I did not move in here because you live here but I definitely don't mind that you do.

Sonny - I can't believe how reckless you were. Eve - Okay you have no idea what you're even talking about here Sonny. Brady - Eve it's okay. I'm not going to hide it. Yes Sonny, I did it. I killed Andre okay. Sonny - What were you thinking! I have spent every waking moment trying to rebuild the reputation of Titan and you go off and kill someone. Brady - I'm sorry it's going to make your job a little tougher as CEO of Titan but what can I say. Sonny - Nothing. You can't say anything. That is why Uncle Vic didn't put you in charge. You know why, because you're an addict and a hothead and every single person around you enables you including Uncle Vic and your Dad and especially her. Eve - Hey, don't bring me into this Sonny. Sonny - Are you going to protect him because I'm not going to do it. I've worked way too hard to have what I have and I'm not going to lose it because of you Brady. I'm telling you right now I will not have your back. Brady - I don't need you to have my back and I'm not going to let someone else take the responsibility for what I did. Sonny - So you're going to turn yourself in. Brady - Like I said I'll take responsibility for it. If you want to make the call, make the call. Sonny calls - Commissioner Brady please. Yeah, I can wait. Brady grabs his cell. Sonny - What are you doing! Brady - You are so weak! So gullible and you're so weak. The dumbest mistake Victor ever made was to put you in charge of Titan and sooner or later everyone, including Victor, is going to know it.

Roman puts the letter back in the envelope. Anna - Do you understand now? Roman - Yeah I do. Hope and Rafe come in. Rafe - Everything okay in here. Roman - Yeah we're okay. Hope - Yeah, anything we should know. Roman - Well I know this murder investigation is a very difficult one. I think I can clear some things up right now.

Segment 4 Hope - What is it about the murder that you think you can clear up? Roman - Well Anna could not have killed Andre DiMera because she's been with me since yesterday afternoon. Hope - She's been with you the entire time! Roman - Never out of my sight for longer than a minute. Hope - Why are you lying?

Brady - Word of advice. The next time you eavesdrop you might want to stick around for the whole conversation. Sonny - WTH are you talking about! Brady - When I told Eve I had murdered Andre I was joking. Sonny sneers - You were joking. Eve - Well more accurately he was just testing me. Brady - I was curious to see how much she thought I was capable of. Eve - Really I have to admit at first I kind of believed him. I was ready to call the cops just like you were. Brady - I was nowhere near the DiMera offices the night of Andre's murder. I have several alibis or I can just save them for the cops. Sonny - I don't believe a word you say. Brady - Okay, why don't you call Hope. I'm not going to stop you but I will warn you, you're going to end up looking like a bigger loser than you already are.

Will - I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable again but you asked for honesty. I told you I'm very attracted to you and I feel a connection to you and I think that you feel it too. Paul - I don't want to do this. Will - I don't want to hide my feelings anymore. You know what my life in Memphis was like when I thought I was EJ. Years wasted pretending I was straight. Paul - Yeah it sucks trying to be something you're not. It eats away at you. Will - I tried with Sonny, I did but he wants too much from me. With you I feel I can be who I am. My Mom gave me this journal and she said go to a blank page and start writing the story of your new life in Salem one day at a time. Paul - Is Sonny in that story? Will - No and you're not in it either because you're still in love with him. Paul - And how do you know that? Will - Because he's the first thing you thought of when you saw me moving in here. That's okay but we're going to be neighbours and I'd like it if we could be friends. He holds out his hand. Paul ignores his hand but goes and picks up some boxes and carries them into Will's room. One of the boxes falls out of his hands, the contents spill on to the floor. They both start picking the stuff up. Paul - This is a photo album. Wedding album. It's yours and Sonny's.

John - Well Paul is a long ways from getting over Sonny. Marlena - And Will doesn't know who he is or what he wants. She sees him staring at Steve. Why are you so distracted? John - Sorry Doc, just a lot going on right now, that's all. Marlena - Okay. Kayla any word from Roman yet. Kayla - No he's not calling back. John - I'll call Hope right now. Steve gets up but almost falls. Both Marlena and Kayla rush to help him sit down. John watches.

Segment 5 Roman shrugs - Hope I'm not lying. We've been together since yesterday afternoon. Hope - And is there any reason you never mentioned this before now. Roman - ? never gave me a chance, told me to stay out of it. Rafe - Roman, do you mind if we have a word outside. Roman - You'll be okay? Anna nods. They leave the room. Hope - You're lucky to have someone like Roman on your side. Anna - I know I am. Hope - Then don't do this to him. Anna if you really care about Roman don't let him do this. She leaves.

Hope joins Rafe and Roman in the squad room. Roman - Come on, you know the evidence you have against Anna is circumstantial at best. No definitive proof. Hope - Yet. Roman - Are you going to charge her? Hope - Not at the moment. Roman - Okay, I'd like to get her out of here. Hope - If you're intent on sticking to the story I'm going to need a formal statement from you. Roman - Let's write it up. I'll sign whatever you need me to sign.

Sonny - You think Andre's murder is a joke. A man is dead. Brady - Stop pretending like you care about Andre DiMera. Sonny - I don't but I care about protecting this family. Eve - You have a strange way of showing it. Sonny snaps - Eve, stay out of it. Eve - Hey, I'm a member of this family and this company now whether you like it or not Sonny. Sonny - Being married to Deimos for what, 5 minutes, doesn't make you a member of this family. Eve - At least I'm keeping my eye on the ball. Maybe you should try doing a little more business than lurking behind closed doors. Brady - It's nothing new. Sonny's always lacked focus. Sonny - I have plenty of focus, believe me. Brady - Oh really. You're not distracted at all by your little Will scenario. Sonny - It's none of your business. Brady mocks - Oh now you're going to respect privacy. You call me a hothead yet you allow your emotions to cloud your judgement Sonny. Sonny - What are you even talking about. Brady - You could have had a great marriage with Paul but you decided to throw it all away so you could have one last chance with Will. Will who has not only dumped you but wants nothing to do with you at all.

Will - Yeah, Sonny asked me to look at the wedding photos. Paul - I never got one of those with Sonny. Will - Because I came back and ruined everything. Honesty, right. Paul - Yes you ruined everything. So what did you think about the album. Will - Nice wedding, not that I remember any of it. So now that Sonny and I aren't happening are you going to try and get back with him? Paul - Sonny chose you. I'm not interested in being somebody else's second choice. Will - Good for you. You deserve someone who will always put you first. Paul - So what do you have in all these boxes anyway. Will - Just some stuff that Sami, my Mom, saved for me. She put it all together before she went back to Europe. Paul - A lot of memories. Will - And yet none of them are mine. I mean it feels like I'm looking at someone else's things. Paul - You don't feel anything about them? I mean you should feel something about them. They're still up there somewhere in your head, right. Will - I don't know. I mean ... who still has CD's. He pulls one out - Tokyo Fab, who the hell are they. Paul grabs it - Tokyo Fab, they kick ass! He's smiling.

Kayla - Are you dizzy again. Steve - It's passed, I'm fine. Kayla - Well you don't seem fine. Steve - You just examined me. You gave me a clean bill of health didn't you. Kayla - He's been having some dizzy spells and blurry vision. Steve - Yeah and then my buddy here prescribed a big dose of 30 year old scotch, right. John - Yeah. He leans forward - Feeling better pal. Steve can barely see him. Yeah I'm good. Maybe you're the one we should be worrying about. John - Why me? Steve - What's with the guilty look on your face.

Segment 6 Marlena - Why would John feel guilty? John - No he's right Doc, I do feel guilty. I have been goading Steve into drinking more than he can obviously handle. Steve - What! I can handle plenty. Kayla - Are you sure about that? Steve - Yes I'm sure. Come on, I'm going to go see that eye doctor than I will have no trouble seeing John passed out on the floor when I drink him under the table. John - Are you throwing down the gauntlet buddy, is that what you're doing. Marlena - Wait, your friend here is having a little fainting spell and you want to challenge him to a drinking contest. John - What am I supposed to do! He's challenging me, listen to him. Kayla - This is why we're never going to have peace in this world, because men are their own worst enemies. Steve - Yeah and with an enemy like him who needs friends. John and Steve but their arms over each other's shoulders.

Sonny - You have the nerve to attack my relationship with Will when you're with her. Eve - What's that supposed to mean Sonny? Sonny - How many rich guys have you screwed over for their cash. Brady - Personal insults, that's all you have left since losing your grip at Titan. Sonny - For the longest time I actually thought you supported me, that you actually cared about what happened to this family and what's good for the company but all you cared about was that CEO position. Brady - And I deserve it. Sonny - Well Uncle Vic doesn't think so and why should he! You disappoint him. You continue to let him down. How many times haven you fallen off the wagon. Eve - You know what, he's sober now Sonny. Sonny - How long's that going to last. Every single person used to think Theresa dragged you down, I'm actually starting to think it's the other way around. Eve - Don't bring my sister into all of this. Sonny - If you were smart you would follow in your sister's footsteps and stay the hell away from him. Brady - She's a big girl, she knows what she's doing. Sonny - Do you really? You don't see what's going on here. It isn't obvious to you that he's using you. It's only a matter of time until you wonder why you ever got in bed with this guy. He leaves the room.

Paul and Will are both listening to the CD using earphones. Will - What was that! Paul - That was Tokyo Fab. They're a Beatles heavy metal cover band. Will - Were they singing in Japanese? Paul - Yeah. My Mom's a Japanese American and I grew up checking out Japanese bands and that is my absolute favourite. I used to have the stadium announcer play it for me when I was warming up for games. Will - What song? Paul - The Fool On The Hill. It was sort of my little secret. Will - Oh because the pitcher's mound is called the hill. Paul - Yeah and I felt like a fool and a fraud up there pretending to be a lady's man. Will - I guess I've got a new favourite band. Paul - I got tickets to see them in a few weeks in Chicago. Will - You were going to go with Sonny. Paul - Yeah that was the plan but Sonny hates them. Will - You know what's weird, when I was listening I could swear I was remembering the lyrics. Did I speak Japanese? Paul laughs - No I don't think you did but music stays with you. Will - I have to listen to every song now. Paul - I've got a bootleg of a live show they did at a Tokyo subway station. I'll get it to you. Will - Okay is it vinyl, 8 track. Paul - No it's on mp3. I'll get you one on the ? Will - Okay. Well I know where to find you neighbour. Paul holds out his hand - Friends. Will shakes Paul's hand. Paul leaves.

Roman and Anna are walking up to the Pub. Roman - Alright I'll grab you a bowl of chowder than you can rest. Anna - Roman you lied for me back there at the station, why? Roman - I'm trying to buy us some time so we can learn more about this letter starting with who wrote it. Anna - I told you I found it in my purse after I left here after our argument. Roman - Okay do me a favour. Open that up, read it out loud. I want to listen to every single word. Anna - Okay. Dear Anna You don't know me but I thought it would interest you to know that Andre DiMera killed your beloved Tony. He was at University Hospital the night Tony died. Don't you think he should pay for that? Roman - Okay. Obviously unsigned. Whoever wrote this knew you wanted revenge for Tony's death but who would benefit from you going after Andre.

Segment 7 Eve - Okay picking a fight with Sonny right now probably wasn't the greatest idea. Brady - He asked for it. Eve - Maybe but it's not a winning strategy. Brady - What did you think about what he said? Eve - He said a lot of things. Brady - About me using you. Eve - That, yeah. Brady - I saw a little doubt in your eye. Sort of like the doubt I saw when I told you I'd murdered Andre. Eve - Those two things have nothing to do with one another. I'm fully aware of what you're capable of Brady and I trust that what we have is real. Kiss. Brady - You didn't tell him that I was drinking again. Eve - It's none of his damned business. Nothing can divide us, you understand. It's never been more clear who our real enemies are. Brady - Sonny and Victor. Eve - Right and this whole company is going to be ours. Brady - You know Sonny lost Will, now we're going to make sure he loses everything else. Kiss.

Will is flipping through the wedding album. He closes it and drops it in a box. He opens his journal and starts writing. Today I made a new friend. His name is Paul.

John and Marlena are walking through the square. Marlena - Are you worried about Steve? John - Worried, nah, not really. Marlena - For a moment there I thought it might be something serious. John - He'll be alright. He's one of the toughest guys I know. Marlena - Yeah I think he'll be fine. And Kayla said it was just a vision problem. That was her diagnosis so I'm sure he'll get some glasses and he'll be right as rain.

Steve - Baby you're making me nervous the way you're staring at me. Kayla - Maybe we should go get you checked out now. Steve - I told you I'd go to the eye doctor tomorrow. Kayla - In the meantime maybe you should stop all this drinking. Steve - Come on booze isn't going to kill me. You're not going to get rid of me that easily. Kayla - Don't I know that. Kiss. Why hasn't my brother called me. Steve - I'm sure he has a good reason. Kayla - Yeah like he's busy off with some woman who just might be a murderer.

Hope has Roman's statement in her hand. Rafe - We'll do our best to protect Roman but I hope for his sake that he's telling the truth. Hope - Yeah. Right now all signs point to Anna DiMera as the one who killed Andre. Roman's protecting her.

Anna - Roman I have no idea who would write me a letter like that. Roman - Don't you agree that they were trying to provoke you into hurting Andre. Anna - Yes and I did just that. Roman - Whoa! Don't say another word about that alright, not to anybody okay. Not until we figure out who wrote this letter and why, you got that! Anna nods. They hug. Someone is watching.


Thursday Jan 25

Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Lisa Connor

Segment 1 Eric is asleep. He wakes up to find Jennifer in his bed. Jen what are you doing? Jen - I needed to see you. I needed to tell you that I never stopped caring about you. Eric - What about Dr. Shah? I thought you were ... Jen - No I only dated him to get over you. Eric - Why? We were connecting. Jen - All I know is I can't get you out of my heart. Kiss. Eric wakes up alone.

JJ yanks the covers off of Lani. Get the hell out of my bed! Lani - What's wrong? JJ - Kayla told me everything. Lani - Wait, what ... JJ yells - Why didn't you tell me the baby wasn't mine! Lani - I wanted to okay but then everything happened with Theo and you wanted to end your life. I was scared. JJ - You thought that I couldn't handle the truth. Admit it, you think I'm a loser. Lani is talking in her sleep - I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I don't know ... JJ wakes her up. What's wrong? Lani - I must have been dreaming. JJ - Sounded more like a nightmare. You want to tell me about it.

Gabi's in bed with Eli. Eli - You finally got some shuteye. Gabi - Barely. I just kept thinking about Andre and him stealing the company and being murdered yesterday in that horrible, violent way. Eli - Yeah it was quite the day yesterday. Gabi - You were up most of the night. What kept you up? Eli - Gabi I've been trying to figure out a way to tell you this. Gabi - Tell me what. Eli - You know that I care about you. Gabi - Yeah of course I do. Eli - You know that I really, really want our relationship to move forward but that can't happen if there's any secrets between us. Gabi I did something, something that I regret more than I say. I just pray that once I tell you what it is you'll find it in your heart to forgive me. Gabi - Whatever it is I'm sure it's not that bad. Just tell me what it is. Eli - The night that I thought you slept with JJ, I slept with Lani. Gabi slaps him. Eli wakes up with a start. Gabi - Are you alright?

Kate is asleep sitting up on the sofa in the D mansion living room. She recalls going to Andre's office and telling him that she loves him. Andre hopes she feels the same after he tells her what he has to say. Kate - Okay, what's going on? Andre doesn't think she's going to like it. Kate - Go ahead, tell me. Andre - I don't really love you Kate. I just used you so I could get a foothold in DiMera and now I don't need you anymore. He laughs. So arrivederci Katerina. She wakes up with a start.

Chad and Abby are asleep. Abby dreams of finding Andre dead. She cries out. Chad holds her. You're having a bad dream. Abby whimpers - Andre.

Kayla is near the coffee station at the hospital talking on her cell. Yes I agree, maybe the dizziness is no big deal and you just need a prescription for some glasses. I love you too. Let me know how it goes. Val walks up. Kayla - Hey you, I was just about to call you. Have you heard from Abe? Val - He called this morning. Just finished getting Theo checked in and settled in the clinic. The doctors are very, very optimistic. Kayla - That's so great. Was he able to reconnect with Lexie's family down there? Val - Her Mom's been to visit twice already. Kayla - That's great. That's going to make it a lot easier for him to leave Theo and get back here to his work and you. Val - And Lani too, especially now. Kayla - Yeah. Val - I'm assuming you already know she's pregnant. Kayla - I just didn't know that you knew but yes I'm the one who examined her and gave her the news. Val recalls Eli telling her that he slept with Lani. Val - I know it's all every unexpected but despite that Abe's being very supportive and Lani's happy about it from what Abe tells me. Kayla - Abe will be an amazing grandfather, doting I'm sure. Val - Yeah I'm sure of that too. I heard the news right before Abe left town and I didn't get to ask him just how far along Lani is.

Lani - You don't really want to know. JJ - Of course I do. You kept saying you were sorry. Was it about the baby? Lani - I don't remember and I don't want to talk about my dream anymore. I want to focus on you and how much I love you. Kiss.

Eli - All I remember is a feeling that I was losing something really important to me. Gabi - I can relate to that. Eli - Look I know that you're still upset about losing Gabi Chic. Gabi - I can't believe it. Yeah that and then Andre being murdered right after. Eli - There's got to be something that we can do. Gabi - Well if you figure it out let me know. Eli - Okay well this might be a little too soon since she just lost her husband but Kate has always been a champion of yours. Why not go to her and make the case that Countess W needs you now more than ever. Gabi - It might be too soon. Eli - Go and offer condolences and if the opportunity presents itself to discuss the future of Gabi Chic take advantage of it. Gabi kisses his cheek. Eli - What was that for? Gabi - For being there for me like you always are. Eli - There's no place else I want to be. I don't want to ever let you down. Hug.

Kate gets up and picks up a photo of Andre and throws it against the fireplace.

Abby - When he opened his eyes I asked him who did this to him and it felt like he wanted to say something and then he just closed them before he really could. Chad - It's not like that really happened. He was dead when you found him, right? Abby - I just feel like if he had been conscious he would have told me what happened. I don't know maybe it was Anna that hit him over the head with the urn. Chad - Speaking of Anna, she was released. Abby - What, how? Chad - Roman gave her an alibi. Abby - How would they explain the fact that the urn was at the murder scene. Chad - I didn't ask for specifics. I just assumed that Hope and the Salem PD looked into it. Abby - So if Anna didn't kill him who did.

Segment 2 Kayla - Well you know I can't discuss the specifics of Lani's pregnancy with you because she's my patient. Val - Of course not. I shouldn't even be asking and it's not like I can't do the math myself. Let's see, Lani and JJ broke up right after Theo was shot so obviously she got pregnant prior to the shooting. Kayla - How ever far along Lani is as long as that baby's happy and healthy that's all that really matters, right.

JJ - It's funny, I can't even feel a baby bump. Lani - Every woman carries differently especially with the first pregnancy. JJ - I wonder what it will be, a boy or a girl. Do we want to find out? Lani - I haven't really thought about it. JJ - We don't have to decide today but isn't there a month when you can find out. Lani - I don't think I want to find out. I kind of like the idea of being surprised. JJ - I still can't believe it, we're having a baby.

Jen is dining at the square with Dr. Shah. That is always a museum I've wanted to go to. It's on my list. Henry - I'd like to take you. We could make a weekend of it. Jen - That would be so ... Henry sees Eric and calls out - Eric, glad you're here. Join us. Eric - I don't want to intrude. Henry - As much as I like having Jen to myself that grant proposal for the Center needs to be reviewed. I sent you both an email about it. Henry gets a text. It's the hospital. Looks like you're going to have to review it without me. Jen - No we can wait for you. Henry - It needs to go today and I don't know how long I'm going to be. Last night was really nice. I'll call you later. Jen - I hope so. Thanks. Henry leaves. Jen - You don't have to stay. I can review the proposal and email you with the revisions. Eric sits down - No we're here now. Let's just get it done unless you're needed at the Spectator. I'm sure you must be covering Andre's murder. Jen - No I assigned another reporter to the story. Eric - I heard Abigail's the one who found Andre. It must be awful for her. I remember you telling me that she and Andre were really close. Jen - Yeah they were. His death has been really hard for her.

Abby - I keep seeing his face the way that he was when he was trying to make me feel better. It's really hard for me to imagine anyone hating him enough to kill him. Chad - Hope and Rafe will figure out who it was. Abby - Do you really think we can trust them. I like them but Rafe is Gabi's brother. I'm not saying I think she's guilty or anything because I really love Gabi. I think she's a good person, has a good heart but I ran into her the night that Andre was murdered. She was in a rage over being fired from the company. I don't really want to say this out loud but do you think she could have been mad enough to kill him.

Kate is cleaning up the broken glass when Gabi comes in. Hey Kate. Kate - Gabi, come in. Gabi - Let me help you with that. Kate - No I don't want you getting hurt although I guess it's too late for that. Gabi - I came by to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Kate - Yeah well that's kind of you considering what Andre did to you. Gabi - Do the police have any leads? Kate - Anna DiMera was at the top of their list mostly because her late husband's funeral urn was found at the murder scene and they're assuming that was the murder weapon. Gabi - Wait you said she was a suspect. Kate - Apparently Roman's so besotted with her that he gave her an alibi. Gabi - But you think he's lying. Kate - Yes I do. If Anna didn't do it, who did.

Segment 3 Val - Yes. We all want Lani to have a happy and healthy baby. I was just thinking I'd like to give her a baby shower and I wanted to make sure she was out of that first trimester. You know how tricky that can be. Dr. Shah walks up - Kayla I've been looking for you. I need your insight on a cardiac patient. Kayla - Sure. She turns to Val - We'll talk later. Val - Sure. She makes a call. Eli - Hey Mom, what's up? Val - Hey darling can you meet me at the square in about 20 minutes. Eli - Sure, is everything okay. Val - Let's discuss it when I see you okay. See you soon.

Jen - Wow, he sure knows how to write a proposal. Who could say no to this! Eric - You two seem to be getting along pretty well. Jen - He's a great guy. He's thoughtful. He's funny. He's perfect for the Center. Eric - I meant more on a personal level. You two dating? Jen - Yeah I guess you could say that. Eric - That's great. If you're happy I'm happy for you. Jen - Why don't we just get back to the proposal.

Kate - Gabi if you want to know more about the murder investigation you should really ask your brother. He knows more than I do. Gabi - Yeah Rafe is like a ? when it comes to ongoing investigations. Kate - Well I suppose that's the way it should be, right. Gabi - I wasn't going to ask you and I didn't come here with the intentions of asking you but ... Kate - What is it? Gabi - What's going to happen with Gabi Chic? If you don't want to answer this right now we don't have to talk ... Kate - No that's not what it's about. I knew nothing about what Andre was planning to squeeze you out of the company that you created and when I found out I was furious and I let him know. New f/b Andre - There's something I have to tell you. You're not going to like it. Kate - What is it? Andre - I fired Gabi. Kate - Why! Andre - Because she failed to disclose that the money for her company ... blood money, came from her father. Kate - You fired Gabi because of Eduardo. Andre - And retained the company for Countess W. Kate - You need to undo that Andre. Andre - And what if I don't. What are you going to do. Gabi - What did you do?

Chad - I don't believe that Gabi would kill Andre. Abby - I'm not saying that she did. We told Hope that she was really upset over what happened. Chad - We weren't thinking straight. We were in shock. Abby - I know I was. I don't want to believe that Gabi did this anymore than you do but I keep thinking about Gabi Chic and I keep thinking about what that meant to her. Outside of Arianna that was her whole life. Chad - Speaking of Arianna I can't imagine that Gabi would take any risk where she could lose her daughter again. She went through hell the first time she went to prison. Abby - Even if it's what she said she would do. Chad - What are you talking about? Abby - The night of the murder I ran into Gabi and she said Andre wasn't going to get away with this. She threatened to kill him.

Segment 4 Abby - In the entire time I've known Gabi I've never seen her like this. I swear I will kill him. Those were her exact words. Chad - It's a figure of speech. People say that all the time, doesn't mean they did it. Abby - I know, that's why I didn't tell Hope. Gabi is one of our closest friends. Neither one of us wants to believe that she could do something like this. Chad - I don't see it. Abby - But we know something. She has killed before.

Gabi - So after Andre told you he fired me then what? Kate - I gave him an ultimatum. F/B Andre - You need to calm down. Kate - You need to rehire Gabi. Andre - Kate you're not looking at the whole picture. In the end I will spare us from having another scandal. This way Countess Wilhelmina will make more money because we don't have to give Gabi her share. Kate - NO! That's wrong. It's horribly unfair. Andre - Says the woman who prides herself in cutthroat business. Kate - I would do absolutely anything for this company, we both know that but what you're doing to Gabi it's personal and it's greedy and it's cruel. We can't just fire her and take her company away from her. Andre - It's already done. Kate - You see I thought we made the decisions together as partners in business and in life. Andre - Well you were wrong. Kate - You begged me to make this a real marriage and I opened my heart to you and I told you I loved you. So if that means anything to you at all you will reinstate Gabi and her deal. Andre - I can't. Kate - That's not a request. You either bring Gabi back or you and I are through. Kate - Then I left. Gabi - You never got any kind of answer. Kate - No. Gabi - Was that the last time you saw Andre before he was killed.

Lani is in JJ's arms. I could stay like this all day but I do need to get to the station. JJ - I wish you didn't have such a dangerous job. Lani - I can handle it. JJ - I'm not questioning that. It's just I'd feel better if you were partnered with someone I knew would always have your back. Maybe you could remind Eli of how great it was when you two were partners. Lani - I'm not reminding anyone of anything and I don't want or need Eli Grant to be my partner. I'll be fine on my own. I promise. Hug.

Val is in the park outside the square. Eli walks up - Hope I'm not late. I picked up a coffee and a muffin for my favourite Mom. Val - Thanks, very thoughtful of you. Eli - You sounded like you needed a little pick-me-up. Val - We both might. Eli - What do you mean? Val - Eli I'm not going to dance around this. I need to ask you a question and I want an honest answer. Eli - Okay? Val - When you slept with Lani did you use protection. Eli - Whoa. Where's that coming from. Val - Yes or no Eli. Eli - Um I know that I should have but ... Mom things just happened in the heat of the moment. I assumed she was on birth control. Val - You assumed wrong. Eli - What do you mean? Val - She's pregnant.

Segment 5 Jen hands a copy of the proposal to Eric. I just think we can drive the point home if we just flip those two around. She starts rifling through her purse. Eric - What do you need? Jen - I'm looking for my stylus. I had it earlier when I was checking my email. I must have dropped it when I was leaving for breakfast. Eric - Maybe you left it at Shah's place. Jen - Excuse me! Eric - I assumed since you two had an early breakfast ... Jen - That we spent the night together. That is one heck of an assumption and none of your business.

JJ - I wonder how my Mom's going to react. Lani - Do you mean about the baby. JJ - I know we should wait, you're not that far along but your Dad knows so I feel like I should tell her before she hears it from someone else. Lani - Do you think that she'll be angry. JJ - She won't like that we're not married but my Mom loves babies. Once she gets past the initial shock she'll start buying every onesie she sees. Lani - Well tell her but let's just hold off on telling anyone else. JJ - I know you're worried about getting past the first trimester but it's almost over, right. Lani - Right. JJ - When it is you'll be just like me, want to shout it out to the whole world. Hug. Sexy baby Mama.

Eli - How do you know Lani's pregnant. Val - Because Abe overheard Lani talking to JJ about it. Eli - Why are you telling me! Val - The two of you slept together. Eli - Geez Mom, one time. A move that Lani and I both agree was a big mistake. I should never have told you. Val - I haven't told anyone. Eli - I hope not, that would really hurt Gabi and JJ. Val - I don't want to see anyone hurt least of all an innocent little baby who rather you like it or not could be yours.

Segment 6 Eli - Just because Lani's pregnant Mom it doesn't mean the baby's mine. We slept together once. Val - That's all it takes. Eli - Do you know how far along she is? Val - No. I tried to find out from Kayla since she's Lani's doctor but she had to keep it confidential. You said you slept together right before Christmas, right. Eli - Christmas Eve to be exact. Val - So if this baby is yours that makes her one month pregnant. Eli - That's a big if. Val - It's still a possibility. Eli - Why are you me telling me this before we know that it's actually true. Val - Considering how you grew up not knowing who your real father was because of me, if this baby is yours Eli I think you should know.

Eric - I'm sorry if I overstepped. It's just when you mentioned that you and Shah were dating ... Jen - Can I just be honest with you for one second so we won't have any tension between us. Eric - Okay. Jen - Whatever I choose to do with my life is not your concern at all. I'm going to move on and hopefully that means I'm going to fall in love with someone who can love me back. Eric - Why wouldn't you. Jen - What. Why are you even saying that. Why don't you give it a shot yourself. Eric - Me! I don't even know where that would come from. Jen - I do and I think you would too if you were just honest with yourself.

Gabi - Was that the last time you saw Andre. Abby - Gabi what are you doing here? Chad - Is everything alright? Kate gets a call. Hello. Okay fine, that will be fine. I'll be there shortly. That's the funeral director. I have to discuss arrangements. Chad - Has Salem PD released Andre's body? Kate - No the autopsy is still pending. Abby - We already know the cause of death. Someone bashed his head in. I saw it. Someone murdered Andre in cold blood.

Segment 7 Lani is at work in the squad room when Eli comes in. Hey I need to talk to you. Lani - What about? Eli - In private. Lani - If it's about the DiMera murder ... Eli - It's not. She follows him into the interrogation room.

Eric - Wait, you don't believe that I'm moving on with my life. Is that why you suddenly went cold on me, on us. Jen - No Eric I just think that maybe you're still hung up on ... JJ walks up - Hey you two. It's good to see you two together. Jen - Oh we're not ... Eric - Hey JJ, what is it? JJ - I've got some good news for a change, great news actually. At least I hope that you'll think it's great. Jen - We won't know what it is until you tell us. JJ sits down. Okay here goes. Lani's pregnant. Jen - She's what! JJ - We're going to have a baby. I'm really happy about it so even if you're not try not to completely flip out. Jen - Is she happy about it? JJ - And nervous and excited, scared. Jen - What about Abe? JJ - He knows and now you do too. Jen - Um ... she looks at Eric ... you're not surprised by this. Eric - JJ's been seeing me for counselling. JJ - There's no way he could have told you Mom. Jen - No of course not. This is exciting. JJ - You're really okay with it? Jen - Yes of course I'm okay with it. My goodness, yes. Hug. I'm so excited. Congratulations honey.

Lani - What's going on Eli? Eli - I know that you're pregnant Lani. Is it mine?

Kate - I'm going to have to change to meet with the funeral director. Abby tells Chad - You should go with her. Kate - No that's not necessary. Abby - Kate we're your family. We want to be here for you. You're not going through this alone. Chad - I'll go get my wallet and keys from upstairs. They leave the room. Gabi - I should get going too. Abby - You came here bright and early. Gabi - I wanted to offer Kate my condolences. Abby - Is that all? Gabi - I wanted to ask what she knew about Gabi Chic and when. Abby - Yeah I kind of want some answers too. Gabi - What about? Abby - You're one of my closest friends so this is really hard to ask. I don't even know how to ask. I should just come out with it. Gabi - What do you mean come out with it. What's going on. Abby - Did you do it? Gabi - Do what? Abby - Did you kill Andre?


Friday Jan 26

Director: Phil Sogard
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1 Hope is in her office looking at crime scene photos of Andre's murder. Rafe knocks and comes in. Preliminary forensics on Andre's office are in. Hope - Anything interesting? Rafe - See for yourself. Hope looks at the report.

Gabi - I can't believe you said that. Abby - I'm sorry Gabi. I loved Andre and ran into you right before he was killed and you were so upset. Gabi - Yes because he stole the company that I created. Abby - I know but do you remember what you said to me. Gabi - I don't know. I was really angry. I don't know what I said. Abby - You said I swear I will kill him for this. So did you?

Kate knocks on Chad and Abby's bedroom door. I'm ready to go to the funeral home. Chad - Have you been crying. Kate - He was my husband. Chad - And a double-crossing rat bastard. Kate - I know. I had so many reasons to hate Andre but the problem is I've come to love him.

Repeat of Eli asking if the baby is his. Lani - No, of course it's not yours. Eli - We both know it's possible. Are you sure. Lani - I'm 2 months along which means I got pregnant in mid-November. You and I got together Christmas Eve. Eli - So you were already pregnant! Lani - I didn't know. This baby is JJ's. You're off the hook. Eli - I'm not worried about being on the hook and I don't know if I believe you.

Tripp walks up to a table in the square. Are you ready to order? Steve lowers the menu. He's wearing glasses. Tripp - Whoa. Steve - What? Tripp - Nothing. I've just never seen someone with a patch and glasses before. Steve - You laugh it will be the last time you laugh.

John is sitting at a table in the pub. He recalls poisoning Steve's drink. He shakes his head. Roman walks up - You don't look so hot buddy. What's wrong?

Lani - Are you calling me a liar. Eli - I just don't understand why I had to find this out from my Mom. Lani you and I work together every day. Lani - I didn't know myself and when I found out the only person I wanted to know was JJ. Eli - Why? Lani - I'm still in my first trimester, something could go wrong. Eli - So you really didn't figure this out until we slept together. Lani - I was under so much stress after JJ shot Theo. Anytime I felt nauseous or queasy I thought it was that so yeah I didn't know that night. Eli - I'm sorry. I don't mean to add more pressure to you or anything. I just know how you are. Lani - And how am I Eli? Eli - Well do you remember when we were trying to find out who was dealing Halo. You put your life on the line so you could be the hero and this regular cop work wasn't enough for you. Lani - Thanks for putting it like that. Eli - All I'm saying is you don't have to be the martyr. If this kid is mine I want you to know that I will step up. Lani - Even if that means ruining everything you have with Gabi?

Gabi - I don't remember saying that about Andre. Abby - You said that you could kill him. Gabi - Well I probably said that about the pizza delivery guy who screwed up my order and he's walking around just fine. Abby - That's what I thought, it was just a figure of speech but then the next thing I know Andre is dead, it's a few hours after he's fired you and taken over your company. Gabi - It's not a takeover, he stole it. Abby - I know how hard you worked for that company. I know how proud you are of it. Honestly I have no idea why Andre decided to fire you that's why I was going into his office. I was going to demand an explanation but then I got there and he was dead. Gabi - And what you think is I took an urn full of Tony DiMera's ashes to bash his head in! Anna DiMera is carrying that thing around with her all of the time. Abby - I know but Anna has an alibi so that is why I'm asking you, do you? Gabi - You're really asking me that. Abby - Yeah because the police are going to ask. Now that they've let Anna go they're going to ask anybody that has any kind of a motive. Gabi - Well what about you, how do they know you didn't do it.

Segment 2 Steve takes the glasses off. I know I look ridiculous and I feel like an old man but it beats all the headaches and dizziness I was having. Tripp - You didn't tell me about that. Steve - It just started a couple of weeks ago. Then Kayla got wind of it, she dragged me to the eye doctor and he said it was eye strain. Tripp - So the glasses are helping? Steve - Seem to be, I can see fine now.

John - Just thinking about a tough case, that's all. Roman - But everything's okay. Marlena, Carrie ... John - You bet. So what did you want to see me about? Roman - Need your help. John - What's your problem? Roman slides over the letter which is now in a plastic bag. Someone slipped that to Anna. Got close enough to put it in her purse. I want to know who that someone is.

Hope - Okay so let me get this straight. So the urn that was used to kill Andre was in fact the same one that Anna's been carrying around with her all this time. Only Forensics can't confirm if the ashes inside were Tony's. Rafe - Well cremation destroys DNA. And they still haven't found the lid. Hope - That's weird. It's definitely the murder weapon. The blood on it is Andre's. Rafe - The Medical Examiner's report won't be entirely finished until the tox screen is in but he says the cause of death was blunt force trauma. Hope - No surprise there. Rafe - So considering there are no fingerprints on the urn the killer either wore gloves or wiped it off. Hope - If our killer is so calm and together why not take it and wipe it later. Rafe - Maybe he or she didn't want to be seen with it. Maybe they're setting Anna up. Hope - Why isn't anyone saying that. Why did he give her an alibi. Rafe - You think he's lying. Hope - Yes I do, don't you? Rafe - I do actually. So Anna's still our # 1 suspect. Hope - She could have wiped the urn I suppose but on the other hand I think anyone who knows Anna knows that she never let that urn out of her sight. Rafe - So maybe she's being setup. Hope - Maybe but maybe not, God knows. All we know for sure is that Andre had a lot of enemies.

Chad is on the phone. Thank you Mr. Hollingsworth. I'll be sure to call back and reschedule. Kate - Thank you for postponing that. I just wasn't ready to face the funeral home. Chad - They say denial is the first stage of grief. Kate - I'm not in denial, I'm fine. I'm just lecturing myself about getting so emotional. Chad - Why would you lecture yourself about it, your husband was just killed. Kate - There were so many things that I hated that he did. Chad - Me too. Kate - Firing Gabi was just vindictive, it was and it was stupid. Chad - And what he did to Theo. I tell you if I have to have a S.O.B. for a brother I'd rather have Andre than Stefan. Kate - I know. At least he had a human side. Chad - Well once in a while. Kate - I never expected to love him. Chad - What happened? Kate - He changed and men very rarely change but I believed that he genuinely cared for me so I started to care for him. And then ... why did he betray me! Chad - Because he's a chip off the old block. Why do you think Stefano could go from being this loveable teddy bear one minute and one that would slit your throat the next. Kate - Right. Because power overrules love, even family. Chad - And that was Andre. It's probably why he's dead.

Abby scoffs - I couldn't have killed him because I'm the one who found his body. Gabi - Great cover. Abby - You saw me afterwards, you really think I was faking that. I'm the only one who loved Andre in this house. Gabi - Yes but we all know he's a double-dealing creep. Maybe you never wanted to see that but maybe he forced you to. Maybe you walked in on him doing something so bad that you just lost it. Abby - So now I'm the one who's taken an urn full of Tony's ashes and bashed his head in. That's ridiculous! Gabi - But did it happen. Abby - NO. Gabi - Okay, I'm sorry. I know you must not like me asking you this. Abby - No I don't, I really don't. Gabi - Well now you know how it feels when your friend accuses you of murder.

Segment 3 Hope - Do you think we're going to have to back Roman into a corner. Rafe - To try and place Anna at the scene? Hope - Yeah. Rafe - All I know is if Roman's lying about where Anna was when this murder happened he's going to be in a lot of trouble. Hope - I don't want him taking a fall for her. Rafe - I'm going to go see the Judge, see where he's at with the search warrant. I'm going to grab Eli and head over to the DiMera mansion. Hope - Thank you. Rafe - Don't thank me just carve out a few hours for your fiancé tonight. Hope - I'll do my best. Rafe - Remember we set a date before all hell broke loose. Hope - Nothing is going to ruin that day. Rafe - That's what I like to hear. Kiss. Rafe leaves. Hope pics up the crime scene photos.

Eli - I'm still getting to know Gabi. I don't know if she could handle something like that or not. Lani - What woman could? Eli - I also don't want to cause trouble for you and JJ either but as you know Lani, I grew up without knowing my Dad and now he's gone so I'm not ever going to get that chance. If this is my baby I don't want that kid to grow up going through the same thing. Lani - Eli I hear you but you don't have to worry okay, JJ is this baby's father. She sees his expression. What! Rafe comes in - Grant, we've got to go to the DiMera's. I'm sorry if I'm interrupting. Lani - You're not, we're done.

John - Roman I think you know better than I do that PI's can not interfere in open police cases. Roman - John I know that. I'm just trying to protect Anna. John - Come on, someone disguises their handwriting, shoves a note in Anna's purse saying Andre's the one who murdered Tony. The cops need this Roman, not me. Roman - Why. WTH good is it going to do them. This is a lie. When Tony got whacked Andre was missing and presumed dead. John - You know that and I know that but this is just the kind of thing that could set Anna off. Roman - But Anna didn't do it. John - That urn that she wouldn't part with looks like it could be the murder weapon. Roman - Anna's already been questioned okay. She can account for her whereabouts at the time of Andre's murder. John - With a lot of help from you. WTH are you doing Roman. Why are trying to lie for her. Roman - John I just want to know who is behind this damn letter. John - I bet you do especially if this note is behind why Anna murdered Andre.

Chad pulls out a pocket watch from a drawer. Remember when he gave me this. Kate - I do, it was lovely. Chad - He was such a ... then he'd do something like that. Kate - Andre was always desperate for Stefano's attention and then you didn't give a damn about getting your father's approval and he made you the heir. Andre was always angry about that. Chad - I always thought that was why he made me believe that Abby was dead. Kate - No that's not what happened. She wanted it that way and then he helped her come back to you. Chad - The guy was confusing. For whatever reason Abby trusted him more so than me sometimes and her mother. Kate - Well Andre certainly suffered from mental issues of his own to put it euphemistically. Chad - Their relationship was ... you and I had complications with him but for her she liked him. She actually liked him and she trusted him. Kate - I know, go figure. Chad - I'm worried about her. She's taking it really hard.

Abby - I can not believe that you think that I'm the one who killed Andre. Gabi - I don't believe that. Abby - That's what you said. Gabi - I can't believe that you thought the same thing about me. Abby - Okay I'm sorry but Nick pushed you to the edge and you killed him. Andre did the same thing. Gabi - Just like Ben did to you. And I know you ... you're not going to be setting another guy on fire and I'm not going to be killing anyone ever again. What Andre did to me was wrong but it was business. You and I have seen a lot worse. Trust me, I wanted Andre to be alive so I could sue his ass. Abby - Sorry, I shouldn't have said that to you. Gabi - Do you really believe me? Abby - Yes but I'm not going to stop trying to figure out who killed Andre because I want to look that person straight in the eye ... Stefan comes in. Good morning ladies. Why do you have the door shut?

Segment 4 Roman - John the less you know about my conversations with Anna the better off you'll be. John - Are you covering for her? Oh come on Roman, you're asking for a world of trouble here. Roman - Don't worry about me. John - If Hope finds out I'm helping you out here she could jerk my licence. Roman - John I know that. Believe me I know I'm putting you in a very difficult spot. I'm asking you because I've got nobody else to trust and I know whoever wrote that letter could damn well hurt Anna. John - I see. Roman - I figure you'll want to let Steve in on this, that's okay. I know you don't keep anything from him.

Tripp brings Steve a drink. Thank you. How are things going with you son. Tripp - It's going good. I've been filling in for the manager now and then. Steve - Cool. How's life outside work. Tripp - Weird now that Theo's gone. Ciara and Claire are driving me nuts. They both miss him and take it out on each other. Steve - Must be tough living with them huh. Tripp - Ciara just has to get over Theo. He's with Claire and that's not going to change. Steve - Claire knows how you feel about her right. Tripp - Yeah but she's in love with Theo and she's going to wait for him. Steve - You know Theo's halfway around the world, he's going to be gone for at least a year. A lot could change. Tripp - Change how. Theo learns to walk all over again, comes back and learns that I moved in on his girlfriend. You think that's a good outcome? Steve - No, no. Tripp - What's going to change is me. I'm moving on, I have no choice.

Lani is the interrogation room crying. Hope comes in. Lani we're going to start interviewing ? in house and I want you to start it ... she looks up - What's wrong? Lani - Nothing, what do you need me to do. Hope - Why are you crying? Lani - I should be able to handle it. Hope - What? Lani - I'm pregnant. Hope - Oh. Am I right in thinking the pregnancy wasn't planned? Lani - You're right. It's not that I'm not happy about it it's just this was the last thing on my agenda. Hope - Sure and JJ ... Lani - He's so excited. We're back together. I just wish I didn't feel like a basket case. Hope hugs her. All I can tell you is that everything is going to get better in your second trimester, I promise you that. You're going to feel more like yourself, less tears and well you're just going to be a little bit bigger. Lani - I guess that's a good thing. Hope - Yes it is. Tell me, when are you due. Lani - Late summer, August. Hope - I'm so happy for you and JJ, congratulations. It's so good to hear some good news around here for a change.

Abby - If you're going to be living here maybe you could learn to knock especially during a time like this. Stefan - I'm sorry about Andre. I know you two were close. Abby - The door was closed because Gabi and I were talking about who killed him. Stefan - Well if it had to happen I'm sorry it wasn't before he fired you. Gabi - You said you couldn't reverse the decision when he was alive, what about now? Stefan - I think we should wait to talk about that out of respect for Andre. Gabi - Right since you're so broken inside. Rafe knocks. Gabi - Rafe. Rafe - Gabi, didn't expect to see you here. Gabi - I came to see Kate. Rafe shakes Stefan's hand. Detective Hernandez. This is my partner here, Detective Grand. Stefan - Good to see you both again. I believe we were introduced at the NYE party. What can I for you. Rafe - Thank you for asking. I need a list of everyone that had access to the DiMera offices the night before last. Stefan - I wasn't there so I have no idea. Rafe - Here's the thing. I'm sure you're aware that DiMera Ent. security keeps a list of everyone that comes and goes, there's a log. And then there's security camera footage. But I'm also sure because you have nothing to hide you'll be forthcoming with that information, right?

Segment 5 Hope - If the physical demands of the job get to be too much you just let me know okay. Lani - I don't want special treatment. I'm pregnant, not sick. Hope - I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh but you sound exactly like I did the first time I found out I was pregnant. Lani it's not just you anymore. You have to think about that baby okay. Lani - Right. Hope - How are you feeling? A little nauseous asides from emotional? Lani - Can you excuse me, I need some air. Hope - Of course.

Roman - Look I know Hope is sceptical about the alibi I gave Anna. I need to make sure the police don't find out about that letter. John - This letter could be a very important part of that investigation. Roman - Yeah it gives Anna motive. John - It could also prove that she's being manipulated here, that would change the whole course ... Roman - John she is Carrie's mother. I need to protect her. John - Got it. Alright I'll see what I can do. Roman - Thank you. I know you've got to check for prints. Obviously Anna's are there and so are mine. John - Any idea where this might have come from? Roman - No all I know is whoever did that is trying to push her off the edge and I need to know who that person is and why they're trying to kill her.

Kate - For the life of me I can not understand why Andre betrayed Gabi, I really can't. He had to have known that it would upset Abigail, you, me. Chad - He didn't care. Kate - Well after it came out that he sabotaged the company he knew it would be all over then. Chad - He was willing to sacrifice the family's legacy so he could grab power for himself. Kate - You have to know that he always wanted to run DiMera Ent. Chad - I don't think it's that simple. I still don't understand why. Kate - There's something I have to tell you. I already told Gabi. I gave him an ultimatum before he was killed. I told him that he had to rehire her or our marriage was over. I really thought he'd do the right thing. Now we'll never know. Chad - For what it's worth Abby says Andre does really love you, did. Kate - He loved you too. Chad - It's possible to be furious with someone and yet miss them at the same time. Kate - Yes.

Stefan - I presume you have a warrant. Rafe - You presume correct. Here you are. You can hold on to that. Stefan - I want to know who killed my brother so you have my full cooperation. Any suspects? Rafe - Yeah. Abby - Is that all you're going to tell us. Rafe - For now. Stefan - I know this is a complicated investigation but I want to know how long my corporate offices will be a crime scene. Rafe - Yeah I can't tell you that. Stefan - Detective it's difficult to oversee the running of a company this large if I can't use my office. Eli - That's what you're worried about, making money? Stefan - DiMera Ent is going through shall I say a bit of a rocky period. I have thousands of employees and thousands of shareholders that I need to think about so yes I'm worried about a lot of things. That said I'll tell my head of security to give you whatever you need. Rafe - Great. Well I'll be taking statements soon so don't be leaving town anyone. Stefan - Does that include my mother? Rafe - Yes it includes your mother and anyone else in this house.

Segment 6 John walks up to Steve's table in the square. Hey those are some snazzy specs you have there. Are they working? Steve - They seem to be. John - Good because I just took on a new case and it's complicated. Steve - Complicated how? John - Anna DiMera received an anonymous letter. Roman wants us to find out who sent it. Steve - And Anna is the prime suspect in Andre's murder. John - Like I said, it's complicated. Steve - You got the letter? John hands the bag over. Steve - Well this sounds like someone's trying to goad Anna into killing Andre. John - It's going to make us accessories after the fact. Since I'm the one who took the case on you can beg off if you want to. Steve - No John I'm not begging off, we're partners. John pours more poison into Steve's drink.

Stefan comes back into the living room. The tapes have been turned over to the police. I hope neither of you have anything to hide. Gabi - We don't. Abby - Of course not. Gabi - Rafe showed up before you could answer my question. Stefan - Right before I can rescind your termination I have to consult with the board. I'll do that and get back to you. Gabi - Yeah but you're the CEO, you can't make this call on your own? Stefan - I could but given the current climate at this company I'm not leaving the board out of the loop on anything. Gabi - Right. Stefan - Gabi if you'll excuse us I need to speak with Abigail about how to handle this from a PR perspective. Gabi - Sure. She turns to Abby - I'm sorry. Abby - Me too. Gabi leaves. Abby - Don't play games with her. You can reinstate her to Gabi Chic right now and you know it. Don't drag it out. Stefan - Right now I need to act cautiously so I think we should put out a press release. Abby - I can't think about a press release. All I see is Andre and I see blood, it's not really realistic for me right now. She cries. I'm sorry. Stefan - Everything is going to be alright. He hugs her. I promise.

Kate - Given the circumstances couldn't we just have a memorial service at a future date. Chad - And talk about memories of Andre? Kate - But a funeral, really. Do you think people are going to be lining up to say their fond farewells. All they'll be there for is to gawk. Chad - We'll keep it private. I think that would be easier for everyone anyways. Abby can say the eulogy unless Stefan thinks that's his job now as head of the family. Kate - OMG Vivian will really love a funeral. It gives her a golden opportunity to talk about herself. Chad - Abby is going to really miss him, me too. Kate - I kind of feel like a black widow you know. Curtis, Stefano, Andre. Chad - Wow Andre always had the theory that father was still alive though. Kate - You know I've been thinking about that a little bit. In the last few weeks another one of Stefano's sons has materialized and then Andre is murdered. If there ever was a time that was right for Stefano to come out of hiding it would be now don't you think.

Rafe and Eli come into the interrogation room. Hope - How'd you do? Eli - We got all the security footage and logs from 24 hrs before the murder and 24 hrs after. Hope - Who gave you permission? Rafe - Stefan, once he saw that warrant. So we're going to be watching lots of footage, see what we find.

Segment 7 Gabi comes through the gates into the park and sees Lani sitting on the bench. Hey Lani. You okay? Lani - I will be. Gabi - What does that mean? Lani - I have something that I need to tell you.

Kate - Seriously, I do not think I could deal with Stefano coming back. Chad - Not this week. Kate - It's hard to believe that any of this is going on. Chad - I know but I really did hate being on the outs with you. So if there's anything good that can come from this it would be us getting over what happened with Theo. Kate - Yes thank God for that because you knowing about my part in that was unbearable. Hug.

Abby pulls back. I should find Chad. He doesn't know the police were here.

Eli - When I was a little kid my Mom took me to this movie called Fanny and Alexander. She said it was one of Ingmar Berman's greatest films. I was 8, it was over 3 hours long and it was in Swedish. I'd rather sit here and watch that again than watch DiMera Ent camera footage. Hope gets an alert - Sorry I have to go. The Deputy Mayor wants to see me right away. Sorry. She leaves. Rafe - Alright lets get to work then. They stat watching footage. They see Andre in the hallway talking on his cell. Rafe stops it. Check the report because I don't remember a phone being found. Eli - You're right. Andre goes into this office. Eli - If there's a God the killer will follow him in there. They watch. Rafe - Well, well, what do you know. It looks like your prayers have just been answered.


Monday Jan 29

Director: David Shaughnessy
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1 Hope is working in her office. Knock. Come in. JJ - Hey Hope. Hope - Hi honey. JJ - I'm just looking for Lani, have you seen her? Hope - Actually I think she said something about going out to get some fresh air. JJ - Is that all she said? Was she alright?

Gabi sees Lani in the park. Lani, are you okay? Lani - I will be. Gabi - Hey, what does that mean. Lani - I have something I need to tell you. Gabi - You sound serious. Lani - Maybe you should sit down ... if you have the time. This isn't easy for me to talk about and ... Gabi - I don't have a job. I've been fired so I have all the time in the world. So take your time, it's okay. Lani - Maybe bumping into you when you're alone ... maybe I'm supposed to tell you. I keep going back and forth. Gabi - Okay just tell me whatever it is. I'm here. Lani - I'm pregnant.

Rafe and Eli are watching the surveillance tape. Eli - So why do you think Vivian was going into his office. They didn't even get along. Rafe - Vivian didn't get along with anyone. Eli - Well I can see why. 20 seconds after she crashed the DiMera NYE party I hated her. Rafe - 20 seconds? That's actually very tolerant. Eli - She was across the board rude, offensive to everyone and she really zeroed in on Andre. He gave it right back to her. Rafe - Andre was never exactly the person who would turn the other cheek. Eli - To be fair she did liven up the party. Rafe - Yes she did, that is true. You know once she actually tried to kill a bride at a reception. Eli - Weddings are always a little stressful. Rafe - Okay we've got Anna on tape with the murder weapon but Vivian's certifiable as well. Eli - She's a suspect too. Rafe - Right at the top of the list. He watches the tape - Viv is going into Andre's office.

Viv comes into the D mansion living room. I heard the police were here. What was that about? Stefan - They were just collecting for the Police Benevolent League. Andre was murdered. Why the hell else do you think they were here! Viv - Well don't snap my head off, I'm under enough pressure. She picks up the warrant - What's this? Stefan - It's the warrant for the security footage from the cameras outside Andre's office. Viv exclaims and makes a call. Stefan - What are you doing. Viv - Calling the legal dept. We have to quash this. Stefan - It's too late, I've already turned over the footage. Viv - Are you out of your mind!

Anna is sitting at a table in the pub. Roman serves her and sits down. Anna - I just feel so all alone. Roman - Well you're not, I'm right here. Anna - Tony isn't. He's in the evidence locker down at Salem PD. God only knows what else is in there with him. You know what gives me a small measure of comfort. Roman - What? Anna - That he was all nice and polished up when this happened. I mean if he had to be a murder weapon at least he looked his best. Roman - That's looking on the bright side. Anna - You know what else. Roman - I'm afraid to ask. Anna - I'm thinking that it was divine retribution. Even though he was dead it was Tony that killed Andre. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord and I will repay. And Andre got repaid in spades for what he did to my Tony. That little creep finally got what was coming to him. Roman - Whoa, okay. Anna I think you need to keep those thoughts to yourself. They could be misconstrued. Anna - You're always looking out for me. Roman - Well I try. You don't make it easy. Anna - But I do worry that you shouldn't have told the police that we were together that night. Roman - Don't worry about it. Anna - But I do, Hope told me that I shouldn't let you lie for me, that you could end up getting hurt. Roman, I would hate that. Roman - It's not a big deal. I just bought us a little time so we could figure out how to deal with everything and I'm sure that it's all going to work out now because John's on the case. Anna - You told John! Roman - Yes I did. We need to find out who wrote that letter and John is the best. Anna - You showed him the letter! Roman, my God, do you realise what you've done.

Repeat of John pouring poison into Steve's iced tea. So what do you make of it? Steve - Well let's break it down. We know that Anna is the prime suspect since she owns the probable murder weapon. John - She went around and told everyone that Andre should pay for what he did often, publically. Steve - So Roman gave Anna the alibi. Do you believe it? John - I believe that he's worried about her. Steve - If the cops can put her at the crime scene that gives her means, motive and opportunity. Roman should be worried.

Hope - Actually Lani seemed a little under the weather today. She said it was hormonal. That she's pregnant. JJ - She told you. Hope - Yes, she said you were thrilled about it. JJ - Yeah. Hope - So was she not supposed to tell me? Was I not supposed to know. JJ - No she has the right to tell anyone she wants obviously. It just surprises me that's all. Hope - Congratulations. She hugs him. I'm so happy for you. That's great news. JJ - Yeah. Hope - You are happy about it, aren't you? JJ - Yeah, over the moon actually. It surprises me a little too. I always knew I wanted kids. It's just that I pictured myself older and married, solid career, living in a nice house. Hope - It does seem nowadays that people aren't starting families until they're in their 30's, sometimes even later. JJ - You think that Lani and I are too young, is that what you're saying? Hope - No I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way, not at all. I was just thinking about something my Dad and Julie told me once about when they were younger. If a woman wasn't married by the age of 21 ... get this ... she'd be considered an old maid. JJ - Wow. Hope - That's totally crazy. Look at us now. Back to you and Lani. You said you were over the moon about the baby. JJ - Yeah, couldn't be more thrilled. Just the thought of holding my baby girl or boy in my arms. I can't wait for Lani to start showing, for the baby to start kicking. It's got to be amazing. Hope - It is. It's incredible. I remember like it was yesterday the very first time I felt Shawn Douglas kick. JJ - Like I said I can't wait to feel that. Hope - Have you told anyone else? JJ - Just my Mom. I want to tell the world but Lani wanted to keep it quiet that's why I'm surprised she told you. I don't know, maybe it means she's ready to start telling people.

Gabi - Pregnant. Was it planned? Were you trying? You two were thinking about it? Lani - No we weren't. Gabi - But you're happy about this right? Lani - I am. We are, it's just that when something comes as a surprise it's a bit of an adjustment. Gabi - Yes I can imagine. Arianna was a surprise. Not planned at all. I wasn't even in a real relationship at that point. Lani - That must have been hard. Gabi - Yeah it was and I was everything a woman can be when she's pregnant. And even with the best circumstances I was scared. I was worried about how my life was going to change. Could I travel or lot or could I travel at all. How was it going to affect my career. I was very worried about how my life was going to get complicated just because my baby's father was gay. Lani - Right but now you have the most wonderful little girl. Gabi - She's the best thing that's happened in my life and I can't imagine my life without her. Lani - She's an angel. Gabi - Yeah Arianna's a very lucky angel. She's got 2 daddies that care about her and love her so much and she's crazy about them because they love her so much. Right now it's a little difficult because Will still can't remember his past but they still have this great connection. Lani - That's really great. Just hearing you talk about being pregnant and overcoming all the difficulties ... you really cheered me up. Gabi - I'm glad it did. Listen your circumstances are very different. You and JJ are together, you're happy and I'm assuming he's happy about this. Lani - Yes he's really excited about the baby. Actually it's real cute. Gabi - How far along are you? Lani - I'm not that far along at all. That's why I've been waiting to tell people about it. It's still early in the pregnancy. Gabi - I'm glad you did. Lani - Well I figured you'd hear it sooner or later so I wanted you to hear it from me. Gabi - Lani when I first saw you, you seemed pretty upset and I know you're obviously happy about this pregnancy so that couldn't be it. Lani - I was upset because of Eli.

Segment 2 John watches as Steve drinks his iced tea. Steve - Yeah that's pretty inflammatory. It's clearly written to get Anna stirred up. John - Yeah, wouldn't take much, would it? Just mention Tony's name and she's off like a rocket. Steve - Yeah and who knew that ... anyone who ever talked to her. She carried his urn around, talked about him non-stop. John - Yeah, anybody that was at Doug's that night, they heard her threaten Andre. In fact I was talking to a waiter and he said ... I'm quoting here - I only can hope that someday you get exactly what's coming to you. And that dude was clear across the room. Steve - Oh man, so she accosted him in a crowded restaurant. John - So everyone there knows #1 that she had it in for Andre and #2 she's a very volatile woman. Steve - If anybody wanted Andre dead and we know probably a lot of people did, Anna made it pretty easy for that person to make her look like the murderer. John - You know how this whole thing wrapped up though. Roman, he came in, steered her away from Andre's table. Steve - So Roman got Anna under control. Roman gave her the alibi. Do you think he's lying to protect her. John - Steve I don't know for sure but I do know that he's just really overly protective of her. Steve - Do you think he thinks she did it? John - I think he's afraid she might have.

Roman - Listen we can trust John okay. He agreed to keep everything quiet. Anna - If that letter ... Roman - That letter was written by someone trying to manipulate you. It's no coincidence that letter propelled you to Andre's office the night he was murdered. Anna you are being set up. That's why I gave this to John. I did it to help you. I will continue to help you no matter what.

Rafe - We can't jump to conclusions. Just because we have a psychopath who's known for burying people alive entering the victim's office doesn't mean she's the one that killed him. Eli - Did you say buried people alive! Rafe - Long story. Eli - Back to the footage. Let's see if Anna DiMera shows up at his door.

Viv - Why did you give them the footage! It's only going to implicate us. How could you be so stupid! Kate is standing in the doorway.

Segment 3 Viv - How long have you been standing there. Kate - Long enough to hear you call sonny boy there stupid. Stefan - Kate I'm sorry about Andre. If there's anything that I can do to help ... Viv - Anything we can do. Kate - You know Vivian at times like this you should keep your big mouth shut. Kate leaves the room. Stefan - She's right. Viv - How dare you take her side over your own mother! Stefan - I'm not taking her side. She's right. You need to keep your big mouth shut or you're going to get us both in trouble.

Rafe and Eli watch Vivian go into Andre's office. A short while later Gabi walks up and knock's on the door. They watch as she goes inside. Rafe - You think I should recuse myself? Eli - No this is a break for us. Vivian is still in there. Rafe - You're right. This way we can know what they were talking about. Eli comments as Viv comes out. There she goes. She does not look happy. Rafe - She never does. Okay now Gabi's in there with him alone. FF. Eli - There she is. Gabi looks angry and upset. Rafe - If looks could kill.

Gabi - Why are you upset because of Eli. Lani - Like I told you I wanted to wait until I knew everything was okay with the baby before I told people. Gabi - I get that. People usually wait until after the first trimester to say anything. Lani - Now I know Eli knows about it. He heard it from his mother which she probably heard it from my father. Gabi - And you're upset that he knows. Lani - I just wish people wouldn't feel so compelled to talk about what's happening to my body. I should be the one telling people about it, right. Gabi - Yes you're right. However I will say people tend to love the idea of a new life entering this world. I mean what better news could there be. I could get how somebody could get super excited then blab about it a little. Lani - I know people mean well ... maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. Gabi - Exactly. When I was pregnant all it took was for someone to look at me funny and I would burst into tears. I mean, not every day but I would cry a lot. I was really moody. It comes with the territory so give yourself a break. Lani - I'll try. Gabi - Look I know this isn't how you probably imagined it but you must be at the end of your first trimester. I mean you and JJ were broken up until the end of the holidays so ... OMG, I just realised something.

Segment 4 JJ - Don't tell Lani I said this and it's going to sound caveman-like but I wish she didn't have such a dangerous job. Hope - You want her to stay home and knit, have dinner on the table by 5. JJ - No I just tried to talk her into taking it a little easier. Hope - And how did that work out for you? JJ - Not so good. Hope - I thought so. JJ - She's very independent which is one of the things I really like about her. Hope - Yeah me too. JJ - Do me a favour and sort of just watch out for her. Hope - Of course. Honey, absolutely. But she wants to stay in the field. JJ - Yeah, that's on me. She's the only one working right now. I'm looking for a job but it could take me some time. Hope - Good luck with that. I'd be more than happy to make a recommendation for you. JJ - Thank you. Hope - Hey JJ the last time we talked you said you were looking for focus ... looks like you found it. JJ - It found me. You know what's great, after these past few horrible months, being able to tell Theo about the baby before he left ... I told him I'm going to try to be a really good father. Hope - I have no doubt that you will be. No doubt at all.

Gabi - You must have been pregnant when you saw me and JJ that night. It must have been horrible for you knowing you were going to have his baby. I'm so sorry. Lani - Actually I didn't know. Gabi - Good and you know that nothing happened that night. Lani - You know Gabi that was a really terrible time for JJ and I'm just really glad you were a good friend to him. Gabi - It was a big relief to me that he was responding to what I was saying. I feel very grateful that an amazing person like JJ, that I could help him in that way. That I could help him realise what he had to live for and you're at the top of that list. Lani - I don't know if I belong there. Gabi - What are you talking about! That man is madly in love with you and now you're going to have a baby together. Some people would say you're too young, what's the rush but not me. I think it's great. I think that this is the best thing that could happen to the both of you. Lani - I think you're right. Gabi - I think it's great for JJ. It's going to give him a sense of purpose, it's going to help him keep healing. Oh before I forget, did you get that earring from Eli. Lani - Yeah he gave it to me. Gabi - It's so silly but when I found that earring I didn't know whose it was and I, like you, I jumped to the worst possible conclusion. I was pretty mad about it but I didn't stop to think that maybe you had just wanted to talk to him because you had just seen me and JJ and you were upset about that. Lani - I'm really glad everything is going well with you and Eli now. Gabi - Yeah, he's been my rock. I mean I don't even know if I'd have been able to get through these past couple of days without him. Losing my job, losing my company and then finding out Andre's been murdered. Lani - I'm very glad he was there for you. I need to get back to work. Gabi - Do you mind if I go with you. I want to check up on Eli. Lani - Sure. Gabi - I am so grateful that you and I, Eli and JJ can all be friends. That means the world to me. Lani - Me too Gabi.

Eli - From the timing and her punching the wall I'd say it's definite that she found out she was fired right then. Rafe - She should have punched him. Did Gabi talk to you about being fired that night? Eli - No. I tried to contact her but I didn't actually talk to her until the next day. Hell I wanted to punch him my damn self but Gabi said it wasn't worth it. What, I didn't want him dead. I did want him hurt but come on, firing her right before the launch after she had worked her butt off for that company. Rafe - I get it. Look I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I know I gave you a hard time about dating her but thanks. It means a lot to me that you want to hurt someone that hurts her. What's wrong? Eli - What you said about someone hurting her. I feel bad every time I think about it.

Viv - Don't presume to tell me how to handle myself. Look at all I've done and I'm still at large. I don't make mistakes. Stefan - Really mother? Cause Kate just walked in on you talking very loudly about security footage implicating us. I'd call that a mistake. Viv - Kate can tell the police anything she wants it won't mean a thing because everyone knows she hates me and she would love nothing more than to pin Andre's murder on me. Stefan - I'm worried about it being pinned on me. Viv - Which would be hearsay considering the solid information you just gave the police! Stefan - Do you ever listen to anything I say. They had a warrant. There was nothing I could do. Viv - They'll see us on the video. Stefan - Mother, we work there! We have a very innocent, very legitimate reason for being in the building. Viv - Tell me what is our innocent reason for being in his office with his dead body.

Segment 5 Hope - Honey as much as I would love to spend more time with you I've got to get back to work. It's so good to see you. JJ - Andre's murder, right? I know Abigail's close to him. I'm worried about her. Hope - I can't share any details with you so please just let her know that we're doing everything we can to find the killer. JJ - Thank you. Hope - Bye. Congratulations daddy-to-be.

Viv - You and I have very good reasons for wanting Andre dead and you know well what they are. If the police figure it out we're sunk. Stefan - They won't figure it out. They'll never see us on that footage. I made sure of it.

John watches as Steve drinks the rest of his iced tea. Steve - Okay I'll get this analyzed for prints. Roman's and Anna's are already on it, maybe the author's but I doubt it. The were careful enough to disguise their handwriting probably careful enough to wear gloves. John! John - I'm sorry, what was that? Steve - Is something bothering you? John - No just thinking. Steve - Okay so nothing about the letter or the envelope ring any bell with Anna. John - No Anna doesn't have any idea how or when that letter was placed in her purse. Steve - We'll get to the bottom of it, you can count on me. John - I know I can Steve.

Anna - Roman I appreciate everything you're doing for me but I can't help but be a nervous wreck. Maybe because carrying Tony's ashes around with me was somehow reassuring but now ... oh God I wish I'd never gone ... Roman - Anna you need to get your mind off that night. I need to check in with John, see if him and Steve learned anything. Anna - Steve! You told Steve too. Roman - No I didn't but I gave John permission to consult with Steve, they're partners. Anna - You know what you've done! Steve and Kayla think I'm nuts. I mean I shot Steve in Prague and you saw how they were with me when I tried to hire Steve to go after Stefano. He's going to take one look at that letter and he's going to think I wanted revenge on Andre. Roman - Anna Steve is a professional. I hired him and John to do a job. They're going to find out who sent that letter. Everything else you told me will remain secret. Kate walks in. There you are Anna, I thought you'd be in jail by now. Roman - Kate, sorry to hear about Andre. Kate - Yeah I'm sure you are. Now we're just waiting for that autopsy to be finished but I think we know what happened. I think we know Andre died as a result of having his head bashed in by Tony's urn. Does that sound about right Anna?

Rafe and Eli watch and see Kate go into Andre's office. Rafe FF's until the door opens. They see Andre and Kate in the hallway. They're in a struggle. Kate breaks fee and leaves. Eli - That wasn't long after Andre fired Gabi. Rafe - Kate was Gabi's biggest ally. She must have been upset by what Andre did. Eli - It looked like he was trying to calm her down. Rafe - It looks like he didn't. We'll need to talk to her, figure out what else was going on if anything besides that. They re-watch the footage and then keep watching. Anna shows up outside Andre's office door carrying the urn. Rafe - Son of ... Anna goes inside. Rafe - I knew it. I knew that she and Roman were lying and now I've got proof.

Segment 6 John - Listen partner I'm going to have to catch you later, there's something I've got to take care of. Steve - Yeah okay. I'll let you know as soon as I get word on the handwriting analysis. John - Sounds good. Steve - Hey John I really appreciate you having faith in me. John - What are you talking about! Steve - Anyone else might have dropped me over this. I only had one good eye to start with and now the other one's going bad. John - Not your fault man. Steve - I just want you to know I really like working with you. I couldn't ask for a better partner. John leaves.

Anna - I don't know what you're implying. Kate - I'm not implying anything. I'm stating it outright. You murdered my husband. Anna - That's not true. Roman - Kate I know you're upset ... Kate - No I'm beyond upset. My husband was brutally murdered Roman. My last time with him was ruined by this lunatic who came up and told him he was going to get what he deserved. Anna - I didn't do it. Roman - Anna was with me the entire night. Kate - Don't. I don't want to hear it. I don't believe a single word that comes out of your mouth. Everyone knew that Anna carried around that urn everywhere she went. She never took her eyes off of it and where did it end up. In Andre's office next to his dead body. So can either of you give me an answer for that. No, I didn't think so. So now Anna you're going to get exactly what you deserve.

Hope is in the interrogation room. Rafe - You were right. Roman lied. We've got Anna on tape going into Andre's office. Eli - Alone. Hope - Why am I not surprised. They watch the footage. Eli - Let's see how long she was in there. They see her come out. Hope - That was abrupt. Eli - But ... hold-up. He rewinds the footage. Nothing after 9:48pm Rafe - Looks like we have to talk to Stefan. Hope - You think! We have everything. We have Anna at the crime scene with the murder weapon. We have proof that she lied to us. Rafe - Yes Anna DiMera's been handed to us in a nice neat little package, maybe too neat.

Segment 7 John is in the park off the square on his cell. I'm going to need another dose. Well he may be naïve but no, I don't think it's crossed his mind that he's being poisoned by his best friend.

Steve is frustrated because even with his glasses on he can't read a damned word. He throws his glasses on the ground.

JJ is in the squad room when Lani and Gabi walk in. Perfect timing, I was just leaving. Hey Gabi, I'm sorry about your job. Gabi - Don't, you need to be happy about the baby. JJ - You told her! Gabi - She did. I'm just so excited, so happy for the both of you. JJ - I was just telling Hope how great it is that you're telling people. Gabi - Yeah it makes it more real. And when Lani starts showing it's going to be even more real. JJ - I can't wait for that. Gabi - One of the sweetest moments in my life if not the sweetest was when Ari kicked inside of me the first time. JJ - How far along were you? Gabi - I forget, 4 or 5 months but when it happens to you guys you'll go crazy. JJ - Like I said just talking about it and you telling people has made it seem more real. It's been a long time since I've loved reality, I do now.

Viv - How can you be so sure the police won't figure it out when they have all the footage. Stefan - Because I had the security cameras shut down before either of us did anything we need to worry about. So relax, the Salem PD will never connect us with what happened to him.

Roman - Kate, leave it alone. I know you're grieving but just back it off. He tells Anna that she doesn't need to answer anymore questions. She did not kill Andre. Anna sees Hope, Rafe and Eli entering the pub - Roman. Hope - I thought I'd find you two together. We need you to come down to the station with us. Roman - What's going on here. Hope - Damn it Roman, we have proof that you lied to us. You need to come down to the station as well. Read them their rights.


Tuesday Jan 30

Director: David Shaughnessy
Scriptwriter: Rebecca McCarty,<i>

Segment 1 Jen is outside Eric's door knocking and calling out his name. Eric - Come in. He's buttoning up his pants as she sticks her head inside.

JJ walks up to Lani who is sitting in the waiting area near the nurse's station. The vending machines don't have the healthiest food but I got a granola bar, some mango chips and water. Lani - You're sweet but I'm good. JJ - Kayla said she wants you hydrated and I agree, so does Junior. Lani takes the water. You really didn't have to come with me. It's just a routine exam. Blood pressure, vitals, weight ... really boring. JJ - There's nothing boring about having my child so you're stuck with me. And after all this little girl or guy is just as much my baby as it is yours, right. Kiss.

Eli is yelling into the phone in the squad room. I don't care what you've heard, I can't comment on an ongoing investigation. He slams the phone down. Val - Ouch. Eli - Hey Mom. I'm afraid I can't talk right now. I've got two suspects in on the Andre DiMera murder case. I'm a little crazed. Val - Okay I won't keep you. I just wanted to know if you got a chance to talk with Lani. Eli - Yes I did. Val - And? Eli - She said the baby's JJ's. Val - And you believe her?

Will is going through a box in his room. He pulls out a book, opens it and reads - To Will, I found the one in whom my soul delights, the man I'm destined to be with all the days of my life. I love you. Sonny Knock. It's Sonny.

Steve picks up his glasses just as Kayla walks up. Hey, I think these actually work better if you wear them. Have they been helping? Steve - They were helping and then they weren't and I'd like to know why.

Repeat of John talking on his cell in the square requesting another dose and saying he doesn't think it's crossed Steve's mind that he's being poisoned by his best friend. Paul is standing behind him.

Sonny - Can I come in? Will - Sure. What brings you by? Sonny - Well I wanted to see if what Brady told me was true. Will - That what was true? Sonny - That right after you moved out of my place you moved straight to Paul's.

John - Yeah right I'll just wait for your call. Paul - Dad, hey what's going on. John - Hey what are you doing sneaking up on your old man like that. Paul - No I just finished ? I saw you across the way. Looked like a pretty serious phone call. John - Just a work call with Steve. Paul - I thought I heard you say his name. Is there anything I should know with the case? John - No. A client wants to keep it between me and Steve for now. Paul - Okay. You mind holding this water while I tie my shoe. Paul watches as John puts the vial in his pocket. What was that in your hand?

Kayla - I thought the glasses were working. Steve - Not any more. My vision's blurry again. It's worse than before. Kayla - And the dizziness. Steve - Still dizzy. Kayla - Okay that's it. Let's go. Steve - Where? Kayla - We're going to go to the hospital. Steve - No baby come on ... Kayla - No excuses okay. You have a problem. Steve - It could get better on it's own. I don't have to go to the hospital. Kayla - You're a tough guy and you think you can power through anything but this is serious okay. We need to get you to the hospital. We need to do some tests and a full checkup. Steve - Can we do it tomorrow, I have a lot of work to do. Kayla - Work can wait. Look we are in this together. Let's go.

Segment 2 Jen is inside Eric's room now. I should have called first. Actually I did call, you didn't answer so I ... Eric - I went for a run with Paul. I didn't have my phone with me. Jen - No of course. Listen why don't I go and when you're done getting dressed I ... Eric - No, it's alright. Are you okay? Jen - No I'm not, I have some bad news. Eric - Is it the baby? Jen - No, JJ and Lani's baby is fine. It's your father. Eric - What happened? Jen - He's in police custody.

Eli - I believe Lani. The truth is the baby isn't mine. Val - Eli it's not that simple. You're with Gabi, she's with JJ. Maybe for Lani the truth isn't quite as important as not blowing your lives up, turning them upside down. Eli - She's two months pregnant Mom. She's already told me that when she spent the night she was already pregnant so there's nothing there. Val - I would just hate for you to be kept in the dark about a child that could be yours. Eli - Kind of like how you kept my father in the dark about me.

Lani is eating the mango chips. These aren't bad. JJ - Who knows, maybe they'll be your first craving. Lani - I think I'll hold out for pepperoni pizza with jalapenos. Dr. Shah walks up. JJ Deveraux. JJ stands up and shakes the doctor's hand. I am. Do we know each other? Henry - I'm Dr. Shah. I'm a friend of your mother's and I recognised you from the picture she showed me of you and your sister Abigail. JJ - Nice to meet you. This is my girlfriend Lani Price. We're pregnant. Lani - JJ! JJ - Sorry I can't help myself. Henry - Congratulations. JJ - I thought I knew most of my Mom's friends. Henry - Actually we've gone out. JJ - You're dating. Henry - I guess she didn't mention it. JJ - Well I have been a little preoccupied. Henry - Having babies will do that. JJ - But trust me I do plan to grill my Mom about her love life the next time I see her. Henry - You do that. It was nice to meet you both. JJ - You too. Kayla sees Henry. Henry, just the man I'm looking for. Henry - What can I do for you? Kayla - I was wondering if you have some time on your schedule today, if you could squeeze my husband in. Henry - Actually I have some time now. What's the problem? Steve - Well I've been having a little trouble with my eyesight. Kayla took me to the eye doctor, he gave me these glasses here. They worked for a little while but then ... the blurry vision is back with or without them. Kayla - He's dizzy, he has headaches. I just think there's some underlying cause. Henry - I'd be happy to run some tests, see what I can find. Kayla - That'd be great, thank you. You be a good patient, you hear me. Kiss. Steve - I'm always good baby. Which way? Kayla sees JJ and Lani. I'm sorry I'm late. JJ - Is that all that you have to say to your nephew. Kayla - Excuse me. JJ - Where's the congratulations, you're going to be a father. Lani - JJ insisted on coming. JJ - Someone has to keep her fed and hydrated. Lani - I told him it wasn't necessary. Kayla - Lani's right. Just going to get some history, do some basic tests ... nothing exciting. JJ - Sounds like you're trying to get rid of me. Kayla - Of course not, it's just that you're not really needed right now. Lani - And there's that Bulls game on. I know you really want to watch it. Kayla - Knowing my brother, I'm sure he has it on at the Pub. Lani - Don't you want to go, have a beer ... JJ - Are you sure? Lani - Yes. JJ - Okay. I will see you in a little while then. Kiss. JJ - And just in case you're wondering I made sure she took every single prenatal vitamin. Bye. Kayla - Well my nephew's pretty excited about the baby. Lani - He is and that's a good thing considering he's the father.

Segment 3 Eric - My Dad was arrested! What did he do? Jen - It involves Anna. Eric - Of course it does. What do you know? Jen - I don't know much. I got a tip from my contact at the station. Anna was arrested for Andre's murder and unfortunately Roman gave her an alibi for the night. Eric - He lied for her! Do you know what the specific charges were. Jen - No I don't know anything except that they're both being processed right now. Eric - I should call Kayla. Jen - Please if you could just hold off on that. My contact didn't want this to go public. I just felt that you should know. Eric - And thank you for that. I should get down there. Jen - You won't be able to see him for a couple of hours so ... Eric - Even if you're family. Jen - I'll go with you.

Eli - Mom I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to come out like that. Val sits down. Eli one of the biggest regrets of my life is that I kept your father away from you. But I made that decision out of fear and I'll always be sorry for it. Eli - I was angry for a long time Mom but I understand now that you were just trying to protect me. Val - And I still am. If this child is yours Eli I want you to have what your father didn't have, a chance to fall in love with your child, with your son or your daughter. Eli - Mom the baby isn't mine. I trust Lani and if Lani said it wasn't mine then it isn't. She knows I wouldn't back away from my responsibility if it was. Val - Exactly because you're not that kind of man. You're kind and strong and generous, the kind of man who should know if he's going to be a father. And that's why I want to make sure Lani is telling you the truth.

Will - I didn't move in with Paul. Sonny - But you're under the same roof. Will - Yeah because my cousin owns this place and he gave me a great deal. And with no job right now I need a great deal. Sonny - Okay but if money was the problem you could have just stayed with me. Will - Why? Because that's who I am. I'm a guy who leeches off someone that I don't ... Sonny - That you don't what? That you don't love anymore. Will - This is what I need to do Sonny. This is where I need to be. Sonny - Here. How about Marlena's? What about your Dad? He just got out of rehab. Will - Nice perfectly safe incubators filled with family pictures and walks down memory lane until one day I wake up and oh I remember the Will that I used to be but that's not what I want. Sonny - So you don't want to remember. Will - I want to be the man that I am right now. I don't want to put my life on hold hoping that I'll remember something that I might not ever. And that's why I'm here. That's why I'm on my own. It's time for me to move on. Sonny - And leave me behind. I hate this band ... do you know that. He holds up the CD. Did Paul give you this? Will - It was in the stuff that Mom packed for me, not that I remember it either. Sonny picks up the book Will was looking at. Something else you don't remember. Will - I did read the inscription though. It's very sweet. Sonny - I gave this to you the night I proposed. And I still feel the same way about you Will, every word. Will - I know but that's why I had to move out. It's not fair to you, to give you hope for a future when I don't feel that way. Sonny - Is hope a terrible thing? Will picks up a legal sized envelope. I was going to wait to give this to you but since you're here. Sonny opens it. Divorce papers.

Segment 4 John pulls out the vial. Homeopathic eye drops. Paul - I didn't know that you were using eye drops. Everything okay? John - Just grown into some allergies I guess. Paul - Yeah, I hope it clears up. John - Don't worry about it, the situation will be over soon. Paul - Good. I'll see you later. He leaves. John - You forgot your water kid.

Eli - Last time Mom, let it go. Val - Okay but you have to admit the timing is so close ... Eli - Mom, please! No more questions, promise me. Val - Okay fine, I'll let it go. I'll just ignore every alarm in my body and be nothing but happy for Lani and JJ and their baby. Jen walks up - Valerie, you heard about JJ and Lani's baby. Val - Yeah we just heard the news. Jen - JJ is so excited. Val - I'm sure and you too. You're going to be a grandmother again. Jen - We'll be grandmother's together. I'm sorry, I know that you're not married to Abe yet but ... Val - Oh grandmothers!

Kayla is with Lani in an exam room. Well everything looks great. I think you might need a little more rest. Remember to eat and keep taking those prenatal vitamins. Lani - Like JJ would let me forget, you heard him. Kayla - About what you said about JJ being the father earlier, you haven't given any more thought about being honest about who the father really is. Lani - I thought about it, I really did but now my father knows, he told Valerie, JJ told Theo, his Mom. People know. Kayla - Does the father know you're pregnant? Lani - Yeah I told him. Kayla - What was his reaction? Did he wonder if maybe he was the father? Lani - Of course he did and I lied. I told him this baby is JJ's. Kayla - And he accepted that. Lani - Why wouldn't he? I'm sure he was totally relieved. He's one of those noble guys. He would want to step in and help me raise the kid. Kayla - A man like that would like to know if he had a child. Lani - Well his relationship and mine with JJ would just crash and burn. It's not a happy family picture for anyone. Kayla - What about the baby, it's future? Keeping a lie like this ... Lani - Kayla the baby will be loved. Kayla - Of course it will be but there is still time to reconsider. Lani - And do what? The right thing. This is the right thing for me and for JJ and this baby. Look I know you don't approve of it but it's how it has to be. I know I'm doing the right thing, I know it.

Will - I'm sorry but if we're making a break it should be a clean one. Sonny - Well that didn't take long. Will - I know this is hard ... Sonny - Is it? Is it hard because you don't seem to have a problem getting on with your life. Will - Everything is in order. It's a straightforward no fault divorce so as soon as you look it over and sign then we can file. Sonny - Just like that, so easy. Just the wave of a pen and poof we never happened. Will - We did happen Sonny. I'm sorry I can't be the man that you loved. Sonny - One day you are going to remember our life together. Was it perfect? No but we did love each other ... you, me and Ari and you're going to remember that. And when you do you're going to realise that everything I wrote in that book is true. He leaves.

Segment 5 Eric - Please tell me what my Dad's being charged with. Obstruction of justice, what? Eli - The charges will be up to the DA. Eric - I can't believe this. Can I at least call an attorney for him. Eli - I believe Roman and Anna have already spoken to their daughter but I can confirm that. Jen - Carrie! She'd have to fly in from Switzerland. Eric - There's got to be something more I can do. Eli - I'm sorry but you guys won't be able to talk to him for several hours. Might as well go home.

Lani is finishing up getting dressed in the exam room. Val knocks and comes in. Hi. Lani - I thought you were Dr. Johnson. If you need the room ... Val - I was hoping that we could talk. Lani - Sure, what's up? Val - Eli told me about what happened between you two on Christmas Eve. Lani - He told you. Val - Yeah and now you're pregnant. Lani - It was a mistake. That's why I've already spoken with Eli about my pregnancy. I don't want him thinking ... Val - That the baby is his. Lani - Because it's not, this baby is JJ's. Val - And you're 100% sure of that? Lani - I'm a little over 2 months along, it's definitely JJ's not Eli's. Val - Cause that would be the most convenient. Lani - And it's also the truth. Again your son and I made a mistake, one that we regret but it would be really great if you could just accept the truth and be happy for me and JJ. Val - Yeah of course. Hug. Lani - Thank you. Lani leaves.

JJ is having a beer at the bar at the Pub. Sonny walks up - Hey. JJ - Hey, you missed the game, Bulls lost. Sonny - I haven't really kept up. JJ - What! They're your favourite team. Sonny - I know, just been a little preoccupied. JJ - Being CEO will do that! He sees the envelope - What's all this? Sonny gives it to him. JJ - Divorce papers. Sonny I'm so sorry. Sonny - Me too. JJ - I thought Will was into making it work. Sonny - It's hard to make it work when only one person remembers how amazing we were. JJ - Sonny maybe he just needs more time. Sonny - JJ I have tried to be optimistic but all he wants is his freedom and this is his ticket. It's just crazy. I got this miracle, right. The love of my life comes back into my life but then it turns out that the future I wanted to have with him is nothing but a black hole. JJ - I know about black holes. After I shot Theo I saw no way out. Sonny - I should have been there for you btw, I'm really sorry. JJ - No it's okay. What I'm trying to say is as dark as things can get ... Sonny - Please don't tell me that the sun will come up tomorrow. JJ - My point is my life has never been better and I'm really looking forward to the future. With the baby on the way I've never been ... Sonny - Wait, hold it, back up. Did you just say baby. JJ - Lani and I are pregnant. She's due in August. Sonny - That is amazing news! Congratulations. Hug. JJ - You'll have to give me some Dad tips. Sonny - I've got millions of Dad tips. JJ - These are just papers, what matters is what's in your heart. And in time I hope that Will will see that as well. Sonny - You're not the only one.

Will is reading the book Sonny gave him when someone knocks. It's Paul holding a tool box. Do you still need this? Will - I still have pictures to hang up so yeah. Do you want to come in? Paul - No thanks anyway. Will - Okay. Everything okay? Paul - Not really. Will - Do you want to talk about it? Paul - Yeah I'd like that. He comes in.

Segment 6 Jen and Eric take their coffees and sit at a table in the square. Eric - I can't believe my Dad has gotten into this mess because of Anna DiMera ... lying for her! Jen - Roman wouldn't have done what he did unless he felt he had to Eric. Eric - I hope you're right. Anna's really gotten to him. Jen - Well think about it. They have a lot of history together. Eric - Yeah but a lot of it's not great. WTH is he thinking! Jen - I don't know. Sometimes we do things for people that we care about that just seem crazy. Eric - He's got to be crazy to cover for her that's for sure. This could take ages. Jen - Or maybe Roman is just trying to help someone he really loves. Eric - ? Doesn't he understand the risk. He's jeopardizing everything! His future. Jen - Yeah. That kind of reminds me of someone I know who found an injured convict, brought her home, hid her from the authorities and "borrowed" some medical supplies from the local hospital. That's crazy. Eric - No that was different. It was Hope. It was the right thing to do. What! Jen - You Brady men, you just want to save the world. Just admit it and drink your hot chocolate.

Will hands Paul a beer. Paul sits on the edge of the bed. Thanks. Will - So what's going on? Paul - I wish I knew and in a weird way it affects you too. Will - Okay well now you have my attention. He sits down on a chair. Paul - It's my Dad. I think he's doing something terrible. Will - Isn't your Dad like a superhero. Paul - Yeah I've always thought so but after what I heard ... Okay look, I'm not completely sure but I swear I heard him tell someone on the phone that he was poisoning his best friend Steve Johnson. Will - Maybe it was like some sort of code, working on a case together. Paul - We're all partners at Black Patch. If it were a case I would have known about it. Anyway when I confronted him he said he was talking to Steve. He totally lied. Something is wrong. I can feel it in my gut. Will - Okay do you have any other proof that he's poisoning Steve other than overhearing him on the phone. Paul is pacing - That's the thing. Steve's vision has gotten blurry and he's having these dizzy spells and headaches. And my Dad had a vial of liquid in his hand. When I joined him he tried to hide it. Will - Did you ask him about it? Paul - Yeah he said they were eye drops. Will - You're close with your Dad, right? Paul - He's never been anything but honest with me. For him to just lie to me so blatantly ... what if he's really doing something to hurt Steve.

John is sitting on the park bench. A man walks up. John - You got it. The man hands him another vial. John - You don't waste any time, do you? Man - You know how important this is. You're not having second thoughts are you?

Val walks up to Kayla at the nurse's station. There you are, busy at work I see. Kayla - Oh I'm sorry, I've got to go talk to my husband. Hey how'd the exam go. What did Dr. Shah say about your symptoms. Steve - I think we should talk about it in your office. Val sees Lani's chart. She picks up several folders and walks away.

Segment 7 Eric - I can't thank you enough for telling me about me Dad, talking me down. Jen - You would have done the same for me. Eric - You know I'm really sorry about the other night. Jen - I overreacted. Eric - It's going to be a while before I can see my Dad, maybe I can take you to dinner ... Henry walks up - Hi Eric, I thought that was you. Jen - Hi. Henry - I was going to call you to see where you wanted to go for dinner but since you're here we can go now. Jen - Yeah. That would be great. Are you good? Eric - Absolutely. Jen - I'll check in with you later. Eric - Thanks again for everything.

Eli recalls Lani telling him she's 2 months along. The baby is JJ's. He makes a call. Hey Gabi, I was calling to see if we're still on for dinner tonight. Yeah, I'm free as a bird. Perfect. I'll see you soon. Bye.

Lani joins JJ at the pub. JJ - Hey beautiful. Kiss. Lani - Hey yourself. How was the game? JJ - Bulls lost. Lani - Sorry. JJ - It's okay. I had much bigger things to think about. Like baby names, crib and cradle, foot massages and birthing class. Lani - Stop it. JJ - You're going to have to get used to it. You and this baby are the most important things in my life. How'd your appointment go. Lani - Everything's fine, perfect. JJ - Oh we're having a baby. Kiss. Hug.

Val goes into an exam room and opens Lani's records. Okay let's see if you're telling my son the truth Miss Lani Price. Oh! She closes the folder.

Sonny is in the K mansion living room sitting at the desk. He picks up a pen to sign the divorce papers.

Will - You honestly think your Dad could be poisoning Steve. Paul - I don't want to but ... we were at the pub the other day and my Dad and Steve were joking around like they always do. But the idea that my Dad could play it so normal with Steve and be secretly poisoning him ... that terrifies me. Will pulls out his phone. Paul - Who are you calling? Will - Marlena. If something is going on with John she needs to know about it.

John stands up - Second thoughts. Can you blame me, this is Steve Johnson. He's not just my business partner, he's my best friend. Man - Cry yourself to sleep. Just get the job done. The man walks away. John stares at the vial.

Kayla - My office. The diagnosis isn't good, is it? Steve - No sweetness, not so good.


Wednesday Jan 31

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: Sarah Jenkins

Segment 1 Brady comes into his bedroom and sees Victor sitting in a chair having a drink. Granddad you scared the hell out of me. What are you doing in here! Vic - Getting your attention. Brady - You have it. What do you want? Vic - We need to talk Brady. Brady - About what? Vic - About the harlot that you're sharing your bed with.

Eve walks into the K mansion living room and sees Sonny sitting at the desk. Well if it isn't the CEO in action. Is that a big Titan contract there Sonny. You need any help with the big words. Sonny - Actually it's divorce papers from Will. Eve - Oh so the party's over, the marriage is ending. Sonny - Maybe not.

Paul - Please don't call Marlena. Will - Paul you overheard your Dad say he was poisoning Steve. Paul - I don't know what I heard okay. I could be totally off base about this. He could be talking about something else. Will - He said he was poisoning his best friend. What else could he be talking about. Paul - Please just give me a little bit of time to check this out. I will figure it out, I promise. Do not call Marlena, not yet.

John stares at the vial of poison and recalls calling and asking for another dose. Marlena comes into the Pub. John puts the vial in his pocket. Well I don't know about you ... kiss ... but dinner with the love of my life is exactly what I need right now. Wow, are you okay? You look like you've just lost your best friend.

Kayla closes her office door. Now you're scaring me. What did Dr. Shah say? Steve - Well he's not sure yet. Kayla - He's not sure about what? What's causing the blurry vision, the dizziness, the headaches, what. Come on, talk to me. Steve - They ran some tests and he says it's some kind of auto-immune disease. Kayla - Some 'kind' of auto-immune disease. He couldn't be more specific than that? Steve - He says that whatever's going on with me, he's never seen a case like it before. He says he can try and control my symptoms but it's a chronic illness. There's no cure.

Tripp is outside the apt door. He hears Ciara and Claire yelling at each other. He comes in when they're screaming at each other - WTH IS GOING ON! Claire - I was video chatting with Theo and Ciara kept butting in. Ciara - I was just sparing him from Claire's ? so he could go to bed. She hates that we have an actual connection. Claire - I'm his girlfriend genius. Ciara - Yeah well I'm his best friend. Tripp - Would you two stop please. I can not take this anymore.

Kayla - No there is no actual cure for auto-immune disease but depending on the specific type there are ways to keep it under control. Steve - Well he doesn't know what type of disease I have so he wants me to see a specialist, an immunologist. Kayla - Absolutely and you're going to see the best there is. I'm going to call and get you in right now. Did Dr. Shah say anything else? Steve - Yeah he said that it was strange how this has gotten worse in just a few days. He couldn't explain it but they took some blood so we should get some answers from that soon.

John - Just hung up on a case, sorry. Marlena gets a call. I'm sorry, I'll just turn this off. Oh it's Will. I'll call him back later. John - Go ahead, take it. Marlena - Alright. Hi Will. Will - Hi I need to talk to you in person, it's important. Marlena - I'm just having dinner with John. Why don't you join us at the Brady Pub. Will - No I can't do that right now. Why don't you come over here after you're done ... alone. Marlena - Sure, is something wrong? Will - Nothing major but I'll just see you later then. Marlena - Okay I'll see you there. Bye bye. John - What was that about? Marlena - I have no idea.

Segment 2 Brady - What about Eve? Vic - The last time we dredged up the subject of that miserable woman you were going to charm her, marry her and rip Basic Black from her sweaty claws. Brady - It's working. We're going to have the company back soon, I can feel it. Vic - Well I prefer thinking to feeling. Enlighten me. Where are you in this master scheme? Brady - She doesn't completely trust me yet. She's questioning my motives. Oh and your favourite nephew Sonny almost screwed it all up.

Eve - So what do you mean your marriage might not be over. Sonny, are you going to contest the divorce. Sonny - Yes I am with the help of my Dad. Eve - Justin's a great lawyer and he could probably hold off the proceedings for a while but aren't you fighting a losing battle here. Sonny - Are you a relationship expert all of a sudden. You don't know anything about me and Will. Eve - What's there to know really. He doesn't want to be married to you anymore and you're trying to change his mind, right. Sonny - If I could just get him to remember what we had ... Eve - But he doesn't remember. He doesn't. It's called amnesia. Isn't that the official diagnosis, right. Sonny - Yeah, you know what, screw the official diagnosis. Eve - My point is that sometimes you just have to let go Sonny. Sonny - Okay, here's my point. You shouldn't be giving advice on marriage when all it is to you is a fad, something that you get bored with. How many times did you walk down the aisle. Do you even know the number? Wow, that many. See what Will and I have, it actually means something and the promise we made to each other was sacred. So do me favour don't teach people about love when you're incapable of feeling it yourself.

Paul - Damn it Will. Seriously! If I had known you were going to rat out my Dad ... Will - I get that you're looking out for you Dad but if John is capable of hurting his best friend then he's probably also capable of hurting his wife. Paul - He cares about Marlena. He would never hurt her. Will - Doesn't he care for his best friend. You can't know anything in a situation like this but if something happened to Marlena and I didn't say anything I could not live with that. Paul - I care about Marlena too and if I thought that she was in any immediate danger I would have told her myself. But whatever my Dad was talking about on that call had to do with Steve and before I confront him I need to know the facts. And for now I've got to believe that there's a reasonable explanation for all of this. Will - What possible explanation could there be for him to poison his best friend.

Marlena - I reached out to Kate to see how she was doing after Andre's death. John - Yeah how was she. Marlena - She's obviously in shock. She developed some real feeling for him you know. I can't say that I was a big fan of his but I do have to admit he came a long way. He became a fairly decent person. John - ? Marlena - Just more proof that people can change. They can surprise you. John - Not always in a good way. Marlena - Wow, the way you said that. John - Just making an observation. Marlena - The look on your face too. In fact it's the look you've had all evening off and on. What's going on here? John - I'm sorry Doc. I've just got a lot on my mind lately. I got this problem I need to solve and I don't know how. Marlena - Alright, maybe if you tell me about it I could help you. John - What I'm going to share with you has to stay right here between us.

Segment 3 Tripp - So this is what happens whenever I go to work. You two become bratty little pre-schoolers. Look I get that you both miss Theo. That should bring you closer together, not tear you apart. Did you ever think that maybe you're both feeling the same thing and maybe if you talked about it instead of borderline hand to hand combat you might feel better. Ciara - That sounds like an excellent solution except Claire doesn't give a damn about what people feel. Claire - Except for the fact that I totally do and you're too clueless and self-absorbed to even know it. Ciara - Excuse me but am I the one that looks in the mirror 2 million times a minute. Who spends practically the entire day on social media bragging ... Tripp - OMG, enough already! I just worked a double shift. I'm tired, I'm starving, I smell like a BLT and I don't feel like being a referee in my own house. All I want to do is take a shower, eat my crappy leftovers and go to bed. Is that really too much to ask. Claire - No I mean it totally wouldn't be if Ciara would stop competing with me over Theo and everything else. Ciara - Oh please, I would not lower myself to compete with you. And to say it's not a level playing feel ... Tripp pounds his hand down on the counter. STOP right now and do not start again until the door is closed and there's a pillow over my head okay. You guys really suck, you know that. He goes to his room.

Brady - Sonny had the brilliant idea to warn Eve that I was using her. Vic - I hope you did damage control. Brady - I did my damnedest but she's a tough one to read. Either way I have to build up her trust in me. Vic - Well it's clear that sex is not enough. Seduction is not going to get her to the altar. You'll have to change your strategy. Romance her, get her to fall in love with you. Brady - I suppose even a gold-digger like Eve deep down craves love, right? Vic - Without a doubt. You'll get her trust back. The question is are you able to get her to fall in love with you without you falling in love at the same time.

Eve - Just to fact check your little sermon just now. I have felt love Sonny, many times. Sonny - Please don't tell me that you and Deimos had this great love story because not humans do not count. Eve - Alright, you got me there. My relationship with Deimos was not a love connection and neither was my marriage to your Uncle Jack. Sonny - You're not making much of a case for yourself. Eve - But my relationship with Eduardo was the real thing, it was a real marriage. Sonny - Until he left you because he was lying about his identity the entire time you were together. Eve - And Frankie Brady. We were very much in love. We were crazy about each other. And when we met we were probably about the same age when you and Will met. And I thought I would actually spend the rest of my life with him. Sonny - What happened? Eve - Life happened. Sometimes you can fight and fight and fight for love but it just fades away. So I get where you're coming from with your relationship with Will. I know that you really, really want to hold on but sometimes you just have to be practical. Sonny - Is that what you're doing with Brady, being practical.

Kayla - Okay you have an appointment with the best immunologist in the area. It's all taken care of. You okay? Steve - I think there's a positive side to finding out I might be sick because it makes me realise how precious every day is. And I'm lucky because I get to spend all my days with you. Kayla - Listen to me, we don't even know what your problem is yet so let's not get ahead of ourselves alright. Steve - You're right. I'm sorry baby, it's just a lot to think about. Kayla - I know. Hug.

John - I don't even know how to say this. Marlena - Just say it. John - Alright. Marlena gets a call. I'm sorry, I'll turn this off. John - Go ahead and take it, this can hold. Marlena - Oh it's Carrie. Hi honey. Wait, wait, wait. When did this happen? Why Roman? I see. Okay, thank you for letting me know and as soon as you know anything please call me back. Okay. Bye bye. Roman and Anna have been arrested. The police seem to be able to place Anna at the scene of the crime. John - So Roman's alibi was bogus. Marlena - We have to help her, she must be terrified. John - We are working to clear her Doc. Roman asked Steve and I if we'd look over a letter she received. Maybe there's some more information in there. Marlena - What was in the letter? John - I can't really go into details but it's possible she's being set up. Marlena - So this is the case you're working on, that's why you're so distracted. John - Yeah. Marlena - You know maybe if you tell me something about it maybe I can help. John - I wish I could Doc but the more I think about it I think it's better to keep it between Steve and me. It's safer that way. Look why don't you go over to Will's. It sounds like he really needed you. Marlena - Sure. John you're a good man and you're a very good friend. Kiss. She leaves.

Segment 4 Brady - Don't worry, I'm in no danger of falling in love with anyone these days especially not Eve. Vic - Let's not forget you have a tendency to fall for anyone with a pulse in heels. Brady - Well don't worry about that. I'm done. After Kristen, Theresa, Nicole ... for God's sake. Vic - My point exactly. Brady - It's not going to happen. Love is not an option for me anymore. Vic - Until next week when it is. Brady - Granddad! Sonny did say one thing to me that kind of irked me. He said that you would probably never trust me again ... ever to be CEO. Is that true? Am I running around doing these tricks for you for nothing. Vic - Oh please don't insult me. I carry out my promises. Just get Basic Black back ... Brady - And what, you'll put me in charge. Is that what you were going to say. Vic - If you're sober. Brady - Oh God. Vic - My God Brady you haven't gone to a meeting in what? Brady - I don't know. Why does that matter? Vic - You're not worth anything to me if you're not sober, or anyone else. Brady - I'm really beginning to wonder if you'll ever replace Sonny. You've always thought of him as the chosen one of the family and I'm sick of it. Where does it leave me! Vic - Just carry out your assignment. You'll be justly rewarded. Just get it done.

Eve - You're right about my relationship with Brady. It is just sex but you know what, for me right now that's all I want. But I have felt love and I hope someday I'll have a real marriage again. Sonny - Then why are you wasting your time with Brady, you know he's just using you. Uncle Vic fired him, he had nowhere to go so he crawled back into your bed. He's probably with you just to get back at Uncle Vic. Eve - Maybe I'm using him, did you ever think about that Sonny. Sonny - That's a great attitude. Maybe I will start taking your relationship advice. Eve - You know what I was just trying to help you but you just drag your divorce out for years. It's only going to cause more heartache and pain for everybody else involved. Go right ahead. She leaves the room.

Paul - I've heard a lot of stories about my Dad's past. For years the DiMera's messed with his head, trained him to be a loyal soldier, carried out their sick plots. Maybe some of that training is resurfacing from his subconscious. Will - So you're admitting that his mental state could be precarious. Paul - That's why I have to handle this very carefully. Please just give me a little bit of time okay. Marlena knocks. Hi honey it's me. Is this a good time to talk?

Steve - It's bizarre. The doctor says it's like my body is attacking itself deciding that the healthy cells are foreign. Kayla - The doctor also told you that there are many ways your symptoms can be relieved and complications prevented. Steve - Yeah I know. He did say that and that's encouraging. But with my symptoms getting worse so fast it was obvious he didn't know what to make of that. Kayla - Not yet but he will when he gets that bloodwork back. Steve - You know what worries me the most about all this. If it does keep getting worse I don't want to be a burden to you. Kayla - Well you can stop worrying about that right now because you would never be a burden to me. Really do we have to just jump to the conclusion of doom and gloom. Come on, we know nothing and when we find out what's going on with you we're going to face it together. Steve - I love you baby. Kayla - I love you. Kiss. Steve - You want to get out of this place? Kayla - Yeah.

Segment 5 Tripp comes back into the main room of the apt. Okay what happened, did aliens abduct you two and replace you with civilized humans. Claire - Well yes to the civilized humans part. Come on. Ciara - We feel really, really bad about being such mega pains in the butt lately. Claire - We realised we've been totally selfish and not really considering your feelings at all. Ciara - So we made you an amazing dinner. Claire - And we even straightened up a little. Ciara - And Claire is going to move into Theo's room so we can all have some more space. Claire - This is basically our way of saying we're sorry. You said we sucked and we did. Ciara - It's just the 3 of us now so we should try and be a happy family. Claire - Maybe this can be a fresh start for all of us. Tripp - Really. You guys mean it? Claire - Yeah we do. Ciara - Yes.

Sonny returns to the living room and finds Vic sitting holding his divorce papers. Why didn't you sign these, you need a pen? Sonny - I asked my Dad to fight it. I'm not giving up that easily. Vic - What's to fight. He wants a divorce. Give it to him, move on. Focus on Titan. Sonny - I will focus on Titan. Vic - You can't, not if you're fighting with Will in court. I need you without distractions Sonny. Sonny - I can do two things at once Uncle Vic. Vic - Why don't you just give up on this thing. Sonny - I'll tell you why I'm not going to give up, because I gave up on our marriage once before and I woke up every single morning regretting it. I'm not going to make the same mistake Uncle Vic.

Paul stays out of sight while Will opens his door. Hi, thanks for stopping by. Marlena - Sure, what did you want to talk about. It sounded like it was important. Will - It is. I wanted to tell you that I gave Sonny divorce papers. Marlena - Wow, that couldn't have been easy. Will - No it wasn't. It was my choice to end things but I never wanted to hurt Sonny. Marlena - I know you didn't but I think you did the right thing. Should we talk about this inside? I'd love to see your place. Will - I'm still unpacking and I'm kind of feeling tired and not well. I'm sorry, I should have called and told you that before you rushed all the way over here. Can you forgive me. Marlena - I did race right over here you know. Will - I know, I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you but I think I should lie down. Marlena - Okay, get some rest. I hope you enjoy your new place. You know I have concerns ... Will - Yeah about moving in to be close to Paul, I know. But I want you to know I really did hear you when we talked about that and I know that it's a mistake to pursue someone who's still heartbroken over someone else.

John sees Steve and Kayla come into the Pub. Hey I've got a table with your name on it right over here. Kayla - Hi. Steve - Thanks. John - So I take it you heard the news about Roman. Steve - We haven't heard anything. Kayla - What happened? John - He's been arrested. Looks like Anna's alibi didn't clear with the cops. Kayla - I knew she was going to drag him into her mess. John - So did you get anywhere with that letter, maybe there's something in there. Kayla - What letter? Steve - I'll explain later, kind of a long story. No John, I got kind of sidetracked. In fact you're going to have to follow up on your own. I'm not really on my game right now. John - What's that mean? Steve - It means I just found out I have a serious illness, incurable but Kayla and I are staying hopeful. Right baby. Kayla - Absolutely.

Segment 6 Claire, Tripp and Ciara are playing a video game. Claire is getting slaughtered so she tells them she's going to go work on a song she's writing for Theo. Tripp - Thanks again for the dinner Claire. Good night. Claire goes to her room. Ciara - Man you still have it bad for her, don't you?

Eve comes into Brady's room. I've got some papers for you so I'm going to leave them right here. You have a good night. Brady stops her. What's your hurry? Kiss. Stay. Eve - Brady I can't keep doing this. The sex has been amazing but ... I've just been doing some thinking and it's just not working for me anymore. So whatever this is it's over okay. Brady - I can't believe I'm saying this to you but I feel exactly the same way.

Vic - I get it, you love Will. Personally I think you could have done much better but I realise you don't get to choose who you love. Will doesn't share your desire to stay together. Why would you want to humiliate yourself by forcing the issue. Sonny - I just thought if Will had more time ... Vic - Oh Sonny he's had all the time he needs and he's decided he's done with you. Let him go.

Will - Thanks again for stopping by. I really appreciate it. I'm so sorry I dragged you over here. I'm just tired. Marlena - That's okay, just a couple of minutes out of my way. Get some rest. I'll check on you later. Bye. Will - Thanks. He closes the door. Is it possible to pretend like you didn't hear that. Paul - What, that even your Grandmother thinks you moved in here to be close to me. Will - I told you my cousin gave me a really great deal ... Paul - Yeah, great bargain, I got it. I just want to say thank you for not telling Marlena about my Dad. I'll move quickly on this. I just need a little time to figure out what is going on ... Will - I think you mean we need a little time. Paul - What? Will - I'm going to help you.

Kayla - The immunologist is the best. Steve's in great hands. John - Did the doctors say what could be causing this all of a sudden. Steve - They don't know yet. Just that I've got some kind of auto-immune disease. But he's running a bunch of blood tests so maybe something will show up. John - Right, got it. Kayla - Do you want some more coffee or something. Steve - No I'm good. As a matter of fact I'm kind of wiped out baby, can we head home? Kayla - Of course we can. Steve - Sorry to cut out ... John - I understand. Just take care of yourself alright. Kayla - Give Marlena our love. John - Yeah I will. Hey partner, I'm so sorry man. Steve - Thanks. We'll get through it, won't we baby? Kayla - You know it. John - Just wish there was something I could do. Steve - Hey. He hugs John. You're a good friend, that's enough. See you later. John - Yeah.

Segment 7 Ciara - Don't say anything, the look on your face is enough. You're still into Claire. Tripp - It's that obvious, huh. Ciara - Painfully. Tripp - What about you, still into Theo, right. Ciara - God, it's awful isn't it ... being in love with someone who's in love with someone else. Tripp - We need a distraction ... video game marathon. Ciara - You're on.

Eve - I'm glad that we both actually agree that this isn't working so ... strictly business from now on. Brady - No, no, come here. What I meant was I agree with you. I think the sex we have is unbelievable. It's great but ... it was good enough up until recently. Eve - For me too. Brady - It was casual, it was safe and I was in no fear of being hurt. But damn it I want to look you in the eye right now and tell you that I'm falling for you. Eve - You are? Brady - Yeah. Honestly I was just hoping that you would be open to seeing where we could go. Hell I'd even take you out on date. I think it'd be fun, you'd enjoy it. What do you say?

Sonny stares at the divorce papers and then signs them.

Paul - You want to help me. Will - Yes. Paul Okay but look I'm a private investigator. I know how to move around under the radar. Will - Okay and I was a reporter. I'm sure those instincts will kick in once we start digging stuff up on your Dad. Paul - Maybe but this can get really dangerous you know. Will - I don't care. This stuff concerns me too because of Marlena. Like it or not you and I are going to be a team.

Steve and Kayla walk through the gates into the park. Kayla - What? Steve - I just want to look at you in the moonlight. Hug. I love you so much. Kayla - I love you.

John is outside the pub on the bench holding the vial. He drops it to the ground and crushes it with his boot.</i>
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Thursday Feb 1

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1 Hope is working on her computer in her office. Rafe knocks and comes in. You wanted to see me. Hope - Oh hey yeah I have something I need you to look at. Rafe - Something on the DiMera murder. Hope - No nothing new there but still very important. Rafe - Okay. Hope - Our wedding invitations. I want you to see the final product. Look at that, includes the date. Rafe - OMG, I can't believe it's actually happening. Hug, kiss. I love you. Knock. Carrie walks in on them kissing. Sorry. Hope - Carrie, we were just looking at our wedding invitations. Carrie - Oh, hope you haven't mailed them yet because there isn't going to be any wedding.

Will - Your Dad was with the ISA for years. From what I've heard they're not exactly the Cub Scouts so I'm sure he knows about underhanded tactics. Paul - Yes but that doesn't explain him poisoning his best friend. I just can't believe it. And yet he lied to me about the conversation I overheard. Then he gave me that song and dance about the eye drops. It was all pure BS. Will - Well maybe we're looking at this the wrong way but we need to keep at it until we find out the truth. Paul - I don't know if I want to know the truth not if it means my Dad's ... Knock. John - Hey Will, it's John Black. Can I talk to you for a second. Will opens the door - Hi John, what's up? John sees Paul - What are you doing here?

Kate (dressed in black) sits at a table in the square. She recalls a conversation she had with Andre where she ended up throwing her martini on him.

Viv in black pouring herself a coffee in the D mansion living room. She stops in front of the portrait. Oh Stefano, I always think of you when I'm going to a funeral. How many have you had? Knowing your penchant for drama you'll probably show up at this one. Stefan comes in - If the old man shows up you better watch your back. Viv - And why would you say that. Stefan - From everything I've heard about him he wouldn't be too happy about you encouraging fratricide. Viv - Fratricide? Stefan - Yes. Viv - What? Stefan - Don't be coy Mother. You asked me point blank to kill Andre.

Chad and Abby are asleep. Abby dreams about finding Andre's body except this time he's alive. Andre, who did this to you. Andre - It ... was ... Chad wakes her up. Abby holds him.

John - Sorry if I'm interrupting here. Paul wasn't in his room so I was just going to ask you where he was. Will - Well you found him. Paul - And you're not interrupting, we were just hanging out. John - Listen I was wondering if you could give me a hand on this new case I'm working on. Paul - I thought that you were working with Steve on that. John - Yeah we were, it's just that he's not up to it right now. Paul - I'm sorry to hear that. Was it the flu? John - No it's a little more serious than that. I'm pretty worried about him right now.

Viv - Well of course I asked you to kill your brother. You have no idea of how expensive it is to job it out. Stefan - Dear Mother, always looking at the bottom line. You know it wouldn't have cost you anything to keep him alive. Viv scoffs - Oh no, he was a liability. Stefano would have understood that. Stefan - Really, I thought family was everything to him. Viv - Well he liked to play pater familias. He was beneficent especially when his children were squarely under his thumb. But he would have been ruthless with Andre. Andre had a ... well a fatal flaw. Stefan - Which was? Viv - Adult onset sentiment. It was eating at him like a cancer. I'm just so glad that Stefano didn't have to see what happened to him. He was becoming nice. Stefan - Therefore had to go. Viv - Had to go! I mean I saw him wanting to come clean. If he'd have done that we'd have lost everything, ended up in jail but he's dead and we are safe. Stefan - No we're not safe Mother.

Abby - I had this nightmare. I walked in and I saw Andre's body and I felt like he was going to tell me who killed him. He was getting ready to say it when you woke me. Chad - You're having these nightmares because you're having a hard time letting him go. At least we think we know who killed him.

Carrie looks at the invitation. Wow. Too bad, it looks like it would have been really, really nice. Hope - It is going to be really, really nice. Carrie - But there's not going to be any wedding because I'm going to sue you both for false arrest and you're going to go broke defending yourselves and there won't be anything left for any wedding. Hope - Carrie, there's no false arrest. Your parents, both of them, lied to us. They obstructed justice. Carrie there's security footage of your mother going into Andre's office with the murder weapon and leaving without it. Carrie - You know my Father. There's no way in hell he'd protect my Mom if she thought she was guilty. Rafe - Well he perjured himself so he left us with no choice. Carrie - Of course you had a choice. Just like you had a choice when she shot Stefano and you both lied like rugs. Look at the two of you. My father did everything he could for you and this is how you repay him.

Segment 2 Kate recalls Andre kissing her in the square and then slapping him.

Chad and Abby talk about Andre. Chad - He was complicated. He could be generous, smart, funny, hilarious actually. In those moments I was proud to call him my brother. And there was the other side. Everything he did with the company and Theo. Abby - Like you said, he was very complicated. It's strange for someone like him to lose track of what's really important but he was very loving to me anyway. Kind, respectful even when I didn't deserve it. Chad - You always deserved it. Abby - I don't know about that but if it weren't for him bringing me back to you and Thomas I don't know where I'd be. Chad - Listen Andre bringing you back to me is something I'll always be grateful for. And as time goes by I hope the unpleasant memories of him will fade, I'll focus on what he did for me and the gift he gave me by bringing you back. It's the greatest gift anyone could have given me. I was thinking of stuff I could say at the Memorial and I thought maybe you could say something as well. You knew an Andre that a lot of people didn't and it might be nice for those people to hear that stuff about him. Abby - Yeah of course. Kiss. Chad - Well I'm going to finish getting ready and make sure everyone else is ready. I'm grateful for you. Abby - Likewise. Hug.

Hope - Carrie you're right. Roman, your father, taught us how to do our jobs and that's exactly what we are trying to do, our jobs. Look I warned your Dad and your Mother that if they lied to us it would only make things worse. Your Father knew that, he used to be Commissioner. And what do you think they did, they proceeded to lie to us. Rafe - Leaving us no choice but to arrest them. Carrie - He was trying to protect my Mother and thank God he is because someone is clearly trying to frame her. Hope - Andre was killed with Tony's urn, the same one your Mother has kept with her all this time and never let out of her sight. She had no explanation for that. The security footage at DiMera Ent puts your Mother in Andre's office at the estimated time of his death. Carrie - Do you have actual video of her killing him? Rafe - No there's no security camera in the office itself. Carrie - Then you've got squat. Rafe - Oh come on Carrie, you're a lawyer, you know we have more than enough to arrest them. Carrie - You're just trying to cover up the fact that you have no idea who killed Andre. Rafe - Carrie, seriously, you think that we wanted to arrest him. We warned him. He knew exactly what he was doing and he did it anyway. Carrie - They're my parents okay. And she is a mixed up mess and he's trying to protect her for my sake and I can't lose them both, I can't! She's crying. Hope pulls out a chair for. We're not trying to prosecute them, we're just trying to get to the truth. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Carrie - I want to see them both ... now.

Viv - Why would the police come after us? They've arrested Anna. They have no security footage of us at the office when Andre was killed that night. Nobody knows what we did that night except Andre and he's not talking. Stefan - I didn't say it was the police. Viv - Well who then? Stefan - John Black.

Paul - I'm sorry to hear that Steve's in bad shape. I know he's become your closest friend. John - It's not about me, it's about Steve and Kayla and the impact on their lives. Will - Do they know what's wrong? John - No not yet but I need to keep Black Patch up and running while Steve's dealing with this. That's why I came looking for you, I wanted to ask for your help. I really could use it. Paul - Sure. Let me finish up with Will and I'll meet you downstairs. John - Sounds good kid. And you, don't be a stranger. Doc and I want to have you over one night. Will - Yes, I'll take you up on it. John - Thanks again. He leaves. Paul - He sure seems upset about Steve. He can't be the one that's doing this to him. Will - I don't want to believe it either but we need to find out the truth one way or the other. Paul - I know. Okay I think I have an idea but I'm going to need your help. Will - Okay. I told you already we're in this together. Paul - Alright, I have a plan.

Segment 3 Paul follows John into the Brady Pub. I'm so glad you agreed to meet me here, I'm starving. John - Me too. Tell you what, I'll spring for breakfast. Paul - Great. He helps John take his jacket off. He hangs the jacket on a coatrack by the door. Paul hangs his jacket there as well. So tell me about this case. John - Anna found this letter in her purse. Paul reads it - So Andre killed Tony. John - Yeah Roman thinks whoever put this in Anna's purse was trying to provoke her into going after Andre. Paul - Did it work? John - Roman was pretty tight-lipped about what Anna said to him. Paul - So Roman doesn't know if he's protecting an innocent woman or a guilty one.

Anna is brought into the interrogation room. Roman's there. He hugs her. Anna - Roman I'm so sorry. Roman - It's alright. Anna - No it's not alright. I dragged you into this. Roman - No, that was my decision. Anna - I know but I let you do it. So this is all my fault. Carrie walks in. Anna looks at her - What, have you been crying? Carrie - I'm fine, I haven't. Anna - Don't lie to me. I am your Mother, I know. They hug. Carrie - Goodness, are you okay? Do you need anything? Anna - No just you. Carrie - I know what you need ... a good lawyer. What were you thinking Dad! Anna - Don't yell at your Father. Roman - You came all this way just to yell at me? Carrie - No I came here to clean up the mess. Hug. What did you do. Roman - Well it seemed like a good idea at the time. Carrie - I love you for doing it but really you have to know ... Roman - It was a dumb thing to do. Anna - You've got to get your Dad out of here. Can't you plead temporary insanity or something. Carrie - I'm going to get both of you out of here but as your lawyer I need to know exactly what happened. No more lies. So Mom did you kill Andre DiMera.

Kate is drinking a martini. Well Andre you were a bastard but you were my bastard. Will walks up and sees her drinking. A little early in the day isn't it? Kate - You want to join me. Will - I've got somewhere I need to be. I can see this a hard morning for you. Is there someone you could talk to like a friend ... Marlena perhaps. Kate - No I'm fine. I really am. I wasn't actually drowning my sorrows. This martini is kind of a tribute to Andre. It was his favourite ... very dry with a twist, just like him.

Abby is writing ... she crumples the paper. She recalls talking to Andre about mental illness.

Stefan - You were the one that told me John Black was investigating DiMera regarding the leak which means he can connect that to this. Viv - We covered our trail but you're probably right. John Black is nothing if not tenacious. Stefano would have been able to handle that. Blackmailing, kidnapping, brainwashing, these were a few of his favourite things. Stefan - Not to mention murder. Viv - Well the thought's never far from my mind. Stefan - We also have a problem with Chad. In spite of what he says he's still trying to takeover DiMera. Chad walks in - Do you blame me?

Segment 4 Kate - I really am fine. I know you have things to do. Will - I've got a few minutes. He sits down. I don't remember Andre. Could you tell me about him? Kate - He was maddening, always had a flair for the theatrical, he really knew how to push my buttons but if he loved you he would fight for you. Will - Wow, sounds like a complicated man. Kate - Yeah I like to think of him as complex. The thing is I didn't appreciate that in him until it was too late. Will - Well you loved him, I'm sure he knew that. Kate - I hope so. Well thank you for listening but I know you have to get going. I have to get going to, I've lost track of time. I've got a funeral to go to.

Chad - My father groomed me to take over the company as well as the family. Stefan - He would have groomed me if he had known of my existence. Chad - Surely that's not my fault. Stefan - No I'm sure it isn't. I'm not interested in playing the blame game. I'm simply doing what needs to be done to make DiMera what it needs to be. Chad - And Abby and I are trying to help you with that. Stefan - Abigail is a consummate professional but with you constantly waiting in the wings for me to slip up ... you'll be waiting a long time. Chad - And your overconfidence will be your downfall. Stefan - Look you're either with me on this or against me so what's it going to be. Abby - Okay can we just stop this please, both of you. Not today. You're both burying a brother. I would appreciate it out of respect for him we just let this all go for a few hours. Stefan - You're right. Chad - Sorry. She's always right. Chad and Abby leave.

John - There weren't any prints on there except Roman and Anna's but that's what Steve and I expected. Will comes in. Paul sees and watches as Will puts something in John's pocket (or maybe takes something out). John stands up - Want more coffee? Paul - Dad, take a look at this right here. John sits down - What've you got? Paul - I think there's a watermark right there. John takes the magnifying glass. My God I think you're right. Get your Tablet out. Check this out for me. John looks at the results. OMG, this doesn't seem possible. It's a long shot but I think I know who may have written that letter.

Segment 5 Will signals to Paul that he's done and he leaves the Pub. Paul - Who wrote it? John - You know what kid, I need to make a call before I say anything. Paul rushes outside and meets up with Will. Did you find anything? Will - Some change, no sign of a vial. Paul - Good, maybe I was wrong. Will - Listen, I know you want to give your Dad the benefit of the doubt. What about Steve? Does he not have the right to know that something might be happening to him, that your Dad might be poisoning him. Paul - Not if it's not true. Will - Why don't we let the cops decide. Paul - I thought you said you were going to help me. Will - Yeah I am and I did. I didn't find anything. But Steve is getting sicker and sicker man. We can't wait around for proof. Paul - Just give me a little more time. Will - No, I'm sorry, I'm going to the cops.

Anna - And I swear that's exactly what happened. Well say something. Hope and Rafe come in - Sorry, time's up. Carrie - As my parent's lawyer I demand that they either be charged or released immediately. Rafe - Well we actually have the right to hold them for 48 hours. It's only been 24. Carrie - That's long enough. I'd like a hearing this morning and we'll let a Judge decide. Hope - Alright, I'll set up an arraignment. Roman - Hope, thank you. Hope winks.

Stefan, Viv, Chad and Abby enter the mausoleum. Viv - Oh the grieving widow. Black, I'm speechless. Stefan - Can we not do that today. Stefano gets his Mother to sit. Chad - Okay I'll start. He stands in front of the coffin. Andre was often misunderstood. He lived in the shadow of his brother Tony for much of his life. Make no mistake, he was his own man. He loved his family and he was proud to be a DiMera. Loving him wasn't always easy but I think we can all agree being loved by him was. He made his fair share of mistakes but he didn't deserved to be killed because of it. Someone is outside the mausoleum.

Segment 6 Chad - Abby and Andre had a close relationship. They were much closer than he and I ever were partly because she always chose to see the best in people. They adored each other, they respected one another. There was a time when Abigail and I had thought we had lost one another, when we weren't sure we'd ever find our way back but Andre always believed that we belonged together. It's because of his determination and firm belief in that he fought to reunite us. There's so many precious moments that we didn't miss out on because of it. I will always be grateful to him because of that. Abby and him had a very profound connection. It's still odd to say but they were best friends so she's going to say a few words now.

Abby - Andre was a champion for me when I was in a very bad place. I know a lot of people don't really think that he could be trusted but he was loyal and he was devoted and he would have done anything for someone that he loved. And it is because of him that Chad and I are together. And it is because he wasn't willing to give up. That's why he didn't go to prison. I know that you, Andre and Kate, fought like dogs but in the end you wound up loving each other. I don't think any of us really got the chance to appreciate the man that he was. I do wish that he were here because I want to be able to tell him that I love him. Stefan hands her his handkerchief. Chad holds her.

Hope and Rafe return to her office. Hope - What am I going to do with you. As Commissioner I probably shouldn't say this but I'm glad Carrie got Anna and Roman out on bail. Rafe - Yeah just as long as they don't skip town. Well he did lie for her. Hope - He was trying to protect her ... like you. You'd do anything for me. You've proved that over and over again. Rafe - True. Hope - I know I can trust you with anything especially my heart. Kiss.

John returns to their table. Hey kid, why the long face? What happened? Paul - Dad we have to talk. John - Alright. He sees Roman and Anna come in. Hold that thought. Great to see you two at large. Roman - Yeah, Carrie got us out on bail. Anna - Thank God. I have to have a shower. I just can't stand how I feel. She heads upstairs. John - How's she doing. She looks a little frazzled. John - Yes she is and yeah we're out but I can still be charged with obstruction and she can still be charged with murder so I am really hoping you've got something for me. John - Actually I do. I know who wrote that letter.

Segment 7 Rafe goes into the interrogation room. Hi. Carrie - Hey. Rafe - I'm glad you got your folks out. I'm sure you know they didn't help their case by lying. Carrie - Can we talk? Rafe - Sure, what's up? Carrie - I know what you did Rafe. I know that you cheated on Hope.

Will knocks on Hope's office door and opens it. Hope - Hey Will what can I do for you? Will - We're related, right? Hope - Last time I checked, yeah. We're cousins, why? Will - Well I know you're the Police Commissioner but I need to trust you're going to do the right thing with what I'm about to tell you. Hope - It sounds serious. Will - It is. Someone's life could be at stake. It's about John Black.

Paul and John are walking through the square. John - Looks like we did need a fresh set of eyes. That was a great job finding that watermark kid. Paul - I didn't know what to do it. You were the one who put it all together, figured out who wrote it. I've got to say I didn't see that coming. John - I'm going to shoot on down to the cop shop, fill in Rafe and Hope on what's going on. Paul - You know what, Roman will take care of that and there's something I need to tell you. It's pretty serious.

Anna comes back downstairs. That is better. Roman, what is it? What are you smiling about? Roman - I was right to give that letter to John. He figured out who put that letter in your purse and now this whole thing is starting to make sense. Anna - So tell me, who was it?

Someone is outside the mausoleum. Abby - I don't know who killed him but they need to pay for this. Chad puts the pocket watch Andre had given him on the coffin. Viv - Don't look now but I think we have company.


Friday Feb 2

Director: Scott McKinsey
Scriptwriter: David Kreizman

Segment 1 Repeat of Carrie telling Rafe she knows he cheated on Hope. Rafe - Carrie, what are ... Carrie - Don't bother denying it. We both know that it's true. Rafe - Okay I don't know what you heard or ... Carrie - Sami told me the two of you slept together. She told me everything.

Hope closes her office door. I don't understand, what does this have to do with John. You said lives were at stake. Will - Well I wouldn't be here if I didn't think so. Hope - Is John in danger? Will - No, John Black is the danger.

John - You seem troubled. What is it, Andre's murder? Paul - No. John - Will? Paul - No. Sort of but it's not about our relationship. It's about you Dad. John - What about me? Whatever it is just spit it out. What about me? Paul - Dad I didn't want to have to do this but Will left me no choice. What I'm about to say doesn't even make sense to me but I need you to be honest with me.

Repeat of Viv saying they have company. Kate - Oh it's you. I think for a moment we all thought it was Stefano standing there with a bomb between his teeth. Viv - Quite an outfit Marlena. Are you auditioning for the grieving widow. Hattie - I just came to pay my respects to Andre. Chad - Marlena we appreciate it but it's family right now. Kate - Everyone knows that you didn't care for my husband Marlena. Hattie - It's not my fault you married a psychopath. Sorry, like I said, respects. Viv - Methinks that Dr. Evans has been self-medicating if you know what I mean. Hattie - Ignore this one, go on with your ceremony honey. Kate - Marlena, are you alright. You just don't seem like yourself. Hattie - Me? Fine, never better. She pats the coffin.

Rafe - Sami promised me she wouldn't say anything to anyone about the night we spent together. Carrie - Yeah well we both know Sami and promises. She arrived in Switzerland to pick up her kids and it took her 7 and a half minutes to spill everything. Rafe - Why would she do that! Does she still hold a grudge because you and I were together. Carrie - You really have to ask that question. Rafe - Okay. I'm not going to make excuses for what I did but I will say that Hope and I weren't together at the time. We'd broken up. I was in a bad place. Carrie - Yeah, I hear Sami was too. Rafe - It was a mistake, a mistake I just hoped would go away. Carrie - Like most mistakes it's coming back to haunt you. Rafe - So I need to ask you, is it a secret you're going to keep or are you going to tell Hope that I slept with Sami.

Anna - You figured out who put that letter in my purse. Roman - Well yeah. John traced the watermark on that paper to Statesville Prison. Anna - Statesville? What, it was sent by an inmate. Roman - Yeah and whoever sent that letter to you had access to the Warden's office. Anna - But who? Who would write a letter to tell me that Andre killed Tony. I don't know anybody doing time up at Statesville. Roman - I do. Her name is Hattie Adams.

Hattie - Wow, look at the coffin. It's a good choice for a guy with a dark soul. Abby - Excuse me, why are you here? Chad - Yeah Marlena we're in the middle of a memorial service so if you wouldn't mind ... Hattie - No I don't mind at all. Just go on with what you're doing. Abby - Okay. We all know that Andre believed in eternity and reincarnation so I just wanted to read one of his favourite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again. Viv - God I hope not. Hattie - Don't worry about it babe. If he tried to crawl out of there someone's bound to put a wooden stake in his heart. Abby - What is the matter with you. Stefan - It's time for you to leave. Hattie - I just got here. Kate - Marlena, this is not helpful. You need to leave. Stefan - I'll show you out. Hattie pulls back from Stefan's reach - I don't even know you. Stefan - My name is Stefan, I'm Andre's brother. Hattie - Great, another one ? I'm not going anywhere until the main event. Kate - Okay, what does that mean? Hattie - It means I'm staying right here until that coffin goes in the ground.

Segment 2 Will - Look I'm not going to pretend that I understand everything that goes on in this town, the connections, the history, the secrets. Hope - I understand. Will - But I have spent a lot of time around John since I moved here. I lived with him and Marlena and for the most part he's been great. Hope - He cares about you very much. Will - Yeah but the thing is lately he's been clandestine. Hope - Clandestine? Will - He's been making a lot of secretive phone calls. He's been hiding things from his family, from Paul, from Marlena. Hope - You know he's an agent of the ISA so if he's taking secret phone calls that's probably because he's on a case Will. Will - I really don't think this is about work. Hope - John's one of the good guys. You have nothing to worry about. Will - You're only telling me that because I haven't told you what he's doing.

Paul - Dad you know that I trust you more than just about anyone in the world and I've put my life in your hands and you've never let me down. God I hoped it wouldn't come to this. John - It looks like it has. So what's this all about? Paul - Dad right now Will's ... Marlena walks up - Hey there you are. John - Hey Doc. Marlena - Hi, how's my boys? Paul - I've got to go. I need to find Will. John stops him - Not so fast kid, you were about to tell me something. Paul - It can wait. John - Are you sure about that, it seemed kind of important. Paul - Yeah I'll text you. John - Before you leave maybe we should fill in Doc on what we uncovered. Marlena - Really, is it about Andre's death. John - Yeah, you're not going to believe who sent Anna DiMera to Andre's office that night.

Anna - Hattie Adams. Who's Hattie? Wait, is she that nutty woman that looks like Marlena. Roman - One and the same. Anna - But why would she come after me, I've never done anything to her. Roman - Except stole her man. Anna - You. You and Hattie? Roman - No, no, no. Hattie was a bit infatuated with me. Anna - How infatuated? Roman - Well one could correctly describe it as an obsession. Anna - So now this jealous kook thinks that I'm her competition. Roman - It's a theory. Anna - How would some Marlena wanna be know that Andre killed Tony. Roman - She might have just made it up to get you angry. Anna - Angry enough to kill Andre. Roman - I wouldn't put it past her. Anna - But that's a pretty extreme way to come between us ... to try and goad me into killing an innocent man. Roman - Well see that's the thing. For Hattie Andre was far from innocent.

Hattie - Say is this going to be an open casket. Kind of want to make sure his body is in there. Kate - Okay I'm not going to ask you again Marlena, you need to leave. You're causing a scene. Hattie - No. I came here for very ? I'm not leaving until that casket's in the ground. Chad - Marlena we really need to finish the service ... Hattie points to the coffin - Where'd you get that pocket watch? Chad - It was a gift. Hattie - It was nothing. It was Alfie's. He used to flash that thing around like he was a proper gentleman. As if! Kate - What are you talking about. Hattie - You should have heard him. Oh my darling, the world stands still when I'm with you. He seduced me then left me high and dry. Chad scoffs - Look, it's time ... I don't know what's going on with you. Kate - Wait, it's not Marlena. Viv - What! Kate - No this is not Marlena and she's not here to pay her respects. Hattie - Darn right I'm not. I'm Hattie Adams and I'm here to dance on his grave.

Segment 3 Carrie - Your secret is safe with me. It's not my place to tell Hope what happened between you and Sami. Rafe - Thank you. Although Sami did say she wasn't going to tell anyone she told you within 7 minutes so ... Carrie - 7 1/2. Look I know that she's not the biggest Hope fan but I do know she cares about you. I don't think she'd want to hurt you like that. Rafe - I don't think she would either. Unfortunately you guys aren't the only ones I have to worry about. Carrie - What do you mean, someone else knows you slept with Sami.

Will - I understand John has a job that requires keeping secrets but what I've seen is a lot more suspicious and damning then a few suspicious phone calls. Hope - Will I understand that you don't really know me these days but we're family. You can tell me anything. Will sees her engagement ring and remembers picking it off the floor in his Mom's hotel room. Hope - What is it? Will - I've seen your ring before.

Rafe - Sami and I were talking in the square and Ciara overheard us. Carrie - She knows that you cheated on her mother. Rafe - She knows. Carrie - She hasn't told Hope? Rafe - She came pretty damn close. She was upset, she was going to tell her and then at the last minute she changed her mind and decided not to. Said she didn't want to hurt her mother that way. Carrie - You make it sound like that's not the end of it. Rafe - I don't know. Honestly ever since Ciara came back to Salem she's had a tough time. She's fighting with her Mom, she's making bad choices. All it's going to take is her freaking out one time and she blows this whole thing out of the water. Carrie - Have you thought about making a preemptive strike. I mean wouldn't it be better if you told Hope the truth rather than Ciara. Rafe nods.

Hope - This is my engagement ring. Rafe and I are getting married soon. Will - Congrats. Hope - Thank you. Will - Weird question, was it my Mom's? My Mom and Rafe were married once, right. Hope - Yeah they were but that was quite a while ago. Rafe would never give me something that once belonged to Sami. Will - Yeah. Why does it look so familiar to me. Hope - Maybe you're getting your memory back. Will - No I feel like it was recent, sorry, like when my Mom was in town. I found it in her place and she said that EJ gave it to her. Hope - Well the rings must be very similar then. Will - Yeah I guess so. Anyway. Hope - Yeah let's get back to John. Roman and Anna burst in. Roman - Hope we really need to speak with you. Hey Will. Will - Hey, you're out of jail. Are you cleared? Roman - Just out on bail now but we're working on it. Will - Okay, that's good to hear. Roman - Can you do me a favour. Anna and I really need to speak to Commissioner Brady alone. Will - Actually ... Roman - It really can't wait. Very, very important. Hope - Will I'm very sorry. Can we finish this conversation later. I will call you the minute I'm done with them. Hopefully it won't take too long. Roman - Thanks Will. Hope - Talk to you soon. She closes the door behind Will. I can't believe you Roman. Honestly, did I ever burst into your office like this. Roman - I'm sorry. I know you're still angry at me for the alibi I gave Anna. Hope - Oh you mean the phony alibi you gave her, don't you. Roman - Well before you ship Anna away for murder you're going to want to question an old friend of yours.

Viv - Hattie! What a ridiculous name. Why would Marlena call herself Hattie. Hattie - Hey you in the clown hat, what's your name? Cruella? Kate - Vivian I told you, it's not Marlena. Hattie - I wondered when you'd figure it out Kate. You know I miss our days waitressing at the Hudson Diner. Kate - I thought you were still in prison. Hattie - Yeah I couldn't let prison bars keep me away from an event like this. Stefan snaps - Excuse me, who is this! Hattie slaps him on the arm. Are you hard of hearing. I already told you my name is Hattie Adams and I'm here to make sure that your brother goes in the ground and stays there. Abby - Don't talk about him like that please. Show some respect. Hattie - Respect! He was a two-faced liar. Are you kidding me! Respect. Chad - Okay that's it. We're going to call the police now. Hattie - Oh the police. Like your Daddy used to call the police. That's a really good idea. You know what, your brother used me and then spit me out like I was nothing. Abby - You're wrong. He had a really good heart. Hattie - A heart? Maybe a small, small heart but it was full of venom. Abby - You didn't know the real Andre. Hattie - No cutie pie, you didn't know the real Andre. He was vicious and he was mean. He deserved what he got and I made sure that he did. Viv - Sounds like a confession to me. Stefan - Are you admitting that you killed Andre. Chad calls the police. Stefan tries to restrain Hattie. She yells get off me and sends him sprawling on to the coffin. Stefan knocks Viv over as he's going down. Chad takes off after Hattie when she runs off.

Segment 4 Marlena - Have you told Hope that Hattie sent the letter to Anna. John - Roman's on his way over there. He thinks this might clear Anna of Andre's murder. Marlena - Wait a minute, you think that Hattie killed him. John - Tell you what, why don't we all go to the pub, grab some lunch and we'll get you up to speed here. Paul - I really need to find Will. John - Are you sure about that? We didn't finish our conversation. Paul - Yeah I should go. He kisses Marlena's cheek. It's good to see you. He hugs John. Dad, I love you. John - I love you too kid. John and Marlena leave. Paul turns and sees Will. Will, where did you go? Why did you take off like that. Will - I went to the police station to talk to Commissioner Brady. Paul - You went to see Hope. Did you tell her about my Dad and the poison. Will - No. Paul - Thank you. Will - To be honest I was going to but things got in the way. Paul - What things? Will - Well for starters Hope's engagement ring looks exactly my Mom's.

Rafe - I wanted to tell Hope about Sami and me. I came close several times. Carrie - Hope would be very upset. It would take a while but she'd forgive you. She loves you Rafe. Rafe - Yeah. Carrie - Everyone makes mistakes. Rafe - Sleeping with Sami's a pretty big one. Carrie - True. Look I'm not saying confessing is a great choice but it's better than be outed by an ingrate Ciara. Rafe - That's true. Honestly I'm just hoping that Ciara continues to see how much I love her mother, how happy we are together and she just lets it go for good. They hear yelling from the squad room. Rafe rushes out. What's happening? Chad and Stefan are holding on to Hattie. Hattie - These goons kidnapped me. Carrie - Chad, what are you doing to Marlena. Chad - That's not Marlena.

Hope - Hattie's in prison, still. I received a letter from her the other day. Roman - Do you still have it? Hope - I do. Roman - Can I see it? Hope - Okay sure. Here you go. Roman picks up the magnifying glass. Hope - What are you looking for. Anna - Is that the same watermark. Roman - There it is. Identical to the one Anna found in her purse. Hope - What are you talking about. Roman - Anna got a letter from Statesville Prison. Hope - What! And I'm just hearing about this now. Roman - Sorry about that Hope. Hope - Sorry! You withheld evidence. Roman - Well now you have it. And now we can be pretty sure that Hattie sent that letter. Makes total sense. She wanted me. She hated Andre. Hope - You have the letter? I'll have them both tested to confirm. Anna - But how would Hattie even know about us. Hope - I don't know, it's hard to tell. Maybe ... Hope gets a text. She picks up her phone - Well that makes it a lot easier, doesn't it. Roman - What is it? Hope - A text from Rafe. Hattie Adams was just brought into the station. You just stay here. She leaves. Anna - Like hell we will.

Segment 5 Will - And then just as I was about to tell Hope about John and the poison my Grandfather showed up and kicked me out of the office. Paul - I thought we decided we were going to investigate before going to the cops. Will - I was worried about Marlena and Steve. Paul - When you were talking to the cops I decided to confront my Dad. Will - You asked him about the poison? Paul - We got interrupted too. Will - So basically we're right back where we started. Paul - I don't want you to go back to Hope. Will - I know but I'm worried. Steve's life might be at stake here. Paul - That's why we're going to keep investigating. Will - What if we take too much time and something terrible happens to Steve. What if John ends up hurting Marlena. Paul - My Dad is a good man. I know he is. Look I know all of these people are barely more than strangers to you, me included ... Will please, I need you to trust me.

John and Marlena are walking towards the pub. John - You're shaking. Marlena - It's cold. She drops her purse. John picks it up. It's Hattie, isn't it? Marlena - Yeah, I never feel quite safe when she's in town. John - Listen to me Doc, there may be some things out of my control right now but I will never let Hattie Adams hurt you again. Hug.

Viv is putting her hat back on. What kind of place is this where caskets topple over and dead bodies fall out on people. Abby - You alright Vivian. Viv - What is it with me and caskets! Kate - Gee I wonder. Viv - I can still feel his cold, dead hand on my body. Kate - Vivian, would you stop with the theatrics. You're just as cold and twice as dead. Viv - I was assaulted by a corpse! Abby - Enough. Can we at least please try and finish the service on a positive note as a family. Kate - Yes we can but she has to leave. Viv - Excuse me but my son is head of DiMera and I have as much right to be here as either of you. Abby - Okay fine, if you have something nice to say about Andre go ahead and say it. Viv - Alright. Here I go. Something nice ... something nice.

Carrie - So you're Hattie. You're the woman who tried to wreck Marlena's life. Hattie - Wait a minute. This has got nothing to do with that. Stefan - She says she's come to dance on Andre's grave. Hattie - Yeah! Happiest day of my life was when I heard that that rat bastard had bought the farm. Stefan - When you heard or when you killed him. Hattie - What are you talking about! You think I killed him. Rafe - Did you? Hattie - Look, I'm thrilled the guy is dead. I've wanted that for a long time but me, I didn't kill him. She points at Anna - She killed him. Chad holds back Hattie and Carrie holds back Anna. Hattie - I know what you did.

Segment 6 Will - I do trust you Paul. You and Marlena are the only 2 people I really trust. Paul - Promise me you won't go back to the cops. Promise me you'll help me get to the bottom of this. Will - But how? Unless you just ask your Dad about it. Paul - I don't think he's going to tell me the truth. I don't think that he can. Will - Okay you said you heard John talking about poisoning Steve. Do you have any idea who he was talking to? Paul - No but I heard him say he'd wait to hear back. Will - Which means it's still going on. Paul - Yes, it's not a one time thing. Will - So if the vial in his hand was poison and we couldn't find anymore on him ... Paul - Then he's going to need more. Will - Okay I know what we have to do but you're not going to like it.

Anna - You ?, didn't you. You wrote that letter. You told me that Andre killed Tony and you sent me over there to kill Andre. Carrie - Mom as your attorney I'm advising you to stop talking please. Hattie - Come on, I don't even know you. That's not entirely true. What I do know about you is you're the tired skank who's shacking up with my Roman. Anna - Tired skank! You creepy clone. I had nothing to do with Andre's murder and I'm not going to let you pin it on me. Roman - Anna easy. Carrie - Stop Mom, please. Rafe - You got this? Hope - Yeah I got this. It's fine. Right Hattie. You're fine? Hattie - Yeah. Rafe - Good because I'm going to use this time to talk to Stefan. Hope - Good idea. Rafe - Mr. DiMera, can I have a word please. Stefan - Of course. Hope - Hattie. Hattie - The nerve of that skank! She thinks she's better than I am just because she has fancy clothes and probably real jewelry. But you know what, my Roman doesn't care about all that. Hope - What are you doing out of prison? Hattie - Me. Hope - I know you didn't make parole. Hattie - Oh uh, would you believe it if I told you I'm on a work release. Hope - I got you in that program so you could do a really good job, not sneak out of prison, damn it. WTH were you thinking. Roman - Carrie and I are going to get you out of this mess. Carrie - Yes you need to trust us. Roman - You need to trust us and you need to keep your cool. Can you do that Anna. Anna - I always keep my cool.

Rafe takes Stefan into Hope's office. Have a seat. Thank you by the way for being so cooperative in our investigation. Stefan - I want to find out who killed my brother as much as anyone. Did you speak with my head of security. Rafe - Yes actually I did. He's the one who gave me the footage from that camera. Stefan - Good. Rafe - Yeah but unfortunately footage cuts out right after Anna leaves Andre's office and stays out for about an hour. Can you explain that? Stefan recalls telling Viv that he had the security cameras turned off. Stefan - An hour you said. Rafe - Yeah, I left you a message but you never got back to me. Stefan - I wasn't checking messages today, I was too busy attending my brother's funeral. Rafe - Yeah, sorry about that. Well you're here now. Stefan - Indeed I am. As you know I recently took over as CEO at DiMera. I was planning on upgrading our security systems considering our recent hacking issues. Rafe - Smart but it doesn't explain the missing hour. Stefan - We had to shut the old ones down for a short time while we were testing the new ones. Rafe - Don't you think that's a bit convenient that you shut your system down the very night that Andre's murdered. Stefan - I'm sorry, convenient? Rafe - Yeah, maybe you did it on purpose. Maybe something happened in that office that you didn't want anyone to see.

Segment 7 Paul - You want to follow my father, a trained ISA agent. Will - How else are we going to find out who's ordering him to poison Steve. Paul - If that's what he's doing. Will - Paul aren't we past this. Paul - I don't think it's going to be easy tailing him without tipping him off. Will - You're his son, I'm his step grandson so he's not going to suspect us. We just need to make him think everything's normal. Meanwhile we watch everything that he does. What, you don't like the plan. Paul - No it's not that. You're sounding more and more like old Will Horton, investigative reporter. Will - Is that a good thing? Paul - Well for this case, yes. Will - Good, then we're in agreement. We follow John and we figure out what he's up to. Paul holds out his hand - Let's do this. They shake hands.

Marlena - John is there any word on Steve yet, what's causing those dizzy spells and that blurry vision. John - No. Marlena - Gosh I hope Kayla and the doctors figure this out before it gets any worse. John - Yeah. Marlena gets a call. Oh I'm on call, I've got to take this. She steps away. John - Sorry Doc but it's my job that no one ever figures out what's happening to Steve.

Abby - Vivian if you don't have anything nice to say ... Viv - No, no, no. I've got it. Here I go. Andre DiMera was a wonderful liar, a first class sneak and whenever I was around him he made me look perfectly sane. He will be missed. She leaves. Abby - That was a disaster. Kate - Well what did you expect. Abby - I hate that you and I seem to be the only 2 in the world that saw the goodness in Andre. Kate takes her hand. I don't think he even saw it himself. He could have done such great things. He had so much passion but he could never slay his demons. Ultimately that's what got him killed. Our marriage began as a business arrangement and it was just becoming real. We didn't have enough time Andre. She places a rose on the coffin. Rest in peace my husband. She leaves. Abby places a rose on the coffin. Bye. Thank you.

Stefan - I don't know what to tell you Detective. As soon as were finished testing the new system the old one resumed automatically. Andre being killed during that time was an unfortunate coincidence I'm afraid. Rafe - Well I'm afraid that I don't believe in coincidences. Stefan - Detective you have complete access to our system, cameras ... DiMera's an open book and so I am. Feel free to investigate anyway you need to. Rafe - Well don't worry, I will.

Chad - This is all a little too exciting for me so if you don't mind, I'm going to go check on Abby. Hope - Of course, I'll keep you posted. Hattie tries to follow him out but Hope stops her. Hattie, knock if off would you, you're in enough trouble. It's time to send you back. Hattie - Oh look if I go back to Statesville I can sneak in the way that I snuck out. No one would be the wiser. No harm, no foul. What do you say? But you know what that woman's a murderer. She points at Anna. Carrie - My mother did not kill Andre DiMera. She was setup. Anna - Setup by you you crazy freak. Hattie - Hey watch yourself. And all I did was write a letter. Anna - I doubt that. It sounds like you can get out of prison any time you like. Hattie - Yeah so. Roman - So maybe you snuck out and killed Andre yourself. Hattie - No I didn't. You believe me, don't you Roman? Anna - Oh why would he believe anything you say. Hattie - Oh you hush up. We happen to have a special kind of connection. Roman - No Hattie we don't. Anna - You have an obsession and you left that note knowing I would go over and confront Andre. Hattie - Duh you did. Anna - Maybe you did too. Maybe you were there waiting for me to leave so you could go in there and get your revenge on your precious Alfie. Hattie - No, no, no. I didn't kill him. I don't have any blood on my hands. Anna - You evil witch. I did not kill Andre ... the scream fest begins with Hope trying to control Hattie and Carrie and Roman trying to control Anna.


Monday Feb 5

Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Rebecca McCarty

Segment 1 Lani is outside the Pub talking on her cell. She tells Eli she's taking over the Eckler case since he has his hands full with the DiMera case. Eli - Are you sure you're up for it. Lani - You're kidding, right? Eli - I mean because you being pregnant and all. Lani - How quaint of you Eli. What century are we in again. Eli - I'm just asking. Lani - I ran it by Hope. She knows I don't want any special treatment so it's a go here if you're okay with it. Eli - It's all yours but the extra load on top of your other cases, how's the baby daddy feel about that. Lani - JJ's fine with it. Eli - Okay, thanks. Hey but as a quaint relic from the last century, don't push yourself. Lani - Bye. Val - Lani, I'm so glad I ran into you. I want to talk to you about the baby.

JJ is walking through the square with his hands full. Gabi - You're a mad man. You're crazy. JJ - What are you talking about! This is totally practical. I went by the new bike shop and I saw this beauty in the window. My boy has to have it, right. But then I started thinking what if it's a girl, I had to get the pink one too. Gabi - Well total A for effort but you do realise that, sorry to break it to you, but if it's a boy or a girl they won't be able to use it until they're 3 years old. JJ - I can wait because I'm going to be there for Lani and our kid for the rest of their lives.

Eli joins Julie at a table in Doug's place. Julie - Darling, would you like another piece of pie? Eli - No, I'm okay. Sorry about the call, that was work. Julie - It's all right. I'm just grateful we have this time to catch up. You must be so busy with the Andre DiMera murder investigation. Eli - It is non-stop. Julie - Any interesting tidbits. Eli - Nothing that I can share. Julie - I must confess I was almost relieved when you arrested Anna cause for the tiniest moment I thought your girlfriend might have let her temper get the better of her. Eli - Gabi? Julie - She has killed before darling. Eli - She didn't do it. Julie - She's lucky to have a guy like you have so much faith in her. Eli - Because she's innocent. Here's a tidbit for you, we are very close to nailing Andre's murderer.

The melee is still going on in the squad room. Hope is holding Hattie back. Roman and Carrie have a hold on Anna. Roman snaps - Anna, this is not going to solve anything. You need to calm down. Can you do that. Anna - Yes. I know I'm lucky to have you. You're so strong and protective. And you know what to do, what's best for me. Hattie is in a snit. Roman walks up to her with the letter. Did you write this? Hattie turns away - I never saw that. Roman - Hattie, did you write this? Hattie - That's not fair. You bring out this big brown eyes and a girl doesn't have a chance against you. Okay fine, I wrote it because I wanted Anna to know that my Alfie killed her Tony. And then she did exactly what I knew she would do. Roman hands the letter to Hope. Hope - Really Hattie, really! Hattie - Yeah well I didn't have any choice. I just had to. Rafe returns - Everyone's in one piece, that's a good sign. What did I miss? Hope - Hattie here was just about to explain why she wrote Anna a letter claiming that Andre killed Tony. Hattie - Alright. Well see Alfie was out, he was free. He was running around just living the life and that didn't seem quite fair to me. I mean because he'd hurt so many people myself included. So I thought I shouldn't do anything, I should just stay out of it and let the universe punish Alfie. The universe would just grind him down to the ground until he came oozing out of her toes ... Hope - Hattie, just keep to the facts. Hattie - Okay so the facts. Okay, I was sitting at my computer in the Warden's office doing my work then I was surfing the Web a little bit and I thought why don't I just go on over to the Brady Pub Instagram account and see what was happening there. And you know what I saw, those two, Anna and Roman. She was all over him. It made me sick. And then I thought, I know, here's a brainstorm, what if I can get Anna away from that USDA choice beefsteak and maybe even at the same time turn Alfie into worm food. Hope - You wrote the letter. Hattie - Yeah I wrote the letter and then I put it into her purse when I was on one of my outings. Hey listen, if you're going to eat a horse you don't choke at the tail. Yeah and I'm dealing with a real horse's ass over there. Anna - You are insane! Hattie - Insane! No darling insane is carrying somebody's ashes around in a fancy tin and then taking that fancy tin to bonk my Alfie over the head. That's insane!

Segment 2 Anna - Andre got exactly what he deserved. Carrie - Mom, do not say another word. Anna - But I'm glad he's dead. That doesn't mean I killed him. Carrie - Mom, zip it. Anna - Am I free to go? Hope - This letter from Hattie doesn't clear you Anna. Rafe - No in fact it can be further evidence against you. You already had means and opportunity and now evidently, motive. Carrie - That's up for debate. This letter is hardly admissible. Hope - We're not trying this case here right now. Carrie - I just hope you're not trying to use that letter to revoke her bail. Hope - I'm not. Don't leave town. Same goes for you. Anna - Enjoy your cold, sad cell you pathetic jailbird. Come on Roman, let's go. Roman - Anna. Anna - What? Roman - It's time for the truth. Anna - But if I tell them ... Roman - Anna tell them what you told me about the night of Andre's murder.

JJ - I heard that Andre stole Gabi Chic from under you. That bastard! Gabi - Yeah I definitely went off on him then I took it out on a wall. JJ - Now that he's gone any chance on getting it back. Gabi - Well it's going to take some time. I definitely have to cool down about it but yes I will definitely have my company back. I will fight for it as long as I have to. Gabi Chic is going to be back where it belongs. JJ - Well I feel sorry for anyone who stands between you and what you want. Gabi - Thank you for your vote of confidence. JJ - I know your power firsthand. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be standing here right now. Gabi - Don't say that. JJ - No it's true. Gabi you talked me out of an abyss on Christmas Eve. You made me realise I have a lot to live for. Now look at me! I'm going to be a Dad. I've never felt so alive, so hopeful, excited for the future. Gabi - Well having a kid changes everything.

Julie - Well you can't really blame me for going straight to Gabi. She's a hothead, she's passionate. And I'm going to stop talking now because it's time to let go of the past. And I love you and I want you to be happy. Eli - Gabi makes me happy. What! Julie - Sometimes when I look at you I see David, the very best of David. Eli - I wish I could have known him. Julie - It's almost the anniversary of his death and I was hoping the two of us could plan a mass for him. Eli - I'd love that. Julie - I'm so grateful you let me be a part of your life. David's gone but he does live on in you. Maybe you don't even understand that now but you will one day when you have children of your own. Eli recalls Lani telling him JJ is the father. Julie - Eli, what were you thinking. Eli - Maybe I'll have kids one day but for now I'm really happy with the family that I have.

Lani and Val are at a table in the Pub. Lani - I know I ordered half the menu and I know that I'm eating for two but I swear my appetite has tripled. Val - How's the morning sickness? Lani - I've been lucky so far. It hasn't been that bad. She grabs her bottle of vitamins. Pre-natal vitamins. JJ has put himself in charge of making sure I stay on top of it. Val - So he's really excited about the baby, huh. Lani - He is and he wants to be a part of every minute of this pregnancy. Val - I'm glad you're taking care of the baby and yourself. Lani - I assumed that's why you wanted to have lunch. With my Dad being out of town you feel that you need to look after me but it's really not necessary. Val recalls looking at Lani's medical records. The truth is Lani there's something we need to discuss. Abe walks in - My two favourite ladies! Val - Abe, what are you doing back so soon. I could have gotten you from the airport. Abe - I didn't want to trouble you. Lani - How's Theo? Abe - He's already a rock star in the clinic. How are you feeling? Lani - Really hungry. Abe - Well I hear a lot has happened since I've been gone. Val - You have no idea. Abe - Why don't you fill me in on what I've missed.

Segment 3 Lani - I already miss Theo so much. Are you sure he's okay. Abe - He's got everyone charmed in the place. His grandmother is spoiling him rotten. Enough about my kid, what about yours. How are you feeling? Lani - I'm feeling really good. Abe - Has Kayla given you a due date? Lani - Yes, August 17th. Abe - A Virgo? Val - No that's Leo. Virgo's are September babies. Lani - The baby could be born August or September. I think due dates are just approximations. Val - No they're pretty accurate these days. Like if you conceived in November than the baby would be born in August and if you conceived say around Christmas time well then yeah, you'd have a September baby, a Virgo. Lani - Leo, Virgo, boy, girl doesn't matter to me. I will be happy as long as JJ and my baby are healthy. Abe - Hear, hear.

JJ - So how's everything going with you and Eli? Gabi - Great. JJ - I'm glad after the whole thing that happened Christmas Eve. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Gabi - Eli and I are so beyond that like you and Lani. You're back together, having a baby, buying bicycles. JJ - We deserve this, don't we. Gabi hugs him - You deserve to be happy. Gabi sees Eli - Hey. JJ - Hey Eli. I should get going. See you later. Gabi - JJ is in full daddy mode. He bought 2 bikes for a kid that can't even use it until he's two. Eli - I need to ask you something. Gabi - Hey it was just a hug between friends. Eli - No it's about Andre DiMera.

Carrie - Hold on, hold on. Mom I can not allow this. Anna - Honey if your father thinks it's what I need to do ... Carrie - Have you lost it Daddy? Anything she says can be used against her. Roman - Carrie, trust me, it's going to be alright. Let your Mom speak. She turns to Hope and Rafe - I will end this if I feel my client's rights are in jeopardy. Hattie - Now we get all the details about how Alfie got clobbered. Tell me he was hurt. Tell me he was in pain. Hope - Hattie you're not hearing anything. You're going back to prison. Rafe - Robertson, would you please give Hattie ... Anna - Wait I think she should hear this. I think she should know exactly what her letter drove me to do. Hattie - Yeah come on Hope, speaking as someone who saved your bacon more than a few times. Hope - As long as you keep your mouth shut. Not a word. Not one! Hattie pretends to lock her lips and throw away the key. Roman - Alright, go ahead. Anna - Well when I read that letter I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to face Andre and look him in the eye and then I would know if he killed Tony. So I went down to his office that night and I accused him of murdering his brother. F/B Andre is surprised by the accusation. Kill Tony! What, are you delusional. I've had a very long day and I really don't have the time to listen to your histrionics so if you'd please just leave. Anna - Not until I have some answers. Andre - I just gave you an answer. Anna - You lied. You killed my Tony and I know you did. Andre - Anna, Anna at the time of Tony's death I was no where near Salem because everybody thought I was dead and I wanted to keep it that way. Anna - Yeah unless you saw killing Tony as some sort of chance of resurrection. You took his life so you could take his place and you could become the better man you always wanted to be. You could be Tony. Andre - That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Anna - Oh admit it! You killed my Tony so you could have everything he had. Andre - One simple fact that proves the folly of that theory ... I would never pretend to be Tony because that would mean I would have to pretend to be in love with you and that my dear is a fate far worse than death. He turns his back on her and starts rifling through a folder. She raises the urn above her head. Hope - Then what happened? Did you kill Andre?

Segment 4 Abe - I'm thrilled for you, I'm thrilled for this baby even though I wasn't excited about the circumstances. Lani - Well it certainly wasn't planned. Val - Yeah you and JJ had broken up after all. Lani - But we realised we had made a mistake and we love each other and we're really excited to raise our baby together. Abe sees JJ come in. Well the father to be knows how to make an entrance. Lani laughs when she sees the bikes. What is this! JJ - I got a little carried away. Lani - A little? JJ - Pink or blue, I didn't know which to choose so both. Wanna have twins? Lani - Managing one will be hard enough. Abe - Lesson #1. Being a parent has a steep learning curve. Valerie and I can both attest to that. You're going to make mistakes. Val - Yeah like the big one I made by not telling Eli who his real father was.

Eli - Rafe and I watched the security footage from DiMera. You entered the office while Vivian was still there. Did you witness anything. Gabi - Not a lot happened. She introduced herself and then she said something to Andre about thinking long and hard and then she left. Eli - Anything else? Gabi - Yeah, then Andre fired me and stole my company. Eli - And then you punched the wall on your way out of the office. Gabi - Eli, exactly what are you accusing me of? Do you think I killed Andre?

Carrie - Don't answer that Mom. This is over. Roman - Sweetheart let your Mom talk. She needs to tell the truth. Anna - You're such a good daughter and lawyer, the way you're trying to take care of me but I think your father is right. I need to finish this. Anna - I had raised the urn over Andre's head and I was ready to bash him in the skull. F/B - Her hand is shaking badly. Andre grabs her arm just before she strikes and takes the urn. Anna - Andre no. Andre - You're insane. Anna - You killed my Tony. You don't deserve to live. Andre - Do not make another step. You stop right there. Anna - Just give him back to me. Andre - Trying to kill me with your husbands ashes! Anna - Just give Tony to me. Andre takes off the lid. Anna - What are you doing? Andre - Just getting reacquainted with your husband. He sniffs the contents. Anna - How dare you! Andre - How dare you come here accuse me and then attempt to assault me. Anna - I just want ... Andre - Stop right there I said to you otherwise I'm going to dump Tony's ashes into the toilet. Anna - You wouldn't! Andre - Just watch me. I would love to dump your beautiful, dear, loving Tony's ashes down into the sewer and then you'll never get to see him again. Anna - I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I really am sorry. Just give him back to me. Andre - You can have your Tony only after, if ever you come to your senses. Now get the hell out of here. Anna grabs her purse and leaves. Hattie - You didn't kill him. Anna - I wanted to but when I left there he was very much alive and just as evil as ever. Hattie - You choked! Hope - Hattie. Hattie - I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Roman - I believe her. Someone could have easily gone in there and killed Andre after Anna left. Anna - Do you believe me?

Segment 5 Carrie - Considering my client's cooperation I'd like you to consider dropping the charges. Hope - Carrie I'm sorry. Rafe - Anna after you left Andre's office the security footage cut out. Stefan claims it was because they were redoing their security system, that's why there's a one hour gap in the footage but it is possible like Roman said that someone else came into Andre's office after you left. Carrie - So there's more footage. When will you get this? Hope - Stefan just turned it over. Rafe - I'm going to look at it right after this. Hattie - I can't believe you blew this. Anna - See, this is why I wanted you to hear this so you would know that that horrible letter didn't push me to murder. You blew it Hattie Adams. Hattie - Well I got what I wanted and Alfie is still dead. So no crime, no foul. She starts walking out. Hope stops her - Where do you think you're going. Hattie - Well I was going to sneak back into Statesville. We're all good. Hope - No we're not all good. I'll be talking to the warden about having you transferred to another facility with much more security. Officer. Hattie - I should have seen that coming. Hey you take care of yourself now, keep an eye out. Hope - You too Hattie and don't forget ... Hattie - I know. I know. Stay out of trouble. She turns to Roman and Anna. Oh oh, what I want to say to you is that love makes people do really weird things. Roman - Is that an apology. Hattie - An apology? WHAT! No I'm just letting you know if I were you I'd keep an eye on blondie here. Watch your back, you know what I mean. The cop leads her out as she's warning him to watch his back.

JJ - I guess I'll just put these in the back. Roman won't mind. Lani - You're really sweet for doing this. JJ - You think I'm nuts? Lani - I think I can't wait to watch you teach our son or our daughter how to ride. JJ - I need helmets, knee pads. ? guards. Lani - There'll be time. JJ - Not if I want the helmet with dinosaurs on it. Lani - Has anyone ever told you that you're going to make the most amazing dad every. JJ - You think? Lani - I know. Kiss. JJ - It would help if this Dad had a job. I've got some things in mind, just got to do more research. Lani - There's no need to rush okay. We'll figure this out together, our future, being parents. JJ - Parents. It has a ring to it. Kiss.

Abe - You know I had my doubts about JJ but the way he loves my daughter and this baby as unexpected as this pregnancy was, I just can't help but be excited for him even though he's going a bit overboard. Val - Yeah well every father to be deserves to go overboard. Abe - How are you? Val - I missed you. Abe - I missed you. Is everything alright? Val - Yeah. There's a lot going on. Abe - Yeah like Andre DiMera's murder. Is Eli working the case? Val - Yeah and it's keeping him really busy. Abe - Andre had his share of enemies. I wonder if the police have any suspects.

Eli - I just want to know. Gabi - I punched the wall, not Andre. A wall. When that S.O.B. told he stole my company, yeah I did want to kick that smirk off of his face but I didn't. I thought about it but I didn't do that. Eli - You left? Gabi - He was going to call security. Eli - Why, because he felt physically threatened? Gabi - I took it out on the wall, okay. Eli - Where'd you go after the office? Gabi - I was upset. I didn't want to be there. I didn't even grab my coat, I just left. Eli - Did you see anybody? Gabi - It sounds like you're trying to establish a timeline here. Eli - Gabi please just answer the questions. Gabi - Yes I saw Abigail and I told her what happened. She said she was going to talk to Chad so that he get the company back to me. Any other questions Detective. Eli - Come on, don't be like that. I'm looking out for you as your boyfriend. Gabi - How do you figure as my boyfriend that you needed to look out for me. Eli - Well I called you that night, you didn't pick up. Gabi - I was upset. Eli - Gabi where were you? What were you doing?

Segment 6 Anna is signing her statement. My signed, sworn statement. Signed, sealed and delivered. Hope - I hope it's the truth this time. Carrie - Hope is one tough cop. Rafe - Yeah that's why she's Commish. Carrie - And a great detective. Rafe - You going somewhere with this? Carrie - I just pray for your sake that she never gets a hint about what happened with you and Sami. You won't stand a chance. Rafe - I know. Anna walks up to Carrie - Can we please get out of here now. Carrie - Yes. They leave. Rafe - Well that was informative. What's next? Hope - Now that we know that Anna didn't do it I think I know who might have.

Gabi - I went for a drive to clear my head. Eli - Where'd you go? Gabi - Around the lake. You know there's no service there. Are you seriously considering me a suspect. Eli - Just need to follow up on the footage to clear you. Gabi - And my word is not enough? Eli - Of course it is. Gabi - It wasn't when you thought I slept with JJ. Eli - And I will always be sorry for that. I'm sorry now for upsetting you. Gabi this was never my intention. Of course you didn't have anything to do with Andre's murder. Truce? Gabi - Yeah maybe I'm being overly sensitive about this. Just because Andre and I didn't get along, people actually think I killed him! Eli - Not me. And if it makes you feel any better, and this is off the record, Hope, Rafe and I think that Anna DiMera is the one behind this. Gabi - You could have started with that! Eli - Sorry, again. I trust you. Believe me? Gabi - And I trust you. I mean without trust what do we have. Hug.

JJ is at Doug's Place checking out a site about pregnancy on his Tablet. Julie walks up. So JJ any news you want to share? JJ smiles.

Val is watching Lani talking on her cell at the bar. Abe - Hey where'd you go? Val - I'm sorry. Abe - I've missed you. As concerned as I am about Theo I'm happy to be home with you. Val - I'm glad you're back too. Abe - You denied it earlier but I can see it, there's something upsetting you. Val - Yeah there's something I want to talk to you about.

Segment 7 Julie breaks her hug. Oh I am so happy for you! I'm just surprised your mother didn't tell me. JJ - Probably because she knew I wanted to tell you myself. Julie - As my grandmother Alice always said nothing is more important than family. You're going to be such a good father. JJ - I just hope I can be as good at it as my Dad was. Julie - I'm sure you will be. Of course it's not all days at the beach and birthday parties darling. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. JJ - Yeah it's going to be a heck of a ride but I think Lani and I will figure it out as we go along.

Val - I don't even know how to begin this. Abe gets a call. This is Theo's uncle calling from South Africa. I asked him to look at Theo's last treatment plan so ... I can call him right back. Val - No it's okay. That's important. Take it. Abe - Cam, can you hold on a second. Thanks. Can we meet for dinner a little bit later so I can give you my full attention. Val - I'd like that. Abe leaves. Val goes to Lani. Lani, we need to talk. Lani - This really isn't a good time for me. Val - Lani I know the truth. I know Eli's the father of your baby.

Eli is in the squad room. I can't believe Hattie Adams escaped from Statesville. Rafe - Again. Hope - Now that we know Anna wasn't the only one with motive to kill Andre, Hattie very well could have written that letter to Anna trying to frame her for a crime she was about to commit herself. Rafe - You really think she did it. Hope - She may have wanted the satisfaction of hurting Andre. Confronting him, looking him in the eye for everything he did to her. Rafe - Before letting him have it. Hope - And boy, did she let him have it. Andre really hurt her, broke her heart. I guess she never recovered. Eli - Yeah but we don't have enough evidence to arrest Hattie or hold Anna. Hope - Keep at it until we get a break. You two look at the new security footage okay. Rafe - We're on it.

Roman, Carrie and Anna walk up to the pub. Roman - Anna you did the right thing. Anna - I'm just glad it's over. Carrie - It's not over. Anna - Honey I told them the truth. Carrie - The truth is you wanted Andre dead and you were seen entering the crime scene with the murder weapon and then leaving without it. Until the police find evidence to incriminate someone else, this is not over and you're not in the clear.

Rafe and Eli are in the interrogation room watching the footage. Rafe - Taking into account the one hour gap after Anna left Andre's office let's see who pays him a visit. They watch. Eli - Nothing but an empty corridor. Rafe - Fast forward. Eli - Wait, what was that? Rafe - Who was it? Play it back. Eli - That's not Anna. Rafe - Or Hattie.


Tuesday Feb 6

Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1 Kayla is in her office on the phone. March 5th! My husband's symptoms are worsening every day. I need him seen today! Yes do that. Talk to the doctor and when you do get back to me. Knock. WHAT! JJ - Is this a bad time? Kayla - No I'm sorry. I'm trying to get a quick referral for a patient and it's frustrating to say the least. JJ - I can put this off. Kayla - No, no, of course not. Come in. There's nothing I can do anyway. I have to wait for them to call me back so what is it? What do you need? JJ - I just need you to answer some questions. Kayla - About what? JJ - Lani's pregnancy.

Repeat of Val telling Lani she knows the baby is Eli's. Lani - I don't know what you're talking about. Val - Yeah you do. Lani - I'm a cop Valerie. I use this tactic all the time. Val - What tactic is that? Lani - I lead the suspect to think I know what he did even when I don't. Val - Well here's what I know Lani. I know that you slept with my son on Christmas Eve and that you were broken up with JJ the whole month before that happened. Lani - So. Val - So a pregnancy lasts nine months and your due date is September 17th. Lani - Look JJ and I, yes we were broken up okay but we were trying to work it out so I spent a couple of nights with him in December. Val - For real Lani! Seriously! We were together a lot of that time. You were heartbroken about the breakup and about the fact that JJ didn't want to have anything to do with you. Lani - How do you even know my due date? Kayla would never talk about my pregnancy with you. Val - She didn't. Lani - So what did you do? Did you just go in the exam room and look at my records. They're confidential Valerie. How dare you! She's crying.

Abby places her hand on Andre's name plaque in the mausoleum. I've been thinking about you. I walk in the office and I see the blood and you open your eyes. I feel like you want to say something but you can't. I think you want to tell me who did this to you but I need you to help me. I need more than just a look. I want to know who took you away from me.

Stefan comes in the D mansion living room and sees Viv pouring herself a drink. Still shaken from Andre's funeral or celebrating? Viv - A little bit of both. Stefan - What are you drinking? Viv - Stefano's best single malt. Stefan - Neat? Viv - No, splash of soda, brings out the nose. Stefan - I'd have it neat if I were you. I mean the casket did topple over and you ended up with the cold, dead hand of the dearly departed on your shoulder. Viv laughs - Yes that was a bit chilling to say the least. But now Andre and everything to do with him is sealed away and John Black has no information, nothing on us, nothing to report to the police so we actually got away with it. Now we can go forward with out plan with one less thing to worry about. Gabi walks in - Oh yeah.

Repeat of Eli and Rafe watching the surveillance footage and playing it back. Eli - OMG. That looks like ... Rafe - My sister.

Chad enters the mausoleum. Here you are. I've been looking all over for you. I can't believe you're still here. Abby - I couldn't leave him, not after having the same dream 2 nights in a row. Chad - They're just dreams. Abby - It feels like more than that. I just feel like I'm not going to have any peace until I find out who did this to him. What happened with Hattie? Chad - Well Stefan and I cornered her, brought her to the police station and they're currently drilling the crazy out of her. ? Abby - Or maybe not. Chad - I was just there. Abby - Maybe you have some answers for me.

Gabi - So what's the one less thing you two have to worry about? Viv - I don't like to speak ill of the dead. Gabi - Why do I doubt that. Viv - What you heard me say is I'm relieved to not deal with Andre anymore and I'm not going to apologise for those feelings. Gabi - You don't need to. I feel the exact same way. Now that the funeral is over I think it's time for you and I to talk about getting the company back that Andre stole from me. The one that I created from the ground up. Viv - That's not Stefan's fault. Gabi - Oh I never said it was but he is the CEO. He has the power to make this right. So CEO are you going to step up or have you just been stringing me along. Stefan - I have not been stringing you along and I'll see to it that you're reinstated. Viv snaps - You can't do that.

Rafe - So it's an hour later and Gabi's come back to see Andre which she didn't mention when we questioned her about it. As far as we know the murder weapon is still in there with him. Eli - There's a missing hour though. That's a lot of time. Anyone could have gone in or out of there. Rafe - Yes you're absolutely right it is but Gabi ... if Andre was dead in there she would have mentioned that. Not to mention the fact that the time stamp on that footage ... Eli - That's not that long after she was seen leaving the office. Rafe - When she was seen smashing her fist into the wall. For God's sake is that ... she was lying to us. Is that Gabi right there. Is that her going back into Andre's office to kill him.

Segment 2 Val leads Lani to a table. Sit down. Take some deep breaths. Lani - Don't tell me what to do. Val - I'm not trying to ruin your life. Lani - Are you sure about that. Val - I am. I care about you and this baby. Of course I want you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy. I just want to make sure you're doing the right thing by my son. Lani - I care about Eli too. I am doing the right thing. He has wanted Gabi from the moment he saw her. They're together. He wouldn't want to be having a child with me. It would just ruin his life. Val - You don't know that. Lani - I do! Val - Listen I have been right where you are and believe me you do not want to lie to your child about something as important as this. You don't. It's not only bad for the child, it's bad for you and it's bad for everyone you ask to keep this secret. I know it seems easy now because the baby's not here and it doesn't feel real but in a few months this baby will be real and then what. JJ believes you conceived in November so what's he going to think when this baby doesn't come until the middle of September. Lani - I will figure it out so just stop trying to scare me. Val - I'm not. I'm trying to get to you. I know my son. He would want to help in any way he can. He would want to be a father to the baby. Lani - Did you talk to him? Did you tell him! Val - No, no. We talked about it theoretically because he knew you were pregnant and he knew it was a possibility it could be his. That's why he went to you, so he could do the right thing. But then you lied and you told him that the baby is JJ's. Lani - You don't know what you're stirring up here. This will destroy people's lives Valerie okay especially JJ's. Val - I know this is difficult. Lani - You think you know everything. Well you don't. You don't know that on Christmas Eve, the same night that this baby was conceived, JJ was planning to kill himself.

Kayla - What do you want to know about Lani's pregnancy. JJ - Well she says everything is going fine but I want to hear it from you. Kayla - What are you worried about? JJ - Lani always wants everyone to think that she's superwoman but there have been times when she has not been as fine as she says was. Maybe I'm being overprotective. Kayla - Well I have an ethical responsibility not to discuss Lani with anyone even you but I think she would be alright with me telling you the pregnancy is right where it should be and the baby is developing right on schedule. JJ - Have you heard the heartbeat yet cause I know that's supposed to happen when she's 6 to 7 weeks pregnant. Kayla - Well if I hadn't I'm sure Lani would have told you. JJ - That's just great. Kayla - Any other questions. JJ - I don't want to hold you but there is something else. Kayla - About Lani? JJ - Kind of.

Chad - When I left the police station Anna and Hattie were accusing each other of killing Andre. Abby - And I suppose they're both swearing they didn't do it. Chad - That's what Hope said. Abby - So they're both still at the police station. Chad - Hope says they don't have enough to hold either one of them. Abby - So they're both just running around free. Chad - No Hattie will be going back to Statesville and Anna was told to stay in town. Carrie's going to keep an eye on her. Hope said both of them had strong motives. Either Hattie drove Anna to murder Andre with that letter or Hattie did it herself. Abby - That's all supposition. Chad - Yeah pretty much. Abby - So basically Andre could have been murdered by someone else entirely.

Eli - If Gabi killed Andre she'd own up to it. She wouldn't lie to us. Rafe - Yeah, you're right. And the footage is not great quality. You can't see her face. Eli - There's the coat. Rafe - We can't ignore that. Hope said if we came across anything important I should call her. I do think that this qualifies. Eli - Rafe, can we please get Gabi in here and talk to her before we bring the Commissioner into it. Rafe - I have a job to do. Eli - Come on, I just told Gabi I believe in her. I don't want to bring her in here to face all 3 of us without any type of warning. I don't think you do either. Rafe - Okay. Eli - I'll get her. He pulls out his phone.

Segment 3 Gabi - Why exactly can't Stefan put me back in charge of the company I created. Viv - Well didn't you tell me that you had to run decisions like that past the board. Stefan - Yes but as CEO I can strongly recommend they approve it. Gabi - That sounds amazing. You will not regret this. Her phone rings. Excuse me I have to take this. Hey, what's up. Eli - I was wondering if you could come down to the station. Gabi - Yeah why. Eli - Rafe and I need to talk to you. Gabi - You sound serious. Is everything alright? Eli - It's fine just come as soon as you can. Gabi ends the call. I need to go but could you please let me know when you get in touch with the board. Stefan - I will. Gabi leaves. Viv - Are you out of your bloody mind!

Chad - Do you still think that Gabi could have done it. Abby shakes her head no. Chad - Really? Abby - I asked her point blank. Chad - You did? That's why you took off, you were going to talk to her. Abby - I just felt like I needed to be sure. Right now I feel like I'm Andre's only friend and I owe it to him to find out who killed him. Chad - What did Gabi say? Abby - Got mad. Chad - Of course she id. Abby - And she asked if I did it. Chad - Well that's ridiculous. Abby - She said she wanted me to know what it felt like to be accused of something like that by a good friend. And she convinced me that even though she hated what Andre did she was just going to file a lawsuit or something, she was never going to kill him. Chad - It kind of makes sense. Abby - Yeah. I feel terrible. I shouldn't have accused her. I think we're okay now, I don't know. ? Chad - You should. Look Gabi's been in prison. She knows what it's like to be separated from her daughter and everyone else she loves. She's not going to want to go through that again. I honestly don't think she had anything to do with it.

Gabi comes into the interrogation room. What was that phone call about. WTH is going on. Rafe - We got some new security footage from DiMera Ent. We want you to take a look at something. They turn it on. Rafe - This was recorded a while after you left Andre's office. Gabi looks at it - That ... that's not me, I swear. Rafe - It looks like you. Well look, the hair is the same. That coat's yours. Gabi - Rafe a lot of women have the same hair colour and haircut. Wait you honestly think that this is me. Rafe - I need you to be honest with me right now okay Gabi. I need you to tell me Gabi. After you left Andre's office you went for a drive around the lake. Did you go back to his office. Gabi - No, Rafe, no. I swear to you on my daughter's life I did not do that. That is not me.

Segment 4 Lani - And if Gabi hadn't decided on a spur of the moment to drop off that Christmas gift ... if she hadn't seen him in his dress uniform and wondered what was going on, he would have gone to the square and he would have used his service weapon to take his own life. Val - I actually knew that, that JJ had been suicidal that night. Eli told me. Lani - Then you know that she talked him down and that he was too afraid to be by himself so she stayed the night with him. Lani - When you went there to talk with him and you saw him and Gabi together and assumed they were going to make love. Lani - I was going to try and talk to JJ and tell him how wrong it was for us to be apart. Partly because you and I had had that conversation and you encouraged me to do it. Val - I remember that talk. Lani - And I went running to Eli because I didn't know what else to do. Our being together would never have happened if we'd been in our right minds. And the next morning we found out how wrong I was. Val - How's JJ now? Lani - Better now that Dad and Theo forgave him. Val - But has he forgiven himself? Lani - Not completely now that Theo can't walk. Even then he's still really hard on himself. Knowing that I'm pregnant has brought him back to life. I don't know ... if he finds out this baby is not his I don't know what he'll do. Valerie I can not tell him that this baby is Eli's and neither can you.

JJ - Did you hear about me leaving the police force? Kayla - Yeah I did. JJ - I've been thinking about what kind of work I want to get into next and I haven't come up with much. But I'm going to be a dad so I have to have a job. I saw on the hospital's website a posting about EMT training. I was wondering what you think about it. Kayla - Well I'm an advisor to the program and I think it's really great. JJ - I like helping people. That's what made me want to be a cop. It didn't exactly work out that way. Anyhow I had a lot of chances to see EMT's in action and what they do is amazing. Theo could have died at the scene if it wasn't for those men and women who showed up and kept him alive and got him to you. That kind of work, it's really starting to sound like something I might be interested in.

Gabi - Would you two please stop scaring me. I can not believe that you think that that is me. Okay I will admit it looks like me from the back and that is the same jacket. I know that I left Andre's office and never came back. Rafe - If it's not you who is it? Gabi - I don't know. I mean maybe Andre took a strand of my hair and cloned it. Rafe - You know what, I really don't think right now is the time to joke. Gabi - I'm not. Think about it. Someone wants to get away with offing Andre. They know I'm having problems with him so they find a coat that looks exactly like mine, they get a wig that looks like my hair so they can get past security into his office. I didn't do this. I know I didn't do it because I was not there. I didn't do that. You guys have security footage of this person coming out right. Okay I want to see footage of that. I have the right to see that. Rafe - FF it. Eli - There she is. Gabi - She's hiding her face. She's trying to keep the camera from seeing it's not me. Eli - Look we both know there was a blackout and all the security cameras started at the same time. We should be able to track this woman's movements throughout the building. Maybe there's another camera that got a better look at her. Rafe - Yeah and whoever it was needed a key card to call the elevator outside of Andre's office or they're not getting out of the building. Eli - Well we'll find every person who went in and out of that building and which key cards were used. Gabi - Are you guys saying that you believe me? Rafe - I'm not saying anything until I see her face. Eli - I'm going to call the head guy at DiMera security. Rafe - I'll do it myself. Gabi - Rafe I need you to please find something that will clear me. You have to because I know that that was not me and I sure as hell did not kill Andre.

Viv - Just when everything was going so well you decide to become a hero. Andre had Gabi out in the cold which is where she belongs and we were going to enjoy all that money that Gabi Chic ... Stefan - Mother DiMera has a shoddy reputation as it is. Do you want to be known as the major corporation that kicked a woman like Gabi in the teeth. I don't. Viv - Oh I see. You're not doing this for PR value, it's because of Abigail. Stefan - No, no. Viv - Oh yes. She was blubbering at the funeral and you almost broke your ankle trying to get a handkerchief to her. Stefan - I was trying to be compassionate. Viv grabs him and stops him from leaving. Excuse me but you feel a hell of lot more than compassion for your brother's wife. Stefan - Okay, you know what, you're right. Viv - Excuse me! Stefan - You are absolutely right. I have been trying to will myself to stop thinking about Abigail. In fact I asked Gabi out to dinner with Abigail standing right there. Viv - You had dinner with Gabi! Stefan - No. As it turns out she has a boyfriend and she could tell my heart wasn't in it anyway. Viv - Oh great, just what I need. Stefan - What are you talking about! Viv - Ever since I've gotten to know you I realise you always want what you can't have. It's not Abigail's winning ways that attract you, you'd be bored with her in a week. It's the fact that Chad has her heart and that my darling is not love, it's obsession. Stefan - Mother I don't care what it looks like. I'm used to getting what I want and what I want is Abigail. Viv - Well grow up. SLAP. Get over it. Chad and Abigail walk in at that moment.

Segment 5 Stefan - That was not worthy of you. Abby - You slap him around? Chad - I didn't know that's how you and Mommy roll. You usually seem chummy. Viv - We were having an argument. It just got a little heated. Chad - Oh I could tell that. Hell of a swing Vivian. Abby - It must have been about something pretty important. Stefan - Actually it was about you.

Gabi - We've been through this a bunch of times Eli. I didn't lie to you, not once. I told you I left Andre's office, I did not come back. I didn't! You think that I killed someone because they screwed me out of job. Let's just say I did this. I would tell you because I know in my soul that I can trust you. I know that if I was in trouble you would be there to help me. Eli - I'm trying to help you now. Gabi - You need to do that by believing me. Do you? Eli - Yes of course I believe you.

Kayla - Well what do you think? JJ - Well after reading this brochure I'm serious about this. Kayla - I think you'd make a great EMT but it's a serious commitment so think about it, talk to Lani about it. If you decide you want to apply I'd be really happy to recommend you. JJ - It's excellent. I won't turn in this application unless I'm absolutely sure because this next step I take in my life, it's got to be the right one. I screwed up a lot but I got another chance when I met Lani. This baby may have been an accident but it wasn't a mistake, you know what I mean. Kayla - Yeah sometimes accidents turn out to be what we really, really wanted when we didn't know we wanted it. JJ - That's exactly it and I want to be the best Dad I know how to be. Kayla - I'm sure you will be. JJ - And from the timing ... it works out great. It says here the training is only 6 months so by the time I get certified Lani will be in her last trimester. Maybe if I get a good enough job I'll be able to convince her to take some time off when the baby comes. Kayla - I hope you get everything you want JJ. JJ - Thank you for taking the time for me. I'm going to talk to Lani and I'll let you know what I decide. They hug. Thank you.

Val - Thank you for making me understand all that happened and all that's at stake. Lani - I love JJ. I have to put him first. Val - Continuing to lie to him, continuing to let him think he's the baby's father is not doing him any favours and not for the baby either. Lani - You had a few rough months with Eli after he found out about his father but now you guy's are fine because he knew what you did was out of love Valerie. Val - After Eli came back I promised him I would never lie to him again. I'm sorry Lani, I won't. And now that I know he is the father of your baby I can't keep that from him. Lani - So you're going to tell him. My God Valerie haven't you understood anything I've been telling you. The truth will hurt everyone. JJ most of all because he's the most vulnerable. This will send him over the edge. Do you really want to be responsible for that!

Segment 6 Lani - Well are you going to do it? Val - I'm not going to run out of this place and go straight to Eli if that's what you're thinking. Lani - Than what are you going to do? Val - I know what I've done to your life today but I can't lie to Eli. I'm sorry. Lani - I'm begging you, please don't say anything. Val - That's lying. I will lose him permanently. I can't lie to him again. Here's what I think you should do. The best course of action is for you to tell Eli. If you can't bring yourself to do that I'm going to have to tell him. One way or another he's going to find out. I'll give you 24 hours. JJ walks up and sees them.

Gabi - I don't know what I would have done if you didn't believe me. My whole life is on the line here. Rafe comes back. Gabi - What did the head of security say. Rafe - He said that ... according to him the camera recorded anyone entering or exiting the building and a key card was used to call the elevator outside of Andre's office which was soon after you left. Gabi - So whose card was it? Rafe - Well I hate to say it Gabi but it was yours.

Abby - You two were having an argument about me. Chad - Why don't you explain to me what that argument was about. Stefan - You asked me to put Gabi back in charge of Gabi Chic. She was just here and I promised I would do everything in my power to make that happen. He points to Viv - Now she's really upset with me. Chad - Is that true? Viv - It's none of your business but I just thought we should slow things down before overturning all of Andre's decisions. Abby - So now you're the guardian of Andre's memory. Viv - Given what's happened here all day I just thought Stefan was being a little precipitous. Stefan - I can assure you I'm not making a mistake. I know what I'm doing. Abby - I assume you're doing this for Gabi because I asked you too so thank you. Thank you for being respectful at the funeral, not getting into any more arguments with Chad. Stefan - You asked us not to argue. Look if there's anything you want or need from me in the future all you have to do is ask. And I thought what you said about Andre at the funeral was beautiful. It made me wish I had gotten to know him a little better so thank you for that.

Segment 7 Stefan - I'm sure you'll want to get to work on the press release announcing Gabi's return as soon as possible. Abby - I guess. Stefan - I know that Andre was your dear friend so if you're not up to coming back to work right away I understand. I can draft up a statement and have you take a look at it or we can work together. It's up to you. Chad - There's really no reason to rush a press release. You still have to get approval from the board. Stefan - I'm sure the board will authorize me to bring Gabi back. Chad - Okay let me just say it a different way. We just lost Andre, my wife is grieving so we're going to go upstairs and spend the rest of our day with our soon. Abby likes that idea. Hug. They head upstairs. Viv - I don't know if you missed it but Chad just put you on notice. You are playing a very dangerous game my son.

JJ - What's going on? What happened here? Val - I'll leave you two alone. I'll talk to you tomorrow. She leaves. JJ - I can tell something big happened between you and Valerie. She said she wanted to talk to you tomorrow. What did that mean?

Gabi - No this is not what it looks like. Someone took the key card or they copied it or something. Rafe - You used it after you left Andre's office after he fired you. What did you do with it? Gabi - I don't know. I was a mess. You just said you believe me. Okay I left Andre's office, yes I was mad as hell but I didn't go back and kill him. Rafe - I am not saying that you did. I'm trying to put the pieces together here okay. Zoom in on the footage. Hopefully we can see the key card. If there's a God maybe we can see if it's authentic or not. Go in closer. Gabi - She has something in her hand. Rafe - That's too big to be a key card. Gabi - Then what is it? Rafe - It's the cover to the urn. It's been missing ever since we found Andre. Eli - Evidence. Rafe - It's the missing piece of our weapon.


Wednesday Feb 7

Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Sarah Jenkins

Segment 1 Repeat of Rafe, Eli and Gabi and the surveillance footage and the determination that 'Gabi' is carrying the lid of the urn in her hand when leaving Andre's office. Gabi - Look I know this looks bad but that is not me. It's not good Rafe, right. OMG. Rafe - It's pretty bad.

Abe knocks on Hope's office door and comes in. Hope - Abe, you're back! Abe - Yes. Hug. I just got in from Cape Town this morning. Hope - How's Theo? How's his treatment going? Abe - Very well except he was devastated by the news of his uncle's death. Anything new on that investigation? Can you tell me some more about Hattie Adams. Hope - Oh my gosh, where do I even start. The short version ... as you know she broke herself out of prison and tried to provoke Anna into committing murder. But it's very possible that Hattie finished Andre off herself. Abe - Or it could be someone else altogether. Hope - Rafe and Eli are reviewing the rest of the security footage as we speak. Abe - This case is high profile Hope. I want as many officers put on it as you can spare. But if I can ask you one question. Hope - Of course, anything. Abe - Can you keep my daughter out of the fire as much as possible. Hope - Well I plan on doing that anyway knowing that Lani's pregnant. Abe - She told you? Hope - Yes she told me Grandpa. Abe, congratulations. I'm thrilled for you. Hug.

Repeat of JJ asking Lani what's going on between her and Valerie. Lani recalls Val telling her to tell Eli he's the father of her baby or she will.

Eli - Gabi you have to calm down. All this evidence is circumstantial. Rafe - There's got to be some sort of logical explanation. Eli - We'll find out who the woman on this tape is. Gabi - Okay so what happens now. What, are you going to arrest me? Hope walks in. Hey Gabi, hi. Hi sweetheart, what a nice surprise. Hug. You look beautiful. Wait a minute, what's going on here.

Eve joins Brady in the foyer of the K mansion. Brady - Wow, you look fabulous. Eve - You don't look so bad yourself there Mr. Black. Brady - I hope I didn't oversell tonight. We're just going to the café at the Horton Square. Eve - Oh I think my expectations for tonight have been set appropriately. I'm just glad we set the ground rules, made them clear. Brady - They were clear. No more meaningless, no strings incredible sex between us. Eve - Right so we understand each other ... at least I hope we do. Brady - We do, we're good. Eve - Good. Brady - Shall we? They leave.

Claire is rushing around looking for her apron and purse. Ciara points out she's wearing her apron and her purse is by the door. Tripp comes in and greets his roommates, new bestfriends. Ciara - Don't push it. Tripp - As a thank you for cooking for me tonight I repay the favour. Claire says she just got called in to cover a shift. Ciara - But you and I still need to eat. You can make me dinner. He hands them their mail. They both have received invitations to Hope and Rafe's wedding.

Eli - We brought Gabi in for questioning. Hope - Why? Rafe - Can I talk to you about this in your office please. Hope - Yeah of course. They leave the room. Gabi - I can't believe this is happening. Eli holds her.

JJ brings Lani some water. Tell me what happened Lani. Why are you so upset? Lani - Valerie and I were having a conversation about the baby.

Segment 2 Claire didn't even know they had set a date. Ciara - Oh look, I have a plus one, assuming this thing even happens. Claire - What does that mean? Ciara - It means you never know around here. Ciara - Hey plus one, wanna go? I'm paying ... well my mom is. Tripp - Yeah maybe. I don't really know your Mom or Rafe that well. My Dad and Kayla will probably be there so sure, why not. Ciara - To bad Theo isn't going to be here in time for this. Guess you'll have to sit all by your lonesome. Claire - OMG Ciara was that really necessary. Ciara - What! It's true. Tripp - Guys, remember the big truce. No more fighting. You were doing really good. Claire - I'll just leave. I think that'll help. She goes. Ciara - Gee, what's her problem. She got Theo, she won the prize. I hope she's not having second thoughts now.

Abe meets Val in the park off the square. I hope I'm not late. Val - No. Did you get Theo's treatment plan worked out with Cameron. Abe - Oh yeah. He's all set. You were pretty upset earlier. You were going to talk to me about it before we were interrupted. What is it?

JJ - Is something wrong with the baby? Lani - No, I'm just upset with Valerie because she completely disregarded my wishes, told Eli I'm pregnant. JJ - Eli, but we've already told so many people why would that make you so upset.

Eli - Gabi think. DiMera is a big company. Maybe someone there looks like you and has a similar coat. Gabi - But my keycard in their pocket! Eli - Maybe someone took it by accident. Where exactly did you leave it. Gabi - In my workroom on my coat. I ran out after I spoke with Andre. I went out without it. Eli looks at his Tablet and scrolls through pictures. It's not there. Gabi - Because the woman on the tape probably has it now. Eli - Gabi, it's February. It's freezing cold outside. Didn't you realise you didn't have a coat on. Gabi - I can't believe this. You told me you believed me, that was a lie.

Rafe sits across from Hope's desk. We saw Gabi, or what appeared to be Gabi on the video footage and so we brought her in just to be sure. Hope - Okay, and? Rafe - When Eli and I were going through the footage we saw someone enter Andre's office and then leave Andre's office presumably right after he was killed. It appeared to be a woman, couldn't see her face but had the same hair and build and coat ... it looked like Gabi. Hope - Hold on, but we know that Gabi not wearing a coat at the time approached Andre earlier and told him how angry she was about him stealing her company. Let's not forget we have Anna going in after Gabi left Andre's office. Rafe - Yes exactly and Gabi swears she did not go back into Andre's office. Hope - Okay so do you believe her? Rafe - Yes I believe her, yes! However Gabi's keycard was flagged in the elevator just after that video was taken. But once the system went down, swipes of any other cards were not recorded so we don't know if anyone went in there and interacted with Andre during that time. Hope - And? Rafe - And the worst part is I zoomed in on some of the footage and I discovered that the lid to the urn, the murder weapon was in this person's hand. Hope - The woman whose description fits Gabi's. Rafe - Yes. Hope - Since you're the one who brought Gabi in for questioning what do you think we should do.

Segment 3 Brady and Eve are sitting at a table in the square. They try and make small talk ... awkward. Eve - I guess our previous dates haven't involved much in the way of conversation, have they. Brady agrees. And when we have conversations we use our words as weapons. So he's going to start a conversation with something safe ... weather. They talk weather and it evolves into skiing and lodges and that activity they can't talk about. Eve - We might as well face it, we have nothing to talk about. All we care about is our work, that activity we are no longer doing or speaking of. Brady - We haven't vowed not to talk about work. Let's talk about work. Eve - You are a hopeless romantic, aren't you?

Val - A patient of mine, bad news, it threw me for a while. I can't go into details but it's taken a turn for the better so all's good. Abe - That's good. Save the date, I just got an invitation to Hope and Rafe's wedding. Val - How wonderful. I'm really happy for them. Abe - Me too. It's a welcome change to be talking about weddings and babies after the angst of the past few months. Val - Yeah it certainly is. Abe - I have a confession to make ... I am rooting for you to catch the bouquet. They laugh. Abe adds - Assuming JJ has put a ring on Lani's finger by then.

Lani - There's nothing bad about Eli knowing I'm pregnant. I don't know, I guess I'm just hormonal and maybe just a little overwhelmed by all the unwanted attention that I've been getting. JJ - What do you mean? Lani - It amazes me that when people find out you're pregnant they treat your body like public property. They touch your belly, they ask how much weight you've gained, are you going to keep working and blah, blah, blah. And make sure to take your prenatal vitamins and breastfeed because that's the best. JJ - Lani, I'm sorry. Lani - Why are you sorry? JJ - Because I know I've been hovering a lot lately myself and maybe going overboard with the attention. Lani - It's okay coming from you. You're the ... JJ - What? Lani - You're the man I love. JJ - I hate that this is so hard on you because you're working, you're the one carrying the child, dealing with all of the stress and I'm basically doing nothing. Lani - That's not true. Look how good you're doing with going to therapy and getting your life back together. JJ - Having this baby with you has a lot to do with that. When you told me about the baby I realised how much I have to live for. And I want you to know I talked to Kayla about getting started in the EMT program at the hospital. She said she'd give me a recommendation. And I was thinking maybe if I asked Valerie to ... Lani - No.

Eli - Gabi of course I still believe you but I need to prepare you for some of the questions they're going to ask you. You have to be ready. Gabi - Okay, you're right. I didn't go back to the workroom because it was a crime scene. I didn't go back to get my coat because I'd been wearing another one. I didn't even realise it was missing. Is that a good response. Eli - Yeah. Listen I need to you know that I will always have your back and so will Rafe. Gabi - Thank you. You didn't tell Hope you brought me in here because you don't think she'd be on my side, do you?

Rafe - You're the Commish. The next move with Gabi should be your call. Hope - You and Eli kept me in the dark when you brought Gabi in for questioning, why did you do that! Rafe - Because she's been through a lot. Eli and I thought ... hoped she would have a simple explanation and it would amount to nothing. Hope - But it didn't. Rafe - No it didn't but Hope that's not her on the tape, it's not. Hope - I pray to God you're right. I know you're trying to protect your family, I understand that. Rafe! Oh God. You were suspended once before for covering for Gabi. I think given the evidence we have at this point I don't think we have a choice. I think we have to book her on suspicion of murder.

Segment 4 Eve doesn't think she's over losing Gabi Chic to DiMera yet. I warned Gabi that Andre was going to screw her over. She didn't listen to me now it's too late to do anything about it. I just wish we could find some way to attract young female clientele. Claire walks up and gives them menus. Eve asks Claire if she's still working on her music. Claire says her career has fallen by the wayside because of all the other stuff going on. Eve encourages her not to give it up, she's so talented. Claire - So are you and my uncle dating each other now. They both say no. Just enjoying each other's company. Eve tells Claire she's part of the demographic Titan is hoping to attract. What product would interest you? Claire - A time machine. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. It's going to be a long year. She has to serve another table drinks, she'll be back. Eve - Poor girl, she probably thinks she's the only person in the world right now that's alone. Brady - There really is a heart in there. Eve - If you look hard enough.

Tripp is talking to Ciara but she's focused on the invite. Ciara, are you okay? Ciara - Sort of. It's just I knew that my Mom and Rafe were getting married but now that there's an actual date ... Tripp - You're worried about your Mom. If Rafe cheated before he could do it again. Ciara is worried about her not knowing as well. Tripp reminds her she decided not to tell because it would hurt her Mom. Ciara knows and it would destroy her relationship with Rafe. Tripp asks if she's having second thoughts about not telling about Rafe and Sami.

Eli - I don't know what Hope is going to do but it would be a lot easier if you had an alibi. Gabi - I already told you I was alone. After I left Andre's office I was very upset so I went for a drive to clear my head. Then I went home and I went to bed. Eli - What about Ari? Gabi - You really think an alibi from a 4 year old is going to help me! And she was with Sonny that night. Eli - That's right. Gabi - Eli I know how bad this looks but I did not go back to that office. I never even seen that urn or that lid before in my life. Eli - Well whoever that is on that tape, we're probably looking at our murderer.

Segment 5 Brady - Think about it. Bella magazine was really popular back in the day. It was named after my mother. The only reason it was shelved was because the last editor resigned but we could re-launch it. We could put it online to promote all of our products. We could get a lot of eyes on this quickly. Eve - It's genius Brady. Brady - That's the first time anyone has said that to me so thank you. We'd have to do a total image overall ... Eve - No just a hook to get people interested. Brady - There was a contest back in the day called Face of the 90's. Eve remembers that. We can redo it. We'll get a young fresh face of Bella magazine. Claire walks up - Did I just hear someone say fresh young face. Brady - I think you should consider signing up for this contest. You should enter. It's going to be the new face of Bella magazine. Claire - Maybe I will, thanks for the tip. She goes to get their food. Eve - I don't know if it's a good idea to get her hopes up. We don't know if she's going to be the one. Brady - You don't understand. Her Aunt Carrie was the face of the 90's back in the day. It's perfect. She's talented, she's beautiful. She has just as good of a shot as anyone else, right. Eve - We really going to do this ... launch a magazine. Brady - Why the hell not. They toast.

Val - Lani's a grown woman. I wouldn't want you putting pressure on her. She's been through a lot. This pregnancy is a really huge surprise. Abe - I understand that. Val - And she and JJ only just got back together so do they even know if they can make it through the long haul. Abe - Before you were telling me I needed to be more supportive of their relationship, now you're saying I shouldn't be excited for them. Which is it? Val - No I'm just thinking maybe we should let them lead their own lives. Abe - You know if this were your grandchild we were talking about I bet that you would change your tune. Val - I bet I wouldn't.

JJ - Why wouldn't I ask Valerie? Lani - I don't want you to think that you have to rush into a job because of me or the baby. JJ - That is not the reason I want to be an EMT. Why do you get so tense every time I mention Valerie. I thought you two got along. Lani - Valerie is just full of unsolicited advice these days. JJ - I think you better get used to it. I mean if Abe and Valerie ever get married she's the kid Grandma. Unsolicited advice is kind of in their job description. Lani - Yeah if she and my Dad get married. I've got to go. I'm late for work. I'll see you later. Kiss.

Eli - I really should have told you to get a lawyer at the start of this. Gabi - Why? Eli - Because I'm going to have to testify in court as to anything you've told me, not that you've incriminated yourself but ... Gabi I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that you are innocent. But I do think to be safe you should find representation as soon as possible. Gabi - You think I'm going to prison, don't you? OMG, I'll be separated from Ari. Eli - I didn't say that. Gabi - Everything was going fine. Stefan was going to get me back on track with the board of DiMera. Now I don't even care about my company, I just care about Ari and my family and the people I love. I can't go back to prison. I can't. I can't. Rafe and Hope come in. Gabi - What's going on?

Segment 6 Eve returns to their table and finds a single long stemmed rose on her chair. Where did this come from. Brady - It's magic. Claire - Or the flower cart, it's right over there. Eve - Maybe you are romantic after all. It's beautiful. I can't remember the last time a man gave me a flower. Kind of given up on the idea of ever falling in love again. I don't know what your game is but tonight was quite lovely. Brady - What makes you think I'm playing a game. Eve - You always do. Brady says she does too. They decide to go home.

Ciara - It's not that Rafe doesn't love my mom, he does but I can't help thinking about the last time she got married. Aiden destroyed us. He tore our family apart. Tripp says that won't happen this time. Ciara - I know Rafe regrets what he did. I believe that. I take back what I said before, I know that he would never cheat on my Mom again. He'd better not!

Gabi - You're going to charge me with murder, aren't you? Hope - We have to book you on suspicion of murder Gabi. Gabi - What exactly does that mean? Rafe - It just means that we have 48 hours to either charge or release you. Hope - And until then, Gabi I'm sorry, you're going to have to spend the night here.

Segment 7 Brady and Eve return to the mansion. Brady says goodnight. Eve kisses his cheek - I'll see you tomorrow. Brady thinks they should do this again. Eve - Maybe.

Gabi - Okay I need to pick up Arianna from Sonny tonight. What's going to happen with her. Rafe - Don't worry about that. I'll handle Arianna. Eli - You have to remember, you are not the only suspect here. Rafe - Gabi we'll prove your innocence. I need you out because you're going to speak at our wedding okay. Please, no I'm serious. Hope - I'll have someone else take her downstairs. Rafe - It's fine. Eli - I'll do it. He leads Gabi out of the room. Rafe - Thanks for giving her some extra time. Hope - She's lucky to have you. There's no one better you'd want on your side than you Rafe. Hug.

Tripp and Ciara are enjoying their meal. Ciara and Tripp talk about unrequited love and how the distraction strategy isn't working for either of them. Ciara does think it's getting a little bit easier every day. She's glad she has him to confide in about her Theo obsession and Mom and Rafe. So is Tripp. They agree they're friends. Ciara can't believe she told him that big secret about Rafe cheating on her mom and he didn't breath a word about it. Seriously you can't tell anyone, especially Claire. She'll never keep her mouth shut. Claire is in the doorway.

Abe and Val see JJ in the square. Abe - Hey JJ. JJ - Abe, Valerie. Val - Hi. JJ - Listen I'm actually really glad I ran into you. I wanted to ask you something. Abe - Yeah go ahead. JJ - I got Rafe and Hope's wedding invitation today and it got me thinking. I know that Lani has been really stressed out lately and I want her to know that no matter what I'm not going anywhere. Abe - That's good to hear. JJ - I want to do this right so I'm asking for your blessing to ask Lani to marry me.

Lani sees Eli working in the interrogation room. Hey I'm glad I found you. Eli - I'm sorry but this is not a good time. Lani closes the door - I need to talk to you. Eli - I said this isn't a good time. Lani - There's never going to be a good time for me to tell you this so I'm just going to get it over with. This baby that I'm having, I lied. It's not JJ's Eli, it's yours.


Thursday Feb 8

Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Lisa Connor

Segment 1 Abe - So you want my blessing to marry my daughter. JJ - I know it's old school to ask but your okay would mean a lot. Abe - Well thank you for involving me in this. JJ - It's been on my mind since Lani told me she was pregnant and it seems like the next logical step. I already knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Lani. Now that we're having a child together, why wait.

Eli - I don't understand. I asked you if the baby was mine and you told me that the baby was JJ's and that you were 2 months pregnant not one. Lani - I lied. I lied to you, to everyone including JJ. I let him think this baby was his but it's not, it's yours. I'm sorry for not telling you the truth from the start. Eli - I knew it. I didn't question you ... Lani - Because I told you what you wanted to hear. I made it easier for us to forget about our mistake. You could move on with Gabi and I could move on with JJ. Eli - Only now ... Lani - There's a baby involved which complicates everything because we could both lose the people we love.

Steve is sitting in Kayla's office. She comes in. Sorry that took so long. Steve. Steve - Did you get them? Kayla - Yes I have your blood tests right here. Hopefully these results are going to give us some answers.

John walks up to Marlena who is at the nurse's station. So what do you say good looking, are you ready to roll. Come on. Marlena - Absolutely. I will just finish signing off, get my things. Nothing will make me happier than spending the evening with my favourite person in the world. Kiss. Will and Paul watch. Will - We followed your Dad all day. We have no clue what's going on, no explanation for why he's poisoning Steve Johnson. Paul - Shush. Will - You shush. Now he's going out with my Grandmother which gives me a lot of anxiety Paul so I say we either go and confront him or at the very least we go to the police and report him. Paul - Not yet. Can't you just give me some more time. Will - Giving you more time means letting John keep hurting Steve, maybe killing him. Marlena - Before we go I want to check with Kayla, see how Steve's doing. John - That's a good idea. The man John met in the park shows up and gets in John's face - I need to talk to you NOW.

Claire tells Tripp his meal is very good. Claire starts digging about what he and Ciara did and what they talked about. Tripp - What are you getting at? Claire admits she heard Ciara thanking him for keeping her secret, something she did want anyone to know especially her. So what was it?

Steve - So what's the story. What's it say? Kayla - Well it's still a mystery I'm afraid. It's an auto-immune disease but what the exact type is ... they still don't know. Steve - Still a mystery! They took like a half a gallon of my blood and they can't figure this out. I just want to know what I'm up against here baby. Kayla - Just be patient alright. Listen we'll know more tomorrow when we see the doctor. In the meantime why don't we go home, get some rest. Steve stands up and starts swaying. He falls back into the chair. Kayla rushes to him - Steve what is it.

Will - Who is that guy? Paul - I've never seen him before. Marlena - I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met. Man - We haven't but I know him. John Black, you run a detective agency with Steve Johnson called Black Patch. John - That's a fact. Man - I saw you across the way and figured this is my chance. Marlena - Your chance to what? Man - Hire him for a case. Marlena - We were just heading out. Maybe you could call his office and make an appointment. Man - I'm intruding on your evening, I'm sorry but this is kind of urgent. John - It's alright Doc I'll hear him out. Why don't you go check on Kayla and I'll meet you at home okay. Paul - I'll follow him. Will - I'll stick with Steve. Marlena - Will, Paul, what are you doing here?

Segment 2 Tripp - It's not cool to eavesdrop. Claire says she wasn't. She was coming in when she heard Ciara mention the secret. I just want to know what it was. Tripp won't betray Ciara's confidence, he gave his word. Claire wants to know if there's more than friendship between him and Ciara.

JJ - Before you give me an answer you should know that I am getting my act together so I can provide for Lani and the baby. I even talked to Kayla about the possibility of becoming an EMT. She thought I'd be great at it and offered to recommend me for the program which will only last six months. So by the time I finish Lani will still have a month to go. Abe - There's no doubt in my mind that you're excited about this baby you and Lani are having and I appreciate that you want to be married. I only hope that you've thought through this decision. JJ - I have, a lot and I know that I want us to be a family. There's no doubt in my mind. I would just like to make it official before the baby is born. So what do you say, do I have your blessing. You still have reservations about me, don't you. Is it because of Theo, what I did to him.

Lani - We both agreed that our one night stand was a mistake and mostly mine okay. If I hadn't jumped to the worst conclusion after seeing Gabi and JJ together we never would have ended up in bed together. Eli - It wasn't like I turned you away. Lani - But it happened because of me. I could have waited to see what exactly happened between Gabi and JJ instead of just running into you and making you think something that wasn't true. Eli - And this is how you make it up to me! By keeping me in the dark about my own child. Lani - NO! By not letting you lose the woman you love Eli okay. I've seen you with her. I've seen how you look at her, how you laugh with her. You seem so happy and I didn't want to take that away from you. Eli - Are you sure this wasn't about you losing JJ too. Lani - Of course it is! I was protecting what I have with JJ and now I feel like I made everything worse by lying. Eli - Well at least you didn't wait until our kid was an adult to tell him. So why now? What made you change your mind? Lani - Well it wasn't exactly my idea. Eli - What do you mean? Lani - It was your mother. She forced me to tell you the truth.

Segment 3 Abe - JJ listen to me, my hesitation has nothing to do with Theo. I told you I forgave you and I meant it. JJ - Well then what is it? Val - It's me. Abe and I were discussing the possibility of you and Lani getting married and I shared my concerns about it. JJ - And I don't mean any offence by this but why do you have a problem with Lani and me getting married.

Lani - Your Mom knows this baby is yours and she gave me 24 hours to tell you or she would. Eli - How did she even find out! Lani - Apparently she had her suspicions and went through my confidential records. Eli - She did that! It's because of what happened with me and my Dad. Lani - She admitted that. She told me she regretted keeping the truth from you. Eli - She doesn't want history to repeat itself. She doesn't want me kept in the dark about my child like my Dad was kept in the dark about me. Lani - What do you want then? Eli - I told you that I would be there for my kid and I meant it. Lani - Even if you don't have to. Eli this can stay between us. I still think that it's best for everyone if JJ thinks that he's the father. All you have to do is keep the truth to yourself.

Kayla brings Steve a glass of water. Are you feeling better? Steve - Yeah I am. Kayla - The dizziness, is it the same as before or more intense? Steve - Hard to say. Kayla - Be honest. Steve - It was a little more intense. Kayla - That's what I thought. She picks up her phone. Steve - Baby, what are you doing? Kayla - I'm calling to have you admitted overnight. Steve - Baby no, please. Listen the best medicine for me is to be sleeping in my own bed with you next to me. That's it, that's what I what. If I have another one of those dizzy spells tomorrow we'll deal with it then. Kayla - You are so stubborn! Steve - I think you knew that when you married me but maybe you need to check the warranty. It's less than a year and I'm already falling apart. Kayla - I'm not going to throw you on top of the junk heap yet. Steve - That's good. Kiss. Kayla - I'm just worried about you. Hug.

Will - I didn't think you'd be here so late. Marlena - Well I often am actually. Paul - We're here to see a friend. Will - Yeah, Derrick. He works in Administration. Paul - Yeah I think we should go see him before he leaves. Will - Okay, I'll talk to you later. They take off.

John and the man are in the park. John - WTH was that all about. Man - Pamela VanDam, our boss, wanted to remind you who's in control and that we have access to your loved ones whenever the spirit moves us. John - You come anywhere near Marlena or my family ... Man - You have nothing to worry about as long as you carry out your mission. But to do that you'll need this. He holds out a vial of poison. I figured a refill was in order since the other one was broken when you threw a hissy fit at the Pub. John - How in the hell ... Man - We see everything John and we'd hate for you to abandon your mission. John - I smashed that vial because I just found that my best friend was diagnosed with an incurable illness. If I knew that was in the cards for him I never would have agreed to this. Man - It doesn't matter John. Johnson is doomed, we both know that. Our ISA muckity mucks want him gone and this drug slowly but surely is going to kill him.

Segment 4 Tripp insists he and Ciara are just friends. Why would she think differently. Claire says before Ciara came back they were close and now Ciara is back and he's sharing secrets with her, plotting breakups and now Ciara invited him to go with her to her Mom's wedding. Tripp admits he had it bad for her (Claire) which is why he agreed to plot with Ciara ... but it's past tense now. We're both moving on. Claire - With each other? Tripp says that Ciara needed to vent and he listened. Claire asks if they are still friends. Tripp - Of course. Claire gets that he's moved on ... just don't pull away from me completely.

Val - Marriage is a huge commitment. JJ - I know that. Val - And just because Lani is pregnant you don't have to rush to the altar. My advice is that you take your time and you really get married for the right reasons. JJ - We love each other. What's more right than that? Val - Sometimes love isn't enough. I mean you've been through a lot and you're only just getting back together. JJ - I get what you're saying but I know this is right. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate your concern. I'm sure if Eli were in my spot you'd be saying the same thing to him. Val - Without question. JJ - But look I love Lani. We created a life together and I want us to officially be a family so when the baby is born he or she will have my name. I really would like to propose to Lani and I hope you approve.

Eli - You want me to keep my mouth shut and let another man raise my child. Lani - JJ will be a wonderful father. You've seen for yourself how excited he is for this baby. Eli - How excited do you think he'll be once he finds out that the baby isn't his. Lani starts crying. He'll be heartbroken. Eli - Why did you lie to him this whole time. Lani - I didn't intend to. JJ overheard me talking about my pregnancy with my doctor and he just assumed he was the father. Eli - That's a big assumption considering you two hadn't been together in a while. Lani - Yes it was. I wanted to tell him the truth, I really did but he was so happy and so excited and after everything he had been through, it was like he was the JJ I first met. He needed this so much. Eli - So let me get this straight. To keep JJ happy and excited you were going to lie to him his entire life. Lani - Do you think I want to. I am going to be living this lie too ... every day. But I still think that JJ, the baby and I can be together, a family and we can make it work like you and Gabi can. Eli - Except we'll be living a lie too. Lani - You told me how much Gabi meant to you, how much you loved her. Eli what to you think is going to happen when she finds out not only that you cheated on her but you got another woman pregnant. Eli - The last thing I want to do is hurt Gabi especially now that she has this Andre nightmare hanging over her head. Lani - What Andre nightmare? What happened? Eli - Gabi is the prime suspect in the Andre DiMera murder.

Steve and Kayla are near the nurse's station. Kayla - Are you sure? Steve - Yeah baby, I'm not staying over. Nothing you can say will change my mind. Kayla - Please come on. Steve - How about this. If I have another dizzy spell like the other one you can bring me back here and I won't fight you. Okay. Kayla - I'm going to hold you to that. Steve - How about just holding me. Marlena - Oh, I've been looking for you everywhere. I wanted to see how you were doing. Steve - I'm hanging in. Kayla - We're seeing an immunologist tomorrow and hope we'll get some answers. Marlena - I know how stressful this can all be and I want you to know I'm here for you and so is John. Steve - That means a lot. Marlena - In fact he's worried sick about you. He was up half the night trying to think of some way that he could help you. Steve - He's a good dude, that husband of yours. They don't make better friends than him.

John holds the vial. Man - You're the one who suggested we use the drug on Johnson. John - Because it's untraceable. Man - It's also poisonous enough to kill him. Of course because it works slowly it'll look like he died of natural causes. John - Yeah and in the meantime his wife and family have to suffer right along with him. Man - Put them out of their misery! John - What are you saying. Man - Finish Johnson off now rather than later. A few more doses of this poison and he'll be dead. Will and Paul are hearing all this.

Segment 5 Abe tells Val - I hope you know how much I appreciate and value your opinion or what it means to me that you care enough about my daughter to express what I realise are legitimate concerns. But as I said before I'm still very old fashioned and it's important to me that Lani marry the father of her child. It's best for everyone especially when that father is a decent, responsible young man like JJ who clearly loves my daughter and this baby she's carrying. JJ - I do love them more than I can put into words. Abe - I haven't always been supportive of your relationship with Lani but there is no denying how happy you make her. JJ - She makes me happy too and I will do whatever it takes to make sure Lani and our baby have the best life possible. Abe - Growing up in a home with two loving parents is still how I see family which is why I'm giving you my full blessing. JJ - You don't know how much that means to me. My whole life I've looked up to you and it killed me when I felt I had lost your respect. Abe - You have it now. JJ - Dr. Grant I appreciate your concern for Lani but you don't have to worry. Val - JJ I hope you know my concern had nothing to do with you personally. JJ - You don't want us to make a mistake, I get it. But this is right, you'll see. Val - I hope so. JJ - I guess I'm free to look at rings now. I promise I'll make her happy. Abe - You already have. JJ leaves. Abe - I hope you're not upset. Val - Of course not. I want what's best for everyone involved.

Lani - So Gabi swears she didn't do it. Eli - Yeah and I believe her. We just need to find a way to prove it. She's terrified about going back to prison and leaving Arianna again. Lani - I couldn't imagine being separated from a child. Eli - Either can I. Lani - This is definitely not a good time to tell her about the baby. Eli - This isn't about Gabi. This is about you denying me my child for the rest of my life. Lani - Eli it's not like this baby won't be taken care of and loved by two parents who want to be together. Is it worth blowing up all of our lives over a stupid one night stand that never should have happened. Eli - But if we tell the truth ... Lani - Everyone will lose including this baby. I am asking you, can you please keep this secret Eli. Please for all of our sakes. Eli - I need some air. Lani - Okay can you think about what I said. He leaves. She cries.

Man - We don't have a lot of time. We need to take care of Johnson soon before anyone figures out what's going on. John - I told you I got this. Man - You better. He leaves. Paul - I'm going to tail that guy, try and find out more about him. You keep an eye on my Dad okay. Will - I won't let him out of my sight. Paul - Do not do anything until you call me first. Will - Why do I need your permission. Paul - Just don't okay. John makes a call. Steve - Hey buddy, I meant to call you. John - That's all right. Listen I need you to talk to you about a new client. Kayla - If that's John, no tying one on tonight. Marlena - He better not bring that up. John - Meet me at the office. Steve - Can't it wait until tomorrow. I'm pretty wiped out. John - This won't take long, 15 minutes top. Steve - Alright I'll be there. John - Sounds good. I'll tell you what I'll stop at the pub and grab a couple of coffees on the way. Will waits and then follows.

Segment 6 Claire interrupts Tripp's video game. She has news to share. Her Uncle Brady Black and Eve who is a big fan of her music were at the Café. They were talking about finding a new fresh young face for Bella magazine which is what they're trying to relaunch online now. Tripp - They picked you? Claire - No it's a contest. The readers pick the winner but my Uncle and Eve said I should definitely enter. She thinks she has an in because her Pop Pop owns the company not like I want him to rig the contest or anything like that. She thinks winning would give her a showcase for her music. Tripp tells her she's talented and beautiful and the magazine would be lucky to have her ... he's saying this as a friend.

Abe and Val are sitting at a table in the square. Abe - I can't believe how excited I am to walk Lani down the aisle. There's only so many big moments in their lives. Val - Yeah no father should be kept from knowing his child despite the good intentions of the mother. I learned that the hard way. Eli, hey. Everything okay. Eli - It will be. Abe invites him to join them. Eli isn't hungry. Abe gets a call he has to take. He steps away. Val - What's the matter sweetheart. Eli - You can stop threatening Lani. She told me about the baby. Val - Thank God. Now that you know what are you going to do about it. Eli - That's a good question.

Lani is in the squad room. JJ holds out a single red rose. Lani - What's this for? JJ - Having my baby. Lani - That's really sweet of you. JJ - And since I know how hungry you always are if you're free I want to take you to dinner tonight. I already made a reservation at Chez Rouge. Lani - Actually I'm not really up to going out. JJ - Is it the baby? Lani - No it's not the baby. I'm tired, that's all. JJ - That's pretty normal right especially during the first trimester at least that's what the book What To Expect When You're Expecting says. You're taking your prenatal vitamins every day right. Lani - I am. JJ - You can't forget, the baby needs those nutrients. Lani - I know. JJ - Do you also know if you skip them you can take a double dose. Lani - JJ can you just stop. JJ - Okay. The book also says frustration and the desire to scream at the baby's father are all normal. Lani - I don't ever want to do anything to hurt you. JJ - We're almost over the first trimester. Once we get over this hump we'll both feel better about telling people. Lani - Actually there's something I want to talk to you about, something I don't want you to hear from anyone else.

Segment 7 Claire thanks Tripp for dinner and goes to bed but first she tries once more to get him to tell her Ciara's secret and fails.

JJ - You sound serious. Lani - It's not good news. JJ - You can tell me. We're having a baby together, you should be able to tell me anything. Lani - It's Gabi. She's being held as a suspect in Andre DiMera's murder. JJ - There must be some mistake. Gabi wouldn't, she couldn't have ... Lani - Eli is sure she's innocent too. JJ - Of course she's innocent. Where is she? Can I see her? Lani - She's being processed. Eli said it would be a while. JJ - God I feel so bad for her. She's got to be sick about leaving Arianna again. And Eli must be out of his mind. Lani - You have no idea.

Eli - Lani wants me to keep quiet and let JJ keep thinking he's the baby's father. Val - Of course that works well for her. What about you? What do you want? Eli - I hate the thought of pretending my child doesn't exist but Lani's right. Mom if the truth comes out a lot of people will be hurt. Val - What are you going to do sweetie. Eli - I honestly don't know.

Paul follows the man into a back alley. The guy sneaks up on him and points at gun at Paul - I don't like being followed.

John is at the pub. He pours the poison into Steve's coffee. Will watches. He sends a text to Paul. Your Dad is meeting Steve and he just poured ... He puts his phone away as John comes out. John - Will, what are you doing here? Will - Actually I was looking for you. Do you have a moment to talk? John - I'm actually late for a business meeting here but I tell you what, I'll hook up with you first thing in the morning. Will stops him from leaving - I can't let you do that. John - Do what? Will - I'm not going to let you poison Steve.

Steve - It won't take long. As soon as I'm finished with John I'll meet you at home. Kayla - Does he really need to meet you today. You told him you weren't feeling well. Steve - I can handle a 15 minute meeting. John needs my input. He said it wouldn't be any longer than that. Kayla - I think our husbands both have this superhero complex. Marlena - I think you're right. Kayla - Yeah they think they're indestructible. Steve - That's because we are. I'll see you later. Kiss. Steve turns and gets dizzy. He falls to the floor.


Friday Feb 9

No recap.


Monday Feb 12

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: Rebecca McCarty

Segment 1 John gets off the elevator and heads to Steve's hospital room. Marlena - John. John - Hey. Marlena - I left you messages all night long. John - I know. I'm sorry Doc. Marlena - You couldn't pick up the phone. You couldn't call me. I've been worried sick. Where were you? John recalls leaving the mausoleum. The camera cuts to a cellphone in the snow.

Hope is in her office on the phone. Hey Will, it's Hope. I'm so sorry that we didn't get the opportunity to finish our conversation last night. I know you think John is behaving strangely but I assure you there's a simple explanation about it. Anyway I won't go on. As soon as you get this message please give me a call so that I know that you're okay. Thanks Will. Carrie knocks on the open door. Good, you're free. Hope - Not really. Carrie - Well maybe you could make some time to clear my parents now that you've arrested Gabi Hernandez for Andre's murder.

Kate approaches the mausoleum. Lucas runs up. Mom. I called the house, Harold said you were here. Kate - I'm sure you're not here to pay your respects to Andre. Lucas - I'm actually looking for Will. Have you seen him? The camera cuts to the phone in the snow.

Abby is at work. She sees the crime scene tape criss-crossing the door to Andre's office. She pulls it down and goes inside. She picks up the urn and sticks her hand inside. When she pulls her hand out it has blood on it. Gabi waltzes in with the top of the urn in her hand - Looking for this. Abby screams and wakes up. OMG. It was Gabi.

Gabi is brought into the interrogation room. Justin - Good morning Gabi, have a seat. Gabi - How's Arianna. Justin - She's good. I saw her and Sonny last night. So are you ready for this. DA Trask should be here any minute. Gabi - Good because I didn't kill Andre and I want to get out of here. Justin - I'm all for that but you should know that whatever happens in this room next is just the beginning. Gabi - I understand. I've been in this position before Justin. But Eli swore to me that he and Rafe are doing everything possible to find out who the real killer is.

Stefan is in the living room of the D mansion talking on the phone. Andre's death was indeed unfortunate but he did lay the groundwork for huge profits with the acquisition of Gabi Chic. I fully intend to honour his memory by building on that. Oh you won't be disappointed Mr. Shinn, I promise you that. Very well. He looks at Stefano's portrait - Great day to be a DiMera. Rafe and Eli walk in. Rafe - Hope we're not interrupting. Stefan - I really need to speak to Harold about failing to announce visitors. To what do I owe this honour. Eli - We have more questions for you about your brother's death. Stefan - More questions, you arrested Gabi. Rafe - Doesn't mean we stopped gathering evidence. Stefan - It must be difficult ... your sister, your girlfriend. Eli - We're very capable of keeping our personal and professional lives separate. Stefan - Of course I'm just saying I'm sure you're hoping to find anything to clear Gabi's name although the footage of her coming and going from the scene of the crime, it's difficult to spin that any other way than guilty. Rafe - Funny you mentioned the footage, that's exactly why we're here. Stefan - Of course you are. As I explained I was installing a new security system. The one hour shutdown couldn't be helped. Rafe - The timing of it ... to shut down at the exact same time of Andre's murder. Stefan - You think I had something to do with my brother's murder?

Chad - You just miss Andre. You're grieving. These dreams have to be a part of that. Abby - I just feel like he's trying to tell me something. Chad - You don't honestly think it was Gabi. Abby - No I think she's innocent but why is there so much evidence against her.

Justin is showing Gabi a picture of Ari on his phone taken last night. Gabi - She's wearing a tiara. Justin - Every little girl should have one, right. Gabi - Thank you. You spoil her so much. I can't wait to give her so many kisses and hug her. This is when you're supposed to say I'll be home in no time. Justin - Gabi there is nothing I want more than you home with Arianna. Trask - That's probably not going to happen because I've just filed charges against you. Murder in the first degree.

Segment 2 Marlena hands John a cup of coffee and sits down in a chair in the waiting area near the nurse's station. John - Thanks. Marlena - Doesn't look like you slept. John - I haven't. So what's going on with Steve? What's the prognosis. Marlena - We don't know. They're running more tests, more MRI's. The doctors are baffled. They have no idea what they're dealing with. John recalls poisoning Steve's drink. It's really rough. Marlena - Yeah it's really rough. It's so rough that if the doctor's don't figure this out Steve might not make it.

Lucas - I was hoping that Will would be here. Kate - Honey, why would he be here? Lucas - I called a few times. I left a couple of messages, I don't know. I just wanted him to meet me here in case you needed us but he didn't call me back. I went to the Martin House but he wasn't in his room. Kate - Honey he's a young guy. I'm sure he has better things to do then spend time with dead people or hold the hand of a woman he doesn't even remember. Lucas - Well I don't have anything better to do. I may not be a huge fan of Andre's but I'm a fan of love and I love you so I'm here for you. If you want to talk, or just hold my hand, we'll talk about it okay.

Stefan - DiMera has been hacked on more than one occasion. Millions were stolen from Countess Wilhelmina. It's my job as CEO to assure that never happens again. Rafe - Very noble but it doesn't change the fact that the timing of the shut down raises questions. There's no video. There's no log of entrances, exits, key card usage so we need to establish a timeline for that missing hour of footage to question anyone who had access to Andre DiMera's office. Eli - Where were you when Andre was murdered? Chad and Abby walk in. Chad - That's an answer I'd love to hear.

Carrie - There is zero reason for this to be hanging over my mother's head now that Gabi has been arrested. So what do you say we make this go away for my Mom and my Dad. Hope - The department isn't pressing obstruction charges against your Dad. Carrie - That's a start. What about my Mother. With Gabi in custody she can't still be a suspect. Hope - The case is still open. I'm waiting to hear from DA Trask on how to proceed before I can clear Anna.

Justin - Murder one! You have no eyewitness, no fingerprints. It's circumstantial at best. DA - I've reviewed the evidence. It's very damning. Justin - There's another suspect. A lot of unanswered questions in an ongoing investigation. DA - Miss Hernandez had motives, means, opportunity. Justin - Yes and so did Anna DiMera. DA - Gabi Chic was projected to bring in millions. Andre DiMera stole it, the company you poured your heart and soul into. Gabi - It's just a job. I would never kill somebody over that. DA - You've killed before. Justin - So that's what this is about, Nick Fallon. You're still bitter about Gabi getting an early release due to a technicality so now you're going to grind this into a murder one charge. DA - This isn't personal Justin, it's business. I just happen to love my job. You had the means ... Justin - An urn of ashes just lying around. Come on Melinda ... DA - You had the opportunity. Your keycard was used to access the elevator. Justin - It could have been stolen. DA - And there's video surveillance of you entering Andre's office and leaving. Justin - You can't even see the face of the person in that footage. DA - And holding the lid from the urn you used to kill him. Gabi - I didn't kill him. DA - And you have no alibi for the night in question. Gabi - I was out for a drive. DA - Around a lake out of cell range and then you came home to an empty house. No corroboration, just your word. Justin - You do not have enough to charge my client with murder one. DA - On the contrary, based on this I'll have no problem convincing a jury that Gabi Hernandez murdered Andre DiMera in cold blood with malice aforethought.

Segment 3 Lucas - You want to go in? Kate - No not yet. It's so cold in there. I took your advice. I told Andre that I loved him. I thought he was going to sweep me up into his arms, the sky was going to open and angels were going to sing. Lucas - I knew there was a romantic in there somewhere. Kate - Instead he told me that he fired Gabi and stole her company. I shouldn't have really been surprised. After all Andre was Andre. Still it hurt. It hurt because I had told Gabi I was going to take care of her. I told her that I would protect her and support her and he knew that. He knew what Gabi meant to me, means to me. He knew. He knew that I'd given her my word. Lucas - He screwed you over. Kate - We had such a horrible fight. I told him that if he didn't rehire her it was over between us. And now it is over between us and he's lying dead in a mausoleum.

Carrie - I can't imagine how hard this must be for Rafe. Hope - There's nothing easy about it. Carrie - Give him my best. Hope - I will. Carrie - I'm going to go tell my parents the semi good news. Hope - Bye. Oh wait hold on. I want to give you a wedding invitation to my wedding. March 1st. I really hope that you and Austin can make it. Carrie recalls telling Rafe she knows he slept with Sami. Hope hols out the invite - Is something wrong?

Stefan - As I've already explained I was in the building that night when Andre was murdered. There is one thing that sticks out though. I asked Gabi out on a dinner date. Of course she flatly refused me given that she's so very involved with you Detective. Eli - What time was that? Stefan - I'm not sure exactly, earlier in the day. Abigail can confirm, she was there. Abby - It's true. Eli - When's the last time you saw Gabi? Stefan - When she walked away from me, from us on her way to Andre's office as a matter of fact. Rafe - When's the last time you saw Andre? Stefan - Right here at breakfast. Eli - Not at the office? Stefan - No I never saw him after breakfast, never spoke to him. Rafe - But the Gabi Chic IPO was scheduled for the next morning, that's a big day. Stefan - Yeah. Rafe - I find it hard to believe you never spoke to Andre. Stefan - Well I'm a hand's off CEO. Andre ran Countess Wilhelmina. It was his launch to oversee. Rafe - So you're sure you never were in Andre's office the day that he was murdered. Maybe you went in when the cameras were off. Stefan - Absolutely not. Eli - And we just have to take your word for that. Stefan - Are you suggesting I'm lying Detective. My mother warned me this would happen. No matter what the crime albeit be it murder or dognapping the Salem PD will try and hang a DiMera for it. Rafe - Your brother lost his life. My sister might spend the rest of her life behind bars because of it so excuse us but we're just trying to find the truth. Stefan - Perhaps you should just accept the truth. Andre double-crossed your sister, blew her dreams to hell so she killed him for it. Chad - I for one believe that Gabi's innocent. Eli - Why are you so sure?

Justin - Gabi has been cooperative. She voluntarily came in for questioning. She allowed the police to search her car, her apartment and they came up with nothing. Nothing. No coat, no lid to that urn. DA - An experienced murderer like Gabi is more than capable of disposing of incriminating evidence. Justin - You are biased counsellor and you are rushing to judgement. DA - I have a responsibility to the people of this city. Justin - And you are a little enthusiastic okay. First degree murder! You yourself said it was a crime of passion. DA - And thanks to the security footage the jury will see your client passionately punch the wall after Mr. DiMera fired her. Then they will see her return with the intent to kill him. That's a planned, premediated act. The charge of murder one stands. Gabi - Okay so I punched the wall, I didn't kill Andre. DA - Tell that to the Judge. Your arraignment's in a few minutes. Justin - You're moving this right along aren't you. DA - It's a high profile case. The public demands justice. Gabi - I can't believe this is happening. Justin - Gabi this is just standard procedure. We'll enter a plea and we'll ask that bail be set. We're a long way from trial. DA - There is an alternative. The victim's family will be spared a great deal of pain and the state a great deal of expense if you ... she slides papers in front of Gabi ... plead to manslaughter. Justin - No deals, she's innocent. DA - Why don't you let your client make up her own mind. Andre DiMera cheated you out of your life's work. You were angry. Things got out of control. This is my one chance to help you. If you plead not guilty and you're convicted of murder in the first degree you will spend the rest of your life in jail. But if you take this deal you could be out in 9 years. You've already missed your daughter's first words, first steps. This way you'll be out in time to see her graduate from high school. You made a mistake. This is your chance to do the right thing for yourself and your little girl.

Segment 4 DA - I need an answer now Miss Hernandez. Justin - I'd like a minute to confer with my client. Gabi - I don't need a minute. You were right to come at me as a mother because there is nothing more important to me than my daughter. And let me tell you it terrifies me that I might not spend the rest of her life with her so yes I'm scared because this looks really bad. But you know what, I raised my daughter to tell the truth so no I'm not going to lie. And no I'm not going to confess to some crime I did not commit so no deal. DA - This offer walks out the door with me. Silence. I will see you in court. She leaves. Justin holds Gabi.

Chad - Gabi said she didn't do it, I believe her. Stefan - Because she's your former lover. Chad - Because she's a mother and I know raising Arianna is the most important thing in the world to her. She's done time. She knows the price of going too far. She's not going to take that risk again. Stefan - Detective, Gabi's attorney should put this one of the stand, character reference and all that fun stuff. Abby - You think that's funny ... it's not. Stefan - Is there anything else I can help any of you with? Rafe - We're still looking for Andre's cell phone. It wasn't at the crime scene. Stefan - I don't know. Maybe he didn't have it with him. Eli - Kate was one of the last people to see him alive and she said that he did. Rafe - The killer could have taken it because there was something incriminating on it. Might help us shed some light on our case. Abby - I can look around the house. Rafe - Thank you. Stefan - I have a conference call at the office so if there's no more questions. Rafe - We're done. Stefan - I really hope you mean that this time. Stefan leaves. Eli - Nice guy. Chad - He's pretty certain Gabi's guilty. Eli - Most evidence points to Gabi. Is there anything else either of you can tell us about that day. Abby - No, just what I told you. I ran into her in the park. She didn't have a coat on, she was upset. I told her that I would ask Chad to see if Andre would rehire her. Rafe - Gabi told us she went for a drive. Did she indicate to you where she might be going. Is there anything that could be pertinent to the case. Abby recalls Gabi saying she was going to kill Andre.

Hope - Unless you don't want to come. Carrie - No, I was just going over Austin's schedule in my head and Noah's such a bad traveller right now. Actually I didn't expect to be invited. Hope - Of course we'd invite you. Carrie takes the invite. Thank you. I'll let you know if we're free. Hope - Carrie, I'm sorry, before you go, does this have something to do with what happened with Sami.

Lucas - Sorry I told you to take a chance on love. Kate - No don't be sorry. I don't regret it at all. I felt love. I just wish that it hadn't ended like that because our words were such angry ones. Anyway enough of that, how are you doing? Lucas - I'm fine. Sober, if that's what you were asking. Kate - Great. You look so good, ready for anything. Lucas - I might even be ready for love. I thought I'd take some of my own advice and I actually asked somebody out. Kate - Really! That's good. Who? Lucas - Chloe. Kate grabs his arm and drags him - I'm going to lock you in this crypt. Don't even think about it.

John goes to the coffee station. Marlena - You still haven't told me where you were last night. Were you with this new client. John - Yeah I was. Marlena - All night long? John - Turns out it's a big case. Marlena - It's such a big case that you couldn't return my phone call, you couldn't check on your best friend. John - I already said that I was sorry. If there was any way I could have been here for you and Steve I would have been. Marlena - This new client, is he more important than your best friend's life. Wow, I know what's going on with you now. This is killing you, isn't it. Steve's in a hospital bed fighting for his life and you can't even help him. Plus you've got some secret you're keeping from me. I'm assuming it's about this new client. I'm your partner. Tell me. Let me help you.

Segment 5 John - I can't talk about the case. Doc, listen, I want you to trust what I'm going to tell you. If I were the one in the hospital bed and Steve was out there last night he would have done exactly what I did. Will you trust me when I tell you that. Marlena - Of course. John - I need to get some fresh air.

Lucas - Relax okay. Kate - I can't relax. Lucas, seriously! You remember what she did to you. She lied to you, she cheated on you ... come on! Lucas - You poisoned her. Kate - That stupid rumour again! Lucas - The date never happened, relax. Kate - That's a good thing. Lucas - She had some opera thing to do in Vienna. She'll be gone for a few months. Kate - Really! Well that's wonderful, maybe you'll get your senses back by then. Or better yet maybe we'll be lucky enough and she'll decide to stay in Vienna. Lucas - Chloe has changed. Kate - Lucas I thought Andre had changed too. Lucas - You want to go inside, come on. Kate - I don't know, I think that I'm going to go in alone. There's some things I want to say. I want to talk to him. I might yell and scream a little. The thing is he was always there to talk back. Andre always wanted to have the last word. Lucas - You never know, when I visited Will's grave he talked back. Kate - Will came back to life. It was a miracle. I think we're fresh out of miracles. Go ahead, go find your son. Lucas - Are you sure? Kate - Yeah I'm sure. Lucas - Call me if you need anything alright. Kate hugs him. I love you. Lucas - I love you too. Sorry. He leaves.

Carrie - What happened with Sami? Hope - That she and Rafe were married once before. Maybe that makes you uncomfortable. Carrie - No it's definitely not about that. Hope - You seem hesitant. Carrie - You just caught me in a moment. No hesitation here. Sami is happy for Rafe and you as am I. We're thrilled. He's a great guy. No one deserves a second chance at love more.

Rafe - Abigail do you remember something? Chad - It's okay, you have to tell them. Eli - Tell us what? Abby - I think it's nothing because I think people say things all the time in the heat ... Rafe - What did she say Abigail? Abby - She said that she would kill Andre. Chad - That's a figure of speech I'm sure. Eli - Unless the person she says that about ends up dead the same day. Abby - I'm sorry. Rafe - It's okay. We needed to hear the truth even if it's something we don't want to hear. Thank you for being honest. Give us a call if you remember anything else okay. Chad - We will. Rafe and Eli leave. Abby - What did I just do! Chad - You had to tell them the truth. Abby - Yeah but maybe I gave the police everything they needed to throw Gabi in prison for the rest of her life.

Segment 6 Rafe comes into Hope's office. Hey. Hope - Hey, anything new. Rafe - Nothing from Stefan but Abigail did hear Gabi say she wanted to kill Andre right before he was murdered. Hope - Come on. You know Gabi, words fly out of her mouth without her thinking. Actually killing Andre, I don't see it. Rafe - I know Hope. I know that she didn't do it but damn it the evidence is piling up against her and it's going to reach a tipping point. I'm not going to be able to do anything to help her if Trask brings murder charges. Hope gets a text. She already has.

Chad is on the phone. Thanks for the heads up. Abby - I'm going to head into the office. Chad - I'm going to have to meet you there. Abby is upset about what she told Rafe and Eli. I should have had Gabi's back. Chad - And lie to the police? Abby - That night I should have talked to her. I should have stayed with her in the park, she'd have an alibi. Chad - We'll get to the truth one way or another. Abby - We have to prove that she's innocent. Kiss. Chad - I'll see you there.

Justin and Gabi are in the squad room. Justin - Well the good news is you got bail. He gets a call. Hello. This is Justin. Okay thank you for letting me know. More good news, your bond's been posted. Gabi - Already? Justin - Yes, I guess someone wants you to go home. Gabi - Did they say who? Justin - No. Gabi - It must have been Rafe. I hope he didn't put his house up as collateral. Justin - Only a problem if you're going to run. Gabi - Hell no, I'm going to fight this. Justin - That's the attitude! Gabi - And if Trask thinks that I'm capable of murder just because someone stole my company she's going to see how dangerous I can be when someone tries to take me away from my kid. Justin - Maybe you want to dial back that attitude just a bit. Trask is very good at what she does. You say the wrong thing at the wrong time she'll have no problem using your words to take you down. Gabi - I know but someone killed Andre and is trying to frame me. I'm going to find out who it is and make damn sure they pay.

Stefan's in his office. He pulls out Andre's cell phone from a desk drawer and looks at the pic of Kate and Andre.

Segment 7 Rafe comes into the squad room and sees Eli. You okay? Eli - Just a lot on my mind. Rafe - Yeah, well Gabi's out on bail. That's one less thing to worry about. Eli - That's a relief. Rafe - It is. Listen I know that I've given you a hard time. I want to say I'm sorry. You have Gabi's back. It's great she has someone she can count on. Eli - Except when she couldn't. Rafe - What does that mean?

Gabi is in the park off the square talking on her cell. I want to see Arianna whenever I can. Yeah I love you too Sonny. Chad shows up. I suppose I don't have to ask, you're okay? Gabi - Chad, first degree murder! Is this really happening! I'm lucky the Judge agreed to set the bail. I'm lucky someone posted it. It may be Rafe ... Chad - I posted your bail. I did because I believe you're innocent and I know you're being framed.

Stefan - Of course it's locked. Come on, it can't be Phoenix. It is. He laughs. Really Andre, using our father's sobriquet ... how very unoriginal of you. He plays a voicemail. Andre it's Stefan. I heard you fired Gabi. We need to talk. If you don't mind staying late I'll come to your office. We can discuss the future of Gabi Chic. Abby comes in.

Kate goes into the mausoleum and gasps!

Marlena comes out of Steve's room. John walks up to her - How's our guy? Marlena - He's worried about his tests. He's sedated now. John - You look exhausted sweetheart. Why don't you go home and get some rest. I'll stay here with Steve. Marlena - Really, cause you didn't get any more sleep than I did last night. John - This is where I want to be. It's where I need to be. Go on, I'll give you a call if anything changes. Marlena - Okay please do that. I'm glad you're here. I think it will mean so much to him to wake up and have you here. Kiss. John - Love you, get some rest. She leaves. John checks the vial of poison and goes into Steve's room.


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Thursday Feb 15

Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Joanna Cohen

Segment 1 Eric rushing up to Henry and Jen's table at Doug's Place. Hands off Doc, that donut is mine. Jen - Eric what are you doing! Eric - I can't have that guy have the last donut. It's not for him. Jen - Okay I don't know what you're talking about but that was incredibly rude and you need to apologise to Henry. Eric - No Jennifer I need to apologise to you.

Stefan is sitting in the living room when Abby comes in calling out - Chad are you ready. Stefan - Sorry to disappoint, it's just me. You look nice. Big plans tonight? Chad - We are going to celebrate Valentine's Day. You staying home with your mother? Chad laughs and they leave.

JJ joins Doug at a table in the square. They smile. Doug reaches in his pocket. This is a very special ring to Alice. Very, very special. She always wanted it passed down to one of her favourite grandchild. He opens the ring box. JJ - Oh man, Lani is going to be so surprised. Doug - Yes she is but before you put this ring on her finger you and I need to have a little talk.

Gabi and Eli walk up outside Doug's Place. Julie is outside. Eli hugs her - Happy Valentine's Day Grandma. Julie - And to you too sweetheart. She sees Gabi. I'm surprised to see you out and about tonight. Gabi - Why is that? Julie - Well I thought you wouldn't be in the mood since you were charged with murder. Gabi - Yes a murder that I did not commit. Julie - Somebody killed Andre DiMera. Eli - Gabi is out on bail. We're trying to have a nice evening. And just so you know, I'm going to do everything in my power to prove that she's innocent. Julie - Eli you do that and you're making the biggest mistake of your life.

Jen - Okay I don't know what this is about but now is not the time to be talking about it. You need to leave right now. Eric sits down - I'll make this quick. I finally figured out why you pulled away from me. Jen - This is not the time. Eric - You thought that I wasn't over Nicole but that couldn't be further from the truth. Jen - Anna told me twice. Eric - I know what Anna told you. She was completely wrong. Jen - No she heard you talking to Roman. Eric - No she only heard part of those conversations. She jumped to the wrong conclusion. I was telling my Dad that I was ready to move on. Henry - This is getting a bit uncomfortable for me. Jen - When I took Henry to the Horton Center to give him a tour I saw a picture of Nicole on your desk. Do you usually keep photographs of women that you're over. Eric - I was getting rid of older stuff. I must have dropped it but it's gone. It's gone for good. Jen - I can't do this right now. I just can't. Whatever it is you have to say it has to wait. Eric - Jennifer what I want to say ... I want you to hear it from me directly. I don't want Nicole, I want you.

Eli and Gabi follow Julie inside. Eli - I'm not changing my mind Grandma. Now please apologise to Gabi. Julie - I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I'm overly protective of Eli. I just don't think he needs this kind of drama in his life. Gabi - And by drama you mean me. Julie - Well I read the news. I know that District Attorney Trask is out for blood especially since you skated after murdering Nick. Gabi - I went to prison. Eli - Nick is in the past. Here, now, Gabi is innocent until proven otherwise which won't happen since I'm making it my mission to clear her name. Let's find our table. Gabi - I need a minute. She walks away. Eli - What are you doing! Julie - I'm trying to protect you. Eli - By upsetting my girlfriend. Julie - I know you have feelings for her. You're personal business is your business. Eli I want you to think of the larger picture here. What if she's guilty! Eli - She's not. Julie - You know it's one thing to defend a lover, it's something else to do that for a convicted murderer who is now being charged with a second murder. Eli - Are you not hearing me! Gabi didn't do it. Julie - Eli please, please darling. You have so many wonderful opportunities in front of you now. You know you could be the next police commissioner. You could be the next mayor. You could be the next Governor. Eli - For now I'm focused on being a detective. Julie - Well just watch your detective's career go right down the tubes if you stand up for a woman like Gabi Hernandez. Trask - Mrs. Williams is right. As DA I can tell you with complete confidence that this time around Miss Hernandez will not be handed a get out of jail free card. Gabi hears this.

Segment 2 Doug - This is a big moment in your life JJ. If your Dad were here, your Granddad, one of them would be having this little chat with you but unfortunately they're not so I decided to step up to the plate. JJ - What do you think they'd want to tell me. Doug - How proud they are of you, as I am. Proud of how far you've come, for stepping up and standing by Lani. I just want to make sure that you're not rushing into anything. JJ beams - Lani's having my baby. Doug - Yeah and because of that you went from 0 to 60 practically overnight. JJ - I knew I wanted to propose to Lani before she told me she was pregnant. The baby made everything better. Doug - You're going to be a wonderful father. I have no doubt about that but settling down, getting married ... are you sure that's what you really want right now. JJ - Hang on are you saying I shouldn't propose, I should wait. Doug - Would that be so bad?

Eli - With all due respect you're looking at the wrong person. Gabi did not kill Andre DiMera. Gabi - Thank you Eli and I've already told you repeatedly I had nothing to do with what happened to Andre. Trask - I just read the transcript of the interview Abigail DiMera gave to the police. Gabi - Yes and? Trask - Mrs. DiMera confirms you were quite angry with her brother-in-law. Gabi - You know that. He stole my company but I would never kill him for that. Trask - According to Mrs. DiMera you would. In fact you promised to. On the night of the murder you said to her face and I'll quote - I swear I'll kill him for this. Gabi - That was a figure of speech. Trask - So you say. Bet you're wishing you took that plea deal right about now. Eli - Back off alright. Trask - You're running out of time Miss Hernandez. Once we find your coat and lid to Tony DiMera's urn my case against you will be airtight. You'll be going back to prison, this time for life. Gabi leaves. Eli - You really are a piece of work.

Chad and Abby walk up to Doug's Place and see Gabi. Chad - What's wrong? Gabi - You sold me out. Abby - What do you mean. Gabi - You told the police that I threatened to kill Andre. How could you do that to me! Chad - I told you she couldn't lie to them. Abby - You have to understand, I'm completely in your corner. Gabi - Not really feeling the love Abigail. Chad - WTH are you talking about. It's not her fault. Gabi - No! Of course not, nothing is ever Abigail's fault. She leaves. Eli comes out and goes after Gabi.

Stefan is sitting at the chess table playing chess against himself. You'd probably approve of that move except against anyone but your beloved Chad. Now that Andre's gone he's the only one standing in my way. Once the remaining king has fallen what becomes of his queen. I heard you had to learn the hard way about capturing your queen. Fail to capture her heart and you lose right. I promise you this Father, I won't repeat your mistake.

Henry - We're kind of on a date here. Eric - I know and I'm sorry. I'm going to make this quick. Do you remember New Years Eve when we kissed. That kiss is when I knew that I was ready to move on and I'm pretty sure you were too. Jen - Eric please ... Eric - That's exactly what we'd have been doing if Anna hadn't opened her big mouth. Please, please ... he picks up the donut ... give us this chance. I just want us to experience so much more. He bites the donut.

Segment 3 Henry - Maybe I should go. Jen - Wait, wait, no. Eric should be the one to leave right now. Eric - Jennifer ... Jen - No! You can't just do this. You can't just barge in on me like this when I'm on a date and then just give me this big speech and expect me to fall into your arms. It doesn't work like that. Eric - Did you hear what I just said, Anna got it all wrong. Jen - It doesn't matter if she was wrong. I am here on a date and I think that you should leave. Eric - Okay but I'm going to take this donut. He leaves. Henry - Well that was awkward.

JJ - Wow, I wasn't expecting this. Doug - JJ I don't want to talk you out of anything that's in your heart but being the resident patriarch of the family at this point I would not be doing my job if I didn't at least caution you. JJ - Lani's having my baby. I thought you would want me to propose. Doug - Just because two people are having a baby doesn't mean that they have to get married right away or ever. JJ - When did you become so liberal. Doug laughs. Well a lot of water's flown under this old bridge. JJ I know you and Lani will always love your baby. The real question is are you and Lani always going to love each other. JJ - Yes. I can't imagine anyone else I'd want to spend my life with. Doug - Then I guess there's your answer. He hands the ring box over to JJ who slips it into his inside pocket as Lani walks up. Sorry I'm late. I got held up at the station. JJ gets up and kisses her on the cheek. Lani - Hi Mr. Williams. Doug - Hi Lani. Good to see you. I hear congratulations are in order. Lani - JJ and I are really happy. Doug - And Julie and I are happy for you. And speaking of Julie I better hustle my buns right back to the club or she'll short circuit. JJ shakes his hand - Thank you for everything. Doug leaves. Lani - That was like a very heavy conversation I walked into. JJ - Yeah it was, we were talking about you.

Eli catches up with Gabi in the park off the square. When did you become a sprinter. I think you just set a world record. Gabi - I'm sorry. It's just that after I heard that woman I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Eli - Which woman, my Grandma or Trask. Gabi - Both. Julie calling me a murderer and then Trask coming in and saying that I'm going to go back to prison for the rest of my life, I just had to get out of there, run as fast as I could. Eli - Gabi you are not going to go back to prison. Gabi - There's so many people that wanted Andre dead and still they keep pinning it on me. It doesn't matter what I say. I tell them I didn't do it but it doesn't matter. Eli - It matters to me. It matters to Rafe. It matters to Justin. Gabi you have a whole army behind you. Gabi cries as Eli holds her. I can't leave my baby girl again. Eli - I meant what I said. I'm going to do everything in my power to prove that you're innocent. Gabi - And what if that's not enough. What if you do everything in your power and karma comes back to bite me for what I did to Nick.

Jen - That was ... Henry - Yeah. You want to talk about it. Abby - Hi, I didn't know you had a date tonight. Jen - Hi. She greets Chad. You remember Dr. Shah. Abby - You're responsible for saving my life, how could I forget. Henry - I'm glad you're doing so well. Jen - I'm so glad to see the two of you out and about. I know how hard it's been on both of you after losing Andre and I'm sure it's even harder now with Gabi being prosecuted for his murder.

Julie places a drink in front of Trask who is sitting at the bar. An Alabama Slammer, emphasis on the Slammer. Trask - That's very kind but you should know I can't discuss an ongoing investigation. Julie - Of course not but as a concerned Grandmother I'd like to share some of my thoughts about Gabi Hernandez. Trask - Share away. Julie - The case is very personal to me because I saw her wreck lives in my own family and then just walk away with a slap on the wrist. Trask - Sent away for 20 years for killing Nick Fallon, served a few months on a Judge's error. Talk about a travesty. Julie - Well if she is found guilty this time of killing Andre DiMera I hope everybody gets it right and I sincerely hope you make sure that she gets the punishment she deserves. Trask - Count on it.

Abby sits at their table. Gabi was so upset thinking I let her down. Chad - Gabi is going to be fine. Let's not talk about her or Andre tonight. Abby - Deal. Kiss. Julie walks up - Here's some Valentine's Day bubbly. Chad - We didn't order any champagne. Abby - Did my Mom send this over. Julie - No he did. Stefan is sitting with Trask at the bar. He waves.

Segment 4 Julie - DA Trask who happens to be seated at the bar right now is not wasting any time. From what she said to Eli they're really closing in on Gabi. Actually from what I understand all they need to do is find Gabi's coat and the lid to Tony's urn then they'll have a rock solid case. Chad - Thank you for the update Julie but despite whatever the DA says I believe Gabi is innocent until proven guilty. Julie - Oh yes of course. Oh, soufflé emergency on Table #5. Remind me to never these amusing little desserts again. They're always ... Stefan takes the bottle out of her hand. Allow me please. Julie - Well thank you. Stefan pours. You two like champagne right, I mean who doesn't. Chad - Thanks for sending that over. I'm just curious, are you following us. Stefan - No of course not. I had no idea you'd be here of all places. Abby - So it's just a happy coincidence. Stefan - I had planned on staying in tonight but the house got a little quiet. Chad - With Vivian in it, I find that hard to believe. Stefan - Alas my mother is staying at home tonight but I was afraid she'd want to do one of her puzzles or play a two person game of Mah-Jong so I decided to slip out for a drink. I had no intentions of crashing your date. Chad - And yet here you are. Stefan - Yeah. I'm trying to put my best foot forward Chad in light of our recent family tragedy. Andre's passing should bring us closer, that's my hope anyway. Cheers. Enjoy your evening.

Lani sits at the table. So what did Mr. Williams have to say about me. JJ - Nothing bad. He was worried about us. Just wanted to make sure we're committed to each other. Lani - Of course we are, we're having a baby. JJ - He meant beyond that. Like if you weren't having my child would we still want to be together. Lani - And what did you say? JJ - That he has absolutely nothing to worry about. Not only am I madly in love with you but you are giving me the greatest gift I could ever ask for. I am hands down the luckiest guy alive. Kiss.

Eli - Gabi this isn't karma or the universe or anything else. Someone manufactured this situation. They put all the pieces in place to set you up and whoever did it, I'm going to find them and bring them to justice. Gabi - I know who it is, Stefan DiMera. Eli - What makes you say that? Gabi - Chad. He thinks Stefan killed Andre and then framed me. Eli - Does he have any proof? Gabi - No, just theory, a really good one. Eli - Well I'm all ears. Gabi - Okay in a nutshell Stefan and Vivian were working together to try and become the head of DiMera and they were using Andre to do it. He thought he was in this secret power trio who was going to take over DiMera but they actually wanted to get rid of him permanently once he was in control. Eli - So Stefan murders Andre and makes it look like you did it. Gabi - And I even think Stefan got Andre to fire me so I could have this big fat motive. Eli - And then he gets someone to dress up like you and they show up in the security footage. Gabi - Bam, I'm the killer. Eli - If that's the truth ... then it'll come out. Gabi - But we have no proof. Eli - Gabi I'm going to be working day and night, going through all the evidence. Hell I will knock on every door in this state if I have to cause I'll be damned if I let the woman I love go to prison for a crime she did not commit. Gabi - Thank you for always being there for me. It doesn't matter how hard it gets or what happens, you're there. Most people would have bailed by now. Eli - I'm not going anywhere. Gabi - You're this amazing detective that is helping me 24/7. How did I get so lucky to have this perfect stand up guy care about me. Eli - I wish I was the man that you thought I was. The truth is I'm far from it. Gabi - What are you talking about?

Segment 5 Eli - I was talking about Sheila Watkins. Gabi - Hey listen, if you're beating yourself up over helping a friend that needed you, don't. She needed you and she could start a new life because of you. Eli - I'm not so sure about that. Gabi - Do you want to talk about it, I'm a great listener. Eli - What if you didn't understand. Gabi - After everything I've been through and after everything you have done for me, come on, there's no judgement here, it's all love. Whenever you want to talk I'm your girl. Hug.

Jen - I think we should get that dessert you wanted. Henry - I think we should talk about what happened. Jen - I really don't want to talk about it Henry. Henry - I respectfully disagree. You've been so gracious tonight, considerate. You could have let me walk away before but you didn't. Jen - Henry I ... Henry - You honoured our date and my feelings and I appreciate that, I really do. We're both adults, let's be honest. You're here with me but your heart is with Eric Brady. Jen - What! No! Really, I was so caught off guard and if I seem distracted it's only because ... Henry - You don't have to say it. I can see it on your face. If I'm being honest I've seen it all along. Jen - I asked Eric to leave. Why would I do that if I wanted to be with him, right. Henry - Maybe you didn't believe what he had to say or maybe you're scared of being hurt. I don't know but I better go before I get hurt. Jen - I am so sorry. You are the nicest guy and I ... Henry - I'll take care of the check.

Stefan - Thanks for all the hard work your office is doing to bring my brother's killer to justice. Trask - I'm off the clock and not interested in discussing business. Stefan - Understood. Since we're the only 2 single people here on Valentine's Day what do you say we engage in pleasure instead. Buy you another drink. Trask - Absolutely.

Chad gives Abby a gift. It's a charm for her bracelet. Chad saw it in a store window and it reminded him of her ... you're heart and how big it is and how much you care about people. Abby loves it. And I love you. Chad puts it on her bracelet. Kiss. Chad sees Stefan and Trask together. Abby asks what happened. Chad - We're here together, let's have a toast. Here's to ... no I can't. It's from him and I don't want anything from him. Abby - Okay well why don't we just get out of here then. Let's go home, somewhere that's more private. Chad - You're right. First Happy Valentine's Day. Kiss. Stefan watches.

Segment 6 Lani is eating. Is everything okay? JJ - I hope so. He gets up and walks beside her and gets down on one knee.

Jen is still at her table. Julie - Where's Harold? Jen - Henry, he left. Julie - Not because of the food I hope. Jen - We were having this incredibly nice dinner and then Eric marched in and made this big announcement that he wants us to be more than friends. Julie - So he's not still pining for Nicole. Jen - He claims that since NYE it's been sort of this run of misunderstandings ... what Anna told me, the picture he had of Nicole ... but he said that he's over Nicole and he wants to move on. Julie - Well since you are here and he is not I'm assuming he didn't get the response he was hoping for. Jen - No he didn't. I asked him to leave because what he did was inappropriate and impolite and he took the last donut. Julie - Oh darling that's all on me. I saw him come in and I made sure he heard me say that you had made the donuts and it was the last one and you wanted it for someone special. I thought it would give him that little nudge we talked about earlier. I am sorry, it's all my fault. Jen - It's not your fault. Eric just seemed so determined. Julie - Well he obviously wants to give it another whirl and I know you like him so why did you turn him down? Jen - I don't know. Henry said he thinks it's because I'm afraid of getting hurt again. Julie - Well I wasn't too overwhelmed by your doctor friend but since you told me you don't want to put yourself out there maybe he has a point. Jen - I just need to go and think about all of this. Thank you so much. Julie - Oh darling. Jen - Thank you for the incredible dinner. I love you. Julie - I love you. Jen leaves.

Doug comes out in a chef's hat. That's a wrap. Do you realise that we just now took our last order. Julie - It's been quite an evening. Doug - Considering most of the staff had the night off and we were down to one cook I would say Valentine's Day at the new Doug's Place was a huge success. Julie - I'm not so sure. Doug - What'd I miss? Julie - Plenty. Jennifer just walked out dazed and confused. She had a date here with a new man and then Eric charged in insisting that she give him a second chance. Doug - That's pretty dramatic. Julie - And Eli was here with Gabi Hernandez. He's risking his entire future over that woman. I don't want to see his heart be broken. Doug - Honey I love that you are caring so much but it's Eli's heart, not yours. And as I've said before Eli is a grown man now. Julie - He's still my grandson. Doug - Yes well here's something that will take all your worries away. If all is working as planned right this very moment JJ is making Lani a happy woman with one of your Grandmother's rings. What? Julie - I can't get over how adorable you are in that hat.

Stefan is talking to Trask about a vacation spot. Chad puts the champagne in front of him. Stefan - Calling it a night? Chad - We are. I'm sure some would appreciate the gesture but we're not interested. Stefan - Sure I can't convince you to stay and have a glass. Chad - No, you enjoy it. We're going to go enjoy each other. They leave. Trask - Looks like you're the odd man out.

Segment 7 Eric is at the Brady pub finishing the donut. He pours himself a coffee. Jen comes in. Eric - What happened to your date? Jen - I'm looking at him. Eric leans in and kisses her.

Abby joins Chad in their bedroom. Thomas is asleep. She talks about taking Thomas to the park and taking family pictures. Chad is distracted. Abby - You alright? Chad - Look I know we said we weren't going to talk about Andre. Abby - If something is bothering you, tell me. Chad - I think Stefan killed Andre.

Stefan - I don't feel left out, I'm here with you. Trask - Okay Casanova. You're charming, I'll give you that but I'm observant and I just observed you observing your brother's wife. Stefan - What can I say. I'm a fan of beautiful women which by definition makes me a fan of yours. Trask - Like I said charming. Stefan - It's been nice talking with you. Trask - But it's getting late? Stefan - No it is not. We have a fine bottle of champagne here. It'd certainly be a shame to let that go to waste. Trask - No argument here. Stefan - Wow, a DA that doesn't argue. I must really be charming.

Lani - I can't believe that this is happening. JJ - I love you Lani and I love our baby. I want us to build a beautiful life together. He pulls out the ring. This is my great-Grandmother Alice's ring. I know she's smiling down on us right now. Lani Price will you do me and our future child the honour of becoming my wife. Gabi and Eli walks up.


Friday Feb 16

Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: David Kreizman

Segment 1 Steve is lying in his hospital bed. He hears the door open. No more poking and prodding. I'm tired of being your human voodoo doll. Billie - I can see you're just as delightful as ever. Steve - Is that Billie? Billie - Hey stranger, long time no see.

John walks through the arches and into the park. WTH are you doing. What'd you call me here for. ISA guy - The 10th floor saw you pull a gun on Marlena's grandson. WTH happened! John - Kid figured out I was poisoning Steve. Didn't have a choice, I had to take him out.

Stefan and Trask are sitting at a table now. Stefan - Be honest. Don't you feel even a tiny bit bad when you send someone to prison. Trask - No I feel great. A criminal is off the streets and more importantly I won. Laugh. Stefan - Cold! Cold! Trask - As ice. If you had told me I'd be having any fun with a DiMera I would have said that you are crazy. Stefan - You got something against DiMera's? Trask - Only that I spent my whole career trying to put them behind bars. Stefan - I'm not like the rest of them. Trask - You and your brother Chad seem to have a lot in common. Stefan - Like what? Trask - Like you're in love with his wife. Stefan - I'm not in love with his wife. Trask - Come on Stefan, can't we be honest with each other at this point. You ducked this question before but it's obvious you're into Abigail. Stefan - Okay you got me. I have feelings for my brother's wife.

Abby - So you think Stefan killed Andre. Do you have evidence? Chad - The DiMera security system was shut off right before Andre's murder. Shut off because Stefan was testing a new system. Abby - And you think he did it on purpose. Chad - It conveniently turned right back on when someone that looked like Gabi was exiting Andre's office. Abby - Exiting carrying the lid to Tony's urn which is also the murder weapon. So you think she's being framed? Chad - I think Gabi's innocent. I think someone is trying really hard to make it look like she isn't.

JJ - Lani Price will you do me and our future child the honour of becoming my wife? Lani sees Eli and Gabi. JJ - This is the part where you're supposed to say something. Lani - Yeah. Yes. Hug. Kiss. Gabi smiles. Eli is not happy.

Steve - You know it's not exactly PC to say long time no see to a one-eyed dude with vision problems. Billie - Since when was I PC. Steve - Good point. Billie - And I suspect you're in this bed for something more than vision problems. Steve - Well that's how it started but it's progressed a bit from there. Billie - Progressed how? Steve - Well my body is attacking itself and Kayla and the rest of the doctors have no idea why. Billie - Well you always did make it really hard on yourself. Steve - You're blaming me for this! Billie - I'm just saying it's part of a pattern like when you couldn't remember your life with Kayla and you thought it would be a good idea to start dating me. Steve - Well you can't blame me for that. Even with one blurry eye I can see that you're still looking good. Billie - I wish I could say the same about you. Steve - Okay then thanks for the visit. Billie - I came because I was worried about you Steve. How are you? How are you really. Kayla comes in - Billie, what are you doing here.

ISA guy - You telling me you executed your wife's grandson. John - Why don't you just let me do my job. I did what I had to do and my son Paul, he won't be a problem either. ISA guy - What do you mean? John - He tracked me down at the mausoleum. He saw what I did to Will, he had a little problem with that and we had a struggle. ISA guy - A struggle? John - Over the gun. Him I didn't want to hurt but a shot went off. ISA guy - You shot your own son! John - It was an accident and his blood is on your hands, you and your damned boss. ISA guy - VanDamme will have us both killed if you're lying. I need to make sure your story checks out. John - WTH is the matter with you man. Haven't I proved my loyalty to the organization by now. ISA guy - You haven't exactly been a willing participant. John - I have done everything you asked me to do. ISA guy - Good then you'll have no problem taking me to see the bodies.

Segment 2 JJ breaks the kiss. The ring! I have to put the ring on your finger. Lani - It's beautiful. Gabi - Sorry to interrupt but did I just see that thing happen? JJ - I think you did. Gabi - You're engaged! JJ - She said yes. Gabi - Congratulations! Lani - Thank you. Gabi - Don't be shy. I want to see this beautiful ring. You did great JJ. JJ - ? Gabi - Are you guys planning on getting married before the baby is born? JJ - You realise we got engaged about 5 minutes ago, right. Gabi - Sorry I just see how excited you are. Lani - The answer is I hope so. JJ - Yeah, me too. How great would that be for our baby for us to be a solid family and have my last name, my Dad's last name. Lani - There's nothing I want more. JJ - Do you guys want to come grab a drink, celebrate with us. Gabi - Don't you guys want to be alone. Lani - Maybe we should ... Eli - It'll be fine. We actually have a lot to talk about.

Trask - I knew it! You don't spend 20 years in a courtroom without learning something about body language. Stefan - Look it's not something I'm all that proud of. My feelings for Abigail are a bit inconvenient at this point. Trask - Feelings often are. That's why I usually try to avoid them. Stefan - I have big plans for DiMera and that could definitely get in the way. Trask - I heard how you swooped in and stole DiMera out from under Chad's nose. Seems like you want to do the same thing with his wife. Stefan - First of all I didn't steal anything. They were in trouble, I stepped in to help that's all. Trask - How generous of you. Stefan - And secondly whatever I feel for Abigail isn't related to Chad. Trask - He's her husband. Stefan - Yes I realise that. I'm just saying I don't have anything against the guy. Trask - Except he was loved and adored by your father, a man you never met. Stefan - You seem to know an awful lot about me. Trask - A new DiMera shows up in Salem, I take notice. Wow, you really are smitten, aren't you? Stefan - Take notice of this Madam DA my feelings for Abigail are quite genuine. She's beautiful of course but she's also passionately loyal and wickedly smart and kind without letting it be a weakness so perhaps I am a little smitten. Trask - Does she know how you feel? Stefan - No of course not, she's off limits. Trask - I have a feeling for a man like you nothing is off limits. Stefan - She loves her husband, all I can do is move on.

Abby - So Stefan killed Andre and framed Gabi so she would take the fall. Chad - It makes sense, right, I'm not crazy. Abby - What about all the evidence against her. Chad - It's not going to be easy. She doesn't have an alibi. It certainly looks like her in that video. Everybody knows she was angry with Andre. Abby - And she's killed someone before. Chad - Yes but she has Justin for a lawyer, he's great and she also has Rafe and Eli on her side. Abby - Chad, she threatened Andre's life that night. Chad - She's not going to kill him over business especially when she knows she'd have to go back to prison and leave Ari again. Abby - Yeah I'm with you. I want to help in any way that I can. So if Stefan killed Andre and he framed Gabi who's the woman that's on the security camera?

Segment 3 The foursome is at the Brady Pub. JJ - I'm going to grab us some champagne, non-alcoholic for my fiancée. Gabi - We should be the ones getting you guys the drinks. JJ - No, no, it'll be my treat. Gabi - I'll go with you. They head for the bar. Eli - So I guess I'm supposed to congratulate you. Lani - Yeah that's what most people do. Eli - It doesn't bother you ... saying yes to JJ's proposal when you're keeping such a big secret. Lani - You saw JJ. You saw how excited he is about getting married, about being a family, raising his child ... Eli - His child! MY child. That baby is MY child. Lani - I know. I just meant that ... Eli - What? That I should back off. Let another man raise my child? Let JJ live the life that he wants to live. Lani - No that's not what I'm saying. Eli I already told you all the reasons why I think it's best for everyone if the truth never comes out. Eli - Yeah you've told me. Lani - And since you haven't told anyone else I'm hoping that you decided to keep quiet. Am I wrong?

Trask - You crashed Chad and Abigail's Valentine's Day dinner and sent over champagne. Is that your idea of moving on? Stefan - I had no idea they were going to be here. Trask - Oh a total coincidence huh. Stefan - Small world, isn't it? Trask - And yet when you realised they were here, you stuck around. Stefan - What am I going to do ... run away every time I see them. We live in the same home. Trask - You have an answer for everything, don't you. Stefan - That's why I'm very good at what I do. Trask - You're smooth you know that, maybe a little bit too smooth. Stefan - You think I'm smooth. I guess I haven't lost my touch with all women in this world. Trask - You did hear the second part, right. Stefan - What I heard is that you find me charming and funny. Trask laughs. I didn't say either of those things. Stefan - You didn't have to, you see I'm very good at reading body language myself. Trask - I'll admit your charms aren't completely ineffective. Stefan - My charms aren't completely ineffective. Very formal of you! Is that how DA's are flirting these days. Trask - Whatever is happening here I think we should quit while we're ahead. Stefan - Are we ahead? Cause I don't think we're ahead. Are we ahead? Trask - I'm about to prosecute your brother's murder case. Stefan - I'm okay with it if you are. Trask - If I didn't know any better I would think you were cozying up to me because you had some sort of agenda.

Abby - Someone went into Andre's office that night wearing Gabi's coat. They used her employee badge and swiped the elevator after they apparently killed Andre but that wasn't Stefan. Chad - I believe he paid someone to impersonate Gabi. Abby - Why? He hardly even knew her. Chad - He was taking advantage of the situation. He knew that Andre fired her that day. She had opportunity and clear motive. His motive was to get rid of Andre. Abby - I know and I get that they had issues with the business but for him to go and kill his brother seems pretty extreme to me. Chad - And I have a theory about that as well but you're not going to like it.

Billie - Kayla, nice to see you. Kayla - I'm sorry, I just didn't expect anyone to be in here. Billie - Especially me. Kayla - How did you know Steve was here? Billie - My Mom. I was travelling through town and she told me about our old friend here. Steve - Easy on the old stuff there. Billie gets a text. Excuse me. I'm sorry I have to cut our little visit short. It was nice to see you ... I mean nice catching up with you. Get well Steve. Steve - I'm working on it. Billie - Take care of him Kayla. Kayla - Oh I will. Billie leaves.

Billie is outside Steve's room on her phone - You have what I need? Good.

Kayla - What? Steve - If I didn't know better I'd think you were a little bit jealous just then. Kayla - Of you and Billie? Steve - Is it my imagination or are you a little bit edgy right now. Kayla - It has nothing to do with Billie. Steve - Then what? You got my test results back. Did you find something. Kayla - Yes.

John and the ISA guy walk up to the DiMera mausoleum. ISA guy - ? for making you do this. John - Come on, haven't I suffered enough. I lost my son for God's sake. The guy goes inside, John follows. I don't see anything. Where are Will and Paul's bodies. He turns around to find that John has a gun pointed at him. ISA guy - Big mistake John. John - No, your mistake ... the guy lunges for the gun.

Segment 4 Stefan - Agenda, as in what?? As in Andre? I didn't have anything to do with his murder. Trask - I never implied you did. All the evidence points to Gabi Hernandez and I follow the evidence although it would have been helpful if your security cameras hadn't shut down in the middle of the murder. Stefan - I've already told the police I was testing a new system. Trask - Unfortunate timing. Stefan - I'm sorry, no one warned me in advance that Andre would be killed during that time. The footage we do have shows Gabi Hernandez going in and out of the office. Trask - But because the video doesn't show the actual murder Justin Kiriakis can make the case that the evidence is circumstantial. Stefan - So I guess I just made your job that much more difficult, didn't I? Trask - You could say that. Stefan - I'm very sorry Melinda. What can I do to make it up to you?

Chad - Remember John found that evidence that whoever sabotaged DiMera was doing it from the inside. Abby - Chad ... Chad - I know you don't want to believe it but I still personally think Andre was the one leaking information to Vivian and Stefan. I think that they were working together. I think ? and I think Stefan killed him because of it. Abby - Chad your brother is dead. The man who saved my life and brought me back to you is gone forever. And I know that he was flawed but he had a really good heart and now he's murdered. Someone came in and killed him and you're going to sit here and accuse him ... Chad - I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just looking for answers too. I know that we made a deal ... it's Valentine's Day, that's what we're supposed to be focused on ... on each other. Let's get back to the original deal. We won't talk about any of that okay. Abby - Okay, deal.

JJ and Gabi are sitting at the bar. JJ - How are you holding up? Gabi - It sucks being accused of something you didn't do. JJ - I may not be on the force anymore but I'm here for you just like you where there for me when I almost gave up on my life. Gabi - Thank you for being a good friend. JJ - Gabi you saved my life. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have been able to propose to Lani or be a father. I would have missed out on so much and my kid would have grown up without a Dad. I owe you everything and I'm so glad you and Eli are here to share this night with us.

Lani - Eli please, please don't say anything about the baby. I know I'm asking a lot okay but you have something great with Gabi and you'll lose it all. Eli - I've given this a lot of thought these last few days. Lani - And? Eli - And I hate the idea of another man raising my child. Lani I grew up not knowing my real Dad. I never had a chance to meet him. Just listen ... I don't want either of us to lose the ones that we love. Lani - So you'll do it, you'll keep the secret. Eli - Yeah I won't say anything.

The ISA guy and John fight, the ISA guy ends up with the gun trained on John. Did you really think you were going to get the jump on me that easily. You didn't kill Will Horton or your son, did you? John - It doesn't matter what I say, you don't trust me. ISA guy - TRUST YOU! You pulled a gun on me. John - Once I showed you the bodies you were going to kill me anyway. ISA guy - Now who has trust issues. John - I told you the truth. I did everything you and VanDamme asked of me. ISA guy - And for that you have our eternal gratitude but I think it's best that from here on I take over. John - Take over? ISA guy - That's right. Your services are no longer needed. He raises the gun. John closes his eyes. He opens them to find the ISA guy dropping to his knees in surprise and Billie standing in the doorway with ? in her hand.

Segment 5 Gabi - We're going to let you guys be after this drink but I just wanted to be the first person to say a toast to this amazing couple. Lani - You don't have to do that. Gabi - Yes I do. To JJ and to Lani I want to wish you guys both a very bright, amazing future full of love and laughter and I can not wait to see how beautiful that baby is going to be. Cheers. Eli - To JJ and Lani. Alright, what do you say we give them their private time. Gabi - Yeah but please remember I want to be the first person to know if you set a wedding date. Eli - All the best. JJ shakes Eli's hand - Thanks. Gabi hugs JJ - Congrats again. Gabi kisses Lani's cheek - Bye beautiful. Eli and Gabi leave. JJ - Is everything okay? Lani - Everything is okay. JJ - I only ask because when I was at the bar I looked over, it seemed like you and Eli were having a heated conversation. Is there anything I need to know? Lani - It's just a work issue, you know how we bump heads. JJ - Yeah I do, figure it out? Lani - Everything is good. We both understand what needs to be done.

Abby is looking at her bracelet. How does a tiny heart mean so much? Chad - Because it's us. It's you, me and Thomas. It's everything we've been through and we'll go through. Abby - It's perfect. Chad - You're perfect. Happy Valentine's Day. Abby - Wait, I haven't given you your Valentine yet. She pulls out a box from behind the pillows. Chad - What is it? Abby - Open it. It's ? angel. You gave this to me in the hospital after I was shot at Sami and EJ's engagement party. Abby - And you gave it back to me when you left town. Chad - It wasn't mine to take. Your father gave you this. Abby - He gave it to me to protect me and it has. Chad - So why are you giving it to me now. Abby - I just think that with what happened to Andre I don't want to lose you too. I know I'm paranoid but I keep having the dreams ... I know they don't mean anything but I don't want to take chances because I just love you too much. Chad - I love you too much ... we're going to be okay. Kiss.

Kayla - I realised after my conversation with Marlena about your condition that I need to broaden my focus. Steve - Broaden it how? Kayla - We've been going on the assumption that this is an auto-immune condition but it's not like any we've ever seen. So I decided to rerun your bloodwork. Steve - What were you looking for? Kayla - Anything and everything. I told my techs to test for anything that they could think of. Steve - Did they find something? Kayla - Yes, they found trace amounts of an unidentified foreign substance in your blood. Steve - What kind of foreign substance? Kayla - The kind that maybe somebody put here. Steve - Are you telling me that I've been poisoned. Kayla - I believe you have.

Billie walks into the mausoleum. John - Damn Billie couldn't you have made it a couple of minutes earlier. Billie - That's the gratitude I get for saving your life. John puts his hand on her shoulder - And a big thank you partner. Billie - Anytime. Why did you bring him here? John - I didn't have a choice. He insisted on seeing the bodies. Billie - So now I have to clean up another one of your messes. John - Yeah, I'm slipping a little bit. Sorry about that. Billie - I'm used to it. John - Right now we've got to be very careful. Our buddy might be out of the way here but his boss is still out there. It won't be long before she knows he's missing. Billie - What are you going to do about that? John - The only thing I can, I've got to get back to Steve. Billie - Wait John, before you go I have something for you.

Segment 6 Gabi comes out of Eli's bathroom wearing a shirt of his. I can't believe we walked in on that proposal today. Eli - Yeah. Gabi - It was nice especially with everything that's happening ... to have a light, positive, hopeful moment. Eli - Yeah they did seem happy, didn't they. Gabi - They have their whole future ahead of them. And the anticipation of bringing a new life into the world. If this baby brings them half as much joy as Ari's brought me then yeah they're very lucky. What's wrong? Eli - Nothing. Gabi - Thinking about the charges against me, that we don't even have a future. Eli - I know we do. I don't want to talk about the charges tonight. I don't even want you to think about them. Gabi - It's kind of hard not to. Eli - Well then maybe I need to do a better job of distracting you. He takes off his shirt. Gabi - Yes that is very distracting. He carries her to the bed.

Trask - You treated me to a bottle of champagne and you were good company, I'd say we're even. Stefan - Does that mean I won't see you again. Trask - Like you said it's a small world. Stefan - You know what I mean. I'm sure that you're concerned about what it might look like for us to be seen together, right. Trask - There are ways for us to see each other without being seen. Stefan - You mean we can see each other in private. Trask - If you'd be amendable to something like that. Stefan - I think you'll find me very amendable. Trask - Then might I suggest you come back to my place. Stefan - Tonight? Trask - You sound surprised. Stefan - No I just thought I was fighting a losing battle here. Trask - Look I know you're still hung up on Abigail but you also said you were trying to move on. Stefan - I am. Trask - So why don't you move on me?

Abby is on the phone. JJ, get out! Why didn't you tell me you were going to ask her. JJ - That's supposed to be a surprise. Abby - To the future bride, not your sister. Chad comes back - What's going on? Abby - JJ and Lani are engaged. Chad leans into the phone - Congratulations! JJ - Tell him thanks. Abby - Does Mom know? JJ - Not yet. I want to tell her in person so don't say anything. Abby - I won't say anything but tell Lani I'm super psyched for her to be my sister-in-law and I can't wait for her to give Thomas a cousin. JJ - I'll pass it on. Abby - I'm happy for you JJ, you deserve it. JJ - Thank you. I'll talk to you soon. Abby - Bye. Now I can justify the cupcake because we're celebrating. Chad - I don't think we need an excuse for that. Abby - Gosh that was so great to hear. I'm so happy for him. The last months he's been in such a terrible place and to hear him now, so happy and hopeful. Chad - It's amazing. Abby - It's been rough lately with Andre and I don't know, maybe this is the start of better times for everyone. Chad - I hope so. I hope everyone is as happy as I am right now. They banter and kiss and end up laying down on the bed.

Steve - What kind of poison did they find in my bloodstream? Kayla - We haven't identified it yet and it's almost undetectable. Steve - Do you think maybe it's not poison. Maybe it's something I picked up from the environment, ingested accidentally or something. Kayla - Well anything is possible. Steve - But you're not buying it. Kayla - No but let me worry about it alright. Steve - Oh I shouldn't be concerned that somebody's trying to slip me poison. Kayla - I need to focus on getting you better and keeping you safe so why don't you try and get some rest. Steve - Oh yeah, I'm going to rest easy now. Kayla - I want you to try. Believe me I am worrying enough for the both of us. I'm going to go to the lab and as soon as we know anything I'll come back and tell you okay. Kiss. Rest. Steve - Okay.

Segment 7 Steve's room is dark and he's asleep. John comes in quietly. He takes out a syringe and injects the contents into Steve's IV. Steve grabs his hand. John, what are you doing?

Chad and Abby are asleep. Abby dreams the same dream she had before about putting her hand in the urn and her hand getting bloody. Gabi comes in with the lid - Looking for this. Abby screams. Chad was wrong. It wasn't Stefan, it was you. You killed Andre. Abby wakes up with a start.

Lani - I can't wait to share the news with my family. JJ - If your Dad pretends to be surprised, don't believe him. Lani - You told him? JJ - I had to get his blessing, didn't I? I'm not going to lie, I was pretty damn nervous. Lani - What did he say? JJ - He said that he thought it was a wonderful idea and that he couldn't wait to walk you down the aisle. Lani - My Dad, Abe Carver, said that! JJ - And he also said that he's going to spoil our child and be there with us to help us raise him as a family. Lani - I can't believe this is all happening. It's all working out. JJ - Of course it is. I love you so much. Lani - I love you too. JJ - I can't wait to be a family. Lani - We already are. Kiss.

Eli wakes up and finds the bed empty. Gabi!

Someone wearing Gabi's coat is in the DiMera mansion. She walks upstairs. It looks like Gabi from behind. She opens a bedroom door and puts Gabi's ID in a drawer. She's about to put the lid from the urn in as well when the lights come on. Stefan - Gabi?

Gabi comes back into Eli's room. Eli - Where did you go? Gabi - I couldn't sleep. I went to get some water. Eli - You had me worried for a second. Gabi - I was worried too. They hug.

Stefan - Gabi, turn around. She does. It's Abby.


Monday Feb 19

Director: Scott McKinsey
Scriptwriter: David Kreizman

Segment 1 Repeat of Abby having that same dream where she's holding the urn, touching the blood inside and Gabi coming in with the lid of the urn in her hand. She screams and accuses Gabi of killing Andre. Abby wakes up with a start ... her demeanour slowly changes. She gets out of bed and leaves the bedroom. She goes downstairs into the living room and goes into the tunnels. When she returns she's wearing a black wig and putting on a coat similar to Gabi's. Gabby heads upstairs and goes into Stefan's room after checking to see that Chad is still asleep. She pulls Gabi's ID and the lid to the urn out of her pocket. Downstairs Stefan comes home. He puts his coat on the stair railing. He checks his phone. Text from Trask - I don't get turned down often! Invitation will stand ... ... Call Me if U need help getting over Abigail... He heads upstairs. In his room Gabby is about to put the urn lid in a drawer when Stefan puts the lights on - Gabi. Gabi, turn around. Gabby does. Stefan - Abigail, what are you doing!

Will is slumped over ... he's tied to a chair. He comes to and sees Paul in the same position across from him. Paul. Paul! PAUL! Paul comes to - Will, what happened? Will - Your crazy Dad, that's what happened.

Repeat of John coming into Steve's dark room and starting to inject something into Steve's IV. Steve grabs his hand. John. John - Hey partner, thought you were sleeping. Steve - What's that in your hand? John - It's nothing. Steve - What were you going to do to me. Kayla opens the door and puts the light on, Marlena is right behind her. Kayla - What's going on? Steve - Ask John. Marlena - John? John - Just came in to check on Steve. Steve - And inject something into my IV. Kayla - What! Marlena - No! That's ridiculous. John wouldn't do that. John - Actually Doc I would. Steve's lying in this hospital bed because I've been slowly poisoning him.

Stefan - What are you doing in my room Abigail? Why are you dressed like that? Gabby sneers - Abigail! WTH is your problem. Stefan - My problem? Gabby - Are you blind or just wasted. Stefan - No I'm fine actually. Gabby - Whatever you say. Stefan - Okay what is this. What are you trying to do here. Gabby - I'm not trying to do anything. My name's not Abigail.

Segment 2 Tripp and Ciara return to the back alley holding their helmets. Tripp - I'm about to kiss the ground and go to church. Ciara - You didn't enjoy the ride? Tripp - Enjoy! We're lucky to be alive. Do you have a death wish or something! Ciara - Don't be so dramatic. Tripp - The roads are icy Ciara and you're whipping around turns like we're in Fast and Furious 18. Ciara - Stop! We were safe the entire time. Tripp - That's your idea of safe! Do you not remember the time we almost smashed into that truck. Ciara - Well that was the driver's fault. He cut us off. Tripp - Oh that would make me feel so much better when I arrived in a body bag.

Billie is dragging out a body bag from the mausoleum. When she's already outside Will's voice is heard calling for help. HELP! Paul - Even if someone was out there I doubt they could hear us. It looks like a solid stone crypt. Will - So John put you in here too. Paul - I guess he did. Will - WTH is wrong with him. He tried to kill me. Paul - No he didn't. Will - He didn't? He pointed a gun at me and he fired. Paul - He fired a gunshot in the air and then he hit you over the head with the gun. Will - How do you know that? Paul - I was outside the crypt when I heard the gunshot. I rushed inside and I see John standing over you with the gun in his hand. I thought ... Will - You thought he had killed me. Paul - Yeah I did. It was awful.

Kayla slams the chart down on Steve's bed - You're the one who's been poisoning him! He's in this condition because of you! John - That's correct. Marlena - What! Why would you do that! John - Because if I hadn't agreed to it he would already be dead. Kayla - That makes no sense. Steve - Who wants to kill me? John - It's complicated partner. Steve snaps - Don't give me that. John - Pamela VanDamme wants you dead. Marlena - The head of the ISA? John - She gave me the order. Kayla - Why would she want Steve killed? John - To protect herself, the organization. As you know after Ava's death Pamela went through great lengths to cover up the truth and when Joey made the confession it blew it all to hell and put her in a bad place. Kayla - Why would she do this after everything Steve has done. He's risked his life over and over again. John - It doesn't matter. In her mind she put her whole career on the line for Steve and now that everyone knows that she lied it not only puts her position at the ISA in jeopardy but she could be prosecuted for the cover-up. Marlena - So she ordered you to kill him! Steve - We're all expendable. Kayla - Expendable! John - It's very basic. A dead agent can't testify against her. Kayla - Why would you ever agree to do this! She starts shoving him - How could you! He's your best friend. She shoves him hard. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! Have you completely lost your mind!

Gabby - Can I get out of here? Stefan - No not until you tell me why you're wearing this. Gabby - You don't like my clothes? It's Gabi Chic, winter collection. She poses. She still has the lid of the urn in her hand. Stefan - Wait a minute, yeah, the hair, the coat, the gloves. Gabby - What about them? Stefan - You're the woman in the security footage everyone assumed was Gabi. Gabby - I don't know what you're talking about. Stefan - Wait a minute. Okay. Okay. If you were in Andre's office that night, why would you set your best friend up and frame her for murder. Gabby - See now I think you're getting into the whacko stuff because Abigail is my best friend. I would never do anything like that to her. Stefan - I don't know what this act is ... Gabby - It's not an act. See Abigail is the last person anyone would ever believe killed Andre. She loved him. She even defended him after he stole my company out from under me. Stefan - Stole from you? Gabby - I love Abigail to death. She can be a little naïve, a little too forgiving. Andre took away my company, a company that I built with my own hands. Stefan is just shaking his head. Gabby - He took away my daughter's legacy and he laughed about it. Stefan - I don't know what's happening here right now ... Gabby - I'll tell you what's happening. See Andre DiMera is a lying, stealing creep who got what he deserved. Stefan - What's that in your hand? Gabby holds up the lid. Nothing. Stefan - Is that the lid to Tony's urn. Gabby - So what if it is. Stefan - It's part of the murder weapon. What are you doing with it? Gabby - Okay, you're going to get all high and mighty on me now huh. Stefan - You killed him, didn't you? You killed Andre.

Segment 3 Stefan shuts the door preventing Gabby from leaving. Abigail you better tell me what's going on right now. Gabby - Sshhh. I'm in enough trouble as it is. Stefan - You killed Andre. Gabby - That's what everybody thinks, right. Crazy Gabi kills again. That bitch Melinda Trask, she'd do anything to put me away for life this time. Stefan - Crazy Gabi ... Gabby - But I'm not crazy. Circumstantial evidence is all that they have but I see how they look at me because of my past, because of my family. They're going to take away my little girl. They're going to take away my life because ... why? The dark haired woman in a Gabi Chic coat ... hell that could be anybody ... well anybody with great hair and a killer body. Stefan - Was it you? Did you kill Andre with that urn? Gabby - I'm tired of that question but I will say getting out of the building with that badge, a bit of a problem but it still doesn't prove anything. Stefan - What about this? He holds up the lid to the urn. You're holding a piece of the murder weapon. Gabby - No (she winks), you're holding it. Stefan - It's got dry blood on it. How do you explain that? If you didn't kill him why do you have it? Gabby - The lid was a slight problem, that's why I'm trying to get rid of it. Stefan - By planting evidence in my room. Gabby smiles. Stefan - You're not trying to frame your best friend for murder, you're trying to frame me.

John - Believe me Kayla, I have questioned my sanity the last couple of weeks but hear me out. Pamela VanDamme made it look like Ava Vitali was a National Security threat. She falsified documents, she fabricated Affidavits. She even coerced witnesses. And once Joey's confession broke there was all kinds of talk about indictments, prison time ... that's why she called me in. F/B John sits down in a chair in VanDamme's office. So what can I do for you boss? Pamela - I try to do the right thing for my agents, don't I John. I'm loyal to them as long as they're loyal to me. John - That's a fact. So what's going on. Pamela - You know how I risked everything to bail Agent Johnson out of trouble after Ava Vitali's death. His son's confession could blow it all up. John - I'm sure Steve did everything possible to keep Joey from confessing. Pamela - I don't care. I'm not going down for this, the official story has to stay just that way. John - Why are you telling me this? Pamela - Because to protect the agency everyone who knows the truth ... Agent Johnson, his wife, their son ... have to be eliminated. John - You want them all killed! Pamela - Yes and because you're the one that set this all in motion you're going to be the one to do it. Kayla - You agreed to kill all three of us! John - I was in an impossible position. He pulls out the syringe. Now you have to let me finish what I started here. Kayla - Over my dead body. Steve grabs her arm - Baby, please no.

Pamela walks up behind Billie outside the mausoleum. Agent Reed. Billie is startled. Director VanDamme, what are you doing here? Pamela - Funny, I was just about to ask you the same question. Billie - My mother's husband died, Andre and I came to offer moral support. Pamela - And to help bury him in the middle of the night? Billie - Ma'am I ... Pamela - Assuming that's not your late step-father in the bag, who is it? Billie - It's John Black. I had to take him out.

Paul - When I saw you lying there all I could think was I was the one that convinced you not to go to the cops about my Dad. Will - You were upset because you felt guilty. Paul - I was upset because I didn't want to lose my friend. Will - Your friend. Paul - You mean a lot to ... to a lot of people in this town especially Sonny. Will - Paul okay, of course you would be thinking of Sonny right now. Paul - When I saw you lying on the ground I confronted my Father and I accused him of killing you. Will - What did he do? Paul - He fired another shot in the air and knocked me out too. Will - Why fire the gun at all? Why not kill us? Paul - Maybe he wanted someone else to think he did. Will - Who? Paul - I don't know. Maybe it was the person who was forcing him to poison Steve. I guess that's why he tied us up and left us in the DiMera crypt. Will - Do you hear that? Paul - I think someone's out there. Will - HEY! HELLO! HELP! HELLO, HELP HERE. Paul - HELLO.

Segment 4 Ciara - Maybe I shouldn't have given you the big boy helmet. Tripp - Excuse me! There's no shame for fearing for your life when it's actually in danger. Ciara - I was in complete control. Tripp - Really! Are you ever in complete control? Ciara - Okay now you sound like my Mom. Tripp - What's with all this daredevil stuff. Are you trying to prove something? Ciara - Just trying to live life. Tripp - By risking it? Ciara - I don't like living by other people's rules, doing what they say, keeping their secrets. Tripp - Next time we ride, I'm in front. Ciara - At least then I won't have to feel your grip getting tighter and tighter around my waist. Tripp - Maybe I like holding on to you. Ciara - Oh is that right. Tripp - How often do I get to ride on the back of a hot woman's bike. Ciara - First you accuse me of trying to kill you and now you're flirting with me. Tripp - Hey we just shared a near death experience, it makes you feel closer to a person. Ciara - What about Claire? I thought you were still into her. Tripp - I told you I'm moving on. Ciara - I'm hungry. How about we go get some burgers and bring them back to the loft. Tripp - Sounds like a plan. Let me check my messages, I've been waiting for an update on my Dad.

Marlena pulls John back - John what are you doing? Kayla - Do you really think that I am going to stand here and let you inject Steve with more poison. John - It's not poison. This is the antidote. Kayla - How do I know that? Where'd you get it? Marlena - Are you doing Pamela's bidding or not! John - When VanDamme called me in Doc I had to think fast. F/B John - Killing the entire Johnson family, that's going to attract a lot of unwanted attention. Pamela - So cover your tracks. John - I trust Steve. You've got to give him a chance to fix this. Pamela - He's had his chances. You know Steve as well as I do, that's what he wants. I'm surprised he hasn't been cut loose before this. John - Cut loose or killed? Pamela - Oh come on John. In our business we don't get to walk away, not with the kind of secrets we keep. John - Steve won't talk, I'll make sure of that. Pamela - I'm counting on that. Agent Johnson is a liability, so is his wife and son. If you don't take care of this I'll find someone else who will. John - Alright I'll do it but only Steve. Joey is in prison, Kayla's innocent. Steve broke protocol, only Steve. Pamela - If Steve is killed his family will sing like canaries. John - Not if I make it look like natural causes. No one will suspect a thing, your hands will be clean. Yeah boss I can make this go away for you. Pamela - Alright but don't let me down. If you do Steve Johnson's family isn't the only ones who will suffer, it'll be yours. Marlena - She threatened are whole family! John - She's off the rails Doc, none of us are safe. But by making it look like natural causes I bought some time. Kayla - Time for what? John - To develop an antidote for the poison and to find a way to neutralize Pamela. Steve - How? John - With a little help. Steve - From who? John - Pamela's trusted friend and ?, Agent Billie Reed.

Pamela - We've known each other a long time Billie. Billie - Yes we have. Pamela - And you expect me to believe you killed John Black. Billie - I had to. He'd gone rogue. He was trying to stop your plan to kill Steve Johnson. Pamela - He told you this? Billie - When he found out I was in town he asked me to get an antidote to stop the poison he was using on Steve. Pamela - Did you? Billie - No, I just went along with it so I could get the full story. John had every intention of selling you out so he could save his friend. Pamela - So how did this happen? Billie - I told John I would have to tell you the truth and he pulled a gun on me. Pamela - John was ready to kill you. Billie - And then he hesitated for one moment ... I shot him. Pamela - My people have been watching John. No one's reported that he's missing. On the other hand John's primary contact has disappeared. So why don't you tell me who's in that bag Agent Reed.

Stefan - You tried to set me up by planting this lid. Gabby - Hmm, figured that out all on your own, did you Stef. See I'm facing murder charges so somebody's got to take the fall. Stefan - Why me? Gabby - Why not you? Nobody around here likes you anyway. In fact if you got locked up I bet they'd throw a party. Stefan - As much as I hate to say this I'm calling the police. Gabby - A waste of your time. See my brother is a cop and so is my boyfriend Eli. Stefan - Stop! Why are you talking like this ... like ... Gabby - I'm innocent? Because I am innocent. Go ahead, call the police. What are they going to do? Are they going to come after a lying, conniving DiMera or single mother Gabby Hernandez. Stefan shakes his head - Damn, you really think you're Gabi, don't you? Gabby rolls her eyes and says something in Spanish. I am. I'm Gabby Hernandez. Stefan - I know you ... I know Abigail has a history of mental illness. Gabby - What has that got to do with anything! Stefan - Clearly you're sick again. I'm going to go get Chad. Gabby grabs his arm. Wouldn't do that if I were you. Stefan - Why is that? Gabby - Because then I'll have to tell Chad everything you did to steal his company out from under him. Stefan - Look I know you think that I used ... I know that Abigail thinks I used insider information to sabotage DiMera but there's no proof of that as far as ... Gabby - I don't need proof, I heard you say it. Stefan - Say what? Gabby - I overheard you and your mother Vivian talking about it. Stefan - When? Gabby - The night of Andre's murder. You were in his office. In fact you were standing over Andre's dead body.

Segment 5 Gabby pats his chest - What's the matter Stef, did I drop a bomb on you. Stefan - I don't believe you. Gabby - Hmm, I'm quiet like a cat when I want to be. See I was getting ready to step into the room and then I looked over and I saw you and Mommy dearest standing over his body arguing. Stefan - You're bluffing. Gabby - Really? Because I saw you reach into his pocket and take out his phone. Looks pretty bad from the outside. I mean, first you use Andre so you can take Chad's company away from him and then you get rid of him when he's done because you don't want him to talk. Stefan - You can't prove any of that. Gabby - Just like you can't prove that I came here to plant that lid. So it looks like to me that we've got ourselves a good old-fashioned Mexican standoff but only one of us is Mexican. Stefan - What do you want? Gabby - For starters I just want to walk out of here and pretend like none of this ever happened. Stefan - Pretend that you didn't come in here and try and plant evidence in my bedroom. Gabby - Uh huh. I will take my little bloody lid and I will go and I won't tell anyone what I saw in Andre's office. Stefan - Sorry I'm not giving it back to you. Gabby - Whatever. I wanted you to have it anyway. But you might want to find a safe place to hide it because we wouldn't someone to find it and think you killed your brother. Stefan grabs her - I can't let you leave.

Billie - If you don't believe me take a look in the body bag. Pamela - Let me guess, lean over to check and you club me over the head. Billie - Oh you really don't trust me. Pamela - We both know the agent following John Black is in that bag. Billie - Well I don't know anything about that. Pamela - But he's not the only one leaving here in a body bag. She reaches into her pocket to pull out a gun but Billie reacts faster and holds her gun on Pamela. Oh I don't think so. Right now John is giving Steve an antidote and there is nothing you can do about it. Pamela - I can ruin you. Billie - No you can't. When John and I found out the lengths you would go to protect yourself we did a little research and we found out things that are shocking. Pamela - You have nothing on me. Billie - I have a dossier full of criminal charges. Bribes, embezzlement, collusion, even murder. Pamela - You can't do this to me. Billie - Already done. As we speak you're being declassified and removed from your post. Criminal charges are being filed. It's over Pamela.

Steve - Is Joey safe? John - Yeah he is partner. Not only did Billie Reed secure his protection, she's the one who brought me the antidote. Steve - Anyone see you two together. John - No, she followed me to the DiMera mausoleum. Marlena - What were you doing there? John - Someone else figured out what I was up to.

Paul - Whoever's out there can't hear us so we're going to have to try and get out of here ourselves. Will - Okay this is a new one for me. I've seen it done in movies. I get the feeling this kind of stuff happens a lot in Salem. Paul - It really is a great place to live though. Will - Yeah. My grandfather held me at gunpoint, pistol-whipped me, knocked me unconscious and tied me up in a mausoleum so maybe now's not the best time for the hard sell on Salem. Paul - Fair enough but I want you to know that whatever happens I'm not going to let you get hurt again. He breaks free from the restraints. After he unties himself he helps Will. Will - You get tied up often? Paul - It comes with the job. Will - Well never a dull moment with you. At least right now I've got my own personal bodyguard. Paul - It goes both ways. They hug. Paul - Okay let's a figure a way to get the hell out of here. Will - Yeah okay.

Segment 6 Ciara and Tripp are back at the loft. Tripp puts down his phone - Still nothing on my Dad. Ciara - He's probably sleeping, that's a good thing. I know how worried you are about him. Tripp - I just got to know him. And after what happened with Joey I just hate to think about him being so sick. Ciara - He's going to be okay. Hey, he's got Kayla and he's got the best doctors around doing everything they can for him. Tripp - Steve's the strongest guy I ever knew. Seeing him like that ... and he's scared too. Him and Kayla both. Ciara joins him on the couch. It's going to take a hell of a lot more than that to bring Steve Johnson down. He's going to get through this, I know he will.

John - Paul and Will. They heard me talking on the phone, they saw me with a vial of poison. Marlena - So they suspected you of poisoning Steve. John - And I knew Pamela's people were watching me so when they confronted me I had to take action. Marlena - What kind of action? John - I had to make it look like I killed them Doc. Marlena - What. An alarm sounds ... Steve is having trouble breathing. Kayla says ? is dropping. John grabs her arm - Kayla, he need the antidote now. Give it to him now ... please. Kayla - He's the love of my life, the father of my children. You swear to me right now ... John yells - This is his only hope Kayla. Give it to him now. Kayla grabs the syringe - You better be telling the truth. John puts his hand on Steve's chest (he's gasping for air) - Hang in there partner. Hang in there.

Stefan - I'm not letting you just walk out of here. You need help. Gabby - I've got all the help I need. Justin is a brilliant lawyer and Rafe and Eli are working 24/7 to find another suspect ... hint, hint ... it's you. Stefan - That's not the kind of help I was referring to. Gabby - Why are you pushing this? I know you don't want me to tell anyone what I saw. Stefan - I'm worried about you okay. Gabby scoffs - Don't be. In fact you can forget that I was ever even here. I'll just walk out, it'll be our little secret. I know how much you like secrets, right. Almost as much as you like my good friend Abigail. Stefan - This is officially weird. Gabby - Come on Stefan, I'm not stupid. Your little crush on your brother's wife is totally obvious. Stefan - I'm not talking about this with you. Gabby - Look at those hurt eyes. Ahh I know, it's hard but it's a losing battle. Chad and Abigail, soulmates. Learned that the hard way. It hurts to want someone you can't have, doesn't it. Stefan - Yes. Gabby - You can't have Abigail, it's a losing battle but if you wanted to play ball with me, then maybe I could be the next best thing. She kisses him. Not bad. Not bad at all. I should get back to my man before he realises I'm gone. Stefan - Your man? Gabby - Eli, the cop. I think he's the jealous type so how about I go. I'll see you soon. She leaves.

Segment 7 Kayla is near tears - I can't believe I just injected him with something and I have no idea what it is. Marlena - Kayla he's going to be alright. We can trust John. Steve - Baby. Kayla - Steve ... okay, good. John gets a text. Marlena - Who's it from? John - Billie, she neutralized Pamela. Marlena - Oh thank God. John - This is a good thing. Now we can release Paul and Will.

Paul and Will are in the main part of the mausoleum. Paul - I don't see anyone. Whoever it was must have left. Will - Let's find your Dad before he hurts somebody else. They step outside and see Billie lying on the ground.

Tripp - Thanks for hanging with me tonight. Ciara - It's the least I could do after I almost killed you on my motorcycle. Tripp - So you finally admit it. Ciara nods. Tripp - And I admit that it was kind of fun in a terrifying way. Thanks. Ciara - Any time. Tripp - I'm glad to have you as a friend. Ciara - Ditto. I'm going to go to bed. I'll see you in the morning. Tripp - Yeah. Good night Ciara. Ciara - Good night Tripp. Someone knocks. Tripp answers the door. It's Pamela VanDamme. Tripp - Can I help you? Pamela - Yes I believe you can.

Gabby has changed back into Abby's night attire. She stands in front of the mirror in the living room, wipes her kips and then heads upstairs.

Stefan looks at the lid of the urn.

Gabby gets into bed. Good night Chad. Good night Gabby, it's been a very long evening. She lies down, closes her eyes and then sits up with a start ... she looks around the room. She seems confused. She lies back down and falls asleep.


Tuesday Feb 20

Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Lisa Connor

Segment 1 Rafe is asleep. Hope asks him more than once if he's awake. Rafe - I am now. Hope can't sleep. She's too excited about the wedding. Let's watch TV. Rafe says no TV. He suggests practicing for the honeymoon. Kiss.

Repeat of Kayla saying she can't believe she injected Steve with something and she has no idea what it is. Marlena - He's going to be alright. We can trust John. Kayla - I can't believe this is happening. Repeat of John getting the text from Billie saying she'd neutralized Pamela. He can release Paul and Will now.

Repeat of Paul and Will leaving the mausoleum and finding Billie outside. Paul - OMG. Pulse is strong. Looks like she's been shot. Will - I think I know her. I've seen her in pictures. This is my Aunt Billie. She works for the ISA. Paul calls for an ambulance. Will - Billie, can you hear me? Billie, who did this to you.

Pamela holds out her hand to Tripp - Pamela VanDamme, Director of the ISA. Tripp shakes her hand - The ISA? Like where my Dad works? Pam - Steve is the reason I'm here. I have some news. I'm afraid it isn't good.

Marlena and John are near the elevator. Marlena - Are you sure you don't want me to go with you? John - No way. Billie might have neutralized Pamela but I'm not taking any chances, not with you. Marlena - YOU please be careful. John - I'm sorry Doc. You don't know how many times I wanted to tell you what was going on. Marlena - How could you! Pamela had you under 24 hour surveillance. I'm just so glad that Billie had your back. John - I couldn't have done it without her. Paul and Will get off the elevator. Paul - Dad. Will - How's Billie? John - Billie ... what do you mean? Paul - She was just brought to the hospital. John - What! Will - Yeah she was shot, unconscious when we found her. Marlena - OMG. John - What are you talking about. She just texted me. She said she neutralized Pamela. Marlena - Maybe somebody at the agency did it. John - That's what I'm thinking but who! Will - My guess is you.

Pam - May I come in. Tripp - Yes, sorry. I was actually waiting for an update from Kayla about Dad. Pam - I'm sure they've left the hospital by now. Tripp - What do you mean. Why would they? Pam - The ISA has uncovered a plot to assassinate your father. Tripp - What! Pam - Someone's been poisoning him. Tripp - Who! Why! Pam - The identity of your father's would-be assassin is classified but what I can tell you is the motive behind the poisoning. Tripp - Okay, I'm listening. Pam - When Joey Johnson killed your mother the ISA helped Steve to cover up the crime by creating sworn statements, affidavits attesting to the fact that Ava had to be taken out by Steve himself because she posed a national security risk. Tripp - Yeah I know all this but you must know that Joey ended up confessing to killing her. Pam - I do know and because Steve allowed that confession the agency's cover was blown and the officer overseeing the case was held accountable for the fallout. Now that same officer believes that Steve is a liability to the agency and should be made to pay for his betrayal with his life. Tripp - I did this. Pam - You? Tripp - Joey never would have felt the need to confess if I hadn't gone after Kayla for murdering my mom. If anyone's to blame for this whole mess it's me.

Kayla checks Steve's IV bag. It's almost done. The antidote should be doing it's thing. Steve - I am feeling a little better. Kayla - Good. Kiss. Steve - Much, much better now. Kayla - Wait, I told Tripp I'd call him. He must be on the same wavelength. Steve - Did he call? Kayla - No, texted. He wants an update. He's worried about his Pop. Steve - You tell him his Dad is doing just fine okay. Kayla - Yeah. I can't really get reception in here so I'm going to go in the hall. I'll be right back. Kiss. Rest. Steve - Thank you baby.

Tripp - So you said my Dad wasn't at the hospital. Where is he? Pam - He's been taken to a more secure location. He asked me to bring you there. Tripp - Okay let's go. His cell rings. Oh it's Kayla. She's probably just calling to tell me he's been moved. Pam - Oh you'll see her and your father soon enough. Tripp - If I don't answer she'll worry. I'll just tell her that I'm on my way. Pam pulls a gun on him and takes his phone. You couldn't leave it alone, could you. Tripp - I don't understand. Pam - You will. Tripp - How much of that whole story you told me was true? Pam - All of it actually. I just omitted one small fact. That person who wants your father to pay for his betrayal is me. Not to worry, I have every intention of getting my way.

Segment 2 Rafe and Hope have had sex. They banter. Hope feels so lucky to find someone like him that loves her so completely. Rafe recalls Hope finding him with Ciara and trying to tell her what he did. Rafe tells her to never doubt that she's the only woman he wants. I love you. Hope - I love you. Rafe asks if she really wants to do this Smith Island thing. He brings up all the things she'll miss out on. Hope insists the only person she wants to see the night before their wedding is him. Kiss.

John - I need to find Billie and talk to her. Will - Talk to her or finish her off. John - Doc can you help me here? Marlena - Yes I will explain. John walks away. Marlena - Okay I can understand after all that you've been through why you would jump to conclusions about John being to blame. Will - Because he is to blame. Marlena he's poisoning his best friend. He threatened to kill me and his son. Paul - You know what, let's just hear her out. Marlena - I know this has been a frightening ordeal for both of you but I think when you understand what's going on you'll also understand John's motivation.

John rushes into Billie's exam room and asks the nurse - Any chance she's going to regain consciousness? Nurse - She's lost a lot of blood. Billie - John. John - Hey I'm right here Billie. Billie - Pamela. John - She did this to you, didn't she? Any idea where she's headed. Billie - Steve's son. John - Steve's son. OMG, good job Billie. He takes off.

Will - How do you justify poisoning your best friend. Paul - Just give her a chance to explain. Will - Why! I don't want to give him a chance ... Marlena - Will please, for me. John rushes to the elevator. We've got to get to Joey. Marlena - Joey? Paul - Why, what happened? Marlena - What did Billie have to say? John - Apparently Pamela couldn't get to Steve so she's going after his son.

Pam - I so hoped you'd come without a lot of fuss. You're like your father, aren't you, always looking for trouble. Tripp - You might as well shoot me right here because I'm not leaving with you and I sure as hell am not letting you use me to get to my dad. Pam - You think I won't call your bluff, think again! I'll put a bullet in your head without a second thought and use my ISA contacts to take out your murderous brother in the middle of his prison cell. So what do you say now, still want to hold your ground.

John is on his cell - Alright ?, thanks for the update. I'll be in touch. Alright that's my guy that's looking after Joey. He said Joey's fine. The security arrangements Billie put in place haven't even been touched. Marlena - Maybe Pamela hasn't gotten to them yet. John - Yeah, I told him to be on the lookout. Marlena - What's going on? John - It doesn't make sense. Pamela would have known we had security for Joey and that security would be increased if there was a new threat. Kayla walks up - There's no way you could have freed these guys and gotten back here this quickly. Marlena - No they weren't freed. Actually they were in the ambulance with Billie. Kayla - Billie! What happened? Paul - Billie said Pamela was going after Steve's son, right? John - Yeah. Paul - She didn't specify Joey. Kayla - What? John - OMG! She's talking about Tripp.

Pam - Bear in mind I have no problem hurting someone you care about to get my way. Tripp - You don't have to do anything to anybody alright. If you want me to go with you I'll go. Pam - Well that's a switch. Two minutes ago you told me to shoot you because you wouldn't go. Tripp - I changed my mind. Come on, let's do this. What are you waiting for. This is what you wanted, isn't it. Ciara sees them. Pam - Why the change of heart. Why are suddenly in such a hurry to get out of here.

Segment 3 Paul joins Will who is sitting in the waiting area near the nurse's station. Hey, you okay. Will - Yeah, just catching my breath. I never thanked you for saving me at the mausoleum. Paul - You saved me too even if we never were in any real danger. Will - Yeah. Neither of us knew that at the time. Still the fact that you were willing to risk your life to save mine is something that I'll never forget. Kayla - Tripp, listen it's Kayla. I just want to let you know that your Dad is doing much better. Could you call me when you get this message please. I know it's late. It doesn't matter what time. Thanks. He's not answering. Marlena - Maybe he's sleeping. Maybe he has the ringer turned off. John - Better to be safe. Hey Paul let's head over to the loft, make sure Tripp's safe. Will - Paul, what if you're walking into a trap. Paul - It's a chance we've got to take. Paul leaves.

Rafe and Hope bask in the afterglow. Rafe needs some shuteye before they head to Smith Island. Hope's cell rings. It's Ciara. Honey, are you alright? Where are you? Ciara - Mom there's a crazy lady in the loft with a gun. Hope - WHAT! Ciara - Please come here quickly. Hope gets out of bed.

Tripp - Just didn't realise you were serious at first, that's all. Pam - Me pulling a gun on you didn't make that kind of clear. Tripp - I get it now. Any chance I have of getting out of this alive is to do whatever you tell me to do. With this we're on the same side. Pam - How do you figure? Tripp - I don't think Steve handled the whole situation with my mom the right way either. I mean that doesn't mean I don't like the guy but he did cover for his kid when he killed my Mom when she was totally helpless before I even got the chance to know her. Pam - Well I did know her and frankly I think Joey did you a favour when he smothered mommy dearest with that pillow. She was a real piece of work that one. Tripp - Maybe she was difficult but she was the only mother that I had. She did not deserve to die like that. Pam - No she did not. Tripp - Come on, let's go. I'm not going to try and stop you from bringing the hammer down on Steve. Pam steps back and points the gun from Ciara to Tripp and back again. Drop the bat. Ciara does. Pam - Over there with your roomie. This night just got a whole lot more complicated.

Segment 4 Kayla - Steve would want to know that his boss going after his son but I just can't bring myself to go in there and tell him. Marlena - I wouldn't. Steve knows that John is going to take care of Joey and he also knows that he'll take care of Tripp. Kayla - I'm sure you're right. And if Steve has any idea what's going on out here there's no way he's staying in that bed. Marlena - No and he needs to stay in there and get well. Kayla - You're right, thank you. Marlena - For what? Kayla - For always being the voice of reason and showing me, reminding me what's important. Marlena - Funny, that's what you do for me. Go take care of your husband okay. That's the most important thing you do and you're the best at it. Kayla - Are you sure John can handle this? Marlena - Not a doubt about it. Kayla - Okay. I better get in there. Marlena - I'll let you know if anything changes. Kayla - Yeah, thanks. Marlena goes to Will. Will - You did an excellent job of convincing Kayla that everything's going to be okay but I can tell that you're worried. Marlena - Well I'm with a very good man who is always determined to do the right thing no matter the risk to himself so yeah I'm always worried.

John enters the loft, gun drawn. Paul is right behind him. Hope comes out of Ciara's room gun drawn, Rafe behind her. Hope - What are you doing here. John - I think that's my question. Hope - I got a call from Ciara. She said there was a crazy lady in here with a gun. John - Pamela. Rafe - Pamela? John - Pamela VanDamme, director of the ISA. Hope - Why would she be in here? John - It's a long story but the crazy lady Ciara's talking about, she's armed and extremely dangerous.

Pam is behind Ciara and Tripp as they enter the park through the archway. Pam - Remember if you try to escape cutie pie here takes a bullet. She shoves Ciara towards Tripp. Ciara - You are so tough! Why don't you drop the gun and see how cute I can get. Pam - You're an unnecessary distraction I don't need at the moment. Push me top far and I'll finish you, got it! Tripp - She gets it okay. We'll do whatever you tell us, right Ciara.

Hope - Are you saying Ciara's been taken hostage. John - We don't know that for a fact. Rafe - They could have gotten away. Paul - I don't see any signs of a struggle. John's cell rings. He signals everyone. Pamela where are you? Pam - I need you to listen very carefully. John - Have you taken Tripp and Ciara? Pam - You expect answers after the way you double-crossed me. John - That's a bad move. You're only going to make things worse for yourself then they already are. Pam - Their blood won't be on my hands, it'll be on yours unless you do exactly as I say.

Segment 5 Marlena - I'm so sorry for what you've been through. I know that you're still shaken up. Will - I'll be okay. It's kind of ironic ... now that I have some perspective ... I thought my life in Memphis and everything that went on with Susan was crazy but some of the stuff that has happened since my new old family has found me is giving a new meaning to the word dysfunctional. Marlena - Really? You think it's too much. She chuckles. Will - No not at all just (lost audio) Marlena - No that was too much, I agree. Will - Honestly between that and this new drama it's no wonder I still have a memory block. Marlena - If you want to work on sorting that out I'd be glad to help you. Will - Thank you, I know. And to be honest, talking to you right now is helping calm me down. You have that effect on me. Marlena - Well I'm glad. Will - Maybe it's because you're in my corner, you're looking out for me. Maybe it's because we're related. Marlena - Yeah and I appreciate you being in my corner too. John told me that you were willing to risk your life to keep me safe from him. Will - Well I had a chance to play detective but I think that I got a little more intrigue than I bargained for. Marlena - And I'm glad that Paul was there to make sure that you were safe. Will - Me too. I kind of understand what you were talking about ... caring for someone that would risk their own life to help somebody else. Paul is definitely following in his father's footsteps.

John is in the square, gun drawn. VanDamme calls out - Hold your ground Black. She has her gun drawn on Ciara and Tripp. John - Your ? Just let the kids go. You can deal with me one on one. Pam - Oh I'll deal with you but first I want whoever you brought with you to step into the clear so I can see them. John - You told me to come alone, that's what I did. Pam - Don't insult my intelligence. I wrote the book on hostage scenarios, remember. John - I committed it to memory. That's why I didn't bring backup. Pam - Right, I'm sure. Maybe you think I've gone soft because I let your pal Billie live. Just so you know that's not the case let me show you how serious I am. Ciara calls out in pain - Leave me alone you witch. Paul steps up beside John. Pam - How sweet, you brought your boy along, the one you supposedly killed. Anyone else? John - That's it. Pam - I don't believe you. Ciara calls out in pain again. Rafe and Hope step up guns drawn. Pam - Looks like a party. Hope - Let my daughter go. Pam - I have every intention of releasing your charming little girl and Steve's bastard son but not until I get what I want.

Kayla is with Steve. Steve - Did you get a hold of Tripp? Kayla - I left him a message. He's probably out or asleep, nothing for anyone to worry about. Steve - Why would anyone be worried about Tripp?

Pam - Exactly what part of come alone or else wasn't clear. John - I told everyone not to come. Pam - I assume the good detective is here as moral support for his fiancée but why bring your son. John - I didn't but you know kids these days Pamela, they just don't listen to their parents. Paul - John's my Dad, Steve's my partner. This is personal to me. John - To all of us so why don't we just relax and work this out. Just tell us what you want. Pam - Oh I'd be happy too but first I need all weapons taken out in full view and tossed on the ground in front of me. Rafe - Tripp step back. John - Got a clear shot, take it. No shots fired so John puts his weapon down. Rafe does as well. Pam - Looks like we've got a rebel in our midst. Hope - You hurt my daughter ... Pam - Oh I know you'll hunt me to the ends of the earth and make me pay. I get it cause I get seeking vengeance and I will not be cheated out of mine. Hope puts her gun down. Pam throws a syringe to John. There's enough poison in that syringe to kill three men. I only want you to kill one. Finish what you started John because only when Steve Johnson is dead will these 2 go free.

Segment 6 Kayla - Well I didn't mean that there was nothing you needed to worry about I ... I just meant that there was nothing for Tripp to worry about you. Steve - You told him I got the antidote, right. Kayla - Well I didn't go into great detail but I reassured him that you're going to be fine and I'm sure that he'll want to come see for himself tomorrow. Steve - Can I use your phone, I think I should give John a call. Kayla - The last person you need to call is John. This whole thing could have been avoided if he'd just been upfront with you. Steve - Baby it wouldn't have made a difference either way. Even if he had told me I would have gone through with it the same way he would have if the situation had been reversed. You've got to understand something. Neither one of us have ever had a problem facing death if it meant saving the people we loved.

John - Fine I'll do it. Paul - Dad you can't. John - There's no choice. I'll head to the hospital. I'll finish what I started with Steve. You better hold up your end of the deal, let these kids go. Pam - Just do as you're told and don't bother trying to come up with any other ways to stop me. I have covered all the bases. John - I'm sure you have. Pam - Kayla might resist but Steve won't, not once you explain what's at stake if you don't do it. He'll gladly trade his life for his son's and Bo Brady's daughter. John - I'll signal you when the job's complete. Tripp - No, I can't let you do this, not when I'm the reason for all of this. Ciara - No. Tripp - It's true. If I hadn't have gone after Kayla for killing my Mom the ISA cover story never would have been blown. None of this would ever have happened. If somebody has to die for that it's got to be me.

Segment 7 Kayla - You know what, as soon as this antidote works and you get the all clear from Dr. Simpson I am making us a reservation at Doug's Place so we can celebrate our anniversary in style. What do you think? Am I boring you? Steve - No baby, I just suddenly got really tired. Is that a bad sign? Kayla - No it's a good sign. It means that your body is working overtime so the antidote can counteract the poisons. What you need now is rest, let it do it's thing. Steve - You stay here okay. You know I always sleep better with you by my side. When I wake up I want the first thing I see to be your beautiful face. Kayla - I'm not going anywhere.

Pam - You're wise for such a young man. That's a far better way to punish Steve, having to live knowing his decision to protect one son cost him the other. John - No, no. This was not part of the deal. She hurts Ciara again. Pam - Our deal was null and void when you broke your end of the bargain. Just toss that syringe over here. Tripp - It's okay John, I want to do this. John throws the syringe down. Tripp picks it up. Pam - I'd like to say you'll feel no pain but I'd be lying. Tripp - If I do this you'll let Ciara go, right. Pam - Sure, why not. Ciara - No Tripp, I can't let you do this. Pam - Shut up. Ciara makes a move and in the struggle Pam falls against Tripp, he injects her with the poison before Rafe and Hope retrieve their guns. Pam falls to the ground. Rafe - Tripp. Paul makes a call - I need an ambulance. Rafe - Don't bother. John goes to Tripp - What you just did kid was incredible. You're a chip off the old block. Tripp - Just doing what my Dad would have done. Hope places a call requesting a coroner and CSI to the scene right away.


Wednesday Feb 21

Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1 Eric is asleep in his room. He wakes up with a smile on his face. He recalls kissing Jen at the Pub. Someone knocks. It's Jen. I brought you a donut. She comes in. Eric - ? Jen - Or maybe it was just an excuse to see you. Eric - You don't need an excuse to see me, not after last night. Jen - I sort of can't stop thinking about it. Eric - I definitely can't.

Ciara is at home talking on her cell. Mom, stop! You are about to get married. That's what you should be thinking about right now, I'm fine. Love you too. Claire comes home. Ciara - I have to go. What are you doing home. I thought you were going to spend your entire vacation with Theo. Claire - That's what I thought too but that is so not what happened.

Brady is in the K mansion living room on his cell. I can not believe this. When will they know if Steve's okay. Alright, what about everyone else. Brady - Alright, that's a relief. I'll call Dad soon. Thanks for keeping me posted Paul. So my Dad's old boss at the ISA went rogue and forced my father to poison Steve. Vic - Oh charming. Brady - Then when the whole thing backfired she threatened to kill Steve's son and Ciara. Vic - OMG, is she alright. Brady - Ciara's fine and Steve's son is okay too. Vic - So everything turned out alright. Brady - Well Steve is not a 100% but he's feeling better. Vic - John was actually poisoning him. Fun and games v ISA. Brady - What are you doing here btw. I thought you and Maggie were going to be in Chicago until next week. Vic - Well I got worried when I listened to your message. Brady - Why? It was your idea in the first place for me to romance Eve and it's working btw. Vic - I'm sure it's working on you too. Brady - I'm going to put the full court press on soon and when I do she is going to fall hard. I'm going to take back our assets and drop her like a hot rock, that's the plan. Vic - You better. Brady - Trust me, I feel nothing for the woman. Eve - Good morning guys. You feel nothing for who?

John and Marlena are at the pub having breakfast. John throws his napkin down - I shouldn't have gone through with this. I should have found another way to handle this whole thing, maybe switched out the poison to something that wouldn't hurt him ... anything but what I did. Marlena - Look, your boss would have figured that out. She was watching both of you. And John for all we know the ISA could have hacked into the computers at the hospital so if Steve hadn't shown some visible signs of distress she would have had him killed. John - Thank you for trying to make me feel better. Marlena - Pamela's dead and Steve's getting the antidote. John - What if he didn't get it soon enough and that is a real possibility Doc, you and I both know it.

Kayla is in Steve's empty hospital room. She rereads the card he sent with the yellow roses and cries. She sits on his bed. Tripp rushes in. Kayla, where's Dad? What happened to him?

Ciara - Did something happen between you and Theo? Claire - Dream on. Ciara - Then why are you back? Claire - I never left. O'Hare got socked in and I spent 18 hours at the airport on the floor and then my flight was cancelled. And the cheap flight I booked between Johannesburg and London only leaves once a week. So much for my Valentine Day's surprise. Ciara - OMG Theo must have been so bummed. Claire - Yeah he was a wreck. He was just hanging on, waiting for me to get there. I can not believe this! Ciara - If it makes you feel any better my night with Tripp was pretty much a total disaster too.

Kayla - Steve's okay. They took him to the 4th flour for more tests. Tripp - Oh! When I came in here, he wasn't in here and you were crying ... Kayla - Sorry. I think it just all hit me. Everything that's been going on, how bad it's been, how worried we've been. Tripp - What are the other tests for? Kayla - They just want to make sure the antidote is doing what it's supposed to. I'm sorry, I've been so busy administering that to Steve and trying to take care of Billie, I don't know any of the details of what happened with you and Ciara. Tripp - It was pretty hairy there for a while. That Pamela was ... Kayla - A total lunatic. I can't believe that she'd go after you or Joey. Have I mentioned that I wish Steve and John had never heard of the ISA. Tripp - Pamela is dead okay. Joey and I and Ciara are all okay. Steve's getting better so it's all okay. Kayla - I guess we're lucky. She hugs him - I love you. Steve is wheeled back into his room. Now that's the best medicine I could ever get.

Jen - I just want to tell you again how incredibly stupid I feel for believing Anna and not just coming to you. Eric - Listen I feel stupid for not getting rid of those pictures of Nicole. I just forgot about them. Jen - And then I jumped to all these crazy conclusions. Eric - I regret the time that we lost. Jen - Yeah me too. Eric - You know what it made me realise though, how important you really are to me. Jen - You're not eating your donut. Eric - If I eat one more of your donuts two days in a row I'm going to have to start buying bigger pants. Jen - I don't think so but I would love to take you to breakfast, have a healthy meal. Eric - Breakfast with you sounds great.

Brady - I was talking about Theresa, you know after Valentine's Day. Eve - Oh I see. Vic - What happened on Valentine's Day? Brady - Tate made a Valentine's Day card for Theresa and he was wondering when he could give it to her. Vic - He's better off without her, he's got us. Eve - And he always will. Brady - Granddad and I were just discussing the resuscitation of Bella magazine. Vic - Which I still think is a non-starter. Eve - In print maybe but people are reading magazines on Apps and Tablets. You do know what an App is, don't you Victor. Vic - Yes I do. Eve - Well Bella will provide Basic Black the perfect platform to advertise it's current lines or maybe even expand it. I think Brady's idea was a brilliant one. Vic - Well we'll find out, won't we. Eve - Do you ever support him at all or is it just too much damn fun to tear down every good idea he has. Vic - I don't discuss family matters with burnt out lounge singers. Brady - Alright, that's enough. Eve - Brady don't listen to him, I don't. He's afraid of you. He knows that you have the brains to run Titan better than he could ever think of doing.

Segment 2 Vic - I built the company, I didn't have it handed to me. I know it better than anyone. Eve - We'll see. Your loss, my gain. I think Brady and I are a force to be reckoned with. Brady - And with that let's get out of here. We'll go have breakfast and talk business at the Café. Vic - Afraid to discuss your grand plan in front of me? Brady - No not at all. I just think it'll go faster without all your interruptions. And the sooner our goals are realised the sooner you'll be eating crow. Vic - The sooner you run Basic Black into the ground the sooner I'll be rid of both of you. They head out of the living room just as Maggie is coming in. What was that all about? Vic - What do you think. Brady's ditched us to throw in with Eve. Maggie - So you and Brady are really on the outs. Vic - Obviously. Maggie - I found your phone on the nightstand. Um, how do you explain these texts. Vic - I don't know what you're talking about. Maggie reads - Got your message. Keep up the good work. Reel the bitch in and then gut her like a fish. What's really going on here?

Marlena - Kayla began giving Steve the antidote before his situation became life threatening. There's every reason to think he'll make a full recovery. John - #1, he could have died and #2 he never would have done this to me. Marlena - No, that's not what he told us. John - He just said that to make me feel less guilty. Bottom line was this whole thing went off the rails and you know it. Paul and Will find me out ... what do I do, I make it look like I kill them. Marlena - You had to to protect them and it worked. They're fine and you're fine. It's over, thank God. John takes her hand. Baby, every night when I was lying beside you just staring at the ceiling all I wanted to do was roll over and ask for your advice. I couldn't do that because to do that would have put you in danger. And you're my world Doc. You are my rock.

Steve is back in bed. I think I feel a little stronger this morning. Tripp - Good. Are you comfortable? Steve - Yeah, thanks. Kayla - I think I'll go down to the lab and check on your tests. I won't be gone long. Steve - Take your time baby. I want to talk to my boy. Kayla leaves. Tripp - Talk about what? Steve - I just got off the phone with Hope. She told me what you had to do. Tripp - I never killed anybody before. Steve - I know. Come here. Tripp sits on the bed next to Steve. Steve - I pray you never get put in that position again. Tripp - That Pamela ... she was out of her mind. She was going to take out so many people. Steve - I know. Hope said you tried to get Pamela to take you instead of me. I can't tell you how brave that was or what it means to me that you were ready to do that. But please, don't ever do it again. Tripp - Come on! It's all my fault that she wanted you dead anyway. If I hadn't of framed Kayla Joey never would have confessed to killing my Mom and none of this would have happened. You almost died. It would have been all my fault. Steve - No, come on. He holds out his arms and hugs Tripp. None of this is your fault.

Claire - OMG! Were you really going to use a baseball bat on that crazy lady. Ciara - Yeah, it was the only thing I could find. Didn't really work out that well ... Claire - Still, you bit her so that she couldn't kill Tripp, that's really excellent. Kind of sounds like the plot of an adventure movie where the 2 leads end up falling in love. Ciara - On no, that's not going to happen with Tripp and me. Claire - That's right. You and Tripp are just really good friends. Friends who keep a deep dark secret for each other. Ciara - OMG Claire would you just let that go already. Claire - Sure, as soon as you let me in on that big secret.

Segment 3 Ciara - You know every time you bug me about the secret I get more determined not to tell you okay so just drop it. Claire - Fine, just tell me more about your big adventure with Tripp. Ciara - It wasn't an adventure Claire. That woman wanted to kill us and she ended up dead instead. Claire - So everything worked out, lucky you. Ciara - I'm sorry you can't be with Theo tonight, I really am but that's the way it is so you need to focus on something besides me and my life. Claire - I could care less about your life Ciara. Where are you going? Ciara - I'm going to make a video montage for my mother's wedding. Is that alright with you.

Steve - Now you listen to me. You can't blame yourself for anything Pamela did. She was out of her mind. Tripp - I know I can't blame myself for that but I can blame myself for what I did to Kayla. Joey's in prison because of it. Steve - Joe wanted to pay for what he did to your Mother since it happened. Kayla and I, we should have listened to him but we didn't. You know what, he's more at peace now then he's been in a long time. Kayla understands what you tried to do to her. You were goaded into it and you were hurting because you never knew your mother. Now all of that is in the past. It's been dealt with. You need to let it go now. Tripp - You and Kayla, you've been bending over backwards trying to make me a member of this family. I even started to see that you loved me. Steve - We do love you. Tripp - Yeah but I couldn't love you back and then I walked in here and you weren't in here and Kayla was crying and I just thought .... I thought I'd lost you, that I'd never get the chance to ... you're a great Dad. I love you. Steve is crying as he hugs Tripp. I love you too son. I love you so much.

Eric and Jen are at a table in the square. Eric - You more than made up for it when you walked through that door and gave me that kiss. That happens to have been the best Valentine's Day ever. Jen - I just looked in your eyes and just felt that all the crazy and all the ... Eric - Stupid ... Jen - Yeah, the stupid ... it just all fell away. And I feel like we were seeing each other for who we really are for the very first time. I'll never forget that moment. Kiss. Eve - Well watch out Salem. When these two hook up destruction can't be that far behind.

Vic - You never struck me as the type to snoop into my cell phone. Maggie hands it over. Oh I wasn't snooping. I was looking for pictures of our beautiful Valentine's Day trip to Chicago because I so cherish my beloved husband. But that was then. Now I want to know what warped game my beloved husband and his grandson are playing on Eve so start talking sweetheart.

Segment 4 Maggie - So let me see if I get this straight. You're dangling the CEO job in front of Brady so that he will help you take Basic Black away from Eve. Vic - It's not as if she got it by hard work. Maggie - And he's just pretending to romance her in order to accomplish that. Vic - That's basically it. But as I said ... Maggie - Eve may have gone after Deimos because he was loaded but I don't think she expected him to get murdered. She inherited the company fair and square but what she didn't inherit was Deimos' grudge against the family. Vic - She didn't have to, she has a grudge of her own. Maggie - Eve is not my favourite person but I think she's just looking to belong somewhere and finding a little security and what Brady is doing is cruel and wrong. And it's as bad for him as it is for Eve. I want you to put a stop to it NOW.

Eric - We're not hooking up, we're seeing each other. Jen - Are the two of you dating? I saw you a the NYE's party until you got thrown out. Eve - We were at that lousy party Jennifer on business okay but it's turned to something a little bit more than that. Brady - We're good friends now. Jen - Brady after everything that happened with Nicole ... Brady - Jen, I can handle myself. Eve - He's a big boy, he can certainly handle himself. Brady - It's actually you Jen I'm more worried about. I know my brother seems very caring and gentle on the outside but he tends to leave destruction in his wake. Eric - Are you really going to do this Brady? Brady - I'm just telling it like it is. Eric - No you're being a vindictive S.O. ... should we go? Jen - No. Eric and I have both made our mistakes. Brady - You're not in his class. Jen - We have seen each other at our lowest points but we fought our way back. Brady - I can't bless this holy union that you have with my brother, I'm sorry. He may be telling you that your #1 right now but the fact is if Nicole called right now and said that she needed him he'd drop you like a bad habit.

Marlena - I knew something was wrong when you wouldn't talk about it but I figured it was ISA business so I didn't want to force you to. I know when you don't tell me things it's because you feel you have to protect me. I get so frustrated with that but it's also why I love you so. John - I love you too. I'm just sorry all hell had to break loose on Valentine's Day. Marlena - Well that Pamela, she's got a flair. John - I don't want to talk about her anymore. Let's talk about you and Happy Valentine's Day. He holds out a present. I'm sorry it's a little late. Marlena - Oh.

Ciara is working on her laptop. Claire starts working on her music. Ciara - Do you have to do that here, I'm trying to concentrate. Claire is working on a song for Grandma and Rafe's wedding. Ciara - Think you can pull it off in one day. You're better off getting her a toaster that only works on one side. Claire - I'm so sorry you have no musical talent but that's not my fault. Ciara snaps at her to do that somewhere else. Claire points out the keyboard is here and that Ciara can do that in her room. They're arguing loudly when Tripp comes home. SHUT UP both of you! So much for the big truce huh.

Segment 5 Tripp - Do you know how much I hate coming home to a war zone every day. Claire - It's not my fault. My flight got screwed up and I didn't get to see Theo. Tripp - I know the whole story, Theo texted me and I'm sorry it didn't work me. Claire - Ciara told me that psycho ISA lady kidnapped you guys. She said you offered that she take you instead of your Dad. Thank God you guys are okay. I'm sorry you had to go through that Tripp. I don't know what I would have done if anything had happened to you. Hug. Ciara is just rolling her eyes. Tripp - I don't know what I would have done if Ciara hadn't been there with me. She didn't have to be. She could have just hid out in her room but she didn't. When I saw you standing there with that bat, my God that was great. Ciara - Thank God I didn't have to do anything with it, my swing sucks. Claire watches them.

Maggie - What you and Brady are doing to Eve is wrong. Vic - She asked for it! Sashaying in here in her widow's weeds trying to take over. Maggie - I don't like this ruthless side of you. Vic - You knew what you were getting when you married me. I am not Mickey Horton and I never will be. Maggie -
Well, well, what do you know. You've finally said something that I can agree with.

Eric stands up - Jennifer knows I've put Nicole behind me. Brady - You bought that? I thought I was the only one who bought that. Jen gets between the men. Listen to you, enjoying yourself hurting Eric and me. I'm so sorry that Nicole hurt you so badly but I am begging you if you want to start a new life please do it with someone else. Eve - Oh wow Jennifer, I'm still here and we share a boy named Tate so ... Jen - I know you believed in starting a family with Nicole and Holly and Tate and I am sorry that she left you and started a life on her own ... Brady - That's not how it happened. Eric - What are you talking about Brady?

Segment 6 Brady - What I meant was that by the time Nicole left I was fed up with her. She's not the kind of woman that can commit to one man and I won't settle for anything less. I had no idea she's break up with you as quickly as she did. (To Jen) As far as you falling for her rejects, I can't do anything about that. I like you Jen. I don't want to see you get burned again honestly. Eve - She can ruin things all on her own Brady. Come on. Brady follows Eve. Jen - Wow, well that put a damper on the morning. Eric - Yeah Brady hates me and I understand why but I want you to know what he said about Nicole ... I promise you that I'm over her. Completely over her. Please tell me that you believe me.

Maggie - I've always known that you weren't Mickey. I loved Mickey and I love you as well Victor. But Victor I married you because I thought these activities were in the past. Seems like I was wrong. Vic - Brady is not going to kill Eve. Maggie - Yeah but what you're doing is cruel and sadistic. Vic - Come on, she's a big girl. Maggie - She's a woman whose beloved daughter, her only daughter, her only child was murdered and not that long ago. And she has no idea where her only sister is now or even if she's alive. And she gives Tate, your great-grandson the kind of love he can't get from anyone else. Yes, breaking her heart is going to have consequences for her but you haven't even considered what it could do for you. Vic - What do you expect me to do. Maggie - Oh come on now, you're a smart guy. You know the answer to that. Tell Eve what you're up to.

Marlena reads the note. Doc, this certificate is good for one trip for two to any place in the world the bearer wishes to visit. The only condition is that the bearer's companion must be John Black. Wow! This idea of a romantic trip, just the two of this ... this means more to me than anything you could buy in the store. John - Really, cause I think that maybe you missed something. There's more. Marlena - Oh, wow those are beautiful. She goes and sits on his lap and hugs him.

Kayla returns to Steve's room. Steve is fiddling with his IV. Baby, this thing is starting to bug me. Can I be done with it now. Is that antidote working or what?

Segment 7 Eric - I'm not going to deny that I was in love with Nicole. Jen - I was in love with Jack but we're not teenagers, we're not each others first loves. So what! Eric - Nicole is part of my past, I know that now cause when I look at you for the first time in a very long time I can see my future. Jen - I can see the same thing when I look at you. Eric - I kind of feel bad for Brady and Eve because they don't have what we have. Jen - I guess I kind of do but I don't want them to ruin what we just found. Are you okay with that? Eric - Anything that keeps me closer to you. Kiss.

Vic - Eve trots out that poor dead daughter of hers every time she thinks it will get her somewhere. I can't believe you fell for it and I can't believe you expect me to put her feelings in front of my company. Maggie - Believe whatever you want, that's what I'm asking you to do. Vic - I'm really taken aback my this. You're my wife! Maggie - Yes I am but that doesn't mean I'm fine with anything that you do. Vic - So what do you expect me to do. If I don't do what you say, what? You going to tell Eve yourself. Brady and Eve walk in. Brady - Did we come in at a bad time?

Kayla - Your latest bloodwork shows a marked improvement. You are almost at the bottom of the normal range. Steve - Bottom or normal, sounds pretty good. Kayla - Your sodium levels are still too low and that's important so I'm going to adjust the diuretic I've been giving you. Steve tells her to translate. She shows him his chart. This is your column and this is the normal range here. Steve vision goes blurry. Kayla - See what I'm saying. Steve - Sweetness I think we have a problem.

Ciara and Tripp are eating. Ciara asks Claire is she wants some. Claire is good. I'm going to go get some sleep since I didn't get any last night. I'll finish the song in my room so it doesn't bother you. Ciara - So do you think Steve will be able to come to mom and Rafe's wedding. Tripp - I know he wants to be there. Claire turns on a recorder to tape their conversation before she leaves the room. Tripp - I think she's mad. Ciara - Not at you, at me. I'm sorry that we were fighting when you walked in. And I'm sorry about Claire's trip to see Theo falling through, that really sucks. But it's like she wants the whole world to stop because she got disappointed. After what happened yesterday I wasn't in the mood to go poor baby, it's going to be okay. Tell me all about it. Tripp - She'll get over it. Ciara - She won't get over that thing I told you. She still thinks it's about her even thought I told her about 10 times that it's not. Tripp - Did she bring it up again? Ciara - Yeah not that it'll do her any good. You're the only one I trust with something like this. Tripp - It could blow up the lives of people you care about. Ciara - Exactly.


Thursday Feb 22

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1 Billie is in her hospital bed playing a game on her Tablet. Kate - Well this has been a really good visit. You show up unannounced, I bump into you at the mausoleum, you tell me you were there to comfort me for losing Andre. Lie. You tell me that the bullet casings I found are ancient history. Lie. You tell me that the mausoleum is too cold. Lie. Of course that last lie was just to bundle me out so you could play secret agent and get yourself shot and end up in this hospital bed. And then you tell me that you're going home tomorrow. This was really great, so comforting. And you're playing games. I'm worried about you getting shot and you're playing games. Billie - Mom I was trying to help John save Steve's life. Kate - If that's true you could have told me, you could have trusted me. Lucas comes in. Hi Billie, long time no see. Sorry you got shot and all. WTH have you done to my son!

Paul is sitting on the bench in the park off the square. He recalls going into the mausoleum and seeing Will unconscious and gagged and bound with John crouching next to him. John - You shouldn't have come here Paul. Paul rushes to Will's side. What have you done. He sees that John has a gun pointed at him. What are you doing? He looks up and John is standing in the archway. Hey kid, thanks for making time to see me. Paul - Hey, how's Steve? John - Kayla says he's doing better. It seems like the antidote is working. Paul - That is great to hear. John - Yeah it is. Look son I'm sorry for everything I put you through. For what it's worth I hated lying to you, lying to family is worse than torture.

Repeat of Vic asking Maggie what happens if he doesn't do what she wants and Brady and Eve coming in. Brady - Sorry, did we interrupt something, an argument perhaps. Vic - Maggie and I don't argue. We have a blissful relationship. Brady - Really? When we walked in here it didn't look like Maggie was all that blissful. Maggie - Your grandfather and I were having a difference of opinion about you and Eve. Eve - Really. Maggie - You want to tell them Victor or should I.

Chad comes into their bedroom and Abby wakes up. He tells her to go back to sleep. Abby - It's really late. I never sleep this late. Chad - It's okay. He took care of Thomas. He mentions she slept through the alarm this morning so he figured she should sleep in a little bit. Did you have another nightmare? Abby - I don't think so. Chad - Good, I'm hoping that's a sign that things will go back to normal. I'm going to make some fresh coffee, orange juice and all that. See you downstairs okay. He leaves the room. Abby sits up - I don't think I had a nightmare

Stefan is in his room getting ready to go for a run. He opens a drawer to get earphones and finds the lid to the urn. He recalls part of his encounter with Gabigail. He puts the lid back in the drawer and leaves his room.

Vic - No you go ahead Maggie. You tell them whatever you feel the need to say. Maggie - We were talking about you two dating. Victor doesn't approve. Brady - Surprise, surprise. Eve - But you said you had a difference of opinion, does that mean you do approve? Cause I know I'm not your favourite person. Maggie - Everyone deserves a chance to be happy. Brady - Well I am glad you feel that way because Eve and I are happy. As a matter of fact I think she's one of the best things that's happened to me in a long, long time. Granddad before you make one of your classic abusive comments I want you to know I find her funny, I find her smart, I find her savvy. She's a great business woman. She's great looking and she's great with my son. Eve - Thank you. Maggie - Eve would you mind giving me a moment alone with Victor and Brady. Eve - Sure, I'll go check on Tate. Brady - No, stay. Anything you want to say to me you can say in front of Eve.

Stefan finds Chad preparing a tray in the living room. Good morning. Chad - Is it? Stefan - I was wondering where Abigail was. Chad - She slept in. Stefan - She feeling alright? Chad - She's fine, not that it's any of your business. Stefan - Actually it is my business after what happened last night. Chad - What happened last night?

Segment 2 Kate - Lucas please don't yell at your sister, she's in a hospital bed. Billie - Yeah, that's your job. Kate - What are you talking about? What about Will? You haven't had a drink, have you? Lucas - I'm stone cold sober. I haven't had a drink although I thought about having a drink when I found out my very own sister aided and abetted John Black. Kate - What? Lucas - He held my son prisoner at the DiMera crypt. Kate - WHAT! Billie - I'm sorry. Lucas - You're not sorry. You didn't have to do that. What's the matter with you! Billie - Will and Paul knew what John was doing, or at least they thought they knew so he had to neutralize them. Lucas - Don't you do that. Don't give me that ISA crap jargon. He didn't neutralize them. He knocked them out and held them prisoner. That's not neutralizing them. That's a federal offense. Billie - Lucas I'm sorry. Lucas - My son could have been killed. What's the matter with you! Will comes in. But I wasn't fortunately so why don't we all just chill out and enjoy being a family.

Paul - Even when I was wondering what was going on between you and Steve I could tell that you were in real pain and I knew there had to be a reason that you were doing all this. I knew something was really wrong but I know who you are and I never doubted that you ... okay honestly when I heard the gunshot and I saw you standing over Will I know the people you were dealing with needed to think that Will was dead ... John - I was just reacting on the fly. I'm really sorry you got pulled into this. Paul - I'm never going to forget waking up in that crypt and the moment that I realised that Will is still alive. John - You're starting to have feelings for him, aren't you?

Eve - Brady I appreciate everything you just said to me but if Maggie wants to have a private moment with you, it's fine. Brady - I don't like the idea. Eve - It's fine. I know what she's going to say anyway. She's going to say that I'm a terrible person and I'm only going to break your heart. She's too much of a lady to say that in front of me. She's going to say it eventually so we might as well get it over with okay. Okay Maggie, come on, do your worse. There's absolutely nothing you can say that's going to hurt me because my heart has already been broken. I lost my daughter and you know as well as I do that there's no pain in the world that could ever touch that. But I'm going into whatever this is with Brady with my eyes open and I certainly hope that he'll do the same with or without your advice. She leaves the room and closes the door. Vic - Now there's a lady who has watched her stories one time top many times. Brady - Just stop with your comments. Maggie - Victor, enough! Vic - I waited until she left the room. Brady - I still heard it Granddad. Maggie - Okay stop it the both of you. Vic - She's right Brady. I'm sorry, truly sorry. And I'm more than sorry to upset you when you have totally proved your loyalty to this family. I'm proud of you. Maggie - And I'm ashamed of you. I gave you a chance to own up and you didn't. Brady - What are you talking about? Vic - She knows. Brady - She knows what? Maggie - I know what you're doing to Eve and I think it's disgusting.

Chad - That was a rhetorical question, I know what happened last night. You crashed our date, tried to weasel your way between me and my wife again. It needs to stop. You're after my wife, I know it. Stefan - That's just not true. Chad - I'm not blind. I see the way that you look at her. Stefan - You feel threatened by that? Chad - Not at all. She just doesn't need to put up with it. She's not interested in you. She never will be. Stefan recalls Gabby kissing him. I wouldn't be so sure about that. Abby walks in - What's going on? Chad - We're just talking. Stefan thinks he has a chance with you, what do you say.

Segment 3 Eve is upstairs with Tate. She tells him to play nice today, not call anyone mean names like his great-Grandmother Maggie is calling her right now.

Maggie - You're working her, trying to get that poor woman to fall in love with you so you can get Basic Black back. What would you call a woman who did something like that? Vic - Eve. Maggie - I can't believe that you would stoop so low just to get Victor to reinstate you at Titan. Are you that threatened by Sonny. Brady - Did you tell her! Vic - She was snooping on my phone. Maggie - I wasn't snooping. I was looking for Valentine's Day photos of the two of us. Why am I not surprised that you're lying to me. What is this, the 100th time. You have lied to me about everything. From Daniel's parentage to bringing Xander back to kill Deimos and now this. I've forgiven you everything which makes me such a fool. Vic - No no Maggie, you're not a fool. Brady - Maggie are you going to tell Eve? Maggie - I was about to just now but I think it should come from you Brady although God knows what it's going to do to Eve. I am so disappointed in you. You have had your heart broken so many times so you know what it feels like and yet you're ready to do this again to Eve. She's not my favourite person but she doesn't deserve this.

Abby - Do you stand a chance with me! No way in hell. I'm completely in love with my husband. Aside from that you'd literally be the last person on earth I could ever be interested in. Chad - That settles that. There's fresh coffee and muffins. I'm going to take Thomas to his play date. Abby - Thank you. I love you. Chad - I love you too. He leaves. Abby - What is wrong with you? Stefan - Can the performance. We need to talk about last night. Abby - What about last night. Stefan - You're joking right. You're husband's gone so you can stop pretending. I know you remember what happened between us just as well as I do. Abby - I have no clue what you're talking about.

Segment 4 Stefan - You really don't remember? Abby - I remember that you crashed our Valentine Day's dinner at Doug's Place. I remember you sent us champagne that we did not want. And then I remember that Chad and I went home and we spent the rest of the night together. Stefan - You don't remember coming into my room. Abby - No because I didn't. Stefan - Yes you did. You not only came into my room but ... Abby - I know what you're trying to do. You can stop. Stefan - I'm trying to jog your memory here. Abby - No, you're trying to upset me. You're trying to shake me up ... Stefan - No I'm not. I swear I'm telling you the truth. I'm worried about you. Abby - I know what you're trying to do. That's why you were talking to me about my mental illness the other day but it's not going to work. I've already told you that there's no chance I could ever be interested in you and I know that you are responsible for killing Andre. Stefan - I'm sorry, what. Abby - Yeah Chad's right. You had it in for Andre so you hired some girl to dress up like Gabi so that you could frame her and get her out of the company. Stefan - So that's what Chad thinks. Abby - You are so smug. You are so sure of yourself. You keep trying to con us but it's not going to work because you're not very good at it. You're not fooling anyone. Stefan - You're the one trying to fool everyone. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. We both know that you're the one on that security footage.

Lucas - Are you sure you're okay? Will - Yes I'm fine Dad. Billie, right, it's nice to meet you when we are both conscious. Billie - I'm really sorry. Will - It's okay. Now I can cross premature burial off my bucket list. Billie - You had premature burial on your bucket list? Kate - He's joking Billie. He's trying to make light of the fact that you and John put him through a traumatic ordeal. Will - It's okay. I'm fine ... I was scared but the good thing was I wasn't alone. Paul was with me the whole time.

Paul - Will and I have gotten closer in the last two weeks. John - So what about Sonny? Paul - I'm not over him yet. I can't spend my life looking backwards, I have to move on. Spending time with Will helps with that. John - Passed out in a crypt? Paul chuckles - Well we got through it together. It's been a long time since I got through anything with anyone else. John - It's kind of nice to know that something good came out of this.

Maggie - I saw the look on Eve's face just now when you gave your mini aria about her many charms. She cares about you. And you heard her talk about her losing her daughter which is the greatest pain that there is. The woman defines vulnerable and you're using her. That is so cruel. Brady, that's beneath you! I thought you were better than this. Brady - I'm sorry you think that. He leaves the room. Vic - Maggie wait. The fact that you didn't say anything to Eve proves to me that you still love me. Maggie - I can't deny that I love you Victor but I've had it with you. She leaves the room.

Segment 5 Lucas and Will are by the waiting area near the nurse's station. Lucas - I'm glad we had a chance to be alone. Will - Me too. Lucas - You're not in any rush now, are you? Will - No. Lucas - Good because we do need to talk. You know that, right. Will - Okay. It sounds serious. Lucas - No it's not serious. It's more serious for me. As part of my recovery I have to make amends and I need to make amends to you. Not only because it's part of my program but because you're my son and I love you. Will - You didn't do anything to me. Lucas - Sins of omission are still sins. I wasn't there for you when you were going through all that stuff with Susan and your mother. I was too busy acting like a drunk, full of self-pity and no good to anybody. Will - Dad you were going through a lot, I understand. You don't have to be so harsh on yourself. Lucas - ? is not an excuse. Thank God I came out the other side. For me I think the key to moving on is just to take one day at a time. But I want you to know that I'm here for you if you need me from now on, no matter what. Hug.

Billie - I'm not doing it. Kate - You have to do it. Billie, Lucas may not be drinking but just the fact that he's thinking about dating Chloe means he's not thinking straight. Billie - Did you ever ask yourself why you have never approved of any our relationships. Do you really think you're an expert on men. Kate - I learn from my mistakes Billie. Your brother simply repeats them. Lucas - Still trying to run our lives Mom. Kate - Someone has to. Lucas - I told you Chloe isn't going to be back for a few weeks. Would you just give it a rest please. Kate - No because I know you're just waiting for her to come back to town. Lucas - Because she is good for me. She helped me get sober. Would you rather I still drink and pine after Adrienne. Kate - Okay please, don't even mention that one. Lucas - Have you liked any girl I've ever been interested in ... just keeping track. No, that's right. Kate - Lucas, really. You think that I want you to be alone for the rest of your life. No I don't. I would have been okay with any one of those women if they had just shown you a modicum of respect. Lucas - Billie, as much as I love having you in Salem aren't you just a little bit glad you're not staying here. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Eve - I feel I need to apologise to you for talking bad about your great-Grandma. We're family, I feel like I can be honest with you. To tell you the truth at first I didn't like your Daddy very much. I just felt like he wasn't being nice to his Grandpa Victor. Then we started to have fun together but then we decided to hold off on that kind of fun a little bit and become friends, get to know each other. But deep down I really think your Daddy's a great guy. Brady is there.

Paul - Yeah something good did come out of all of this for sure because ... though this is complicated obviously ... spending time with Will is helping me to move on. John - That's good to know. They stand up when Will walks up. John - Hey Will I just want to say I'm sorry that I shook you up with that mausoleum thing. Will - It's okay. I am sorry that I assumed the worst about you. I should have trusted that Marlena knew what kind of man you really are. John - I'm lucky to have her. Will - Yeah. So I talked to your comrade in arms Billie. She's leaving tomorrow, did you know that? John - So soon. No I didn't. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to head over to the hospital and say goodbye. Talk to you soon? Paul - Yeah. Will. He leaves. Will - Sorry I interrupted your conversation. It looked pretty intense. What were you guys talking about? Paul - You.

Abby - Please explain what you mean by that. Stefan - Nothing. I need to go. Chad returns, Stefan leaves. Chad - What was that all about? Abby - Stefan being obnoxious always. So smug. He acts like everything he does is right. We both know he lies about everything. Sorry Chad, I just lost it. I totally confronted him about Andre. Chad - You did what? Abby - I was blurting out about how much I hated him and I told him it was because of what he did to Andre. Chad - You told him that we think he did it. Abby - I'm sorry, I shouldn't have. He has this way of getting under my skin, he makes me so mad. Knowing what he did to Andre ... then of course he goes and denies that he hired a woman to dress up like Gabi and I know he's lying. Honestly I think he was getting ready to tell me that he knew who she was. Chad holds her.

Segment 6 Abby - Maybe I should talk to Stefan more. Chad - No. Abby - Honestly I think he'll tell me more. Chad - He's already made it clear that he has a thing for you. I want you to be careful. Abby - Yeah but he knows that I can't stand him. If I can get him to say something then maybe we can clear Gabi. Chad - You've already provoked him. Don't do that again. I'm not trying to blame you. I think Stefan is dangerous and I'm worried about you, that's all. Chad gets a call. It's that conference call. He steps out of the room. Abby grabs her head. Oh.

John is with Billie. You were amazing. I want to thank you for all of your help. Kate - And John I'd like to thank you for getting my daughter shot, for having my grandson held captive in a mausoleum ... nice. Thank you. We've been working so hard to make life normal for Will especially after the traumatic events he's been through so please in the future try not to drag my family and loved ones into danger, okay. Billie - Mom that's enough. John didn't drag me into anything, I did this willingly. John - And I owe you big time. If it weren't for you Billie we might not have a happy ending here. Don't be a stranger.

Brady comes back into Eve's room. The nanny took Tate to his playdate. Eve - Maggie give you an earful? Brady - Yeah she did. Eve - She said everything that I said to you, didn't she. How I should stay away from you, what an awful person I am. Brady - No. Actually she told me what an awful person I am.

Maggie comes down the stairs carrying a suitcase. Vic comes into the foyer. The suitcase is a little over the top, don't you think? Maggie - This isn't a dramatic gesture, I'm moving out. Vic - What? Maggie - I can't take it anymore. I've played the dutiful wife for years. I've backed you up. I've covered up all the terrible things that you do. I've been loyal. I've kept my mouth shut. I've forgiven you so many times I've lost count. Vic - I know. Maggie - I know we both had our health scares so we know that life can be fragile and short. See I believed that when you retired that you were going to slow down and that you were going to stop and smell the roses, spend more time with your family. That turned out to be the biggest lie of all. Vic - We just came back from a wonderful trip, what more do you want? Maggie - I want more of you. YOU! It's not just about an occasional trip or a romantic dinner once in a while. I see you sneaking off to use your phone. You want control of your business and your family and that's all you care about. I mean whether it's Sonny and Will or Justin and Adrienne or Brady and Nicole or Eve or Theresa, you just can't stop yourself from interfering. Vic - Maggie I love you. Maggie - I need you to listen, I need to be heard and respected. Vic - I respect you more than any person I've ever known. Maggie - No, it's just talk. I gave you a chance to tell Eve the truth and you just stood there and said nothing. So I hope that Brady will do the right thing because if he doesn't then I still can whether I'm living here or not ... which I won't be. Vic - Maggie please don't leave me.

Segment 7 Maggie - I've given you ultimatums before. I said it was the last straw and then I've forgiven you because I can see that you love me and you'd be in pain if I left. Vic - More than you know. Maggie - But I'm in AA and I should have known I was enabling you. See I let you think that because I loved you I would put up with things, forgive you anything but I won't. Vic - I can't believe you're leaving me because of Eve. I means she's not worth it. Maggie snaps - It's not about her! Sadly it's about this thing you cooked up with Brady to screw her over. It isn't even the worse thing you've ever done but it's the straw that broke this camel's back. It opened my eyes and it made me realise that I can't take it anymore. Vic - I can't live without you. Maggie - I know but until you're ready to make some real changes I can't live with you. She leaves.

Eve - So what are you talking about Brady? Brady - I have a confession to make.

Will - You were talking about me. What were you saying? Paul - Fishing for compliments? Will - No I'm guessing you were probably telling him what a pain in the ass I was. Paul - That wasn't what I was saying. Will - Okay then what were you saying. Paul - I'm not going to tell you what I was saying. Will - Why not? Paul - Because then it would go to your head. He laughs.

Billie - I know you think I used you as an excuse to come and help John but I didn't. I was worried about you. I'm sorry that you lost Andre. I was happy that you found love and I hope you find it again. Kate - I don't think that's in the cards for me but I hope it is for you with the appropriate person of course.

'Abby' smiles. Time for Gabby to come out and play. She heads to the tunnels.

Stefan returns to his room.

Chad comes into the living room - Abby.

Stefan removes his shirt. Gabby comes in. Well it looks like someone worked up a sweat.


Friday Feb 23

Director: Sonia Blangiardo
Scriptwriter: Joanna Cohen

Segment 1 Rafe and Hope are at the loft. The tape recorder is still recording. Ciara - Wait a minute! You called off the wedding. Hope - No honey, just the rehearsal dinner. I'm taking Rafe camping on Smith Island tonight to prevent going to two over the top parties back to back. Tripp - It'll be more fun for you guys. Rafe - Well more fun for you guys too unless of course you like drunk people rambling on and on and on. Ciara - Thank God. I thought you guys were going to tell me that you decided not to get married. Hope - Why would you think that?

Brady sits on Eve's bed. When Maggie asked to speak to me privately you probably thought she was going to rip you to shreds, right. Eve - Well I'm sure it wasn't to tell you what an angel I am. Brady - She's a straight shooter. When Maggie has something to tell you she'll tell you to your face. She played it straight with me. Our conversation was all about ripping me to shreds. Eve - About what? Brady - Eve I did something pretty heinous to someone I care about and you deserve to know the truth about it.

Chad comes into the D mansion living room. Abby. Gabi walks in - No, it's me. Chad - Is everything okay. You seem a little bit ... Gabi - Tense? Edgy? Yeah all of the above. I'm stressed out okay. I have no job, no company, no reason to get up in the morning. I'm going stir crazy Chad. I'm bouncing off the walls. Chad - You have time on your hands. Gabi - Yeah too much time. I've been sitting at home obsessing over the murder case that they've got going up against me and the theory that Stefan killed Andre and framed me ... I haven't stop thinking about that. Chad - We're going to prove that it's my brother. Gabi - When? You've got to give me something here. You work with Stefan. You live in the same house. You have to know something new. Chad - Actually I do.

Repeat of Gabby coming into shirtless Stefan's bedroom. Stefan - You again. Gabby - Yeah me, your new friend. Stefan - Look I'm not exactly sure what's going on with you right now but I know you're sick and you need help. Gabby - See, there's nothing wrong with me so why do you keep saying that. Stefan - A few minutes ago you acted as though you had no memory of what happened last night, no idea that you'd been here up in my room. Gabby - We need to get something straight. You need to stop running your mouth off to Miss Abigail. Stefan - What are you talking about? You're Abigail. Gabby - I'm Gabby because Abigail has left the building.

Gabi - Why am I sensing that this isn't good news. Chad - It's a minor setback. Gabi - How minor? Chad - Stefan found out my theory that we think he killed Andre. Gabi - How! Chad - It just kind of slipped out. Gabi - Slipped out of who? Chad - Abby. She didn't mean to tell him. Gabi - Then why did she. Chad - Because Stefan was being a jackass. He was pushing her buttons, emotions got the best of her and she just blurted it out. Gabi - I don't believe this. Chad - She was trying to defend you. She's trying to protect you. It's not like she was trying to warn him. Gabi - But she did and now he knows we're on to him and I'm the one that's screwed.

Stefan - If Abigail's left the building is she coming back? Gabby - How the hell should I know. Stefan - OMG, you really think you're 2 separate people. Gabby - Yeah because we're two separate people moron. It's Abigail DiMera, Gabby Hernandez. See Abigail doesn't know I was in here last night and so she doesn't know what happened in this room between the two of us. She was in bed with her husband. She also doesn't know that I came back here again right now. Stefan - Of course. Just explain one thing for me then. When we were downstairs talking earlier there was 3 of us; myself, Chad and Abigail. So if you're Gabby how do you know I was shooting my mouth off about anything.

Ciara - I was just afraid if the rehearsal dinner was cancelled then ... Hope - It doesn't mean anything. Rafe and I are still getting married. We just decided to skip to the really fun part where we get to celebrate with our family and friends. And we're so glad that includes you too Tripp. Rafe - Yeah how's your Dad btw? Tripp - Much better thanks ever since he got that antidote. Ciara - It is so crazy that he was poisoned. Rafe - Yeah. To be honest I've heard stories about Pamela VanDamme but I never knew she was certifiable. Hope - Well thanks to Tripp she's out of the picture now for good. How are you doing? Are you alright? You must still be pretty shaken up about last night. Tripp - Yeah I wasn't expecting to take another person's life that's for sure. Rafe - You did the right thing. You did and we're all very grateful so thank you. Ciara - Everyone except Claire maybe. Hope - I thought you two were getting along much better. Ciara - We are mostly. It's just been really hard since Theo left and she's not the center of the universe anymore but we will be on our best behaviour the day of your wedding, that is a promise. Hope - Where is Claire? I heard her trip to South Africa was cancelled. Ciara - Yeah and she couldn't stop complaining about how she had to slum it out at O'Hare. She's taking a nap and I'll be more than happy to let her know about the change of plans for tonight. Hope - Thank you honey. Ciara - And just so you know both Claire and I are working on surprises for the happy couple on the happy day. We can't wait. Rafe - Well neither can we. We should get going. Hope agrees. I am looking forward to this trip. Tripp - You guys have fun camping. Rafe shakes his hand - Good luck with keeping these two girls on neutral sides of the room. Ciara and Hope hug. I love you Mom. Hope - I love you too sweetheart. See you tomorrow. Bye. Rafe and Hope leave. Ciara - Man that was close. For a second there I thought my Mom knew about the big secret although if she found out Rafe cheated on her with Sami she would never have shown up here with him, right. Tripp - Right. Anyways no one else knows except the two of us and Rafe and we're not going to say anything to anybody. Camera cuts to the recorder.

Segment 2 Brady - These last few years I've taken a lot of hits. They just kept coming. First Sonny took my job at Titan that I thought I was deserving of. Then there's Kristen and Theresa and Nicole and Eve I just got sick of it. I got sick of feeling like a sucker, a fool ... a self-pitying fool. Eve - Come on Brady you were hurt badly. Brady - It's nothing compared to what you went through. Eve - So this is now a competition? Pain is pain. Brady - Eve you lost a child. I didn't lose a child. I can't even imagine what that's like. Eve - No you can't. No one can unless they've gone through it and I pray to God that you never have to. Brady you should focus on what you do have. Your son is so healthy, so happy. Brady - I know he is. I'm blessed. Eve - So am I. That little boy brings me so much comfort, so much joy. You look so sad, what is it. Brady - I'm just thinking to myself it doesn't matter how hurt I've been, it doesn't matter how humiliated I've been, it doesn't justify what I've done to ... Eve - To? Brady - Eric.

Roman joins Eric at a table in the Pub. You want something to eat? Eric - No thanks. I just had breakfast with Jennifer. Roman - You two worked things out. Eric - Yeah we did. Roman - Anna will be glad to hear that. She feels terrible about making Jennifer think that you still had feelings for Nicole. Eric - It's okay. Jen and I talked through all the misunderstandings. Everything's in a good place now. Roman - So you told Jen that you're over Nicole. Eric - Yeah. Roman - But is that true?

Gabby - Okay fine, so I wasn't in the room. I was out on the terrace. I still heard every word that you said. Stefan - Really? Gabby - Yeah really. You were yapping about things that I said needed to stay between us. So I came back to make sure that you kept your mouth shut about me and that includes Abigail because she loved Andre more than anybody in this house. So if she knows what we know she's going to go to Chad and we already know he's gunning for you. Stefan - I'm not afraid of Chad. In fact I think he'd be pretty interested in what I have to say right now. Gabby - I bet you're right but before you go talking to your brother just one little thing you should probably remember ... if I go down, you're going down with me.

Chad - ? Gabi - How can I not. Stefan knows that you're trying to prove that he killed Andre now he's going to cover his tracks for sure. Chad - He's a corporate raider. His whole life is covering his tracks. Gabi - Not about this. He wouldn't have had a clue if Abigail hadn't tipped him off. Chad - The cops have been all over Stefan asking him how the DiMera security system just happened to get shut off at the exact same time of Andre's murder. With the heat on him he was going to scrub himself clean no matter what Abby would have said. Gabi - Is that supposed to make me feel better. Chad - Stefan is going to get what's coming to him. What we have to do is stay calm and stay focused. Gabi - Yeah I can do that. You know what I'm not going to do. I'm not just going to sit around and wait for Melinda Trask to send me to prison. That's what I'm not going to do. Chad - Now where are you going? Gabi - Whoever framed me still has my coat, my key card and the lid to that urn so I'm going to go find them. Chad - And they would have dumped them somewhere by now anyway. Gabi - I know Stefan breaks the law for a living but like you said the cops are all over him. If he's guilty he knows he can't just get rid of the stuff, he has to stash it. Chad - Okay, where? Gabi - I don't know. The most logical place seems to be his room. I can go check there.

Segment 3 Tripp - So are you really as psyched about this wedding as you made it sound to your Mom. Ciara - Yeah I am. She and Rafe really love each other which is why I decided not to tell her the truth. Tripp - It's nice that you care about your Mom so much. She seems really cool. Ciara - Yeah, you should have met my Dad. Tripp - Right, the motorcycle. Ciara - He wasn't just this bad-assed biker guy okay. He was funny and smart and everybody loved him. Tripp - Your Dad sounds like a great guy. Ciara - He was. Your Dad is too. I'm glad you're going to have him around for a long time. I'm starving and I'm going to be working on this photo montage for hours. What do you say we go grab some takeout from Buddy's. Tripp - Yes let's do it. They leave. Claire comes out of her room. I thought they'd never leave. She grabs the tape recorder. Now let's see if you spilled your little secret.

Rafe and Hope rush into the cabin to get out of the rain. They complain about the rain. Hope - Everything's ruined. Rafe disagrees. We're here. We've got food and shelter and as far as I know we've got the Horton Cabin all to ourselves. Kiss. Hope - We're supposed to be outside under the stars. Rafe tries to get her to go outside swimming. Hope had this whole vision in her head of them outside under the stars in each other's arms all warm and cozy in front of the fire. And now we're here inside all soggy and cold. Rafe tells her to go take a hot shower and he'll get a fire going. She wonders with all the planning they did for this trip only to encounter a torrential downpour if they're just a little jinxed. Rafe hugs her.

Chad - You can't just go into Stefan's room looking around. That's a disaster waiting to happen. Gabi - Not if I find evidence that proves he killed Andre. Evidence that shows he got someone to dress up like me and parade around the DiMera security cameras. Chad - What if he's up there? What if he catches you? Gabi - Chad I don't know, I'll come up with something. Chad - Like I told Abby if he's willing to kill his own brother imagine what he's going to do to you. Gabi - I don't know what to do. I'm fighting for my life. I am fighting so Arianna doesn't lose her mother. Chad - We're all working to help you on this. Gabi - The police have no new leads and they can't just search something without a warrant. I need a plan Chad. Chad - Here's a plan. We find the woman on the security footage. She's the key to this whole mystery.

Stefan - As we've established I'm not going down for anything because I didn't kill anyone. Gabby - Then what were you and Mommy doing standing over Andre's dead body. Stefan - How would you know if you weren't there. It appears we've arrived at a stalemate. You think I set you up as Andre's killer. You've already admitted to trying to set me up. Neither of us can prove our case and the only evidence implicating either of us is the lid to that urn. Gabby - The lid that you used to bash in Andre's head. Stefan - The lid that I caught you trying to plant inside my bedroom here. Like I said, stalemate. Gabby - Come to think of it I'm going to need that lid back. Stefan - What for? Gabby - I don't trust you. Stefan - I don't trust you either. I think I'll hang on to it for a little while. Gabby - Are you sure there's nothing I can do to make you change your mind ... she gets really close to him.

Segment 4 Brady - I heard you talking to Tate earlier, telling him that Dad is such a good guy. Eve - Well you know you've got your moments. Brady I actually think you're a great guy. Brady - There's things you don't know about me. There's things that I've done. Eve - To Eric? Brady - You saw how ugly it was between the two of us earlier. I think I need to explain ... Eve - Come on, there's nothing to explain. Nicole cheated on you with Eric and left you two high and dry. Now wonder there's bad blood between ... Brady - No there's more to it, a lot more. Stuff that Eric doesn't even know about. I'm the reason Nicole left town. I saw Eric and Nicole together, how happy they were and I didn't like it. I couldn't take it. Being betrayed by another woman especially with my brother, I wasn't going to sit back and take that crap again so I did something. I took action. Eve - What did you do? Brady - I had something on Nicole and I threatened to use it in a big way unless she and her daughter got the hell out of town and that's exactly what she did. Eve - Must have been kind of big. Brady - It was very big. Eve - What?

Eric - Nicole and I planned a life together and then out of nowhere she showed up and said what we had meant nothing. She took off. Roman - Do you think Nicole wanted to spend some time alone with the daughter she just got back. Eric - I don't know. I may never know. Nicole was my first love and I'll never forget her but I can't dwell on the why's and the what if's, I have to move on. I want to move on. Roman - That sounds like a very healthy attitude to me. Things are good with Jennifer? Eric - Yeah. Roman - So why the long face? Eric - Jen and I had a run in with Brady and Eve earlier. Brady hates my guts. Roman - Still! I was hoping you two would have worked things out by now. Eric - I was hoping the same thing but he's made it very clear that he's furious with me. It's not that I can blame him, I did almost kill him in a car crash. Roman - Eric you made amends for that. Your brother can't still be keeping the anger from that. Eric - Apparently he is. He's angry because I lied to him about Nicole. I told him I didn't have feelings for her anymore. I swore that I wouldn't steal his fiancée. Roman - ? Eric - Nicole is not going to have either Brady or I ever but Brady will always be my brother. He's not blood obviously but at one time we were really close and I miss my brother Dad.

Stefan steps back - You're in love with someone else, aren't you? Gabby - Eli didn't put a ring on it. He's just my boyfriend. I'm practically single. Stefan - Abigail's not. Gabby - So. Stefan - She despises me. She told me this morning I was the last person on this planet that she'd be interested in. Gabby - Please, Abigail doesn't hate you. The girl loves herself a handsome DiMera. Any DiMera will do. She only said that because she was afraid Chad would take your head off like he said he would. I know you've got a thing for Abigail. Frankly I don't really get it. She's my best friend and all but the girl's about as exciting as a sock not to mention loco. Stefan - She's not crazy, don't talk about her like that. Gabby - Whoa, so you can call Abigail crazy but I can't. Oh I can make you forget about her like nothing. Stefan - You need to stop okay. Gabby - Why Steffi, am I getting to you. You worried that you're going to give in to how you really feel.

Chad - If we can find the woman in the security footage then we can prove she's not you and we can get her to say she was working with Stef. Gabi - Right. How the hell do we do that. Chad - Stefan is new in town. I've been looking into his business connections so we have to figure out who he would get to do a job like that. Gabi - A job like framing me for murder. Chad - Stefan's not going to pick someone random off the street. Gabi - It has to be somebody he trusts completely. Chad - The only person I can think of is Vivian. Gabi - You're not saying Vivian could pass herself off as me. Chad - That's not what I'm saying, there's not a lot of women in his orbit. I think I know who it is.

Segment 5 Brady - I can't tell you what I had on Nicole. Eve - Why not? Brady - Because if I did she'd be in a hell of a lot of trouble and I won't do that. Eve - Are you serious! Really, after everything that woman did to you you're defending her. Brady - Yes am I. Eve - Why would you do that? Brady - I ruined her life. I ruined any chance of her living the life she wanted to live. Eve - You stood up for yourself and I say that's a good thing. Brady - Eric and Nicole were happy. They were ready to go off into the damn sunset. I couldn't take it. Out of jealousy and spite I ripped them apart Eve. That's terrible. I knew it was a terrible thing to do and I did it anyways. I was angry and I was bitter and I felt like a loser. Eve - Well you had every right to feel that way. Brady - No they were happy, I was miserable. I just wanted them to be as miserable as I was so I made it happen to them. Eve - So you just sit there and clap because they humiliated you. Brady - No. Eve I could have been the better person, right. Why couldn't I have done that. Why couldn't I have risen above, opened up my heart a little bit, felt for them. I didn't. You know why I didn't? Because I'm a not good guy, I'm a bad guy. Makes me a vindictive S.O.B. and I swear to God once you know these things about me I'm okay with the fact of you not wanting anything to do with me ever again.

Claire listens to the tape. She shuts the tape off when Ciara and Tripp come in. Ciara - What are you doing? Claire - Just listening to the song I wrote from Grandma and Rafe's wedding. Ciara - Let's hear it.

Hope comes into the main room of the cabin. Rafe has strings of white lights hanging from the rafters, a fire going and the tent set up in the middle of the room and candles burning all around. Rafe gets all romantic about the setup. Hope says it's perfect. Rafe tells her to stop with the jinxes. Today is going to be perfect and tomorrow is definitely going to be perfect. Hope - Every day that I'm married to you is going to be perfect. Hope is going to make hot chocolate. Rafe - Making hot chocolate with your phone? Hope - Just checking in with the station. She calls him over and they kiss.

Chad - On Valentine's Day Melinda Trask was hanging out with Stefan at Doug's Place. Gabi - I saw her there but not with Stefan. Why'd she be having drinks with him. Chad - That's a good question. She's got the same hair colour, almost the same height, same build. Gabi - You think the DA's trying to frame me. Chad - She's been coming after you, seems personal. Gabi - It is. She's furious that I was released early after she prosecuted me for killing Nick. Chad - That would gain her points with the voters. Gabi - I still don't know what this has to do with Stefan. Chad - Well she plays dress-up and in return he bankrolls her campaign. Gabi - I don't know. She's ruthless but it seems like a stretch even for her. Chad - Maybe I don't know. It's the best I got okay.

Stefan pulls away from Gabby's roaming fingers. I mean it, stop. Gabby - Whatever. Yeah I know you're crazy over little Miss Abigail. You don't stand a chance. What I said earlier, that any DiMera will do, bull. That girl wants Chad and only Chad but go ahead, keep dreaming. In the meantime Abby and her hot hubby are going to be working overtime to clear me and they're going to bury you for killing Andre because that's Chad theory, you know that. He believes that you used Andre so you could get into the company and then you went and got rid of him before he could rat you out and now you're trying to pin it on me. I can not wait for Chad to bust you wide open and then you're going to go to prison and you're going to die alone ... she keeps talking a thousand words a minute. Stefan - Shut up. He kisses her.

Segment 6 Eve - Brady if what you did makes you a bad person so am I because if I were walking in your shoes I would have done exactly the same thing. Brady - Not a chance. Not that cruel. I ripped Eric apart. I destroyed him. When Nicole left he ... Eve - Please! He wouldn't be off sharing morning muffins with Jennifer if he was pining over his great love. In fact if you ask me, those two self-righteous, holier-than-thou phonies, they deserve each other. Brady - Don't include Jen in that, she's my friend and I like her. Eve - Okay now I think you're a bad person. She laughs. I don't think we're going to have to worry about Jennifer. I mean truly if they are off making each other oh so happy she's not going to be around. That being said, as nauseating as it is, I think that you're going to have time to think about everything and put all that stuff with your brother behind you and let it go. She slaps his knee. Brady - What was that for? Eve - When you said you had something to confess I just thought it was going to be worse than that. Brady - Like what? Eve - The way you were acting I thought maybe it was something about me.

Eric - Dad it's just the way that Brady looks at me, the way he talks to me. It's just so full of rage. Roman - Look I really, really hope that Brady pulls himself out of that place but if he chooses to stay there, holding grudges, lashing out, you can not blame yourself for that. Eric - Dad I think we're past the point of fixing things. All we do is fight. I hate it, I really do. Roman - Bo and I used to fight so damned much we thought we'd kill each other, literally. Eric - Come on, was it really that bad? Roman - Oh yeah it was but I am so glad we worked our differences out because I so lucky to have so many incredible memories to hold on to but it's not the same. So hey, don't give up on your brother because one of these days it'll be too late.

Claire refuses to play the song. You can hear the song at the wedding with everyone else. Tripp - I'm going to have to take my food to go. I told Kayla I would run an errand for her, the place closes in 15 minutes. Later. Fight nice. He leaves. Ciara sits down with her laptop. Claire doesn't want to work on her song with Ciara there and she can't move her keyboard. Ciara's going to go work on this at Grandma Julie's. Claire - Thank you. Ciara - Bye. Claire turns the tape recorder back on. She does a running commentary while she listens.

Hope tells Rafe she'll be right back. Rafe hears a noise outside. He goes for his gun.

Segment 7 Chad - If the woman in the video isn't Melinda Trask we'll just keep working to figure out who it is. I'll search his room myself. Gabi - You just said it was too dangerous. Chad - Yeah but I live here. I know when Stefan is going to be in and out. I'll be careful. Gabi - Okay you better be. She leaves.

Brady - Why would you think I have something to confess about you. Eve - Come on Brady, when I first came to town you tried to frame me for Deimos' murder now you're being all sweet, buying me flowers, even defending me to Grandpa monster. Brady - Grandpa monster down there needs to be stood up to once in a while. Eve - Yeah but still we played each other right. Now I have to pinch myself to believe you could actually be falling for me. Brady - Believe it. Eve - I do. Brady - I think I better be going before going is no longer an option. Kiss. He leaves.

Claire finally hears the big secret.

Rafe drags a guy inside the cabin. You sure picked the wrong place to try and break in. My fiancée and I are cops. Guy - I wasn't trying to break in, not at all. Rafe - I saw you out there trying to case the joint. Guy - I was just trying to make sure I had the right cabin. Hope comes in - Rafe what are you doing. Rafe - I found this creeper outside trying to break in. Hope - No he's not trying to break in. He's here to marry us.

Stefan and Gabby stare at each other after the kiss. Someone knocks. Stefan, it's Chad. Got a sec.


Monday Feb 26

Director: Angela Tessinari
Scriptwriter: Rebecca McCarty

Segment 1 Repeat of Hope saying she'll be right back and Rafe thinking someone is trying to break in.

Kayla is sitting next to Steve's hospital bed. John pokes his head in ... Hey, sorry, he must be sleeping. Steve - Hey John, come on in. John - Hey partner. Doc just gave me some good news here. Looks like the antidote is doing it's work. Your numbers are up huh. Steve - Yeah the poison seems to be out of my system. John - Yeah, but? Kayla - But the poison may have damaged his vision permanently.

Vic is sitting in an easy chair in the K mansion living room talking on his cell. Maggie darling I do wish you'd pick up the phone so we can talk this through. I miss you terribly already. Please, please come home. He hears the door open. Maggie. Vivian - No darling, it's someone who actually gets you. She comes in closing the door behind her. Vic - For God's sake. Viv - Oh Victor, you're much better without her. She's an encumbrance, sort of the proverbial ball and chain. Vic - And you are the proverbial pain in my ass so just get out. Viv - Victor we have business to discuss. Vic - Business! I have no business with you. Vic - Well you could with me, my son Stefan, he could be the key to our future.

Chad knocks on Stefan's bedroom door. Stefan, you got a sec. Stefan - Gabby you need to get out of here. Gabby - Why should I? Stefan - Because Chad is on the other side of that door. Come on. Chad knocks again - Stefan. Stefan - Hide now. Gabby heads to the door. Stefan grabs her - Wait, what are you doing! Gabby - I'm letting him in.

Repeat of Hope telling Rafe the guy he thinks is trying to rob him is here to marry them. Rafe - Julie is going to marry us tomorrow in front of friends and family. Hope - I thought we could have something a little more intimate tonight, just you and I. Rafe - So this guy ... Hope - Justice of the Peace. Rafe lets him go. Sorry.

John - This blurry vision could be temporary right. Steve - It is happening all the time now. I'm having trouble focusing. John - I don't understand this. The antidote was specifically designed to reverse the damages. Steve - It did stop my body from attacking itself. Maybe it's just taking a little longer to reverse what's going on with my eye. John - Yeah, that's what I'm praying for partner that this vision problem is just a temporary thing. Kayla - Did you pray much when you were poisoning my husband. Steve - Kayla, John did what he had to do. Kayla - I'm going to go check on those results, excuse me. She leaves. Steve - Sorry about that, this is hard for her. John - She's got every right to hate me. What I did could have killed you. You're the man she loves, father to her children, I don't blame her in the least.

Stefan stops Gabby. You can't do that. Gabby - Why not? Chad knocks again - Stefan. Stefan - If he finds us in here together it raises a whole lot of questions about Andre's death. Things are complicated enough don't you think. Stefan opens the door as he's pulling on a tee-shirt - Sorry, I was changing. Chad - Is somebody in here. I heard voices. Gabby is hiding in the closet.

Segment 2 Stefan - Just me as you can see. Come on in. Chad - Sounded like there was somebody in here. Stefan - Must've been my mother, speaker phone. Chad - Sounded like she was in the room. Stefan - Got to love that crystal clear reception. You seem disappointed. Chad - No I'm just disappointed. Stefan - Because you didn't find a woman in here that looks like Gabi Hernandez. That's what you're hoping right. Chad - Abby told me that she told you about my suspicions. Stefan - She did but your suspicions are nonsense. Chad - Gabi's innocent. Stefan - Sure about that? Chad - Yeah the power was off and then turned right back on the night Andre was murdered so ... Stefan - That's an interesting hypothesis Chad but there are 2 fundamental flaws in your theory. One, I didn't sabotage the company. Two, I didn't meet Andre until I came to Salem. Chad - You'll understand if I don't take your word for it. Stefan - Didn't expect you to but I need you to back off the accusations. Chad - I'm going to find out what happened that night one way or the other. Stefan - I'd be careful what you wish for, you might not like what you find. Chad - What's that supposed to mean.

Hope - Mr. Freeman I am so sorry about everything, the rain, the confusion. Rafe - Maybe if my fiancée had let me on her secret little plan ... Hope - If you'd like to dry off the bathroom's that way. Rafe - I am sorry really, very sorry. JP - No worries. Jumpy grooms are part of the package. Hope - Thank you. The JP goes to dry off. Rafe - Now I know this whole getting away thing was more than just getting out of the rehearsal dinner. Hope - Yes it is. It's just about you and me and the stars ... somewhat. Rafe - I love it. You, me, Justice of the Peace ... my idea of the perfect wedding although I do think you might have overlooked one little hitch.

Marlena is at the loft. Claire kisses her cheek - You are the best Grandma, really. This is exactly what I needed. (Ice Cream) Marlena - Wow, it's quiet here. Claire - Tripp has a shift and Ciara is making that stupid montage for Grandma Hope's wedding. Marlena - I thought you and Ciara were getting along better after that close call. Claire - Yes, she's fine. She's a hero. Tripp's a hero. They're heroes together. Of course I'm so glad they're okay. It's just you think you know someone, you really think you know something and it turns out you don't know anything at all. And then once you do know that something you just have no clue what to do about it and you kind of wish that you didn't know. Marlena - Is that what you wanted to talk to me about. Claire - It's a secret Grandma. It's a crazy, big, huge, horrible secret and I don't know what to do. Please you have to promise me you're not going to tell anyone. Marlena - Okay I will within reason. Claire - Rafe cheated on Hope. He hooked up with Sami.

Vic - Whatever you and your genetically challenged son are selling I am not interested. Vic - I'm not suggesting you buy anything or hire Stefan. I'm actually proposing ... drumroll, please ... a merger. Vic - A merger! Between my company and Stefano DiMera's. Are you insane! Viv - Well I think the word you're looking for is inspired. To me it's a win win situation for both of us. Vic - Actually no venture you're involved with could have the word win in it or sane for that matter. Viv - Victor ... Vic - Forget it! No way am I entering into a professional relationship with you. Viv - Alright fine. Well until I can convince you otherwise how about a personal relationship.

Segment 3 Stefan - I don't get it. You're convinced that our brother helped me screw you out of DiMera right. It's a known fact that Andre stole Gabi's company right out from underneath her so why do you care if his killer is brought to justice. Chad - Did he have his flaws, yes. Did he try to screw me over in the end, yes. But I loved him because he helped Abby through the toughest part of her life and for that I will forever be grateful. And for that I owe him everything. Stefan - Well you have at it brother just leave me the hell out of it. Trust me, you're wasting your time. Chad scoffs - Trust you? You're a liar and a cheat and now quite possibly a murderer. Stefan snaps - Oh for God's sake you think I'm guilty. Then go ahead, search my room. Go ahead.

Rafe - Julie is going to kill you. She got ordained just to marry you. Hope - No, no, she'll understand. Rafe - You're right, she's super chill like that. Hope - Rafe I'm telling you she's a romantic. She'll love that we did this. Rafe - You're brave. Hope - Don't worry, have faith. We're going to tell Julie at the same time we tell everyone else at the party. Rafe - Oh good, witnesses. Hope - Which we are really going to enjoy. Why? Because we will already be married. Rafe - I'm in. I'm sold. Don't we need a witness though. Hope - No I already checked. We don't need one in this county. Rafe - What about wedding attire? Hope - Come on, I think we look great. Rafe - Are you sure? Hope - YES! Rafe - I'm going to marry you in a tee shirt. Hope - In a tee shirt. Rafe - Okay yeah, this is my favourite wedding. Hug. What about rings? Hope - Hold on. She goes to get them. I brought them. Rafe - Have I told you how much I love you in the last 20 minutes. Hope - Tell me again. Rafe - I love you. Kiss. The JP returns. I think you're getting a little ahead of yourselves.

Marlena - So Rafe was cheating on Hope with my daughter Sami. Claire - Yes. Marlena - When was that? Claire - I guess when Sami was in town to see Will. Marlena - You guess? How do you even know about this? Claire - From Ciara. Marlena - Ciara knows too. Claire - Yeah, it's terrible, isn't it. Marlena - How did Ciara know about it? Claire - I guess she saw them, maybe. Marlena - So that's a lot of guessing. Why don't you tell me exactly what Ciara said. Claire - Okay I didn't actually talk to Ciara exactly. Marlena - Honey this is a very serious allegation. I need you to give me just the facts as you know them. Claire - Well it's all right here on my phone.

John - Partner I'm more sorry then you're ever going to know. Steve - John you did what the situation required, what we were trained to do. John - Yeah and it all went to hell didn't it. Your son could have died. I don't know how you could ever forgive that. Steve - Come on John, you saved my life more times than I can count. Kayla returns. Steve - What is it? Kayla - John, I'd like to speak to my husband privately. John - Yeah, you got it. Steve - Let John stay. He should hear this too baby. What did the doctors say, got the results back? Kayla - Yes. Steve - And? Kayla - It's what I was afraid of. You're losing your sight.

Segment 4 Vic - A personal relationship with you! First of all the very thought of it makes my skin crawl and secondly I'm a married man. Viv - Apparently not for long. Vic - What have you heard? Viv - I saw Maggie check into the Salem Inn and she was loaded for bear. She raked you over the coals. Vic - I'm sure she couldn't wait to confide in you, the woman she loathes with every fiber of her being. The woman who tried to bury her alive. Viv - Oh let's not dwell on the past, let's talk about us now in this very precious moment. Vic - No moment that you're in is precious Vivian. Viv - Oh Victor I could be the Lady to your Macbeth. The Spencer to your Tracy, the Lucy to your Schroeder. Vic - Oh talk about Looney Tunes. Viv - I could also give you a lovely piece of heaven. She stands up and opens her coat. Vic covers his eyes - OMG my eyes!

Kayla - The poison damaged your cornea and that's why you had blurred vision. Steve - I took the antidote so it should reverse itself, right. Kayla - The antidote stopped your body from attacking itself but it can't undo the damage caused to your cornea. Steve - Okay so we caught it in time. Blurred vision is better than no vision at all, right. Kayla - I'm afraid that it's going to get progressively worse. It could be just a matter of time before you are completely blind.

Stefan - Go for it, search every inch. In fact start here ... he opens the closet doors. Gabby has pushed herself into the back corner. Stefan starts pulling out drawers - Search right here. He dumps the contents on the bed. Come on Chad, this is your big chance. Find the murder weapon. Prove to the world that I'm a killer. Chad claps - Hell of a show but if you had something incriminating I don't think you'd be hiding it here so I will pass. But I do know this, you are hiding something and I will find it. Stefan - I really hope this means you're done pretending to play nice. Chad - ? knows exactly how I feel about you. Stefan - I know exactly how you feel about me. In the last 24 hours you've accused me of murdering our brother, framing an innocent woman and trying to steal your wife. Chad - Yeah that's about it. Stefan - If that's how you feel you're free to move out. Chad - Abby and I will be gone within the hour. Stefan - Wait. Whatever you and I think of each other there's no reason Abigail and Thomas should have to move out. Chad - Even though I'm going to turn your life upside down trying to prove you murdered ... Stefan - I can't stop you from doing that but when you realise the truth I'll expect an apology. Chad smirks then leaves.

Claire - You heard it. Ciara freaked out when she thought that Grandma Hope knew the truth about Rafe and Sami sleeping together. Marlena - Help me with something. Why did you record that? Claire - I knew that Ciara told Tripp a big secret and I thought that it was about me or Theo so ... what choice did I have. Marlena - Oh Claire. Claire - What? So now I'm the bad guy. Look Grandma I completely understand that it was not my finest moment but isn't it good that we know the truth and doesn't Grandma Hope have the right to know before she marries a man who cheated on her.

JP - Would you like to say a few words? Hope - I'll go first because I kind of surprised my groom with this. Rafe you're my partner. You are my friend and you are my lover. Even before we were romantically involved you were always so wonderful to me and to Ciara. I know that our beginning wasn't easy. I was broken and it was really hard for me to trust. Every time I tried to push you away you never turned your back on me. You were always there. You were always protecting me. Rafe - No ... Hope - Wait please. You were always comforting me, always. You risked everything for me, everything. And you know marriage is a risk. I'm risking my heart for the man I love so deeply and trust with all of my heart. It's no risk at all. I love you. Kiss. JP - Mr. Hernandez. Rafe - I have a confession to make.

Segment 5 Gabby comes out of the closet and punches Stefan in the chest. Stefan - Ow. What was that for! Gabby - You scared me half to death when you told Chad to look in there. What if he'd found me. What if he'd found the lid. Stefan - You're the one that was about to invite him if for a chit chat. Gabby - I was toying with you. I mean offering for him to come in and search the room might be the stupidest idea ever. Stefan - But it worked. Gabby - This time. You need to stop acting like this is one of your chess games because there is more at stake then little men on a board. Stefan - Isn't winning chess about protecting the Queen. Gabby - Well ? to protect it. Stefan - Maybe you should trust me. Gabby - I'll sleep on it. Why don't you show me where the lid to Tony's urn is and I'll get out of here. Stefan - Nice try. He grabs her hand as she's leaving. When will I see you again? Gabby - Sounds like someone's going to miss me. Stefan - Let's just say I'm intrigued by you and I want to know you. Gabby - Don't worry, I'll come out when I can. I'll see you around. She leaves.

Marlena - Okay we just heard Ciara say she kept the secret because she knows how much her mother loves Rafe and she wants them to be happy. Claire - Right, that's what she says but just think about it, what if Ciara has a plan. Because if Rafe and Hope get married then Ciara has a secret that could blow them up at any time that she wants. What? Marlena - I think it's admirable that you want to protect Grandma Hope because you want her to be happy but I think you have to exam your own motivation here.

Rafe - I have to be honest with you. There's something ... Hope - It's okay. You don't need to say anything. Rafe - I didn't prepare any vows. I was going to write them tonight but then he came so I didn't really have the time. I'm marrying the woman of my dreams so ... you're the most beautiful, strongest, incredible woman I've ever met in my life. You take my breath away. Today for instance when you were with Ciara, I was watching you laughing, you were smiling ... the love that you give, I want that. I want it every single day in my life and I want you in my life forever. He picks up the Lazo. The lazo as you know signifies a lifetime of love and commitment and I am committed to giving you a lifetime of love and respect that you deserve. I Rafe take you Hope to be my lawfully wedded wife. Hope - I Hope take you Rafe as my lawfully wedded husband. Rafe - To have and to hold from this day forward. Hope - For better, for worse, rich or poor. Rafe - In sickness and in health, forsaking all others. Hope - 'til death do us part. They exchange rings. JP - By the power invested in my I now pronounce Raphael Alejandro Hernandez and Hope Alice Williams Brady husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. Kiss. Hug. Laughter.

Segment 6 Hope - Thank you so much for coming out. Rafe - Again I'm so sorry about the ... JP - I wish you every happiness. He leaves. Rafe and Hope are very happy. They break out the champagne. Rafe wants to tell someone or text or post. We did it! Hope - That'll have to wait until tomorrow because right now it's just between you and me and the stars. Rafe proposes a toast - To my bride, my wife, the love of my life ... to a lifetime of love and happiness. Kiss.

Claire - My only motive here is to protect Grandma Hope from Rafe. Because once a dirty rotten cheater always a cheater, right. Marlena - Are you sure you don't want to stir up trouble for Ciara. Claire - NO. Yeah she's a total pain but I swear that is not why I want to tell Grandma Hope the truth. It's only because I love her so much and I want to make her happy. Marlena - And you think hearing this would make her feel happy. Honey you need to think long and hard before you do something that would be so destructive to this whole family.

John - I don't even know what to say. Kayla - You should go. John - I'll check in on you later partner, sorry man. He leaves. Kayla - I can not look that man in the eye. Steve - Kayla can we just forget about that for a minute. Is there anything we can do to reverse this? Kayla - A specialist is looking into all the options. Steve - So there are options. Kayla - Maybe. Steve - Maybe, I'll take that.

Vic - Oh for God's sake cover yourself up. She does. You're obviously deluded or demented. My guess is both. I am very much in love with my wife. In no way will you talk me into any sort of personal relationship. Viv - Well I think you're the deluded and demented one Victor to think Maggie would come back to you. Vic - You don't have any insight into me or her or our marriage. Viv - Well I know you must have done something pretty naughty to drive away that co-dependent clingy woman. Vic - My focus right now is on driving you away. If you know what's good for you you will march your bony ass right out of here before I drag you out by the hair. Viv - Is that a threat? Vic - It's a promise. Viv - Here's mine, now that my son is the head of the venerable DiMera family we're going to come after you and your beloved company and when we do we won't show any mercy. She leaves.

Segment 7 Stefan is doing a Ewe search on split personality. Okay Abigail, let's figure out what's going on in that head of yours.

Abby is asleep on the bed when Chad comes into their room. She wakes up - Hi. Chad - I've been looking all over for you. Abby - I don't remember coming up here. I must have been really tired. Chad - You slept in this morning too. Are you okay? Abby - I think so, just stressed with Andre's murder and everything. I think I'm fine.

Kayla - Too bad your good friend John didn't research his poison a little more closely. Steve - John had no choice. He was trying to protect his family and ours. Kayla - Well he came up a little short, didn't he. Steve - Baby come on, you saw him. He feels terrible. Kayla - I don't care about him. I don't care about his feelings. All I care about is you and what this means to you ... your life, your future. If you lose your vision because of this man ... Steve takes her hand. Sweetness come here. Listen to me, we've faced worse before. We've played the long odds and won many times. We're going to do it again. We're going to get though this together okay. Hug.

John is sitting in the park outside the square. It looks like he's been crying. Marlena joins him. I'm so sorry to keep you waiting. Who'd have thought having ice cream with Claire would have taken ... What's wrong, what's happened? Honey, oh honey, what. What. John holds her.

Claire looks at her wedding invitation. There's still time left, she hasn't married him yet.

Rafe and Hope celebrate their marriage. They drink champagne, kiss ...


Tuesday Feb 27

Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Lisa Connor

Segment 1 Stefan is sitting at the desk in the D mansion living room reading a book on multiple personalities. My first alter emerged after a car accident. Traumatic event. Headaches, memory lapses. Typical for the host to be typically unaware of the other alters activities or even their very existence. The alters. He recalls Gabby telling him she and Abby were 2 separate people. Vivian grabs the book from him. Little light reading?

Abby is sleeping restlessly. She snuggles against Chad and dreams. She's leaning over Andre's body calling his name. Andre, who did this to you? Andre comes to. It ... was ... Abby - WHO! Andre - You know who it was ... Abigail. He dies. She wakes up screaming. Chad wakes up - What. Abby - I'm sorry. Chad - Did you have a dream? Oh geez. What was your dream about?

Eli wakes Gabi up. Gabi sits up - Did I oversleep? Eli - No. Hug. Good morning. Gabi - OMG today's my hearing. Eli - You're preliminary hearing. But we're going to think positively about this and hope the Judge decides there's not enough evidence to proceed with the case. Gabi - What if he doesn't. I'm going to go on trial for murder. Eli - We're not going to go there okay. Hug.

Chad - Did you have a dream about Andre again. Abby - Same one I had before. Chad - Where he's telling you who murdered him. Abby - Yeah but this time it went further. Chad - What do you mean? Abby - This time Andre said I know who did it, that I know who murdered him. Chad - We know who killed Andre. Stefan, right. Abby - We don't know, we just think that it's him. Chad - We don't have any proof but we both agree that we think he's the one that set up Gabi. So if he set up Gabi then it only makes sense that he's the one that killed Andre, right. It was just a dream. You've been thinking about that lately so it's just a dream.

Viv - Why are you reading about the town nutcase, one of them anyway. Stefan - The author was a therapist, Kimberly Brady Donovan. Do you know her? Viv - Knew of her, who didn't. Her personal dramas dominated the news. Stefan - What dramas? Viv - Well for one thing she killed a man and couldn't remember it because she was so busy being someone else. Oh, and she shot her own brother. Stefan - Yeah I know, I was just reading about that. Viv - Tell me why this interest suddenly in split personalities or whatever they call them these days. Stefan - Nothing, saw the book on the shelf, picked it up. Viv - Stefan DiMera I did not raise you ... that is no one raised you to keep secrets from your mother so tell me ... NOW.

Naked Rafe and Hope are asleep in the tent. Hope kisses him awake. Rafe - Good morning Mrs. Hernandez, my beautiful wife. Hope - Mr. Hernandez, my very handsome husband. Rafe - Does it feel different, being married? Hope - No, only now I'm no longer your girlfriend or fiancée. Rafe - We're not going steady anymore. Hope laughs. Rafe - Do people still say that? Hope - I don't think so. Rafe - Who cares, we're past that anyway. Hope - True but I can still call you my lover. Rafe - I can call you my favourite person in the world. Hope - I think this is the most perfect way to start the day, being married to the man I love. Kiss.

Segment 2 Gabi comes out of the bathroom. So are you saying Stefan was at the DiMera offices. Eli - Right, but what's significant is there's nothing on the security footage that shows him leaving. Gabi - He could have left when the cameras were off, right? Eli - Yeah but household staff at the DiMera mansion ... not a single one of them can corroborate his whereabouts. Gabi - So he doesn't have an alibi. Eli - Not a solid one which can totally work in your favour. Gabi - I'll take anything I can get. Eli - You'll also be happy to know that Hattie and Anna haven't been ruled out as suspects meaning that Trask has a flimsy case which would totally justify the Judge's ruling that there's not enough evidence to warrant a trial. Gabi - You don't think a woman on video surveillance that looks like me wearing my coat is enough evidence. Eli - The image is just not clear enough. You can't even see the woman's face. Gabi - What about the key card swipe. Eli - That and the footage are purely circumstantial and that is all the DA has against you. Gabi - They also have a strong motive. I threatened to kill Andre. Eli - We talked about this. People say I could kill so and so for this all the time when they're upset with them. Everyone knows you didn't mean it literally. Gabi - Apparently not everyone. Eli - We are going to do everything come hell or high water to prove that person in that surveillance footage is not you. Gabi - You sound so sure about that. It helps me believe it too. Eli - That's the idea. Gabi - And Chad said something about having a theory on who it was. Come on, I'll tell you on the way.

Abby - So you were going to search Stefan's room. Chad - Yeah but when I got there we was there so I couldn't really go through with it. Since you already told him I was suspicious of him I said to hell with it and told him everything I thought ... that he killed Andre and set up Gabi. Abby - What did he say? Chad - He denied it of course. Abby - Are you going to try and search his room again? Chad - It doesn't make sense now. He's not stupid enough to leave something incriminating in there now that he knows I'm suspicious of him. Abby - Definitely not stupid. So what do we do now? Chad - I don't know. I don't think going after Stefan is the best approach anymore. Abby - Then what is the best approach. Chad - The mystery woman in that surveillance footage. I think she's the one that has all the answers so we go after her. I think I might know who it is.

Stefan - Relax, why would I keep secrets from you. Kate comes in and pours herself a coffee. Viv - Dressing to impress or was there another death in the family. Kate - Gabi's preliminary hearing is today. I'm going to offer my support. Stefan - I forgot that was today. Kate - Keep forgetting, she doesn't need either one of you there gawking at her. Viv - As if we'd want to be there anyway. I'm just grateful Stefan didn't petition the board to take back Gabi Chic before the crime was announced. That would have been terrible publicity. Kate - Have you no decency at all. This young woman, her life is on the line and all you can worry about is whether it's going to garner bad publicity for you. Stefan - I just hope that justice prevails today. Kate laughs - That's a fabulous trait you inherited from Mommy, the art of duplicity. Viv - How dare you insult somebody else's offspring when you managed to drive away your own or to the bottle or both. I just heard about poor little Philip. Kate snaps - Just shut up. Viv - No I won't shut up and I'm not taking your insults. Stefan - Ladies please. Viv - I heard that you were very upset that your husband fired little Miss Makeover and probably you think Gabi is innocent of killing Andre because you did it. Kate - There's one thing I'm sure of. Yes I was upset with Andre for what he did to Gabi, why the hell wouldn't I be. What he did was a terrible thing but I issued him an ultimatum. I said either take Gabi back into her company, let her have her company back or we're through. Viv - Interesting. Kate - What I did not do was hit him over the head with a funeral urn. Viv - So you say. Kate - You know what I find interesting, that the two of you, mommy and son, you swoop into town, you take over this home, you take over the company without notice. And then a few weeks later, what happens? The one person who could possibly stand in the way of your son controlling everything turns up dead. Viv - What's your point? Kate - My point is there's definitely a killer in this house but it sure as hell isn't me.

Hope - I'm really going to enjoy our wedding now that we're married. Kiss. Rafe - 'til Julie finds out and she kills you. Hope - She'll have to catch me first. Laugher. I know that she's going to be disappointed that she wasn't the one to marry us but she's going to understand that this is really what we wanted. Rafe - I still can't believe that you did all this. Your organizational skills are on point. The surprise elopement, the camping trip. Hope admits it was kind of amazing. What about you jumping the JP. Rafe - All I know is I'm married to the love of my life with whom I'm going to spend the rest of my life. Hope - I am so lucky. Kiss. Rafe - We've only been married a day, wait until a month. You'll be complaining about me leaving my socks around ... Hope - I already am. One day or a thousand, I love you, I trust you. I do. I trust you with my heart. I trust you with everything and I always will. Kiss.

Claire is with Julie at Doug's Place. Julie - Claire darling, do you think I should go with a whole new look for my hair for the wedding. Maybe some of those wonderful coloured fashion streaks or go with my usual look. She's scrolling through a Tablet. It might be more appropriate for a wedding officiate not that anybody is going to be looking at me. But I'm as jittery here as though I was the bride. I'm so honoured that Rafe and Hope decided I should be the one to marry them. Honeybunch, darling, you really have to count how many almonds you put in the bag. Less then 6 looks stingy and more than that the bag will burst. Claire - I'm sorry, I forgot. Julie - I will admit I was a bit disappointed that Doug and I did not get to host a rehearsal dinner for Hope. That girl was determined to go camping. Crazy! I was going to make my chicken flambé and Doug was going to sing. Ah well. I understand you have composed a special song for the occasion. We're all dying to hear it. Ciara said you even recorded it on your phone. We really ought to check the acoustics to see how that sounds in this room. Julie picks up Claire's phone. Claire - Wait, no. NO.

Segment 3 Julie - Wow, I know phone's are very precious to people your age but really Claire. Claire - I'm sorry. I did not mean to flip out on you like that. I just don't want anyone to hear he song until Grandma and Rafe do. Julie - I understand but I want everything to be perfect including the music on Hope's special day. Claire - I want that too. Julie - God knows she deserves it after everything she's been through. Claire - She has been through a lot. Julie - Yeah, I'm hoping this marriage is a turning point for her. I admit I did have some reservations about Rafe at first being that he is Hernandez but he has proven to me time and time again ... can't say I hold out hope for the rest of his family though. Don't get me started on that sister of his. Claire - You don't actually think that Gabi killed Andre DiMera, do you. Julie - I wouldn't put anything past her after what she did to Nick. I hope this case goes straight to court and I hope the Judge revokes her bail, that way she won't be able to show up at the wedding. Claire - Wow I did not realise you disliked Gabi so much. Julie - My dear I'm praying that Eli comes to his senses about this girl. There's just about nothing worse than seeing a loved one involved with somebody you know is going to hurt them and being powerless to stop it.

Hope is cleaning up the cabin. Rafe comes in - That should do it. Hope - It has been amazing being here with you alone shutting the rest of the world out. Rafe - All you have to do is tell Julie we're already married, we can stay here as long as we like. Hope - No I can't. We can't miss Gabi's hearing. Aside from that, calling Julie and telling her instead of telling her in person, no way. She would never forgive us for that. Rafe - She's not going to forgive you anyway. Hope - No she's not. Oh my gosh, our rings. We're going to have to take them off you know. We don't want anyone at the wedding to know until we make our announcement so we take them off for now. Rafe - Okay. Hope - Kind of crazy, isn't if ... starting off doing everything backwards. Rafe lifts her up into his arms to carry his wife over the threshold. Hope knocks something over - What does that mean. Rafe tells her they're not jinxed. We're starting our future together as husband and wife. They leave the cabin.

Viv - If you're so sure there's a murderer in the house feel free to move out. Kate - Believe me, I'd love to. I'd do it in a minute if it wasn't for Chad but the way I see it, if the two of you did team up and kill Andre then Chad must be next on your list. Viv scoffs - Oh please, I'm looking at who's next on my list. Kate - Really? You want to come after me, go ahead. I look forward to it but if you lift even one finger to harm Chad then I'm coming after you. She leaves.

Abby - But Stefan and DA Trask? Chad - They were all over each other on Valentine's Day. Abby - Yeah but it looked like they just met that night. Chad - What if that's not the case. What if Stefan knew her before he got to Salem. Abby - Do you really think the DA would conspire to frame someone for murder. Chad - She sure as hell has an axe to grind with Gabi. Abby - Wait a second, do you think Trask is the one dressed up like Gabi on the footage? Chad - It's far-fetched I know. Melinda has dark hair. She's got a build sort of similar to Gabi. The right clothes and accessories, they don't look that different. Abby - I just don't see why the DA would jeopardise her position to be part of a setup like that. Chad - Melinda has an ambitious streak ... maybe she has her eye set on being Mayor or the Governor's mansion. You throw in a hefty donation by Stefan ... that's incentive. Abby - If you're right that'll totally clear Gabi. The question is how do we prove it. Chad - What we can't do is antagonize Trask before the hearing today. Abby - If she's the woman on the surveillance footage. Chad - Then we hope the Judge throws out the case, Gabi goes free. Then we'll have all the time in the world to prove Gabi is innocent.

Eli and Gabi are in the squad room. Eli - Seriously, Melinda Trask. Trask walks up - Yes. I thought you two would be across the street at the courthouse by now. Eli - I had to pick up a file first. Trask - You do know it's highly inappropriate for the investigating officer to be sleeping with the defendant in a murder investigation. Eli - I wasn't aware my personal life was anybody's business but my own. Trask - I intend to see that you're taken off this case immediately. Eli - What are you going to do about the Commissioner? Trask - What about her? Eli - Hope's marrying Gabi's brother today. Good luck trying to keep personal and professional life separate there. Seeing as you did bring up inappropriate involvement in the case I do have a couple of questions for you. Trask - What kind of questions? Eli - For starters, where were you the night Andre DiMera was murdered.

Segment 4 Trask - You want to know where I was the night of the DiMera murder. How is that relevant to anything. Eli - As the investigating officer on this case it's my job to ask questions. Trask - Tell me you don't seriously think I had something to do with Andre's death. Eli - Like I said I'm just asking the question. Trask - You do know it's the department's job to help build a case against the defendant. Eli - That's true. Gabi's been charged but there's no definitive proof that she's the one on the security footage which means it's still an open investigation. Trask - You're actually working to clear her, aren't you? Eli - Well you've held a grudge against Gabi ever since her sentence for murdering Nick Fallon was commuted. Trask - You really must be desperate. Eli - I'm just covering all the bases. Trask - You do realise accusing the DA of murder isn't the most prudent career move. Eli - All due respect I answer to Commissioner Brady not you. Trask - Don't think I won't be bringing this up with her. Eli - That's your prerogative. In the meantime you still haven't answered my question. Trask - You want to know where I was that night. She holds up her phone. I was at Chez Rouge that night working on a plea agreement with Justin Kiriakis. Ironic isn't it, your lawyer is my alibi. Unless you think Justin was in cahoots with me to kill Andre. Gabi - Of course he doesn't think that. Trask - Obviously he'd like to blame anyone but you but if you'd like to share your little theory with the Judge, feel free. I'm sure it will endear you to him as much as it has to me. I'll see you in court. She leaves. Gabi - Things couldn't get any worse.

Chad and Abby come down the stairs and head to the door. Stefan - Good morning Abigail, Chad. Viv - Why do you even bother. Stefan - Looks like you two are on a mission. Abby - Chad and I are taking the rest of the day off. We're going to support Gabi at her hearing. Stefan - You're going to support Gabi. Chad - Is that an issue? Abby - Yeah she's our friend, we're going to support her. We want the real murderer to be caught. Stefan - I'm sure you do Abigail. Chad and Abby leave.

Segment 5 Julie - What's the matter honey? Claire - Nothing, I'm fine. Julie - I know you have a lot on your mind and Theo's out of town, so far away. Don't worry the time will go really fast and he'll come back to Salem and you'll have a big smile on your face. Claire - Theo's not the reason I'm not smiling. Julie - What is bothering you? You're so quiet. You know you can tell me anything, I don't judge. Claire - I found out something I really wasn't supposed to know and now I'm not sure what to do. Julie - Well maybe I can help you if you tell me what the something is.

Eli, Gabi, Rafe and Hope return to the squad room. Hope - The good part is ? Rafe - Yeah and like I told you before the burden of proof is very low for the prosecution at a preliminary hearing. It will be a lot tougher for them to make their case at the actual trial. Please keep the faith. Gabi - Just go because you shouldn't even be here. Rafe - You're my little sister, where else would I be. Gabi - You should be at home getting ready for the happiest day of your life. Rafe - Listen to me, there's no place else I'd rather be. Gabi - I feel bad already, you're making me feel worse thinking you're spending more time with me then ... Hope - Gabi we're fine. Just need to change. Gabi - Go do that. We need something to celebrate please. Rafe - Okay we'll go then. Make sure to be at our wedding. Eli - I'll make sure that she's there. Rafe - You promise. Eli - Yeah. Rafe hugs Gabi - It'll be okay. They leave. Eli - I should never have opened my damn mouth to Trask. Gabi - We needed answers like you said. You were just doing your job. At least now we can eliminate Trask. Chad and Abby come in. Chad - Who are you eliminating? Gabi - Trask, she has an airtight alibi. Chad - How do you know? Eli - Because I questioned her. Gabi - So unless you have something more incriminating on Anna or Hattie than the police do than we have no leads. Trask was already hell bent on putting me behind bars now she's even more motivated now that she thinks we're trying to pin Andre's murder on her. Chad - She can't use that against you. Gabi - Wanna bet! Now I can kiss any chance of a plea deal goodbye. Eli - You won't need a plea deal, you're not guilty. Gabi - I honestly don't know anything. I didn't do anything but that doesn't mean anything because the trial's going to happen and I could go back to prison. I could be away from my little girl and I can't handle that, I can't. Abby - Listen we know you're innocent and you're going to get cleared because we're going to do everything that we can to make that happen. Gabi - Thank you so much for being here for me. I was really hoping we were going to find that woman from the footage. Where did she come from? Where did she go? It's like she just disappeared into thin air.

Segment 6 Claire - I can't. I'm sorry. Grandma Marlena told me I need to figure this one out on my own. Julie - Oh well Marlena's a professional but I'm family too. Hope and Rafe come in. Julie - Hi you two. Hope - Hi. She sees Claire and hugs her - What a nice surprise. Julie - What are you doing here and together. Darling I told you it's bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. You pooh-poohed me before and is was a disaster ... never mind. So how was Smith Island. I understand it rained. Hope - More like a torrential downpour. Rafe - Didn't bother us a bit. Julie - Your sister's hearing was today. Any word on how that went. Rafe - Unfortunately the Judge decided to go ahead with the trial. Julie - Well that's too bad. I suppose with news like that Gabi won't feel like coming to the wedding. Rafe - She'll be here. Julie - Wonderful. Oh I almost forgot, there's a phrase in the ceremony I need to go over with you. I'll just run and get a copy, excuse me. Hope - What? Rafe - For a second there I thought you were going to tell her that we were already married. Hope - Ssh. I'm not saying a word until all the guests are here. Without witnesses she'll kill me.

Viv - Between Kate and Chad and their suspicious minds my nerves are shot. Stefan - Yeah. I'm going to go upstairs and read my book. Viv - And you still don't want to tell me why you're so interested in the insanity queen of Salem. Stefan - I'm educating myself Mother. Perhaps you'd like to read it after I'm done. Viv - I already know the ending. Stefan - Happy? Viv - Depends on who you ask.

Chad - Well we're here for you. Gabi hugs Abby - Thank you. Abby - I know Ari isn't feeling well but when she's feeling better why don't you bring her over, she and Thomas can have a play date ... something normal to do. Gabi - That'll be nice. Chad - We'll be in touch. Gabi - Listen, I'm going to go splash my face with some water. I'll be right back. Eli - Oh hey Chad I forgot to tell you the department finished it's forensic investigation at DiMera. Chad - So we can go grab Andre's personal stuff? Eli - Yeah whatever you guys like. Chad - Okay thank you. You want to come with me to the office. Abby - I'm going home to rest. Chad - You not feeling well? Abby - I've got a headache, I'm fine. Chad kisses her cheek - See you. He leaves. Abby grabs her head.

Segment 7 Rafe - I'm starving. Hope - Here I'll feed you. They dig into the almonds as Claire watches them bantering and kissing.

Gabi - Hey I'm sorry I lost it before. Eli - Gabi I know you're scared but I've been at this law and order thing for a while now and if there's one thing I know the truth always comes out in the end. Hug.

Kate is in Andre's office going through the desk. She picks up a picture of her and Andre. Chad is there with her. You alright? Kate - I'm okay. I think I am anyway. All this stuff with Abby, clearing out Andre's things. Last time we were here we had such a horrible argument. He was standing right where I am now and the next time I see him he's in a body bag. Chad - Sorry. Kate - I keep on trying to figure out where everything started to go so wrong. It all seems to start with Stefan coming to town. Chad - You think Stefan had something to do with Andre's murder. Kate - Look a lot of people had a motive to kill Andre but my feeling is the killer is living right under the same roof as us. Chad - If Stefan is willing to kill someone in his own family imagine what else he's willing to do.

Stefan is reclined on his bed reading. Always proceed carefully when interacting with an alter. An unexpected confrontation could have dangerous consequences.

Viv is drinking tea in the living room when she sees Gabby come out of the secret entrance to the tunnels. Abigail?


Wednesday Feb 28

Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Rebecca McCarty

Segment 1 Lani and JJ are sitting at a table in the Pub looking at a Tablet. JJ - Who knew there was so many china patterns. Lani - I may have a better idea. JJ - Paper plates? Lani - Instead of registering for our wedding, why don't we register for our baby. It's not like we need a new set of china but we will need things like a changing table, a crib and a bunch of onesies. JJ - Listen to me I want all that but this wedding also happens to be about marrying the woman I am crazy in love with. I want to celebrate you, us, the beginning of an amazing life together. Lani - I love you so much. JJ - Let's do it. Let's get married today.

Eli is sitting at a desk in the squad room recalling his promise to clear Gabi. Val comes in. Hey, I know you're busy. I just heard the murder trial is moving forward. I just came to see how Gabi's holding up. Eli - Gabi's as brave as they come but what she's facing, it's not easy. Val - How are you? Eli - Frustrated, angry. The woman that I love is going through hell and there isn't a damn thing I can do to help her.

Gabi comes into the K mansion living room carrying a stuffed animal. Sonny - You brought Pete. Ari really missed him. Gabi - Is she ready to go? Sonny - I hate to tell you this but her cold got worse. She barely slept last night. Her pediatrician called in some cough syrup and she's finally taking a nap. Gabi - She was really looking forward to the wedding. Do you think I should wake her up. Sonny - No you should let her rest. Hope and Rafe will understand. You know what, why don't we make this about you. You can have some alone time with Eli. You deserve a special night. Gabi - Yeah before I get sent to prison and locked up in a cell where I can't see the light of day or my little girl ever again. Sonny - Don't talk like that. Gabi - I'm just facing the possibility. Sonny - Gabi you did not kill Andre. Gabi - All the evidence says I did. Sonny - You're innocent okay. My Dad is giving everything he has to fight for you. Gabi - Sonny what if that's not enough. What if my life is over because someone wanted Andre dead and pretended to be me.

Repeat of Chad and Kate getting Andre's things from his office and Kate mentioning that she feels the killer is living under the same roof as them. Chad - If Stefan is willing to kill someone in his own family imagine what else he'll do. Kate - He reminds me so much of Stefano ... the cunning, the calculation, having to win at all costs. I'm very concerned. I'm concerned about what he's capable of, who he might hurt next. Chad - Which is why we have to stop my brother before he gets away with murder.

Repeat of Stefan reading the part about having to be careful when dealing with an alter - a confrontation could have dangerous consequences. He recalls part of his initial confrontation with Gabby. He continues reading - ... especially if it's your first encounter. You never know what might set them off.

Repeat of Vivian seeing 'Gabby' come out of the secret entrance to the tunnels. Abigail. What are you ... what in God's name are you doing. Why are you dressed like that.

Stefan reads more - It's important to realise that an alter under sudden duress will resort to flight or fight mode. The camera cuts to Gabby walking towards Viv as Stefan reads more. Flight generally occurs when the person suffering from multiple personality disorder feels cornered, is unable to control their environment.

Gabby - I don't know what you're talking about. Viv - Oh that hair, that ridiculous wig and that coat. The last time I looked it wasn't Halloween. What are you doing in that costume. Gabby - This isn't a costume, this is me.

Stefan reads - Fight occurs when the alter sizes up the immediate threat and finds his or her footing. (Camera again cuts to Gabby and Viv). Knowing the situation is within their grasp for control this challenge can be very intoxicating for the alter.

Viv smirks - So this is the new you. Gabby - This is the me that I've always been. What's wrong with it. Viv laughs - Where to begin. Gabby - This is called style, it's trendy and it's sexy. Just ask my man, he can't get enough of me. Viv - Your man. I see, so you're not Abigail now, are you. You're ... huh ... and I think I know why.

Segment 2 Lani - You want to get married today. JJ - I get that it's totally out there but why not. Lani - Because we're going to Hope's and Rafe's wedding. JJ - It's perfect, basically the same guests that we'd invite and Julie could marry us too. Lani - A double wedding. JJ - I'm in if you are and Rafe and Hope of course. Lani - Look I like that you think outside of the box but your sister had a double wedding and it was a total disaster.

Gabi comes back into the living room. Sonny - Ari still asleep? Gabi - Like an angel, a stuffy, sick little angel. I put Pete next to her so when she wakes up she can see him. Sonny - Ah, the best medicine and she knows her Mom stopped by. Gabi - Yeah, what about the day I'm not there. Sonny - Gabi we're not going to have this conversation because it's not going to happen. Gabi - I'm just being realistic. Sonny - And I prefer optimism. Gabi - Sometimes optimism is just denial okay. I need to make plans. Arianna is the most important thing in my life and I need to be prepared if the worst happens. I need to prepare her. Sonny - IF the worst happens, if it does which it won't, Will and I will step up. Even though we're not together anymore we both love that little girl. Gabi - She loves you both so much but listen with Will not remembering Sonny it might fall on you okay to take care of her and I know that's asking a lot because you're running Titan ... Sonny - Stop, stop, stop. I delivered that little squirt. As far as I'm concerned I'm just as much a father to her as Will. She will always have a home with me. Gabi - Thank you. Sonny - We're not going there right now okay because nothing's going to happen. We are going to find the monster who set you up and this will all go away. Gabi - If Chad's right then we already know.

Kate - Proving Stefan killed Andre and framed Gabi is a lot easier said then done. Chad - We find the lid to the urn, we track down the coat and link it to Stefan. Kate - It's not like there's a treasure map Chad. Chad - So we keep our eyes and our ears open. Kate - Okay what I think is that Stefan is always thinking 10 moves ahead. He's probably already destroyed evidence and even if we found something it's not like we're forensic scientists. Chad - What do you want to do, just give up. That's not really an option. Kate - No that's not what I'm saying. Stefan thinks like your father. He has a she-devil as his mother. I think we have to very careful in the way we approach this. Chad - So maybe that's the key, the she-devil. Kate - Vivian? I really wish that lobotomy had gotten through. Chad - Poke around, see what you can get out of her. Kate - Are you kidding me! She would see through that in a second. She tried to kill me Chad. She's threatened by me. She would never give up anything that would incriminate her precious son. Chad - So push some buttons. It's not that it's not easy to set her off. Maybe you'll get her to say something that she shouldn't. Kate - Okay all Vivian wants, the only thing she wants is to ensure her son inherits your father's legacy. She would do anything, they would do anything, they would kill to make that happen. Chad - Which is why living under the same roof as those two we have to stay vigilant. Kate - They got away with murdering Andre and framing Gabi, what's to stop them from going after us.

Gabby - You don't know anything about me. Viv - Oh but I think I do. So mysterious coming through a secret passageway, that unique outfit. Gabby - Are you done insulting me. Viv - I just can't figure out who it is you're pretending to be. Help me out. Gabby - Are you kidding me! I'm Gabi. Gabi Hernandez. Viv - You're Gabi. Gabby - How many times do I have to say it. Viv - Are you off your meds dears. I think maybe I should call your husband. Gabby - Don't you dare! Viv - You're unwell Abigail. Gabby - Gabi ... she picks up the fireplace poker ... and I'm fine. Viv - Alright, put that down. Gabby - Put the phone down. Viv - I'm putting it down. You've lost your mind. Gabby snaps - Stop saying that. Viv - Is it your grief over Andre, is that why you've snapped Abigail. Gabby - My name is not Abigail. I am Gabi Hernandez. She raises the poker, Viv puts up her hands in the defensive mode.

Stefan reads - Whatever you do never agitate the alter. He hears his mother screaming. He jumps out of bed.

Segment 3 Val - You're one of the best son. You'll find the evidence that gets the charges against Gabi dropped. Eli - Well I have too. I mean the idea of Gabi going back to prison and being separated from Arianna. Val - There's nothing worst than not being in your child's life. Eli - Not subtle Mom. Val - I'm not trying to be. What are you going to do about this baby situation. Eli - I'm going to do what Lani wants me to do alright. I'm going to keep my mouth shut and I'm going to let JJ be the father. Val - Is that what you want? Eli - The decision became a lot easier when I found out JJ and Lani were getting married.

JJ - Yeah okay so maybe Ben crashing the wedding was kind of a disaster. Lani - Kind of? Total. JJ - Yeah but the chances of something like that happening again ... it's not going to happen and I really, really want to marry you right this second. Lani - You can be very convincing. JJ - Should I make the call? Lani - No! Look I want something small and quiet, preferably without any punches being thrown. JJ we don't even have a license so as romantic and amazing as you are and as much as I love you ... JJ - No. Lani - Definitely yes on the no. JJ - I'm not one to let the practical get in the way of love but you're right, I just got carried away with the whole idea of it. You, me, this baby ... I can't wait for us to be a real family.

Sonny - So Chad thinks Stefan and Vivian murdered Andre then framed you. Gabi - They wanted Andre gone so they set me up to take the fall. They buy Gabi Chic, fire me then I become the #1 suspect. Sonny - The truth is going to come out because you didn't murder Andre, I don't care how mad you were. And right now it's circumstantial evidence at best. Gabi - But it doesn't help if you've killed someone before. Sonny - That's irrelevant. Gabi - Or that I punched the wall outside of Andre's office or that I might have even threatened to kill him before he died. Sonny - You didn't. Gabi - I did, Sonny I did. I was venting to Abigail. Sonny - And what, she went to the police. She couldn't keep those details to herself. Gabi - They asked her what I said and she told them the truth. I can't blame her for that. Sonny - Well they're just details. My Dad is going to show them for what they are, zero proof of any crime committed unless you want to count the assault against the wall. Gabi - Well then I have the fire-breathing dragon of a DA which Eli suggested might have been the woman impersonating me. Sonny - What! Gabi - He's trying to find answers. Sonny - Okay, probably not the best way to do that. Gabi - Yeah. Melinda Trask already hated me, Sonny now she's on a personal crusade to bury me under these charges.

Kate - It's times like this that I really wish your father was still alive. One thing he would not tolerate is the annihilation of his family. Chad - Even if my father was alive it's not like he could just ride in and save the day. We have to deal with this ourselves. This is my company. The plan was for it to be my legacy, my son's legacy. That's still the plan. Kate - Well that's not going to happen if Stefan is in charge. Chad - We just have to show that Stefan high-jacked the company and murdered Andre. Viv was a part of it and they go to prison for the rest of their lives and you and I are free. Kate - It won't bring my husband back.

Viv keeps backing up. I'm really sorry Gabi. Gabby chases after her - You don't know anything about me. You think you can insult me ... Stefan rushes in and grabs the poker from Gabby. Gabby fights - Stay out it. You're going down. Stefan - That's enough. Gabby - No, you are not going to talk to me like that. Stefan - You alright? Viv - Barely. I think you better call Chad. His wife has flown over the cuckoo's nest. Gabby - You don't know anything about me. Stefan to Gabby - You need to calm down. To Viv - You need to let me handle this. Viv - I don't think your talent is up to it. Stefan - Let's have a chat shall we. Gabby - Do I have a choice? Stefan to Viv - Don't mention this to anyone, especially Chad.

Segment 4 Gabi - I'm sorry. Sonny - Gabi it's okay to be afraid. You have so many people who love you, so many people who are here for you and two of them are about to get married very soon. Gabi - Oh I don't think I'd be a very good wedding guest right now. Sonny - No, no, no. You are going. It's Rafe, your brother. You're going to witness true love and that's something you're going to celebrate the hell out of. You're going to dance, you're going to eat a lot of cake and you're going to let Eli tell you all night long how much he loves you okay. Gabi - Okay. Sonny - I don't want you to worry about Ari because I will text you the moment she wakes up. Gabi - She should probably get used to her Mom not being there. Sonny - Gabi that is never going to happen, I promise. Gabi - I wish you could. Sonny - You have so many people fighting for you ... Chad, Eli, Abigail even if she did go to the cops. Gabi - I was mad at her at first but we talked. I know she's on my side.

Gabby storms into Stefan's room. You can't keep me in here. Stefan - I can and will keep you in here until ... Gabby - Do you know what she did. She laughed at me! Stefan - She doesn't understand ... Gabby is enraged - Calling me Abigail. Obviously I'm not Abigail, WTH! Stefan - Of course you're not. Gabby - She's got to get that through her head. Stefan - Okay but hitting her with a poker is not the way to go about that. Gabby mumbles something then makes a beeline for the door - Let me get out of here. Stefan stops her. Would you stop and listen to me for a second. I understand how upset you were when my mother called you Abigail but you're a smart woman, think this through. What would it look like if accused murderer Gabi Hernandez is also accused of attacking a sweet innocent, old woman.

Viv paces. She looks at the portrait. What are you looking at you old fool. It's not my fault that your favourite son married a Horton with a screw loose. She looks at the passageway. What were you doing back there Abigail. She walks towards the secret entrance. Chad comes in - What are you doing?

Segment 5 Lani and JJ banter for a moment. JJ - Sorry about the whole instant wedding idea, to crash Hope and Rafe's big day. I wasn't thinking. I want our wedding day to be our day, no one else's. Lani - Except maybe my Dad. With the grandbaby coming and us actually getting married he may just be dancing down the aisle. JJ - I would marry you just to see that. I can't tell you how nervous I was asking for his permission. Lani - Why? JJ - I haven't always been his favourite person as you well know. I don't blame him for that. I'm getting my act together. I'm ready to be a father, a husband and I think your Dad saw that. The weird thing was Valerie, she was all about you and me not rushing into anything. I still can't figure out why she wasn't on board.

Val - Eli, convenient, nothing like accepting JJ's marriage proposal to back you into a corner. Eli - Mom I've already done this. I already accused Lani of the same thing but it's not like she knew JJ was going to propose. Val - She could have turned him down. Eli - She loves him and I love Gabi and that child will have a real family, a mother and a father that love him. Isn't that what's important. Val - That child ... your child will be growing up right here in Salem and every Horton celebration and every holiday and every occasion to celebrate you might find yourself in the same room with that little boy or little girl, watching them grow up. learning how to walk and talk, going to school, driving that little bike that JJ already bought ... those are your moments Eli. Your joys. You really want to be a spectator in your child's life because it seems like the easiest thing to do right now. Eli - I guess I hadn't thought of it like that. Val - Maybe it's time that you did.

Viv - I thought this was Stefano's wine cellar. Chad - You know exactly where the wine cellar is and it's not in there. Viv - That what is this? I have a flashlight on my phone. We can go and have a look. You never know what you're going to find. Chad - It's just my father's old tunnels. They're abandoned. Nobody uses them anymore. Viv - Why's this panel open? Chad - I don't know. It's on old house. It's not a big deal. Who cares? Viv - Are you sure about that? Chad closes the panel. Voila, have you seen my wife. Viv - Well I thought I saw Abigail but it really wasn't her.

Gabby - Vivian isn't sweet or innocent but you have a point. Stefan - Thank you, poker's rarely solve anything. Gabby - It's all falling apart. The DA hates me, like hate hates me. Eli accused her of setting me up and she went ballistic. And then of course she has an alibi, she's having dinner with my attorney of all people. So yeah, I'm screwed and screwed. Stefan - No matter her personal feelings the DA has a responsibility to prosecute this case fairly. Gabby - So what if she convinces a jury that I'm guilty. I go to prison. I've got to live my life not getting to watch my child grow up because I've already left her, I can't do that to her again. What if I don't have any control. I mean what if all the dreams for my future, all the things I wanted are all just an illusion. Stefan - Slow down, just take it one day at a time. You've got a lot of people in this world that love you and support you and will do anything to prove you're innocent. Gabby - What if that's not enough. What if no matter how hard I fight, no matter how loud I scream the truth, no one hears me. See, that scares me. Stefan - It's going to be alright. Gabby - That's not even possible. Stefan - It is possible because I'm going to help you.

Segment 6 Kate is in the square. She sits down on the bench and pulls out the framed photo of her and Andre. Gabi sees her. Hey Kate, how are you doing. Kate - Forget about me, how are you? Come on. Gabi - Trying to hang in there you know. Kate - A first degree murder charge will do that to you. Gabi - Thank you so much for being at my hearing today. Kate - Where else would I be. Gabi I know that you didn't kill Andre okay. Gabi - You're more than welcome to have your doubts. Andre was not my favourite person but I wouldn't have killed Andre. He was still a human being. Kate - Unlike some others.

Chad looks around the room. WTH happened here? Viv - I don't know, I just came in and found it like this. Maybe Abigail knocked it over. Chad - Really, she knocked it over and she didn't pick it up. He sets the lamp on the table. Viv - Well you know she's still grieving over Andre. How's she holding up? Chad - She's doing just fine. You don't need to worry about my wife, I can take care of her just fine, thank you. I'm going to go look for her. He heads upstairs. Viv - You may not like what you find.

Gabby - Why would you help me when I tried to frame you. Stefan - You were desperate, fighting for your future. It's given me an idea. He goes to the closet and retrieves the lid to the urn. We frame someone else. Gabby - Who? Stefan - I don't know yet. There's plenty of people in this town guilty of something or other. That's not important, for now we need to throw suspicion elsewhere. Gabby - You would do that for me? Stefan - I absolutely would. But I need this lid and your coat. Gabby - ? Stefan - I know, if it's going to work though I have to have it, please. Gabby gives him her coat. Stefan - Thank you. Gabby - So what now? Stefan - I think the best thing for you to do is just lie low. No popping out of hidden passageways and certainly no threatening people with pokers. Can you do that for me? Gabby - Okay. She goes to the door. Thank you. She leaves.

Segment 7 Lani - What did Valerie say exactly. JJ - Stuff like we should make sure we're getting married for the right reasons. I mean what better reasons are there then we love each other and you're having my baby. Don't let it upset you. Valerie really cares for you and I guess she just wanted to make sure that we're not making a mistake but I was very clear to her, you and I getting married and making a real family with our baby is absolutely the right move.

Eli - There's no perfect answer here. It's not like it's just about me. Val - I get that, I do. But let me ask you this, if Lani and JJ weren't engaged and you weren't with Gabi, would you be making the same decision you're making right now. Eli - That's a hypothetical. Val - That's a non-answer. Eli - It's all that I've got. Val - I just don't want you to feel the same regret I have when I kept your father away from you and you away from your family. Eli - I won't. Val - You say that now ... Eli - Mom stop. What matters right now is Gabi and me proving that she is innocent of murder. The last thing that she needs to worry about is the mistake that I made with Lani.

Gabi - So you really think that Vivian could be involved in Stefan's plan to set me up. Kate - I think it is limitless what that viper would do and murdering someone to help her son is just like another good day being a mom. Gabi - But right now it's just conjecture. Kate - It's my gut. It's Chad's gut. Gabi - I just hope they find who did this before I go down for a crime I did not commit. Kate - Gabi, do you understand how long I have believed in you. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that you get out from underneath this murder charge, to make sure you get back to Gabi Chic where you belong. Gabi - Yeah I'm sure Stefan's going to have something to say about that. Kate - You just leave him to me okay. Now I think you have somewhere to go, don't you? Gabi - Yeah at least someone is going to have an amazing day. Kate - Yeah they are. You give my best wishes to Rafe okay. Gabi - I will. Kate I'm really sorry that you lost Andre. Kate - Thank you. I'm not going to lose anyone else I love, I promise you that. Hug. Gabi - Thank you.

Stefan quickly hides the coat and the lid when someone knocks on his door. Coming. Viv barges in. Alright Stefan, tell Mommy dearest the truth. WTH is going on with your friend Abigail.

Chad returns to the living room and looks around. What were you really up to Vivian. He opens the passageway and goes in. Gabby rushes into the living room - Chad wait. Chad comes out and looks at her. Abby?
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