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Monday Jan 1

Trauma Centre Part I:

A doctor tells Sami that he will let her know if there are any developments with Lucas. He leaves and Roman rushes in asking her how Lucas is. She tells him that Lucas is in shock, has a broken leg, and hypothermia. She gets more and more agitated as she explains about how the roof collapsed on Lucas and alters the truth by saying that she dragged him up to the road. We get flashbacks of her with E.J. (still as vivid and disturbing as they were yesterday) and Sami is crying harder now. She tells her dad that a trucker stopped and took them to the hospital...and about how scared she was. Roman tells her that this is the most incredible story he ever heard. Sami gets defensive and asks if he thinks she is lying.

Roman is surprised by her reaction. He’s proud of her for saving Lucas. Another E.J. flashback. Sami is eaten up inside and mumbles that she did what she had to do but doesn’t want to talk about it. Roman gets pulled aside by the doctor who whispers something to him. Sami automatically thinks it’s about Lucas. Roman breaks the news to her that John was shot tonight. Sami is a basket case and wants to know if E.J. shot John...wants to know where her mom is. Roman tells her that Marlena is in the chapel. An irate Sami wants to know how her dad could let this happen...how he could let E.J. get away from the trap they set. Roman is suspicious now and wants to know how she knows that E.J. got away. Sami covers her slip of the tongue by saying that if her dad had captured E.J., he wouldn’t be at the hospital...he would be off grilling E.J. at the station to get a confession.

Roman starts saying...if John doesn’t make it... Sami cries even harder and tells him not to talk like that... John and mom were finally going to be happy...everything was perfect for them. She wants to know what happened. Roman tells her it was all his fault...Bo got a call that Lockhart had kidnapped Hope and had to go after them... John took his place. She asks about Bo and Hope. She tells her dad that she thinks E.J. made Patrick do it. He agrees with her. She thinks John will wake up and tell them who did it. He tells her that they have an eyewitness...Lexie.

Roman wants Sami to help him find E.J. She looks at him in shock. He tells her about how E.J. somehow got through a roadblock close to where Sami and Lucas were stranded and wants to know if she saw him...another flashback of the roadblock with Sami, E.J., and the officer. Sami is falling apart. Roman explains how the officers logged all the license plates going through and that Lexie’s was one of them. He is hoping Sami saw a car like Lexie’s when she was looking for help...hopes she might remember anything that could help him. Sami starts crying again and tells him no and she is so sorry that she just saw the trucker. He hugs her and says again how proud of her he is...he knew it was a long shot.

Trauma Centre Part II

Steve is holding the devil’s card...the eyes are glowing red. He’s mesmerized and he holds his head as if he’s in pain...loses his balance and collapses to the floor. Kayla rushes up and yells his name. He wakes up confused and asks where they are. A worried Kayla tells him they are at the trauma centre because John was shot. He doesn’t remember fainting. He stands up. She wants him to get checked over by a doctor but he doesn’t want to... wants her to examine him herself...and then he’ll reciprocate...hugs her against him.

Steve is in an examination room. Kayla comes in with a cup of water for him. He thinks she is making too much out of this. She reminds him that he’s been through a lot lately and she wants him to have a physical and get his vitals checked by someone who’s unbiased. She leaves to go schedule his physical. He stares at the death card on the floor...picks it up and the eyes start glowing evilly again. He starts breathing heavily and his head starts pounding. Kayla comes back and asks him what as wrong. He hides the card in his pocket and looks at her strangely.

The doctors are all busy, so Kayla is going to check him over. She gets started and he teases her about finding his heart. His heart is racing. He tells her that he feels a little faint because he needs some Kayla-oxygen and they start to kiss...lol... Kayla tells Steve that this is not a game and that people don’t just pass out for no reason at all. He insists that he’s fine. Kayla argues that she has buried him once and mourned him forever and doesn’t want to go through that again. He agrees to get a neurological workup and she goes to make the appointment. After she’s gone, he looks at the death card again.

Java Café (I think) & Chez Rouge

Lexie and Abe are having dinner at Chez Rouge, but she isn’t very hungry. He asks her if there is something wrong and reminds her that Roman was just doing his job. Lexie is upset and argues that she didn’t deserve the third degree. She asks Abe what would happen if she wasn’t a witness and didn’t see it happen. Abe wants to know if that is the truth, then why did she tell Roman that she saw what happened.

An extremely cheery Chelsea (LOL...too funny) shows up at Chez Rouge and asks a shocked Maggie for a job. Chelsea explains how the lonely splicer has changed her life around...love is transforming...he’s funny, caring, and makes her want to be a better person. Maggie is a little skeptical. Chelsea also explains that she wants to get a job because of her mom...mentions Billie being devastated over losing Steve...yada...yada... and that she wants to earn enough money for them to start fresh. She makes a flip comment about the pyro-hooker being thrown in jail for burning down Shawn’s apartment and figures she can take her shifts.

Abe wonders if Lexie is afraid and that is the reason she is changing her story. Lexie thinks she could lose everything. He promises to protect her and Theo and her mom. She asks hypothetically if she didn’t actually see the shooting, could he still put the case together. Abe tells her that CSI got nothing so the answer is no...Lexie is all he’s got.

Abby and Nick are at a café somewhere talking about Chelsea. She thinks that Chelsea adores him. He thinks that Chelsea could never love a guy like him. Abby gets a call from Maggie asking if she thinks it’s a good idea for her to hire Chelsea. Abby thinks it’s Maggie’s decision but thinks she should do it. They hang up and Abby tells Nick that it is pretty amazing how far Chelsea is willing to go to impress the lonely splicer. She wants Nick to stop playing games. He thinks he’s a loser but won’t be any worse off if he tells Chelsea the truth. He leaves to call Chelsea to arrange to meet her at her house.

Abe talks about his appointment and how he was given pills to take the pressure down. He wonders how much pain and disappointment he can go through with these transplants and asks her if she thinks he’s a coward. Lexie knows that going blind is scary but thinks that Abe is the greatest man she has ever known and she is behind him whatever he decides. Abe covers her hand and solemnly tells her that even more than going blind, having her take care of him scares him and he would rather die.

Chelsea skips up to Maggie and asks her if she has made a decision yet. Maggie admits to being shorthanded and offers Chelsea a trial shift on the spot to see if she will fit in and can get along with the staff and customers. She sends her off to Margarite.

Chelsea turns up at Abe and Lexie’s table with their decaf coffees and the cheque. Abe has trouble seeing it and Lexie just about bites Chelsea’s head off to get her to leave them alone. Chelsea keeps her smile and leaves. Abe admits to Lexie that he couldn’t read the bill. She tells him that she will take care of him and reminds them of their wedding vows...for better or worse...in sickness and in health. He hugs her and tells her he doesn’t know what he did to deserve her, but he thanks God for her every day.

Billie and Nick

Billie comes home to a dark and empty house and pretends that she is happy to be alone. She sees her mail and starts going through the envelopes...stops when she finds a letter from Steve...sits down and reads it. We hear Steve’s voice narrating... “Dear Billie... saying that I didn’t know what to say was lame...you deserve better. So if you haven’t already burned this letter without reading it, I’m going to try to answer your questions. As best as I can, I’ll tell you what you mean to me. It’s hard to explain, but the guy you met before wasn’t the real me. The feelings were real though. You are a good woman and I’m sorry I let you down...I’ll never forget the time we spent together.” Billie starts crying and whispers that she won’t forget either.
Billie phones her mom in tears...ends up leaving a message. “Not that you care, but you know how Steve chose me? Well two seconds later he got his memory back and chose Kayla instead.” She starts to say that she is happy for them and then changes her mind.... isn’t happy at all for Steve and Kayla...wants to know when it will be her turn...is tired of settling for scraps and always ending up alone...asks her mom to please call her because she needs someone to talk to.

Billie stares at the letter and ends up near the liquor cabinet...pulls out a bottle and decides to have a glass of wine...looks at it and then sets it down without drinking. Later we see her sitting on the couch smoking and drinking wine. The doorbell rings and she’s not a happy camper...scrambles to hide the wine bottle behind a cushion and the glass under the coffee table...looks dejectedly in the mirror and answers the door. Nick is on the other side and she tells him to come in and sit down. He explains that he arranged to meet Chelsea there.

Nick gives Billie a strange look as he sits down beside her and she lights up a cigarette again. He asks her hesitantly if she is okay. Billie mumbles that she is fine...never been better. Nick sits back and pulls out the wine bottle. He says, in a surprised voice, that he thought Chelsea told him that she didn’t drink. Billie tells him she doesn’t but it’s a special occasion. He tells her that he thought she was in a program and she tells him he can’t tell Chelsea about this. Nick wants to know what is wrong. She replies that he’s too young to understand. He says: “Try me. I’m wise beyond my years and experienced enough to know that you are plastered.” Billie thinks the technical term is blotto and starts laughing then crying. Nick looks upset and asks if he should call Chelsea. She makes him promise that he won’t.

Just then her phone rings and its Chelsea begging her to get rid of Nick because she doesn’t really feel like seeing him. She hangs up before Billie can answer her. Billie turns to tell Nick that Chelsea is going to have to reschedule. He’s sitting on the couch reading Steve’s letter. He tells her how sorry he is. She tells him not to look at her as if she is a loser. He doesn’t think she is a loser and reminds her that Steve said he cared about her. She thinks the whole town will know about it pretty soon and thinks Nick is so young and romantic. He thinks she is too. She doesn’t think she’s so young anymore.

Nick thinks it’s the wine. She thinks it’s her life and he doesn’t care. He insists that he does because they aren’t that different...he knows how she feels...like there is a part of you that you want to show someone and they will look you in the eyes and recognize you for who you are. He feels the same. Billie touches his cheek and says God help him. He doesn’t think either of them are hard and cynical and that she is beautiful...that Steve wasn’t the right man for her...and that she will find someone else. She cries that it doesn’t matter how she acts or feels because she goes home alone at the end of the day and gets into bed by herself...when all she wants is... He finishes her sentence by saying...someone to hold and kiss her. They move closer to each other and start to kiss. The camera moves to the letter.


Max tells Mimi that what he wants to know is... “Is there something going on between us...Mimi?”

Lucas, lying in a hospital bed, tells Sami that there is one thing he doesn’t understand... Who got the beam off his leg?

Chelsea gets in Willow’s face and asks her if she wants to fight her...because she is game.

Nick (no clothes on) stumbles over his words as he says: “No...No...No... You’re not going to tell Chelsea are you?” Billie smiles at him.


Tuesday Jan 2

Janice’s Spoilers

A Look at Tomorrow for Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Welllllllllllll...I apologize to Lexie and Tek fans. I just couldn’t get into their scenes today so my description is brief. Max and Mimi were cute. I’m so glad Abe is getting more airtime again. And once again, I can’t figure out why there are no Bo/Hope/Baby scenes or John/Marlena scenes yet...oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Chez Rouge

Chelsea is playing waitress again and getting everything wrong. Maggie reminds her about taking drink orders first and about moving the food orders faster along. Maggie leaves and Willow grabs Chelsea’s shoulder and pulls her around. She asks her what she is doing working her shift. Chelsea sasses back...wonders if Willow escaped jail. Willow snarls that at least she didn’t kill anybody. She orders Chelsea to get her uniform off her back. Chelsea offers to fight her.

Maggie breaks them up. Chelsea says she’s sorry. Willow goes on and on about how she is Maggie’s best and most professional waitress. Maggie points Chelsea to her tables again and questions Willow about being behind bars. Willow tries to spin her arson charge into a domestic disturbance that got out of hand. Maggie tells her that she didn’t hear it that way. Willow whines that Shawn or the Bradys probably told Maggie. Maggie says they are her family. Willow gives up and admits to her crime. Willow says she doesn’t have any family or Shawn and that his parents don’t think she is good enough for him. Maggie isn’t very impressed. She thinks Willow isn’t a very stable young lady and that she has a violent personality. Willow plays on Maggie a little more...rags on Chelsea’s waitressing abilities.

Maggie rolls her eyes and tells Willow that she can have her job back tomorrow...if she trains Chelsea tonight. A reluctant Willow goes to help Chelsea. Later Willow pretends to help Chelsea but things get out of hand and plates crash to the floor. Willow helps things along towards getting Chelsea fired. Willow gives Chelsea a false apology. Chelsea tells Willow to have fun waitressing tables and takes off.

Billie and Nick

Billie and Nick are kissing passionately when he pulls back and bashfully tells her that he’s never done this before. Billie asks if he is a virgin. He doesn’t really want to discuss it but she thinks it’s sweet and is ready to use her experience to their advantage.

Billie puffs on a cigarette and watches with amusement as Nick wakes up and goes into stammer-mode. He apologizes to “Mrs. Reed” but tells her that what happened was great...incredible...except he’s her daughter’s friend. Billie just stares at him. Nick begs her not to tell Chelsea. She tells him that she doesn’t usually share the details of her love life with Chelsea...wants confirmation that Nick and Chelsea are just friends. Nick splutters that they are but he’d rather that she and other people not find out. Billie agrees and thinks she’s old enough to be his mother. Nick thinks she’s gorgeous. She asks him again if this was really his first time. Nick says that he wouldn’t lie about something so embarrassing. She tells him she was impressed. He thinks it was hot and exciting. Billie agrees. They talk about his experience with girls and then she tells him to shut up and kiss her again.

They come up for air again and Nick tells her she is an amazing teacher. Just as they are about to “go at it” again, Nick hears a car in the driveway. Both panic to get dressed because it’s Chelsea. Nick goes out the bedroom window, minus one missing shoe, as Chelsea tries to find her keys. Meanwhile, Billie’s face loses all color.

Salem Police Department

Max is waiting in Abe’s office when Mimi shows up. He tells her he’s missed her and goes in for a hug...gets embarrassed and tells her he’s just happy to see her again. She tells him she’s happy to see him as well. She wonders why they were called down to the station. Max hopes they have a lead on who kidnapped them. Mimi asks if he’s heard about Belle’s dad. She feels as if there is a dark cloud over the town and it scares her. Max promises not to let anything happen to her.

They start to kiss but pull apart when Abe arrives. He questions them about the skeleton in the basement...tells them that its not from the 1800’s but has modern dental work and synthetic in the uniform...so somebody wants them to think that he’s an old forgotten soldier from over a century ago...so they wouldn’t notice the heavy trauma to his skull. In other words, Max and Mimi found a murder victim. Mimi thinks it’s creepy. Abe thinks the crime could have happened last year or twenty-five years ago.

Max asks how they can help. Abe wants them to describe how they discovered the body. We get Max narrating and a flashback to watching the sledgehammer go through the wall and the skeleton falling on Mimi. Mimi suddenly remembers that they also found a ring on the skeleton and gives it to Abe. She tells him about the unusual symbol on it. Abe takes it to the lab. Mimi looks upset and Max asks her what is wrong. She tells him she thinks she has seen the ring before and has this awful feeling, now that she knows he was murdered, that she knows the person who used to be wrapped around those bones.

Max and Mimi are standing close now. He tells her that he’s been around a bit and he’s been in lust with a fair number of women...but what happened down in that basement with her was different for him. Mimi asks: “No lust?” Max shakes his head and says that he likes her a lot. She can’t understand why, especially after what she did to Shawn. He thinks that Shawn should have given her a second chance...thinks she is strong and someone he can count on...confesses that she got him through the past few days. Mimi keeps denying it. Max tries to convince her...she helped him keep the garage from foreclosing...being trapped with her was like being on a great adventure together...she gave him courage...he couldn’t handle Steve and Kayla possibly dying without her...He knows she’s been through so much but wants to know if he is the only one who feels that...is there something going on between them?
Max and Mimi are kissing but once again pull apart when Abe returns. He tells them the body is down at the lab for postmortem. Abe gently breaks the news to Mimi about Patrick being arrested. Mimi tries to defend him but Abe tells her that Patrick is in big trouble for kidnapping Hope and being E.J.’s accomplice. He tells her he’s sorry and leaves. Mimi wants to call her mom. Max tells her if she needs him, she should call him no matter what the time is. He kisses her and takes his leave.

Lexie and Tek

Lexie walks up to Tek in a café and they both rehash their history...what happened to John...yada...yada... Lexie blames Tek. Tek blames Lexie. He reminds her that she’s a hero for saving John...that Marlena would have been calling for a coffin if Lexie hadn’t been there. She comes up with this lame idea for Tek to I.D. E.J. in a lineup through email...yawn... She reminds him that she is betraying the Dimeras (her family) and could be hurting Abe and Theo in the process. She wants Tek to leave her alone. He says no.

Abe calls to tell her he’ll be home soon. Lexie lies and tells him she’s in bed reading and
will wait up for him. She tries to leave. Tek warns her not to forget that she needs him.

The Hospital

Sami is excited that Lucas has his eyes open. She asks if he needs anything. He doesn’t remember much of what happened and wants her to fill in the blanks for him. He remembers dreaming that he saw Will and Kate and tells her what they said. She’s just relieved that he’s okay. Lucas wants to know who got the beam off of his leg. Sami flashes back to E.J. helping her and then tells Lucas it was just her. She doesn’t know how she did it but figures that because the man she loves was so close to dying, it gave her strength. She wrapped him in a blanket and dragged him out...it wasn’t very pretty but she pulled him to the road and a trucker gave them a lift to the hospital.

Lucas thinks it’s amazing and unbelievable. Sami tells him it’s the power of love. He does remember some awesome sex dreams and he hopes they were real. Sami laughs and reminds him about the fireplace and the blankets...keeping each other warm. He tells her he loves her. She puts her head on his shoulder and tells him how afraid she was of losing him. They talk about John’s condition and how good it feels that she has been there for her mom...sort of a role reversal...they aren’t just mother and daughter now but friends as well, and that Marlena is happy that Sami and Lucas are back together. Kate gatecrashes and Lucas says, in a dry voice, that one out of two ain’t bad.

Kate explains that she came back from Canada to check on John and found out from a nurse that Lucas was in the hospital. She wants to know what Sami did to ruin his life this time. Lucas goes to Sami’s defense and tells his mom that she saved his life and he just has a broken leg. He explains what happened but Kate is skeptical that Sami could have actually dragged the beam off of Lucas. She reluctantly thanks her. Sami is shocked. So is Lucas. Sami tells Kate that she doesn’t want them to fight for the rest of her life and asks if they can just set aside the things they have done to each other because she and Lucas are officially back together and are staying together.

Kate wishes them the best of luck and starts to leave. She turns back and tells Sami that she really is grateful to her for saving her son. Lucas thanks her for saying that. Kate leaves and Sami has a hard time believing what she just heard.

In the hallway, Kate runs into Roman. He grills her about coming back to Canada...about Philip...about Mimi and Max’s kidnapping. Roman doesn’t buy her excuses. She tells him he can’t prove anything. He won’t let it go and plays on their past history. She figures he must be desperate and asks him whether he believes Sami’s story about rescuing Lucas. Roman tells her he is proud of Sami. Kate rags on Sami and leaves.


Chelsea shows Billie a belt and asks her who it belongs to. Billie nervously tells her she thinks its Patrick’s. Chelsea closes in and tells her mother she thinks it’s too small to be Patrick’s.

Shawn tells Belle that he is going to protect her and Belle. He says: “Do you understand? If we stick together...nobody can hurt us.”

Marlena tells Bo that John kept repeating the word “killer.” She wishes she knew what he was trying to say. Bo asks her if “killer” is all he said.

Bonnie tells Patrick that if the cops ever I.D. who those bones belong to, then they are in major trouble.


Wednesday Jan 3

Pat’s Spoilers

Billie, Chelsea & Nick Billie urges Nick to get out. Nick and Billie scurry around gathering up Nick’s clothes. Chelsea comes in as Nick crouches behind her bed in her room. Billie tries to look relaxed. Chelsea looks around the room, picks up the ashtray full of butts and asks Billie what happened here. Billie says she fell asleep on the couch and had a bad dream. She must have been tossing and turning a lot. She then chastises Chelsea for not being there when Nick showed up. Chelsea tells her she was working and pulls out her tips. Billie is very proud of her. Chelsea tells her not to be because she got fired because that psycho that Shawn was with got out of jail and wanted her job back. She admits she wasn’t very good and tells Billie not to worry, she’ll find another job. Billie asks her if she looks worried. Chelsea says actually you do, what’s bothering you. Nick is putting his pants on and can’t find his belt. Billie says nothing is bothering her. Chelsea knows better and tells her to spill. We see Nick’s belt on the floor by the couch.

Billie tells Chelsea she fell asleep in front of the TV – the holidays wore her out. Chelsea wants to know if Nick left her anything when he stopped by. Billie tells her she should treat her friends better – she should have called Nick and told him she wouldn’t be there to meet him. Chelsea proclaims that Nick loves doing stuff for her. Billie wants to know if she is interested in him. Chelsea says have you seen him. He’s a really sweet guy but romance material – not so much. He’s more like her little lap dog. Nick hears that and tells himself that if that is what she thinks of their relationship he’s done with her. Then he changes his mind and says that will change when he gets her to like him. He tries to open the window to make his escape. Chelsea claims that guys like Nick enjoy being pushed around. If Billie knew Nick a little more she’d know that about him. Billie tells Chelsea that she would be surprised by what she knows and if Chelsea isn’t careful she is going to lose all of her friends. Billie goes into the kitchen. Chelsea sits on the couch and finds the belt. Billie comes in and says she’s going to bed. Chelsea asks Billie who the belt belongs to. Billie thinks it’s probably Patrick’s. Chelsea says it’s too small. She wants to know who her mom was with tonight. Nick can’t get the window open. He hears Chelsea telling her mom to admit she had sex with someone tonight.

Chelsea wants to know who it was. Billie says it’s someone she just met. Chelsea is proud of Billie for bringing home a pick-up that means she is getting over Steve. Billie is not comfortable talking about this. Chelsea wants to know all about it – Billie should consider this part of her education. She’s going to have a shower and make popcorn and then Billie can tell her all about it. Nick hides under Chelsea’s bed. Chelsea drops her dress and panties right in front of him. As soon as she hits the shower he takes off. Billie is shocked that he’s still there. Chelsea comes into the room to ask Billie if she has any shampoo. She asks Nick what he is doing there. Nick says he came by to see her. Chelsea wants to know if he has the low down on Lonely Splicer. He says she is right. Lonely Splicer’s real name is Shane Patton. Chelsea wants to know all about him. Nick says he’ll find out more about him – all he knows is that he’s a brain surgeon in a city San … something. Chelsea hugs him and tells him his aftershave smells like perfume. Billie goes to get that shampoo for Chelsea. Chelsea tells Nick to leave – she has to talk to her mom. She thinks her mom was doing the horizontal mambo with some guy.

Hospital: Hope is talking to her baby. She thanks the baby for bringing so much happiness into their lives. Patrick didn’t have to tell that he wasn’t her father because she would have known the instant she saw her because she looks exactly like her daddy. Bo comes in and asks her if that is a good thing. He kisses the baby – so cute. Marlena comes in. She wants to see the new addition – she gushes over the baby. Bo offers to leave them alone. Marlena doesn’t want him to go. She has something to say. Marlena tells Bo that what happened to John is not his fault. She said some terrible things to him but she was just scared for John just like he was scared for Hope. Bo had to do what he had to do and John did the same. John wouldn’t want Bo to blame himself for what happened. Bo tells her if there is anything they can to do to help just ask.

Marlena tells Bo and Hope that before John went to the operating room he regained consciousness for a few moments. He was very agitated – he grabbed her and said ‘killer’. Bo thinks he might have been referring to Wells shooting him. Marlena knows John – it was more than that. He was trying to tell her something but he couldn’t get the words out. She feels like a failure because she can’t figure out what he was trying to tell her. Bo says that John was trying to tell her something but without more information they won’t be able to figure it out. Marlena repeats that he was agitated all of a sudden. Steve and Kayla were there. Maybe they can tell them more. Bo says he’ll talk to Steve and let her know what he has to say and he’ll go check on their little girl. Hope asks how John is doing. Marlena says he was clinging to life – she just can’t lose him.

Marlena apologises for being so emotional. Ever since the kidnapping she’s been suffering from mood swings. It’s just been very recent that she felt like herself again. She and John have been so close. She didn’t expect her feelings for him to come back so much stronger, so much more powerful than before. Hope says that’s how it is for her and Bo as well. She never expected to feel more passion than ever. Marlena is so grateful to John standing by her when she was in a fog for so long. He’s made her believe in herself again. Hope claims it was also Marlena’s inner strength. She tells Marlena to believe in their love. It’s too strong to allow anything to take John away from her.

Belle is sniffling. She can’t lose her father. Shawn holds her. Belle sees Mrs. Healey with a small boy. She tells Shawn about the lady they talked to at the Java Café – she just saw her. She’s going to try and find her and see if she is okay. Belle finds the lady and re-introduces herself. She asks if the boy is her grandson. Mrs. Healey says no just a child she is taking care of. A doctor comes out and says that Eli can go home – all he needs is Mrs. Healey’s badge number. The doctor notes the number on the badge and leaves. Mrs. Healey drops the badge and Belle picks it up and says you work for Child Protective Services. Mrs. Healey says yes and takes Eli and leaves. She has to get him back to his foster family.

Bo and Shawn talk. Shawn admits that he was a jerk about the E.J. thing – Bo makes it sound like Shawn didn’t do anything wrong. Bo states that Dr. Bader will lose her licence and go to jail for a long time. Shawn thinks it’s a bonding thing that they both had daughters and didn’t know it. Bo wants to know how things are going. Shawn whines a bit and Bo again gives Shawn a free pass for any wrongdoing proclaiming that Shawn owned up to his wrongdoings and their families will be stronger for it. HUH??? Belle comes along. Bo hugs her and goes to the cafeteria. Belle tells Shawn that the woman works for Child Protective Services. She was so friendly that day and today she was unfriendly. Maybe it nothing but she just doesn’t trust anyone since Claire’s kidnapping. LOL – that’s probably why Claire is no where to be seen … just who is looking after her? Belle doesn’t trust that women – she wonders if they were being investigated and didn’t even know it. Shawn doesn’t know why they would have any interest in Claire – she’s with her parents, she loved and being taken care of. Shawn makes an empty promise to take care of her and Claire. Bo comes and tells them that John is out of surgery and the doctor wants to talk to Belle and her mom.

The doctor talks to Marlena and Belle in Hope’s room. Bo and Shawn are there as well. John came through the surgery as well as can be expected. He’s in recovery and out of any immediate danger. John was struck by two bullets but the wound in the chest caused bleeding in the lungs. Bo asks what that means. It means that John’s brain was deprived of oxygen – they don’t know for how long. He may have suffered brain damage. He’s in a coma right now. Belle says but he will wake up. The doctor can’t say that for sure – he doesn’t want to give her any false hope. Marlena thanks the doctor. Hope suggests that they say a prayer for John. Hope leads the prayer.

Salem PD Part 1: Bonnie comes in crying – she tells Mimi that Patrick has already been transferred to county. Mimi is angry at him for getting mixed up with E.J. Wells. Bonnie took his money and got them mixed up in it as well. Bonnie tells Mimi that Patrick helped Hope deliver the baby and turned himself in. Mimi thinks that will make Patrick look better – he didn’t run. Bonnie then tells her that the baby isn’t Patrick’s, its Bo’s. Apparently Patrick bribed the doctor to lie. She wants to go see Patrick. Mimi does too but not tonight. She’s too tired. Abe called them in to talk about the skeleton. She fills Bonnie in on her and Max finding a skeleton in the closet – literally. They thought it was civil war soldier but Abe tells them that the bones are more recent. The guy was murdered and the murderer probably dressed him in a civil war uniform to disguise the murder. Bonnie starts crying. Bonnie wants to know if the police know who the guy is and why are they so sure he was murdered. Mimi says the police told her and Max they would keep her informed. She then tells her mother about the ring. Mimi is sure she has seen the ring before. Bonnie looks sick. Mimi asks if she is alright. Bonnie tells her that Patrick is in jail and she has gotten herself mixed up in a murder. It’s just too much for her to handle. She really needs to see Patrick tonight. Mimi agrees to go with her to the county jail.

Visiting room at the County Jail: Patrick comes in and apologises for putting them through this again. Mimi wants to know what he was thinking. Patrick knows that it doesn’t make sense and now he has to face the consequences. He has to do the time but he promises them he will never be in this kind of trouble again. Bonnie believes him. Patrick doesn’t think Mimi does. It just breaks her heart to see him in this kind of situation. Bonnie suggests that Mimi tell him about the skeleton she found. It will help take his mind off things. Patrick wants to hear about it. Mimi fills in Patrick on the story. The cops feel the murderer dressed they guy in a civil war uniform. She hopes that they figure out the man’s identity and find the killer. She doesn’t know why they’re talking about this – they should be talking about Patrick’s defence and finding him a lawyer. Bonnie says that will take money. She asks Patrick if he has any. The cops took everything he had claiming it was ill-gotten gains. Bonnie says too bad. She wishes she could help. Patrick thinks she can – she can give him back all the money she took from him.

He needs a lawyer. He doesn’t want an over-worked, old public defendant. Where did the money go? Mimi says she’s been asking the same question. She tells Patrick she has some money she has saved from the two jobs she is working. It isn’t much but it should at least cover the retainer. Patrick thanks her. Bonnie says at least she raised Mimi right. Bonnie wants some time alone with her son. Patrick and Mimi hug and say goodbye. As soon as Mimi is out of the room Bonnie tells Patrick if the cops ever ID those bones they are in major trouble. Bonnie wants him to promise that no matter how much the cops pressure him he won’t say anything about that skeleton. Patrick is not going to implicate himself in another crime. Bonnie says Mimi would never forgive her if she found out what she did. Patrick thinks the police have bigger fish to fry than to worry about some old bones. The guard comes and tells them time is up. Bonnie is worried that some smart detective may ID those bones – how is she going to protect herself if he’s in prison. Patrick says if that happens, he’s sorry but she’s on her own. Patrick is taken out of the room.

Salem PD Part 2: Mimi tells Bonnie that she is going to go and talk to Abe about good defence attorneys. Bonnie asks for a favour – don’t poke your nose into this investigation into the skeleton. Bonnie walks away and pulls out her cell phone. When the person answers she says ‘it’s your mother.’ Your brother is in jail again and your sister stumbled on to something that could their family. Get your fanny on the first plane back to Salem. We’ve got work to do or the Lockhart family is going to go down in flames.

Preview: Max to Mimi – I don’t want you to go. They kiss. Shawn walks in carrying Claire – What? Belle to doctor – You’re telling me that my Dad might never wake up? Doctor – the odds are not in his favour. Steve to Bo – You don’t believe what Marlena said – that he was responding to me being in the room, do you? Bo – He definitely got worked up about something. Kayla to Hope – I have this fear that I’m going to wake up someday and he’s going to be gone.


Thursday Jan 4

Pat’s Spoilers

Max’s Garage Max is sweeping up. There’s a knock on the door. He yells out that they’re not open to come back in 20. The knocking persists. It’s Mimi. He’s surprised to see her. He thought she wasn’t coming in today. Mimi just needed to talk. Max asks how Patrick is. Mimi knows that he deserves to be punished for what he did but he’s not a bad person. Max thinks he just got mixed up with the wrong people. Mimi is the only one that can help him. Her mother is flipping out so is her little brother. Patrick doesn’t need this. Max tries to reassure her – things are never as bad as they look. He offers to put on some coffee and they can talk. Mimi says no he has to open up. She shouldn’t have come here and dumped this on him. She just didn’t know where else to go. He holds her.

Max is glad she came to him. He wants to be there for her. Mimi tells him he’s a really good friend. Max wants to do what he can even if it’s only to give her a shoulder to cry on. If she needs money, he doesn’t have much … Mimi doesn’t want his money. She doesn’t want to cry – she just wanted to see him. Max says you know this is more than friendship. Mimi thinks she should go. He’s busy - her mom will wake up and wonder where she is. Max suggests that she call her later. He doesn’t want her to go. They start kissing. Shawn and Claire enter. Shawn knocks on the door. Mimi suggests that he knock next time. They banter a bit. Shawn stopped by to tell them he was sorry for acting like such a jerk.

Shawn admits that he didn’t have the right to treat them the way he did when he found out Mimi was working there. He hopes they will accept his apology. Max does. Mimi says she has more to apologise for than both of them. Shawn says she already has about a million times but he was too stubborn to accept it. He hopes they can put this behind them and move on. Mimi has really missed her goddaughter and her best friend. She asks about Belle. Max comments that Shawn and Belle and Claire are a really family now. Shawn says they’re working on it. He asks about the two of them. Mimi says they were taking things slow until about 10 seconds before he walked in. Mimi asks if she can take Claire for a walk. After they leave Max asks Shawn if he is really cool with him and Mimi. Shawn is so okay with it that he’d like to spend more time with them … like 9 to 5. Max is happy to give him his job back. Outside Mimi places Claire inside some tube tires and plays with her. Mimi notices catches a guy taking photos of them.

Shawn and Max are talking about car that is in the shop for repair. Mimi starts yelling for Shawn. They go out running. Mimi points out the guy that was taking pictures of her and Claire. Max asks what that’s all about. Back inside the garage Max wants to pick up where they left off. Mimi thinks the moment has passed. They did agree to take things slow. When and if it happens it will be that much more incredible. Mimi is leaving but turns back and says what the heck, you only live once. They start kissing again.

Hospital: Marlena talks to a comatose John. She’s staying strong, remembering the promise they made at the fountain in Italy. She needs to know that he is going to stay there with her. She needs a sign – any sign. Belle comes in and asks if the doctor has come back with the test results. Marlena says not yet. Shawn is with Claire in Bo and Hope’s room. Bo and Shawn switch babies. Shawn thinks his sister has Zack’s eyes. He asks what her name is. Outside their room Steve and Kayla show up with arms full of packages and balloons. Steve pulls out a little harmonica with a pink ribbon tied around it. They reminisce about the time Steve tried to teach John to play – it was painful. A kid come along and plays with the balloons. He has a picture of a devil on the front of his shirt. Steve has a flashback to the tarot card and clutches his head in pain. Kayla notices and asks if he is alright.

Shawn says ‘Doodlebug’ really? Hope says or maybe ‘buttercup’. Shawn is going to leave them to battle it out. He has some errands to run. Hope wants to know if John’s test results have come back. Shawn says no. Hope is happy that Bo didn’t go to the boat house. Shawn hopes there will be justice for John. Kayla tries to get through to Steve and he finally becomes aware of her. He tells her he will be fine. She says he isn’t. His heart is racing and he passed out last night. Steve tries to say nothing is wrong but finally admits to Kayla that he hears this loud banging noise in his head. Kayla is going to find a neurologist. Steve thinks he just needs a good nights sleep. Kayla asks him what would happen if he had one of these episodes when he was behind the wheel of a car. Steve agrees to see a specialist. Belle talks to John briefly. The doctor arrives. He wishes he had some good news.

Bo and Hope banter as they discuss baby names. Hope suggests they make a contest out of naming her. They’ll involve their families and friends. Bo isn’t too sure about that. Hope says they don’t have to use any of the names but it should be fun. Bo warns that they could be inciting a war between the Horton’s and the Brady’s. He finally agrees to it but in the meantime they agree on Doodlebug. Kayla brings a doctor to see Steve. He can do a MRI right now. After a little bit of resistance Steve agrees. Kayla wants a kiss first – she says ‘hey, husband’ – so cute. They kiss. Steve jokes with the doctor that his brain may be on the fritz but his lips still work fine. In John’s room the doctor says John is stable. He will recover from the gunshot wounds. Marlena wants the bad news. The doctor says he was deprived of oxygen. He is still not responding to stimuli which leads him to believe that John suffered brain damage. Marlena asks him the results of a couple of tests. Belle asks what they mean when the doctor answers. He tells her that means John is a coma and very likely won’t come out of it.

Kayla enters Hope’s room laden with packages. The conversation between these three is just great. The teasing and banter – priceless. Sweet little kisses between Bo and Hope when she calls him her hero. Bo asks where Steve is. Kayla tells them that he is having a MRI done. She tells them about the episodes Steve has been having . Bo says it sounds like an inner ear infection. He always knew the guy had a screw loose. Kayla is going to go check on Steve. Bo offers to do it so her and Hope can talk. Hope can see that Kayla is really worried. Back in John’s room Belle asks if the doctor is saying that her dad is never going to wake up. The doctor thinks that is very probable and if John were to awaken he would have limited cognitive function. He’s sorry. Marlena gets very snappish with the doctor. He offers to make arrangements to move John to a long term care facility. Marlena says absolutely not!

Steve sees Bo and appreciates that he came down there but his sister is overreacting. He didn’t need the MRI. Bo brings up the conversation he had with Marlena about John getting all agitated when he came in the room. Steve says both Kayla and Marlena were in the room when he said killer. He thinks he was talking about the guy that shot him. Bo tells Steve that Marlena thinks he was reacting to Steve. Steve says from his hospice experience maybe John got agitated because he was afraid to die and he just happened to be the guy standing next to him when he opened his eyes. Steve suggests they go and check on John. In Hope’s room Kayla says maybe she is worried about nothing but she can’t help herself. Ever since they got back together she lives with this fear that she is going to wake up one day and Steve’s going to be gone. Marlena tells the doctor that it’s far too early to give any kind of prognosis. The doctor understands but stresses that John will need specialized care and a long term facility can provide that. Belle thinks the doctor may be right. Marlena refuses. If this hospital won’t help John fight for his life she will take him elsewhere. They are never giving up on him. The doctor appreciates that. He encourages her to get a second opinion but he stands by his prognosis. He wishes them good luck. Bo and Steve enter. Bo asks what’s going on. Marlena tells them that they seem to think that John is done. Belle says he’s in a coma and they don’t think he’s going to wake up. Steve says he’s so sorry. The alarm sounds on John’s heart monitor.

Hope tells Kayla that Steve loves her – he’s not going anywhere. Kayla talks about what her life was like after she lost Steve. She still finds it hard to trust. Kayla thinks Steve is worried about what he did and the kind of person he was before he woke up in that hotel room in Cincinnati. Hope asks if she has talked to him about it. Kayla doesn’t want to waste one minute of their time on things that don’t matter. There is nothing in his past that she won’t defend or forgive. She thinks that Steve is afraid of those forgotten years – she thinks they scare him to death. The doctor returns to John’s room and asks what is going on. Marlena says John is hypertensive – his heart rate spiked because of something that happened and that something is Steve coming into the room. The doctor insists that is not possible because John’s brain doesn’t process stimuli. Marlena insists on a second EEG.

The doctor that did Steve’s MRI comes into Hope’s room. The MRI is clear. He suggests that Steve have a complete physical. Hope says that is good news. Kayla says yes but he’s still having these episodes and they’re no closer to figuring out what is causing them. Hope suggests therapy. Kayla admits she was thinking about hypnosis but she doesn’t think Steve will go for it. He just wants to leave whatever is buried in his mind alone. Hope suggests that Marlena could help. Outside of John’s room Steve asks Bo if he believes what Marlena said – that John was reacting to him being in the room. Bo says he got worked up about something. Steve has another episode. In John’s room Marlena suggests that Belle stay with Claire.

Shawn and Claire join Belle in the chapel. Belle updates Shawn on what the doctor told them about John. Belle can see he’s worried about someone. He thinks she was right about the woman they met – they are being investigated. Kayla tells Hope that she’ll wait on asking Marlena to help with Steve for now. She has enough on her plate. The baby wakes up and is ready for a feeding. Kayla is going to find Steve. Kayla asks if they have a name for her. Hope smiles and says Doodlebug. Kayla likes that. Outside of John’s room Bo asks Steve if he is alright. Steve says yes. He goes to Marlena who is standing next to John’s stretcher. He offers to do anything he can to help figure out what John was trying to say. John’s fingers move but no one notices. Marlena thanks the both of them for being there. She knows John loves them both. Bo and Steve love John like a brother. Steve hopes that the doctors were wrong just like Marlena said.

A back alley: Mrs. Healey asks a young man if he has them. He hands a big brown envelope. He thinks they should call Mr. Kiriakis and tell him they’re ready to make their move.

Preview: Bonnie to Billie – What would really be a big help to me right now is if you and Chelsea could find another please to live. Billie – You’re kicking us out? Abby to Max – I’m not your little sister, Max. I am a woman. Steve to Shawn – Victor’s filed for full custody of Claire. Shawn – I am not letting anyone take our baby. Marlena to John – I’m right here darling. I’m right here beside you. John – It hurts so badly Marlena??? (not sure of what he says – this is obviously her dream).


Friday Jan 6

Pat’s Spoilers

Max’s Garage Max and Mimi are kissing when Max puts a stop to it. He says not here – he wants it to be more special. Mimi tells him that he makes it special by the way he holds her and touches her. He says no, not on the floor in the dirt and the grease. Mimi jokes and suggests Paris. Max was thinking more along the lines of her house. Mimi says my mother is there. The garage floor would be more romantic. Max agrees that she is probably right – maybe they should go to his crib. Love the teasing banter that follows and the sweet kisses that are interspersed throughout. The discussion about whether his place is clean – funny and cute. Mimi doesn’t care where they go she wants to be with him. Max says, on this floor, won’t you feel … Mimi chimes and says cheap? She says sure it would be nice to be lying under the stars on some tropical beach but this place is special too. She goes into the office. This is where they met and got to know each other. Face it this office is like their ‘crib’. They kiss. Max cleans off the desk and Mimi takes off her sweater. They hear the door opening. Mimi says not again. Abby walks in as Mimi is trying to get her sweater back on. Max thought he gave her the day off. Abby makes a sarcastic remark or two and then slams the door. Mimi tells Max that now she feels cheap.

Mimi leaves. Max wants to talk to Abby because she’s obviously upset. Abby tells him to go find Mimi and get a room, she has work to do. Max knows that she doesn’t like Mimi but he does. He wants to know what’s bugging her. Abby talks about how she kept the business going while he was off with Mimi looking for Philip plus she froze her butt off looking for them on Christmas Eve. And she never even got a card or a token of appreciation. She asks Max for one good reason why she should stay in this low rent job. He tells her because he needs her. He promises he won’t ever take her for granted again. They’re a good team. Abby says if we’re a good team where’s my Christmas bonus? He goes and gets her a wrapped package. It’s a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets. She likes it. Max tells her to read the card. When she gets to the part that says she is the closest thing to a little sister he’ll ever have she shoves the book back at him. She’s not his little sister. She’s a woman. She storms out.

Brady Pub: Bonnie is having a drink when Billie joins her. They exchange New Year’s greetings. Billie is there to meet her like Bonnie asked. What’s wrong? Bonnie says Patrick is in jail. Billie tells her if there is anything she can do … Bonnie mentions that Connor is coming home and what would really help is if Billie and Chelsea find another place to live. A surprised Billie asks if she is evicting them. Bonnie says it’s a temporary relocation. With Connor coming home they need space as a family. Maybe they could stay with Billie’s mother – it would be only a couple of weeks. Billie freaks – with such short notice they couldn’t find a place. She can’t live with her mother. Bonnie starts crying and says she understands. They’ll make it work. Bonnie cries and weeps – they need this family time. Her baby is in jail. Billie says she’ll look for a place.

Mimi meets Bonnie. Bonnie tells Mimi it’s about Connor who is in a boot camp for troubled teens. She expected him to come home on the bus this morning but he never showed up. Mimi can’t believe Bonnie gave him money and expected him to come home. Connor is just like her (Bonnie) – he took the money and ran. Billie sits at the bar and tells Caroline that Bonnie wants them to move out today. She asks Caroline if they have any rooms available. Caroline doesn’t but there is Bo’s room. He’s staying with Hope now. Maybe she can ask him if it’s okay for her and Chelsea to use his room. Bonnie says Connor would never do that. Mimi asked if Connor had a personality transplant. Connor should be home living with them, going to school or at least living with their Dad. Bonnie doesn’t want to talk about him. She asks Mimi what they should do. Mimi says they just have to wait for Connor to either phone or show up on the next bus. She wishes their family wasn’t so high maintenance.

Billie doesn’t think it’s a good idea to move into Bo’s room because on top of telling Chelsea they have to move they’d have to share a room. Caroline offers to let Chelsea stay with her and Shawn in their spare room. Billie thanks her and says she may take her up on that. Bonnie is worried that something happened. Her cell rings. She says she will be right there. She tells Mimi it was the police. Connor has been arrested.

Hospital: Kayla finds Steve outside John’s room. Steve tells Kayla the doctors say that John’s brain is beyond repair. He’s supposed to be completely unresponsive. Kayla asks what he means by ‘supposed to’. Steve says you saw how he reacted when we were in the room with him. He says the same thing happened again – John’s heart rate shot up. He asks her if she thinks John will wake up. Kayla says miracles can happen. Steve wonders why John only reacts like that to him. Kayla thinks it could be as simple as the fact that they are friends. Kayla wants them to go to the chapel and light a candle for John. Marlena is sleeping in the chair next to John’s bed. She dreams that he is awake and calling out for him. She tells him he’s right there but he can’t see or hear her. She wakes up. Roman comes in the room. She cries on his shoulder.

Marlena cries as she tells Roman about the dream. Roman has talked to Dr. Tucker. He knows the prognosis. Marlena won’t let him say it. She doesn’t care what the prognosis is because it can’t measure her prayers or John’s heart. Roman tells her to go home and get some rest. Marlena needs him to arrest the man that did this and put him in jail for the rest of his life. Roman tells her that E.J. got away. They go outside into the corridor. Marlena berates Roman. Roman tells her they have a report that E.J. is in Mexico. If he has to go there himself and get him he will. E.J. will pay for what he did to John. Dr. Tucker comes back with the second set of test results. Nothing has changed. Marlena insists that John responded to Steve. The doctor disagrees. Marlena goes back into John’s room. Dr. Tucker gives Roman a card of a doctor in St. Louis that specialises in brain injuries. Marlena is talking to John. She has always believed in medicine but all she has to hang on to now is a miracle. She asks him to open his eyes and say her name. Roman comes in and tries to tell her that she has to prepare herself. Marlena says no. John needs her to believe in him and she will believe until he wakes.

Roman asks about a second opinion. Marlena says no. Roman suggests a rehab facility. Marlena says no to that. Roman feels that she’ll make the decision when she has to. She has the strength. Marlena claims that John gave her that strength and she needs it all to fight for him. Roman offers to help by being her friend. Roman urges Marlena to go home and get some sleep. It’s for John’s welfare too. She needs to be strong. Marlena wants a few minutes alone with John. Marlena tells him she has to go home and get some rest. She’ll be back. As soon as she leaves his eyelids flutter and he says Marlena.

Hospital chapel: Shawn fills Belle in on what happened outside the garage. Belle can’t figure out why they’re watching them. Shawn thinks Victor is behind this. Shawn reminds her of how mad Victor got when they told him they were cutting back on his visits with Claire. He has this bizarre idea that Philip is going to be Claire’s real father. Belle thinks he is right. Shawn tells her nothing has happened yet. There is no way Victor can take her away from them. They are Claire’s biological parents. Belle isn’t so sure. Victor gets whatever he wants and he doesn’t care who he destroys to get it. Shawn declares that Victor has no legal right so let him bring it on. Belle suggests that maybe Bo can get Victor to back off. Shawn thinks that is a good idea. Shawn opens the door and comes face to face with Mrs. Healey and a cop. She shows her badge and tells him she’s there to take Claire. Shawn slams the door shut.

Steve and Kayla arrive outside the chapel just as Mrs. Healey is pounding on the door telling Mrs. Kiriakis that she has a court order. Steve wants to see the court order. Mrs. Healey asks who they are. Steve says they are Shawn’s aunt and uncle. Mrs. Healey shows her badge as she hands over the court order. Steve says you’re going to take a baby away from her mother. Mrs. Healey tells him she is within her rights. She tells the cop to take the hinges off the door. Steve says they’re just a couple of scared kids. He asks if they can have ten minutes with them. She gives them five. Steve finally convinces Shawn to let him and Kayla in. Belle is crying. Steve tells Shawn the court order says that Victor has filed for full custody of Claire and the cop out there tells him that Kiriakis means business. Shawn isn’t going to let anyone take their baby.

Shawn berates himself for not having a plan. Kayla tells Belle that they’ll get them a lawyer. Belle cries that she isn’t going anywhere without her baby. The cop knocks and Mrs. Healey says the five minutes are up. Shawn wants Steve to distract the cop so that he and Belle can take off and drive. No one will ever find them. Steve tells him that running away is not the answer. Shawn asks him what he would do. Steve says a few years ago he would have done the same thing Shawn is thinking of doing, turn a lousy situation into a train wreck. Steve and Kayla tell them they can’t ignore a court order. Belle says Victor is going to claim they aren’t responsible parents. Steve tells them to stay and prove him wrong. Shawn tells Belle if she says the word – they’re out of there. Steve warns that if they do that they are giving Kiriakis all the ammunition he needs. Kayla tells them that she and Steve had to live on the run and stresses that it’s no life for a child. Steve says you can’t trust the system but trust the people who love them – they’ll help them every step of the way.

Mrs. Healey yells for them to open the door. Shawn nods for Steve to open the door. Kayla tells Mrs. Healey not to scare the child. Belle cries and asks her to please not take her baby. Belle reminds her of the day they met in the Java Café. She was so nice to them. Shawn says it was all an act. She was working for Victor. How much does it cost to destroy a family? Mrs. Healey says she works for the County she was not paid by Mr. Kiriakis. Belle cries and asks her how she would feel if someone tried to take her child away. Mrs. Healey is afraid she’s going to have to ask the officer to intervene. Kayla says no wait. She pleads with Belle to make it as easy on Claire as she can. Belle tells Claire that she is going to go with mommy and daddy’s friend. Mrs. Healey takes Claire and leaves.

Preview: Sami to Billie – I think I know of a way that you and Chelsea could live alone if you would be interested. Billie – Yes. Abby to Nick – Nick, you’ve got to stop whining for Chelsea and find a girl that likes you for you. You’re not going to stay a virgin forever, are you? Victor to Shawn and Belle – I’ll see you in court. Belle – That man doesn’t deserve to live, does he? Steve flipping out as Bo watches.


Monday Jan 8

Janice’s Spoilers


As Lucas reads the newspaper and pours out numerous accolades over Sami’s heroism, she begs him to stop embarrassing her. He talks about the rescue. Sami flashes back to the aftermath of the rape and her conversation with E.J. Kate looks like she’s going to choke on all of it. Billie rushes in and asks her handsome-lucky-to-be-alive brother how he is. She echoes Lucas’s praise of Sami much to the dismay of her mother. Billie mentions being evicted by Bonnie and the reasons, as well as Caroline’s offer to have Chelsea stay with her. Kate offers her place and rags on how dark and airless the room above the Brady Pub will be. Sami takes offense at the insult to her grandparents. Kate rags on Sami’s connection to them.

Billie feels bad that she can’t take better care of her daughter and that she doesn’t have a good job. Sami has an idea. Kate shuts her down before she can mention it. Sami ignores her and tells her that she knows a way that Billie and Chelsea can live alone. Kate tells Sami they aren’t interested. Billie counters by saying she is. Sami murmurs to Lucas about his vacant apartment. He agrees wholeheartedly that Billie and Chelsea should move down the hall from them so they can be neighbors and be near family. Kate isn’t impressed. Sami defends the idea. Billie isn’t sure she can afford it. Lucas offers to talk to the landlord. He thinks it would be a blast.

Billie warns Sami and Lucas that Chelsea gets up early in the morning and likes loud music. Sami laughs and tells her not to scare them off...family is important to them. Lucas is looking forward to getting to know his niece and have Will and Chelsea get to know each other better as well. Billie happily accepts their offer and leaves to go pack. Kate isn’t a happy camper.

Sami tells Kate she should let her feelings out before she explodes. Just then a reporter comes in and begs for another picture of Sami for the Spectator’s Sunday feature. She goes to freshen up. Kate is exasperated....can’t believe this is the only newspaper story at the moment. Lucas reminds his mom that Sami saved his life. Sami comes back, the photographers takes a few pictures of her and Lucas. Kate leaves.

After the photographer goes, Sami and Lucas do some kissing and tickling. He tells her she’s his hero and he can’t believe how much he loves her. Kate comes back.

Salem Police Department

Connor gets dragged in by some officers...complete with cowboy hat and country twang. He tells his “old lady” that he’s happy to see her. Bonnie isn’t impressed and slaps the side of his head. Bonnie circles her son and tells him he’s in big trouble...racking up a $1000.00 for a fine...wants to know what he’s been up to and tells him she can’t afford to bail him out. Mimi says her she’ll take care of it. Connor says he’s been exploring his natural talents. Bonnie wants to know “her name” and how pregnant she is. Apparently Connor does well with horses and the rodeo is his calling. Bonnie wants him to get his GED. Connor does an exaggerated wink and clicks his tongue at Mimi...asks his mom why he would want to do that. Mimi isn’t impressed.

He tells them that he’s more of a “get your hands dirty” kind of guy. Mimi brings up the fact that he’s like their dad. Bonnie twitches uncomfortably. Connor comes to the rescue by giving Mimi (who he calls MuMu) a card from their dad. She melts when she reads it and thinks it’s very sweet. Bonnie pushes her to go pay the fine so they can get out of there. Bonnie slaps the back of his head again. Connor is in pain. Bonnie reminds him of the reason she brought him back home. He thinks they should just tell Mimi the truth. Bonnie doesn’t ever want Mimi to find out. Mimi overhears her and wants to know what they are talking about. Connor lies and says it’s about his trying and failing to get the GED again. Mimi feels bad for him and offers to help him through it. She leaves to warm the car up and Connor asks his mom what is up with Mimi.

Chelsea’s Bedroom

Chelsea badmouths Stephanie as she plays at finding out more about her “online doctor.” Chelsea goes into “acting full of herself” mode. Stephanie finally has enough, thinks Chelsea is going to crash and burn, and leaves. Chelsea rags on her to get the last word.


Most of the show is a rehash of Abby forcing her opinions on Nick and wanting him to tell Chelsea the truth, interspersed with flashbacks of Nick at Billie’s. Abby notices the “missing belt” and insults Nick about it. He reminds her that he has a job and college degree. She decides to call Chelsea and tell her the truth. Nick stops her. They talk about Max being into Mimi and not her. Abby advises him to find a girl who likes him for himself. She asks him about staying a virgin forever. Nick gets ticked off with her going on about it. They hear Chelsea come in and yell for Abby.

Chelsea tries to play her “little Nicky will do anything for me routine” so he will do what she wants. He’s had enough and tells her to stop being a jerk. Chelsea doesn’t clue in and keeps insulting him to get him to do what she wants...tells him to “hop to it.” She thinks there is nothing he loves more than making her happy. Nick sees red and starts yelling at her to stop calling him Nicky. He’s not going to do anything for her anymore, is sick of excusing her...won’t be her lap dog and won’t let her walk all over him. He tells her he’s over her and to find another poodle to kick. Chelsea is shocked.

Brady Pub

Bo, Hope, and Baby Doodlebug...lol...have come to visit Grandma Caroline. Caroline takes the baby and Bo thanks Hope for coming with him. Kayla, Shawn and Belle come running in and tell them that the baby has been taken.

Hope doesn’t understand why Child Protection Services would take Claire. Kayla tells her to factor in the fact that Victor is suing for custody of Claire in Philip’s name. Bo is ticked. Steve tells them they didn’t make it easy for them to take Claire but the woman had a court order and a policeman with her. Bo tells Shawn to stay with Belle, hugs Belle, and drags Steve out of the pub. Belle is crying heavily now and wondering how Claire is managing.

Shawn tries to comfort Belle. He tells her that Claire will come home. Kayla and Hope try to comfort her as well. Caroline arrives with the baby and Belle asks Hope if she can hold her. Belle looks at the baby and thinks her little fingers are the same as Claire’s... tells the baby not to worry because she is safe. Caroline doesn’t understand how Victor could do something like this. Kayla is sure she can. They gasp as Victor walks in wanting to meet his granddaughter. Shawn gets angry and calls him a son of a bitch. Belle gives the baby back to Hope as Victor tells them he only came to see if they could work something out about access to Claire for them....he just wants to make peace.

Belle goes ballistic and yells at Victor that Shawn is Claire’s father and not Phillip... Philip has no rights...he walked out on Claire. Victor isn’t impressed and warns Belle that they could lose access to Claire if they fight him and Philip. Shawn offers to fight Victor and argues that Philip is not Claire’s father...Shawn is...he lives at home now and not judge would take Claire from him and Belle. Victor reminds him that Philip was off bravely fighting for his country and once the judge finds this out...as well as learning that Claire’s so-called father was shacked up with a prostitute...yada...yada... Shawn reminds him that he drove a car into his living room. Victor thinks it adds up to Shawn being an unstable man and hardly one that a court would entrust with a child. Belle takes over and blames Victor for keeping the secret that ended up hurting Philip and Shawn doing what he did. Victor tells her he did it to protect his family. She argues that he doesn’t deserve a family. Kayla tries to play peacemaker.

Victor tells them that Philip will settle if they agree to him being named Claire’s primary parent. Belle thinks that is insane. Kayla pulls her back. Shawn tells the “old man” to finish what he has to say and get out...he is dead to them from now on. Victor explains that Philip only cares about the welfare of the child and wants her raised in a stable environment...with her future provided for...wants to be her primary parent and primary home and will let them visit whenever they want and be a part of her life. Shawn goes to the door and opens it...tells him to get the hell out of his face.

Victor turns to Caroline and asks her to make them see reason...there is no way for them to win this fight and the alternative makes no sense. Caroline says: “You heard my grandson. This is my pub and my property and I want you out!” Victor tells them he’ll see them in court and leaves. While everyone stares at her, Belle says in a sinisterly quiet voice: “That man doesn’t deserve to live does he?”

A cheerful man comes in looking for Belle and Shawn and serves them with a subpoena for a family court hearing tomorrow. He leaves and Belle gets upset that they underestimated Philip.

Child Protection Services

Bo and Steve burst into Beverly’s office and demand a few minutes of her time. Bo tells her she has made a big mistake. She tries to explain that they got credible evidence that a child was in danger, suggesting that Claire was living in an unacceptable environment. Bo goes on the attack and corners her with: “These reports came from Victor Kiriakis.”

She denies it and explains that Claire’s parents can make their case in court because it is out of her hands...explains that Claire is with the Child Protection people until her foster parents arrive. He wants Claire to stay with him and Hope. Beverly says no. He thinks she’s in Victor’s pocket and being paid off by him. Steve pulls him back and tells Beverly that the kid should come first...has never spent a night away from home. She won’t listen...the case is out of her hands now...falls back on department rules. She threatens to have them removed if they don’t leave.

Bo just wants to spend a few minutes with Claire to see if she is okay. Beverly says no. Steve sits in a chair and the brightness of a light gets to him. He goes into a kind of “Manchurian Candidate” trance with a doctor looking over him and repeating over and over again what he wants Steve to say. Steve begs to be left alone. Beverly tells Bo he can’t go anywhere near his granddaughter before the ruling. Steve sits up and lunges at the desk throwing everything off and yelling at her that Bo sees his granddaughter NOW!


An angry Shawn tells the lawyer: “All I’m hearing is that Victor got everything and we have nothing. All right, you tell us what we have to do counselor. You tell us what Belle and I have to do to get our daughter back!”

Billie tells Chelsea: “You haven’t asked me about the surprise yet. Don’t you want to know what it is? It’s a good one.” Chelsea gets excited, hugs and thanks her.

A shocked Abby says to Nick: “My gosh...it’s true! You had sex with Chelsea’s mom!”


Tuesday Jan 9

Janice’s Spoilers


Nick tells Chelsea that she’s bossed him around for the last time and slams out of the office. Chelsea is clueless about the way she’s been treating him. Abby tries to fill her in and then goes outside to talk to Nick. She tells him that Chelsea really deserved that and she is very proud of him. Nick replies that if Chelsea doesn’t see him as a person or as a man, then he will walk away.

Chelsea gets a call from her mom at the pub asking her to come meet her. She has a big surprise for her.

Nick backtracks and thinks that maybe he was too rough on Chelsea. Abby thinks he should find a girl who will be nice to him. He thinks so too but is still in love with Chelsea. Abby suggests that he kill Shane Patton with a virus and then pretend to be his friend and tell Chelsea the man’s gone. He agrees to kill him off, remembers he promised to help Maggie take down the Christmas decorations and leaves. Chelsea comes out looking for him. Abby warns her that Nick isn’t going to get over the way she treated him this time.

Chelsea spills the beans about her mom’s one-night stand. When she tells Abby that she found the guy’s belt, Abby puts 2 + 2 together and is shocked when she realizes that it must have been Nick. Chelsea leaves to go see her mom.

Chez Rouge

Maggie is trying to get the toy Santa that Mickey gave her to work, when Nick shows up and offers to fix it for her. She thinks he must have women trouble and wants to help. Abby arrives and tells Nick what Chelsea said about her mom. She mentions the belt and he turns around in shock. Abby can’t believe that he really had sex with Chelsea’s mom.

Child Protection Services Office

Steve is still on a rampage. Bo tries to restrain him. The ladies cringe in a corner. Steve starts seeing the lights in his head again and whimpers for someone to get away from him and not hurt him. Bo wants to know what is going on. Steve finally comes down to earth and wants to know what happened. Bo tells him he flipped out. Steve apologizes and they both start to go. Beverly insists that they wait for the police to show up. They go outside to wait. Bo demands to know what Steve’s performance in there was all about. Steve says he doesn’t know. Bo tells him the he’d better come clean with him or the cops will haul him off to jail.

Steve doesn’t know where it’s all coming from. He explains how it all started after he and Kayla had dinner with Benjy and Sonya...talks about the lights and booming noise in his head. The officer arrives and Beverly wants Steve arrested. Bo tries to intervene and Beverly finally agrees to let it go this time. Bo tells the officer that he’ll do the paperwork and they leave.

Bo wants an explanation from Steve. He wants to know if Steve has ever gotten violent before. Steve insists that he has never hurt Kayla and begs Bo not to tell her what happened today. Bo says he can’t make that promise... won’t lie to her or ignore it. He finally agrees to Steve’s request after Steve promises to see a shrink.

Brady Pub

Shawn and Belle sit in a booth discussing their situation. Shawn can’t believe how fast Victor works. Belle tells him she can’t handle it...she can’t handle losing her little girl. Shawn corrects her and says “our” little girl and promises that they won’t lose Claire. Belle wonders if Victor has the judge in his pocket. Hope rushes up with Kayla and introduces them to the lawyer she and Bo found for them, Dan Howell. He sits down with Shawn and Belle to talk.

Hope and Kayla sit down in another booth with doodlebug and talk about the court case. Hope talks about Zach’s death and how now this happening with Shawn. She doesn’t want Shawn and Belle to ever feel that kind of pain... thinks it’s all crazy and unnecessary and that Shawn and Belle would never have denied access to Philip because they know how much he loves Claire.

The lawyer tells Shawn and Belle that Victor has filed numerous complaints on Philip’s behalf. Shawn goes on a rampage and attacks Victor and Philip. Dan reminds him that Philip was also deceived by the secret and that he left because he was hurt and in shock (um I thought he left because Belle told him there was no hope for them?) Belle can’t believe that she trusted Victor and gave him access to Claire. Dan tells them that Victor played them...set both of them up.

Kayla thinks Hope should have another child. Hope laughs and tells her to give her a little break. She thinks about how the baby has brought back such beautiful memories of Shawn, Zach, and J.T. Hope asks Kayla if she and Steve might have another baby...this time raise it together. Kayla is worried that Steve is going through too much right now... he might not be a good dad.... things are too uncertain and maybe even dangerous.

Shawn admits to the lawyer that he screwed up and made dumb choices, but he’s changed and loves his daughter more than his own life. Dan reminds him of his recent escapades. Belle defends Shawn and says that they have both made mistakes. He tells them that they have to show that they have changed and Belle has to get her act together as well, especially given that Victor claims that she is neglectful and has the ammunition to back it up.

Billie comes into the pub and sees Hope and Kayla. She’s surprised that Hope is out of the hospital already but thinks the baby is beautiful and asks what her name is. Hope explains that they don’t have one yet and asks her for suggestions.
Belle wants to know what Victor is accusing her of. Dan reminds them that she is still legally married to Philip and how Claire disappeared from the restaurant. Shawn defends Belle’s mothering skills and rags on Victor. He demands to know what they have to do to get their daughter back.

Billie suggests the name Ilene but neither Hope nor Kayla is too crazy about it. Hope leaves for a minute and Billie picks up the baby and cuddles her. Kayla thanks her for advising her not to give up on Steve. She’s says she is sorry if Steve hurt her and so is he.

Shawn rags on Philip taking off and abandoning Claire. Dan counters that Philip went off to war to fight for their country. Belle tells Shawn to calm down and says that all that matters is how they come across in court. Dan agrees, warns Shawn that he can’t lose his temper in court, and tells them to present themselves as loving and responsible parents. Shawn apologizes and the lawyer leaves.

Hope tells Shawn and Belle that they were meant to be a family and that the family will be there to support them. She tells Shawn to have faith and she knows that the Brady family won’t lose Claire. Shawn says that if the court rules against them, he is going to take Belle and Claire somewhere no one can find them. Hope tells him that he isn’t running away with Claire. Shawn argues that if Victor wins, he is not going to let him take Claire.

Chelsea comes up to her mom and misreads the situation... thinks Billie adopted a baby. Billie corrects her and also lets her know that the father is Bo and not Patrick. Chelsea is excited to have a little sister and goes to pick her up. Hope comes back and unknowingly takes the baby in her arms before Chelsea can have her so that she can feed her. Billie explains to Chelsea about the apartment and how they will be right down the hall from Lucas, Sami, and Will.

Bo and Steve arrive and Bo explains that Claire is in foster care. Kayla tells Steve that Stephanie wants to meet them for dinner. She has news for them. He hopes its good news. She asks him if he is okay. He tells her he’s just upset about Claire. They leave.

Hope asks Bo what happened. In a grim voice, Bo tells her that nothing good happened.

Belle quietly asks Shawn if they are really running off. Shawn insists that he won’t let Victor and Philip take their child away from them. Bo tells them that Claire is with a very nice foster family. He lets them know that Hope told him about them wanting to run off and reminds them that the court almost always decides with the mother and to hang in there. He leaves and Shawn wonders whether Victor paid off the judge. He still threatens to take Belle and the baby and run off...then just see whether Victor can find them in the big world.


Billie tells Bo: “I shouldn’t have involved him in my drama...it was wrong.”

Abby demands that Nick tell her the truth. Nick tells her it happened but just once.

Lexie is talking to Tek on the phone and says he has to be absolutely sure. Tek tells her it’s E.J. Wells and that she can swear to it.

Max tells Mimi that if she really doesn’t want to go home tonight, there is a solution.... why doesn’t she stay with him.


Wednesday Jan 10

Pat’s Spoilers

Max’s Garage: Max is working under the hood of a car when Mimi comes in. She’s there because her family is driving her crazy. She lists them all and what’s troubling her about themr including her missing deadbeat dad. She swears they suck the life right out of her. If she had any place else to go she wouldn’t go back to that loony bin. They go into the office. Max understands that you can love your family but need a break. Mimi is sorry for dumping her problems on him again. Max has a solution. She can stay with him. Abe knocks on the office door and enters. He’s there to talk about the skeleton they found. Mimi wants to know if they figured out who it was. Abe says they sent the bones for analysis. It may take up to a month. Mimi asks if they found out anything about the ring. They did. It was stolen but not during the civil war.

Abe took the ring to the Robbery division and they identified it as a ring that had been stolen six years ago. The man who reported it missing still lives in Salem. He came down to the station and identified the ring. He still had the receipt for it. Max deduces that the mystery man wasn’t killed all that long ago. Abe says exactly. They still have a lot of questions which he lists. Max asks - what do they do now. Abe says they re-open the robbery investigation. In the meantime he could really use Miriam’s help. She would love to help Abraham but they’ve already told him everything they know. Abe says she mentioned that the ring looked familiar to her. Maybe she knows the man who lost it. He tells her about the guy. Nothing Abe tells her about the guy rings a bell. Maybe she just thought the ring looked familiar. Abe tells her to trust those gut instincts and try to dig a little deeper into her memory banks. She will and she’ll call him if she remembers anything. Abe leaves. Mimi tells Max all this talk about murder and skeletons is starting to creep her out. He tells her to take him up on his offer – he’ll protect her. Max tells her he buffed up the place just in case she stopped by. There’s clean sheets on the bed and on the sofa – where he will sleep. Mimi insists that she’ll take the sofa. To show her appreciation she would like to make a pasta dinner for him complete with dessert. They’ll make a night of it – maybe the can watch movie. Max thinks that sounds perfect. Max goes to wash up. Mimi calls home and tells Bonnie she won’t be home tonight.

Chez Rouge: The Johnson family is having dinner. After some cute banter about why Steve and Kayla were late Stephanie tells them she has some great news. They are on the dessert portion of the meal. Steve wants to know what her good news is. Stephanie tells him to guess – what would make her happier than anything else in the world? Kayla teases Steve and points out a few things about Stephanie – she’s pregnant. LOL – Steve looks stunned. Loved the ‘you womenz is evil’ comment. The real news is that she got a job offer to join a new racing team in Dayton and she said yes. Kayla congratulates her and asks her when she is leaving. Stephanie tells them that they want her right away. Now that Dad has got his memory back she feels its okay to leave. Kayla isn’t happy that she will be racing again but if it makes her happy and it’s what she wants, she’s happy for her. Stephanie asks Steve if he’s okay with it. Steve is going to miss her. He’s just getting to know her again, when he thinks of all the years they missed … Stephanie says she’ll stay – what was she thinking. Steve says no she has to follow her dreams. They’ll come and visit – so will she. Steve tells her they’ll always be a family no matter where they are. Stephanie has to leave – she’s meeting some friends. Steve and Kayla talk. She knows if she would have mentioned his episodes Stephanie wouldn’t leave. Kayla admits that they scare her to death. She’s afraid of losing him again.

At the bar Nick tries to deny to Abby that he slept with Billie. Abby knows better. Nick caves and admits it happened but he stresses that it was only once. Abby thinks that is so wrong on so many levels. Nick says it just happened. They were talking, they connected and one thing led to another. Abby says it’s not going to happen again. Nick says no. He loves Chelsea and she can never find out. He begs Abby not to tell anyone. Abby promises not to tell. She wants to know what it was like – was it weird sleeping with Chelsea’s mom. Nick says it wasn’t weird. It was incredible. It made him feel like a real man. Abby says he acted like one when he stood up to Chelsea. This could change his life. Nick doesn’t think so. He’s in love with a woman who never wants to see him again. Abby tells him that he doesn’t get what is in Chelsea’s brain. Chelsea was impressed with Nick but she expects him to come grovelling. Nick insists he won’t but he’s worried that Chelsea won’t forgive him for sleeping with her mom. Abby tells him that Chelsea will never know. Nick says but I will. Abby tells him that Chelsea was in love with Lonely Splicer before she saw his picture. She does love Nick for who he is inside. He has to get rid of this fake Shane Patton and give Chelsea a chance to find out. Abby asks him how he’s going to face Chelsea’s mom again. He isn’t – he intends on avoiding her for the next sixty years.

Kayla apologises to Steve for getting so upset. He tells her she doesn’t have to apologise. Steve tells her that nothing in the world that can tear them apart now. The episodes are under control – he’s sure. If they’re not, they’ll figure it out. There’s nothing they can’t do together. Steve offers to go and get them each a brandy. At the bar Nick is working on the Santa when Steve gets there. Nick gets the Santa working. The noise triggers one of Steve’s episodes. Steve grabs the Santa and smashes it. Nick asks him what’s wrong with him. Steve apologises. The noise was driving him crazy. He throws some money on the bar to cover the cost. He takes the drinks to Kayla. They toast each other. Kayla notices he’s sweating and asks him if he is okay. He says it’s the brandy. Kayla doesn’t buy it. She tells him he can tell her anything. There is no problem that’s too big for them to work out together. Does he trust her. He does – always.

Brady Pub: Bo meets up with Billie after getting a message from her. Billie opts to tell him the good news first. She and Chelsea are moving in to their own apartment. He’s happy for them. She tells him she was doing good with the whole Steve thing until she got the Dear Billie, hope we can be friends letter. She drank a bottle of wine. She threw away all those years of sobriety. Bo tells her it was just a slip. He asks if she had a drink today. Billie hasn’t but she wanted to and she’s afraid she might. Bo takes her to an AA meeting. They return to the pub after the meeting. She feels better. Bo has faith in her –she is back on track. Billie says he shouldn’t. She did something in her less than sober state. She had a one night stand with a younger man – legal, but really young and inexperienced. Bo says – lucky guy. Billie says it shouldn’t have happened – it was wrong, so wrong. Bo thinks she is being too hard on herself. He has a story to tell her. He proceeds to tell her how a widowed neighbour lady seduced him when he was fifteen. Billie says OMG, she traumatized you for life. Bo says no – he was walking around like he was king of the world. It filled him with a lot of confidence. Bo says not to worry about this young man. He’s probably walking tall right now. Billie thanks him for making her feel better.

Police Station: Abe and Lexie come in. Abe tells her to relax because she admits she’s nervous. Then he proceeds to tell her that she is their entire case. Without her testimony they may not be able to put E.J. away. She asks Abe – what if I made a mistake. Abe tells her to put herself back at the boathouse the night of the shooting and tell Roman what she saw. She tells him she’ll be okay. Abe leaves – he has some business to take care of. Roman comes out of his office and asks if she is ready to look at some pictures. She wants to make a phone call first. Roman agrees to wait in his office. Lexie calls Tek and asks him to stay on the line while she looks at the photo. She tells him they have to be absolutely sure it was E.J. he saw that night. Tek and the entire viewing public roll their eyes at the repetitive dialogue.

There is a row of five or six pictures in front of Lexie. Roman asks her if she can pick out E.J. Lexie jumps all over him. He knows that she has met E.J., E.J.’s picture has been in all the newspapers. Stop treating her like an idiot. Roman wants to know where this is coming from. She might be the only person that could put E.J. behind bars. All she has to do is point out his picture and say it was this man that shot John. It’s as simple as that. Lexie doesn’t think so. She needs some time to clear her head. Roman doesn’t get why she needs time. Lexie wants to be sure. Roman agrees to give her a few minutes alone. As soon as he leaves she talks to Tek. They have the same old conversation. She needs to know he’s certain – she’s the one sticking out her neck. They argue – Tex is emphatic that it was E.J. Roman returns and asks her if she is ready. She is. She saw E.J. Wells shoot John. Roman wants to know what changed. A few minutes ago she wasn’t sure now she is. She tells him she just needed to clear her head. She is sure. She wants to leave.

Outside of the office her cell rings. It’s Tek asking how it went. Lexie pointed the finger at E.J. She’ll be living in fear. She’s the one that is going to have to testify. Tek reminds her that this was her idea. He was willing to stay and tell the cops he saw E.J. shoot John. If she needs to talk to him he’s there. As far as she’s concerned she never wants to talk to him again. Abe approaches and asks her how it went. Lexie says fine. She wants to go home. Abe has some business to take care of. He’ll get an officer to drive him home later. Lexie leaves. Roman tells Abe they have to talk – he’s worried about Abe’s wife.

Preview: Mimi to Max – You care about me. Is that what you’re saying? Bonnie to Connor – Don’t worry. You’re my son. Running a con is in your blood. Roman to Marlena – I’m staying here. I’m not leaving tonight. Belle to comatose John – Give me a sign. Anything, so I know that you can hear me. John’s pinkie finger moves and touches her. Belle gasps.


Thursday Jan 11

Pat’s Spoilers

Max’s Apt: Max and Mimi arrive at his place. He immediately starts picking up discarded articles of clothing which he promptly throws under the couch. Mimi comments that he said he had cleaned. He did. It’s been a long time since he had a woman over that he cared about. Mimi asks – You care about me. Is that what you’re saying? Max tells Mimi that he hardly ever says those words. Mimi teases him. She has a short memory – would he mind repeating that. They talk about his apartment and end up on the couch. There’s a pizza box under the cushion that Max pulls out and throws in the corner. Mimi comments that the couch is awfully big. Max sits next to her and kisses her. He mentions the words he said to her earlier and wonders if she has any words of her own to say to describe what’s going on here. She doesn’t really put them into words, she feels them and they feel good – does that make sense. It does. They kiss.

They’re lying on the couch kissing. Max thinks they should move this to the bed – he’s got clean sheets. Mimi says that’s a change from I’ve got protection and my blood tests are immaculate. Max does and they are. Mimi says perfect. Max lifts her up and slings her over his shoulder. Shawn knocks and walks in. Neither Mimi nor Max are very happy to see him. Max reminds Shawn that he left Mimi – he has to let her move on. They’re busy, come back tomorrow. Shawn gets all holier than thou on them. He came to ask for his help but if he’s busy he’ll check back later. He yells that that they have his blessing – what part of that didn’t they understand. Max asks what happened. Shawn says he and Belle lost Claire. Victor had CPS take her away from them. Mimi hugs him. She’s sorry, it’s all her fault. Shawn says it was Victor who took Claire not her. Max doesn’t think its right that Victor is using what Shawn did against him. Shawn made the choices. He’s afraid that Belle and Claire will have to pay. He asks if they will appear in court tomorrow and sign a petition as character witnesses. They’ll be there.

Shawn has left. Max and Mimi share a beer. Mimi still thinks this entire mess is her fault. She could have told Shawn that Claire was his. Max says you paid for that with your marriage. Mimi says you’ve hooked up with a disaster. He can take back those words he said earlier. Max says not a chance. He sees her for who she is. Someone a little screwed up but she’s not afraid to admit it. She brings peace to his life – it used to be all loud and crazy sounds. Don’t ask him how he can be with her – don’t ever ask him that. They kiss. Mimi is sorry – she can’t stop thinking about Shawn and Belle. Max says it’s okay. She’s worth the wait. Mimi never expected that from him. Everyone said he was a player. First he protests but than admits he was until she came to work at the garage and he found himself trusting her. She trusts him too. They argue about who is going to sleep on the sofa. Mimi wins. Max says she’s bossy and stubborn – he likes it. Max brings Mimi a blanket and pillow. He thinks his shirt never looked that good. They start kissing. She tells him to stop. Don’t they want their first time to be a long night and a lazy morning. He says she better cover herself with the blanket then … LOL … she does.

Morgue: Connor is dressed in the polyester suit his father wore when he married Bonnie. The banter between mother and son was cute. They go over the plan. Connor is supposed to go to the morgue attendant and ask about his deceased aunt saying that his mother wants to know if her body has been released to the funeral home. Connor asks why he’s doing this again. Bonnie says to keep the family together. Connor says they will be together – in jail with Patrick. Bonnie tells him not to worry he’s her son, running a con is in his blood. Connor is reluctant to do it – it’s creepy. Bonnie tells him that all he has to do is get rid of the attendant for five minutes. Connor goes and gives the guy his spiel and makes up a fake name for his fake dead aunt. The body isn’t there. Connor asks him if he can check – she just died this morning. The guy agrees. Bonnie enters the morgue as soon as the attendant leaves.

Bonnie checks out three of the compartments before she figures out that a skeleton doesn’t need to be refrigerated. She sees a body bag and unzips it a bit and sticks her hand in. She found the skeleton! Connor warns her someone is coming. He tells the person the morgue is locked. The attendant will be back in a while. She says no problem, I have a key. She tries the door and can’t get in because Bonnie is holding the door closed from the other side. She gets in and sees a pair of feet sticking out from under a white sheet. Something is not right here. She can’t believe they left the shoes on. She removes the shoes and bags them and starts to clean the feet. Bonnie is squirming under the sheet and her foot shoots up. The nurse says its rigor mortis and takes off out of there. Bonnie grabs the body bag and gets out of there leaving her shoes behind.

The morgue attendant returns and tells Connor that no one has heard of his aunt. Connor thanks him for looking. Bonnie is hopping around in the snow. She says let’s get out of here when Connor comes out. She tells him to put the bag in the trunk and they’ll go home. He wants to know what they’re going to do with the bones. She thought of how to get the bones out of the morgue now it’s his turn to think of what to do next. He’s 17, he doesn’t have a GED – this is kind of stretch for him. Bonnie tells him to put the bones in the car, she’ll figure out what to do. Connor says that she makes life in juvie look easy. He’s out of there.

Penthouse: Roman brings her tea and tells her he has food warming up in the kitchen. She has some tough decisions to make. Marlena insists she is not in denial. She knows what Dr. Tucker says and the test results show but they only measure the physical evidence they can’t measure the spirit. John and she share a connection that can’t be measured. She won’t stop believing in John. She is rational. She knows John’s brain is shutting down but she knows that underneath all those tubes John is in there and he understands what is going on. Roman asks if John woke up, talked? Maybe the doctor’s are right – John’s brain isn’t functioning. Marlena asks what if they are wrong. She knows he is in there and he’s trying to tell her something. She needs someone to talk to, someone to listen to her. He asks if she is going to see a therapist. She was thinking of him.

Marlena thinks Roman is uncomfortable with her suggestion so she tells him to forget it. Roman needs a minute. He tells her she is right. She knows John better than anyone. Marlena hugs him and thanks him. They talk. Roman thinks that this happened so fast maybe she didn’t have time … Marlena doesn’t want him to say the word closure. Marlena says what if I’m wrong and I can’t give him the care he needs. Roman is sure that she’ll make the right decisions. Marlena says and what if I’m right and he’s trying to reach her. Roman says and then he will. He envied them because she and John made love look so easy. Marlena talks about John and how alive he was. She can’t accept that it’s over. She won’t give up on him. Roman says he wants her to accept help – not defeat. She feels things the rest of them miss. If she says John is reaching out to her then he believes her. He’ll be there for her.

Roman is going to put the food in the fridge for her to eat later. He suggests she lie down on the couch and get some rest. Marlena is sleeping. A strong wind blows the terrace doors open. John calls out for her asking her where she is. She goes on the balcony and tells John she can feel him. Then the wind dies down. She says don’t go. Roman grabs her and stops her. John was there and came to her – Roman spoiled it. She insists that John was there. Roman says okay he was here and you tried to follow him off the balcony. Marlena says she knows what she is doing. Roman does to and he’s staying there tonight. Marlena insists that John contacted her – the wind woke her up. Roman asks what wind. Marlena says was it a dream. Roman agrees to go if she locks the terrace door. He leaves. Marlena notices the broken vase – she did hear a crash. The wind starts howling again. Marlena rushes on to the terrace asking John to give her a sign.

Hospital: Belle talks to John about Claire and then starts crying. She tells him to wake up she needs him. She tells him what is going on with the custody suit, CPS, foster parents. She is scared. She wouldn’t be as scared if John was there because he would get Philip to back off and Victor to understand. She asks for a sign that he can hear her. John moves his finger and touches her hand. Belle is so excited – she yells my dad is waking up. She cries. Dr. Tucker comes in. She tells him that John reached out and touched her hand. Dr. Tucker says no, it was a muscle spasm. Belle argues. The doctor counters. Belle tells the doctor he doesn’t know her dad. She gets really snobby with the doctor. He suggests that she get another opinion. She will after she calls her mother to tell her that her dad is trying to reach them.

Belle can’t get an outside line. The doctor asks her if she is sure she wants to do. It was just an involuntary neurological response. Belle wants him to tell her why he’s so sure he is right. The doctor explains but Belle doesn’t like it. He tells her mother is waiting for a miracle to happen. If it does great but what if it only pretends to come. What would happen to her mother then. If he could repair her father’s brain he would. Belle hangs up the phone and goes to her dad. Shawn enters. Belle cries. Belle fills him in on what happened and what the doctor said. Shawn thinks doctors are not always right. Belle is worried about Victor winning. Shawn says when Victor stands up in court he’ll be alone – they are going to have friends and family with them. Belle says not her mom – she might blurt out that her dad touched her. It would be like losing John all over again. Shawn tells her they won’t lose Claire. Trust him.

Preview: Abe knocks on Bonnie’s door – Bonnie, its Abe Carver. I need to talk to you. Bonnie to Connor – It’s the cops. Cops. Max to Mimi (they were kissing) – Damn! What’s with the people in this town? Can’t they just let us have sex. Judge to Victor – What do you say to that, Mr. Kiriakis. Is your son well enough to address this court or not? Victor – Your honour, I give you my son, Philip Kiriakis. A bandaged Philip is wheeled into the courtroom. Crying Belle – Please don’t take my daughter away.


Friday Jan 12

Pat’s Spoilers

Morgue: Abe and Lexie arrive. After greetings are exchanged Abe asks Joel (the morgue attendant) what was so important that it couldn’t be discussed on the phone. Joel is embarrassed to say that the skeleton the police sent for analysis has disappeared. Abe asks WTH happened. Joel doesn’t know. They were there and now they’re gone. He thinks the skeleton was stolen. Abe is very upset. Lexie points out there are no surveillance cameras in this part of the hospital. Abe wants to question all the staff. Joel doesn’t think this was an inside job. He describes Connor’s visit to the morgue. Abe says you think a boy stole the skeleton. Joel does. Maybe it was just a high school prank. Abe asks if he could identify the young man. Joel can try. Abe is going to call a sketch artist to come down and work with Joel. Lexie asks if that is really necessary if it’s just a prank. Abe doesn’t think it was. He thinks the killer stole the bones.

Lockhart’s: Connor comes in from outside and Bonnie jumps on him. He just went out to grab some breakfast. What’s the problem? Bonnie reminds him she has a skeleton in the trunk of her car. Connor says he helped her steal him … Bonnie doesn’t want the skeleton to be referred to as a ‘him’ … now whatever happens is on Bonnie. Connor came half way across the country, helped her steal the bones and he drove the get away car and she doesn’t even a plan. Bonnie will think of one eventually. She wants to know what he would do. He would stash those bones some place they would never be found. Bonnie thinks of the dump. Connor says no. The dogs will find it, the owners would find it and call the cops. He suggests burying it in the back yard after saying no to Bonnie’s suggestion about hiding it under Patrick’s bed.

Bonnie declares Connor to be a genius. Bonnie wants Connor to get the bones out of the trunk. Just put them in the basement for now. They’ll get rid of them tonight. Connor brings in the bag of bones. Bonnie tells him to put the bag in the basement behind the boiler. He stands there. He did something for her now he wants something from her. He needs cash to get his motorcycle out of impound and pay his fines. Mimi is dragging her feet on that. Bonnie agrees. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Abe. Bonnie freaks. Connor stuffs the bag in a drawer. Bonnie opens the door. Abe sees Connor and says hello. He’s there to see Mimi. Bonnie hopes she’s not in trouble – she couldn’t take another kid being in the slammer. Abe says no. Bonnie tells him that she’s at Max’s apartment. She ushers Abe and Lexie out the door. Abe asks Lexie if Bonnie seemed nervous. She did. Abe says yeah – like she had something to hide. Connor returns after checking around the block – there’s no surveillance so Bonnie can stop being paranoid. Connor does wonder why Abe wanted to talk to Meems. Bonnie thinks he just wanted to grill her some more about Patrick. Connor says or Mr. Bones. Bonnie says Mimi doesn’t know anything about Mr. Bones and that’s how it’s going to say. She tells him to get the bones into the basement before someone else walks in. Tonight they are going to bury the secret forever.

Max’s Apt: Max wakes up Mimi. He let her sleep in while he went to the courthouse to the sign the affidavit. Mimi is upset. She should have been there. He tells her to relax. It’s a closed hearing. All they can do is wait outside the courtroom. Mimi wants to do that. She notices that he has two cups of coffee and asks if one is for her. They both are. He didn’t now if she wanted just a single or double latte. She takes the double. He teases her about having a rough night – she should have taken the bed. She slept fine – what about him. He mentions the second cold shower he had to take at 4am. She laughs and asks him if she really has that an effect on him. He’s surprised she has to ask. Mimi gets up to get ready. He pulls her down and says not yet. They kiss.

Mimi thanks him for letting her crash there. Even if it was for one night it meant a lot to her. They kiss. Max tells her any time. He’s kissing her neck when he adds or you can just move in here. Mimi wants to know if he’s asking her to move in him with him. He says you can take the couch or I can take the couch – it’s an option. Mimi asks if they both take the bedroom – is that an option. He asks her if she wants it to be. She asks him if he does. He wants what she wants. Mimi thinks they should stick to keeping things slow. They haven’t even been together yet. He says not for lack of trying. Mimi says it will happen when it’s meant to happen. They kiss. Mimi thinks she better get ready or they won’t make it to the courthouse. Mimi is ready. Max thinks she looks beautiful. They kiss – the doorbell rings. Max says damn. What is wrong with the people in this town? Can’t they just let us have sex? It’s Abe and Lexie. Abe hopes they’re not interrupting. He informs them the skeleton has gone missing from the morgue. Mimi wants to know why someone would want a bag of bones. Abe thinks it could have been the killer himself or herself. They should have a composite sketch of the person that distracted the morgue attendant soon. Abe asks about the ring. Mimi says she’s still drawing a blank. Max says he doesn’t want to be rude but they have some place they have to be. Mimi tells Max she doesn’t have a good feeling about this.

Court: Outside the hearing room Shawn makes empty promises to Belle. Bo and Hope arrive. They’re there to support them. Bo warns Shawn to keep his temper in check – don’t give Victor more ammo than he already has. Belle is surprised to see Marlena there. Marlena says she knows Belle didn’t think she could handle it but she can. Victor arrives and is treated like he has the plague. Shawn makes childish threats. Bo tries to calm Shawn down. Victor understands why the boy is upset. The boy declares he’s a man and proceeds to act just the opposite. Victor is trying to steal their baby. They don’t need his help raising Claire. Bo steps in – he wants to talk to Victor alone. Shawn makes more empty promises to Belle. Bo thinks Victor isn’t really going to go through with this, is he. Yes, he his. Bo suggests a compromise. Victor reminds him he offered one. Bo scoffs at the offer. Bo wants to know where Phil is. When he finds out that Phil is on his way home he asks Victor if he thinks the court is going to take a child from his mother and give her to a man that hasn’t shown his face in months. Victor tells Bo the judge will look at the facts and reminds Bo of a little fact that they all like to ignore – Philip’s name is on Claire’s birth certificate. With that comes some certain rights and Philip intends to exercise them. Bo chooses to belittle Victor and Philip by asking Victor how come his little boy isn’t fighting his own battles. Victor calmly says it’s a father’s job to stand by his son. Bo doesn’t recall Victor ever standing by him … hmmm … could be because Bo never wanted anything to do with him and refused his help at every turn??? The plaintiffs and defendants are called into the hearing room. Marlena tells Belle to stay strong – the judge will see the truth. (LOL – on that I agree – that’s why Philip will get custody!)

Bo goes to get Hope some tea. Hope asks Marlena how she’s doing. Has Marlena gotten a second opinion. She has. John is not going to recover. He suggested that John be put in long term care. Hope says John would think she was doing the right thing. Marlena says or he’ll think I’ve abandoned him. Hope says no. You know John better than anyone. What do you think he would tell you to do. Marlena doesn’t know. Hope thinks she does. Marlena needs some fresh air. Inside the hearing room the judge asks Victor to state his case first. Victor is there only out of concern. He holds no malice towards Shawn or Belle. The judge wants to know if either he or Philip has any evidence to support their claim that Shawn and Belle are irresponsible parents. Victor has more than enough. Victor, actually the only one in Salem that appears to remember that Shawn has a wife, mentions that Shawn walked out on his wife and moved in with a known prostitute. The relationship ended in violence. Shawn is no stranger to violence. Victor mentions Shawn driving the car into his living room and a few years ago his motorcycle through a stained glass window at St. Luke’s. Shawn has severe anger management issues. The judge agrees. Shawn has no job, no permanent residence – he lists all the places Shawn has stayed recently. Belle has no job, no income – she lives with her parents. The judge asks if her parents are a stable influence. Victor says if that was the case he wouldn’t be here. Marlena has a history of mental instability and John is currently in a coma from which he is not expected to recover. One last incident that showed his son that he had to sue for custody of his daughter … Shawn declares that she is NOT his daughter … Victor brings up the incident where Belle lost her daughter for several hours. The judge asks why Shawn’s name is not on the birth certificate. Victor says as far as he knows he never made a claim for paternity, Philip on the other hand has been her father from birth. The judge gives the floor to Shawn and Belle but the lawyer stands up to speak on their behalf. He declares that his clients have done nothing but love their child. He reads the names of the people that have gone on record to support Shawn and Belle. The judge wants to hear from Shawn and Belle before making a decision.

Shawn gets up. He admits that he has made some mistakes but he’s working hard to change his life around. He’s doing that for Claire. He loves her so much – so much that he was willing to give her up. He couldn’t bear to take her away from the only family she had ever known. Then Philip abandoned her. She needed a father and he stepped up. The judge wants to know what steps he has taken. Shawn declares he got his job back. He’s living with his parents so he can save enough money to afford a place for him, Belle and Claire. Then Shawn declares that Belle is an incredible mother. Anyone that says differently is crazy. Belle would give her life for her daughter and so would he. The judge wants to hear from Mrs. Kiriakis. Belle talks about all of Victor’s lies carefully omitting the fact that she lied to Victor’s son for almost two years. Cry, cry, cry, sniffle, sniffle, sniffle – don’t take my daughter away.

Bo and Hope wonder what is taking so long. Bo says Shawn has made some mistakes but the judge has to see that Shawn loves his daughter. Hope mentions that Shawn and Belle have so many people on their side and Victor has no one. Willow walks in. Bo asks her what she is doing there – is she there to gloat. Willow says that is a good question – why would I be here? The judge tells Victor that while there are some issues he would like to see resolved he’s not convinced that Claire would be in any real danger in Shawn and Belle’s custody. As Belle pointed out that is the central issue here. Victor agrees. That is his concern. Belle’s negligence in the diner could have ended up in tragedy but he’s much more concerned about his grandson’s recent involvement with some dangerous criminals. He goes on to name Patrick and E.J. and their crimes. Shawn worked for them even when he was informed by Detective Bo Brady, his own father that E.J. Wells was under investigation knowing full well his association with them would put Claire in danger. Shawn tries to interrupt but is put in his place. Victor has someone there that can cooberate this. Willow is brought into the hearing room and sworn in. The judge asks her to tell them what she knows about Shawn’s association with E.J. Willow knows that he was working for him in a cash under the table kind of way delivering messages or whatever between E.J. and Patrick Lockhart. He was getting paid a crazy amount of money which was obvious that it wasn’t right from the get go. Shawn couldn’t care less. Even after his father warned him a hundred times Shawn could care less. He was just concerned about his cushy life style. Belle says that’s a lie – it was for Claire. Willow claims that he never once mentioned his daughter. All he cared about was his fancy new car. Shawn wants to know why she’s lying. This witness can’t be trusted. She’s crazy. Ask her about my apartment that she burnt down – she’s doing this out of rage and revenge because she was dumped. The judge tells him to sit down and be quiet. Willow denies Shawn’s allegations except the fire – that was an accident. The lawyer says they have a police report that the fire was arson. Victor uses that and says it’s another example of Shawn’s poor judgement that endangered Claire. The judge has heard enough. He excuses Willow. Willow just wants the little girl to get the care and attention she needs. She doesn’t want Claire to end up like her.

Willow comes out of the hearing room. Hope wants to know what she did. Willow tells her she didn’t do anything her son didn’t deserve. Bo tells Hope not to worry. No one would believe her – she’s a hooker, an arsonist with an axe to grind. Marlena returns. She’s concerned that it’s taking so long. Bo isn’t – the judge isn’t going to give Claire to a phantom. Philip’s not even here. The lawyer wants the judge to take into consideration that Willow has a personal vendetta against Shawn. The judge will. The lawyer brings up an important issue the court has yet to address. Mr. Kiriakis has filed this suit on behalf of his son - a man who has not been seen for months and whose whereabouts remain a mystery. Victor reminds them that he said his son was injured in combat. The lawyer asks if he is still in the hospital. When he finds out he isn’t he asks the judge if he isn’t duty-bound to be present in the courtroom. How can he give custody to a man that says he wants custody but doesn’t even show up in court. The judge asks Victor if his son is well enough to address this court. Victor says not only is he well enough, he’s here right now. Marlena, Bo and Hope (Max and Mimi are there as well) are talking as Philip is wheeled into the hearing room. Bo states the obvious – this is not good. Victor says your honour, I give you my son, Philip Kiriakis.

Preview: Nick to Abby – I’m going to take your advice, Abby. The next time Chelsea writes to Shane Patton I’m ending it. Marlena to Belle – Don’t you dare give up. We will get Claire back. Bo to Shawn – If you go after Philip you’ll be making a big mistake. Lucas to Sami – You wanted a second chance, baby, you got one now. Sami – This is the part where you really want to tell me not to blow it.


Monday Jan 15

Janice’s Spoilers

Personal Thoughts: He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!! A gold star for Jay Kenneth Johnson today. He slipped right back into character and gave an understated but very powerful performance. And Kudos to Brandon as well. I thought that under the circumstances, he played the character of Shawn perfectly.

The Garage

Abby tries to get Nick to tell Chelsea the truth again. He tells her he’s being ignoring Chelsea’s emails but she’s still driving him crazy. She thinks Dr. Patton should tell Chelsea the truth if Nick can’t....tell her that he is going back to his wife.

Stephanie arrives and announces that she is leaving tomorrow for Dayton to join a racing team. Abby and Nick are excited for her. Chelsea turns up and the situation goes sour. She rags on Nick...tells them about the new apartment...rags on the Lockharts. Stephanie gets sarcastic and says: “Oh yeah, the Lockharts. They are really awful. They took you in and gave you a home when you needed a place to stay.” Chelsea rags on her.

Stephanie pulls no punches and tells Chelsea she had better change the type of person she is or her life will suck. She says: “You are selfish and disrespectful of everyone around you. You never miss a chance to make fun of others or call them names and you’re just a scared angry little brat who would like the rest of the world to be as miserable as you are.” Chelsea proves that she is everything that Stephanie called her. She verbally attacks Stephanie. Stephanie just rolls her eyes, hugs Abby and Nick, and invites them to visit her in Dayton. Chelsea belittles that idea as well. Stephanie leaves.

Chelsea has a new plan to get Shane Patton. Nick calls it “stalking” and gets sarcastic with her...lol... Abby joins him. Chelsea belittles both of them then asks Abby to ask Max, on her behalf, for a part-time job. Abby says she will but not to hold her breath because Max probably won’t hire her. Chelsea continues on her “make friends week” NOT! She leaves to go help her mom unpack. Nick tells Abby that he is going to take her advice and end this “Shane Patton” mess.


Kate rolls her eyes as she arrives to an empty room and then hears shouts of laughter down the hall. Sami is sitting on Lucas’ lap while Will races down the hall with them in a wheelchair. They come to an abrupt stop and Sami falls to the floor. Kate insults Sami and her and Lucas’ parenting skills. Sami gives it right back to her.

Back in the room, Lucas wants Sami to sign his cast. Will shows Kate the newspaper headline of Sami being touted as a hero. Kate isn’t impressed. Roman arrives with a surprise that he says will make the people of Salem think differently of her. Sami is being awarded with the Salem Police Department’s Order of the Good Samaritan for courage, etc... Kate just about chokes. Roman talks about the big presentation at the police department complete with media. Kate pulls Roman out of the room to talk to him privately. Will tells his mom how proud he is of her and how his friends at school are all talking about what she did. Sami promises to make him proud of her for now on.

Kate thinks Roman pulled some strings to get Sami this award. He admits it but thinks she deserved the citation. Kate is angry that her office doors have been locked. Roman explains that E.J.’s assets have been frozen and she’s in business with E.J. He doesn’t feel sorry for her because she was warned that E.J. was a criminal. Kate argues that she thought he was a race car driver. She whines that she is the only one being punished. Roman argues that she is smart and savvy and he is sure she knew what she was getting into.

Will leaves to buy a bunch of newspapers for the family. Lucas and Sami talk about how she has changed for the better. She doesn’t think she is a hero. He disagrees and tells her she deserves it and has a second chance to start all over with friends, family, and her parents. They kiss.

Kate whines some more...she gets shut out of her office and Sami gets a plaque. Roman tells her to contact a judge if she wants access to her office. Kate walks off.

Will returns with the newspapers. Dr. Galloway comes in and tells a happy Lucas that he is being released, but to take it easy and continue with his physical therapy. He tells him that he is a lucky man and leaves. Lucas agrees and says he is the luckiest man in the world.

Sami asks her dad if they can have the ceremony at the pub. She wants her family to be there...wants a chance to impress everyone. He tells her he will see what he can do and that he loves her and is proud of her. They hug.


A bandaged Philip, in dress uniform, is wheeled past Marlena and the others and into the courtroom. Marlena is surprised. Max thinks that all the weeks he and Mimi spent trying to track down Philip; he must have been with Victor the whole time. Mimi wonders why Victor kept it a secret. Bo isn’t impressed. Hope can’t imagine that the judge would give custody to a man who walked out on his daughter’s life.

Just inside the courtroom, Victor introduces his son, Lt. Philip Kiriakis, of the United States Marine Corps to the judge. Philip is sworn in. He tells the judge that he is well enough to testify and starts to remove his bandages. Shawn and Belle watch nervously. As Philip’s face comes into view, Belle gasps in shock and says it isn’t him.

Mimi wonders how Philip can claim Claire as his when everyone knows she’s Shawn’s. She wants to go and talk to him...thinks he will listen to her. Max convinces her to go for a walk instead.

Marlena thinks that she should be in there with Belle. Hope thinks this is all so wrong...Shawn has been lied to for so long. Beverly arrives with Claire and plays hardball...denying them the opportunity to hold Claire and say goodbye to her.

Mimi and Max sit down and she tells him she has a terrible feeling about all of this...the way Philip turned up out of nowhere.

Philip turns to Belle and tells her quietly: “It’s me, Belle.” Shawn disagrees and thinks they are trying to pull something. The judge wants an explanation. Victor stands and explains that his son is a decorated officer, seriously injured before and lost his leg, seriously injured again in Afghanistan...received facial surgery in Montreal with a specialist and came close to dying. Victor tells the judge that he has records and DNA clarification. Philip stands up and quietly tells the judge that it was his privilege, his duty, his honor, to serve in the military, but he just wants to get the family back that was taken from him. He loves Claire more than his own life...she is his daughter. Shawn looks upset.

Marlena goes on the attack. She asks Beverly what the going rate is for destroying a family. Beverly gets angry again.

Philip tells the judge that emotionally and legally, Claire is still his daughter. He adds that he kept up his relationship with her over the last few months while he was recovering from injuries. Belle gets angry...says she didn’t know Philip was at the house when they let Claire go for visits. Philip, in a reasonable voice, tells the judge that he will provide a loving home for Claire and that he and his father have resources far beyond what Belle and Shawn have to do that. Belle and Shawn’s lawyer argues that their families are well off too. Shawn argues that they don’t need Philip or Victor’s help. Philip says that he knows this is terribly unfair, but this is about Claire and who can give her the best and safest home. He reminds the court that he has been Claire’s father from the very beginning.

Belle argues that she was Philip’s wife and he ran away. Philip reminds her that she gave him no choice...she took Claire away and told him their marriage was over. He was devastated but he never stopped being Claire’s father and never stopped loving her. Shawn argues that he is Claire’s father and not Philip. He tells Philip that he can’t have her. The judge gets mad at Shawn’s outburst. Shawn apologizes but begs the judge not to let Philip and Victor poison Claire’s brain against them. Victor brings up the offered compromise...another sore point with Shawn. Shawn gets even angrier and tells Victor that they will decide what happens to Claire. The judge leaves to deliberate on his findings. Philip tells Belle that he never meant for it to be this way. Shawn threatens Philip...says if he loses his daughter that he will make Philip regret this day for the rest of his life.

Max wonders what is taking so long. They both wish they could help. Mimi feels bad that she should be thinking about Max but keeps thinking about the missing skeleton instead. She thinks everything that is happening is out of sync. Max promises to protect her and offers his place to her again.

The judge returns...says he has give the matter a lot of thought and wants to be fair to all parties but especially do what is right for Claire. He finds Shawn’s behavior especially troubling, doesn’t think Shawn and Belle have been model parents...but feels duty bound to give them a chance...want them to take parenting classes for three months and see a family therapist. Belle and Shawn think he is siding with them so they smile. In the next moment he tells them that during this time he is awarding temporary custody to Philip Kiriakis. Shawn and Belle are shocked. Philip turns to his dad and smiles. Voices are raised, but the judge says they will reconvene in 90 days to make a final decision about Claire’s future. Belle yells that he can’t take her baby from her. Shawn angrily asks the judge if he realizes what a man like Victor can do to brainwash their daughter in 90 days. The judge tells them they can have weekly supervised visits. Belle loses it and can’t believe she has to be supervised when seeing her own daughter. She argues that she is the only mother that Claire has ever known. Shawn goes after Philip.

Kate arrives. Mimi wonders if she came to gloat. Kate says she is there for her son. Max asks her if she knows what the penalty for kidnapping is and reminds her of what happened to him and Mimi. Kate plays dumb. Max doesn’t believe her. He thinks she needed to get them out of the picture. Kate smiles and tells them that she was at the garage but they weren’t. Mimi calls her a liar.

Everyone can hear the yelling going on behind the closed doors of the courtroom. Beverly brings Officer Sullivan to arrest Bo. Bo knows the guy. Marlena returns Claire to Beverly. Officer Sullivan refuses to arrest Bo. Shawn gets kicked out of the courtroom. He explains to everyone that they lost Claire and have to take parenting classes for 3 months. Hope hugs him and asks Bo if he can do anything. Victor and Philip come out. Shawn tries to attack Philip but Bo holds him back. Kate hugs Philip. Philip says that he’s sorry it had to be this way. Shawn yells at him to get out. Philip says he will but not without his daughter.

Philip’s eyes light up as he is given Claire. He calls her his “beautiful girl” and tells her she is with daddy now. Shawn tells Claire that she isn’t and that she has been stolen by a couple of thieves. He tells her that they will get her back (sorry but Claire shouldn’t be in the middle of this). Shawn and Belle’s lawyer apologizes to Marlena but insists that all he could do was damage control, given Shawn’s outbursts. He tells Belle she should be grateful that she got supervised visitations. Belle collapses in tears and Marlena holds her and promises they will get Claire back. Belle runs after Philip and begs to hold her baby. Philip walks away and Mimi hugs Belle and tells her she is so sorry. Max tells Shawn how sorry he is. Shawn says he needs to go talk to someone. Bo warns him not to go after Philip.

Shawn promises he won’t. Bo tells him not to give the court another reason to keep his daughter from him. Shawn tells Belle he is sorry. She tells him it isn’t his fault. Shawn gets a determined look on his face and says: “No it isn’t...not anymore.” Marlena and Belle leave. Mimi tells Max she is going to go talk to Philip. He wants to go with her but she insists that she has to do this by herself and will see him back at his apartment later. They kiss. Bo and Hope hug.

Shawn overhears Victor telling Philip that now that he has Claire, he will see to it that Belle and Shawn never get her back.


Kate tells Lucas she can help him. Lucas asks her if she is going to help him leave Salem. She answers that she is going to help him leave Sami.

Willow tells Shawn that she will make him a deal. She’ll come clean and get his daughter back...even give him ten grand, if he kisses her.

Philip tells Mimi that no one was a dirtier fighter that she was, so if this is anyone’s judgment day, it’s hers.


Tuesday Jan 16

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Lucas is packing up when Kate comes in. She suggests that he come home with her so he can be well cared for. Lucas tells Kate that he’s going home with Sami. Kate points out that Sami isn’t there. Lucas tells her she’s in ICU with John and Marlena. Kate waxes poetic about crises and disasters and ends by saying that sometimes you think all is right with your world. Lucas insists that his world is going great and she should be happy about that. Kate asks him if he really believes that Sami has changed. He does and he doesn’t appreciate Kate badmouthing Sami. Kate talks about everything she has but it means nothing to her without her children. Lucas brings up the fact that she sticks her nose in their business which is why Philip and Austin left. Kate tells him that Philip is back and that with her and Victor’s help Philip has gotten Claire back. She can help him too. Lucas asks if she is talking about helping him leave the country. She says no, leave Sami.

Lucas is not leaving Sami. Kate says okay – she wants to talk about the rescue. Lucas says he passed out from the cold and pain. Kate says then you don’t know what really happened in the cabin. She finds it hard to believe that Sami could lift up the beam that was 3 times her weight. Lucas says adrenalin. Kate says where was the adrenalin the first time she tried to get the beam off him. She couldn’t so she deserted him. Lucas defends Sami – she went to get help. Kate finds it impossible to believe that story. Lucas believes it. Kate says what about logic and physics. Kate points out the obvious. Lucas says I’m alive – what’s your point. Kate states that Sami had help. Lucas asks if she had help why isn’t this person coming out of the woodwork for the publicity. Kate suggests the person doesn’t want to be found by the police. Lucas asks her if she thinks its E.J. Kate thinks that maybe Sami and E.J. planned to meet up. Lucas says Sami helped set E.J. up. Kate insinuates that Sami and E.J. were going to run off together. Lucas thinks that is ridiculous. E.J. wouldn’t have helped Sami save him – he would have let him die. Kate suggests he had a compelling reason to help – maybe it’s the only way Sami would help him escape. Lucas tells Kate that Sami hates E.J. She would not help him escape. Lucas thinks this isn’t about Sami – it’s about her hating Sami. She can’t admit that she could be wrong. They argue. Lucas tells her he doesn’t need her. Kate either accepts the fact that he and Sami are together or she’s out of his and her grandson’s life for good.

Marlena is telling John all about Sami making headlines – she’s so proud of her. Sami overhears what she is saying as she comes in. Sami has a good feeling – something good is going to happen. She notices that Marlena looks tired. Marlena fills Sami in on Belle’s travails. Sami is going to call Belle but Marlena stops her – Belle needs her rest. Marlena stayed with John – waiting for him to open up his beautiful eyes and help her save their family. Sami assures Marlena that they will all help Shawn and Belle get Claire back and she’s sure that John will wake up. Sami knows that John has the heart of a lion. He won’t give up on her and she can’t give up on him. Marlena thinks that is the nicest thing Sami has ever said about John. Sami admits that she was wrong about a lot of things especially John. She wishes she could go back in time and tell him that she thinks he’s wonderful and that she loves him. Marlena tells her to tell him now.

Sami sits at John’s bedside and talks to him. It’s very touching. She ends it by saying that he was as much a father to her as her real dad was. She’s sorry she never told him this before. She tells him she loves him. Marlena is so proud of her and she knows John is as well. Sami tells Marlena that she is getting the Good Samaritan award at the pub. Sami thinks because of John and Belle Marlena wouldn’t be able to come. Marlena wouldn’t miss it – her daughter is a hero. Sami doesn’t think she is a hero. She just did what she had to do for Lucas. She says Lucas is going to be released – she better go check on him. Sami asks for some change to buy a copy of the paper for herself. Marlena gives her all her change and Sami notices a unique coin. Marlena tells her it’s an old Italian coin. She and John threw one like that in the fountain. Sami asks her is she is going to be okay – she can stay. Marlena will be fine. Marlena sets the coin down on the table next to John’s bed. Marlena talks to John about the doctor’s suggestion to put him in long term care. She doesn’t know what to do about it. He’s the only person she trusts to have the right answer. Marlena talks about the promise they made to each other at the fountain – she puts the coin down again. She promises him that she will not give up on him – he is her life. The coin has disappeared.

Back in Lucas’s room Kate says that he and Will mean far too much to her to risk losing them. She’ll never bring this up again. She does want him to be happy and if it’s with Sami, so be it. Sami comes in. Kate tells her that she is grateful for what she did for her son. She’s realised that Sami would never hurt him and she’s sorry for ever doubting her. She asks Sami to take good care of him and leaves. Sami asks Lucas who was that nice lady disguised as his mother. Lucas believes he’s turned Kate around. Outside his room Kate says the little tramp is lying. She vows to prove it. Sami tells Lucas that if he thinks they can make things work she’ll try but Kate hates her, always has and always will. Lucas says it doesn’t matter how Kate feels about her it’s about how she behaves towards her. Sami says if his mom is willing to try – so is she. Lucas tells Sami that she is his life. They’re ready to leave.

Kiriakis mansion: Claire is sitting on Philip’s lap as he talks to her. Claire gave him the will to survive when he was injured. All he had to live for was the dream of holding her again and being her daddy. He gives her his word that they’ll never be apart again. Claire smiles and giggles. The doorbell rings. It’s Mimi. She tells him that what he is doing is wrong and he knows it. He tells her to come in and shut the door. If this is a social call he’s happy to see her. If she’s there to tell him what a monster he is she can leave. Mimi asks if Victor is there and when she finds out he isn’t she tells Philip that Victor had her and Max kidnapped. Philip is happy they’re okay – it must have been quite the ordeal. Mimi then tells Philip why Victor had them kidnapped – they were looking for him and Victor didn’t want them to find him. Philip tells Mimi that if they think his father had something to do with it they should take it up with him. Mimi thinks more than Philip’s face has changed, his heart has to, its ice cold.

Philip says if I’m this cold-hearted SOB he’s surprised the judge gave him temporary custody. He asks Mimi to sit down – he doesn’t want to fight with her. He tells her that he is the same guy deep down. Mimi doesn’t agree. The Philip she knows wouldn’t have done this to Shawn and Belle. Philip says they were going to cut him out of Claire’s life and that isn’t going to happen. He did what he had to for Claire – it’s about what’s best for her and for her future. Mimi doesn’t think growing up without a mother is good for a child. She is sorry for everything he’s been through but she was his friend too. She’s going to have to watch her back because if this is how he carves up his friends she’d hate to see what he does to his enemies.

Philip stops her from leaving. He’s sorry things got ugly. He’s figured out what is important in his life and it took going through hell to get there. When he reenlisted – he was checking out. His marriage was over, he found out Claire wasn’t his biologically – his entire world fell apart. In the burn unit he vowed to change – to take care of his daughter – his daughter not by birth but by right whom he loves. Nothing on this earth is going to take Claire away from him again. Mimi thinks that sounds like something Victor would say. Philip says it was the crash course in reality that he took. Lesson 1 – It’s a cold, hard world out there. Fight to the death – kill or be killed. Her friends lost in court. Lesson 2 – Get over it. Mimi asks him if he honestly believes that two parents that lost their child can get over it. It doesn’t matter to him whether Mimi is honest or not. The real reason for her visit is her guilt. She can play Shawn and Belle’s loyal friend until even she believes it – but they both know she’s as much to blame about the lie about Claire’s paternity as anyone. Mimi says she admitted that. Philip thinks she did that when it would cause the most damage. Mimi didn’t want to hurt anyone. Philip says but you did. She lied to protect her joke of a marriage. Was that her being a friend? She’s giving him hell for not being a good person but when her butt was on the line, no one was a dirtier fighter than her. If this is anyone’s judgement day, it’s hers.

Mimi tells Philip to get over himself. She never claimed to be perfect. At least she admits her mistakes. Philip says yeah – when you’re backed into a corner. He picks up Claire and says it’s time for her nap. He knocks over a backpack. He tells Mimi to leave it alone. Mimi bends down and picks up Claire’s passport. Philip tells her to get out or he’ll call the guard house and have her arrested for trespassing. Mimi has left. Kate arrives – Philip calls down that he’s putting Claire for a nap. Kate finds a flight itinerary – from Salem to New York to Brussels. Philip joins her. Kate asks – you’re leaving the country tomorrow? Kate doesn’t understand why he’s leaving the country – risking losing Claire. Philip can’t count on the judge staying bought. He’s going to run the Titan office in Brussels. He’ll hire a nanny – it’s all arranged. He’ll come back when he’s sure no one can take his daughter away. Kate wishes that she was told about this plan. Philip says its better this way. When he leaves it’s all going to hit the fan – this way she can tell the police she was left out of the loop.

Chez Rouge: Shawn proceeds to insult Willow about her former lifestyle. Why did she lie to the judge – she knows everything he did was for Claire. Willow has 10,000 good reasons that Mr. Kiriakis paid her and yes, it’s better than doing some guy on the docks and it’s better than doing him (Shawn). Shawn doesn’t think Victor isn’t that generous. Willow pulls the money out of her bra. Shawn starts blustering. Willow asks him what he’s going to do. It’s his word against her and right now his word is less than a lowly hooker’s. How does that make you feel, Daddy? Shawn asks her if she thinks she can destroy his family and get away with it. Willow says – you wanna know who did that? Take a good long look in the mirror. Willow tells Shawn he lost his kid because he lets everyone push his buttons and tell him what to do. Shawn resorts to insults. Willow says you call me a whore – let’s see what you’ll do for a price. She offers to go to the judge and tell the truth – even give the money back if Shawn will kiss her.

Shawn asks if that is a joke. Willow tells him it’s a one time offer. Shawn doesn’t believe her. He wants his family back and all she’s asking for is a little affection. He’s going to kiss her. She pushes him away and laughs at him – see how easy it is to push him around. Shawn makes a scene. Maggie intervenes. Shawn tattles to Maggie about Victor bribing Willow. Willow denies it. Shawn orders Willow to tell Maggie what she did. Willow doesn’t answer to him. Maggie says but she enters to her – she’s the boss. More arguing. Maggie fires her because she and Mickey signed affidavits for Shawn and Belle although she claims it’s because Willow is incompetent and she was insubordinate. Shawn goes outside and moans – how did I let this happen. How did I lose my daughter. Mimi sees Shawn and asks if he is alright. Shawn tells her that he came to confront Willow about lying. She admitted that Victor paid her to lie. Mimi tells him to go to the police. Shawn says it’s just her word against his. He says that he and Belle had the chance to take Claire before this whole court thing started and he let himself be talked out of it. He played by the rules and he lost his daughter. Mimi tells him he has a bigger problem – Philip’s planning to do the same thing. He’s taking Claire out of the county. Mimi urges him to tell the cops or the Judge before Philip gets on the plane. Shawn says no, he and Belle are going to take Claire and disappear.

Preview: Bo to Kayla – Victor and Philip are up to something. I gotta find out what it is. Kayla – What can I do to help? Stephanie (crying as she hugs Steve) – Bye, Pop. Mimi to Max – You’re a genius. Max – I am? Mimi –Yes. You just figured out how we’re going to get to Claire. Shawn to Belle – You and Claire, you are my life and I’m going to fight for you with everything I got.


Wednesday Jan 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Salem Inn: Stephanie tells Steve that it’s not that she wants to go but racing is in her blood. Steve understands. She wishes her mother did. Steve says she has her mother’s good looks and spirit but his need to push the envelope. They talk about her racing career. Steve understands that racing is in her blood. She’s following her dream. He advises her to never let that fire inside her die. She asks him why he doesn’t take his own advice. His life plan is looking a little too safe to her. If he doesn’t figure out what he wants he might explode. Steve tells her that when she gets older she’ll understand that it’s okay to pull back on the throttle. Stephanie wants to know when is the last time he tried to test himself. Steve gets it – she’s saying her mom and he should go on a little adventure. They hug. They say their goodbyes – it’s very touching and sweet. Writing about it doesn’t do it justice – you need to watch it. Steve remembers Bo grabbing him and asking him what is wrong with him. He plays his harmonica. He stands in front of the mirror and says something is not right with you. What are you going to do about it? He tries to convince himself to stop thinking about it. If he gets a headache he’ll take an aspirin. He starts playing the harmonica again but he’s brought to his knees by the pain in his head.

Chez Rouge: Kayla meets Bo. They talk about Stephanie leaving and then talk about Doodlebug. Then the conversation turns to Shawn and Belle. Bo feels responsible. Bo thinks Victor paid off the judge. He told Shawn to play by the rules. He should have known that Victor never does. He belittles Victor. He states that he has to find out what Victor and Philip are up to. He won’t let Victor do this to his family. The conversation is all about Shawn and how the world has betrayed him. Kayla thinks that Shawn is mature enough to … Bo interrupts and rants about what having enough money can buy you – it can take a little girl from her parents. Bo mentions that Shawn said he and Belle were going to run away with Claire. Kayla says he can’t do that. Bo is going to protect his son from himself.

Bo tells Kayla that Shawn won’t return any of his or Hope’s calls. Kayla offers to call. Bo thinks maybe Shawn will listen to reason if it comes from someone else. Kayla should offer to help him. Kayla says – no questions asked. Bo says that’s up to her. If Shawn is thinking of taking the law into his own hands talk him out of it. Kayla tells Bo that Shawn sounds calm. Bo says that doesn’t sound right – he’s not calm. Kayla tells Bo to trust Shawn. She has to leave. Bo tells her that if she hears from Shawn to call him. Maggie brings him a cupcake with a candle for doodlebug’s daddy. Make a wish and blow out the candle. Bo gives an entire litany of things. Maggie wishes she had brought a bigger candle. Bo mentions the new baby but of course the conversation goes back to Shawn. Maggie is sure Shawn will find his way.

Hospital: Belle is outside John’s room when Shawn shows up. Belle makes John’s condition all about her. Shawn makes empty promises – everything will be okay. Belle doesn’t know how she and Claire are going to get through the next 90 day without each other. Shawn preaches that they don’t have to play by the rules. They will take Claire back. Belle wants to know what he means. They talk about Willow and Victor paying her off. Shawn can’t believe that he got mixed up with her. Belle tells him it’s over with now. They’ll do what the judge says and then get Claire back. Shawn tells her that they can’t play by the rules again. Victor and Philip are taking Claire out of the country. Mimi saw Claire’s passport. Victor is planning on kidnapping Claire – they have to beat him to the punch. Belle says no they’ll lose her forever. Shawn says they will if they don’t do it. She and Claire are his family – he will do anything … blah, blah, blah.

Belle whines that she hasn’t been away from Claire since the day she was born – talk about a whopper of a lie – she barely acknowledged Claire’s existence for the first year of her life. Shawn says they have to act now. Belle asks practical questions – all Shawn says is as far as possible. They’ll change their names, he’ll get a job doing whatever (yeah, that’s a good job!) – they’ll be together, that’s all that matters. Belle asks if they’ll ever see their families again. Shawn says or not see Claire – that’s their options. He pressures her. Belle will do whatever he wants. Shawn says he won’t let her down. He says Max and Mimi are waiting for them. Condescending arrogant lying cheating Belle asks if Mimi can be trusted. Shawn defends Mimi because it suits his purpose – after all Mimi let him off the hook and took all the blame for everything that went wrong. Shawn’s phone rings. It’s Aunt Kayla – his mom and dad probably put her up to this. Kayla tells him that she and Steve are there for him. She mentions his parents. He says he and Belle need some time alone. Kayla tells him if he needs anything – no questions – they’re there for him. Belle asks if they can trust her. Shawn says yes. She and Steve were on the run for years – what a lie! They were on the run for a few weeks.

Max’s apt: Mimi thinks Max doesn’t believe her when she talks about Claire having a valid passport. Max wants to know if she asked Philip if he was taking Claire out of the country. Mimi asked but Philip yelled at her and told her to leave. If someone doesn’t do something Shawn and Belle my never see their daughter again. Mimi didn’t want to believe it so she did some checking. She pretended to be a journalist that wanted an interview with Victor ASAP. She was told his last scheduled appointment is for 10am tomorrow morning and then he’s out of the country for two weeks. She would bet that he’s taking Philip and Claire with him. Mimi hopes that Max has an idea of how they can get Claire away from Philip. Max does – it’s impossible. He lists the fact that they’ve lost the element of surprise because Philip knows she saw the passport. Mimi talks about how Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz got in to the castle with the help of her friends. Max jokes that perhaps they should get the lion and the scarecrow to distract Victor while they swoop in and get Claire. Max lists all the facts: Victor has bodyguards and a private plane and 24 hour security. Does she really think they have a chance going against Victor Kiriakis and his goons? Max tells her to face the fact that they are out of their league.

Mimi agrees. Nothing she can do will make it up to Shawn. Max says she made a mistake. Mimi doesn’t want to be let off the hook – some mistakes are too big to forgive and this is one of them. Max says Shawn has forgiven her. Mimi can’t forgive herself. Nothing can make her feel better. Max knows one thing – let’s go get Claire back. He doesn’t want to see her punish herself for the rest of her life and besides they kind of owe Victor one. What are they going to do? They don’t have a lot of time. Mimi says they’re leaving tomorrow morning. Max says why – why are they waiting? They have their own jet – they know Mimi saw the passport. Max figures there has to be something they couldn’t have got done today. Mimi smiles and tells him he’s a genius. He just figured out how they’re going to get to Claire.

Shawn and Belle arrive. Mimi tells them they figured out a way to steal back Claire from Philip and Victor. Mimi fills them in on the details – Max is still wondering what this brilliant thing is that ties it all together. Mimi says Claire has to be immunized. Belle says Claire has had all her shots except those you need if you’re going some place exotic. Belle panics. Shawn asks Mimi what is the plan. Mimi says they’ll be taking her to the hospital for her shot. Belle says the doctor would have called her. Max says they’re probably taking her to a doctor that doesn’t know Claire. Someone has to call the hospital. Mimi asks if they know anyone at the hospital they can trust. Shawn does. He calls Kayla. He asks her to find out if Claire is getting immunized tomorrow morning. They wait for the call back from Kayla. She calls and gives them the name of the doctor – the appointment is at one. Kayla warns them not to take on Victor Kiriakis alone. Shawn doesn’t want her to tell anyone they had this conversation. He tells Belle they’ll get Claire back tomorrow at one. Max says they have to figure out a way to get her out. They decide to order pizza – they need food to figure this out.

Brady pub: Kayla and Stephanie stop by so Stephanie can say goodbye to her grandparents. Kayla gets a call from Shawn. Grandpa Shawn gives her a race car he carved out of rosewood for her. Very sweet goodbye – tears and hugs. Grandpa Shawn tells her she’s a Brady and that means something. Kayla says she’s a Johnson too. Grandpa Shawn agrees that’s a first rate combination.

Preview: Roman to Bo – Feel like making a trip? Bo – Something tells me this is not a vacation. Where? Roman – Mexico City. Sami (on the phone) – Who is this? Make it quick. E.J. – I prefer nice and slow myself. Chelsea to Abby – OMG Abby. He just signed off. I don’t get it. What did I say that was so wrong? Stephanie to Kayla – Is there something wrong with Dad? Steve to Bo – Please don’t say no. Help me.


Thursday Jan 18

Janice’s Spoilers

The Pub

Bo joins Roman for breakfast. Roman tells him that he has been promoted to temporary-acting police commissioner because Abe is on medical leave because of his eyesight. Bo wishes there was something he could do to help Abe. Roman asks him if he will make a daytrip to Mexico City to shake down E.J. and persuade him to make a return appearance in Salem to face the music. Kayla and Stephanie arrive...explain that Stephanie’s flight was postponed.

Kayla thinks this is a sign that Stephanie should stay. Stephanie reminds her that she gave her blessing and wants Bo and Roman to referee. Both tell her that they never get involved in mother/daughter arguments. Stephanie pulls her mom into a booth and orders two hot fudge sundaes for them.

Bo thinks the timing sucks for him to go to Mexico City. He’s got a new baby and his eldest has court problems and needs him. Roman tells him to convince Hope that it’s just a business trip. Bo thinks Roman should just shoot him...lol... He talks about Lexie being a credible witness. Roman reminds him about John being in a coma and admits that he’s having doubts about Lexie. He can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong.

Stephanie tries to convince her mom that a new baby would make things great for her and Steve...they could do the parenting thing together. Kayla pulls back and says that she doesn’t think Stephanie’s dad, especially with his memory problems, is ready for a new kid. Stephanie quizzes her on her dad’s health. She brings up some Santa memories... knows that now that her parents are back together that everything will be fine and she can leave.

Stephanie checks the time and announces that they should get back to the airport.

Sami’s Apartment

Lucas limps in wearing a bathrobe and tells Sami that the shower is ready. Sami isn’t sure she wants to do that. They start kissing and she accidentally steps on his foot. More kissing and then Lucas murmurs that he thinks its amazing the way she saved him...goes into detail about what she did. He thinks her life is about to change...she is going to stand up in front of family and friends and receive a special citation for bravery. Sami would rather talk about them and their future. They start kissing again.

More kissing and more pain for Lucas’s foot...lol... Sami suggests they go into the bedroom and get comfy. He agrees and heads off. Sami starts for the bedroom but then her cell phone rings and she heads towards her purse for it. She laughs and tells the person on the other end to make it quick. E.J., with a few days beard growth, is calling from a phone booth. He says with a grin: “I prefer nice and slow myself. How is my favorite girl? Breathless at the sound of my voice or did I call at an inopportune moment? Sami stresses out and asks him what he wants. He replies that he doesn’t want anything he hasn’t already had and that he’s barely thought of anyone but her since their last encounter. He thinks it was special. She argues that she did what she had to do in order to save Lucas life. With tears in her eyes she reminds him that he shot her stepfather. She demands to know what he wants. He plays hardball and tells her that the authorities are sniffing around and he wonders if someone at the Salem Police Department is planning a surprise for him. He thinks maybe she has something to do with it. Sami is crying now and tells him she didn’t say anything to anyone. Lucas calls from the bedroom.

E.J. laughs when Sami tells him about the award she is getting for saving Lucas. He warns her to keep her mouth shut. Sami has had enough and tells him to shut the hell up and stay away from her and Lucas...don’t ever call her again. She hangs up just as Lucas walks out again and asks her who she was talking to. Sami makes up a story about a guy at the racing team presentation who she gave her business card to and won’t take no for an answer. Lucas doesn’t believe her and Sami tries to pull him back into the bedroom to avoid talking about it. He asks if she is keeping secrets from him again. Sami is shaking now and he tells her softly that it doesn’t matter what happened in the past...nothing will change the way he feels about her. He pleads with her to trust what they have. She finally tells him that it was E.J.

Lucas wants to know why E.J. called. Sami plays dumb. He wants her to call the police but she is too scared. She doesn’t want to mess up their closeness or Will being proud of her lately. Lucas promises her that won’t happen and hugs her.

In the next scene, Roman is there and asks her about E.J. being in Mexico City. She tells him she doesn’t remember what he said on the phone...just very surprised to hear from him. Roman tells her that they will trace the call...smiles...and reminds her that today and tomorrow are her days...she’s going to receive the award...there isn’t a damn thing she can’t handle. Lucas promises that he won’t let E.J. near her. Roman leaves.

Lucas tells Sami that he is proud of her for telling the truth and insists that she is never going back to her old self. Sami is still afraid. Lucas tells her to concentrate on her great future with him and Will. She tells him that she would do anything for him. They kiss and he calls her “my Sami.”

Chelsea & Abby/ Nick & his boss

Chelsea drones on about inundating Lonely Splicer with instant messages. She is very full of herself and her potential. Abby thinks she’s just mean, obnoxious, and rude. Chelsea instant messages again...tells the truth about finding out his real name and that soon she will know where he lives and works. Nick feels bad...thinks he should be honest...chickens out...decides to end it. He reels her in and she slips up...says that this loser was the one who found out the information and not her. Nick sees red and warns her to be more respectful while she still has any friends left. He says goodbye. Chelsea is shocked that he thinks she’s a loser...tries to defend herself to Abby. Abby isn’t impressed.

Dr. Rekert (Nick’s boss) comes in and wants to know why Nick looks down and out...sees Chelsea’s picture...brags about being a lady killer...offers advice...and takes off again. Meantime, Chelsea goes back to the computer and decides to pretend she is a kinder, gentler girl...a heart on her sleeve kind of girl so Dr. Shane will want her again.


Steve is reliving flashbacks of his forced shock treatments and going berserk. He stumbles around the room, trashes it, yells to his tormentor that he will kill him...and finally collapses on the couch. He reaches for the phone and calls someone to come over ASAP.

Steve looks at a smashed picture of him and Kayla. Bo arrives and wants to know what happened. Steve lies and says it was some kids throwing brinks through the window. He tells Bo he tried but couldn’t catch them. Bo looks skeptical. Steve wants to talk about what happened at Child Protection Services. Bo still thinks a shrink would help. Steve has changed his mind and thinks he just needs a job. He wants Bo to get him a job with the police...has experience. Bo thinks he’s crazy and that there is no way they could give him a gun and a badge and send him back on the streets. Steve tells him he is drowning and pleads with him to throw him a rope.

Bo finally tells him that he can fly down to Mexico City and talk to E.J. Wells...put a fire under him and make him nervous...as uncomfortable as possible. Steve agrees but Bo worries that he might have another Jekyll and Hyde episode...end up in a Mexican jail where they won’t be able to help him. He tells him he can go but only if Kayla goes with him and keeps him in check. They shake hands and Bo tells him he will let Roman know. He leaves. Steve picks up the picture and cuts his finger on the broken glass.


Steve tells a hunted looking E.J.: “Someone helped you pass the police roadblocks. Now the least you can do is tell me who that was.”

Chelsea asks Sami if she has any advice for the pain-in-the-butt in training. Sami smiles and tells her not to miss the opportunity when it comes her way to prove who she really is.

Hope tells Marlena that they have to stop them before it’s too late. Marlena insists that they aren’t going to stop them because Shawn and Belle are doing the right thing.

Shawn pounds on Philip’s body and yells that Claire is his daughter and to stay the hell away from her.


Friday Jan 19

Pat’s Spoilers

Sami’s apt: Sami and Lucas exchange compliments. Sami likes the way Lucas looks but she really loves the man inside the clothes. She kisses him and suggests that they skip the award ceremony. Sami apologises for the way she acted when E.J. called. Lucas understands. More kisses. Will comes out – he’s wearing a t-shirt that says “My Mom Is Sami Brady And Yours Isn’t”. Will is very proud of Sami.

Hospital: Max, Mimi, Belle and Shawn are in a car outside the hospital. Max is the getaway man – he’ll stay with the car. Mimi is to wait outside and watch for Philip and Claire. They go over what Belle and Shawn are supposed to do. Belle is not paying attention – she’s going to say goodbye to her dad. She gets out of the car. Shawn tells Max and Mimi it will be okay. He’ll stay with her and they’ll be on time. Belle has to do this because if anything happened to her dad she’d never forgive herself for not saying goodbye. Max asks Mimi if she is scared. She is. She’s never taken part in a kidnapping before. Shawn tries to justify their criminal actions by saying they are just taking back what is rightfully theirs.

Belle does her it’s all about me goodbye to John. Marlena overhears Belle telling John that they’re leaving with Claire. Belle tells her that she and Shawn are taking Claire from Philip and leaving. Marlena tells her kidnapping is a felony. Belle insists that Philip is leaving the country and they’ll never see Claire again. They have no choice. Marlena asks what she can do to help. Tears and hugs. Shawn tells Belle they have to go. Marlena tells him he better take good care of her girls. Shawn makes an empty promise.

Shawn’s cell rings – Mimi tells him that Philip and Claire are here. Shawn slinks into the men’s room to hide. Philip comes along with Claire and asks Belle what she is doing there. She’s there to see her Dad. Philip tells her that John is the best – don’t give up hope. Belle wants to know why Claire is there. Philip says that she is sneezing so he’s going to have allergy tests done. Belle asks if she can hold her for a minute. Philip hands her over … Claire wants to go back to Philip … LOL… Belle has to turn her away so Claire can’t see him. Belle yells for Shawn. Shawn hits Philip several times and then brags that Claire is his daughter … he runs yelling at Philip to stay away from her. They make it into the car and lock the doors just as Philip gets there. Max peels out.

Brady pub: Chelsea tells Kate that she doesn’t get it. Sami ruined all these lives and now the entire town is treating her like a hero. Kate tells her that is her father’s doing. Chelsea thinks Sami is lucky. Kate states that Sami isn’t what she seems. Chelsea says Sami went from zero to hero and she wants to know how she did it. Bo is trying to get hold of Shawn, Hope of Belle – no success. Hope thinks they are in trouble. Bo says they won’t do anything stupid. They won’t make things worse, he hopes. Kayla comes in. Bo is surprised to see her. He thought she would on her way to Mexico with Steve. Kayla asks him why he would think that.

Kayla is upset that Bo sent Steve to confront E.J. – the guy that tried to kill John. Bo says he volunteered. Hope tells Kayla that Bo expected that Steve would take Kayla with him – she would keep him out of trouble. Bo is pretty sure there won’t be any trouble. Kayla asks Bo if he has any idea of what he has done. He has sent her husband to meet a killer all by himself. Bo says Steve begged him – he’s never seen him like this. With her there with him … Kayla points out that she isn’t there. Hope thinks that it’s time for Kayla and Steve to be completely honest with each other. Kayla says he keeps telling her he’s fine but she knows he isn’t. Bo says she is right and tells her about the incident at the CPS office. He promised not to say anything if Steve promised to see a shrink. Bo thinks Steve is scared of what he might find out. Kayla thinks the same thing. Chelsea asks Kate how she can do that – try and make her feel bad for wanting a loving family. Kate says she had two loving families, first the Bensons and now her and Billie. Chelsea isn’t feeling the love right now. Kate thinks she is ungrateful. Kate tells her to accept that Bo has a wife and family that she’s just not a part of. Chelsea says that’s the meanest thing Kate has ever said to her and she wants an apology. Roman enters and introduces the woman of the year, his daughter, Sami Brady. Everyone claps except Kate.

Chelsea wants to know why Kate thinks it’s childish of her to want to have a relationship with her father – doesn’t she deserve to? Kate says not if he doesn’t want one. Why is she so desperate to be in Bo’s life? Chelsea was lonely growing up – she always wanted a big family. A big family dilutes the gene pool. Chelsea says you’re talking about Sami – you really hate her. You’re acting just as bad as she is. Kate denies that. Chelsea says could have fooled me and walks away. Hope and Kayla congratulate Sami. Will joins them and then Bo. Bo tells Kayla he couldn’t get hold of Steve. Kayla says something is wrong – she can feel it. Chelsea talks one on one to Sami. She asks for advice on how to turn the Brady family around so that they’re on your side. Sami says she made a lot of mistakes and hurt a lot of people. One thing she has learned about this family, no matter how much you annoy them they’re willing to give you another chance to prove that you have the right stuff. She tells Chelsea not to miss the opportunity when it comes her way to prove who she really is. She adds don’t give up on yourself. Marlena enters so Sami goes to her. Marlena is so proud. Kayla and Hope ask Marlena if she’s talked to Belle. She has talked to both Belle and Shawn and it’s too late to stop them now. Bo wants to know from what.

Kate reads Will’s t-shirt and makes a smart remark. Will wants to know what her problem is. She’s jealous because she wasn’t the one that saved his dad. Kate says no I couldn’t have saved him and neither could have your mother. Will tells her to stop ragging on his mom or she’s going to lose him and his dad for good. Marlena tells Hope, Bo and Kayla that Belle and Shawn are at the hospital. They are going to snatch Claire away from Philip. Bo starts calling Shawn and tells Marlena to call Belle. Hope says they have to stop them before it’s too late. Marlena says no. Shawn and Belle are doing the right thing. Roman makes the speech presenting Sami with the Good Samaritan award. Claps, hugs, pictures and lots of kind words. Roman is very proud of her. Sami is in tears – she thanks her family for giving her a second, third and fourth chance – especially Lucas for giving her the strength to save his life. He kind of saved her life too because she doesn’t know how she would live without him. She hugs him. Everyone is happy. Marlena tells Bo and Hope that Sami deserves this and Belle and Shawn deserve to be with Claire. Bo says they are breaking the law. Marlena runs with Belle and Shawn’s assumption that Philip was leaving the country with Claire for good. Hope tells Bo that their son is doing what he would do in his place. Kate approaches Sami and makes nice in front of everyone. She offers her hand – Sami takes it. Philip barges in. Shawn and Belle stole his daughter and anyone in this room that helped them is going to pay.

Mexico: Steve happens to walk into the bar where E.J. is. E.J. is with a very pretty girl making … I mean, passing the time. Steve sits down next to E.J. He tells E.J. he’s flying solo. He came down to bring E.J. something from his friends at home – a warrant for his arrest. He wishes him a warm, happy New Year from the Salem P.D. E.J. tells Steve to take the warrant back to Abe and Roman. The Salem P.D. has no jurisdiction here. Steve reminds him of extradition. E.J. isn’t worried. That will take at least five years. Steve tells him he’s missing the point, he’s on E.J.’s side. The smart thing would be to go back and give them his side of the story. How you shot John Black in self-defence – about all the things he did to so many people including almost killing him and his wife by exposing them to the poison gas. E.J. thinks Steve has a very vivid imagination or else he’s insane. He pretends he doesn’t know anything about John. Steve tells him John is a coma and the doctors don’t expect him to make it. E.J. reminds Steve that they thought the same thing about him but here he is. Steve wants to know why he’s lying low in Mexico if he didn’t do anything wrong. E.J. says he’s on vacation. He knew when Sami offered to help him escape that the Salem P.D. was trying to set him up. He wasn’t going to sit around and play patsy for the keystone cops so he left. He didn’t do anything criminal. Steve drops the bomb shell – the cops have an eye witness. Someone saw him shoot John.

E.J. doesn’t buy it. Steve insists it’s true. E.J. says the police tried to get information on him. from Patrick Lockhart and failed. Now there’s an eye-witness – nope, he’s not buying it. Steve says John could come out of the coma. E.J. doesn’t think so. Steve says okay – I was just trying to give you a heads up. E.J. appreciates it. Steve grabs E.J.’s arm and says he figures the least E.J. could do for him is tell him who helped him get through the police roadblocks. E.J. warns him to let go of him – a lot of people in here will be upset with Steve if they thought he was threatening him. Steve says he’s just talking. He asks E.J. again who helped him. E.J. answers his fairy godmother. E.J. then taunts Steve about his condition. He heard Steve was acting strange, peculiar – could it be bad memories coming back to haunt him. He asks about strange noises and flashes of light. Steve grabs him around the neck and asks if it was Stefano – he wants E.J. to tell him. A couple of thugs pull Steve off of E.J. E.J. tells them to throw him out. Steve tries to go after him but the two guys stop him. Steve breaks through by screaming like a madman. A fight ensues. Three against one. E.J. taunts Steve just before Steve is thrown out – when you get back to Salem say hi to Benjy for me. Steve screams that he is going to kill him. E.J. realises that both his wallet and cell phone are missing. A beat up Steve sits up in some alley. He pulls out E.J.’s wallet and laughs.

Preview: Steve to Bo & Kayla – Look what I found in his wallet. That’s the dude’s travel visa and if he wants to replace it he’s going to have to come back to the old U.S. of A. Philip to Mimi – Belle and Shawn started this war but I’m finishing it and I’m not taking any prisoners. Belle to Shawn – Do you really think that we’re going to be safe? Lexie to Tek – What are you talking about? Tek – Let’s go together. Let’s run away.


Monday Jan 22

Janice’s Spoilers


Bo tells Kayla that Hope is terrified of what will happen to Shawn and Belle if they get caught. Kayla can’t believe that Philip came into the bar screaming and threatening everyone. Bo reminds her that the law is on Philip’s side...he has temporary custody. Kayla argues that Victor lied and paid off the judge. Bo agrees but worries that Victor won’t let this slide...might hire his own army...shakes his head and admits that the best-case scenario would be that he never sees his son again because that would mean that Shawn and his family got away.

Kayla comforts Bo. Bo just wants to talk to Shawn and confirm that he is okay. Steve walks in and finds out that Bo told Kayla about what happened at Child Protection Services. He tells them that he swiped E.J.’s phone and wallet that carried his travel visa...figures he will have to come home to replace it. Bo just smiles and tells them he has to go and see Abe.

Steve talks about E.J. knowing all about his meltdowns and mentioning Benjy. He wants to investigate it himself but Kayla begs him to hand it over to the police. She tells him she loves him but if he’s going to keep secrets from her, she doesn’t know if she can trust him. Steve promises he won’t lie about the important stuff. She tells him that their love has been based on honesty and being there for each other. They kiss.

Steve’s phone rings and its Shawn. He listens as Shawn explains what happened and what he needs. Steve tells him he understands and will call him back. He tells Kayla and she says they have to help...they can’t let Philip take Claire away from Shawn and Belle forever... she gave Bo her word. Steve calls Bo (see below).

Carter Home

Abe looks at some papers with a magnifying glass and thinks something is wrong. Lexie appears and asks him if he forgot that Theo was staying at her mom’s so they could have a romantic evening alone. Abe isn’t interested...tells her that there are discrepancies in the police files about the night John got shot and it’s all to do with her statement. Lexie plays innocent. Abe tells her that her cell phone bill suggests there was no way she could have seen everything go down. She was talking to Abe at the time.

Lexie finally admits that she didn’t see it happen but someone else did. Abe wants to know who she is covering up for. She tells him she is so sorry but she was with Tek. He asks her how she could do this to them again. She defends herself and blames Tek for not giving up. Abe thinks she just wanted to protect herself and her lover. She insists that she loves only Abe but he doesn’t want to listen anymore...he wants her out now... it’s over...it’s done.

Lexie comes down with her bags and says that she was just trying to protect them...didn’t want it to end like this...wanted to be the person Abe wanted her to be but made the wrong choices...knows she let him down too many times for him to forgive her. She opens the front door and Bo is standing there. He asks what is going on and she tells him that she blew it big time and is going to look for a new place to live. Bo asks if there is anything to do but she shakes her head and leaves.

A subdued Bo tells Abe that they can talk later. Abe says that if it’s about police business then they can talk now. Bo tells him about Steve bringing back E.J.’s wallet, etc. A frustrated and sad Abe tells Bo that it won’t do any good...Lexie lied...she was with Tek...they lied so much that neither of them are viable witnesses. This means that E.J. Wells will get away with murder. Bo still thinks Tek can testify and that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that could nail E.J. Abe disagrees.

Bo answers his cell phone. It’s Steve who warns him that if he is with Abe to just listen and not talk. Steve tells him about Shawn’s phone call...that Philip is closing in on them and that Shawn wants help getting to Canada. Bo calmly smiles and tells Steve that he has his blessing to do whatever he has to do.

Abe doesn’t want to talk about E.J. anymore. He can’t believe that he stepped down as commissioner to spend more time with his wife and make his marriage stronger. Now he’s out of a job and out of a marriage. Bo asks if there is anything he can do. Abe tells him that she would just really like to be alone tonight.

Max’s Apartment Part I

While Mimi packs blankets into a gym bag, Max adds diapers, a little money and all the essentials Shawn and Belle will need for their road trip. Mimi decides to stay at the apartment and run interference in case the police turn up...she’ll say that Max had a tow truck call. Max is impressed and they kiss goodbye.

After Max leaves, Mimi starts to tidy up when there is a knock on the door. Thinking Max forgot something, she smiles and asks what he wants. When she opens the door an angry Philip tells Mimi that he wants his daughter. He pushes his way in and starts insulting Mimi. “I’m not surprised to see you at Max’s apartment...didn’t take you long to latch onto another Brady.” He tells her that he wants information on Shawn and Belle and that it will be easier for them if they turn themselves in. He knows that Max and Mimi helped them escape...calls her a practical girl...always looking out for number one... wants to know if she is going to take the fall for them and if she knows how much time she’ll have to serve.

She argues that she isn’t going to sell out her friends to him or anyone. He figures she will join Patrick in jail...a matched set of losers. Mimi wants him to get out but he shouts that he isn’t going anywhere until she tells him where Shawn and Belle took his daughter. Mimi wants him to take a reality check. She reminds him that he only went after Belle because she dumped him. Philip counters that he spent a long time being the fair guy and it didn’t get him anywhere...his wife left him and he lost his daughter. Mimi remembers the loving, caring Philip but doesn’t know this Philip anymore. He talks about his father’s philosophy of going after what he wants and insists that his is going to do the same... Belle and Shawn started the war and he is finishing it no matter who gets hurt...not taking any prisoners. He argues that Shawn couldn’t have cared less about Claire until he found out he had the same DNA. He insists that he is the only legal father.

Mimi tells Philip that she has already called Roman and told him the same thing. She has nothing more to say to Philip, Victor, or the cops...just wants Shawn and Belle to have justice. Philip yells at her...wants to know how she can stand there and say that when it was her lies that caused this to begin with...if she had been honest, maybe he and Belle could have had a chance to work things out and the family wouldn’t have fallen apart. Mimi yells back that Belle never loved him and it’s not her fault that he lost his family. Philip says that the deal is that she can either tell him where Shawn and Belle are or she gives him no choice... Mimi asks him if he is threatening her. A sinister looking Philip turns around and locks the door...then walks back to nervous Mimi and tells her: “You bet I am.”

He suggests that she make it easier on herself. She asks him if he is going to beat her up. He has something else in mind and reaches for her purse, takes out her cell phone...and smiles at the fact that she has Max on her speed dial. Mimi yells at him to take his hands off her stuff but he pushes her backwards onto the couch. She tries again and he grabs hold of her arm with one hand to stop her and with the other calls Max who asks where Mimi is. He yells that she’s with him and threatens to do something to her if Max doesn’t let him speak to Belle. He tells Belle that if she doesn’t want her friends to get hurt then she and Shawn should turn themselves in... bring Claire back to him...he won’t seek charges and won’t seek any further legal solutions...he didn’t mean for this to happen...still loves her and thinks it might not be too late to work things out...they could raise Claire together. Belle ignores his statement about “her friends getting hurt” and tells him that Claire is not his daughter. She says she’s sorry but she and Shawn love Claire and are going to be a family. Philip goes ballistic and yells that he gave her a chance and that whatever happens is now on her. He throws the phone and smashes it.

Philip warns Mimi that she has two minutes to tell him where Shawn and Belle took Claire. He tells her not to make him hurt her. Mimi answers that they are at a new development across town with friends. He yells that she is lying and yanks her arms behind her back. She yells at him that he is hurting her and asks if he is crazy. He ties her arms together and pulls her towards a chest.

Old Church

Belle sits in the dark comforting Claire. Shawn returns with some blankets that Max told him about and turns on the radio. The News DJ is slanting his Amber Alert report in Philip’s favor...talk about his brave service to the country...and calling Shawn and Belle kidnappers... Shawn thinks he’s making them sound like they are crazy. Belle wonders if they will be safe but Shawn insists that they have to wait for Max to come.
Belle is freezing. Shawn rolls Claire up in a blanket. Belle goes on about what she missed when Claire was with Philip. They share a moment talking about being there for Claire through the important times in her life. They hear noises and hide. Max comes in and calls their names. He tells them he has food, supplies, $100.00—all he could get together at the moment—and sleeping bags. Shawn asks him where Mimi is. Max tells him about her running interference for them. Both Shawn and Belle thank him. Shawn says he will never forget what they have done for them. Max warns them that Philip is out for blood. He’s worried about the checkpoints, roadblocks, and airports being watched. Belle suggests they split up. Shawn thinks that Steve will help...no questions asked...has been on the run before with Kayla and will understand.

Max’s phone rings and he tells them it’s Mimi (see above). He throws the phone at Belle...tells them that Philip has Mimi and he has to get over there...rushes out the door. Belle starts talking to Philip (see above) and then tells Shawn to call Steve now!

Shawn explains to Steve what happened and tells him that they are in the abandoned church. Steve tells him to leave it to him...he has an idea and hangs up (see above).

Max’s Apartment Part II

Max comes running in and hears Mimi whimpering in the chest. He opens it up and carries her out of it...unties her as she gasps for breath and tearfully tells him that god forgive her but she told Philip their location because he promised to let her out...she’s so sorry. She begs Max to warn Shawn. Max calls them and gets voice mail...warns them that Philip knows where they are and to get out of there. He comforts Mimi and swears he will kill Philip for what he did to her. Mimi just wants him to stay with her. They start to kiss and end up on the couch.

Tek’s Car

Lexie tells Tek that Abe figured everything out. Tek figures he’s going to lose his job with the sheriff’s department. Lexie can’t believe he’s worried about that when her marriage is all over. He tells her to forget about all that and run away with him. Lexie doesn’t want to lose her child. She tells him to stop the car. Just then a car smashes into the back of their car and we hear screams.


Shawn tells Belle they should go. Philip appears and says he doesn’t think they are going anywhere.

Marlena tells Kayla that John is still trying to get a message to her...she thinks its about Steve.

Sami speculates to Lucas about what if E.J. found out that Lexie and Tek witnessed him shooting John and had them eliminated...are they next on the list?

Steve is in a truck with Shawn and Belle. He tells them that life on the road isn’t easy especially when that old snake Kiriakis is on their tail.


Tuesday Jan 23

Janice’s Spoilers

Sami’s Apartment

Sami and Lucas lay together watching a beautifully lit fireplace. He looks at the award and thinks it’s amazing. She doesn’t think it seems real...her dad’s speech and everyone being so proud of her. Lucas reassures her...knows that she has changed and that he can trust her with his life now. Sami has a strange look on her face and Lucas calls her on it.

They talk about Belle and Shawn and how worried Sami is for them. Sami can’t understand why Philip is acting like this. They also talk about Lucas’s mother and how she apologized in front of everyone to Sami. He thinks Kate wants a fresh start. Sami isn’t so sure. He asks her to give Kate a chance. They kiss and both say they are really happy. Sami’s insecurities start to show again but he reassures her that he would love her whether she got an award or not. He tells her how much he has always loved her, beyond any other woman he’s been with. She tells him she loves him so much and they start kissing again. Sami stops suddenly and rushes into the bathroom.

Lucas is talking to Roman on the phone. He can’t believe Roman is serious and says that they haven’t heard anything but will let him know if they do. Sami comes out in a bathrobe looking pale and saying she doesn’t feel well. He tells her about the phone call...about Lexie going missing...about Abe saying that it was Tek and not Lexie who saw the shooting...about Abe kicking Lexie out...about her being with Tek. Sami is shocked. Lucas thinks the case against E.J. could be blown to bits.

Sami is an emotional basket case. She wants to know exactly what her dad said. Lucas tells her that they found Tek’s car off route 9 and there was no sign of either occupants. Sami is sure E.J. arranged for them to disappear...it’s the only thing that makes sense...
Lexie would never leave her son. She tells Lucas that she is scared that they will be next on E.J.’s elimination list...and all because he doesn’t want to go to jail. She runs back into the bathroom.

Lucas wants to call a doctor but a subdued Sami says she’s alright. He says it’s been a long night and suggests that they get under the covers but she wants to tell him something first. With tears in her eyes she turns to him and tells him she’s pregnant. She burrows her head in his chest and starts to cry in earnest.

Black Penthouse

Kayla brings in tea and she and Marlena talk about Belle being on the run from the police. Kayla tells her that Belle is doing what she has to do and that Steve will take care of things. She thinks Marlena should try to get some sleep. Marlena is too worried to sleep. Kayla gets a call from Steve who confirms he’s with the kids and that everybody is okay. She wants him to keep in touch. He says he won’t be able to use his cell phone on the trip. They say they love each other and hang up.

Kayla tells Marlena that Steve is taking good care of Belle, Shawn, and Claire. Kayla goes to call Stephanie. She leaves a message about Belle and everyone being fine, hangs up and covers a sleeping Marlena with a blanket. Marlena dreams...starts calling out John’s name. She wakes up (I think...lol...) and wants to know who is there. We hear the voice of John calling out “It’s me, Doc...help me...I need you,” over and over again. She keeps looking for him through a haze and ends up on the balcony. We see John, all in black, and then he disappears and Marlena is back on the couch.

Kayla brings more tea. Marlena tries to explain her strange dream...thinks John is trying to get a message to her about Steve...remembers how John stared at Steve right before he went into surgery and said the word “killer.” Marlena thinks Steve might be in danger from E.J. Kayla tells her about Steve’s strange episodes...loud noises....banging in head... disorientation...violent. She thinks it has to do with the DiMeras and what happened during Steve’s missing years...mentions dinner with Benjy. Marlena figures there must be a connection. Kayla is worried that this is killing Steve and is upset that she can’t help him. Marlena offers to help Steve through hypnotism. Kayla hopes Steve will agree.

Abandoned Church Part I

Belle tells a whimpering Claire that Uncle Steve will be there soon and everything will be okay. She asks Shawn if he’s seen Claire’s stuffed bunny. They hear a vehicle arriving and realize its Steve in a delivery truck. He tells them he borrowed it and its better if they don’t ask him about it.

Outside, we see Philip bend down to pick up Claire’s bunny in the snow and say: Gotcha!”

Steve is outside. He finishes his phone call to Kayla and notices fresh footprints...figures they have company. Inside Belle and Shawn talk about Steve helping them. Shawn assures her that Steve likes to take chances. He wants to go. Philip appears out of nowhere and tells them they aren’t going anywhere.

Shawn asks him how he found them. Philip tells them it wasn’t too hard...Meems snapped like a twig. Belle wants to know what he did to Mimi. He tells them that he just made her understand how far he’d go to get his little girl back. Belle wants to know why he is acting like this...they’ve always been friends... Philip goes ballistic and yells: “Friends? You were my wife Belle! Even if I was the only person in town who didn’t know you had a thing for your ex-boyfriend the whole time we were married.” Shawn thinks this is all about Philip getting revenge. Philip insists that all he wants is Claire. He tells them that Claire deserves better than either of them. Shawn wants to leave but Philip warns him that he has the Salem Police, the D.A., family courts, and the Kiriakis name on his side. He asks them who they are going to run to. Belle turns away from him and yells that he will never take her daughter...he’ll have to kill her first. Shawn and Philip get into a fist fight with Philip coming out the winner this time. With Shawn down, Philip yells at him: What was that you said in the hospital? Oh, yeah, she’s my daughter, not yours!” He turns to Belle who looks at him as if he is a monster and tells her she brought this on herself. He calls Claire his princess and tells her it’s okay... daddy’s here. Belle pulls away with Claire in her arms and tells him he will never get her.

She tells Philip to get away from her and promises he won’t get her daughter. Philip tells her it’s over and that Claire is coming with him. He reaches to take the baby when Steve hits him from behind with a board and he goes down. Belle rushes to Shawn to see if he is okay. Belle also worries if Philip is okay. Shawn tells them to go. Steve stays behind and helps him shove Philip down into the cellar, locking the trap door behind him. As they leave, Philip starts yelling for help.

Steve drives with Belle holding Claire in the middle and Shawn on the other side. Belle thinks it’s too dangerous for Claire without a car seat. Steve apologizes but Shawn tells her Claire is safer with her than the maniac back there. Steve goes wonky for a moment but assures them he’s okay. Belle starts to take Claire’s mittens off. Steve warns her to put them back on...they don’t want even a baby print left on the truck. Shawn thanks Steve for what he is doing. Steve reminds him that he is Kayla’s favorite nephew but that Canada is a big place and do they know where they want to go? Shawn thinks maybe Montreal. He hopes their passports won’t get flagged down at the border. Steve thinks they should take a freighter and bribe the crew to stow away, then passports wouldn’t be a problem. He goes ballistic when Shawn admits how little money they have with them...wishes they had told him so he could bring some. A sheepish Shawn tells Steve that everything happened so fast, but he’ll figure it out. Belle supports him and says they can handle it. Steve isn’t so sure.

Steve warns them that they will always be looking over their shoulders...will have to keep moving...will need money to do that...asks Shawn how he is going to feed his family and keep a roof over their heads. Shawn figures he will get a job. Steve kyboshes that idea especially if they are on the run. Shawn gets irritated and tells Steve to lay off. Steve tells him that he was just trying to give him a reality check especially if Victor is on their tail. They talk about Victor framing Steve and Kayla for attempted murder, etc. Steve replies that Victor has plenty of money and power. Belle worries that Victor will always get what he wants and that he wants Claire now. Shawn promises it won’t happen and that he’ll protect her. Steve thinks that if they stick together they’ll be okay. He tells them to get some sleep because once they cross the board and ditch the truck, they are on their own. Belle leans into Shawn’s shoulder and closes her eyes. Steve starts to go wonky again.

Abandoned Church Part II

Philip is still screaming for help. A policeman arrives and tells him to come out with his hands in the air. Philip isn’t impressed, tells the cop who he is and that he was the one who called them. The policeman lets him out and Philip explains that he was hit by a third person and wants him to call for backup before they get too far. Later he calls his dad and says he won’t give up. He gets interrupted by the policeman who says that the truck was stolen but they have the license plate numbers. Philip tells his dad that they may have a lead.


Nick tells Billie that they need to talk about “that night.”

Shawn yells at Steve, who is driving like a crazy, to pull over because they aren’t going to make it. Steve screams back that he won’t.

Roman asks E.J. for his reasons for returning to Salem. E.J. tells him: “Your daughter for one. We’ve become very close.”

Lucas thinks that Sami (crying) doesn’t want to have this baby. He tells her it’s okay and that they will find a way.


Wednesday Jan 24

Pat’s Spoilers

Sami’s apt: Lucas tells Sami not to cry – having a baby is reason to celebrate. He asks her if she is sure she’s pregnant. She’s been nauseous all week and she took a pregnancy test. It was positive twice. Lucas thinks it’s great. They can share in the pregnancy right from the beginning. Sami doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Lucas would like to call everyone and tell them. When Sami continues to cry he asks her if she wants to have this baby. She wants to have his child … Lucas wants to know what is going on. Sami says it’s just that things have been so great between them. Lucas wants to know if she thinks having a baby would blow it. Sami says they never talked about having another child. Lucas has a confession. Sami loves him so much no matter what he had to confess … He’s always wanted to have another child with her. He says being a mother brings out the best in her. Sami doesn’t think it’s that easy. Lucas promises to help with everything – he says ‘our’ baby and Sami yells at him not to say it. Lucas thinks their baby is a miracle. They’re together and stronger than they’ve ever been. When the baby is older they can tell him or her about the night they were conceived – about how Sami saved him. Sami says are you sure it was that night. Lucas is. They hadn’t made love for quite some time before that. Sami tells him he’s right. It must have been that night.

Lucas thinks this is a sign that they were meant to be together. She got pregnant the first time they were together. He can already feel a bond with this new baby. The baby is a miracle conceived on a night of miracles when she saved his life. Sami doesn’t want praise for that. She loves him – she would do anything for him. He and Will are her life, her family. Lucas says her family is so proud of her. Sami hopes that never changes. Lucas wants to make a toast. She asks for some water. He wants better for her – he’s going to go out and get something. Right after he leaves Sami’s cell rings, its E.J. Sami realises that he’s in Salem and asks him why he’s back. He’s back for her. They have unfinished business. Things are far from over between them. Sami mentions the charges against him. He’s there to clear his name. Sami reminds him the police have a witness. E.J. calmly says the witness is missing. Sami knows that he is behind Tek’s and Lexie’s disappearance. E.J. asks her if she has proof of that. She tells him she kept her promise and didn’t say anything about seeing him the night of John’s shooting. E.J. says she helped him escape. Sami says because you held a gun to my head – she did what she had to do to save Lucas’s life. E.J. says so our precious moments together didn’t mean that much to you. Sami says you forced me to have sex with you. E.J. says she had a choice. Sami says yes, let Lucas die or let you plant the DiMera seed – what the hell kind of choice was that. E.J. thinks it’s a choice she made willingly and memorably. He brings up the award Sami received and asks her how it feels to be loved and admired. She says it’s a feeling he’ll never experience. E.J. isn’t so sure – they say the love that a child has for its parents … Sami tells him to shut the hell up and never call her again. She hangs up and starts crying when she looks at a picture of Lucas and Will.

She cries she had to do it – Lucas returns. Lucas asks her what is wrong. Sami thinks he is going to hate her when she tells him. Lucas understands. She doesn’t want to have this baby. It’s alright – they’ll find a way. Sami assures him that she wants to have his child more than anything. Lucas says she doesn’t have to say that to please him. She’s been freaking out since she found out she was pregnant. She tries to blame it on hormones. He says no – something’s eating her up inside – he knows her. He wants to know what it is. He asks her to trust that their love will be strong enough – to trust him. Sami tells him she does trust him. She’s upset because she thinks someone or something will ruin it for them. He asks if it’s because E.J. called her the other day. Sami says it’s not just about him. It’s about things beyond their control. Lucas thinks she feels she doesn’t deserve this. That’s the old Sami talking. Nothing is going to come between them this time. He promises. He pulls out the stuff he bought to celebrate. Sami thanks him for making her feel hopeful. Lucas tells her to have a little faith. He has more than enough for all of them.

Brady pub: Nick and Abby join Chelsea at her invitation. Abby wants to know what Chelsea wants from them. Chelsea wants their forgiveness. She’s sorry for all the mean things she said. She never meant to hurt them. Nick is having a hard time believing her. Abby thinks she is doing this because Dr. Shane Patton told her to be nice to others. Nick wants to know if she would be trying to change if it wasn’t for this guy. Chelsea says she’s not that shallow. Yeah the guy is great to look at but it’s more about how he thinks and what he says. The things he wrote made her want to make other people happy like he made her. Abby tells her to move on. Chelsea can’t – she’s in love with him. Chelsea keeps talking about Shane – Nick decides he has to leave. Billie arrives. Chelsea asks her to join them. Nick acts very nervous. Chelsea has exciting news for them. Nick knocks over the water glass and he and Billie almost have a meltdown. Chelsea says it’s just water – why is everyone acting so weird.

Billie wants to know what Chelsea’s good news is. She pulls out her acceptance papers to Salem’s U’s spring semester. Nick wants to know if she is doing this to impress Dr. Shane Patton. No she’s doing it to better her future. She has big plans. Billie doesn’t think she has enough money for tuition. Chelsea says that will be fine. Money’s not a problem. Because of her high grades she’s eligible for a scholarship. With that, a student loan and a part-time job she’ll be fine. Billie asks if she has a job. She doesn’t. Chelsea asks Nick to ask his boss if she can have a job in the lab. Nick looks flustered – he says no. Chelsea drapes herself all over to try and change his mind. Chelsea thinks he agreed. Abby tells her not to count on that job. Chelsea thinks this is fabulous. She can move in to the dorm and Billie can have the place to herself to meet with her secret lover. Billie gets up to leave. Chelsea follows and tells her not to be mad. She won’t mention her secret lover again. Billie denies having a lover and she doesn’t appreciate Chelsea making snide remarks about her personal life in front of her friends. Billie leaves. Chelsea thinks she has something or somebody on her mind – she wonders which. Abby tells Chelsea that she was making fun of her mother. Chelsea thinks the guy is married and she’s ashamed. Nick hears his car alarm. He has to run. Chelsea thinks that Abby should come to school full-time. Max would let her work whenever she wants. She thinks it would be fun if they went to school together. Outside Nick apologises to Billie. She tells him she didn’t do anything wrong. Nick says neither did you – she has to go. Nick thinks they need to talk about that night, doesn’t she?

The fugitives, Steve & Clair: Steve is on a payphone talking to Kayla. The packages will be delivered soon. Shawn wants to talk to her. Steve gives him 20 seconds. He tells Kayla to let his parents and Marlena know they’ll get in touch as soon as they can. Steve hangs up the phone. Shawn wants to get some coffee. At first Steve says no but then he thinks they should get Claire some juice. Shawn says he’ll join them. Shawn phones Philip and gloats – Shawn is such an a$$! In the van the criminals and Claire are sleeping – Steve needs some good music on the radio. He finds a station playing heavy metal music – at least it has a beat. The music puts Steve into a trance and he has a flashback to the shock treatments he was getting. He is yelling – Shawn asks him what is wrong. Steve says they had a tailgater but the guy just passed them. Everything is cool.

Shawn says Steve’s name and startles him. Belle tells him to slow down – he’s going too fast – they don’t have a car seat. Steve tells her they only have 20 miles to go – she should go back to sleep. Shawn asks him if he’s sure he’s okay. Steve says he is – nothing can go wrong now. They hear police sirens. Steve says we got company. Steve tells them to hang on. Shawn says they have to pull over – Steve says that he’s not going back. Shawn says if you think you can outrun them you’re crazy. The police tell them to pull over or they’ll shoot the tires out. Belle is freaking out. Shawn is yelling. Steve is yelling – I’m yawning and rolling my eyes. Steve tells Shawn to take the wheel – if they don’t get away they’re going to fry them. Surprising how the vehicle doesn’t slow down when no one has the foot on the gas. Steve challenges the cops and screams like a mad man as he throws out packages. Shawn shows his gratitude by telling Belle the guy is crazy. The police pull over. Steve tells them to go through the border crossing without stopping and then ditch the truck. He’s going to give the cops someone else to chase. He jumps out of the truck. Apparently the criminals are now in Canada – ridiculous. Shawn makes more empty promises.

Salem PD – Roman’s office: Philip bursts into Roman’s office demanding to know what they’re doing to find Claire. Roman assures him that they are doing everything they can. Shawn and Belle won’t get out of the state. Philip says he got a call from Shawn saying they were doing just that. Philip accuses Roman of breaking the law. Roman gets righteous and says that he heard Philip didn’t have any respect for the law either – he heard Philip was taking Claire out of the country. Roman thinks he was taking Claire to Brussels and they would never be seen again. Philip doesn’t care what Roman thinks. Roman suggests that Philip call his father to hire his own police force to find Claire. Philip says so you tell the father of a kidnapped child to look for her on his own. He asks Roman if he would be calm if his child was missing. Roman says no. Philip tells Roman he loves Claire and he’s begging them to find her.

Roman asks if he thinks that just because he doesn’t like his father that he would let Shawn and Belle escape. Philip thinks half the town is hoping they make it to Canada. Roman says you can’t blame a mother for wanting to hold on to her child. Philip reminds him that he’s a father. Roman says just because Shawn called and said they were close to the border … Philip realises that it could be a decoy. For all he knows they could be hiding out at the pub. Philip wants results. Roman shows that he’s ignorant by telling Philip that if Shawn and Belle make it to Canada there’s nothing that he or anyone could do. Excuse me – Shawn and Belle committed a felony. Canada and the U.S. have an extradition agreement. There’s a lot that can be done and it would all result in Shawn and Belle doing hard time. Philip thinks if they made it to Canada they had an accomplice. Roman says if there was an accomplice he will be charged with aiding and abetting. Philip accuses Roman of being in on it too – another dirty cop. Roman threatens Philip. Then he talks about Victor hiring someone to kidnap Claire from the diner so that could be used in court. Philip says try proving that. Roman will. Philip tells him that he’s going to be pressing charges. E.J. walks in.

He apologises for interrupting. He can come back next week. Roman doesn’t want him to go. Philip gets the hint. He tells Roman he’ll be back. E.J. denies shooting John. Roman makes it official – he places E.J. under arrest and reads him rights. E.J. gives his word as a gentleman that he’s never shot anyone. His solicitor is on the way – in the meantime he asks Roman what possible reason he has for pressing charges. He hopes it’s more than the fanciful eye-witness account of Lexie Carver especially when she’s apparently off on another tryst with her lover. Poor Abe – blind in more ways than one. Roman asks him his reason for coming back. E.J. says to clear his name and see some dear friends like his daughter. They’ve become very close, exceedingly close. Roman brings up the stakeout. John Black is one of the finest men he’s ever known and he may not come out of that coma. They exchange a few more words. E.J. lists all the things that John did to him and says he thinks John got what was coming to him. Roman grabs E.J. E.J. taunts him. Roman calls the officer in and tells him to process E.J. and put him in a cell. Philip returns. If and when Shawn and Belle get into Canada they’re going to need money. The only thing they have of value is Belle’s wedding ring. He’s reported it stolen so as soon as they try to pawn it – Claire is as good as in his arms already.

Preview: Kate to E.J. – Did you shoot John or not? E.J. – Kill a man in cold blood. I couldn’t do that. You know that, don’t you? Sami to Lucas and Roman – Tek and Lexie aren’t coming back. Lucas – Why not? Why would you say that? Sami – Because they’re dead and E.J. killed them. Connor to Bonnie (and Mimi) – Give it up, Mom. You’re a Lockhart Mimi and you got a right to know. Mimi – Who is it? Connor – It’s … Chelsea to Nick – Nick, I really like you.


Thursday Jan 25

Pat’s Spoilers

The Lockhart’s: Bonnie and Connor come inside. Connor is carrying a pick-axe and a shovel. Bonnie is worried that they didn’t bury it deep enough. Connor thinks he hit the China wall – he goes to put the tools back in the basement. Mimi comes home and notices how dirty Bonnie’s jacket is and the smudges on her face and asks her if she took up mud-wrestling. Bonnie says that they got water in the basement again. She and Connor took care of it. Connor joins them. Mimi wants to know what they are up to. Bonnie repeats there was water in the basement. Mimi points out that there hasn’t been any rain. Bonnie and Connor both speak at the same time and they both give different answers. Bonnie keeps talking to try and cover it up. Connor tells her to forget about it, he and Mom took care of it. Mimi tells Connor to stop lying. He offers to take her down to the basement to show her. Mimi tells him if he’s going to lie he needs to get better at it. Just watch their mother every time she opens her mouth. Mimi is going upstairs to bed. Bonnie is upset with Connor for offering to take Mimi down to the dry basement. He should keep his mouth shut – she can take care of Mimi. Mimi returns. She shows them a fax of a police sketch of the person that stole the bones. She asks Connor if it looks like anyone he knows.

Bonnie thinks it looks like Matt Damon. Connor tells Bonnie to shut up. He tells Mimi he didn’t want to do it but mom made him. Mimi wants to know what kind of freak mother would steal bones from a morgue. Bonnie still tries to deny it. Mimi asks Connor if this is really him in the sketch. Connor thinks he’s going to barf. Mimi wants to know what Bonnie wanted with those bones. Connor doesn’t say anything. Mimi says she’ll find out for herself and slams the door as she goes outside. Connor is worried – Mimi is really smart. Bonnie says she isn’t going to dig anything – not with that new manicure. She suggests they have something to eat. They’re having sandwiches. Connor is worried. He should have stayed at that juvie ranch – he didn’t know how good he had it being scared straight. Mimi comes in with the bag of bones. She tells them they have 60 seconds to give her two good reasons, one from each, why she shouldn’t call the cops. Mimi wants the truth. Connor asks her to leave it alone – they didn’t want to get her mixed up in this. Mimi says great, Patrick’s already in jail and they’re on their way. Bonnie insists they’re not going to jail. Mimi says they will if she calls the cops. Bonnie tells Connor Mimi’s bluffing. Mimi calls the police and asks for Commander Brady’s office. Connor grabs the phone from her and says he tell her. She’s a Lockhart and she has a right to know. The bones in the bag – it’s Dad.

Mimi is shocked and feels faint. She can’t believe that’s her dad. Connor brought her a card from him from the ranch. Bonnie says she was asking so many questions –they just wanted to make her feel good. Mimi wants to know what happened to him. What did Bonnie do to him? Mimi says she has a right to know what happened to her father and Bonnie is going to tell her. Bonnie refuses to answer on the grounds she might incriminate herself. Mimi says OMG – you killed Dad – you murdered him. Bonnie didn’t say that. Mimi says but you aren’t denying it. You steal his bones from the morgue and bury them in the back yard. Connor says if she hadn’t come home when she did she would never have known. Can’t she just pretend … Mimi says no. She can’t believe that they’re both acting like it’s no big deal. She asks Connor to tell her what happened. Connor doesn’t know. Mom just said she wanted help hiding the bones. He didn’t ask. He goes up to bed. Mimi tells Bonnie that she is taking the bones to the police in the morning. She will identify them as her father’s bones and she will tell them how she found them freshly buried in her own backyard. Bonnie says – you’d send me to jail. Mimi says you have until the morning to tell me the truth before I rat you out. She’s going to lock the bones up with her in her bedroom for the night.

Brady pub: Chelsea tries to persuade Abby to register full-time. Abby keeps talking about her job. Chelsea tells her that Max is totally into Mimi now. Chelsea mentions all the hot guys. Abby thought she was only into Dr. Shane Patton. Chelsea says it’s over with him. She’s ready to jump into the dating pool at Salem U and Abby should come with her. They banter and throw a bit of food around.

Outside the pub – Nick apologises for leaving his belt behind. That was stupid and now Chelsea thinks you have a mystery lover. Nick wonders if Chelsea would be upset if she found out. Billie thinks she would be grossed out. Kids don’t like to think about their parents having sex. Nick insists that he’s not a kid. Billie agrees but she thinks that his first time should have been with someone closer to his age. Nick tells her it was the greatest experience of his life and he’s not sorry it happened. Billie is glad the night was so special to him but it never would have happened if she hadn’t been drinking. That night with him was a wake up call. She’s going back to her AA meetings. Nick fishes to find out if she told anyone about that night. Billie tells him she hasn’t told anyone and she won’t. Billie thinks that Nick is a good influence on Chelsea. Nick says it’s not him, its Dr. Patton she wants to impress. Billie can tell Nick’s not a fan of this guy. Nick wishes he’d go back to the swamp he crawled out of.

Billie figures out that Nick has a crush on Chelsea. She approves. She encourages him to make a move. Nick says that Dr. Patton is Chelsea’s type and he isn’t. Billie says he is Chelsea’s type she just doesn’t know it yet. Nick gushes about Chelsea’s – her eyes make his heart beat a million times a minute. Billie wants to know if he’s told Chelsea how he feels. Nick claims she knows – she uses it to get him to do things for her. He does them because he wants to be close to her. Billie tells him not to give up on Chelsea. She thinks Chelsea’s likes him a lot more than she’s willing to admit even to herself. They hug and she kisses him on the cheek.

Nick goes back inside. Abby leaves. Chelsea wants to know who he was talking to – a hot babe. He says it was someone old enough to be her mom. He doesn’t want to talk about him he asks about school. She wants to talk about a job. He says there’s nothing. She keeps pushing – he keeps countering. She asks him why he doesn’t want her there – she starts listing off possible reasons. He says no – she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Chelsea thanks him – that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to her in a long time. Nick thinks she is being nice to him because she wants something from him. Maybe before – but not now. She does want a job and she doesn’t understand why he won’t recommend her. She gets up and leaves and he follows her outside. He wants to tell her the truth.

When he’s a work – that’s his real world – he gets respect. Chelsea understands – he doesn’t want her there teasing him. She is trying to change. Nick noticed that. He’ll ask about a job at the hospital and recommend her if there is one. She asks if he is worried that she will embarrass him. He’s worried he may embarrass himself. She says if she works there she’ll make him proud of her. He’s already proud of her. Chelsea says no one ever says things like that about her. She tells that she really likes him. She always has – he’s the smartest man and the sweetest man she’s ever known. He always stands by her. He inspires her and she’s sorry for how she mistreated him. She asks him to promise her that he’ll always be her friend. He does. She tells him he’s the best, kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Sami’s apt: Roman comes over to tell them that E.J. Wells is back in Salem. He turned himself in. Sami asks if they arrested him and what did he have to say about the night that John was shot. Roman tells them that E.J. claims to have friends that can clear his name and Sami is one of those friends. Sami says he is not her friend. Lucas asks if E.J. has a lawyer. Roman says yes but he may not need one because Lexie lied they may not have enough to hold him. Lucas thinks that once Lexie and Tek return they can … Sami yells that Tek and Lexie aren’t coming back because they’re dead and E.J. killed them. Roman says there is no proof of that. Sami is very upset – she insists that E.J. wouldn’t have come back if they could prove anything. He ran Tek and Lexie off the road, killed them and got rid of the bodies. He’s coming after her next because she set him up to go to the boathouse. He’s going to kill her. Lucas tells her to calm down. He tells Roman she is a little emotional now. Sami yells that she is scared. Lucas knows that but she’s also … he tells Sami to tell her Dad. Sami reluctantly tells her Dad that she is pregnant. Roman says isn’t that good news. Sami says it is except for E.J. Lucas tells her to forget E.J. Lucas accuses the police of dropping the ball on this. Roman assures him that no one is going to hurt Sami or the baby. Lucas says it’s his job to protect Sami now and he will.

Roman tells Lucas he is right. They did promise Sami that E.J. would go to prison and he’s not sure that will happen – they don’t have enough evidence. Lucas tells Roman to tell E.J. if he comes near his family he’ll kill him. Roman tells Sami that she and the baby will be okay. He’d like to know when he can start spreading the word about the baby. Sami says they don’t want to tell anyone else just yet, it’s too early. Roman leaves and Billie shows up. She saw Roman – is everything okay. Lucas’s cell rings – it’s Victor. He heads to the bedroom to take the call. Sami tells Billie that E.J. is back in town and it looks like the police don’t have enough evidence to hold him. She has to go see him while there are still bars between them. Billie tries to talk Sami out of it – E.J. is dangerous. Lucas will never let her go. Sami says that is why Billie is going to help her. Billie will never forgive herself if E.J. hurt her. Sami says he can’t hurt her because he’ll be in a cell. Billie makes her swear on a phone book that she’ll be super careful. Sami swears on the names of everyone that lives in Salem. Lucas comes out. Lucas says Victor wants to see him – he’ll probably be gone all day. Sami says she’ll practice cooking – she’ll be fine. Billie leaves. Lucas feels weird about leaving her alone. Sami insists she’ll be fine. Lucas tells Sami Victor is on the warpath about Shawn and Belle. He’ll tell Victor that he believes Claire belongs with her biological parents. Sami doesn’t think biology matters. Claire belongs with Belle because she’s her mother in every way that counts – geez just like Philip is Claire’s father in every way that counts. Sami doesn’t want to talk anymore. They start kissing.

Salem PD: Kate is there to see E.J. He’s in handcuffs and his leg is cuffed to a desk leg. E.J. asks Kate how she’s been. She slaps him. She tells him he’s lucky she didn’t have a gun. She mentions that their business assets are frozen and she can’t get into her bank accounts all because he had to flee the country. E.J. wasn’t going to stand around and wait to be arrested. She says John could be in a coma for the rest of his life. E.J. thinks they all have their crosses to bear. This is all about the Salem P.D. setting him up because he threatened to expose their corruption. Kate tells him to shut up – did he shoot John or not? He denies it. She knows him better than anyone else so he needs her to believe him. She doesn’t believe that he could kill a man in cold blood, does she? Kate asks if she is supposed to believe him just because he says so. E.J. thinks this is because of his DiMera name. She asks if he has reliable witnesses. He does. She wonders how much he paid them. E.J. says he has a team of lawyers working around the clock so get Mythic open and operational again. Kate asks if he expects her to keep working with him. He expects her to keep sleeping with him – she has to admit they work well together. Kate says that’s not the point. She cared about John – he’s a friend of hers. E.J. says he is her business partner and her part time lover – she’s never had it this good. But she has to be willing to commit – it’s her move.

Kate asks again why did he flee to Mexico. E.J. says it’s because the police department was out to get them. They even used the police commander’s own daughter to try … Kate stops him and wants to talk about Sami. She has a theory about the night E.J. allegedly shot John and that Sami allegedly saved Lucas’ life. All of Salem has been talking about it. E.J. says good for Samantha. Kate gives E.J. the details – how Lucas ended up being pinned under a beam and Sami lifted this extremely heavy beam as if it was light as a feather. E.J. thinks it’s a testament to the power of love. Kate thinks Sami had help rescuing Lucas – does this sound familiar to him. She thinks E.J. helped Sami rescue Lucas. E.J. claims he was halfway to Mexico. Kate thinks he needed help to get through the police road blocks. E.J. tells Kate she has a wonderful imagination in bed but he thinks she can fantasy books. Kate still thinks that Sami and E.J. helped each other. E.J. tells her that as uncomfortable as it might be for her Sami is going to be her daughter-in-law. Kate says there is no way that Sami lifted that beam by herself – E.J. helped her. E.J. denies it but he can see she doesn’t believe him. He’ll have his lawyers draw up dissolution papers. He can run Mythic on his own. She has until the morning to make up her mind. He calls for the officer to tell him they’re done. E.J tells Kate he’s going to miss her and then he kisses her.

Preview: Victor to Lucas – I want you to find Claire and bring her home. Lucas – Sorry boss but I can’t do that. Belle to Shawn – We left everything behind. Shawn – So what do you think, we made a mistake? Chelsea to Nick – My Mom had her boyfriend over and I wanted to know if you had any idea who it was. E.J. to Sami – The reason you didn’t put up a fight is because you wanted it just as much as I did.


Monday Jan 29

Janice’s Spoilers

Toronto Safe House/Pub Part I

LOL...this isn’t the Toronto I know...

Shawn calls the pub and Chelsea answers. She asks him how they are and offers to go and find his dad for him. Shawn tells her he’ll call back in 90 minutes and thanks her.

Belle adds another name to the list of people she’s not sure they can trust: Chelsea. Shawn reassures her. While Claire (or the tiny inanimate doll currently posing as Claire) sleeps on a cot Belle comes on to Shawn when he suggests they take a nap. She wants to share the bed. He wants to sleep on the floor.

Belle tells Shawn that she feels bad. He tells her that none of this is her fault and thinks about the stupid mistakes he made with E.J. and Willow. Belle says it’s all in the past. Shawn wants to take care of Claire and her...suggests they get some rest. Belle wants to know what will happen if they don’t make it or Victor and Philip find them. Shawn insists that they will stay one step ahead and not get caught...he’ll take care of his family and find a place for them to stay.

Merle shakes Shawn awake. He has good news...a Turkish freighter is leaving for the East Coast of Africa in 24 hrs and they won’t need a passport because he has a friend who can get them on as stowaways. Belle is worried that Claire doesn’t have her shots yet. Shawn assures her that they will take care of Claire. Merle promises that they will be in good hands. Belle finally agrees. Merle tells them it will cost $5000.00. She offers to sell her ring and convinces Shawn to let her do it without him. She puts on a hat and sunglasses and follows Merle out.

Belle comes back unsuccessful. She thinks that no one would buy her ring because Philip probably reported it stolen. Shawn decides to call his dad.

Salem Police Department

Max and Mimi stop in to see Roman. He tells them that they had to release E.J. because with Lexie and Tek missing there are no witnesses. Mimi tells him, in a very quiet voice, that they won’t keep him long...just thought he should know about “this.” She gives him the bag of bones. Roman asks her where she found them. Mimi admits that they were in the backyard and she doesn’t know for sure, but guesses her mom and Conner had something to do with it. He asks if she asked them about it. She did but just got lame answers. Roman wants to question them but Mimi thinks it’s a waste of his time. She asks him to hold off and allow her to do something first...get a DNA test on the bones.

Max chimes in and says that with the lab being backlogged, they thought they could ask Nick to do the test. Both Mimi and Max plead with Roman and say that they won’t tell anyone about it. Roman reminds them that even if they get the results, they would still need a match for a positive I.D. Mimi is worried about Conner...thinks her mom pushed him into something but assures Roman that he is really a good kid. Roman gives them one week and then he is going to need answers from Bonnie. A constable interrupts him and he leaves for a moment. Max pulls Mimi into a comforting hug.

The constable shows Roman a fax from the Michigan State Police. They traced the delivery truck carrying Shawn and Belle across the border. It was stolen in Salem.

Steve and Kayla’s Hotel Room

Steve comes back wearing a bandana over his forehead. Kayla tells him how worried she was about him. She pulls off the bandana, sees his bruises, and is suspicious when he gives a glib answer. Steve tells her the truth about the state troopers chasing them, etc. He insists that the trip was a success and Shawn and Belle are safe. Bo arrives and Steve fills him in...says there were a few false calls but nothing he couldn’t handle. Bo talks about how worried he is about Shawn and Belle. Steve mentions the ground rules he set up...Shawn and Belle can’t call them on their cell phones, etc. He also warns that all of them have to play dumb as to their whereabouts and can’t look for them.

Chelsea and Nick arrive. Chelsea tells her dad that Hope told her where to find him and it’s very important. She explains about Shawn calling the pub and wanting to talk to Bo. They rush out.

Pub Part II

Bo is impatient for Shawn to call him. Chelsea says she admires Shawn for what he is doing. Steve suggests they lock the door just as Roman arrives and asks if he is interrupting something. Bo mumbles that they were just talking about how worried they are about Shawn and Belle. In a sardonic voice, Roman says that he has good news... they were spotted in Toronto and the Canadian authorities are scouring the city “as we speak.” Chelsea put her foot in her mouth and wants to know why he can’t just leave them alone. Nick pulls her away. Roman tells the others that he has to pursue this. A nervous Bo agrees that he has to do his job. He tries to get Roman to leave but Roman digs his heels in. He tells them nonchalantly about the stolen delivery truck case that just fell into his lap

Nick tries to comfort Chelsea. (I actually liked those two together today)

Roman tells them all about the van being found across the border...the high speed chase... a Michigan State Trooper reporting seeing a drugged out wild man, wanted by the Michigan State Police on about 26 charges. Roman asks Steve if he is that man. Steve lies and says he was home alone all night...Kayla was at Marlena’s. Kayla confirms it. Roman asks about his bruises and tells Kayla that he checked her cell phone records and there were calls from Michigan. She tells a skeptical Roman that they were wrong numbers. Bo comes to her defense. Steve tells Roman to take him in. Roman just wants the truth. Steve basically tells him what happened. Roman asks him again and he recants and goes back to his first answer.

The payphone starts to ring and everyone looks at it in shock. No one answers. Roman wonders who it is...lol... Nick comes to the rescue and tells him he lost his cell phone and it’s probably his boss. With Bo’s blessing, he answers the phone and subtly lets Shawn know that they aren’t alone.

Roman tells Bo that unofficially he is pulling for Shawn and Belle but reminds Bo that he has a job to protect. He’s going to tell the Michigan State Police that he investigated but found nothing, but if he gets a hint of another incident involving any of them, he’ll have to do it by the book. He asks all of them not to put him in that position and leaves.

Bo takes the phone. Shawn asks how Hope and the baby are. Bo tells him that they are all very worried about Shawn, Belle, and Claire. Shawn says they are fine and at a safe house in Toronto. He talks about catching a boat out of there but needs $5000.00. Bo tells him not to worry; he will get it to him. He tells Shawn to call back and that he loves him.

Kayla offers to go to the bank across the street and get the money for Shawn. Nick reminds them that a wire transfer can be traced. Steve offers to go. Chelsea smiles and says she will deliver the money.

Toronto Safe House Part II

Shawn tells Belle that his dad is going to get them the money. Belle thinks that things are finally starting to go their way. A patrolman is looking around outside.


Max comments on how Mimi isn’t really eating. A depressed Mimi tells him that she doesn’t really have an appetite. She’s sorry that she’s wasting such a nice meal. Max tells her he just thought she needed a break...doesn’t think it was easy for her to go to Roman but she did the right thing and told the truth even while protecting her mom and Conner. Mimi is still worried about Conner. She has a sick feeling that pretty soon she will be the only one in the family who isn’t locked up. Max is sorry he wasn’t there for her last night. Mimi tells him the one thing she couldn’t bring herself to tell Roman... Conner said the bones are her dad’s.

Max is shocked...thought her dad was still alive. Mimi says she did too. She thought he had just left them to get a job and never came back. She thought such terrible things about him but he was dead the whole time. She thinks it’s pretty obvious that either her mom or two brothers had a part in killing him. Max suggests she call Patrick and ask. Mimi needs proof and then wants to make sure her mom pays for killing him. She doesn’t think anyone deserves to die like that. Max pulls her to him and comforts her.

He kisses her hand and tells her it will be okay...they will deal with it...he will be with her every step of the way. Mimi always knew her family was crazy. Max holds her hand and smiles as he tells her that they have one thing going for them. She asks him what. He says: “You. They are lucky to have you and so am I.” She thinks he deserves better than her and that she is just like her family. She apologizes for always dumping stuff on him. Max promises to be there for her no matter what she needs. Mimi is overcome. No one has ever hung in there for her like that. Max tells her to get used to it.


Kayla tells Steve that they need help and can’t do it alone.

Hope tells Bo that Shawn and Belle’s future rests in Chelsea’s hands.

Philip tells a shocked Max that he will find Shawn and Belle and when he does it won’t be pretty.

Chelsea wants to know what they will do if Philip knows about them. Max tells her they will outsmart him.


Tuesday Jan 30

Janice’s Spoilers

Outside Chez Rouge Part 1

Abby sits on a bench reading a magazine. She decides to call her mom for some advice about the rest of her life (one-way conversation). We hear Abby telling Jennifer that this is something she really wants to do and that its time for her to move on from being a kid and being treated like one. She just has one more person to tell.

Max’s Garage

Max walks in and puts his stuff in his locker. He turns around in surprise when Philip says hello. Max is angry and threatens Philip for what he did to Mimi. Philip tells him that he didn’t come to fight. Max yells that he could have killed Mimi. Philip smiles and says he knew Max would come back for her and just did what he had to do. Max grabs him and gets in his face. Philip gets a crazed look and reminds him that he is a marine and has been trained to kill with his bare hands. Max tells him to get the hell out of his garage. Philip won’t go until Max helps him find his daughter.

Max can’t believe Philip actually thought he would help him. Philip reviews Max and Mimi’s crimes where helping Shawn and Belle’s escape are concerned. Max rags on Philip’s dad and his money and refuses to help. Philip offers him money to get back into racing. Max gets irate at the idea that Philip would think he could bribe him to turn on his own family. Philip keeps up the pressure and reaches into Max’s locker for his cell phone. Max takes it and pretends to call Shawn...makes a joke out of it. He closes the cell phone and tells Philip that he would rather change the oil in a thousand jalopies than ever drive again or take his money.

Philip loses it big time (post-traumatic stress). He slams Max up against the locker and seethes as he asks Max if he has any idea what he has to live through every day...one of his legs is gone...he has a face he doesn’t even recognize in the mirror...he wears the blood on his uniform of good men who have been blown to bits. All he has left in his life is Claire. Max tells him that he respects his sacrifices but that he himself spent his childhood living out of cardboard boxes and no one sees him making life miserable for everyone when he doesn’t get his own way. He doesn’t think Philip is entitled to treat people like something he scraped off the bottom of his shoe. He tells him that he has become a bastard. In an eerie voice, Philip says that he will find Shawn and Belle and when he does, it won’t be pretty. A shocked Max watches him leave.

Max is working under a car, his boots hanging out and tapping to the loud music. Abby comes in and smiles. She pulls on his boot and he slides out pretty nervously. He explains that the morning was full of unexpected visitors but that he is glad she came...the computer is doing the blue screen with a fatal error message again. Abby gets up the nerve to tell him she is quitting. Max is shocked and tells her she can’t just quit...asks if she found another job. She explains that she’s going to school full time with Chelsea and just needs a change. Max is perturbed and asks if she needs a change from him. He knows he hasn’t been around much and wonders if she is still upset that he and Mimi are together. Abby smiles and says she’s cool with it. He hopes they are still friends but wants to know what is really bothering her.

Abby explains that she does like Mimi and thinks that Mimi cares about Max. She knows Max owes Mimi big time for helping at the garage. Max tells her he also cares about Mimi. Abby is happy for him but doesn’t want to be a third wheel...she was the one he used to rely on. He argues that Abby took care of the office and customers. She’s just going to focus on school and see where that goes and he can focus on Mimi and see where that goes too. Max hugs her and tells her he will miss her. He hopes she finds a guy who appreciates how awesome she is. Abby tells him she already has. He wants to know who it is but she says she might let him know someday. Abby leaves to take a shift for Maggie.

The Pub Part I

Chelsea makes her argument for taking the money to Shawn and Belle. She figures that no one will watch her because of her reputation of being the black sheep of the family. She’s the last person anyone expects to help anyone. Bo says no. Steve and Kayla chime in their thanks to her but... Chelsea just wants to make up for everything she’s done. Kayla warns her that she doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of Victor.

Chelsea thinks that no one trusts her and reminds them of all her crimes, but Bo tells her that they still love her and want to protect her. Nick comes to her rescue and tries to convince them to let her do this. Kayla thinks it might work. Bo finally gives in but tells her that she can’t go alone. Nick offers to go with her. Bo likes that idea. Chelsea finally smiles and agrees. Bo pulls her aside and tells her he is proud of her. She tells him how sorry she is for everything she has done...just wants to make things right.

Chez Rouge

Hope and Maggie are sitting at a table. Maggie is looking at a picture of doodlebug and thinks she is adorable. Hope thinks doodlebug is definitely Bo’s baby. They talk about how worried Hope is about Shawn, Belle, and Claire. Hope wonders why they haven’t called. Willow comes up to the table and sits down uninvited. She wants to talk to Hope. Hope tells her that they have nothing to say to each other. Willow treats Maggie like dirt and orders her to go see if her paycheck is ready. Hope comments on all the money Victor gave Willow for lying about Shawn and making Shawn and Belle lose custody.

Willow tells Hope that she is pregnant with Shawn’s baby. Hope doesn’t believe her. The younger girl gives her a note from her OBGYN and taunts Hope with it. She suggests that Hope call the hospital to confirm...wants to know where Shawn is. Hope insists that she doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell her even if she did know. Willow threatens to go to court and have Shawn named the official father. Hope wonders why she can’t just leave them alone. Willow pouts that the Bradys are the only family she and her baby have and she thought Hope might want to help...accuses Hope of not having a heart...wonders if Bo will think differently about becoming a grandfather. Hope gets angry and warns Willow not to throw her family in her face...says that even if she was paralyzed, she would crawl to hell and back for them. It goes downhill from there. Hope leaves. Maggie returns and tells Willow it will be at least twenty more minutes until the paychecks arrive. Willow isn’t in any hurry to leave.

Nick comes running in and tells Maggie that he will be gone for a few days. Between his verbal fumbling and Maggie’s, Willow—who just happens to be eavesdropping—figures out where he is going and why. She comes up and Maggie hands over her paycheck. Willow leaves.

Outside, Willow calls Philip and with a smile on her face tells him she has some information for him. He arrives and she explains about overhearing Nick’s conversation with Maggie. All she wants in return is to go with him to Toronto to see Shawn’s face when Claire is taken away from him. Philip agrees. Abby overhears them. Philip calls her name but she doesn’t recognize him. Willow flashes a phony smile at her while Philip explains about his face surgery. Abby cuts things short and goes to do her shift. Willow wonders if Abby overheard them. Philip doesn’t think so.

Abby tells Maggie what happened. She leaves to try and warn Nick and Chelsea. Maggie tries to call Steve and Kayla.

The Pub Part II

Hope arrives with doodlebug and tells Bo about Willow’s claim that she is pregnant with Shawn’s baby. She tells Bo she doesn’t believe it and rags on Willow. Bo tells Hope that Shawn called and they are all okay but need money. He shocks her when he says that Chelsea is going to deliver the money to Shawn and Belle in Canada. Hope can’t believe he would trust the girl who almost drove them apart. Bo tries to explain that Chelsea wants to make things right, knows that she can’t bring Zack back, but she is the best choice to fly under the radar without being caught.

Hope is holding doodlebug and her bottle. Bo takes doodlebug in his arms. They talk about how family is so important to them.

Steve and Kayla’s Hotel Room

Kayla tells Steve that she withdrew more than $5000.00 for Shawn and Belle. They talk about Steve’s behavior in Michigan and how worried she is about him. He admits that he had another attack but claims that he handled it and got the kids safely into Canada. Kayla wants him to call Marlena for an appointment...possibly hypnosis. Steve is surprised she told Marlena about him. The phone rings (Maggie). Kayla insists that they let it go to voicemail. Steve is sure the DiMeras, and E.J. especially, is behind his problems. Kayla can’t believe Benjy would be a part of it. Steve wants to talk to him before he sees Marlena.

Nick and Chelsea meet up outside the hotel room and she thanks him sweetly for helping and sticking up for her. Steve lets them in and hands over the money. He gives them some advice for laying low at the airport and they all hug. Nick and Chelsea leave and are stopped by a breathless Abby who tells them about Willow. Chelsea worries how they will get around Philip now. Nick says they will have to outsmart him.


Chelsea tells Nick that she hopes he knows what he is doing.

Lucas tells a surprised Sami that he is going to be working for E.J.

E.J. and Kate are having drinks together. He’s happy about having Lucas closer to him because that means he will be closer to Samantha. He gives a toast to: the perfect plan—Samantha and him.

The police rap on the door of the safe house and yell that they know someone is in there. Shawn and Belle stay quiet.


Wednesday Jan 31

Pat’s Spoilers

Nick/Chelsea/Philip/Willow: Nick wants to know if Shawn gave a location where to meet him. Yeah – in a back alley somewhere in Toronto. Chelsea thinks Nick is smart, Nick thinks Chelsea is plucky. Chelsea hopes that Abby was wrong about Willow overhearing him talking to his Aunt Maggie because Willow would tell Philip. Nick notices they are being followed by someone driving a very expensive car. Willow tells Philip that they make a good team. Philip gives her a reality check. She’s a whore. He doesn’t take anything from anyone – they’re nothing alike. Chelsea urges Nick to do something. How are they going to lose them? Nick says they aren’t. He’s going to his Aunt Maggie’s to pick up something. Willow tells Philip this isn’t the way to the airport. She figures out that they’re on the street where her ex-boss lives, Maggie Horton. Nick lives there. Chelsea notices that Philip pulled over and stopped when Nick pulled into the driveway. Nick tells her to lock the doors – he’ll just be a second. The door opens – it’s Philip. He asks Chelsea if she is going somewhere.

Chelsea tells him to get out right now. Philip isn’t too worried. Is Clarke Kent Jr going to hit him with a slide rule? Chelsea lets him know they know he was following them. Philip asks her to tell him where they’re going and he won’t follow them anymore. Chelsea lies and says they are going on a date to the movies. Philip asks her why she needs a suitcase to go to the movies. They’re going to Toronto to take something to Shawn and Belle – he starts opening her suitcase to find out what. Nick returns and orders Philip to get out of his care. Philip says ‘or what?’ He tells Nick to relax and enjoy his date at the movies – he’s going to be right behind them. Philip leaves. Chelsea is scared. Nick tells her not to worry he’s got some tricks up his sleeve. Willow doesn’t understand why Philip told them they were following them. Philip says no one else drives this type of vehicle – they already knew it was him. Willow thinks he scared them off. They won’t go and he’ll lose his chance of finding Claire. Philip says not a chance – Shawn and Belle need what they’re taking them. They’ll make the trip. Chelsea freaks when she sees Philip is still following them. That’s exactly what Nick wants. When they get to the airport he needs her to distract Philip. Chelsea wants to know what he’ll be doing when she is distracting Philip. He pulls out the knife. Chelsea asks him what he’s going to do with it. He tells her she’ll see.

Nick and Chelsea make it to the airport. Chelsea hopes that Philip only followed them to the airport to scare them. He didn’t. Philip and Willow are there. Nick tells Chelsea now would be a good time to distract Philip. Chelsea hopes he knows what he is doing. Nick does too. Willow is thrilled that they are flying first class. Chelsea approaches Philip – she wants to talk to him alone. Chelsea tells Philip that she doesn’t want Nick to get hurt – Philip doesn’t buy it. She doesn’t want to mess with him – she wants to tell him where Shawn and Belle are hiding. Philip asks her where are they. Chelsea yells they’re in Canada – she then proceeds to insult Philip and then walk away. Nick and Chelsea go through security. Nick congratulates Chelsea on the beautiful performance. After they clear security Nick tells Chelsea to just watch. Willow and Philip go through security and the guard doing the scanning tells Philip to hold it. They open Philip’s bag and pull out the knife – all the security personnel point guns at Philip. Nick and Chelsea celebrate the fact that they are now criminals – they are so proud! Philip tells Willow to follow them.

Abandoned warehouse: Loud music and the sound of someone partying wakes up Claire. Belle whines about it. Shawn decides to play hero. Shawn asks them to keep it down and shuts off the CD player. His daughter is trying to sleep. The guys tell him he is rude and turn the music back on. Shawn smashes their CD player. They want to know who is going to pay for it. Shawn orders them out of the back alley because after all he’s a big man – they have to listen to him. The big man skulks behind some garbage cans when a policeman enters the alley. The policeman tries the door to the warehouse but it’s locked. He leaves. Shawn knocks on the door and asks the two guys he was just yelling at to let him. They’re nice enough to do that so Shawn repays them by ordering them to party some place else. Belle tries to comfort Claire – Claire tries to get away from her. Shawn tells Belle there was a cop outside – if he comes back they’ll have to leave this place sooner than they planned.

Shawn thinks Claire needs sleep. Belle says she’s teething. Shawn offers to go to a pharmacy. Belle orders him not to go. What would Claire do without him – what would she do? Shawn assures Belle he won’t get arrested. He won’t be long. He’s down to pennies – does Belle have any money. She only has a few dollars – his dad better get there with the money. Shawn says he will. Claire cries. Someone tells Belle to get the baby to shut up. Get the brat out – they have to sleep. Belle stomps outside without bundling up Claire. Shawn wants to know what she’s doing out there – it’s freezing. She refuses to go back in until Claire falls asleep. Shawn gives her the stuff to put on Claire’s gums. They go back in. The cop returns. Inside Belle worries that Bo might send Steve. Shawn says he’ll send someone low profile. He makes his standard empty promises ending with Philip is never going to find them. The cop knocks on the door and yells that he know someone is inside. The cop pulls out his phone. Belle thinks they’re gone. Shawn makes more empty promises and suggests they get some rest.

Chez Rouge: Sami, Lucas and Kate are having dinner. Kate can’t believe Victor fired Lucas. She thinks Philip and Victor have gone too far – they “forced” (LMAO) Shawn and Belle to kidnap their own daughter. Sami worries that someone could end up getting hurt. Lucas suggests that Kate talk to Victor. Kate says it won’t help. Lucas is stressed about being out of work. Kate doesn’t understand why he’s so worried. He has savings, doesn’t he? With his expertise he won’t have any problem finding a job. Lucas asks if he can come and work for her. Kate tells him that she is partners with E.J. – she still has to report to him. E.J. decides to join them and sits at their table.

Lucas asks Kate if she is still involved with the skuzzball. EJ reminds Lucas that he and Kate are equal partners. EJ tells Sami she looks stunning. Sami looks very uncomfortable. Lucas can’t believe that Kate is working with a crook. EJ shows Lucas the headlines of the newspaper – he has been cleared. Lucas spouts off about it being a miscarriage of justice. EJ tells Lucas that he is not a killer and a crook and the DA obviously agrees. Lucas says that is because the eyewitness disappeared. EJ thinks that Lexie and Tek’s stories contradict one another. He’s just going to concentrate on Mythic. Kate mentions that Lucas was just asking about a job. Lucas won’t work for the skuzzball.

Lucas tells Sami they should leave. EJ doesn’t want them to leave on his account. He’ll leave – he asks Lucas to reconsider – it would be a real coup for Mythic to get a salesman of his calibre. Lucas continues to insult him and turns down the job offer. EJ leaves. Kate can’t believe that Lucas is letting his ego get in the way of turning down a good job. This is business. They hash out the accusations and the lack of evidence. Kate thinks that EJ will offer Lucas a fair package. He’ll insure himself of a secure and comfortable future for himself and Sami. Lucas asks what Sami thinks about it. Sami wants him to do what he thinks is best. She’s behind him 100%. Lucas will talk to EJ but he’s going to warn him to stay away Sami or else.

EJ is pleased that Lucas took the job. Lucas wants EJ to stay away from Sami and he’s not comfortable with EJ living across the hall – so he wants him to move. EJ asks if there is anything else. Lucas wants EJ to know he doesn’t trust him. EJ likes that – it’s smart in business to not trust anyone. EJ assures him that he’s accepted that Samantha is not interested in him. He comments that Lucas and Sami must be planning their wedding – any plans for more children in the near future? At Kate and Sami’s table Kate comments that Lucas is so worried about finding a job after only one day. Sami says they want to keep their savings as savings – Lucas wants the security of a steady paycheque. Kate mentions that she met with a producer and he couldn’t stop talking about Sami. He wants to tell her story. Sami says ‘on TV?’

Kate tells Sami what the program is about – it’s human interest reality programming. Sami is kind of leery – Kate hasn’t liked the attention that was given to her. Kate says she has treated her less than kindly but she did save her son’s life and she is grateful for that. She hopes that speaking to the producer will make up for some of the things she has done in the past. Lucas tells EJ that he and Sami are not planning to have any more kids – he’s curious about why he asked. EJ is just making friendly conversation. Lucas doesn’t want them to be friends. EJ pulls out a contract and tells Lucas to sign it and he’ll move out of his apartment and he’ll avoid Sami. Lucas agrees. EJ tells him he won’t regret. Lucas has a feeling he will. He gets up and tells EJ he’ll see him tomorrow and walks away. EJ says and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Lucas goes back to Kate and Sami and tells him that he said yes. EJ gave in to every demand that Lucas made – he lists them all including that EJ has to move. Sami is happy. She suggests they leave. Kate is going to stay and have a drink. Sami tells Lucas that Kate met a producer that wants to do a TV show about the night she saved her life. Lucas thinks Sami will be a star. He’s so proud. Sami and Lucas leave – Lucas goes to get their coats. Sami and EJ have a stare down – Sami walks away. Kate joins EJ and asks him what he is up to. EJ says he’s a changed man – he has amends to make. Kate hopes he’s not up to his old tricks. She walks away. EJ picks up his wine and says the closer Lucas is to me the closer I am to Samantha. So here’s to the perfect pair, Samantha and me.

Preview: Chelsea to Nick – I will tell you the name of one guy that I slept with if you give me the name of your one and only. Shawn to Belle – I can take care of you and Claire. Belle – I know you can. Philip to Victor – I don’t trust Willow but I want to keep her in my sight until I find Claire and then I never want to see her again.
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Thursday Feb 1

Pat’s Spoilers

Nick/Chelsea: These scenes aren’t worth writing up. It all starts with Nick acting like a lovesick moron sniffing Chelsea’s hair, then sneezing and waking her up. And that was the highlight of their scenes. She thinks he’s a virgin – she intimidates that she’s had more than 10 lovers – he insists he isn’t a virgin and that she is. I think Chelsea realises that he did have sex once but Nick won’t give up the name of the woman he lost his virginity to.

Abandoned warehouse: Shawn wakes up and comments that Claire slept through the night. Belle thinks that’s because he’s a ‘superdad. She comments that she’s worried Philip will find them. Shawn tells her not to worry – they’ll be on the freighter tonight. She doesn’t have to worry about who is bringing the money because he knows it will be someone they can trust. Shawn thinks he should go and get some food for Claire. Belle is going to pack up. She tells him that he makes Claire feel safe just like her Dad made her feel. Shawn insists he’s not her Dad. Belle say ‘but you will be’ – huh. Shawn thinks the real test is coming and they’re going to fail.

Belle accuses him of giving up. He isn’t. He meant that he is not her dad. Belle says they are both men that can be counted on. Shawn lists some of the heroic things John has done which he hasn’t. Shawn knows she wants him to be like her dad. Belle lies and says she wants him to be himself (what she means is as long as he’s willing to be the man she wants and expects him to be). Shawn makes it clear that if he could be like her dad he would be, but he can’t. He’s made more mistakes in one year than her father has made in the last 20. Shawn goes on to say her dad never blamed other people when things went wrong – he dumped everything on Mimi. He goes on to list other things he did that her father wouldn’t have done. Belle snarls so you’re just going to hand Claire over to Philip if he shows up. Shawn says no if Philip comes near you or Claire I’ll kill him or die trying. Belle smiles and literally hops with excitement declaring she always had his number. She’s absolutely thrilled and giddy with happiness at the thought of Shawn, the supposed father of her child, committing murder - unreal. She looks so proud of herself. Shawn says he can take care of them. She knows.

Merle comes along and tells them something is going down. He got a tip – he’ll check it but his advice to them is to start packing. Shawn is going to get some diapers and baby food. Belle insists that he not go. Shawn says this is the test he was talking about. It’s just begun. Merle tells them word on the street is they’re getting raided – he yells for everyone to grab whatever they don’t want the cops to find and get out. Shawn says they don’t have to leave because the cops are only after him and Belle. Shawn says they’ll leave but Merle has to stay and wait for the person that is bringing their money. If they don’t get that money they won’t get on the freighter. Merle tells him that he may have a problem with a freighter but he (Merle) has a problem with jail. They’re on their own. Merle starts herding everyone out the back as the police pound on the front. Shawn decides to distract the cops. He grabs a beer can and splashes some beer on himself and then opens the door pretending he’s drunk. The scene is just totally ridiculous. He ends up getting taken to the drunk tank. They all come back inside. Belle wonders where Shawn is. Merle said he got himself busted to give the rest of us time. Belle frets – how is she going to feed Claire? A woman with a baby gives Belle a bottle – she’s got plenty. Nick and Chelsea arrive and ask where Shawn is. Merle comes back and says Shawn definitely got arrested. They explain why he did it. Belle whines – what is she supposed to do. Nick tells her not to worry. They have plenty of money for bail – they’ll be long gone before Philip gets there.

Airport: Philip is in a chair – one arm restrained. He insults the airport security cop. Willow comes in. Philip says it was her fault that she didn’t see Nick planting the knife. The cop doesn’t buy Philip’s story. The cop gets a call. Philip’s father is there with an entire team of lawyers. He leaves. Philip tells Willow to get him loose. She refuses. They argue. She suggests that Philip send her to Toronto – she’ll stall Shawn and Belle until he gets there. Philip gets paranoid. He wants to know how much Bo and Hope paid her to look the other way while Nick planted the knife. Willow insists that she is on his side. She wants to be there when Shawn realises he has lost everything. Philip tells her she better be on his side or else (he makes a notion like he’s slitting his throat).

Willow doesn’t like being threatened. Philip calls it fair warning. She starts to leave. Philip apologises. She says she lied for him in court. She told him about Nick and Chelsea taking Shawn and Belle the money. She’s been a big help to him and if he doesn’t show her some respect she can be a big help to the cops. Philip asks if she is threatening him. She’s giving him fair warning. She thinks it’s stupid that they’re arguing – they both want to see Shawn hurt – they should be working together. Philip says you want me to send you ahead to Toronto – that would mean giving her money and he would have to trust her to do that and he doesn’t. Willow calls him a loser and is about to leave when the cop returns with Victor. He complains that his father accused him of undue force – he removes the restraint. Victor wants to talk to Philip alone. Victor is outraged and promises Philip that people will pay. Philip says no Shawn will pay and he’s going to collect the debt.

Victor tells him to forget Shawn. His mission is to get Claire back not revenge. Philip says he can do both. Victor points out all the things that have gone wrong and says it’s because he’s distracted by Shawn. Philip states that Shawn Brady kidnapped his daughter and he’s going to pay. Victor tells him that nothing is more important than getting Claire back. Victor says he doesn’t care what he does to Shawn after he gets Claire back. Philip says you don’t care – that says it all. This is his fight. Victor knows that. Philip says then why did you pay Willow to lie in court and why did you bribe the judge – it’s because you knew I was going to fail like always. That’s what he liked about the Marines – his commanders gave him an order and they didn’t expect him to fail. Philip starts to leave. Victor says he can’t let him. If he walks through that door he’s on his own, no company jet, no legal protection. He has to trust him on this or he’ll never see Claire again.

Philip says you would take away the Kiriakis resources just to get your way. Victor would do it to get Claire back. If Philip makes the trip to Toronto about revenge he won’t succeed. Philip insists that Shawn has to be taught a lesson. Victor warns that while Philip is throwing tantrums Shawn has time to plan his next move giving him the advantage. Philip says do you always have to win. Victor says he has to take care of his son. Philip can take care of himself. Victor doesn’t think he can take care of Claire not when he’s chasing after Shawn – he’s obsessed. That’s a bad thing because he’s not thinking like a soldier. Philip agrees – he doesn’t have a plan or a strategy for getting Claire back. Victor thinks revenge distracts him and he’s been distracted since he found out Shawn was Claire’s biological father. Philip lost Belle to Shawn, he won’t lose Claire. Victor says that Philip has the advantage – they expect him to come in loud and out of control. Instead he should come in cold like a fog. Philip says no publicized search for Claire – they won’t know I’m there. He’ll have to hire some private cops to watch the airport, train station and harbour. He’ll have them find the go to person for fake passports. Victor says you can do all that or you can just ask me where Shawn and Belle are hiding.

The Toronto police wouldn’t give him the exact location but they insured him they were raiding the place that morning. Belle tried to pawn her wedding ring but because he had the foresight to report it stolen – it was on the hot sheet and no pawnbroker would buy it. Philip asks if he told the police the charge was kidnapping. He told them it was theft. Philip is going to call the police – he wants them to know the charge is kidnapping. Victor asks him if he wants the Toronto police to call Roman and Bo and get their versions. Philip shouldn’t tell them about the kidnapping until he shows up there and then he can show them the court order giving him custody of Claire. Philip is worried that the charge isn’t serious enough and they’ll get out on bail. Victor says they don’t have money for bail. The cop comes in to get Philip to sign a statement. Willow walks in. Victor asks what she is doing there. She is going to Toronto with Philip – she’ll have a ringside seat to see Shawn go down.

Philip returns. Victor wants to know if he’s really taking Willow with him to Toronto. He is. Willow’s ice cream is dripping so she goes to clean up. Victor wants to know why he’s taking her – is it the sex. Philip says no – she wants to see Shawn suffer, isn’t that a good enough reason. Victor doesn’t think so. He wants to know if she is blackmailing him. Philip says she’s too smart for that. She found out Nick and Chelsea were taking the money to Belle and Shawn. Victor thinks it’s a set up. Philip says she swears not. He doesn’t trust Willow but he wants to keep her in his sight until he finds Claire and then he never wants to see her again. Victor tells him to be careful. Willow asks Philip why his Dad doesn’t like her (Victor warned her about hurting Phil). Philip says he has a lot of reasons. She took a bribe. Willow says he offered it to me. Philip says his Dad did it to help his son you did it out of greed. Willow says be glad that I did because even the crooked judge his dad hired couldn’t rule in his favour because he had a lousy case. Philip is taking his passport to the airport manager and then he’s leaving with or without her. He walks away. Willow says she’s with him for a long, long time.

Preview: Lucas to Sami – I can’t work with him. The guy even tried to play the family card on me. He said I’d need the income if we had another baby. Willow to a jailed Shawn – Belle helped you take my dream away. Shawn – What are you talking about? Willow – Our future. Our house with the white picket fence. Kids. Ranting Belle to Nick and Chelsea – Shawn is in jail and Philip is on his way. How am I supposed to protect my little girl without Shawn? Angry Philip pounding on the warehouse door – I want Claire, you hear me.


Friday Feb 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: Sami joins Kate and is introduced to Harold and Bruce, the producer and director of Heroes Among Us. The guys think the story has everything they need - snow, cabin and a beautiful blonde. Kate suggests they order so Sami can tell them the story of how she saved Lucas. Sami thanks her for doing this. Kate tells her it’s not a done deal – you know these Hollywood types, you have to sell them on the story. Sami tells her story as Kate adds her commentary – all very flattering towards Sami. After Sami is done Kate tells the men if they don’t grab the rights to the story someone else will. They need some time to think about it – they have to make sure they haven’t aired similar stories. Kate wants an answer before lunch is over because NBC has expressed interest. They determine the story about the woman lifting the car off her child aired over a year ago. They want one more thing from Sami. They want her to take them to the cabin.

Sami finds out that they will hire an actress to do the re-enactment. Sami says she better be gorgeous. Someone from payroll will be in touch with her because they have to buy the rights to her story. The two men have left the table. Sami thanks Kate for making the TV show happen. Kate says she has made a lot of mistakes with Sami. Sami doesn’t blame her entirely, she was suspicious of her. She even questioned her motives for setting up this show – she thought Kate was trying to set her up. Kate says her saving Lucas’ life made her realise that she had misjudged Sami. Sami thinks they are more alike than they want to admit and that could be why Lucas loves them so much and keeps giving them second chances. Kate does regret the times she tried to make Sami look bad in Lucas’ eyes. Sami says Kate didn’t do anything she wouldn’t do. Sami is going to leave – she’ll tell Lucas about the show and that the two of them made peace. They hug. The two men see Sami leave. Kate waves them back to the table. Sami took the bait – they’re happy about that. They want half the money up front and Project Sami begins. Kate gives them the money – it’s the finish she’s interested in. They talk about how they’ll get Sami to do the re-enactment for the cameras. Kate says that is when they’ll expose her for the liar she is. They’re just two P.I’s and it’s really none of their business but why does she hate Sami so much. Kate tells them it is none of their business and walks away. As she is putting her coat in she says because she’s a lying skank who sunk her nails into my son.

Sami & Lucas’ apt: Lucas is looking over the projected earnings sheets that E.J. has for Mythic. Lucas thinks that all the bad press E.J.’s indictments generated plus the fact that Mythic stock is down will impact the projections. E.J. is very confident. There’s no such thing as bad press. He wants Lucas to sign his contract, he forgot to do that last night. Lucas doesn’t want the job. E.J. thought they had an agreement. Has something changed – does Lucas not still need a job. Lucas does. He dislikes E.J. and doesn’t want to work for him. He packs up E.J.’s briefcase and tells him he can’t wait until E.J. is out of the building. E.J. said he agreed to move out when Lucas agreed to take the job, why would he move now that Lucas isn’t going to work for him. Lucas warns E.J. to stay away from Sami. E.J. says he gave his word that he would. Lucas doesn’t believe him. E.J. asks him if he believes Sami. Lucas is confused. E.J. reminds Lucas that Sami told him she wasn’t interested in him – doesn’t Lucas believe her. Lucas does believe her

Lucas is not worried about Sami being attracted to E.J. – she isn’t. E.J. wants to know the real reason he won’t work for him. Lucas states it’s because he’s a DiMera. E.J doesn’t think that’s fair. They talk about their larger than life parents. E.J. thinks the reason Lucas is turning down the job is because he doesn’t want to work with his mommy. Lucas doesn’t mind working with his mother – he just doesn’t want to work for E.J. E.J. keeps pushing – he gives Lucas a great final offer. Lucas passes. E.J. thinks Lucas is being selfish – he and Sami have mouths to feed. Lucas says we only have one mouth to feed – Will walks in. Will sees E.J. and says aren’t you supposed to be in jail. E.J. says he isn’t in jail because he wasn’t guilty but there is something he is guilty of – that is being rude to Will. He apologises and leaves. Lucas tells Will that E.J. offered him a job but he turned it down. Will thinks that is good but he has to work somewhere with the new baby on the way. Lucas reminds him that is a secret. He notices the door is open so he goes to close it but E.J. is back. He asks Will if he would be interested in a Play Station 3. Will guesses he could use it but if he really needed one he would ask his dad for one.

E.J. says it was just a gift from a grateful client. When Will refuses it E.J. throws it in the garbage. It was just his clumsy way of saying he was sorry to Will. He asks Lucas to help him out. Lucas tells Will its okay. Will is excited and grabs the bag and runs to his room. E.J. says he’s a good kid, they’re good parents, why don’t they have more kids? Lucas wants to know what business it is of his if he and Sami have another child. E.J. says he’s being selfish – if they did have another mouth to feed maybe Lucas would come and work for him. Sami returns home excited until she sees E.J. E.J. leaves. Sami tells Lucas her good news and gives Kate credit for it. Lucas is so happy. They’re going to need the money. He’s not going to work with E.J. The guy tried to pull the family card on him saying he’d need the money if they had another child. Lucas is working on paying bills. Sami wonders if E.J. suspects she’s pregnant. Lucas wonders if he is being a little selfish – the bills are piling up. Sami says they do not need E.J. in their lives. E.J. walks in and invites Lucas to Manhattan for their company retreat. Samantha and the kid are welcome too. Sami says the kid??? E.J. means Will – what other kid do they have?

Toronto police station: Shawn is in a cell. (Not another criminal in sight – LOL!) He asks Pete the cop to let him out. Pete says no. Shawn makes a sarcastic comment about being drunk in Canada. Pete lists a mile long list of charges and tells Shawn his bail is $8,600. Shawn laughs – he thinks it’s a joke. When he realises it isn’t he asks the cop to let him out. He’ll get him the money – he promises. Philip tells the officer not to believe a word Shawn says. Philip has a proposition for Shawn. Merle gets there and talks to Pete. He wants to know how long Shawn has to stay in jail. When Pete tells him how much the bail is Merle whistles. Philip tells Shawn that he’ll pay his bail and drop all charges if he tells him where Belle and Claire are. Shawn postures saying he’ll never tell them where his family is. (Huh – family – I don’t think so!!!)

Unlike Willow Shawn can’t be bribed. He’ll never tell Philip where they are. Philip reminds Shawn that Claire belongs to him. He tries to attack Shawn, Willow pulls him back. Shawn says that with Philip it always used to be a fair fight. Philip asks where did that get him – Belle used the miscarriage as an excuse to leave him and take Claire. Shawn insults Philip. Philip tells Shawn that words are all he has – he has freedom and money. While Shawn is locked in jail he’ll use those things to find Belle and Claire. Philip starts to leave but Shawn grabs him and starts insulting him again – accusing him of leaving Claire because Shawn was the biological father – of putting Claire through all of this. Philip tells Shawn that he was there for Claire from the start – he is her family and soon the two of them will find out just how far he’ll go to get her back.

Philip gave Shawn his last chance to get out of this mess. He will find Claire and deep down Shawn knows it. He walks away. Willow taunts him. Shawn insults her about the stuff she did for a dollar. Willow touches her stomach. Philip asks Pete where he found Shawn, he knows his daughter will be there. Pete tells him the place was searched (he tells him the street) – no one fitting the description the child was found there. Besides he doesn’t know who the child belongs to. Philip pulls out the custody order. Nick ducks out of sight when he notices that someone is with Shawn. Philip tells Shawn it’s over. Shawn smugly says Philip doesn’t know everything. Philip knows his friends won’t get there in time. Shawn can’t stop him. Shawn asks – stop him from what. Philip tells him he’ll find out but by then it’ll be too late. He walks away. Shawn calls him a coward. Philip tells Willow to go back to the hotel and wait for him. He’s going to get Claire. Willow doesn’t think the police will like him doing their job. Philip says they won’t know and you won’t tell them. Nick arrives and tells Shawn that Steve and Kayla sent $10,000. It won’t be enough to get them on the freighter. Nick says one thing at a time. Nick tells Shawn that Belle and Claire are with Chelsea. Shawn starts ranting. Nick defends Chelsea. Shawn says that Philip is there. They both start calling for Pete. Shawn and Nick tell Pete they have the money for bail. Pete says there’s a problem. The kid that was just here is charging you with kidnapping.

Abandoned warehouse: Merle tells the group of three that Shawn ticked off the cops – not a smart thing to do. Belle is freaking out – they have to be on that freighter. Merle decides to go to the cop shop to see what can be done. Belle continues the freak out – they have to have money for bail and to get on that ship because Philip is after them. Nick thinks bail won’t be that much. Chelsea and Nick try to tell her how they detained Philip but Belle is to busy having a meltdown. She HAS to get Claire out of there. Chelsea tells her to calm down. Belle barks at her that Philip is coming – how is she supposed to protect her little girl without Shawn. Belle makes Shawn being in jail all about her as she continues her freak out. She screams at Chelsea when Chelsea speaks calmly and rationally to her. Belle shakes.

Chelsea suggests that Nick get some hot tea. Belle starts blubbering. Chelsea sympathises and makes excuses for Belle’s meltdown. Belle makes excuses for herself. Chelsea understands – Belle understands that Chelsea understands because of losing the Bensons. Chelsea says Belle has an entire family pulling for them. Nick agrees with what Chelsea – everything will be okay. Chelsea doesn’t think airport security will let Philip go for a long time. Belle cries that Philip is a Kiriakis – his father is incredibly powerful. Philip could walk through that door at any time. Nick is confident that they’ll think of something – they won’t give up. Merle comes back and tells them what the bail is. Nick says they have the money. Belle says they won’t have enough to get on the freighter. Nick says they’ll worry about that later. They need to get Shawn out of jail first. Merle tells them that Shawn had a couple of visitors, a pretty boy and a spacey blonde. Belle starts freaking out again OMG Philip is here.

Philip is going to find them. He’s just like his father – he gets what he wants and he wants her daughter. Nick tells her they’ll think of something. Merle doesn’t get in the middle of domestic disputes – he leaves. Nick is going to the police station. Chelsea will take care of Philip if he shows up. Belle plays social secretary and introduces Stacy to Chelsea. Stacy gives Belle platitudes – Belle cries. Chelsea says they just have to stick together as a family and they can handle anything. Belle mentions that the last person she thought she would be relying on was Chelsea. Chelsea goes on it was the same with her and Nick. Belle says Shawn will be proud of you. Chelsea doesn’t think she can make things right with him. Belle is sure that because Chelsea made it right with her that will matter to Shawn. Belle starts packing – Chelsea holds Claire. The packing and chatting continues. Belle says they need diapers and food. She wants Belle to buy Stacy’s baby some food and a snowsuit. Chelsea starts blubbering. A few days ago she was so selfish and shallow. Chelsea wants to be just like Belle – boo hoo – because everyone loves Belle. (LMAO – I don’t think so!) Chelsea suggests they get going Shawn and Nick will be back any minute. Philip starts pounding on the door. He yells at Belle to open it up. He wants Claire.

Preview: Philip to Belle – You think this is about Shawn? There’s only one person I want to see suffer for the hell I’ve gone through and that’s you, Belle. Belle stares. Chelsea to Nick (Shawn has Claire) – We did it. Nick – No, you did. Sami tries to lift the beam – Lucas – Stop. You’re going to hurt the baby. Enough. Kate – Are you pregnant?


Monday Feb 5

Janice’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge

Kayla walks into the restaurant and smiles when she sees Steve at the table. She hopes he isn’t avoiding his promise to contact Benjy. Steve’s eyes grow cold as he see E.J. walk in and sit down at a table across the room. He checks in with Bo and then tells her that E.J. was released because of insufficient evidence. Kayla returns to the subject of Benjy. Steve says that he has had a change of heart and won’t lean on a boy he once thought of as a son.

Steve walks over to E.J.’s table and says hello to “Squire Crumpets.” sitting down across from him. He’s glad E.J. took his advice and came back to their quaint little place. E.J. smiles and thanks Steve for the information in Mexico...everything is all sorted out now. He smiles at Kayla and tells her how ravishing she looks. Steve growls at him not to look at her. He wants E.J. to tell him what he knows about him...is sure E.J.’s family did something to him and wants to know about Benjy’s part in it too. E.J. plays dumb and starts tapping a steak knife into the table in a distinct rhythm that gets to Steve. Steve starts holding his head in pain. The tapping noise takes precedence and you can hear E.J.’s soft voice finally telling Steve that he has better things to do than listen to his inane accusations. Kayla begs E.J. to help Steve. E.J. keeps tapping the knife and Steve starts screaming for him to make it stop. E.J. replies that he has no idea how to stop the episodes. Steve attacks him.

Steve has E.J. in a hammerlock and is holding a knife against his throat. Kayla keeps screaming to Steve to look at her. He finally does and calms down. E.J. pulls away rubbing his neck, and angrily calls Steve a bad pony who is going to go to jail for attempted murder.

Outside the restaurant, a worried Kayla tells Steve that he needs help and they can’t live like this any longer. Steve loses it again and races back into the restaurant yelling for E.J. to make it stop. He grabs hold of him again and they crash through the window.


Outside the cabin, Sami tells Lucas she can’t believe how incredible the day has been. She reminisces about her conversation with Kate and about the television interview coming up. It feels eerie to her to be back where it all happened. Lucas tells her he doesn’t remember anything except when they made love in front of the fire.

Inside the cabin the crew is setting up the beam on top of a dummy. Bruce the director gets the shot ready for Sami and starts taping. She relates what happened that night and says it was a night for miracles. Lucas leaves to take a phone call and Sami continues the story. She starts to cry at the part about Lucas being hurt and is surprised when she is asked to remove the beam again...a lighter one this time. She finally agrees to try but falls back. Kate smirks to herself. Sami tries again but Lucas comes running in to stop her and yells that she could hurt the baby. Kate is shocked and asks if Sami is pregnant. Bruce and the crew leave to get some exterior shots. Sami and Lucas confirm that she is having a baby. Kate pretends to be very happy for them and tells the crew that Sami is tired. Then she goes over and lifts the beam herself. Sami isn’t impressed. Lucas tells her not to worry.

Sami and Lucas leave and hug each other. Inside, Bruce asks Kate if she really had to stick it to Sami like that. Kate assures him that is what she is going to do.

Safe House Part I

Philip charges into the darkened place yelling for Belle. He hears crying and clutches onto a woman’s shoulder, turns her around with a covered baby in her arms, and demands to know Belle’s whereabouts. Stacy pretends to be afraid and wants to know if he is a cop...tells him she doesn’t have any money... begs him not to hurt her baby. He kicks her out into the cold. She runs off with the baby and Philip starts yelling for Belle again. He yells that it’s over and wonders how Belle actually thought she could get away from him.
Belle walks out of the shadows by herself.

Stacy meets up with Chelsea outside and hands over the baby. Chelsea thanks her for helping.

Back inside, Philip grabs the bundle Belle is carrying, realizes it’s just a doll, and angrily throws it to the ground. He starts shaking Belle and wants to know what she has done. Belle tells him that she isn’t afraid of him...admits that Stacy has Claire and accuses Philip of sending them out into the cold. Philip goes ballistic and wants his daughter back. Belle goes on the attack and reminds him that Shawn is Claire’s biological father. She taunts him about having a battlefield epiphany that he had to come back and chase around the world to get Claire back. She thinks it’s about his grudge against Shawn. Philip corrects her and says that there is only one person that he wants to see suffer for the hell he has gone through and that is Belle.

Belle yells at Philip to get it through his head that Claire isn’t his. Phil grouses about her losing their baby at her and how much pain he was in especially when she went home to Marlena. She argues for him not to make her the bad guy and that she loved that baby. He was the one who wanted it aborted because it was Shawn’s. She loved the baby anyway and it was she who was in pain and suffered when she lost the baby, not him. He reminds her of the marriage promises she broke and calls her the biggest liar of them all. Belle dares him to kill her but warns that if he does, he will never see Claire again. She taunts him that Claire will end up hating him. Philip decides to go and find his daughter, and taunts Belle right back...wonders which parent Claire will really end up hating.

Toronto Police

Nick wants to know why they can’t just let a handcuffed Shawn leave. The officer reminds him that Shawn’s friend has accused him of kidnapping. Shawn argues that Philip Kiriakis is not his friend. He insists that he is Claire’s real father and that he isn’t a kidnapper. Nick convinces the police officer to call Police Commissioner Roman Brady. The officer finally agrees and leaves to do just that. Shawn thinks Nick just handed the police his head on a platter. Nick placates him and says he talked to Mickey. It’s not a kidnapping after all. State law defines it as a court order violation and he can’t be extradited for something like that. The police officer returns and tells them he has the whole story now and releases Shawn.

Nick tells Shawn how much help Chelsea was and that family means everything to her. Chelsea arrives with Claire and listens in. She hands Claire over to Shawn and smiles at Nick. Shawn thanks her and gives her a big hug. He tells her he will never forget what she did for him and asks where Belle is. Chelsea explains about Belle diverting Philip’s attention at the safe house so she and Claire could get away. Shawn insists that they have to get her out of there.

Outside, Shawn is carrying a talkative Claire who keeps saying “Da Da.” Chelsea comforts him and says that Belle will be there soon. Merle arrives with bad and good news. The freighter has already sailed but he can get them three passports for $2000.00 and passage on a cruiser for $1000.00. It leaves in three hours. Shawn sputters that they spent most of the money and he doesn’t have enough left. Nick has a light bulb moment and leaves to get the cash. Merle and Shawn arrange to meet at an all-night diner with Belle and Claire later. Shawn is very impressed with Nick.

Belle arrives and assures Shawn that Philip didn’t hurt her. Shawn explains about the cruise ship. Belle worries that Philip is absolutely out of control and will never leave them alone. Nick returns and gives them the money. He promises it’s not stolen but doesn’t want them asking him how he got it. Shawn tells him they will pay him back and leaves with Belle and Claire.

Chelsea smiles softly at Nick and asks him if he knows what time it is. She’s figured out that he pawned an expensive/memorable wristwatch that he got for his graduation and is very impressed. Nick agrees with her that they make a good team. They talk about going home and are surprised when Shawn and Belle reappear. Belle gives Chelsea two letters addressed to each of her parents. Shawn hugs Chelsea and shakes Nick’s hand before leaving again.

Hotel Room

Willow walks into the room raging and mimicking Philip’s orders to her. She rubs her tummy and smiles saying: “Nobody treats your mommy like that. Bad boy Philip will find out the hard way.” She fondles Philip’s expensive watch and tells her baby that this is her first lesson in life...always get payment up front. She starts going through his valuables when he comes in and demands to know what she is doing. He grabs her purse and asks what she did with the ten grand she got for lying in court. She tells him that it’s all gone. He rags on her and kicks her out.

Philip gets a call from the Toronto police officer who tells him he has news about Shawn.

Later at the police station, Philip throws his weight around. The officer isn’t impressed and wants him to leave.

Safe House Part II

An exhausted Willow drags herself in and collapses on one of the sleeping bags on the floor. Merle comes up to her and she threatens him with mace. He promises that he doesn’t hurt women and thinks he can help her.


Philip asks Willow: “How do I know that this isn’t just another one of your scams?”

Willow tells him it wasn’t a trick and that Shawn is her baby’s father.

An irate Sami yells at Lucas that it was a scam and that his mother set her up again.

Steve is in jail and behind bars. He wants Benjy to give him answers or he could lose Kayla. If either of them ever meant anything to him, he wants him to tell him what he knows.

E.J. warns Kayla that anybody who crosses him is going to get exactly what they deserve.


Tuesday Feb 6

Janice’s Spoilers

Toronto Hotel Room

Philip is ranting on the phone to one of his minions that he’s paying him good money to find Shawn and Belle and wants to see some results. Willow arrives...Philip has his back turned and thinks she’s the maid...hangs up and tells her that he told her to disappear. She gets all huffy and starts to leave again...mumbles that she could have told him where Shawn and Belle were. Philip is skeptical. She tells him her woes...spent night in safe house where Shawn and Belle stayed...conned Merle into feeling sorry for her and spilling the truth about Shawn and Belle. She wants money. He wants to know what happened to the $10,000.00 that Victor gave her. She tells him she paid for her brother’s spring tuition and shows him the receipt for it. Philip mocks her. She argues that her brother is a good kid...apologizes for stealing from him but she was mad and desperate... promises not to do it again.

Philip tells her he can find Shawn and Belle on his own. Willow turns green and rushes to the bathroom to be sick...comes back and tells him that she is pregnant and that is why she needs money...says the pregnancy is very special to her. Philip can’t figure out why he should pay her bills when she can go to the john who knocked her up for the money. She tells him the baby is Shawn’s. He thinks Shawn is a hypocrite because of the way he goes on and on about how he wants to be a great dad. Willow admits that she hasn’t told Shawn yet. She tells him about how she told Shawn’s mom...knows how Hope wanted Shawn to be a good dad to Claire and thought she would want the same for Willow’s baby...no go. She bemoans the fact that she is alone, without a job or insurance or anyone to take care of them. Philip doesn’t buy it. She rags on him and turns to leave.

Philip decides that he might be interested after all. He wants to make a deal...cover her medical expenses and give her a great place to stay...as long as she does what Philip says when the baby comes. He thinks the baby will be an asset and that he will have Shawn’s baby while Shawn has his, at least for a little while. Willow agrees. Philip says that when they get back to Salem he is going to make sure she is really pregnant and get an amnio done to make sure the baby is Shawn’s...tells her if she cheats, steals, or crosses him or his father, he will throw her out on the street so fast her head will spin...calls her a whore. Willow goes ballistic and demands an apology. He finally apologizes and wants to know about Shawn and Belle.

She tells him that Shawn, Claire, and Belle got fake ID’s and booked passage on a cruise ship...not sure where. Philip promises to track them down. She thinks she might be showing by then. He thinks he’ll send Shawn a picture to show him what he is missing.

Police Station Part I

E.J. explains to the police officer what went down at the restaurant...how Steve went ballistic not once but twice...about crashing through the glass window...about there being witnesses to what happened. Kate arrives and they flirt...yawn... She goes in to see Roman.

In the jail cell, Steve apologizes to Kayla for losing it in the restaurant. Kayla is upset and reminds him that he has been losing it for weeks but this time he has gone too far. She wants him to get help. He tells her he will talk to Marlena when he gets released. Kayla wants him to check into the psychiatric ward at University Hospital...no more stalling. Steve gets stubborn. She tells him he either gets help or can rot in jail.

Kate enters Roman’s office and introduces him to MIT Professor Walter Brower. Lots of technical mumbo jumbo that basically tells Roman that Sami could never have lifted the beam off of Lucas’s legs. Kate gloats. The professor leaves.

Steve tries to lighten the situation. Kayla thinks he is more worried than he is showing and that the episodes are getting worse. She fears that he will take his wrath out on her next time and asks him if it is worth the price of their future to be so stubborn. Benjy arrives and Steve asks for some time alone with him.

Roman wants to know what Kate is up to. He can’t believe she went to all this trouble just to expose Sami. Kate just rags on and on about Sami.

Steve explains to Benjy about his head feeling like it is exploding. He finally gets Benjy to admit that Stefano ordered him to give him the tarot card at the hospital, but didn’t know what it was for.

Kate tells Roman her scenario about Sami and E.J. having a rendezvous on the night of Lucas’s accident and that if it’s true, then she has aided and abetted a criminal.

Benjy tells Steve that he was worried for his family and thought the card was just supposed to scare Steve. Steve wants to know what they are trying to do to him. Benjy doesn’t know. Steve starts to threaten him and Kayla pulls them apart. Benjy apologizes and leaves. Steve tells Kayla that Stefano was behind the tarot card at the hospital and that Benjy betrayed them.

E.J. asks for two copies of his statement. He sees Benjy coming out and gets the officer to leave them alone for a minute. He proceeds to interrogate Benjy about what he might have said to Steve and threatens him not to betray the family. Benjy leaves and E.J. tells his attorney that he wants criminal charges brought against Steve for assault. He also wants Kayla charged with negligence for being there and not helping. Lucas is listening to all this and doesn’t think the charge against Kayla would stick. E.J. argues that Kayla is a doctor and warns Lucas not to question him if he wants to continue working for him.

Kayla thinks that Benjy must have been a victim of Stefano just like them. She wants Steve to let the hospital help him...knows he’s a proud man, but she will be with him every step of the way. He agrees to commit himself after the arraignment and she thanks him.
E.J. gets all macho and tells his attorney that he isn’t going to be so forgiving anymore. From now on, whoever crosses him is going to get exactly what they deserve.

Sami’s Apartment

Sami and Lucas are eating breakfast. He talks about Will’s team making the state tournament. Sami is miles away...thinking about the television shoot. He tries to comfort her but she keeps thinking that something is wrong. Lucas suggests making a side trip to the bedroom before he goes to work. Sami thinks he should be on time for his first day working for E.J. She decides to phone the producer and get him to edit out the part in the show where she is trying to lift the beam. She hangs up the phone and is very upset...tells Lucas that the producer and show don’t exist and that Lucas’s mom scammed her again.

Lucas wonders why his mom would do that. Sami thinks she gets a kick out of humiliating her. Lucas gets a call from E.J. telling him to meet him at the police station and to call Sumner Matheson, his attorney to meet them there too.

Sami gets a phone call from Roman telling her to get down to the police station away because he has a few more questions about the night she rescued Lucas.


Marlena sits by a comatose John. We hear his voice saying that he has to tell her what E.J. said the night of the shooting.

E.J. asks a surprised Billie if he hears the sound of a damsel in distress.

Kayla tells Steve: “That’s what you’re afraid of, isn’t it? That you might hurt me.”

A tearful Sami is going through Kate’s office cabinet determined to find out Kate’s secrets.

Marlena says that she doesn’t care about the arrangements. Her husband is staying right there and that is her final word.


Wednesday Feb 7

Pat’s Spoilers

Billie & EJ: Billie is struggling with boxes and trying to unlock the door to Lucas’s and Sami’s apartment. EJ hears the sounds of a damsel in distress. Billie is surprised to see him back from Mexico. EJ mentions the charges against him have been dropped. Billie is moving herself because Chelsea is out of town. She mentions that Kate invited her to their presentation tonight. EJ suggests that they drive together. Billie is surprised to hear that Lucas is working for EJ and that Sami encouraged Lucas to take the job. EJ lists a long list of reasons why and then ends by saying ‘Truth be told, I’m a nice guy.’ Billie thinks he’s charming. She asks if he’s okay with Sami and Lucas. He is – he’s come to respect their commitment to each other. He thinks their love will last. Isn’t that what they all want – a soul – mate? He’s a little envious of them but he hopes to find what they have one day. EJ offers to help with the boxes. She’s just storing them at Sami’s and Lucas’s for now.

Billie didn’t realise she had so much stuff – she’s turning Sami’s and Lucas’s apartment into a warehouse. EJ offers to let her store the stuff at his place. She turns down the offer. She better figure out what to do with all of these boxes. EJ offers to help. She doesn’t think so. Billie has been relying on other people way too much lately. She lists off her career failures and why things didn’t work out. She’s starting over and she’s not going to be relying on the kindness of strangers because she doesn’t want to set that kind of example for her daughter. EJ wants to know if she has something in mind. When he finds out she does he wants to hear about it. She’s thinking about the security business – home security. She talks about it. EJ says Mythic is always looking to expand their assets. He asks if she would be interested. Billie worries that her mother and Lucas will think that she’s honing in on their territory. EJ doesn’t think it’s a problem. He thinks they should go back to his place and talk – he’ll open a bottle of wine. She doesn’t drink besides she has to go to the presentation. EJ wants them to ride together and they’ll talk on the way.

John’s hospital room: Marlena holds his hand and talks to John. It’s the day he’s leaving the hospital but in her dreams he was awake and they walked out hand in hand. This wasn’t the way she wanted him to leave. He needs round the clock care that she can’t give him. She’s never giving up on him. John floats out of body and listens to Marlena talking to him. She is telling him that she hears him calling her in her dreams. She misses him. Marlena keeps talking – time has stopped for them but their love hasn’t stopped. She’ll be right there with him until the minute he opens his eyes and asks her to take him home. John is trying to reach her but he doesn’t know how to make it happen. He has to tell her what EJ told him the night of his shooting. Marlena wants to know if he can feel her. John can hear and feel everything. He’s trapped in this dark pit and he can’t find his way out. Marlena says she looks for him in her dreams. John urges her to follow his voice in her dreams. The doctor comes in to tell her he has to prepare John’s chart for transport. Weird cheesy special effects as John’s out of body experience ends. His entire body shakes – Marlena swoons.

Marlena tells the doctor he moved. She asks him to talk to her. She hears him say come to me in dreams. She can hear him. She tells the doctor he spoke to her. The doctor thinks its involuntary muscle movement. Marlena is a doctor – she knows the difference. This means they haven’t lost him. The doctor and Marlena go back and forth – in her eyes, she’s right and he’s wrong. She says John is staying here and that’s her final word. Marlena kicks the doctor out and then goes back to John. She knows John is trying to reach her. She’ll be right there waiting for him to tell her he loves her. Marlena is in the hospital bed with John. She is dreaming. She’s in a mansion – the wind is blowing – she hears a door knob rattling. She calls for John. He says he’s right here behind the door. He tells her not to be afraid. Just open the door. She reaches for the knob.

Police Station - Jail: Steve is put back in his cell. He and Kayla talk about the judge listing all the charges including terrorist threats. Kayla is going to hold him to his promise to go to the psych ward of the hospital. Steve admits that he’s boot-shaking scared at the thought of committing himself. Dr. Beale arrives – he’s the chief of the Psychiatric Unit of the hospital. The doctor gives him the papers to sign. Steve looks them over and says no he can’t do this. He has this thing inside his head and he knows if he can find the key he could figure it out himself. Kayla says no. Steve thinks they can work together. Kayla can’t stop the rage inside of him or stop his life from spinning out of control and neither can he. She asks him to work with Dr. Beale to get his life back.

Steve asks the doctor how long he’d be inside. Dr. Beale says two weeks. Steve thinks that’s too long – he’s not a head case. Dr. Beale states that his bail was granted on the basis that Steve was going to be evaluated. His bail could be revoked. Steve says you’re giving me no choice, its jail or the psych ward. No one tells him what to do, not a doctor or a judge. He refuses to sign the papers. The doctor leaves the paper with Kayla. He’ll give them some time to discuss this. Steve tells Kayla he doesn’t think he can cut 14 days in that ward. Kayla reminds him how he stuck it out with her when they were quarantined. She mentions him helping the criminals get to Canada. He would do anything to help anyone – she wants him to go the distance for himself.

Steve knows he has serious legal problems if he doesn’t sign that thing. Kayla thinks legal problems are the least of his worries. If the DiMera’s have a vendetta against him he’s in danger. Steve thinks EJ can get to him in the hospital. Kayla assures him that he’ll have security. Steve thinks it’s better if he stays in jail – he won’t hurt anyone. Kayla realises he’s afraid he may hurt her. Steve doesn’t want to hurt anybody especially her. He doesn’t know what happens when these things come over him. Kayla doesn’t want to argue with him any longer. He says he loves her and he would do anything for her, prove it. She hands him the papers to sign. She wants her husband back. They kiss. Steve signs the papers. Kayla tells it’s going to be alright. She takes the papers to Dr. Beale. Steve isn’t so sure.

Roman’s office – Police Station: They hug. Roman mentions the footage Kate’s bogus film crew shot at the cottage where Sami failed to lift that heavy beam. Roman notices that Sami isn’t that upset with Kate. Sami did want to rip Kate’s hair out but she’s angrier at herself. She feels more like an idiot than a hero. Roman still thinks she’s letting Kate off too easily. Sami feels it’s better to keep the peace right now. Roman thinks there’s another reason. Sami wants to know if he’s accusing her of something. He says no he just wants her to fill in some of the missing pieces of her story. Sami gets confrontational. She can’t believe her father doesn’t believe her. It’s Roman’s job to ask questions and he hopes his daughter has enough trust in him to tell him the truth no matter what it is.

Sami asks where his tape recorder is – is he going to use a lie detector. Her word is enough for him. Sami re-tells her story. She was thinking how unfair it was that this happened just when Lucas and she had the chance to be a family. She uses that frustration and rage to get the beam off of him. They got the happy ending they deserve. Roman believes her but Kate brought in an expert that says there was no way Sami lifted that beam. A lot of the cops feel the same. Sami sarcastically asks if he thinks aliens helped her. No but he was thinking maybe EJ did. Roman lists all the reasons why he thinks it was EJ. Sami reminds him that she was the one that set EJ up. Roman thinks Kate will bring it up and it’s his job to ask questions. Sami says asked and answered. She wants to know if the interrogation is over. Roman doesn’t know, he wants Sami to tell him.

Sami is upset with Roman. He’s saying its okay for him to make her a suspect but it’s not okay for her to be upset with him for doing it. She talks about getting that award and what it meant to her. Roman saying he was proud of her meant so much. Roman is proud of her. He won’t ask the questions again. Sami hugs him and cries. Sami has really turned on the tears. She can’t believe he believed Kate over her. Roman wants to be let off the hook – he’s not used to having a hero for a daughter. Sami will forgive him, Kate not so much. Roman thinks Kate will soften up when she hears about the baby. Sami says she already knows. Sami is crying a river now – she’s dehydrating – she needs water. As soon as Roman walks out the door the tears stop. Kate wants to know all of Sami’s secrets, Sami is going to find out all of hers. She starts rifling through the file cabinet. Sami finds the surveillance disk and stuffs it in her purse. Roman asks if she is looking for something. She is – a tissue. Sami asks if they’re done. Roman thinks he has everything he needs. Sami finishes her water and leaves.

Preview: John to Marlena – Because this time your fear is the only thing that will keep you alive. Kate to Lucas – Someone else was in that cabin. She had help that night. EJ to Billie – Think I’m really the monster everyone makes me out to be? Billie – If you are I will find out and I don’t scare easily. Sami to Kate – Wow Kate. What do vows mean to a whore?


Thursday Feb 8

Pat’s Spoilers

Hallway of apartment building Part 1: Sami encounters Billie and EJ. Billie tells Sami they were just talking and EJ was helping her move boxes. EJ’s phone rings so he goes back into his apartment. Sami asks Billie if she’s out of her mind. EJ is a cold blooded killer and she was alone and flirting with him. Billie insists they discussing a business proposal. Sami doubts that what was being proposed had anything to do with business. Billie wonders if Sami is jealous. Sami is worried – Billie doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. Billie states that EJ doesn’t either. Sami lists all the things EJ has been accused of. Billie asserts there is no proof – he’s been cleared. Sami asks if he’s so innocent why was he on the run the night John was shot. Billie asks how come no one else knows that but Sami. Sami mentions Roman. No matter how adamant Sami is Billie just smirks – she thinks that even though Sami loves Lucas a small part of her still wants EJ. EJ comes out. He wonders if Billie has been suitably warned. Billie brushes off another attempt from Sami to get her to see reason. Sami leaves. Billie warns EJ that she will find out if he is or isn’t the monster Sami claims he is and she doesn’t scare easily.

Press Conference – Part 1: Kate bosses around the co-ordinator. Everything has to be followed to the letter. Lucas storms in wanting to know how Kate could set up Sami again. The co-ordinator thinks this is a good time to duck other of there. He can’t believe that she set up a phoney TV show to make Sami look bad. What does Sami have to do – he’ll have her do anything to prove to Kate that she’s changed. Kate says Sami has to tell the truth about what happened that night in the cabin. Kate doesn’t believe her story. Lucas warns Kate that she has to come terms with him and Sami being together. He believes Sami has changed. Kate is trying to save his life. She wants him to be loved by a woman who knows the meaning of the word. All Sami is going to do is hurt him. He wants to believe in Sami so much that he refuses to see the truth that is right in front of his eyes. It’s impossible that Sami did what she claimed she did. Lucas wants to know what her point is. Kate says that Sami had help that night. Someone else was there.

Lucas asks her to prove it. She mentions the professor of physics and another expert and they both agree it was impossible. Lucas doesn’t care – there are documented cases of this happening. Lucas also doesn’t care if someone helped her, it was probably a farmer that didn’t want attention. Kate thinks it was someone that shouldn’t have been there in the first place and the reason Sami didn’t tell anyone was to keep herself out of jail. Lucas tells Kate she doesn’t know anything. If Kate can’t stop making Sami’s life miserable she’s out. He warns her not to make him choose between her and Sami because he guarantees she will lose.

Hallway of apartment building - Part 2: Billie smugly states she was a cop and as cop she developed a sixth sense about people. She can tell whether they’re being honest or not. Right now her sixth sense is telling her to proceed with caution. If she finds out anything Sami said was true their professional relationship will be over. He wants to know about their personal relationship. She claims they don’t have one. He begs to differ – they’re flirting. Lucas approaches. Billie gives the heavy boxes story again. Lucas asks EJ when he’s moving. EJ says in a few weeks. He mentions the press conference and asks if Lucas wants to join them. Lucas wants to talk to Billie alone. EJ mentions the business proposal to Billie before he leaves. Lucas tells Billie to forget it. He’s not letting her anywhere near that sick S.O.B. They argue back and forth about EJ – guilty/innocent blah, blah, blah. He doesn’t want her working with EJ because he loves her. Billie insists that she can take care of herself. She leaves to get ready to go to the hotel.

Press Conference – Part 2: The press conference starts. Kate starts being bombarded with questions basically about EJ Wells and the troubles with the law. Things get out of hand so Kate decides to speak one on one with the reporters. This gives Sami a chance to slip in and get the media director to believe he’s got an emergency call waiting for him at the front desk. Sami changes the disk. The guy comes back there is no call. Sami apologises for the mix-up and runs into EJ as she’s leaving. EJ is on to her. She’s there to show her support Mythic – support future members of her family. He’s sure Kate will be touched. Sami leaves, Billie arrives. More flirting. EJ wonders if Sami is up to something because it’s strange that she would leave. Sami stands outside the door and listens is as Kate says it’s time for the video presentation. The press notices EJ and the questions start again. EJ joins Kate on the podium to answer a few questions. When the questions turn to the infamous crime family – Kate puts a stop to it. Kate reminds them EJ was falsely accused. She has no problem working with him. They share the same vision for Mythic. They’re committed to upholding strict moral guidelines in all they’re business dealings throughout the world. They will see that vision of the company when they watch the film. Kate falters for a second when she sees Sami standing at the back. The video starts. Kate gasps OMG as footage of her and EJ making out on his couch is shown. Billie says ‘you slept with my mother – are you crazy?’ Sami steps forward. Sami makes a statement – mentions how EJ and Kate are boldly holding up their company’s strict moral guidelines. Wow, Kate. What do morals mean to a whore?

John’s hospital room/dream state: I’m not going into detail on these scenes. Some may find them romantic, others won’t. I’ll just report on the important thing that John says not the other stuff. Of course John doesn’t say the most important thing of all which is that EJ is the one that shot him … sigh. Marlena wants to know why he’s trying to scare her this time – every other time he tells her not to be scared. He says it’s because this time the fear will keep her alive. John tells her Steve Johnson is in trouble. The night he was shot EJ told him that Steve was tortured and brainwashed by the DiMera’s. They stole his body, his coffin and took his body to a lab. They programmed him. They got inside his mind and set up things that he has no control over. Marlena wants to know what they wanted Steve to do. John is telling her but she can’t hear him because the doctor comes in to wake her. Marlena is upset with the doctor for taking her away from John. The doctor has a message from Kayla. Her husband committed himself and she wonders if Marlena can come and see him. Marlena remembers what John said. She’ll go and see him. She crawls back into bed with John – he has to wake up. John’s eyelids flutter – Marlena doesn’t see that.

Preview: Belle to Shawn – I don’t want to draw attention to ourselves but we need to call the ship’s doctor. Shawn – Okay. Kayla to Steve – You committed yourself for two weeks, remember? Steve – No way. I need to get out of here today, Kayla. Sami to Billie – If she wants a war, she can have one. Kate won’t win. E.J. to Steve (who’s strapped to a gurney) – You’re one of us now, Steve.


Friday Feb 9

Pat’s Spoilers

Belle & Shawn: Shawn plays tour director as he lists all the amenities of the cruise liner. He suggests they go out. Belle snaps at him in her best lecturing tone of voice. Shawn wants them to take Claire out and have fun. Belle refuses – she doesn’t want to take a chance until it’s safer. That’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make for her daughter – she finally remembers that Shawn is supposedly the father and says – our daughter. Belle continues to lecture and snarl at Shawn. She can’t believe that he’s even considering taking Claire out of the room – it’s a risk because if one person recognises them. The argument continues … of course Belle has to make it all about her. They are in this position because of her … she is responsible for turning Philip into a man like his father. (Of course, losing part of his leg, having his brothers in arms blown to bits in front of him, losing his face and the pain associated with his injuries had nothing to do with it – because after all Belle is all that and more – at least in her mind). Shawn puts the blame on Philip – he knew that Belle didn’t love him when he married her. HUH – how the heck did he know that? Belle wishes they could have done this in a different way. Shawn reveals his true motives when he tells her they can’t hide. They have to live their lives for themselves – for each other. LOL – no mention of Claire whatsoever. Shawn makes more empty promises … blah … blah … blah…

Belle blathers on about missing their families. Belle pumps up Shawn’s bruised ego. Shawn gets his way – they’ll go out of the cabin but only if they follow the rules that Belle will dictate. Shawn nods his head like the good little boy he’s not. They gush about the stars – I roll my eyes. Claire wakes up – Belle freaks – she’s burning up. They need to call the ship’s doctor. The doctor examines her – she has a slight fever and she’s seasick. He tells them what to do and then wants to see her passport. He notices there is no immunization stamp.

Hospital – Psych ward – Steve’s room: Steve is having a real hard time with being in ‘this place.’ Kayla encourages him – he can handle this. He’s the strongest person she knows. The hypnotherapy will help him recover his suppressed memories and he’ll get better. He insists he’s not sick. Being in there makes him feel like a loser. They get a chance to be together and he flips out and ends up in this place. Kayla says he is having trouble with his memory because somebody tried to hurt him. Steve believes that Kayla and everyone else thinks he’s sick – he’s a great guy until he starts hearing those noises in his head then look out. Kayla holds him and tells him she loves him. Dr. Beale comes in. He’s there to help Steve find out everything his memory doesn’t want him to know.

Steve is very nervous. The doctor tells him he may say things under hypnosis that he doesn’t want his wife or anyone else to hear. Steve says they don’t have any secrets from each other. Dr. Beale puts Steve under hypnosis. He tells Steve to go back to a time when he heard this sound … he hits a spoon against something. Steve remembers being in a room with a bright light, bare walls – he’s strapped to a table. Another memory of the shock treatments then EJ holding up the devil card telling him he’s one of them now. Steve fights against the restraints, EJ laughs. Dr. Beale brings him out it because he was so agitated. He asks Steve if he remembers what he saw. He was lying on a table – what happened next. Steve says he doesn’t know. Dr. Beale plays back the few words Steve said and asks him again what or who did you see after that. Steve again says nothing, nobody.

Kayla questions him but Steve won’t tell her the truth. He says this didn’t work. Steve goes to the washroom. The doctor thinks that whatever Steve experienced was so horrible both physically and psychologically that he’s protecting himself by blocking it out. All signs point to Steve being tortured. Kayla wonders what the reason was for the torture. Dr. Beale says it’s usually to get information or to make a person do something they wouldn’t normally do. They need to wear down Steve’s resistance to hypnotherapy. Steve returns – now that it didn’t work when can he leave. Kayla reminds him that he signed himself in for two weeks. Steve says no way. He has to get out of there today. The doctor is confident that they can accomplish their goals if they stick with their treatment plan. Besides if he leaves his bail will be revoked. Kayla understands if he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to the doctor about this but he can tell her – what did he remember. He lies and says he doesn’t remember anything. He should be out there finding the people that did this to him. She has to help him get out of there. She can’t do that – she can’t let anything happen to him. They hug. He promises he’ll do what he has to do to get better. He tells her he has to go and do bead stringing. She leaves. Steve pulls out a dime and uses them to unscrew the bars from the window. He gets them off and climbs through the window. He’s off to see EJ.

Press Conference: Sami gives a little different speech today. This is the sort of up close and personal service they’ll get from Kate and EJ if they choose to do business with them. Kate tells Jim to shut it off. Kate and Sami exchange insults. Kate tells Sami that EJ isn’t going to be very appreciative of her little stunt. That wasn’t very smart of her but then she isn’t smart. Sami smugly says sticks and stones … and walks out. Billie confronts EJ about sleeping with her mother. She always thought he was interested in Sami. EJ says it’s over with her mother and Sami is with Lucas. Billie tells him to go look after her mother. EJ assures Kate that he will make this better. Billie follows Sami into the hallway and confronts her. Sami explains why she did it and says that Kate deserved everything she got. Maybe she’ll learn her lesson. Billie says or just find some other way to get back at you. Sami is confident – If Kate wants a war she’ll get one. Kate will not win.

Kate tells EJ by tomorrow she will be the laughing stock of Wall Street. EJ tells her to trust him. He goes up to the podium to explain what just happened. Billie tells Sami that she and her mother never learn. They keep saying they’ve changed but they keep hurting the same people over and over. She doesn’t want Lucas to get caught in the crossfire. Sami thinks there’s more to this – Billie was upset to find out that EJ slept with Kate. Sami warns her again about getting involved with him. Billie thinks Sami still has the hots for EJ. Inside EJ gives the reporters and stockholders a line of malarkey that they all lap up. That wasn’t really him and Kate on the screen – that was Mythic’s ground –breaking new CGI technology that will bring real-time, real-life animation to the business community. He’ll let Kate Roberts explain more about it. In the hallway Sami tells Billie she was never involved with EJ. She loves Lucas – she’s not interested in EJ. Sami feels sick.

EJ comes into the hallway and ask Billie where Sami is. Billie tells him she wasn’t feeling so well. EJ hopes that what happened in there won’t stop her from moving forward on the business proposition they had talked about. Billie wants to make it clear that she won’t be joining her mother on his trophy wall. EJ won’t deny that he finds her extremely attractive but whatever may or may not happen between them is entirely up to her. Billie says nothing will happen. EJ says he’s looking forward to a great partnership. Kate comes out and asks them what they’re talking about. EJ steers Kate back inside the room. Sami comes out and Billie tells her she looks awful. Billie thinks maybe Will should stay with her for a few days – he’s got the big game coming up – she could be contagious. Sami insists she isn’t. Billie doesn’t see how she can know that – she then figures out Sami is pregnant. Sami thinks Lucas told her. Billie says no. Sami hasn’t said anything because she is being cautious. Her dad, Kate and now Billie know about. Billie can’t see why Sami isn’t rubbing her pregnancy in Kate’s face. Because Sami isn’t doing that Billie concludes that Lucas is not the father.

Sami can’t believe that Billie just said that. She has never been unfaithful in her life. She knows that Billie and her mother have a hard time understanding that. Billie apologises. Sami says for the record a lot of women don’t talk about their pregnancies until after the first trimester. Sami is going to go home. Kate and EJ come out. Kate tells Sami that Mythic is still up and running and Lucas still has a job. Lucas will finally see that she hasn’t changed. She’s still the same liar she always was. Billie tells her mother to stop. Sami is not feeling well – she has the flu. She’s going to go home. EJ asks Sami if she is sure she is alright. She will be as soon as she gets out of there. EJ has some business left inside. It’s Kate’s turn to warn Billie about staying away from EJ. Billie tells her mother than unlike her she can keep sex and business separate. Kate thinks EJ Wells is trouble – Billie could be sabotaging her life. Billie thanks her for the concern but she doesn’t take orders from her.

Preview: Kayla to Bo – He’s in danger, Bo and you know what, I just feel like if we don’t do something to stop this something horrible is going to happen to him. EJ (holding up the devil card) to Steve – If you fail to accept your fate then I’m afraid it’s going to affect someone very close to you. Belle to Shawn – You look nice and refreshed. Shawn – You don’t look so bad yourself. Willow to Philip – I found them. I think I found them. Shawn and Belle. I found them.


Tuesday Feb 13

Pat's Spoilers

Sami's apt: Roman arrives and he is very upset with Sami. She stole the disk. He could have her arrested. Sami explains that she was just getting back at Kate for the phoney TV show. Roman reminds her that no one saw that show but hundreds of people got to see Kate and EJ in action. What Kate did was a stunt, what Sami did was public humilation. He thought he could trust Sami but he was wrong.

Sami says she was just getting back at Kate for what Kate had done to her. She was getting revenge. Besides Kate turned the entire thing around - they're probably go to make more money than ever so she doesn't see what the big deal is. Roman tells her that Kate is threatening a law suit and if she follows through with it she would win. Sami doesn't want Roman to be held responsible. If Kate is going to sue anyone it should be her. She tells her dad to arrest her. Roman refuses. He thinks that Kate won't follow through with the lawsuit so no harm done this time. Sami says she'll end it if Kate ends it. Roman tells her to just end it. He also hopes her ploy for revenge doesn't cost her Lucas's love. Revenge feels good for 5 minutes and then you end up regretting it.

Roman leaves. Lucas comes home. Sami hugs him and starts crying. She has something to tell him and he's not going to like it. She starts rambling on ... Lucas tells her if it's about what she did to his mom he already knows. Kate called him and was yelling. Sami tries to explain but Lucas stops her and tells her he thought it was funny. He's glad she did it and he hopes she never loses that fire. It's one of the things he loves about her. It's Lucas' turn to ramble. He starts talking about life being short and waiting for the right time. She wants to know if there's a question in there somewhere. There is. He gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring box and says 'Will you marry me?'

Billie's apt: Chelsea is on the phone with Abby telling her all about her and Nick's adventure in Canada. Abby thinks that Chelsea has a crush on Nick. Chelsea denies it. Billie comes home. Bo and Hope were gushing about the wonderful thing Chelsea did for Shawn and Belle. Billie is so proud of her. More chit chat. Chelsea mentions needing a job to pay for university. She thinks it's time she started looking after herself. Billie shows her the ad for a research assistant in the lab at the hospital.

Chelsea wonders why Nick didn't tell her about it. He lied to her and told her there were no openings. Billie comes up with some reasons why Nick may not have told her but Chelsea thinks it's because Nick doesn't like her or because he thinks she wouldn't do a good job. Billie is sure that Nick likes Chelsea. Chelsea mentions that she found out that Nick had this one night with an older woman - she rocked his world. Chelsea decides to go to the hospital to find out what's going on. Billie offers to come along.

Hospital Research Lab - Part 1: Nick tells Mimi that he was able to extract some DNA from bone marrow. It's a match. The bones are those of her father. Max and Mimi step outside the lab. Max feels that she should tell Abe what they found out. Mimi feels that her brother and mother had something to do with her father's death or they wouldn't have stole the bones from the lab and buried them in the back yard. She doesn't know what to do. Max tells her it's her decision.

Dr. Rebert shows Nick the ad that he ran in the paper. He needs an assistant. Nick panics and calls Abby. He has to see her right now.

Abe's house: Celeste comes over with the groceries Abe needed and a toy for Theo. Theo runs off to play. Celeste wants to know if there is any news. Abe doesn't expect any. Celeste doesn't beleive that Lexie would leave Theo or Abe without a word. Abe doesn't want to believe it but what choice does he have. He mentions that his vision is getting worse. He doesn't know if he's going to have another cornea transplant or not. Lexie running off with Tek took all the air out of him. He thinks it might be best if Theo goes to live with Celeste. Celeste suggests that it would be better if she moved in there because otherwise Theo would end up feeling abandoned by both his parents. Abe agrees. Celeste takes Theo for ice cream.

Max and Mimi come over. Mimi tells Abe the bones are her father's. He tells them that he's not working right now so they'll have to take the information to Roman. He cautions Mimi that it's probable her mother and brother were involved in a homicide. They leave. Celeste brings Theo home. She's going to go and pack. Abe tells her she'll have the master bedroom. He can't sleep in there - too many memories.

Java Cafe: Abby meets Nick who is in a panic. He shows her the ad - he knows Chelsea will see it because she's looking for a job. Abby tells him the only thing he can do is tell the truth. Nick comes up with all kinds of reasons not to. He even suggests that he can make sure that Chelsea and Dr. Rebert never cross paths. Abby wisely tells him that is a recipe for disaster. Abby walks with him through Salem Place mall. She'll go with him back to the hospital.

Hospital Research Lab - Part 2: Chelsea is filling out an application form. Billie tells her to mark no when she comes to the question - have you been convicted of a felony. Chelsea isn't sure about that but Billie says you're just going to carrying blood samples to the lab - they won't check with the police. Dr. Rebert walks by. Chelsea tells her her mother she thinks that's Dr. Patton. She gets a better look at him. It is. She runs to him and throws her arms around him and plants several kisses on his cheek.

Cruise ship: The doctor tells the Captain that they better check out the people in that cabin (Shawn and Belle's) to make sure they are who they say they are. Shawn returns. He's bought bathing suits for them all. I'm sorry - but could they possibly write this guy to be any dumber. Duh - Shawn, you're on the run from the law and Philip - you are not on vacation. Belle protests but caves in. They're on the deck drinking fruity drinks when Belle sees their picture in the paper connecting them to a kidnapping. She freaks and barks at Shawn that her and Claire are staying in the cabin from now on. By the time Shawn gets to the cabin Belle is ranting and throwing things in a suitcase. They're getting off at the island the ship is stopping off. Shawn says they have no money - they'll have to get jobs. HUH - and if they stayed on the ship until they got to Australia the money situation would be different because???????? He starts packing. There's a knock on the door. It's the captain and the doctor. There's a problem with their passports.

Preview: Sami is crying. Lucas wants her to tell him why she's so upset. Chelsea yells at Nick and hits him - how could you do this to me. Steve tells Kayla that they'll never be happy until they know the truth. EJ is the only person who can give them that. Philip along with Willow enter Shawn and Belle's room. He wants his daughter. Did they really think he would let them get away with this.


Thursday Feb 15

Pat’s Spoilers

Sami & Lucas’ apt – Part 1: They’re basking in the afterglow. Lucas thinks they should start thinking about wedding invitations. Sami is scared – she’s thinking about her curse. Lucas knows the cure for a curse. She just has to kiss a prince like him. He kisses her and tells her the curse is gone. Sami doesn’t think so – not as long as his mother is going to be there. Lucas thinks they shouldn’t invite her – Billie is all the family he needs there. Sami doesn’t know if Billie is too happy with her – not after she warned her about EJ. Lucas thinks the same. He tried to tell her that once EJ sinks his hooks into you he doesn’t let go.

Billie’s apt – Part 1: Billie is reading a letter and is not happy about it. EJ knocks. He starts talking about her business proposal but notices she’s not too interested. She tells him that she’s been evicted. Lucas leases from Victor and Victor wants her out by the end of the month. Billie is worried about Chelsea. She needs stability and Billie thinks that’s the last thing she can give her. EJ asks if Lucas can do something about her living arrangements. Billie states that Victor isn’t speaking to Lucas. EJ thinks you never know until you try or someone tries. He takes off and makes a bee-line to Sami and Lucas’.

Hospital lab: Nick tells his boss what he did – he’ll clean out his desk. He knows he’ll be fired. Dr. Rebert isn’t upset – his reputation went up a notch or two. No harm done. Nick isn’t too sure about that.

Billie’s apt – Part 2: Lucas apologises. He was hoping Victor would let it slide. He offers her some money. Billie refuses. She wants to be independent – to set a good example for Chelsea. She’s going into business with EJ. Lucas says ‘no way’. Billie and Lucas argue about EJ and the job. Lucas tries to warn her – she doesn’t know how bad it’s going to be. Lucas has one more thing to say – he invites them to move in with him and Sami. Sami could use some help planning the wedding. Billie congratulates him. Lucas tells her that this time it’s going to work – nothing or no one is going to stand in their way. Nick shows up. He fills them in on what he did. Billie hits the roof – Chelsea was making such good progress – who knows what she’s going to do now. Lucas asks if he can help. Billie says it’s out of their hands until Chelsea comes home. She suggests that he go back to Sami. Nick and Billie are worried – they decide to go and look for Chelsea.

Sami & Lucas’ apt – Part 2: Sami doesn’t want to talk about EJ – she wants to be distracted. They start kissing when there’s a knock on the door. EJ tells Lucas his sister is upset – she’s been evicted by Victor. Sami thinks Lucas should go talk to her. Lucas tells EJ not to overstay his welcome. Sami wants EJ to leave. EJ wants them to at least have a conciliatory drink. Sami tells Elvis that she doesn’t think that is a good idea. EJ cajoles – she has so much to celebrate. Sami doesn’t keep any alcohol in the house any longer. EJ has some at his place. He’s off to get it. He pours champagne. Sami is tired of playing his games. She wants him to get one thing straight. He forced her to have sex with him and then he forced her to lie about it when she would have told everyone about it and he’d be in jail. EJ thinks they’re all dependent on one another – that’s what they should drink to. EJ notices that although she puts the glass to her mouth she doesn’t drink. He mentions that she hasn’t had a drink for a long time. What’s the reason for that?

EJ continues trying to provoke Sami. Sami tells him that her fiancée doesn’t drink so she lost her taste for it. She can toast with juice. EJ starts snooping around for evidence that she’s pregnant as Sami gets her juice. He decides to smoke a cigar. Sami tells him she doesn’t allow smoking in her apartment – she suggests he leave. He wants to make one more toast – to her child. Sami doesn’t understand. EJ just wants her to toast her child – Will. Sami agrees. EJ just keeps pushing. He wonders if they’re getting married so suddenly because they have a little bundle of joy on the way. Sami informs him that she and Lucas have been in love for years. EJ keeps baiting her. Sami yells at him that she’s not pregnant. How often does she have to tell him that. EJ says until he’s convinced. Lucas overhears and enters. He asks EJ what he’s still doing there. EJ says he’s happy Lucas is there because he was just asking Sami if there was any possibility that the two of them are expecting. Lucas says Sami told you no right? Lucas wants some time alone with his fiancée. Sami is convinced EJ knows. Lucas says if he knew he would come out and just say it – he was just fishing. They start kissing. EJ vows to find out what he needs to know. He always does.

Brady house – Part 1: Chelsea comes over crying the blues about Nick. She gives them the entire sob story. Nick lied to her – oh boo hoo – how awful. Bo figures out that Nick is Lonely Splicer. Chelsea whines some more. She thinks it’s payback for all the bad things she’s done to everyone else. The whine/sobfest continues. It serves her right for putting that picture of Bo and Billie on the internet – now a picture on the internet hurt her. Bo’s phone rings. Roman wants him to come to the station. Chelsea is going to leave. Hope suggests that she stay – she has ice cream. Bo leaves.

Ship: Philip wants his daughter. Shawn tries to make himself feel like a man by threatening Philip. Philip laughs at him – so did I. The Captain is going to check all their stories. He’ll be back with his decision. Shawn wants to know how much Willow charged Philip to come on the trip. Willow did it for nothing. She just wanted to be there when they took their kid away from them. Belle shows what a terrible mother she is by cursing at Willow – calling her a cheap bitch while she’s holding Claire in her arms. Philip wants to talk to Belle alone. Shawn spews orders. Belle puts him in his place – she’ll talk to Philip alone. Shawn can go and stand outside the door.

Belle snipes at Philip. Philip wants to hold Claire. Belle lets him. Philip talks to Claire. He tells her that he’ll never go away again. He missed her so much. Belle watches – it’s so sad. All this fighting – she never wanted this. Philip doesn’t want it either. Maybe they should forgive one another. Forgive and forget is what’s best for Claire. He asks her if they should take their daughter home together. Belle stares. The rest of their scenes I won’t report on. I hated that Philip degraded himself for a woman that is so unworthy it’s sickening. Listening to Belle belittle him and make threats was laughable … but I do believe that Philip played her very easily.

Shawn wants to know how she tricked Philip into bringing her on the trip. Willow says that Philip can’t be tricked like Shawn. She doesn’t have to trick him – he already did what Shawn only pretended to do. She tells Shawn that she’s living in the mansion. Shawn knows Philip wouldn’t give a hooker like her the time of day unless there was something in it for him – he has to be playing an angle and she’s part of it. He wants to know what’s really going on. Willow tells him she’s pregnant and Philip told her that he wants to take care of her and her baby. Shawn laughs. He’s surprised that Philip fell for the same stunt that Willow tried to pull on him. Willow’s no more pregnant than he is. Willow shows him her expanding waistline and asks him if he thinks she swallowed a basketball. Shawn wants to know how long. She tells him she’s in her second trimester. Shawn wants to know who the unlucky father is. It’s him – this basketball is his.

Shawn calls her a liar. Willow tells him to ask himself – why would Philip keep a whore like her around if this baby wasn’t his. Just like Shawn said, there’s got to be something in it for him. And here it is padre. The light comes on for Shawn – Philip is going to use the baby as a bargaining chip to get Claire. Willow says Philip needs a pawn and here I am growing one for him. If Philip doesn’t get Claire while they’re on this boat than Junior here is his. Shawn tells her to shut her lying mouth. The captain returns – he’s made his decision. He tells them to go inside so they can talk.

Philip wants to know if they can get this over with. The captain won’t enforce the custody papers. Shawn laughs and belittles Philip. The captain tells Shawn that he won’t enforce them but the authorities will. When they dock in Australia the three of them will be placed into custody and the American Consulate will settle this. The captain says Claire will stay with her mother. The three of them will be confined to their cabin. The crew will make sure they have everything they need. Philip demands that he get the cabin next door as he wants to place the room under 24 hr watch. The captain gives him the cabin across the hall. Philip and Willow leave. The captain locks them in. Belle freaks. Shawn says they are going to get off the ship before they reach Australia.

Police Station: Bo comes into Roman’s office. Roman tells Bo that the DA spent the last 3 days upstate at the prison that Patrick Lockhart is at trying to get some information on EJ. That’s the only way they’ll be able to build a case against him. Bo wants to know if Patrick gave up EJ. Lockhart is too afraid to give up Stefano’s son. Roman tells him to check out the confession – but prepare himself – Lockhart had help for someone no one knew about. Bo reads that Chelsea Benson helped him from time to time. She had a handle on Bo Brady and would help with the little things so he could stay one step ahead of the police. Bo is not happy.

Brady house – Part 2: Chelsea and Hope are eating ice cream. Chelsea tells Hope she’s being very nice to her. She knows she doesn’t deserve it but she wishes that one day that Hope might kind of forgive her a little. Hope tells her that she already has forgiven her. Hope also wants forgiveness. She needs to apologise to Chelsea. Chelsea doesn’t know why – she’s the one that did something that was unforgivable. Hope never thought she would never feel anything else but the anger and the emptiness. Chelsea says it’s her fault. Hope admits that she blamed Chelsea but the truth is that Chelsea was trying to find her way in a new family after she lost the Bensons. Hope feels that she didn’t do enough to make her feel welcome. They bond. The baby starts crying. Hope picks her up out of the bassinette. Hope asks Chelsea if she would like to hold her – big sisters take care of the little ones. Chelsea holds her and promises her that one day she’ll make her proud of her.

Hope tells Chelsea she started a website filled with pictures of the baby. Chelsea is all depressed again. Hope says she read the emails. The emails didn’t seem fake to her– maybe that was a shy guy’s way of telling her what was in his heart. Hope counsels her. Bo comes in ranting. Just when he thought he thinks Chelsea is getting her garbage together. All the time Lockhart was playing his sick twisted games guess who was feeding him information. Chelsea insists that is not true. Bo points to the signed, sworn statement he has that says she was involved. Chelsea denies it. Bo is finished. No more excuses – no more chances. He can’t do it anymore. Chelsea is not his daughter.

Preview: Bo to Chelsea – I want you out of my house. Don’t ever come back. Chelsea – Dad, please, I swear I didn’t do this. Bo – Get out of my house. Billie to Nick – So what are you saying Nick. Nick – I’m saying that secrets have a way of coming out. Max to Abby – You’re not the only one who had a crush. Bo to Hope – You’re the reason I’m willing to turn my back on Chelsea. Hope – You haven’t listened to anything I’ve said because that’s not what I want.


Friday Feb 16

Pat’s Spoilers

Garage – Part 1: Max is outside the door talking on his cell phone to Mimi. He’s explaining that he has to come back to work – he tells her all the jobs he has to do. He also says I’ll talk to you later baby. He realises the door isn’t locked and when he comes in he notices the lights are on. Abby comes out from underneath a car wearing coveralls and with grease smudges on her face. She stopped by to pick up some books she had left behind. She saw all the work he had to do and decided to help out. She feels bad because both she and Shawn bailed on him. Max asks her if she knows what she’s doing. Abby lists all the things she did. She learned from the best. She used to watch Max all the time. She reminisces. Max appreciates the help. He asks if she wants to grab a bite to eat – it’s the least he could do. She hesitates but then agrees.

Billie’s apt: Billie and Nick return and discover that Chelsea is still not home. Nick is freaking out. Billie thinks she just needs some time to herself. Nick feels like he’s ruined Chelsea’s entire world. Billie points out the obvious – he’s being overly dramatic. Nick betrayed her trust and what hurts the most is that he’s lost her as a friend just when she was beginning to like him for who he was. Billie is sure that he hasn’t lost her. She won’t hate him forever. Nick continues to feel sorry for himself. Billie tries to make him believe that he actually made Chelsea a better person and soon Chelsea will realise that. Nick whines some more and Billie finally tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself.

Billie says what’s done is done now they have to concentrate on fixing it. Nick doesn’t know how. Billie tells him to let Chelsea cool down and then talk to her. It’s not the end of the world. Nick thinks that will come when Chelsea finds out about the two of them. Billie insists that Chelsea will never find out they slept together. Nick says secrets have a way of coming out. – he’s not so sure they’ll be taking this one to their graves. Billie is sure Chelsea won’t find out. They need to focus on the positives – she lists all the good qualities Nick has. Chelsea likes him more than she’s willing to admit. If she didn’t care about him she wouldn’t be so devastated by what he did. Nick asks Billie why it’s so important to her that he stay in Chelsea’s life. After what they did he would have thought she wouldn’t want him anywhere near Chelsea.

She’s thinks he’s good for Chelsea. He helped her become the person she always knew Chelsea could be. The two of them would be good for each other. Billie gets a call from Hope (see below). After the call she tells Nick what happened at the Brady house. They have to find her. Where would she go? Nick thinks she would go to Abby. They take off to look for Chelsea.

Brady house: Bo wants Chelsea to read out loud from Patrick’s statement so Hope can hear what she did. She does and denies that she helped Patrick. Bo knows that Patrick called her and told her to call him (Bo) the night John was shot. Because of her call John went into the warehouse instead of him. Chelsea says Patrick called her and she called him (Bo) but the rest isn’t true. Bo doesn’t believe her. In fact he’ll never make the mistake of believing her again. Hope suggests they sit down and discuss this calmly. Bo won’t. Chelsea worked with Patrick and she put Hope and their baby in danger. Chelsea asks him why he’d believe a criminal over his own daughter. Bo states that Patrick has nothing to gain by lying but Chelsea does.

Chelsea wants to know what he thinks she had to gain. Bo says you wanted the same thing Patrick did – to split Hope and I up for good. Chelsea insists that Patrick called her and asked her to call Bo and tell him that she saw him and Hope leaving town in a car. It sounded suspicious so she called Bo right away. Bo is sceptical – there has to be more. Chelsea says she didn’t know it was part of murder plot. She has changed – she knows better than to try and come between him and Hope. Hope asks if that was what she was thinking that night. Chelsea admits that she thought that if she and Patrick were going away together there was a chance for her mom and dad. Bo smirks – there you go. Chelsea admits that Patrick told her that she would benefit from it if she helped him. He was going to get Hope to leave town for good and that would leave Bo free. But she didn’t know he meant to kill Hope. She begs Bo to believe her.

He wants to believe her but he can’t. She’s proven that she can’t be trusted. She’s a threat to this family. She’s no longer welcome in this house. Chelsea begs him not to do this – she needs this family. He, Hope, the baby and her mom are all the family she has. Bo thinks she should have thought of that sooner. How many chances has he given her? How many times has she told him she’s changed? Chelsea swears she has. Bo opens the door and tells her to get out and never come back. Chelsea begs – Bo yells get out or I’ll throw you out. Chelsea leaves and cries outside the house. Bo starts ranting and notices Hope is on the phone. She’s calling Billie. She tells her about the huge argument that Chelsea and Bo had. Bo kicked her out and told her not to come back.

Bo tells Hope he means this. Chelsea is out of their lives for good. Hope knows that he is upset but Chelsea isn’t the only one who has made mistakes. Hope tries to talk but Bo keeps on ranting about all the things that Chelsea did ending with what about Zack. Hope says that was a mistake. Bo asks her if they’re just supposed to forget about it. She says no but she doesn’t think hanging on to all this anger is good. A lot’s changed since then for all of them. Hope tells Bo that the two of them are responsible for the disintegration of their family. Bo is surprised – she’s blaming them – what about Chelsea. Hope thinks that Chelsea in her most desperate moments saw opportunities and took advantage of them. They allowed her to do that because they turned their backs on each other when they needed each other the most. She doesn’t want them to turn their backs on Chelsea. They’re a family again – they’re starting to heal. They can’t tear their family apart again. Bo doesn’t understand. Chelsea is the one trying to tear them apart. He’s doing this for her – she’s the reason he’s willing to turn his back on Chelsea. Hope doesn’t think he’s heard a word she said. That’s not what she wants. Chelsea is a Brady – she’s part of this family. They need to take her word over Patrick’s. Hope can see the change in Chelsea – she’s genuinely sorry for everything she has done to them. Bo is disbelieving. Hope tries to convince him – Chelsea craves his approval. She needs her father – actually, she needs the both of them. Bo thinks she has a big heart but no, he can’t give Chelsea another chance.

Chez Rouge: Max and Abby are talking about the bones turning out to be those of Mimi’s father. Max tells Abby that Mimi thinks her mother and brother know more than they’re saying. She’s totally freaking out right now – she’s beating herself up for thinking all those bad things about her dad plus she’s afraid that she’ll be the only one in her family not in jail. She’ll be all alone. Abby says she has you. Max doesn’t think that is worth much. He’s trying to help her and be there for her – Mimi is a really good person, she deserves a break. The past few weeks he’s felt overwhelmed. Abby says you feel a responsibility to fix everything for her. Max wants to do that. Abby felt the same about helping out Chelsea but you have to pay attention to your own life. Abby has something to tell him about the way she acted towards Mimi and all the awful things she said to her. She was jealous of the two of them – she’s sorry.

Max is surprised to hear that – he couldn’t tell. Abby confesses she had a big crush on him and when he started to fall for Mimi she was less than thrilled. She acted immaturely and said things about her that weren’t fair. She apologises. She’s grown up since then. Max wishes he could say the same. He doesn’t know what to do with his life. There’s something missing and whatever it is he feels like its right there staring him in the face but he can’t see it. Abby proclaims that she knows what it is – he has to get back on the circuit. He misses racing. Max admits since the accident he’s scared. He doesn’t want to be responsible for hurting someone else and he’s scared of being in another accident. She suggests if he’s not ready to drive – to at least get back in the pit and take it from there. Max thanks her for talking and listening. He’s missed her. He tells her that she wasn’t the only one that had a crush. It was when he and Chelsea broke up. But because she was Chelsea’s best friend and the age thing he didn’t think the timing was right. He says there’s 6 years difference between them. He was afraid of what her parent’s would say about it. He wonders if that wasn’t a mistake. They’ve missed their chance – it’s too late. Abby agrees. They talk about her being back in school. She tells him she’ll check up on him occasionally at the garage.

Garage – Part 2: Chelsea is crying. She hears the door open and thinks its Abby but its Billie. Chelsea has realised that she’s not meant to be loved. Billie says that’s not true, she loves her, the Brady’s love her … Nick enters and tells her that her friends love her. Chelsea starts screaming at him to get out – she never wants to see him again. Billie suggests that he leave – she’ll take care of Chelsea. Billie knows about what happened with Nick and her Dad. Nick never meant to hurt her. Chelsea says what about my dad. Billie says he has a temper – he doesn’t mean the things he says. Chelsea thinks they’re cursed – they think they find happiness but it never works out. Billie disagrees – she feels blessed to have Chelsea in her life. Billie is proud of the person Chelsea has become. Chelsea thinks once she hears the whole story she’ll change her mind. Chelsea tells all. Billie thinks Bo just needs some time. Billie knows Chelsea is telling the truth. Billie adds that Hope believes in Chelsea as well. They head home.

Hospital lab: Dr. Rebert is working at the lab when Nick comes in. Nick starts talking about Chelsea – she hates him and he really liked her. Dr. Rebert starts raving about Chelsea – he tells Nick not to take it so hard. Someone else will come along. Dr. Rebert thinks he’s just filled the job.

Preview: Billie to Nick – Knowing my daughter the way I do it’s going to take a while before she forgives you. A while could be a very long time. Chelsea to Abby – If I get the job I’m pretty sure I could use him to make Nick jealous. Steve to Kayla – The DiMera’s can come after me all they want. I couldn’t take losing you again, Sweetness. EJ (holding Stefano’s hand) – Nothing’s too good for you, father.


Monday Feb 19

Pat’s Spoilers

Abby/Nick/Billie Chelsea: The Nick and Chelsea pity party continues in three different locations. Nick comes to see Abby at Max’s garage. He should have taken her advice but he didn’t. Abby wants to remain neutral but tells him that maybe getting Chelsea the job at the lab would help his case. Chelsea summons Abby.

At Billie’s apartment Billie tries to get Chelsea to see that what Nick did was wrong but not malicious. Everything he said in the emails was true. Chelsea has to admit that if he would have told her those things she wouldn’t have given him the time of day. Billie has heard how Chelsea makes fun of Nick. Chelsea wants to know why Billie is defending Nick – she’s supposed to be on her side.

Abby comes to see Chelsea. Chelsea is furious with Abby for not telling her the truth. Abby is sorry. Chelsea gets a call from Dr. Rebert to come for an interview. Chelsea proves that for all she spouts to anyone that will listen that she’s changed she hasn’t changed at all. She’s going to use Dr. Rebert to get revenge on Nick. She wants to see him hurt.

Nick has called Billie to join him at Chez Rouge where he’s drowning his sorrow. At least Billie calls him on the pity party he’s hosting. She thinks getting Chelsea the job could work to his benefit or backfire – geez – she’s a genius to come up with that. Nick gets a call from Abby telling him that was a great move getting Dr. Rebert to get Chelsea an interview. Nick didn’t call. He tells Billie his life is over and off he goes.

Steve & Kayla: Steve is working out using weights because he can’t sleep. He thinks Kayla is disappointed. She isn’t disappointed, maybe frustrated. He should have stayed at the hospital. He can’t. She wonders what his plan is because doing nothing isn’t an option. It’s time for him to step up to the plate. He does want to get this thing in his head straightened out but he doesn’t know how. Kayla suggests another session with Dr. Beale. Steve just needs her to stay with him. Any other woman would have run for the hills but not her – she stays and fights. If he didn’t have her he couldn’t fight. The DiMera’s can come after him – he took it before, he’ll take it again – what he couldn’t take is losing her again. She’s his life.

Kayla isn’t going anywhere. She thinks the fact that he’s waiting for her to leave him is the cowards’ way of trying to force her into making the first move. She won’t give him that luxury. If he wants to give up on himself he should pack a bag for himself and leave but don’t expect her to pack the bag for him or open the door. She has never given up on him in her life and she’s not going to start now. He has to decide how he wants to live. Does he want to get well? He does. Kayla says you can’t do it on your own. They need to solve the problem before it gets worse. Whatever is haunting him she loves the man he is now. Steve admits that he’s scared, really scared.

Kayla tells him that he can attack this fear that is gripping him and accept that he’s a victim. He survived the torture the DiMera’s put him through, he can survive this. Just be Steven Earl Johnson and attack this head on. Steve and Kayla are in bed now. They’re both grateful to be in each other’s lives. They kiss. It’s so sweet when Steve talks about the best thing he ever did in his life – letting down his guard and letting a girl named Kayla love him. More kisses. Steve has made a decision. He’s going to talk to Marlena. Kayla thanks him – more kisses. They fall asleep. Steve starts dreaming about EJ and the torture. He wakes up and stares at Kayla.

EJ: EJ waits outside a warehouse. A man arrives and reports he’s in the truck. It wasn’t easy to get him off the boat. EJ tells the guy to get him in the warehouse. Two nurses are now inside the warehouse. EJ tells them to check his IV and vitals. He pays the man that delivered the patient and tells him to keep his mouth shut. EJ checks the chart – wonderful, he’s stable. He wants some time alone with the patient. He has the best equipment, the finest doctors and nurses – nothing is too good for you, father. EJ turns on some opera music. He tells his father that he’s eluded death before this time won’t be any different. He has plan in place to see him well again. He has several donors that can help overcome his condition – if necessary, he’ll use every one. EJ doesn’t know where he’d be today without Stefano’s love and guidance. He talks about all the things Stefano did for him now it’s time for him to give something back. He came to Salem to save Stefano’s life and that is exactly what he’s going to do even if that means other people have to die.

Preview: Nick to Chelsea – If I hadn’t pretended to be someone else you never would have let me see who you really are. Chelsea – You still don’t get it. Nick – No, Chelsea. You don’t get it. I love you. Celeste to Sami – I know you were with EJ the night John was shot. Lucas to Kate – What are you on drugs or something? Kate – Sami did not save your life, EJ did. Steve (hearing EJ’s laugher) is choking Steve. Kayla screams Steve’s name.


Tuesday Feb 20

Pat’s Spoilers

Abby/Nick/Dr. Rebert/Chelsea: Nick eavesdrops as Dr. Rebert offers Chelsea the job. Chelsea is kind of surprised considering she threw herself at him and kissed him like he was man-candy. Chelsea thinks Nick used them both. Chelsea comes out of the room and tells Nick she knows he was listening in. Chelsea thinks Nick doesn’t want her working there because she always makes fun of him. She only does that because she thought he was her friend. Nick tries to explain why he did what he did. Chelsea doesn’t want to hear it. Nick tells her he loves her. Chelsea feels sorry for him. Nick asks if they can still be friends. She tells him that ended with his deception. From now on they’ll be co-workers nothing more. Nick tries to make himself feel like a man by warning Dr. Rebert that Chelsea isn’t as worldly as she acts and he doesn’t want to see her hurt. Dr. Rebert tells Nick to be quiet – he’s on thin ice as it is. Chelsea goes to see Abby at the garage to gloat. She tells Abby that Nick told her he loved her but she dances around Abby’s question about how she feels about Nick.

The Carver house – Part 1: Celeste is with Theo. He goes to play. Celeste opens some mail. It’s a speeding ticket for Lexie. She looks at the picture and says it’s Lexie’s licence plate but it’s not her daughter.

Sami & Lucas’s apt – Part 1: Sami is flipping through Bride’s magazines. She and Lucas talk about stuff in the magazine. Sami talks about how she would dream about her wedding when she was a little girl. Sami admits she gets all crazy planning the big day then she goes and jinxes it. Lucas tells her this is the last time so do it right. Sami reminds him that he said that before and his mom sabotaged the wedding. Sami is nervous because his mother still wants to ruin their relationship. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Kate. She thinks Lucas invited her there so Sami could apologise to her. Lucas called her there so that Kate could apologise to Sami and to tell her that he and Sami are getting married.

Kate starts belittling Sami and the number of engagement rings she’s received. Sami’s phone rings. Celeste wants to see her in 10 minutes at Abe’s house or she’s calling the police. Sami lies and tells Lucas it was a telemarketer. She’s going to go shopping and hopes Kate will be gone when she returns. Kate can’t believe that Lucas isn’t a little bit curious about Sami’s call from a telemarketer and going out shopping at this hour. Kate thinks Lucas proposed to Sami just to spite her. Lucas tells her that he proposed to Sami because he loves her and he isn’t curious about where Sami’s going because he trusts her. Kate calls him a fool. Lucas wants her to let go of her negative, petty hatred for Sami. Kate tries to remind him of Sami’s past. Lucas tells her to forget the past. He thinks this isn’t about Sami at all it’s about her being a control freak. They argue back and forth. Kate insists that Sami is still lying to him – she lied to him about saving his life. Kate is grateful to Sami for helping save his life. Kate is sure that EJ is the one that saved him. Lucas doesn’t picture EJ going out of his way to help him especially if Kate’s theory is correct and he was fleeing Salem after shooting John. Lucas asks if she is on drugs.

Kate keeps on harping about EJ and Sami and what happened that night (she’s dead on the money – LOL). Lucas asks her if she has proof. She doesn’t – he didn’t think so. Kate suggests that he break his engagement to Sami. Lucas isn’t going to abandon his child. Kate tells him they have court systems for that. Lucas doesn’t want to hear about that. Lucas accuses Kate of keeping his father out of his life so his life would only revolve around her. Kate constantly rewrites the past and never learns from it. The only thing important to Kate is winning arguments. She doesn’t care about anyone’s happiness – not even her own. He’s warned her and now she’s made her choice. She’s not welcome in this apartment any more. Kate reminds him that she’s his mother. Lucas says ‘not anymore.’ The only reason he never went through with his threats to cut her out of his life before is because he felt sorry for her but he can’t do it anymore. Kate thinks that he’s really angry at Sami and just taking it out on her. Lucas can’t stand to look at her. He opens the door and tells her she’s not invited to the wedding, or the baby’s christening or anything. Until she can respect the woman he loves they have nothing else to say to each other. Kate leaves.

The Carver house – Part 2: Sami arrives. She asks why she is there – she didn’t do anything wrong. Celeste is sceptical – ‘and yet you got here in record time.’ Sami asks where Abe is. Celeste tells her he’ll be home soon and he’ll want to talk to her about Lexie’s disappearance. Sami wants to know why. Celeste reminds her of the night John was shot. She asks Sami if she saw Lexie that night. Sami didn’t. Celeste doesn’t believe her. Sami says she and Lexie weren’t friends but she had nothing to do with her disappearance. Celeste asks her than who did. Celeste talks about Tek witnessing John’s shooting at EJ’s hands and now both Tek and Lexie are missing. Sami swears she had nothing to do with that. Why is she asking her? Celeste is asking her because she knows Sami was with EJ the night John was shot. Sami states that’s a lie. Celeste shows her the picture of the two of them in Lexie’s car – claiming that Sami helped the man that tried to kill her step-father.

Sami can explain. Celeste tells her to wait until Abe gets home that way Sami only has to spin her story once. Sami explains that she didn’t want to do it. She explains what happened that night – she was so relieved when a car stopped that she just jumped into it –it was EJ. Celeste wants to know why she didn’t tell the police about this – she thinks Sami is lying. Sami didn’t come forward because EJ held a gun to her. He forced her to help him through the police barricade. If she didn’t help him both she and Lucas would have died that night. She begged EJ to save Lucas and he said he would save Lucas’ life if she let him have sex with her. So she let him plant his seed in her. Celeste says oh dear god, he raped you. Sami cries. Celeste comforts her.

Sami talks about how after Alan Harris raped her she vowed to never be a victim again. Celeste tells her she’s not a victim, she’s a survivor and she can’t let herself think anything else. Sami says it wasn’t that long ago that she was attracted to EJ, she flirted with him, they almost … Celeste tells her she didn’t ask for this – she loves Lucas. She has to go to the police. She can’t – she’s pregnant. Celeste asks if it’s EJ’s. Sami doesn’t know. She’s been praying that it’s Lucas’s but when have things ever gone her way. Lucas just proposed to her. Things would have been perfect if this hadn’t happened. When Lucas finds out that she cheated on him … Celeste wants to be clear – forced intimacy does not constituent cheating. It’s all about power and control, its evil. Sami says there is a 50% chance evil is growing inside her right now. Celeste asks if EJ knows she’s pregnant. Sami says no, but he’ll figure it out soon. Celeste asks if ‘plant his seed’ were EJ’s exact words. Sami says yes. He told her that Stefano sent him to Salem to plant the DiMera seed in a Brady woman. Celeste thought that when Stefano died the evil would be over but based on what Sami just told her the worst is yet to come.

Sami tells Celeste she has to get home. She asks if Celeste is going to keep her secret. Celeste thinks that EJ murdered Tek and Lexie. Sami tells her she can’t think like that. Maybe he just has them somewhere – after all he’s Lexie’s half brother. Celeste says you know what EJ is capable of. Sami does and she wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Celeste tells her that her secret is safe with her. She adds that if EJ knew this photo existed and that she saw it … Sami swears she won’t tell anyone. They hug.

Sami & Lucas’s apt – Part 2: Sami returns – she didn’t buy anything – she was just window shopping. She asks where Kate is. Lucas tells Sami that Kate is out – no questions asked. He tells Sami about Kate’s conspiracy theory – EJ is the one that saved him. Sami thinks Kate is crazy. She asks if he’s really okay. He isn’t – he does love his mom but he can’t have her in his life. Sami, Will and the baby are important to him. Sami tells him to never forget that she loves him.

>Steve and Kayla: Steve dreams of the torture. EJ tells him he’s one of us now and releases the restraints. In his dream Steve chokes EJ who laughs but in reality Steve is choking Kayla. When he realises what he did Steve is horrified. He cries that he’s sorry but Kayla is very afraid. He tells her that he was dreaming. Wells was torturing him. Kayla says he’s not there. Steve yells – he is – he’s in my head. He remembers what words EJ said – ‘you’re one of us now.’ He didn’t tell her sooner because he didn’t want to scare her. He went after Wells and confronted him but then something happened to him – he doesn’t remember. EJ said that Stefano handpicked him. Steve wonders what is wrong with him – he could have killed her. Kayla tells him they’ll get him help. Steve doesn’t think that he can be helped – he’d be better off dead.

Kayla doesn’t want to hear that. He stopped himself from hurting her. Steve wonders about the next time. What if he can’t stop? She’s not safe with him around. He will kill himself before he lays a hand on her again. Kayla brings up getting him help again. She uses John as an example. Steve reminds her that John never got his memory back. Now he’s lying in a hospital in a coma with a target on his back. Kayla wants him to talk to Marlena. Steve tells her that he doesn’t think he’s strong enough to beat this. She wants Steve to call Roman and Bo and tell them everything he remembers. He refuses but he wants her to call them and press charges of domestic violence against him. As long as he’s in jail he can’t hurt anyone. Kayla refuses but Steve picks up the phone and tells her to do it right now. Kayla won’t do it. Steve tells her that he’s leaving her.

Preview: Belle to Shawn – Do you have a plan? Shawn – It’s dangerous but I think it’s our only chance. Steve to Kayla – Don’t try to stop me. Don’t make me live the rest of my life with your blood on my hands. Lucas to Sami – What’s with you? I mean I know you don’t want people to know you’re pregnant but especially EJ. Why? Willow yelling at Philip – What the hell Philip. Put me down. (He’s holding her over the railing).


Wednesday Feb 21

Pat’s Spoilers

Sami & Lucas’s apt: They are kissing. Lucas holds up her left hand – forever is what he meant when he put the ring on her finger. Their best days are yet to come. Sami wishes that she could believe that. Lucas believes it so much he bought a gift for their baby girl – his little way of saying welcome to the world. He has a contingency plan if it’s a boy. He shouts that he can’t wait until they can tell everyone they’re having a baby. Sami reminds him they said they would wait. Lucas will wait – this baby will know from her very first day that he’s her daddy. They should figure out when the first trimester is over and then they can let everyone in on their secret. Sami says its private – not a secret. Lucas talks about the night she conceived the child – the same night she saved his life. She doesn’t like thinking about that night because she was scared, she didn’t know what to do. Lucas tells her to concentrate on the good things that happened. There’s a knock on the door. It’s EJ. Their secret is out. Kate told him the marvellous news. He wanted to be the first to congratulate them.

He’d like to know when the date is – he assumed he’d be invited to the wedding. He knew they were engaged but when he heard they were actually planning the wedding he wanted to come over and congratulate them. His wedding gift to them – Lucas can have a month off work with pay and he and Sami can have the use of his private plane. Lucas can’t accept. EJ thinks they’ll need time to recover from planning the wedding and Sami will have to prepare herself – Kate is going to torment her for the rest of her life. Sami thanks him for painting such a rosy picture – she walks away from them. Lucas admits it won’t be a picnic working with his old lady. EJ talked to Kate and told her to back off Sami. Lucas thinks Kate is his headache. EJ says when it interferes with work it’s his headache. Sami returns – she’s not happy to see that EJ is still there. He leaves and grabs their trash and offers to take it out for them. Sami tries to stop him but doesn’t succeed. Sami thought for sure EJ knew she was pregnant. Lucas wants to know what’s going on – he knows she doesn’t want people finding out especially EJ – why? In the hallway EJ gloats – one person’s trash is another man’s treasure. He wants to see what Samantha has been hiding from him.

Lucas wants to know why she’s acting like it’s a bigger deal if EJ finds out. Sami thinks EJ is a fake – he’s just trying to break them up. Lucas doesn’t think he can succeed unless they let him. Sami thinks people like him are bad karma for the baby. Lucas thinks keeping this baby a secret is taking a toll on her. He wants to know what the doctor told her on her last check up. She admits that her blood pressure is high. Lucas tells her she can’t have all this stress – he wants them to tell everyone that she is pregnant including EJ – he promises her it will be okay. Sami says no way. Lucas wants to know if she still has a thing for EJ. She is not attracted to EJ – she’s afraid of him. She’s scared for all of them. Lucas can protect them – doesn’t she trust him? She trusts him it’s EJ she doesn’t trust. He’s a DiMera. Lucas says a few things in EJ’s defence and Sami freaks. It sounds like he’s on the side of the guy that is out to destroy them. Lucas doesn’t trust EJ but he doesn’t think EJ has a master plan. Sami says okay – she doesn’t like that he’s still living in the same building as them. Lucas tells her to focus on their family – no one is going to take that away from them – not even EJ. Lucas wants her to think only about the good stuff – what they have is forever – nobody is going to get in between that. She’ll try not to be scared.

>Steve and Kayla: Steve keeps packing while Kayla tries to convince him to stay. She’s never known him to run from a fight. Steve isn’t running for his life, he’s running for hers. He’s doing this to protect her. He almost killed her. She reminds him that he stopped. Steve asks – what about the next time. He’s going to save her life – he’s leaving. Kayla pulls all his clothes out of his bag. He doesn’t get to do this. Kayla is angry and she really lets into Steve. She won’t let him go. Steve tells her that the DiMera’s did something to him. He doesn’t know what it is – he knows he can’t control it. He has to get far away from them so they can never find him. He begs her not to make him live the rest of his life with her blood on his hands.

Kayla talks about all the years she grieved for him – she gives him all the gory details. Her soul was dead and buried with him. She never gave up hope that he was alive out there. He showed up like a walking miracle and now he’s taking that miracle away. She wants him here with her. Steve insists he has to go. Kayla tells him to strangle her right now because her life is over. Steve thinks that’s crazy talk. Kayla says it’s no more crazy than him running away. He can’t stay – he loves her too much. Kayla grabs his bag from him. If he wants out he’ll have to go through her. He says he doesn’t need that stuff. He walks out of the bedroom – Kayla tackles him to the floor and then starts whaling on him and yelling at him – then they kiss.

Steve stops because he can see the fear on her face – he put it there. She tells him that she’s afraid of losing him. She doesn’t want him to throw away everything they had. He tells her he loves her and leaves. Kayla cries. She picks up their wedding picture – first she’s going to throw but she can’t, she holds it close for a moment and then drops it to the floor. Kayla makes a call. She needs to talk about Steve – it’s a matter of life or death.

Ship: Willow joins Philip on deck. Willow talks about the suckers on the ship – she’s been gambling. She has enough money to pay back Philip. He doesn’t want her money. She’s going to go back and gamble some more but Philip stops her. They’re here for one reason only – to get his daughter back. Willow knows what they’re doing there. Shawn and Belle are locked in their cabin – they’re not going anywhere. He gives Shawn far more credit than he deserves. Philip points out that they got this far. Willow tells him to lighten up. She starts talking about when he gets Claire home – with him working Claire is going to need a nanny. Claire should be with someone she is familiar with – her.

Philip laughs – she expects him to trust his daughter with her. Once a whore always a whore. Willow warns him – she’s carrying his insurance policy. Philip tells her that the free ride is almost over – soon he’ll have Claire and he won’t need her any longer. Willow tells him to talk to Shawn – he’ll find out she’s not that easy to get rid of. Philip thinks it’s funny that she’s threatening him – she’s all trash and flash. She thinks he needs her as much as she needs him. She can go to the judge and tell him she lied and he’d lose the custody order. Philip says if she does that she’ll end up in jail. Willow thinks he can’t chance anything going wrong – Claire’s future is in her hands. Philip thinks she’s too smart for her own good and grabs her and holds her over the railing. Willow apologises and begs him to lift her back up. She hates him – Philip is crushed. Willow hopes Shawn and Belle get to keep Philip’s kid. They leave.

Belle snivels – she’s going to lose Claire tomorrow. Shawn makes empty promises which Belle finally calls him on but then proceeds to buy into them anyway. Shawn has a plan – it’s dangerous but it’s their only chance. He’s going to steal a life raft. Getting out of the room is the hard part. They’ll take just enough food to get by for a day or so – there’s a group of islands nearby. He’ll navigate using the stars just like he did on the Fancy Face (would that be when he sunk it???) Belle goes to change Claire – Belle thinks she found the way out of their room. A loose air vent. Shawn checks it out. He’ll climb through it and get keys and come back for them. He struts around acting like he’s some kind of hero or something – what a joke.

Shawn crawls through the vent on to the same deck that Philip and Willow just vacated. He follows one of the ship’s officers and adds another crime to his long list of crimes. He assaults the officer hitting him so hard that he’s unconscious (hopefully he’s only unconscious and not dead) and steals the man’s clothes. Belle gets a visit from Chief Officer Stratton. Belle stands there and lies to the man’s face. He’ll wait for Shawn to get out of the shower. Belle asks him to tell her what this is all about. He pulls out an article from a Toronto newspaper that was faxed to them by the Canadian authorities. Belle reads that she and Shawn are suspected kidnappers. She gets all superior and sticks up her nose in the air and says they can’t enforce that outside of Salem. The guy reminds her that they committed a crime – she can stay in the cabin with Claire but Shawn has to be locked in the brig. Belle lies again and says she has to feed Claire. Shawn uses the stolen keys to get back in their room. He tells her to get ready – he gives her a small lifejacket for Claire. They can’t leave because Philip is in the hallway.

DiMera Warehouse: EJ brings the trash to Stefano. He puts on a glove and digs through it finding a letter from an ob-gyn. It’s just what they hoped for – she’s having a baby. With any luck it will be a DiMera baby. Stefano pumps his hand in victory – so ridiculous. Everything is going according to plan. It’s probable that he planted the DiMera seed in Brady woman’s womb and it’s just a matter of time until Steve comes to them. He’ll do whatever they want him to do. EJ is so grateful to Stefano – he made him the man he is today. Now he’s going to repay him – he’s going to make his father well again. Steve shows up – EJ wins. He’ll do what they want as long as he doesn’t hurt Kayla. EJ tells him that Kayla’s fate is in his hands. Steve attacks EJ but he EJ just whips out the devil card to get Steve to do what he wants. He gives Steve the order to bring John Black to him.

Preview: Chelsea to Dr. Rebert (Nick is there as well) – You know I’m really anxious to show you what I can do so I promise I’ll make you happy. Mimi to Max – My Mom’s hiding something. Max – Like what? Mimi – We have to figure out what it is before it’s too late. Willow to Philip – Are you looking for Shawn, Belle and Claire cause if you are they just left. Philip – Why didn’t you stop them? What the hell is wrong with you? Shawn to Belle – We’ve got to jump.


Thursday Feb 22

Pat’s Spoilers

Police Station – Part 1: Bonnie is in Roman’s office being interrogated. Max and Mimi are in the main room – Mimi tells Max she’s been in there two hours. Bonnie sent Connor back to Arizona – doesn’t that sound suspicious. Roman comes out and tells Mimi that Bonnie confessed to the murder of her (Mimi’s) father. Mimi is stunned. Roman is so sorry – Bonnie gave him the whole story. She dressed up the body in the civil war uniform and dragged it to that church and put it behind the wall. Max asks if she did it all by herself. Roman states that Bonnie said that Patrick was out of the country and Connor was at the juvenile ranch. Mimi wants to know if Bonnie gave Roman a reason. He was drunk – he hit her hard, he tried again, she picked up the fireplace poker … Mimi tells him to stop – she can’t believe her mother killed her father. Roman talked to Connor. He admitted to helping his mother steal the bones but that’s all. Mimi says – so you’re not pressing charges against him. Roman says no charges against Connor but Bonnie is going to be booked and arrested for murder. Bonnie hears Roman say this.

Bonnie goes back into Roman’s office crying. Mimi thinks its self defence – she shouldn’t be locked up. Roman tells Mimi that self-defence is what Bonnie is claiming but she covered it up – it raises a lot of red flags. Her mother is going to need a very good lawyer. Mimi insists that her mother couldn’t kill anyone in cold blood. Roman’s hands are tied but he promises to do what he can to help Bonnie. Mimi asks if she can talk to Bonnie before she’s processed. Roman has to go and talk to the DA – Mimi can talk to Bonnie. He leaves. Mimi is worried that Bonnie won’t be able to prove its self-defence. Max asks if she ever saw her Dad hitting her mom. She didn’t. Max has an idea – he asks about the ring. She gives him the receipt the police gave her with the name of the person the ring was returned to. He feels that if her dad hit her mom while he was wearing the ring there could be some DNA or blood evidence on it. He’s going to get the ring and take it to Nick.

Java Cafe: Abby is working on her laptop when Jed approaches and introduces himself. He mentions a class they share and introduces himself – he’s Jed, a transfer student. She hasn’t noticed him. He noticed her – she has a face a person can’t forget. They start talking about an author – Abby brings him up to speed on that particular author. She suggests he see the movie Reds – Warren Beatty plays the author – he’ll learn everything he needs to know. Chelsea blows in whining about Calculus- she’s going to fail. Jed suggests she drop the class. Chelsea wants to know who the hell he is. Abby introduces them. Chelsea tells Jed to scram. Chelsea proceeds to whine about her problems. Chelsea stops whining long enough to notice that Jed can’t stop staring at Abby. Jed has the hots for Abby the question is what is she (Abby) going to do about it?

Abby brings her back on topic and suggests that Chelsea ask Nick to tutor her in Calculus. Chelsea says no thanks. Abby presses Chelsea to change her mind. Chelsea won’t. She gloats – she’s going to make Nick squirm. She’ll use Dr. Rebert to make Nick jealous. She’ll ask the doctor to tutor her. She leaves to go to work. Jed approaches Abby again. The conversation continues – Abby tells Jed she’s kind of involved with a guy – HUH??? Jed is kind of involved too. Abby thinks that’s great. He wasn’t trying to hit on her. He asks if she could give him a lift – his car just died and he has a part time job to get to. Abby gets all suspicious – she thinks Jed made a bet with his friends. She stomps over – no hits, all errors gang. A definite shutout. I don’t think Abby has a clue what she’s talking about … LOL!

Hospital Lab: Dr. Rebert mentions that Chelsea starts in 5 minutes – will Nick have a problem with that. He won’t. Dr. Rebert starts talking about Chelsea’s great body. Nick doesn’t want to talk about Chelsea. Dr. Rebert praises Nick’s work as a lab tech but he’s the dumbest person he’s ever met when it comes to women. Dr. Rebert is going to teach him some tricks. Nick doesn’t want to talk about this at work – it’s inappropriate – a woman could be very upset if they overhear him. They should focus on work. Dr. Rebert steps out of the lab. Max arrives and gives Nick the ring to check for DNA. Max fills him in on what happened. Max leaves. Chelsea and Dr. Rebert show up. Chelsea flirts and butters up the doctor – he ends up taking her out to dinner.

Ship: Belle freaks and orders Shawn around – she speaks to him in her normal condescending tone of voice. He tries to get her to calm down. Outside their room Stratton asks Philip what he is doing. Philip is watching the door. Stratton knows who he is from the Captain. He warns Philip to stay out of his way or he’ll end up in the brig along with Brady. He’s here to arrest Shawn. Philip thinks that is great. He wants Belle arrested as well and for Claire to be given to him. Inside Shawn tells Belle he’ll figure something out. He comes up with this big plan – he’ll throw the door open and catch them by surprise. He’ll jump Philip and the other guy and Belle can take Claire and make a run for it. Belle points out the obvious – it’s a ship – where are they going to go. Stratton is following the Captain’s orders not Philip’s – the girl stays with her mother. Philip tells Stratton to do his job – he won’t interfere. Stratton knocks on the door. Shawn has an idea.

Stratton enters the room – Belle lies that she didn’t know it was Stratton. She tells them that Shawn is in the bathroom with Claire. Stratton knocks but no one answers – Philip kicks the door open. They notice the air vent cover is off. Philip rants that Shawn got away with his daughter. Belle is so over the top when she lies that she had no idea Claire was with Shawn that even the panelling in the room cringes ‘cause it’s so obvious that she’s lying. Belle is locked in the room when Stratton and Philip leave. Shawn slithers out from underneath the bed where he had Claire. They leave the room and Willow comes out of her and Philip’s stateroom and asks them if they’re going somewhere.

On deck Philip finds the open air vent. Stratton says there’s no way that Shawn crawled through the vents with a small child. They hear someone moaning and find the guy Shawn assaulted and robbed. Philip figures out that Shawn is back in the cabin getting Belle and Claire out. Shawn has the audacity to beg Willow and so does Belle – all of a sudden Willow isn’t a crazy bitch anymore. Willow says too bad they don’t have anything to bribe her with because that’s all whore’s care about is money, right. She puts her hand on the fire alarm – that should bring them all running. Shawn says no – Willow says got’cha. She goes back to her room – she’ll tell Philip they said goodbye. Stratton and Philip check Shawn and Belle’s room – they’re gone. Willow comes out and asks Philip if he’s looking for Shawn, Belle and Claire ‘cause if he is they just left. Philip yells at Willow – why didn’t she stop them. On the deck Claire is crying – Shawn tells Belle they have to jump. Claire stops crying so Belle picks up the slack. They jump after Belle has sufficiently berated Shawn. Philip tells Willow he’ll deal with her later.

Police Station – Part 2 : Mimi goes into Roman’s office – she wants the truth all of it. Why did she have to kill Dad? Bonnie swears she no choice. Mimi wants to know about the civil war uniform and the wall. Bonnie thought if the body was found everyone would think it was a civil war soldier. And she insists she built the wall herself – what jobs hasn’t she had in her life? Mimi thinks she’s an expert on snow-jobs. Bonnie asks if Mimi thinks she is a murderer. Mimi doesn’t think Bonnie is a killer. Why did she let her keep on believing that her father was alive. Bonnie didn’t think Mimi would forgive her – she thought she was going to lose her. Mimi tells Bonnie that she won’t lose her. Right now Max is having the ring tested to see if they can get some proof from it that could help Bonnie. Bonnie insists that she killed her husband and prison is where she should be.

She deserves what she’s got coming – she did the crime now she has to do the time. She stole the ring from an old patient to give to her husband for Christmas. The ring proves she’s nothing but a petty thief – a criminal. Mimi thinks there’s a big difference between petty thief and killer. Bonnie wants Mimi to call Max and tell him to forget about getting the ring tested. Mimi knows that Bonnie is hiding something – what is it. Mimi asks if she is trying to cover up for someone else. Bonnie insists it’s all her – no one else. Roman returns. Bonnie tells Roman to book her. Mimi and Bonnie hug – Bonnie tells her she loves her more than she’ll ever know. She wants Mimi to try and understand. Roman takes Bonnie out. Mimi understands more than Bonnie thinks. Max comes back. Mimi says there’s no question – her mother is hiding something. She doesn’t know what but they have to find out before it’s too late. Bonnie got very nervous when she mentioned the ring – it’s like she’s trying to keep someone safe. Max asks if she thinks it’s her brothers. She doesn’t know – it doesn’t add it. Max is sure that Nick will find something on the ring. Mimi is sure that she’s lucky to have Max in her life. She suggests going back to his place. He lies – he’s too busy – he doesn’t want her at the garage. She’s a distraction. Mimi leaves, Max the immature wimp jerk calls Abby.

Preview: Marlena to Kayla – I’m talking about the person you need to save from Steve. Nick to Chelsea – And why would I do that? Chelsea – Like all immature world class losers (takes one to know one – LOL!) you’re also a spiteful jerk. Philip to Willow – You have nothing I want. Willow – I have Shawn’s baby. I owe you Philip and I always pay back my debts. Shawn to Belle – Belle, where is she? Belle screeching and screaming – I don’t know. I lost her.


Friday Feb 23

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: Nick the stalker/lecher-in-training follows Dr. Rebert, lecher extraordinaire and his date, Chelsea to Chez Rouge. Nick glowers and scowls and whines to Maggie as Chelsea plays up to the hilt making sure Nick hears every insult she levels at him. Nick proves his maturity by running to Auntie and tattling that Chelsea is drinking and she’s underage. Maggie goes to the table and proceeds to insult both the doctor and Chelsea and orders the doctor to take his date for a happy meal. Maggie (who is this person?) and Nick high five each other. Chelsea insults Nick while Rebert is getting the car. She then leaves. Nick tries to play at being a man by warning Dr. Rebert who promptly levels him with one punch to the gut. Maggie encourages Nick to fight for Chelsea – I roll my eyes. In the car Chelsea says she wants to go home, she’s not hungry. Dr. Rebert is – he puts his hand on her thigh.

Ship: Stratton tells Philip they’re not searching anymore for his daughter – they’ve searched the ship 4 times. Stratton states - they’re no longer on the ship – his daughter’s gone. One of the lifeboats is missing. Philip proves that he doesn’t know how bad of a mother Belle really is by saying that Belle loves her daughter – she wouldn’t take that kind of risk with her. Philip wants them to drop anchor and search or else he’ll use his influence to go after the cruise ship line. Stratton leaves and Willow enters. She asks if there is any news. Philip tells her that thanks to her Shawn and Belle jumped overboard with his daughter. Willow is sorry – she had no idea that they would do something that stupid. Philip grabs her and says he knows why she didn’t stop them – Willow hurts him by kneeing the leg that was amputated. He is the reason she didn’t help him – he’s so rude – he’s the reason he lost Claire. She tells him to play as rough as he wants because she will always play rougher. Willow says they can keep fighting or work together. He insults her she insults him. The anchor drops – they’re going to search for Claire. Philip tells Willow when they get back to Salem he never wants to see her again. She reminds them of their deal – he was supposed to give her a place to live and pre-natal care. Philip tells her that she and Shawn’s bastard can rot in the gutter – pretty much the same way Shawn treated her – poor Willow.

Stratton comes in –there’s been a new development. They found the lifeboat slashed to bits. Philip wants the islands searched. Stratton says – no, it’s too late. Philip is sure Claire is alive – he’ll find her. Philip is on deck using binoculars. Willow is sorry for using his daughter as payback – she should have told him about Shawn and Belle. Her apology is nothing to him – he wants her out of his face. The Captain tells Philip there is no reason to search – rescue is no longer viable. Philip says you think my daughter is dead – a torn raft doesn’t mean anything. The Captain says it does when there’s blood on it. He’s sorry but his little girl didn’t make it. Philip tells them they’re wrong. He’d know if something happened to her. They’ve sent the blood to Sydney to be analyzed – they’ve done all they can. Philip is furious – he slugs the Captain – they searched for one hour – that’s all. If that blood belongs to his daughter he will pay. The Captain and Stratton leave. Willow returns. She understands why he wants to make her pay but if he wants to make Shawn pay – she’ll help. Philip reminds her she said that before but she let Belle and Shawn steal his daughter. She wants to make it right. Philip tells her she has nothing he wants. She has Shawn’s baby. She owes Philip and she always repays her debts.

Marlena & Kayla Kayla tells Marlena Steve choked her. It wasn’t his fault – whatever EJ did to him is making him act like someone else. She wants Marlena to find him. Marlena refuses. Steve is delusional – he needs help. She’ll help when Steve is under control. She needs to call Roman and have Steve brought in. Kayla thinks that would be a betrayal. Marlena says it wouldn’t be a betrayal – it would be protecting him. The Steve you know wouldn’t hurt you but this Steve did. Who’s next? Kayla says no one – she’s going to find him. Whatever EJ did she is going to undo. Marlena says she can’t do it. Kayla thinks that Marlena found a way to get through to John she’ll be able to get through to Steve. Marlena tells Kayla that she can’t reach Steve – the DiMera’s re-wired his mind. Steve belongs to them now.

Kayla has to find Steve – she has to stop him. Marlena asks – stop him from what – following the DiMera’s orders. Wherever Steve is now he only has one focus – completing his mission. Kayla is insistent that she is going to find Steve and help him. Marlena tells her to call Roman – John said … she stops. Kayla wants to know what John said. Marlena says it’s not information based on fact or science. Kayla knows that facts and science don’t always explain everything. Marlena says it was a dream. John told her that Steve was programmed to kill someone. Kayla says John is wrong – Steve is not a killer – that’s not who he is. Marlena cautions her not to think of this man as Steve Johnson or Patch – that man is gone. Kayla can’t believe that. Marlena says if Kayla wants to help him, she has to be honest about who he really is. He’s a man who tried to kill her. That man is not Steve but Steve will be blamed for whatever that man does.

Marlena insists the police have to be involved. Kayla says no – they’ll lock Steve in an institution – he couldn’t stand being caged up. He’ll hate that. Marlena thinks what Steve will hate more is waking up from this psychotic nightmare to find out that he killed someone. Kayla says they have no proof that will happen. Marlena asks her if she’s looking for something tangible like a victim. Kayla can’t betray her husband. Marlena repeats it’s not a betrayal. Marlena talks about her experience at the hands of the DiMera’s. She thinks doing this is an imperfect salvation. Kayla doesn’t think Steve will see this as ‘saving him’. Marlena is talking about the person they need to save from Steve. Kayla talks about never believing that Steve was really dead but when he came back she felt something was wrong – she tried to get through to him but couldn’t. She hasn’t been able to reach him. Marlena isn’t sure about that. She thinks that Kayla and Stephanie kept Steve fighting for control of his mind. Kayla wonders how she can tell her daughter that she had her father locked up and institutionalized. Marlena tells her to think of the alternative – she has to tell her that her father killed someone and she could of stopped it but didn’t. Kayla agrees to do it. Marlena tells her she’s doing the right thing. She knows that under all the evil the DiMera’s programmed into him is the real Steve Johnson and he would hate to think he hurt somebody. Marlena gets a call on her cell. She tells Kayla the hospital can’t find John – he’s not in his room. They run out.

Hospital/Marlena’s & Kayla’s voices: In the elevator Steve hears EJ’s voice telling him to bring John Black to him. He waits until no one is at the nurse’s desk then enters John’s room. He stares at John and then clutches his head – he hears the noises – he staggers out of John’s room. He hears EJ’s voice again. He goes into a supply room and starts dressing in scrubs. We hear Marlena as she tells Kayla – the DiMera’s own his mind. Sometimes he’s aware of what he is doing but most of the time he is under their control. Whatever they want him to do he will do. Steve is now in disguise even though a surgical mask and cap really don’t cover up the patch … LOL! He goes to John’s room. He keys in the code and shuts the door to John’s room and goes to the bed as we hear Kayla saying she’s already lost him once, she can’t lose him again. Marlena cautions that she can’t save him. As Marlena tells Kayla about the dream (see above) Steve approaches the bed. Steve unhooks John’ s life support as we hear Marlena telling Kayla that her guess is it’s going to be murder. He moves John onto a gurney and covers him with a sheet. Steve comes out of the room and hits the fire alarm. The nurses scatter. The flashing lights and the siren trigger Steve to have the flashback of the torture. He pushes the gurney into the elevator. The nurses return thankful it was a false alarm. They notice that John is gone.

Deserted Island : OMG – these scenes – yikes – let’s just say bad. Belle finds an unconscious Shawn. She’s freaking out screaming and yelling – she lost Claire in the riptide. Shawn is so concerned that he wastes precious time holding Belle and making empty promises. Belle stands there freaking out instead of joining in the search. Shawn returns with Claire – Claire is crying – Shawn is smiling. Belle thinks she is hungry. She notices a miniscule droplet of blood on her finger and the hysterics and the screaming start all over. Shawn bandages it – it’s still bleeding – it’s such a deep cut. He realises he cut her with his knife – another example of his stellar parenting skills. Shawn tries to start a fire as Belle rants and shrieks and screams at him to do it faster because Claire is cold.

Preview: A deranged Nick screaming at Dr. Rebert as Chelsea watches – Get out of here. (Nick pulls him out of the car and throws him to the ground). Dr Rebert – What the hell? Nick – You can never touch her. Never. Bo to EJ – Whatcha do with Steve? Steve stopping Kayla from making a call – No, please, if you call them people will die. John will die. Shawn and his empty promises to Belle and Claire – I’m going to take good care of you. Belle – We’re going to take good care of each other.


Monday Feb 26

Pat’s Spoilers

Nightmare Island : Things don’t go well for Shawn as his house of twigs comes tumbling down. He throws himself a pity party and blames his colossal stupidity on Philip. Of course. Belle can’t stand that Shawn is doing all the whining – that’s her department so she does what she does best – makes it all about her. They make empty promises. They’re going to be happy to live on that island for the rest of their lives because it means that Claire won’t be raised a Kiriakis. My God!!! Poor Claire to be stuck with those two – she’s an innocent – why does she have to be punished for their ineptness?

Nick/Chelsea/Dr. Rebert: Dr. Rebert makes his pass, Nick acts like a deranged psycho screaming at him. Nick takes Chelsea back to her place and apologises – what happened to Chelsea is all his fault. At first she disagrees but then thinks better of that and places half of the blame on him. They are now friends again. Nick urges her to press charges against Dr. Rebert. She will if he will back her up. He will. She kisses him.

Hospital – Part 1: Bo is working on the disappearance of John. He wants all their surveillance tapes. Kayla arrives. Bo fills her in. Their first suspect is EJ but John did have a lot of enemies. Kayla thinks it was Steve. Bo asks her why she thinks that. Kayla tells Bo what happened – Steve left her – he said it was for her own good. She tells him that she woke up to Steve strangling her. Bo is furious. Kayla says it’s not his fault. He was dreaming – EJ was tormenting him telling him he was one of them. Steve didn’t realise what he was doing. Bo thinks Steve did the right thing – until he gets his head straight she’s better off to stay away from him. Kayla thinks that Steve is afraid he’s programmed to do whatever the DiMera’s ask him to including bringing John to them.

Bo asks her if she has any other reason to think that Steve was connected to John’s disappearance. Kayla mentions the night John was shot – he woke up and saw Steve and called him killer. Also Marlena’s dreams. Bo thinks Marlena could be having those dreams because of what happened in the ER – he doesn’t put much stock in them. Kayla would like him to help her find Steve. Bo asks if she is prepared for the fact that he may have to arrest Steve. Marlena convinced her that Steve needs help before he hurts someone if he hasn’t already done so. Bo puts out an APB on Steve. Kayla says what about EJ. Bo has to be careful around him – if he pushes too hard he may lose his chance to bring him to justice. He agrees to talk to EJ. Kayla is heading back to the Salem Inn. Bo calls EJ and tells him to get to the hospital concerning John Black.

Another DiMera Warehouse – Part 1: Steve assures EJ that no one followed him or seen him take John. Steve wants to know what the plan is now that John is here. EJ says he’s hungry. He’d like steak and kidneys. He has the steak but no kidneys – he knows – they’ll take one of John’s. He laughs, Steve looks shocked. He tells EJ this is sick. If they take John’s kidney – he’ll die. The surgery will kill him. EJ doesn’t give a damn – he just wants the kidney. The ‘doctor’ arrives. Steve figures out the guy isn’t a doctor – just an organ harvester – a hack. The guy is ready to do the procedure but Steve won’t let him. EJ thinks Steve needs a little more coaching to stay with the program. Steve laughs – John was on their program – that didn’t work out for them. He had a few years of a normal life. Steve mentions helping John get away from Stefano. He saved John’s life once – he won’t let that guy butcher him up. EJ tells him if he can find someone else to do the surgery they’ll do it his way. EJ suggests Marlena then Kayla. Steve refuses. EJ tells him it’s his call. Either he finds another doctor or EJ does things his way. EJ gives him 15 minutes to get Kayla there or the procedure starts without him. He holds up the tarot card and tells him to keep his name out of this. After his call with Bo EJ tells the hack if John dies to take the kidney immediately and then get rid of the body – it would have served its purpose.

Hospital – Part 2: EJ arrives playing innocent – what happened to John. Bo says he’s missing but he wouldn’t be missing for long if he put a tail on EJ. EJ doesn’t think the Salem PD can afford another harassment charge. Bo wants to know what he did with Steve Johnson. Why did he drop the charges against him? EJ did it for the benefit of the Brady family. Bo grabs him and asks him again – what did he do with Steve? Bo accuses them of messing with Steve’s mind and turning him into a DiMera errand boy. EJ taunts Bo – if he’s got something on him, arrest him. Bo tells him they’re working on a case against him for the gloved hand crimes and John’s shooting. EJ thinks he’s bluffing. Bo tells him it’s not a bluff and walks away.

Salem Inn Kayla returns and finds Steve there. He doesn’t let her touch him. She asks where he’s been. He answers – you know. He took John. Kayla is going to call the police. Steve stops her and says no police. If you call them people will die. John will die. Steve can see she’s scared but he needs her to listen to him. He needs her to come with him to save John. Kayla says what if I say no. Steve tells her she doesn’t have a choice. Kayla asks if he is threatening her. Steve looks confused and stunned – he says ‘sweetness, I need you.’ She goes with him.

Another DiMera Warehouse – Part 2: Steve tells the ‘doctor’ that his services are no longer needed and kicks him out. He tells Kayla she is John’s only chance. She has to take out one of John’s kidneys.

Preview: EJ to Sami – It’s because you know that child isn’t Lucas’s, it’s mine. (Lucas approaches). Kayla to Steve (we see John as well) – He will not survive hear. You need to get on the phone and you need to call an ambulance right now before it’s too late. Philip to Roman and Bo – Because of you my little girl is dead and I won’t rest until the entire Brady family pays for that.


Tuesday Feb 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Philip & Willow – Part 1: Philip pulls up in front of the police station. Willow wants to go back to the mansion. Philip is upset – Claire is dead. Willow is sorry. Philip tells her that she can’t make up for her mistake. It’s the end of the line. Willow asks if he is turning her into the cops. She should be the one pressing charges – he’s the one that tried to kill her by threatening to throw her overboard. He isn’t pressing charges. He just wants her to get out. She’s not coming back to the mansion. The free ride is over. Willow reminds him she’s having Shawn’s baby. He doesn’t care – that means nothing without Claire. Willow thinks that its possible Shawn, Belle and Claire survived. Philip doesn’t think it’s likely but if they did survive they will contact their families and he’ll find out about it. He doesn’t need her help. It’s over. She grabs the keys and tells him it’s over when she says it’s over.

Willow tells Philip she’ll scream if he lays a hand on her. He grabs her and gets her to drop the keys. Willow begs him not to kick her out. He doesn’t need her anymore – she’s one of the reasons Claire is dead. Willow didn’t think they’d be idiots and jump off a ship into the middle of the ocean. Philip wants her out. Willow plays the I’m pregnant – I have nothing card so Philip gives her some money and tells her to get out of his life. Philip grabs a box from the back seate – it has Remains written on the side.

Chez Rouge: Lucas and Sami are sampling hors d’oeuvres. Sami thinks they’re too expensive. Lucas tells that money isn’t a problem. You only get married once – he amends that to see this will be the last time either one of them get married. The wedding curse is broken. What could possibly go wrong? EJ can think of something. Odds of any marriage succeeding are daunting that’s why he chose bachelorhood. EJ tells Sami to take Lucas’ advice and seeing as he’s footing the bill … Lucas wants to know what he means. EJ points out that Lucas working for him is what enables him to pay the bill for the wedding. Lucas can’t argue that. He then tells Lucas he needs the contracts of a deal they’ve been working on faxed to him tonight. Lucas protests but EJ insists. When Lucas goes to make the call EJ confronts Sami. He knows her secret.

Sami plays cat and mouse with him and flatly denies she is pregnant when he brings it up again. He has proof – he went through her trash and found an appointment for her first sonogram. She can’t believe he went through her trash. He did it because it was obvious she wasn’t going to tell him. She insists she wasn’t telling anyone – it’s common to wait until after the first trimester. EJ tells her there is only one reason she didn’t say anything and that is because she knows the child isn’t Lucas’s, it’s his. Lucas returns. He tells EJ the contracts are being faxed to his office. EJ wants them faxed to his apartment. Lucas has to run off and make another call. EJ tells Sami he’s utterly delighted they are pregnant. Sami insists the baby is Lucas’. EJ thinks its probable the baby is his. Eight weeks ago they made love. Sami tells him he doesn’t get to use that word – he raped her.

EJ doesn’t see it that way. She had a choice. Sami disagrees – it was extortion. EJ declares she was more than willing and she needs to face that. Sami gave him what he wanted to save Lucas’s life. EJ says and in the process we created a new life. Sami says the baby is Lucas’s. EJ wants her to get a test to determine paternity. Sami refuses. He tells her if she doesn’t have the test done he’ll have to tell Lucas the paternity of his child is in question. Nobody raises his child but him. Lucas returns. EJ wants to discuss something – it’s about the little one on the way. He’s thrilled for them. Mythic gives a full month leave for the father – he hopes Lucas will take it. He finally leaves. Lucas asks how EJ found out about the baby. Sami says he just figured it out. She doesn’t want to talk about EJ. Lucas’s phone rings. It’s EJ – he wants to meet tomorrow. There’s something he wants to talk about man to man. Lucas wants to know what it’s about. EJ wants to discuss it in person. EJ gets a call from Steve telling him it’s done. The kidney is on its way.

Police Station: Roman asks Bo if he really thinks EJ used mind control to get Steve to take John out of the hospital. Bo does. Roman agrees that it something the DiMera’s would do now they have to figure out why they wanted John. Bo wonders if they don’t want John to wake up and finger the killer. They both try and get hold of Kayla. No luck. Roman and Bo think she’s gone after Steve herself. Roman gives a cop pictures of Steve and Kayla – if anyone sees them they need to know about it right away. Bo wishes he could have got more out of Wells when he talked to him. Roman would love to put a tail on EJ but he’d slap another harassment suit on them. Bo wishes they had at least a sliver of proof against him. Roman says unless someone comes forward that knows something they got nothing and EJ knows it. Bo thinks of someone. Roman says Lockhart’s not talking. Bo says no, not Lockhart, its Shawn.

If they can get him to give a statement that will light a fire under the state’s attorney and he’ll actively go after Wells. They keep talking and decide they can use Shawn’s statement as leverage with Patrick to get him to talk. Roman says it could work but first you have to find Shawn. Philip walks in and says ‘you can’t because this is all that is left of him’. He dumps the contents of the box on the desk. Bo picks up some stuff and identifies it as belonging to Shawn and Claire. Philip tells them he tracked Shawn and Belle to a cruise ship. They used false passports but he’s sure Bo and Roman knew all about that. Shawn and Belle were placed under ship’s arrest when he told the captain who they really were but they pulled a fast one. They jumped overboard with Claire. Bo is dubious. Philip said they did just that – this is all that is left of them. Bo doesn’t believe they’re dead. Philip says he didn’t want to believe it either but there was blood found on the rope. It was Claire’s. Bo looks at the analysis that Philip received and wonders how he’s going to tell Hope. Philip tells him to start by telling her that they’re all to blame. His little girl is dead because of them and he won’t rest until the entire Brady family pays for that.

Philip hopes they’re satisfied. They not only let Shawn and Belle kidnap his daughter, they helped them and now Claire is dead. A cop comes in and tells Roman they have a lead on Steve. Roman leaves to check it out. Philip wonders what Steve has done now – he’s just as responsible for Claire’s death. Bo pulls a Shawn and Belle and blames everyone’s stupidity on Philip. Bo threatens Philip. Philip has always looked up to him, his older brother but he’s never been afraid of him. Bo throws him out and says he’s not his brother. Bo is looking at the stuff Philip brought. Roman tells Bo that he spoke to the Australian coast guard. They’re going to send out another search and recovery party. Bo tells him to tell them to make it a search and rescue mission – they’re not dead. Bo shows him the symbols – they’re a code. It spells safe. Shawn sent the message. They’re alive. Bo is so proud of his criminal son. Roman asks – what about the blood? Bo can’t explain that. They need to keep this to themselves – despite the message Hope will believe the worst. Roman’s phone rings. He tells Bo that Kayla is with John – it doesn’t look good.

DiMera Warehouse Pier 18: Kayla protests – John is in a coma. He might not survive the operation. Why would he ask her to do it? Because she’s his friend – she’s a doctor. She’ll do it right. Kayla doesn’t think she can do it. Steve tells her she has no choice. Kayla needs him to tell her what’s going on so she can help him. Steve says the only way she can help is by operating on John. If she doesn’t do it that black market organ dealer will do it. There’s no other way. Kayla thinks that he believes that because he’s under their control. They don’t have to do this. She’s going to call Roman and Bo. He takes her cell phone – he can’t let her do that.

Kayla tells Steve he’s scaring her. He tells her that if she walks away from this John will die. The police can’t help – no one can. This is their only chance to make sure John survives. It’s all set up – there’s a nurse in there waiting to assist her. Kayla says he can still die. Steve thinks she can do this. If they don’t get that kidney a lot of other people will die. People they care about. Kayla wants to know who else EJ has threatened. Kayla thinks it’s about Stephanie. He has to protect her no matter what. Steve tells her that a lot of people will die starting with John if she doesn’t do the surgery. He opens the curtains and Kayla preps for surgery. She tells John she is so sorry. Kayla is finishing up when Steve here’s sirens. They pass by. Kayla tells him it’s over.

John made it through the surgery but there’s a high risk of infection especially in this filthy warehouse. Steve says she’ll have to make sure he gets through it. The nurse leaves with the kidney. Kayla wants to know who it’s for. Steve doesn’t know. He tells her to make a list of what John needs and he’ll get it. Kayla says he needs to be in the hospital. He asked her to trust him now he has to trust her. John will not survive here. He needs to get on the phone and call an ambulance right now. Steve mumbles he can’t … won’t like it … Kayla asks him who won’t like it, EJ? Why would they care – they have what they want. Steve says he didn’t say anything about EJ or the DiMera’s. Kayla thinks that they don’t want John to die or they wouldn’t have let Steve bring her there to do the surgery. He didn’t want John to die either or he wouldn’t have gotten her involved. This will all be for nothing if they don’t get John to a hospital. How are they going to tell Marlena that they took out her husband’s kidney and then just let him die? Steve doesn’t want him to die. Kayla asks him to please give her the phone. Steve does. Kayla calls for an ambulance – Steve opens the door to leave - he tells her he loves her. She tells the 911 operator that she needs the police as well – a terrible crime has been committed here.

Philip & Willow – Part 2: Willow tells Philip she’s desperate she has no where to go. One child is already dead and if he doesn’t help her another innocent child may die. Would that really make him feel better? She just wants a loan to cover her expenses. When she gets a job she’ll pay him back. Philip tells her she’s on her own – nothing she can say will change her mind. She can say it’s his baby. Sure he can easily disprove it but the damage will have been done – his reputation will be tarnished. Philip tells her come by the mansion tomorrow – they’ll talk terms.

Preview: Chelsea to Nick – Dr. Endo called me a colleague like I actually belong here working in the lab. Nick – That’s because you deserve it. Chelsea – I do. Jed to Abby – What would you say if I asked you out? Belle – Stuck with me you mean. Shawn – I’m glad. Sami to EJ – What’s so freakin’ important here anyway? EJ – You are. You’re the reason I came back Samantha.


Wednesday Feb 28

Pat’s Spoilers

EJ’s apt: Sami comes to EJ’s apartment – he’s been expecting her. She wants to know what he wants to talk to Lucas about. He’s going to tell Lucas that his wife-to-be slept with another man. Sami thinks it would be the biggest mistake of EJ’s life if he does tell Lucas. EJ taunts Sami. Sami says the last thing he needs is for the police to get evidence that he shot John and the last thing she wants anyone to know … she stops and EJ continues and mentions their connection. Body soul – it’s forever. Sami says the truth is he raped her. EJ thinks that Sami is protesting too much. Sami wants to know why EJ is trying to ruin her life. EJ brings up the fact that she’s lapping up all the glory and not once being honest. Sami feels she deserves that – she saved Lucas’s life. Sami wants him to leave her alone. EJ only wants to be a father to his child and he won’t let a loser like Lucas near his child. He tells Sami that they are bound together forever.

Sami says you don’t know that the baby is yours. EJ retorts – neither does Lucas. He brings up the fact that there is no evidence that he forced Sami. Sami thinks they should make a deal. That’s exactly what EJ wanted. The police are interested in his case again. He wants her to find out what they have on him from her father and report back to him. Sami states her father won’t discuss ongoing investigations with her. EJ declares that Sami is the most cunning, deceitful, manipulative person he knows that isn’t related to him. Sami won’t lie to her father for him. EJ says he expects her to do whatever she has to do to save her relationship. Roman thinks Sami is frightened of him (EJ) so she can use that. Sami refuses. EJ pulls out his cell and dials Lucas’s number. If Sami doesn’t agree to his request he’ll tell Lucas everything as soon as he answers. Sami takes the phone. They have a deal. Sami asks him why he didn’t stay in Mexico. She is the reason he came back. He really cares about her. Sami thinks he has a strange way of showing it. She doesn’t care about how he feels. She doesn’t care about him at all and she never will. EJ thinks she is afraid of what she feels. Sami calls him crazy. She’ll get him the information but she’s doing it for Lucas, Will, herself and HER baby but this is it. There’s a knock on the door. EJ thinks it’s Lucas – probably saw the caller ID and came over to see why he called. He asks her if she wants to open the door or should he.

Max’s Garage: Max tells Abby that Bonnie confessed to killing her husband. Abby asks why he’s not with Mimi – she needs him. Max the wimp whines that Mimi is sucking him dry. He tries to make himself sound noble but he just sounds like the first class jerk he really is. Abby strokes his ego and tries to convince herself that Max is a good guy by declaring him to be one. Max’s whinefest goes on and on – someone needs to tell him that whining is not attractive. Max puts a brake on the whining and tries the subtle flirting thing – so obvious and so stupid. Jed arrives and Abby wants to know what he’s doing there. Max tells her it’s Jed’s car they’ve been working on. Abby apologises for thinking he was hitting on her. Jed says he was so he owes her an apology as well. Max gets a call from Mimi and goes into the office. Jed talks to Abby but she is too busy feeling sorry for herself and mooning after Max.

Jed notices that she is staring at Max and calls her on it. He asks about his car. She tells him to start it up. It sounds great. He asks for a bill. He’ll have to wait until Max is off the phone to get that. Jed apologises for pushing too hard. They talk about school. He mentions that his sister paid for his tuition. Jed wants to know what she would say if he asked her out. She can’t – she’s seeing someone – kind of. All Jed is looking for is someone to have coffee with and talk about classes. He tells her what his major is. He wants to help his family one day. Max comes out – he’s heading over to Mimi’s. Abby mopes. She tells Jed she’ll write up his bill – she changes her mind – why doesn’t she write it up over coffee if the offer is still open. They leave together in Jed’s car.

Hospital Lab: A couple of female lab techs plead with Nick not to start anything, Rebert rules the lab. The man himself walks in and shortly thereafter Chelsea comes in with Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong wants to talk to Dr. Rebert privately –a complaint has been filed against him. Chelsea gloats – you didn’t think I’d let you get away with it, did you. Dr. Rebert declares that Chelsea is a pathological liar and suggests she needs professional help. When Nick’s name comes up – Rebert calls Nick a liar and a stalker. Dr. Wong knows all about the email exchange and Nick using a false name and sending Dr. Rebert’s picture. Dr. Rebert protests his innocence. Nick offers up proof. A picture he took using his cell phone. Dr. Wong and Dr. Rebert leave to talk about this in his office. They come back and Dr. Rebert picks up his belongings – he’s resigned. Dr. Wong leads everyone in a round of applause for Nick and Chelsea (see me rolling my eyes). Chelsea hugs Nick and invites him to dinner. She’ll cook and he’ll tutor her in calculus.

Nightmare Island: Shawn returns with some berries. There’s only one way to find out if they’re poisonous. Belle protests – Shawn declares its survival. He eats. He declares it’s not so bad – now he’ll wait for an hour or so to see if he gets sick. He immediately gets sick and pukes his guts out. Then he talks about how it was coming up - gross. They need food. Belle suggests coconuts – he can’t open them. Shawn grabs another berry and eats it. He thinks these berries settled his stomach. Belle asks him where they can get more. He doesn’t know – LOL! Shawn suggests that he’ll spear squirrels or rabbits – DUH – IDIOT – aren’t you on a TROPICAL island. Belle won’t let Claire eat little animals – no, I guess, she’d rather let her starve to death. Shawn suggests fish – Belle thinks those are okay to kill and eat. Shawn is happy to be stuck with her. It’s time to sleep – Belle spreads out a blanket (where did that come from). She tells Shawn he can stay there with her. Belle thinks they’re okay – Shawn thinks they’re more than okay. Belle is talking about the berries – Shawn is talking about them. They have an incredibly dumb conversation then they declare they’re okay … Belle turns over ... Shawn pounces on her and kisses her – Belle kisses him back and caresses him. After a while Belle pushes him away and starts berating Shawn. He thought it was what she wanted – she kissed him back. She tells him he’s clueless – and then blames him because Claire wakes up. Shawn apologises for misreading the signals. Belle declares she wasn’t sending out any signals – yeah, right. The conditioning has begun. Soon the hoop and collar and leash will be whipped out and Shawn will fall into line like the good little lap dog he’s supposed to be.

Preview: Abby to Nick – Its official. I am a failure at dating. Nick – I think I have an idea. I know a way to turn things around for the both of us. Kayla to Steve – If you want to walk out that door you’re going to have to kill me first. EJ to Sami and Lucas – You want the truth, sunshine. I got it coming to you in spades. Mimi to Bonnie (Max is there) – For once in your life just tell me the truth. Bonnie – Okay, I’ll tell you but you’re not going to like it. In fact you’re going to wish you never knew.
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Thursday Mar 1

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: Jed is impressed that Abby’s aunt owns the place. Maggie brings their meals and whispers to Abby that Jed is hot. Jed thinks beauty runs in the family. He assures Abby he’s not a player – he’s being honest. He thinks she is beautiful. Abby is not used to hearing that. Jed thinks the guys in Salem must be crazy. Jed questions Abby about the guy she is seeing. She admits she lied – she’s not seeing anyone. She likes this guy – he says he likes her but he’s kind of involved with this other girl. She thinks their relationship (Max and Mimi’s) is a big mess. Jed thinks any guy that tells a girl likes her but is involved with his girlfriend is a guy that wants to have it both ways – if push comes to shove the girlfriend wins out. Abby snaps at him – he doesn’t know anything. Jed agrees – it’s her life. If she wants to chase a guy who is involved with someone else who is he to tell him she shouldn’t. She says you just did. Jed tells her if she likes the guy to give it a shot. Abby says it’s not like its forever – she thinks they click. Jed understands – you meet someone that fills a hole that you never realised was there. He wants to know why she changed her mind and came out with her. She is his friend – doesn’t he have friends that are girls. He does but when he likes someone he goes for it.

Jed talks about liking the feeling of being attracted to someone. Abby ascertains that he is a romantic. Maggie checks on how the food is. She excuses herself to go and talk to Willow. Abby says this could be bad. The girl over there used to work here. She’s bad news, total trash – she used to be a prostitute. If Willow Stark comes his way he better cross the street. Jed reintroduces himself. He’s Jed Stark. Willow is his sister. Why did she call her a prostitute? She’s been paying his tuition – she told him she had a great job. Maggie asks Willow if she really expects to get her job back. Willow is broke and pregnant with Shawn’s baby. Maggie says if it’s really Shawn’s baby the Brady’s will help her out. Willow tells her the Brady’s aren’t interested. They are not going to help her. Does she have her job back or not. Maggie says no. Willow runs into Jed – she tells him she doesn’t have time to talk. Jed says you’ve been lying to me for a long time. Nick comes in and tells Abby it looks like she’s watching a train wreck. She is – she was on a date and it just went off the tracks.

Jed tells Willow that she told him she was a waitress but she got fired. She knows but she still paid his tuition. He wants to know how she got the money and what’s up with this baby. She’s sorry she lied to him. He wants her to tell him the truth now. She can’t. She leaves. Abby tries to stop Jed from following her. She’s upset and embarrassed – let her cool off. Jed doesn’t even know where to find her. Abby tells him that Willow used to live at the Y. He leaves. Abby tells Nick its official. She’s a failure at dating. Nick has an idea – a way to turn things around for the two of them. Maggie calls Hope and leaves her message. She wants to talk to her about Willow and her baby. Nick’s idea is for the four of them to go a double date, him and Chelsea and her and Jed. Abby says Jed is just a nice guy whose life she just ruined. Nick sees that she is still hung up on Max. He just saw Max and Mimi and they looked tighter than ever. Maybe it’s time she took her own advice and move on. Abby agrees.

Lockhart house: Mimi tells Max that she’s waiting for Bonnie to come home – she posted bail this afternoon. Max hopes she doesn’t bolt. Mimi wants to help Bonnie – there’s no way she killed her husband in cold blood. It had to be self defence. Nick shows up. They ran tests – there was blood on the ring. Mimi wants to know if they can back her mom’s story. Nick says the blood on the ring isn’t Bonnie’s, its Mimi’s. Mimi doesn’t think that’s possible. Nick assures her there is no mistake. He offers to run it through again – Max tells him that won’t be necessary. Nick leaves and Bonnie comes home. Mimi wants to know who gave her bail money. It was Victor. Mimi doesn’t believe that because Bonnie never tells the truth. Bonnie asks her why she is so upset. Mimi tells her why ending with the fact that the only evidence they have is a ring with her blood on it. Bonnie reminded them that she said no good would come of having the ring analyzed. Nick is obviously wrong. Mimi thought the same until she saw Bonnie’s face – she knows she is lying. She wants the truth for once. Bonnie will tell her the truth but she isn’t going to like and she is going to wish she never heard it.

Bonnie takes a drink and starts talking. (We see flashbacks of what she is describing). Mimi’s father came home reeking of booze and cheap perfume. He had lipstick all over his shirt. She got really angry and went off on him. He was unemployed and spending every dime she earned on some cheap floozy. He had never been violent with her before but she must have pushed him past his breaking point. He hit her and knocked her down. She was on the floor defenceless and he came after her again and that’s when Mimi came home. She yelled for him to stop but when he wouldn’t she grabbed him and that’s when her father hit her. That’s how her blood ended up on the ring. Mimi is crying – she doesn’t remember any of this. She accuses Bonnie of always lying to her. Bonnie assures both Max and Mimi that she’s telling the truth. After David hit her he came after her again and started to strangle her. Mimi let out this scream, grabbed Connor’s bat and hit him over the head. She hit him, he fell, there was blood, he was dead. Mimi yells no, I didn’t – she cries I couldn’t have killed my own father.

Mimi cries – she couldn’t have – she loved him. It can’t be true. Bonnie tries to comfort her. She tells Mimi she was in a total state of shock so she gave her a tranquilizer and put her to bed. She thought they’d work it through in the morning – even go to the police but when Mimi woke up it was like it never happened. She had called Patrick. They took the body and it would have stayed in the basement of the abandoned church if they hadn’t been locked in there. Mimi cries – all these years she thought he was out west working. She hated him for leaving and now she learns that she killed him. Bonnie tells her to keep her mouth shut and let her do this. Mimi asks – how can I do that? Bonnie says she has to – she thinks she should leave Salem for good. Mimi thinks this is a nightmare. She wonders if it could be true – could she have really killed her father. Bonnie swears it is – Mimi was only trying to protect her. Mimi says they have to tell the truth – go to the police and make them understand. Bonnie says it’s too late. What she did was crime. She covered up a killing and hid the body. She’s willing to pay for her crime but she will not let Mimi be punished. She knows she is a lousy mom. She wants Mimi to let her make up for a life time of lousy choices and bad mistakes. Mimi won’t desert her. Bonnie implores Max to talk to her – tell her it’s the right thing to do. Bonnie tells her to go to Arizona to be with Connor. He needs his big sister – she doesn’t want him to end up in jail like his mother and older brother. Mimi cries – it’s not right. Bonnie tells her that she saved her life that night now it’s time for her to save hers. She wants more for Connor and Mimi – she wants them to have a future. Mimi has to go tonight. Mimi’s memory of that night returns. Max tells Mimi that her mother is right. She has to leave here.

Max takes Mimi’s hands. He doesn’t understand all of this but maybe there was a reason for them being locked in that basement and finding her dad – a way to make this right. Mimi asks – this is right? My mom taking the rap for something I did and running away? Max says what is right is what her mother wants – a future for her and Connor. He’ll support her no matter what she does. Maybe this is the right thing for Mimi. Mimi asks Bonnie – what do you think will happen to you? Bonnie says she’ll turn on the waterworks and the judge will go easy on her. The Lockhart’s will rise again. Mimi tells Max that she guesses this is it for them. He’s a really good guy – she hopes there are more like him out there. She tells Bonnie she loves her and they hug. Bonnie loves her too. Max and Mimi leave and Bonnie cries.

Sami/Lucas/EJ: Lucas knocks and tells EJ to open up. EJ tells Sami to take off using the fire escape. Sami opens the door. She had to talk to EJ about some stuff – she’ll tell him back at the apartment. Lucas wants to know if EJ called him and hung up on him. EJ called but Sami hung up the phone. Lucas thinks someone isn’t telling him the truth and he wants to know why. Lucas assures Sami he trusts her – it’s EJ he doesn’t trust. He reminds EJ that he promised to move – that was the only condition Lucas made before taking the job. EJ makes excuses – he’s particular about his living arrangements – he’s busy with work. Lucas thinks EJ has no intention of moving. He won’t move because he wants to be closer to Sami. EJ beats around the bush but finally comes to the point – he’ll give Lucas the truth. He never had any intention of moving because he wants to be near Sami. He doesn’t want anyone else getting his girl. Lucas wants him to keep his end of the deal. EJ wants to know the consequences of him not moving. Lucas will quit and take his family and move to another town.

EJ tells Lucas he has a deal – he’ll move out as soon as possible. He jokes – anyone got any boxes. Lucas happens to – he’ll even help him pack. He leaves to get them. Sami tries to follow but EJ stops her. She has to keep her end of the deal. She is to find out exactly what her father has on him or he tells Lucas the baby she is carrying may not he his. Lucas returns with the boxes. Lucas and Sami leave to celebrate the fact EJ is moving. In the hallway Sami attacks Lucas and starts kissing him – he was amazing in there. The kissing continues. She only went to talk to EJ to tell him to stop showing up at their place or wherever they are. Lucas tells her to relax – he can fight his own battles. He thinks they should go inside and have a shower together. EJ listens to them laughing and talking. He makes a call to find out how his father’s operation went. He wants updates every half hour. He wants them to give his father a message – their plans will proceed.

Steve & Kayla: Steve enters their suite. Kayla is glad he came home. He can’t stay – he gets an update on John. He’s alive and safe for now. Steve wants to know if Kayla explained that he forced her to do the operation. Kayla thinks she will lose her medical licence. She tells him he has to turn himself in – the cops are looking for him. He can’t do that. He came to ask her to get him some money so he can leave Salem for good. The DiMera’s will make him do worst things than what he did to John – he can’t fight it. Kayla tells him he was brainwashed and tortured – he is sick and needs help. Steve insists he knew what he was doing – he couldn’t stop it. Kayla knows he is fighting it – he has some control or he wouldn’t have come to get her. She won’t give up on him. Steve is going to leave but Kayla steps in front of him and stops him.

Kayla tells him not to run away. Steve is going to go where they can’t find him. She tells him that the beast inside him the DiMera’s created will go with him wherever he runs to. She hugs him and asks him to say. Steve comes out of their bedroom just as Kayla is hanging up. She called the hospital to tell them she wasn’t coming in today. Steve doesn’t understand why she is still with him – she keeps giving him second chances. Ever since he’s been back she’s been pretending that nothing happened but something did. Something ugly that she can’t fix, that no one can fix. Kayla refuses to give up. Steve disagrees. Kayla is never letting him go – if he wants to leave he’s going to have to kill her first. Kayla is going to call her brothers they can help. He tells her to go ahead. As soon as she picks up the phone he tells her he’s leaving. He flings the door open and runs into two cops. He realises that she set him up. She didn’t have a choice – it was the only way to keep him safe. Steve is being read his rights. He tells Kayla that she just signed his death warrant and this time he won’t be coming back.

Preview: Willow to Hope – If something were to happen to me like I show up dead and the autopsy shows that this baby is Shawn’s, your rep as Saint Hope would be gone. Shawn to Belle – All Willow Stark ever meant to me was just sex. Belle (in a very condescending, contemptuous tone) – So how do I know that when you put your hands all over me that it’s not just sex. Kayla to Steve (at the police station) – I want the man that I love to come home to me. Steve – I’m going to die there and I’m gonna die knowing you killed me.


Friday Mar 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Nightmare Island: Belle makes Shawn stand out in the rain. He begs. She snaps back. He just kissed her. No it wasn’t just a kiss – he was all over her. He apologises. He thought she wanted him like he wanted her – he’s not a monk. Belle snarls she’s not Willow Stark. Belle blames Willow for them being stuck on a deserted island. Willow didn’t mean anything to him. Belle slams Willow and Shawn. Shawn grovels. It was just sex. Their discussion is too ridiculous to write up – let’s just say that Belle is making sure that Shawn is going to jump every time she snaps her fingers. I can’t believe that the writers came up with this garbage. I thought the men were supposed to get their brains back – not only is Shawn an idiot – he’s now been emasculated. What Belle did to Shawn today is nothing more than humiliation and embarrassment – she’s programming him. But I notice for all the promises he makes her and demands from her – he didn’t bother to tell her the truth about Willow – that she’s pregnant with his child. I seem to remember Shawn telling Mimi she was his future and we all know how much those words mean coming out of Shawn’s mouth. But then Belle is a consummate liar so I don’t feel too much pity for her.

Willow’s room at the Y: Hope approaches the door. She hears Jed and Willow talking. Jed is not happy to find out his sister is a prostitute. She tells him she had to get money for his education. She doesn’t want him to be stuck in minimum wage hell. Jed thinks that is at least honest work. Willow tells him she’s left that life. He wants to know if she got the ten grand from the same guy that got her pregnant. He’s angry and leaves. Hope goes in – she came to help. Willow tells her to get out – she doesn’t need her help. Hope wants to know what happened between her and Philip – she was hoping Willow had found someone to take care of her and the baby. Willow always hitches her star to losers like Hope’s son and Philip – they both treated her like something that they had to scrape off the bottom of their shoes. Hope suggests they just talk – is Shawn the father. Willow gets upset. What Hope is really asking is how many men did this slut sleep with and how can we be sure Shawn is the father. Hope is just concerned about the child. Willow calls her on that load of crap. What Hope is really worried about is that if something should happen to her (Willow) and the autopsy showed that Shawn was the baby’s father she’d lose her rep as St Hope. Everyone would see her for the cold-hearted bitch she really is.

Hope wants to get to the reasons she’s there. Pre-natal care is essential. Willow knows how important pre-natal care is – she’d like to have the best of everything for her baby but that’s not going to happen. Hope wants to know what she did with the money Victor gave her to lie about Shawn in court. Willow snaps that she spent it getting high. Hope tells her not to make light of something so horrible – she lost a child – she knows what that pain is like and there’s nothing funny about it. Willow apologises. Hope asks about the money again. Willow gave it to Jed for his school – he has a future. Hope says she does too – she could have pre-natal care. Willow figured since she’s been living on the street since she was 15 she’d come up with something. The conversation gets back to Shawn. Hope never had a problem with Willow as long as Shawn was happy with her. Willow calls her on that crap as well. Hope and Bo wanted Shawn with Belle so badly that they broke the law to help those two cross the border illegally. Maybe if she and Bo had shown her a little bit of respect she and Shawn might still be together and Bo and Hope would still have their son.

Hope says no she didn’t want Willow and Shawn together. Shawn and Belle obviously belong together (I roll my eyes). Hope dislikes Willow intensely. She also blames Willow for Shawn and Belle being criminals. Hope continues to list all the horrible things Willow has done to St. Shawn ending with if this baby is Shawn’s … Willow tells that the baby is definitely Shawn’s. Hope asks her what she needs to make sure both her and her child are properly cared for. Willow says why don’t we start with the nothing I don’t have. Hope gives her the name of an ob-gyn – she and Bo will pay the fees. She recommends Willow check the bulletin board at the center for jobs – she in good conscience couldn’t recommend her to anyone. Hope finds out that Willow is not eating healthy. She tells her to go to a class at the hospital for pregnant women – she’ll learn what to eat. Willow has this dream of a nice house for her and her baby. Hope tells her to make it happen. Willow says and how should I do that – click my heels together? Hope pulls out her checkbook. Willow tells her to take her checkbook and go straight to hell. Hope realises that Willow expected her to ask her to move in. Hope lists the reasons why she won’t do that. Willow wants to know how she could be so cold to her only remaining grandchild. This baby is all that is left of Shawn. Hope says that it’s possible that he’s still alive. Willow states again that Shawn is dead. Hope tells her to shut up – she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Willow asks if she is saying that Shawn is still alive. She seems to be holding it together pretty good for someone who has lost a second child. Hope’s feelings are private. Willow understands. Hope gives her a check for a thousand dollars. Willow thanks her. Hope leaves. Willow knows that Hope knows something. She makes a call – she thinks she just found out that Shawn and Belle and Claire are still alive.

Police Station: Bo tells Kayla he spoke to the DA and told him everything. The judge agreed that sending Steve to prison wouldn’t help. Kayla is very happy – she’s going to call University Hospital and set up Steve’s transfer. Bo tells her that the judge ordered Steve be sent to the state hospital for the criminally insane. Steve is brought to the room in chains. He yells at Kayla – you did this to me. Kayla was just trying to help him. Steve tells Bo and Kayla that he is not going to get any help in there – they’ll lock him up and throw away the key. Steve says he was just going to leave town. He talks about all the things that will happen in that hospital. He’ll be pumped so full of drugs that he won’t recognise even a little bit of himself. Kayla knows he’s scared – she asks him not to give up on himself.

Kayla says there is no other choice – there’s no running away from what it’s in his head. Steve rails at Kayla for setting her up. He doesn’t want her love or pity. She tries to come close to him but Steve yells at her to stay away. Bo lectures him – Steve turns on him. Bo tells him to face the fact that something is wrong with him. Bo talks about getting treatment – maybe if he had stayed in the hospital John would still have two kidneys. He’s lucky John didn’t die or he’d be facing murder charges and the needle. Steve thinks the needle would be preferable to going to the state hospital. Kayla just wants her husband back – this torture to end for the both of them. Steve tells her that he’s going to die in there and he’s gonna die knowing she killed him. Bo tells the officers to get Steve ready for transfer. Steve breaks free of them for a moment and head butts Bo. Kayla cries. Bo tells him he’s hurting the people he loves – if there’s any of the old Steve left he has to see that. Steve says the old Steve is gone. He tells Kayla that she’d dead to him. Kayla tells him she’ll try to get him moved to University Hospital. Kayla can see that he is lost in a deep, dark place with no way out. Nothing he can say or do will change the way she feels about him. He’s led out. Bo thinks Steve will get the help he needs. Kayla says it scares the hell out of her – Steve is so far gone. She doesn’t know what she would if she lost him.

Preview: Philip to Willow – I want proof that Shawn, Belle and Claire are alive and until you have something concrete stay out of my face. EJ on the phone to Sami – Why don’t you tell me now? Sami – If you call me again or ask me any more questions I swear to God I’ll kill you (Roman enters). Jed to Max – Do you know how lucky you are, man to have a girl like Abby fall in love with you? Belle yelling at Shawn – We need to get her off this island now or she will die.


Tuesday Mar 6

Pat’s Spoilers

EJ’s apt: Billie arrives dressed for success carrying a briefcase. EJ is impressed. Billie stops him from flattering her – she’s here on business. EJ tells her to begin her presentation – he’s waiting for her to dazzle him. Billie gives her pitch. Her security system is wireless – everything is controlled by a cell phone. One push of a button and you can see what is happening. If you see a break in in process you press a panic button and the doors will all lock and 911 is dialled automatically. She came up with this idea all on her own. EJ is impressed. He kisses her. Billie pushes him away. Most people give a hand shake or a cheque to show how they feel not a kiss. EJ is so excited – Billie is sitting on a goldmine. She’s going right to the top. Are they partners? Billie has a warning first – if he has a hidden agenda … he promises he doesn’t. She adds – no more kisses or their relationship is over.

Billie calls him Elvis. They talk about their mutual indiscretions. EJ points out that he is conviction free. Billie will take her business elsewhere. EJ stops her. He hasn’t been entirely forthcoming. He’s impressed that she called his bluff. He gives her a cheque as an advance to prove that he’s serious about taking this farther. Billie wants to know what he wasn’t forthcoming about. Off the record – he tells her to get a good lawyer and play hardball. He’ll make sure she gets a good licensing agreement with Mythic assuming the board of directors is as impressed as he was. This is going to be a hard sell because she doesn’t have any testimonials. Her system has not been tested. Billie sees – she has to get someone to use it and then tell the board about it. EJ says someone well respected and prominent like someone in real estate. Billie says or in law enforcement.

EJ thinks that is an excellent idea – if someone on the police force gave their stamp of approval that would seal the deal. She mentions Bo – EJ says good luck with that. It’s because of his DiMera name. Billie can’t help but feel that EJ is the first DiMera that is actually … EJ says human. There’s a knock on the door. A guy has news for EJ about the patient. Billie asks what patient? EJ lies – a colleague of his in Europe is sick – he’s paying the medical bills. Billie is going to talk to Bo – he doesn’t have to know that EJ is involved because it is her project. She leaves. EJ gets an update on Stefano’s condition – the will is strong, the body isn’t … advances are being made every day in stem cell research. EJ gives the guy a gift to take back to Stefano in Italy. It’s the gun that started the First World War. He wants his father to know that the war he started generations ago is still ongoing here in Salem and he intends to finish it for him.

St Luke’s: For some unknown reason Lucas and Sami are having a wedding rehearsal a couple of months before the wedding. The priest goes through the unity candle ceremony and then tells them next week they’ll do the act of contrition. Sami balks at making a full confession – she refuses. She’ll wait to talk to Father Jansen when he returns. Lucas doesn’t want to wait until then. The priest tells Sami that God loves her – there isn’t any sin that can’t be forgiven. He leaves. Lucas mentions the next thing on the list – the bagpipers. Sami throws a fit. She doesn’t want bagpipers – she doesn’t want any of this. Lucas asks her if she wants to call off the wedding. She doesn’t. Sami claims it’s the church – she’s tried so many times to get married here but she always does something to ruin it. She doesn’t deserve this. Lucas asks her what he can do to help her. She wants him to take her someplace else to get married – she can’t get married in a … Lucas says a house of God. Lucas figures out that she is feeling guilty about something. What doesn’t she want to tell him?

Lucas talks about a church wedding being the most important thing in her life. Sami brings up all the things she has done – all the lies. Lucas insists that is not who she is anymore. They’ve both changed – that’s why they’re here. So they can get married and be happy. He doesn’t care about any of the crap from the past. All he cares about is the two of them – that is all that matters. He asks her to trust him and trust in who she has become and tell him. She wants to but … she can’t. He wants to know what’s bothering her. She can’t do this. She can’t marry him – she can’t marry anyone. He tells her not to do this – not to leave him. He begs her not to hurt him. Sami doesn’t want to hurt him. She loves him. She’s leaving him because he deserves better. He doesn’t want anyone else – he wants her. He doesn’t blame her for not trusting him. He doesn’t blame her for being afraid. He’s ashamed of the way he treated her in the past – pointing his finger at her with Will standing right there. But that’s not him anymore – he’s changed and so has she. They’ve both become better people. He tells her to let go of everything. She asks him how he can want her knowing all the bad things she’s done. He’s also seen all the good things she has done and it blows away all the other stuff.

Lucas doesn’t care what goes on at the wedding – he doesn’t care if she confesses or not – what matters is that they are going to exchange vows at the altar. She’s going to walk down the aisle to Amazing Grace because they have that kind of love – an amazing grace kind of love. They kiss. Sami wants Lucas to do one thing for her first. Sami wants him to invite Kate to the wedding. Lucas protests. Sami stresses that Kate is family and she can’t spend the rest of her life treating Kate like the enemy. Sami insists this is what amazing grace is all about. Lucas agrees and off he goes. Sami stays at the church and kneels at the altar and confesses to God. She lied but it’s different this time. She didn’t lie to hurt someone or cause trouble – she lied to save someone – someone that loves her. If Lucas knew that she let EJ have sex with her, she doesn’t think he would understand or believe that the only reason she let EJ do that was to save Lucas’s life. If she had to do it over again no matter how much she hated it and EJ and herself – she would do anything to save Lucas. It’s done and over. They have a fresh start now and a beautiful future ahead of them. Please don’t let Lucas find out. One more thing – please God, please don’t the baby be EJ’s. EJ laughs. God can’t unravel DNA.

Nick & Chelsea: I guess these two are bantering and flittering throughout the so called tutoring session. I guess the dialogue was supposed to be cute and endearing. Nick lost me when he ate and a chip and then instead of using a tissue to blow his nose just sniffed it back and kept on flirting … oh yuck. And to top it all off they kiss. Shudder.

Nightmare Island: Belle freaks and rants at Shawn speaking to him in that oh so condescending way she has. Shawn is going to get them off the island. Belle drips sarcasm as she asks him where the boat is. Shawn is going to build something – he knows boats. LMAO – he knows how to sink them. Belle continues belittling him asking him if he’s going to have their yacht built before the storm hits. He’s going to build a raft out of bamboo. He takes off – I don’t blame him – the guy probably needs a break from being verbally abused. Claire cries. Belle snarls and frets. Shawn tries to work while Belle lambastes him. Shawn thinks they need to take the risk because if they don’t Claire will die. Shawn has the rickety raft built. They’ll sail to an island that is populated. Shawn holds Claire and makes a slew of empty, hollow promises that he can’t possibly ever keep – but hey, making hollow, empty promises is the one thing Shawn excels at. They’re ready to go. Belle apologises for being miserable to him. Yawn. Her apologies are as empty and shallow as Shawn’s weak promises.

Billie: I’m not sure where she is – it’s an office – is it Kate’s, is it in her apartment – who cares? She talks to her programming guy, Chris and gives him a list of things he needs to tweak. She calls Bo. She wants to come over and talk to him – she has a business proposal for him.

Preview: Lucas to Kate – Sami wanted me to give you this. It’s an invitation to our wedding. Now who looks surprised? Nick to Chelsea – If you want to hit me that’s fine, go ahead. Give me your best shot because I deserve it. Chelsea mauls him. Billie to Bo – No hard feelings okay. Bo – It’s not hard feelings. I’m worried about your life. EJ to Sami – I’m not asking you. I’m going to take my child whether you like it or not.


Wednesday Mar 7

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady House: Billie explains her security system to Bo. Bo thinks it’s great. He can’t believe no one came up with this before – it’s going to be huge. He wants to be her first customer. When can it be installed? Right now. Billie has everything she needs with her – the security cameras are in the car. Bo wants to know how much it’s going to cost him. Billie says it won’t cost him a dime. She already has a major corporation as an investor but she needs an endorsement from someone in law enforcement. He’ll be glad to endorse it as long as it works. Billie guarantees that it will work. Bo thanks her – he can use the extra security especially when he goes out of town. Billie asks if he is going out of town. He’s waiting for Shawn to make contact. The last message was the one on the raft – that they’re safe. He warns her not to tell Philip and Victor. She won’t. Is he going to convince them to come back with him. He thinks they’re better off where they are. He just needs Shawn to sign a statement saying that Lockhart and Wells were working together and convince Patrick to turn state’s evidence. They’ll put Wells away for good.

Billie tells him the investor is Mythic. She’s working with EJ. Bo cancels his order – he won’t do any business with EJ. He asks Billie how she can work with him knowing what he’s done. He hired Lockhart to kidnap and then kill Hope, he shot John. Billie says there is no evidence – as far as she is concerned he’s innocent until proven guilty. She accuses Bo of carrying a grudge against EJ. Bo tells her that EJ has hurt or tried to hurt people he cares about – the last one being Steve. Billie asks what happened to Steve. Bo tells her to visit him and find out for herself. She’ll find him in the state hospital for the criminally insane. They got him locked up in there because of her new business partner. Bo knows how important it is for Billie to get her business off the ground but working with Wells – she’s putting her life in danger. Bo doesn’t trust the guy or his motives. Billie insists that EJ has been nothing but professional and a gentleman with her. She thinks he is being genuine with her. Bo asks if she is falling for him. She isn’t – he’s just a business associate. Bo insists that he shouldn’t be that – the man is a freaking sociopath. Billie repeats – there’s no proof. EJ believes in her business and he’s encouraging her. Bo asks whose idea it was to put the security system in his house, hers or EJ’s? Billie says that EJ didn’t send her there – he tried to talk her out of it because he figured Bo would dismiss it the minute he found out EJ was involved. Bo isn’t dismissing her product. Billie says okay – thanks, no hard feelings. Bo isn’t worried about hard feelings – he’s worried about her life. Wells has hurt a lot of people he cares about, he doesn’t want Billie to be one of them. Billie insists she can take care of herself. She leaves. Bo is afraid that this time Billie can’t.

Billie’s apt: Chelsea breaks the kiss – OMG. Nick runs off at the mouth – he’s going to leave. If she wants to hit him with her best shot – go ahead – he deserves it. She kisses him. Nick is giddy – she kissed him. Chelsea wonders what is happening to her. Nick gives her the textbook definition. Chelsea stops him. She’s kissed other guys and it was all about control – this time she had no control. Nick says that’s because she felt it. She did and she liked it. Nick wants to do it again. Chelsea says that would be the worst possible thing. She suggests they get back to calculus. She pulls out the book. Nick wants to know why she would tell him how much she liked kissing him and then tell him they can’t do it again. That’s easy – Shane Patton.

Nick thinks she was just freaked out by the kiss – she liked it so she’s putting up walls. That’s not it – she can’t trust him that way. He made her fall in love with someone that doesn’t exist. He went out of his way to lie to her. He made her best friend lie to her and she almost got raped by his boss – she can’t just forget that. Nick wanted to tell her the truth but he was just scared. Chelsea doesn’t think he is a coward – she gives examples. How can she believe that he was afraid of her. He was afraid that if he told the truth that she would hate him. It’s lame – but it’s the truth. Hasn’t she ever wanted something so bad it made her crazy. She has – she did horrible things because she wanted her parent’s back together. That’s why she can’t hate him. She’s really happy to be his friend but … He wants to know what he has to do to convince her to give him another chance.

He says he will do anything to regain her trust. She only wants one thing. She wants him to promise her that no matter what he’ll never keep any secrets from her again. Nick remembers his fling with Billie. Chelsea says that is the only way she can give him a second chance – she doesn’t want to be the last one to find out something. Nick swears that he will never lie to her or keep anything from her again. She wants to believe him. He asks her if she thinks he would hurt her. Not intentionally – she believes him. Nick wants to make out now. Chelsea tells him as long as he can keep that promise he doesn’t have to ask and he doesn’t need an excuse. He kisses her. She can’t believe he can kiss like that. He has more like that. Chelsea thinks they should save some for next time. They decide they can’t focus on calculus. Nick gives her one more kiss before leaving. Nick runs into Billie in the hallway. The tutoring session was amazing. He just kissed the girl of his dreams – he thinks he’s in love. Billie goes inside and tells Chelsea that Nick told her about the kiss. Billie is happy – she thinks Nick is a great guy.
Chelsea agrees – he’s different than all the other guys. She wonders how she got so lucky. Outside in the hallway Nick calls Abby telling her he has to talk to her.

Kate’s office – Part 1: Lucas enters. Kate isn’t there but enters as Lucas picks up at notepad. She asks if he was leaving her a note telling her she was out of his life forever and she wouldn’t blame him. Kate admits that she had been a terrible mother to all her children. She hasn’t admitted to herself they are adults with lives of their own – she hasn’t been able to let go. Kate says she pushed him away and she’ll never forgive herself for that. Kate wipes her tears. Everything she has done is because she loves him and she wants him to be happy. Lucas understands – he didn’t mean it when he said he wanted her out of his life. He just wants her to respect him. She wants to respect his decision to marry Sami but Sami is very flawed. Lucas answers that Sami is not the only one. Lucas is talking about himself. Kate praises him but Sami ... Lucas heaps praise on Sami. He’s never bored with Sami – she’s full of surprises all the time. Kate says her surprises always turn into catastrophes. Lucas tells her that Sami insisted that Kate be invited to the wedding. Kate finds it hard to believe that Sami wants her there – she must be up to something. Kate thinks Sami probably wants to humiliate her in front of everyone. Lucas wants a permanent truce. There’s only one way for Kate to find out if Sami is up to something and that is by going to the wedding. Lucas can tell she is going to refuse so he starts to leave telling her fine – at least he tried. Kate says alright. She would love to come. Kate tells Lucas to tell Sami she said thanks. He gives her the invitation.

St Luke’s – Part 1: Sami tries to bluster her way out but EJ tells her he heard her praying that he wasn’t the father. Sami knows he is not the father. EJ asks her why – because her prayers will be answered? Then she can pretend they were never together. Sami insists they were NEVER together – he forced her. EJ tells her she can call it what she wants but they both know the truth. All the prayers in the world won’t stop what is meant to be. Sami declares that she and Lucas are meant to be. EJ disagrees. She is having his son who he will bring up to be just like his grandfather. Sami states – over my dead body. She will do whatever it takes to protect her child. So will EJ. Sami attacks him. EJ tells her to calm down. Sami calls him a monster telling him he has no business being in a church. He doesn’t think she does either – he finds it laughable to see her praying for redemption. She gave him what he wanted – why does he continue to torture her? She yells that he forced her to lie to the man she loves. He forced her to betray her father. EJ insists that he didn’t ‘force’ her to do anything. The truth would have set her free from her so called torture but she’s as unfamiliar with that concept as he is. EJ wonders what the product of their unholy alliance is going to look like. Sami will never let him near her child. EJ tells her that he’s not asking her – he’s telling her. He’s going to take his child whether she likes it or not.

Sami wants to know why he’s doing this. He’s never showed any interest in children so why her baby? EJ has his reasons for wanting to be with this child. Sami states she has every right to know why he wants her baby. EJ tells her he’s going to be raised with his father and only his father as a DiMera. Sami thinks EJ is insane. She is not going to hand her baby over to him. EJ thinks she’ll do the smart thing. Sami asks him if he’s going to kill her if she refuses. EJ doesn’t think there is any reason to kill anyone. Sami tells him he will have to because she will never give him her child. EJ grins – a mother lion protecting her cubs – admirable. She obviously needs proof about who the father is. Sami doesn’t want his threats hanging over her head the entire pregnancy. EJ says they can get a DNA test through the amnio. Sami says no way will she let it happen. EJ says no – it will be my way. Sami is not willing to risk a miscarriage or this child in any way. EJ doesn’t think it’s much of a risk. They need to get this settled. Sami argues that it’s not right for the baby. The fact that he is willing to risk the baby’s life to satisfy his ego proves … EJ snaps that it’s not about ego. He needs to time to get ready. Sami wants to know for what? EJ quickly recovers and says ready to be a father. Sami wants to know what he has planned for her baby. EJ is getting bored with her. He’s giving her 48 hours to get the answer. Sami says amnio results take at least a week. EJ doesn’t care. If she doesn’t do it he will tell Lucas everything. Sami says that he doesn’t want the truth to come out anymore than she does. Lucas will probably believe his version but there is another version and she’s confident the police will want to hear hers. EJ says 48 hours and walks out. Sami cries.

Kate’s office – Part 2: EJ shows up apologizing for being late. He sees the invitation and asks about it. She tells him Sami wants her at the wedding – she has to wonder what the little snake is up to. EJ asks if it’s possible that Sami’s intentions are genuine. Kate knew he would defend her – he has a soft spot for her. EJ likes Sami’s spunk. He admits he was attracted to her until she got engaged to Lucas. Kate declares that he wants Sami and he always gets what he wants. EJ says not this time. It’s clear she is committed to Lucas. Kate knows Sami is going to hurt Lucas. EJ thinks she should go to the wedding happy in the knowledge that Sami is never going to betray Lucas again.

St Luke’s – Part 2: Lucas enters – he has great news. Kate is going to come to the wedding. He sees she is crying and asks her what is wrong. She tells him they have to get out of there right now. He’ll take her home. No – not home – away from Salem. Lucas is not leaving Salem. He wants to know what changed – a half hour ago she was fine with getting married there. Sami tells him everything has changed – they have to get out of here. He won’t go anywhere until she tells him what is going on. Sami is frantic – they have to go. Sami starts babbling – she was just thinking about all the other weddings and all the people that made fun of her. They will never find happiness in Salem. Lucas asks if she wants to leave her family and friends. Sami says they will be hurt but they need to understand that she has to have a fresh start. They have to pack a bag and go. Lucas stops her. Where are they going to go. Sami doesn’t care – anywhere as long as they never have to see anyone from Salem ever again.

Preview: Lucas to Sami – You’re scared of someone and I think I know who it is. EJ Wells? EJ to Willow – If you tell anybody about this conversation then neither you nor your baby will make it through the year. Billie to Nick – She is my daughter and I will not have you tell her about us. Nick – I’m sorry, Billie. I need to do this. Sami to Celeste – I need your help. Celeste – I know. That’s why I’m here.


Thursday Mar 8

Pat’s Spoilers

Max’s Garage – Part 1: Nick comes in yelling for Abby. She’s not going to believe this. Abby has to leave so gives him 5 seconds to say something. Nick makes her guess what he wants more than anything else. She finally comes up with ‘to kiss Chelsea’. Nick is pumped – he’s the man. Abby can’t believe it. Nick agrees it doesn’t make any sense. Abby tells him something is wrong. She wants to know if it was a real kiss or an Aunt Maggie kind of kiss. To Nick it was a life-changing event. Abby wants him to tell her everything. He does including the pheromones stuff. Abby points out that Nick and Chelsea have been in phero range before but she never kissed him. Nick brags that he used to be Nick Fallon “Mr. Totally Resistible” now he’s Nick Fallon … Abby finishes for him “Chump”. She thinks Chelsea is playing him – paying him back for the Shane Patton thing. She’s still getting revenge on someone from 1st grade. Nick is so full of himself – well it’s different because he saved Chelsea from Dr. Rebert. Abby argues – she doesn’t think Chelsea has forgiven him. The argument goes on. Nick made a mistake. Abby says yes you did and now Chelsea is getting you back for it. Nick patronizes Abby – why can’t she understand that Chelsea kissed him because she wanted to. Abby tells Nick that he’s not Chelsea’s type. She needs a guy that can protect her. Nick swears he can. Abby tells him that trust is a bigger thing with Chelsea and he lied to her. Nick knows – that is why he has to tell her the truth about everything. No more secrets. He’s going to tell her he slept with her mom.

Abby tells him he can’t do that. She’s going to hate him if he tells the truth. Nick thinks she will be angry but just for awhile. Abby says try forever. Nick will take the consequences but he won’t lie. Abby isn’t asking him to lie but to keep his mouth shut. To Nick not telling is lying. He won’t make that mistake again. Abby thinks it’s great that he wants to be honest with Chelsea but she suggests he start from now. Don’t tell her secrets from his past. Nick thinks that sleeping with her mother is a bomb waiting to explode. That’s why he has to tell her the truth himself. If she learns it from someone else it will be worse. It he’s learned one thing from this mess it’s that lies don’t stay in the box. If he tells her himself he still has a chance of not losing her. He’s been in love with her since he first saw her. Abby gets angry with him – he can’t do this just because he has a stupid crush. Nick will do whatever it takes to keep Chelsea. Abby asks – even if it means ruining her relationship with her mom. Nick in his arrogance says it’s not what he wants but if that happens because he tells the truth … Abby says … then it’s not your problem, huh? What happened to you, Nick? She walks out on him. Nick calls out her name.

Java Café – Part 1: Willow approaches EJ. She wants a minute of his time – she needs a job. He says no. Shawn Brady was a dishonest, disloyal employee, why would he give his girlfriend a job. Willow is not his girlfriend but she is pregnant with his baby. EJ asks if she has spoken with his family about that. She has. Hope gave her money to see the doctor but it’s not enough. She needs to look for a place to live. She’s staying at the Y now but as soon as she starts showing she won’t be able to stay there anymore. EJ tells her his appointment has showed up. He wants her to stick around. Billie and EJ banter. EJ doesn’t want her to believe everything she reads about him in the newspapers. She doesn’t but Bo on the other hand ... EJ figures out her meeting didn’t go well. Bo loved the product but not the fact that Mythic was its backer. EJ apologises for standing in the way of her success. Billie understands that Bo and EJ don’t get along. She asks him if he thinks the board of directors will go forward without Bo’s endorsement. EJ doesn’t know. He’ll talk to the board and tell them the product is still being tested. He’s sure they will understand. Billie could ask Roman. EJ doesn’t think Roman would endorse it. Billie thinks Bo is so stubborn. EJ thinks that hunting him is Bo’s obsession. Billie tells EJ that Bo believes that EJ hired Patrick to kidnap Hope. EJ jokes that if Bo thinks he (EJ) is so powerful you would think he’d want the security system just to keep this big, bad boogie man away. Billie jokes that if he had a boogie man on his payroll they could scare Bo into using the product. EJ laughs – that would be a good idea. He stares at Willow.

Billie has an idea – she’ll break into Bo’s house. One little burglary will convince him to use their system. EJ didn’t know she could be so devious – he loves it. Billie says her law-breaking days are over. Willow interrupts – she tells EJ she has to get going. He tells her he’ll be right with her. EJ tells Billie that Willow is Shawn’s ex-girlfriend – poor thing is pregnant and penniless. He promised to help her find a job. Billie thinks he’s doing a good thing. She has some calls to make. EJ tells Willow that he has a job for her. He wants them to talk about it outside – it’s just between the two of them. EJ thinks this is a mistake. When Shawn hears she’s pregnant he’ll come back to help her and he’ll (EJ) have stuck his neck out for nothing. Shawn is not coming back. The last time she him he was jumping off a cruise ship with Belle and Claire. EJ asks where that was and finds out it was about a 1000 miles from Australia. He takes it they’re presumed dead. Willow says his family wants her to think so but she’s not buying it. Shawn is never coming back so she’s going to have this child alone. What’s the job? It’s really just a days work but it pays really well. He tells her to turn around and bend over. She asks him what he is doing. He’s writing a cheque. The job is hers if she wants it. She looks at the cheque – its two years salary. What exactly would she be doing? He wants her to break into someone’s house for him.

Willow refuses. She’s not going to have her baby born in jail. EJ assures her she won’t be caught. Willow asks him who and what? EJ answers, Bo Brady’s house, Hope’s jewellery. Willow tells him he’s crazy. She’s not breaking into a cop’s house. EJ reminds her of the money as he takes back his cheque. This will only take her one hour. She’ll have enough money to make a down payment on a two bedroom house. She’ll be able to find a job. This isn’t the first time she’s broken the law. Willow is just going to look at the want ads for a job. EJ says good idea – there must be a lot of jobs out there for pregnant ex-hookers. He goes back inside and calls the director of the YWCA. He wants to know what they’re policy is on children. The woman tells her that they are not equipped to handle children. EJ says that’s a problem for my friend Willow Stark. The woman knows Willow quite well – she’s stayed there on and off for quite some time. EJ says if you’re good friends than you must already know that she is pregnant. He hangs up. EJ is back with Billie. Billie tells him she got this whiz kid she hired to prepare a power point presentation for the board. EJ appreciates her initiative. Billie thought it would be a good idea seeing as Bo took a pass. EJ tells her not to worry about that – Bo may change his mind.

St Luke’s: Sami is dragging Lucas out of the church. He wants to know what happened. Everything was fine and then he left to go and talk to his mother and now she wants to leave Salem. He thinks that maybe she doesn’t want Kate there after all. She tells him it’s not about Kate, it’s about protecting their family. Lucas asks from what. Sami doesn’t have time to explain. Lucas will do anything for her but she has to tell him what the hell has her so scared. Sami insists she is not scared. He points out that she is shaking like a leaf. He pulls her back into the church to sit down. Does she really want to pull Will out of high school, leave her family, move to a new place, try and find a new job with a baby on the way? She thinks they should treat it as a big adventure. Lucas asks if someone threatened her or Will. She promises to tell him everything once they are on the road. Lucas says no. She scared of somebody and he thinks he knows who it is – EJ Wells.

Sami goes on the attack. Why is everything about EJ with him. He mentions EJ’s and Sami’s history. Sami insists that is all it is - history – it’s in the past. Lucas doesn’t think so. Every time she sees EJ she gets a little weird, crazy and starts flipping out. If EJ won’t move, they will. He’ll get another job. Sami says EJ isn’t the only reason she wants to leave town. She told him why. Lucas doesn’t believe her. He knows her. Something happened while he was gone – what? Sami insists nothing happened. Lucas gets angry – they’re back to square one. He’s had it. Sami tells him she loves him. He wants her to be honest with him and tell him why she’s so damned scared. He’ll do whatever she wants just tell him why he’s doing it. She can’t. Lucas says fine – than I can’t marry you. He doesn’t want to continue with all the lies and the secrets. Sami asks – if I don’t come up with some big mysterious reason why I want to leave town you’re just going walk away? Lucas wants the truth. All they do is lie to each other. Sami insists she’s not hiding anything – not lying. He tells her to stop it. She states that every time he looks at her he sees her past, every mistake she has made. Lucas tells her that is not true. Sami doesn’t think she’ll ever escape her past. Lucas has a bad past too. Sami says everyone always expects her to screw up. Lucas doesn’t. Sami says yes he does and the worse part is that she never lets him down. She can’t keep living this lie – she cries.

Lucas asks her what she is talking about. Sami can’t tell him – he’ll hate her. He says he won’t. Sami tells him that every time she screws up he takes back his love. He’s sorry – he never realised he did that. She says it’s her – she’s a mess. She makes all these horrible mistakes and everyone in town knows it. His mother leads the pack – even her dad. Lucas talks about her dad being proud of her – he gave her an award – he wanted to show everyone that she has changed. Sami tells him she hasn’t changed. That’s what she’s been trying to tell him. She is who she is and no amount of awards is going to change that. He can’t ask her to bare her soul to him. If he loves her than he just has to accept her. She wants him to say that her life with him won’t be one big test. This isn’t a test – he just wants to know why she is so upset. Why she wants to leave town. He thinks he has a right to know. She can’t. He thinks they have a real problem if she can’t trust him. She does trust him but she knows him. As soon as he hears something he doesn’t like, he’s going to walk away. Lucas promises he won’t – they are in a house of God – he won’t walk away. Sami cries – she’s so scared. He wants her to tell him what’s going on – they’ll work it out. Sami says ok. He’s right. It was EJ. He was there while Lucas was gone. He said … the door opens. Celeste hopes she’s not interrupting. She wants to light a candle for Alexandra and Tek. Lucas says they can finish their conversation at home. Sami wants to light a candle too. Lucas will wait. No, Sami wants to be alone. Lucas says you were just going to tell me what EJ said to you. Sami lies and says EJ wants an invitation to the wedding. She thinks with him and Kate being there plus her hormones being off the chart she just got a little crazy. Lucas buys that and prescribes a chick flick and chocolate as a cure. He leaves. Sami goes to Celeste – she needs her help. Celeste knows – that’s why she is here.

Chez Rouge: Abby joins Maggie in folding napkins. Abby talks about the jerk – all he cares about is getting what he wants – doesn’t care if he breaks someone’s heart. Maggie thinks she’s talking about Max and Mimi. Abby is talking about Nick – he’s the jerk she’s mad at. He’s going to ruin two people’s lives. Maggie doesn’t know what Abby is talking about so the advice she gives is probably going to be wrong – can’t Abby stop him. She tried but failed. Maggie thinks there has to be someone he’d listen to. Abby tells Maggie she’ll be back – she thinks Maggie she is a genius. After she leaves Maggie wonders why if she’s such a genius she can’t get Abby to see Max Brady is bad news. Nick comes barging in looking for Abby. Maggie asks what is going on between the two of them. Abby called him selfish and a jerk. Nick can’t tell her – it’s a secret. He’s not putting anyone in danger – it’s something that happened in the past. Maggie asks if anyone was hurt. Nick says no, actually one of the people involved gained a lot more confidence out of the thing. Maggie wants to know why Abby is so furious with him. Nick rants – because she wants me to keep quiet about it and he can’t do that. Maggie tells him that Abby is a smart girl. He should think about her advice.

Java Café – Part 2: Outside Abby runs into Willow. Willow asks Abby to ask her Aunt Maggie about getting her job back. She’ll do anything – even scrub toilets. Abby is very antagonistic and snobbish with her. She blames Willow for Shawn and Belle’s stupid and criminal choices. Willow knows that she screwed up. Abby snaps back – Willow hurt her family and that is something they don’t forgive. Willow tells Abby that she is her family too – she’s having Shawn’s baby. Abby sticks up her nose and wants to know how Willow can be sure it’s Shawn’s. It could be anyone’s. Willow has scientific evidence it’s Shawn – she had an amnio done. Abby assumes Shawn doesn’t know yet. He knows – he doesn’t care. He’s too preoccupied with Belle and Claire to give her the time of day. It hurts – she loves him. Abby wonders why she hurt him then. Willow thinks it’s her upbringing. She learned that if someone hurts you, you hurt them back. The more you love someone the more they can hurt you. Abby doesn’t care. Willow says love is confusing to her – she doesn’t always get it right. Abby snarls –it’s not confusing to her. Shawn, Belle and Claire are her family and she’ll never get to see them again because of Willow. Excuse me Abby but Belle is NOT your family! Abby tells her not to bother her Aunt Maggie and goes inside to talk to Billie. Willow gets a call from the lady at the Y. Willow is told that she can’t stay at the Y because she’s pregnant. Abby tells Billie she tried to get Nick to listen but he’s too stubborn – he’s going to tell Chelsea everything. Billie says not if I can stop him. She leaves. Willow comes in and confronts EJ about calling the Y. EJ laughs – does she want the job or not. Willow doesn’t have a choice. She tells him she’s not keeping Hope’s jewellery – she doesn’t want it. EJ doesn’t care – he’s trying to impress a point on Bo Brady. The cheque is post dated – she can deposit after she commits the crime. He warns her that if she tells anyone about their conversation then neither her nor her baby will make it through the year.

Max’s Garage – Part 2: Nick ponders and flashes back to his conversations with Abby, Maggie and Chelsea. He calls Chelsea – he’s coming over. He wants to talk to her – it’s important. Billie arrives and tells Nick that she will not let him tell Chelsea that they slept together. Nick isn’t trying to hurt Billie but Chelsea trusts him and if she finds out he lied to her again … Billie says what – she’ll hate you. Billie can afford to live with that. Chelsea can afford to lose Nick but she can’t afford to lose her mother. Billie gives her and Chelsea’s history. It took her a long time to get Chelsea to trust her – to get to the relationship they have now. Nick asks – then why risk it? Billie insists that the truth will destroy Chelsea. Nick knows Chelsea better than anyone apparently – he states that Chelsea is stronger than everyone thinks. Billie argues that Chelsea is a teenager – they don’t know how she’ll react to this. Nick knows – she’ll be grossed out and hate them both for a while – but it will pass. Billie tells him he has no idea what he’s talking about. Even if he did she will not allow Nick to go against her wishes. Chelsea is her daughter and she will not let Nick tell Chelsea about them. Billie knows he’s just doing this to stay in Chelsea’s good graces but at what cost. Guess who is going to have to pay the piper. Nick says both of us equally. Billie yells at him – there is no equal here. Who knows how long his relationship with Chelsea is going to last, hers has to last a lifetime. Nick thinks his could too – he might be blowing it by telling her but he has to be honest – he promised. Billie promised to be the best mother she could be but she screwed up and took a drink and slept with Nick. But that was her mistake and she won’t let Chelsea pay for it. Nick has to do it – he leaves. Billie phones Chelsea and leaves her a message to call her as soon as possible.

Preview: EJ to Kayla – Then I would be careful because accidents, Kayla can happen to people with the best of intentions. Doctor to Steve – I’ll let you out of the straitjacket on one condition. You have to be medicated. Steve – No freakin’ way. Nick to Chelsea – I couldn’t have said it better. Billie (rushing in) – Nick, you didn’t??? Celeste to Sami – Darling, your only solution is to get rid of him once and for all. Sami – And how am I supposed to do that? Celeste – You kill him.


Friday Mar 9

Pat’s Spoilers

Max’s Garage – Part 1: Billie leaves another message for Chelsea. Abby returns – Nick can be so stubborn. Billie retorts it’s not about being stubborn, it’s about destroying people’s lives. If Chelsea finds out that she and Nick slept together she doesn’t know what she will do. Billie is panicking – maybe Nick went over there. She wonders how many other people he told besides Abby. Abby says he didn’t tell me – I guessed and Nick wouldn’t tell anyone else because he’s a nice guy. Billie can’t take that chance. She leaves.

Billie’s apt: Chelsea wakes up to Nick knocking at the door. She’s glad he’s there. She was dreaming about him. She goes in for a kiss but he stops her. He has something to tell her and it’s really bad. Chelsea thinks it’s about calculus. He tells her it isn’t. She starts gushing – she knows she told him she wanted to take things slow but that was her head talking, her heart … she notices his stoic expression and ensures him she’s not playing games with him. He mentions that they talked about being honest and not having any secrets. She remembers that. She wonders why he looks as if he just lost his best friend. He thinks he’s about to. He reminds her that he told her he wasn’t a virgin. She says that’s alright. It would be kind of weird if a guy your age was. She looks at him and thinks that is what he was lying about. He’s still a virgin.

She tells him she is still a virgin. She thinks it will be all the more special if it’s the first time for the both of them. That would mean a lot to Nick. He just wants to hold her and kiss her forever but the problem is he wasn’t lying about that. He was with a woman just once. Chelsea says ok, at least one of us will know what we’re doing. It wasn’t just a woman. She was older but that’s not all. Chelsea says OMG. She was married. Nick says no he wouldn’t do that. Chelsea doesn’t care about it – it was the past. They should be looking at their future together. She wants to move on with him. Nick wants that too. Chelsea says they are the only two people that matter from now onto forever. They hug. Billie burst in. Nick … you didn’t …Chelsea asks her what she is talking about. Billie realises that Nick didn’t tell and tries to cover up her blunder. Chelsea figures it out – she recalls what happened that night. OMG – it was you. She stares at Nick – it was your belt. Back to Billie – he was your mystery lover. Billie tells her it’s not what she thinks. Chelsea can’t believe Nick let her say all those things – dream about him … Billie tells her it wasn’t Nick’s fault. She wants to explain. Nick says he so sorry. Chelsea slaps him.

St Luke’s: Sami wonders how Celeste knew she was at the church. She figures out the ‘cards’ told her. She wants to know what else the tarot cards said. Celeste knows that EJ wants something from Sami and he’s not going to give up until he gets it. He wants her child. Sami tells her she is right. Sami doesn’t know who the father is. EJ is forcing her to have an amnio within the next 48 hours or he’s telling Lucas everything. Celeste asks her what she is going to do. Sami doesn’t know. She wonders why EJ is doing this to her. Celeste tells her it’s not about the baby, it’s all about power. He’s hoping to secure the family empire for the next generation. Sami asks why her – EJ could have any woman he wanted. Celeste answers but he chose you. Stefano was obsessed with her mother and now EJ has chosen her. Sami states that Stefano was a horrible man that ruined her life and now Celeste is saying EJ wants to do the same thing.

Celeste mentions Tony and the way he courted Sami. His greatest disappointment in life was not producing a male heir because as a DiMera their chief purpose is to raise a child to carry on their twisted legacy. As much as Stefano loved Alexandra when it came to choosing he chose EJ and cut Alexandra out of his life. The DiMera’s will stop at nothing to protect the legacy. EJ needs to have a son to continue the line and god help that child. Stefano took EJ from his mother because he wanted a strong leader to continue when he was gone. Now he wants to secure the next generation with Sami’s son. Sami wishes she had told Lucas the truth. She thought about it a million times but she can’t find the words. Half the time she thinks he would believe EJ’s version and the other half she thinks he would hate himself for what she had to do to save his life. Either way it doesn’t matter – she kept the lie to herself for so long he’ll never trust her to tell the truth. Celeste tells Sami that Lucas leaving her at the altar again is the least of her concerns. EJ Wells is in her life to stay unless she does something about it. Sami asks – what am I supposed to do. If I don’t have the test EJ will tell everything and that’s it. Celeste tells her she must find out the truth for her peace of mind at least. Sami thinks that’s crazy. What if she is carrying the DiMera spawn. Celeste reminds her that it is her child and she will love it just like she loved Alexandra. Sami says you know what I’m going through. You got Lexie out. Please tell me what to do? Celeste thinks that is a lot to ask given what Sami did to her daughter.

Sami asks why she’s there if she isn’t going to help. Celeste didn’t say she wouldn’t help. Her daughter is gone – Alexandra is her shining light. She tells Sami to make no mistake – she is not her friend. She will never forgive her for what she did to Alexandra. But as much as she may dislike Sami her hatred for EJ and Stefano runs much deeper. Sami tells Celeste she will do whatever it takes to protect her child. What should she do? Celeste says that depends on how far she is willing to go. Sami will get the amnio and find a doctor to forge fake test results if Lucas isn’t the father. Celeste tells her EJ will see through a forgery. She has to stop thinking of short term answers for long term problems. She needs a permanent solution. EJ will not be deterred. If this baby is not his he’ll try again. Sami says that is why she was begging Lucas to leave Salem. Celeste tells her she can’t hide from EJ. Her only solution is to get rid of him once and for all. Sami asks how she suggests that she do that. Celeste answers – you kill him.

EJ’s office: Kayla bursts in. EJ wants her to leave. She grabs his arm and tells him she’s not leaving until he tells her what he has done to her husband. EJ plays innocent – he thought Steve was locked away so he couldn’t hurt himself or anyone else. Kayla tells EJ that before Steve returned to Salem he was brainwashed and tortured – EJ knows all about that because he was there. EJ denies it and claims Steve is crazy. He states that he never set eyes on either her or Steve before he came to Salem. Kayla calls him a liar. She tells him history is on her side. No matter how many times Stefano tried to torment the Brady's he never succeeded and neither will EJ succeed in taking her husband from her. EJ points out that Steve tried to kill her. Kayla says no, that was you. EJ has a sarcastic reply – maybe he should take his show on the road – he has so much power. Kayla vows to find out what EJ did to Steve. Kayla knows that every move EJ makes is calculated – was this just a test to see if Steve is obedient to the DiMera’s. EJ continues to lie. Kayla talks about Steve’s father being a monster but Steve is the kindest man she ever met. He went against what he was born into and so could EJ. John Black took care of him when he was a baby – John is his family too. Why did he shoot him in cold blood. EJ denies that. Kayla wonders why he insists on being the same bastard his father was. EJ’s thinks that Steve’s delusions have now become Kayla’s delusions. Kayla is going to prove that he is responsible for this. EJ warns her to be careful because accidents can happen to people with the best of intentions.

State Hospital: Steve struggles to get out of his straitjacket without any success. A huge orderly escorts Dr. Ella Kraft inside and makes sure Steve knows he’ll be right outside the door. Steve tells the doctor he’s in the wrong place. He’s as sane as she is. The doctor has a few questions. Steve reels off a string of answers. Dr. Kraft tells him she has all the time in the world. If he wants to be an ass he can, but if he wants to get out of there that’s up to her. She wants to try this again. Her name is Ella Kraft and he is … Steve answers – unable to shake your hand. Steve thinks she is trying tough love on him. She’s there to treat him. He asks her what she would do if she was thrown in here against her will. Wouldn’t she kick and scream until someone realized a terrible mistake had been made? The doctor lists all the charges against him. Steve insists he saved John’s life. He knew Kayla wouldn’t let him die. The doctor asks him if he doesn’t think John would be better off with both his kidneys. Steve repeats – he would never hurt John. He’s a friend of his. The doctor thinks a jury might have trouble with his interpretation of events. She asks him why he took John Black from the hospital and had his kidney removed. If he explains it she will release him today. Steve tells her he doesn’t know.

Dr. Kraft says they are there to figure out why he’s doing those things. He thinks she’s already labelled him a psycho. She hasn’t – she’s noted that he’s obstinate. Steve tells her that he saw so many shrinks and none of them helped. He thought once he got his memory back he’d be cured but that’s when everything started going to hell. She asks him if he wants his own life back. The length of his stay in the hospital is up to him. Steve wants out right now. The doctor says he has to want help first. Steve snaps that he is not crazy. Dr. Kraft answers that when a man that can be very reasonable and sympathetic does some very unreasonable and unsympathetic things that he can’t explain it suggests that there must be a problem, wouldn’t he say. Steve agrees – he’s insane. He tells the doctor to leave him there to rot and die but just leave him alone. The doctor insists that no one is judging him. Steve claims the judge did. The doctor disagrees, the judge, the D.A. and Kayla all gave him the benefit of the doubt. Steve doesn’t want to talk about Kayla.

The doctor wants to know why he doesn’t want to talk about his relationship with Kayla. He yells because it’s over. The orderly comes in to check if there is a problem. There isn’t. Steve tells the doctor to leave. She isn’t leaving – he did get his memory back. The answers are all accessible. Steve says great – than I don’t need you. The doctor says the reasons he did what he did are buried deep in his subconscious. What does he have to lose by finding out the reason why. Steve tells her she has no idea. Steve gives a very unflattering description of what ‘shrinks’ do. The doctor’s cell ring. Steve watches as she clips it back into its holder. Steve asks her what it’s going to take to get out of this place. It’s simple – he has to get well. He has to be willing to work hard and explore the reasons for his actions. The judge is going to want to see genuine remorse. Steve wants to know what the bottom line is. She is – she’s the one who decides when and if he walks out of this place. Steve tells her if she thinks he can help her he’s willing to try. It would be easier if he wasn’t trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. She’ll let him out of the straitjacket on one condition – he has to be medicated. He says no freakin’ way.

She assures him it’s a mild sedative only. Steve realises he has no choice if he wants to get out of the straitjacket. He takes it – she checks to make sure he swallowed it. He kisses her on the nose. She says no touching the doctor. She calls the orderly in to take the straitjacket off. The orderly leaves. Steve pretends to be faint and falls towards the doctor. They end up on the bed. He apologises – he felt dizzy. She thinks that they should resume this tomorrow – he should rest. She leaves. He pulls out the cell phone he took from her and calls EJ. He has to get out of here. EJ smiles evilly.

Max’s Garage – Part 2: Max shows up as Abby is fixing a brake light. He thinks she is the best employee he’s ever had considering he doesn’t pay her. Abby asks if he’s heard from Mimi. He hasn’t –he’s talked to Connor. Mimi is having a real hard time – she’s kind of lost. He feels like this is his fault. She doesn’t know why he’s torturing himself over something he had no control over. Mimi would have eventually remembered. At least now she can get help and move on. Max continues his pity party. He let Mimi down – when the going gets tough Max Brady gets going. Abby thinks Mimi’s problem wasn’t his to deal with. Max admits he wanted Mimi to go. Abby keeps telling him what a great guy she is. Max says that Mimi made it easier for him – she said this is it – she knew it was over and she let him off the hook. Abby says there’s nothing in Salem for Mimi except bad memories – she think they each did each other a favour by parting. Max asks her for some help working on a car.

Preview: Chelsea to Billie – What mother would do this to her own daughter? Billie – I made a mistake. Chelsea – You’re nothing to me. EJ to Steve – You don’t seem to be able to handle your own wife. I need to take some matters into my own hands. Steve – If you touch one hair on her head, I will kill you. Celeste to Sami – In the name of my daughter we are going to rid the world of Stefano’s heir.


Monday Mar 12

Pat’s Spoilers

St Luke’s: Sami is incredulous – she always thought Celeste was a little off center. She will not kill a man. Celeste claims EJ is not a man – he’s Satan. If she won’t destroy him he will most certainly destroy her. Sami reminds her that EJ is Lexie’s half brother. Celeste says that may be so but the monster killed Alexandra. Sami thinks its possible Lexie and Tek ran off together. Celeste states that Alexandra would have abandoned her son. EJ murdered her and Sami is headed for the same fate. Sami doesn’t think EJ wants to kill her. Celeste says no – he just wants to control you. Even if the baby is Lucas’s EJ will always have power over her. Sami realises that EJ will tell Lucas they had sex and Lucas won’t believe it was rape because of all the lies she has told. Celeste paints a grim picture of the hold EJ will have over Sami until she finally gives him a son. Sami can’t live like that. Celeste states EJ Wells must die.

Celeste asks Sami what’s stopping her from doing what has to be done. EJ is evil. He will bring pain and suffering not only to Sami but to those she loves as well. Sami asks – what if I get caught. Celeste assures her they won’t. Sami asks if she is saying she is going to help her. Of course Celeste will. In the name of her daughter they are going to rid the world of Stefano’s heir. They will not get caught! Sami is sceptical – what does Celeste know about murder. She was Stefano’s mistress – she knows a lot. Sami tells her they are talking about first degree murder. Celeste thinks if EJ wound up dead the police would celebrate – does Sami think they would try that hard to find his killer. Sami thinks they would. Her father would consider it his obligation. Celeste thinks the child is her obligation – she warns that EJ will have her under his control until she gives him a child. Sami insists there is a very good chance that Lucas is the father. Celeste asks – what if he isn’t. You can’t outsmart EJ – he will find out. You have something he wants – use that. He wants you. EJ would go anywhere for a chance to be alone with Sami. Sami thinks EJ looks at her like she’s a brood mare. Celeste insists that she is EJ’s Achilles Heel – his weakness. Sami realises she is suggesting that she lure EJ to his death. Sami can’t – she’s not a murderer. Celeste wishes her God speed and good luck.

State Hospital: EJ comes to visit Steve. Steve tells him to get him out of there. EJ asks why should he – Steve was trying to run away from town – away from his responsibilities. Steve claims he was just trying to get away from Kayla. EJ tells Steve that Kayla was just in his office asking him all kinds of questions. Steve assures EJ he didn’t tell her anything. EJ tells Steve that because it seems like Steve can’t control his own wife he had to take matters into his own hands. Steve explodes – the orderly pushes him back into the chair. After the orderly leaves Steve threatens EJ – if he touches one hair on Kayla’s head he will kill him. EJ tells him not to worry – he gave her a warning – one he hopes she takes. Steve asks him what he wants. EJ wants Steve to stop fighting him. He can either spend the rest of his life in here weaving baskets or be free – it’s up to him. Steve agrees but EJ can’t hurt Kayla and has to get him out of there. It won’t be easy – he tells Steve to be patient. He tells Steve not to call him again and he leaves. Dr. Kraft asks Steve where her phone is. He claims he doesn’t know. The orderly searches him and finds it. Steve tells the doctor it won’t happen again. She tells the orderly to take him back to his room and restrain him. Steve protests as he’s lead away.

Max’s Garage – Part 1: Work is done so Max would like to repay Abby by taking her to dinner to Chez Rouge. Abby lies and pretends the place is too expensive so she suggests the Penthouse Grill. He agrees. Abby will make the reservation.

Billie’s apt: Chelsea is having a meltdown. Nick tells her it was a one time thing. Chelsea doesn’t care. Billie is her mother and he was supposed to be in love with her. He claims he is. She yells at him and tells him not to say that. Billie tells Chelsea Nick is telling the truth. Chelsea tells her mother that the whole town knew how Nick felt about her but yet she still jumped his bones. Billie didn’t know – Chelsea asked him to get rid of him. If she would have known that Chelsea would develop feelings for Nick she never would have done it. Chelsea calls them both liars. Billie wants to explain. Chelsea doesn’t want to hear the disgusting details. Billie takes all the blame – she talks about falling off the wagon. Nick jumps in – Billie was in really rough shape. Nick was there for her as a friend. Chelsea doesn’t listen to anything – Nick made Billie feel good – maybe he should go and see her Grandma Kate – she’s been down lately. Chelsea is hysterical – they’re both making her sick. Billie is going to make this up to her. Chelsea asks – how do you fix this? Billie tells Chelsea she made a mistake – a terrible mistake. Chelsea made the mistake thinking that she could have the same relationship with Billie that she had with her real mother. Billie tells her she is her real mother. Chelsea – what mother would do this to her own daughter? You’re nothing to me.

Billie tells Nick that she told him Chelsea would be upset. Nick figured that out just before he told her. Billie didn’t know that. Nick takes the blame – he told Billie he was going to tell Chelsea the truth. Billie says what matters now is that Chelsea is in her room crying her eyes out because she thinks they betrayed her. Nick is going to talk to her. Billie insists that they give her some time – eventually she’ll come to the realisation that what happened between them was a one time, stupid thing. In time she’ll get over it. Chelsea comes out of her room and tells Billie not to count on that. Billie tries to stop her from going – Chelsea says goodbye Billie and walks out with her suitcase. Billie cries. Billie leaves a message on Chelsea’s cell pleading with her to call. Nick tries Abby. (see below) Nick offers her some tea. Billie answers tea is not what she needs now. She broke her little girl’s heart. She betrayed her in the worst possible way. Nick thinks it was a mistake – now that the truth has come out that they have to deal with it and move on. Billie tells him if he thinks this is just going to blow over and Chelsea is going to come home he really doesn’t know her at all. Nick and Billie can’t find her – no one has seen her. Nick thinks they should call the police. Billie says and what say she ran away because I slept with her boyfriend. How is she going to tell Bo about this. Nick thinks Bo can help them find her. Billie picks up the phone to call him.

Penthouse Grill – Part 1: Jed and Willow are at a table. She shows him the cheque and tells him if he moves in with her it would cut his college fees by 30%. Jed won’t take a dime until he knows where she got the money. She tells him it’s a real job. He asks what she has to do. Willow points out that Max and Abby just arrived. Those two are seated at a table. Max orders a bottle of wine – Abby reminds him he’ll be the only one that is drinking. Jed comes over and apologises to Max for coming to the garage drunk. When Max finds out that he’s there with Willow he asks Jed if they would like to join them. Jed turns the invitation down and Abby makes it very obvious that she doesn’t want him there. Abby asks Max why he would ask them over when the two of them are on a date. It’s obvious that Max never considered it a date from the expression on his face. Before Max can come up with an answer Abby’s cell rings – it’s Nick. Nick tells her Chelsea knows – has she heard from her. He’s really worried – she packed her bags and left. Abby is too busy with Max to worry about looking for someone that is supposed to be her best friend. If Chelsea calls her she’ll talk to her – how big of her! She goes back to the table and after pushing Max enough he tells her what she wants to hear – yes, it’s a date.

Max’s Garage – Part 2: Chelsea comes in looking for Abby – isn’t that garage ever locked??? Everyone walks in and out of there whenever they feel like it – so stupid … LOL! She sees the circled yellow page ad for the Penthouse Grill so she takes off.

Penthouse Grill – Part 2: Abby keeps fishing for compliments until Max dishes them out. Then the oh so “mature” Abby hides behind her napkin when she hears her Aunt Maggie’s voice. Jed asks Willow once again where she got the cheque. Willow tells him she’s doing an errand for someone. She asks him to put the cheque in her room. He protests but finally gives in. He’ll put it under her mattress. Abby runs over – she invites Jed to join her and Max. Jed asks what about my sister. Before Abby has to answer Willow says she will cancel her meal and tell the waiter to take his to the other table. Abby brings Jed back and sits him really close to her so she can deceive her aunt. Maggie thinks Jed and Abby are on a date – she wants Jed to take good care of her. Abby sees Chelsea and leaves the two guys.

Chelsea cries on Abby’s shoulder. They go into the ladies room. Willow is in one of the stalls and overhears their conversation. Chelsea cries –she doesn’t care if it was an affair or a one time thing, Nick was naked with her mom. She’ll never get the picture out of her head. Chelsea lists all the terrible things that have happened in her life – she’s leaving Salem. Abby tells her to stay – her Dad loves her. A lot of people will miss her. Abby wants her to talk to her Dad before she does anything. Chelsea thinks she looks like hell so they decide to do makeup repairs. Back at the table Jed tells Max that Abby told him she is into Max. Max doesn’t think her aunt is though. Back in the ladies room Chelsea agrees to talk to Bo before she leaves town. She knows he won’t care – he thought she was working with Patrick Lockhart. They exit the room and Willow comes out and using a glove she picks up Chelsea’s hairbrush. At the table the meals are delivered but Abby has lost her appetite. By the elevators Chelsea calls Bo and leaves a message. She’s coming by the house – she gets in the elevator. After the doors close Willow steps out and smiles as she waits for the next elevator.

EJ’s office: Sami storms in. She’ll do it. She’ll have the amnio but she wants something in return. If the baby is Lucas’s – what then? EJ tells her he cares for and he didn’t want it to come to this. If the baby is Lucas’s he won’t bother her again and he means that. But if the baby is his the bond between them will be unbreakable. Sami insists there is no bond between them. She leaves his office and makes a call on her cell – I need to see you – it’s urgent.

Preview: Sami to Nick – I’m desperate. I need test results that show that the baby I’m carrying is Lucas’s. That’s not too tough, right? Bo to Billie – You did not sleep with Nick Fallon, did you? Chelsea to herself – Goodbye Salem. Goodbye dad. Willow noticing that the drapes are on fire in the Brady house – Oh no. Hope calling out – Bo, hello, is someone there.


Tuesday Mar 13

Pat’s Spoilers

Willow’s room at the Y – Part 1: Jed puts the cheque under the mattress. EJ knocks on the door. He lies and tells Jed he is the manager. He demands that Jed explain what he’s doing there or he’ll call the police. Jed tells him to call the cops. This is his sister’s room. He had to drop something for her. EJ asks him who his sister is. Jed says Willow Stark. EJ thinks he has all the answers. If he’s done with his errand he should leave. Jed will leave after he locks up. EJ tells him he’ll lock up. Jed leaves and EJ closes the door and puts on some gloves. He wonders where Jed hid the cheque. EJ is searching the room – he thinks under the mattress is too obvious. He looks there and finds the cheque and laughs. After he talks to Willow he burns the cheque and flushes it down the toilet.

Billie’s apt: Sami comes over. Nick is just the person she is looking for. It’s not a good time for him. Sami mutters ‘tell me about it’. Nick proceeds to do just that. Sami doesn’t want to hear it – she doesn’t care. She backtracks – she does care but she doesn’t have the time. She needs a favour from Nick. She needs a completed amnio report stating that Lucas is the father of her baby. That shouldn’t be too tough, right? Nick asks if she is saying Lucas isn’t the father. Sami declares he is. Nick doesn’t understand why she needs a bogus report then. Sami knows that Lucas is the father but there’s this other guy that thinks he could be the father. She doesn’t know what to do. Nick tells her to get the amnio done. Sami doesn’t want to do that. She knows what she has to do for her family and she needs his help. Nick asks her if she realises he could lose his job if they get caught. Sami assures him no one will know. Nick is a by the book kind of a guy so his answer is no.

Sami tries to convince Nick that it’s simple. He won’t tell and she won’t tell. From what Nick has heard about Sami, nothing’s simple. Sami declares she has changed. She’s not in trouble now – it’s more like a glitch. She concedes that it’s a really big problem. It’s her whole life. They’re talking about her whole life, her future, her child, her marriage … Nick tells her to stop crying. He’ll get her a blank report from the lab and she can do whatever she wants with it. He works tomorrow so he’ll get it for her then. Sami needs it right now. Nick promised that he would stay there in case Chelsea comes back. Sami will stay. She opens the door and Lucas is standing there. He wants to know what she is doing there. Sami tells him it’s a long story. Nick has to leave to run an errand. Lucas asks where Billie and Chelsea are. Sami doesn’t know. Lucas questions her – she said she was going to come home. He went out to take the trash and saw her car. It’s been a long day. Sami declares it’s getting worse. Lucas thought things were fine. Sami apologises – she doesn’t know what is going on – she’s a mess. Lucas wants to know if it’s about the wedding. It isn’t. He wants her to trust him enough to talk to him.

She does trust him. She just can’t explain how she is feeling. She has all these emotions jumbled up inside her. It’s easier for her to talk to him than anyone else. Lucas will believe it’s not about the two of them if she would do him a favour – see a professional. Her mom can hook her up with someone she can trust. Sami thinks she is lucky to have someone like him want to marry her. Lucas assures her that there is nothing in the world that will stop him from marrying her. They kiss. Lucas wants to leave – dinner is still warm. Sami has to wait until Nick comes back – Billie and Nick are worried about Chelsea. Someone has to stay here. Lucas will keep her dinner warm. Nick returns with the blank report. She thanks him and leaves. She runs into EJ in the hallway. Sami is sick of looking at his scruffy face. He grabs her arm – she yells him at to leave her alone or she’ll freak out. They argue – Sami faints. EJ calls for Lucas. Sami comes to and when Lucas suggests that they call for an ambulance she insists she is fine. Just light headed from not eating. EJ protests – they need to make sure the baby is fine. Sami tells him to let it go – they’re both fine. EJ goes back to his place. Sami picks up her stuff. She holds the amnio report behind her back. EJ sees it and smiles.

Chez Rouge: Bo comes in – he hopes this isn’t about her home security system. He’s short staffed at work … Billie says no, it’s about Chelsea. Bo wonders what she did now. Billie tells Bo that Chelsea ran away and it’s all her fault. Billie reminds him of her one night stand – she didn’t tell him who it was. Bo didn’t ask. He asks if he knows the guy. Billie does and so does Chelsea. Bo says you did not sleep with Nick Fallon, did you? Bo figures out it happened right after she got the Steve letter. She was a wreck – it just happened. Bo isn’t judging her. She needed a shoulder and he was there – no hard feelings. Nick understands that, doesn’t he? Billie says yes he does – they’re at the point it’s almost like it never happened. Nick really cares about Chelsea and Chelsea cared about him until this whole thing blew up. Now she’s run away and when she is hurt she gets into trouble, terrible trouble.

Billie says money is tight so she left without a dime in her pocket. She has no one to turn to, she can’t go home, she hates her (Billie). Bo thinks he’s second on that hate list. Billie asks if he is still upset about the Patrick stuff. Bo isn’t – it was kind of stupid. He feels Patrick used her. Billie wishes he would have told Chelsea that. Bo doesn’t think it would have made a difference. They seem to make a little progress but always end up back where they started. Billie’s cell rings – it’s Abby. Billie tells Bo that Chelsea is on her way to Bo’s house. Billie realises that she blew it after Chelsea hangs up on Bo. Bo tells her he doesn’t think Chelsea was at the bus station – there was no noise. He thinks she was bluffing. He promises Billie that they’ll find her. Billie hugs him. She leaves and Bo’s cell rings. It’s Hope.

Brady house: Inside Hope is on the couch playing with Ciara.(Pronounced like Sierra). She has the Williams smile. She tells Ciara her name is beautiful – Ciara Alice. She tells the baby what her name means. Hope puts the baby in the bassinette. Outside Chelsea comes up the walk crying. If she can’t talk to Bo she doesn’t know what she will do. Just as she gets to the door the lights go out. Chelsea is feeling very sorry for herself. Bo would probably just slam the door in her face. She can’t blame him. She pushed everyone away and now there is no going back. She starts to leave but goes back and pulls out a notepad and starts writing a note to Bo to tell him she’s always loved him. She wishes that things were different. Willow watches. Chelsea reads back the letter she wrote. She apologises and if she could trade places with Zack she would. She puts the note under the door and leaves. Just as Willow is working on the lock the phone inside rings. Bo calls Hope to find out if Chelsea was there. Hope tells him no. Bo is on his way home because Chelsea might be on her way. Hope notices Ciara is awake so she takes her upstairs to change her. She turns off the lights. Just as Willow gets the door unlocked her cell rings. She runs away from the door to answer it.

Willow answers and asks EJ if he wants her to get caught. She tells him she was right in the middle of doing the job. Willow finally gets inside the house. She wonders where the jewellery is hidden. LOL – she is the most inept burglar. She runs into the bassinette. She hears Hope talking to the baby telling her she’ll be right back. Willow hides behind the door to the kitchen. Hope gets the diaper bag and goes back up the stairs. Willow vows to be more careful but bangs against the bassinette again. This time she pushes it out of the way. She lights a candle and tiptoes up the stairs. Willow comes down and drops the jewellery. She sets the candle down close to the drapes so she can pick up the stuff. The drapes ignite. She pulls the flowers out of the vase but there’s no water. She hears Hope calling down to see if that is Bo in the house so she takes off but not before leaving Chelsea’s hairbrush on the floor. Hope is outside. She calls 911 and then Bo. She tells him about the fire. They need him at home. Someone broke in and started the fire. For all she knows the person could still be there. Billie, Bo and Hope are inside the house inspecting the damage. Ciara is at Maggie’s. Hope wonders who would want to hurt them like this. Bo says that is a very good question. The camera pans to the hairbrush on the floor.

Max’s Garage: Chelsea tries the door and surprise, surprise – it’s locked. Jed approaches and tells her there is no one there. He was looking for Abby just like she was. Jed asks her if she is okay. Chelsea just came to see if she could crash there. Jed sees – she doesn’t want to go home. What’s the problem. Chelsea says right now it’s you. Who is he to ask her questions about her life? Jed tries to answer but Chelsea keeps ragging on him. He asks her if she is finished. He only asked because she looked sad. He wanted to make sure everything was cool before he left. It is. He tells he can open the door for her if she wants. The window is open a bit. Jed lets her in and Chelsea snaps at him because he took so long. She thanks him even though she doesn’t like him. She’ll be gone before the sun comes up. She then apologises. She had a really bad day. She didn’t mean to take it out on him. She goes into the office and pushes two chairs together and settles in. Her cell rings. It’s Bo. Bo knows what happened. He wants to talk. He’ll pick her up – she can stay at his place. She reminds him that he said he didn’t want to see her again. He was wrong about that – they all make mistakes. Chelsea says she makes more than most – just ask Hope. Bo tells her that Hope is the one that told him to give her a break. They want to help. They’re family. Chelsea thinks Billie just told him to say that – he’s lying to her. She’s going someplace where no one will lie to her. Bo wants to know where she is going. Chelsea hears Billie asking Bo if she is okay. Chelsea knew it – she’s leaving now. The bus is here. She hangs up.

Willow’s room at the Y – Part 2: Willow stashes the jewellery in the freezer compartment of her little fridge. She checks under the mattress and wonders what Jed did with her cheque.

Preview: Billie to Hope (Bo is in the background) – It was me. I’m the reason that Chelsea ran away. I had a one night stand with Nick. Chelsea to Nick – I never want to see Nick Fallon’s lying face again. Philip to Kate – I’ve got to face it, Mom. I failed Claire, I failed myself. A guy holds a shotgun to Shawn’s back – Who the hell are you?


Wednesday Mar 14

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady house: Bo is on the phone a policeman is bagging the hairbrush as evidence. He goes outside and tells Hope and Billie that the fire marshal will have more information tomorrow. Hope knows it was arson. The lock was jimmied plus she heard someone going out the front door. Billie wonders if it could have been Chelsea. Hope wants to know what they aren’t telling her. Is Chelsea involved? Bo called and said she was on her way over but she didn’t show up. Billie says it couldn’t have been her. Chelsea has a key. Bo says not anymore. He had taken it away from her. Billie and Hope start an argument. Hope is only asking because Billie is the one that brought up Chelsea’s name. Billie says it couldn’t have been Chelsea. She’s on a bus – she ran away. Hope wants to know what happened. Bo and Billie are vague – Chelsea and Nick had a falling out. They had fight – Hope didn’t even know they were speaking to each other. Billie says they had gotten close. Hope is still not sure what is going on so Billie tells her it was her fault. She had a one night stand with Nick.

Hope asks her – you slept with your daughter’s boyfriend? Are you that desperate? Billie says she was. She had just gotten dumped by a guy she thought cared for her, she drank a bottle of wine and Nick showed up before she had the good sense to pass out. It happened once and they both swore it would never happen again. Hope states that secrets come out and what – her daughter decides to get back at her by lighting their house on fire. Billie reminds Hope that Chelsea is Bo’s daughter as well. She has sacrificed everything for Chelsea while Hope has made it clear that she doesn’t want Chelsea anywhere near her happy home. Bo tells them both to calm down. They shouldn’t jump to conclusions before talking to Chelsea. Hope just finds it hard to believe that Billie would sleep with her daughter’s boyfriend. Billie blames herself and takes full responsibility for what happened. Chelsea is out there alone in the cold and she won’t let her help. Who is going to help Chelsea? Bo will … Hope will as well.

Max’s Garage – Part 1: Chelsea is inside the office sleeping. Abby waits for Nick. She tells him that Chelsea has locked herself in the office. Nick blames himself. Abby wonders what is worse – running away or having a total meltdown. Nick wants her to let him inside. Abby tells him he better think of what he’s going to say to Chelsea. Nick loses his nerve. He doesn’t know what to say. Abby goes to talk to Chelsea. She tells Chelsea she’s alone. Chelsea lets her into the office. Abby tells her to go home – everyone is looking for her. Chelsea calls her mom a whore – she is dead to her. She’s going to get enough money to leave this town. Nick bursts in – he’s not going to let her go. Chelsea is furious with Abby for lying to her saying she was alone. Abby tries to explain but Chelsea tells her she doesn’t get it – she never wants to see Nick Fallon’s lying face again.

Nick tries to talk but Chelsea screams at him – she doesn’t want to hear anymore lies from him. Nick reminds her that he was a very good friend to her. Chelsea agrees. That is what makes it so bad. He made her believe in herself – made her believe that good things could happen to people like her. He’s been a freakin’ super-hero. He wanted to be her hero. She doesn’t think a liar is a hero. Nick is human – he made mistakes. Chelsea screams because of him she has a porn movie running through her head of her boyfriend and her mom doing it. Nick yells ‘boyfriend’ – most of the time she treated him like crap. Chelsea wishes she had trusted her first impression. Nick still thinks she’s the most amazing woman he ever met. Chelsea tells him to live with it – they’re done. She doesn’t want anything from him. He offers her his debit care. He wants to prove that he is still there for him. If she wants to skip town – he’ll help her. She can have everything he’s got.

St Luke’s: Kate arrives. The priest is happy to see her. He had a feeling she would be there tonight. She is going to do a reading for the wedding – she thought she’d practice. The priest thinks God had another reason for bringing her to the church. He points to Philip kneeling at the altar. Kate kneels down next to him and asks him who he is praying for. Claire – he lit a candle for her. He got some new information. Claire may not be dead. She could be lost out there somewhere he can’t reach and it’s killing him. Kate talks about the sense of peace she always got from sitting in church with her parents when she was a little girl. Philip wonders why if this is a judgement on him it’s his little girl that has to suffer. Kate tells him to have hope. She believes that Claire is alive and someone will see her and recognise her from the amber alert. Philip doesn’t think anyone in the Pacific Islands would have seen them. Kate tells him miracles can happen. Philip can’t wait for an angel to bring her back. He thought of bugging Marlena’s and Bo’s phone but Victor said no. Illegal surveillance is too risky. He has to face it. He failed Claire.

They’re sitting on the pews now. Kate says glowing things about him – she doesn’t see how he could consider himself a failure. Philip states he doesn’t have the right stuff. Kate figures out that this is what Victor told him. Philip says Dad told him if he wanted to get Claire back he’d have to be ruthless. No mercy – no prisoners. And he did that. Victor was so proud of him until he came home without Claire. He could barely disguise his contempt. Kate tells him he needs to face the truth. He will never satisfy Victor because Victor wants Philip to be just like him and he’s not and is never going to be. He can not live his life to please Victor. Philip feels he owes him. Kate says so against your true nature you’re going to try and be just like him. Kate says despite the fact that you’re never going to live up to what Victor expects he does love you. He loves him for the fine man he is although Victor will never admit that. Philip says fine man – I’m the man who lost his wife and daughter. Kate tells him he’ll never get them back by acting like Victor. He has a conscience. He has a good and loving heart. It’s time he remembered that. Kate thinks he should extend an olive branch to Bo and Hope. Tell them he isn’t going to pursue this all or nothing custody issue – he’ll work out an agreement. Philip thinks that smacks of giving up – a Kiriakis never surrenders. Kate reminds him he’s a Roberts as well. He has a mother, brothers and a sister that loves Claire as much as Victor does. He’s tried it Victor’s way and he’s gotten nothing. Philip can’t argue that. Kate invites him to join her, Lucas, Sami and Billie for supper tomorrow night. He doesn’t think that he would be welcome. She tells him he has to change tactics. Claire will come home and when she does he’s going to need all of their support. Dinner at 7 tomorrow night at Chez Rouge.

Island: Shawn runs up to a beach bar calling for help for his little girl. The owner comes up behind him with a gun and asks him who the hell he is. Shawn tells the guy he’s not armed and he’s not there to steal his booze. The guy tells Shawn he is trespassing on private property. Shawn assures him he’s not a drunk or a thief. His girlfriend and child are on the beach. They got washed ashore in the storm. His little girl is sick. She needs medical attention or she could die. The guy points the gun and tells Shawn to lead the way. They return. Claire is crying. The guy says that is one sick little girl. He tells them his name is Duck. Belle asks if he has any medical training. Duck can bandage wounds and stuff but Claire needs a doctor. Duck’s daughter Gabriella, call me Gabby, joins them. She checks Claire – she is burning up. She tells her Dad to go and find the doctor – he’ll be on the beach checking his lobster traps. In French she tells him to hurry because the girl could die. Belle understands French and repeats what she said. Gabby pours out some water in a bowl. They’ll use cold compresses to bring Claire’s fever down. She hopes their boat is in good condition because the nearest hospital is a good two hours away.

Gabby asks them where they come from – are they mainlanders on vacation? Shawn states that Claire’s temperature is 103 and rising. Gabby runs to get more clothes. Belle - They can’t lose Claire to an infection. What if the doctor asks questions – Gabby sure is. Shawn says we’ll just tell them tell them we’re on vacation. Belle snaps – they have no luggage or passports. Shawn says if anyone gets suspicious they’ll leave and go someplace where no one asks any questions. Gabby hears this conversation. They use the cold compresses. Claire cries so loud it’s hard to hear what they are saying. Shawn asks about the doctor. He’s here because he lost his licence. Those on the island are here because they’re shunned or running from the law. She asks them which one they are – outcast or fugitives. Belle lies and says they were vacationing on Shawn’s boat. A storm hit and they were washed overboard. Gabby offers Belle some clothes to change into. Shawn holds Claire while they’re gone. He tells her they’re with friends now – at least he hopes so.

The doctor gives Claire a shot of penicillin. That should clear the infection. He wants $50. Shawn has no money. Gabby pays them against her father’s protests. He can take it out of her tips. Gabby takes Claire and Belle back into the kitchen. Shawn thanks Duck. He hopes he’ll let them stay there. He’ll do anything – wash dishes, fix things. Duck says sorry – you got my help and my 50 bucks and that’s all you’re getting. Shawn says it will just be for a day or two. Duck doesn’t need any help. Gabby thinks they could use help. Belle told her Shawn is good with anything mechanical – cars, boats … Duck wonders why if he was so good with boats how come he couldn’t keep his from sinking. Gabby says they have a lot of vacant rooms. Duck tells them not to make themselves too much at home. Claire is now asleep. Gabby thinks she’ll sleep until morning. Shawn says they’re leaving then – they don’t want to overstay their welcome. Gabby tells them not to worry about her dad – his bark is worse than his bite. She tells them to get some rest and leaves. Belle doesn’t want to leave. Shawn thinks they should go. Belle wins – was there ever any doubt?

Billie’s apt: Billie thought that maybe Chelsea would have come home – but she didn’t. Bo called Roman and he put out an unofficial report for the cops to keep a lookout for her. He convinced Roman that Chelsea was a witness to a crime. Billie thinks Chelsea has been traumatized enough. She wants Bo to find her before the cops do. He’s going to go and check out Chelsea’s usual haunts when his phone rings. Abby tells him that Chelsea is at Max’s Garage. Bo tells Abby to make sure she doesn’t leave. Billie wants to go with him but Bo doesn’t think that’s a good idea. The last person Chelsea wants to see right now is Billie. Hope follows Bo out into the hallway. Hope wants to know if he thinks Chelsea started the fire. Bo says a couple of hours ago he would have tagged this as one of Elvis Junior’s stunts but it has all the earmarks of an amateur. If someone really wanted revenge on them the house would have burned to the ground. If someone was acting in the heat of the moment Chelsea is a likely suspect - speaking as a cop. As a father – he wished he had the instincts to just say she couldn’t have done it but he doesn’t. Hope tells him Chelsea hasn’t given him any reason to trust her. Bo says she has been trying really hard the past couple of months but then something like what just happened sets her back. When he finds her he’ll hug her and tell her he loves her and he’s sorry he made her doubt that. He hopes that will lead her to telling the truth.

Hope goes back inside. Billie declares she’s the worst mother in the world. Billie holds up a bottle of wine and calls it the mistake that cost her her daughter. Hope doesn’t think Billie is a bad mother. Nobody’s a saint. She found her when she was sixteen and since then she put her life on hold to look after her. That says a lot. Billie says she and Chelsea were just starting to trust each other and now she doesn’t think Chelsea will ever trust her again. Ironically since she heard about the fire she isn’t so sure she can trust Chelsea. Hope thinks they should wait for Bo to come back – they shouldn’t jump to conclusions about Chelsea. Billie says they’re both thinking it was her though. Billie opens the wine. Hope doesn’t know what happened between them tonight – she grabs the bottle and tells Billie life is too short to hold on to the anger and hurt. Otherwise the bottle is the only thing she will have keeping her company. Billie doesn’t want that. Hope tells her to start forgiving herself, not punishing herself. She says why don’t we both shake those bad habits together. They dump the wine out in the sink.

Max’s Garage – Part 2: Abby steps out of the office. Chelsea takes the card but says it’s useless without a PIN number. He’ll give it to her – he’ll go with her. Chelsea thinks he’ll sell her out and drive her home. Nick tells her she can drive. Chelsea says fine. I’ll get the money I need and then that’s it. You’ll never see me again. Abby calls Bo. (See above) Nick informs Abby that Chelsea is going to Chicago. Abby tells him Chelsea needs a therapist, not a one way ticket to a homeless shelter. Chelsea comes out of the office. She refuses to stop and get more stuff from her mom’s. Abby stops her. She’s her friend and she doesn’t even get a goodbye. Chelsea will send her a postcard. Memories aren’t enough to keep her here. Bo asks if he can keep her here. Chelsea yells at Nick for calling Bo. Abby admits it was her. Bo says she just wanted to help. Chelsea explodes – she doesn’t need help. She just wants to get out of this stupid town and away from all the people who made her life one big funfest. Bo asks - why didn’t you stop by the house to talk about it. She did – there were no lights on so she slipped a note under the door. Bo has the police inventory – the list of the evidence gathered at the scene. There was no note. Chelsea asks him what he’s talking about. He answers the fire that could have killed Hope and Chelsea’s baby sister. The fire is still under investigation. It was put out before any structural damage was done. Chelsea asks about Hope and the baby. When she finds out they’re safe she says accidents happen – there’s no reason to stick around. Bo tells her it was arson. Chelsea asks who would do that and then she realises Bo thinks she did it. Chelsea gets upset and sarcastic – you think I got upset and tried to kill another Brady child – congratulations you solved it. Bo tells her to stop it. This is about a crime that was committed at his house that could have taken everything from him. He needs to know exactly when she was there, where else she went and who she was with. He doesn’t want the version according to Chelsea but the God’s honest truth.

Preview: EJ to Willow – I make it a rule not to do any kind of business with psychotic arsonists. I either avoid them or eliminate them. What’s it going to be with you, eh? Duck to Gabby – You’re wasting your time, honey. They’re a couple. Leave the guy alone. Billie to Chelsea – I would die for you Chelsea. That’s probably what you want me to do right now. Chelsea – You’re right. Steve (holding Kayla in front of him) to the orderly – I have a knife in her back. I will use it if you get in my way.


Thursday Mar 15

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Shawn comes downstairs. Gabby is working. Shawn tells her it’s been a long night. He asks if he can get a couple of coffees. She offers to get them some food. Shawn refuses. Gabby knows he has his pride but he looks like a hell. It’s not a big deal to give them breakfast. Shawn insists that she and her father have done enough. They’ll find food someplace else. She tells him this is the only game in town. Shawn just wants coffee. As soon as Claire’s fever breaks they are leaving. She says okay and walks away. Belle comes down the stairs with Claire. Her fever has broken. Belle is relieved, exhausted and hungry. Belle thanks Gabby for everything she has done. Gabby heard that someone is hungry. Belle says yeah. Gabby is going to get them food. Shawn says now that Claire is feeling better he thinks they should get going. Belle glowers in his direction.

Shawn tells Gabby they’re broke. He thanks her for their generosity but they have to leave. Gabby goes to wait on a table. Shawn tells Belle they have to keep moving. She asks him where they’re going and how they’re going to get there. Shawn doesn’t know why she’s being like this. He’s kept them safe. Belle knows that but they can’t keep drifting. Why can’t they accept their help. Shawn says because it isn’t keeping us safe – end of discussion. Belle snaps – that he can go but she and her daughter are staying here – end of discussion. Shawn doesn’t want her to do this. He can’t stay here because Duck looks at him just like Victor – you’re a bum – you’re never going to make it. Belle can’t believe he’d risk his daughter’s health because of that. He’s proven herself to him. Gabby returns. She gets Shawn to tie a specific type of knot and then asks him a bunch of different questions about boats. She wants him to repair her boat. It will take a week for the parts to come in from Guam. Will they stay?

Shawn asks Gabby if she is offering them free room and board if he fixes her boat. She is. Shawn has to do something in the meantime – he can’t sit around and do nothing. Gabby says he can cover for her because Duck doesn’t do much except argue and drink beer. Duck heard that. Gabby tells him that Shawn is sticking around to fix her boat. Shawn says they will stay as long as it’s okay with her dad. It’s not okay with him. Shawn approaches him. He claims to be a hard worker and so is Belle. They’ll earn their keep. Duck doesn’t like it but his daughter runs the place – just keep the kid quiet and stay out of his way. Shawn asks Gabby what he should do now. She tells him to take his family and get some rest. Belle thanks her. Gabby tells her if they want food just go into the kitchen and get what she wants. Belle does. Shawn wants to know why Gabby is doing this for them. After some banter she says because she likes his face. It’s kind. He looks trustworthy. Belle returns. Gabby offers to feed Claire but Shawn won’t let her touch Claire. Belle trusts Gabby – she can take Claire. Shawn apologises – he’s overprotective. They go upstairs to get some rest. Duck tells Gabby she’s wasting her time. They’re a couple –they got a kid. Leave the guy alone. Gabby doesn’t see a ring on the girl’s finger.

Billie’s apt – Part 1: Sami and Lucas are with Billie. Billie tells them that Chelsea is at the police station giving a statement about the fire. Billie goes on to say that when Chelsea is hurt she lashes out. Sami doesn’t think that proves that Chelsea did anything. Billie wishes that Chelsea would talk to her – let her in. She doesn’t think she’ll ever see her again. Chelsea enters and glares at Billie. Chelsea rants that Bo thinks she did it. Lucas wants to know what he said. Chelsea said he didn’t have to say anything. The look he gave her said it all. The look of no matter what she says he’s not going to believe it because lying is what she does. Sami states that Bo is a good guy. He’s trying to be both a good cop and a good dad, it’s not easy. Lucas adds that he’s just trying to cover all the angles. Chelsea knows that being told not to leave town means she’s the prime suspect. They’re going to pin the arson on her and there’s nothing she can do about it. Billie uses the word ‘us’ and Chelsea explodes. There is no us. She’s on her own and she needs to get used to that.

Chelsea disowns Billie. She is Chelsea Benson. She lost her parents and then she went out looking for another family. She is downright horrible to Billie – calls her a failure, an addict, a backstabbing slut. Lucas steps in and tells her he doesn’t care how upset she is her mother doesn’t deserve that. Sami says Billie feels terrible. Lucas knows she feels betrayed and abandoned but they are her family. They’ve got her back – does she understand that? Chelsea breaks down crying. She doesn’t know what to do – she just feels so bad. Sami comforts her.

State Hospital: Kayla comes to visit Steve. She came to see how he’s doing. He’s says never better – goodbye. He repeats he doesn’t want to see her anymore. She has some questions. He has nothing to say to her. She knows that EJ Wells forced him to take John from that hospital room and she’s going to prove that but she needs some help from him. Steve thinks she’s crazier than him if she thinks he’ll help her. Kayla thinks they’re past him trying to hurt each other with words. Steve doesn’t know what to think, she turned him in to the cops, had him locked up in here and now she wants to rescue him. Kayla thinks someone has to. He just wants her gone. Kayla will leave as soon as he gives her the information about EJ Wells. She asks him if he took John’s kidney for Tony or Stefano. He must have told Steve something because EJ specifically targeted John. Steve claims that EJ tells him nothing. Kayla knows that EJ came to see him – she calls him a liar. She wants him to stop being a horse’s ass and tell her the truth.

She’ll do whatever it takes to get their life back. She’s not scared of EJ. He thinks she should be. She isn’t. She’s either going to get the information she wants from him or from EJ. Steve wants to know why she keeps fighting for him. She loves him. He tells her to forget about him and EJ Wells. Walk away and don’t look back. She calls him a coward. He disappoints her. She thought being in here would bring the old Steve back – the fighter – the guy who wouldn’t back down from anything. Steve has a lot of fight left in him to break out of here. Kayla asks him for what – to do more errands for EJ. Are you going to kill someone next? Kayla tells him if he ends up in jail don’t … he cuts in and says you’ll cut me out of your life. That’s what I want. Kayla knows that he wants her to believe that he doesn’t care about her, about their life together, about anything but what about their daughter. How does he think Stephanie is going to react when she finds out her father threw everything away for the DiMera’s. Steve says she won’t find out because you’re not going to tell her. Kayla – just watch me.

She knows Stephanie will be hurt but Steve doesn’t care about that. Steve doesn’t care about what she does but he wants her to leave Stephanie out of it. Kayla says she has a right to know. Steve tells her she can’t drag Stephanie into this – it’s not right. She’ll quit her job and come back her, for what? Kayla hopes Stephanie will be able to talk some sense into him because she can’t. Steve yells no! Kayla tells him it’s not his decision. He tells her if she tells Stephanie he will never forgive her. Kayla wants to know what to tell Stephanie when she calls – she’s running out of lies. Steve will tell Stephanie himself. He doesn’t know when but he will explain to her. Kayla asks him how when he can’t even explain it to himself. He’ll figure it out. Just don’t tell her – it would turn her life upside down. Kayla can’t promise him that. She’s tried everything. Reason, logic and unconditional love and support but nothing gets through to him. She’ll try anything – the gloves are off now. Steve tells her that’s a bad idea. He grabs her and asks her if she is afraid of him. She isn’t. He tells her she should be. She tries to get away but he won’t let her. She calls for the orderly. Steve covers her mouth and when the orderly opens the door Steve tells him to back off – he has a knife in her back and he’ll use it. The orderly comes in to the room as Steve moves towards the door. He pushes Kayla inside and locks them in and takes off.

Willow’s room: Willow is searching her room. EJ shows up. She ties into him. Jed told her some slimy limey shook him down. She knows he took her cheque. EJ admits he did. She asks why – she did what he told her to do. The fire wasn’t part of the bargain. She tells him that was an accident. He grabs her chin – he doesn’t do business with psychotic arsonists as a rule. He either avoids them or eliminates them – what’s it gonna be with her? She pushes his hand away. She’s not psychotic – she lit a candle to see where she was going – the fire just happened. She pulls out the jewellery. He doesn’t want it. The two of them never met. They never had this discussion and if the police come around she better keep her mouth shut. Willow tells him not to worry – they’re in the clear. She set someone else up to take the fall. EJ is impressed. Willow wants him to pay her. He’s not going to pay her. He gave her a lesson – never trust anyone. She yells if you don’t pay me … EJ calls her bluff – she’ll end up in jail. Willow realises he was never going to pay her – that’s why he gave her a post-dated cheque. EJ gives her some advice. Never do anything without getting cash in advance. He warns her to never call him again.

Billie’s apt – Part 2: Chelsea doesn’t want to stay there. She just came to get some stuff. Sami asks if she is staying with Bo and Hope. Chelsea doesn’t think so. Her Dad thinks she tried to burn his house down. Billie asks her where she is going to stay. Chelsea asks her why do you care. She wouldn’t rather sleep on a park bench than stay here with her. Billie calls her a spoiled little brat. She made a mistake – if she could take it back she would. She would die for her – that’s probably what Chelsea’s wants her to do right now. Chelsea does. Billie tells Chelsea she can hate her for being weak and human but don’t accuse her of not caring because that’s a lie and Chelsea knows it. Lucas plays peacemaker. He says Chelsea can stay with him and Sami. Sami concurs. Lucas says you can stay with us as long as it’s okay with your mom. Billie doesn’t care where she stays. She wants to give Chelsea something to think about while she’s busy feeling sorry for herself. She has shown Chelsea nothing but love and forgiveness. When everyone else turned their back on her for the mistakes she made, Billie had her back. Billie wants the same consideration – she’s not the only one that is hurting. Chelsea coldly asks – are you done now? She leaves with Sami.

Billie starts crying. She tells Lucas she’s a failure. There’s a knock on the door. It’s EJ. He heard the news about what happened at Bo’s house. It represents a good opportunity for them. After an incident like that her home security system should sound good to Bo. Billie asks if he wants her to call Bo and give him the hard sell. EJ can’t think of a better time. Billie can’t call now. EJ wants to know why. Lucas tells him that Bo and Hope are not customers. They are family. Besides Billie is not in the frame of mind to make a call now – Chelsea is in trouble. EJ finds out what is going on and offers Billie financial help if she needs it. Lucas tells him that Billie has family to help her. He’s not polite. EJ reminds him he’s speaking to his boss. EJ is on his way out but stops to tell Billie that if she is feeling better she really should call Bo. Billie tells Lucas not to start with her – Lucas works for him too. Lucas’s fondest wish is to walk into that office and quit and then hit that s.o.b. just for the hell of it. In the hallway Sami comes out just as EJ is at his door. He wants to know when she is going to get the results of her amnio. Tick tock – Daddy’s waiting. She tells him it takes at least a week. EJ says you can’t blame the expectant father for being anxious. Sami insists he’s not the father. Lucas comes out of Billie’s apartment. EJ will leave them to enjoy their evening. Lucas asks about Chelsea. Sami says she is sleeping. Lucas apologises for not talking to her before inviting Chelsea to stay with them. Sami says it’s okay. They kiss. Sami sees EJ as Lucas hugs her. She tells Lucas they should go to bed. Inside Billie grabs a cup of tea. Steve is there.

Preview: Steve to Billie – How long have you and Wells been seeing each other? Kayla to EJ – You could care less about Steve. You have no respect for human life. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. So if you made a special trip to the hospital to see him it was for some other reason and I want you to tell me right now what it was. Celeste to Sami – You’re never going to see your child once it’s born because the DiMera’s will absolutely take it away from you.


Friday Mar 16

Pat’s Spoilers

Celeste/Benjy: Celeste desperately needs his help. EJ is out of control. He’s taken the DiMera madness beyond even Stefano. It’s time someone put a stop to him once and for all. Celeste needs to know what EJ’s true motives are regarding Samantha’s baby. He’s not exactly the fatherly type. Benjy tells her that the baby is an obsession with the DiMera’s. EJ told him that Stefano considers the baby a gift from God. He doesn’t know what that means but he knows that it doesn’t bode well for Sami.

Billie’s apt – Part 1: Steve tells Billie that Bo and Kayla had him thrown in the state hospital but he escaped. He had to get out of there before he did something that would keep him there permanently. He needs money, clothes and a car. He hopes he can trust her. There’s a knock on the door. Steve doesn’t want her to answer but she thinks it might be Chelsea. It’s EJ. He invites her to join him at the Penthouse Grill after his meeting is done. She lies and tells him Chelsea is there and they’re talking. EJ leaves. Steve wants to know how long Billie and EJ have been seeing each other. Billie tells him that they’re working on a project together. It’s just business. Steve hopes she is telling the truth. He would hate to put his faith in someone else that is going to sell him down the river. Her phone rings. Billie answers even though Steve protests. It’s Kayla wanting to know if she’s seen Steve. It’s very important. Billie lies – she’s been sick in bed all day. Kayla is afraid Steve may be dangerous so if she hears from him please call. She will. Steve wants some clothes to change into. Billie has a key to Lucas’s apartment. He can’t risk her out of his sight – she may try and call the police. She tells him she is just trying to help.

Penthouse Grill – Part 1: Chelsea isn’t hungry. Sami is – it’s great being pregnant – she can eat what she wants. Chelsea doesn’t think she’ll ever experience that – she should join a nunnery. Sami laughs. She’s just going through a rough patch. It will get better. Chelsea tried so hard to be the daughter her parents could be proud of, a good friend but all she got is dumped on. Sami knows what it’s like to feel all alone in the world. They do things and then they scramble to try and fix it without thinking things through. But she’s living proof that things can change for the better. The Brady’s are a great family. Chelsea wonders why Sami is being so nice to her. Sami sees something of herself in Chelsea. She asks Chelsea to be a bridesmaid. Sami talks about her wedding and pulls out her notebook to make a note of calling the videographer. EJ overhears and asks Sami if she isn’t taking a lot for granted. Knowing her track record with weddings he doesn’t want her to get her hopes up and end up being disappointed. Sami is rude to him. He goes to his table. Chelsea comments that EJ creeps her out. Then she tells Sami that she can’t accept her offer. She can’t face all those people. Half of them will be people she disappointed and the other half disappointed her. She thinks she’s not meant to be part of this family. Sami tells her to hang in there – it will work out. It did for her. Chelsea thinks Sami’s life turned around because she saved Lucas’s life. She doesn’t think a roof will cave in on Bo allowing her to save him.

Stefano’s doctor joins EJ to give him an update. Stefano responded well to the transplant but he’s not out of the woods yet. There could be other complications. Rejection of the transplant for one and other problems that may require Stefano to have a bone marrow transplant. Does EJ know of a family member that they count on. EJ answers maybe. There is nothing more important to him than his father’s life and he’s holding the doctor personally responsible for that. Celeste arrives and sees EJ watching Sami. Sami gives Chelsea a pep talk about changing her life. Hold her head up high, be patient and agree to be her bridesmaid. She’s family and that’s the most important thing. Sami tells her she can’t sit around feeling sorry for herself, she needs to take action. Chelsea tells Sami that she made her feel better about herself – she agrees to be a bridesmaid. Sami asks her to come to a wedding gown fitting and Chelsea can try on her dress too. A waiter brings a note for Sami. EJ watches. Sami rushes off to the ladies room. EJ goes over to Chelsea and starts pumping her for information. He’s wondering if Sami is getting sick – she looked green around the gills. Chelsea says no and why is he so interested.

State Hospital – Part 1: Kayla makes calls looking for Steve. Roman shows up and recaps what happened to make sure he has it right. He put out an APB. Kayla doesn’t want that but Roman says he has to get Steve off the streets. He’s proven that he’s a danger to himself and others. Kayla has a list of people that Steve could have gone to but she thinks she knows exactly where Steve is. He’s with EJ Wells. She wouldn’t be surprised if EJ orchestrated the escape to get Steve back in the fold. Roman thinks there is one other possibility that she doesn’t have on the list. Billie. Kayla doesn’t think there’s any point – things don’t end well with them when Steve got his memory back. Roman tells her to stop thinking of Steve as someone she knows. Steve is a stranger and he may feel more comfortable with Billie. Kayla knows Steve doesn’t trust her anymore. She’ll call. (See above). Kayla tells Roman that Billie hasn’t heard from Steve. She still thinks that EJ has him. Roman is going to call Mythic and find out where EJ is.

Penthouse Grill – Part 2: Chelsea tells EJ to mind his own business. He’s concerned as a friend. Sami fainted earlier. Chelsea tells him he can go check on her in the ladies room or go back to his table. He tells her to dial down her hostility. For the record he doesn’t think she started the fire. He believes that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Roman and Kayla arrive just at that moment. They want to talk to EJ in private. EJ wants to know what he is being accused of now. In the ladies room Sami chides Celeste for taking a chance of coming here. If EJ sees them together he’ll think they are plotting and who knows what he’ll do. Celeste told her how to stop EJ’s threats. Sami may hate him but she’s not a murderer. Celeste tells Sami about her conversation with Benjy. Stefano is obsessed with her baby – he thinks it’s a gift from God. Sami declares if the baby is EJ’s it’s the work of the devil. Celeste warns her that the DiMera’s will take her baby from her. She’ll never see the baby again. Is that what she wants?

Sami declares that no one is taking her baby. She has everything under control. She has a plan. EJ is going to believe Lucas is the father no matter what. Celeste thinks she is naïve. She can’t fool EJ with her tricks. Sami declares her plan is foolproof. Celeste tells her the only way to save her child is to … Sami yells no. She is not going to kill EJ. Celeste tells Sami she picked a fine time to suddenly become moral. Sami repeats she is not a killer. Celeste tells her ridding the world of EJ wouldn’t be considered a sin. She would be saving a lot of people from pain as well. Sami tells Celeste if she feels that way about EJ she should do it. She warns Celeste to not let EJ see her on the way out. Kayla wants EJ to tell her what he’s done with Steve. Roman tells him Steve escaped. EJ pretends to be outraged. When Kayla tells him Steve is the way he is because EJ brainwashed and tortured him EJ tells her she’s as crazy as Steve. Kayla tells EJ she knows he visited Steve at the hospital. EJ lies and said Steve asked him to help him escape but he told him he was in the best place to get help. Kayla calls him on the lie. She wants to know why he went to see him.

EJ gets on his high horse and starts threatening law suits and restraining orders against the Brady’s, especially Kayla because she’s clearly mentally unstable. Roman tells him to come down to the station then. Kayla wants to know where Steve is. EJ tells her to check with Billie. Roman tells EJ that Billie has been sick in bed all day – they called her. EJ will put out feelers and see if he can find Steve and then he’ll let the police know where he is. That should prove he wants Steve caught as much as the police do. He leaves. Sami wonders where EJ is rushing off to. Chelsea tells her that’s the same question he asked when you rushed off to the ladies room. That guy is just off. Sami wants to know everything he said. Celeste makes her way to the elevator – EJ sees her. Chelsea tells Sami everything that she and EJ said. Then Roman and Kayla came and wanted to talk to him. Sami wants to know what they wanted to talk to him about. Chelsea doesn’t know but she’s pretty sure it wasn’t about Sami. Chelsea wants to know the story – why did Sami take off to the ladies room. Sami says look at the time – we’re late for my fitting.

Billie’s apt – Part 2: Steve wants to trust her but he can’t take the chance. He gets agitated and tells her to find anything for him to wear. She has some old sweats. He grabs her cell phone and cordless phone and tells her he’s watching. Steve is planning their route when Billie brings him the clothes. It’s his last chance to get away, he’s not going to blow it. If they catch up to him they’re not taking him alive. He sees Billie’s reaction and realises that she’s scared of him. She is afraid – he’s not the Steve she used to know. He apologises. The hospital really did a number on him – he can’t go back there – he’s desperate. He’ll die if he’s sent back there. He apologises for hurting her before but they were friends once. He needs that friendship now. Will she help him? She tells him to get dressed. She’ll pack up some food. They’re ready to go. Billie opens the door and EJ is standing there. He wants to know why she lied to him. He just saw Chelsea at the Penthouse Grill. What’s going on? Steve is hiding behind the door.

State Hospital – Part 2: Roman and Kayla come back and check all over the room to see if there’s anything that will tell them where Steve has gone. They come up empty. Kayla believes that EJ isn’t telling them everything he knows. One of these days she’s going to wipe that arrogant smile off his face. Roman thinks he looked genuinely surprised when they told him Steve escaped. Roman is calling University Hospital and asking them to put extra guards around John. Kayla doesn’t think he’ll go after John. She asks Roman to call Marlena – she needs her help.

Preview: Kayla to Marlena – Yeah, but if I get Steve home safe and sound is he ever going to be the same? EJ to Sami – Dear Samantha. You’ve been a naughty girl again. Nick to Chelsea – I love you. Chelsea – No. You don’t get to say that to me anymore. Steve to Billie (they’re in the car) – Pull over. Billie - You’re not leaving me here in the middle of nowhere. Steve yelling – I said pull over. He grabs the wheel. Billie screaming – No, damn it … as the car swerves.


Tuesday, Mar 20

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Belle is sprawled out on the bed enjoying her sleep. Shawn is scrunched up in a chair sleeping. They wake up. Claire is fine – the fever is gone. They didn’t lose her. Shawn came through for them. Belle appreciates him letting them stay at the hotel. Shawn tells her not to get used to it. They won’t be here much longer. Shawn is going to get downstairs to work. Belle wants him to ask Gabby for a room with two beds. Shawn doesn’t think their sleeping arrangements are anyone’s business. He looked like a pretzel on the chair … she thinks they could all use some more space. Shawn snaps that the next time they go on the run he’ll book a suite. Belle wants to know why he’s being so difficult. He doesn’t want people knowing their business. Belle smirks – she thinks that he doesn’t want Gabby and her father thinking he’s not man enough to take care of business.

This isn’t about his ego – he’s afraid of getting caught. Has she forgotten they’re fugitives. She would like to stop looking over her shoulder for a while. Shawn tells her they can’t let their guard. Belle scoffs at his idea – Philip and Victor’s reach doesn’t extend that far. She belittles Shawn’s wariness. Belle thinks she deserves a good laugh – she tells Shawn to chill out. Shawn tells her to remember what is at stake. Belle turns and starts snarling at him. She’s proven she can handle anything. He sarcastically replies – yeah everything but sleeping in the same room as him. He’ll sleep outside from now on. Belle tells him he can’t sleep outside because he might get wet. That’s just stupid. Shawn thinks giving away their secrets is stupid. Belle doesn’t think anyone on the island isn’t a threat to them. Shawn warns her that they can’t know that. They’ll take care of Claire. He’ll make sure they have everything they need and no one needs to know what goes on behind closed doors. He adds that he is not a threat to her. Belle snaps at him. Shawn has obeyed every rule that she laid out but she can’t stand to sleep in the same room as him. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve that.

Belle tells Shawn this is not about him (LOL – of course not!). She gets them back on topic – this is about her. Her feelings haven’t changed. She’s just as confused now as she was when they left Salem. Shawn thinks they’ve been through a lot and gotten closer – why is she confused. She thinks it’s because they got close for survival – but what happens when things get back to normal. Shawn didn’t think she was confused back on the island. Belle sarcastically says that was just for body heat. Because he’s a guy it’s all about sex. Shawn isn’t there trying to get lucky – he cares about her and Claire. Belle apologises – he has proven that. She just needs a few days of not worrying about anything. They can just be together and figure out what they mean to each other. Shawn doesn’t need to figure anything out. He loves her and Claire and he wants them to be a family and it hurts him that she doesn’t feel the same.

Belle doesn’t know she feels. They have a long and crazy history and they’ve taken that baggage with them. He thinks they should start over. She doesn’t think that will be easy. She just needs to know that when they go back to Salem she wants to know in her heart what is real and what isn’t. Shawn will give her all the time she needs. She wants another room. He thinks it’s too risky. Duck knocks – he needs Shawn to bring up some kegs from the cooler. Shawn does the grunt work. Duck watches and so does Gabby. Gabby runs up to Belle and Shawn’s room. She asks Belle if they need anything. Belle tells her everything is perfect. They talk a bit. Gabby asks if they set a date. Belle wonders what makes her think they aren’t married. Gabby says no rings. Belle says they haven’t set a date. Gabby tells Belle that her father can marry them unless there’s some reason she doesn’t want to.

Belle wonders why she is so curious about whether they’re getting married or not. Is she interested in Shawn romantically. Gabby doesn’t go after guys that are taken. She can see how much they mean to each other. Belle doesn’t know what she and Shawn are to each other any more. Shawn’s a great Dad to Claire – they’re just taking things slow to see what works and what doesn’t. Gabby feels so stupid – she put them in a room with one bed. She’ll move them to a room with two beds. Belle smiles triumphantly. Downstairs Duck rags on Shawn. Shawn works so hard to show he’s a good guy but he’s jumpy. Which is it – is he young (is the guy blind?) and stupid or does he have something to hide.

Willow and Chelsea: Chelsea pushes herself into Willow’s room as she orders her to stay away from Nick. Willow thinks that her and Nick will be good friends. Chelsea wants to know what it is about Willow latching onto men. First Shawn, then Philip and now Nick. She won’t let Willow take what Nick has. Willow thinks she will have a hard time stopping her from her jail cell. It’s front page news that Chelsea tried to burn down her father’s house. Chelsea says there’s no proof of arson and the damage was minimal. Chelsea throws up Willow’s past in her face. Willow lobs back – she heard that Chelsea is the prime suspect. Chelsea insists she is innocent. She gave a statement to the cops because they wanted to know what she knew about the fire which is nothing. Willow wonders if Bo believed Chelsea or if he is covering for her again.

Chelsea tells her that no one is covering for her – she wasn’t there. Her Dad wouldn’t lie for her. Willow knows that he did it before. The insults continue. Willow asks Chelsea why she is so worried about Nick spending time with her. Is she worried that Nick is looking for someone with more experience. She adds that Nick came up to her. Chelsea tells Willow that Nick feels pity for her. She’s nothing more than his good deed for the day. Willow thinks that there isn’t anything Nick won’t do for her – he’s already spoken to his Uncle Mickey to get her into public housing. Chelsea accuses Willow of scamming Nick. Willow says he felt sorry for her baby. So does Chelsea. The insults continue to fly. Willow tells Chelsea her and Nick will visit her after she’s locked up for robbing Bo and Hope’s house. Chelsea says nobody said anything about a fire so how did she know.

Willow makes light of her gaffe – arson, robbery, a crime is a crime. Chelsea wonders if Willow wants revenge on Bo and Hope. Willow tells her that she has no reason to hurt Bo and Hope. She is carrying their grandson. They are paying for all her pre-natal care. They’ve been terrific to her maybe because she’s the daughter they always wished for but never had. It’s no secret that Chelsea wanted Bo and Billie to be her new mommy and daddy. She asks Chelsea if she is hitting too close to home – but wait Chelsea doesn’t have a home. Chelsea calls her bitch. Willow tells Chelsea to stop lying to herself to try and make it okay. Bo probably thinks she started the fire. Chelsea says Bo believes her. Willow thinks Bo sees this as an opportunity to get Chelsea out of his life. After everything he’s done for her (Willow) maybe she should do something for him like lie on the stand to help him put Chelsea behind bars. Chelsea attacks Willow. Willow tells her to watch it –she has a baby on board. Chelsea leaves telling herself Willow is lying. Her Dad does love her. Inside Willow thinks she better get rid of the stolen jewellery.

Marlena & Kayla: Kayla is giving Marlena directions from the map. Marlena wonders if the map is just a ploy to throw them off track. Steve is very devious. Kayla has to believe the map will lead them to Steve and Billie. Marlena wants to know what they’re going to do when they find him. They should call the police. Kayla says no. She loves her husband and she’s not abandoning him. Marlena asks – no matter who gets hurt. Kayla insists no one will get hurt. Setting a police trap is not the answer. Marlena tells her the fact is that Steve is dangerous. Kayla knows that but she can look in his eyes and see the light of the old Steve – he’s fighting this so hard. Marlena thinks this is so unfair. EJ should be on the run, not Steve. Kayla complains that the police haven’t put EJ in jail. How many more lives does EJ have to ruin before someone stops him. Maybe she’ll have to be the one to stop him.

Marlena knows the DiMera’s – she knows the evil they are capable of. They will destroy anyone who crosses them. She knows how strong and determined Kayla is but the DiMera’s are monsters. Kayla isn’t afraid of them. Marlene thinks she should be – maybe she should be terrified. Kayla isn’t going to get in a shoot out with EJ. Marlena wants to know what she is going to do to EJ – torture him, kill him. Kayla wonders if Marlena thinks EJ doesn’t deserve to suffer. Marlene tells her revenge is not the way to go. Kayla wants justice – she thought Marlena would understand. Marlena won’t be part of a vendetta because that could get everyone killed. Kayla sees a gas station. They should stop there – maybe someone has seen Steve. Marlena tells Kayla that she cares about Steve and she’ll do whatever she can to help him but she won’t stand back and let Kayla protect him. If he endangers other people’s lives she won’t be on Kayla’s side. Kayla comes out from the garage. Nobody recognised Steve’s picture but a trucker saw an abandoned car in the ditch about two miles away. He didn’t call it in. Marlena thinks it won’t be too hard to catch up to them if they’re on foot.

Cabin: Steve carries Billie into an empty cabin and places her on the bed and covers her. He has to leave her there – he doesn’t want to but he has to. He can’t go back to that place. She’ll be alright. Someone will show up and if they don’t it’s her own fault. She should have done what he told her. He opens the door and says I’m sorry and leaves. Billie comes to. She calls out for Steve and sits up. She tries to get up but her head hurts. She passes out. Steve has returned – he’s pressing a cold compress to her head. She wakes up – she thought he left. Steve says just for a minute. He saw a stream out back – he soaked the cloth in it. He tells her the car flipped. It needs a tow. She wonders why he hasn’t left. He wanted to make sure she was safe first. Billie thinks that is sweet but he has no reason to stay. She did deliberately leave the map in the apartment. Steve understands – she was scared. She wonders why he stayed and didn’t hitchhike. She tells him she’s not afraid of him. He has to go. Billie wants to know how he plans on escaping something that is already a part of him.

Now Billie is cleaning Steve’s wound. He can’t leave. She will talk to everyone and make them understand why he ran away. Steve can’t trust her. He doesn’t even know why he saved her life. She reminds him that he’s the one that almost got her killed. He needs to get back to Salem and get help. He’s out of control. Steve thanks her for the prescription but he’s got to go. She asks if he is leaving her there by herself. He gives her the cell phone. He’s sorry about this – have a nice life. He opens the door and Marlena and Kayla are standing there. Kayla notices he’s hurt. He doesn’t want any help. Kayla asks if Billie is alright. Steve thinks she may have a concussion. Both Kayla and Marlena try and convince Steve it’s not too late, he should come back. Steve wants to know why her solutions to his problems always end up with him being locked up. Marlena says that if he agrees to come back as her patient the judge will make sure he gets treatment and doesn’t end up in jail. He reminds her that he asked for help but she turned him down. He only stayed to make sure that Billie was alright but now he’s going. Marlene steps in front of him – she’s afraid he’s not going anywhere. He tells her to step aside. She tells him he’s not leaving there until he turns himself away.

Preview: Celeste to EJ – I have cursed your name for what you did to my girl. EJ – Your girl ran off with her boy toy. Celeste – No, my daughter was murdered and there’s no doubt in my mind that you ordered her death. Steve writhing on the floor while Marlena yells to Kayla – Help us while we still … What’s wrong with you? Belle on the phone (Shawn and Claire watching) – I’m trying to call the U.S. The United States. What’s the problem? Why can’t you get my call through?


Wednesday Mar 21

Pat’s Spoilers

Island – Downstairs: Duck knows Shawn has something to hide. Shawn answers sarcastically and tries to bluff his way out of the conversation but Duck isn’t buying it. Shawn continues to lie and insists the shipwreck story is the truth. Duck knows he’s running away from something. He throws out a few guesses ending with ‘did you kill somebody?’ Shawn tells him it wasn’t anything like that. Duck says – but it is something. Duck wants the truth. Shawn is just a guy trying to take care of his family. He guarantees that they won’t cause them any trouble. Duck is ex-marine - if Shawn wants to stay there he better come up with the truth. Shawn tells Duck that they took their daughter and left town. He gives Duck his word they won’t be there long. Duck informs Shawn in no uncertain terms that his word means nothing. He’s either running from someone or something. If Shawn doesn’t want to tell him that is his call but Duck has a call of his own to make to the United States.

Shawn has told Duck the truth. They either had to hand Claire over or run – they’ve been running since. Shawn believes that DNA gives them rights over judges and lawyers – doesn’t Duck think the same? Duck thinks it’s a hell of a story. Shawn promises they won’t be there much longer. Duck tells Shawn to stop kidding himself – he’s looking for something permanent. Shawn admits that they are tired of running. Belle would be happier settling down and he would be happy to give her a home but this is not the right time. They just need a place to breathe and save some money … there are no plans or expectations. They’ll be out of his way as soon as they can. Duck tells Shawn that he doesn’t want some guy with a badge and gun looking for him and his kid. Shawn shows just what an ungrateful spoiled immature brat he is by telling Duck that if he turns them in to the law he will bring this place down – he’s warning him. Ooooh … I’m sure Shawn’s idle threats scare the bejesus out of Duck – NOT! Duck humours Shawn’s attempt to act like a man. Shawn doesn’t have much choice but to trust him. Shawn throws the word ‘honour’ in Duck’s face like he has the slightest idea of what that word means. Duck warns him that if trouble follows Shawn to the island he won’t stick out his neck for him.

Gabby shows Belle where the phone is. Shawn wants to know what they’re up to. Belle and Gabby start talking make-up and lotions. He offers to take Claire while they do their thing. He goes upstairs with Claire. Gabby gives her the phone and leaves so Belle can have privacy. Shawn gets to the door of his room and realises he doesn’t have his key. He goes down and sees Belle on the phone and hears her saying she’s calling the United States.

Island – Upstairs: Gabby tells Belle that there’s no problem moving them into a room with two beds. Belle accuses her of listening to her and Shawn’s conversation. Gabby denies it – she thought they were together. She thinks it’s a good idea to take it slow. She’ll go and tell Duck she’s moving them to another room. Belle stops her – she can’t do that. Gabby has to promise not to tell anyone about this conversation. Gabby agrees – she tells Belle to relax. She’s on an island if she can’t relax here … Belle says she is right. She appreciates everything they have done for them but this business with the beds … Shawn doesn’t want to cause any more trouble with Duck. Gabby suggests that they go and drag some twin beds into the room – Duck doesn’t have to know about it. Belle tells Gabby they haven’t met people as nice as her and her Dad for a long time. Gabby feels that Duck and Shawn are probably downstairs bonding.

Five minutes later Belle is all changed, the room has two single beds and the double bed is out … LOL! Belle thanks her for understanding. She can tell Gabby is a girl that will keep her word. Gabby has something else for her – she’ll be back. Now that Belle has her way she is giddy as she talks to Claire. This isn’t exactly like home but it will be. Belle puts out a picture of John and Marlena. Gabby returns and brings shampoo etc for a shower. She tells Belle it’s a perfect time for her to shower. She takes Claire into her arms and tells Belle she’ll take her down to the beach. Belle orders Gabby to take her hands off her child now. Gabby was just trying to help. Belle whines – she and Claire were separated once and she doesn’t think she’s gotten over that yet. Gabby notices the picture of John and Marlena. Belle says her Dad was really sick – she doesn’t know if he’s alive. She wishes she could talk to her mom. Gabby tells her to come downstairs and place a call. Belle puts up a token resistance but decides to do it for Claire even though she told Shawn she wouldn’t make any calls home.

Penthouse Grill: Celeste is waiting for her meal. She tells the waitress that something is wrong. She can’t stay here. She hits the elevator button and the door opens. EJ is there. He shouldn’t have been surprised to see her. She’s been coming there a lot. EJ is sorry that she ran off so quickly earlier. He hoped to chat with her. Celeste doesn’t know what he’s talking about. EJ goes on to say she wasn’t alone. She was there with Samantha Brady. Celeste laughs – there hasn’t been a civil moment between those two in ages. She’s rather break bread with Lucifer. EJ hopes that is true because it would sadden him deeply to know that she got involved in matters that did not concern her. Celeste tells him that his agenda is his and she won’t put herself in his way. Her time is spent looking after her grandson. She has no desire to find herself in Samantha’s company. The waitress brings Celeste’s order – it’s all packed up. Celeste thanks her. EJ asks her to stay and have a drink. Celeste has no time. EJ tells her that she mistook his invitation – it was not a request.

EJ is sitting at a table enjoying his drink. Celeste doesn’t have a drink – she wants to go home. EJ thinks she should unburden herself to a family member. He doesn’t know what he did to get such disrespect from a member of his own family. Celeste reminds him that he is not part of her family. She hates who he is, she hates the person that sent him and she curses his name for what he did to her girl. EJ comments that her girl ran off with her boy toy. Celeste states that her daughter was murdered and there’s no doubt in her mind that EJ ordered her death. EJ ridicules Celeste’s opinion. Celeste tells EJ that even Stefano wouldn’t take the life of his own blood. She calls EJ an abomination and thinks Stefano would be outraged and shamed by EJ’s actions. Celeste knows better – she won’t do anything to upset him. EJ wants to know why she is lying to his face.

She’s lying to him about Samantha. Samantha and he have a few issues to deal with. He’s sensitive about who Sami confides in and who she meets with. EJ knows that Celeste and Sami met in the ladies room. Celeste denies it. She was there to meet a friend for a drink. EJ knows they were in the ladies room for 20 minutes. He tells her to choose her words carefully – her life depends on it. Celeste said her friend called and cancelled. She went to the ladies room and left. If Samantha was in there she didn’t see her. She swears it is the truth. She doesn’t want any trouble with the family. He must have made a mistake. She would never have anything to do with that woman in this life or the next. EJ apologises – perhaps he was mistaken. Celeste can leave but first he has some news about his father – he thought she would be interested. Celeste tells him that Stefano took a lot from her. He took her body, her soul and now through his son he took the one thing that meant everything to her – her family. She hopes Stefano’s health continues to rapidly fail and that the world is soon rid of him. She hopes he rots in hell for all of eternity.

Cabin: Steve laughs. Kayla wants him to turn himself in and Marlena is going to make him. Marlena will do whatever it takes. Steve thinks they are just trying to stall him until the boys in the white coats get here. Kayla assures him that nobody else knows … Marlena tells her that is not true. While Kayla was inside the gas station she called Roman. The police will be here soon. Steve isn’t going anywhere. Kayla asks her why. Marlena says they both know why – innocent people are getting hurt. Who knows what he would do to a stranger. Billie isn’t feeling good. Kayla rushes to her side. Steve tells Marlena to get out of his way or he’ll move her. Marlena suggests that he shouldn’t try that. Steve wants to know if she has a gun. Marlena doesn’t think she needs one. Steve asks Kayla if she is going to try and stop him. Marlena answers that Kayla can’t stop him because if she tries to Steve may spend the rest of his life in prison. Kayla begs him not to force them to keep him there. Steve yells and tries to get by Marlena. She sprays mace in his face and Steve screams in agony and writhes on the floor. Billie gets the rope and Marlena and her start tying him up. Kayla looks like she is in shock.

Billie isn’t feeling well – she needs to get some air. Marlena goes after her. Kayla can handle Steve. Steve asks her to talk to him – he can’t see her. She’s there. He really needs her help. Marlena joins Billie in the car. She assumes Steve forced Billie to help him escape. Billie wonders what those sick bastards did to him. Steve tells Kayla that she can’t let them take him back. He said some terrible things to her because he was just trying to protect her. In his heart he loves her and always will. That is all that Kayla wanted to hear. He tells her their connection is still there. She is in his heart, she always has been – she is his heart. He wants her to cut the ropes and they’ll run away together. Marlena tells Billie that she thinks Steve feels that his heart and his mind have been ripped apart by EJ and Stefano. Billie asks Marlena if she believes EJ is behind the brainwashing. Marlena does. Billie thinks that EJ deserves a break – after all he is the one that phoned Kayla to tell her that Steve was in Billie’s apartment. Marlena thinks Billie’s concussion is worse than she thought or Billie has no idea of how much trouble she is in.

Steve tells Kayla this is right for them. Kayla thinks he would say anything to get her to untie those ropes. He’s lying – she knows him. He says you do know me – I could have already crossed the border into Canada but I didn’t. He insists that it wasn’t because Billie was hurt. He couldn’t run because he thought he’d never see Kayla again. He wishes he could stop the feelings but he can’t. He urges her to cut the ropes. They’ll have a new life – a brand new beginning. He tells her to hurry. Kayla has waited so long for this. He has the same look in his eyes, same sound in his voice that he did when they got married. He promises her they’ll have that again as soon as she sets him free. He asks her – trust me, trust us. She kisses him. Steve says – you feel it. It’s me. You know what’s real – you know the truth. She does. You can’t fake a kiss and she knows in her soul that it’s not him. He’d say anything to get her to untie the ropes so he could get out of there. He admits the truth – she’s right. She walks out of the cabin and cries. Billie approaches Kayla and tells her it will be alright in the end. Steve will get the help he needs and they’ll be back together the way it was meant to be. Kayla hopes she is right. They hear the sirens. Inside Steve has worked his legs free and he’s trying to kick the back door open. Kayla and Billie come in from the front. Steve gets the door open but Marlena is there. She has a syringe and she injects him.

Preview: Shawn to Belle – You gotta forget about Salem. This is our life now and you better get used to it. Dr. Kraft to Kayla – How do you help a patient who refuses to be helped? Roman to Chelsea (Billie is there too) – We got some new information on the fire at your Dad’s house and he asked me to talk to you about it. Steve to Kayla – You’re a real pain in the ass, you know that? Kayla smiles.


Thursday Mar 22

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Belle tells the operator she wants a person to person call to Dr. Marlena Evans. Shawn grabs the phone from her and hangs it up. What is she doing? They agreed on no calls. She’s going to get them caught. Belle wants to know what is wrong with him. Shawn wonders what part of no phone calls didn’t she understand. Belle tells him go ahead and tell her what a huge mistake she made and if he hadn’t saved the day Philip would be on the next plane to the island. Shawn tells her that under no circumstances is she to call anyone. Belle doesn’t want to be talked to like she’s a child. Shawn tells her to stop acting like one. Gabby comes and takes the blame. Shawn tells Gabby that she didn’t know better but Belle did. Gabby takes Claire for ice cream so they can talk it out. Belle hands her over. Shawn wants to know why she went behind his back. She whines and snivels – she misses her mother and she knew he wouldn’t understand that.

Shawn misses his parents too. Would she feel better living at home with Philip and Claire half way around the world? She wouldn’t but she insists that they’ve beat Philip – they’ve won. He’s probably given up on all of this now. Shawn doesn’t think so. Belle whines and shrieks – she can’t live like this. Shawn tells her she damned well better get used to it. This is their life now. Belle hates it. Shawn does to. Belle doesn’t want to fight – he and Claire are all she has. Shawn doesn’t want to fight either. Belle wants compromises. Shawn has to stop ordering her around – LOL – of course she’s the only one allowed to do the ordering. He agrees. Now she doesn’t care how but they are going to get in touch with her mother. Hmm … I thought compromise was give and take … I guess Belle takes and Shawn gives???

Shawn stresses that Philip is never going to give up on finding them – he’ll have everyone’s phones tapped. Belle thinks it would be safe to phone Roman at the police station. Shawn doesn’t want to involve the commissioner (how does he know Roman is now the commissioner???). Shawn suggests they send a confidential letter to the Salem PD. After making some sarcastic comments about snail mail Belle agrees. Shawn finds paper and a pen and Belle starts writing. The letter is done. Gabby brings Claire back. Shawn gives Gabby a letter to mail. She tells them the mail goes out in the morning. Belle takes Claire upstairs – its bedtime. Gabby tells Shawn he’s officially off the clock. Wow – he carried two kegs up and some empties down – not bad for a full days work. Shawn follows Belle upstairs. When he sees the twin beds he can’t believe it – Belle went behind his aback again. Belle tells him he’s overreacting. No one cares what kind of beds they have. Shawn says that he specifically asked her to do something and she did the opposite. She made him a promise and she broke it just to spite him. Downstairs Gabby rips up the letter and throws it in the garbage.

Cabin: Steve is passed out and tied to a chair. Roman comes in and tells Kayla the EMT’s are on their way. He gives her an update on Billie – Marlena took her to the hospital. She has a minor concussion. Kayla looks at Steve – at least when he’s sleeping she can pretend that he’s the same Steve. This thing has really gotten out of hand – she feels so frustrated and helpless. Roman has bad news – the judge wants Steve behind bars tonight. Kayla insists that Steve needs help. Roman is not surprised by the judge’s decision. Steve has had all kinds of chances but he always blows it. Kayla says he’s sick. Roman doesn’t think that excuse washes any more. Kayla says it’s the DiMera’s brainwashing and torture that is the root of Steve’s behaviour. Roman tells her they have no way of proving that. Steve won’t roll over on them and EJ won’t confess. Kayla thinks if she talks to Dr. Kraft she can get her to agree to treat Steve. The EMT’s arrive. Roman tells them the prisoner is to go to county jail but first he has to be taken to University Hospital. Kayla says no – he goes to the State Hospital. Kayla and Roman argue back and forth – Roman’s mind won’t be changed. Kayla can convince Dr. Kraft to change her mind. They don’t know Steve – the kind of man he is. If they did that would make a difference. Roman’s mind has been changed. Steve better not screw this up again because this time it will be on his back.

Billie’s apt: Billie comes home to find Chelsea packing. Billie wants to talk but Chelsea just keeps talking over her top of her. Chelsea finally notices that Billie has been hurt. When she hears that Steve escaped Chelsea assumes that Billie helped him. Billie didn’t really have a choice. She stalled for time and when Steve figured it out he grabbed the steering wheel and they went off the road. She had her seat belt on so she wasn’t hurt that bad. Right after she says that she almost passes out. Chelsea helps her to the couch. Billie asks for an aspirin. Chelsea knows she has been to the hospital so she wants to know what she was given at the hospital. Billie doesn’t remember. Chelsea finds out the name of the doctor Billie saw and calls him. She steps out of the room. Billie repacks some of Chelsea’s things and finds her diary and starts reading it. Chelsea wrote that she feels like she lost the only person who ever cared about her. She wants to forgive her but she can’t. She hates her mother for what she did to her.

Billie hides the diary when Chelsea comes back in the room to give her a bag of frozen veggies to use as an ice pack. She steps out of the room and Billie reads some more. Chelsea is scared. She doesn’t think that Bo believes that she didn’t start the fire. She’s scared about flunking out of school. And is Nick going to be the only guy to ever tell her he loved her. She never saw this coming. Chelsea returns so Billie stashes the diary again. Chelsea is ready to leave. Billie wants to talk – she wants to fix this. Chelsea agrees to stay for a few minutes. Sami told her not to hold a grudge – this is hard for her because Billie did some really crappy things. It’s more than Nick. She felt embarrassed and humiliated. She had Nick wrapped around her finger and she was in total control and it blew up in her face. She thinks everyone is laughing at her. Billie tells her no one is laughing at her. She loves her and she wants the chance to be her mom again – she won’t let her down. She isn’t asking for Chelsea’s forgiveness, just a second chance. Chelsea can’t. She thought Billie hated her – if she did hate her it might explain why she slept with Nick. Billie is like two totally different people. There’s mom – Chelsea lists a lot of great things about ‘mom’ then there’s Billie. Billie is a weak, selfish drunk that did the most horrible thing to her ever. She wants mom but if Billie is part of the picture she can’t deal with that. Chelsea goes to leave but Roman is at the door. They got new information about the fire and Bo asked him to talk to Chelsea about it.

Chelsea tells him she didn’t even know about the fire until Bo told her about it. She tells Roman why she went to the house and what she did. She didn’t go inside because she thought Hope and the baby were asleep. She wrote a note, slipped it under the door and left. Roman tells her they never found a note – they’ve looked all over the house and so have Bo and Hope. Roman mentions talking to Abby and Abby told them that Chelsea needed some quick cash. Billie wants to know what Roman is getting at. Roman tells them that some of Hope’s jewellery is missing and they think the person that took the jewellery is the person that started the fire. Chelsea thinks she is being set up. Billie tells her not to say anything. She tells Roman that Chelsea isn’t going to answer any questions until she has a lawyer present. Billie tells him to get out. Roman will talk to Bo and they’ll arrange for Chelsea to come in and give a formal statement. He tells Billie that he wishes they could have kept this a family matter. Billie thinks they could have if he and Bo would have had more faith in Chelsea. Billie promises Chelsea that they’ll get through this. She won’t let anything happen to her. Billie tries to get her to stay but Chelsea doesn’t think that is a good idea. While she’s getting something from her room Billie puts Chelsea’s diary in her backpack. Billie tells Chelsea she’ll go down to the station with her when she has to give her statement. Chelsea thanks her and tells her to take care of the bump on her head and leaves.

State Hospital: Dr. Kraft tells Kayla that they are not admitting Steve. When they have a patient like Steve with a history of violence they have to take certain precautions and when those precautions prove ineffective they have to look at other options. How do you help a patient that refuses to be helped? Kayla says if they resist help you try to get through to them no matter what. Dr. Kraft states that Steve is violent – he’s a liability because he put the other patients at risk. Kayla suggests she ups his meds. Dr. Kraft wants Kayla to come with her to the room Steve was in. She shows her a bunch of pills – they found them in the air vent. Steve hasn’t taken any medication. The EMT’s roll Steve’s gurney next to the door to his room and leave him there. Kayla tells Dr. Kraft that the aggressive, violent man she is talking about it isn’t Steve. He is very sick and if she just knew him like Kayla does she’d know he’s worth fighting for. This is her husband – she can’t let him down. Kayla talks about her stay in the hospital – Steve’s love and commitment saved her and now it’s her turn to save him. She talks about burying Steve – to this day she doesn’t know what happened. Last summer he came back – they still have a lot of unanswered questions. One look into his eyes all the tragedy and time apart didn’t matter. It was like they had never been apart. Now they’re trying to make up for all that lost time. Steve hears Kayla’s impassioned plea. Roman shows up and tells Kayla and Dr. Kraft that Marlena will go to bat for Steve if Dr. Kraft files a petition with the court on behalf of Steve. The doctor agrees as long as the administrator agrees. Steve is back in his bed with restraints on. He looks like his sleeping. Kayla talks to him – he has to be a model patient. He has a second chance now – don’t blow it. She’s ready to leave when she hears Steve telling her she’s a real pain in the ass … LOL!

Preview: Belle to Shawn – It isn’t making love. I would just be another Willow to you. Lucas to Sami – I was thinking about EJ and there’s really something I got to ask you. Sami – You don’t want to spoil the mood but you’re bringing up EJ? Steve to Kayla – I’m warning you. You stay away from EJ Wells. Kayla – And would you listen to me if I said the same thing to you. EJ to Willow – If I wanted you dead I’d have killed you already.


Friday Mar 23

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Belle informs Shawn that Gabby offered to change the beds when she told her that the two of them still had things to work out. Shawn doesn’t think their personal life is any of Gabby’s business. He’s upset that she told a total stranger that she doesn’t want to sleep with him. Belle accuses him of being worried about his image. Shawn reminds her that they agreed to pose as a couple so nobody would get suspicious. It’s not about his image it’s about being safe. Belle sarcastically responds. She’s sick and tired of him telling her what to do. She’s tired of fighting. So is Shawn but he thinks Belle enjoys rubbing his nose in it. It’s one thing for her to reject him – whatever but he doesn’t want everyone on the island wondering why he can’t satisfy his … Belle cuts in and asks if he’s worried about falling behind on the scoreboard. Shawn tells her that was a cheap shot. Belle reminds him they were married to other people a year ago (duh – unless the show expects us to believe that they filed divorce papers while they were on the run – they still are married to other people!). They haven’t been a couple since high school. She’s not ready to be in another relationship. Shawn tells her whether she wants it or not they are in a relationship. Belle agrees but it’s only because of a child. She’s not ready to make love and if she’s not ready it isn’t making love. She would be another Willow to him. Maybe what he needs is someone quick and easy.

Belle knows he’s made sacrifices to be there with them but she thought he was doing it to protect them not because he was expecting something in return. He wants to ‘show’ her how he feels – she doesn’t get that. She used to feel the same way. Belle throws the purity rings in his face. They promised to never be with anyone else. Shawn the jerk wishes it had been that way. Belle makes it patently clear that her decision to give her virginity to Philip was all Shawn’s fault. Ohh boo hoo … he called her names – it hurt – he left her … sniff, sniff. Then he had the nerve to sleep with Jan, Mimi and Willow … tsk tsk. Shawn grovels – things are different. Until Belle knows that this is forever and that he won’t walk away from her again he can sleep in his own bed or on the beach but he’s not sleeping with her. Shawn figures out that she wants him there but on her terms. He wonders what she is afraid of. Where could he go? Belle isn’t talking about this place but when they find someplace where they can live a normal life. Shawn assures her he’s not walking away from her. They’re not kids anymore – they have a kid. It would be nice if they were on the same side. Shawn says it feels like she is testing him and punishing him. She answers ‘maybe I am.’ Shawn can’t believe that she still doesn’t trust him. Belle assures him she is not playing games with him. What she wants is to a real partner – an equal partner. Translation (Belle’s definition of equal partner is Belle – 110%, Shawn – less than zero). She continues to chastise him and point out all his faults. Shawn shrugs – he’s still not good enough. (Duh – it took him long enough to figure that out). Gabby knocks on the doors – she has fresh linens. Belle is all cheery. Shawn grabs the bedding. He’s sleeping outside partner. Belle wants him to make sure that if anyone asks why he’s sleeping outside that he tells them it was his idea. She tells him to go and shuts the door on him.

State Hospital: Dr. Kraft wants Steve to take his medication or he’ll be back in restraints. He’s worried the meds will turn him into a zombie. When he finds out Kayla is waiting to see him he takes the pill. The doctor is happy he is cooperating. Kayla enters – the doctor leaves. Steve apologises – he was trying to put some distance between himself and everyone else. He didn’t want to hurt anyone or come back to this place. He wants her to promise that she won’t tell Stephanie he turned out like this. Kayla feels Stephanie can handle it. Steve doesn’t think she needs to know he’s in this place because he tried to strangle her mother. He wants her to have more time with just the good memories. Steve will take his meds and do whatever he has to do to get out of this place if she promises not to say anything to Stephanie. Kayla wants to believe him but he’s lied to her so many times. This time is different – he has realised he can’t do this alone. He needs her. He heard what she told the doctor – he could tell she loved him. Kayla tells him that he’s used her love for him to manipulate her and she’s let him. He wants to hold her – she tries to resist but they end up kissing.

Kayla explains that it doesn’t matter what he says but what he does. He tells her he loves her. If it wasn’t for her he’d be in county lock up. Kayla thought he’d rather be in jail. He’d rather be with her. What if he can’t? What if what she sees is what she gets? She sees the man he loves. Steve asks her – what if I’m like this forever. Can she live like that? He’s the only man she has ever loved and will ever love. Steve is falling asleep because of the medication. She’ll leave. He wants to know if she won’t tell Stephanie. Kayla wants to know if that ‘cooperating with the treatment’ also means full disclosure. She wants him to name who forced him to take John from the hospital. She can’t believe he’s still protecting EJ Wells. Steve insists EJ had nothing to do with it. Kayla can’t forget that EJ and his father took away their lives. Steve tells her it’s too late to change that. Kayla insists that kind of evil needs to be stopped. Steve warns her to stay away from EJ Wells. He’s dangerous. Kayla asks him if he will testify to that in court. He says he can’t. Kayla doesn’t have a choice then. She gets the orderly to let her out. Steve thinks that because he loves her she’s in danger. He wants a promise that she’ll stay away from EJ – he’ll kill you, he’ll kill Stephanie.

Apartments – Part 1: Lucas is working when Sami joins him. When Lucas hears that Chelsea and Will are asleep he decides the parents can play. They kiss. He’s never been so happy before – he doesn’t think he’s ever loved her more. Sami suggests they take this to the bedroom. Lucas is putting away his papers when he finds the blank lab report. Sami doesn’t know how it got there. Lucas is worried that something is wrong with the baby. Sami assures him the baby is fine. She must have grabbed that form by mistake when she was dealing with all the insurance forms at the doctor’s office. Lucas is relieved to hear that. He crumples the form and throws it in the garbage. Lucas and Sami are making out on the couch. Sami suggests the bedroom. He agrees. First she’ll lock up – he’ll take out the trash. Sami insists that she’ll take out the trash. Lucas hates to spoil the mood but he was thinking about EJ and there’s something he has to ask her. Sami wonders why he’s bringing up EJ’s name when he just said he didn’t want to spoil the mood.

Chez Rouge: Nick is at the bar having a beer when Willow joins him. She asks him about subsidized housing. Nick reminds her that it’s only been a few hours. Willow will take care of it herself if he’s backing off because of Chelsea. Nick wonders where she’s getting this from. EJ intrudes wondering if there is a problem. Willow says no and takes off. EJ introduces himself to Nick. EJ has a question about his friend Samantha Brady. She recently had an amniocentesis and EJ was wondering if Nick’s lab was processing the results. Nick can’t help him. Celeste enters and her and Maggie exchange greetings. Abe is running late so Celeste is going to wait at the bar. She sees Nick and EJ and eavesdrops. EJ knows his request is unusual but there’s going to be a baby show for Sami this afternoon (huh – it’s already night) and he wants to buy her an extravagant gift. Nick suggests he wait until the baby is born to buy the gift. EJ senses some hostility. Nick tells EJ he’s asking questions about something that is clearly none of his business. No means no. EJ wants Nick to keep his eyes and ears open. Nick asks if he wants him to spy for him. If he wants to know where Sami is getting her lab work done he should ask her. EJ thinks Nick would look good driving around in sports car. Nick makes more extravagant demands – then he tells EJ he’s not for sale. EJ gives him his card in case Nick changes his mind. Nick won’t. EJ has a feeling they will meet again. Celeste listens in as Maggie talks to Nick about EJ. Nick tells her what EJ wanted from him and Maggie wonders what business it is of EJ’s where Sami gets her blood work done.

Apartments – Part 2: Sami flips out about EJ – what does he want now? Lucas tells Sami he wants to meet Lucas for lunch about a website for weddings. EJ thinks there is a market for online weddings. Lucas has to do research and he was hoping Sami would help him. She has great business sense and she knows a lot about weddings. Lucas wonders why she goes off the deep end every time he mentions EJ. Is he harassing her again. Sami says no – they were in a moment and he brought up EJ – doesn’t exactly scream romance. Sami goes out with garbage. Lucas phones his mom. Sami is going to meet with the website designer so she will have time to set up the shower. Sami is going to be so surprised! Sami is going through the garbage when EJ shows up. He asks her what she is doing. She lies and says she thought she dropped her keys in the garbage but she was wrong. EJ wants to know when he’s going to get the results of the amnio – it’s almost been a week. Sami tells him he’ll find out the results when she does. It’s not her fault the results take this long. EJ doesn’t trust Sami – she’s never had any problem getting around a lab before. Sami declares him not trusting her is not her problem. EJ thinks it’s his problem because she betrayed him by setting him up for the police. She should know what he’s capable of if she believes he shot John. Sami does know – he raped her and how he’s threatening to kill her and the unborn child that could be his. Lucas comes out. EJ ensures Lucas he was just saying goodnight to Samantha. He goes inside his apartment and Sami tells Lucas she’ll be right there. She finds the blank lab report and puts it in her pocket.

Willow shows up at EJ’s door. She wonders why he cheated her. He’s super-rich, he doesn’t need the money – she does. She’s having a baby. She can’t live on the streets. He thinks things will work out for her. Willow has done everything he wanted her do and he still won’t pay her. She pulls out the jewellery – no pawn shop will touch it. She wants him to buy it from her. She’s begging him – he has to help her. He doesn’t want her to get caught with these, does he? If she can scrape enough money to get out of this town he’ll never see her again. He tells her to come inside. She’s fine where she is. EJ laughs – if he wanted her dead he’d have killed her already. He gives her the name and number of a fence that will take care of it for her. He warns her that if she ever comes there again she won’t have to worry about a place to live for herself and her unborn baby. Inside Sami and Lucas’s apartment Lucas wants to know if EJ was bothering her. Sami says once we’re married and have our baby he’ll get the message. Lucas deduces that EJ still has feelings for Sami. Sami doesn’t care because she loves only Lucas. Lucas thinks he should remind EJ that he’s supposed to move. Sami tells him she’s fine. Everything is under control. They kiss and are heading towards the bedroom when Sami remembers she has to take her pre-natal vitamins. She pulls out the form so she can hide it. Her phone rings. It’s Celeste. Sami doesn’t want to talk to her about EJ and hangs up. She sticks the form in a drawer.

Preview: Shawn (holding Claire) to Belle – I was actually thinking that I want to come upstairs and sleep if that’s okay with you. Belle – Of course it is. Chelsea to Billie (Hope is there) – Hope was just telling me that she believes me about the fire. Billie to Hope – We’re really going to need your support since I just got off the phone with Bo. He’s on his way over, official business. Celeste to Sami – Do you hear what I’m saying to you girl? That bastard from hell deserves to die. EJ opens Sami’s apartment door and people yell ‘Surprise!’.


Monday Mar 26

Pat’s Spoilers

Island – Upstairs – Part 1: Belle bemoans the fact that Claire won’t go to sleep because ‘daddy’ is not there to tuck her in. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Duck – Belle was expecting Shawn. Duck needs a word with the boy scout. Shawn went out – does he have a message. He does but first he wants to know what kind of man runs out in the middle of the night and leaves a woman and baby at home. Shawn didn’t desert them – he just needed air. Duck mentions the windows. Belle says they weren’t enough to cool him off. Duck asks if he needed cooling off from the heat or something else. Belle appreciates Duck letting them stay there for nothing but that doesn’t give him the right to pry into their business. Duck tells her not to get huffy. Belle huffs that she isn’t – it’s been a long day. Duck tells her to tell the boy scout he needs him early tomorrow to help unload the mail boat. Belle asks if he can make sure their letter goes out – it’s really important. If it’s in the pile it will go – he doesn’t have time to check.

Island - Downstairs: Shawn is lying on one of the wicker couches. Gabby joins him. She couldn’t sleep. She offers him a beer. He passes. Gabby asks if the beds are okay. They are – he just needed air. Gabby surmises that they had a fight and that’s none of her business. She’ll leave. He decides he’ll have that beer after all. Gabby sits next to Shawn and asks him if he wants to talk about it. He doesn’t. Gabby thinks the fight was her fault. Shawn assures her it wasn’t – just stuff he and Belle have to work through. The last thing Gabby wants to do is cause problems for them. She’s not usually the type of person that gets involved in other people’s business. She thinks she asked too many questions especially of Belle and the fact she didn’t have a ring on her finger. Shawn says she did but it was put there by her EX-husband, the guy chasing them … huh … so we’re supposed to believe they got divorced while they are fugitives – yeah, right! He thought once they got away from Philip they could start a new life together but it’s not working out that way.

Gabby asks if he still loves Belle. He does. Does Belle still love him? Shawn thinks so. Gabby says – she hasn’t told you – you haven’t asked? Shawn responds that the main reason they are together is because of Claire. They’ll stay together until she is safe from Philip – huh- who’s going to keep Claire safe from her so called parents? They have a lot of time to figure things out – until then he’ll be patient. Gabby doesn’t think that can be easy for a guy like him – he can have any girl he wants. Gabby lays it on real thick in her praise ending with Shawn being smoking hot. (Oh I’m laughing so hard – how did she say that with a straight face???) She apologises for being completely inappropriate. Shawn appreciates the compliment. Gabby thinks that a guy who has as much going for him as he does (again, I say HUH?) should at least know where he stands, don’t you think?

Shawn would like to know what is going on in Belle’s head but he’s not going to push it. Gabby thinks Belle would be crazy to let him go. Shawn says before Belle made him realise he had to step up and be a part of Claire’s life he was living with an ex-hooker and working for a criminal. Gabby informs Shawn that her mother was a lady of the evening so she doesn’t look down at anyone that can look past that. Most of her mom’s life no one ever did. Her mother did what she had to. She lived in Saigon during the war – there was no jobs, no money. No woman becomes a prostitute by choice – life makes that choice for her. Her mother died of cholera one month after she was born. She would have ended up in an orphanage but when she was about a year old this big tough marine came in and said he was her father. He was going to take care of her and he kept that promise even if it meant giving up things he wanted. Shawn has a new found respect for Duck. Gabby thinks Shawn is like him – for the sake of his kid he gave up everything even his own needs. Belle arrives with Claire and ruins the moment. Gabby says goodnight. Belle tells Shawn that Claire won’t go down until he tucks her in. It should only take a few minutes. Shawn was thinking he was going to come upstairs and sleep if that is okay with her. It is – she smiles triumphantly.

Island – Upstairs – Part 2: After Shawn puts Claire down he tells Belle that all the arguments and misunderstandings are his fault. He expects things from her that he shouldn’t. From now on they’re going to live for Claire and anything beyond her needs they’ll live for themselves. By the look on Belle’s face she’s thinking she needs to tighten the collar around his neck … LOL!

A back alley: Philip appreciates EJ meeting him. Philip wants to talk to EJ about Shawn Brady. Has he contacted EJ? EJ heard they were dead. Philip has reason to believe they are still alive. His people are scouring all the islands in a thousand mile radius of where they jumped ship. EJ does have some unfinished business with Shawn. How can he help? Philip suggests they exchange information – if he finds him he’ll let EJ know if EJ does the same applies. EJ tells him he has a partner. EJ smiles – wouldn’t it be amusing if they both wanted him for the same ends. Philip wouldn’t be surprised – he has to run – he’s due at Sami’s wedding shower. He leaves. EJ smiles – time to do some shopping.

Apartments – Part 1: Sami is looking for her file folder with all her wedding plans. Lucas doesn’t think she needs it. They’re going to talk to the woman about a website not about their wedding. Sami knows that but she wants to see what the lady thinks about her plans. She runs into the bedroom to look for the folder. Lucas phones Kate – they’re on. Sami doesn’t suspect a thing. Kate and Chelsea linger in the hallway outside Sami and Lucas’s door. They duck out of sight when Sami and Lucas head to the elevators. Chelsea thinks the shower is so exciting. Kate sarcastically responds that it’s been her dream to do something nice for Sami Brady. Chelsea tries an appetizer – they’re great. Kate says they should be – they cost a fortune. She makes a smart remark about Sami. Chelsea wonders why Kate is throwing Sami a shower when she doesn’t like her. Kate is doing it for Lucas – it makes Lucas happy when she pretends to be happy about his marriage to a woman who will make his life miserable. Chelsea tells her Sami won’t do that. They’re really happy – they really love each other. Kate scoffs – like that will make a difference. Kate tells Chelsea that love is very over rated. It can be an amusing diversion at times but in the end it will dull your wit and crush your spirit. If Chelsea felt like that she’d jump off a building.

Kate says there are good things about being in love but don’t let it make you stupid. Chelsea asks if Kate thinks she was stupid with Nick. Kate thinks that what happened with Nick was one of those things. Chelsea says – it was with my mother. Kate has one thing to tell Chelsea – get over it. Billie and Nick are human. Chelsea can’t believe Kate is defending Billie. She isn’t but Billie made a mistake. She was in a bad place – she took a drink. She didn’t know that Chelsea was romantically interested in him. Neither did Chelsea but she wonders what Nick’s excuse is. Kate tells her men are basically idiots – sometimes they are not ruled by their heart or their brain but by another part of their anatomy. Kate is not saying she has to forgive Nick but she should forgive her mother – it’s the right thing to do. As for Nick – do what she wants. A good thing about being a woman is that you can make men suffer whether you take them back or not. Life is too short – Chelsea needs to get on with it or get over it. She needs to be in charge – she is a woman. She gets Chelsea to say ‘I am woman’. Kate thinks Chelsea is going to be alright.

Billie answers her door. It’s Hope. She wants to talk to Billie about what happened the night of the fire. She knows that Billie and Chelsea had a falling out that night. Billie says oh because I slept with a guy she cared about that is half my age. That’s not what Hope was thinking about. She’s learned this past year not to judge anyone too harshly or too quickly. Billie knows that Bo thinks Chelsea is responsible. What does Hope think? Hope isn’t sure what to think. She knows that someone started the fire. Billie knows that Chelsea is not a thief or a robber. Hope brings up the fact that Chelsea was at the house that night. Billie points out that Chelsea admitted she was there – when was the last time the bad guy placed himself at the scene of the crime? Billie believes that Chelsea did not step foot in their house. Chelsea’s word may not be good enough for Bo and Hope but its good enough for her. Hope tells Billie that they both know that when Chelsea is upset and angry like she was that night she can be unpredictable. Hope is trying to tell Billie that Chelsea is in serious trouble.

Billie is aware of the fact that Chelsea is in trouble and that when she is hurt she lashes out but she was mad at her mother why would she lash out at Hope and Bo. She doesn’t understand why Bo doesn’t believe that. Hope defends Bo – he’s being a good cop. Billie wonders about being a good dad and believing in his kid. Hope doesn’t think that’s fair. Given Chelsea’s history and the fact she was at the house he has to follow that lead. He doesn’t consider it an open and shut case. Billie wants to know what’s in Hope’s heart – does she think that Chelsea is capable of such a thing. Hope doesn’t want to believe. She thought she saw positive changes in her but she’s not sure. She came here hoping to find answers. Billie tells her she’ll have to talk to Chelsea then.

Chez Rouge: Lucas introduces Sydney to Sami. Pleasantries and compliments are exchanged. Sami’s cell rings. It’s Celeste. She tells Sami not to hang up – her whole future depends on it. Things have gone from bad to worse with EJ – they need to talk right now. Sami says she’s not interested and she’s going to insist they don’t call again. Sami lies and tells Lucas and Sydney it was one of the DJ’s they had talked to for their wedding. Some people just can’t take no for an answer. Sami wants Sydney to look at some of her wedding plans and give her opinion on them. Sami talks as Sydney looks at the drawings – she wants the wedding to be creative. Sydney thinks their wedding will be lovely – very traditional. Sami doesn’t want her wedding to be traditional – she wanted their wedding to creative, special, edgy, different – to stand out from their others. Sydney gives some suggestions – her personal favourite is a green wedding – an environmentally friendly wedding. She describes it. Sami wants it – She’s really excited. It would be like when she saved Lucas’s life now they would be saving the environment. Sydney thinks that would be a wedding worth covering. Lucas isn’t thrilled about changing their wedding plans – the arrangements have been made. After some cajoling Sami gets him to change his mind. He did promise he’d do everything for her – LOL! Sami declares that this will be a wedding no one forgets.

Apartments – Part 2: There’s a knock on Sami’s door. Kate tells Chelsea the guests are starting to arrive. Chelsea will get the door. Kate asks if she has a hair brush she can borrow. Chelsea doesn’t – she lost hers. She opens the door – it’s Billie and Hope. Billie thinks the place looks fantastic. Chelsea excuses herself to go and make a phone call. Philip arrives. Billie and Kate are happy to see him. Philip knows he has been a little out of touch. Billie thinks it’s understandable – he was looking for Claire. Philip says there a lot of people he loves right here in Salem and he hasn’t been paying much attention to them. Philip notices that Billie has left. Kate tells him she got a call from Bo about Chelsea. She hopes it’s not trouble. There’s a knock on the door – its EJ dropping off a present. Kate invites him in. She thinks the party might be fun after all. In the hallway Sami approaches her door. Celeste is there to warn her. She was at Chez Rouge last night and she heard EJ pressing Nick Fallon for information about a lab test Sami apparently requested from the hospital. Sami wants to know what Nick told him. Nothing but it was obvious he knew more than he was saying. What has she done? Sami asked Nick for a copy of a blank lab report. Celeste says you’re going to fool EJ by filling it out yourself? Sami says exactly. The report will say Lucas is the father and that will be the end of this. Celeste says ‘ and that will be the end of you.’ EJ is on top of this and when he finds out you tried to trick him he will destroy you. Sami tells Celeste that EJ Wells does not scare her. Celeste is scared by him. She tells Sami that EJ came to see her and asked her questions about their meeting in the ladies room of the Penthouse Grill. Sami tells Celeste she better go. Celeste is trying to warn her. You can’t fool him and now Celeste is right there with Sami. Surely she sees what she has to do. The only thing Sami has to do is plan a wedding. She takes her keys out and opens her door. Celeste yells at her to not walk away. That bastard from hell deserves to die – the door opens and said bastard stands there and glares as the guests yell ‘surprise’.

Chelsea is back at her place – Hope comes to see her. She wants to talk. Chelsea tells Hope if she’s there to interrogate her she’s already told them everything and no one believes her. Hope tells Chelsea that her mother believes her and her Grandmother Kate and Lucas and Sami believe in her. She has a lot of support. Chelsea says but not yours or my Dad’s. He thinks she is an arsonist – she can see in his eyes that he thinks she is guilty. Hope says you were there that night. Chelsea insists she’s not an arsonist – if anyone is, it’s Willow. Hope tells her that Willow has an alibi. She was with Jed – he confirmed it. Chelsea thinks he would cover for her, he owes her – she is paying all his expenses. Hope admits that is true. Chelsea knows she has screwed up a lot and probably doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt but she swears she would never do anything to hurt Hope or the baby. She loves them – she wished that Hope believed her. Hope tells Chelsea that she does believe her. She didn’t believe her until this moment. She looked into her eyes and saw the truth and she’ll tell Bo that. Chelsea thanks her and hugs her. Billie comes in. Chelsea tells her mom that Hope believes her about the fire. Billie thanks her. They will need her support especially since she just got off the phone with Bo. He’s on his way over, official business. Chelsea knows Bo is coming to take her to jail. No he’s just coming to take a statement. Chelsea says he’s going to interrogate me and he won’t believe a word I have to say. Hope just thought of a way she may be able to help Chelsea. She’s going to follow a hunch. Hopefully she’ll be back before Bo gets there. Billie tells Chelsea if she would rather that she not be with Chelsea when she gives her statement she’ll stay away. Chelsea wants her there – she needs her. They hug.

Preview: Chelsea to Bo – If you want someone to blame this arson on, fine, blame me. I’m always going to be your favourite target but just know that this time you’re wrong. Philip to Lucas – I don’t want to miss out on being a part of my own family. Lucas – Yeah, well I don’t care what you want. Gabby to Shawn (who’s beating up a guy) – Shawn, you’re killing him. Quit. Sami to EJ – I’m going back to the party. EJ – You’re not going anywhere until I find out how you and that third rate gypsy are planning on murdering me. You got that?


Tuesday Mar 27

Pat’s Spoilers

Island – Upstairs – Part 1: Shawn is playing with Claire when Belle comes in pleased as punch that she has Shawn trained enough to clean the room. That’s Shawn way of being ‘equal partners’ – LOL – I have another word for it but that’s me. Shawn thinks Claire needs new clothes – she’s grown out of everything she has. He made a lot of money working at the bar. Belle will go to a consignment shop. Shawn wants new clothes for Claire – Belle decides they need to save money. She takes Shawn’s money but turns down his offer to buy herself anything saying she has everything she needs. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Shawn stares at the twin beds and whines – ‘that makes one of us.’

Willow’s room: Willow’s outside her room talking to the fence – she has stuff to unload (she says this just as she enters). She asks Hope what she is doing going through her stuff. Hope holds up the bag of jewellery asking if this is what she has to unload. Willow lies and says it’s her great aunt’s costume jewellery – it’s not worth a lot but she needs the money. Hope thinks it’s quite the coincidence that she and Willow’s great aunt have the same taste. Everything is there except the matches Willow used to almost burn down her house. Willow doesn’t know how the jewellery got there. The police checked her alibi. She never saw the jewellery before. Hope thought she was a better liar than that. Willow tells Hope that Chelsea probably planted it there. She tells Hope that she is getting some help, why would she want to hurt them? Hope intends to find out. Willow takes off.

Apartments – Billie’s – Part 1: Chelsea is in a state – Bo is coming to arrest her. There’s a knock on the door. Billie answers – its Bo and two cops. Bo tells Chelsea he’s not there to arrest her, he’s there to search her room. Billie asks if he has a search warrant. A verbal one. Billie wants him to come back when he has a written one – better yet don’t come back at all. Bo sneers – do they think he wants to do this. Billie thinks it’s personal. Bo admits it is – his family could have been killed. Billie asks him – isn’t Chelsea your family. Chelsea answers for Bo – she’s not his real family. She knows he needs someone to blame for the fire and she’s an easy target – but this time he’s wrong. The cops are taking everything out of Chelsea’s room and closets. Chelsea dumps out her purse – there’s gum and lipstick – maybe they want that. Bo tells her to cut the sarcasm. Bo says if Chelsea wants this all to go maybe she can explain this. He pulls out an evidence bag with the hairbrush in it. Is this hers? Chelsea lies and says no. Bo needs the truth. His phone rings. It’s Hope. She found her jewellery in Willow Stark’s room – Willow took off. Bo will put out an APB. He tells Billie and Chelsea the news. Chelsea knew that lying little tramp had done it – LOL – this coming Chelsea – the lying, little tramp extraordinaire! Bo assumes the hairbrush is Willow’s. He’s sorry – he went where the evidence led him – he’s happy to be wrong. Billie is happy it’s over.

Apartments – Sami’s: There’s a replay of the scene leading up to EJ opening the door just as Celeste is yelling the bastard from hell deserves to die. Sami wonders what is going on. She’s surprised to find out that Kate is throwing her a bridal shower. Philip congratulates her. EJ comments to Celeste that he didn’t know who looked more surprised her or Samantha. Weddings really do bring people together. Celeste wants EJ to leave her alone. EJ grabs the punch from Kate – he wants to serve it to Sami. He takes Sami’s hand and says it’s shaking – must be all the excitement. Philip gives Sami a gift and asks if she is okay with him being there. She is. Philip thinks he should talk to Lucas about that. He asks if she knows if it a boy or a girl. EJ has heard there are tests for that and other things. Sami tells EJ to excuse them. She tells Philip he is family and she wants him there. She thinks Kate is acting like a Stepford mother-in-law. Kate brings a tray of appetizers. Kate offers one to EJ. Sami says EJ can’t stay. EJ can. Philip will help Kate in the kitchen. Kate thinks that EJ and Sami can find things to talk about. EJ wants a word – Sami doesn’t want to talk to him but he grabs her and forces her into the bedroom. Kate watches. In the bedroom Sami tries to push past EJ – she’s not going anywhere until she tells him how her and the third rate gypsy plan on killing him. Kate approaches Celeste and pumps her for information about the ‘murder’ her and Sami were talking about. Celeste can’t help her. Lucas shows up.

Kate is just about to tell Lucas where Sami is when Philip approaches. Lucas isn’t happy to see him. Kate suggests they talk in the hallway. They go out. Philip wants to apologise. Lucas isn’t interested. Philip reminds him they’re brothers. Lucas says – yeah, when it’s convenient. Back inside Celeste is getting ready to leave. Kate makes a smart remark that she hasn’t killed anyone yet. Celeste tells her that she was talking to Sami about Will’s education. She and Abe want Theo to go to a private school. Kate is going to have fun trying to figure out what Salem’s newest odd couple is up to. In the bedroom Sami threatens to scream – she isn’t plotting anything with Celeste. EJ won’t let Sami get past him. She is sick of this – she’s going to call her Dad. EJ will do it for her – he calls the Salem PD and asks for Roman Brady. Sami says it’s her story to tell. EJ tells her to make sure she tells him how she helped him escape across state lines. Sami tells the person on the line to say it’s his daughter – it’s important.

Roman can’t be disturbed. EJ thinks that is convenient so he calls Bo. Sami thinks he’s bluffing. EJ tells Bo that Samantha has something important to share with him. Bo asks Sami why she is calling from Wells’ phone. She is calling to thank him and Hope for the gift – her phone died. Bo is busy – he’s got to go. Sami throws EJ his phone. EJ torments Sami – what are her plans with Celeste. Kate is on the phone with Marlena – stay with John – Sami will understand. Lucas and Philip come back in. Philip tried – Lucas is adamant – both Philip and his mom can leave any time. Sami starts crying when EJ won’t back off. All she wants is to go out there and have a shower like a normal bride. She can’t keep doing this – lying to Lucas, taking care of this baby and her son, planning her wedding and dealing with him at the same time. EJ just won’t ever give her a break – all she wants is one night where she can pretend she has a lasting and real relationship. EJ tells her he would give her anything – he has to take care of what is his. Sami insists she is not his. He’s not talking about her. He tells her the nonsense with Celeste has to stop or she’ll never find the peace she is looking for. In the hallway Celeste is sending a text message to Sami. She hopes Sami gets it in time. Back in the bedroom Sami hears the tone on her phone and drops her purse. While she picks up the stuff she reads the message. EJ wants to know what is going on.

Kate reminds Lucas this is Sami’s shower – if he wants to ruin it by continuing to act the way he is … It took a lot of courage for Philip to come here, will Lucas have the courage to forgive. Lucas says fine and shakes Philip’s hand. Lucas wonders when Sami is going to get there. Kate tells him she has been there the entire time. She’s in the bedroom with EJ. She assumes they are talking – what else would they be doing? Sami tells EJ that Celeste wanted to talk to her because Theo is interviewing at elementary schools and the headmaster was rude to him. That’s who she wants to kill. She didn’t tell him before because every conversation comes back to this baby. Lucas opens the door and says our baby is none of his damn business. Sami tells Lucas she came in here because she wasn’t feeling well and EJ followed her. She’s okay now. EJ adds that Sami did ask him to leave but he was concerned about her. He leaves them alone. Lucas tells Sami that he loves her and trusts her but he wants to know what the hell is going on. Philip’s cell rings. Kate talks to EJ about what Celeste told her about the conversation between her and Sami was about. EJ says Sami told him the same thing. EJ is going to leave – Kate wants him to take her with him. She doesn’t care what people say and neither does he. He says they do when it comes to family. He leaves. Philip tells Kate he’s got a lead on Claire. If it pans out it will lead him right to Shawn and Belle.

Lucas asks Sami if she is alright – when he walked in she looked scared to death. Sami isn’t afraid of EJ – he’s a pest. He’s smart enough to know that he doesn’t have a chance with her because Lucas is her guy. She kisses him. Kate isn’t going to let Philip slip away from her again – if he’s going to track down leads, she’s going to do it with him. Sami and Lucas come out of the bedroom. Lucas thinks it’s time to get the party started. Outside the door EJ listens to Sami laughing. He says – you’ll be mine Samantha, very soon. You’ll be mine.

Island – Downstairs – Part 1: Charlie the lush is at the bar, Gabby is cleaning the bar – Shawn takes over. Shawn and Gabby talk about Duck – he’s at the mail boat and then the fact that Belle went shopping to the consignment store. Gabby asks Shawn to watch things while she checks the scotch supply. Charlie wants to dance – Gabby says later. He is persistent. Shawn grabs him and tells Charlie to keep his hands off or he’ll break them. Gabby breaks them up. Shawn wants to know what he does. Gabby says winning the lottery buys him a lot of breakfast beer. Shawn wants to know if Charlie being rich gives him the right to put his hands all over her. It doesn’t but fights bring the police and questions and Duck doesn’t like questions. She kisses him on the cheek for wanting to be her hero. Belle and Claire have returned. Gabby suggests they take some pictures. Belle thinks they should do that upstairs. Gabby goes to get the camera. Shawn warns Belle to steer clear of Charlie. Belle wants to talk about the kiss on the cheek she gave him – she didn’t mean to confuse him. She didn’t. He didn’t give it a second thought – he walks away and Belle stews.

Island – Upstairs – Part 2: Gabby, Belle and Claire are upstairs. The camera is a Polaroid. Gabby takes pictures. Gabby figures out Shawn wasn’t thrilled with the twin beds. Belle said she hurt his pride. Things got bad. Gabby apologises for causing problems. She didn’t but Belle thinks she caused Gabby problems – was something going on between her and Shawn last night? She wouldn’t blame Gabby – Shawn’s a great guy. Gabby thinks Belle would be jealous if Shawn started falling in love with another girl. Belle isn’t jealous – Gabby is beautiful – a guy would have to be blind not to notice. Gabby assures Belle she’s not trying to take Shawn away from her. She likes her life here – it’s simple – here you don’t go after other people’s men. Belle states that Shawn is not taken. Gabby knows that Shawn wants Belle – there’s no other girl for him.

Island – Downstairs – Part 2: Shawn is looking at the pictures. Gabby offers to take a family picture. Charlie butts in – Gabby can be in the picture too. Gabby diffuses the situation by dancing with Charlie – then she takes the family picture. Belle wishes they would have the pictures when they sent the letter to Roman. Gabby tells them to write another. She’ll make sure it gets to the States. Shawn refuses to serve Charlie another beer. Charlie thinks Shawn has too much of a good thing (Gabby and Belle are sitting at one of the tables talking) – he’ll take the blonde off his hands for an hour and show her what a real man can do. Shawn grabs him – that’s his wife. Charlie laughs and calls Shawn on his lie. He heard that Belle has a husband and Shawn’s just the guy that knocked her up. Shawn – totally unprovoked - starts beating the guy up. Charlie doesn’t fight back but Shawn just keeps beating him until Gabby yells that he’s killing him –quit.

Apartments – Billie’s – Part 2: The cops have finished putting Chelsea’s stuff back. They leave. Bo apologises to Chelsea – they hug. Hope comes in. Chelsea thanks her and hugs her for busting Willow. Hope says it’s not a done deal with Willow. She claims that Chelsea planted the jewels when she was there. Chelsea swears Willow is lying. Bo tells her to take it easy Willow can say anything she wants – he’s got all the proof he needs. He holds up the hairbrush – she can’t lie her way out of DNA, no one can. Bo tells Billie and Chelsea that he and Hope are going to leave. He wants to be at the station when Willow is brought in. Hope – that’s his way of saying he was wrong. Chelsea picks up the hairbrush. Bo tells her not to tamper with the evidence. Hope is glad they got to the truth. Billie thinks Willow must be really desperate to do something like this. Bo insists that there will be no mercy – oooh that is so hypocritical! Hope and Bo leave. Billie asks Chelsea if she still wants to go to the shower. She’ll think about it. Billie is proud of the way Chelsea handled herself with her father. While Billie is freshening up Chelsea makes a call – she really needs help – her whole life is going to blow up in her face. In the hallway the two cops see Willow and arrest her. She tells them they made a mistake – they have the wrong person.

Preview: Duck to Belle – If you want to hold on to that boy scout of yours you’d better stake your claim pretty soon. Gabby hugging and caressing Shawn – Anything I can do to help, anything at all. Max to Kayla – I’ll do anything for you guys. You know that. Kayla – Will you do it? Max – Yes. Steve to an orderly – Get down on your knees and clean it up.


Wednesday Mar 28

Pat’s Spoilers

Island – Downstairs – Part 1: Shawn continues beating on defenceless Charlie even though Gabby keeps yelling at him to stop. Belle snaps – what’s going on. Shawn is taking out the trash. Gabby yells that she told him she could handle it. Shawn took care of it for her. Gabby tells him – no, you just caused trouble for all of us. Shawn thinks he got rid of the trouble by throwing the drunk out. Gabby told him the drunk is attached to the sheriff. Belle is going to take Claire upstairs. Shawn tries to explain himself when he realises she is upset but she ignores him. Duck comes out and calls Shawn a moron. He got a call from the sheriff. Shawn keeps yakking about Charlie’s drunken actions. Duck tells Shawn (love the name he calls Shawn – it is definitely a fitting slur!) that Charlie is the sheriff’s brother-in-law and the sheriff is a big fan of law and order. Shawn will talk to the sheriff. Duck tells him the sheriff won’t care. Duck wants Shawn, Belle and the brat gone. Gabby tried … Shawn jumps down her throat and yells at her for talking to Charlie. He’s really cruel and mean to her.

Chez Rouge: Max is wolfing down his food and talking with his mouth full – LOL! He’s happy to be lunching with his favourite sister. He talks about work at the garage – paperwork is stacking up since Abby went on her trip. Kayla asks when the last time he went on vacation was. She’s heard the food is really good in Italy. He can come with her – her treat. He knows her – what’s the catch. She tells him there is a chance that the trip may be a ‘smidge’ dangerous. Max thinks she is kidding and then realises she is serious. He wants to know what is going on. It’s Steve. He’s in trouble. Kayla tells him what happened to Steve those years he was missing – torture and brainwashing. EJ Wells was behind it – he’s a monster. He has a hold on Steve that causes him to do unspeakable things – it’s killing Steve and it’s killing her. She has to find out exactly what they did to him so she can undo it. Max asks – what’s in Italy. When he finds out it’s Stefano he asks if she wants to take him on. Kayla doesn’t have a choice. Max loves her to death but this is insane – she could get killed.

Her only other option is to do nothing and she can’t do that. Max asks her about her other brothers Bo and Roman. They’ve been trying to get something on EJ for months but nothing sticks. Max thinks they are trained for this stuff – he isn’t. Kayla says they’re hands are tied – Italy is out of their jurisdiction. Max thinks they would try to stop her to keep her safe – that’s what brothers do. That is why Kayla came to him – he’s her brother too. She needs help – she wants him there to back her up. She knows it might be too much to ask of him but she’s going with or without him. Max tells her that taking down international crime bosses is way out of his job description and hers. Kayla doesn’t care – she’s going. Max doesn’t think Steve would agree with her taking this risk. Kayla says that is right but if she has a chance to give him back his real life she’s going to take it. Max thought he was getting treatment. He is but who knows how long that is going to take – she has a horrible feeling time is running out. If she has to go to Italy and face Stefano alone – she will – she would die for Steve. She shouldn’t have gotten Max involved. He is – he owes her and Steve his life. They picked him and Frankie off the streets and gave them a home – her folks adopted them. He loves them. He’s trying to talk her out of this because it’s crazy but he knows she is just like the rest of them – stubborn as hell. He’ll do it but on one small condition. He wants to stop in New York to see Abby – take her to dinner as a thank you. Lots of cute banter between them. Kayla agrees – she has a condition. Max can’t tell anyone about the trip. He agrees.

State Hospital: Dr. Kraft comes into Steve’s room. She thought that they had an agreement – why did he turn down his meds again? Steve tells hers the pills don’t help him. She tells him it takes time. When he takes the pills time stops – his head feels like Styrofoam. The doctor states that they’ll adjust the meds but before they can do that he has to take them. Steve doesn’t want to be flattened out by pills – that’s not what he signed up for. The doctor disagrees. There’s only one reason he’s not in jail right now and taking medication is that reason. He doesn’t know how she can treat anyone that is too drugged up to put a sentence together. She reminds him of his past actions and her options. He turns his back on her – he won’t take his pills. Dr. Kraft asks him if he wants to go back to jail. He doesn’t. She asks – why do you keep resisting treatment then. Doesn’t he want to get well. He tells her that what happened to him won’t be cured by her pills. She thinks he can’t know that until he tries. He yells – you’re not listening to me. I can’t take those pills. She wants him to tell her why. He answers – I’m scared.

He’s scared that he won’t get better. He’s afraid he’ll be drugged up 24 hours a day until nobody cared, until he won’t care. Dr. Kraft tells him they don’t do things like that here. They both want the same thing – for him to walk out of there with a clear head and a life worth living. She thinks that admitting his feelings is a good start. Steve really feels that he can fight it on his own – he can control the rages without the pills. He needs a clear head – no meds. Dr. Kraft says that is not an option. The judge was clear. The doctor thinks she can make things more appealing around here. If Steve lives up to agreements he could be granted privileges like lunch in the commons, newspapers, magazines and television. Steve makes a lot of smart ass comments but he agrees to take the meds. Dr. Kraft checks to see if he swallowed them and tells him she’ll join him for lunch. She leaves the door open when she leaves. Steve spits out the pills – he has to stay alert He says ‘I’m coming sweetness.’ He pretends to be drugged up as he goes out for lunch. The extras playing the patients did a great job … LOL!

Dr. Kraft approaches Steve – he pretends he doesn’t hear her at first. She has a personal question – what made him kidnap John from the hospital and what made him force his wife to remove his kidney. He had to. She asks why – he answers, had to. She brings up Stockholm syndrome – Steve wants to kill the guy that did this to him. She mentions brainwashing and Steve rambles about a movie he saw. They are here to find out whatever tactics were used to manipulate him. This conversation has helped – the medications helped him. Her cell rings – she has to take the call. She tells him they’ve made a good start – smile. She leaves. Steve says he’ll smile when he’s out of there. Steve picks at his food but doesn’t eat any of it. He notices one of the other patients looking hungry so he gives him his tray. He goes to watch TV. An orderly comes along and takes the tray away from the patient – he screams and yells at the guy scaring him. Steve defends the guy – he gave the guy his tray. If he doesn’t like it he can pick a fight with him. The orderly threatens, Steve doesn’t back down … the orderly throws the tray across the room, the patients scurry – the bully orders Steve to get down on his knees and clean it up. Steve tells him it’s his mess – he better get down on his knees and clean it up.

Island – Upstairs – Part 1: Shawn is packing. Belle refuses to drag Claire out of here because Shawn can’t control his temper. Shawn tells her to start packing or they’ll lose Claire for good. Belle tells him to stop ordering her around. He tells her they are sleeping on the beach tonight out of sight. Belle says no she’s not. No one’s coming to question her. If he wants to defend Gabby’s honour he can pay the price. He tells her he was defending her honour (not that Belle has any … LOL … so he wasted his time). Shawn agrees he should have a walked away. Gabby knocks – she warns them the sheriff is downstairs. They have to go. Shawn asks Belle if she is ready. Belle’s not going. This is too crazy to live like this. Shawn whines – they’ll lose Claire for good. Belle can’t live like this. Shawn wants Gabby to stall the sheriff. She’ll do her best – she opens the door and Duck and the sheriff are there. The sheriff asks if they’re going anywhere. Belle is going to take Claire for a walk to get some fresh air. Duck enters after she leaves – he’s going to see what the boy scout is hiding.

Island – Downstairs – Part 2: The sheriff is talking to Shawn – Shawn gives his version of what happened. He lost his temper and he hit him – he deserved it. Gabby backs up Shawn’s statement. He knows what Charlie is like. The sheriff does. Gabby asks him to talk to Charlie and get him to drop the charges. The sheriff will recommend to Charlie that there isn’t enough evidence to pursue this but either way he’ll be stuck doing paperwork all day. He asks for their passports – all three of them. Shawn gets agitated – let him explain. Belle puts Claire in his lap and tells Shawn to tell him the truth. Shawn lies – someone is trying to take Claire from them – they left the States without passports by taking his Dad’s boat – it sank. The sheriff is no dummy – he’s thinks it’s a crock. Gabby vouches for them – they had good reason to leave without passports Duck comes down with the fake passports that somehow Shawn and Belle still magically have and tells the sheriff that whatever Shawn is saying is a lie.

He gives the sheriff the passports that he found in their room. Belle snarls that he had no right to go through their things. Duck puts her in her place – she has no rights here at all, nobody paid a dime and they lied their way in. The sheriff tells them they are in possession of stolen or forged documents. Gabby insists they are not criminals. She sees a family. Everyone on this island lies to each other including the sheriff and Duck. They all came to the island to get lost for one reason or other. If that’s a crime everyone on the island has to be arrested. The sheriff concedes that point but Shawn and Belle are still running and who knows what is chasing them. If someone asks questions he won’t lie he has to go by the book. Gabby says then he can’t arrest them because there was no warrant to search their room – in fact Duck should be arrested for break and enter. Her father is wrong – she wants the sheriff to let it go. If she gets Charlie to drop the complaint would he be satisfied. The sheriff says fine but he’s confiscating the forged passports. He tells Shawn and Belle not to try and leave the island … or else. Belle is going to take Claire upstairs for a nap. Shawn is going to hang out down there. Belle leaves. Shawn apologises to Gabby and thanks her. She hugs him – she would do anything to help.

Island – Upstairs – Part 2: Duck wants to see Shawn. Belle says he’s downstairs. Duck knows it’s none of his business but the two of them have problems – he points to the beds. Belle says you’re right – it’s none of your business. Duck was trying to give her fair warning – that’s all. He loves his daughter but she has a weakness – men, dark hair, baby blues … Belle orders him out of the room. Duck tells her if she wants to hold on to the boy scout she better stake her claim before it’s too late.

Preview: Shawn to Belle - So you got a plan. You’re serious about this, aren’t you? Belle – Shawn, our lives depend on it. Nick to Chelsea – I want you to love me. I’m not going to compromise my integrity to make it happen. Chelsea – You think I did this, didn’t you? Steve to the orderly – Fire away. The guy shocks him and Steve goes down. Kayla to Max – I need to be what I fear and hate most about the DiMera’s. Lord give me strength.


Thursday Mar 29

Pat’s Spoilers

Island – Upstairs: Belle is folding laundry when Shawn gets up. She lists all the stuff she has done. Shawn mentions that he dreamt she was right (about the twin beds). Belle makes a flippant remark. Shawn figures out she’s upset. He asks her to talk to him. They’ve been on the run for a long time and she’d hate to think that all the risks they have taken will mess up Claire. Shawn thinks she is doing alright. Belle thinks that Claire needs more than them – she needs to be around kids her own age. Shawn doesn’t think it will be easy finding a play date for Claire on the island. Exactly – which is why Belle thinks it’s time for them to head to Australia. Shawn reminds her that she is the one that wanted to stay. Belle had the night to change her mind. Shawn thinks there is more to it. She whines – a dive bar isn’t a good place to raise a kid, the sheriff was asking all kinds of questions, Philip might track them down. Shawn thinks they’re roles have reversed – she’s always the one telling him not to worry and now he’s telling her the same. She thinks he should worry – she wants to leave NOW! He says fine – how are we going to get to Australia. She does have a plan. Their lives depend on it.

She thinks they should trade the ring for a boat that will get them to Australia. Shawn thinks that might work. Belle thinks that when they get there they can sell the boat and have some money until they start jobs. It’s a way for them to get a new start and for Claire to have a happy childhood. Shawn knows Belle – there’s another reason why she wants to leave. He wants her to be straight with him and tell him the real reason she wants to leave. Belle asks if he is calling her a liar. He doesn’t think she’s telling him the entire story. Belle gets all huffy and avoids his question. Gabby knocks – she brings in breakfast for them. Duck wants Shawn to get the generator going so he leaves. You should see the smirk on Belle’s face – unreal! Gabby wonders if she walked into something – is there is something wrong with Claire. Belle says no. Gabby offers to look after Claire while Belle showers. Belle wants to know why Gabby is so interested in ‘her’ kid (not our kid – but her kid).

Gabby is kind of blindsided by Belle’s viciousness. Belle tells Gabby – you are not her mother. Gabby didn’t think she was trying to be Claire’s mom. Gabby is confused by the way Belle is treating her and she can tell Belle is pissed off at her and she wants to know why. She thought they were friends – she doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends on the island. Belle snarls – is it really a girlfriend Gabby is looking for. The way Belle talks to her is despicable and condescending. Gabby did stand up to her very well. Belle denies that she is jealous and worried but Gabby throws back a question – than why are we even having this conversation. Shawn returns, Gabby leaves. Belle wants Shawn to say he loves her – he obeys. She wants him to do something for her without asking questions – pack up and get out of here as soon as possible. Shawn says she never has to ask if he loves her – he always will. She thinks that is quite the commitment considering she kicked him out of her bed. He thinks that’s just until she’s ready. Belle turns up the manipulation several notches – she cries and tells him she loves him. Shawn falls for it. She knows they have a future together – it’s just not here. Shawn doesn’t think they’ve had much time on the island for just them. Belle cries – this is not the best place for them to find their way back together. Boo Hoo … sniff, sniff … it scares her cause she doesn’t want to lose him. LMAO – I can’t believe Shawn is such an idiot. Shawn makes empty promises about always being there for her. He agrees to do what Belle wants – as if he actually ever had any choice! Gabby listens at the door as Shawn tells Belle they’ll leave today.

Nick & Chelsea: Nick is working in the lab when Chelsea arrives. Chelsea is really upset. Nick is glad she called him. He doesn’t expect to be forgiven for what happened between him and her mom … Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about that. Nick thinks that is great because he really thinks they should put it behind them … she reminds him she didn’t want to talk about that. She wants to know if he still feels the same about her. He doesn’t, he loves her more. Good because she needs him now more than ever. He’s here for her no matter what. She’s counting on that. He’d never take back his friendship. She needs more than a friend. She needs someone to see past her mistakes and who loves her enough to take a huge risk for her. Nick declares – that’s me. She talks about how everyone was trying to pin the arson at Bo and Hope’s house on her. She mentions that Hope’s jewellery was stolen and they found it in Willow Stark’s room. Nick thinks it’s perfect – Willow is guilty, Chelsea is off the hook. Chelsea says not really. There’s some DNA out there that could land her in jail instead of Willow. The cops found a hair brush at the scene of the crime that they are sure was left there by the arsonist. The hair brush is hers and if that comes out, she’s done for. That’s why she needs him to be her hero again.

Nick asks her how her hair brush got there if she wasn’t there. Chelsea thinks Willow stole it and left it there to frame her because she knows that Chelsea isn’t daddy’s favourite little girl. Nick wants to know what she wants her best friend who happens to work in a lab to do for her. Chelsea thinks he already knows the answer to that. She needs him to get her off the hook. Nick asks her not to ask him. She doesn’t have a choice. Nick suggests that maybe she dropped her brush there accidentally when she visited them. Chelsea says the brush is their key piece of evidence – their treating it like it’s the Holy Grail. They’re going to send the brush here for analysis. Nick says he doesn’t have control over who does what in the lab. Chelsea knows he’s here every day – can’t he just grab the package and lose it. It would be so easy for him. He said he would do anything. He asks her if she wants him to break the law, risk his job, risk his career – risk everything. She says things go missing all the time, no one would know. Nick would know. She snarls that this is her future too – all she’s asking him to do is make a hair brush disappear, alright? He says no it’s not alright.

Nick thinks there has to be another way. She wants him to clear her name so they can be together. Nick reminds her that she told him she never wanted to see him again. Chelsea says yeah it hurts but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care and want to be with him. Nick says – not like this. Nick tells her to tell Bo the truth. That’s not an option for Chelsea. She realises that Nick isn’t going to do this for. He wants her to love him but he won’t compromise his integrity to make it happen. Chelsea thinks Nick thinks she did it. He says if you look at me and tell me that you didn’t do it I’ll believe you. She thinks she shouldn’t have to tell him. Nick asks her to see his side of all this. Chelsea wouldn’t ask him to do this if she thought there was another way. Nick doesn’t think she understands … oh she does, she just thought they had something special together. He thinks they still do. He asks her what would she do if he asked her to rob a bank for him. That’s different, he’d be asking her to commit a crime and she’s asking him to prevent one – the crime of her going to jail for something she didn’t do. (Huh, since when is that a crime?) She claims she would do it because she’s there for him. Nick doesn’t think that is true. Chelsea claims that she would do anything for him and she thought he felt the same way about her but she guesses she was wrong. She leaves the lab. Outside she calls to book the next available flight to New York. Nick rushes out and calls for her to wait – but she’s gone.

Kayla & Max: They are on the plane. Kayla thanks Max for making the trip with her. Max thinks Bo and Roman will be really pissed about this … he wants to know exactly what they are doing. Why does she need to see Stefano? Kayla tells him about John and what happened. Max is shocked. What would the DiMera’s want with one of John’s kidneys? Kayla guesses that Stefano needed a transplant. Kayla shows him the name of the hospital John and Marlena found Stefano in. They need strong proof that John’s kidney was transplanted into Stefano and that EJ orchestrated it. She knows it’s a long shot but she has to do this for Steve. Max thinks it’s nice to be that much in love that you would risk anything. Kayla hopes it’s not too late. Max thinks Steve is a pretty smart guy for hooking up with her. Max thinks she is very brave to risk her own life for the man she loves. Kayla tells him that one day some woman will be lucky enough to be his soul mate and she’ll do the same for him. Max thinks he lucked out with getting her for a sister. She feels the same about ‘little bro.’ Max asks her how they’re going to do this. Kayla was thinking that she would use what she has working for – her credentials, she’s a doctor. Max doesn’t think that would get them past the front desk. Kayla agrees – they’ll need a distraction, something like divine intervention. A priest gets up and goes to the back of the plane. Max has an idea – he grabs the priest’s carry on bag and disappears into the back of the plane.

Max returns and makes the sign of the cross and says some Latin phrases. He shows her the priest collar he’s now wearing. Kayla can’t believe he stole that from a priest. Max doesn’t think the priest will miss it – he had about six in there. Max figures that where there are priests, there are nuns. This could work. Kayla believes in her soul that she is Steve’s only shot at getting well so this has to work. Max starts giggling at the thought of what their brothers would think about Kayla going into the lion’s den. Kayla knows they think of her as the good girl, the shoulder to cry on. Max says but that’s who you are. For Steve’s sake she needs to get down and dirty. LOL – Max giggles. He tells her maybe her halo doesn’t have to be so shiny. She thinks that maybe she should be an avenging angel. She needs to be what she fears and hates the most about the DiMera’s. Max thinks Kayla has her own brand of tough – it’s called Special K. She’s soft on the inside but tough on the outside- the kind of tough that doesn’t give up on the people she loves. He knows she’ll get things done without turning into a DiMera. The priest gets up again – Kayla makes a donation to his parish. Max teases her about getting a sure spot in heaven.

State Hospital: The orderly orders Steve to clean up the mess. Steve makes a smart remark – the guy threatens him with a straitjacket. Steve gets down and picks up the food and puts it on the guy’s shoes and asks him if he wants fries with that. The guy manhandles Steve – the threats spew out of his mouth and Steve just keeps taunting him. The guy pulls out a stun gun and tells Steve that it hurts real bad. He tells Steve what the ‘shock therapy’ will do to him. Steve has been around losers like him all his life starting with his dad. He had to beat his wife to make him feel like a man. This guy humiliated a patient to make himself feel big. The orderly thinks Steve is a loser to. The threats and taunts continue until finally the guy ‘shocks’ him and Steve goes down. Dr. Kraft comes out and goes to Steve. She yells at the orderly – has he forgotten what his job is. He claims he was doing his job. She yells that he is supposed to protect the patient. No where in his job description does it say he can use that kind of weapon on a patient. He claims his life was in danger – Steve’s a real troublemaker – the guy charged him. She had a view of what happened and there was no charging. What she heard was Steve goading him. The guy says ‘yeah, he asked for it.’ Dr. Kraft says he should have paged her then. She tells ‘Foley’ to clean up the mess. The other patients laugh. She asks Steve if he can stand up. He can – she suggests they go back to his room. Dr. Kraft examines Steve – he’s okay. He shouldn’t have messed with Foley. Steve says the guy messed with one of the patients, he called him on it and the guy went nuts. Dr. Kraft asks Steve why he didn’t go after Foley. He says he’s bigger than me and she told him to be on his best behaviour. She tells him – good answer. She tells Foley to bring Steve a new shirt and to report to her in the morning. She leaves. Foley tells Steve he made himself a mean enemy today. Steve says ‘bring it on, bro!’

Preview: Sami to EJ – I’m more than okay because you are not the father. EJ (grabbing the papers) – Let me see that. Philip to Gabby (with a picture of Shawn and Belle) – I’m looking for two people that kidnapped my daughter and I have reason to believe they came to this island. Shawn skulks and eavesdrops. Steve to Dr. Kraft – It is a matter of life or death. Somebody could die. Dr. Kraft – What are you talking about? DiMera henchman to ‘Father’ Max and ‘Sister’ Kayla – Who are you?


Friday Mar 30

Pat’s Spoilers

Italian Hospital: “Father” Max and “Sister” Kayla are standing outside Stefano’s room. Kayla gives Max a chance to back out but he won’t – she and Steve didn’t give up on him. Max thinks Stefano wouldn’t hurt someone from the church, would he? They head to a door. A guy points a gun at the back of Max’s head. Kayla speaks in Italian – the guy goes inside Stefano’s room. She tells Max that she looked in the English/Italian dictionary. She asked to see Stefano. Max wants to know what she is going to do when the guy comes out and says Stefano doesn’t want to see them. Kayla doesn’t know but she’s going in. The guy comes out and locks the door. Kayla repeats the Italian phrase and the guy pulls out his gun. He told them Stefano was sleeping. Who are they? Max is staring down the barrel of the gun – he starts talking to distract the guy. He whips out a bouquet of flowers from his sleeve to distract the guy and ends up with the gun.

Kayla asks Max where the flowers came from. He bought them for Abby – her dad likes magic tricks. He tells her to go and see Stefano before someone sees them. Kayla approaches the bed and lifts up the side of the oxygen tank. She checks and says she knew it. She bets if she pulled out those stitches she’d find a kidney with John Black’s name on it. Kayla takes pictures with her cell phone and gets finger prints. She tells the sleeping Stefano that he is alive because of her. He and his family make her sick. She could end his life right now … she reaches for the plug of his life support system. She could put him and the rest of them out of their misery. She could protect so many people but she can’t do it. It’s in God’s hands. She hopes that whatever his nightmare is now that he finds out it’s nothing compared to what is about to come. Kayla comes out so Max tells the guy to get in the closet. He locks him in there. Kayla tells Max to leave the gun. They don’t need it. They have everything they need to put EJ away for life.

State Hospital: EJ shows up to visit Steve. He’s there to see how Steve is doing. Steve tells EJ that he has news for him – he’s sick of being his whipping boy. Steve wonders how EJ got in. He has friends in high places. Steve knows that EJ tipped off Kayla that he was hiding in Billie’s apartment. If he wouldn’t have to spend his life in there he’d kill EJ for that. EJ shrugs that off. Steve reminds EJ that he was the one that trained him to kill. EJ denies that. Steve asks what he wants. EJ wants him to know why he made sure Steve ended up back in the hospital and how he can keep him in there for as long as he wants. Steve doesn’t think that if EJ wanted him locked up in here long term that he would have come to visit him. EJ wants to make something clear – no more phone calls, no more assistance … Steve is on his own. Steve thinks EJ needs him more than he needs EJ. According to EJ he’s in full control – he can let him rot in there or he can get him out. Steve wants out. EJ tells him that will happen when Philip’s men find Shawn. He’ll have a package for Steve to deliver to him. Steve wants to know what his nephew has to do with this. EJ will tell him later. For now Steve has to lie low and play by the rules. Steve grabs him and tells EJ he can’t keep pulling his strings like this. EJ says he can and what is Steve going to do about it. EJ gets a call from Sami. He tells Steve to tell his wife to keep her nose out of his business. He wouldn’t want Steve to be a widower. He leaves and Steve yells asking him to explain what he means.

Steve is frantic to speak to Dr. Kraft. The orderly tells him that she is with a patient. Steve yells he needs help – he took too many pills. Dr. Kraft comes in wanting to know what he took. He didn’t take any pills. She’s upset – he made it sound like life or death. He tells her it is – somebody could die. She has to call his wife – he has to talk to her now. Dr. Kraft returns. She couldn’t reach Kayla. She’s out of the country for a few days – she went to Italy. Steve looks ill – Kayla, what are you doing?

Sami’s apt – Part 1: Sami is working on her laptop filling out the fake amnio report as Celeste paces. Sami assures Celeste that she has experience forging DNA results. Sami just wants the results to look accurate – she’s done and thinks it is some of her best work. Celeste glances and says it’s not good enough to fool a DiMera. Sami worked at the hospital. She filed a million of these – it’s a perfect forgery. Celeste doesn’t think this will solve her problems. Sami doesn’t think murder will either. Celeste thinks there won’t be a problem if they’re careful. Sami scoffs – Celeste shouted that they were going to kill him in front of all those people at her shower. As for whether he bought their story Sami doesn’t know what EJ thinks. She is confident that he won’t find out the report is a forgery – it’s not like he can access her medical records. It’s Celeste’s turn to scoff. People like EJ – nothing is private to them. There’s only one thing to do. Get rid of him! Sami is not going to kill EJ – all she can do is falsify the report. Celeste thinks Sami should tell Lucas the truth. Sami has thought of that but it still won’t solve the problem with EJ. Celeste thinks there is only one thing that will do that. Sami says no again. Celeste thinks that one day Sami is going to want to do things Celeste’s way. Sami wants Celeste to leave her alone. Celeste says okay but she warns Sami that her foolish plan better be foolproof because she won’t get a second chance. Sami prints off the forgery and seals it in an envelope. Celeste tells Sami to call her and then she leaves. Sami calls EJ – she wants him to come over.

Island – Upstairs – Part 1: Shawn and Belle are packing. Belle keeps talking about how great this is. Shawn tells her he’s convinced – is there something else she wants to say to him. She lies and says no. Shawn is going to get them a boat. Belle is giddy that Shawn is doing exactly what she wants. In the hallway Shawn encounters a teary eyed Gabby. Its allergies. Shawn pulls out the ring – would anyone trade a boat for this ring. They’re leaving. Gabby asks why the rush. Doesn’t Belle want to wait until she hears from her family – is she okay with this. Shawn lies and tells Gabby that he and Belle made the decision together … LOL! … Right. Gabby will miss them. Shawn says they won’t forget how her and Duck took them in (that’s why they act like ungrateful brats all the time?). He better go tell Duck they’re leaving. Gabby goes in to see Belle. She holds up the ring – she knows they’re leaving the island. What can she do to convince them to stay?

Belle thinks she wants them to stay because of Shawn. Gabby makes it clear that she doesn’t go after guys that are taken. Belle calls Gabby a liar. She has reasons to believe Gabby wants Shawn. Gabby figures out that someone was talking to Belle. Belle finally admits that Duck talked to her. Gabby laughs because they’re packing up and leaving because of her Dad. Her Dad thinks she is ten and he doesn’t want her to leave. He’s like this every time a guy her age comes to the island. Belle accuses Gabby of lying – she doesn’t think Duck would make up something like that. Nothing Gabby says gets through to Belle because Belle is worried about Gabby and Shawn. Gabby thinks that Belle shouldn’t be worried about her and Shawn – what she should worry about is sailing over a 1000 miles on a small boat with a child. LOL – like Belle gives a hoot about Claire’s well-being. Gabby tells Belle to think about it real hard before they sail off into the unknown because what they have here isn’t that bad. Gabby hasn’t had any real friends, she wishes she could escape with them.

Island – Downstairs- Part 1: Shawn tells Duck he’s done. They’re leaving the island. Duck reminds him the sheriff told him not to leave. Shawn says – you won’t tell him. Duck reminds Shawn of their deal – he would work for free room and board – he still owes him. Maybe he will talk to the law. Duck wants to know if Belle knows Shawn wants to leave because he’s got the hots for Gabby. Shawn denies that and than speaks rudely to the man who is giving him a place to live and food to eat.

Island – Upstairs – Part 2: Belle asks Gabby – you’re kidding. Gabby is. She wouldn’t leave Duck. She wishes them luck and she hopes that Belle and Shawn work things out. Belle wants a favour from Gabby – don’t tell Shawn. Shawn returns. Everything is straight with Duck – he still owes Duck money but they’ll send it from Australia. Gabby thinks they owe him money and offers him some. Shawn doesn’t want money he wants a boat. Gabby will go and get started on that. She leaves. Belle grins. They’re packing – Shawn is going to check if Gabby found them a boat. Belle is so proud of herself.

Sami’s apt – Part 2: EJ arrives. She waited until he arrived – she thought they should open it together. EJ says this reminds him of old times. When she was getting those threatening notes she’d turn to him. She says you were the one sending the notes. He denies that. He starts talking about how when he first got there he just wanted to be her friend and then her lover … Sami cuts him off and tells him to open it. He hands her the envelope. He thinks the mother should do this. She opens it and starts crying. EJ asks if she is okay. She is – he’s not the father. He looks at the report. Sami tells him DNA doesn’t lie. She was right – she’s not going to get her child. EJ was so sure. Sami tells him he was wrong. EJ would trade everything for her and his child. How can this be.

Island – Downstairs- Part 2: Gabby yells at Duck for what he did – she doesn’t want to talk to him right now. He’s fine with that – he’ll go fishing. He leaves. Gabby picks up the phone and turns her back. She asks the person if he knows anyone that would trade a boat for a really nice wedding ring. She hears someone clearing his throat. She turns – Philip is there. She tells Philip to wait a moment. She then tells ‘Cap’ it’s absolutely gorgeous. Shawn sees Philip and like the coward he is he quickly hides and skulks. Philip shows Gabby a picture of Shawn and Belle. These are the people who kidnapped his daughter and he has reason to believe they are on this island. Have you seen them?

Preview: EJ to Sami – I don’t think you do understand because this isn’t just my loss, this is your loss too. Belle screeching at Shawn – So it all depends on Gabby, someone we barely know. Our lives are in her hands, Shawn. Do you realise that? Philip to Gabby (he’s grabbed her arm) – I swear if you don’t start talking … Gabby – Okay, fine. Fine. They’re here. You’re right. Max to Kayla – So what you’re trying to say is the love of my life is … Kayla – Abby Devereaux.
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Monday Apr 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Max & Kayla: They’re on the plane back to the U.S. Max can’t believe they pulled this off. Kayla couldn’t have done it without him. They got the proof that John’s kidney was used to save Stefano’s life – what a waste. They toast to getting the goods on EJ. Max hasn’t had so much fun since before Frankie left. He tells Kayla that since Frankie left he has felt like he doesn’t fit in. The Brady’s are great but for most of his life it’s just been Frankie and him. Kayla understands. She felt like that when she lost Steve. Frankie jokes – what you’re saying is the love of my life is Frankie. The conversation switches to Abby. What follows is kind of superfluous considering the character of Abby won’t be around any longer so I’m not going to write it up in detail. Kayla thinks Abby would be good for him. This is scary for Max – he thinks about her all the time. He doesn’t know if it’s love but he knows when she’s not around he misses her – when she is around, it feels like home. Abby is different – she’s innocent. Kayla tells him if he cares for her – get to know her – take his time. He doesn’t want to be the first to break her heart. Kayla tells him to tell Abby everything he told her. Max isn’t so sure he should just show up at Abby’s hotel room. Kayla encourages him. The plane lands at JFK.

New York: Abby is on the phone raving about her vacation. Gwen Stefani is staying at the hotel. There’s a knock on her door. She thanks her Dad – this is the best vacation ever. Jack hugs her and tells her he loves her. He mentions that he was in the elevator with this singer – he can’t remember her name – maybe Stephanie. Abby is excited – he was in an elevator alone with Gwen Stefani. She wishes he would have asked for an autograph. Jack whips it out of his pocket and gives it to her – Abby calls him a rock star … LOL! They’ve already had dinner – what else should they do. It’s too late to go to the Statue of Liberty so Jack suggests a carriage ride around Central Park. Abby thinks that is for couples. It’s not that she doesn’t want to go with her Dad but she always thought she’d do that with a boyfriend. Jack talked to Maggie this week about Max Brady.

Abby is upset that he’s been talking to Aunt Maggie about her love life. Jack says so there is a love life. Abby tells him that Max isn’t really her boyfriend. They just hang out together and have fun. Jack is worried because Max is older than her by 10 years. Abby says 6 – why is he so anti-Max. He comes from a good family, he has his own business. Jack tells her Max is a lot more experienced than her – he’s serious. He wants her to stay away from Max. Abby knows about Max’s past – but that is all that it is, his past. Jack says she has so much going for her – he doesn’t want her getting tied down. Abby thinks her mom would be on her side. Jack and Jen talked and Jen agrees with him. They want her to enjoy her time at Salem U – he lists all the things she could do – not get involved with Max or any guy. Abby wants to know if he practiced that speech on the plane. He says – you didn’t hear a word I said. She did – she promises that Max will not interfere with her college education. They hug. They decide to go to Times Square. He is going to change – he’ll meet her in the lobby. He tells her that he knows she has a good head on her shoulders – he believes in her.

Abby returns to her room. She gets a call from Max. She’s having such a great time that she is thinking of transferring to NYU next semester – she then says she is kidding. They keep talking – he lets her know that he took a trip with Kayla – they had a layover in New York. She’s disappointed he didn’t come to see her. There’s a knock on her door – it’s Max. She tells him he has to leave – her Dad is going to think they planned this. Jack knocks – he’s ready to go.

Sami’s apt: EJ is a little shocked. He’s never told anyone this but all his fame and wealth mean nothing compared to being a father. Its funny how one little piece of paper can change your life. All of EJ’s plans are ruined. Sami reminds him that this is about her life and now he’s out of her life. This is the end. He didn’t ‘plant his seed’ now he can just get over it. EJ doesn’t think she understands. This isn’t just his loss, it’s her loss too. Sami says this is the best news she could ask for. The man she loves is the father of her child – she can move on with her life. She has wedding plans to make. EJ starts rambling about how Stefano told him that Tony’s one fatal flaw was the ladies. He vowed to avoid that until he met her. His feelings for her are real. Sami admits that at one time she felt something for him but that is ancient history. That was before she found out he tried to kill her step-father and before he raped her. EJ insists he didn’t rape her. Sami tells him he can’t pretend it was a beautiful night of love making. He forced her to have sex with him and then he forced her to put her life on hold while they waited for this paternity test. This test proves Lucas is the father which means they are done forever. Nothing will ever connect them again.

EJ thinks they will still have a connection. Sami concedes there was some chemistry but that disappeared as soon as she found out who he was. As soon as she realised what he was capable of doing to her and her family all she wanted to do was get him out of her life. EJ thinks that if he hadn’t been around she wouldn’t be planning the wedding now because Lucas would be dead. Sami says Lucas not dead and EJ is not the baby’s father. She thinks that bargain they made that night never happened. EJ agrees. EJ shakes her hand and than holds her close – Sami is probably the only woman in the world that could have made him into the man she thought he was. He leaves. Sami is talking to herself convincing herself that EJ bought her story. It’s over. Celeste comes over. Sami tells her the news – EJ talked about his plans – he almost sounded desperate. Celeste scoffs – desperate, EJ – she thought Sami knew what she was doing but obviously she doesn’t have a clue. EJ played her like a violin. Sami has been ‘had’. Sami asks why he would pretend to have feelings. Celeste says it’s to keep Sami off balance. Sami says it doesn’t matter – the report shows Lucas is the father. It’s over. Celeste thinks Sami is foolish if she believes that. It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning. Either Sami destroys EJ or he will destroy her and raise her child as a DiMera. Sami says – EJ is not getting her child. Celeste tells her that EJ is incapable of love but lust is different. Sami should use that to get rid of him. Seduce him. It may be their only hope. Sami wants Celeste to leave. As far as she is concerned EJ is no longer a part of her life.

Island – Downstairs- Part 1: Kate joins Philip dusting off the chicken feathers (LOL – they caught a ride on a truck carrying chickens). Philip shows Gabby a picture of Claire. The baby is so cute but no she hasn’t seen them. Shawn sneaks up the stairs.

Island – Upstairs – Part 1: Shawn bursts Belle happy bubble and tells her Philip is there. Gabby hasn’t told him anything but they know Philip – he won’t leave until he gets what he wants. Shawn is packing and tells Belle to hurry. She doesn’t think they should try and run. Kate and Philip know there are a thousand islands around here – they might believe Gabby. Shawn still wants to go. Belle is freaking out because their future depends on a stranger. Shawn thinks he should confront Philip and give Belle and Claire a chance to escape. They can go to the marina. If Shawn doesn’t show up they should go to Australia. He doesn’t care what happens to him, he just wants to keep Claire away from that maniac. LOL – This coming from the maniac himself – the man who has continuously endangered Claire’s life for months. Belle refuses. Shawn agrees to stay but he is going downstairs to see what is happening.

Island – Downstairs- Part 2: Gabby continues to lie. Philip isn’t too sure if he believes her. Gabby wants to know if he’s calling her a liar. They have a stare down. Philip is going to wait and talk to some of the other residents – their memory may be better. Kate asks if someone can get her a drink. Gabby ignores her so Kate is going to go behind the bar. She finds the teething ring and holds it up – now they’re calling Gabby a liar. Gabby tries to cover – it belongs to a neighbour’s kid. Philip reminds her that she told him there were no kids around here. Gabby meant – new kids. Philip grabs her arms – she’s lying. She says fine – they’re here.

Gabby tells Philip they left. Philip doesn’t believe her. He grabs her again. Kate tells him to stop. Philip wants to know where they went. Gabby says they checked out yesterday. She shows Philip Belle’s wedding ring – they left it to pay their bill. Philip knows its Belle’s wedding ring. Gabby sees Shawn skulking and hiding – she lips off to Philip – Shawn and Belle are long gone.

Chez Rouge: Maggie asks Nick what is on his mind. He did a favour for a friend and now this other friend wants a bigger favour done. He doesn’t know if he should say no because he did the first favour. He can do it – he just doesn’t know if he should. What would Maggie do? Maggie says a friend that truly cares for you would never ask you to compromise your principles. Remember that. EJ is now at a table – he gets a call from Kayla. Kayla tells him that thanks to her little Italian getaway she has proof that John’s kidney was given to Stefano. EJ is going to go away for a long time. She tells him to have a nice evening and hangs up on him. EJ is upset. He throws money on the table and leaves in a hurry.

Island – Upstairs – Part 2: Belle is sure Shawn will return with good news and money – oops, she doesn’t have the ring.

Hospital lab: Nick talks to himself. He stole a DNA report for Sami – the least he can do is lose a hair brush for the girl of his dreams. He keeps talking to himself. He goes into the lab and finds EJ at the computer. Nick threatens to call security. EJ (who is wearing latex gloves) takes the cord of the phone and stretches it and starts wrapping it around his hand. EJ wonders if Nick is going to be a good boy and forget he was there or is he going to need to learn a lesson. He pats Nick’s cheek and says good boy and then he walks out. He goes to a payphone and leaves a message for Lucas pretending to be a doctor. Lucas is going to have to come to the hospital – there was a problem with Sami Brady’s amniocentesis.

Preview: Philip to Gabby (with Shawn slinking up the stairs in the background) – Which is why I’m not leaving here until I know for a fact that you are telling the truth. Lucas to EJ – Why don’t you just get over it? EJ – Just get over what? Lucas – Your sick obsession with Sami that’s what. Sami to Nick – There’s no way that this baby is EJ’s. Nick – No way? Sami – It is totally and completely impossible. Steve to Kayla (holding her down on the bed) – You stay away from those people. Kayla – Get off. Stop it. He kisses her.


Tuesday Apr 3

Pat’s Spoilers

New York: Jack knocks on Abby’s door and Abby tells Max he has to hide – her dad will freak. Abby opens the door and lies to Jack – she’s tired after running around Manhattan all day. Jack comes in. He wants to talk to her about Max – explain why he is anti-Max. Abby doesn’t think it’s necessary. Jack thinks Abby is a very inexperienced 18 and Max is … Abby cuts him off. Can they talk about this tomorrow – she’s tired. Jack agrees. He tells her that no matter how he feels about Max he trusts her judgement completely. She ushers him out and then tells Max it’s safe. Max found the conversation between father and daughter interesting. Jack really hates him. Abby said Jack found out that they were friends and he took it to mean more. Her Dad is wrong – there’s nothing between the two of them, is there.

Max can’t get another flight. They talk about how expensive rooms are in New York. Abby tells him he’ll have to spend the night with her. The room is already paid for. Max says if her dad finds out he’ll kill him. Abby says Jack never has to know – she can’t think of anyone she’d rather spend the night with. There’s a knock on the door. Max hides. It’s Chelsea. Abby believes that Chelsea didn’t start the fire – she can’t believe Bo thinks she did it. Chelsea tells Abby that Bo believes her but that will all change when they find out the evidence they found, the hairbrush, is hers. Abby doesn’t think they should talk about it now. Chelsea doesn’t see why not – they’re alone. Max comes out. Abby explains why he is there. Chelsea will go and sleep in the lobby. Abby says Max is there as a friend – they’ll all stay there. The three of them are eating and fooling around – throwing food around. Jack knocks on the door – Max hides again. Abby apologises – were they too loud. She has a surprise visitor. Jack greets Chelsea. Jack notices the food – a lot for two girls. Chelsea is starving. Jack tells them to enjoy themselves and keep it down. Max comes out of hiding. Abby thinks they should call it a night. Max points out that there is only one bed. Max will take the couch – the girls can have the bed.

State Hospital: Kayla arrives and Steve jumps on her for going to Italy. Kayla did what she had to do – she is going to prove EJ is a criminal. Steve isn’t interested in what she brought from Italy. He doesn’t have time for this. He tells her she is lucky she got out of Italy alive. She was on thin ice before she went and now … Kayla asks if EJ threatened her. Steve wants her to leave it alone. She reminds him that she doesn’t back down when she wants something and she wants her husband back the way he used to be. Steve tells her that man is dead and gone. Kayla doesn’t believe that. Steve warns her again. Kayla says she won’t stop trying to break the hold EJ has on him. She asks him again if she wants to see the evidence she got from Stefano’s hospital room. He is shocked she got in – how did she pull it off. She tells him that Max disguised himself as a priest and she as a nun. He’s not happy that she got Maxwell involved. He’s family, she asked for help and he agreed. She shows him a picture of a textbook incision of a kidney transplant and a picture of Stefano’s fingerprint. Steve tells her that doesn’t prove EJ was involved. Kayla knows that – this is where Steve gets involved.

He is the link between her evidence and EJ – he has to testify against EJ. Steve refuses. Kayla thinks this is his chance to get away from EJ. Steve tells her this isn’t a fairy tale. He wants her to go out of town for a few weeks. He can’t protect her from inside here. Kayla doesn’t need his protection. She’s trying to help him. He grabs her and pushes her down on the bed. He wants her to promise him that she’ll stay away from those people. He kisses her. She gets up and knocks on the door to be let out. Steve wants her promise. Kayla tells him that if he wants to save her life he has to testify against EJ Wells. She leaves.

Sami’s apt – Part 1: Nick comes over and tells Sami she is in big trouble. The lab report stuff – it’s all going to hit the fan. Sami assures him it went like a charm – the party in question believed the report. Nick says not if it’s EJ Wells. He caught him on the lab computer and all the files he had open were Sami’s. Sami asks if EJ saw that she didn’t have an amnio. Nick doesn’t know. Sami apologises for putting him in the middle of this. Nick wants to know why EJ is so interested in the baby. Nick figures out that EJ is the guy she told him about. Sami doesn’t want Lucas to find out … Nick says ‘that he’s not the father.’ Sami denies that – there is no way that EJ is the father – it’s impossible. Nick asks why is EJ so curious – he wouldn’t think he was the father for no reason. Sami cries. Sami can’t tell him the whole truth – she did not have an affair with EJ. It was … she can’t go on. Nick wants to know if EJ raped her. Sami tells him to stay out it – just leave and pretend this conversation never happened. Nick doesn’t think EJ is a good guy and he doesn’t see EJ letting this go. Sami insists she can handle EJ. Nick asks what she is going to do. Sami will do whatever she has to even if it means breaking a few rules. Nick says that is what she normally does – desperate times call for desperate measures. Does that always work for her? She says no but when they’re talking about keeping someone you love from being hurt she’d make this choice all the time. Nick understands. He asks her to be careful. Sami thanks him – he’s a good guy. He leaves.

University Hospital: Lucas meets with Sami’s doctor – he wants to find out what is wrong with Sami’s amnio. Sami’s doctor doesn’t understand. Her office didn’t call and as far as she knows Sami hasn’t had an amnio. EJ smirks as he eavesdrops. Lucas thinks maybe another doctor did the amnio. Her doctor says that is possible but its strange Sami wouldn’t come to her. Lucas agrees. He asks her to check on Dr. Young. She leaves and EJ steps out and asks if everything is alright. Lucas tells him he’s there to see Sami’s doctor. EJ is worried about Sami and the baby. Lucas wants him to get over it – his sick obsession with Sami. Lucas is tired of EJ always hanging around making Sami uncomfortable. He brings up the stunt EJ pulled at the shower. EJ claims that he was being a good friend. Lucas tells him that he works for him – they are not friends.

EJ tells Lucas to calm down. He thinks the word obsession is a little strong. EJ gives his word that he will minimize his contact with Sami. Lucas asks him about moving out. EJ has a place – he should be moving soon. He once again says he has no romantic interest in Sami. Sami’s doctor returns – there is no Dr. Young and Sami never had an amnio. Lucas doesn’t want the doctor to mention this to Sami – she won’t. EJ has disappeared.

Island - Downstairs: Gabby has no idea where Shawn and Belle are. Shawn the coward skulks and hides. Kate suggests to Philip that they go to Sydney to see if they can pick up the trail. Philip thinks that Shawn and Belle had a big bill if they left the ring as payment. Gabby starts asking personal questions and gets snooty with Philip when he won’t answer her. Philip tells Gabby the truth about Belle and Shawn and what horrible people they truly are. Shawn, the big coward, sneaks up the stairs. Philip tells Gabby that he learned the hard way not to trust anyone – he is staying there until he knows she is telling the truth. Philip is going to go room to room. Gabby won’t let him. She continues to lie. Kate found them – room 202 (she looked in the guest register). They head up the stairs.

Island – Upstairs: Shawn barrels into a guy in his rush to the room. Shawn tells Belle they have to go out the window. Belle refuses – they will stay in their room. Philip can’t stay there forever. Shawn disagrees – it will be like this forever. They have to stay one step ahead of Philip. Belle refuses to go anywhere. Philip tells Gabby to open the door – she refuses. Philip pushes the door open – the guy that Shawn ran into in the hallway is inside the room. Philip checks the room – Gabby wants them to leave. Philip wants to know which room is hers. She won’t tell him – he gets her key away from her. He yells to Shawn and Belle that he’s coming after them. They cower. Gabby tries to stop him – he rushes the door. Shawn pushes against the door from the inside. Belle is going to hide with Claire in a closet but it’s full of baby clothes and other stuff like a stroller. Duck comes along and stops Philip. He’s the owner. Gabby tells Duck they’re looking for Shawn and Belle – the couple that checked out earlier. Philip hopes Duck will tell him the truth. Duck covers for Shawn and Belle for some unknown reason. Philip and Kate leave. Duck hopes that gets him out of the doghouse with Gabby. It does.

The cowards come of the room once Gabby tells them it’s safe. Shawn and Belle thank Gabby. Gabby thinks that now that Philip is convinced they are gone this is the safest place for them. Gabby says that if they stay and Shawn fixes up her boat they can take it to Australia and they could use the ring to make a fresh start. She gives Belle back her ring. Belle tells Shawn to put Claire to bed. She then makes a fake apology to Gabby – she doesn’t want Shawn to know that she thought Gabby was interested in him.

Sami’s apt - Part 2: EJ knocks on the door – he wants to talk to Sami. Will answers and is not polite – Sami is in her room. EJ will come back later. Sami asks Will if someone was at the door. EJ was – he doesn’t know what he wanted but he didn’t look too happy. Lucas and Will are talking about painting their faces green and having a ‘hockey’ wedding. Sami is distracted. They get her into the conversation – they start laughing and joking together. In the hallway EJ is on the phone checking on what Sami’s schedule is for tomorrow – he finds out she will be at the Brady Pub. He says that’s perfect.

Preview: Lucas to Sami – I’m just trying to protect you. That’s what people do when they love somebody, right? Chelsea to Abby – Why would I go back to Salem when the only thing waiting for me is a jail cell. Philip to Willow – If you want me to come the next you call you damn well better tell me right now. Willow – Okay, okay, it was EJ Wells. Kayla to EJ – I’m not giving up until you are arrested and put away where you can’t hurt anyone, in a coffin.


Wednesday Apr 3

Pat’s Spoilers

New York: Max is in the shower so Abby thinks this is a good time for her and Chelsea to talk. Chelsea wonders why Abby doesn’t jump in the shower with her (Chelsea’s) ex? Abby brings the conversation back to the hairbrush. Chelsea knows who planted it – Willow. When Abby finds out that Hope found her jewellery in Willow’s room and that Willow is in jail she figures that Chelsea shouldn’t be worried. She should tell her father the truth. Chelsea hasn’t given her dad any reason to believe her especially after all the horrible things she did to him and Hope. Abby reminds Chelsea that Willow started the fire at Shawn’s. She goes on to say no one will believe Willow, she’s a whack job. Chelsea admits to Abby that she asked Nick to destroy the evidence. Abby can’t believe she did that. Chelsea says its fake evidence being used to frame her besides he refused. Max comes out of the bathroom. He asks what’s going on. Chelsea sarcastically tells him she was talking to her one friend and now she can’t because he’s there. Max says – what about Nick. Chelsea insists that Nick is not a friend of hers.

Abby is packing when Chelsea comes out of the washroom. Max left – he took an earlier flight. Chelsea thinks it’s because they don’t want anyone to know about their ‘hook-up’. Jack knocks on the door. He saw a man walk out of the room – who was it? Chelsea covers – it was a maintenance man – her hair dryer blew a fuse. Jack thought maintenance guys wore uniforms. Chelsea thought the same thing which is why she didn’t let him in until he showed his ID. Jack asks Abby if she is ready to go and asks Chelsea if she is staying in New York or going home. Abby asks for five minutes for her and Chelsea to talk. Jack agrees and leaves. Chelsea tells Abby she’ll have to get better with her cover stories if her and Max are going to be sneaking around. Abby doesn’t want to sneak around but she guesses they are going to have to for awhile. Abby steers the conversation back to Chelsea. Chelsea tells Abby that home is somewhere you feel loved and protected – she’s not even living with her mom any longer. Why should she go home when the only thing waiting for her is a prison cell?

Abby thinks she has to go home and tell Bo the truth – if she doesn’t he will think she is guilty. When was the last time she had her brush? Chelsea can’t really remember – she thinks it could have been the night she found out about her mother and Nick. Maybe at the Penthouse Grill. Abby remembers that Willow was there that night. Chelsea is convinced that Willow stole it that night to frame her. She’s the best person for Willow to frame because it’s not that hard to make her dad and Hope think the worst of her. Abby doesn’t know why she’s playing into it then – why did she ask Nick to destroy evidence. She asked him to clear her name so they can be together. Abby says no you asked Nick to put his whole career on the line and maybe go to jail for the possibility of having a future with her. Even Willow doesn’t charge that much. She pretty much asked Nick to sell his soul. Chelsea dismisses what Abby says – Abby can relax, Nick said no. Jack knocks – they need to leave. Abby needs five more minutes. Chelsea leaves them alone. Abby tells Jack that Chelsea got in a fight with her boyfriend. Jack says – someone her own age he hopes. Abby got the message. Jack wants it drummed in her head – Max Brady is too old. Abby doesn’t think there is anything wrong with older guys. Abby rushes him out of the room – he can lecture her on the way to the airport. Abby convinces Chelsea to stop running away from everything that is important – tell Bo the truth – give him a chance. Chelsea will but she’s really scared about what will happen.

Hospital lab: Nick is daydreaming when his new lab partner comes in. He’s upset because he’s being pressured to do a full forensic panel on the hairbrush even though his work is already backed up. Nick offers to run the panel for him. The guy says no, the new boss asked him to do it so he’ll take care of it. He needs coffee first. Nick grabs the brush and his backpack and then has a vision of being arrested by Roman and berated by his new lab partner. He puts the brush back. Max drops into the lab to see Nick. He went to see Abby in New York – Chelsea was there too. Max knows it’s none of his business but Chelsea thinks she can’t count on Nick anymore. He walked away from Chelsea once when she needed him – not that it was his fault. Nick understands – it’s the same for him. Max thinks that if Chelsea walks away this time from her mom and the people she really cares about she won’t make it back. Nick thanks Max for the heads up. Max gives him the number for the hotel in New York. Chelsea is worth it – doesn’t he think? He leaves. Nick says yes she is worth it and he steals the brush and sticks it in his back pack.

Chez Rouge – Part 1: Roman joins Kayla and asks her what her news is. Kayla knows who forced Steve to take John from the hospital. Roman asks if Steve named names. No he didn’t – Kayla shows him the pictures she took of Stefano’s kidney transplant incision. Roman is not happy she went to Italy and he asks her what she thinks EJ is going to do when he finds out. Kayla informs him he already knows – she called and told him. Roman asks her if she is trying to get herself killed. She is trying to save Steve’s life. She can’t sit around and watch as Stefano and EJ call all the shots. Roman asks her if she thinks those photos are going to bring them down. Kayla thinks they are a start. Roman doesn’t think that going after the DiMera’s by herself is going to solve anything. Roman is not happy when he finds out that she didn’t go alone – Max went with her. Roman is going to tell Max the same thing he’s telling her – stay out of this. He asks where Max is. Kayla tells him he stayed in New York to see Abby. Kayla knows that Roman doesn’t like to see his family in danger but they have been since EJ came to Salem. He came to carry out his father’s vendetta against the Brady’s. He’s after every one of them including Roman’s daughter Sami. Isn’t he afraid of what EJ could do to her?

Brady Pub: EJ spies on Lucas and Sami (he’s outside, they’re inside). Sami meets Carly, the editor in chief of knot.com. They start talking about the wedding. Sami likes most of the suggestions but she has a problem with the honeymoon. She doesn’t want to spend her honeymoon in a camper … no outhouses. Carly suggests an alternative – there are some green resorts. She’ll get her the information. Carly mentions an article she gave Sami to read about bio-degradable birdseed vs wild rice. Sami left the article in the car – she’ll go and get it. She confronts EJ – why is he stalking her. EJ asks her if she really thought he would be fooled by her pathetic forgery. He has proof. Sami states that is not possible. EJ tells her to swear on her baby’s life. Sami refuses. EJ says her own doctor confirmed it - she never had an amnio. Sami knows her medical records are confidential and Dr. Jacobs would never … EJ cuts in and say never discuss your pregnancy with the man she assumes is the father. He leads Sami to believe that Lucas went to see her doctor behind her back – Sami isn’t the only one with secrets.

Sami thinks that if Lucas did go see her doctor it’s because he’s worried about her. EJ thinks Lucas went to see the doctor because he thinks the baby may not be his. Sami insists that Lucas knows the baby is his. EJ isn’t so sure – Kate thinks that they (he and Sami) slept together the night Lucas was trapped in the cabin and she’s told Lucas that. Sami says Kate doesn’t know anything. Sami wants him to leave them alone. He can’t. She asked him once if he would kill her. He couldn’t hurt her or her baby, he grabs her around the neck, but the people she loves – he’d harm them. She’s coming very close to losing everything – don’t make him do this. Sami goes back inside – she must have left the article at home. She says she’s feeling a little nauseous. Could they reschedule the meeting? Carly agrees and leaves. Sami asks Lucas if he went to see her doctor yesterday. He did. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her – why did he lie? He didn’t lie. He got a phone call from her doctor – he wanted to talk about her amnio. Sami says you know I switched doctors. She has a female doctor now. He knows but he thought maybe she went to a specialist. Sami says you are this baby’s father, I would tell you if something was wrong. He knows she would but he remembered that blank lab report – he thought maybe she was protecting him. He should have asked her but he wanted to protect her – that’s what you do when you love somebody, right? Lucas asks her how she knew about his visit to the doctor. He realises that EJ told her – that EJ was bothering her. He gets really upset and rants – what business is it of EJ’s that he saw her doctor. Sami says it wasn’t like that – he brought it up in passing – it was nothing. Lucas asks her why she is shaking then. Sami convinces him it’s because she didn’t eat – she just wants to go home and lie down. She assures him that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Jail: Philip has come at Willow’s request. He tells her that he missed Claire by one day. She knew they were alive. Philip blames her for the fact that they got away from him the last time. He wants one good reason why he should stay. She gives him two, his half-sister and Chelsea. Chelsea is the reason she is in here – Chelsea broke into Bo and Hope’s house and torched the place. Phil thinks that sounds like something Willow would do. Willow swears she is innocent. Chelsea dropped a brush in the house and the police found it. They’ll find out it isn’t her hair. Philip asks her how she knows it’s Chelsea’s. She practically admitted it – she planted Hope’s jewellery in her room. Philip wonders why Chelsea would do that. Willow thinks it’s because she hates her. Chelsea wanted to pin it on someone that the police would believe did it. Phil says that’s almost plausible. He’ll get her out of there on one condition – she starts over and this time she tells the truth.

Willow says she is telling the truth. She doesn’t know why Chelsea did what she did. Philip is not buying it. When Zack died it just about killed Chelsea – she would never do anything to hurt Hope or her baby sister. Willow says maybe it was an accident. Philip – says now we’re getting somewhere. Chelsea didn’t have anything to do with this – it was you. She reminds him that Hope is paying her medical expenses – why would she screw that up? Philip thinks she might if she thought she would make more money burning the house down. Someone hired her to do their dirty work, didn’t they? He wants to know who is going after Bo – he’s his half-brother. Willow says like you care about him. Philip does care about finding out where Shawn is. Philip thinks this is all connected. If she wants him to help her she better tell him. At first she says she can’t but then she tells him it was EJ Wells. She asks Philip not to tell anyone – if EJ found out she told … Philip says if she’s scared of Wells try crossing a Kiriakis. She asks him where he’s going – he promised to help her. He is – the safest place for her is behind bars.

Chez Rouge – Part 2: Kayla is outside rummaging in her purse for her keys. She finds them and drops them. EJ picks them up. He wants to have a little chat. Inside Maggie joins Roman. Roman wants to talk to Max so he asks Maggie if she could ask Abby to give Max a message for him. Maggie asks why he thinks Abby would know where Max is. Roman tells her that Kayla told him that she and Max had gone out of the country but he stayed in New York to see Abby. Maggie will pass the message on. Kayla thinks EJ made a mistake if he thought that he wouldn’t have to pay for everything he’s done. EJ hoped she enjoyed her adventure. He gathers Kayla’s brother didn’t think much of this ‘evidence’ she came home with. Kayla says it will help with the case they are building. EJ taunts her – she seriously underestimates who he is and what he could do to her and those close to her. Kayla thinks he underestimates her. She could have killed Stefano but she didn’t because she’s not him. Kayla tells him that he doesn’t control her. She won’t give up until he’s behind bars or in a coffin. EJ threatens that if she goes near his father again she’ll be the one ending up in a coffin. He holds out her keys to her and then drops them to the ground.

Preview: Max to Roman – As long as the DiMera’s are going after my family I’m not backing down, not for anyone. Kate to Lucas – Your bride is the problem. So don’t cancel the wedding for my sake, do it for your sake. Nick to Chelsea (showing her the evidence bag) – Looks like somebody walked away with your hairbrush. Chelsea hugs him. Sami to EJ – I’m not a weak woman and I know you’re not a weak man. They kiss.


Thursday Apr 5

Pat’s Spoilers

Police Station: Chelsea wants to see Detective Brady. He’s out on a case. Chelsea will wait. Willow is brought in. The cop will call her public defender. Chelsea takes the opportunity to insult Willow. Willow gets the last word – when Bo finds out it was Chelsea’s hairbrush in his house, Chelsea will be the one in jail. Chelsea accuses Willow of stealing her brush and setting her up – her Dad will figure that out. Willow says she had no reason to torch the place but Chelsea did. After her mom went Mrs. Robinson on baby Einstein – is that called acting out? When your mom looks better to your man than you do you better give up. Chelsea tells her to shut up. Willow tells her it’s not too bad in jail as long as she doesn’t mind batting for the other team. Nick comes in and Chelsea runs into his arms. Willow says gag me – so do I. Chelsea tells him it was unfair of her to ask him what she did. He promises her everything will be okay. Chelsea asks the cops to take Willow away and they do – huh, why – who the heck is Chelsea?

Chelsea tells Nick that she knows that Willow stole her brush but she can’t prove it. Nick believes her. Chelsea says but not enough to help me. She doesn’t blame him – she basically told him that they were over unless he helped her. Nick did help – he proudly shows her how low he has sunk. She hugs him when she sees the brush in his backpack. Chelsea thinks he can get in a lot of trouble. He thinks nothing could be worse than losing the girl of his dreams – she’s worth it. Chelsea plays him – so you really do care for me. Nick loves her – so let him worry about trashing his life. Chelsea latches on to the word that counts – trash – they’ll throw the brush in the trash can here. The police won’t think to look for it in their own back yard. She throws it in the trash. Nick wants to get out there. She thinks he should go first because she’s supposed to be waiting for her dad. Nick wonders if she is just trying to get rid of him now that he’s done what she wanted – it’s been a pattern in his life. To stop him from listing all the times it happened to him she kisses him. She promises that she is not using him. He asks her if she forgives him for what he did with her mom. She mumbles and kisses him again. Chelsea thinks they need to come up with a story for Nick’s boss. She’ll go in and tell the cops that something came up and she’ll come back later. While she’s gone Nick takes the brush out of the trash and puts it back in his backpack. Chelsea comes back and they leave.

Sami’s apt – Part 1: Sami’s phone rings. She looks at the caller ID and grimaces. She answers saying I told you not to call me here. EJ starts talking about Lucas’s visit to her doctor. Sami is upset that EJ set up Lucas by pretending to be a doctor. EJ did what he had to do considering she gave him a fake amnio report. He had to sort out what was real and what was Sami being Sami. He wants to talk. Sami says Lucas is going to meet his mother for lunch. EJ tells her to call him when Lucas leaves. She asks him if he is insane. No, he’s a DiMera. Lucas asks who called. Sami lies – a telemarketer. Once they find out you’re planning a wedding they swarm like vultures. Lucas asks her what they were trying to sell her. She doesn’t remember. He picks up the phone and checks the caller ID. He asks Sami why she is lying – why is EJ Wells calling her. Sami says it was just EJ being EJ. Lucas thinks they need a fresh start – they should move. EJ still thinks he is in the game with Sami. Sami insists the game is over because she loves Lucas. Lucas wants to go after EJ and Sami admits if the situation were reversed she’d want to scratch the woman’s eyes out but Lucas would tell her to let it go. Their love is all that matters. She doesn’t want anything to come between them. Lucas says they are for real this time – they are a very happy family. They kiss.

They sit on the couch. Lucas talks about the book on pregnant women that he is reading - it says that pregnant women sometimes feel sad. Sami talks about John reading her favourite story to her over and over again. She was the princess of course but it was kind of sad too because the princess knew that she had to be home by midnight. Her life would go back to being what it was. Lucas assures her their party will never end. Sami says not even if an evil ogre tells you a terrible lie about me. Lucas will beat up the ogre. Sami reminds him the evil queen is waiting to have lunch with him. He could cancel. She assures him she will be fine. He makes her promise to call if she needs him. She smiles at him but as soon as he closes the door she starts to cry.

Chez Rouge – Part 1: Kate enters laden with shopping bags. She and EJ chat. Kate is thinking of doing an intervention – she is going to cure Lucas of his addiction to Sami. EJ surmises that shopping didn’t improve her mood. She didn’t find anything to wear to the wedding now that Sami has decided on an environmentally friendly wedding. She’s thinking of buying something in funereal black. EJ suggests red – it’s exciting. It wouldn’t be appropriate for the wedding but it would be appropriate for the party afterward to celebrate them not getting married. EJ gives her an analogy – if she had a race horse that never won a race sooner or later you would give up on it. Taking in Sami’s track wedding the chance of the wedding happening is small and the marriage lasting … Kate reminds EJ that a baby is involved – that bonds Sami and Lucas. Love is blind. EJ tells her that marriage opens the eyes. Kate wants Lucas’s eyes to be opened before he walks down the aisle. EJ thinks she may get her wish. Kate mentions that EJ has been making a lot of innuendoes about Sami and Lucas’s relationship – if he knows anything she wants him to tell her. He smirks. Kate believes the wedding will happen because Sami gets what Sami wants. EJ asks Kate why Sami wants to marry Lucas. Kate says love, respectability – Sami’s family has it but Sami doesn’t, she wants everything. EJ’s phone rings – it’s Sami. Lucas has just left. EJ tells Kate he has to go back to the office.

Brady Pub: Roman greets ‘Father’ Brady. Max gets it – Roman has talked to Kayla and he’s pissed. Kayla needed help and she asked him and he said yes. Roman feels that Max should have helped by talking sense into her not running off to play dress up. They got away because Stefano didn’t hire better help. Roman brings up the fact that Kayla is a doctor and Max is a mechanic – from now on he is to leave the DiMera’s to him. It’s not his fight. Max disagrees – EJ tried to kill him, he hurt Stephanie and he did all that stuff to Steve. As long as the DiMera’s are going after his family he’s in this – he’s not backing down. Roman isn’t lecturing him but he thinks Max has more courage than he has sense. EJ is a clear and present danger – with Max it’s personal because EJ tried to kill him. When it’s personal you make mistakes. As a cop he’s trained to step back. The next time Kayla asks for help he wants Max to tell her to call him or Bo. Max says – you mean her real brothers. Roman treats him like an outsider. Roman assures him that’s not the case. They come to an understanding. Roman wants to know about the rest of his trip – his visit to see Abby. Max thinks Kayla has a big mouth. Roman wants to know what the deal is between Max and Abby. Max says nothing happened – they talked and then Chelsea showed up and he slept on a chair. Roman teases him. Roman figures he had a lot of time to call then he realises that Max didn’t get his message. Max asks what message. He can’t believe that Maggie knows that he and Abby met up in New York. Roman asks if that is a problem. Max says yes.

Chez Rouge – Part 2: Lucas apologises for being late. He orders their drinks – non-alcoholic for him. Kate asks how Sami is. Lucas thinks she almost sounded sincere. Lucas looks around to see if EJ is around. Kate says he left. Lucas is happy – he’s like a bad rash they can’t get rid of. They’re thinking of a change – getting EJ out of their lives for good. Kate wants to know how EJ is in their lives aside from work. Lucas will tell her but he wants her to just listen. There’s something going on between EJ and Sami. One minute Sami is all excited about the wedding the next she’s fearful, expecting something to go wrong. Kate thinks its pre-wedding jitters. Lucas is revealed – all women get like that, right. Kate doesn’t think Sami is the normal bride. Kate is wondering if there isn’t a reason that Sami has changed her mind about marrying him.

Lucas is upset with her for not even asking if he was alright, if there was anything she could do – she immediately assumes the wedding isn’t going to happen. When Lucas says he isn’t going to stick around to hear this again – Kate mentions that she isn’t the only one that thinks this way. EJ does as well. Lucas is upset about that – he’s going to go after EJ. Kate says going after EJ won’t solve anything because EJ isn’t the problem, she’s not the problem – his bride is the problem. She wants him to call off the wedding not for her but for himself. Lucas thinks Kate trusts EJ’s instincts more than his. Kate says he’s in love – he can’t see clearly. She believes Sami is going to hurt him. She asks him how many times has he seen Sami crying, how many times as he talked her down from the edge – does that sound like a woman ready to be married? Lucas is not happy that his mother talked to EJ about his personal life. He wants Kate to give EJ this message and it goes for her as well – if they hurt Sami, they hurt him. He’s only going to say this once. He doesn’t care if she comes to the wedding or if she accepts Sami. If she asks him to chose between her and Sami he will chose Sami every time. He doesn’t stay for lunch.

Sami’s apt – Part 2: EJ bangs on the door and then orders Sami to shut it when he enters. He starts calling Lucas to tell him that Sami has been unfaithful to him. Sami takes the phone and throws it. EJ growls – she didn’t really want to do that. Sami doesn’t want Lucas to find out this way. EJ says what – that he’s not the father of your baby. Sami wants him to stop saying that. EJ thinks Sami will waste her life with Lucas. He’s like a flipping lapdog. Sami tells him not to talk about Lucas like that. EJ thinks that Lucas will get nothing because people like Lucas are worth nothing. Sami remembers Celeste telling her that she has something EJ wants – he wants her. Sami says OMG – Lucas doesn’t deserve this. She can’t do this anymore. She can’t let him live the fantasy that he’s this baby’s father when the two of them know that EJ is. Sami has known that all along. EJ smirks.

EJ wants to know why she went through such elaborate means to deceive him if she knew the baby was his. She didn’t want him to take her child and disappear right after the baby was born. He told her he was going to do it and she knows what his family is capable of him. EJ is furious that she would rather have Lucas raise their baby. Sami says Lucas knows something is up – she can’t look him in the eye. He knows the real lie – that what she really wants is for the baby to be EJ’s. EJ congratulates her on her performance. Why would she possibly want this baby to be his? Sami doesn’t want her son and daughter to ever feel like she does now, weak and manipulated. She wants her child to grow up strong and in control, to face his enemies and she knows EJ can teach him that he can have anything he wants. She wants him to be a DiMera.

EJ wants to know why she thinks he would take this baby. Sami answers – that’s what you people do. You take what you want and you don’t care who gets hurt. If she has such a low opinion of him why does she want him to be the father of her child? Sami will do whatever she has to do to keep this baby. EJ says fine – under the following conditions. She gave a pretty convincing performance but he’s not completed convinced. First she has to tell Lucas that there is only a 50% chance he’s the baby’s father. Then she has to get the medical stuff out of the way so they can confirm her suspicions. Sami says Lucas will leave her. EJ thinks that will make his second condition easy for her to follow through on – the wedding, engagement off. Then if he is the father – he will look after her and the baby for the rest of the pregnancy. She will stay with him. Agreed? This is a limited time offer. If she dares to string him along he’s going to call Lucas and tell him they spent the night together. Sami will do it – all of it. EJ says there is still the issue of her keeping up her end of the bargain. She said she would and she will. EJ says Sami says a lot of things and they don’t all turn out to be credible. If he thought she was sincere it would change everything between them. Sami thinks back to Celeste telling her that EJ wants her – if she uses that, EJ will come to her. Sami tells EJ he would be a fool to trust her again. She approaches him – she doesn’t think he should take his eyes off of her, watch her every move, don’t listen to a word she says or how she says it. He shouldn’t take anything at face value. Trust weakens people and she knows he’s not a weak and no matter what he thinks of her, she’s not a weak woman. She slowly kisses him – EJ holds her face and kisses her back.

Preview: Lucas to Billie – No one has been able to pin a thing on this guy but it looks like I got him right now. Billie – I’m not going to let you take him down. Kate to Celeste – You and dear, sweet Sami, the oddest, odd couple in Salem I would say. Celeste – Oh would you shut up Kate. EJ to Sami – If you are not going to be my wife then I’m not going to let you be a mother to this child. Abe to Celeste – If there’s something you want to tell me now is the time.


Friday Apr 6

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: Abe toasts to Celeste – to a remarkable friend. It’s good to be out. For the last few months she has been his strength. He has lost his job, his eyesight and Lexie – Celeste has been a godsend to him and Theo. Celeste sees so much of Alexandra in Theo. It’s been great to be part of a family again – they’ve been there for each other. Kate intrudes. She wants to talk to Celeste. Kate demands to know what the hell is going on between Sami and Celeste. Abe tries to get her to leave but Kate is happy Abe is there to hear this. Kate senses a conspiracy between Sami and Celeste. They are the oddest odd couple in Salem. Kate thinks that after everything Sami did to Lexie the fact that Lexie’s mother and Sami are now thick as thieves makes a person wonder. Abe isn’t curious about it all. Kate knows that Sami and Celeste are cooking up a scheme and it concerns her son. She doesn’t care what they do – she just wants to know what it is because she has to stop her son from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Kate asks Abe if he knew Celeste crashed Sami’s wedding shower and EJ caught them together at the Penthouse Grill sharing secrets. Something is going on and she is not leaving until she finds out what it is. Celeste tells Kate to shut up. First Kate accuses of her of disrespecting her daughter’s memory because she talked to Sami and then she shames her own son by accusing him of not knowing his own heart. Kate doesn’t want this put back on her. Celeste says it is about Kate – her pettiness and her jealousies. Abe thinks they should calm down – both women claim to be calm. Kate calls Celeste a liar. Celeste admits to talking to Sami – she asked for and received a truce from Samantha. Kate says that is a crock. Kate thinks their secret is about what happened in that cabin the night Sami claims to have saved Lucas’s life. Abe and Kate rehash the entire thing. Kate claims that Sami had help and somehow Celeste found out and she’s keeping it from Abe. Kate wants to know what Abe’s instinct is telling him about what is going on right now. Abe’s instincts tell him that if Celeste says there is nothing to this conspiracy theory of Kate’s then he believes her. Abe asks Kate that if Sami didn’t save Lucas’s life how could Celeste know that. Kate believes Sami told her or Celeste found out somehow or perhaps Lexie told her. Celeste asks Kate – why would she protect Sami. Kate doesn’t know. LOL – Celeste asks – darling, do you know anything. Abe thinks that is a good question.

Kate gives up. Abe doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. That shouldn’t surprise her – after all he spent all those years with Lexie believing her until he finally threw her out for cheating on him. Abe gets very upset with Kate. She’s acting concerned about Sami and her relationship with EJ when she is sleeping with the bastard. Kate has this twisted sense of morality, this sense of self-importance – she thinks it gives her the right to judge everybody. Kate sarcastically says – gees, I think I offended you. Abe says she offended him the minute she sat down, she offended him by going after the likes of Celeste and Sami Brady while her bed partner is a stone cold killer. Kate says that’s not true. Abe says the PD may not have proof just like Kate doesn’t have proof of all that bull she’s been slinging for the past 30 minutes or so. The whole world knows who and what EJ Wells is except those making a living off of him and Kate is right at the top of the list. Kate reminds Abe of the help she gave the police when asked. Abe tells her until she has rock solid proof of this conspiracy theory he doesn’t want to hear another word about it. Kate thinks that sooner or later Abe is going to find out that she was right. She leaves. Abe is curious about why Celeste and Sami are spending time together. Is there something she wants to tell him. Now’s the time. Celeste tells him the truth is that Sami and her are just trying to heal old wounds. Abe warns her about getting sucked into one of Sami’s messes. He wants her to be careful for his sake and Theo’s. She will. He decides to order some champagne. He’ll be right back.

Lucas’s office: Lucas is going through a stack of printouts. Billie comes in and asks him what’s up. Sami has put a condemned sign on their future, Mom’s in his face and EJ’s PR budget is not adding up. He’s tired of EJ being in his life. EJ’s worked his way into his family. He is partners with Kate, Billie is going into partnership with him and EJ never leaves Sami alone. He’s always showing up unannounced. Every time he leaves Sami is all doom and gloom, crying all the time convinced that something will go wrong. Billie thinks that Sami cries a lot because she’s pregnant. Lucas thinks EJ is freaking her out. Billie thinks Lucas is giving EJ too much credit. Lucas is upset with her for defending the guy that is trying to break up his family. Lucas is worried about the budget. Billie tells him to forget the budget and talk to her. Lucas doesn’t want to. His mom is saying the same old stuff but now she’s added a twist. People are talking that Sami is going to pull a ‘Runaway Bride’ stunt on him. EJ is saying it. Billie tells him not to listen to that stuff or believe any of it. Lucas knows that EJ is up to something but he hasn’t figured out what. EJ brings out every fear and insecurity Sami has about their future together, their wedding – everything. Billie thinks that will all pass once he and Sami are married.

She helps him find the financial records he was looking for. Lucas looks at them – the numbers don’t match. Billie tells Lucas to go talk to the guy. Lucas says there is a problem with that. The Chief Financial Officer is EJ. Lucas points out all the irregularities to Billie. Billie thinks EJ is too smart to leave a paper trail. Lucas thinks people with EJ’s ego don’t think they will get caught. Lucas explains what EJ is doing – it boils down to EJ skimming off the top. The FBI, the Salem PD have been trying to nail this guy and they haven’t been able to. Lucas is happy that he has the stuff that can bring EJ down. Billie is not going to let Lucas take EJ down. Lucas insists that EJ is the only one that could be embezzling the funds. Billie thinks the only problem is Lucas – he hates EJ. Lucas is going to take the 2006 financial statements home and load them on his computer. If he’s right about EJ, the guy is going to find out what it’s like to be blown to the wind. Billie says if EJ is dirty he will take their mother down with him. She could go to jail. Lucas asks Billie what she wants him to do about it. She wants him to let it go.

Sami’s apt: The kiss continues. They make their way to the couch. Sami tells EJ she can’t breathe. EJ tells her that they’ll come up for air when he’s satisfied that she belongs to him like they agreed. He kisses her neck – Sami looks close to tears but kisses him again. Sami tries to stop him – she doesn’t want Lucas walking in on them. EJ doesn’t care – let him find out. Sami thinks there is a way to do it without being cruel. They’re going to do this her way – EJ owes her that much. EJ makes it perfectly clear – nothing is happening her way – he’s calling the shots. He doesn’t trust Sami. She has 24 hours to tell Lucas the wedding is off and the baby is EJ’s. Then she will meet him at that old cabin. She asks why. He tells her if she doesn’t meet him there he’ll call Lucas there and he’ll give him a play by play of what happened that night including details about their little rendezvous by the dashboard lights. Now that he’s made that clear – do they understand each other?

Sami is not very happy about the ultimatums but she agrees to meet him at the cabin tomorrow night at 9. What happens next? EJ says they will go to Vegas on his private jet and there they will go to a wedding chapel and promise to love, honour and obey. Sami tells him the word obey isn’t used any longer. EJ is a traditionalist – it will be included. Sami didn’t realise that this is where they were headed. EJ says it will be out with Lucas and in with EJ. Sami thought she would get a little breathing room. EJ doesn’t have the luxury of time. He likes that a wife can’t testify against her husband. Another advantage is that Lucas will have no claim on the child. Sami tells EJ this isn’t easy for her. She wishes she could turn off her feelings for him because this is hurting Lucas and her family. She can’t seem to stop wanting him. EJ says he’s longed to hear those words from her – then he adds that she is a women trained in seduction. Sami tells him either you believe me or you don’t. She kisses him. EJ rambles on – he came there to carry on his birthright – destroy the Brady’s and then he met her. He fell hard and fast. She upset all of his plans and he lost sight of his goals. He dishonoured his father which is something he vowed never to do. He thinks he is making up for it now by providing the next generation DiMera heir and the most beautiful Brady woman on his arm. If she would have come to him when she first realised she was pregnant with his baby he would have graced her with his love and trust. Now he has to extort them from her. If she denies him she will lose everything, Lucas, her family and the baby. If she is not going to be his wife he will not let her be a mother to this child.

Sami gets why he doesn’t trust her. She tried to set him up with the police. She wonders why he still wants her. He’s surprised by that. Sami says the truth is she wanted him but hated herself for wanting that. EJ is a little more pragmatic. He likes to know what he is getting before he opens the package. Sami says he is getting her, all of her but trust cuts both ways. She has to be able to trust that he will honour her role as this child’s mother, that he won’t take the baby away as soon as it’s born. That’s a vow he intends to keep. He talks about the future he imagines for them. He’s wanted her since the night on the mountain when they created their child. He wants to make love to her. He starts kisses her and tells her to relax – he starts undoing the buttons on her dress. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Lucas. His hands are full, can she open the door. EJ tells Sami to ignore him. She reminds him he gave her 24 hours. She will meet him at the cabin tomorrow night. Lucas yells again. EJ asks her if she still wants to be his wife. She does. He hides in the bathroom as Sami runs to the door. Lucas’s arms are full of packages. He has an organic tux for their green wedding. He’s going to show it to her. She thinks its bad luck for her to see it. She tells him to put it all away. He goes into the bedroom. EJ comes out of the bathroom. He thinks someone is about to have his heart broken. He almost feels sorry for the poor bastard.

Sami wants him to leave. She wants to talk to Lucas and she can’t do that with EJ breathing down her neck. EJ holds her neck in a gentle chokehold – she has a pretty neck – it would be such a shame if she let him down. Sami won’t let him down – she promises. EJ tells her that if she is late he will tell Lucas and the world that they were in on it together. They planned to kill Lucas with that beam and then run away to Mexico. She understands – just go. Lucas calls out that he can’t find his shoes. EJ kisses Sami in the doorway. She closes the door and Lucas comes out of the bedroom. He wants to know who was at the door. She tells him it was school kids selling magazine subscriptions. He asks about his shoes again. She thinks they are in the closet. Lucas makes her laugh. They kiss – he wants more. Sami says they have to stop or he’ll never find his shoes. Lucas agrees – he tells her to call the wedding planner. He realises that she forgot they are having their engagement pictures taken tomorrow night. He thinks it’s at 6 but she better call and check. He goes into the bedroom. She makes a call – It’s me, Sami. I have to talk to you about the plan regarding EJ. I’m in.

EJ & Billie: EJ sees Billie in the hallway and asks her if she has talked to Bo about Century Cell. Billie doesn’t think the time is right. EJ says Bo was just the victim of a home invasion, he can’t think of a better time for them to install a security system. Billie gives a very sarcastic response. She tells EJ that Bo is a friend of hers and Chelsea’s father – she won’t treat him like a trick. She got out of that business a long time ago. EJ tries to give her some business advice. Billie asks if he is saying he wants her to win at any price, at any cost just to make the deal. EJ thinks this was a perfect opportunity and she dropped the ball. Billie doesn’t care what he thinks. She has a daughter in a fragile state, her mother and brother at each other’s throats. She doesn’t have time to listen to a seminar from him about how to succeed in business by lying, cheating and stealing. If she is such a disappointment to him she’ll take her business elsewhere. EJ asks her if something has changed in the way she views him – why does she suddenly want to dissolve their partnership. She says she has had a really bad day. She just wants to be alone – it’s nothing a good long soak in the tub won’t cure.

Preview: Kate to Lucas – The person that you are angry at is not EJ, its Sami. Philip to EJ – I’m not scared of you. EJ – Something we have in common. Philip – As is finding Shawn Brady. Steve to Kayla – Find someone who won’t put you at risk. Kayla – Love is risk. Celeste (striking a match) to Sami – One match and the world will be rid of Elvis DiMera’s evil. Sami – After that I’ll have EJ’s blood on my hands and I’ll be guilty of murder.


Tuesday Apr 10

Pat’s Spoilers

State Hospital – Part 1: Steve is busy throwing cards into a bedpan when Marlena comes to see him. She’s been thinking of him a lot lately. She’s very angry about the way he treated John. Steve had an inkling – the last time he saw her she sprayed him with mace and stuck him with a hypo like he was a wild animal. She didn’t come to attack him. He wants to know why she came because to be truthful she’s the last person he wants to see. Marlena only gave him the tranquilizer because he was trying to get away. He had kidnapped Billie. He was a danger to himself or someone else. Steve makes a few smart remarks about being busy – Marlena calls him on it – stop the bad act – it’s a bore … LOL! Steve wants to know what she wants to talk about. What he did to John was unforgivable. Marlena isn’t here to talk about John – she’s here to talk about him. She’s been talking to Dr. Kraft. Steve wonders what happened to doctor/patient confidentiality or doesn’t that apply to a crazy person. Marlena assures him his patient rights have not been compromised – Dr. Kraft was just sharing an opinion. Marlena brings up the fact that he was brainwashed those 16 years he was missing. Steve wants her to tell him something he doesn’t know already.

Steve makes some sarcastic remarks. Marlena says he can make jokes all day but he has to accept that something was done to him and he’s powerless against it. Steve rants about psycho babble. Marlena understands why Dr. Kraft says she is having a hard time getting past Steve’s defences. Marlena thinks that Steve isn’t taking his meds. There are a lot of reasons he might not be getting better. Whoever brainwashed him put in several blocks to stop him from remembering. She thinks this can be undone if he has the courage to try something radical. He’s not interested. She says too bad, it may be the only way he has of getting out of here. Now, he’s interested. What is this radical approach? Deprogramming. Marlena thinks Steve is going to do it and she’s impressed that he’s willing to try it. Then Steve says they don’t have much time because in a few days he’s going to be beamed up to the mothership. Marlena tries to convince him it can be done. The Steve she used to know would have jumped at the chance to get out of this place. Steve says this is the only Steve she has to work with – the Steve she knew is AWOL. Marlena asks why he’s so afraid to try this.

Chez Rouge – Part 1: Bo is at a table waiting when Kayla joins him. She doesn’t get it – she went all the way to Italy. They discuss the ‘evidence’ she brought which Bo thinks is no evidence at all. Roman already told her this. Kayla thinks Roman is by the book – she was hoping that Bo would think of something. Bo reminds her that the last time he followed his gut he got kicked off the force and EJ brought a lawsuit against the force. Kayla wonders if this is what this is all about – not wanting a lawsuit. Bo is worried about her. He doesn’t want EJ coming after her. Kayla thinks that would mean EJ is taking her seriously and then maybe Roman and Bo would as well. Bo doesn’t want her to end up in a coffin. Kayla says she can take care of herself. Bo tries a different tact – what she is doing is stupid. He and Roman will help her but she has to back away. She can’t – she’s running out of time. Her husband is slipping further and further away. She wants him to use the evidence she brought to bring in EJ for questioning.

They can use that as leverage. Bo points out how EJ’s lawyers would get all the stuff thrown out. The minute she and Max entered Stefano’s hospital room any evidence they would have found was comprised. The only way to get EJ behind bars is to have Steve testify against him but then Steve’s testimony wouldn’t carry much weight in court considering he’s in a mental hospital. He knows it is frustrating but it has to be handled correctly – by the cops – she won’t bring Wells down by herself. Kayla thinks maybe that is what she needs – someone to bring down Wells for her. Bo tells her not to do anything foolish. The only foolish thing she is done is think he would help her. He needs her to be patient. They’re working on something. Kayla knows that he is waiting to hear from Shawn. They’re going to try and get a statement out of him. She points out that they may never hear from him. Bo is sure that Shawn and Belle will want them to know they are safe. Kayla wants to know if she is supposed to just sit around and wait until there is nothing left of her husband to save. Kayla is upset that EJ walks around free because no one has the guts to stand up to him and say that’s enough. She will. Bo tells her to stay away from this. She can’t. She wants him to know f anything does happen to her, her blood will be on his and Roman’s hands. She leaves.

Brady house – Part 1: Outside the house, EJ is on the phone – he doesn’t want this getting out of hand, take care of it tonight. Philip asks him if he putting out a hit. It’s just a business problem that he’s taken care of. The painter is still working inside. EJ is ready to get the cameras installed so he doesn’t miss a minute of the Bo and Hope show especially the episode where they get a call from Shawn D. Philip and EJ, wearing coveralls and carrying tool boxes enter the house claiming to be electricians. EJ uses an Irish accent. The painter wasn’t told that any electricians were coming. He pulls out his phone to check on it. Philip tells him to hang on and pulls out a work order. The painter looks at it and says alright. He asks them to lock up before they leave. He goes out. Philip pulls out a disk that contains the surveillance software. Philip is going to load the software and the Titan IT guys told him how to hide it so no one would know it’s running on the computer. Billie told him the system could handle up to eight cameras. EJ goes upstairs to start installing them there. The painter is outside – he thinks something is not right here. He calls Bo and tells him about the two guys that are inside the house – he doesn’t think they should be there. Bo is on his way.

Kayla: Kayla is driving. She calls Bo and gets his voice mail. She apologises for what she said – she didn’t mean it. She knows that he and Roman are doing everything they can. A car behind her flashes their lights and honks their horn. She wonders why they don’t go around. She opens her window and signals for the vehicle to go around. She presses on the gas and reaches for her phone but drops it. Another set of headlights comes toward her. She hits the ditch.

Brady house – Part 2: EJ comes down the stairs – the equipment is installed. Philip is just finishing up on the software – he installed the cameras and microphones downstairs already. EJ says they don’t have a lot of time – the painter is hanging around outside. He may have called Bo. Philip is done. They pack up. Bo comes up to the painter. He parked down the street – he didn’t want to alert anyone he was back. The painter says the two guys claimed to be electricians. Bo didn’t hire any. Just then the lights inside the house go out. Bo says they’re expecting trouble. He tells the painter to go to his truck and call 911 and ask for backup. No lights or sirens though. Bo goes inside with his gun drawn. Bo puts the lights on. EJ and Philip are on the stairs. Bo checks around. A cop comes in the house. He heard the call. Bo tells him to go around and check out back. The cop has something to tell him – it’s about his sister. He got a call from dispatch. She was in an accident. They took her to University Hospital. Bo asks if anyone else was hurt. The cop says no other vehicles were involved. Bo says there is somebody in this house – probably upstairs. He’s going to the hospital. He wants the cop to go outside and wait for backup and then search the house from top to bottom.

Chez Rouge – Part 2: Philip and EJ are sharing a bottle of champagne congratulating themselves on a job well done. EJ thinks the chances of the Salem PD matching a couple of working class stiffs to them are slim to none. EJ checks to see if the surveillance equipment is working – it is. Philip thinks Billie is a genius. He hopes that she doesn’t find out what they did with the equipment. EJ watches as the Salem PD search the house. Philip proposes a toast to Bo – here’s hoping he finds his son real soon. Philip hopes EJ remembers their deal – he’s the one that will be watching the footage. EJ will call as soon as he hears anything as per their deal. Philip says he better not hold out on him or … EJ says you’re not threatening me are you. Philip isn’t – just reviewing their agreement. If he was threatening him EJ would know it. Philip knows that EJ has his own agenda. Philip doesn’t trust anyone. EJ says that is another thing they have in common. Philip thinks they can have a mutually rewarding association as long as they treat each other as equals. EJ tells Philip to never make the mistake of thinking they are equals. He leaves.

State Hospital – Part 2: Steve wants to know why she cares – what he did to John is unforgivable. She admits to wanting to see him hurt like John was hurting but then she remembered who he was and what he meant to them. He’s a really good man. She knows what the DiMera’s have done. Steve doesn’t think she knows what it’s like to be deprogrammed. He gets really upset. The only reason he’s staying in the hospital is because Kayla promised him that if he behaved himself his little girl wouldn’t have to find out he’s crazy. Marlena thinks the process can be reversed. Steve insists that they cooked his brain and it’s not going to uncooked. He’s not her science project – he wants her to leave him alone. Marlena knew it was a long shot but she thought for Kayla’s sake she had to try but clearly she’s wasting her time. She’s sorry she bothered him. She knocks on the door and the orderly lets her out. Her cell rings. She says oh no, not Kayla. Marlena comes back into the room. Kayla has been brought into the ER. She’s alive – that’s all she knows. She’s leaving when Steve asks if she has $20 he can borrow for the vending machines. She gives it to him and leaves. Steve offers the twenty dollars to Hector the orderly. Hector returns with a bar of lye soap. Steve tells him that he’s got to rinse a few things out. The orderly leaves. Steve takes his shirt off and sticks the bar under his armpit. He lies on his bed. A nurse and the orderly are in the room with Steve. Steve’s temperature is 104. They rush off to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Steve puts the soap bar under his arm again and says I’m coming, Sweetness. I’m coming.

Hospital: Bo is talking to Kayla. She has a concussion so the doctors are keeping in her for a day or two. He asks her if she was driving too fast. She says it wasn’t her fault. He knows – it was his – he got her upset. She says no. There were lights behind – the car wouldn’t pass – then lights came from the front – she had to get away. He tells her to close her eyes and get some sleep. Marlena comes in. Bo tells her Kayla has a pretty bad concussion but she’ll be alright. Someone ran her off the road. Marlena asks if it was EJ. Bo doesn’t know. Marlena wants to know what it will take this time for him to bring EJ in. Bo says Wells will be questioned but they both know that if he was involved they won’t be able to trace it back to him. They’ve been down this road before. Marlena can’t stand this anymore – someone has to stop him. Bo says Kayla was saying the same thing. He shouldn’t have let her get in the car when she was so upset. Marlena says it wasn’t his fault. Kayla is just trying to protect her husband. Bo wonders if Steve knows about this. Marlena says she told him but he didn’t seem to care much. He’s not the same Steve they used to know. Bo agrees.

Preview: Steve (in a Salem PD uniform) to Kayla – I’m sorry, Sweetness. I’m not going anywhere until you tell me how you almost got yourself killed tonight. Bo to Chelsea (Nick is there) – I want to talk to you about the fire. Sami to Lucas – The only way to stop him would be to put him in the ground. Lucas – Are you going to kill him? Steve (holding a gun to EJ’s throat) – If you ever go near Kayla again I will kill you. Do you hear me? EJ – I think you’ve made your point.


Wednesday Apr 11

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady house: Bo comes in and the cop reports that the house is clear. Perhaps the painter over-reacted. Bo doesn’t think so – besides how many electricians would do the work and not leave a bill? The cop leaves. Outside Nick and Chelsea approach the house. Chelsea is apprehensive. Nick doesn’t think they could know about the missing hairbrush. He would have heard about it. Chelsea doesn’t think Bo invited her there to tell her how much he loves her. She knocks and they go in. Bo wants to talk to her about the fire. Bo explains that his number one priority is the safety of his family. He hates that someone broke into his house but that person will be held accountable. Chelsea swears it wasn’t her. She loves them – they are her family. She wouldn’t do anything to hurt any one of them. Bo says he didn’t invite her here to pin this on her. He wanted to apologise to her face to face. First for accusing her and then for not being the kind of father she needed him to be.

Bo tells her that Hope never doubted her – he’s sorry it took him so long. Chelsea is still worried because Willow is claiming that she planted the jewellery in her room. Bo tells her not to worry. They found three pawn brokers that say that Willow tried to sell the jewellery. She’s going to jail for a long time for robbery. (Bo looks so proud that he’s locking up the mother of his grandson). Chelsea asks about the arson charge. Bo says as soon as they get the report back on the brush the case will be closed and Willow will be in jail for a very long time. Chelsea asks – what if the hair doesn’t match Willow. Bo doesn’t think there’s much chance of that happening. Chelsea is happy that Bo believes her. Nick asks Bo when he and Hope are moving back in. Bo says that depends on Nick’s girlfriend because he wants her to move in with them. He and Hope have talked about it and they know Chelsea is working on her relationship with her mom – they thought she might be more comfortable here. Besides it would give him the chance to prove to her that he’s changed as much as she has. It will give them a chance to work on their father daughter relationship. He says they will put her to work – she may have to look after Ciara. She’d like that – Ciara is her sister. Bo says it will be good for Hope to have someone else around when he’s at the office – someone he trusts. His phone rings. He goes outside to take the call. Chelsea is thrilled. Nick is happy for her but there’s still that problem with the hairbrush. The lab is going to notice it is missing and someone is going to ask her questions she doesn’t want to answer.

Bo comes back inside and tells Nick and Chelsea he has to leave – an emergency. He tells Chelsea if her mom is okay with this she can pack up her stuff and he’ll help her move. He leaves. Chelsea doesn’t want Nick to say anything – just let her enjoy this for a little bit. Nick doesn’t want to be a drag but they’re not out of trouble yet. Chelsea thinks they are. Her dad is set on that brush being Willow’s so when it turns up missing he’s going to think she had someone steal it for her. He’ll never connect the dots. The only way they can get busted is if that hairbrush turns up and they can prove it’s hers but that can’t happen because she threw it in the trash, right. Nick says right. Chelsea says they are home free, in the clear – it’s all because of him. She kisses him.

Sami’s apt – Part 1: Lucas is on the phone booking a honeymoon suite – he wants the works – something that screams ‘rock star’. Sami calls – Lucas hangs up. Sami comes rushing out of the bedroom. Her mom called. Her Aunt Kayla was in an accident, nothing serious but her mother can’t stay with her so she has to go. Lucas offers to go with her. She tells him to stay and do that work she pulled him away from earlier and to tell Will about the accident. Lucas reminds her of their appointment tomorrow night. He has a surprise for her after the photo shoot. Sami says she has a million things to do for the wedding. Lucas tells her to delegate. That’s what the wedding planner is for. It’s a romantic surprise and he’s not taking no for an answer. Sami leaves. Outside the door she says – what am I doing? I can’t kill EJ. Lucas is working when Will comes home asking where his Mom is. Lucas tells him about Kayla’s accident. Will thinks everything is raining down on Aunt Kayla – he’d like to visit her tomorrow after school. Lucas thinks that is a good idea. Will asks what’s with all the papers. Lucas says they’re important papers. He has everything he needs to prove that Elvis DiMera is an embezzler. This is the ticket to save their family.

Hospital – Part 1: EJ enters Kayla’s room with a bouquet of yellow roses. He talks to a sleeping Kayla. He did try and warn her but she wouldn’t listen. Maybe she’ll listen now, eh. Steve is wheeled into an exam room. His fever spiked at 105. The doctor says a full blood panel will have to be done. They’ll keep him overnight. The EMT says he’s from State, a Level 3 so he’ll need a guard. A cop comes in. The doctor told the cop that Steve’s fever had broken so he should sleep through the night. Steve starts groaning – he has a wicked headache. He asks the cop to ask the nurse for some aspirin. When the cop leaves Steve pulls some pills from inside his sock and slips them into the cop’s bottle of water. The cop returns and after giving Steve his aspirin he sits down and takes a drink of his water. Sami gets to Kayla’s room just as EJ comes out. She asks him what he’s doing there. He tells her that bad news travels fast. He can tell that she doesn’t quite believe him. He encourages her to start believing in their future. It all starts tomorrow night – they’ll meet at the cabin and then head to Sin City to be married. Is she as excited as he is. She is but she’s also nervous. He understands – she has things she has to do. He wants to know if she has done any of those things on her ‘to do’ list.

The cop is sawing logs now … LOL. Steve takes the keys and unlocks his cuffs. Sami tells EJ that he doesn’t have to worry about Lucas. She will tell him before they go to take the photos. Once Lucas finds out she betrayed him and is carrying EJ’s baby he’ll probably call her a whore and threaten to take Will away from her again. EJ won’t let that happen. Sami thanks him. She will be at the cabin at 9pm and for the rest of her lives she is all his. He tries to kiss her – she says they’re in a public place. EJ thinks her affections have been waning lately. He hopes she isn’t stupid enough to try and play him for a fool. She pushes him further into the waiting room. She understands that on the trust scale of 1-10 his trust level is 0 where she is concerned. She assures him she is happy this baby is his. He wants to know why she’s been so stand-offish. She says all of her life she has hurt people, intentionally or not and what she is about to do to Lucas is the worst of the worst. She doesn’t need EJ pressuring her. He apologises. She tells him to wait 24 hours and then she will give him what he deserves. She will be all his. EJ thinks it will be interesting to see if she is a woman of her word or will she be as foolish as her Aunt Kayla. He kisses her and leaves. The nurse goes into Steve’s room and checks his pulse – it’s dark. The person in the bed is the cop. After the nurse leaves Steve comes out wearing the cop’s uniform.

Sami comes in to visit Kayla. Kayla is disoriented. Sami tells her she was in an accident but she’s going to be okay. Kayla doesn’t want Steve to be told. He says too late. Kayla tells him he has to get back to the hospital. Steve asks Sami to go outside and run interference – she will knock on the door if anyone comes. Kayla tries to get Steve to go back but he refuses. He’s not going anywhere until she tells him how she almost got herself killed tonight. Kayla tells him how the accident happened – she figures the car coming towards her was waiting for her. Now that he knows he has to go. Steve knows this was Wells – he warned her. Kayla says there is no proof besides why does he care. He says they are over – what’s he trying to prove. He isn’t trying to prove anything. She asks him again why he cares. He thinks the better question is why does she care. He does nothing but hurt her but she continues to fight for him. He’s trying to look out for her like she did for him. She asks him to call Bo and Roman and tell them that EJ forced him to kidnap John. Steve says that bastard does not control him and tonight he’s going to prove that. Kayla wants to know what he’s going to do. He tells her he’ll be back to check on her later. He goes out and tells Sami he needs to borrow her car. He has an errand to run. Sami goes into Kayla’s room and asks her who she is calling. Kayla is calling Bo to tell him Steve escaped. Sami says but he’ll be arrested. Kayla needs Bo to stop him – she thinks Steve is going to kill EJ. Sami takes the phone and hangs it up. Would that be so bad? What if he did kill the bastard?

Sami’s apt – Part 2: There’s a knock on the door. Will answers – it’s EJ. Will says – oh hey, EJ. I was just talking to my dad about how I haven’t seen enough of EJ today. EJ wanted to talk to Will – technical question. Can he take images from a cell phone and put them on a television screen. Will says it’s kind of complicated. He needs a multi-function converter. He explains a bit more and then tells EJ where he can buy one. EJ is going to leave but Lucas wants to talk to him. He asks Will to leave them alone. EJ looks at the papers – he realises they are from Mythic. Lucas tells him that he’s looking at the 2006 budget reports and no matter how he crunches the numbers they don’t add up. He wanted to talk to EJ before he called the SEC. EJ thinks Lucas has been busy – these figures are ancient. Lucas says these are figures he gave the stockholders in December – seems like fraud to him. EJ finds out that Lucas has told Kate about this and then figures out that Lucas also told Billie. He hates to burst Lucas’s bubble but his smoking gun isn’t loaded. Even if he told the SEC all he (EJ) would get would be a slap on the wrist and a fine he could easily afford. Lucas thinks that when the stockholders get wind of it they would pull their stock and EJ would go bankrupt – kind of like Enron. EJ points out Lucas, his mother, his sister and his fiancée would all be out of job. Why don’t they cut to the chase – what does Lucas want out of him?

Lucas wants him to stay away from Sami or he’ll call the SEC. EJ makes a joke about Lucas singing the same song. Lucas claims that EJ is obsessed with Sami and it needs to stop. If EJ doesn’t think he’s serious he’ll make a call to his boys in Washington right now. EJ smirks. EJ then tells Lucas he obviously put a lot of thought into this – bravo. Lucas just wants him to stay away from Sami. EJ comments that there is still two weeks until the wedding – one never knows what can happen in that time. He rambles about everyone’s fate being different and then he leaves. Sami returns. Kayla will be released tomorrow. Lucas thinks that is reason to celebrate. Sami wonders why he looks so happy. Lucas says that EJ showed up – it was his final appearance. Sami asks Lucas how he got EJ to agree to that. Lucas threatened him and he blinked. Sami says what have you done. Doesn’t he know what EJ is capable of. Lucas does – that’s why he wants EJ to stay away from their family. Sami thinks that EJ will never leave them alone. The only way to stop him is to put him in the ground. Lucas asks if she is going to kill him. No, it’s just a figure of speech. She doesn’t think it’s smart to put EJ in a corner. Lucas wants to explain what happened. Sami doesn’t want to talk about EJ – she just wants to think about him. She needs him so much – they kiss.

EJ’s apt: EJ is about to unlock his door when Steve grabs him and points at gun into his neck. He warns him that if he ever goes near Kayla again he will kill him. EJ thinks Steve has made his point – he can let him go. Steve says not yet – open the door. They go inside – we hear the sound of a fist connecting with a body part. Bo knocks on the door. EJ answers holding an ice pack to his jaw. Bo came to warn him that Steve Johnson escaped but he’s guessing he’s a little late. EJ doesn’t know anything about that. Bo wants to know how he got the bruise on his face. It’s a funny story – he was cleaning his fist and it went off – just like that. Bo is curious – why is he protecting Steve. Bo’s theory is that if Steve is in jail EJ can’t get him out on a day pass to do his bidding. EJ doesn’t give a damn – Bo can tell that to the DA. He closes the door.

Hospital – Part 2: Sami goes on - why not kill him. EJ has terrorized everyone in their family since the day he came to town. He’s slipped through the cop’s fingers so many times. Who know what he’ll do next. If they don’t get rid of him he’ll own them forever. Kayla says that if Steve kills EJ he’ll be ending his life. She isn’t willing to throw away any chance of a future with her husband for EJ’s skin. Sami asks – what if he thinks of a way to do it without getting caught. Kayla says – nobody gets away with murder. She’s going to call Bo. She asks Bo to find Steve – he’s going after EJ. Bo calls Kayla after he leaves EJ’s place – he stopped by Wells place. EJ claimed he didn’t see Steve but the bruise on his face says different. He’ll keep looking for him. Kayla says she really messed up. She went after EJ, he went after her and then Steve went after him. No judge or hospital will let that slide. Bo thinks if he can find Steve and get him back to the hospital they might catch a break. Kayla wonders where Steve is. Steve is back in his hospital bed putting the cuffs back on. The cop wakes up – his head feels like it was hit by a wrecking ball. How long was he out? Steve says quite a while but don’t worry, it will be our secret.

Preview: Sheriff to Belle and Shawn – Kiriakis put on a bounty on your heads. Belle (reading the flyer) – Quarter of a million dollars? Sheriff – Some people on this island would sell their mothers for a hell of a lot less. Kayla to EJ – That little accident just gives me all the more reason to keep digging until I find enough evidence to put you away. Bo to Steve – He wants you in that loony bin where he can get to you anytime he wants. Gabby to Shawn – There’s an easy way to get off this island. You can take me with you.


Thursday Apr 12

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital – Part 1: Hope has brought Kayla a change of clothing to wear home. They’re just looking at the flowers Kayla received when EJ comes in. He brought the flowers personally when he heard about her unfortunate accident. The cop is working on a crossword puzzle when Bo comes in. He brings a coffee for Steve and tells Mitch his shift is over. Were there are problems last night? Mitch says no problems – he leaves. Steve asks if Bo can unlock the cuffs – he’d like to stretch. Bo thinks he did enough stretching last night. Just how did he get out of the hospital with Mitch sitting right there? Steve insists he didn’t leave the room. Bo doesn’t have time for games. He tells Steve what is said in this room stays in this room. Jail is off the table. Steve asks – no charges? Bo says yes. He shows Steve a bar of lye soap. They say it can make a perfectly healthy person’s body temperature rise high enough that they would have to be hospitalized. They use this soap at the State Hospital. Steve quips – that explains the food. Bo wants to know if it was just a coincidence that the soap was found in the ambulance that brought Steve to the hospital – where he ended up only one floor from his wife. Bo told Steve what he knows now he wants Steve to fill in the blanks. Where did he go when he left the hospital last night?

Hope tells EJ if he wants to confess she’ll get Bo, he’s right upstairs. EJ replies – he understands its illegal to give false testimony to the police. What reason would he have to hurt Kayla? Kayla and Hope list all the reasons. EJ doesn’t like Kayla slandering his name. Kayla wants to know if the flowers and his visit are just his way of reminding her that he can get to her whenever he wants. That little accident didn’t scare her. It just gives her all the more reason to keep digging until she finds enough evidence to put him away for the rest of his miserable life. Steve tells Bo he was right about the soap – they do use it at the cracker factory. Bo asks if it’s hard to get hold of. Steve says not hard. Bo figures Steve put his plan into motion after he heard about Kay’s accident. Steve says it was no accident – Wells paid someone to hurt Kayla. Bo agrees. Steve had to get here to make sure that she was okay. Bo wants to know if he drugged Mitch to get in his uniform. Steve shrugs. Bo tells him that Kay seen him in her room. She phoned him to warn him that he (Steve) was going after EJ. Steve thinks that Kayla got hit on the head pretty hard – she imagined that. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

EJ is beginning to feel like the victim here. Hope calls him a coward. Kayla adds to that – he pays others to do his dirty work for him. EJ will let that slide – Kayla’s distraught because of her husband’s mental illness. Kayla says it’s because of what EJ did to him. Hope adds – just like EJ shoot John. EJ makes smart remark about John possibly adding breathing on his own to the list of things he can do. Hope tries to slap him but he stops her and laughs at her. Hope calls him pathetic. EJ wants to know how Shawn is – he hears the odds of her seeing him again are slim to none. She’s already lost one son, hasn’t she? Compared to her his pathetic life is rather extraordinary. Hope doesn’t want him to ever say her son’s name again. EJ goes on and on about how he liked Shawn – he was a good, loyal employee. Hope wants to know why he brought up Shawn’s name. EJ wouldn’t have if he would have known that she would get so upset. Hope wants to make it clear that no one knows where Shawn is. Kayla tells him not to run anyone off the road hoping to get information about him. EJ wishes Kayla a speedy recovery and leaves. Hope realises that EJ knows that Roman and Bo want Shawn to swear out a statement against him and Patrick. She doesn’t know how EJ found out but EJ’s going after Shawn and she has no way of warning him.

Steve tells Bo that he can’t help him. Is the interrogation over? After Kayla called Bo was sure that Steve would go after Elvis Jr. Steve insists he never left the hospital bed. Bo sees the scrapes on Steve’s knuckles – they look fresh. Steve claims he had an accident with a pottery wheel. Did Elvis swear out a complaint against him? Bo says he will never swear out a complaint against you. He wants you in the loony bin so he can get to you anytime he wants. Bo thinks Steve isn’t crazy, he’s just plain stupid. Kayla doesn’t see how Shawn can bring down EJ. Hope says that his statement that EJ and Patrick conspired to bring down the family would force Patrick to co-operate and turn state’s evidence. If that happens they have a real chance of putting EJ behind bars. Kayla asks Hope if she really thinks that EJ knows about this plan. Hope does – the way EJ said Shawn’s name gave her chills. Hope is going to tell Bo about this. Kayla wonders when they’ll ever be happy again. Hope answers – when EJ is behind bars.

Steve reiterates that he has nothing else to say. He has no idea who clocked Wells last night. Bo knows Wells is lying because he wants Steve in the loony bin. Steve reminds him that he already said that. It’s his problem. Bo says tell that to Kay – she ended up in the hospital. Steve says if you want to arrest me – go ahead. Bo has no evidence. He tries to convince Steve to give him something so that he can put him in jail. He’ll have guards 24 hours. EJ won’t be able to get his hands on him. Steve isn’t interested. Bo tells him to watch his back. If they’re lucky EJ will go after Steve for that cheap shot he gave him last night. If they’re not lucky he’ll go after someone they care about but then Steve doesn’t care about that. Steve asks Bo if he’s trying to guilt him into giving false testimony. Bo knows that Kay doesn’t want Steve going to jail but he asks Steve to just give him something to put him there – he’ll be safe. Steve says no thanks – he just wants to go back to the funny farm. The funny thing is there isn’t anything funny about it. Bo tells him to be careful. Steve will be ready if Wells comes after him. Hope knocks. She needs to talk to Bo, it’s important. Outside of Steve’s room Hope tells Bo that EJ paid Kayla a visit. He asked about Shawn – it was a threat. He knows that they are going to use Shawn to bring him down. Bo has an idea what EJ is up to – they have to go home. He’ll explain on the way.

Island: Belle is sitting on the bed with Claire making up a story from an old magazine. She hears Shawn and Gabby talking outside the door. Shawn and Gabby come in looking the worse for wear. They went a round with a bilge pump and the pump won. Belle asks if the boat is almost ready. Shawn refers to Gabby as a gear-head – that’s a compliment. Gabby leaves to take a shower. Belle wants to know how the boat is really. Shawn says it’s old but sturdy. Plenty of room and not too worry, twin berths. Belle wants to know when the boat will be ready. Shawn lists off a bunch of other stuff he wants to check. Belle wants to a time frame and is not happy when he says a month. She can’t stay on the island that long – she’s going stir crazy. He tries to calm her down with visions of them on the sea on the way to Australia when Gabby busts in. The sheriff is on his way up and he looks pretty … the sheriff steps in and says like he’s got some real bad news. The sheriff wants to talk to Shawn and Belle in private so Gabby takes Claire for a walk. Shawn wants to know what the problem is. The sheriff gives Shawn a flier – there’s about a 100 of these posted on the island. Kiriakis put a bounty on their heads. Belle exclaims ‘a quarter of a million dollars.’ The sheriff warns them that there are people on the island that would sell their mothers for a lot less.

Shawn blusters that he is Claire’s father. The sheriff doesn’t care. Kiriakis must have hired someone to put the fliers up. This whole thing is making him nervous. He wants them to get off this island yesterday. He gives them their fake passports. They’ll need them wherever they are going. Shawn whines that Gabby’s boat isn’t ready. The sheriff tells him to get it ready and get off the island. He leaves. Shawn thinks the answer to their problem is to send Gabby into town to tear down the fliers. Belle thinks Philip knows they are on the island. Shawn doesn’t. Belle says they have no way of knowing but it’s possible that someone could have already contacted Philip. Shawn says they have to get out of there. They need about $600 maybe $500. Belle says if they have to raise money fast she’ll get a job. Shawn protests. Who will watch Claire? She can’t work in town because someone might recognise her and there is no work for her at the hotel. Belle is trying to help. Shawn says she helps by looking after Claire. She is not getting a job. This isn’t about him being a macho jerk – it’s not safe for her. He’s going to get cleaned up. Belle informs him the discussion is not over.

Belle is looking at the ads in the local paper when Shawn comes out of the shower. Shawn makes several smart remarks. The sheriff is right – they have to do something fast. He doesn’t know how they are going to do that without a boat or cash. It’s his job as a dad to protect Claire and her. (Oh gag me please). Gabby knocks – one messy diaper here. Belle goes to change her. Gabby asks about the sheriff’s visit. She turns around when Shawn changes. Shawn shows her the flier – they need to get off the island fast. Gabby says they will work on the boat overtime. Shawn mentions even with Belle working it will take a lot of time to save the money – besides Belle needs to stay with Claire. Gabby offers to look after Claire for nothing if Belle wants to work. Shawn blusters it’s not safe – he doesn’t want her in the middle of their war with Philip. Claire will be better off with him and Belle right now. He appreciates the offer. Gabby tells if there is anything she can do to help, just ask. Shawn says he and Belle need to discuss this (LOL – the guy is delusional – he has no say in anything). Gabby will call in favours to get the parts quicker. Shawn asks if maybe she prints money in the basement. She doesn’t – but there is an easy way to get off this island. Take her with them. She’s sick of being stuck on this sandbar. Shawn callously says it’s not his problem. Gabby can help with the boat and look after Claire. Shawn says Duck will never go for it. Duck doesn’t have to know – he knows there is nothing for her on this island. She has dreams and she has money. About $500 saved – it should be enough for supplies. She wants off the island – please let her come with them. Belle watches.

Sami’s apt: EJ sees Will coming out of the apartment. Will is late for school. EJ asks if he can spare him a few minutes – he has a couple of hundred bucks for him if he can. Will wants to know who he has to kill? EJ bought the converter thing Will told him about. Will says that will do the trick if it’s hooked up right. That’s what EJ wants him to help with. Will wonders why someone from work can’t help him. EJ doesn’t trust them to be discreet. Will still is reluctant to do it until EJ says he’ll ask Robert from 12C to help. Will thinks Robert doesn’t know much – he agrees to help and they go inside. Will is giving EJ instructions – EJ writes the stuff down. Actually their scenes together are quite funny. I won’t go into detail on this part. As he gives the instructions he tells EJ to just give him the phone – he’ll show him what he’s talking about. EJ says the images are for adults only. Will comments that his dad was right – EJ really is a perv. Will gets a call on his cell – it’s his dad. He’ll take the call outside and goes into the hallway. EJ checks out the equipment and watches as Bo and Hope search their house for bugs. EJ shuts down the laptop as soon as Will comes back in. EJ thinks he’ll be able to hook it back up at his place.

Brady house: Outside the house Bo explains what happened last night. The painter called about a couple of electricians showing up. Hope knows they didn’t hire any electricians. Bo thought they were robbing the house but nothing was missing. When she told him about Elvis J’s comments it hit him – they were there to set up surveillance equipment. There’s only one reason EJ would bug their house – to find their son before they do. They haven’t found anything. Hope says that doesn’t mean they’re not being watched. Bo will call the tech guys and have the house swept. Hope doesn’t want the baby in the house until it’s swept. What if they don’t find anything? Bo says if there is something they will find it. Hope wishes they could warn Shawn. Bo says if he calls they’ll think of a reason not to talk to – they’ll come up with an excuse and talk to him later on a secure line. Hope hates this. Bo knows – they will not talk to Shawn until they are sure Elvis Jr isn’t listening to them. EJ does a running commentary on everything they say from this point on – the cameras switch back and forth between the two locations. When Bo tells Hope that EJ will not hurt their family – EJ says shame on your for lying to your wife. Hope thinks Bo is right – they should avoid talking to Shawn. EJ suggests they act as if Shawn is dead – get some practice in, eh.

Hospital – Part 2: Kayla comes to see Steve. He asks how her head is. She didn’t need him here. Steve thinks Wells went too far. Kayla says and you didn’t think it was too far when you stole John’s kidney. He promised her he would go to that hospital and do whatever necessary to break the hold EJ had on him. Steve thinks last night proved that he’s still his own man. Kayla yells no it doesn’t – it just proves he can outsmart some hospital works. He asks if he gets props for that. She asks him if he wants props for stealing John’s kidney. He tells her she better leave. Kayla says he always pushes her away when they start talking about anything real. She asks if he doesn’t believe in them, just a little. He doesn’t want her making this into something it’s not. Kayla reminds them they had a deal – he’d take his meds and work with Dr. Kraft and she wouldn’t tell Stephanie the truth – the deal is off. Their daughter deserves to know where her father is and she’s going to tell her. Steve says no. Steve says if you call her she’ll drop everything and come home to look after him – that’s selfish. He’ll refuse to see her. Kayla says that’s his choice. He says no – it’s hers. What if Stephanie can’t handle this? Kayla says she is strong and if she does have problems, she will help. That’s what good parents do or did EJ erase that memory of his as well. Steve tells her to go ahead and call. Kayla will. She tells him she loves him. She is walking out when he says her name – she hesitates but leaves. Outside his room she calls Stephanie. She has to talk to her about her Papa.

Preview: Abby to Nick – You can protect the integrity of the lab or you can protect Chelsea. You have to make a choice right now before it’s too late. Chelsea to Billie – From now on you’re just Billie to me okay. You and I will never be mother and daughter again. Foley to Steve – I think it’s time for you to go back to your room. Steve – I’m doing fine right here.


Friday Apr 13

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Nick’s lab partner wants Nick to watch the lab. If the Salem PD calls about that damn hairbrush tell them other things take precedence. Nick, the thief, asks if the analysis is done as yet. Abby sees Nick and starts talking about the fight she had with Aunt Maggie about Max. She rambles on but then finally realises Nick isn’t listening to her. Nick has a lot on his mind and it’s due to her good friend Max. A conversation he had with him led him to make a hasty decision. He thinks he’s made the biggest mistake of his life. He tampered with police evidence – he stole Chelsea’s hair brush from the lab. Abby wants to know what Max has to do with this. He doesn’t – he just mentioned that Chelsea said she couldn’t count on him (Nick) so he stole the brush to prove she could. He wasn’t thinking – if the lab finds out he stole it his career is over. Abby tells him to fix it by putting the brush back before they discover it’s missing and tell Chelsea that he won’t break the law for her. If he puts it back Bo and Hope are going to think Chelsea had something to do with the fire – he promised her. Abby, the voice of reason, tells him – you can protect the integrity of the lab or you can protect Chelsea but you can’t do both. She adds you have to make your decision before it’s too late.

Abby points out that Nick has made her an accessory by telling her about this. Nick can’t ruin Chelsea’s life. Abby tells him to stop being so melodramatic – LOL! Chelsea needs to learn to tell the truth and Nick has fallen into a bad habit of lying just like her. Nick tells her about Bo and Hope asking Chelsea to move in – even if she tells them the truth and they believe her, she won’t forgive him again – three strikes and you’re out. Abby hadn’t realised that Chelsea had forgiven him. Nick basically thinks they are back on track. Abby tells Nick that if Chelsea is going to stop caring about him because he won’t steal the brush for her, he’s better off without her. Nick is horrified by that statement. Chelsea left him and it wasn’t until he said he would steal the hairbrush … Abby finishes for him – that’s when she took him back. Chelsea is using him again. Nick thinks that is horrible way to look at. Abby thinks Chelsea needs Nick – not to lie and steal but as her moral compass and Nick is pointing in the wrong direction. She tells Nick to do what he knows is the right thing. If Chelsea would only tell Bo the truth – she stops – you don’t think Chelsea is innocent, do you? Nick doesn’t know but a lot of things don’t make sense. Why would Willow bite the hand that feeds her? Abby thinks that Willow is guilty. Nick just thinks it’s really weird that Chelsea won’t tell Bo the truth unless it isn’t the truth. Nick has to get back to work. Abby tells him this is his chance to put the brush back. Chelsea shows up and plants a big kiss on Nick. His lab partner shows up and informs Nick he can’t find the brush, has he seen it?

Brady house: Chelsea finds a Welcome Home note pinned to the door. Billie approaches. Chelsea wonders if she came to help her move. Billie doesn’t want her to move in – she wants her to move back home with her. Chelsea wants to be part of family. Billie says what about our family. Chelsea says it’s not like you won’t see me again. Billie doesn’t think it will be the same. Chelsea tells her it was never going to be the same because of what Billie did. Billie knows how much it means to her that Dad wants her back in her life. Why is Billie being so selfish? Billie reminds her that she has always stood by her. Chelsea says none of this would be happening if Billie hadn’t slept with Nick. Chelsea compares Billie and Kate’s relationship to hers and Billie’s. She proceeds to insult Billie. Billie wants to know why Chelsea can forgive Nick but not her own mother. Chelsea says ‘who says I forgive Nick?’ Proof positive that Chelsea hasn’t changed at all!!!

Billie wants to know what she is doing with Nick if she hasn’t forgiven him. Chelsea tells her it’s none of her business. Billie warns her that vengeance will only make her feel worse. Chelsea responds sarcastically. She relieves Billie of her motherly duties. She doesn’t even know if they can be friends but she’ll try. Chelsea then goes on to say she knows that Billie was very protective of her, even willing to go to jail for her but – and then Chelsea proceeds to blame everything on Billie. Billie is the reason her father thinks she is a liar. She concedes she made the odd wrong choice but she insinuates she would have never done that if Billie wasn’t in the picture. Billie is a bad influence – that’s why she’s going to live with Bo and Hope. She then has the audacity to say she thought that Billie would be proud of her for figuring that out. She isn’t cutting her out of her life but from now on she’s just Billie to her. Her real mother is the one that raised her – the two of them will never be mother and daughter again.

State Hospital: Dr. Kraft is sitting with Steve and comments that his fever is gone but he has no appetite. Steve asks her if she ever eats this food. She does. Steve sees her with her lunch. He tries to get her to taste the mystery meat but she refuses. He asks his fellow inmates what they have to say about the food. Except for one they all hate it. He knows they’re the bottom feeders of society – do they went to be fed like they’re four-legged creatures or will they stand up on their own two feet and say they won’t take it anymore. Dr. Kraft thinks inciting the patients isn’t going to help. Steve points out that she wants them to be active participants in their treatment. He talks about their freedoms being taken away – they’re kept from their families unless it’s convenient for the doctors … he lists things that are done to some of the patients and ends it by saying they are fed like they are unwanted pets. Dr. Kraft tells him if he has a grievance he has to follow proper protocol. One of the patients throws his food against the wall. Dr. Kraft wants them to calm down. Steve thinks it’s too late for that – they got some righteous indignation going on and it’s a beautiful thing. Foley hauls off the patient that threw his tray. Dr. Kraft and Steve continue their discussion. She gets a call and has to leave. She leaves her lap top behind. Steve gets a patient to distract Foley. Steve gathers the other patients together and they order pizza COD. Foley brings back the other patient and finds Steve singing and dancing with one of the patients. He puts a stop to it. He orders Steve to go back to his room. Steve refuses. Foley pulls out a nightstick – he raises the stick to hit Steve just as a nurse comes in and tells Foley that Sam’s Pizza delivered pizzas and they want their money. The inmates start laughing.

Island: I’m not going to write up these scenes. Reporting on two children bickering is not something I feel up to doing today. So I’m going to summarize their scenes. Belle (the mother of the year) leaves her baby in the bathroom unattended – not only leaves her in there but shuts the door – oh yeah, her main concern is Claire (her words, not mine). Poor kid. Belle makes sure Gabby feels uncomfortable enough to leave even though Shawn told her that he hadn’t answered Gabby’s request because he wanted to talk to her. Belle belittles Shawn and then tries another tactic. She didn’t want to tell him this – she mentions the baby stuff in Gabby’s closet. Shawn trusts Gabby, she doesn’t. Shawn makes a grown-up suggestion – maybe they should ask Gabby why she has all that stuff in her closet. Belle dismisses that – Gabby is going to lie (I think Belle is projecting her specialty onto Gabby). Shawn tells her that he’s trying to do what’s best for them. If they don’t get off the island before Philip shows up he doesn’t want her blaming him when they lose their daughter. Belle whines – Shawn grovels. She tells him point blank that Gabby and he make her feel like a third wheel – of course, the conversation HAS to be about Belle. She thinks Gabby wants Shawn – Shawn is Gabby’s dream guy in Belle’s estimation. Shawn’s response is what a lot of us have been saying for a LONG LONG LONG time and his answer is why Shawn and Belle are doomed – Belle is his dream – well, buddy it’s time to wake up and realise your dream is a nightmare. Of course he tells Belle he’ll do whatever she says. Belle smiles and primps and preens – she got her way so now she’ll be gracious and let Gabby come on HER OWN boat and pay THEIR way to Australia as long as she knows that they part company as soon as they get there.

Preview: Shawn to Gabby – Gabby, you did send that letter, didn’t you? Steve to Foley (struggling) – You need a quicker bat, slugger. Chelsea to Nick – Look at me. Do you believe I’m the person who set fire to my dad’s house? Max to Abby – I think … Abby – You know I don’t care what you think or what anyone else thinks but you know what I do think, Mr. Max Brady, I think you’re one big jerk.


Monday Apr 16

Pat’s Spoilers

State Hospital: After Foley pays the $80 for the pizza’s he comes back to threaten Steve. Steve being Steve taunts him. Foley raises the stick to hit Steve but Steve stops him. Dr. Kraft comes in and tells Foley to stand down and orders him to leave. She tells Steve that by ordering the pizzas using her computer he makes them all look bad. Even the good ones. Steve did it for his fellow patients – look how happy they are. Dr. Kraft tells Steve that because she hasn’t been able to control him and because he hasn’t made any progress she has been removed from his case. He thinks she had put in for a transfer and is just now getting it. She says no – her bosses told her they are going to start a new course of treatment on him. She doesn’t know what. Steve wonders if Marlena could treat him or put in a word for Dr. Kraft. She answers no, Marlena is in private practice. Steve has some powerful and rich people looking out for him. He asks if she can help him find out whom. She can’t – she needs her job. He’s sorry she got caught up in this. She wants him to get well – she thinks he’s a good man. She leaves. Foley returns and sends all the patients back to their rooms except for Steve. He and another big goon lock the doors for a private party.

Hospital: Nick goes with his lab partner to help find the brush. Abby and Chelsea talk. Abby sees right through Chelsea’s lies and manipulations and calls her on them. Chelsea stands there and lies that Nick helped her of his own free will. She went to the station to tell her Dad the truth but Nick showed up with the brush. Her dad finally trusts her – why should she take a chance and possibly lose her chance of having a real family. Abby says – that’s right, it’s all about you – never mind that Nick’s life could be ruined. Abby tells Chelsea that all she does is lie – to everyone, all of the time. For once can’t she think of someone other than herself. Chelsea says even if she wanted to she couldn’t because the hairbrush is gone – she threw it in the trash herself. Abby says than why is Nick asking me if he should put the brush back. Chelsea thinks that Abby misunderstood – Nick wouldn’t do that to her … she stops and says unless he doesn’t believe me. Abby tells Chelsea that Nick is a smart guy. He knew that you were just using him. Chelsea brings up all of the things Nick did to her including sleeping with her mother. Abby says he wanted to tell you right after it happened but he was scared of you. Chelsea realises that Abby knew – she says horrible things to Abby. Nick comes back and sees Abby in tears. She leaves. Nick wants to know why Abby was crying. Chelsea tells him then she asks him if he still has the brush. He avoids the question. She does tell him that she can’t trust him, her mother and Abby – so she doesn’t think they’ll ever be together again. He asks her if she was just using him – she plays the victim. She finally point blank asks him if he doesn’t believe her. He can’t answer. She leaves. His lab partner comes back – the brush is missing. He leaves to tell their boss. Nick says to himself – you better because I don’t think that brush will ever be found.

Island: Gabby is in her closet going through her baby supplies. Shawn knocks on the door. He tells her she can come with them. She hugs him – she’s so excited. They have to make sure Duck doesn’t find out though. Shawn thinks Duck will be hurt. Gabby says he thinks this place is paradise. Being around the three of them has made her realise how much is missing from her life. She wants a baby and a man who loves her. Shawn thinks she will find all that. Belle is talking to a non-existent Claire when Duck knocks and comes in. He found some children’s books. Belle asks if any mail came for them. It didn’t. She mentions the letter they sent to Shawn’s uncle, the Salem police commissioner. Duck says no such letter went out. He goes through every piece of mail that leaves this place and he sure as heck wouldn’t forget a letter addressed to a police department in the U.S. Back in Gabby’s room Shawn tells her that they have to get something straight. When they get on land in Australia they go their separate ways. Agreed? Gabby says so you’re saying that I’m a guest on my own boat and I’m expected to pay three-quarters of the cost. There’s a knock on her door. It’s Belle. She starts blabbing about the letter and keeps asking Gabby if she knows what happened to it. Shawn finally asks Gabby if she mailed the letter. She says it could have fallen behind the bar – she’ll go and look. Belle starts in on Shawn – Gabby is making a play for him. Duck warned her about Gabby wanting to break them up. Gabby didn’t mail the letter because she doesn’t want Shawn going anywhere. Shawn says letters get lost all the time. Yeah, Gabby flirts but she flirts with everyone. Belle doesn’t believe Gabby mailed the letter – is Shawn sure he still wants Gabby going to Australia with them.

Chez Rouge: Max approaches Maggie. He assures her that his visit to New York was completely innocent. She doesn’t see what is innocent about a 24 year old man visiting an 18 year old girl in her hotel room with her father next door completely unaware. Max admits he should have checked in with Jack. Maggie knows him – she has to know he wouldn’t hurt Abby. Maggie knows he’s a player. She doesn’t want Abby dating him. He doesn’t think that is Maggie’s call. Maggie warns him that she doesn’t want to get on her bad side and walks away. Abby comes in. Max tells her what Maggie said. Abby is old enough to make her own decisions. Max has no intention of sneaking around. He thinks Maggie is right. Abby thinks he is a jerk and walks away.

Brady House: Chelsea pouts and feels sorry for herself. All the people she thought she could trust have betrayed her- she’ll show them. She calls Max and tells him her car won’t start. She could really use his help – she’ll make it worth his while. After he agrees to help her she says – now Abby will see what it feels like to be betrayed.

Preview: Chelsea to Max – What you need is someone who knows as much about life as you do. Willow to Nick – I hope you don’t believe everything people say about me. You just have to give me a second chance like you gave Chelsea. Lucas to EJ (Kate is there too) – What do you want? A drum roll or something. EJ – I think you can save the fanfare until I get back with my new bride. Celeste to Sami – The world will be a much safer place because EJ will be roasting in hell.


Tuesday Apr 17

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: The officer tells Nick his girlfriend wants to see him. Blonde, pregnant – Nick doesn’t know who he’s talking about. The cop says you better hope the kid gets her looks. Nick opens the door. Willow says – what do you think of the new digs? Willow is having premature contractions. She and the baby are okay but they’re only keeping her overnight. Nick asks why she wanted to see him. He’s her only friend and she thought he could keep her company. Nick can stay for a few minutes. Willow knows he has to get back to the lab. She’s counting on him to come through for her. The DNA evidence will prove she didn’t start the fire and they’ll have to let her go. Nick has to do right by her – her baby’s life depends on it. Nick tells her he isn’t the tech that will be running the tests. She says he has to – he’s the only one she trusts. Nick lies – he knows the guy running the test – he’s professional. Nick doesn’t see how he can help her. She just wants him to be her friend.

Nothing in her life is right. Shawn, her baby’s daddy has run off. Bo and Hope have cut her off because they think she torched their house. Nick says what about the jewellery. She tried to pawn it. She says that doesn’t mean she stole it. She says it makes no sense that she stole from them – Bo and Hope were helping her out. Righteous Nick says it must have made sense to the police. Willow says they won’t take the word of a pregnant ex-hooker over that of Bo’s daughter. Nick can’t have this conversation with her. She says why – because you’re totally in love with Chelsea, the girl who set me up. Nick is sorry she is in trouble but he doesn’t know what he can do to help her. She wants him to make sure that the hair brush isn’t switched or anything like that. Her life depends on it. Nick knows that. Willow knew from the time she met him that he was a decent guy – one that would never turn his back on a friend. Nick claims he’s no boy scout – he’s not as nice as she thinks. Willow says he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. She doesn’t want him to believe what everyone else says about her. She just wants a second chance like he gave Chelsea. Willow asks Nick to stop by later and maybe bring her sandwich. He will. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for being so good. He leaves her room and runs into Roman. Roman got a call from Dr. Parsons in the forensics lab – the hair brush that was found at the arson scene has come up missing. Nick knows. He tried to find it. He doesn’t know what happened to it. Roman doesn’t think that is true. They both know what happened to that evidence, don’t we?

Brady House: Max knocks on the door. Chelsea comes up behind him – she was going to call and tell him not to come because she was able to get her car started. He’s going to leave because she doesn’t need him. She does need him – old friends are the best. She offers him a beer. He is going to leave but she asks him what his hurry is – she won’t bite. Chelsea guesses that he would be going to a dark bar – they used to date. She knows his moods. Max has had a bad day – he wouldn’t be good company. Chelsea says maybe I need company. You can be the first to help me celebrate my new home. He thinks that she would be for Abby or Nick to do – Chelsea claims they are busy. Max agrees to come in for one beer. They go inside. Max is happy for her. She hugs him. She takes her jacket on and she’s wearing a sheer cropped top with a jewelled black bra underneath. She sits right next to him on the couch. She starts talking about her bedroom and bed. She thinks she will cook Bo and Hope dinner on her first night here as a thank you. It feels like home. Max asks what about what she had with her mom. She says that was okay but his is better. She goes to get him a beer. When she returns he asks her when she decided to go with the baby hooker look. She says in case you have noticed I’m not a baby anymore.

Max really has to get going. Chelsea thought he would tell her about his bad day. She used to be good at relieving all his stress. He says that was the old Chels. She thinks he will feel better if he talks about it. Max has had enough of people telling him what to do. He spills that it was Maggie Horton giving him orders. Chelsea says so this is about Abby. Max doesn’t think he shouldn’t be talking about this with her. Chelsea can’t think of a better person for him to talk to than Abby’s best friend. Max doesn’t think that is cool. Chelsea says she’s not just Abby’s best friend, they used to be really close. She never did understand why it didn’t work out for them. Max tells her not to go there. Maggie thinks Abby is too young for a guy like him – someone that’s been around. Chelsea agrees with Maggie. Abby is too young for him. Some girls like Abby are innocent, naïve and then there are girls like her that are older. She’s done things that Abby never has. What Max needs is someone that knows as much about life as he does. Max reminds her that when they were together she hardly knew her way around the block. She has a good teacher – he’d be surprised by how much she knows now. She kisses him.

Chez Rouge: EJ is pouring champagne. Lucas wants them to hurry this up – he has some place he has to be. EJ thinks good news like good champagne should be savoured. Kate wants to know what they are drinking to. EJ is going out of town to Sin City. Lucas says – that would be any city you’re in. Kate isn’t aware of any Mythic business in Vegas. EJ says it isn’t a business trip. Lucas wants to know if EJ wants a drum roll or something. EJ thinks they should save the fanfare for when he returns with his new bride. Lucas thinks that is weird – he’s been chasing Sami so long, when did he find time to find someone else. EJ claims he is getting married for love. Kate thinks its more likely lust. EJ waxes poetic about his new lady love – when they first met she wasn’t available now she is. EJ tells them he will be on a honeymoon for one week, possibly two. He expects the two of them to cover his work. Lucas isn’t willing to do that. EJ says you make it sound like you have a choice.

Lucas won’t let him dump on all that work on him two weeks before his wedding. He has the right to refuse. EJ has the right to fire him and sue him for breach of contract. Can Lucas really afford that with that expensive wedding coming up. EJ then gives them both a list of the things they have to do. If there’s anything else he’ll send a text message. Lucas gets up to leave – he and Sami are having their picture taken for the newspapers. EJ comments that this will be the last time Lucas sees him as a single man. Lucas says yeah, you’ll be partying in Vegas while we run your company. EJ thinks Lucas will have a lot of time to get his work done besides a lot could happen in two weeks. Lucas wants to know if that statement is code for something. No – he’s just stating the obvious. It’s a crazy world out there.

Kate doesn’t appreciate EJ leaving town with two of Mythic’s biggest events on the calendar. He wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t know she could handle it. She’s very busy with wedding plans. EJ thinks she is busy trying to come up with ways to stop the wedding. EJ knows she can multi-task, she’ll get everything done. He’s going to want her to take on more and more responsibility because he’ll want to spend as much time with his bride as possible. He intends the honeymoon to last the rest of their lives. Kate is sceptical – he’s the last person to run away and get married without having at least three hidden agendas. Kate wants to know who she is. She guesses that it an arranged marriage and he’s marrying her to uphold the DiMera honour. EJ tells her the bride’s name is Brandy Mathas. Kate makes some disparaging comments about her name. EJ tells her she can Google the name and find out about her. He has to leave – he has a plane to catch. He can’t wait to introduce his bride to her – she’s going to love her as much as he does.

Sami’s Apt: Sami tells Celeste she can’t go through with it. Celeste says she has no choice – it’s the perfect plan. Sami can’t see how she can smile for the wedding photographer when she’s only hours away from killing someone. Celeste says she’s a good actress. Tomorrow morning all her troubles will be over. Sami says she will have EJ’s blood on her hands. Celeste asks her if she wants EJ to take her baby away and raise it as DiMera. Sami is worried about going to that cabin – EJ is going to expect her to be happy and excited about marrying him when the truth is she is going to knock him out with a kiss and leave him to burn to death. Celeste says if she wants a happy ending EJ Wells must die tonight. Celeste cautions that EJ must be believe that Sami wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Sami isn’t sure she can do it. Celeste tells her that if she doesn’t think she can go through with it she will leave and that will be the end of it. She starts walking to the door when Sami stops her.

Sami thinks she can talk to EJ, plead with EJ. Celeste reminds her the last time she did that EJ raped her. Sami says and he calls it making love. Maybe if she explained how much he was hurting her, the woman he claims to love … Celeste tells her not to make the mistake of thinking EJ has a heart. Sami thinks he is still human, just like her. Just thinking about actually killing him … Celeste says the fire will kill him. Sami opens Will’s backpack and finds the money. She calls for Will. Where did he get this money from? He did some work for someone. She wants to know who. He says EJ Wells. He earned the money setting up video gear. Sami lectures him – he was alone with EJ – he knows what kind of guy he is. She has warned him not to spend any time with him. Will gets upset – he can take care of himself. Besides – look at her, she spends more time with EJ than anyone. He goes to his room and slams the door. Celeste says see – EJ will destroy everything in your life. As soon as Sami done with the photographer she is to call her. Celeste will drive her to the cabin – they’ll use the back roads. She reminds Sami to coat her lips with lip balm. Sami says – this is it, zero hour. Celeste says tomorrow the world will be a better place because EJ will be roasting in hell.

Lucas grumbles that EJ dumped all this work on his lap and now he’s running off to Vegas to get married. Sami is relieved – that means he won’t be bothering them as much. Sami claims to be nervous about the photo shoot. She just wants this to be over with. She just wants to be his wife already with all the stress of the wedding behind them. Lucas tells her it will happen this time and they will live happily every after. The photographer gets his money shot and leaves. Sami is going to go to the grocery store. Lucas says no – he has plans for them tonight. He booked a suite at the Tower – they are going to feast, they have their own private steward, Jacuzzi – it’s going to be amazing. Sami wishes he had warned her. She has so much to do to get ready for the wedding and he has all this work to do for EJ. Lucas thinks they are both stressed out, especially her with all the wedding plans. She thanks him and tells him she’ll meet him there after she gets the groceries. He says no way – he’s going to pack for them. As soon as Lucas is in the bedroom Sami calls Celeste. Lucas is making it impossible to get rid of him. Celeste tells her she must, EJ is leaving the restaurant. She has to be at the cabin by 9 sharp. Sami says she can’t – Lucas has this romantic night planned. All of their plans for EJ are off – she’s not doing it. Lucas planned this night at the Towers – she can’t get out of it without Lucas being suspicious. Celeste tells her to go – she’ll meet her there. She’ll think of something on the way. Lucas comes out with their packed bag. Sami’s cell rings. She looks at the caller ID and shuts it off. It’s no one important. The only thing that matters tonight is him – she’s all his. EJ leaves Sami a message – he’s leaving for the cabin. She doesn’t want to disappoint him. 9 o’clock. Tick. Tock.

Preview: Willow to Roman – You won’t find anything here, Commissioner. (She drops her hospital gown). You can do a strip search all by yourself. Sami to Celeste – I am not drugging my fiancée. Celeste – Oh but you are my dear. Kate to Lucas – Sami is leaving this hotel room tonight and she’s going to marry EJ. EJ to Philip – What are you going to do if I don’t give it to you? Philip – I’ll take it from you.


Wednesday Apr 18

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady House: Max and Chelsea are kissing. She takes his jacket off. He pushes her away from him and says that’s enough. He wants to know what’s going on. She practically attacked him when he knows she’s not into him anymore. What did she do this time? Chelsea gets upset. Her whole life is practically disintegrating and he like everyone thinks it’s her fault. It wasn’t her that screwed up but his precious little Abigail and her cousin Nick that screwed up. Chelsea opens herself a beer but Max stops her from drinking it. Max wants to know what Abby did. Chelsea tells him that she kept secrets from her. Nick broke her heart twice now. He did two terrible things that Abby knew about. Abby didn’t warn her or say anything to her. Max says so you thought you’d pay her back by jumping my bones. Chelsea says you must think that I’m a total nutcase or an idiot. Right now she feels like both. Max thinks she’s normal.

He thinks it’s normal that when you’re hurt you want payback but he thinks she picked the wrong target. It’s not like Abby was trying to hurt her. What if the situation was reversed. If she knew something totally devastating that would hurt Abby, would she tell her? He doesn’t think so. She’d want to protect her. Max isn’t saying what Abby did was right but he understands the position she was in. Chelsea agrees she may have over-reacted a little but it’s difficult. This whole time Abby knew about Nick and her mom and didn’t say anything. She just can’t stop picturing them in bed together. Max says, whoa, Nick and your mom? Chelsea says yeah, they had sex. Didn’t you know? Chelsea can’t believe that Abby never blabbed a word to him. She didn’t. Max asks if Nick and her mom were having an affair. They claimed it only happened once as if that makes its okay. Max tells her she can’t let something like that ruin the rest of her life – she’s come so far. She wonders how far she has come especially after what she did today. Max won’t tell anyone. She asks if she is just supposed to forget what happened. He tells her to stop playing the victim and take responsibility for her own life and her own happiness starting right now.

Chelsea wonders how she can move on from the hurt Nick caused when she sees him every day in the lab. Max points out that wasn’t her dream job. Do what she needs to do to take care of herself. Chelsea says – I can change jobs and ditch Abby as a friend. Max tells her to stop looking for people to rescue her and then stop blaming them when they don’t. She needs to take responsibility for herself – be her own hero. Chelsea tells Max he’s a really good friend. She hugs him. She knows what she has to do now. She’s going to be fine, she knows it.

Hospital: Roman asks Willow where the hair brush is. It’s missing. He knows she took it. Nick stares. Willow says why would I take it. Roman thinks it’s because her DNA is on it. Willow insists it isn’t. That hair brush was her ticket out of here. Roman claims no one believes her. He browbeats her until Willow is in tears. Nick steps in and suggests that Roman leave Willow alone. Just because the brush was reported missing this morning that doesn’t mean that’s when it was stolen if it was stolen at all. Roman says that is possible but there’s only one way they’ll find out. Willow insists he won’t find anything here. She drops her hospital gown. He can do a strip search right here. Roman tells her to put her gown back on. She’s a sad angry girl that tries to get a rise out of people if she doesn’t get her way or she burns their house down. Willow defends herself. She didn’t burn down anyone’s house. Roman leaves. Willow tells Nick she’s totally screwed. That hair brush was her way out of this and now she’s going to have her baby in prison. Nick says no she won’t. He’s going to fix this right now. He follows Roman out. He hears Roman telling a female officer to search Willow’s room. Nick tells Roman that Willow taking that brush is not plausible. Roman wants to know when he became Willow Stark’s best friend.

Nick denies that they are friends. He hardly knows her. Roman warns him – Willow is trouble. She nearly burned down two houses, she bilked Bo and Hope out of a small fortune and she almost cost Shawn and Belle their daughter. Nick knows that Willow did some bad things but that doesn’t mean she is guilty of this crime. Roman gets on his high horse and rambles on about some story about a scorpion and a frog – Willow is the scorpion and she’ll never change. Nick returns to Willow’s room just as the female cop reports to the commissioner that the room is clean. Willow apologises for flashing him and Roman – she was upset. Nick says with the brush not being here you’re off the hook. All is good. She says no because she is going to take the fall for the arson thanks to the person who really took the brush. She thinks she knows who it is. Chelsea took it. Nick protests vehemently that it wasn’t her. Willow says okay than she had someone do it for her. For a minute and a half she thought it was him but he’s such a boy scout. He’d never do something like that even for Chelsea. She hasn’t met very many good guys. Nick says he’ll check up on her tomorrow. It’s going to be okay. She’d like to believe that but she’s never had good luck and that isn’t going to change now. Nick leaves her room and asks himself – what the hell have I done?

Sami’s Apt – Part 1: Will comments that Kate looks a little stressed. She’s trying to get information on this woman, Brandy Mathas but even Google doesn’t have anything on her. Will doesn’t know her but the name sounds familiar. Will and Kate are playing Scrabble. Will goes to get a soda. Kate uses the tiles to spell Brandy’s name and then starts rearranging them. Will has to TIVO something for his dad. Kate spells out the name Samantha Brady. She says that little bitch and sweeps the tiles on the floor. She tells Will that she’s going to prove to someone that she was right. She’ll be back in a couple of hours.

Hotel: Sami listens to EJ’s message. Lucas reminds her they agreed to give the phone the night off. Tonight is all about them all alone all night long. They kiss. Lucas has a surprise coming from room service – chocolate fondue that she loves. He kisses her again but gets the feeling she’s not into this. She is. It’s been a long day. Maybe she’ll take a shower. Lucas will join her. Her cell rings. Lucas is upset. It’s her mom. It’s important. She has to talk to her. Lucas tells her to hurry and heads off to take a shower. Celeste is outside the door. Sami tells her it’s not going to happen. It’s over. Celeste tells her to calm down. She can make it to the cabin on time. Sami says Lucas planned this entire romantic evening. It would look odd if the bride to be wasn’t there. She can’t get out of it. Celeste says she can. She pulls out the lipstick and tells her to use it on Lucas. One kiss and he’ll be out. Sami refuses to drug her fiancée. Celeste says oh yes you are because you don’t have a choice.

The drug will put Lucas to sleep. She can go to the cabin and be back and Lucas will still be asleep. Sami can’t believe how Celeste can talk about murder as if they’re talking about doing dishes. Celeste claims it is not murder, its justice. Sami agrees to meet Celeste in twenty minutes. She goes back into their room and puts the lipstick on. Towel-clad Lucas comes out of the washroom. Sami apologises for her call taking so long. He likes her new lipstick. She’s just about to kiss him when he pulls back. Is something else bothering her. No, she was worried about her mom but now she’s all his. They’re very close to kissing when Lucas pulls back wondering where there room service is. He phones and complains. They’re just about to kiss again when there’s a knock on the door. Sami doesn’t want him to answer but Lucas thinks it may be room service. He opens the door and Kate is standing there. Lucas wants her to leave; they’re busy. She has to talk to him about business and it can’t wait. Sami tells him to talk to his mom, she’ll go for a shower. Kate won’t talk until she hears the shower then decides she doesn’t trust Sami. She won’t talk until they’re outside the room. As soon as Sami hears the door close she runs to it so she can eavesdrop.

Kate hopes that Lucas can avoid making another horrible mistake in his life. She pressured EJ for more information about this mystery woman. Lucas is going to get this tattooed on his forward so she understands – ‘I don’t care’. Kate says he better care because it involves him. Sami’s phone rings. It’s Celeste. Sami hasn’t done it yet and she doesn’t know if she’ll get the chance. Kate showed up. She knows something. Celeste tells her not to worry about Kate. Kate got a name out of EJ – Brandy Mathas. The name is close to being an anagram – she shows him the notepad with Brandy and Samantha’s names on it. Sami is leaving this hotel room tonight. She’s going to Vegas and she’s going to marry EJ. Lucas can’t believe that Kate believes that. EJ is just getting revenge because he threatened to report him to the SEC. Kate doesn’t think that was a very smart move. Lucas tells her that she’s the one that bought that nonsense. She’s the one that has been played for a fool tonight, not him.

Sami will keep Celeste posted. She goes back to the door. Kate wants Lucas to ask Sami about it and see how she reacts. Lucas isn’t going to say a word to her. He’s going back in there and they’re going to have a romantic night. Sami rushes back to the washroom. Kate tries to get Lucas to believe her but he refuses to listen to anymore of her garbage. He goes back into the room. Sami asks if everything is alright. He says the stuff about EJ isn’t important. He wants her to know that she means everything to him. They’re going to be together … he says part of the wedding vows. She says this is the part where you kiss the bride. They kiss … freeze frame.

Chez Rouge: Philip wants to talk to EJ. EJ doesn’t have time; he’s going out of town. Philip knows; there’s been a change of plans. They made a deal that didn’t include EJ taking off to get married. EJ doesn’t think his personal life is any of Philip’s business. Philip wants to know what happens if Shawn makes contact when EJ is out of town. He wants the phone and converter in his hands before EJ leaves town. If EJ doesn’t give them to him he’ll take them. EJ is still intent on finding Shawn. Philip says it doesn’t matter who has the equipment then. He trusted EJ and now it’s EJ’s turn to trust him. He’ll watch over the house while EJ is gone or the deal is off. EJ agrees but he cautions Philip that if he thinks that he has the upper hand and he tries to pull a fast one on him he’ll find out differently. Philip has lost a leg, had his face rearranged, lost his daughter and had his heart broken. What more could EJ do? EJ hopes that they don’t have to find out what he could come up with.

Sami’s Apt – Part 2: Philip and EJ are outside EJ’s apartment. Philip has all the equipment he needs. Philip thinks it’s pretty complicated. EJ doesn’t have time to show him how it works but he can introduce Philip to his IT guy. He knocks on Sami’s apartment door. Will answers and wants to know what Uncle Philip is doing there with EJ. They’re working on a project together. EJ wants Will to show Philip how to use the converter. Will says Philip can come in but EJ can’t. Philip tells EJ he’ll be in touch and then goes inside. EJ says ‘I hope so, for your sake.’ EJ is just leaving when Kate approaches. She’s on to him. She knows that Brandy Mathas and Samantha Brady are the same person. She doesn’t know what tricks he has up his sleeve but Sami is at the Tower with Lucas and she won’t be leaving there tonight. EJ says we’ll see about that. Kate enters the apartment just as Will finishes explaining how to use the converter. Will says he told EJ to get lost – he was there with Uncle Philip. Kate wants to talk to Philip alone. Why is Philip suddenly so chummy with EJ?

Preview: Kate to Philip – You have to tell me what the two of you are up to. Philip – I can’t stop it, Mom. Belle to Shawn – I don’t trust her. Shawn – It’s starting to sound like you don’t trust me. Willow to Nick and Chelsea – Which one of you came up with the brilliant idea of stealing the hair brush from the lab? Sami to EJ – I’m a woman. I have needs. EJ – I think you’re playing me for a fool.


Thursday Apr 19

Pat’s Spoilers

Hospital: Chelsea goes into Willow’s room. She got her message “I know what you did” and thought she’d show up for a laugh. Willow thinks they should wait for the other guest to show up first. Nick arrives. Chelsea wants to know what is going on. Willow is the one asking the questions – which one of them came up with the brilliant idea to steal the hair brush from the lab. After Nick left she thought about who would want to set her up. Chelsea – because she wants someone else to take the fall and Nick because he’d do anything for the skanky witch that treats him like dirt. Willow asks Nick if he really thought she’d fall for his con – coming in and pretending to be her friend when he was doing damage control for Chelsea. Chelsea states she doesn’t need anyone to do damage control. If Willow thinks she stole the brush prove it. Willow asks Nick if he can live with knowing that she’s going down for this and her baby will be taken away from her. Chelsea tells Willow to call anyone she wants – no one will believe her. She rubs in the fact that Bo asked her to move in with them. Chelsea and Willow exchange words. Chelsea ends with if anyone questioned her about the brush she would just deny it was hers. Willow considers that a confession. Chelsea covers – she was talking about what if’s. Chelsea thinks the only way Willow could know that was her brush was if she stole it and planted it in Bo’s house.

Chelsea uses Nick’s cell and dials the police and gives the phone to Willow. Willow says fine. Just because she’s not calling the cops she’s not giving up. She turns to Nick. She knows he stole the brush because he’d do anything for that freak show bitch. She warns, join team Chelsea but know this, she will turn on you and then what? Chelsea tells Nick not to listen to Willow. Willow asks Nick if he’s already broken the law for Chelsea. Chelsea attacks Willow – Nick holds her back. Nick lies to Willow – he yells that he didn’t take the hair brush. Willow thinks he’s protesting a lot for guy who claims to be innocent. Chelsea’s had enough. She leaves and Nick follows. Chelsea tells Nick she can’t see him anymore. They were never really a couple anyway. Nick thinks that is really nice after everything he has done for her (he’s being sarcastic). She appreciates everything he’s done for her but she needs to move on from him, from Billie, from this job. She needs a clean slate and the only way she can get that is if they take a break from each other. He has to understand that this is what is best for her. Nick congratulates her for putting herself first for a change. Chelsea wants to know what that is supposed to mean. Nick tells her angrily – she knows damn well what it means. He’s this close to losing everything because of that stupid hair brush. She tells him to point the finger at her – he can’t – he won’t get her in trouble. What’s he supposed to do about Willow? Chelsea says if he believes Willow it’s probably for the best that they are over. She leaves. Nick goes back into Willow’s room. He thinks she can use a friend.

Sami’s Apt: Philip tells Kate that EJ and him are working on a project together concerning Billie’s security system. Kate presses until Philip admits that he and EJ have a mutual interest in someone – Shawn Brady. Kate advises him not be get involved with EJ. Philip points out that Kate is involved with EJ. Kate tells Philip he can’t handle EJ because he’s a cold, ruthless man much like Philip’s father. Philip is nothing like them. Neither Victor nor EJ have a conscious, they show no mercy. Other people have thought they could handle EJ and they’ve either been terribly hurt or they disappear. She doesn’t want that happening to him. Philip thinks she is saying he doesn’t measure up to EJ and Victor. She isn’t – she’s saying he has a heart and they don’t. She lists several examples. It’s not a weakness to be caring, considerate and compassionate. EJ is only going to see Philip’s big heart as a target. He has to tell her what he and EJ have planned and then they have to figure out how to stop it. Philip tells her he can’t stop it.

EJ mentioned that he was looking for Shawn too. Philip doesn’t know why EJ wants to find Shawn, he didn’t press for any information. He admits that they installed Billie’s surveillance system at the Brady’s. As soon as Shawn calls he’ll be on the next plane after he notifies EJ. Kate thinks that if Philip does tip off EJ to where Shawn is he’d be signing his death warrant. Philip says she doesn’t know EJ is going to kill Shawn. EJ is a DiMera – he can do anything. She lists EJ’s supposed crimes that the police can’t pin on him – it seems like no one survives if they get in EJ’s way. Maybe Shawn found out something while he was working for EJ. Shawn is family whether or not he’s their favourite person. Kate has to do business with EJ because her financial life is tied to him but Philip doesn’t. If EJ is serious about going after Shawn Philip is the only person that could stop that. She wants him to promise that if he finds out where Shawn is he won’t tell EJ or else Shawn’s blood could be on his hands. Philip agrees not to tell EJ if he finds Shawn. He wants her to keep an eye on EJ for him. Kate then tells him that EJ and Sami are running off to be married tonight – she goes through that whole anagram spiel again. Philip doesn’t buy it – Lucas will know where Sami is. Kate tells Philip where Lucas and Sami are. She can’t call Lucas. Philip can. He does – there is no answer in the room.

Island: Belle is inside stewing as she hears Shawn and Gabby talking and laughing in the hallway. Shawn thinks they got a lot of work done. After Shawn offers to show her how to program the GPS Gabby insists on paying him back by making dinner. Shawn agrees. Shawn compliments her work before going inside. He gives Belle an update on the boat. She patronises him. She tells him she wants to go for a run after he showers. He hopes she won’t be late. He and Gabby want to work on the GPS. Belle sarcastically responds. Shawn stresses that he is trying to get the boat ready so the three of them can leave the island. Belle says you mean the four of us. He’s not talking about this again. They squabble. Gabby shows up. She told Duck about Australia – could Shawn talk to him and make him understand this is the right thing to do. Gabby insists that Duck thinks a lot of Shawn – he respects how Shawn looks out for his family. Belle keeps making snarky comments. Gabby says forget it – she’ll deal with Duck herself. Shawn says no, I’ll talk to him. Belle wants to talk to Shawn – Shawn asks Gabby to stay in the room. He wants to know why Belle is acting like this. She doesn’t trust Gabby. Shawn thinks it sounds more like she doesn’t trust him. She lies and tells him she is trying – he can do what he wants. He’ll talk to Duck.

Shawn goes to talk to Duck. Belle wants to talk to Gabby about Shawn. Shawn finds Duck in the hallway – he wants to talk to him man to man. Duck says that just might put you at a disadvantage, son. Belle tells Gabby that everyone here knows too much about what goes on behind closed doors and that can lead to misunderstandings. She wants everyone to know that Shawn and her are a couple even if it doesn’t look that way. Duck rattles off everything that Gabby told Shawn. Shawn says she’ll be coming back. Duck says she has no intention of returning to the island – guess you’re stuck with her. Bon voyage, boy scout.

Hotel – Part 1: The kiss continues and then Lucas passes out on the floor. Sami tells him she’s sorry but he’ll be okay. She promises everything will work out. EJ phones. He’s waiting. Tick tock. He wants to know if she told Lucas about the baby. Sami says yes – she told him everything including that it’s all over for them. Lucas was upset and angry – she doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s running a little late – can he make it 9:15? He refuses. If she is even one second late he doesn’t have to tell her what will happen. There’s a knock on the door – its room service. Sami says just a second. She pulls blankets and pillows off the bed and shuts the light and then lies on the floor next to Lucas. She giggles and laughs and tells the guy to come in. She asks him to sign the bill for them – they’ll take care of it in the morning. He leaves. Sami makes a call to Celeste – she needs to get up here- she needs help. Celeste and Sami have Lucas in bed now. Sami has a slight panic attack – what if Lucas wakes up. Celeste assures her he won’t. Sami doesn’t think they can make it to the cabin by 9. Celeste will get her there.

Cabin: EJ checks his wristwatch. It’s 9 o’clock. He calls Lucas and leaves him a message – they need to talk. Sami barges in – EJ tells Lucas forget this message – change of plans. He asks Sami why she was late. Sami says Lucas didn’t want her to go. She’s here now and she’s all his. EJ says in a few hours your last name will be Wells, just like mine. EJ can see she is tense. He starts massaging her shoulders and touching her. He didn’t think she would come. He wants to leave for Vegas. Sami wants to know why they are rushing off so quickly. She thought they would take advantage of the romantic setting and turn the cabin into their own Sin City. She tries to kiss him. He says soon. He wants to leave. She acts upset that he brushed her off. She wants to know if he’s attracted to her. She thought they really had something – she hopes he cares about her. She hopes she is not just a surrogate mother to him. Its ironic how all the time she was fighting her feelings for him and pushing him away he was all over her now when she comes to him of her own free will he acts cold. She’s a woman – she has needs. She goes in for a kiss. EJ starts choking her – he thinks she is playing him for a fool. Sami tells him he’s hurting her. He’s on to her and she’s about to become one very sorry woman.

Hotel – Part 2: Philip and Kate pound on the door. There’s no answer. We see an unconscious Lucas. Kate says they have to get in there – she has a bad feeling about this.

Preview: Stephanie to Kayla – So what is it, Mom? What’s wrong with Dad? Kayla – I think you might be the only person that can help him. Shawn to Belle & Gabby – So we’re still on to set sail, right? Gabby clears her throat. Shawn – Okay, did I miss something here? Kate to Philip – Before the phone went dead I heard someone call out her name. Sami and EJ are there together. EJ to Sami – Are you wearing a wire? He rips her blouse open. Sami – Nothing but me EJ.


Friday Apr 20

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Shawn doesn’t know what Duck heard but as soon as they reach Australia they’re going their separate ways. Shawn proceeds to insinuate that he knows Gabby better than Duck does. Gabby just needs a break from the island. Duck said the last time she needed a break she came home 6 months pregnant. Shawn asks what happened to the baby. Duck doesn’t want to talk about it. He warns Shawn that Gabby doesn’t know how to live on her own. Shawn declares that she will never learn if Duck doesn’t let her try. Besides he and Belle will be there for her. Duck has the line of the day – he tells Shawn he’s not a bad guy but he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks. LOL! Duck reminds Shawn that he just told him that Gabby was on her own right after they landed. (Oh yeah, Shawn and Belle will leave her penniless to fend for herself because after all – they won’t have any use for her any longer once she spends her last dime getting them to Australia on HER boat).

Gabby reminds Belle that she was the one that had said the two of them weren’t a couple. Belle lies and denies that. Gabby points out that she implied it. Belle, in her normal school marm manner with nose in the air, tells Gabby they are working things out. Gabby says you want the air cleared – let’s do it. You still think I’m going after Shawn and you don’t want me going to Australia with you. I love how Gabby says what we’re all thinking – they’ve talked about this a million times already. The truth of the matter is Belle is insecure and if Shawn does end up with another woman it will be Belle’s fault, no one else’s. Contrary to what Duck said she has no interest in a man who anyone can see wants only Belle. She’s being honest. (Belle is the one that asked for honesty – like that woman even knows what the word means – what a travesty). Belle snarls – then what’s with all the baby stuff in your closet. Gabby wants to know what the hell Belle was doing in her closet. Belle explains but demands an answer from Gabby. Gabby asks her if she expects her to break down in tears and talk about the death of her child. Belle says she is sorry. Gabby knows that she is lying. Shawn comes in and tells Gabby that he didn’t make much headway with Duck. He senses the tension in the room and wants to know what he missed. Gabby makes a cryptic comment that she understands perfectly and thanks Shawn for trying. She leaves their room. Shawn and Belle talk – Belle implies that he’s getting back in her good graces but he still hasn’t jumped through enough hoops – Shawn is trying though. He leaves her and runs into Gabby in the hallway. Yes she and Belle cleared the air. Belle made it clear that she was overstepping her bounds, you know, friend, general servant, baby sitter … Shawn doesn’t feel that way – he appreciates everything she’s done for them. Gabby tells him she can’t work with him on the GPS because Belle has made her position clear.

Chez Rouge: Kayla tells Maggie she is nervous about seeing Stephanie again. She’s didn’t want to bring her home for something like this. Maggie thinks she might be the best medicine Steve could ask for. She is hoping she will set a good example for Abby, she’s such a sweet girl. The ‘sweet’ girl arrives – bared midriff with tattoo, high boots, cleavage, short tight skirt … LOL! Kayla comments that she looks different. It’s called ‘racer chic’. The tattoo is real but mom can relax she is not going biker chick on her. Stephanie wants to know what is wrong with her Dad. Kayla tells her that she tried to keep her out of it but now she thinks Stephanie might be the only person who can help. After she hears the details Stephanie wants to know why she wasn’t told it was so bad. Kayla tells her that her Dad didn’t want her to know, he thought she would be ashamed of him. Stephanie doesn’t think it’s his fault that he is sick. Kayla knows but trying to convince Steve of that is another story. If her Dad didn’t want her to know about this why is Kayla telling her now? Because he’s not getting any better. She didn’t know what else to do.

Stephanie worries that he may get angry at her being there and that would make things worse. Kayla has thought of that but if Steve gets angry it will be with her, not Stephanie. There’s a special bond between fathers and daughters. Stephanie wants to know what her mom wants her to say to his dad. Kayla wants her to convince him to tell the police everything he knows about EJ. Stephanie says he’s staying quiet for us. Kayla says but we can take care of ourselves. Stephanie agrees. Abby sees Stephanie and joins them. Abby says all those emails and you didn’t tell me about your complete make-over. Stephanie says there are probably a lot of things I didn’t tell you. LOL at the look on Kayla’s face. Maggie brings all three of them meals – on the house. Abby tells Stephanie that she actually wanted pasta tonight but Aunt Maggie always thinks she knows what is best for her. Stephanie suggests that she move out – it was the best thing she did – no offence, mom. Abby says she can’t afford the dorms. She’s trying to save up money so that she and Chelsea can get their own place. Kayla sees Dr. Kraft and excuses herself.

I won’t go into a lot of detail on the ‘girl’ talk between Abby and Stephanie. Stephanie has met a guy and fallen totally in love. Abby asks and finds out that Stephanie is no longer a virgin. Yeah, she was going to wait for marriage but she’s so glad she hasn’t. He’s got a record – nothing major – he’s edgy. She finds out that Maggie is not happy with Max dating Abby. She has a solution for Abby. Find a guy that Aunt Maggie likes and let her think she is dating him while she dates Max. Dr. Kraft tells Kayla that she has been removed from Steve’s case. Kayla asks why. Dr. Kraft was hoping Kayla could tell her. Kayla doesn’t know why. Dr. Kraft tried to talk to the administrator but he stonewalled her. All they would tell her is they are bringing in someone from the outside. That’s very unusual. Given her husband’s past history she is very frightened for him. She suspects her boss was pressured to make the change. Kayla wonders if that was because Dr. Kraft was making progress with him. It could be but he’s been a vocal advocate of patient rights and he’s made some enemies on the staff. Dr. Kraft thinks it would be wise if Kayla interceded on her husband’s behalf before it’s too late. Kayla tells Stephanie they have to go – Steve might be in more trouble than she thought.

Hotel – Part 1: Kate keeps pounding on the door. Philip tells her to relax. A porter comes along. Yes he knows the couple in that room. Kate orders him to open the door. The guy can’t – it’s against hotel policy. He says maybe they don’t want to be disturbed. He doesn’t want to be indiscreet but when he went in there earlier … Philip gets the picture and he thinks it’s time Kate did. Lucas and Sami don’t want company. They should leave them alone. Philip gives the guy a tip – he tells his mother he tipped him because they wasted his time. Kate thinks the guy wasted their time. She declares they have to break in. Philip asks her what she expects to find in the room. She doesn’t know – Lucas hurt … Lucas … with those two going to Vegas. Philip laughs at her. Why doesn’t she call EJ? Kate says he won’t tell me anything. Philip thinks she is smart enough to get any information she needs. Kate tries the credit card trick to open the door but it doesn’t work. She decides to call EJ.

Cabin: EJ is very cruel and sadistic with Sami. He thinks she is wired even though she insists she did what he asked. He frisks her and then rips her blouse open. When he doesn’t find a wire he dumps out her purse – what’s the plan? Is she gong to kiss him and stab him in the back? Sami wants to know when he became so paranoid. She doesn’t have a weapon – she gave up everything for him and this is the grief she is getting. She is there because she wants to be there – don’t make her regret it. Sami wants him to treat with her respect. He’s trying to but she has a history of saying one thing and doing another. She says once she makes up her mind she sticks to it. She thought he knew that about her. If he doesn’t believe that she told Lucas he can call him right now and ask him. His phone rings. It’s Kate. She needs to know if Sami is with him – Lucas’s life may depend on it. If he cares for her at all he’ll tell her. EJ does care about her. She wants to know about Sami and him maybe he should tell her the whole truth.

He has some news about Samantha that will positively delight Kate. Kate wants to know if she is there with him. EJ repeats her question so Sami can hear it. Sami tackles EJ and kisses him. The cell phone goes flying. Kate yells – what happened? EJ finally passes out. Sami can hear Kate’s voice. She finds the phone and holds it. She stares at it until Celeste comes rushing in and says her name – then she flips the phone shut. Sami tells Celeste everything that happened – she had to kiss EJ when Kate was on the phone – he was about to tell her that she was there. Celeste tells her that she doesn’t have time to worry about Kate now. She’s got a can of gasoline outside. She instructs Sami to make sure that she doesn’t leave anything that can identify her at the scene of the crime. Sami repeats a crime – I’m about to commit murder. She doesn’t know if she can go through with it. Celeste pressures Sami – she has to do it. Sami doesn’t believe EJ would really hurt her. Sami says it’s your plan – you do it. Celeste says Lexie is dead because of Elvis and if she walked out of here right now her life wouldn’t change – but Sami’s entire life would change in a heartbeat. The argument continues. Celeste goes so far as to say this is Sami’s chance to redeem herself – after all the misery she caused so many people she has the chance to make it right. Sami doesn’t know – he could be the father of her child. Celeste says she gave up her child so the DiMera’s wouldn’t get a hold of her – Sami should do it for her baby if nothing else. She has everything to lose and everything to gain by this one act. What’s it going to be? Sami tells her to get the gasoline.

Hotel – Part 2: OMG – she is there. She heard some woman come in and call out Sami’s name. Sami and EJ are together. Kate can’t get an answer – she believes something has happened to EJ as well – just when he was going to tell her something juicy about Sami. What if Sami did something to both EJ and Lucas? Philip tells her she sounds ridiculous. She doesn’t trust EJ so why does she believe anything he has to say. She’s dying to get something on Sami and EJ knows that – he’s just yanking her chain. She orders Philip to break down the door. He reminds her that she warned him about EJ – now he’s warning her. Kate says EJ isn’t the problem – Sami is. Philip tells her she sounds like a broken record. She’s been trying to break them up for 10 years and every time they end up back together stronger than ever. It’s getting old. She wants him to break down the door and they can find out what happened and break the cycle. Philip says no – you break the cycle. Stop being so destructive before you lose Lucas forever. Philip says you want Lucas to have enough self-respect to leave Sami then respect him enough to let him make that choice. Kate uses the ‘I’m protecting my children’ excuse – deep down Lucas is grateful for what she is doing. Philip doesn’t think so. Kate is going to call her own personal locksmith – Roman Brady. Kate can’t get hold of him by phone so she’s going to track him down. Celeste douses the cabin and EJ with the gas and gives Sami the matches. She wishes her luck. Sami tells EJ that she didn’t want to do this but he forced her – she doesn’t have a choice. She strikes the match.

Preview: Steve’s room – He’s groaning (lying face down on the bed). Stephanie says ‘Papa, Papa.’ Shawn to Belle – What do you want me to say? Belle – Nothing. I don’t want you to say anything. If you want little Miss Tinda Lao you can have her. Sami to EJ – I hope you burn in hell.


Tuesday Apr 24

Pat’s Spoilers

Cabin: Sami wants to go and help EJ but Celeste holds her back. Sometimes fate steps in. Sami insists she can’t let him die and breaks free. She opens the door but the cabin is engulfed in flames. Celeste tells her they have to leave – think about her baby. EJ calls for Sami to help him as Celeste drags her out. Sami cries – a man is dying in there. Celeste hears the sirens and tells Sami they have to get out of there. Sami wonders if EJ is suffering. Celeste says evil doesn’t suffer – it only causes suffering. They run.

Hotel: Kate pounds on the door and screams like a banshee. She uses the axe from the fire extinguisher box and starts hacking at the door. Kate continues screeching and hacking. Lucas stirs. The porter comes along and tells her to stop destroying hotel property – he grabs the axe but Kate won’t let it go. She tricks him into letting go of the axe and then she threatens him with it – they’re going to talk to the manager. They return and the porter opens the door for Kate. She puts the lights on and sees Lucas in bed – she yells at the porter to call 911. She wakes up Lucas. He wants to know why she is there. She is there to save him. He wants to know where Sami is – what’s going on? Kate thinks Sami did something to him and now she’s fled the scene. Lucas wonders if he is having a nightmare. Why is his mother here – where’s Sami. Kate was worried sick about him. She thought she was going to enjoy this more – she hates that he has been treated this way but EJ and Sami have run off together. Lucas asks if she has been drinking. Kate goes through the entire Brandy story again. Kate says it’s finally over – that little witch is out of your life for good. Sami comes out of the bathroom – she asks Kate what she is doing there.

Kate asks Sami what the hell she is doing there. Where is EJ? Kate insists that Sami was with EJ – she called him and she heard some woman say Sami’s name. Sami asks her if EJ told her that she was there. Kate says no – he danced around the truth. He was going to tell her everything but before he did there was a struggle and the phone went dead. Sami says you can check me for bruises or scrapes … she starts to open her bathrobe. Kate will pass. Lucas has had it. Kate wonders why Lucas didn’t even hear her chopping the door down with an axe. Lucas thinks this is all his fault – he told Kate they were going to be there. Kate insists that Sami drugged him and left him for dead. Sami tried to kill him so she and EJ could run off together. Sami says she was in the shower. Kate says that doesn’t explain why Lucas didn’t hear her. Sami admits she had something to do with that. She wanted to make sure he was out of it – it worked so well that even Paula Bunyon and her axe couldn’t wake him up.

Lucas has been working so hard that he’s exhausted. He was sleeping and she didn’t want him to wake up so she unplugged the phone and turned his cell phone to silent. Kate thinks Sami is a more adept liar than she thought. Lucas wants Kate to leave. She’s not going anywhere until Sami explains how she ditched EJ and got back to the hotel so quickly. Sami asks her if she is serious. Kate says if Sami can prove to her she didn’t leave the hotel than she will leave. Lucas tells her Sami doesn’t have to explain anything. The two of them argue – each one trying to out-shout the other one – both talking at the same time. The broken record continues. Lucas yells that Kate is suffocating her. He crawls out of bed and pushes Kate to the door and opens it. He sees what she did to the door. He tells her it’s time for a therapist. Kate insists Sami is turning him into a fool. Lucas says she is the fool and tries to get her open. Kate lodges herself in the doorway and won’t budge. Sami tells Lucas to let her come in. Kate asks again – where is EJ? Lucas tells Kate that EJ is playing her. Sami admits to everything Kate says – she does it very sarcastically – yeah she flew to Vegas, married EJ and flew back in time to take a shower before Kate got there. Kate thinks it’s true. Lucas (now dressed) returns to the room. He got rid of the ambulance – refused treatment. Kate insists that she is not imagining things – Sami is involved with EJ. She is hard-wired to self-destruct and she doesn’t want her taking Lucas down with her. Kate calls him her child – she’ll never stop loving him and trying to protect him from the likes of Sami. She leaves. Sami and Lucas kiss – Sami remembers the burning cabin and EJ calling out her name.

Island: Shawn knocks on the door to his room and asks Belle to let him in. He grovels – still no answer. He knocks on Gabby’s door and asks for the pass key. He opens the door and quickly discovers that Belle and Claire are gone. Gabby finds an envelope addressed to Shawn. She gives it to him. She goes downstairs to check if anyone knows where Belle went. Shawn reads the letter. It’s all about Belle – but that’s no surprise – she’s running home to mommy and daddy. Shawn mopes. Gabby has checked with everyone including the harbour master – no one has seen them. Did she say where she was going? Shawn says yes – as far away from me as she can get. Gabby returns – if Belle left the island no one knows how. Shawn is going to look for her. Gabby says people will recognise him from the poster – he doesn’t care. Gabby will do it – it’s her fault. She shouldn’t have tried to kiss him. Shawn grumbles. Gabby reminds him that she is not the one who jumped to the wrong conclusion and she is not the one that wrote him a Dear Shawn letter. Shawn blames himself for this mess. He was busy keeping her safe and she didn’t realise that he loved her. Oh please – can this guy be any more pathetic. What a poor excuse for a man he is.

Chez Rouge: Stephanie asks Kayla if Papa will go through with testifying against EJ Wells. Kayla thinks he will. Bo arrives. Stephanie tells him that they beat her Dad up. They think EJ is behind it. Bo thinks they will be able to arrest EJ right after Steve gives his statement. Kayla tells Bo that weird things are happening at the hospital. They removed Dr. Kraft from his case without any explanation. Bo thinks that sounds like an EJ move. Is she sure that Steve will give a statement. Kayla is positive – Stephanie got through to him. Bo figures that is why Steve didn’t want Kayla to tell Stephanie – because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to say no to her. Stephanie says he wanted to get better didn’t he. Kayla tells her that they’ve controlled him for 16 years – it’s hard to break free. Bo assures her that once Steve gives a statement that EJ forced him to kidnap John so they could harvest his kidney he’ll put out a warrant for EJ’s arrest. Stephanie asks if Papa can come home then. Bo doesn’t see why not. Kayla is happy that Steve chose to get better. Stephanie is worried that her dad will be arrested as well. Bo says not if it can be proven he was under mind control. Kayla wants to know when they can get Steve out of there. Bo says – how about tonight. They leave.

State Hospital: Dr. Granger is using shock therapy on Steve. They need him back – his loyalty is to them and only them. Kayla, Stephanie and Bo arrive – Steve stares. Bo tells Steve to give a statement and they’ll get him out of there. Steve doesn’t respond. Bo tells him to give a statement about John’s kidnapping. Steve doesn’t know what they are talking about. They try to get through to Steve – he stonewalls them. Stephanie wants to know how they changed his mind. Kayla notices a burn mark from an electrode – they used electric shock therapy on him. Kayla and Bo go after the doctor. Stephanie stays with Steve. She asks him if it hurt. He wants to know what is up with all the stupid questions. Stephanie has a question that isn’t stupid – does he love her? He’s her father. Stephanie says if he loves her than he will tell Bo what EJ Wells made him do. Steve says – I guess I don’t love you.

Dr. Granger apologises to Kayla – he should have called her as soon as he was assigned to her husband’s case. Kayla asks him if he was too busy electrocuting her husband to call. She introduces him to Detective Bo Brady, her brother. Bo asks to see the file. Kayla wants to know if the doctor ordered electric shock therapy on her husband. There are burn marks on his temple. Bo adds – he was beaten. Dr. Granger knows that – that is why Dr. Kraft was removed from his case. Kayla says that she has to give written consent for a change in his care. Dr. Granger says the board had to move fast – there were staffing issues. The orderly that confronted Steve has been dismissed. Kayla asks him again – did he order electric shock therapy on her husband. The doctor denies it. Bo wants an explanation for the burn marks. The doctor dances around the questions. Kayla wants notification on all future treatments. The doctor won’t allow her to override his medical decisions. Kayla will move him out of there. The doctor says that is not possible. He has a court order appointing him medical guardian for Steve. He’s the only person that has any say in how or where Steve is treated.

Stephanie knows he is trying to push her away just like he tried to push mom away. She knows he doesn’t want to be like this. Steve just wants to sleep. Stephanie talks to him, she tells him about a friend in Ohio whose dad died when she was two – she tells him about how her mom would say his name and tell her stories about him – he always felt alive to her. She would imagine that he was there with her. She won’t give up on him – no matter what kind of garbage they put in his head they can’t change what is in his heart. Bo looks at the order – it’s legit. Kayla says she will move herself in then – Dr. Granger and EJ Wells have tortured Steve for the last time. Steve tells Stephanie that Kayla is using her. He thinks her friend in Ohio is the lucky one. Dr. Granger tells Kayla that until further notice he is restricting any visitation. Bo checks out the order and sees the doctor can do that. Kayla will get a lawyer and fight this. He tells her she can try but if she comes back his security team will remove her. Stephanie pounds on the door – she wants out. She wants to go home. Kayla follows her and asks her what happened. Bo grabs the doctor and tells him to give Elvis J Wells a message for him – it’s going to take more than a court order to keep them out of there. The doctor has no idea of who Bo is talking about. Bo calls EJ the doctor’s boss. The doctor suggests Bo leaves. Dr. Granger goes into Steve’s room and tells him that he won’t be seeing wife and daughter for a while. But chin up – he still has them and it looks like they still have him.

Preview: Stephanie to Kayla – I’m done giving him the power to hurt me. As far as I’m concerned, mom my dad is dead. Belle to Marlena – Mom, listen to me. I really need you. You have to get me out of here. I want to come home. Bo to Kayla – You are not going to Italy to take on the DiMera’s again unless you take me with you. Lucas to Sami – The cops and the firefighters found his car next to a cabin that burned to the ground. EJ Wells is dead.


Wednesday Apr 25

Pat’s Spoilers

University Hospital: Marlena is shaving John’s face. She talks to him – caring for him is her job. She tells him about Sami’s green wedding. She wishes John could see Sami right now – she’s so beautiful in this second pregnancy of hers. She wishes he could reassure her that Belle is coming home safe and sound. She wishes that he would open his eyes. She needs him here. She doesn’t know how long she can go on without him there with her. She knows he can hear her – she tells him to forget her pity party. She just misses him so much. Her cell rings. It’s Belle (see island). After the call with Belle she lies down beside John. She wonders if Belle dreamt of him or if he came to her in her dream. She’s been going to sleep every night hoping he would come but she doesn’t dream. Are they losing him. She remembers Belle saying that maybe the coin was in his right hand – maybe it’s still there. She checks his hand and sees the coin. She is thrilled – he’s still here.

Island: Shawn and Gabby haven’t found Belle and Claire. Gabby suggests they check the caves. They leave and Belle strolls back from her little shopping excursion. Somehow she got money to buy a cell phone and choose a service provider and she now has a baby monitor. She places an international call to Salem. Belle calls Marlena. Marlena ask a bunch of questions that Belle ignores. She cries. You gotta help me. You have to get me out of here. I want to come home. Marlena wants to know if she is hurt. Belle assures her they are fine and asks about John. Answering Marlena’s questions Belle tells her where they are and where they are staying. She just needs to get out of this place – the tides rolling in and out, the drunks in the bar. Marlena stresses that the most important thing is that she is safe and that they are alive. Belle whines – she doesn’t feel alive – she feels abandoned. She goes on and on about what she left behind and what she wants. Marlena asks how Shawn feels about this. Belle answers – Shawn can go to hell.

Marlena wants to know how long they’ve been fighting. Belle declares it’s not a fight when she’s already lost and she has no one else to blame but herself. Marlena says it takes two to fight. Belle says no – she was so determined not to make the same mistakes with Shawn that she had before that she completely shut him out. While she was playing ice princess another woman came along and she thinks her and Shawn hooked up last night. Marlena says you think but you’re not sure. What does Shawn have to say? Belle hasn’t talked to him – she’s avoiding him. She even packed her bags to leave the island. Marlena says that isn’t fair to Shawn. She reminds Belle they left Salem as a family – that’s a big commitment. Claire already has one too many fathers. She can’t take Shawn away from Claire. Belle whines – what should I do? Marlena tells her she has to fix things. She needs to talk to Shawn and make this right. Marlena takes down the hotel name and phone number. Belle tells her to pass it to Bo and Hope on the QT. Marlena knows that Bo wants to talk to Shawn about EJ. Belle tells Marlena to hold off telling them for a few days. Shawn is going to be angry enough about her breaking the rules and calling without being sandbagged by a police call from Bo. Marlena agrees to wait. Belle tells Marlena that she had a dream about John. She tells her about the coin in his right hand. She describes it. Marlena says it sounds like the coin they threw in the fountain in Italy. Marlena had a coin like that but she lost it.

After the call Belle takes the baby monitor and goes to Gabby’s room. She finds a note to Gabby from Charlie thanking her for last night. Gabby sees her and says – I hope you find my mail as interesting as I do. Gabby reads her the riot act – calls her a brat. Does she get her kicks by torturing the man who loves her by letting him think the woman he loves and his child are dead. Belle says – you weren’t with Shawn last night, were you. Gabby says no. Belle says it sounded like … Gabby tells her to shut up. She really lets Belle have it ending with Belle chooses to play silly mind games than let her man into her bed. Shawn shows up – where’s Claire. He goes inside when Belle says she’s napping. Shawn tells Belle it was nice of her to stop by and let them know she’s still alive. He spent the whole day looking for them bargaining with God. He was worried – where was she. She just needed some time – didn’t he read her letter. He says you can’t run off every time we have a misunderstanding and that’s all it was – just ask Gabby. Belle doesn’t need to ask (of course not – she read Gabby’s private mail) – she closes the door in Gabby’s face. This isn’t about Gabby – it’s about the two of them. Belle thinks it’s time for them to lay all their cards out on the table.

Chez Rouge: Kayla was so sure that Steve would be safer in the State Hospital. If Granger is a DiMera operative Steve is as good as dead. Bo thinks that if EJ wanted Steve dead, he would be dead. EJ must have plans for Steve. This gives them time to figure out a way to get him out of there. Kayla is willing to do anything. Stephanie cuts in – Papa doesn’t want anything to do with them. Is she willing to waste another 16 years waiting from him to come back to her? Is she that desperate? Bo tells her not to disrespect her mother like that. Kayla doesn’t think Stephanie has all the facts. Stephanie thinks that is all Kayla’s fault. Kayla was just respecting Steve’s wishes. Bo knows that Stephanie is upset but her mom doesn’t need this right now. Stephanie says they don’t even know who that man is anymore. Kayla says he’s my husband and your father and he loves them both. Stephanie yells at her to stop. Papa has turned his back on them. He doesn’t want their help. Why can’t she accept that and walk away? Kayla could never give up on him. Bo comments that Stephanie seems to think that if people are in love life is perfect. Stephanie thinks that Kayla’s life is all about some stranger who treats her like dirt. Kayla slaps her. She says she is sorry. Stephanie isn’t her baby girl anymore. It’s hard enough to be hit with the truth that her dad isn’t a hero but it’s a million times worse to sit and watch the only parent she ever had fade away.

Kayla reassures Stephanie that she will always be there for her. Bo understands her frustration. It takes all his self-control not to try and knock some sense into her father’s head. Stephanie thinks that they should use more of the tough love approach on him. They have – it didn’t work. Stephanie thinks they have to try harder – make Papa see that he has to get serious about getting well or they’re going to leave in that hospital to rot. He needs to understand that they’re not going to put their lives on hold waiting for him to rat out EJ Wells. Kayla says he won’t do it. Stephanie says – than we walk away. He’s taken her whole life away – left nothing of her for the rest of them. Bo tells Stephanie not to make her mom the bad guy here. Stephanie wants her to feel bad like she does. Her mom never once came to Daytona to see her. She never calls Grandma Jo or Aunt Kim. She practically hung up her MD to take care of a man that spits on her. When is she going to stop asking Papa what his problem is and start looking at her own. She’s throwing her life away. Kayla is sorry that Stephanie is hurting but she will not give Steve ultimatums – it will push him farther away. Stephanie is done giving him the power to hurt her. As far as she is concerned her dad is dead to her.

Bo tells Stephanie that she’s not a kid anymore, if she wants to cut her ties with her father that is her choice. Stephanie doesn’t need her uncle to tell her that. Bo has something to say that she needs to hear. She doesn’t get to judge her mother and put her down for the way she feels about Steve. It’s her life and she is honouring the commitment she made when she married him – for better, for worse. Stephanie thinks there should be some kind of limit. Bo says there is but they’re her mom’s limits, not hers. The kind of love they share is special. Stephanie has heard about their love. What kind of love makes a person throw their life away? Bo says this is where they disagree. She claims to have found someone that she loves. Stephanie would fight for him with everything she has in her but she wouldn’t turn her life over to him to become his shadow– that’s self-destruction. She’s not willing to sit there and watch her mother fade away. She leaves. Bo tells Kayla to let her go - to not let what Stephanie said get to her – she’s hurt and upset. She didn’t mean those things. Kayla is now in the unenviable position of having the man she loves and the daughter she adores both not speaking to her. Bo encourages her to keep fighting. Kayla won’t give up on either of them. Bo says if Roman can find a link between Dr. Granger and the DiMera’s they can get Steve out of the hospital. Kayla thinks that will take too long. They have to find a way to get him out of there before there’s nothing left to save. Bo tells her she’s not going back to Italy unless she takes him. His cell rings. It’s Abe. She won’t believe this – it’s about Elvis J Wells. Bo says that they don’t know for sure if EJ is dead. They have to go through the rubble and find the body. The coroner will have to make a positive ID. Bo is on his way up there. Kayla will go with him.

Hotel: Lucas tells Sami she is going to be stuck with the mother-in-law from hell. She went to far this time – taking an axe to the door. Sami thinks it’s all in a days work for Kate. Lucas doesn’t want Kate at the wedding. Sami says let her come. She doesn’t care about Kate or anything else. All that matters is that the two of them are going to be together for the rest of their lives. Lucas is surprised to hear that from her. Sami knows she’s been acting crazy – she’s been chalking it up to pregnancy hormones but she also didn’t want to admit how scared she was of not being worthy of his love. After everything she has done she never believed that karma would ever let her be truly happy. But tonight instead of having a breakdown she had a break-through. She finally sees that life and fate are on her side. She believes that they and their kids are going to have a happy future together. Lucas says – wow – to think this all happened because his mom took an axe to the door. Sami says it happened before that. Lucas asks – why did EJ get mowed down by a bus or something? Sami asks him why he would say that. Lucas says don’t tell me you haven’t thought about how their lives would change if EJ suddenly vanished.

Sami wants to talk about something else. Lucas says the only thing that matters is that they are going to have a wonderful future together. Sami agrees. She wants to give something back to express her gratitude. Why don’t they go to New Orleans and help people rebuild their homes. They can share their blessings with other people. Lucas thinks she is amazing – they hug. They talk some more about the honeymoon and then they make love. After Sami wonders if people can store up sex. She thinks they should because when the baby comes they won’t have a lot of time to themselves. Lucas has no objections to ‘storing up’ – they start kissing again. Lucas’s cell rings. It’s Roman. He answers – he’ll tell Sami right away. The cops and the firefighters found EJ’s car next to a cabin that burned to the ground. EJ Wells is dead – he’s toast. Sami tells him not to be ghoulish. Lucas knows he shouldn’t be happy but he is. He starts getting dressed. They’re going up there – he wants to make sure he’s really dead – out of their lives for good. Sami doesn’t want to go there. Lucas insists – doesn’t she want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s dead – that he can never hurt her again. Lucas tells her to hurry.

Cabin: The cabins smoulders. The firefighters go inside. The police tape is being put up around the cabin when Bo and Kayla arrive. Bo tells her to stay put – he’s going to find out what’s going on. Lucas and Sami arrive. Lucas asks for the news on EJ. Kayla tells him that Bo went to check – they’ll know soon. Lucas thinks it’s ironic that this is the same cabin where the roof collapsed on him and Sami saved his life. Bo asks the firefighter where Roman is and finds out he’s dealing with the press. Anything else to report. Yes, he has a report on the vic, EJ Wells. Bo joins the trio and tells them there is no body. If Wells was in the cabin he got out of there before it went up in flames.

Preview: Kayla to Bo – We have got to get to Steve first. Bo – Kay, we’re kind of out of options. Kayla – No, we’re going to bust Steve out of that place. Belle to Shawn – We’re being honest, right? There’s something I have to tell you and I’m really afraid that it might change everything. Hope to Marlena (Philip is listening and watching via the surveillance equipment) – Did she say where they are? Marlena – A placed called Tinda Lao. Philip – Bingo!


Thursday Apr 26

Jan’s Spoilers

Scene 1: Shawn tells Belle that he doesn’t want to argue anymore. Belle tries to say something but Shawn stops her. He says just let me say this. Nothing happened. I know what it looked like with the lipstick but nothing happened. Belle says she knows as Shawn says you do. She asks if she can talk now. He tells her sure take your best shot. She says no more shots, just this, I’m sorry.

Scene 2: She tells him that it has been all her, the doubts, the bickering the jealousy she knows she made it impossible for him. He says not impossible just difficult at times but she had her reasons. She says that has nothing to do with now. She says she is so sorry for driving him into another woman’s arms. He says he wasn’t going anywhere. She says she knows that now. Most men would have left but he didn’t, he stayed by Claire and her. He asks if that means they are both forgiven now. She tells him that she is a very lucky woman to have him in her life and that she promises she will never doubt him again and that’s a fact.

Scene 3: He is holding her hands and kisses them. He says she doesn’t know how long he has waited to hear her say that. She says what for me to say something nice. He says that and that you trust me. She says she does. She says that some women can’t get a man to pay child support but he left his family, his friends and gave up everything. He says he would do it again in a heartbeat. She wonders why she couldn’t see that, see what was right in front of her the whole time. She goes over to the window and looks out. She says that happiness can be a moonlit night, a home can be a hut on the sand. She walks over to the crib and says and love can be as simple as a sleeping baby. Shawn says or love can be 2 people that have gone through a lot together both good and bad and are stronger because of it. He says if I ever lost you and Claire I’d lose my reason for living.

Scene 4: He tells her that when he read the letter he thought he had lost them forever. She says running away never solved any problems and she sees that now. He says he always thought of it as them running towards something, something great and he thinks they have found it. She says her running was like a preemptive strike that she put up a wall between them, literally. He says that he thinks they finally figured it out, realized that nothing is more important than what they have, a family. She tells him that she is sorry for making him suffer through this. He tells her it is OK, they are OK. He says he can live without money or a big house but he can’t live without her and Claire. She tells him that she knows he has said that before but this is the first time she has heard it. She says she wasted so much time. She says but right here, right now is perfect. He tells her the 3 of them together as a real family is perfect. She says that as long as we’re being honest with each other right now I have something to tell you and you may hate me for this.

Scene 5: He tells her that nothing she says will make him hate her. She tells him that while he and Gabby were looking for her and she thought that something was going on that she did something. He asks her what she did and she tells him she called her Mom. That she needed someone to talk to someone that would help her. She says and my Mom did that, she made me realize how selfish and immature I was being when it came to you. She says you are strong, brave and loyal. She asks if he hates her and he says he could never hate her that life is to short to be mad over a phone call. She asks what about Phil and if he finds out where they are. Shawn says to let him come after us. That nothing he can do will tear them apart, not anymore.

Scene 6: There is nervous laughter between them as she says it feels like I won the lottery without buying a ticket. He says or buying radial tires at a good price. She says that is so romantic. They look at each other as Shawn says so, Belle says So. He says he we are with a brand new start. She asks what he would like to do now. He says maybe, maybe he could kiss her. She says you don’t say that to a woman. He says then maybe I’ll just sit down and wait for some spontaneity. Belle says she thinks she has a better idea as he asks what. She says she was thinking that maybe he could help her push the beds together, and asks what he thinks that maybe it is about time.

Scene 7: Shawn is fixing the bed (in his boxers)as Belle comes out of the bathroom. They smile at each other as Belle sits down on the bed and takes his hand in hers. He sits beside her as they kiss, the move to lay down on the bed and continue kissing, more kissing as the scene ends.

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady house – Part 1: Marlena is visiting Hope and Ciara. Hope mentions that Bo is investigating a fire on Rte 27. That cabin that Lucas and Sami used. It burned down. They found EJ’s car there. Marlena asks if it was arson. They don’t know that yet. Marlena says it seems like someone wants EJ dead. She has some good news about the kids. Hope forgot something on the porch. She asks Marlena to come with her. She puts Ciara in her playpen. They go outside. They can’t talk about the kids inside – they think the house is bugged. Marlena tells Hope that Belle called. Hope is happy they are safe. Did they mention where they were. Marlena says yes, a small island in the Pacific called Tinda Lau. Hope hears a noise in the house and rushes in and hands Ciara to Marlena and tells them to wait outside. She gets her gun and then yells up the stairs that this is a police officers house – come down with your hands up. A man in a suit comes down. Hope tells Marlena to call 911. The guy says he is the police – he’s going to reach for his badge. Hope checks his badge. He’s there to check for electronic surveillance equipment. Hope apologises and tells him to continue. Marlena comments that they must have been very worried about being eavesdropped on. Hope tells her about the electricians that paid a visit to the house. They just want to be safe. Marlena wonders when it will all end. Hope doesn’t know.

Cabin: Lucas thinks this is a setup. EJ set this up to fake his death. Bo thinks anything is possible with EJ but why now. What would he have to gain? Kayla asks Sami if she is alright. She looks like she is going to pass out. She thinks it’s the smoke, she’s tired. She wants to go back to the hotel. They leave. Kayla thinks EJ could be on his way to see Steve right now. They have to get to Steve first. Bo tells her they’re kind of running out of options. Kayla has one – they can bust Steve out of that place first. Bo tells her she has taken too many risks already. He thinks she was lucky to get out of Italy alive. Has she forgotten about that little accident that EJ arranged for her? He doesn’t want to be throwing dirt on his sister’s coffin because she was too stubborn to listen to reason. Kayla can not sit around and watch her husband suffer. She’s planning on getting Steve out of there – either he’s with her or he’s not. Bo wants to know how she plans to get him out a state hospital when he’s under surveillance 24/7. Is she going to hire a small army to storm the place? No, she’s going to do it herself. Bo won’t support her until she has a plan. If she tries to bust in there they will commit her. That’s what Kayla wants. If she is on the inside she can figure out how to get Steve out. Bo says she could also get herself and Steve killed. The argument continues. He won’t let her do anything stupid. She thinks she’s at least doing something. Bo gets a call from Hope. Marlena heard from Belle. Bo is on his way home. Kayla is excited about the good news as well. Bo tells her Shawn is doing great and with his help they will be able to bring Wells down.

Hotel: Lucas goes on and on about EJ. This doesn’t make sense – it’s too much of a coincidence that he was at the same cabin they used. And then there was that phone call and some woman mentioning Sami’s name. He can’t piece it together. It would be different if they found his body. At least they would know that he wasn’t around someplace out there. Sami yells at him to stop. Could they please not talk about EJ for one minute? Lucas apologises for upsetting her – he thought it would be nice to dance on EJ’s grave a little bit. Sami says but he’s not dead. He’s out there waiting to do … she doesn’t know what. She wants to forget about him. Lucas knows how to make that happen. He kisses her and then goes to get the oil. Sami’s cell rings – all she hears is heavy breathing. Lucas asks her who called. She doesn’t know – all she could hear was heavy breathing. The caller ID showed unavailable. It’s weird – like in the movies where the babysitter gets her throat slit. Lucas calms her down. He thinks that the apartment is going to be too small for them after the baby is born. They can look for a house to come back to after their honeymoon. They’re going to have the white picket fence. They are going to have the perfect little family.

Sami loves the idea of living in a house but with the wedding and the baby coming they should focus on that right now. He tells her they’ll wait until after the baby is born then. They start talking and joking around. Lucas suggests an underwear race to the ice machine. Sami isn’t going to do that. Lucas thinks she is chicken – or she’s wearing granny underwear. He strips to his boxers – she strips down. They go to the doorway … Sami counts to three and then rushes back inside and locks him out. She opens the door but with the security door stopper on so he can’t push it open and gives him money to get her a diet soda. That poor porter comes along. Lucas tells him that he’s going swimming – he forgot his towel. The guy thinks he forgot his swimming trunks as well. Sami lets him back in the room. Lucas goes to get the oil so she can give him a massage. Sami turns down the covers on the bed and finds a burned gas can. She quickly hides it under the bed. Lucas comes back and thinks he smells gasoline. Sami doesn’t smell anything. She distracts him by kissing him and leading him to the bed.

Brady house – Part 2: The inspector gives Bo a plastic bag with all the devices. Bo says now they have to figure out who planted them, EJ or Philip. The guy says it was a professional job – completely wireless. It was patched through this (the laptop). Bo figures out it was Billie’s system and because EJ is backing her it had to have been him that planted the bugs. The guy tells Bo that he should invest in a serious alarm system. He leaves. Marlena thinks it was a good thing that Hope hustled her out of the house before she said anything about Belle’s call. She shows them the island on a map. Bo is going to call and book a flight. Hope tells him to book it for 3. He’s not going alone. Bo says it’s too dangerous with EJ involved. He doesn’t want her or the baby anywhere near him. Hope thinks it’s a little too late for that. She picks up the bugs – are any of us safe. Marlena and Kayla talk about Steve. If EJ is the one giving Dr. Granger orders Kayla can’t imagine what will happen to Steve next. Hope hands Ciara to Bo. He knows they both want to see Shawn but if they all get on a plane they might as draw a map for Wells or Philip. He’ll send a cop to get the statement. They need him at home. Hope thinks Shawn needs them. Bo thinks he’s done fine so far and then he utters the comedic relief line of the day – their son has turned into a man they can be proud of.

The conversation turns to Kayla’s plan to get herself committed so she could break Steve out of there. Marlena agrees that something has to be done but she doesn’t think this is the plan. Kayla stresses that they are running out of time. Marlena agrees with that too. The longer that doctor keeps Steve under control … Kayla finishes for her – the less chance they have of ever getting Steve back. Kayla tells Bo she will get a disguise. Bo says absolutely not – what if the doctor recognises her. They wouldn’t be able to get to her. Marlena doesn’t think the argument is getting them anywhere. Kayla agrees she’s done all the talking she is going to do. She leaves. Hope and Bo are alone with Ciara. Hope says Shawn belongs at home. Bo says soon. At least they know where he is and that he is safe. Hope says but what about tomorrow or the day after that. Bo wishes he could promise her that no harm would come to anyone they care about but he can’t. He can promise that he’ll try to find a way to solve Shawn’s problem, get Steve and Kay back together and put EJ behind bars for the rest of his life. Hope calls him her hero. They kiss. Family hug.

Philip: He is checking out the surveillance tapes and sees and hears Hope and Marlena outside the house. When Marlena names the island he says Bingo. The room is now empty and all we see is a snowy TV screen and the words Tinda Lau written on a piece of paper.

Preview: Bo to Hope – She’s in jail for a reason. ‘Cause she’s dangerous. Hope – Yeah, so am I. (They kiss). Belle to Shawn – Maybe we shouldn’t run anymore. Let’s stay and fight. Kate to Lucas – Our company is going down the drain which means you lose everything and so do I. Sami to Celeste – EJ left me a calling card. He wanted to make sure that I know he’s still alive and that he’s coming to get me.


Monday Apr 30

Janice’s Spoilers

Island Scenes

Shawn is counting his money into nice little piles and murmuring that they have to get a boat as soon as possible. Duck tells him that he barely has enough money to buy a kayak and he won’t give him a loan, even after Shawn promises that his father will pay him back. Duck thinks all the fishing boats have left already anyway. Shawn panics. He’s worried that he and Belle could lose their daughter.

Belle is up in the room packing fast and furious. She tells Claire that they are going to get far away from Philip and that everything will be okay. There is a knock at the door and a shocked Belle opens it to find Philip standing there.

He smirks and asks her if she isn’t going to invite him in. Belle gets angry and tells him that she won’t let him take Claire. They snipe at each other about who cares more about Claire’s welfare than the other. Belle talks about Shawn being the real father. Philip talks about DNA not being everything...yada...yada...same old...same old. In retaliation, Belle throws a very hot cup of coffee at Philip and runs out with Claire.

Meanwhile, Duck is trying to convince Shawn to stop running. Shawn rags on Philip. Duck defends Philip’s military record. Belle runs in with Claire in her arms. Philip is right behind her. Duck doesn’t want any fighting. Gabby appears and wants her daddy to call the police. Philip tells them that he already called them and shows them the court order. He wants Shawn and Belle arrested for kidnapping Claire. He apologizes for his behavior the last time he was there and plays up to Duck. Belle is not a happy camper.

The trio decides to engage in a litany of insults and memories of wrongdoings. Philip shows the sheriff the custody order. The sheriff surprises everyone by saying that the island doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. Shawn gets smug. Philip refuses to leave and gives Duck his Amex card, a cash deposit and the promise of a big payoff (money wired from Titan) if he’ll rent him a room. Duck is enchanted. Gabby isn’t. Belle takes over and demands to talk to Philip alone. They exchange more insults with Belle slapping him in the face... saying she hates him...threatening that he will never get Claire...can’t believe she ever loved him. Philip gets the comeback line of the day. In an emotionless voice he says: “You didn’t Belle...we all know that.” He goes back and bonds with Duck over his two military tours. Belle makes a crack about Philip’s motives. Duck tells her to watch her tongue. Philip agrees to stop by the next day and swap a few war stories with him.

Philip accosts Shawn and Belle outside of their room and warns them not to try and sneak out. LOL...Claire steals the scenes by mumbling cute baby talk and knocking on the door.


Hope visits Willow. She tells her that she brought fruit and prenatal vitamins for her. Willow is skeptical and wants to know why she is really there, wants Hope to post her bail if she is so worried about her son’s baby. Hope refuses. Willow continues to deny that she committed any crime...yada...yada...starts to leave but Hope tells her to wait.

Hope tells Willow that she doesn’t want the baby to be born in jail or taken by Child Protection Services. She has another idea...wants Willow to do what is best for her child and sign over her parental rights to her and Bo. Willow can’t believe Hope’s nerve in wanting to steal her child...thinks Hope is worse that Philip. Hope doesn’t want a child custody battle...just wants to give the child a good and loving home. Willow goes ballistic.

Hope reminds Willow that this is also Shawn’s baby...tells her to stop using the baby as leverage and to start acting like a mother. Willow suggests that Shawn start acting like a father and come back and take responsibility for them. Hope tells her that she is making a big mistake and that if she won’t protect the child, then Hope will. She doesn’t want to do this but will go to the courts and petition for custody. Willow returns to her “Chelsea did this and not me” mantra and repeats that she doesn’t belong in jail. Hope thinks that Willow will be sorry if she doesn’t do what is best for the child and offers a parting shot that she and Bo will see her in court.

Willow phones Nick and tells him she needs him to come down there right away...it’s a matter of life and death. She hangs up and smiles to herself.

Chez Rouge

Sami gets hysterical when she sees a vision of E.J. unconscious in the ladies room. Lucas hears her screaming and rushes to find her. They run into each other and she is incoherent with fear because she saw a man creeping around. Lucas and Maggie go to check it out. Kate does her mommy dearest routine but gets Sami to sit down before she hyperventilates and her blood pressure goes sky high. Lucas finds Sami’s purse but nothing else.

Kate suggests calling a doctor and gives Sami water. Lucas tells Sami he didn’t find anyone and wants to call the police. Sami just wants to go home. She stands up and faints. Lucas rushes her to the hospital.

Kate goes back to the ladies room and finds E.J.’s Mystic business card in one of the cubicles.

Hope comes into the restaurant and tells Maggie about her visit with Willow at the jail. Maggie supports Hope’s decision to go to court to fight for the baby. She tells Hope not to let Willow manipulate or shame her.


The doctor tells Lucas that the baby is fine but that Sami’s blood pressure has gone through the roof and if her stress levels don’t go down, she could be bedridden for the entire pregnancy. She wants to keep Sami overnight.

Sami calls Celeste from her hospital room and begs her to call her back ASAP. Kate continues her potential mother-in-law routine from hell and visits Sami in her hospital room, overhearing the end of the phone call. She grills Sami for the truth about the fire...asks about the business card...asks about Lucas being out stone cold...E.J. and Las Vegas. Sami and the machines go ballistic and she starts screaming and crying for Kate to get out. Lucas rushes in to save the day and kicks Kate out.

Lucas tries to calm Sami and tells her to close her eyes and think good thoughts. He wants her to imagine that they are at the altar and her hand is in his as they speak their vows. He takes out a jewelry box and opens it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring, slipping it on her finger. Sami opens her eyes and is amazed. Lucas tells her their green theme is still in place because the diamond in the ring came from Tacori...who mine diamonds in a way that is environmentally friendly.


A suave looking E.J. steps out of the hotel elevator in a business suit. Celeste answers his knock and demands to know where he has been...she has been calling him for hours. He tells her that he had business to take care of. Celeste counters that she did everything he asked of her...convinced Sami to follow her suggestions with regard to killing him...the cabin...the fire...etc... E.J. just smiles and says that it all went perfectly but there is more to come. He goes on to thank her for the lip balm that protected him from the poisoned lipstick. She can’t understand why he wants to put the fear of god into Sami and demands that he hold up the end of his bargain—tell her where her daughter Alexandra is.

Celeste is upset that E.J. forced her to do his bidding because he holds her daughter’s life in his hands...thinks he’s a cold-blooded monster. He’s impressed that Sami couldn’t go through with trying to kill him. Celeste can’t believe he tested Sami like this. He goes on about how he had to know if he could trust the mother of his child.

E.J. refuses to tell Celeste where Lexie is until after the wedding for insurance purposes... so she won’t do something stupid. He reminds her that she was the one who talked Sami into killing him in the first place. She gets angry and wishes she had lit the fire herself. He thinks she is feisty and can understand what his father saw in her. Celeste can’t understand why E.J. would risk Sami’s pregnancy with his games. E.J. gets angry and tells her to shut up if she wants to see her daughter. He leaves. Celeste calls Sami and leaves a phone message. She tells her that she’s sorry she wasn’t able to get in touch with E.J. and that he has disappeared. LOL...Kate hears the end of this conversation as well as she lounges in the doorway of Celeste’s hotel room.

Tuesday Preview

A worried Stephanie asks her mom what if she is wrong about papa...what if he really is crazy and Kayla is too afraid to admit it?

An angry Willow warns Nick that he can tells his cousin Hope that she will never turn her back on the baby.

Kayla warns Adrienne that if she decides to help Steve, she will put her life on the line. Adrienne replies that she will do whatever it takes to get her brother out of that place.

E.J. holds out a big hypodermic needle towards Sami and tells her that this will be the final act in their little play.
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Tuesday May 1

Pat’s Spoilers

Brady House: Kayla is on the phone with Stephanie. Where is she – this is important. Stephanie says she’ll be there soon – she opens the door. Kayla is not amused. Steve is counting on their help. Stephanie says no, you’re counting on it. Kayla is sorry that Steve said those things to Stephanie – he didn’t mean them. He loves her. Stephanie asks her mother – what if he really is crazy and you’re just afraid to admit it? Kayla insists that Steve isn’t crazy. Stephanie decides to tune her out by listening to music. Kayla won’t have that. EJ is turning Steve away from every one he’s loved. Stephanie says when do you say enough. She didn’t sign up for this abuse. Kayla says, who did, your dad? She’s not trying to make Stephanie feel guilty she just has faith that they can help him. If they don’t, they could lose him. Stephanie says news flash – we already have. Kayla is going to keep trying. They’ll make a miracle happen as a family. Stephanie doesn’t want to put her life in park waiting for a miracle to happen. She suggests that Kayla cut her losses as well.

Kayla tells Stephanie that she has a long, beautiful life ahead of her. That one conversation she had with her father convinced him to talk to Bo. He didn’t talk because they tortured him. Stephanie tells her mom to let go. Kayla can’t – she talks about the commitment they made. Kayla is worried that one day Stephanie is going to need her father and he won’t be there and Stephanie will regret not helping him. That will hurt her more than anything Steve says now. Stephanie agrees to stick it out a little longer. They hug. Roman arrives. Hugs exchanged. He brought Stephanie her favourite donuts – double chocolate. Bo got called away on a case. Kayla asks about the court order – can they fight it. The judge won’t budge. Kayla says they have to get creative. They need to get in there and break him out of there. Roman says – so they have to send in someone undercover. He and Bo can’t do it and he won’t hear about Kayla doing it – she will be recognised. They have to get someone inside that Steve knows and trusts. Stephanie says they have to send in the one person that got through to him before – her.

Roman and Kayla tell her no – she’ll be recognised. Stephanie says fine – they can let her know when they feel she’s part of the family. She leaves. Roman and Kayla talk about people who they can put inside. Roman suggests Jack. Kayla says it will take him too long to get there. How about Max? Roman thinks he’s too hot-headed for this situation. Kayla knows who – Adrienne. They talk about her a bit. Kayla calls her. They’re drinking coffee – Adrienne is on her way. Roman thinks they need to come up with a back up plan. Maybe he can lean on the judge again. Kayla reminds him that he said the guy wouldn’t budge. That had to be the quickest flight in history because Adrienne is there. Greetings are exchanged – it sounds like Steve is in trouble. What can she do to help? She also wants to know why it took Kayla so long to tell her how bad it was. Steve didn’t want anyone to know. Roman adds that they underestimated what the DiMera’s did to him. Adrienne knew something was wrong when Steve stopped returning her calls and answering her emails. Roman tells her that Kayla has come up with a plan to get Steve out of the hospital. He tells her that EJ Wells is involved. He’s used hypnosis, mind control and electric shock therapy to get Steve to do his bidding. Adrienne wants to know what they need to do to get Steve away from him. Kayla says it won’t be easy and if she agrees to help she’ll be putting her life on the line.

Adrienne wants to know what she has to do to get arrested and put inside the state hospital. Roman tells her they’ll take care of those details. Kayla tells her that once she is inside she has to get access to Steve. Adrienne asks – how do I break him out. Roman tells her she will be wired and under constant surveillance. Hopefully Steve will make contact and they’ll be able to move fast. Adrienne asks how fast. Roman says best case, 1 or 2 days. He’ll have people on backup ready to go as soon as she gives the word. Adrienne asks – worst case? They don’t know. They do know the doctor works for the DiMera’s. Roman tells her it could be dangerous and they’ll understand if she doesn’t want to do it. Adrienne doesn’t think there are other options. The longer Steve is in there the more he suffers. There’s nothing to think about. She’ll do whatever it takes to get her brother out of that place.

Jail: Willow thanks Nick for coming. Nick wants to know what is going on. Not only is she being charged with arson and theft, Hope is blackmailing her. Hope and Bo are trying to steal her baby. That doesn’t make any sense to Nick. Willow says if she doesn’t sign her baby over to Hope than he goes into the system. Nick thinks that Hope’s offer is her best option. Willow doesn’t have a best option. She has no money for bail, no defence and worst of all she has no hair brush to prove her innocence. Nick wants to know why he is there. She needs a friend. She wants a second chance – to start over and to raise this baby in a decent place. She figures Nick is anxious – she’s used to people walking out on her but she will never walk out on her baby and he can tell his cousin Hope that. Nick tells her that even with Hope taking care of the baby she would still be the baby’s mother. Willow talks about her feelings for the baby – love changes people. It changed him. He became a thief for Chelsea. Nick gets upset. Willow says she is in a corner and whether Nick will admit it or not, he put her there. Now is he man enough to get her out?

Willow is just jealous that Chelsea has a guy like Nick. Nick is very upset – they can’t talk about Chelsea. They broke up. Willow is sorry that Chelsea hurt him. She thinks Chelsea is crazy to give him up. Willow is ready to tell him why she asked him to come here. She needs him to post her bail. He doesn’t have that kind of money. She tells him that he doesn’t have to post it all – just a part of it. She needs him to be her hero. He isn’t anyone’s hero. Willow says that heroes make mistakes but then they do whatever they can to make it right. Nick tells her to find someone else. Willow has a thought – she’ll call Shawn wherever he is and ask for early child support. Nick caves – he’ll check how much money he has. If he has enough money – how does he make the arrangements. She tells him – she thanks him – she won’t forget this. Nick has one condition – she has to keep this between them. He doesn’t want his family finding out about this. She agrees.

Hospital: Sami wakes up and sees Lucas. She notices the IV. He tells her it’s just to keep her hydrated. He asks if she is hungry. She is. She wants a triple-decker turkey club with seasoned, curly fries but she better have fruit and cheese. It’s better for the baby. Lucas is hungry too – he’ll set out a picnic area for them. As he is leaving to go to the cafeteria she adds that she doesn’t think some chips would hurt. He leaves and EJ skulks into the room wearing scrubs and carrying a hypodermic needle. Sami sees EJ. He covers her mouth. He tells her if she promises not to call out he’ll remove his hand. She nods. He takes his hand away and Sami starts talking a mile a minute. She’s so sorry – she didn’t want to do it. It was all Celeste’s idea. She couldn’t do it. EJ wants to know why. Sami lies – it was the kiss. She saw him lying there so vulnerable – she thought of their connection. EJ keeps taunting her – if he overlooked the fact that she left him in that cabin to burn – what happens then. If he lets one person get away with it – it’s open season on the innocents. Sami replies – they are not innocents. They use and manipulate people and they don’t care about the body count. Sami is sick of this act – the honourable wife and mother – who is she trying to kid. She’s so bored with Lucas already that she can hardly look him in the eye. She’s been fighting it but she still wants EJ and even after what happened last night she knows EJ still wants her. He kisses her hand.

EJ paws Sami – he’ll take her right on this bed. Sami tells him she’s being serious. She couldn’t kill him. He reminds her that she walked away from the burning building. Sami once again blames Celeste. She questions him as to why he’s dressed like a doctor. It’s too blend into the environment – he mentions Lucas. Sami tells her Lucas will be back any minute. She promises to call EJ the second she is released. EJ asks if he looks like a love sick sycophant. Her promises are empty. Sami declares she’ll do whatever he wants. He wants her to lie there quietly and then he wants her to know what he felt like it for him when he thought the moment of his death was at hand. He pulls out a needle – it’s the final act in their little play. He injects her IV. It’s more humane than feeling the flesh burn off your back. Sami begs him not to do it. She’s so sorry. He tells her it’s too late – he warned her there would be consequences. She says don’t kill your child. She’ll go with him right now – she’ll leave Lucas. EJ can’t spend the rest of his life with someone that tried to kill him. She cries and begs. He tells her she has approximately two minutes to live. He pulls out the call button apparatus. Sami starts yelling for help – EJ leaves.

Lucas and a nurse come running in. Sami is screaming, telling them to take the IV out. EJ was here – he poisoned her – he was dressed like a doctor. She’s dying. The nurse tells her that her vitals are fine. Sami is hysterical – she doesn’t have much time. She tells Lucas that he’s the best thing that ever happened to her – he has to tell Will. The nurse pulls out the IV and Sami screams. The room is spinning. She’s dying. Lucas tells her she is fine –the monitors don’t show anything out of the ordinary. Sami thinks EJ did something to them. She tells Lucas she loves him. She thought it was going to be different this time. His mother was right – she always messes things up. Whatever he hears after she is gone just know that she did what she did to protect him. She passes out. When she comes to she says ‘I’m not dead’. Lucas says no – the nurse is taking your pulse, it’s normal. Sami thinks that maybe the poison is just taking longer than EJ said it would. Lucas tries to convince her it was a dream. She asks how did the call button get ripped out of the wall. Lucas thinks she did it when she was trying to get the IV out. Lucas tells her that no one was in the room. He mentions all the pressure she’s under, the fights with his mother, her pregnancy – stress does weird things. Sami insists it wasn’t stress – it was EJ. Sami wonders why EJ would come in and tell her she was going to kill her. Lucas is having a hard time wrapping his mind around that as well. Sami gets testy – sorry her attempted murder is giving him a brain cramp. Lucas wants to know why EJ would try to kill her. The DiMera’s have a sick code – they wouldn’t kill someone without a reason. He wants to know what she did that would make EJ come into her room and make her think he wanted to kill her.

Sami quickly changes her tune. Lucas must have been right – it must have been a dream. Lucas wants to know what changed. Sami insists that he talked sense into her. Lucas thinks she is trying really hard not to talk about EJ. He’s trying to piece things together – her, him and EJ. Sami says EJ is not a part of their thing. Lucas says EJ has been a part of their lives since he came to Salem. Every time he wants to talk about EJ Sami changes the subject or wants to make love. He mentions her shower and finding her and EJ in the bedroom. Sami insists she was sick and EJ followed her. Lucas thinks her stories have more holes than the Grand Canyon. He loves her and he doesn’t want to grill her like this. He wants to trust her … Sami say but you don’t. Lucas asks her if she trusts him. She does. He wants her to tell him what is going on between her and EJ. The truth – right now. Sami tries to bluster her way out it – telling Lucas that he is accusing her of being a liar. Lucas doesn’t want to play word games. She told him EJ was trying to kill her. Sami says once again that Lucas was right – it was probably a dream – either way – she was scared and she wanted Lucas there. Now he is letting EJ make him doubt her. Lucas can’t blindly accept things just because she wants him to. The closer the wedding gets the more unhinged she becomes. Lucas reminds her of the vows they are going to make – vows based on love and honestly. The commitment is sacred in front of God. He wants to know what is going on. He’ll understand – he won’t get angry. Don’t be afraid of the truth. Sami looks ready to talk to him when EJ walks in with a vase of flowers. Lucas orders him out of the room. EJ tells him this is Samantha’s room. If she wants him to go she’ll tell him. Samantha???

Preview: Abby to Chelsea – Nick is going to turn that hair brush in. He’s going to tell the police the whole story and your sorry butt is going to go to jail. Celeste – Oh dear god. Kate – That’s right. I discovered Sami’s dirty little secret, dah-ling. See you at the wedding. Sami to EJ – EJ, I can’t take this anymore. If you’re going to kill me then just do it. Get it over with.


Wednesday May 2

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: Chelsea got Abby’s text message so she meets up with her at Chez Rouge. Abby tells her that Stephanie is in town – she’s changed, she has a tattoo now. Chelsea makes some smart remarks. Abby asks how things are going between Chelsea and her mom. They talk but not about that. Billie isn’t happy that she is moving in with dad. Abby thinks she should give her mom a chance – just like she did with Nick. Chelsea tells Abby that she broke up with Nick. It’s over between them. Abby can’t believe Chelsea dumped Nick after he put his career on the line for her. Chelsea claims Nick wasn’t that heroic because he kept the brush. He thinks that she tried to set her Dad’s house on fire. She feels hurt especially because she didn’t do it. Abby says whatever happened she knows that Nick loves her. Chelsea says maybe he does but not enough. Abby thinks this might be Chelsea’s fault. She asks so much of the people who love her and if someone makes a mistake Chelsea wipes them off the list. Chelsea lists all the wrongs that everyone has done to her. Abby is beginning to think that Chelsea did the best thing for Nick by breaking up with him. Nick did everything she asked of him and now Chelsea is blowing him off because he’s feeling guilty. Chelsea says no – because he didn’t believe me. Abby wonders when Chelsea is going to understand that Nick was the best thing that happened to her. Chelsea claims she is doing fine. She doesn’t need Nick. Abby says really. Nick is going to tell the police the entire story and then she’ll end up in jail.

Chelsea admits that she shouldn’t have put Nick in that position and that yes, she did use him a little bit. She claims that wasn’t her intention. If she could do it over she wouldn’t ask him to steal the brush. For the record she does know that Nick was the best thing that ever happened to her. Abby suggests that she go and tell Nick everything she just told her. Nick will understand. Stephanie joins them. Chelsea says oh gosh, you do look different. Chelsea suggests that they hit Salem Place and go shopping. Abby claims that Chelsea has grown up. Stephanie wants to go out and have fun. The town is dead - nothing ever happens in Salem to people their age. Stephanie gets filled in on the Dr. Rebert saga and assumes that Nick and Chelsea are going out. Chelsea says no and mentions that Nick slept with her mom. Stephanie thinks maybe it isn’t so dead in Salem after all. She suggests they go out and have fun. Both Chelsea and Abby have 8am classes. Stephanie promises to have them home by 7am, 7:30 at the latest. Chelsea and Abby are in – let’s go.

Jail: Willow thanks Nick for posting her bail. He’s her hero. She owes him big time. Nick wants to know what she is going to do when she is released. Same thing she’s always done – whatever it takes to survive. Not to worry – she can be very creative when it comes to finding a place to sleep and there’s always the streets. Nick thinks she will be safer in jail. Willow doesn’t remember what safe feels like. She assures him that she’ll find a room in a cheap boarding house. Nick tells her to find a job. Willow asks him what qualifications should she list, prostitution, arsonist … a guard comes and tells Willow it’s time to sign the release papers. Willow tells Nick not to worry about it. Willow returns. Nick wants to talk to her before she leaves. Willow assures him that she was kidding about the job thing. She gave up that life. Nick wants to help her – he doesn’t know why. She reminds him of his promise to talk to his Uncle Mickey about getting her into subsidized housing. That’s okay – promises are like dreams – they never happen. Nick did talk to his uncle. Willow doesn’t qualify. The system is totally screwed up. He’s her friend – when she feels bad, he feels bad. Willow thinks Chelsea was a fool to dump him. Nick is going to leave her some cash and his number. He wants her to find a place to sleep tonight. Willow thanks him and tells him she’ll pay him back. He tells her to take care of herself. He adds dreams do come true sometimes – they may not last but they can come true.

Carver house: Abe is getting ready to put Theo to bed. He tells Theo to go up and brush his teeth. The doorbell rings. It’s Kate Roberts. Abe knows – he can still see. He recognised her perfume. What does she want? She wanted to apologise to him for interrupting his dinner. Abe laughs. He may be half-blind but he can still see through her. Let’s cut to the chase. Why is she really there? Kate asks to be invited in. Abe tells her it’s not a good time but Kate says please. She hopes that Celeste can join them. Celeste is out for the evening. Theo calls down for his dad. Kate tells him to go ahead, she has some calls to make. As soon as he goes up the stairs Kate starts searching the desk. She wants to know what Celeste and the little blonde tramp are up too. Abe catches Kate – what is she looking for? A notepad to leave a note for Celeste. He points out the notepad right in front of Kate. Why is she really there? She lies – she goes on about the apology and how the wedding and work is stressing her out. Abe tries to usher her out so Kate pretends to faint.

Kate is a little embarrassed. She could use some tea. Abe isn’t a fool. He lists all the things Kate has done since she arrived there – it makes a guy wonder. Kate asks if he thinks she is coming on to him. That’s the last thing he is thinking. Kate changes tactics. She’s under so much stress. She doesn’t have many friends to talk to. Abe recommends seeing Marlena. Kate can’t bother Marlena – she’s got too much to worry about. Abe was suggesting she see Marlena professionally. Kate doesn’t need to do that – she just wants to talk to friend. She and Abe go back a long time. Abe goes to make tea. Kate never thought he would leave. She goes into the desk again and finds the photo radar ticket – gotcha Sami. Kate reads the ticket – naughty naughty children. She stuffs the ticket in her purse. Abe returns. She has to leave – she has to go to work. Abe thinks that was a quick recovery. Kate thinks it was his kindness. She turns to leave – Abe says not so fast. Kate knows he’s suspicious so if he wants to frisk her go ahead. Abe isn’t going to do that. He tells her she can leave that note for Celeste – he’ll give it to her. He’s not surprised when Kate says she didn’t write one. Kate opens the door. Celeste is there. Abe says perfect timing – now Kate can explain to Celeste why she was going through her things.

Kate denies rummaging through the desk drawers. She was just looking for a notepad. She came to apologise for being rude to Celeste at Chez Rouge. She was completely out of line – she’s sorry. Celeste tells her not to be because she doubts that is why she came here. Did she find what she was looking for? Kate doesn’t have time for this. She is going to leave. Celeste stops her and tells her to hand it over or she’ll search her. Celeste tells her to open her purse. Kate tells her she doesn’t have the right to ask her to do that. Abe tells Celeste to let her go. Kate leaves. Abe tells Celeste if they find anything missing they can bring Kate in. Abe goes upstairs. Celeste checks and sees that the photo radar ticket is missing. She confronts Kate outside. Kate feels sorry for Abe – he has no idea that Celeste is conspiring with Sami. Celeste reaches for Kate’s purse. Kate drops it and Celeste sees the picture and says oh dear god. Kate has discovered Sami’s dirty little secret. She won’t hesitate to use it. See you at the wedding. She walks away.

Hospital: A repeat of the ending scene between Lucas and Sami with EJ walking in. When EJ asks Sami if she wants him to leave she just says she feels weak. Lucas wants to know what EJ is up to. He knows that this isn’t the first time he’s been in Sami’s room. Why did he want Sami to believe that he had poisoned her? EJ, the innocent, asks Sami what she has been saying. Lucas threatens to kill him with his bare hands. EJ protests – he came here to offer his support to someone he cares about. Lucas says what about supporting your wife – you were supposed to get married. Plans changed. Lucas says so you decided to start the cabin on fire instead – too bad you weren’t inside. EJ says he wasn’t there. His car was stolen – he filed a police report. As for trying to kill Sami – that’s preposterous. Lucas says Sami doesn’t think so – she was quite upset. EJ tells Sami that is a creative story – not flattering to him. Possibly she hit her head when she fell or she’s over-medicated. Or Sami could be just making this up as she goes along. Sami doesn’t know – she just feels kind of woozy. Lucas doesn’t think she was feeling woozy a few minutes ago. What’s going on here? EJ says actually Sami and he have something to tell him. He asks Sami if she is going to do it or should he.

Lucas wants Sami to tell him. EJ starts rambling about a trip that he and Sami took (as lovers) to San Tropez. Lucas asks if this is a joke to him. EJ is just trying to inject some humour into a dire situation. He finds it funny that Lucas is trying to accuse him of trying to hurt someone he cares about. Lucas starts threatening EJ again – Sami’s blood pressure starts rising as Sami freaks out. Lucas orders EJ out of the room – he’s upsetting Sami. EJ tells Sami he is sorry if he upset her. He’s looking forward to her wedding – it should be memorable. Lucas tells EJ not to come to the wedding – he’s hired security. He starts calling hospital security to get EJ removed from the room. EJ thinks that Lucas is insecure. Sami tells EJ he claims that he came to see her because he was concerned but all he is doing is making her feel uncomfortable. EJ leaves. Sami tells Lucas she wants to be by herself to calm down and get some rest. Lucas is going to get some coffee. Sami cries – what is she going to do. She starts calling out in pain. EJ returns to the room and finds Sami in pain. She can’t breathe. EJ calms her down. He gets her to breathe with him. He tells her its okay. Sami was so scared. EJ caresses her arm. Sami tells him to get off of her. He thought his tricks had finally worked – he had succeeded in making her lose the baby. She can’t take this anymore. If he’s going to kill her – just do it.

EJ says if he wanted her dead, she would be. He was actually convinced that Sami cared for him. She lied to him – what would she do if someone toyed with her affections and then just flipped her away. Sami say she thought he was her friend. Then he lied to her and then he raped her. Does he now expect her to think that he is the victim? That she should feel sorry for him? He treated her like a piece of trash – like an incubator for his DiMera seed. Does he really thing that she would want a future with a monster like him? EJ says he isn’t a monster – a monster wouldn’t have spared her life. Sami thinks he’s destroying her life a piece at a time. EJ asks if she thinks he really cares. Sami does – he was really concerned when he saw her in pain. EJ denies it. Sami thinks it’s time for them to move on and put this behind them. EJ says your wedding is just around the corner. We’re just getting starting. Lucas returns with a security guard that asks EJ to leave. EJ tells Sami that if she doesn’t receive his wedding present before the wedding she can expect it on her wedding day. Lucas holds Sami. He tells Sami he loves her. She has to tell him what is going on between her and EJ. What does he have on her – tell him something. Don’t let EJ torture her like this. Lucas tells whatever it is they’ll get through it together. Sami tells him nothing happened between her and EJ. Lucas trusts her. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. There is nothing she could do or say that would change that. If she has something to tell him – now is the time. She just wants to tell him that she loves him and she wants him to promise to remember that no matter what happens.

Preview: Shawn to Belle – We just have to stick together as a family and nothing could tear us apart, not even EJ Wells. Philip to Gabby – Why are you trying so hard to keep me down here? You buying time while Shawn is upstairs ransacking my room? Lucas to Sami – Why are you in a constant state of high anxiety? Sami – Like what? Lucas – My mom for starters. Kate to EJ – I’m going to blast that bitch out of my son’s life forever. EJ – I can’t let you spoil my plans.


Thursday May 3

Pat’s Spoilers

Island – Upstairs – Part 1: Belle fills a sleeping Claire’s head with a bunch of lies trying to make herself and Shawn look like saints and martyrs. Gabby knocks on the door. She has the GPS fixed. She wants Shawn to check it. She’s sorry for everything they are going through. Belle thinks Philip found out where they were through her call home. She turns on the tears – she’s so scared for Claire, snivel, snivel. Belle thinks there is something that Gabby can do to help – give her the passkey so she can get into Philip’s room. Gabby asks her what she expects to find. Belle doesn’t know. Gabby asks her then why risk getting caught. Belle isn’t – Gabby is going be on the lookout and warn her. If Philip shows up Gabby can stall him. She asks how. Belle insinuates that she should prostitute herself – what a piece of work this woman is! Gabby doesn’t think so. Belle informs her that she’ll wipe the slate clean – she’ll forget that Gabby tried to get Shawn into bed – they’ll be even. Gabby gives her the key but won’t play lookout. If Belle gets caught she’ll say that Belle stole the key. Belle tells her to go downstairs and keep Philip down there. Gabby says – you sure don’t ask for much, do you? Belle commits break and enter and grabs Philip’s duffle bag. She brings Philip’s bag back to their room and throws the stuff out of it. She finds Philip’s PDA and needs time to figure it out so she steals it. She takes the other stuff back to Philip’s room leaving Claire unattended once again.

Island – Downstairs – Part 1: Duck and Philip are exchanging war stories. Duck wants to know why Shawn talked trash about Philip when the guy is a war hero. Philip says that he and Shawn used to be best friends until a girl came between them – Claire. Duck excuses himself. Philip wants to talk to Shawn. Shawn doesn’t want to talk to him. Shawn talks big to make himself feel like a man when Philip tells him that it’s the end of the line. Shawn pulls out the pills he stole – he’s so proud of himself. Gabby informs Shawn she gave Belle the GPS. They start talking about Philip. Shawn gives her the family history of course embellishing a bit to make himself look good. Gabby asks him what he and Belle are going to do. Shawn tells her that they are leaving tonight and Gabby is going to help them. Shawn asks about the sleeping pills he stole. They’re strong. Shawn asks Gabby to drug Philip because he’s too much of a wuss to do it himself. Gabby protests but then agrees to help the coward. Shawn goes upstairs.

Hospital: The doctor is in with Sami and Lucas. They hear the baby’s heartbeat. Sami can go home but she has to take it easy. The doctor leaves. Lucas tells Sami that he really loves her so he’s going to back off. She doesn’t have to tell him anything about EJ. Sami protests but Lucas doesn’t want to talk about that. He kisses her fingers as he counts their blessings. They are getting hitched this time no one is going to stand in their way. Outside Sami’s room Kate says ‘Sami, you are just a heartbeat away from losing everything.’ She’s about to go into the room when EJ stops her.

EJ informs her that Celeste called and told him that Kate was there and took something that didn’t belong to her. EJ wants it. She won’t give it to him but he can see it. She holds up the photo. He admits the guy in the photo bears a resemblance to him. Kate points out the date. That’s the very same night John got shot, the very same night that the roof caved in on Lucas and Sami supposedly saved him. It’s also the same night EJ said he was half way to Mexico. EJ asks her what she gets when she puts all those little bits of information together. Guilt – proof that Sami lied, proof that Sami and he were accomplices and proof that her suspicions were the truth not the ravings of a lunatic. In a few minutes she is going to blast that bitch out of her son’s life forever. EJ can’t let her do that. He can’t let her spoil his plans. In Sami’s room Sami is talking about the fact that they’re wedding is tomorrow and they have a million things to do. Lucas tells her the most important thing is that they have a healthy, loving child. They conceived that baby the very first night they were back together. It happened because their love was meant to be. It’s the only thing that matters to him. He wishes that she felt the same.

Lucas says that tomorrow will be their first dance of husband and wife. Sami can’t wait but there is something she wants to tell him first. Lucas doesn’t want to talk. Sami wants him to hear this from her. Consider this her wedding gift to him. He says she is his wedding gift. She wants him to know how much he means to her. Her meltdowns or mood swings never had anything to do with him or with her doubting her love and complete commitment to him. Lucas knows that. Sami says there isn’t enough time in the world to tell him how much she loves him, how important he is to her and how much she counts on him. She doesn’t think she would have made it through the last couple of months without him. She adds that he is right. Their love is strong enough to make it through no matter what happens. Lucas likes the part about him being right. They laugh and kiss. Lucas wants to ask her something. Why was she in a constant state of anxiety about things that really didn’t matter like his mother for starters. Outside the room EJ tells Kate that he hates to burst her bubble but the first rule of any game is to know your opponent. He lists why showing the photo to Roman will only amount to a minor annoyance for him. His dream team of lawyers will see to that. Kate doesn’t care. Its Sami she wants to bury, EJ was just going to be a little bonus. She’s going to see her son. EJ warns her that she would be very foolish to cross him. He has an agenda and he doesn’t want the surprise he has planned for Samantha and Lucas to go down the tubes because of her.

Kate isn’t afraid of him. She asks if he expects her to let her son march down the aisle with that wretch and then watch EJ humiliate him in front of the entire town. EJ tells her to be practical. Maybe if he hurts Lucas enough he won’t go running back to Sami. He tells her that if she goes in waving that photo she is going to force Lucas into a corner and he won’t have any choice but to defend his bride to be. Kate is going to look like a heartbreaker and she is going to tighten the noose that Samantha has around his neck. Kate won’t let that happen. EJ points out that Lucas already thinks she is out to spoil the happiest day of his life. Kate feels that he may be a little angry but he’ll get over it. EJ says if she goes in with those accusations she is going to force Lucas to defend Sami and she is going to give Sami time to come up with a lie. Kate may be the greatest meddler in the world but Samantha is the greatest liar. If it comes down to a coin toss, who is Lucas going to believe. He’s going to believe Sami. Come on – give him the photo.

Sami tells Lucas that she will work really hard on not letting his mother bother her. She believes in their future because he believes. She wants him to promise to freeze frame this moment and hold it in his heart forever. That he will remember how perfect they are, how happy they are so he can wrap himself in it if something threatens to tear them apart. Promise her that if their future ever gets taken away from them that he’ll remember the way that they were and he’ll never doubt how much she loved him. Kate asks EJ what’s in it for him. He wants her to trust him. He has a special treat in store for Samantha. Give him the photo – forget she ever saw it. Tomorrow is his special day – not just Lucas and Sami’s. The only way this will work out is if she does it his way. Kate gives him the photo – she wants to know what he has planned.

Lucas loves her. No one is going to try and tear them apart. He’s the luckiest man in the world because he trusts her, he loves her – he trusts her with his life. Sami is going to enjoy every moment of their wedding tomorrow. EJ tells Kate to be patient – all will be revealed. He hints that people like to cry at weddings – don’t forget your handkerchief. Lucas wheels Sami out of her room. Lucas wants to know what the hell they are doing there. EJ says they are there to see how Samantha is doing. Lucas says to Sami – does she think they are telling the truth or playing with matches again. Sami pretends to smell smoke and ashes. Kate asks them what the hell they are talking about. Lucas says you mean – what the blazes are we talking about. Let me show you. He grabs the fire extinguisher. EJ tells him not to be an idiot. Lucas sprays them and he and Sami leave laughing. EJ tells Kate that it is going to be such a rich pleasure breaking her son’s heart.

Island - Part 2: Shawn comes to the room. Belle shows him the property she stole making Shawn an accomplice. She’s been reading all of Philip’s emails. There are emails between Philip and EJ. They must have teamed up to find them. If EJ is involved it, it can’t be good. Shawn decides he has to talk to Philip. Belle thinks it will cause more trouble for Gabby. Downstairs Gabby calls last call. Duck calls it a night. Philip is going up. Gabby wants Philip to drink the beer. She starts flirting – she wants to talk. (Belle’s a good pimp). Gabby starts lying. Philip sees right through her and plays along and listens as Gabby rambles on about how sorry she was for misjudging him.

Shawn thinks the only way to find out why EJ is interested in them is to talk to Philip. Belle promised Gabby she wouldn’t get into trouble for giving her the key to Philip’s room. Shawn will try not to cause trouble for Gabby but he needs to find out the information. Some empty promises about living a normal life follow. Philip lets Gabby ramble. He finally asks her why she’s trying so hard to keep him downstairs. Is she buying time so Shawn can ransack his room? Shawn joins them and pronounces that EJ and Philip bugged his parent’s house. He wants to know why EJ is involved. Philip laughs – he was right. He hopes Shawn had a blast reading his PDA.

Philip gets up to leave. Shawn demands that he answer his question. What does EJ want with him and Belle? Philip tells Shawn that he didn’t tell EJ where they were but EJ is a smart guy. He wouldn’t be surprised if EJ was on his way. Philip advises Shawn to make a quick getaway because whatever EJ wants from them must be important or he wouldn’t come all this way. Shawn doesn’t need his advice. Philip says but you need my help. He can charter a yacht to get them out of there – all it will cost them is Claire. Shawn refuses. Philip wishes him luck and goes upstairs. Shawn checks with Gabby to make sure she drugged Philip – that way he can talk really tough. Philip goes up to Belle and Shawn’s room. Belle tells him to leave, he’s scaring Claire. Philip laughs and so do I. Claire isn’t afraid of her daddy. Philip wants to kiss Claire goodnight. Belle screams at him – like that’s not going to upset Claire. Philip takes Claire and talks to her. Shawn comes in the room.

Shawn takes Claire – LMAO – Claire fusses – she wants to be with Philip. Philip tells Shawn that soon he won’t have to worry about Claire, she’ll be with him. Philip starts feeling woozy. Shawn taunts him. Philip warns them that he’ll be right outside that door and if they try and leave he’ll know about it. He goes out and wonders what is wrong with him. Shawn tells Belle that he had Gabby drug Philip with the drugs he stole. They can leave. Belle packs a few things and the kidnappers sneak past a sleeping Philip.

Preview: EJ to Kate – I want to know where Philip is. Now that doesn’t sound like such an unreasonable request, does it? Philip to Shawn – We’ll find a way to work out shared custody. If you agree, we’ll end this whole thing tonight. Over and done with. What do you say? Steve to Adrienne – (I can’t tell what he says but I think Kayla is part of it – it ends with) ‘then maybe I’m not one of them.’ Bo to Kayla – If I have to I’ll break in there myself and bust him out. Kayla – You can’t do that. They’ll arrest you and throw you in jail. Bo – So what. He’d do it for me.


Friday May 4

Pat’s Spoilers

Chez Rouge: EJ is there drinking his OJ and reading the morning newspaper when Billie confronts him for using her security system to spy on Bo. As of now their contract is null and void. EJ denies any knowledge. Billie tells him to talk to Philip that is if he can find him. She just called his office. He went out of the country without a return ticket. That means he must have found what he was looking for. Billie rants on that she is keeping the money and she is finding new investors. The deal is off. EJ stops her – he wants to know where Philip is. She says wherever Shawn and Belle are – that’s who he was looking for but EJ already knew that. EJ denies that he was working with Philip and says he has to leave.

Island: Shawn tells Belle his “great” plan – they’ll hitch a ride on a fishing boat to the next island. From there they’ll keep hitching rides on fishing boats until they get to Australia. They’ll be fine. Shawn bets they will be safe and happy before Philip even opens his eyes. Duck turns on the lights and tells Shawn that he would lose that bet. He has a new one – he bets they aren’t going anywhere. Duck said that Philip suspected they would try and run for it in the middle of the night. He’s there to make sure no one gets an unfair advantage. Shawn and Belle insult Duck and spew nonsense. Shawn tells Belle – let’s go. Duck tells him to stop. Shawn insults Duck again – he loses the smug look fast because Duck pulls out a gun. Duck tells Shawn if he has any brains left he’d turn around and go back upstairs. Belle tries to sound important – Shawn makes idles threats. Shawn tells Belle to turn around and start walking – no one is going to stop them. Philip comes to but passes out when he tries to get up.

Shawn and Belle start walking. Duck shoots off a warning shot. Gabby comes running out. Belle is over the top in her accusations. Gabby tells Duck he’ll have to shoot her if he wants to get to them. Gabby continues screeching – let them go. Shawn keeps shooting his mouth off. Philip comes downstairs. Duck asks if they doped him up. Philip knows that someone did – he looks at Gabby. Belle tells him to let them go for Claire’s sake. Philip tells them they are free to go but they have to leave Claire behind. Belle refuses – they will never give up Claire. Philip says neither will he so round and round they go. Any suggestions. Belle whines about all the things Claire is missing out on. Philip agrees – it’s time to end this. They can go back to Salem and work out shared custody. He’ll even sign something here to make the feel better about going home. Shawn, the idiot, says no. It’s his say – HIS decision. Belle blathers on and Shawn postures. Belle thinks that they’ll go home and Philip will get custody and take Claire out of the country. Philip says – you mean like you did? Shawn tells Belle to take Claire and go. He’ll make sure no one will follow them. Philip says that is not happening. Shawn orders Belle to go. Shawn tells Philip that his family is his – they are free of him. Have a nice life Philip – it’s over. He starts walking. Duck shoots. Philip says what the … Duck says it’s over and done with alright. Philip calls Duck a crazy drunk. Belle comes running back – she must have thrown Claire in the bushes or onto the sand because she doesn’t have her anymore … oh wait, she may have given her to Gabby – the woman she doesn’t trust with Shawn but Claire’s a different story I guess.

State Hospital: Bo and Kayla are sitting in a car outside. Kayla is wondering what is taking so long. Bo tells her that Roman is taking Adrienne inside. Not to worry – Adrienne is Steve’s sister, she won’t let anything happen to him. Foley stops Roman. They weren’t expecting any new patients. Roman tells Foley who he is and shows him a court order. His job is done now Foley can do his. Foley puts Adrienne in a corner and tells her to stay there. After he walks away she tells Bo and Kayla she’s inside. Steve is not here. Bo tells her to stay put. If Steve doesn’t show up soon they’ll go to Plan B. He notices Kayla is shaking. He asks her what is wrong. She got a bad feeling. If they don’t get Steve out of there today they may not get another chance. Bo’s instinct says they will get him out of there. Adrienne tells them that Steve was just brought in. He’s not alright. She identifies Granger (Bo and Hope had showed her a picture of him). Kayla tells her not to attract the doctor’s attention – he’s dangerous. Once Foley and Granger leave she tells them Steve is alone. This is her chance.

Adrienne approaches Steve and calls him big brother. She tells him who she is. She talks about their family. She wants to help him. She touches him and Steve cringes and pulls away. He has to eat alone. They don’t like them talking – can’t make any trouble. Bo and Kayla hear that he has no life in his voice. Bo says they have to get him to shake off that fog. His cell rings. He has to take the call. Adrienne has a surprise for him. Steve says he doesn’t know her. She starts talking about Duke and how he used to beat Steve and Billy. Steve and Billy were put up for adoption before she was born but when she grew up and needed him he was there for her. Steve thinks he killed someone. Adrienne tells him that she shot Duke and he took the blame to protect her. Steve says maybe he didn’t shoot him but he’s done terrible things. He should be punished. Adrienne tells him that he was forced to do those things – it wasn’t his fault. Steve says – I didn’t shoot him – I lied to help you.

Steve tries to remember but then says no, I’m a soldier. I do what I’m a trained to do. He calls Adrienne a liar. She pulls out the bracelet that belonged to their mother. She asks him if he remembers the matching necklace he gave to Kayla. She tells him Kayla loves him. He is a husband and a father – Kayla is his wife. Steve says he doesn’t know any Kayla. He wants Adrienne to go away – if she doesn’t he’ll call someone to take her away. Adrienne says like you made Kayla go away. Kayla hopes that Steve will let Adrienne in. Bo returns and tells her that Belle and Shawn called again. Philip tracked them down. He mentions that EJ and Philip were exchanging emails. He has to go down to that island. Kayla says they have to get Steve out of that hospital first. Steve gets really agitated. He doesn’t want to talk. Adrienne tells him to relax – she’ll talk. It will only be a story. She mentions a pigeon he found in the park when he was a boy. Steve remembers that it had a broken wing. She mentions that Duke told him to get rid of it. Steve says but he didn’t. Jo and he nursed it back to health. Kayla shows him the bracelet again. Steve cries, Momma. Then he says Kayla. He’s crying – Adrienne keeps talking to him. He’s Steve Johnson – he’s her brother and she loves him. She’s going to take him home. He says her name and strokes her hair.

Steve remembers that Adrienne has kids. Adrienne pushes him to remember more. He says no – I’m one of them. They keep telling him – he’s so confused. If there is a Kayla maybe he’s not one of them. Kayla tells Bo they can’t leave him in there one more day. Bo won’t – if he has to break in there and get him out he will. Kayla tells him he can’t do that – he’d be arrested and end up in jail. Bo doesn’t care. Steve would do it for him. Adrienne tells him Kayla is real – she loves him. Kayla’s the reason that she is there – Kayla is outside waiting for them. Steve says he can’t. Adrienne asks him to trust her – they are going to get him well. She hugs him and Foley walks in and tells them to break it up – no contact between the patients. Foley threatens to lock her in her room for the rest of the week if she doesn’t move away. Bo thinks their plans are about to be shot to hell.

Kate & EJ: Kate is on her cell phone in her car – it looks like she’s at Salem Place. EJ gets into the car. He wants some answers. It appears that Philip is missing – he’s gone on an overseas trip. Kate plays innocent. EJ tells her to not play games. They both know he went after Shawn and Belle. He wants to know where Philip went. Kate lies – she doesn’t know where Philip is. EJ tells her that when he needs to know something he gets the answers. They can do it the easy way or the hard way – don’t make him do things he doesn’t want to do. Kate puts up a token resistance but then tells him Philip went to an island. Before she’ll tell him which one she wants to know why he wants to find Shawn. EJ reminds her that if she wants him to make sure that Lucas doesn’t marry Sami she will tell him. She does but she wants his promise that he won’t hurt either Philip or Shawn. EJ promises that he won’t hurt anyone. He gets out of the car.

EJ returns. He had an ‘associate’ get into Philip’s office and find the surveillance tape. It shows that Kate was telling the truth. Kate tells him he can’t leave for the island until he stops the wedding. Speaking of weddings – what happened to his marriage to Brandy Mathas. EJ tells her not to get too curious – it could be dangerous. He gives Kate his word that Lucas will not be spending the rest of his life with Sami. He isn’t going to the island – he has just the man for the job. He has the perfect soldier for the job – the only problem he has is figuring out how to get him out of his cage.

Preview: Foley yelling at Adrienne – Who the hell do you think you are you miserable crip. Steve – She’s my sister. She’s trying to help me. Bo to Kayla – I’m going in there before Adrienne gets in any deeper. Kayla – Bo, wait. Adrienne is sharp, she thinks fast. Just give her a minute. Belle to Philip (with Claire) – You’re not going anywhere. You’ll have to kill me first. Philip – I’m not letting her go. Not now, not ever.


Monday, May 7

Pat’s Spoilers

Island: Gabby returns with Claire in her arms and screams and curses at Duck and then hands Claire over to Philip. Duck yells at Philip that he’s accomplished his mission – get out of there. Belle curses the man who she’s been freeloading off for several months. Philip tells Shawn the doctor will be there soon. Shawn accuses Philip of a hiring a hit man. Philip tells him he paid Duck to keep an eye out but not to shoot. Gabby returns. The doctor and the sheriff are on their way. Gabby screeches at Duck. Philip tells Belle she’s right – Claire shouldn’t be around this. Belle won’t let Philip go. Shawn tells Philip he’s an accomplice – what a laugh. Belle thinks Philip only thinks about what he wants (LOL – that must be the comic relief line of the day). All Claire is to him is a possession. Philip says she is my daughter and I’m taking her home. Now Belle wants to take him up on his compromise. She’ll take Claire upstairs – it’s not good for Claire to be caught up in this. Philip isn’t letting her go, not now, not ever.

Philip reminds them he has a court order. Belle doesn’t think it’s worth anything because he paid Duck to shoot Shawn. Philip has to repeat the truth again because obviously it’s hard to recognise. He didn’t pay Duck to shoot Shawn. Baseless accusations fly out of Shawn and Belle’s mouths as to what Philip was going to do and how he would treat Claire. Shawn knows he’s right – like father (Victor), like son. Philip asks Shawn what kind of father is he? He grabbed Claire, boarded a cruise ship with false passports, and risked Claire’s life by jumping overboard. According to Belle this is all Philip’s fault. Philip tells Belle that is crap and she knows it. She could have turned over Claire to him. Shawn would rather die than do that. Philip tells Belle it could have come to that – following Shawn’s plan could have killed both her and Claire. They found blood on the life raft. Duck tells him it was the little girl’s. She was burning up with fever – they weren’t sure she was going to make it. That just proves Philip’s point. His little girl could have been killed by sharks, drowned, starved to death, or killed by an infection but at least she would be safe from the only father she’s ever known – yeah, you really love her. He starts walking away. He’s sorry it had to come to this. Belle goes after him after Gabby screams at her.

The doctor tells Shawn the bullet went straight through. He’s stitched him up. He gives him some pills and tells him to get a lot of rest. He leaves. Shawn and Gabby try to figure out where Philip was going. Shawn thinks they are still on the island. He’s going to go search. Gabby says he’s too weak. The sheriff is taking Duck in. Gabby tells him to lock him up and throw the key in the volcano. Shawn won’t press charges but he digs out the bullet to use as evidence against Philip – what a laugh. Shawn wants it on record that Philip paid Duck – of course he doesn’t tell the sheriff that Duck was paid to keep watch – not shoot anyone. After they’re gone Gabby insists on going to look for Belle and Claire. She owes him and she always pays her debts. Hmm – how can she say that when she just threw the man that took her out of an orphanage and raised her to the wolves – oh yeah, she pays her debts. More inane conversation with Shawn trying to make Philip look bad – finally they decide to go together. But Shawn wants a gun. He’s weak – he needs an advantage. He grabs one of Duck’s guns. Gabby says no way but Shawn insists. He’ll only use it if Philip refuses to hand Claire over. Gabby grabs the gun and says you’re going to shoot when he has Claire? They leave without the gun thanks to Gabby having a bit of a brain.

Sami’s apt: Sami is talking to her baby. Maybe EJ won’t screw up her life. She prays that Lucas is the father. She praises Lucas. She thinks there is a small chance that this will be the happiest day of her life. Lucas and Will return – they joke around. Lucas wants to see the gown. Sami won’t let him. Lucas says he’s already broken tradition by seeing her on the wedding day. Lucas and Will go to their rooms to get into their suits. Celeste comes over. She tells Sami that Kate stole the photo of her and EJ in the car the night John was shot. Sami thinks it’ all over. Celeste thinks Sami has a chance to make this right – tell Lucas the truth. Sami refuses. Celeste points out that the only weapon EJ is helpless against is the truth. It will rob EJ of the power he has over her. Sami doesn’t think it will stop EJ from coming after her. All it will do is ruin any chance of a future with Lucas. She doesn’t think EJ will let Kate use the photo – it will incriminate him. Celeste reminds her that all Kate wants is to discredit Sami – she won’t care about EJ. Celeste urges her to tell Lucas the truth – don’t deny Lucas the chance to forgive her. If he loves her he will forgive her. Sami says what if he doesn’t. Celeste tells her then she would be better off without him. Celeste leaves.

Lucas comes out in his suit – he looks beautiful (that’s what Sami says … LOL). She’s so lucky that he loves her. He knows that the road they have taken has been rocky but he’s loved every twist and turn. He knows they’re going to get married this time. Sami has to talk to him. Lucas only wants to hear I do. Sami has something really important that he has to hear. He asked her if there was something going on between her and EJ. He did but she told him all she wanted to say was that she loved him. Sami says that part is true but there is … Lucas stops her. He doesn’t want to hear it. He doesn’t need to hear it – please don’t do this to him. Sami says she really needs to say this. She should have told him long ago. Lucas tells her EJ is in their past where he belongs. He tried to break them up and it didn’t work. Together they can stop anyone that tries to tear them up. He’s not blind – he knows that what she has been going through is a lot more than pre-wedding jitters. Mostly because they’ve had so many false starts. He promises that he won’t let that happen today. Don’t give EJ and his mother anymore power to hurt them. If she avoids that – they’re golden. They hug.

Sami says if he only knew. Lucas says he does know. He knows all about her and her flaws and he loves her anyway. She always assumes the worse. Sami thinks he still has the right to know. Lucas doesn’t want to know. He asks her if she loves him. She does. Does she want the house with the white picket fence and all that? She does – with him. He says good, let’s just do it. Let the past stay in the past – they can make this work. Let’s just love each other. Will comes out with his camera and wants to take pictures. Sami tells Will she has to talk to his dad alone. Will says no way – we have to leave now. Will runs to get the rings. Lucas promises Sami that everything will be okay – this will be the wedding of her dreams. Sami knows her timing sucks but she really thinks they should discuss this. Lucas will pencil her in for all the little moments she wants but right now they have a wedding to go to. Will comes out of his room. They’re ready to leave. Lucas tells Sami the next time he sees her she will be walking down that aisle. Tonight they get to make love for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. He leaves. Sami says she tried.

State Hospital: Foley orders Adrienne to get away from Steve. She thought this was a community room where the patients get to know each other. Foley makes threats. Adrienne wonders if his bosses know how badly he treats his patients. Foley gets angrier. Bo tells Kayla that if Adrienne gets put in lockdown all their plans will go up in smoke. Kayla tells Adrienne to back off, play it safe. Foley yells at Adrienne who do you think you are you miserable crip. Steve answers – she’s my sister. She’s here to help me. Foley wants to know if that is true. Bo is going in before Adrienne gets in too deep. Kayla wants him to give Adrienne a minute – she’s smart, she’s sharp and she thinks fast. Adrienne says yes, it’s true. I’m his sister. I’m also your sister too. I’m a nun. Foley asks her where her nun costume is. She wears regular clothes to put others at ease. She’s here to comfort some lost souls. Foley tells her to save her comfort for someone else. Steve is off limits. Foley knocks Steve’s tray on the floor and orders him to clean it up. Steve cleans up as Foley taunts him. Adrienne tells Bo and Kayla that it’s worse that she thought. They have him completely under control. She doesn’t know if she can reach him. Kayla tells her not to give up. Dr. Granger comes in and Foley leaves with him. Adrienne is now alone with Steve – she tells them this may be her only chance. Kayla asks Adrienne to give Steve the ear piece. Bo thinks that could be dangerous. Adrienne tells Steve she’s really his sister not a nun. She tells him Kayla wants to talk to him. He says Kayla left him there. Adrienne explains that Granger won’t let Kayla visit. He asks where Kayla is. Adrienne gives him the earpiece. Steve follows orders – he has to turn her in.

Kayla urges Adrienne to get through to Steve – to let her talk to her. When Steve sees the earpiece he says its contraband – he has to report it to his superiors. Adrienne tells him he can but just to listen for a minute. When he hears Kayla voice he calls her sweetness. She tells him she is outside – they won’t let her see him. He says this is a restricted zone – he’s in training. Kayla says no – you’re in trouble. We’re getting you out. He asks if he is on leave. Adrienne says yes. She has his orders. Kayla tells him to trust his sister. He doesn’t know if he can – he’s pretty mixed up. Kayla tells him to tell Adrienne he’ll go with her. Granger and EJ walk in. Kayla asks what is going on. Steve says Dr. Granger walked in. EJ Wells is with him. EJ is upset with the doctor. His instructions were to get him in line not turn him into a gibbering idiot. Bo tells Steve to stay cool. EJ approaches Steve. He has some good news for him. Dr. Granger has released Steve into his care. He can get out of there. Bo has to stop Kayla from going in. Steve can’t go with him. He has other plans. EJ ask what plans. Steve says he’s going with her – he points to Adrienne. Kayla told him to.

EJ says hello to Adrienne. He says welcome to your worst nightmare. He natters on as he searches her and finds the wire. He then taunts Bo and Kayla. Bo tells Steve to give the earpiece to Mr. Wells. Bo tells him he has no legal right to take Steve out of that hospital. EJ says the judge is a family friend and he released Steve into his care. Bo calls him a twisted freak. EJ ignores Bo’s threats and tells Steve it’s time to go. Steve says he’s supposed to leave with her. He doesn’t want to go with EJ. EJ reminds him that he is one of them now. The other patients gather round. They don’t want Steve to go – he’s their friend. They heard his screams when the doctor fried his brains. Foley comes in but the patients don’t back off. Adrienne watches. The room is plunged into darkness. Kayla wonders what is going on in there. Bo says it sounds like the inmates are running the asylum. Bo and Kayla are going to go in when the back door of the car is opened. Adrienne asks if they have room for one more- Steve gets in. Kayla asks Steve if he knows who she is. He says Kayla. Kayla tells him everything is going to be alright. Bo tells them to buckle up – they’re out of here.

Preview: Hope to Bo – Just bring him home safely, okay. Bo – I love you, fancy face. They kiss. Hope – I love you, too, Brady. Bo – See you. Steve to Kayla – I keep trying to get you to go away but I know I’m dead without you. EJ to two hoods (he’s handing them a folded piece of paper) – This, gentlemen, is the day that will change the lives of some people irrevocably. Sami to Lucas – You don’t think it matters, it won’t change anything but I have to tell you something that I think could change everything.


Tuesday May 8

Pat’s Spoilers

St Luke’s – Part 1: Roman is with Sami in the bride’s room. Sami thanks him for being there to give her away. Roman wouldn’t be anywhere else – he’s getting to be an old pro at this. Sami says this is getting ridiculous – you’d think she’d get it right by now. Roman tells her she got it right today and that’s all that counts. She loves Lucas and he loves her. Nothing is going to go wrong this time. Inside the church entryway Lucas is on his cell phone – very upset. Will asks what is wrong. The photographer has the flu and he can’t get anyone to cover for him. Will offers to take the pictures. His new camera is so easy to use that even Lucas could be a pro. Lucas hems and haws but finally agrees to give Will the job. They joke around about Will’s fee. In the chapel Hope asks Bo what is going on – did he get a flight. He leaves tomorrow. Hope asks about Steve. Bo tells her the deprogramming is very tough.

In the chapel, Grandpa Shawn and Caroline are sitting in a pew. Max is sitting alone a couple of pews behind them. Nick comes in and sits next to Max. He asks Max where Abby is. Max says she took off to London to see her folks after she finished up her semester at Salem U. Nick lives in the same house as her and didn’t know that. Max thinks that she didn’t want to deal with him. Nick asks – because you dumped her. Max insists he didn’t dump her. Her aunt and father put the fear of big, bad Max Brady in her. Nick is feeling miserable as well because of Chelsea. Max suggests that they forget them – there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Stephanie comes up behind them and says some of them are right here in Salem. Will takes a ‘reaction’ shot – LOL! In the bride’s room Roman tells Sami they’re not going to talk about all those other weddings. She’s a different person now. Sami isn’t so sure about that. Roman is. He’s been sure about that ever since that night Sami saved Lucas in that cabin. It changed her. It gave her the confidence to change herself – to become the kind of person that deep down she always knew she could be. He’s so proud of her.

In the chapel Will is taking several shots of Stephanie. Max teases him – isn’t he supposed to be taking pictures of all the guests. After Will moves on Max compliments Stephanie. Nick asks her why she came back to Salem. It’s family business. That’s not important. What is important is that she came unescorted – will they be her dates.

Hotel suite – Part 1: Kayla listens as Steve begs the guy to stop – he can’t take this anymore. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Marlena. She stopped on her way to the wedding to see how it’s going. Kayla says it’s horrible. Marlena thinks Steve will get through it. Kayla isn’t worried about that. She’s worried about EJ finding him and that she’ll lose Steve for good. Kayla doesn’t feel right complaining to her considering the shape John is in. Marlena says it all comes from the same source. There has to be some way to end this reign of terror – wouldn’t that be a miracle? Kayla wishes that Stephanie understood that. She thinks Steve has turned his back on them. She can’t accept that’s he’s not responsible for the things he’s doing right now. Kayla understands that Stephanie is afraid to get close again – she may get hurt. Kayla tells Marlena she should get going to the wedding. Marlena must be so happy that Sami has changed so much. She’s starting a new life, getting married, putting all her problems behind her. Marlena can honestly say that this time it really looks that way. Kayla walks Marlena to the door and thanks her. Mr. Arrowsmith comes out of the room. He tells Kayla it’s a long, difficult process. It’s frightening and confusing for the patient. Steve is resting right now. He’s going to take a break. Kayla asks what the chances are of getting her husband back. He’s handled many cases like this before and every single one of them went home to their family. He leaves. Steve comes out of the bedroom and asks Kayla what year is this?

Some dark alley: EJ meets up with two goons. He trusts they’ve been briefed about their assignment. He pulls out an envelope – that should cover their expenses. He wants to make it clear that his hands stay clean. They assure him that he can count on them. EJ is almost sorry he can’t take the credit for this. It will change some people’s lives irrevocably.

Chez Rouge: Maggie clears the big screen television with the wedding planner. Billie enters and asks Maggie what’s with the big screen TV. It’s for a video presentation. Billie mentions Ben Ford’s name and they talk about him doing the menu – everything is free-range and delicious. Billie has brought by green place cards to be used as wedding favours – plantable seed cards. The heart has seeds imbedded in it. You just place it in soil and water it and you get flowers. Chelsea shows up to talk to Billie about Nick. She’s a little nervous about running into him so if Billie sees him coming towards her maybe she can give her a heads up. Billie thought they had made peace. Chelsea says they did but it’s just weird. Billie figures out there is something that Chelsea isn’t telling her.

Billie thinks that Chelsea doesn’t really want things to be over with Nick. Chelsea admits that Nick isn’t that easy to get out of her head but she has to forget that he ever existed. Willow doesn’t think that’s not a very nice way to talk about the guy that saved her bony ass. Chelsea wants to know how and why she’s out of jail. Willow answers – because she’s innocent and a close friend posted bail. This friend is going to hire a good lawyer for her that is going to prove that Chelsea started the fire. Chelsea says that’s not true. Willow says we’ll prove it is but that’s going to be hard because Chelsea destroyed the key piece of evidence. Billie wants to know what she is talking about. Willow tells Billie about the brush that would have proved her innocence because the DNA would have matched Chelsea. That’s why Chelsea sweet-talked Nick into swiping it from the lab. Chelsea decides to run to Maggie to have her throw Willow out. Willow tells Billie to face the truth. Her daughter is an arsonist. Even Nick thinks so that is why he stole the brush.

Billie says Nick would never compromise his job by stealing the brush. Willow says he would if he thought Chelsea would end up in jail because of it. Billie says no he wouldn’t – she knows Nick. Willow says yes you do know him very well. How was he, Mom? Chelsea comes back – Maggie is going to call the cops. Willow says don’t bother, she’s leaving. Billie wants to know if Willow was telling the truth. Did Chelsea get Nick to steal the brush from the lab? She wants the truth. She loves her and she is on her side – she’ll stand by Chelsea no matter what but she has to hear the truth from Chelsea’s lips. If she tells her that she didn’t do it, she’ll believe her. Chelsea looks Billie in the eyes and lies and then proceeds to call Willow a lying whore.

Hotel suite – Part 2: Steve is surprised when Kayla tells him it’s 2007. He thought it was 91, 92 maybe. No wonder he looks like hell. He thought it was a really bad hangover. He almost passes out. Kayla helps him to the couch. He asks her how he got here – when did he get out of the nut house. He can’t get his mind straight. He says EJ – he has to call him. He has to tell him where he is. He goes through Kayla’s purse and finds her cell phone. He doesn’t know the number – he’s frantic. Kayla struggles with him and gets the phone away. They end up on the floor. She yells for him to stop – EJ doesn’t control him anymore. Steve looks at her and tells her she is so beautiful. Her face – it’s like it’s lit from the inside. There’ no more darkness when he looks at it. He likes her face – he asks if he can touch it. He keeps trying to make her go away but she’s so stubborn she won’t go. But he knows he’s dead without her – he doesn’t want to die. He’s scared.

Kayla holds him. She’s scared too but he’s not going to die. Whenever that darkness takes over, just think of her and how much she loves him. She’s not ever going away. He asks her if she feels like making love. Kayla thinks they should wait until he gets his strength back. He says it is. They kiss. She says – there it is. That’s the Steve she remembers. She wants him to promise that no matter what happens he’ll remember her and how much she loves him. They kiss again. There’s a knock on the door. Steve panics – it’s EJ. Kayla says no it isn’t. Kayla calls out Mr. Arrowsmith. The two goons brandish their guns. One of the guys says its room service. Kayla answers they didn’t order any. They say it’s from the management, courtesy of Bo and Hope Brady. Kayla tells them to leave it. They say she has to sign for it. She opens the door but leaves the safety latch on. They push against the door. She pushes it closed. They keep pounding – Steve is freaking out. Kayla tells him she is going to call for help.

St Luke’s – Part 2: Max would be happy to be her date. Nick reminds him that she asked both of them. Stephanie did but maybe Chelsea would be jealous. He should patch things up with her because what are the odds of finding another girl that hot to fall in love with him. Outside the bride’s room Lucas is fixing the bow on a plant. Marlena asks him if he’d like her to take that in for him. He wants to thank her for bringing such a beautiful, smart, funny and sometimes maddening person into this world and into his life. (Sami is listening on the other side of the door). Sami has made him happier than he ever thought he could be. Marlena says our girl has come a long way, hasn’t she. Lucas agrees. Lucas hands her the plant and kisses her on the cheek. When Marlena enters the bride’s room she finds Sami crying and wiping her tears. Sami thinks she is having an allergic reaction to the natural fibres in her dress. Marlena remarks that the natural fibre is silk and she had no reaction during her fittings. Marlena uses this opportunity to name the designer. Sami admits that she is crying because of the usual – she’s keeping a secret from Lucas. She’s afraid of what is going to happen when the truth comes out. She asks her mother if she is disappointed in her. Marlena says you are my daughter and I always, always love you, no matter what and Lucas will feel the same way. She just has to tell what it is, upfront, now before the wedding. She’ll give Sami some time to think about that. Sami tells her she doesn’t need time. Can she find Lucas for her – she needs to talk to him. Marlena says she’ll go and find him right now.

In the chapel Bo approaches Hope, Marlena and Roman and tells them that Shawn just called. Philip took off with Claire and Belle went after them. Hope asks about Shawn. He and some girl that works at the hotel went out looking for them but no luck. Shawn thinks that they’re still on the island so Bo has got to go and help him. He’ll have to miss the wedding. Everyone understands. Marlena thinks he should take John’s plane, it will be faster. She’ll go and make the arrangements. Bo is going to talk to Lucas and explain why he won’t be there. Hope wants to talk to him first. She tells him to bring everyone home safely and to be careful. They both say I love you, they kiss and he leaves. Lucas knocks on the door to the bride’s room. Sami tells him to hold on a second. When she tells him to come in he asks her where she is. She’s behind a screen. She tells him she doesn’t need any more bad luck than she already has. She has something to tell him. She knows he thinks it doesn’t matter but what she as to tell him could change everything.

Stephanie tells Max that Nick knows she is just kidding around. Nick does but unfortunately he thinks she is right. No one falls in love with geeks. Stephanie urges him to go and talk to Chelsea. He’s going to say hi. Stephanie asks Max where Abby is. When he says London she says ‘cool’. Nick waits until Chelsea is finished talking to Grandpa Shawn and Caroline before approaching her. He says hi and tells her she looks exceptionally beautiful. She thanks him and tells him he doesn’t look so bad himself. He asks if she needs a ride to the reception. He brought his car. She brought hers. He thinks in keeping with the theme of the wedding they should share a ride. She’ll think about it. Back in the entryway to the chapel Bo tells Roman that he didn’t want to say anything in front of Hope but there was a shooting. Shawn was shot but he’s okay. Bo is going to find Philip and get what they need on Elvis Jr. Roman tells him to be careful. Bo will call as soon as he has something. Back in the brides’ room Lucas doesn’t let Sami speak. It’s obvious to him she has something she wants to get off her chest and there was a time when he would push her because he wanted to know what it was. But that’s in the past now all he wants to hear is her say I do. The wedding music starts – he has to go. He leaves and Chelsea comes in. The wedding is starting. Does Sami need help with anything? Sami says no, it’s too late now. There’s nothing anyone can do.

The wedding begins. Will and Chelsea walk down the aisle. Then Sami and Roman – love the tears and smiles that Sami shares with all her loved ones. Loved the little wink Hope gave her. Maggie tells her she looks beautiful. Marlena beams. Roman hands her off to Lucas and then Roman joins Marlena. The priest starts the ceremony – talking about marriage. He calls it a union of hearts built on friendship, respect and love. Kate enters the chapel and glares. The priest talks some more and then Marlena does the reading. When that is done the priest asks both Sami and Lucas if they have co